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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

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    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    September 30, 2006
    The 18-Second Gap


    On Friday, Countdown reported on the latest allegations against George Allen. We noted that they did so by rerunning a report that aired Thursday on Hardball. David Shuster interviewed a woman who said she heard Allen using racial slurs.

    But as we revealed exclusively on Olbermann Watch, the Countdown version differed from the original Hardball broadcast in one significant respect. Snipped from the taped piece were a series of questions that revealed the political affiliation of accuser Pat Waring. We will disclose now what Keith Olbermann did not want you to hear.

    From the transcript of Thursday's Hardball, this is the exchange that was censored from Friday's night's Hour of Spin:

    SHUSTER: You volunteer, you acknowledge you are a registered Democrat.

    WARING: I am indeed.

    SHUSTER: You volunteer at the local Democratic office?

    WARING: I do.

    SHUSTER: Once a week?

    WARING: Once a week,

    SHUSTER: Couple hours?

    WARING: Yes.

    SHUSTER: What do you do for them?

    WARING I sit there and answer the phone and give people signs.

    Obviously, MSNBC believed that the partisan bias of the accuser was relevant if viewers were to fairly assess her credibility. Just as obviously, somebody decided that this exchange, roughly 18 seconds long, had to be removed when the piece was shown on Countdown. Result: the accuser's background as a Democrat activist was never disclosed to the audience.

    Who ordered that a pre-taped piece should be sent back to the editing bay, just to remove these particular 18 seconds? Was it notorious quote-doctorer Shuster who decided this report should be doctored? If so, why a special, edited version just for Countdown? Or is it more likely that the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann did not want his viewers to have the whole story, and once again put his thumb on the scales of fairness?


    Newsbusters: Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" took things further downward Friday by deliberately editing a report on the latest Democratic activist accusing Republican George Allen of being a racist...

    The Cable Game: ...partisan-identificaion disclaimer was missing from Keith Olbermann's show, which aired just a little while later on the same network. In other words, Olbermann disserved his viewers by depriving them of valuable context as to where the accusing woman was coming from.

    Instapundit: AN 18-SECOND GAP. Now where have I heard that before?

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (183) | | View blog reactions
    September 29, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • THE WOODWARD BOOK: Dana Milbank, Washington Post
    • THE EVIL ROGER AILES: Craig Crawford

    Olbermann Week in Review. Monday: attack Fox News. Tuesday: more attacks on Fox News. Wednesday: still more attacks on Fox News. Thursday: even still more attacks on Fox News. So we come to Friday: yet on top of that even still more attacks on Fox News.

    The opening spiel: Bob Woodward's book (covered yesterday), Roger Ailes (yesterday and the day before), Mark Foley (R), George Allen (R), and a supersized oddball. Olby led off by bringing up the NIE report (all week) and the Woodward book (yesterday).

    It's a "dysfunctional adminstration", "Mister" Bush didn't want his cabinet to use the word "insurgency", "Mister" Bush's parents had misgivings about Iraq. What's more, Cheney was calling weapons inspectors with locations to look for WMDs. (Sounds like the Veep was himself convinced of their existence, like all those other intelligence agencies around the world.)

    Clips from Bob Woodward on CBS being interviewed by Mike Wallace. Hmm. If Chris Wallace is a "monkey", does that mean his dad is just an elderly simian? Keith didn't tell us. Clips of Rumsfeld (R) saying he hasn't read the book (not surprising, since it's not on sale yet) and Tony Snow (R). Clips of Levin (D), Schumer (D), Reed (D).

    Olby asked Dana Milbank, shorn of showy regalia, about whom the President is listening to, using one of his trademark leading questions:

    Is that credible any more? Do we need to start wondering if the only voices he listens to are the ones inside his own head?

    Dana didn't even bat an eye at the irony of Krazy Keith accusing someone else of being delusional. Instead he served his usual human-Xerox purpose, reiterating OlbySpin by citing Abizaid, ex-General Batiste, and John Murtha. It occured to us at this point that much of what appears in this book might contradict the assertions in Tommy Franks's tome. Let's check the wayback machine for all the coverage the Franks book got on Countdown. Um...hold's got to be here somewhere...oh, wait. Never mind.

    KO described the whole thing as "the outing of the President's dishonesty", DM talked of circling the wagons, and Olby spoke of the book as a "galvanizing force" for the Democrats. Herr Olbermann has identified a lot of things over the past few months that were going "galvanize" the Democrats. Abramoff, Rove, PlameGate, Scooter Libby, Bill Clinton... He's bound to hit one eventually.

    Just in case referencing ex-General Batiste didn't make the case strongly enough, the discredited sports guy announced that Batiste will be the latest in his series of anti-adminstration guests on Monday. After a short bit on Iraq (rumors of a possible military coup), the first commercial break mercifully came into view. But not before a tease for Olby's attack on Roger Ailes.

    There followed another tease about Roger Ailes ("the round man" [1]). There would have been another half-dozen except that the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann bumped his latest attack up to the second (#4) slot. With his copy of "Fat Insults for All Occasions" at the ready, Olby lit into "the rotund refugee from the Ministry of Truth" [2]. He lied that Chris Wallace broke an "agreement" on ground rules, and read a quote that he described as Ailes speaking "between pies" [3].

    Then Keith decided to flash back to the elder Bush, and a contentious interview with Dan Rather. KO claimed Ailes had set the whole thing up, and had "scripted" Bush's responses. Of course, Krazy Keith added that when Ailes speaks, "don't get your hands too close to his mouth" [4] and called him a "fat ass" [5].

    Cue Craig Crawford, the chortling pundit (aka Olbermann's Brain). Olby said that the "bad publicity" over the interview "galvanized the Democratic party". Again? More galvanizing? There isn't enough zinc on the planet for all this galvanizing. "Monkey" Olbermann claimed that Bush the elder's comeback to Rather was on cue cards, while Clinton just ad-libbed and he "beat Chris Wallace senseless".

    Remember that Brain wrote a book "Attack the Messenger", the thesis of which was that politicians demonize reporters for political effect. Brain chorlted about the elder Bush/Rather interview as "deconstructed" in his book as a quintessential example of "attack the media". He said a CBS cameraman (impartial source!) told him Roger Ailes had Bush's "attack" scripted on a cue card.

    After all the cackling and sniggering, it boiled down to this. Elder Bush attacking a journalist: bad because he used cue cards. Bill Jefferson Clinton attacking a journalist: good, because he didn't have cue cards. Perhaps in his next book, Olbermann's Brain will explain which reporters it's OK to attack. Or possibly he'll just publish a list of the politicians who have permission to go after journalists of their choosing. Here's a shortcut to that list: all the ones with a (D).

    Olby wondered of Fox "why are their ratings down?", leaving out that the ratings of all the cable news channels are down. He added that Ailes "looks a little like Rod Steiger playing Napoleon" [6]. Brain snorted that Fox preaches "to the base" and that makes it harder to branch out. KO added a final shot: "

    I'm sure Mr Ailes wishes that personally he could stop broadening out.

    Congratulations, Olbermann. You have made fun of a fat man's weight no less than seven times in 10 minutes. [Video!] That's what makes your show so smart and intellectual. You're really quite the man.

    #3: The Mark Foley resignation and the George Allen controversies. The latter led to another fascinating personal reminisence by Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann--something about George's Allen father, the point being that it somehow makes Allen the younger a liar. Then the n-word controversies, and "another" alleged eyewitness account of same. This was a report from David Shuster (covered yesterday on Hardball), rerun for the viewing pleasure of Countdown viewers.

    There was a mention of one of the many people who have publicly insisted that Allen never used the n-word. Needless to say, none of those people was interviewed. But there was something different about this report as it aired tonight. Something that was there on Hardball, but not in the version that aired on The Hour of Spin. Are you ready for this? It's a pip.

    Slippery's piece included the eyewitness saying how she would have gone after Allen even if he were a Democrat. But there was a context for this. On Hardball, Shuster's report also included the salient fact that the eyewitness he was interviewing, as well as another alleged ear-witness to the n-word, were both Democrat activists. They support, campaign, and work for Democrats. What happened to that part when it ran on Countdown? They cut it out! Why? Because Keith Olbermann doesn't host a newscast. He runs The Hour of Spin.

    In a hilarious postscript, Slippery made mention of allegations about James Webb, but refused even to say what they were until he could interview the accuser on camera and give him "scrutiny". Apparently the Washington Post, which reported this business on Thursday, all of a sudden is too unreliable to be the basis for a report on Countdown. This is hilarious because Olby has been reporting the n-word charges about Allen since Day One of the allegations--based on newspaper reports--without interviews or "scrutiny". Hey, it's George Allen. To hell with scrutiny!


    After oddball: Virgin's in Space, followed by Anna Nicole Smith, Rosie O'Donnell, and great oddball moments of September. Two politicians made the "worst person" list. Amazingly, both had an (R) after their names. In the ratings race, Olby eeked out a third place finish on Thursday. Krazy Keith's pimping of the book that bears his name was shameless tonight, but it is only #60 on amazon, while Mr Bill's is #8. Curious how KO is not doing those amazon comparisons any more. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 4 [GUARDED].

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (315) | | View blog reactions
    September 28, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • ELECTION POLITICS: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek; Lawrence O'Donnell, Democrat political analyst
    • THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT: Chris Hedges

    In the Thursday night spiel, Olbermann thundered about the President:

    What's come off now, his wheels?

    Keith barked that the Republicans are the "party of Bush and torture", took a shot at Dennis Hastert, and cited as an example of things getting "worse" reports that Bush has received advice from Henry Kissinger. Oooooh, that's scary.

    The Hour of Spin proper kicked off with the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann complaining about the fact that the President has the power to detain non-citizens "forever". Then based on a Bob Woodward tidbit, Olby added:

    And the President can now evidently lie about how frequently Americans are attacked in Iraq, and bring in Henry Kissinger...

    Summing up the legislative debate, Keith stated:

    When Democrats in the House voted to support our history and values instead of the President's expediencies...

    Unbiased, impartial Olbermann. He cited Patrick "Leaky" Leahey, who wants to "preserve" the rights of habeas corpus.

    Stop the tivo!

    It's a prerequisite when preserving anything that it has to be there in the first place. In what war did our prisoners ever have habeas corpus rights (the right to go into civilian courts and demand to be charged or released)? Did our German or Japanese POWs have that right in WWII? Did our VietNam prisoners have that right? How exactly can Olby claim to want to preserve a "right" that has never, in all our history, existed?

    Back to the tivo. Herr Olbermann stated this right is needed because what if the government:

    ...decides you are not the upstanding American you thought you were but a terrorist.
    Stop the tivo again! This bill has nothing to do with regular Americans. It's about detaining combattants during war. How many times do we have to explain this to Krazy Keith?

    He showed a clip of Leahy (D) arguing that the bill would "eliminate" habeas corpus (shameless disregarding of facts and truth). A clip from the other side of the argument, maybe someone pointing out that prisoners of war have never had habeas corpus rights? Something about how there are more legal protections than in the court martial system that applies to our own troops? Oh, apparently there wasn't time to squeeze any of that in.

    Then it was off to relay Bob Woodward's report that things are worse in Iraq than anyone thought. Um, is this the same Bob Woodward that Olby has blasted for his "mistakes"? The same Bob Woodward he has accused of being unethical? Yup. Same guy. He was a villain then, but in the ever-flexible judgments on OlbyPlanet, tonight he's a hero.

