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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    December 31, 2004
    What IS That Music?

    If your browser can play .wav files (and if you speakers, and the volume turned up) you can now hear some wonderful music added to the site for the holidays.

    Does everyone love this music as much as I do? There are a total of five lovely tunes to choose from over here.

    Vote in Comments to (1) keep the new OlbermannWatch theme music; (2) replace the current OlbermannWatch theme music with other themes; (3) get rid of it.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (7) | | View blog reactions
    Olby Wins An Award After All

    After Bloggermann's underwhelming showing at the Weblog Awards, at least Keith didn't go away empty-handed this year... In fact he had an award named after him:

    Kooky Keith Award
    (for Keith Olbermann's Conspiratorial Rants)
    Follow the link for some real gems...

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (3) | | View blog reactions
    December 30, 2004
    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 30, 2004 (8:00-9:00 P.M. ET)

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 30, 2004

    Host: Keith Olbermann

    Scheduled Topics/Guests:


    A REPORT FROM SRI LANKA, TORN APART BY THE TUSNAMI: Eric Bellman, The Wall Street Journal


    LASERS POINTED AT PILOTS FLYING A PLANE: Capt. David Mackett, President, Airlines Pilot Security Alliance

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Guest: PENDING

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: Maybe MSNBC could keep Keith "on ice" until there is some serious reporting like a natural disaster or a terrorist attack to report. When Keith has ACTUAL NEWS to report he does quite well. A slow news day is NOT Keith's friend.

    Tonight he almost made it through the show without a gratuitous pander to the lefty loons. He did report on John Conyers "officially declaring" that he would sign a formal challenge to the counting of the Ohio electoral votes but that is actual news - stupid yes but actually news. A hint of where this Conyers stunt is going came when KO reported that so far no house members have signed on other than Maxine Waters. Conyers needs one Senator to sign on for his stunt and has sent a letter to Sen. Barbara Boxer. Apparently Conyers is intent on re-enacting the opening scene of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. Keith reported that the if Conyers get his one senator and they both object to the counting of the Ohio votes, the counting would be suspended and then debated "until disposed of" which is likely to be "in short order" in the Republican controlled Senate.

    With time running out, Keith dug down deep and worked in a series of shots at Bill O'Reilly during the Countdown News Quiz segment including an appearance by thesmokinggun's "Bill O'Reilly loofah". Oh well, maybe next year.

    UPDATE: This broke shortly after Keith went off the air - Candidates Want Second Ohio Recount. h/t Juan Genao

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (0) | | View blog reactions
    December 29, 2004
    Keith Tidbits is taking nominations for their Stupid White Man Award. I can think of at least one Stupid White Man OlbermannWatch readers might want to nomininate.

    There are places that think of Keith Olbermann as a hero but some that think he has just has too much to drink.

    We were remiss in noting that KO was on The Tonight Show last night - anyone catch it? Anyone have a report?

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (0) | | View blog reactions
    Countdown - Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2004

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 29, 2004

    Host: Keith Olbermann



    WHY DID THE SCIENTISTS IN THAILAND FAIL TO WARN THE PEOPLE OF A TSUNAMI?: John Rundle, seismologist at the University of California at Davis

    THE LATEST ON THE WAR ON TERROR: Juliette Kayyem, MSNBC terror analyst

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Guest: PENDING

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: Somehow Keith was able to find a guest willing to come on and slam President Bush over the Indian Ocean Tsunami - this time for being "dragged to the relief table" by a brave Norweigen bureaucrat. David Phillips of the UN-Loving Council of Foreign Relations, having it both ways, criticized Bush for promising too little money and then admitting that he knew "this was a rolling start...I expected it to be more". Egging him on, Keith asked "did we already damage it too late" and Phillips obligingly noted that "if not for" that Norweigen speaking out Bush would not have done more than the $15mm offered the first day.

    This is a perfect MSM set up because now, no matter what the U.S. does, it will always be because Bush was "pressured" to act by some Norweigen dweeb at the U.N. To be fair, Keith is certainly not alone in this as The Washington Post, CNN and most of the MSM has jumped on the "stingy" comment. Bianca Jagger has crawled out of her Fifth Avenue luxury apartment long enough to appear on Crossfire and slam the U.S. for not doing its "fair share". I don't have exact figures but I believe the word stingy was repeated 4,517 times on CNN in one four hour period.

    Keith must be in a Tsunami-induced tizzy because he passed over stories on the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court responding to Cliff Arnbeck's motion that the Chief Justice recuse himself from Arnbeck's "lawsuit", more vote counting fun in the Washington governor's race,, Keith's favorite lawyer Ramsey Clark getting a new client - Saddam Hussein, the Washington Post story on "Lost Voters" in Ohio, and Bush winning Ohio (again).

    Countdown viewers will recall that the Green and Libertarian party presidential candidates raised $113,600 to pay for a recount in Ohio and between them got precisely zero new votes. Bush and Kerry both got several more hundred votes with Kerry closing Bush's 118,000+ margin of victory by 300 votes. Since Keith likes numbers, that comes out to $378.67 per vote for Kerry.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (0) | | View blog reactions
    Countdown - Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2004

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 28

    Host: Keith Olbermann

    Scheduled Topics/Guests:


    U.S. AIRWAYS AND TROUBLES WITHIN THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY: David Field, Airline Business magazine

    AN EX-OFFICIAL SPEAKS OUT ABOUT HOMELAND SECURITY FAILURE: Mark Hosenball, Newsweek investigative correspondent

    WHY CANT WE BETTER PREDICT THE LOCATION AND STRENGTH OF FUTURE EARTHQUAKES?: Dr. John Rundle, seismologist at University of California at Davis

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Updated: 12:23 p.m. ET Dec. 29, 2004

    Guest: Alfred Ironside, David Field, Elecia Battle

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: I've noticed an additional pattern in KO's reports that smacks of political bias. Perhaps not as faithful as Henry Hanks' astute Olbermann Apology Equation, but we shall see how durable it remains over time.

    I call mine, "OLBYconvergence": To report a story or issue in the news not related to the Bush Administration, and then append to it a story that reflects poorly on Bush's Administration. The relationship of the former (Story A) to the latter (Story B) can be tenuous and even coincidental, and KO doesn't even have to state explicitly that they're related at all. Minimally, one story merely has to immediately follow the other. The intent is that the viewer will perceive that there's an association--preferably causal--between the two. Not only does this 'convergence' link Bush to stuff he's not responsible for, it also artificially amplifies the seriousness of legitimate problems for which the administration is indeed responsible.

    So, I'll slap "OLBYconvergence" at the beginning of each applicable example here, and in future posts.

    Keith's first utterances about the tsunami were from John Donne's inspiring words on the benevolence and compassion of mankind, followed immediately by an allegation that "experts in Thailand failed to warn of the possible tsunami out of fear of damaging tourism there, in case they were wrong." After showing a powerful amateur video of the devastation, KO returned to this 'failure to warn' story that appeared in one newspaper---the Scotsman, in the UK---and based on unnamed sources who disagreed with on-the-record officials who Keith said had affirmed that "tourism was never a factor in whether or not they issued a warning in Thailand over this past weekend".

    Perhaps Keith should have also mentioned that the Scotsman reported that "The [Seismological Bureau of Thailand's Meteorological Department] did issue warnings of the impending tidal wave Sunday", even though it was said that the "threat was underestimated". Frankly, when the government says a tidal wave is coming, that's when I get my kids and my own butt away from the beach, regardless of how much the alert may be downplayed.

    This was the second day in a row that Keith reported the 'news' that Arthur C. Clark--who resides in Sri Lanka-- was fine and unaffected by the tsunami. Judging from this, and his obsession with the alleged voting fraud in Ohio, I suspect KO may be an avid science fiction fan.

    The first, but certainly not the last, OLBYconvergence to be noted:

    OLBYconvergence: Story A was the voter fraud in the Ukraine; Story B was the VoteFraud2004inOhioButNotPennsylvania. KO's been presenting this pair for several days, since the Ukraine story first broke. From a loon's perspective, one might even justify it as "news", given that name-brand loons like Jessie Jackson and Cong. John Conyers have conflated the two stories in various ways.

    KO reported that the final preliminary count showed that Viktor Yuschenko defeated incumbent Prime Minister Victor Yanukovich, and that Yanukovich is not conceding defeat and will challenge the results. But it looks like a victory for this particular OLBYconvergence: Expect more of it.

    Story B of course was the alleged Ohio vote fraud. But it's both instructive and entertaining to see the segway KO used: After reporting the apparent suicide of Transport Minister Heorhiy Kirpa, KO shifted to Ohio with this: "The Yuschenko man said it is possible Kirpa was, 'coerced to commit suicide.' And in this country, one of the great nonevents of the year, the Ohio recount is complete." Was that smooth or what?!

    But that was nothing compared to KO's opener to Story A: "It would have been implausible a year ago today to predict as 2004 ended today mountain earns would be talking about elections in Iraq, Ukraine and Ohio." That was followed by reports of terrorist attacks in Iraq and the urgings that it be postponed (hint: disastrous election to be in Iraq); followed by the aforementioned Ukrainian debacle (hint: disastrous election that was); followed by the Ohio recount results, the impending lawsuits and possible challenge in Congress (hint: disastrous election via OLBYconvergence).

    Referring to the aforementioned "great nonevent" that KO keeps reporting on, he suggested why both the loony left and the mainstream couldn't care less about the recount results. Apparently that doesn't include his own audience.

    Yet he does, so OlbermannWatch must too. He reported that the associated press "says the president's margin of victory was narrowed by 285 net votes, a total of 118,457." Dog That Didn't Bark: That's still a margin much greater than that of several other states.

    KO said next: "Green Party observers say, however, in 86 of the 88 counties, state laws about which precincts were to be recounted by hand were broken." Precincts were broken? That typo needed a rewrite. Anyway, from that quote from the wacky Greens, KO segwayed out with this keeper: "From the serious news to the seriously strange news, ice castles and the men who love them. This is our next edition of "Oddball."

    Another OLBYconvergence: Story A: latest items on the financial woes of airlines and flight delays. Story B: failure of the TSA regarding airport security.

    KO introduced these stories with a cute "the bad news / worse news" juxtaposition, and used a quote from "the former inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security", saying that the aviation system is "a huge dysfunctional bureaucracy." This former inspector general (later identified as Clark Kent Ervin) was referring solely to airport security problems, and not problems involving misplaced luggage, scheduling delays, labor actions, and such.

    Keith revealed that only after a report on Story A, and his interview with David Field of "Airline Business" magazine about Story A. Hence the method of convergence is shown. Olbermann: "Assuming that there is an airline industry left in the new year, will it be safe to fly?"

    Keith said that Clark Kent Ervin's term at the Department of Homeland Security "was allowed to expire on the 8th of this month". Yet KO implied that since he's a whistleblower, then he must have been the subject of a purge. What sort of purge? KO Segwayed to the news that Deputy Director Jamie Misik was the next victim of Porter Goss' purge at the CIA, and quoted her saying, "It's not exactly [my] decision" to leave the agency (therefore: "I wuz purged!"). KO allowed the viewer to wonder if Misik was a whistleblower, or just fouled up?

    Dog That Didn't Bark: At some point, KO might want to share air time with critics who are tiring of the whiners who fouled up what they were paid to do, and who can't seem to exit the scene quietly, leaving what's left of the integrity of the CIA, and it's supposed legacy of secrecy, intact. Hint: it won't be heard from the likes of Larry Johnson, formerly the Deputy Director in the US State Department's Office of Counter Terrorism, and a COUNTDOWN regular.

    Kudos to Keith for resisting a play on the name 'Clark Kent' Ervin, and science fiction hero, Superman.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (2) | | View blog reactions
    December 28, 2004

    I am not sure what happened but the post we put up last week for Wednesday's Countdown did not appear on the site. I re-published the post this morning and it is now visible

    Countdown - Wednesday Dec. 22, 2004 (8:00-9:00 P.M. ET)

    In the post, I use Keith's vacation as an opportunity to examine why Countdown fixates on topics like Iraq, Ohio "vote fraud", and hit pieces on Bush officials and supporters and explain how that advances the show's core (leftist) agenda.

    NOTE: after a couple of days I will remove this "heads up" post.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (2) | | View blog reactions
    December 27, 2004
    Countdown - Monday Dec. 27, 2004 (8:00-9:00 P.M. ET)

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 27, 2004

    Host: Keith Olbermann

    Scheduled Topics/Guests:



    REACTION TO THE MOST RECENT OSAMA BIN LADEN TAPE: Roger Cressey, MSNBC analyst and terrorism expert

    THE UKRAINE ELECTIONS: Howard Fineman, NBC News political analyst


    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Guests: Howard Fineman, Roger Cressey, William Hung

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: The big story on every channel was the deadly tsunami. But KO didn't think the deaths of tens of thousands of people were worth more than one segment. He had bigger fish to fry. After all, he had to leave time to file yet another report on VoteFraud2004inOhioButNotPennsylvania.

    But first, analysis of Iraq developments, courtesy of Roger Cressey, described by KO as an MSNBC analyst and "terrorism expert". Left unsaid in Olbermann's intro: Cressey served in the Clinton administration as chief acolyte to Richard Clarke, and desperately defended Bubba as a someone who "fought hard to counter terrorism". Cressey is currently the candidate of choice of a coalition of lefty loons who want a "progressive" Secretary of Homeland Security. The perfect guest expert for Countdown!

    But then, finally, some real news!

    Olby made much ado about a statement by a Kerry attorney regarding the "integrity of the electoral process", even though the attorney later made clear that he was not talking about any kind of "conspiracy theory"--such a thing just isn't likely. Keith held out a bit of hope that someone in the Congress would challenge the Ohio electors (in language lifted right out of his blog) even though it isn't likely. Hapless Howard Fineman was dragged in yet again to speculate on how there might be a challenge but (breaking news!) it isn't likely. KO gave a brief history of attempts to eliminate the electoral college (but it isn't likely), and mentioned in passing the Washington Governor's race. It will surprise no one that KO made no mention whatsoever of conveniently discovered ballots or other irregularities in that race; after all, the last vote count was won by a Democrat.


    Tsunami kills tens of thousands in disaster of Biblical proportions: 11 minutes.

    VoteFraud2004inOhioButNotPennsylvania news of what isn't likely: 8.5 minutes.

    William Hung Sings Christmas Favorites: 7 minutes.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (16) | | View blog reactions
    Olbermann Wins Prestigious Broadcasting Award

    Keith Olbermann's contributions to cable news journalism have finally been given the acknowledgement they deserve. The esteemed Media Research Center has announced its awards for 2004, and Keith has been recognized for his unique achievements in gazetteering:

    Kooky Keith Award (for Keith Olbermann's Conspiratorial Rants)
    First Place: MSNBC's Keith Olbermann

    "John Dean, who was at the center of the greatest political scandal in this nation's history, has produced a book with perspective, and that perspective is simply terrifying. The bottom line: George Bush has done more damage to this nation than his old boss, Richard Nixon, ever dreamt of....John Dean, joining us here in the studio...."
    "The feeling that I had been left after reading Worse Than Watergate was that this could have been the historical, essentially, prequel to George Orwell's novel 1984, that if you wanted to see what the very first step out of maybe 50 steps towards this totalitarian state that Orwell wrote about in his novel, this [President Bush's policies] would be the kind of thing that you would see...."

