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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    August 11, 2006


    Guest Host: Amy Robach

    After spinning the news about terror
    Keith gave up on this week's reign of error.
    So Amy is in,
    though she lacks orange skin.
    After Keith anyone would be ferror.

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (86) | | View blog reactions


    Don't let being sad stop you. Oh wait, you didn't.

    So where's what's his name, nobody cares fill in host? Maybe that guy wised up and dumped this loser gig.

    Reports are that Keith is at the stadium tonight being Mr. Steinbrenner's personal boy in hopes of landing a Y.E.S. job next year.

    Keith is at the stadium?

    Shep and Bill Hemmer are in Israel/Lebanon.

    Anderson Cooper and Greta are in London covering the foiled terror attacks.

    Now why do we suppose MSNBC is last place?

    Missy, you must mean the "purported, alleged" foiled terror attacks, because everyone knows that they were staged only to scare us into submission. Like, DUH.

    And if you believe that, you definitely are an Olbyloon.

    Poor Amy Robach. I've wonder if she has any horror stories about being hit on by Keith, like " The 'Countdown' to my pants coming off has now begun. Or maybe he suggested some role playing, him playing Adolf, she playing Eva. Again, the poor woman.

    Why would Olbermann come in to work this evening? Everybody knows that this so-called/purported/alleged "terror" scare was just that. A scare.

    Tony Blair and Bush made this thing up along with Pakistan, Scotland Yard, MI5, MI6, FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, THS, and the British police (and I'm probably leaving out at least another half dozen agencies or entities).

    Knuckleheads actually believe this.

    At the same time, they can't possibly conceive that Saddam Hussein would cooperate with al-Qaeda.

    Bush + Blair = "Evil"
    Saddam + Bin Laden = "Let's not use these simplistic terms like evil; we need more evidence of their cooperation"

    Keefy is a brave, brave man, putting himself once again in the line of fire -- from foul tips... Sitting next to mother again, oh wait, your HUMAN SHIELD?

    Olby was an Angel tonight for the
    (Pssst Angels beat the yankeeeees)

    It seems olby takes more "vacations" than President Bush does. How many vacation days has he taken this year anyway?

    Ohhh please Olby is never on vacation. He is always on-call from his candle lit bath-tub.

    Olby gets "the vapors" whenever "real" news trumps his snarkability.

    Not much to contribute, so I'd leave you this graphic from Sadly, No! to enjoy.

    The Republican's best representatives.

    Shuster even snickers at

    goodnight Olby....take monday off tooo you look a

    Reports are that Keith is at the stadium tonight being Mr. Steinbrenner's personal boy in hopes of landing a Y.E.S. job next year.

    Puck, stop being a moron. Keith was in Los Angeles tonight because he was emceeing the 2006 Los Angeles Area Governors Award, which was given to noted television performer Stan Freberg.

    Why An How did you know? Did you get the gig as a busboy at the function?

    Or did you shine Olby's shoes?

    Oh well everybody is in Israel or London. But An says Keith was in LA.

    Were the Dodgers home? Yes they were! Playing the What ever happened to Barry Bonds Giants! Sort of what we will all be saying soon. What ever happen to Keith?

    Why An How did you know? Did you get the gig as a busboy at the function?

    I read. You should try it sometime...

    No, he's probably Olby's official ball licker. Or cocksucker.

    While his colleagues dodge mortars and flame
    Krazy Keith's got box seats for the game
    Mom, the human shield
    Protects Keith from the field
    Foul tip off her head? What a shame

    I can obviously see why conservatives are mad at Olbermann and single him out. He's that lonely liberal pundit on a sea of right-wing spinmeisters.

    But you guys have so many choices. You can watch the massive right-wing bias on Fox News 24/7. Which, as I document just about daily at, is nothing but a conservative propaganda factory.

    But on MSNBC there's also Carlson and Scarsboro so Kieth is outnumbered on his own network 2:1 by conservatives.

    I'm not sure what you guys have to gripe about other than the fact there's one lib left to silence so conservative opinion dominates the broadcast media.

