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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    August 25, 2006


    Guest Host: Brian Unger

    "A Night on the Town"

    Krazy Keith did not answer the call.
    He's in LA with his junior doll.
    So while Unger does news,
    and reports on Tom Cruise,
    Olby's there as the ump cries, "Play ball!"

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (58) | | View blog reactions


    are we going to ban some IP's or what...
    It's time to do something!!!

    Perhaps you are correct, but Mr Cox has the final say on such matters.

    Does Olby even work for MSNBC anymore? Not that I'm complaining. He never seems to be hosting his own show and hasn't done an hour show on ESPN for a few weeks. He must be allergic to work as well. Dan Abrams, are you interviewing permanent replacements yet?

    Ayatollah Ulbermani is interviewing for Al-Jazeera International. He'll force Katy Turb to wear a Burqa!

    The orange one is missing in action
    Poster child for the Moonbat faction
    He seldom is there
    No one seems to care
    His viewers are only a fraction

    On August 18 Johnny Dollar wrote:
    "Fuzzy Math"

    Krazy Keith did not make Friday's show.
    It's no matter, with ratings so low.
    He's in L.A.--it's heaven.
    But he'll learn 47
    into 22 just will not go.

    Hmmmm. Is it coincidental that Countdown used the same term ("Fuzzy Math") and number references (41 plus 43) in a "news report" on tonight's show? Mr. Dollar should get a writer's credit.

    I heard from my teen daughter in LA -- Keith was at a kegger with Katy Tur tonight. He was buying beer for the kids, and regaling them with tales of his righteous protest from the seventies. Then he peed on a Bush poster and tried to start a food fight.

    From the shout-outs to J$ and KB1, does anyone get the feeling that some people at MSNBC are tired of The Orange One's antics?

    He'll force Katy Turb to wear a Burqa!

    Somebody should staple your mouth shut, because you bring NOTHING to the table.

    You have a take, and it sucks. NO SOUP FOR YOU! NEXT!

    KO is there to do hit pieces. He has no credibility to lose. So theres no risk in having him attack people and stations the NBC higher ups dont like. Hes the perfect weapon because he is expendable. With a statement they can dis-associate there station from Olbyloon. Claim he acted alone-the lone shooter theory.

    Who could blame Olbermann's staff for having enough of him? If he's planning on bailing on MSNBC it means that some of them will no doubt be out of a job when he strikes out at this network for the second time. I just wonder who'd be dumb enough to hire him given his long history of bailing on jobs? Perhaps he'll retire to chase teenagers across America.

    Somebody suggested Al Jizz-era. His nightly auditions may pay off. He certainly hasnt risked pissing off any terrorists.

    "Last week I wrote about Islam, especially radical Islam, as a virus within the complex information system that we call Western civilization. There is something about the simplified and dumbed-down Wahhabi version of Islam that is adept at exploiting the weak points in Western culture. Within the prisons and in the underclass, among the intelligentsia of the academy and the apparatchiks of the media: in these places Islamism finds the West’s weak spots and germinates its spores. Where it does not convert, it co-opts, and any immunological defenses against the growth of the organism are thus neutralized."

    How the media assists radical islam by omition and thru assistance.

    "The West’s cultural immune system has been severely weakened by the corruption of the academic and media élites and their co-optation by the Islamists. Muslim agitprop flows continuously into the media feeds through which most people gain information about the world, distorting the natural responses that would otherwise emerge in the face of our present danger.

    We need to form new antigens.

    Fortunately, this is already happening, thanks to the internet and other alternative forms of communication, which allow different “narratives” of modernity. The memes of the blogosphere spread rapidly against the politically correct current because they are more congruent with what the average person experiences as the truth."

    How the internet is combatting KO and the whole media industrial complex.

    What do you call a 1,000 "mainstream" journalists at the bottom of the ocean? A good start. LOL.

    Blacks put on a front to appear cool, but when things don't go their way, most of them act like chimps.

    "There are many similarities between the Arab/Muslim world and the world of the left and their allies in the media. All three clans have failed, and failing, models of the world. The modern world has repudiated communism almost completely and is well on the way to repudiating traditional welfare state liberalism; the media is facing a frightening environment where they no longer have a monopoly on information and its dissemination and are having significant difficulty adjusting to the change; the Islamist world view has been stagnant for 1400 years but only now has the contrast between the modern world and their failure become inescapable. Israel, to a large extent, and America in a much greater way, are the messengers of their doom and they are becoming increasingly shrill and delusional in their agitated and panicky attempts to maintain their sense of themselves as important."