    --MSNBC's Keith Olbermann to former Nixon aide John Dean on his Countdown program, April 5.

    Mr Olbermann could not be present to accept the award (because of his new duties in the promo department of MSNBC), but OlbermannWatch is honored to accept this accolade for him. On KO's behalf, we would like to thank Bev Harris, Jesse Jackson, Cliff Arnebeck, of course John Dean, and others too numerous to mention. We look forward to 2005 with new anticipation, because, as this award demonstrates, even after KO has wrung the last drop out of the VoteFraud2004inOhioButNotPennsylvania story, there will still be an endless supply of loony Olbyisms. KO will always be the gift that keeps on giving.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (2) | | View blog reactions
    December 24, 2004
    Countdown - Friday Dec. 24, 2004 (8:00-9:00 P.M. ET)

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 24, 2004

    Updated: 3:50 p.m. ET Dec. 27, 2004

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: With no additional news from Ohio to keep the vote fraud story alive, and no reporter to feed the hard questions to the soldiers talking to Rumsfeld in Iraq, all the Olbermann could do was to look back at the most memorable moments of 2004 that should have cost Bush the presidency. This time, the stories weren't lifted from blogs and internet chain mail. Instead, the bites looked like they were borrowed from Letterman and SNL. Neither the yawning boy nor Colin Powel got a pass. Strangely, Kerry's "Can I get me a hunting license here?" stayed in Ohio.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (6) | | View blog reactions
    Say Ain't So, Keith: Olbermann to Fox News?

    Cornell Magazine's Alumni News reports:

    In other television news, I was reading an entertainment magazine in December and noted that Keith Olbermann has left MSNBC for a more lucrative contract with Fox News. Congratulations, Keith, and keep up the great work.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (5) | | View blog reactions
    The Olbermann Apology Equation

    KOC (Keith Olbermann Concession)
    PS (Pot-shots)


    For every concession, there must be at least one pot-shot at people he dislikes...To wit:

    There doesn't appear to have been anything illegitimate about the actions of a "manufacturer's rep" at the Board of Elections of Hocking County, Ohio, about two weeks ago.
    This is a KOC.
    Barring the biggest of possible evidentiary surprises - something so overwhelming and conclusive that it would convince police, FBI, and the Republican Party that Ohio's vote was fatally flawed - even a formal challenge would be, at best, a token protest.
    Had there been a reversal of the poles in this political equation, of course, the impenetrable Sean Hannity would be in his 49th consecutive day of broadcasting without sleep, and by now would've already announced that Democrats from Outer Space had stolen the election.
    A PS.
    As we may have seen in the Sherole Eaton case in Ohio, a sworn deposition can be less than it seems.
    Republicans are invulnerable:

    Even before the President's second term has begun, this too has been disproved. He and his administration are already under attack - by their own party.

    PS... not to mention a bit of a straw man.
    Thus its failure on Kerik simplifies into a fielder's choice: either the extraordinary contortions our society has been asked to perform since 9/11 can’t catch the most obvious of transgressors, or the Administration isn't spending enough time in the good-old Reality-Based World.
    I have to throw this in somewhere. As noted previously, I am periodically harangued by a handful of official right-wing nuts.

    They are remarkably entertaining - like listening to Ann Coulter, only without the audio accompaniment of her shrill whistle of hate - but one of them got me genuinely angry the other day, and made me doubt the value of our educational system.

    Two PS's there.

    So that's one more PS total than KOC's...

    See what I mean?

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (9) | | View blog reactions
    December 23, 2004
    Countdown - Thursday Dec. 23, 2004 (8:00-9:00 P.M. ET)

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 23, 2004

    Guest Host: Chris Jansing

    Scheduled Topics/Guests:

    * In response to numerous complaints from women, the government has ordered airport security personnel to avoid touching female passengers between their breasts when performing patdown searches.

    * U.S. Marines battled insurgents in Fallujah on Thursday as the first trickle of residents returned to their now-battered city.

    * Right now Democrat Christine Gregoire has a 10-vote lead in the race for Washington governor.

    * The Faces of Jesus: this fascinating report by Keith from last year has been updated. And producer/editor/artist Brendan O'melia has once again done an extraordinary job.

    * The first cloned-to-order pet sold in the United States is named Little Nicky, a 9-week-old kitten delivered to a Texas woman saddened by the loss of a cat she had owned for 17 years.

    * The couple that paid an entire town's phone bill for Christmas ($25,000), which was first scheduled for last night's show, will be in tonight's edition.

    * A "Christmas Controversy" roundup... Monica Novotny reporting.

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Updated: 3:54 p.m. ET Dec. 27, 2004
    Guest: PENDING

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: With George Lewis reporting, and Chris Jansing, hosting the report on the latest recount of voting in the Washington state governor's race was a straight-up news report. A brief bit of news out of Ohio was little more than the Kerry campaign offering a milque-toast endorsement of the Ohio recount effort.

    Jansing announced that Keith would be "back" tomorrow night for a year-in-review show which has already been, presumeably, taped.

    It's hard to say what's going to happen to this site if Countdown continues to offer straight up news reporting. Fortunately for OlbermannWatch, Keith will be back real soon.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Suddenly Susan

    Keith Olbermann keeps insisting in his blog that he hasn't been fired, he's really on vacation. But we wonder:

    Yesterday MSNBC kept running a promo for Thursday's Hardball:

    A grieving mother's anguish over the loss of her son in Iraq suddenly turns to anger when she learns Donald Rumsfeld's condolence letter was actually signed by a machine.

    On tonight's Hardball we learned the identity of this mild-mannered mother who "suddenly" turned on the administration because of an auto-pen. It's none other than Susan Niederer. The woman who, back in September, was arrested after disrupting a Laura Bush speech. The woman who, back in May, said in an interview:

    I wanted to rip the president's head off. Curse him, yell at him, call him a self righteous bastard and a lot of other words. I think if I had him in front of me I would shoot him in the groined area. Let him suffer. And just continue shooting him there. Put him through misery, like he's doing to everyone else. He doesn't deserve any better.

    This is woman whose noble period of mourning suddenly turned to anger because of an auto-pen. According to MSNBC.

    We don't think KO is on vacation at all. He's just been demoted to writing promos.

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    Countdown - Wednesday Dec. 22, 2004 (8:00-9:00 P.M. ET)

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 22, 2004

    Guest Host: Chris Jansing

    Scheduled Topics/Guests:


    THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS IN IRAQ: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek senior diplomatic correspondent



    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Updated: 3:24 p.m. ET Dec. 27, 2004
    Guest: Geeta Sharma, Harvey Levin, John Harwood, Christine Gregoire

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: Tonight offers more shots at the usual targets - Bush, Rumsfeld, Kerik, O'Reilly - and a "shocking" lack of interest in how the Governor's race in Washington state has been transformed from a Republican win to a 10 vote lead for the Democratic candidate after repeated "discoveries" of "uncounted" ballots in heavily Democratic King County (Seattle). Kerik is inducted into the Countdown Apology Hall of Fame and producers fill time with yet another look back at Keith Olbermann winning Playgirl's Sexiest Newscaster Contest. Ever on the lookout for a peg to take a shot at Bill O'Reilly, host of a show in the same time slot whose ratings dwarf Countdown, is again named a "newsmaker of the day" this time because the Web site is mailing out "dozens" of "O'Reilly loofahs" (presumeably to Olbermann in the hopes of getting exactly the plug Countdown gave them).

    Some OlbermannWatch readers have expressed their concern that once Keith gets off the vote fraud issue there will be nothing on Countdown worth covering. And there are the occassional "unathorized" bits that slip into the broadcast: "Could the mandate he [Bush] got in November evaporate if the Iraqi elections don't go well in January?" (JANSING); "...up in the north more or less it's OK. Down in the south the Shi'a area the security's not bad, too." (JACOBS).

    Oops! Bush got a mandate? Security in most of Iraq is "OK" or "not bad"? Not to worry, despite the occasional dose of reality, tonight's broadcast with guest host Chris Jansing once again demonstrates that for OlbermannWatch fans Countdown is the loony left show that keeps on giving.

    It is possible to do this on any given night but Keith's vacation offers an opportunity to examine the agenda at Countdown and get a better understanding of why the show is dedicated to constant harping on Iraq, "vote fraud" and attacks on various Bush administration officials and Bush supporters. Countdown is all about undermining popular support for the Bush administration and thus thwarting the Bush domestic agenda.

    Tonight, Jansing hits this point OVER AND OVER throughout the show. The broadcast opens with Jansing reading "The president's domestic agenda. He's got a long wish list. Could his ambitions be wiped out, squelched by a renewed focus on his Iraq policy?" Before a commercial break she reads "the violence in Iraq could derail any chance the White House has of passing its domestic agenda." On the half hour break she teases "Social Security, the tax code, tort reform, all big items on the president's second term agenda, but will everything here on the home front take a backseat to Iraq?"

    In a segment on the U.S. economy, Jansing is confronted with undeniably good news - "the economy growing at a rate of 4 percent this summer, that's faster than expected. And there are those blue chips riding a wave for yet another day. The Dow was up more than 56 to close well above 10,800, it's the strongest finish in 3 and a half years." What to do? Simple, dismiss it as not newsworthy - ""Nothing puts the merry in Christmas like making a killing in the stock market. It's actually pretty common this time of year..."

    Another option is to tie the good economic news into "bad" news - "if you're George Bush that's the good news and it's undeniably good news at that. News that should make it easier to pass his aggressive domestic agenda planned for the second term. But the bad news is what about Iraq? Could the wave of attacks by insurgents get in the way of what the president hopes to accomplish here at home?"

    In the segment the follows, an interview with The Wall Street Journal's John Harwood, Jansing reveals the PURPOSE in focusing only on the most negative news coming out of Iraq - "If it comes down to keeping Congress and the American people happy to keep the president's political capital in play, does the he have to look again at the growing discontent with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld?"

    Unfortunately for Jansing, Harwood is not about to play ball - "I don't think he's going to change on Don Rumsfeld. And in defense of the White House we have to acknowledge that the administration has not lost the support of the American people on this... I do think there is a reservoir of support of the American people not to cut and run on Iraq." Jansing, denied the payoff for her repeatedly hammering the "IRAQ=NO BUSH DOMESTIC AGENDA" point backtracks with "you can't deny this White House has defied expectations before. They've been in many tough jams and gotten out of them." What tough jams? Whose expectations is she talking about? Most Americans support the President. Jansing herself admits he won a mandate. The expectations she is talking about are amoung her pals in the MSM.

    Harwood is not the only guest who does not pay off for Jansing. MSNBC military analyst, Col. Jack Jacobs - a straight shooter - has always wanted more troops going into Iraq and on the ground after the invasion. Initially Jansing is excited as Jacobs restates his long-standing position (more troops in Iraq):

    "What are you saying? Are you saying we need to have the American troops doing this?
    "What does that mean in terms of troop strength?"
    "What are you [Rumsfeld] going to do about this [enemy attacks on U.S. troops]?
    "Was that [not clear what "that" is] a mistake?"
    "Is there no plan with specifics?"

    But when Jansing goes in for the kill she comes up empty - "For the people looking forward to January 30th and the president has said time and again, these elections are going to take place, an obvious question becomes: How do you protect 9,000 polling places if you can't protect one U.S. Army base?" Jacobs shuts her down cold, saying "Well, actually that's a heck of a lot easier. There are ways to do that."

    Another canard of the MSM - terrorists as evil geniuses - rears its ugly head twice during the broadcast.

    In a report lifted from NBC Nightly News, Lisa Meyers closes a report about an online terrorist training video by calling it a "chilling reminder of the sophistication and cold-blooded determination of terrorists." Yet Meyers conclusion is preceded by a comment from a terrroism expert who observes "I was startled by the amount of damage that such a small amount of explosive with the ball bearings could do."

    In the Jacobs interview, Jansing says "Clearly they knew exactly where to hit and when to hit for maximum casualties. There was some real intelligence going on here." Jacobs shoots back " doesn‘t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a mess tent at high noon is going to be packed with troops and that‘s the place to blow it up."

    And so it goes...

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    O'Reilly: Donahue's Ratings Were Better Than Keith's

    From "The O'Reilly Factor" Monday:

    O'REILLY [to Donahue]: You were over on MSNBC, our cable competitor, and I liked you over there. I thought, look, here's Donahue, he's a liberal guy, he's got a point of view, he's not shy. It's like O'Reilly. You know, I mean - - but he's got a different look at the world. They whipped you off the air. They took you off the air. Now the guy that replaced you on Friday three days ago did the lowest rating I think in the history of that time slot. He's failed across the board. You had, I think, twice as many people watching. Why do they get rid of you and put this guy in?

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    December 22, 2004
    With Loony Left Distracted by Ohio, Rove Steals Votes in Blue States

    Minn. Electoral VotesWith Ken Blackwell distracting the loony left in Ohio, Karl Rove has been weaving his magic elsehwhere. The Boy Genius has so far managed to steal 32 electoral votes from an unsuspecting John F. Kerry - all from states that went strongly for the Democratic candidate. What was once a relatively close 18 vote margin in the electoral college has since widened to a whopping 50 vote margin and rendered any discussion of "voting irregularities" in Ohio, with its piddly 21 electoral votes, moot. Kerry has been all but powerless to stop Rove and there is late word that California may soon turn on the junior Senator from Massachussets.

    NY Electoral VotesFirst Rove managed to get a senile presidential elector in Minnesota cast his vote, pledged to John Kerry, for John Edwards and more recently Rove remotely hypnotized a state clerk in New York and grabbed another 31 electoral votes from Kerry.

    Newsday reports:

    New York's 31 electoral college votes are currently on the books for some guy named John L. Kerry of the State of Massachussets. State officials acknowledged the mistake Tuesday after the official "certificate of vote" appeared on the Web site of the National Archives.

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    December 21, 2004
    Some Dope Makes Stupid Predictions About Blogs

    Don't read this.

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    4 out of 5 Bloggers Prefer Olbermann Watch over the Leading Brand

    Patio Pundit gives Olbermann Watch its highest compliment - as many readers as Keith has viewers.

    Assume the Position has a nice photo of Keith sporting a tin foil hat.

    Dirty Harry makes a brillint point - how he could not when he is quoting OlbermannWatch!

    Staci Kramer at blows my cover by connecting the top secret Olbermann Watch site with my other so-called "legitimate" blog efforts. Darn her!

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    Countdown - Tuesday Dec. 21, 2004 (8:00-9:00 P.M. ET)

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 21, 2004

    Guest Host: Chris Jansing

    Scheduled Topics/Guests:

    NEW DEADLY ATTACK IN IRAQ: Col. Rick Francona, MSNBC military analyst

    ALEVE HAS BECOME THE FOURTH PAINKILLER TO POSSIBLY INCREASE HEART PROBLEMS: Dr. David Graham, FDA whistleblower, associate director of the Drug Safety at the FDA

    HOW IS THE FAMILY OF THE MURDERED MISSOURI WOMAN COPING?: Joan Ray, grandmother to Bobbie Jo Stinnett, the victim who was murdered for her fetus

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Updated: 12:28 p.m. ET Dec. 22, 2004
    Guest: Jack Jacobs, David Graham, Joan Ray

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: Keith is on vacation but his producers are not and we get more shots at Bernard Kerik, this time in an NBC "exclusive," an interview with Larry Ray, a "former friend of Bernard Kerik". Sounding more like a down and out, disgruntled former Kerik associate, Ray declared "the White House should have talked to him before nominating Kerik as secretary of homeland security.