    KO asked the Wolffe Man about "Mister" Bush and Kissinger, making an immediate parallel to VietNam. Then it was time for Keith's Kampaign Korner, the nightly segment when he telegraphs to the toadies in his party what tack they should take:

    Should the Democrats be running this campaign by portraying what the President sees as strength, as instead some kind of dangerous unwillingless to confront the reality of the situation on the ground there?

    Herr Olbermann groused about the Dems giving up too much in exchange for a handful of amendments, went after the President for not being nonpartisan (six weeks before an election), and great thanksed Wolffie. There were references to Jack Abramoff, and then--again!--we got the deranged Lawrence ("Liar! Creepy Liar!") O'Donnell for a round of impartial analysis.

    Crazy Larry focused on Abramoff as the epitome of scandal in DC. (How quickly they forgot William Jefferson, the most corrupt man in Congress, according to one of Olby's own guests.) He went on to trumpet the brilliance of Bill Jefferson Clinton, and then it was damage control time for Keith Olbermann. When his own expert guest yesterday shot down his latest tin-foilery (the Taliban offered UBL to Bush and he didn't take him) as based on less than nothing, KO had to try again. So he regurgitated it anew with someone who has no anti-terrorism expertise whatsoever: Crazy Larry.

    Olby demanded to know why the Democrats aren't running his incriminating tape (an obscure, unknown reporter asking a question at a presser--yes, that is the sum total of the "proof" for Herr Olbermann's premise). Larry yobbled about how the tape is a "reflection" of something or other, and added that no one in the adminstration is talking about it. Aha! More proof!! Keith put his kampaign hat on again:

    Why haven't the Democrats jumped on any of those facts?

    Crazy Larry said the public isn't interested in whose fault it is, but because it's a "post-Katrina" world "those kinds of statements from Ari Fleischer" have more impact. (The incriminating Fleischer statement was basically: I don't know what you're talking about, but I'll look into it.) Olby great thanksed Crazy Larry, again calling him a "political analyst" and deliberately leaving out his party affiliation. But Olbermann Watch is on to those tricks, and we have updated The List accordingly.

    The #4 slot was dedicated to Bad News from Iraq, specifically a taped video rerun from NBC. After oddball, a Monica Novotny report on the flick "Jesus Camp". Krazy Keith's intro equated charismatic Christians with murderous terrorists, which is close to a new low even for Keith Olbermann. Monica's report was far above Countdown standards. But then, anything on the show that doesn't involve Olbermann automatically raises the journalism level.

    Olby made reference to the "right-wing Family Research Council" (a favorite label on The Hour of Spin, much more so than the infrequently spoken "left-wing"). Then he mentioned "George Allen of macaca infamy". We expect no less from Keith Olbermann of "monkey" fame. Krazy blasted the Values Voter Summit:

    Bishop Wellington Boone, of Wellington Boone Ministries. He got up on stage just about an hour and a half after Mr Snow, spewed vulgar, anti-gay epithets, then suggested that the Anti-Christ is homosexual.
    Stop the tivo!

    Where is Keith getting all this from? Why naturally, from another left-wing site: the discredited Think Progress. Needless to say, he doesn't credit them for his "research". But what happens when you lift stories from left-wing blogs and don't fact-check them? Bishop Wellington Boone's "vulgar, anti-gay epithets":

    Back in the days when I was a kid, and we see guys that don;t stand strong on principle, we call them "faggots." A punk is--and our people, I'm from the ghetto, so sometimes it does come out a little bit.... "You're sissified out!" "You're a sissy!" That means you don't stand up for principles. And I just believe that God hasn't called us to be sissies on a principle level.

    And what about the Bishop's statement about the Anti-Christ? Um, there wasn't any. He never said it! Now someone else did, at a different session, much later in the day--at least that's the claim of a left-wing blogger. But it wasn't the Bishop "an hour and a half after Mr Snow". Olbermann gets it wrong again.

    KO's impartial expert to analyze the movement was the author of "American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America". Olby described it as "essential". Need we say more? No, but we will. Reverend Olby was ready to preach:

    What does, uh, the fact that the spokesman for the leader of, uh, of, uh, the country got up on the same stage with somebody who spouted hate speech about gays tells us about the power this movement has over this administration?

    Hate speech? It's easy for Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann to call it that, especially when he didn't bother to quote what was said. But reading a teleprompter is apparently not so easy for Olby:

    White evangelical Christians compromised 23% of the electorate...

    Hedges delivered talking points about "the assault on the middle class" and the "Christian totalitarian state". Not a surprise, given his affiliation with The Nation, Democracy Now, and other far-left outfits. Of course, the discredted sports guy completely hid his politics from the viewers. No point in spoiling propaganda with truth.

    #2: the Colorado high school tragedy (recycled video from NBC), Naomi Campbell, Roger Ailes (and his "Ministry of Truth")--this last with KO trumpeting how in his specialized "key demo" MSNBC beat Fox and the rest at midnight. Midnight! What key demo was he using, vampires? Left unreported was the fact that his witching hour total audience is still way below that of the competition. #1: fake comedian journalist Borat at the White House.


    More pimping of Keith's book the book that bears Keith's name was again the lead-in to the Media Matters Minute. He got in a slam at the New York Post (again), and picked as "worst person" radio talk show host Marc Williams. Why? Because George Soros and David Brock told him to. "Monkey" Olbermann then went on to berate, apparently, Dan Abrams for permitting conservative Williams to appear on his network. He thinks every hour on A-Mess-NBC should be just like The Hour of Spin! Look for the free publicity video of brave, courageous Olby to appear on Media Matters within the next 24 hours.


    Given that KO found a way to mention again his white powder scare, while slamming the New York Post for its flippant treatment of same, there was a curious dog that did not bark tonight. Why did Herr Olbermann not report on the suspicious envelope full of white powder sent to the office of Sen John Cornyn? He was certainly vocal about such stunts yesterday. And if the Post handled it all in an unserious fashion, what of the Democratic Underground, where they "joked" that with luck there would be no Cipro to treat the Senator, suggested that it was probably his cocaine, and accused Republicans of setting the whole incident up. Where was Keith Olbermann's righteous indignation about treating a "terroristic threat" with such impudent scorn? He was totally silent on this. And before some Olbypologists asks why KO should speak out on what appears on DU, keep this in mind. He advertises the "worst person" book on just a handful of carefully selected sites, including DailyKos, Talking Points Memo, and...Democratic Underground. "Monkey" Olbermann has decided this is a forum that he is proud to associate himself with. So let's hear it, KO. We're waiting for you to blast them like you blasted the Post. And remove all advertising from their site. Yeah, yeah, it'll be a long wait.


    Speaking of his book the book that bears his name, Monkey Man was pimping it again tonight. Yep, it's down to #74 on amazon. Mr Bill's is still in the top ten (#8). And in case you're wondering why the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann cited Neilsen numbers from the wee small hours of the morning, but not primetime, it may because at 8:00 pm he was back in fourth place again. Even worse, in that same "key demo" he was celebrating, Countdown finished fifth. He even lost to a rerun of Deal or No Deal on CNBC. Yikes! Time to have his writers whip up another special comment for sure. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 4 [GUARDED].


    Newsbusters: He proceeded to seriously tout as meaningful how, in the 25 to 54 years-old demographic, the midnight EDT repeat airing of Countdown the night before beat FNC's re-run of Brit Hume's show -- by a bare 16,000.

    ICN: Olberman Watch has a point. Unless MSNBC wants to only count ratings for repeats (though it was primetime on the West Coast), this amounts to damning with faint praise.

    Hot Air: Keith spun the ratings as best he could tonight, to the great amusement of Johnny Dollar and Spruiell, who has video.

    186k Per Second: It is absolutely hilarious that Olbermann was beaten by a Howie Mandell - Deal or no Deal re-run!

    National Review: Tonight, Keith Olbermann tried desperately to convince his viewers that they are not alone. He had to dig deep to do so, but he managed to find a time slot in which he wasn't completely dominated by Fox News — 12 a.m. ET.

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    September 27, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • N.I.E. POLITICS: EJ Dionne, Washington Post
    • THE EIGHT MONTHS LEADING UP TO 9/11: Paul B. Kurtz, Richard Clarke's former right-hand man
    • TALIBAN RESURGENCE: Michael Hirsh, Newsweek
    • CELEBRITY SEX TAPES HAVE GONE TOO FAR: Paul F. Tompkins, comedian

    When Keith began his carnival barker patter to kick off The Hour of Spin, he bellowed about "the old switcheroo", adding:

    The National Intelligence Estimate, the President so reluctantly released, the one that says the War in Iraq increased the terror threat, the one for which he is getting pounded, may not be the latest National Intelligence Estimate. Rep Harman says there's a newer one, and the White House is deliberately keeping it under wraps.

    Seriously, is Olby off his meds? The NIE is classified. A "newer one" that doesn't even exist yet would also be classified. And Herr Olbermann thinks that keeping classified intelligence "under wraps" is a screaming headline?

    The spiel also promised a "special investigation" proving Condi Rice is [think John McLaughlin's voice here] WRONG, and, as a special bonus, an attack on the New York Post.

    Launching into the NIE story, KO interestingly read, for the first time, that portion of the NIE that Olbermann Watch specifically upbraided him for not reading yesterday. Another victory for the clear thinkers. Then clips from Schumer (D) and Boehner (R). What's this? He actually ran a balanced set of clips? This must be some sort of Olbermannian trick. Something's coming.

    Olby said the "new" NIE is "allegedly only a draft". Then a clip from Harman (D), who wants the "draft" released now, so selected portions can be leaked before the election. Well, she didn't say that last part. Clip of Tony Snow about why the "draft" isn't ready to be released. The House passed a bill regarding detainees, with nonpartisan Keith adding:

    A victory at what cost remains to be seen.

    "Monkey" Olbermann cited unnamed "international legal scholars" for the proposition that the bill violates the Geneva Conventions. All of this was just a warm-up for Olby's "special investigation" on why Bush let 9/11 happen. The rhetoric was thick and ripe:

    Comparing the two Presidents is valid, necessary, to illuminate the capacities of the office.

    The latest Olbermann theory is that, while the notion that Clinton had a chance to get UBL is myth, in fact it was "Mister" Bush who offered UBL and declined to take him:

    Our goal in this report is to rise to Mr Clinton's challenge and assess the record of Mr Bush's efforts in Al Qaeda in his first eight months in office.

    There followed a recitation of events straight out of the Clarke handbook. Krazy Keith amplified it with claims by Bill Jefferson Clinton and admitted liar Sandy Berger, reporting as if these were proven historical facts. A fuzzy clip of Berger referred to the situation as "nothing less than a war". Curious, given that for months Olby has been telling us the threat was exaggerated and the war on terror "so-called". Maybe one of the clear-headed Olbermann Watch readers can identify what website KO lifted this from.

    Regarding the USS Cole, KO complained that "Mister" Bush did not take military action even when it was established that Al Qaeda was responsible. Heroic far-seeing Democrats warned that focusing on missile defense was "misplaced" [clip of Levin (D)]. The August 6th PDB gets another plug, even though the intelligence it contained was not exactly fresh. Clips of Condi and Cheney et al talking about they didn't anticipate this kind of a hit. Prescient Diane Feinstein (D) wants to press for more counter-terrorism measures.

    This was worse than watching paint dry. It was like sitting in a too-small classroom desk, listening to a stuffy, boring professor reading a press release from a left-wing propaganda site. We don't want to say that it was painful, but it felt like an hour in a dentist's chair. And worst of all, when it was over, it wasn't over. The break served only as a brief respite until the Clarke propagandist was given the floor.