    He's that lonely liberal pundit on a sea of right-wing spinmeisters.

    Thanks for acknowledging that Olbermann is a liberal pundit.

    That's the only grief we have. Well, that I have. That is, he (and his acolytes who post here) refuses to admit that he is a liberal and that his show has a liberal perspective on news.

    If Olbermann would stop this nonsense that he has no agenda, that he has no view on news, and that his show doesn't have a liberal bent, much of the criticism here would vanish.


    Very true, SMG, much of the antipathy toward Keith is his insistence that he is "nonpartisan" and that he has no more interest in the outcome of an election than he does in the results of a baseball game. But these are just more Olbermann lies.

    And it's the lies that are another key issue I have with Krazy Keith. Whether it's "reporting" that Drudge got a leak from the White House (when he didn't), or that Bill said something about MSNBC (that he never said), or that the NIE didn't mention something (that it did), or the most recent example, that the RNC chair was tipped off about this terror investigation--the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann regularly makes stuff up or outright fabricates scoops that are simply false, untrue, and otherwise fraudulent. Even if he were to come out of the liberal closet (and his bathtub) and admit to what he is, the lies would still flow like tanning lotion from a bottle.

    And Fox claims to be fair and balanced (it is not.) Bill O'Reilly claims he is an independent. ( He clearly leans pretty far right.) I mean what you are griping about is hardly unique. Your anger seems to be directed at Keith Primarily because he is a liberal, which is fine, but be open about it. Media matters never complains about KO or the techniques of any Democrat, they admit it though, they say they are documenting instances of conservative bias in the media. So why not just say you are documenting the techniques used by the one and only liberal talking head out there, and freely admit that is your agenda? Instead it making it sound like it is the spin that offends you?


    You are so right. Liberals have virtually no outlets whatsoever, with the exception of NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes, Washington Post, PBS and most major large city newspapers. But other than that, nowhere!

    all bastions of conservatism

    try to ignore assnonymous, maybe he wil go away.

    HAHAHAHAH it's Pat! look at the stupidity!

    >>>> Puck, stop being a moron.

    You don't ask Puck to stop being a moron. That is like asking the butterfly not to fly. or a fish not to swim. No, creatures do what is in their nature. Puck,(My humble minion and servant) is a moron, and blaming him for that, or asking him to quit is absurd. He can't. In fact he can't even understand the nature of your critsism. The only acceptable course frankly is get a leash and train to fetch errands and what not. That is we have done in the fairy kingdom.

    Hey Oberon, I'm glad that you admit that you and yours are a bunch of fairies. Now fly away and don't get too close to those mosquito lamps! Or the vice squad...

    Let's go back in time......a little walk down misinformation fact I think I'll do this on a daily basis. I certainly have enough material to last me 10 life times...........

    First up on our trip.......(the old Johnny Carson tonight show theme kicks in)

    HANNITY: "[After 9-11], liberal Democrats at first showed little interest in the investigation of the roots of this massive intelligence failure...[Bush and his team] made it clear that determining the causes of America's security failures and finding and remedying its weak points would be central to their mission." (Let Freedom Ring, by Sean Hannity)

    TRUTH: Bush Opposed the creation of a special commission to probe the causes of 9/11 for over a year. On 5/23/02 CBS News Reported "President Bush took a few minutes during his trip to Europe Thursday to voice his opposition to establishing a special commission to probe how the government dealt with terror warnings before Sept. 11." Bush didn't relent to pressure to create a commission, mostly from those Hannity would consider "liberal" until September 2002.

    (Tonight show theme kicks in............)

    Hello I promised yesterday......we continue our trip dowm misinformation lane. We turn RIGHT off of Hannity Lane to Limbaugh Circle......sshhh everybody....there is a lot of drug(viagra) dealers in this part of town so we have to be very careful, who knows we may even spot the big giant bear of a man Rush himself......rumor has it, he needs his fix.............although others say he might still be in rehab(again)....