    After airing this man's allegations, reporter Lisa Myers damned Keith with faint caution - "Ray has a checkered history himself" (wink, wink...those allegations about Kerik are true). In tyipcal Countdown fashion, we get a story from a questionable source based on what Ray purports is a 1999 e-mail (even Dan Rather had photocopies of "government records"). Is Ray legit? Is the e-mail real? We don't know because no one at NBC has bothered to investigate its authenticity. Oh, and the "crime" Ray is alleging (influence-peddling) is not a crime in New York City. But it all sounds so ominous and why not take another cheap shot at Kerik and splash some mud on Bush and Guiliani at the same time. For the folks at Countdown, Kerik has been the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas (oops...I mean "that federal holiday based on a religious holiday derived from the Roman celebration of Saturnalia").

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    Help Our Troops

    If you want to donate to the soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center
    Call the Family Assistance Center at 202-782-2071

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    TV News Producer Calls Countdown "Travesty"; Rips Olbermann and Shuster


    Tom Sileo, a TV news producer from DC, sent OlbermannWatch what appears to be a recent e-mail exchange with Keith Olbermann, a portion of which appears below. In it Sileo admonishes Olbermann to "step back and give serious thought to your reporting" as he cites the numerous journalistic failings of Olbermann, most of which have been recounted here at OlbermannWatch.

    The highlight comes towards the end where Keith writes "to buy into the concept that Iraq is even part of a war on terrorism. If you've made your mind up about that, and start with an assumption that that's just TRUE -- a starting point -- then you've already made a political judgement about the incumbent president." Keith has left himself wiggle room in this carefully worded statement but I think it is a fair reading that Keith agrees with his father that the war is "bullshit" and is not part of the war on terrorism. What is less clear is why Silio's belief is a political judgement but Keith's is not.

    As usual, Keith blames "incredibly unstable scheduling" for his poor ratings. So apparently for KO when Fox beats MSNBC by anywhere from 300% to 900% this has nothing to do with the content of the shows, the editorial tone, the hosts or the guests. By Keith's logic shouldn't Gunsmoke still be on the air?

    In the exchange, Olbermann defends his partisan coverage to Sileo by noting that Countdown had "covered Pennsylvania and the ACORN investigation...the second night we did this story: November 9th." Given that Olbermann has said elsewhere that he writes 6,000 words per show and has done more than 25 shows since Nov. 9, you can be the judge of whether mentioning Pennsylvania and this 137 word comment on the ACORN investigation represents balance:

    Lest you don't think this is a one-way street politically, the state of Florida is continuing its investigation of a registration group called ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, claiming to have registered one million new voters this year, virtually all as Democrats nationwide, but accused also of skirting registration law in Florida and in Ohio, where "The Cincinnati Enquirer" reported a month before the election that officials in Hamilton County had subpoenaed 19 voter registration cards submitted by ACORN after they proved to have similar handwriting and false addresses.

    There may have been similar instances in Colorado and Minnesota as well. And in Saint Petersburg, Florida, ACORN reportedly signed up voter Charlie Shoe (ph), a 30-year-old Republican woman. The problem was, Charlie Shoe is a 68-year-old Democratic man, the former mayor of Saint Petersburg.

    [NOTE: 6,000 x 25 = 150,000; 137/150,000 = .091%]

    You will also notice that Olbermann, who did not bother to fact-check Kathy Dopp's false claims of "voting irregularities" in the Florida panhandle during this most recent election, did make the time to fact-check Silio's reference to FDR's margin of victory in the 1944 election.

    Hardball's David Shuster comes in for some harsh critisim as well. Silio notes that while Shuster was being assigned to report on the results fromt he 2004 election, he was likening those who voted against gay marriage ballot initiatives to advocates of slavery and death by stoning. Reading Shuster's post there is little sense that this is meant to be humorous and does raise questions - whether Shuster ought to be reporting on election issues for MSNBC and what happens when reporters start to blog:

    Maybe some Americans want to return to the days of slavery, devout observance to the Sabbath, long hair, all cotton clothes, and stoning people... I would prefer that our society move forward.

    Here is the e-mail exchange as presented to OlbermannWatch:

    From: Tom Sileo

    Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 1:41 AM


    Subject: From A Fellow Journalist

    Mr. Olbermann,

    My name is Tom Sileo. You may recall the friendly exchange we had over e-mail a few weeks ago.

    Unlike many, I have been following your post-election coverage very closely over the past few weeks. And as a fellow journalist, I am urging you to step back and give serious thought to your reporting before you go any further on this 'story'.

    Since I am attempting to give you advice, you should at least know who it's coming from. I do not have as much experience as you do in this business, so you can take my advice for whatever you think it's worth.

    I spent the first three years after receving my Rutgers journalism degree producing newscasts at mid-major market stations in South Carolina and Georgia. I am now back in my nation's capital stomping ground working in a non-journalist capacity at the Associated Press, which is the only reason why I am permitted to share my views on this subject. I'm heading to a D.C. newsroom in two weeks, so I need to speak now or forever hold my peace!

    In my opinion, your show tonight was a travesty, Mr. Olbermann. You gave us John Zogby, a pollster branded as a "2004 election loser" by the shell-shocked New York Times on the Sunday after the election, telling us how a POLL saying 20% of Americans think the president isn't legitimate means that we should investigate exit POLLS. You are a smart guy, does that logic make any sense whatsoever?

    You are also well-aware that Mr. Zogby holds liberal political views, yet you did not challenge him when he went outside his area of expertise (mathematics and polling) and said the president doesn't have any political capital after receiving 60 million votes. You also did not challenge him when he claimed his polling was "mostly right" when it was clearly wrong on the popular vote and in three crucial battleground states. It was very disappointing to see you neglect your responsibility as a journalist and not hold this man accountable, Mr. Olbermann.

    Now, another question. If you are so intent on lobbying the "mainstream" media to cover your election story, then why don't you and David Shuster begin investigating the vote in Pennsylvania? As you are well aware, Kerry on Pennsylvania by almost exactly the same margin as Bush won in Ohio. So why can't "voting irregularities" possibly show the democrats benefiting from machine errors in the Keystone State?

    The fact that you are harping constantly on supposed problems in Ohio (even though you and David Shuster conceded to me in e-mails that the election has no realistic chance of being overturned) and even brought up FLORIDA, where Bush won by a wide margin, is very troubling when you aren't mentioning Pennsylvania. This is common sense, Mr. Olbermann, but I fear that you are so caught up in the self-indulgent aspects of this 'story' that you are not seeing the big picture and are instead letting your political leanings infect your work.

    MSNBC made a critical error by letting David Shuster cover aspects of this 'story' afterhis blog rant comparing millions of Americans who voted against gay marriage in 11 states to people who stoned people in ancient times
    . He is cleary biased and out of the electoral mainstream, and his own statements offer undoubted proof. I suspect you hold views that do not mesh with current majority opinion, but you have certainly made them more veiled than your colleague. But every time you bring on partisan guests like John Zogby and questionable reporters like David Shuster to attempt to give this story legitimacy, you are putting your own credibility at serious risk.

    I asked my blue-state Grandpa, who lives about 20 minutes from Secaucus, what he thought of your reporting. It took him a while to remember who you were, but when I reminded him of SportsCenter, he matched the name with your face. Anyway, he read somewhere that you were running stories slyly aimed at putting the election's legitimacy in doubt, and he immediately reacted with anger. He said "if a journalist tried to question a clear FDR win during World War II, the public would have crucified him." I replied that it wouldn't be necessary today, since the journalist in question seems to be crucifying himself.

    While I am nowhere near your television business stature, I will be fortunate enough to be in a position of editorial consequence in my next newsroom. My decisions will reach about 60 million viewers daily, and no, I will not be working for Fox News. I will approach my job with humility and an open mind. But as of now, I have no plans to give coverage to the story being pushed by Countdown, because your reporting has been below basic journalistic standards that I've spent the last seven years of my life practicing and studying.

    Please step back and think about what you've been doing before it's too late. It would be a shame to see a man so intelligent ruin his reputation over one story that won't mean anything in the wide scheme of society. Do you want to be the next Dan Rather?


    -Tom Sileo


    From: "Olbermann, Keith (NBC Universal, MSNBC)"

    To: 'Tom Sileo'

    Subject: RE: From A Fellow Journalist

    Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 07:10:32


    We covered Pennsylvania, and the ACORN investigation (and were quite pointed in noting the charges of Democrat or pro-Democrat impropriety in both stories) the second night we did this story: November 9.

    I'm not sure of your grandfather's point in referencing Roosevelt. The narrowest of his four victories came in 1944, by a percentage margin of 53-46, and an electoral margin of 432-99. Is he comparing World War II with the fighting in Iraq? Given that the country was virtually unanimous in support of that war, and is still pretty evenly split about this conflict, the comparison seems like apples and oranges.

    As to covering this story, you are entitled to do as you please, and as your employers please. But if I can give you one piece of advice in return, I would emphasize that the one journalistic credo that has served me consistently best for 25 years is: Think for yourself.

    Keith Olbermann


    From: Tom Sileo

    Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 9:43 AM

    To: Keith.Olbermann@MSNBC.COM

    Subject: RE: From A Fellow Journalist

    Mr. Olbermann,

    Yes, my grandfather is comparing World War II to the war on terrorism, which includes Afghanistan, in case you forgot. He is a World War II veteran, so if he sees a valid comparison to today's global conflict, I think he's in a better position to judge than either of us.

    President Bush won this election by 4 points less than FDR won in '44, so calling the comparison "apples to oranges" seems like a very questionable assessment. Although I'm sure voter 'irregularities' and 'intimidation' threw off the '44 result, just like it must have thrown off Monday's Gallup poll, which showed a 55% level of support for the president.

    I don't agree with the approach your taking to this 'story', plain and simple. I feel that you, David Shuster, and Chris Matthews have a documented bias against President Bush that compromises your work. The poor ratings for MSNBC may prove that millions of others share my assessment. If the three of you approached your work more like Tim Russert, who knows how far MSNBC could climb.

    I know this is your work e-mail inbox so I won't clog it with any further rants. But just think of what you'll be missing. You won't have Sileo to kick around anymore.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

    -Tom Sileo


    From: "Olbermann, Keith (NBC Universal, MSNBC)"

    To: 'Tom Sileo'

    Subject: RE: From A Fellow Journalist

    Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 10:11:44

    But it's a political judgement to compare these wars -- and to buy into the concept that Iraq is even part of a war on terrorism. If you've made your mind up about that, and start with an assumption that that's just TRUE -- a starting point -- then you've already made a political judgement about the incumbent president.

    We were assured -- I was alive then -- that Vietnam was essential to keeping the communists out of North America. Seriously.

    And my father, who served during Korea, considers Iraq "bullshit."

    The poor ratings of MSNBC owe to incredibly unstable scheduling. For three years we did not have the same nightly line-up for more than six weeks successively. We've now gone over a year since the last change. The 6-9 PM ratings have doubled. I'm afraid tv success is much more of a function of constancy and style than it is of political tone.

    Keith Olbermann

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    Correction: The Two David Allens

    Turns out this entire post is wrong. There are two David Allen's and the person from is not the same person at Democratic Underground as I had stated. My apologies to Mr. Allen of

    I received this notes from the "real" David Allen at

    "Skinner" at DU is not me, we just happen to have the same name. This
    mistake occurs quite often and is understandable.

    Could you correct this post?

    Given that David is being understanding and reasonable I feel I had better retract my "CHIEF LOON AT BLACKBOXVOTING.COM" crack and consider that there is a reason that David and Bev Harris are no longer associated.

    Of course this means I also need to take another look at David's site and consider the possibility that not all blackboxers are created equal.


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    December 20, 2004
    Countdown - Monday Dec. 20, 2004 (8:00-9:00 P.M. ET)

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 20, 2004

    Guest Host: Chris Jansing

    Scheduled Topics/Guests:


    PRESIDENT BUSH IS TIME MAGAZINE'S "PERSON OF THE YEAR": Matt Cooper, White House correspondent, Time magazine

    THE IRAQ ELECTIONS: Gen. Wayne Downing, MSNBC military analyst


    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Guest: PENDING

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: Countdown tonight was actually semi-watchable; for some reason, none of Olbermann's usual annoyances were much in evidence. The anchor even looked a lot better. Could it have been a new wig? It was certainly an improvement over the hair Keith has been wearing--that rug you could fly all the way to Baghdad. [J$]

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    December 17, 2004
    Countdown - Friday Dec. 17, 2004

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 17, 2004

    Host: Keith Olbermann

    Scheduled Topics/Guests:

    THE NEW INTELLIGENCE BILL-WILL IT BE A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION TOWARDS TRUE INTELLIGENCE REFORM?: Larry Johnson, former CIA operative and former deputy director of the State Department's Office of Counter-terrorism

    THE CONTINUING CRITICISM OF DONALD RUMSFELD: Eric Schmitt, Pentagon reporter, New York Times

    THE CELEBREX CONTROVERSY-WILL IT STILL BE SOLD EVEN AFTER STUDIES HAVE SHOWN IT CAN CAUSE HEART PROBLEMS?: Bernadine Healy, former president and CEO of Red Cross, senior health writer, U.S. News & World Report

    THE LATEST ON THE POLITICAL SITUATION IN THE UKRAINE: Richard Wolffe, diplomatic correspondent, Newsweek

    "THE APPRENTICE" FINALE-KELLY WINS: Amy Henry and Nick Warnock, former "Apprentice" cast members

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Guest: PENDING

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: A few cheap shots at Rudy Guiliani and Bernard Kerik, ex-spook and Countdown regular Larry Johnson to sandbag Bush for signing the new National Intelligence bill. Yes, this is the same bill that, according to the MSM, if not signed, would lead, in short order, to another 9/11. Recall that so long as the Kristen Breitweiser crowd was hyperventilating about it, this bill had to be signed immediately, without comment or discussion, by Bush. Not that Bush has signed it he alone is responsible for any flaws.

    Dogs that didn't bark, in Olbyland Bush has still not been elected by the Ohio electors, Cliff Arnebeck is still about to file his lawsuit, and John Conyers is still on his "non-partisan" crusade for voting integrity (but only in Ohio).

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    First Shoe Drops as MSNBC Axes Norville; Keith Next?

    NorvileOlbyPal Brian Stelter has a copy of MSNBC President Rick Kaplan's email formally announcing Deborah Norville's long expected departure from MSNBC.

    As the new year approaches at MSNBC, the promising Scarborough Country in the hands of fill-in Pat Buchanan, Joe is still out on seemingly permanent medical leave, Norville's much-ballyhooed return to the NBC family was an even bigger failure than her first go around as the Wally Pipp of NBC's Today Show, replacing Jane Pauley and half of MNSBC's evening schedule is now up for grabs.

    This just can't be good news for Keith Olbermann's tenure as "news" anchor. What Norville replacement is going to be willing to deal with the troubled Countdown and their .3, and falling, ratings as a lead-in?

    Naked NewsAt this point MSNBC has pretty much tried everything and failed. There last best hope may be to bring in the gals from Naked News before GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt shuts the entire mess down.