    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann was very careful to limit the questions to only Bush's eight months, all the better to keep Clarke's doppelganger from expressing any of his frustrations with the previous inhabitant of the White House. Kurtz said the Bush administration wasn't "sitting on its hands", but was playing defensively. They didn't take an immediate liking to Clarke's strategy. Anything that happened was just "residual momentum" from the Clinton years. It was a "bureaucratic issue", said Kurtz.

    Olby spun a long tale about this didn't happen until then, so that proves they didn't care about terrorism, yada yada yada. Kurtz mentioned the transition, security clearances, and such, flatly stating that KO's assertion was "an unfair inference". He could have added other things that prevented getting things fully up to speed, like challenges to the electoral vote, Congressional stalling in confirming appointees, etc.

    Kurtz was even less accomodating to Herr Olbermann's bizarre theory that the Taliban offered Bin Laden to Bush, a theory KO concocted from one reporter's question at a press conference. Olby's guest dismissed it as so much "noise", like the reports of UBL's death. But he came back again to how they just didn't take Clarke's word for everything and they had to stand in line behind others whose business had greater priority. KO brought up missile defense, asking Kurtz:

    Does your blood run cold?

    His reply was that we focused on the wrong problem. Interestingly, Kurtz didn't get Great Thanksed from Keith. Just a "thank you for your time". (Take that for not parroting every word of OlbySpin!) As this mind-numbing exercise groaned to its conclusion, we thought back to the promo that had been running all day: Bush's chances to stop Bin Laden before 9/11. The only one we heard was the "offer" from the Taliban that Olby's own expert ridiculed. But don't expect the fact that a Krazy Keith theory is given no credibility by someone in the know will stop KO and the Olbypologists from flaunting it anyhow. It hasn't in the past. Just watch.

    Oddball preceded another episode of Attack the Media. It was time to slam the "Rupert Murdoch owned" New York Post. This was all about the scare that was reported today, and the "shocking" way the paper wrote it up. KO gave a self-aggrandizing version of the events, disputing the paper's claim that he insisted a check-up at the hospital. He asserts it was all the doing of the police officers, and he wanted to leave the hospital but they wouldn't let him. Then, in a classic bit of OlbySpin, he slammed the Post for:

    ...its endorsement of terroristic threats from the radical right.

    So KO knows who sent him the suspicious package? He knows it came from the "radical right"? Why doesn't he have the guy arrested? In the Anthrax attacks, despite messages that appeared to emanate from radical Islamists, investigators have been looking elsewhere, because it is not uncommon for such messages to be red herrings. But Swami Olbermann Knows All and Sees All. Maybe he should name the sender as "worst person".

    Then Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann was off on another tear. The paper sides with terrorists, not the FBI. No newspaper should have printed this, despite Murdoch's "radical agenda". Mr Humility wrapped this unbilled "special comment" with:

    At this end anyway we are still human beings and Americans. And we would never have any problem choosing whether to support the terrorists or the FBI.

    Yeah, Olby always supports law enforcement over the terrorists (NSA surveillance, Patriot Act, sneering at "purported" plots...). Gag. Moving along: Terrell Owens, Anna Nicole Smith, Steve Irwin. #1: The sex tapes of D-list celebrities.


    More maniacal pimping of Keith's book the book that bears Keith's name introduced the Media Matters Minute. Let's see who gets named in tonight's "nonpartisan" segment and whether all the necessary slots (Republican, conservative, Fox News) get filled. Runner-up: a candidate for Congress (R). Runner-up: Michael Savage. "Worst person" Roger Ailes, coupled with a criticism from Olby of his weight. Yes, this from the "anchorman" whose desk creeps a little higher every month, and whose cameraman keeps those shots tighter and tighter so as not to show his gut. Roger's crime was defending Chris Wallace, but KO found a way to make another reference (the third) to the "terroristic threats" that he has been receiving. Hey, this is even better than being on an Al Qaeda hit list! (Yup, all three slots filled.)


    Maybe Olby thinks trumpeting his victimhood will help get those book sales back into shape. If so, he has a lot of work to do. Amazon shows him sinking again, at #69 as we write. And what of his bete-noir? Bill O'Reilly's "Culture Warrior" is currently ranked at #4. Oh, the humanity! How can this be? Keith "I'm not courting the liberals" Olbermann is running ads on Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, and Crooks & Liars, the bluest blogs on the planet. What's more, the one-day Nielsen blip from his un-American smear of Chris Wallace has already started to dissipate. Tuesday's numbers show "Monkey" Olbermann slipping back into third place. And don't think he's on the way up. Next in store: #4. Looks like his writer is going to have to crank out another SC to keep Keith from ending up in the basement again. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 11 [DANGER!].

    Olberverse Roundup:

    Free Market News Network: Was MSNBC's newsman Keith Olbermann's recent "anthrax scare" a warning? Rob Kall, posting at OpEd News, explores this question, as well as the furor raised by a New York Post story that purported to belittle Olbermann for his reaction to the whole incident.

    Jossip: Keith Olbermann took the opportunity on Countdown yesterday to express the severity of the envelope full of soap he received. He didn't get a lollipop on his way out, ok guys? This was really, really serious. He got a prescription for Cippro. There was also a federal investigation into the incident, which the FBI asked Olbermann not to report on. For your protection, obviously. We can't have the person who's mass mailing soap to everyone know that the FBI is on to him.

    Metroblogging New York City: The calm, yet assertive Olbermann retorts on his show here and wins and even larger place in my heart. Worth watching regardless of your political leanings, as I think we can all agree that the Post is a worthless rag.

    ICN: Keith Olbermann responded yesterday to yesterday’s Page Six item on him and deservedly shredded the New York Post for their antics.

    Question Everything: The fact that the NY Post may have interfered with a federal investigation is not the most disturbing part. Even worse is the tone in which they reported it.

    Crooks and Liars: There is a very serious side to what happened.

    fbi hop: Given the condescending tone by the New York Post Page Six staff and the fact that no other media outlet reported directly on the event, I thought that maybe Page Six was making things up.

    Done with Mirrors: ...while Page 6's stupid, ill-considered and pettily gleeful little piece inspired this post, I don't want to let the actual instigator off the hook...


    ICN: ...trying to compare Roger Ailes’ comment to what happened to him leaves me nonplussed. The two are not related.

    ICN: As these insults pile up, Olbermann risks becoming the very thing he apparently despises most about FNC (judging by his previous comments); a loudmouth talking head who takes the low road with the cheap shot instead of making substantive points. Is that really what he wants to be?

    Blue Herald: Olbermann smacks Roger Ailes good.

    Newsbusters: I actually was surprised when on tonight's show, Keith Olbermann unleashed a string of jibes aimed at Roger Ailes' physique. So surprised that when Olbermann first began his barrage, with a comment about Ailes doing something "between pies," I truly wondered whether I had misheard him or perhaps misunderstood his intent. Fat jokes? Could my fellow Cornellian really be stooping that low?

    Hot Air: Olbermann calls Ailes fat eight times in seven minutes; Update: The 18-second gap

    Newsbusters Olbermann Insults Ailes Again

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    Stop Scaring Keith

    Whichever one of you wise guys sent KO the package of soap powder needs to knock it off. That was NOT cool! According to the New York Post, Keith was NOT amused:

    MSNBC loudmouth Keith Olbermann flipped out when he opened his home mail yesterday. The acerbic host of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" was terrified when he opened a suspicious-looking letter with a California postmark and a batch of white powder poured out. A note inside warned Olbermann, who's a frequent critic of President Bush's policies, that it was payback for some of his on-air shtick...

    ...The caustic commentator panicked and frantically called 911 at about 12:30 a.m., sources told The Post's Philip Messing. An NYPD HazMat unit rushed to Olbermann's pad on Central Park South, but preliminary tests indicated the substance was harmless soap powder. However, that wasn't enough to satisfy Olbermann, who insisted on a checkup. He asked to be taken to St. Luke's Hospital, where doctors looked him over and sent him home. Whether they gave him a lollipop on the way out isn't known. Olbermann had no comment.

    Whatever gripes we have with Keith this is not right - and not funny. Folks at NBC still have vivid memories of the REAL anthrax attack on Tom Brokaw. The last time I checked, Tom's secretary had still not returned to work. I don't think I need to prove anything about my distaste for what KO does with his show but I now find myself in the odd position of defending Keith, agreeing with Editor & Publisher and slamming Page Six. The New York Post went way over the line here in making light of this incident.

    UPDATE: The Olberverse weighs in...

    Gawker: Fucking pussy. Everyone knows anthrax is no big deal.

    Hot Air:

    Relevant Torture: Hollywood Reporter columnist Ray Richmond writes about KO's suspicious mail

    Star Dog Cafe: did some flunky that works for Rupert Murdoch's organization send that fake anthrax letter to Keith? Was it some ultra-right-wing jack-off who sits around and listens to conservative talk radio all day long? Was the sender of the letter so upset by Keith's recent commentary?

    Outside the Betlway: It;s rather amusing, then, to see a pro-Olbermann blogstorm among the latter.

    Blue Crab Boulevard: I have never watched Keith Olberman's show, but have seen a few video clips. My opinion of him? He's a jerk on the make. He thinks he can build a name for himself by playing to the left and being more and more extreme in his anti-Bush diatribes. Some share my opinion, some think he's wonderful, some think he's good, some think he's bad. None of which gives anyone the right to send the man a packet of powder in the mail and attempt to terrify him.

    The American Mind: It's bad enough for some sick bastard to send Lefty looney toon Keith Olberman an envelope filled with white powder. I hope that creature is soon arrested. To make things worse the NY Post's gossip section, Page Six, mocked Olberman.

    The Moderate Voice: Is it going to take a major catastrophe for some folks to see how bitter, venal partisanship which continues to go into areas far behind debate over issues into personal hatred is taking this country down a path Democrats and Republicans would not have dreamed it could ever realistically reach?

    Patterico's Pontifications: This New York Post Page Six entry is just plain idiotic.

    Right Wing Huthouse: In what, in my opinion, is one the most disgraceful and shocking exhibitions of callous disregard for journalistic standards not to mention human decency, the New York Post gossipy Page Six ran a story describing MSNBC host Keith Olbermann's terrifying experience with a threatening letter that contained a "white powder."

    Ed Driscoll: Hugh Hewitt and Ed Morrissey are defending Keith Olbermann--and I agree with them.

    The Political Pit Bull: As much as "my ilk" and I can't stand Olbermann and his self-righteous B.S., this is totally screwed-up.

    Hugh Hewitt: The Post owes Olbermann an apology, and it needs a new Page Six staff --again

    Captain's Quarters: Olbermann is human, and a feigned terrorist attack on him goes waaaaaay beyond the pale. As if that wasn't bad enough, the New York Post's Page Six belittles him for checking with a doctor to be sure.

    Hot Air: I wonder if he will bring this up on his show since he attacked O’Reilly for claiming he was on an al-Qaeda death list.

    186K per second: Regardless what you think of Olbermann, this is a sick and twisted trick.

    Majikthise: sending fake anthrax to journalists is just a harmless prank. You know, like stuffing a deer head into a black family's mailbox.

    Newsbusters: Keith Olbermann Terrified by 'Anthrax' Package.

    Radio Equalizer: According to the New York Post, the serial O'Reilly basher has also received a substance- filled letter with a Californian postmark. Somehow, the lunatic had Olbermann's home address. It may be similar to the one sent to KSCO, a news - talk station in Santa Cruz, on Monday. That letter was apparently posted from San Jose.

    Oliver Willis: The right-wing in America has once again chosen to try and silence that which they disagree with.

    Relevant Torture: some nutjob sent fake anthrax to Keith's home in the mail - ostensibly for his outspokenness of late.