    "If you have any doubts about the status of American health care, just compare it with that in other industrialized nations. [Told You So, by Rush Limbaugh, p.153]"

    "The United States ranks 19th in life expectancy and 20th in infant mortality among 23 industrialized nations, according to the CIA's 1993 World Fact Book. The U.S. also has the lowest health care satisfaction rate (11 percent) of the 10 largest industrialized nations. - Health Affairs, vol. 9, no. 2"


    He has spotted us....he's very angry...FORGET THE CAR, WE MUST GET OUT ALIVE.........he can't find his dealer and he needs his fix...RUUUUN!!!

    Ladies & Gentlemen this(running fast,trying to catch breath)has...been...another addition of......mis....information lane.....our journey....RUN!!!!!!!......continues with a visit to Condo court, home of our.... incomp...entant secretary of...state......that's all for now......pray for us.....GODSPEED!!!!

    Recycling your old material from another thread, how pathetic. How wonderful for all of us that you've learned to cut and paste. What next? Shoe tying? Toenail biting?

    (sigh).....shakes head.

    I think I have a stalker...........

    And just how relevant are CIA statistics from 1993? Think maybe things have changed, in how long, 13 YEARS?!!!

    Go back to reading your comic books, that's easier for you to understand.

    I miss I could say things have improved, but they haven't. Things were on track in the late 90's but have made a drastic turn for the worse since 2000. Instead of wasing what little brain power you have, why don't you do some research, while you're at it, go on diet.

    I love the comments, I almost fell off my chair laughing. Who is this person anyway, he has nothing to offer and all he does is write these ridiculous insults. I would hate to be that lonely.

    Hey propsero

    Wrong play Dumb Dumb

    Hey Oberon, I'm glad that you admit that you and yours are a bunch of fairies. Now fly away and don't get too close to those mosquito lamps! Or the vice squad...

    Nahh, I'll just stay and smack you with my cock. get a little magic fairy goo in your eye.




    I don't think he has any friends...poor guy. Being stupid is very hard to overcome. He was probably always picked on and now, you know, he has no friends, no one to hang out with, probably has never been with a woman. It must be hard, I kind've feel bad for him. So I'm making a promise, I will not fire back insults to this poor soul, I will only try to get him help

    I think he is a lost cause. You have a big mountain to climb BUSHYWUSHY.

    I think all the above is true, but i also think he is very old and full of hate. look at the rage that he comes after you with. It's like you are the saource of all his problems. maybe we could take a collection for him or something?

    "Hey Oberon, I'm glad that you admit that you and yours are a bunch of fairies. Now fly away and don't get too close to those mosquito lamps! Or the vice squad..."

    Nahh, I'll just stay and smack you with my cock. get a little magic fairy goo in your eye.

    I may do that, kind've like Jerry's kids....and I appreciate the concern about it being a huge obstacle to overcome, but hey a lot of people said that about George Bush when he was younger...all that coke and whiskey......and......they still say that today. This may be harder than I thought, but I made a promise.

    HAHAHAHAHAH BUSHYWUSHY got his other inmates to post. Such grand humor, too.

    AIRAMERICAMAN WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? Oh, a lame, failing radio net. Have they even paid Frankenberry yet?

    And what exactly do the claims you make about George Bush have anything to do with Keith Olbermann? Is he running for political office as a Democrat? Oh that's right. Impartial Keith doesn't vote! Sounds like a very responsible citizen there doesn't he? He has a history of washing out of things, like jobs, so it's not too surprising that being a voter is too much pressure for him to handle. And we know that being an impartial journalist is rather too much for him to do as well, given the obvious slanted broadcasts he puts on for his very small (and small minded) audience. The point is that there should be no obvious bias on a news show. Fox is full of it, so is Keith. I've acknowledge that well-known fact, so why can't you admit your orange tan man is as a fake as they come in more ways than one?

    If you hate olberman, then cut off your dick! Who's with me? My knife is ready, I'll cut off my dick, as long as I get enough fellow olbermann haters with me. Cumon, chop off your dick(women don't count, and shouldn't vote) if you hate olbermann!