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    Countdown Ratings Sink in Wake of OlbermannWatch Debut

    OlbermannWatch is talking and TV viewers are listening - and switching off MSNBC in droves to escape Keith Olbermann's loony left love-fest on Countdown. Last night the Drudge Report had the cable news ratings for Wednesday Dec 15, and Countdown was definitely counting down.

    8:00 PM TIME SLOT

    The O'Reilly Factor - 2.2
    Countdown - 0.3

    Numbers don't lie: Bill O'Reilly had more than 7 times as many viewers as KO. Even the lame, bird-hater Paula Zahn beat Keith.

    The Hardball to Countdown abandonment-rate still holds; after Hardball, MSNBC's "top-rated" show (0.4 on Wednesday), viewers reach for the remote. Coming out of Chris Matthews's shoutfest, Countdown continues to lose audience.

    Before the launch of OlbermannWatch, Keith's ratings were 0.4. This week KO scored an 0.3, a 33% drop.

    We will continue to document the sports guy's careless reporting, reckless reliance on unreliable sources, and monomaniacal obsessions over lunatic fringe jihads. Next in view: 0.2

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    December 16, 2004
    Countdown - Thursday Dec. 16, 2004

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 16, 2004

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Guest: PENDING

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: Cyber-santa? Baseball? Is Keith TRYING to put OlbermannWatch out of business. Since Keith did his first straight news broadcast in six weeks I leave the floor today to the loony left....have at it...

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    Cries of "Notice me! Notice me!!!" Finally Heard

    That right-wing pro-Bush organ the New York Times throws Olby a bone... cause for celebration at Bloggerman.

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    December 15, 2004
    Countdown - Wednesday Dec. 15, 2004

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 15

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Guest: PENDING

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: Tonight Keith welcomed Michael Moore's favorite congressman, John Conyers, who insisted he is not in Ohio for "partisan" reasons but because he "cares" about the presidential election system. Conyers ran off the usual litany of Loony Left conspiracy theories but somehow failed to mention his REAL agenda, to federalize national elections to create a new, federal trial through the court system.

    You can check me on this but I found 9 states where the margin of victory was 2 percentage points or less. Of those, Ohio ranks 7th on the list of close races. Florida, where's Bev Harris is spending most of her time, is not even on this list.

    Presumeably if Conyers and the BlackBoxers were really interested in the election system they would spend a but more of their time on New Mexico and New Hampshire where the differential was less than 10,000 votes and not Ohio where the margin was over 100,000 votes.

    New Mex. (5) Bush - 376,940; Kerry - 370,893; Diff. - 6,047
    New Hamp. (3) Kerry - 330,848; Bush - 340,019; Diff. - 9,171
    Wisc. (10) Kerry - 1,477,122; Bush - 1,488,935; Diff. - 11,813
    Iowa (7) Bush - 746,600; Kerry - 733,102; Diff. - 13,498
    Nevada (5) Bush - 414,939; Kerry - 393,372; Diff. - 21,567
    Minn. (10) Kerry - 1,345,175; Bush - 1,443,619; Diff. - 98,444
    Ohio (20) Bush - 2,858,727; Kerry - 2,739,952; Diff. - 118,775
    Penn. (21) Kerry - 2,756,904; Bush - 2,885,773; Diff. - 128,869
    Michigan (17) Kerry - 2,310,803; Bush - 2,475,046; Diff - 164,243

    Later, the champion of due process in the Ohio election reported that a man had "stalked" Paula Zahn, screaming and yelling at her on the street. Stalking is a crime. In Olbyland, Lincoln Karim, who works for the Associated Press, is presumed guilty. For those who have not kept up on "Hawkgate", Karim was arrested by New York City police for "multiple counts of aggravated harassment and one count of endangering the welfare of a child" as he prepared to lead a Hawk Protest in front of Zahn's Manhattan apartment. He was arrested yesterday based on a a complaint was filed by CNN"s Paula Zahn and has yet to stand trial.

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    Blackbox Codewords: "The Freeman Study"

    As part of our effort to explain the loony-left code words Keith has been introducing into his broadcast, we will take time out to discuss the oft-refenced "Freeman Study."

    Dr. Steven Freeman is a smart guy. He is on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania and has a Ph.D. from M.I.T. He is so smart that he ought to know better than to have rushed out a paper, "The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepency", without putting out for peer review. It is as intellectually thin as Saran Wrap although his many admirers probably prefer Reynolds Wrap.

    Steve FreemanThe closing paragraph of Dr. Freeman's paper says it all, that "systematic fraud or mistabulation is a premature conclusion..." An author's note warns that the paper has not been subject to "normal academic safequards." He has been compiling his "data" from a random of set of sources not subject to validation or quality control.

    A message on Freeman's web site today gives some insight into the rigorous nature of Freemans' research: "if anybody has "Virginia", that's all I need to complete the data set! If you viewed the Virginia exit poll on election night, please let me know. You may still have it in your computer memory!" An exhibit in his study is titled "apparently "uncorreted" exit poll data (from CNN) demonstrates his lack of confidence in his own data.

    Freeman admits he selectively reports on 11 states, that the data he used came from multiple, unofficial sources (i.e.,,, The New York Times), that the data he used was uncalibrated, and most importanly that he had no access to the data used to produce the exit poll reports.

    Freeman's conclusions are predicated on his pre-emptory claim that, despite the many flaws, the "data is good" and his belief that given a choice between exit polls and actual vote tallies, exit polls are preferred. Given his unfounded confidence in his own "analysis", Freeman ignores a report he that the exit pollster found that Kerry voters were much more willing to participate in the exit poll than were Bush voters and comes up with just two options: the exit polls were wrong or the vote count was off. And since exit polls can't be wrong there is something wrong with the vote count.

    Not having seen the exit poll data. Freeman makes a series of claims based on his very rough approximation of what he suspects might be the polling data might. He then gets hysterical claiming "suspicion of fraud is running rampant." that is "undermines legitimacy of the President" and "faith in foundations of democracy." In classic BlackBox fashion, Freeman weaves in news items such as Erica Solvig's article in the Cincinnati Enquirer on Warren County.

    Freeman concludes by calling on the National Election Poll consortium to make public the raw exit poll data. He justifies his call on the grounds that "alllegations about miscounts have popped up on the Internet since the election like daffodils on a suburban lawn in April" I have a suburban lawn myself and if daffodils, not dandelions, popped up on my lawn I would be thrilled. It seems safe to say that Freeman knows as much about exit polls as he does about gardening.

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    The Secret Memo

    Many of the Loony Left commenters on this site have been baffled by my ability to see through their various plots and prevarications. Apparently many of them aware unaware that weeks ago I came across a secret memo which revealed the left's nefarious plans to seize control of the government beginning with agitation over the Ohio outcome.

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    OlbermannWatch E-mail to MSNBC President

    I am saddened to have to report that it has been one month since I sent a heartfelt plea to MSNBC President Rick Kaplan explaining my concerns about Keith Olbermann. Surprisingly, no one at MSNBC has responded to my e-mail and Olbermann remains on the air.

    As I no longer expect a reply, I post the e-mail here:

    From: Robert Cox
    To: Kaplan, Rick (NBC Universal, MSNBC)
    Cc: Brian Stelter ; ; Bill O'Reilly (Fox News)
    Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 12:46 PM
    Subject: my concerns about Keith Olbermann

    Mr. Kaplan,

    I am writing ON THE RECORD to express my concerns about Keith Olbermann and the impact of his behavior on the reputation of MSNBC and, by extension, NBC News. Any reply will be considered by me as ON THE RECORD.

    When Joe Scarborough appeared at a Bush rally in Florida you issued a statement making a distinction between Scarborough and the "news anchors" at MSNBC such as Keith Olbermann. I found that odd because I never had the sense that Olbermann is constrained by the journalistic standards normally associated with a news anchor. Since then I began to pay more attention to Olbermann and began to note his habit of putting unsubstantiated information gleaned from the internet on the air without attribution or the most cursory fact-checking. In a number of cases this information proved to be erroneous or completely fabricated.

    After Olbermann apologized for airing the "Hoosier Gazette" report of a supposed IQ study, MSNBC viewers might reasonably expect that Olbermann would make an extra effort to be careful about checking his sources, especially with regards to material from the internet. This has not been the case and, in fact, Olbermann’s practice of lifting material from the internet has actually accelerated since then. I would be interested to hear whether you have plans to address this matter and, if so, how that will be communicated to viewers.

    By way of illustrating the point, I direct you to a recent example where Olbermann lifted erroneous information from TVNewser, a blog with which I know you are familiar. Brian Stelter, the young man who writes TVNewser, is a good guy who does a good job with his blog but he is not generally considered an authoritative news source. Recently, Brian wrote a post meant to criticize O'Reilly as arrogant. TVNewser claimed that during an interview of Bernard Goldberg, O'Reilly made a comparison between the ratings of The O'Reilly Factor on election night and those on MSNBC and claimed that his ratings were nine times higher than MSNBC. A video tape of The O'Reilly Factor clearly shows that O'Reilly made a comparison between The O'Reilly Factor and Countdown on the day AFTER election night - and my records show his figures were correct.

    Without bothering to take the time to watch the interview himself – or check a transcript - Olbermann seized on the blog post, using Brian’s "quote" as a pretext for making O'Reilly his "newsmaker of the day" and slamming O'Reilly, ironically, for being inaccurate. Olbermann even managed to incorrectly report Brian's incorrect claim - the erroneous words "election night" were not within quotation marks on TVNewser - by saying on-air that O'Reilly "told his audience that, on election night..." when this was not the case. As is typical, Olbermann failed to attribute his information to a web site in order to convey the false impression that he had personally witnessed O'Reilly's comments (just as he conveyed the false impression that he had read the phony report described by the Hoosier Gazette).

    Olbermann (and Stelter) have been informed of the error but no correction, retraction or apology has been forthcoming. That Olbermann does not like O'Reilly or that he works for a competing network should not matter. It seems to be that if MSNBC news anchors are going to use their news programs to make personal attacks, MSNBC ought to at least require they have their facts straight. It also seems reasonable to expect that when an anchor or reporter is not doing original reporting but rather conveying information from a source other than MSNBC they ought to make that clear. As it stands today, erroneous or false information from questionable sources on the internet are routinely making its way on the air via Countdown.

    Olbermann’s questionable behavior is not restricted to his performance on-air. Recently, Olbermann has been using his blog on to help solicit money for a political candidate who is seeking to finance a recount of the vote tallies from the recent election. Olbermann’s use of the phrase “it turns out the site you want on this is VoteCobb.Org� smacks of solicitation. The promotion of this site is part of a broader campaign from far-left activists for a “recount� in Ohio that Olbermann has been cheerleading in a way that hardly reminds one of Huntley or Brinkley. What are MSNBC’s policies in this regard?

    I hope you will consider addressing these and other matters related to Olbermann’s questionable sense of his responsibilities as a news anchor and making public the steps you are taking to restore trust of MSNBC as a news source. Remember, what makes Jon Stewart or Tina Fey funny is their making jokes about REAL news. Making up the news is not funny on Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show or Countdown.

    This email and any response to it are ON THE RECORD

    Robert Cox
    Managing Editor

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    Countdown - Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2004

    Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 14

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Updated: 3:47 p.m. ET Dec. 15, 2004
    Guest: Darrell Birt, Tom Squitieri, Jim VandeHei

    Wilson RumsfeldOLBYWATCH GUIDE: Keith apparently has a new hobby horse to ride - Rummy being questioned by Spc. Thomas Wilson, a scout with a Tennessee National Guard unit, about problems up-armoring vehicles going into Iraq. Check me on this but Keith has run the video at least once per show since the day of the event. KO then hits a four-bagger with a story about a Marine Reservist, Darrell Birt of the 656th Transportation Company who was court martialed for stealing transport trucks: Brit is from Ohio so KO gets a VoteFraud angle, he is in the reserves so KO gets a "not enough troops in Iraq" angle, the charges relate to vehicles in Iraq so KO gets the up-armor angle, and the reservist is claiming he was unfairly treated so KO gets a "military bad" angle. Keith, who made clear he had no knowledge of the case brought on Gen. Barry McCaffrey who was also not familiar with case to discuss the case. Next up was taking shots at Tenet, Bremer, and Franks for receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom because they were not perfect and implying they no longer agreed with the President - they had "parted company" with Bush. KO's next guest USA TODAY's DoD reporter, Tom Squitieri claimed that the trio are being bought off with these medals to induce them to go easy with Bush in their memoirs. Except that Franks already published his memoirs, An American Solider, and endorsed Bush during the recent campaign. Oh well, how could Squitieri or Olbermann being expected to know that.

    There can never been enough Bush-bashing on Countdown so Keith happily served up long-time foes of Don Rumsfeld, Senators McCain and Hegel, once again taking shots at the Defense Secretary as if this were some new phenomenom.

    And when you run out of Bush-bashing there is always Fox-bashing which Keith employed to report that Zell Miller signed a deal to work for Fox News Channel as an analyst.

    VoteFraud was barely mentioned, only to say that Ohio SecState Ken Blackwell did respond to Conyers 36 Questions, not to be confused with Hitchcock's 39 Steps, and to imply that the Washington governors race may have been stolen but might be recovered.

    Some Dogs That Didn't Bark on Countdown include, Ohio Electors formally voting for George Bush, Cliff Arnebeck still not having filed his lawsuit, and John Kerry losing one electoral vote in Minnesota. Just imagine the howling from Keith if this one vote had made the Ohio electoral votes irrelevent.

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    December 14, 2004
    Keith Olbermann Blog Roundup

    Vote Fraud Bounty $200,000 Still Unclaimed.

    OlbermannWatch commenter quits.

    Glenn Reynolds notes BlackBox-Olby War.

    Tenet approves of OlbermannWatch plan to limit access to Internet to responsible people.

    KO's next stop?

    Keith's favorite book.

    Keith Olbermann finally coughs up check for Jeopardy charity.

    Zogby joins Loony Left in damage control effort.

    Jesse Jackson says 2004 Election is "not over" - and neither is 2000.

    Olbermann doesn't get memo on bin Laden tape.

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    December 13, 2004
    Strange Coverage of the Pitts Scandal

    Hard to tell what Keith thinks about a reporter planting questions with soldiers here... He quotes Pitts saying that he feels that it was his best day as a journalist. Somehow I don't think Keith would hold back quite so much if the Bush Administration had planted questions with reporters...

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    Bloggermann Strikes Out at Weblog Awards

    But buck up, Keith, you did beat The Note!

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    Countdown - Monday Dec. 13, 2004

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 13

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Updated: 10:15 pm, Dec. 14, 2004
    Guests: Jason Dearen, Dan Abrams, John Harwood, Howard Fineman, Chuck Hagel, Michael Musto

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: Scott Peterson took over the entire first block, but KO still managed to slip in a little campaigning against Rumsfeld at the commercial break, teasing:

    "Donald Rumsfeld under fire from his fellow Republicans now."

    It sounds like an uprising in the GOP, but when Keith finally got around to the story, it turned out to be the usual suspects: John McCain and Chuck Hagel. Somehow he missed getting a snipy comment from Richard Lugar; we're not sure how that happened. It just isn't the same unless it's the full McHaGar.

    KO, who complained loud and long that there was too much coverage of the Monica Lewinsky matter, spent a nice chunk of time detailing Bernard Kerik's alleged affairs of the heart. Whatever happened to "It's just about sex"?