    Leftists are in there death throes.........Violently and hate filled.It will not save them from the right-ous.

    WaPo: Half the News That's Fit to Print
    Reading the Washington Post sometimes feels like reading a letter from WW2 - the bare frames are there, but all the important facts are blacked out.

    The title of the article accompanying the picture is "The Best Guerilla Force in the World." And the first line of the article reads, " Hezbollah's irregular fighters stood off the modern Israeli army for a month in the hills of southern Lebanon thanks to extraordinary zeal and secrecy, rigourous training, tight controls over the population, and a steady flow of Iranian money to acquire effective weaponry, according to informed assessments in Lebanon and Israel."

    So, they are trumpeting the news for Hezbollah - "We won!" "We won because our fighters are superior to yours!"

    A few lines down in the article, the real story is revealed, but the implications are totally ignored:

    Because Hezbollah was entrenched in friendly Shiite-inhabited villages and underground bunkers constructed in secret over several years, a withering Israeli air campaign and a tank-led ground assault were unable to establish full control over a border strip and sweep it clear of Hezbollah guerrillas -- one of Israel's main declared war aims.

    In other words, Hezbollah's success was not due to their "zeal" or fighting power, but due to their use of human shields along with their effective use of propaganda, assisted by the usefully idiotic MSM.

    Everything the MSM does or says is in support of pacifism. Either Israel's response is "disproportionate," and they shouldn't fight because it is morally wrong, or else Hezbollah is so strong, there's no way they can win so they should just roll over and play dead.

    In fact, Israel could have blown Lebanon and Hezbollah to smithereens.

    Could the Wapo just once acknowledge the fine line the Israelis have to tread because of their desire to spare civilians? Could they ever point out that Hezbollah and all terrorist groups specifically target Israeli civilians, while Israel targets Hezbollah?

    And the WaPo has helped by serving as their instrument of propaganda.

    Pacifism in the face of people who want to kill you, who will lie and cheat, who are dishonorable, who are fanatical, who kill in the name of religion, who believe that they will receive a reward if they die in the act of killing you is sheer, unadulterated stupidity. It is tantamount to suicide.

    Why on earth should a people who have been kicked around the world, murdered and persecuted for 2000 years, be willing to commit suicide now that they have the means to fight back?

    And so Israel remains on the front lines, surrounded by enemies as the world ties its hands and says, "Just shut up and take it, Jews," once more.

    Never again

    WaPo in all its treasonous glory exposed with comments. The media never puts in the truth which in this case is Israel was un-willing to un-leash all its firepower to destroy its enemy because it doesnt currently have the will, but it does have the firepower.

    The only righteous protesting Opie did in the seventies was when, at 13, he and his "posse" (two brats from next door and a stray dog), picketed the neighborhood 7-Eleven to carry a Fred Merkle Slurpee cup as part of their MLB collector's series.

    The orange one with seven failed jobs seems to be heading towards his eighth. The bit with the cop stop with O'Reilly on the radio was not only the most horrendous interview, filled with rapid fire questions, with a lot of um, ah, what,what,what to a point of absolutely no relevance whatsover. It has to go in the Opie classic archives. And the archive is getting awfully full.

    Yesterday I got the sense Unger seemed to whisper Opie's name, as if slowly but surely Opie is fading into the MessNBC sunset. Almost like an Opiewhisperer

    Then Unger's hyped bit on Coulter was worth watching again. Coulter just sat there for awhile while the two other women couldn't stop talking. Be nice to see a word count. i.e Coulter said 28 words, guest Fox host 334, Lib guest 440. Someone get the transcripts and count the words.

    Sorry O'Reilly. I know you have relevant guests, present some pretty good info from multiple perspectives, but watching amateur hour at 8:00 is to much fun to pass up

    O'Reilly's ratings should be going down. No one can pass up watching the train wreck that is Meltdown

    Abrams gotsalotofsplainintodo

    Why is it MSNBC insists on giving all their men man tans. When Williams was on, his face was tan but a 1 inch area around his eyes was stark white. Get a friggin new tanning booth. Now Scarborough is looking man faked tanned. And of course Opie is orange

    Is this the new look - if so, I got to get me a man tan. Never been in a tanning salon - didn't know they actually asked you what color you wanted your face to be, and if you wanted a full tan or should they leave 1" white circles around your eyes. I guess the world of men's fashion is passing me by.