    "If you hate olberman, then cut off your dick! Who's with me? My knife is ready, I'll cut off my dick, as long as I get enough fellow olbermann haters with me. Cumon, chop off your dick(women don't count, and shouldn't vote) if you hate olbermann!"

    Wow, I don't think he really meant that. PLease put the knofe wouldn't happen to be...well never mind.

    BWUSHYSUX - I respond to your above post when you can tell me what your childish insults have had anything to do with my posts.

    Also, I looked up some health club memberships for you and I think you'll be pretty happy with the cost.

    You know with your weight problem and all, this should help. Remember, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

    If that doesn't work , send him subway coupons. That guy on the commercial looks great.

    OREILLYSUCKSBUSHYWUSHYAiramericaman, your advice is noted. And ignored, You are again projecting your own problems with morbid obesity. Now deal with your multiple personality disorder before they take you away again.


    And good god OREILLYSUCKSBUSHYWUSHYAiramericaman, quit responding via an "Anonymous" to your own posts. It is not helping your cause at all.

    BWUSHYSUX- Put those potato chips down!!!

    I think I touched a nerve with talk of his weight.

    I 'm sorry, I'm just trying to help.


    Let's take a look a comment posted by this poor lonely soul......

    OREILLYSUCKSBUSHYWUSHYAiramericaman, your advice is noted.

    Okay once you get through his thought process that I'm...I think there is three diffent people says my advice is noted.

    Could he be taking my advice......could it be that I've really helped him.

    He follow that statement up with:

    "And ignored"

    Damn, we almost had him. So he did acknowledge the advice, at this time he ignored. I'm sure I'm not the first person to question his girth and to be ignored. I will keep trying, I have promised you all, I will not FAIL!!!!!


    Maybe he went for a jog...and if he did, let me now say..if you are obese or severly overweight, a low impact cardio program is recomended.

    I hope he's not upset..I mean I'm just trying to help....hopefully he went for a nice walk.

    Looks like I really touched a nerve.....he's probably really upset...maybe even frightened.

    He's probably a food addict, he can't stop eating those chips, or candy bars...drinks a lot beer...amn, that stuff goes right to the gut.

    He has very low self esteem, probably never been intimate with a woman..or a man if that's his cup of tea.

    I'm sure is parents probably abuswed him in one way or another, dad could've been a drunk..maybe a womanizer....hit his mom maybe....maybe touched him in certain areas.

    Mother tried to be a good mom, but you know to make ends meet probably sold herself to the highest bidder and spent most of her days on her back or on her knees.....

    it's a sad story for BWUSHYSUX it really is...he has a lot of anger.

    Anyway, I'm sure he'll get some help, he really needs it. Poor guy.......big guy if you're out there and your reading this just remember.

    It's not your fault.

    wow is this a sign of just how desperate Olby's fans are to get the focus off their idol?

    Funky David Gee says Double-Bird for you BUSHYWUSHY


    No not at all, I'm just trying to locate a fellow poster who I think is on the verge of mental meltdown...I'm just really concerned.

    I'll discuss any topic with you.

    He hasn't responded in over an hour, I hope he is exercising......

    I'M BACK!!!!!!!! Gee, what a sorry piece of work you are. Too bad your padded cell doesn't have an echo, but at least you tried. The ranting and prattling on you did while I was away. Did it make you cry? Too bad. Now give the world a rest and sleep it off.

    After reading some of the posts and comments here, it is my opinion that every single one of you are giant gaping insane a--holes. Both the supporters and the detractors. Crazy. This kind of petty tribalism is what's tearing America apart these days, and it's what will eventually do in the human race.

    Wow! I asked one Loon if he hated his crappy bank job and another about his bus-boy job. And these girls end up getting their little panties in a bunch.

    Now just calm down girls. May I suggest you go into you're little fairy rooms, lie on you're beds and rub you're self to your Keith poster you have on the ceiling.

    You will feel better.

    Hey there you ya feeling?

    Hope you got a good work out in...remember don't eat anything past'll put on extra pounds that way and we both know that's the last thing you need....