    Because of all this important breaking news, the VoteFraud2004inOhioButNotPennsylvania segment got bumped to the second half-hour.

    KO mentioned that John Kerry wants to inspect 92,000 ballots where no Presidential votes were recorded. (That's certainly going to make a huge impact on the results.) Unfortunately Keith had to admit that a protest fizzled when nobody showed up, but he cheered up when reporting about a motion filed by Communist [though not so identified] Cliff Arneback and another publicity stunt by John Conyers.

    Much was made of some Green Party claims regarding Xenia County--the Sports Guy rattled off one charge after another, while having to counter each one with the facts as detailed by state and county officials. Most 60-minute newscasts don't have time to report charges that turn out to be false, but to KO this is "hard news". Howard Fineman showed up and humored Keith for a few minutes, salvaging his own credibility by telling a disappointed KO that nobody in the Senate is likely to cosign Conyers's protest against the Ohio delegation.

    Keith ended the hour with a rundown of cheesy movie lines and bad Christmas songs, a segment more substantive than much of what preceded it.

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    December 11, 2004
    Countdown - Friday Dec. 10, 2004

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 10

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Updated: Updated: 1:58 p.m. ET Dec. 13, 2004
    Guests: Larry Johnson, Bryan Bender, David Conn, Nick Warnock

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: One cannot fail to notice the vote fraud story is being pushed further and further away from the lead segment. This time around, it barely got two minutes of airtime, from the promise to continue digging, to a minute or so spent on shots of Jesse Jackson in a meeting with those in Ohio continuing to fight for the recount. Finally, as if attempting to prop a house in the imminent danger of collapse, Olbermann reminded us that something very important should be happening on Monday.

    This definitely was a slow news day.

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    Had I Been a Tinfoil Hatter....

    Had I been a tinfoil hatter, today's Countdown would have really depressed me...

    BBV to KO... BBV to KO... KO, Please Pick Up Your Tin Foil Hat at The Isle #3

    What is this? "Mars Attacks", or possibly some 1950's B-movie? Where is the Dr. Who music, and for that matter, where is the Dr. Who?

    Keith, you really have to stick to the message. Repeat after me: "There must be a recount. Ohio went to Kerry. No really it did." Who cares about those SUVs losing the front wheels?!?! Did you forget whom you work for? Hint: It is not a magazine, and it is not called "Consumer Reports". It is M S N B C and you are the only reporter that is running with that story. Why is it getting only two minutes of your time?

    Is Scott Peterson's sentence more important than Bush stealing Ohio from under Kerry's nose? Come on, there must be a reason you zoomed onto Jesse Jackson's face! He had something very important to say, didn't he? Why did not you interview him? Remember, you have to keep talking about "disenfranchised democratic voters", not the cell phones on the airplanes!

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    December 10, 2004
    Countdown - Thursday Dec. 9, 2004

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 9

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Guest: PENDING

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: With so many chances to take direct shots at Bush Administration plus a shot at Bill O'Reilly, Keith pretty much wandered away from the Vote Fraud story tonight. KO did have one report that Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH), Chairman of the House Administration Committee announced he will hold hearings on the election early next year. Keith failed to note that Ney is Deputy Majority Whip and so acted under the instructions of Tom DeLay. Nor did he provide the relevent quote from Ney:

    "Election reform is a serious issue that requires serious, bipartisan examination and debate. It does not deserve what we are seeing today - partisan attacks and unsubstantiated claims disguised as fact in a faux hearing"

    Olbermann, once again taking his marching orders from the far left, picked up on a story manufactured by the Soros-funded liberal attack group, Media Matters for America, and reported it as "news." Two days ago the MMFA excerpted a portion of an exchange between Bill O'Reilly and a caller to his radio show to advance the fallacious idea that O'Reilly had made an anti-semitic statement on The Radio Factor, e-mailed it around to every Jewish group in its rolodex and reeled in the ever-reliable Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League who issued a statement denouncing O'Reilly. And MMFA continues to pump up its' little media balloon. This claim was so ludicrous that even Olbermann felt compelled to "defend" O'Reilly. Of course, Keith's idea of defending O'Reilly is a little different than most. He said, "ignorance is bliss, whether ignorance is anti-semitism is another question."

    Dogs not barking tonight include Cliff Arnebeck lawsuit still not filed, the recent debunk of academic "studies" purporting to demonstrate patters that suggest vote fraud (Berkeley Study, Freeman Study), statement by Conyers that the stated goal of his Forum is to federalize national elections to create a federal option for pursuing election-related law suits.

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    December 9, 2004
    ADMIN NOTICE: Loony-Level Identification System now implemented in "comments" area

    To assist clear-thinking readers we have implemented a color-coded warning system to quickly identify inane comments made by the tinfoil hat brigade. Kooky comments will be clearly marked easy-to-recognize Loony-Level warning icons. No longer will you need to spend your precious time trying to understand the nonsensical ravings of lunatic minds. When you see a Loony-Level warning icon just skip right down to the next sensible comment.

    The following Loony-Level warning icons are currently* available:

    - Blackboxer (1st Degree Loon - Very Dangerous)
    - Standard Loon (2nd Degree Loon - Dangerous)
    - Olby Loon (3rd Degree Loon - Blind Olbermann Loyalty)
    - Tin Foil Hatter (Candidate for Tinfoil Hat - Watchlisted)
    - Typical Liberal Nut (Foul-Mouthed Ranter - Harmless)

    *more warning icons will be added as needed

    UPDATE: Reader LargeBill suggested an idea for wwhat we are now calling "merit icons" to denote particularly good comments or commenters:

    - Case Closed (Complete Refutation of Loonthink)
    - Clear Thinker (Keen Mind at Work)

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    Countdown - Wednesday Dec. 8, 2004

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 8

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Updated: Updated: 10:45 a.m. ET Dec. 9, 2004
    Guest: Jim Vandehei, Todd Shields, Jason Dearen

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: Countdown did some rare actual reporting by sending Monica Novatny down to Washington to cover the "Winter Voter" hearings organized by John Conyers as an unofficial "investigation" of voting irregularities in Ohio (see my raw notes for more).

    Olbermann ignored the REAL news coming out of the hearings to report that Conyers merry band would be going to Ohio and that Conyers was willing to consider Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s suggestion of filing a challenge to the seating of the Ohio electors. If Olbermann or Novatny were interested in REAL NEWS, they might have reported that John Conyers emphatically declared the motivation of Capital Hill democrats in endorsing the conspiracy theorists - to build moment for a long-standing bill drafted by Jesse Jackson, Jr. to up-end the Constitution by federalizing national elections, specifically to create an opportunity for redress in federal rather than state courts for election challenges.

    Dogs that didn't bark on Countdown included a self-debunk of the oft-cited Freeman Report (more on that later), no mention of whether any of the recount requests mailed by the Green Party and Libertarian party were actually received by any of Ohio's 88 county commissioners, and the status of Cliff Arnebeck's lawsuit which Keith had reported would be filed on Wednesday. Apparently Novatny failed to notice that Cliff Arnebeck was at the "winter voter" hearings on Capital Hill.

    Red ChannelsIn the next segment, Keith exposed his interest in "voting irregularities" for the fraud it is when he interviewed Todd Shields of MediaWeek to discuss Shields recent article, Activists Dominate Content Complaints.

    Shields had reported,

    The number of indecency complaints had soared dramatically to more than 240,000 in the previous year, Powell said. The figure was up from roughly 14,000 in 2002, and from fewer than 350 in each of the two previous years. There was, Powell said, "a dramatic rise in public concern and outrage about what is being broadcast into their homes."

    What Powell did not reveal - apparently because he was unaware - was the source of the complaints. According to a new FCC estimate obtained by Mediaweek, nearly all indecency complaints in 2003 - 99.8 percent -were filed by the Parents Television Council, an activist group.

    This year, the trend has continued, and perhaps intensified.

    Through early October, 99.9 percent of indecency complaints - aside from those concerning the Janet Jackson 'wardrobe malfunction" during the Super Bowl halftime show broadcast on CBS - were brought by the PTC, according to the FCC analysis dated Oct. 1.

    Olbermann expressed grave concern that a conversative group would orchestrate an letter-writing campaign in an attempt to prompt a government investigation. Yet Olbermann, and other liberal media figures, have routinely cited "thousands" of letters and e-mails as their justification for reporting on the "Vote Fraud" story. The GAO similarily cited letter and emails, not a complaint from lawmakers, as their justification for launching an investigaiton into allegations of vote fraud.

    Olbermann also worked in a gratuitous shot at Parents Television Council head Brent Bozell, III, by likening Bozell to Theodore Kirkpatrick author of "Red Channel", a pamphlet written in 1950 that formed the basis for the Hollywood "blacklist". Olbermann continued, practically begging MRC to report on the segment, by suggesting that his "interview" of Shields would land him on Bozell's "crap list."

    Wish granted.

    Red Channels: The Report of Communist Influence in Radio and Television (1950); Theodore Kirkpatrick (former FBI agent), Vincent Harnett (television producer); published 22nd June, 1950

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    December 8, 2004
    My Raw Notes - The "Winter Voter" Hearings

    I did not catch the entire thing and they will have a transcript up tomorrow but here are my notes from what I am calling the "Winter Voter" hearings...


    Rep. John Conyers (D-MI)
    Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL)
    Rep. Major Owens (D-NY)
    Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL)
    Rep. Jerome Nadler (D-NY)
    Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)
    Rep. Mel Watt (D-NC)
    Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA)
    Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)
    Jesse Jackson

    Was that Greg Palast? (quoted gahndi)

    Eleanor Smeal
    Feminist Majority

    Newly Registered Voters

    Voting Machines
    Long Lines (very long for student 2-10hours)

    Vote Suppression
    give volunteers a hard time during registration drive
    voting registration Info was out of date

    Shawnta Walcott Zogby International

    np polling data that supports allegations
    unprecedented levels of suspicision
    polling data showed a real split
    Zogby - thousands of letters and emails
    not contest the election results
    no polling data
    recommendation restore dignity and confidence
    blue ribbon bipartisan panel be developed to allow healing

    Steve Freeman University of Pennsylvania
    wrote a paper
    wide discrepency between exit polls and official tallies
    not possible that difference was result of random chance
    exit poll data was not released
    used the "initial release of the data (uncalibrated data)

    Matthew Siegel Kenyon COllege
    polling conditions were ridiculous, uncomfortable, people were overheated, hungry, a girl fainted,

    claustropic, comfort the voters, revive voters with water bottles and umbrellas, conditions worsened, rumors

    circulating, voters stayed to vote even upon hearing bush was winning
    2 machines 1,300 voters, 1 was broken for 2 hours
    1 machine for 100 voters (that soounds really low)
    citing peter jennings

    Robert Wexler
    no complaint of people who wanted to vote for bush but couldn't
    electronic votes lost?

    Suzanne Pruitt

    Robert Fitrakis
    Editor, Free Press

    Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL)

    election system is "seperate but equal"
    voting is a state right, not in the constitution
    is there a federal remedy of election anamolies in state of ohio
    there is not constitutional right to vote for pres electors
    15th 19th amendement, 26th

    Hillary Shelton NAACP

    Jess Jackson
    i'm in a great deal of pain
    this election is not over until...we need some action
    this cannot be an academic venting session
    when mr kerry left he took media scrutiny with him
    34 days to count votes, why?
    jesse crying???????

    Rep. Jerome Nadler (D-NY)

    Ralph Neas
    People for the American Way

    Cliff Arnebeck
    the suit we are about to file
    Common Cause Ohio
    relying on prof freeman from UPenn
    use discovery process in ohio Supreme Court to look into computers

    "triad tabulators"

    match the tabulators to the votes counted

    Major Owens
    cutting edge for elections is in ukraine
    father of democracy looks ridiculous
    press this issue on an international basis
    keep the pressure on
    we are not a democracy, one man one vote

    "put em in jail"

    planning a field hearing

    file an objection to the seating of the Ohio electors

    nationalazing of our federal elections
    national holiday for votin
    indepedent audit after each vote
    those who conduct elections should not be associated with any candidate (blackwell)
    national hearings around the nation


    Conyers - remember you are on national TV

    David Little Committee to Redeaft the Presdient
    having a protest saturday
    remedy is to reduce congressional seats from Ohio, FL and NC

    internal political issue, way they are lined up to ask questions

    Patty Keishan
    Union County for Democracy, Bergen County, etc.

    Will you sign this decleration of intent

    transcript on internet
    house judiciary democartic web site

    Charles santangelo

    Jonathon Simon
    downloading the exit poll data (work with Steve Freeman)
    lefted up on CNN

    Aaron Rubin
    ACT! registering voters


    Lynn Landis
    complete voting machines at all

    Nadler: paper ballots are a lot easier to manipulate

    jason ross
    larouche movement...conyers cuts him off
    vote fraud, vote suppression
    prosecution under voting rights act

    deborah balmer

    verified voting broward county

    jeff fischer
    july 27
    election 2000 was rigged, how it was going to be done
    jeff fativa FBI

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    Olbermann, Diet Coke of Liberal, Just 1 Calorie, Not Liberal Enough

    For Bob Fertik over at his loony-left blog, Keith Olbermann is just not liberal enough.

    Keith Olbermann notes that the 3 recount plaintiffs - the Cobb/Badnarik Recount bid, the Alliance for Democracy legal challenge, and the Ohio Democratic Party suit over provisional ballots - are concerned that Ken Blackwell and local election officials are dragging their feet. Olbermann says they shouldn't worry - but Olbermann is wrong this time...Keith...obviously missed the fascist takeover the GOP. Bush/Cheney/Rove/DeLay Republicans do not believe in the rule of law - they believe in the rule of force.

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    Blackbox Codewords: "The Berkeley Study"

    As part of our effort to explain the loony-left code words Keith has been introducing into his broadcast, we will take time out to discuss the oft-refenced "Berkeley Study."

    The Berkeley Study asserted that electronic voting machines in Florida may have awarded George W. Bush up to 260,000 more votes than he should have received. The blackboxers have placed great faith in this "study" by Michael Hout, Laura Mangels, Jennifer Carlson, and Rachel Best under the auspices of UC DATA is UC Berkeley's principal archive of computerized social science and health statistics information and is a part of the University's Survey Research Center.

    Like all of these loony-left acandemic "studies," The Effect of Electronic Voting Machines on Change in Support for Bush in the 2004 Florida Elections was based on woefully incomplete data, questionable use of statistical analysis and was not formally peer-reviewed.

    Well now the peer reviews are rolling in and it does not look good for Professor Hout and his graduate students. Wired magazine reports,

    Charles Stewart, an MIT political science professor, called the study "the type of exercise that you do in a graduate data-analysis class" rather than as an academic paper.

    "If I were to get this article as (an academic) reviewer, I would turn it around and say they were fishing to find a result," Stewart said. "I know of no theory or no prior set of intuitions that would have led me to run the analysis they ran."

    He pointed out that only two of the 15 counties using touch-screen machines in Florida exhibited anomalous results.

    "There was something unusual that went on in two counties, but there are many other things that could give rise to this anomaly," Stewart said. "Most of them are things that we're pretty sure affected this presidential election -- such as get-out-the-vote efforts by Republicans and special efforts at mobilizing Jewish voters over the issue of Israel and terrorism."

    Bruce McCullough, a decisions science professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia, and Binghamton University economics professor Florenz Plassmann released an analysis (.pdf) of the Berkeley report criticizing the results.