    ICN: The more I think about it, the more displeased I am with Page Six.

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    On the road again...

    This post is really just for the regular OlbyWatch readers who might miss me while I am travelling this week and unable to follow either Olbermann or the comment threads.

    Right now I am sitting at the Borders/Starbucks overlooking Baltimore's Inner Harbor, not far from Camden Yards where the Orioles play. Ironically, I had tickets for the Orioles v. Yankees in New York last night but could not go. I took my daughter to see two schools today - Towson University and Loyola Maryland. The guy on the tour mentioned that the editor of their school paper was "really famous" because he was a blogger and asked if I knew what blogging was. Hehehe. The paper is actually very good. Brian is Ediitor in Chief. In the current edition he wrote a column contrasting the crime rate at the University of Maryland (one of the worst in the USA) with Towson, relatively safer.

    I will be in DC for a conference on Thursday and Friday. I was invited to the conference by Sandra Day O'Connor which she is hosting along with Stephen Bryer. It's kind of a big deal conference with some big names like Newt Gingrich, Tom Daschle, Chief Justice Roberts, AG Alberto Gonzalez and load of ex-Sec States, ex-AGs and ex-FBI directors participating. They kept the whole thing kind of quiet and asked me not to blog about it but last night I saw O'Connor and Breyer on with Charlie Rose talking about it and so I guess its ok now for me to blog about my going. The conference is on a "Fair Judiciary" and is focused on their concern that 40-50% of Americans think that judges are politicians and robes and that this perception of judges is bad for our democracy. Last night they dismissed the notion of "activist judges". Rose said something I had been thinking - that I have never heard of such a conference where supreme court justices are getting so publicly involved on political issues and brining together politicians. If I understood Breyer right, this kind of thing has happened twice in the past 100 years - the last time under Warren Burger in the early 70s - so it IS a pretty unusual event. It was funny at the end because Rose said "Gee, now I really want to go to this conference". I already know this event is invitation only and the way that have managed the event (HomeDef Sec Chertoff's wife is managing it) has been very strict so there was no way Charlie was getting a last minute invite - and sure enough the two of them just sat there stonefaced. Hehehe.

    I will try and pop in here on this post and update you all on the event if I can. I am pretty sure Keith Olbermann will not come up but if he does I wll let you know.

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    September 26, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • POLITICS OF NIE; CLINTON FOX INTERVIEW FALLOUT: Howard Fineman, Newsweek; Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC analyst

    Oh, Keith Olbermann doesn't try to appeal to liberals. He is totally nonpartisan, don't you know? That's why, in tonight's opening spiel, he introduced a clip of Hillary saying:

    Now there are two Clintons telling truth to power.

    Olby told the "sandbagging" lie again, and in a classic Olbermann moment, played the George Allen "macaca" clip.

    Stop the tivo!

    We haven't ever yelled "stop the tivo" this early into The Hour of Spin, but we have to now. This is the same Keith Olbermann who just 24 hours ago sneeringly referred to a Jewish journalist at Fox as "a monkey". The same Keith Olbermann who not that long ago was banging on Allen for "macaca", stating this was a term that could refer to "a genus of monkey found mainly in Asia...a derogatory racial reference for African immigrants.".

    Well guess what? "Monkey" is a term that refers to monkeys! And it's also a derogatory racial reference for Jews. How can anyone so arrogant be so immensely oblivious?

    Back to the tivo. Olby looked orange and curiously sour as he delivered the lead story: another salvo at the President. After a few carefully selected clips from today's presser, and a few even more assiduously cherry-picked quotes from the NIE, it was on to Condi Rice. Her great offense was to say the Bush administration worked just as hard as the previous one during its first eight months. Then clips from Senator Clinton, "telling truth to power". Through all of this Olbermann's verbiage was about as even-handed as a MoveOn internet ad.

    Cue Howard Fineman, Pundit for All Occasions. Keith tossed everything from ABC's 9/11 film to the results of last night's football game into a heady stew, lumping them together as the efforts of the "Bush adminstration". He asked if those dumbells in the White House were really so stupid as to think the their aggrieved Democrat victims would not rise up in righteous anger over these despicable smears. OK, we're paraphrasing. But not by much. Howie said this signals "a change in attitude" by the Dems, with a lot more "confidence". Then, with a straight face, Olby talked about, of all things, fact-checking!

    ...if you can fact-check them and prove them wrong within minutes of a statement being made public...

    We know exactly what that's like here at Olbermann Watch. It's what we do. Fineman said Bill Jefferson Clinton "comes off as the more truthful one", the White House is "bailing water", and George Bush "smirks". After crypto-liberal Fineman, KO left all pretense behind to introduce the deranged Lawrence ("Liar! Creepy Liar!") O'Donnell. Olby asked him about the release of the "NIA", and Larry called it "the smoking gun". Krazy Keith, eager to aid his party, suggested what the Democrats should do next (keep pounding on the NIE), while Crazy Larry said they should pound on Iraq.

    You would think Iraq was the only topic covered by the "NIA" since it's the only aspect KO even mentioned. One part of the document that Keith never got around to quoting:

    Should jihadists leaving Iraq perceive themselves, or be perceived, to have failed, we judge fewer fighters will be inspired to carry on the [terror war].

    In one of those amazing synergies of talking points that seem to be commonplace on The Hour of Spin, Larry echoed Howie, talking about how "credible" B.J. Clinton is, and how Bush was "asleep at the wheel". [Note: Time to update The List.] As a special treat, KO promised that tomorrow he would "strip away the politics" to tell the truth about the first eight months of the Bush administration. Blue bloggers, start your engines!

    Teasing before the break, "Monkey" Olbermann referenced the well-known "venom" of that poisonous snake, Chris Wallace. But the #4 story was about allegations regarding George Allen. He is said to have used the B-word, so named for its use by Robert Byrd (D), an incident that never got much play on The Hour of Spin. Slippery Shuster delivered a taped report, and the fact that Larry Sabato claims he heard it himself does not help the Senator's case.

    NOTE: See important update below.

    It was almost surreal when Slippery said "Macaca is a term that can refer to monkeys". That makes it shocking, explosive, headline-worthy news, you know. Actually calling someone a monkey? Hey, no big deal. Olby thanked the tape machine that played Shuster's report.

    After oddball, Krazy Keith found an excuse to regurgitate part of his blue dress interview with B.J. Clinton. He preceded it with a clip from the "ambush" (Olbermann lie) and "sandbagging" (Olbermann lie) by Fox News, while gushing anew at the wonder that is B.J. Clinton. Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann told viewers they could see his entire Clinton one-an-one on the internet. As if anyone would be interested in that exercise of mutual onanism when they could see the interview that actually made news.

    #2: Dolphins (recycled NBC tape), Paris Hilton, Sumner Redstone. #1: Star Jones, Liza Minelli, and more, with the creepy Michael Musto talking about toilet seats and herpes.


    KO's beserk kowtowing to the blue bloggers on Monday produced its usual one-day spike. He actually came in second, while still losing to his Fox nemesis by more than three to one. The idea was also to bump those book sales: he's at #48 on amazon. But, oh no, Culture Warrior is currently #6. Did Keith's book the book that bears Keith's name ever make it that high? Heh. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW].

    UPDATE: The clip shown of Larry Sabato in David Shuster's report had him saying that he knew "for a fact" that Allen had used the racial slur. Shuster stated that Sabato went to school with Allen, thereby reinforcing the notion that Sabato had heard it first hand.

    However, the facts are quite different. Sabato never heard Allen use the B-word, the N-word, or any other racial slur. This was reported earlier today, long before Countdown aired. So what we had was another Shuster/Olbermann hit-job. We have been most remiss. We actually took a report from Slippery Shuster, aired by Herr Olbermann, as if it were reliable journalism from honest reporters. We apologize to Olbermann Watch readers for this lapse in judgment. It will not happen again.

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    Olbermann's Macaca

    John Gibson discussed fallout from the Clinton/Wallace interview on his radio program today. Here is an mp3 audio excerpt that will be of interest to readers of this site.

    Within an hour or so we will have a longer version available for your listening pleasure.

    UPDATE: Longer extract (about 10 minutes) can be heard here.

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    OlbyWatch Survey: Does Chris Wallace deserve a public apology?

    Question: Does Chris Wallace deserve a public apology for being called a "monkey"?

    A. Yes, from Olbermann
    B. Yes, from Dan Abrams and MSNBC
    C. Yes, from both of the above
    D. No, Keith was right

    Yesterday's Question: How will Olby cover the Clinton/Wallace interview tonight?

    A. Deliver a "special comment" slamming Fox News 29% (65 votes)
    B. Interview a Clintonista to say "Bill was right" 6% (14 votes)
    C. Interview a journalism "expert" to say "Bill was right" 6% (15 votes)
    D. All of the above 55% (123 votes)
    E. He will ignore it all together 2% (6 votes)

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    September 25, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • WAR POLITICS: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek; Jonathan Alter, Newsweek
    • SEC. RUMSFELD UNDER FIRE AGAIN: Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton


    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann sailed into his opening spiel like Jimmy Swaggert at a revival meeting. Makes sense. Olby, too, is basically just preaching to his choir. The NIE. Fox News. RNC mudslinging. Clips of Bill Jefferson Clinton: "conservative hit job". KO bellows:

    The end of George Bush's free pass! [1]

    Keith is on fiyah! Alert the blue bloggers!

    The lead story was about the NIE, a "sweeping assessment" according to KO, because the selectively leaked portion in the New York Times said so. Then it was off to tonight's grand installment of Attack the Media:

    Chris Wallace attempted to shift blame for 9/11, for the war on terror, if not for Iraq itself, onto Mr Clinton.

    Keep this in mind. We'll watch for Olby to play the clip where Mr Wallace does this.

    The Wolffe Man came over to play, but KO immediately shifted the discussion back to the NIE. Why didn't he ask him if Chris Wallace was some sort of evil Rovian right-wing extremist? Could it be because even Wolffie would tell Keith that Wallace's only crime was committing journalism? Yeah, shifting the topic back to the comfortable world of the NIE was the best move here. Then with a straight face, Krazy Keith asked The Wolffe Man if the adminstration was trying to "blame the media". Earth to KO: didn't you just do that yourself?

    After Great Thanksing Wolffe, Olby got back to Chris Wallace, the presumptuous bastard who dared to ask Bill Jefferson Clinton about UBL. KO ran more clips of B.J. attacking Wallace.

    Time for the next lefty to take the chair: Jonathan Alter. KO wanted to know if there was a pre-interview agreement breached, but Alter was reluctant to play along. He said it's another example of Clinton's temper, and added:

    I don't think there was any pre-ground-rules breached or anything like that, and I don't actually fault Chris Wallace at all.... I don't think he was right that somehow Fox was out to get him on this...

    Uh-oh. What's the discredited sports guy to do? Come up with a Krazy Keith Konspiracy (KKK). Tonight's version, it's all about the NIE:

    Did the whole thing give the Republicans cover on the NIE, divert the discussion for a while...

    Alter pointed out, quite sensibly, that the interview was taped on Friday, long before the NIE story broke. Another swing and a miss for Mr Merkle. Note that Mr Alter didn't buy into either of these spin points; they'll come up again later. However Alter bailed him out by changing the topic to how "devastating, devastating" the NIE leak was.

    Oh, wait, did we say "leak"? Back when the President legally declassified an NIE, Olby was up in arms, accusing the President of leaking and suggesting that he'd have to fire himself. But the discredited sports guy didn't raise a peep about this leak, or who did it, or whether that person should be fired. Different strokes for different votes.