    But hey glad to have you back, I was worried about you kiddo.

    Puck- hey nice to meet is everything these days?

    SALTINE- I appreciate the concern for my well being by telling BWSUX to lay off, but really, he's no trouble.

    Secondly....I know you, like other right wing people or as you say trolls.....couldn't identify hate because you are submerged in it all day long, but if you take a gander at his previous posts not only with this topic but others you will see that 1- he has a brain power equal to a door knob....2- his past abuse from his parents stop him from any rational thought or even a thought...3- he's lonely and has no life and 4- he is just a pawn, puppet or perhaps a troll in the ever controlling right wing of our goverment.......NOW, when you and your other fellow trolls, hacks,ass hats, ass clowns, morons, loons, goons, dumb asses, and of course misinformers decide to actually respond to ones opinion with either a thought, a point, an opinion, or a point of view then we can have a discussion. I have provided and can provide well documented information discounting every single one of your points, opinions, views, and thought...and unforunately you all can't stand it..that is why you respond with name calling and other forms of childish behavior because...and it's plain to see..that is all you have, that is all you can conjure up in your dog poop of a brain............oh and one more thing......BWUSHYSUX never denied or argued any points of abuse or any other terrible things that may have happened to him in his life................hhmmmmmmmmmm. WOW! That whole thing I displayed before was for pure entertainment value...but I think I got pretty close to the target...possibly a bulls eye!!!!!

    Talk with you soon SALTINE-

    and by the way, I'm sure you're looking forward to tomorrows installment of.......MISINFORMATION LANE......WHERE THE RIGHT ALWAYS GET IT WRONG!!!!!!

    Don't worry sonny, the acid (or angel dust)will wear off soon.

    Ah...evidence for my point...don't respond to any points made...make reference to drug use...this is a tired, boring,and ignorant way to make a point...please come back when you can conjure something else up in your little brain....

    Testing - Testing - Comments stuck on 74 since yesterday - Just seeing if Olbywatch still works.

    (Johnny carson tonight show theme kicks in)

    Well, well.........good afternoon ladies and gentlemen welcome to another addition to Misinformation Lane......where the right always get it wrong........first off, my apologies for the delay in our Sunday addition, if you rememeber, you last saw us being chased down Limbaugh circle by the big man himself. After going for days with a viagra fix Rush became enraged at our cameras and like a nutball chased us down the street...personally I've never seen four hundred pounds move that quickly. Well, after being held up in a tree for a day and a half we were finally set free....only after Rush spotted an Ice cream truck strolling down the street........well we are. Let's continue our journey down misinformation lane with a view Condi Court......home of our incompentant secretary of state.........

    RICE CLAIM: "The administration took seriously the threat" of terrorism before 9/11.

    FACTS: President Bush himself acknowledges that, despite repeated warnings of an imminent al Qaeda attack, before 9/11 "I didn't feel the sense of urgency" about terrorism. Similarly, Newsweek reports that Bush's attitude was reflected throughout an administration that was trying to "de-emphasize terrorism" as an overall priority. As proof, just two of the hundred national security meetings the Administration held during this period addressed the terrorist threat, and the White House refused to hold even one meeting of its highly-touted counterterrorism task force. Meanwhile, the administration was actively trying to cut funding for counterterrorism, and "vetoed a request to divert $800 million from missile defense into counterterrorism" despite a serious increase in terrorist chatter in the summer of 2001.

    RICE CLAIM: "I don't know what a sense of urgency any greater than the one we had would have caused us to do anything differently. I don't know how...we could have done more. I would like very much to know what more could have been done?"

    FACTS: There are many more things that could have been done: first and foremost, the administration could have desisted from de-emphasizing and cutting funding for counterterrorism in the months before 9/11. It could have held more meetings of top principals to get the directors of the CIA and FBI to share information, especially considering the major intelligence spike occurring in the summer of 2001. As 9/11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick said on ABC this morning, the lack of focus and meetings meant agencies were not talking to each other, and key evidence was overlooked. For instance, with better focus and more urgency, the FBI's discovery of Islamic radicals training at flight schools might have raised red flags. Similarly, the fact that "months before Sept. 11, the CIA knew two of the al-Qaeda hijackers were in the United States" could have spurred a nationwide manhunt. But because there was no focus or urgency, "No nationwide manhunt was undertaken," said Gorelick. "The State Department watch list was not given to the FAA. If you brought people together, perhaps key connections could have been made."