    MSNBC is so worried about what the competition say and does via "attack" segments versus doing anything truly constructive to actually compete, they have the stench of desperation in everything they do. Tucker's "Beat The Press"? Pathetic.

    The closest thing to ecstasy for Meltdown - able to combine a story on Tom Cruise and Karl Rove's leak case. I guess somtimes the stars are aligned perfectly. MessNBC is truely THE cutting edge news program in the history of Television. They're putting that Murrow(sp?) guy to shame.

    Without a doubt the biggest exclusive story in Countdown's illustrious history - and Opie had to miss it because he had his damn interview with Al Jazerra

    Tucker ran the same Ann Coulter clip yesterday that Countdown did. The UnJournalist framed it as Coulter being defeated by "logic". Tucker's take was that it actually made him sympathetic to Ann because Kirsten Powers just wouldn't shut up!

    Whichever slant you take, it still meant free publicity for Fox News and probably people tuning in to Hannity & Colmes Friday night to see the next installment.

    That Dan Abrams is a programming genius!

    It is truly amazing the tack that MSNBC is taking. Tucker has Beat the Press, Scarborough is doing his little thing attacking the other cables. And, of course, Olby does it incessantly. Instead of just putting on good journalism, they are in full attack mode. Is this really a strategy, or are they unwittingly morphing into hate-cable?

    Pretty cool concept Abrams has brought - I would never had thunk it. Instead of correspondents in the "field", Abrams came up with the brilliant idea to have their correspondents assigned to sofas, tirelessly watching CNN and Fox - to get their "news" material for the primetime broadcasts. Makes sense to me - with journalists getting wounded or even killed in Iraq, kidnapped in Lebanon, Abrams - being ane astute lawyer - and people person - will in no way put his "reporters" in harm's way (and risk an ambulance chaser lawsuit). You generally can't get injured clicking between Fox and CNN - but there's always that Carpal Tunnel, Workman's Compensation exposure.

    Fox News must have a new channel
    Hosted by an NBC panel
    Chris, Joe, and Tucker
    Some orange cocksucker
    Add Dan and the product is banal

    Olby is attending the Emmy's tomorrow night, probably with his new adolescent girlfriend on his arm. He's gone "Hollywood" to impress the little girl. It's the only thing he's able to impress her with.

    NBC probably financed the last two weeks he's spent in LA doing absolutely nothing useful. What a joke.

    Nevertheless, Abrams is ecstatic that there is such a significant, ahem, "break" in the Ramsey case. Whoever trumpeted that MSNBC "broke" the story of this Karr before FOX, wow, how appropriate. Phony "news" about a phony "suspect" from a both phony and suspect "news" channel. No children, not FOX.

    Karr is a depraved charlatan and MSNBC (and legal eagle Dan Abrams) has him! A match made in the Olbyverse. When will Keef begin to piss and moan about this "story"?

    Wouldn't Olby have to turn up for work to complain about it? In case you haven't noticed, he's spent more time out of the studio than in it over the past two months.

    Maybe that's a sign that he's on his way out.

    From your mouth to God's ears....

    My apologies about KO complaining about covering any story. He prefers schmoozing and chasing about with his very own "Kat" than doing anything significant.

    Islam on the march and ignored by MSM:

    In Lebanon:
    "It's not an empty threat, for Hizbollah has always used terror and intimidation to get its way, especially against Lebanese. Practicing that approach in front of a television camera is nothing new. But Hizbollah also plays the media, and the official line right now is that Hizbollah is composed of peace-loving, innocent victims of Israeli aggression. Most Lebanese gag on that line, but many foreign journalists eat it up"

    In Thailand:

    August 24, 2006: Police intelligence believes that Moslem rebel leaders met last April to plan a large increase in attacks, a three month campaign beginning next month. These attacks would concentrate in infrastructure. Power plants and water treatment facilities would be bombed, along with power lines and water pipelines. In addition, attacks would be made on government facilities and security force bases and headquarters. The recruits would be screened to keep out Islamic radicals, and trained to shut down the smuggling across the border. The program will only continue if parliament provides the money. The army also wants to increase educational opportunities in the south, including Moslem schools that don't teach religious extremism, and education outside the south. August 19, 2006: Several of roadside bombs have been going off each week in the south, along with shootings of non-Moslems. The terrorists have been using cell phones to detonate the bombs remotely.