    What they did with their model is wrong, and their results are flawed," McCullough said. "They claim those results have some meaning, but I don't know how they can do that."

    McCullough said they focused on one statistical model to conduct their analysis while ignoring other statistical models that would have produced opposite results.

    "They either overlooked or did not bother to find a much better-fitting (statistical) regression model that showed that e-voting didn't account (for the voting anomalies)," McCullough said.

    h/t Juan Genao

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    Blogosphere Takes Notice of OlbermannWatch

    Who's watching OlbermannWatch watch Keith? More and more bloggers every day...

    Dean's World
    Oliver Willis

    Thanks for the links! Keep spreading the word!

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    December 7, 2004
    Countdown - Tuesday Dec. 7 2004

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 7

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Updated: 2:23 p.m. ET Dec. 8, 2004
    Guest: Jim Bunning, Dave Foley

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: Keith ignored the actual news from Ohio, that Bush was certified the winner of the state's electoral vote. Instead, Olbermann proclaimed the "Ohio recount" to be "official" while noting that the Green party and the Libertarian party had yet to file their requests for a recount with Ohio's 88 county commissioners. In other words, the recount is NOT official.

    Olbermann continued to emphasize how the preliminary estimate of the vote count (a 130,000 margin for Bush) differs from the certified vote count (a 119,000 margin for Bush) and how both figures are not in line with the expectations created based on the "early release" of exit poll data as if this, in and of itself, proves something. Keith continues to express certainty that the prospective recount tally will differ from the November 3rd tally in some meaningful way and to advance any proposed theory on how Bush might suddenly lose Ohio and not be inaugurated.

    Olbermann went on to quote Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb who got 186 votes in Ohio (0.00%), "There is a possibility that George W. Bush did not win Ohio. If that is the case, it would be a crime against democracy for George Bush to be sworn into office.

    No report tonight on what Cliff Arnebeck is not doing but there was a report on what exit pollster Warren Mitofsky is not doing - paying any attention to Rep. John Conyers (D-MI).

    The Mitofsky non-story did, however, serve one purpose, providing Keith another chance to advance his tendtious link between Ohio "irregularities" and widespead, documented cases of actual vote fraud in the Ukraine.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (13) | | View blog reactions
    Olby Won't Book Ohio Reporters for Vote Fraud "Story"

    Except for Erica Solvig, a blackbox-lover from the Cincinnati Enquirer who spent her time on Countdown promoting Kathy Dopp, Countdown has been suprisingly short on interviews with what is traditionally a staple of cable news - local newspaper reporters.

    Joe Strupp of trade journal Editor & Publisher writes:

    While most of the top dailies there say they are following, if not probing, each accusation, many coming from liberal blogs, none of the editors who spoke to E&P this week find the allegations highly convincing or plan to devote major resources to them.

    "We have been chasing them down as they come up, and a lot of them are so groundless," said Doug Clifton, editor of The Plain Dealer in Cleveland. "We are finding that there were some legitimate counting errors and glitches in the computer system. But they were found and we have found no evidence of conspiracies or anything showing that the outcome would have been any different."

    He cited the state's biggest election problem being too few voting machines. "But our analysis shows they had waits everywhere," he adds, "in Democratic and Republican precincts."

    Almost immediately after George W. Bush won re-election on Election Day, after gaining Ohio's 20 electoral votes, theories about voting irregularities ranging from ballots being tossed out to voter suppression at the polls began circulating on the Internet and via Keith Olbermann's MSNBC news show and blog.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (12) | | View blog reactions

    Oliver Willis is jumping on the DU-Air America Radio-BlackBox bandwagon to make ad hominem attacks against Robert Cox in the hopes of silencing OlbermannWatch.

    What is it about the lefty bomb-throwers that causes them to think because you criticize on of their heroes there is some obligation to point out every instances where someone they don't like did something similar? I guess when you live in a world of moral equivalence it makes sense to justify one person's bad behavior by pointing out someone who is worse.

    And for the record, there is absolutely no doubt that Olbermann was inspired by this site to write his introduction to last night's Countdown. He knows a superior mind when he sees it.

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    CORRECTION: Turns out this entire post is wrong. There are two David Allen's and the person from is not the same person at Democratic Underground.

    I received this notes from the "real" David Allen at

    "Skinner" at DU is not me, we just happen to have the same name. This
    mistake occurs quite often and is understandable.

    Could you correct this post?

    Given that David is being understanding and reasonable I feel I had better retract my "CHIEF LOON AT BLACKBOXVOTING.COM" and consider that there is a reason that David and Bev Harris are no longer associated.

    Of course this means I also need to take another look at David's site and consider the possibility that not all blackboxers are created equal. Damn!


    Wired magazine writer Joanna Glasner, in an article entitled Site Bars Black Box Voting Head details the falling out between Bev Harris of and the Democratic Underground forum. Harris was recently banned from the DU web site in response to increasingly erratic behavior.

    The article reveals a direct link between DU and, the original "verified voting" organization providing evidence of yet another strand in the web of relationships between web sites and various left-wing front groups. Links between and Bev Harris have been denied by some Harris defenders - on this site and elsewhere.

    Glasner writes, Internet discussion forums are by nature a chaotic and unforgiving medium of communication, and on moderated boards like ours people are frequently barred from posting for a variety of reasons," said David Allen, one of the administrators of Democratic Underground, in an e-mail. "The fact that Democratic Underground and Bev Harris have parted ways should not cast doubt on the integrity of her overall research into voting irregularities.

    In addition to running Democratic Underground, David Allen is the founder of, a conspiracy-minded group operating out of North Carolina, and a publisher, whose company, Plan Nine, was, in yet another connection, the publisher for Bev Harris' book.

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    On Bloggerman, Keith posted his report on how "the protests are not just from the fringes any more." Olby notes "Citing the long lines, shortages of ballots, voting machine meltdowns, and spoiled ballots, Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe announced his party would spend 'whatever it takes' to conduct what it calls 'a comprehensive investigative study' of the vote in Ohio, one to be completed some time next year."

    By way of confirmation, contributor Maurice Stans, reporting from Columbus, Ohio, stoody by as McAuliffe addressed a phalanx of cameras from MSNBC, the Sci Fi Channel, France 5 and al Jazeera from the roof of an SUV parked on the front steps of the Ohio State House.

    "The Democratic Party, the Green Party, the Libertarian party, Peace for Cuba, Millions for Mumia,Al-Awda, International ANSWER, Black Box Voting, and the Workers World Party, linked together in their cause and in their need, will defend to the death their native soil, aiding each other like good comrades to the utmost of their strength," said McAuliffe.

    The DNC Chair continued, "even though large tracts of the United States and many old and famous States have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Republican party and all the odious apparatus of Rovian rule, we shall not flag or fail."

    As a crowd of more than 150 milled about aimlessly, mostly government office workers on their lunch break, McAuliffe promised to study "the hell out of the election" even if that means issues a final report long after President Bush is sworn in for a second term.

    "We shall go on to the end," said McAuliffe, "we shall fight in Ohio, we shall fight in Florida, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength over the air, we shall defend our Party, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the on the internet, we shall fight in the classrooms, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight at the UN; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Party or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Party beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the French, would carry on the struggle, until, in God's good time, Old Europe, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the Democrats."

    And then Keith woke up, McAullife was gone, and it was back to the fringe for Olbermann and his pals Arnebeck, Bev Harris and the rest of the loony left.

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    December 6, 2004

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 6

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Updated: 1:52 p.m. ET Dec. 7, 2004
    Guest: Dana Milbank, Derrick Pitts

    KO FallacyOLBYWATCH GUIDE: KO wasted no time in cribbing from the internet by lifting information directly from the web site itself.

    Earlier today our Managing Editor, Robert Cox, was refuting the claims of a misguided reader who sought to argue that she was not defending Olbermann in her posts, only criticizing Cox who was criticizing Olbermann. Cox ably refuted her argument by pointing out that she was admitting to the use of a fallacious ad hominem argument, a type of logical fallacy commonly used by left-wing loons. Cox explains,

    A logical fallacy is an error in logical argument which is independent of the truth of the premises. There are various type of logical fallacies. An ad hominem argument is a type of logical fallacy that involves replying to an argument or assertion by addressing the person presenting the argument or assertion rather than the argument itself. A fallacious ad hominem argument has the basic form: A makes claim B; there is something objectionable about A, therefore claim B is false.

    And then just a few hours later...

    ...Countdown began with Olbermann explaining the concept of a logical fallacy:

    Good Evening...the logical fallacy is that knee-jerk part of life in which Event A occurs and then Event B follows and the natural...and usually wrong to conclude that event A caused event B. Our fifth story in the countdown's not always wrong...for the ninth time in six years a statement from the al Qaeda second in command Ayman al-Zahwiri was followed short order...a terrorist attack.

    At least KO didn't swipe from a parody site this time, so that's a small step in the right direction. If you're going to steal, steal from the best.

    The obligatory VoteFraud2004inOhioButNotPennsylvania segment followed shortly thereafter. Aside from demonstrating Olbermann's masterful command of English usage ("...a news conference scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at which the recount request from he and the Libertarian Presidential candidate..."), KO reported on a stunning development: Clifford Arnebeck has not filed a lawsuit. And Francisco Franco is still dead.

    Showing his versatility at covering breaking stories, Keith interrupted the flow of Countdown to report "flash news" about a fire in Chicago. KO broke that story at 8:44 pm, only ten minutes after Fox.

    Finally, Olbermann's Improbable History: In explaining the Army's "new" stop-loss program (regarding a case of eight soldiers challenging its constitutionality), KO delivered this gem:

    "The Army measure, which was first used during Desert Storm, was enacted last spring...".

    Come again? Just how could a measure have been used in Desert Storm when it was only enacted "last spring"? Memo to KO: stop-loss was enacted by Congress after the VietNam war, expanded by them in 1983, and found constitutional in a 1991 Federal Court case. Many springs ago.

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    KO CardNew blog instantly snags top ranking

    New Rochelle, New York December 6, 2004 -, a new blog dedicated to monitoring Keith Olbermann's descent into the tin foil hat world of crackpot conspiracy theorist, launched today. The blog will focus on examples of Olbermann's liberal bias with particular attention to his habit of lifting questionable, erroneous or false information off the internet and passing it off as his own reporting without fact-checking.

    The blog, founded by Managing Editor Robert Cox, was launched in part after another Cox blog, The National Debate unearthed a secret memo detailing the loony left's plans to subvert the U.S. election system and seize power through a carefully orchestrated counter-information strategy based on lies, half-truths and brief naps. went into beta last week and instantly became the number one blog dedicated solely to Keith Olbermann.

    Since watching MSNBC's Countdown more than once a week can be hazardous to one's mental health, will divide up responsibilities by building a crack staff of contributors. Already signed on for Olbermannwatching duties are Gary Krasner of American Daily, Henry Hanks of Crooow Blog, "Johnny Dollar" of Johnny Dollars Place, Don Segretti of CREEP and Alex Yuriev of Zubrcom.

    Cox continues to sign up contributors to share the load in monitoring Keith Olbermann including (1) watch Countdown one day a week then write a post of what transpired afterwards, also link to the show transcript the following day. Ideally contributors would have the ability to TIVO the show and grab video clips as appropriate; (2) read Bloggerman each day then write a post about Keith's posts; (3) monitor GoogleNewsAlerts for stories about "Keith Olbermann"; (4) monitor for blog posts about "Keith Olbermann". Contributors are being offered nothing more than a chance to tweak Olbermann, get a prominent link back to their own blogs for some greater exposure and earn the enmity of the tin-foil hat crowd. Those interested to be considered as a contributor can contact Cox at robert-dot-cox-at-thenationaldebate-dot-com.

    The launch has not been without problems.

    "Because the left controls every facet of the blog infrastructure," says Cox, "they were able to gain access to the beta site and attempt to subvert our top secret efforts to monitor Olbermann. Worse, they some how learned of our backing from Karl Rove and the "dirty tricks" squad at the White House." site became the most hotly debated topic on left-wing web sites and forums such as Democratic Underground, the Randi Rhodes Forum and

    Kevin22262 at Air America Radio's Majority Report Blog exhorted readers, "They want to try and take him [Olbermann] down!!! Pass this around! We need to slam this site!

    at Randi Rhodes Forum at posted "these guys really are scared. No wonder the little cowards voted for Bush. Interesting...Looks like Rovian has become the operative method of the right wing- only way to marginalize the majority. Worked for Hitler. How else could they burn 12 million people, (6 million of whom were Jewish), and have so many in Germany 'unaware' of it. Thanks for letting us know about this. This is important. Very telling....Let's have at em' and flood their board so that anyone just stopping by sees both sides of the story. They can't have that much momentum - all they can do is kick us off at this time. F**** em'. Let's go. We owe Olberman a lot. Let's protect him. He's a hero and we can't let these closet fetishists project their psycho problems on him. We know something the DNC obviously does not, (and may Olberman doesn't know either), and that is that their slime machine WORKS! You know- taking a look at those posts made me wonder why right wing boards haven't been invaded and overtaken before - Like- we could pick out one a week and then flood them with information....there are so many of us - It would have to have some kind of impact. Just a thought. At least throw a few cogs in the wheels - maybe."

    mahler444 writes "I just laid a big steamy theocratic dump on their thread, but I doubt my comment will get approved. How the hell did you guys get through the "To protect against malicious comments, I have enabled a feature that allows your comments to be held for approval the first time you post a comment" filther?"

    boofdah writes "reading the home page of this imbecile's anti-Olbermann site is truly entertaining. And right on to the Truth to Power responders who tell it like ih-tee-eye-IS."

    On a more positive note, the new blog has smoked out the lefty loons and their nefarious plots to undermine this most excellent new blog"

    One poster writes, "I dunno about flooding them with information. The first wave may or may not even get through before the admins delete posts, lockout users and block sites. If we want to be effective in such a thing, we need to create an echo chamber site- something which seems to be right wing enough- it carries all the proper links and what not, parrots the proper lines. Concurrently, a user or two logs onto the targetted site. Depending on how many infiltrators we organize, we can have trolls, and counter trolls (prime example of a counter-troll is MrIndependentVoter, who has just "endured" a "troll assassination") to establish themselves on the target site. Once we have the echo-chamber site accepted, and a counter-troll or twelve accepted into the orthodoxy of the target site, a steady drizzle of misinformation is fed into the target site, not a whole wave, maybe a thread or two a week. As soon (or shortly before) we break a thread in the target site, we post the disinformation in the echo chamber site. That is the way to really attack those sites. Those sites are quick to guard against what they perceive as direct attacks, but their mentality is their weakness. A primary question we may wish to address, though, is whether this approach, which is relatively time- and resource- intensive, would be a valuable use of our time and resources. We may have more important work to pursue."

    More details can be found on the website at

    Robert Cox

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    December 5, 2004

    Wizbang has selected Keith Olbermann's blog, Bloggerman, as a finalist for a 2004 Weblog Award - Best Media/Journalist Blog.

    In a fitting tribute to Olbermann's work on the VoteFraud2004 story, Bloggerman may just win thanks to rampant vote fraud by the loony left. Nice!