    Again this has been another addition of...misinformation lane, where the right always get it wrong.

    We'll see you again tomorrow with a double shot, two for Tuesday where we'll visit Trickie Dickie Cheney and his residence on Condi Court(home built by haliburton).....and then stroll by Coulter Avenue...where will not only examine the consistent tone of hatred used by Anne as well as yes, more misinformation.....see ya soon.

    and in the words of the legend Lary Hoers......"there are no parameters for you morons."

    Posted by: BUSHYWUSHY at August 14, 2006 05:31 PM

    BUSHYWUSHY, you made your point. You're a blithering idiot. Nothing new there.

    Oh, let him go. He seems to be having way too much fun being a blithering idiot. And we do need the entertainment.

    Jim,Jim, Jim,Jim,Jim, JIm............I 'm surprised you can read.....

    Why are you surprised I can read? Heck, I even went to high skool.

    HAHAHAHA it's BUSHYWUSHY! look at the stupidity!
    Lose your "sanitation engineer" "job" yet? HAHAHAHA


    Maybe you should join Plagiarist's Anonymous. I don't the Center for American Progress would be happy with you lifting their writings without attribution:

    "As 9/11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick said on ABC this morning, the lack of focus and meetings meant agencies were not talking to each other, and key evidence was overlooked. For instance, with better focus and more urgency, the FBI's discovery of Islamic radicals training at flight schools might have raised red flags. Similarly, the fact that "months before Sept. 11, the CIA knew two of the al-Qaeda hijackers were in the United States" could have spurred a nationwide manhunt. But because there was no focus or urgency, "No nationwide manhunt was undertaken," said Gorelick. "The State Department watch list was not given to the FAA. If you brought people together, perhaps key connections could have been made."


    FACT: This is the same Jamie Gorelick that: "Justice Department memos show was more intimately involved than previously thought with hampering communications between U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agencies fighting terrorism...As the No. 2 person in the Clinton Justice Department, Ms. Gorelick rejected advice from the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, who warned against placing more limits on communications between law-enforcement officials and prosecutors pursuing counterterrorism cases, according to several internal documents written in summer 1995. But Gorelick ignored this advice and went to great lengths to exceed the intent of legal precedent. A Gorelick 1995 memorandum states that the procedures her memorandum put in place "go beyond what is legally required...[to] prevent any risk of creating an unwarranted appearance that FISA is being used to avoid procedural safeguards which would apply in a criminal investigation." (Emphasis added.) The wall intentionally exceeded the requirements of FISA and then-existing federal case law."

    So, this is your argument for what the Bush Administration could have done differently? Quote Jamie Gorelick? You sir, are an idiot!

    Perhaps the Clinton administration should have recognized the coming threat and not put more limits on our intelligence community and thus further hinder their ability to stop these attacks.

    Oh yeah, and taking up Sudan when offered OBL's head on a platter. That might have helped too.

    Maybe you should join Plagiarist's Anonymous. I don't the Center for American Progress would be happy with you lifting their writings without attribution:

    Why would he want to hang out with Ane Coulter?

    See there you go ......the whole Clinton/Sudan conspiracy......about as real as Mary Poppins.

    Anyway....plagiarists anonymous...huh, ya know I asked Anne about it and she said it didn't help her.

    And as far as the justice department goes...the same justice department that when after 9/11 pointed every finger every which way excpet to point to themselves......passing the buck as they say.

    ..and this problem you speak of...sure it existed......but let's look at the present still exists. You can always count on the republicans to improve things.

    There is no thread for this evening's Hour of Spin, so I was just curious...

    Did MSLSD put the nix on the Media Matters minute?

    It seems to have disappeared, without a whisper?