    KO wanted to know if the "inspiration" they got from Clinton could "change the picture" for the midterm elections. That's our Olby: he'll find a pile of steaming dung and conclude that he's just been given a pony.

    Another tease [2] for Keith's "special comment" preceded the #4 story. It's "Capitol Hill testimony". Retired officers "testified" about how bad Rumsfeld is. It was a "Senate Democratic Policy Committee Hearing". Sounds pretty impressive, but what is Olbermann not telling us this time? For all his official-sounding descriptions, this was not a Senate hearing, or even a Senate session. It was a bunch of Democrats who gathered a handful of disgrunted ex-Generals in a hearing room for an election-year PR stunt. This pretend "hearing" is what Olby would call "politicizing the war on terror", if it had been held by a bunch of Republicans.

    It was all about "an administration not listening, and not telling the truth". The same famliar faces (Batiste, Hammes, Eaton, etc) were there crooning the same song they've been singing for months. Where was the news? There wasn't any! But even the lamest Democrat propaganda can find its way to The Hour of Spin.

    Then Olby promoed his "special comment" [3]:

    Former President Clinton getting sandbagged by Fox News...

    Does KO have short-term memory loss or what? Despite what his own guest said not ten minutes before, here's Krazy Keith, lying that Clinton was "sandbagged". Just how can someone be "sandbagged" in an interview where the ground rules said that no topics or questions were off the table? Olby is going to have to work overtime to make his latest attempt to attack the media fly.

    After oddball, there was--surprise!--a plug for the "special comment" [4]. You know, those special comments that, if you do them time after time, just aren't special any more? Yeah, those special comments. The #3 story was about the ban on liquid carry-ons. Uh-oh, we have a feeling we're going to hear "purported" very soon:

    The purported plot to blow up several passenger jets...

    Bingo! KO cited Ed Markey (D) before relegating the story to some rehashed NBC video. And then, just for a change of pace, Olbermann teased his "special comment" [5]. Plus car races (video reruns from MSNBC), Oprah, Mel Gibson, and that #@#@! special comment again [6].


    Of course, the book had to be pimped. Olby claimed it has "broken into the New York Times best-seller list at #18", neatly sidestepping the inconvenient fact that this list only has 15 slots. Classic Olbermann Onanism. KO slammed a car dealer who was promoting a sale by calling it a "jihad on high prices". We don't recall when he ever spoke out against any of the real, actual, genuine fatwahs or jihads that actually, well, kill people. Another victim was an old regular on Olby's enemies list: "Senator Rick 'Man on Dog' Santorum". His crime? He participated in a debate this afternoon with a Green Party candidate, but a Judge had ruled a few hours earlier that the Green guy didn't have enough signatures. The cable station decided to let him participate anyhow. And this makes Santorum evil, why? Don't ask. Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann has spoken.

    The "worst person" was...(there's hardly any suspense any more)...Bill O'Reilly. This was more Olbermann self-aggrandizement, as he claimed that O'Reilly "kept running away from me" at a Yankees game. What was Olby doing? Stalking him? Chasing him? Wagging a finger in his face, the same finger he uses to write Countdown? OK, show of hands, who wouldn't run away from this obsessed head case?


    At long last, held until the last possible Nielsen minute, yet another "special comment". KO said Clinton was:

    ...bullied and sandbagged by a monkey posing as a newscaster.

    Attn: Send this tape to the Edward R Murrow Award Committee. Because Murrow always called other reporters monkeys.

    The nation's freedoms are under assault...

    The nation's marketplace of ideas is being poisoned by a propaganda company so blatant that Tokyo Rose would quit....

    Bill Clinton has spoken the truth...

    Oh, really?

    Clinton has taken forceful and triumphant action for honesty, and for us, action as vital and courageous as any of his Presidency....

    The Bush administration did not try...

    The President has been given the greatest pass for incompetence and malfeasance in American history...

    To hear him bleat and whine and bully at every opportunity...

    We should simply sigh and keep our fingers crossed until a grownup takes the job three Januaries from now....

    Mister Bush has now moved unmistakably and without conscience or shame towards rewriting history, and attempting to make the responsibility entirely Mr Clinton's....

    He keeps saying this, but where was the clip of "Mister" Bush ever saying it? Olby continues:

    As with all the other nefariousness and slime of this, our worst Presidency since James Buchanan, he is having it done for him by proxy. Thus the sandbag effort by Fox News Friday afternoon. Consider the timing. The very same weekend the National Intelligence Estimate would be released and show the Iraq War to be the fraudulent failure it is....

    Geez, this is exactly the KKK that your own guest shot down less than an hour ago. Welcome to Short Attention Span Theater.

    The kind of proof of incompetence for which the adminstration and its hyenas at Fox need to find a diversion in a scapegoat. It was the kind of cheap trick which would get a journalist fired, but a propagandist promoted, promise to talk of charity and generosity but instead launch into the lies and distortions...

    More Olbermann lies. As we noted, all topics were on the table for this interview. And as for Wallace being a propagandist, here's another example, one you won't hear from the discredted Keith Olbermann. Now why do you suppose he didn't tell you that? Olby continues:

    Mr Clinton was brave. Then again, Chris Wallace might be braver still. Had I, in one moment, surrendered all my credibility as a journalist and been irredeemably humiliated as was he, I would have started a new career selling seeds by mail....

    How could Krazy Keith possibly surrender something he doesn't have? Coming soon: Burpee Seeds, mailed to your door by Edward R Olbermann. Olby continues:

    Disney was the first to sell out its corporate reputation with The Path to 9/11...

    The basic plotline was this: because he was distracted by the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Bill Clinton failed to prevent 9/11...

    The right-wingers...who sandbag Mr Clinton with it at news interviewer, have simply skipped back its most glaring flaws....

    What in the Wide World of Sports is this madman talking about? Chris Wallace never once mentioned Lewinsky. Another Olbermann lie. KO continues:

    Who on earth conducted the Lewinsky witchhunt?...

    Um, that would be Janet Reno, who appointed the Special Prosecutor and even expanded his authority. Olby continues:

    Who distracted whom?

    See above.

    The distractions of 1998 and 1999, Mister Bush, were carefully manufactured and lovingly executed not by Bill Clinton, but by the same people who got you elected President...

    Janet Reno?

    We have your sleazy and sloppy rewriting of history, designed by somebody who evidently read the Orwell playbook too quickly...

    Bingo! Orwell reference.

    You did not try. You ignored the evidence.... Then you blamed your predecessor. That would be the textbook definition, sir, of cowardice...

    When was it again that "Mister" Bush blamed Bill Clinton? We kept waiting for this clip, just like we waited for the clip of Chris Wallace shifting the blame for 9/11 to Bill Clinton. But they never came. KO continues:

    You have failed us anew in Afghanistan, and you have now tried to hide your failures by blaming your predecessor. And now you exploit your failure to rationalize brazen torture, which doesn't work anyway...

    See above. And see Brian Ross.

    There it is, sir. Are yours the actions of a true American?

    How many times have we heard America's most dangerous demagogue rail at Tony Snow, or "Mister" Bush, or Rumsfeld, or any of them for being critical of reporters, or raising their voices to them, or looking cross-eyed at them. Do we not recall KO intoning about our "deep national shame" because someone in government dares to take exception with "those loyal Americans who disagree with his policies—or even question their effectiveness or execution"? All of a sudden, when it's B.J.'s policies that are the subject, Olby does a double-flip, full-reverse half-somersault and it's time to demonize dissent! Don't try to make sense out of it. It's OlbyLogic.

    This was Reverend Olby at his most sanctimonious. As each "special comment" tries to top the previous one, they become increasingly preposterous and frenzied. This latest embarrassment, chock full of unsubstantiated drivel, citing nonexistent statements, never documented, is so farcical it could seal Herr Olbermann's fate once and for all.


    In the battle for viewers, Olby's Friday Night lovefest with B.J. Clinton couldn't even beat the O'Reilly Kasich Factor. In fact, KO just barely eeked out a third-place finish. Book sales aren't what they used to be: he's sunk to #117 on Amazon, while Mr Bill stands at #10. Hey, could that be why he didn't do his usual comparison between the two? Could that be why a planned report on Pakistan's Musharraf "exploiting the war on terror" to sell books was hastily replaced with another unhinged rant? We report, you decide. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 9 [SEVERE].

    UPDATE: Inside Cable News has a strong reaction to tonight's "special comment":

    Keith Olbermann called FNC's Chris Wallace "a monkey posing as a newscaster" for his question that got Bill Clinton all riled up. This is beyond patently ridiculous. It's offensive.... It appears to me like it's almost as if he feels has to top himself with each new commentary. Be more outlandish...more daring...more critical. At some point he was bound to go too far. And tonight he did just that. Olbermann should apologize to Wallace.


    UPDATE: Condi Rice slams Clinton claims as "flatly false". That Condi is commenting suggests this ain't over by a long shot. Today asked two leading political analsyts to discuss Clinton v. Wallace again this morning; in a suprise both analysts were Democrats (Carville and Begala).

    UPDATE: The L.A. Times has published a terrific editorial by Andrew Klavan which begins "THERE'S NO LIMIT to what a man can do. "President Reagan used to say, "if he doesn't care who gets the credit." Former President Clinton's motto seems to be a little different: "There's no limit to how much credit a man can get, if he doesn't care what he's actually done."

    Former President Clinton's motto seems to be a little different: "There's no limit to how much credit a man can get, if he doesn't care what he's actually done."

    Olbersphere reax


    Marc Parent: after he promised 'brimstone and fire' on his ESPN radio show, and his website previewed a new 'special comment', the left wing internet blogs exploded in anticipation.

    Metafilter: ...students of politics and media will be reviewing this clip for years to come as a little cultural watershed.

    Crooks and Liars: Keith pulled no punches and launched another smack down on Bush and FOX News...

    Brilliant at Breakfast: Keith ups the ante.

    The Mahablog: another of his blistering special comments.

    Newshounds: Keith Olbermann delivered what has to be THE best synopsis of the Bush Presidency and its Machiavellian machinations.

    Bark Bark Woof Woof: With his recent commentaries Mr. Olbermann joins the honored ranks of Edward R. Murrow, William F. Buckley, and Bill Moyers as wordsmiths on television.

    Shakespeare's Sister: His takedown of the Bully-in-Chief is brilliant.

    The Democratic Daily: the great Keith Olbermann kicked it up a notch.

    Liberal Values blog: While most of the media remains cautious, Keith Olbermann continues to speak out against the Bush Administration and their Orwellian attempts to rewrite history...

    Relevant Torture: ...every one of these glorious rants has been like a breath of fresh air in a smoke-filled room.

    Op-Ed News: another presentation of the truth for the ages

    Drunk with KO I agree with everything that Keith Olbermann said and applaud him for saying it.

    Question Everything: incredle

    PaganDancer Journal: Keith Olbermann points out some glaring facts the Bush Admin and his paid for sycohphants (FAUX news) don't want people to be reminded about.

    Daily Southtown (Sun-Times): Keith Olbermann is a rational intellect

    Warbly: Our Murrow, Keith Olbermann has brass balls. His seems to be the lone voice in the corporate media willing to call this authoritarian administration what it is.

    Daily Kos: Two words to describe the special comment: Fucking WOW!

    Newsvine: Keith's delivery is powerful and he saves the best for last.

    : Keith Olbermann has done it better than anybody.

    A Man Out of Time: ...a verbal surgical strike.

    Still awaiting the insights of Americ-nt


    Hot Air: There's nothing so pathetic, or entertaining, as someone stupid trying to sound smart; the fact that it’s happening on national TV every night makes it almost too good to be true.