    Nikita pointed me to LGF which finds this gem over at Daily Kos:



    use LWP;

    my $browser = LWP::UserAgent->new;

    my $url = "";
    my $response = $browser->post($url,
    [ 'option_id' => '3',
    'action' => 'vote',
    'poll_ident' => '5',

    die "Couldn't get $url -- ", $response->status_line
    unless $response->is_success;

    print $response->content;


    In case you don't know PERL, it is a script for online ballot-stuffing.

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    December 4, 2004

    Better late than never? Not when you are talking about your reputation in the news biz...

    For the first time Keith Olbermann has admitted that he may have taken his - and his staff's - journalistic credibility to the brink. In defending his staff from threats made by Bev Harris, Olbermann writes:

    we remain the only mainstream news organization to continue to cover this vital people...are running professional risks I can't begin to describe

    We at OlbermannWatch wish you would. It might explain a lot of things.

    Keep in mind this is a staff that has served up "news" from the likes of Kathy Dopp, Bev Harris, Cliff Arnebeck, and The Hoosier Gazette; that quotes sources without actually talking to them; that books guests to discuss reports it has never read; that lifts erroneous material from blogs without attribution or fact-checking, and much more. It seems the only professional risks Keith's staff is running is that the National Enquirer will fold before Countdown is taken off the air.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (0) | | View blog reactions

    This exchange between Bev Harris and her supporters at is taken from the Forum


    You may be very surprised at who's in our corner on this issue. In fact, George Bush ordered my book, had it overnighted.




    Are you kidding me? You think George Bush ordered your book

    because he's in our corner? You think George Bush/KKKarl Rove planned to read your book for any other than sinister reasons? Please tell me I've misinterpreted your statement.


    Stranger things have happened. Myself, I enjoy the idea of Bush reading the book on Air Force One. Having Rove stare at him. Maybe having Rove twitch abit while staring.



    I don't know why George Bush ordered it. The fact is, he did, or, at least, his personal librarian did, with some urgency. Al Gore read my book, too, and reportedly gave it to Jimmy Carter. John Kerry was given several copies of my book, but apparently never read it.

    I do wonder who read it to George Bush.

    The wording above was rather unfortunate, it would probably have been more accurate to say:

    you may be surprised who's on your side. Many Republicans, and thousands of Libertarians have made this their issue. Candidates on all sides of the political spectrum have ordered the Black Box Voting book. Even George W. Bush ordered it, had it overnighted.


    What I love about this exchange is the "Are you kidding me? You think George Bush ordered your book..."

    I thought the next commenter was about to cast doubt on Bev Harris's claim that George Bush had bought her book. Instead, her fellow loon only wants to cast doubt on Bush's INTENT in buying the book which is attributed to some nefarious plot by Karl Rove.

    The most you learn about these people the more inexplicable is Olbermann's reliance on this crowd for "information" about "vote fraud".

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (0) | | View blog reactions

    I have contended from the beginning that Olbermann was getting his crackpot vote fraud stories from the Blackboxers. Having blown the lid of Olbermann's descent into madness he took his first step back from the brink by disowning Bev Harris and now he is reaping the whirlwind. Olbermann writes:

    [Today, Bev Harris] was so belligerent, threatening, and demanding, that we have chosen to withdraw our invitation to her to appear, or to have videotape of her efforts played, on Countdown. Threats against myself or my staff will not be tolerated.

    Bev Harris, Patient Zero in the Vote Fraud madness, has gone on the offensive, attacking Olbermann, calling him a liar and demanding a retraction from KO.

    The Democratic Underground-Verified kooks are calling Olbermann a media whore and corporate tool.


    Now, OlbermannWatch has obtained these statements from DU'er who claims to have had an e-mail exchange with KO:

    Keith Olbermann e mailed me at 8 AM PST today

    Picking up on an e mail exchange I had with him last night he said this morning, "Here's the grief I'm getting: Ms. Harris has basically spammed by offices today with threatening calls and messages.

    "...another faux pas like that (the Cuyahoga and Florida Dixiecrat anaylses proving meaningless) would relegate the story to the supermarket tabloids"

    Keith seems very exasperated and its my feeling that he is saying he is not going to air anything unless he feels really solid about it. Last night part of his e mail to me stated:

    I'm not convinced she's on the level; I'm wiilling to be convinced otherwise"

    Now this morning he informs me that she's started spamming him. This is not professional behavior in my opinion. And her chances of getting invited to his show again seem to be fading, wouldn't you think?

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (4) | | View blog reactions

    Keith learns what happens when you dance with the devil... issues a statement, retracts it, puts up a second statement, retracts that. There is currently no statement on Keith Olbermann on the site. Fortuntely, the folks at DU grabbed both statements which are reprinted in bold with changes noted in black.

    From DU:

    BBV's message to KO today has been edited and the language changed.

    the first statement

    Black Box Voting demands retraction from Keith Olberman. We have given him the option to correct his factually flawed editorial by having Bev Harris come the on his show (contrary to his assertions, neither he nor his staff have EVER asked Harris to show anyone the Volusia County tapes. (One Olberman's producers did ask Harris to appear on the Countdown show, twice, both times BEFORE Harris came to Florida or uncovered Volusia County irregulaties. In both cases, after Harris had cleared her schedule to appear, right before the show, Olberman's producers canceled the appearance without explanation. Harris has always agreed to go on Olberman's show, and Olberman is the one who canceled, not Harris. The Volusia County tapes were showed to CNN cameramen, but Harris has never been asked to show any Volusia County materials to Olberman, MSNBC producers, NBC producers, CNBC producers, or anyone else with that TV network or its affiliates.

    Also contrary to Olberman's claims, Harris is not making a documentary, but the makers of the Votergate documentary, an independent team who captured the Volusia County trash incident on film, are eager to interview Keith Olberman on camera to ask him why he produced this report.

    later the statement was revised and released changing some of her claims:

    Black Box Voting requests retraction from Keith Olberman, along with an explanation of why MSNBC alleged such an untruth. We have given Olberman the opportunity to correct his factually flawed editorial by having Bev Harris appear on his show. Contrary to Olberman's assertions, neither he nor his staff have EVER asked Harris to show anyone the Volusia County tapes. They have not asked Harris to come on the show since November 8. Harris did not come to Florida until November 12. Olberman's producers had asked Harris to appear on the Countdown show twice, on Nov. 5 and Nov. 8. Each time, after Harris cleared her schedule to appear and shortly before the show, Olberman's producers canceled the appearance without explanation. Harris showed the Volusia County tapes to CNN cameramen, but Harris has never been asked to show any Volusia County materials to any MSNBC producers, or NBC producers. The NBC local affiliate in Palm Beach County asked for the LePore videotape, which Harris promptly provided. The tapes, when showed without editing, show clearly that Olberman's report was not accurate about the LePore incident either. An edited version of the LePore tape was aired on both Orlando and Palm Beach County NBC affiliates last night.

    Also contrary to Olberman's claims, Harris is not making a documentary, but the makers of the Votergate documentary, an independent team who captured the Volusia County trash incident on film, are eager to interview Keith Olberman on camera to ask him why he produced this report.

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    December 3, 2004
    AS DUmmies SCOWL, FREEpers HOWL

    Keith Olbermann's very public "dis" of Tin Foil Queen Bev Harris has created consternation on the loony left and howls of glee from the denizens of the Free Republic. Karl Rove could not have planned it any better as left and lefter duke it out in the Democratic Underground.

    It's comedy night over at Democratic Underground. Not sure what is funnier the DU posts or the FR dissection of the DU posts. You decide:

    DU THREAD: Discussion is needed ....Olberman/Harris
    FR THREAD: DUmmie FUnnies 12-02-04 (CIVIL WAR: KO vs Bev Harris)






    When I first watch Olberman last night bring this all out I was taken back and kinda smelled a rat. It just didn't add up. Here we had Olberman as one of the few getting this story out then he puts out basically a hit piece on you, one of the best and few people who have been there to fight this from the beginning. The words he chose were so similar to what we would hear a Blitzer, Woodruff and the rest of the corporate news media that I knew something wasn't right.


    Why would Olberman all at once choose to go after Bev as hard as he did last night? Did you watch Countdown last night? I did and I was taken back at how he went after her. It seemed so out of the expected.

    A quick answer that immediately comes to my mind when you ask why he would lie...How about keeping his job or just perhaps someone talked with him and let it be known things can happen. Yes, it is a guess but after watching what has become of the our supposed unbiased news over the last few years I think it's anything is possible.


    When i watched last night episode of Countdown I was taken back when Olberman brought this up. He didn't look comfortable talking about it.


    Olbermann: why he would lie

    Olbermann -> MSNBC -> General Electric = Weapons Manufacturer = interested in having a president who likes war, just like the rest of the military-industrial-media complex.

    can you say "propaganda model"? google it


    whatever stories he does, it hasn't had much effect, such stories are harmless to the establishment as long as there aren't to many, in fact these stories help maintain the media's credibility. this is in fact part of the propaganda model.


    Just because Olberman is the only mediawhore offering coverage does not make him any less of a whore. How much integrity could Olberman POSSIBLY HAVE? He works for NBC and has to follow NBC's priorities...

    The guy's been on the case about what - three weeks??? As I see it, he has no larger stake in the issue than anyone else, and probably has several other irons in the fire. If he is told by his masters to drop the issue, he will drop it.

    If it is in NBC's interest to have Olberman obfuscate the issue by discrediting Bev or BBV, then Olberman will obfuscate the issue by discrediting Bev or BBV. It's just that simple


    Olberman is a whore too.


    Is it, perhaps, an attempt to generate interest in a Bev Harris appearance on Countdown? A publicity stunt on the part of the Olberman crew, mayhaps?


    You have zero problem taking Olberman's word over Bev's. Let's see here, one is a paid corporate news anchor who's entire livelihood depends on that nice pay check he receives from GE and the other is one of the common folk who long ago took it upon herself to devote an endless effort in exposing the corrupt e-voting system that has stolen two presidencies.

    This thing is getting way out of hand, and it's starting to take over this forum. I think a little order is needed.

    If you want to discuss Keith Olbermann and Bev Harris, you may do so in this thread. I am going to instruct the moderators to lock down other threads about this topic and direct them here.

    For reference:

    Keith Olberman's blog:

    Bev Harris's response:

    The DU Admins may make a statement about this issue later.


    I see a lot of crap on MSNBC that doesn't jive. So I know who I trust.


    Maybe neither of them are lying. Its possible that the MSNBC people canceled bev and told Olbermann she had canceled on him. This would make bev seem flaky and Olbermann would doubt her credibility. Does anyone doubt that a conservative network would pull something like this?


    Here's the bottom line: We got nothin'.

    We've been talking for a month, running around in circles, looking under rocks for votes. And we have nothing. The New Hampshire recount showed that the vote was ok. The provisionals in OH came in and Kerry is still down by 120,000 votes. The papers in Fla recounted the Dixiecrat counties and found them to be kosher.

    At some point, we need to offer some tangible proof of fraud or just admit that we got beat.


    I see nothing wrong with what Olbermann said, if what he said is true. And I believe it is.

    What he said is not true. Provably so.

    Thanks for playing, and we are delighted to know we are getting close to something sensitive. (harassment calls and bogus news stuff suddenly ramped up during the last 24 hours).

    Bev Harris
    Executive Director
    Black Box Voting Inc.

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    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 3

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Updated: 1:51 p.m. ET Dec. 6, 2004
    Guest: Lance Williams, Fay Vincent, Susan St. James, Nick Warnock, Amy Henry

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: Another plug for the communist front group Alliance for Democracy but otherwise a light night on "VoteFraud2004".



    Incidentally, the president's margin of victory in Ohio will be about 119,000 votes. The Associated Press tabulating provisionals on a county by county basis there calculating a 17,000-vote swing for John Kerry, with the recount still pending. And it is pending tonight. A federal judge in Columbus this evening ruled that Delaware County, Ohio must participate in that recount. The county had sued to get out of it, saying it was a waste of its money.

    As for that election challenge that was supposed to be filed with the Ohio Supreme Court sometime this week? Nothing today. The Alliance for Democracy now hoping to have its paperwork done by Monday.

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    In tonight's Things We Learned segment, Monica Novotny asked KO, "the name of Julia Robert's kids?"

    With timing running out, Keith blutrted out..."Harvey and Wizbang"

    (correct answer: Hazel and Phinnaeus)

    Somewhere, Kevin Aylward is smiling.

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    What does it say about Keith when Olbermann pal Bev Harris has driven even the DUmmies over at Democratic Underground to ban her from posting on Democratic Underground? Some "news" source.

    Apparently the final straw was in her last comment:

    "Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war;That this foul deed shall smell above the earthWith carrion men, groaning for burial."

    The entire post is below and the threaded comments after are a hoot but here is the pull quote:

    Ms. Harris's recent spat with Keith Olbermann has made positive discussion of verified voting increasingly difficult on DU. For over a year and a half, our members have been split into pro- and anti-Bev factions, and recent events have only exacerbated that division...our patience finally ran out....the fact that the disruptions have continued...leaves us with no other option but to bar Bev Harris from posting on this website. We no longer believe that it is productive to allow her to use DU as a platform to promote herself while simultaneously trashing us, our moderators, and others who have been previously supportive of her cause

    h/t The Right Guy


    Statement on the Bev Harris situation

    Over the past two years Bev Harris has received a great deal of support from the members of Democratic Underground, in her research, publicity efforts, and fundraising. In return we have played host to an 18 month-long squabble between Ms. Harris and other verified voting activists, and have even been threatened with lawuits by Ms. Harris herself. Despite this, we have publicly remained mostly silent on the verified voting squabbles.

    We believe verified voting is a topic of crucial importance, and have been uncomfortable taking sides on an issue which, frankly, we should all be on the same side of anyway. Therefore we have kept most of our correspondence with the various factions private and attempted to cool things down behind the scenes. Like all issues discussed at DU, we have tried to focus the discussion of verified voting on the topic at hand, and not on the personalities of the participants. However, in light of the recent troubles, we feel compelled to make a statement.

    In 2003 Bev Harris, along with a few other verified voting activists, were banned from DU for engaging in personal squabbles on the message board after they were repeatedly instructed to stop. Around that time, Ms. Harris threatened us with a libel lawsuit, claiming that we could be held responsible for comments made by other message board members who doubted the credibility of her project. She never followed through on this threat and we never heard from her lawyers.

    Ms. Harris was reinstated shortly afterwards, after agreeing to put an end to the problems that got her banned in the first place. Nonetheless, those problems periodically recurred after her reinstatement. A few weeks ago, Ms. Harris again used our website to threaten DU with lawsuits, in her postings, in private messages to other members, and in rude alerts she sent to the moderators.

    We sent a message to Ms. Harris telling her to stop hassling our moderators and members, and informing her that if she had a legal concern, she needed to contact us directly. We also let her know that her continued participation on this message board was dependent upon her behavior. The legal threats stopped, but we received no response from either Ms. Harris or her lawyers.

    This is our personal experience with Ms. Harris. We cannot confirm or deny the veracity of claims made by others, including many former colleagues, her former publisher, and Keith Olbermann. But we can confirm that the claims made by others about Ms. Harris are not inconsistent with our own experiences.

    We have remained as patient as possible in our dealings with Ms. Harris because we believe that the topic of verified voting is a crucial one. We were prepared to sacrifice a certain amount of tranquility on the message board if verified voting was being discussed in a generally positive manner.