    Sudan Darfur:
    The U.S. accused the Sudan government of rearming militias and preparing to move new pro-government forces into Darfur. The U.S. statement was quite explicit and said that Sudan "is preparing an offensive"Sudan responded by sending in more government troops and arming "Arab" janjaweed militias. The militias began attacking tribes suspected of supporting the rebels. A UN source said that the Darfur conflict has killed over 200,000 people since the war began in early 2003. 2.5 million people have been forced from their homes.

    India Pakistan:
    In Mumbai, India, police killed an Islamic terrorist who was trying to meet with other terrorists. August 19, 2006: Police in India continue to round up Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian Islamic terrorists. Captured documents and interrogations have provided additional leads, that indicate a lot of these fellows are entering India from Bangladesh. The long border with Bangladesh has long portions covered with jungle, and this provides access for smugglers, illegal migrants and terrorists.

    August 24, 2006: On Jolo island, troops caught up with a large group of Islamic terrorists over the past two days. Two soldiers and six rebels died, and a rebel camp was captured.

    August 23, 2006: Fearing an Islamic Courts threat to its southern regions, secessionist Puntland has sought assistance from Ethiopia, already lending a hand, and troops, to back the Somali Transitional Federal Government in Baidoa. Ethiopian troops have been quMeanwhile, Ethiopia's blood enemy, Eritrea, has been confirmed as supplying arms to the Islamic Courts. Ethiopia and Eritrea have been on the "brink" of war for some time now, but the shoe has never dropped, possibly because of the presence of UN observers along their mutual border. By backing opposing sides in the muddled Somali situation, the two can engage in a "proxy" war, keeping the pain far from home.
    August 22, 2006: The Islamic Courts banned most exports to the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and promised to reform the way the Somali economy is runietly moving into southern Puntland. This represents the shrinkage in the support for the Transitional Government, which has suffered from many members joining the Islamic Courts. The Islamic Courts are trying to use religion to mobilize resistance to (largely Christian) Ethiopia. This is done rather bluntly, by calling Ethiopia the "African Israel." Not to subtle.

    When the US is hit with Nukes c/o Islam will KO still say "purported"? Sadly yes pacifists and leftists can't ever report the truth now. They are on record reporting the opposite and a change now will be near fatal to careers and whats left of there credibility.

    We don't want to connect any dots.
    So what if there is a world "JIHAD" going on.
    Big deal we have more important things to do like win some fall elections.

    It is Bush's fault, is the answer to all questions.
    I stubbed my toe, dam George Bush!
    My car won't start,thanks Bush!
    See how it works.

    Ayatollah Ulbermani supports Jihad!

    you are un-american!

    I see less and less support on this site for Blubbermann these days. Even when the lefties chime in, it's about their wacked-out, fatalistic world views. Where are you Olby supporters? Even you guys realize he's an idiot!


    I appreciate your commitment to free speech, but I do miss the days prior to the influx of the Daily Kos types. We got a better brand of liberal then...

    I do wish you'd employ your label system more frequently. After so many illogical and pubescent rants from Olber fans, your rational labels keep the universe in balance.

    "I see less and less support on this site for Blubbermann these days. Even when the lefties chime in, it's about their wacked-out, fatalistic world views. Where are you Olby supporters? Even you guys realize he's an idiot!"

    Shut your mouth you dumb right wing fuck head. I'll kill you by gassing you with my immigrant-food farts and then sick my pack of welfare queens on you. Then I'll get a government grant to do a study showing that you oppressed black people fourty hundred million years ago and you owe my welfare queens more money so they can buy better prosititution dresses to impress their degraded menfolk. White people suck and this country would be better off if blacks and immigrants had even more than the ridiculous number of children they already have.

    I read a book by stendahl
    called the black and the orange, I recall
    'bout blacks with white grins
    and orange olbermen
    teamed to nail the white race to the wall

    I read a book by Shake-speare,
    "The Orange Crush of King Lear"
    'bout a faggot named keith
    and a king on a Scottish heath
    who got an orange stain in his rear.