    The Poor Man Institute: Olbermann is as shrill as Tiny Tim sucking a balloon full of helium and then blowing sixty-four octaves above middle C on a giant dog whistle right in your ear.

    186k per second: kookier and more incoherent with every word

    The Cable Game: The invaluable Olbermann Watch caught Olbermann uttering epithets that would likely get a mere mortal TV talking head fired, or at least castigated.

    ICN: his successive criticisms on the Bush administration in recent weeks have gotten shriller and shriller. It appears to me like it's almost as if he feels he has to top himself with each new commentary. Be more outlandish...more daring...more critical. At some point he was bound to go too far. And tonight he did just that. Olbermann should apologize to Wallace.

    Done with Mirrors: Olbermann Becoming That Which He's Supposedly Been Attacking All This Time. In other words, the flip side of the coin of the sloppier, less responsible, cynical, time-elliding, history-selective, context-disregarding, willfully reductive, and manipulative parts of his mirror image in the ideologically rightist part of media.

    Newsbusters: In Latest Rant, Olbermann Demeans Wallace as 'Monkey,' Bush as Not 'True American''

    Ankle Biting Pundits I can't decide if Keith Olbermann is unhinged, mentally ill, supremely arrogant, smug, filled with hate, obsessed with conspiracy theories, or just plain stupid. I have to think all are somewhat true.

    The QandO blog: stunningly vicious and, as usual, dead wrong, Keith Olbermann speaks out, this time giving his opinion on the Clinton interview on Fox News Sunday.

    Hugh Hewitt/Townhall Blog: If you want an all-too-clear glimpse into one half of our political system's current derangement, Olbermann's rant provides it.

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    MSM KO Bandwagon Example #171: USA Today has fun with numbers

    UPDATE: KO's ratings were up 9-14 % not 33 % as claimed in USA TODAY.


    Peter Johnson of USA Today, in his exegisis on rants on cable TV, provides yet another example of how members of the TCA find new ways to work Keith Olbermann into a column/ As usual, the plug comes with yet another formulation of the "Keith's Ratings Are Surging!" line which is apparently required under the TCA charter. This time some cherry-picked numbers are slapped together to produce this gem "Olbermann's four "special comments" since Aug. 30 have driven ratings up 33% to 495,000."

    Let's check the math, shall we?

    According to the always reliable TVNewser, KO had 484,000 viewers on August 30th, the date cited by Johnson. I don't know where he got 495,000 (the piece does not say and I could not find it after skimming TVN). Regardless, 495,000 viewers from the 484,000 on August 3oth is only an increase of 2%. Perhaps he was looking at some recent ratings data? Well, the most recent numbers published when the paper went to bed were those from Sept. 21 (452,000) which is a DECLINE of 7%. Hmmm. Maybe Johnson got this data from the day before? Well that doesn't work either since KO had 414,000 viewers which is a decline of 17%. Maybe this is just special OlbyLoon math where the quotient (Keith's ratings are up 33%) can be "accurate" even when the variables plugged into the equation can be "fake".

    CORRECTION: After exchanging emails with Peter Johnson, I rewrote the opening sentence. It had originally read "Peter Johnson of USA Today finds yet another way to work Keith Olbermann into a TV critic column with his exegisis on rants on cable TV". I agreed that this conveyed the false impression that Johnson had written many other articles on Keith Olbermann. That sentence should have conveyed my belief that Johnson's article contained another example of "Keith Boosting" by the MSM.

    He also passed along the data sent to him by MSNBC's PR department:

    As of September 19, Keith is up +43% in the demo (25-54) and +33% with P2+ since his first rant (which was on August 30). Here are the actual numbers week by week:

    A25-54 P2+
    Wk of 8/21: 149 419
    Wk of 8/28: 169 416
    Wk of 9/4: 187 476
    Wk of 9/11: 213 556
    Wk of 9/18: 180 495

    In my reply to Johnson, after agreeing to edit my post, I wrote "The first set of numbers include two nights when Keith was on vacation and a night when NO ONE was watching much cable news - the Friday before the Labor Day weekend. So, the baseline numbers are "artificially" depressed. If you check you will see that the initial pickup in ratings Keith got from the first "rant" was the following week beginning on that Tuesday after the blue blogs flogged KO's Rummy Rant for several days; if you were to use THAT as a baseline you'd find that Keith has LOST viewers as he has continued to go to the "special comment" well. The last set of numbers is also misleading because they include two heavily promoted "events" one of which was not a rant - KO's bizarre "unacceptable to think" rant on Monday but more importantly his Clinton interview on Friday. I don't have those numbers yet but if 495K is right then by interpolation he got about 618,000 on Friday. Given this, I think it is fair to say that your use of the numbers provided by MSNBC sent are not clear and that those numbers themselves are misleading.

    UPDATE: I just got hold of the Friday numbers for Countdown (424/162) and they tell an interesting tale. I got the first four days of last week from TVN and Friday from a second source. Here they are together:

    424/162 - 9/22 - Fri
    452/148 - 9/21 - Thurs
    415/147 - 9/20 - Wed
    444/187 - 9/19 - Tues
    547/173 - 9/18 - Mon

    If you take the average for all five days you get 456,000 viewers. The 495,000 figure apparently comes from averaging just the first two days of the week. But recall that MSNBC said KO had a 33% increase and based that on comparing week to week data on their note to Johnson.

    The correct comparison would be 456,000 for the week of 9/18 v. 416,000 for the week of 8/30 which means KO had a 9% increase not 33% as claimed. It sure looks like MSNBC attempted to pass off 2 days of ratings data as an average for the full week in order to misrepresent KO's "success" to USA TODAY. I will be asking Johnson to comment further (but it's late so don't expect a reply until tomorrow).

    UPDATE: TVN just posted the Friday numbers and he is reporting a very different number for Friday - 525/174. Now, regular readers will know that we caught Brian fiddling with the ratings data before so there is no telling whether my original source got it wrong, whether Brian got it wrong or whether the discrepency is just a function of the infamous "Live Plus' data issue. Although that is an awfully big difference. But, in either case, I ran those numbers too and they come out to a weekly average of 476.6 which means Keith would be up 14%, still well below the 33% claimed by USA Today.

    UPDATE: Here's how I know I am on to something with these ratings numbers - when Becky at Relevant Torture agrees with me: Except that ratings thing. Countdown's ratings have been the same rollercoaster they've always been since KO has stepped up the "special comments." Sometimes they spike, sometimes they tank. I'm not getting excited about the ratings until the year-to-year comparisons are out.

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    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part XIII

    A reader emails with a screen grab from the FaceBook entry of Brian Stelter of TVNewser which sheds some light on a long-standing question about the integrity of the TVNewser site.

    OlbyWatch regulars will recall a widely linked post, A word on ratings and the "25-54" demo hype in which I asked "Who cares if Brian Stelter is a liberal activist, with a cozy relationship with MSNBC, who despises Fox News and has been known to edit his site to suit the whims of MSNBC on-air personalities like Keith Olbermann." I then proceeded to explain why it matters that the primary source for cable news ratings data in the blogosphere is biased to the left.

    TVNewser responded in "rightgeous" indignation with a typically disingenuous post laced with invectives and denials including these tidbits:

    "to suggest that I'm motivated by offensive, baseless, and wrong"

    "For the record, I am not a liberal activist..."

    As I noted in my reply, Methinks TVNewser Doth Protest Too Much, Brian himself wrote about his liberal activism back when his blog was called "CableNewser" including photos of him picketing. (the entry has since been deleted from the archives). Having made the point that there was a perfectly good explanation for the perceived liberal bias on TVN (that he IS a liberal and that his political agenda comes through very clearly in his blog), I was pretty much willing to drop the matter until I read a puff-piece by Peter Johnson in USA Today which ends with this laughable quote from Brian:

    ""People write me and say, 'Thank you for correcting yourself.' I guess that's in short supply these days. Not enough people admit when they mess up. To me, credibility is all I have."

    As has been documented on this site and elsewhere, Brian has had a long history of doing the exact opposite - covering his errors by backdating time stamps on posts, deleting posts without explanation, editing posts without indicating changes from the original, failing to provide proper attribution and much worse. The confluence of the two - Brian's claim to credibility to a gullible TV critic and a track record of playing fast and loose with the facts - prompted me to write a month-long series entitled "TVN: Journalism at its finest":

    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part I
    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part II
    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part III
    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part IV
    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part V
    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part VI
    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part VII
    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part VIII
    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part IX
    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part X
    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part XI
    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part XII

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This site was switched to PHP a few years ago and there is a needed fix to allow older files to render correctly. As this post is about 8 years old, that is a lot of work to cause these links to work correctly. So, rather than do that, we have simply created .html versions of these pages so you can read the TVN series linked above by clicking on these duplicate links (note, they will appear without formatting). RCox 10/27/2014


    Recently, my daughter, a high school senior, has been meeting students at Towson University where Brian is a senior. In fact, I am taking her there tomorrow for a campus tour. This morning I found the screen grab below in my inbox, which shows Brian to be a member of 46 Facebook Groups including "Don't Blame Me...I Voted For Kerry" and "What's Wrong with the World? George W Bush!".

    Now, what was that about "offensive, baseless, and wrong"?


    [ed. the image was cropped both for readability and to protect the privacy of private persons whose name and/or photos appear in the profile]

    UPDATE: an emailer sends along a Brian Stelter column on Facebook.

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    OlbyWatch Survey: How will Olby cover the Clinton/Wallace interview tonight?

    Today's question: How will Olby cover the Clinton/Wallace interview tonight?

    A. Deliver a "special comment" slamming Fox News
    B. Interview a Clintonista to say "Bill was right"
    C. Interview a journalism "expert" to say "Bill was right"
    D. All of the above
    E. He will ignore it all together

    Yesterday's Question: Based on the Ross-Rice video, who do you believe more?

    A. Jack Rice 1% (1 vote)
    B. Brian Ross 98% (88 votes)

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    Olbermann Broadcasting Empire?

    I have received an email request intended for Keith from a Korean publisher who wishes to obtain the Korean language publishing rights for Worst Person in the World. Since KO reads this site I trust he will follow up with the confused Mr. Yang about negotiating a deal. Maybe if they make a deal we can all learn how to say "loofah" in Korean.

    As you read the email below you will note that Keith's publicist at Wiley is the same Esther Newberg who represents Imus (and who appears regularly on Imus), leading OlbyWatch to wonder why Imus has not booked Keith to flog WPIW. You will also note the name of Keith's company is listed in the reply from Wiley "Olbermann Broadcasting Empire Inc".

    Click to read the email:

    Dear Keith Olbermann!

    How are you.

    I'm Yang working for PLS Agency company.

    PLS is located in Seoul as a literary rights agency company.

    PLS is a leading literary agency specialized in mediating the licenses for the copyright between right proprietor and Korean publishers.

    I'd like to ask about Korean translation rights of your book.

    I want to get the information about translation rights of South Korea as following title.

    The title is "The Worst Person in the World(0470044950)" by Keith Olbermann.

    If Korean translation right has opened, please could you send me a copy?

    After review, we'd like to submit a official offer.

    Please surely give a reply(email or fax) to this inquiry, and I hope to get a chance to deal with you.

    Sincerely yours!

    Yang, Young-Chul (General Manager)

    Information for PLS (Publishing Language Service)
    Foundation : May. 01, 2002
    Registration Number : 105-07-19894
    Name of Company : PLS Agency
    Representative Person: Shin, Hye-Ook
    Address : Hyunjubil 401, 394-88 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-go, Seoul 121-840, KOREA
    Atten: Yang, Young-Chul
    Tel : 82-2-3143-1640
    Fax : 82-2-3143-1641
    E-mail :

    This Message is that send me from Wiley.