    Ms. Harris's recent spat with Keith Olbermann has made positive discussion of verified voting increasingly difficult on DU. For over a year and a half, our members have been split into pro- and anti-Bev factions, and recent events have only exacerbated that division. Yet this morning Ms. Harris returned to DU and started posting as if nothing had happened, while making liberal use of the alert button to complain to the moderators about our enforcement of the message board rules. At this point our patience finally ran out.

    The fact that the disruptions have continued, despite repeated warnings from the administrators, leaves us with no other option but to bar Bev Harris from posting on this website. We no longer believe that it is productive to allow her to use DU as a platform to promote herself while simultaneously trashing us, our moderators, and others who have been previously supportive of her cause.

    We still remain firmly committed to promoting discussion of verified voting, and we wish Ms. Harris well in her efforts to shed light on this important issue. From now on, we encourage all of our members to focus on discussing the verified voting issue itself, rather than the personalities involved.

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    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Dec. 2

    Read the transcript to the 8 p.m. ET show
    Updated: 2:08 p.m. ET Dec. 3, 2004
    Guest: Jennifer Berman, Tom Verducci, Howard Fineman

    OLBYWATCH GUIDE: Keith slipped in some propaganda from a communist front group called Alliance for Democracy. Why? Because he got to slip in two pieces of propaganda for the price of one:

    [AFD] Lawyer Cliff Arnebeck, with Jesse Jackson by his side...said he believes that if all ballots were counted in what he calls a traditional context, the race would swing dramatically in Kerry's favor, from 130,000 votes down to 130,000 ahead.

    [NOTE: Keith's use of the phrase "in what he calls" here is the tip off that Keith was too lazy to bother determining why Arnebeck used that particular phrase. The OlbyWatch Truth Squad Clarifies: "the phrase a traditional context is a Marxist-Lenist code word for mandatory voting by which Arnebeck means that if the proletariat in Ohio has been forced to vote under threat of prison, torture or death, Kerry would have gotten at least a quarter million more votes. The corrollary to the idea that all workers would have voted if not for the vote suppression tactics of the fascist dictator Bush and his minions in Ohio."]

    Read the relevent transcript below in "CONTINUE READING"

    Who is Alliance for Democracy. AFD is yet another communist front group mugging for the cameras in Ohio that Keith happily puts on the air so he can parrot their propaganda. Or, in their words, "...a new Populist movement...setting forth to end the domination of our economy, our government, our culture, our media and the environment by large corporations (TRANSLATION: America is a fascist state that must be destroyed and replaced with a worker's paradise)...we aim to promote true democracy (TRANSLATION: communism) in our country and help achieve a just society with a sustainable, equitable economy. (TRANSLATION: a communist state) We work together with other organizations, both here and abroad, who share these goals. (TRANSLATION: we are willing to work with other communists around the world as well as socialists, Marxist-Leninsts, anarchists, nihlists and pessimists)

    We are people from every walk of life (TRANSLATION: we are not just a bunch of loons)[ED. NOTE: actually, they are] who have come together from across the country, listened to each other, and united to end corporate rule. We are committed to true democracy (TRANSLATION: communism), with focus for the voice and will of the people; to social and economic justice for all people; and to the building of alternative democratic, human-sized economic systems (TRANSLATION: tearing down urban centers and moving survivors to re-education camps and cooperative farms)

    We pursue these goals with respect for the dignity of all people and, in a nonviolent way, seek linkages with similar groups to form a new people's movement, both in the United States and around the world.(TRANSLATION: Stalin had the right idea)

    UPDATE: Arnebeck is also Chairman of Legal Affairs Committee of Common Cause Ohio.

    UPDATE: Olbermann writes "Arnebeck sounded a little like a protestor in Kiev." There could be a reason for that - he is a communist!


    OLBERMANN: Whether or not there's been any new light thrown on the vote in Ohio is up for debate, but there has been plenty new heat today from the war of words...

    The last public opinion poll taken on the subject suggests that one in five Americans believes there was some kind of scandal associated with this year's election. If they are right or if those saying there were merely unacceptable levels of simple inaccuracy, landfall for the hurricane is Ohio.

    News from there today on provisional ballots, a lawsuit filed against the secretary of state, another lawsuit not filed at all. All 88 counties in the Buckeye State have now finished certifying their votes in the race for president, finally taking every last second until the December 1 deadline to do so. And all of those pesky provisional ballots that needed to be verified and counted, it turns out election officials accepted 121,000 of them, about 77 percent across the state. The president's election night margin in Ohio was more than 136,000 votes.

    No statewide count of the provisionals yet, though results reported by one county, Franklin - that's Columbus - indicated Senator Kerry that had gotten nearly 7,700 of the more than 12,000 provisional votes that were accepted. As the count finishes, the recount looms. While a federal judge plans a hearing for tomorrow on Delaware County's bid to stop the second tally there, the Green and Libertarian parties today filed federal suit against this man, Kenneth Blackwell, accused him of stalling the recount and abusing his authority.

    That suit asks that the recount may begin immediately, since the Electoral College is scheduled to meet just 11 days from now. But Ohio law requires that the vote must be certified before a candidate can even ask for a recount. Secretary Blackwell does not plan to certify until next Monday.

    Another legal action seemingly stalled under the weight of its own paperwork, the Alliance For Democracy not quite done with its election challenge yet. Lawyer Cliff Arnebeck, with Jesse Jackson by his side there today on the steps of the Ohio Supreme Court, said that the group hopes to file its election challenge tomorrow, but it is not guaranteeing anything. It's asking one high court justice to set the election results aside, pending a full investigation and hearing. Arnebeck also said he believes that if all ballots were counted in what he calls a traditional context, the race would swing dramatically in Kerry's favor, from 130,000 votes down to 130,000 ahead.

    And if the voting irregularity story sometimes seems a little austere to you, a little impersonal, not to worry. There are always Reverend Jackson and the secretary of state, Mr. Blackwell. You may recall that in a syndicated op-ed column earlier this week, Jesse Jackson wrote the Ohio rote count was-quote-"marred by intolerable, often partisan irregularities and discrepancies," adding that "U.S. citizens have as much reason as those in Kiev to be concerned that the fix was in."

    Today, Secretary Blackwell's media secretary was firing back, calling the column blatantly inaccurate-quote-"We expect someone writing an op-ed and a syndicate distributing that op-ed would fact-check information and have a responsibility to the facts."

    Blackwell has written his own op-ed column in response. It was made available to newspapers today. And even CNN noticed this story, Jesse Jackson appearing on their broadcast this evening. Somehow, I'm thinking it was a good idea that Blackwell and Jackson appeared on consecutive nights on this program earlier this week and not on the same one.

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    Since they are unable to make a real arugment, the loony lefties resort to name calling, bad language and stunts intended to insult or offend me like this one where they signed me for some online university. There way of saying " stoopid..."

    Lately, these goofballs have been signing me up for various mailing lists like the newsletter (which I already get so I can an eye on those nutjobs). This time their little stunt has backfired, and how. They signed me up for something which sounds exactly like what I have been looking for and now they have saved me the trouble of endless hours of research. Check out this offer from AIU Online, a top-rated online university:

    Dear Robert,

    It's been about 48 hours since you contacted us about getting your degree from American InterContinental University Online. New classes are starting soon and we look forward to telling you about the benefits of attending our university. We offer:

    - accelerated programs to get your degree fast-in as little as 10 months

    - a dynamic, interactive Virtual Campus

    - rich, multimedia courses

    - the freedom to study online, any time that's convenient for you

    Now, the next step in the process is learning all about our university. Don't worry... we've made it easy for you!

    You can visit our enroll anytime website that will take you completely through the enrollment process from class demonstrations to answering your questions. Or you can discuss your college plans with me by calling me toll-free at 1-877-701-3800 today!

    Remember... classes are starting soon so it's important to get the ball rolling now so that you don't miss the next session of classes.

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    December 2, 2004

    The final numbers are in for Ohio and in a surprise to Keith Olbermann and his merry pipers on the loony left BUSH WINS with 118,775 more votes than Kerry.

    President/Vice President

    Bush, George W. Republican 2,858,727 (50.82%)
    Kerry, John F. Democratic 2,739,952 (48.70%)
    Badnarik, Michael 14,695 (0.26%)
    Peroutka, Michael Anthony 11,907 (0.21%)
    Cobb, David Keith-WI 186 (0.00%)
    Schriner, Joe -WI 114 (0.00%)
    Harris, James -WI 22 (0.00%)
    Duncan, Richard A.-WI 16 (0.00% )
    Zych, Thomas F.-WI 10 0.00%
    Parker, John T.-WI 2 0.00%

    Total Votes 5,625,631 (100%)

    Let the recount begin!

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    Looks like our KO KO Campaign has claimed another vicitm - or two.

    Keith Olbermann is disowning the Tin Foil Queen Bev Harris of Black Box Voting.

    I've been avoiding this topic for four weeks now, but given what I understand are a lot of dropped jaws around the blogosphere, I think I better spill this.

    I don't think Bev Harris of Black Box Voting is doing anybody any favors. I suggested as much tonight on Countdown and there were a lot of understandably surprised emails. Some profane, incidentally, which had previously been the exclusive province of those who notified me of their opposition to anybody covering anything about voting irregularities or especially Jesse Jackson's F-Word.

    Read it and weep you lefty loons; Keith finally admits that one of his primary sources is full of it.

    And guess what...

    Black Box Voting is running away from Bev Harris too.

    Site News Important!
    We are NOT affiliated with Bev Harris!!!
    If you wish to help Bev out, please go to her web site, www.blackboxvoting.ORG.

    Now the spurned Tin Foil Queen is on the warpath and she wants Keith's scalp!

    Black Box Voting requests retraction from Keith Olbermann, along with an explanation of why MSNBC alleged such an untruth. We have given Olbermann the opportunity to correct his factually flawed editorial by having Bev Harris appear on his show.

    UPDATE: Some coward puts up an anonymous comment on this site saying "You should check your facts a little better. There are two Black Box voting sites. and've had the "we're not affiliated with Bev Harris" comment up for at least a month now. They are not running away from her, they were never affiliated her to begin with and just trying to make it clear. And I'm not sure Bev Harris was ever a source for Keith Olbermann.

    I guess this dopey coward failed to note that I link to BOTH the .org and .com site above and that the .com site features a warning "We are NOT affiliated with Bev Harris!!!" Olbermann's post makes it clear that MSNBC producers were in regular contact with Bev Harris during the same period when Olbermann was advancing many blackbox inspired vote fraud conpiracy theories. As to the .com people not being associated with the .org people how about YOU CHECK YOUR FACTS you spineless fool.

    You could start by reading this post from founder David Allen entitled Bev Harris Parts Company with Us which seems to suggest that Bev Harris was associated with David Allen of Not only was Harris linked to but Allen notes "I made the decision to offer Bev's book in PDF format for free. As any publisher can tell you, giving away a book free doesn't help your sales and profit margin." In other words, Allen's company Plan Nine Publishing was Bev Harris's publisher. Yep, "never associated." Nice try!
    blackboxvoting2[click to enlarge]

    Still not enough? Then why not just look at the site which is adorned with a nav bar tab entitled "Bev Harris."

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    Syndicated columnist John Leo selects Keith Olbermann as a winner of his Sour Grapes Award for two pieces of over-the-top-rhetoric in 2004, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann said:

    "Fox News is hated because they're elitist and the worst winners television's ever seen."

    Also referring to Fox News, he said "Shallow, phony patriotism will always draw a crowd, like dogs humping in the street."

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    December 1, 2004

    Olbermann JesseBrent Baker and the guys over at Media Research Center have done it again with a great piece on Olbermann's absurd conflating of the situation in Ukraine where voting irregularities consisted of people being beaten with fists and sticks outside polling locations to prevent them from voting to Ohio where people had to stand in line for two hours and were prevented from going home and watching re-runs of Spongebob Squarepants on Nickelodeon.

    As part of the plan revealed in the Democrat's Secret Memo, Jesse Jackson was in Ohio has part of "Phase Four - Discredit the Voting Process in Ohio; Extrapolate to Florida, et al." Jackson's appearance on Countdown was scheduled well in advance of his trip to the Buckeye state.

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    International Labor Organizations (ie, socialists) love Keith, linking to the North County News story on Keith. North of what, South Korea?

    More socialist love for Keith with a link to Buzzflash on Keith.

    The French are calling Keith one of America's heroes of the 21st century for his fanatical obsession with Vote Fraud.

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    Matthew Hoy isn't buy Keith's "non-partisan" line in OJR

    Gawker knocks Keith for setting a bad example for the kids

    Wonkette knocks Keith for lame puns and obsessing about "vote fraud"

    TVNewser plus Olbermann's show (yey again)

    TVNewser reveals top secret plan to launch Olbermann Watch, spoils grand opening. "Damn you Brian Stelter...foiled by that meddling kid!" [fist raised to sky, shaking in anger]

    Proetein Wisdom calls Olbermann a hyperventilating partisan hack

    groupTHINK believes Keith is being ridiculed for his courage

    Command Post wonders why KO"s obsession is limited to Loony-left claims.

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    It has been suggested by some members of the tin foil hat brigade that will actually help the ratings of Countdown. Given how low the ratings are already this is hardly convincing, however, since TVNewser has graciously supplied the November 2004 cable news ratings which includes MSNBC's Countdown.

    Countdown Ratings: November 2004

    Households (%): 0.4
    Households (000): 365,000

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    Mark Glaser of OJR has a new story up On Air and Online, Olbermann Draws Attention to Voting Problems which contains a few of my observations on Olbermann including *gasp* crediting KO with being one of the few TV personalities who really "gets" blogging. Read the whole thing but this is the part my mom wants to read:

    "If you accept the notion that a blog is the unedited voice of a person and that blogging is about a dialogue with other bloggers and blog readers, then it seems clear that Keith Olbermann is among the top tier of TV personality 'media bloggers' along with Kevin Sites of NBC and Tony Snow at Fox News," Cox told me via e-mail. "Unlike some of the bastardized, 'corporatized,' so-called blogs at major media outlets, Olbermann is much closer to producing a genuine blog. He reads blogs (including my own which he labeled 'belligerently uninformed'), links to blogs and regularly responds to other bloggers."

    While Cox thinks Olbermann has been smart to cover voting problems on his blog, he thinks Olbermann has gone too far by going on TV without enough vetting of online material. Cox has been running the most biting criticism of Olbermann on his blog. "He routinely lifts information from Internet sources such as 'chain letter' e-mails, satirical Web sites and blogs and puts it on the air," Cox said.


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    Well that didn't take long...

    We have not even launched OlbermannWatch and already the kooks at Democratic Underground and Air America are all in a tizzy with all sorts of harsh language and rude talk.

    I wish there was some way to block these troublemakers from even LINKING to this fine site. That's one of the real problems with the internet...too much freedom of speech! Once we get Olbermann off the air, we can turn our attention to shutting down these radicals.

    Does anyone know if the FCC has the ability to shut down these kind of extreme "hate" web sites?

    Stephanie MillerUPDATE: I received an email that a left-wing wacko named Stephanie Miller talked about this site on her radio show on the Jones Network which is associated with Neal Boortz and Ed Schultz. I don't know whe said so if anyone has details let me know. I am sure it is more OlbermannWatch-Bashing but I would like to know specifics.

    UPDATE: more nonsense at a Wes Clark forum, the Livejournal Countdown fan forum, and at craiglist.

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