    OK that's it! round up everyone who disagress. staring with the scientist for implying that Darwin, not god created the world. And mke sure that we start as many stupid fucking wars as possible because that is what we are good at! If anyone speaks out against anyhting kill them because we fucking hate Freedom more than anyhting. and freedom of speech more than any other freedom! and lets not educate our children facts are very dangerous and must be suppressed at all costs! You must be a ditto head! If liberals keep talking shit we wil send bubba from the hills to try and rape them. He can't read or write but He is from the hills and votes against freedom every chance he gets!

    I read a book by Nietzsche
    who summed up old keith just so peachy
    "the christian god's dead,
    so put a towel on your head,
    gnash your teeth for Bill-O, and act preachy."

    I read a book by Kitty Kelly,
    who channeled the negro child in her belly,
    "Bill Clinton is god!"
    But isn't it odd?
    For the stain on that dress wasn't jelly.

    Fox news licks doggy balls
    sweet sweet doggy balls
    Hannity licks the sweat like Niagra falls
    that slowly falls from the doggy balls
    Billy O, slurps the jism from the bathroom stalls
    but they both like papatine's anus
    and it's inner walls.
    far more than sweet sweet doggy balls.

    There was one that was by Thomas Hardy
    (a member of Olberman's Party)
    His hero the mayor
    tried to castrate school prayer
    he hung at owlcreek bridge, that old farty!

    There once was a libral named Bushy
    Who was swallowed up by his own pussy
    "Those towelheads have rights!"
    He grumbled most nights
    you could hear it through his black tushy!

    there once was a wingnut named world b
    who liked to bomb women and children see
    he giggled with deligt
    in the warm summer night
    as new terrorist joined the jihad, hehe

    there once was an illterate boar
    whose daddy read him 1984
    he loved the world of the book so much
    and wanted to shape america as such
    that he stole the election from Al Gore.

    What kind of bathroom must this person frequent? He seems to be familar with the nastiest ones:
    "Fox news licks doggy balls
    sweet sweet doggy balls
    Hannity licks the sweat like Niagra falls
    that slowly falls from the doggy balls
    Billy O, slurps the jism from the bathroom stalls
    but they both like papatine's anus
    and it's inner walls.
    far more than sweet sweet doggy balls.

    Posted by: Anonymous at August 28, 2006 04:36 PM"

    Fox news licks doggy balls
    sweet sweet doggy balls
    Hannity licks the sweat like Niagra falls
    that slowly falls from the doggy balls
    Billy O, slurps the jism from the bathroom stalls
    but they both like papatine's anus
    and it's inner walls.
    far more than sweet sweet doggy balls.

    Posted by: Anonymous at August 28, 2006 04:36 PM

    And the places of Higher Learning in those blue states actually have classes on doggy ball sweat.
    Who would have thunk it? And watch your male dog around anyone who thinks/knows the sweet sweet FACTOR of doggy balls.

    Al Gore lost the election because he couldnt carry his home state or the state of out-going incumbent Clinton. Ouchie that had to smart. And obviously left a mental mark on old Al as he seems rather un-ravelled. But only when he opens his mouth. "Sell crazy somewhere else, were all stocked up here."

    I love you people. ignore the equally crude and offensive Right wing Limmericks. You all lick doggy balls!

    he places of Higher Learning in those blue states actually have classes on doggy ball sweat

    What do you know of places of higher learning? I mean other than what you have seen on TV?

    What kind of bathroom must this person frequent? He seems to be familar with the nastiest ones:

    it's your wife's bedbroom actually. that fat hoe is crazy. You should ask her to do the trick with the duck, the rabbit, and the pet BOA. I couldn't hold down solid food for a month after I saw that.

    There is nothing to be gained from reading this sycophantic drivel. The most pathetic element of this entire site is in it's shear stupidity.

    There is no discussion with discourse or debate. There is nothing factual being stated. There is no argumentative viewpoint supported by facts. All prose contained herein on this site and in this blog is petty name calling. Pathetic.

    I would hate to think that any of you believe yourselves to be Christians or upstanding representatives of the Christian community. Jesus, were he not emphatically dead, would have nothing to do with you, your non-causes, or your tactics. All you do is call people names. Your only impetus is immature and empty.

    You are pathetically consumed by hatred. You dislike something, so you have nothing better to do with your time than to obsess over it and make pithy comments about it? How stupid. How irresponsible. How lazy.

    Try doing Jesus a favor, can you handle that? Go do something productive and humanitarian with your time. Try some altruism.

    Sarah, any Democratic/Liberal websites that will allow for honest debate? I'd very much appreciate it.