    The Worst Person in the World - 0470044950

    Copyright holder details as shown:

    Olbermann Broadcasting Empire Inc

    c/o International Creative Management Inc
    40 West 57th Street
    New York, NY 10019

    Attn: Esther Newberg

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    September 24, 2006
    Olbermann Falls Short on NYT Best Sellers List

    Keith and the OlbyLoons are going to want to tell you that Keith's book is #18 on this week's New York Times best seller list - and like most things you hear from OlbyLoons that would be a lie.

    As everyone knows: The New York Times list is not based upon total sales figures, but instead upon surveys of a selected sample of retail booksellers. The list is divided into Fiction and Non-Fiction sections, which each contains fifteen titles.

    Got that? FIFTEEN! Just like you can't "beat" Bill O'Reilly when you are coming in 4th place, you can't be #18 on a list that only goes to 15. The tip off for you OlbyLoons is the column titled "weeks on list"; see how there are no numbers next to WPIW? That means it ain't on the list!

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    A Clear-Thinking OlberLoon?

    If there is such a thing he looks a lot like Tom Armstrong at Thoughts Chase Thoughts:

    It is hard for me to be hammering the great host of the show Countdown with Keith Olbermann that appears on MSNBC weeknights, since I have been a great admirer of Olbermann and his program, the first great American liberal-oriented news the last few weeks he has done things highly worthy of criticism, I can only hope he will hear from people like myself and be made aware that in some ways he has taken up the flaws he finds so appalling in the Bush Administration and in the much-skewered Bill O’Reilly, whose show is on opposite his on Fox...Olbermann is taking the low road, ginning up his reputation as the snarling opposite of Bill O’Reilly.

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    Spreading the Myth

    Here's a short montage from John Gibson's radio show. He's talking with a deep blue blogger about the Clinton interview on Fox, and the conversation drifts into the topic of ratings. That's when she brings up the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann.

    The guest praising Olby's huge audience is Maryscott O'Connor, proprietress of My Left Wing. Here's the mp3 audio:

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    September 23, 2006
    Keith's Tortured Logic

    Allah Pundit wrote "Across the dial, right about the same time that O'Reilly and Ross were talking about [the effectiveness of 'torture' by the CIA], smug halfwit Keith Olbermann was blithely asserting that 'torture' doesn't work. You picked the wrong night, jerky." This inspired me to splice the two segments together (click below to view video; give it a moment to load).

    Before you OlbyLoons get bent out of shape, the sequences ARE out of order and sidebar discussions were cut; the purpose was to create a sort of "point/counterpoint" feel to the video - Allah's post has the BOR video, the KO transcript in on so you can/read the unedited versions for yourself.

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    OlbyWatch Survey: Who do you believe more?

    Based on the video (above), who you believe more?

    A. Jack Rice
    B. Brian Ross

    Yesterday's Question: What color dress do you think Keith will wear during his interview of Bill Clinton tonight?

    BONUS QUESTION: Will Keith "save" the dress or take it to the dry cleaners?

    A. Red 13% (13 votes)
    B. White 18% (18 votes)
    C. Blue 54% (53 votes)
    D. Black 14% (14 votes)

    Keith did save the dress.

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    KO moving to CNBC?

    Broadcasting & Cable is reporting that NBC may shut down live programming at MSNBC.

    Word is that the perennial also-ran in cable news is considering the possibility of virtually dropping out of the live-news business and devoting itself entirely to taped, newsmagazine-style programming - much of it likely repurposed from NBC News....If such a modification occurs, it would certainly mean changes for MSNBC's business-news sibling, CNBC. One scenario has successful MSNBC personalities Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann moving their respective acts to CNBC in the hopes of turbo-charging its ratings-challenged primetime.

    h/t ICN

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    September 22, 2006
    Chavez Pimps KO Book at UN


    Courtesy of David Lunde of LundeDesigns

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    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • WAR ON TERROR POLITICS: Col. Larry Wilkerson, U.S. Army (ret.), Sec. Colin Powell's fmr. chief of staff
    • TORTURE DEAL: Jonathan Turley, George Washington University Law School professor

    KO's opening spiel was about Musharraf, the detainees compromise, and plugging his Big Interview with ex-Prez Clinton, with clips of Bill Jefferson mouthing several Olby talking points nearly word for word. Wait until you see the "tough questions" we were promised, and what the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann does to a colleague who actually commits journalism.

    The Hour of Spin proper opened with Orange Man referencing his Krazy Keith Konspiracy of yesterday (the interrogation controversy is a "diversionary" trick), and went directly into Musharraf's claim that Pakistan was threatened with bombing, something Richard Armitage has denied.

    This was the cue for Wilkerson's appearance, who had been invited to offer anti-Bush spin on the interrogation issue. (KO sure spends a lot of time on something he claims to be a diversionary trick!)

    But first the talk dealt with the Pakistan bombing allegation; Wilkie dismissed it as "preposterous" while echoing some of the same phrases Armitage used and attacking Musharraf for his deal with tribal chieftans (more on that subject later). Krazy Keith oddly took exception with "Mister" Bush for telling reporters what Colin Powell had said about Pakistan at the time, and sputtered:

    Is that, did Mister Bush in-, in-, invoke his name immediately in, in, in way of answer to the letter that, uh, that, uh, S-S-Secretary Powell wrote to Senator McCain regarding the Geneva Conventions, is there any kind of retaliatory j-, j-, uh, element to this?

    KO asked if Wilkie was pleased with the interrogation compromise by asking "does it meet your smell test?" He replied that he didn't know the details but he knows this all happened as a result of "the administration's ineptitude" because he read it in the Washington Post. But Krazy Keith had another element of OlbySpin to reiterate:

    Interrogation at best does not produce consistently reliable information.

    Stop the tivo! Is this another stealth Olby rollback? What happened to "torture does not work"? Whatever became of the "unanimous" view that the information obtained is useless? Where did the mantra go that any intelligence obtained is "consistently" worthless? Is it possible someone actually whispered the name Brian Ross in Keith's ear? Yes, we here at Olbermann Watch did, and once again the discredited Keith Olbermann has been forced to back off because of the power and influence of this site.

    After KO Great Thanksed Wilkie for his "honesty and frankness" (i.e., for agreeing with The Great Olb), he ran a clip from his interview with Bill Jefferson Clinton to lead into the first break, throwing in additional teases like:

    ...the current political attitude of you're either with us, or you hate America.

    The #4 story was the deal on detainee interrogations, characterized by Olby as "clearly a deal of tortured language". KO complained that "Mister" Bush would be empowered to interpret the Geneva Conventions, as an intro to none other than The Nutty Perfessor. JT said it really does "rewrite the Geneva Convention" and allows too much. Olby groused again about giving any authority to the executive branch, because the interpretation would be made by somebody who is:

    ...not a lawyer, not a combat veteran, not a former P.O.W....

    The Perfessor slipped up, noting that the President always has authority to interpret treaties, but made a quick recovery, grumbling that this is just a justification for "late medieval" techniques, and whipping out the Alberto Gonzalez card. Then Olby was back to his tin-foilery about how it's all a ruse to protect all the torturing the evil adminstration has done in the past. The Perfessor didn't directly address that, and wandered off into the by-ways of how "ludicrous" the agreement is and how the President will now be known as "American torturer".

    The Perfessor was particularly agitated over the provision that doesn't permit US sources to cite foreign law in cases involving these interrogation techniques. And that's a bad provision why? JT went on to blame America for the demagoguery of Chavez and his ilk, and that struck a particularly receptive note with the sports guy.


    After another Pulitzer-worthy episode of "oddball" came the incessantly promoted Big News--Krazy Keith's eagerly anticipated one-on-one with the former President. Bill Jefferson Clinton finally got around to appearing on The Hour of Spin, after first doing interviews with various broadcast networks, CNN, and Fox (twice!). What a concept: Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann talking with B.J. Clinton. The synergy is perfect!

    There was innocuous chit-chat about Clinton's Global Initiative (it was "transcendant"), with a typical Olbermann moment: he handed over, on camera, a contribution for "eight more schools in Kenya". It's always all about Keith. But this crack journalist isn't going to let this opportunity go by without making real news. A-Mess-NBC promised KO would pepper B.J. with all sorts of "tough questions", and Olby delivered. Tough question #1:

    Here in this country, at the moment, there seem to be a lot of us who think that there are, that we are having trouble getting people involved in defending essential ingredients of our country and our heritage; we've heard a lot about anyone who disagrees with the current administration's policy in Iraq or on the war on terror, or even disputes their facts or questions them, would be suffering from moral or intellectual confusion. Or the President talked about, um, how in the world you, uh, you could disagree with him, it's unacceptable to think that we could be ever doing anything in any interrogation process that might be similar to what the terrorists do. When those of us worry about the, the future of the country, and the past of the country, worry about our heritage, what we stand for, are we overreacting, are we nuts, are we exaggerating, or do you feel the, the same threat?

    Whew! Welcome to the Carpal Tunnel Zone. It will surprise no one that B.J. replied that on these issues he sides with Olby. As the ex-Prez rambled on, Krazy Keith could be heard in the background muttering, "Right". Hey, we've been saying for years that KO is a Democrat propagandist. At least B.J. realizes it as well. Tough question #2:

    The Voltaire quote, about, essentially translated as I will disagree with your writing, your politics, your thought, but I will defend to the death your right to say that, uh, uh, uh, uh, an essence of education in this country, true? I mean, this, is this not what we're supposed to be about, and when we talk about rewriting the Geneva Conventions, or when we talk about demonizing dissent or even, uh, putting a, putting a, just a bad face on dissent in this country, are we not getting closer to what the terrorists want us to change anyway?

    Man, Keith is on a roll. This hard-hitting debriefing makes Tim Russert look like Merv Griffin! Who knew Olby had it in him? Tough question #3:

    The phone rings tomorrow and it's the current President, and he says things aren't going as well as they might, either for me or for the country. I need a piece of advice and I'm asking you sincerely for it, for one thing that I can do tomorrow that will improve things; you're the, uh, you're the genie now in the political realm again as you were in this building these last three days. What would you say to him if that request came through?

    With this kind of tough questioning, all B.J. could come up with was talk of stablizing the Middle East and avoiding unilateralism and making more friends. Well, that's actually three things. Tough question #4:

    Two years and, uh, six weeks or so from now, we have a Presidential election, 2008; you got anybody in that race, anybody you like, anybody at all?

    Dan Abrams and A-Mess-NBC promised that Keith Olbermann would "ask the tough questions", and boy howdy, did he. He was so wound up that he tossed in this gem as the Hour of Spin ground to a close:

    And our compliments to President Clinton for having today staved off a reprehensible sand-bagging by Chris Wallace of what is jokingly referred to as Fox News.

    The discredited sports guy, who can criticize movies without viewing them, is now branching out to slamming interviews that haven't even aired yet. How is this possible? Does Swami Olbermannn See All and Know All? Is his middle name Kreskin? In any case, Olby's desperate fulminating about it suggests that Chris Wallace might actually have delivered a few of the tough questions that were promised for tonight but never showed up. See it on Fox News Sunday; check your local listings for time and channel, or watch the replay at 6:00 pm on FNC.


    There were an abundance of dogs that did not bark tonight. You will recall how Krazy Keith breathlessly bellowed about Pakistan making an alliance with pro-Taliban tribes, but what about Musharraf, who revealed today that the truth is just the opposite? The alliance is with anti-Taliban tribes, but rather than correct his propaganda, Olby just spiked the story. And then there's The Great Leak Case--KO followed every hiccup on that story, well, every one that wasn't in any way favorable to Bush, Rove, or Scooter Libby. MSNBC's own website reports that the Judge on the case has made a ruling that is a "victory for Libby", and could even result in dismissal of the charges. So where was Slippery Shuster to explain it all away? Why didn't we hear from The Perfessor again about how the Judge would never do such a thing? All of a sudden The Great Leak Case is not news on Countdown. This is why we call it The Hour of Spin, folks.


    In his voyage to the bottom of the ratings barrel, Olby continues to languish in fourth place. But he can take heart; rumor is that he did edge out "Bosley Medical Institute" in the key demo of left-handed Druids between the ages of 25-54. The soaring success of Keith's book the book that bears Keith's name finds it ranked #66 at amazon, while Mr Bill's not-yet-released tome comes in at #38. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 4 [GUARDED]


    TruthStream: Video of the full interview of Bill Clinton from Keith Olbermann.

    Newsbusters: On Friday's Countdown, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann featured an interview with former President Clinton, during which he invited Clinton to attack President Bush, while not challenging the former President.

    ICN: Olbermann Watch thinks MSNBC should be charged with False Advertising over its billing tonight's Bill Clinton interview on Countdown as "Asking Tough Questions"...

    Hot Air: Who thinks it's a good idea to videotape his charitable acts and air them on his television show? A smug, shameless douche with a pathological need for approval, that's who...Johnny Dollar, as always, has a superb recap of the show along with a partial transcription. As you read it, keep in mind that MSNBC advertised tonight's program by promising that Keith would ask Clinton "the tough questions."

    Relevant Torture: Keith called Clinton's Global Initiative "transcendent" and, frankly, gushed a bit. (Can you blame him? The CGI raised over seven billion dollars!) Keith pledged to sponsored eight schools in Kenya, and Clinton thanked him, with tears in his eyes.

    The Cable Game If Keith Olbermann is going to unfairly hound George W. Bush, it's only fair that Olbermann Watch fairly hound Keith Olbermann.

    Pollitical Kicks: President Clinton sat down with Keith tonight to discuss the Clinton Global Initiative and a host of other topics.

    The Carpetbagger Report: As stunning as Bill Clinton's interview on Fox News was, no one should overlook the fascinating interview the former president did yesterday with MSNBC's Keith Olbermann.

    Crooks & Liars: President Clinton sat down with Keith tonight to discuss the Clinton Global Initiative.

    186K per second: In a way only possible of Keith Olbermann, he hands former President Clinton a check during the interview for "eight more schools in Kenya".

    Hot Air: Arizona 9/11 Memorial Controversy.

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    Hugo Chavez Plate of Hate

    "Buy a limited edition Hugo Chavez Plate of Hate, and you'll never have to eat alone again! Finally: A perfect companion to watch Keith Olbermann - and Hugo won't care if you're in your underwear!"

    Not sure how long Arianna is going to leave this post by Greg Gutfield up so check it out while you can. Funny. And the comments are even funnier.

    Huffposters: look at the reflection in the plate!
    It's not a hologram it's reality! It's you!

    Buy a limited edition Hugo Chavez Plate of Hate, and you'll never have to eat alone again! Finally: A perfect companion to watch Keith Olbermann - and Hugo won't care if you're in your underwear!

    And at only $400 a plate, he's worth it!

    -Because he was there first, sharing your beliefs that America was the problem and Bush is the devil.
    -Because he spoke truth to power - and not only in front of the bathroom mirror like you do!
    -Because he reads the same books you have thought about reading!
    -Because your polling data hasn't told you yet it's not good to like him!
    -Because dissent is patriotic!

    (Buy four plates and get a set of Noam Chomsky autographed adult diapers -- biodegradable Hege-Huggies- free! Get a butter plate If you're the 666th commenter - because Bush really is 'el diablo'!)

    UPDATE: Here are a few of my favorite comments from HuffPo on this Hate Plate post

    At least Chavez has the courage of his convictions, as opposed to you spineless Democrats.

    - robbie

    Get a life Gutfield, we're on to you.

    - danothemoderateguy

    all you can ever hope to be is a third rate wannabe with a drinking problem.

    - War4Sale

    I would rather have my eyeballs poked out with a hot poker than read one line of your boneheaded pap. How can I order the Gutfeld Memorial Toilet Seat?

    - JeffDeVore

    your post is humorless, pointless, and contains lies.

    - grizmaster

    fuck Pelosi, fuck Rangel, fuck the Democrats... I'M WITH CHAVEZ. (And I'll take a dozen of your commemorative plates, asswipe.)

    - BChamplain

    I like watching Olbermann, so I automatically agree with Chavez

    - AngryAmerican

    You suck

    - economike

    hating others means you hate yuor self. There's no other way around it.

    - ChristIsntComingBack

    Chavez has never masterminded any kind of terrorist attack against the United States or any other country, is the duly elected leader of a sovereign nation, and is guilty of nothing more than being a drama queen who uses name calling in the place of rational argument.

    - kensp

    what is so outrageous about saying that George W. Bush-a man who approves of torture, a man who abandoned victims of a hurricane and flood, a man who deliberately starts wars, a man who puts people in jail without trials, a man who will stop at nothing to increase his own power - is the devil.

    I think Hugo Chavez is right on.

    - willie

    Chavez isn't crazy. I call Bush and Co. evil and lunatics around plenty of friends and family and none bat an eye. I'm certainly not called crazy....there are many other world leaders out there that might think of the members of the neocon cabal here in the US as evil lunatics, and there are some that have actually been known to have said so in private, but all are either too discrete or tight assed to say so.

    - richsmith

    We Americans are not infallible nor is our democracy. It must be fought for, carefully guarded and defended at all times, and the best way to do so is through political descent.

    - cynara

    (ed. dissent)

    If the democrats...had half the courage of Chavez, we'd be living in better times

    - init

    America is the problem and has been for some 200 plus years with the genocide of the native Americans.

    - jmc42

    The problem with this country is that the MSM are NOT saying Bush is the Devil

    - mrjoyboy

    I did enjoy Hugo thumbing his nose at Bush and appreciate your great plate offer. Oh, and Norm's book is great

    - olephart

    I just don't see that much of a difference between saying a country is a member of an "axis of evil", and saying a leader of a country is the devil. I mean "the devil" = "evil" right? So what's the big deal? If President Bush can do it, he should expect to get it back, too.

    - StanAccrington

    Look around, man. The guy who's offering cheap fuel oil to Americans, cheaper than their shadow goverment, Big Oil, is not your biggest problem.

    - jungpatawan

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    What color dress do you think Keith will wear during his interview of Bill Clinton tonight?

    A. Red
    B. White
    C. Blue
    D. Black

    Answer to yesterday's question: Who is the bigger OlbyLoon?

    A. Non Factor 11% (16 votes)
    B. hit_escape 7% (10 votes)
    C. Erie Bob 42% (58 votes)
    D. Bill O'lielly 38% (52 votes)

    Today, I had asked "Which guest, not affiliated with NBC-Universal, has appeared most on Countdown?"

    A. Mo Rocca (Comedy Central)
    B. Michael Musto (Vllage Voice)
    C. David Gergen (USN&WR)
    D. Harvey Levin (

    NOTE: "not affiliated with NBC-Universal" means not a reporter or analyst paid by NBC, MSNBC, CNBC or associated via a partership such as is the case with the Washington Post/Newsweek.

    But, as KfK pointed out that was not a survey question but a trivia question. I decided to scrap it and replace it with the question above. The correct answer is Michael Musto with 64 (source:

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    September 21, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • COMPROMISE ON TORTURE: Craig Crawford
    • DISASTER IN IRAQ: Thomas Ricks
    • O'REILLY IS A LIAR: Marcus Baram, RadarOnline

    The opening spiel, besides teasing another O'Reilly attack, featured the launch of another Krazy Keith Konspiracy (KKK): the whole torture debate is a trick aimed at "keeping our eyes off Iraq"! But if it is, Olby took the bait and made it his lead story. Of course he led off with the lie that torture is "of almost no use in gaining reliable information" in noting the agreement between "Mister" Bush and the Senators.

    KO was puzzled how the President and the Senators could both be telling the truth. To resolve this enigmatic issue, Olby called in Craig Crawford, aka Olbermann's Brain, and immediately struck a cynical note:

    Might there be less to this deal than meets the eye?

    Brain giggled that it was the White House who backed down on "rewriting" (OlbySpin) the Geneva Conventions, and when it came to tonight's KKK, well, Brain swallowed. It helps the Republican Party, he chortled, and distracted from Iraq. Then, using the tried and true propaganda technique of repetition, Krazy Keith asked:

    Why do you want to torture people, when torture consistently gets people to lie to you and make stuff up that they think you want them to tell you?

    The answer: because you're lying, Keith. Just ask Brian Ross.

    A clip from Tim Ryan (D) with him accusing the adminstration of using this to "change the subject" from Iraq. Aha! The Democrats' talking points join in perfect synergy with the KKK of the day. Mere happenstance? Like Sherlock Holmes, we do not believe in coincidences. KO was ready to urge his party leaders to kick it up a notch:

    Why isn't every Democrat on Capitol Hill following Congressman Ryan's lead there?

    Brain snickered that the Democrats don't have the "peasant mentality" that the younger Turks like Ryan do. Following Keith's lead, he added that they have to bring their game to the next level. After Great Thanksing Crawford, Olby went on to talk about the rise of killings and "torture" (worse than under Saddam!) in Iraq, citing a UN report. Here we go again: what is the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann not telling us this time? Manford Nowak, the Austrian law professor who came to these conclusions, got his information from people in various Middle Eastern cities, and, for his part, has never even been to Iraq. Um, OK.

    Some talk about troop levels led into a return appearance from Thomas Ricks. The military has problems "recognizing reality". A clip from a Bush presser led KO to suggest the President was contradicting himself, and Ricks blamed it all on "redefining" what it means for the Iraqis to "stand up". He proclaimed the US effort to be "dysfunctional" and sidestepped Olby's suggestion that "we're making it worse".

    The #4 story was about corrupt politicians. All of a sudden poll numbers were news on Countdown, because they showed the Congressional approval rating was down to 25%. Then came a list of "tainted" lawmakers: three Democrats, three Republican Senators, with Olby taking special note of "Rick 'Man on Dog' Santorum", and two GOP House members. Also mentioned were several politicos on a sidebar list of people to watch, including Bill Frist Dennis Hastert (R) and John Murtha (D).

    All of this led Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann to introduce Melanie Sloan, from C.R.E.W. (a "nonpartisan" organization whose honchos are drawn from the ranks of outfits like Olby's favorite Soros site, Media Matters). Sloan named William Jefferson (D) the most ethically dubious member of Congress. Countdown viewers must have been thinking: who he? For all his legal troubles, Jefferson has gotten barely a notice from KO. Olbermann Watch had to hector Keith for months just to get him to mention the guy!

    Sloan may be a Democrat (a protoge of Joe Biden) but she was mostly even-handed, despite KO's best efforts. Still, she did get in a dig at Tom Delay (R), who isn't even in Congress any more.

    After another award-winning chapter of "oddball" and a tease for Herr Olbermann's latest indulging of his chief Olbsession, we got a puff piece on Clinton's Global Initiative. Richard Branson's three-billion dollar pledge to fight global warming was handled with a taped rerun from NBC. (Branson himself was too busy talking about it over on Fox to bother with visiting Keith.) Though Olby said not one word about it, the report did include a five-second clip of the goings on at the UN. Not surprisingly, that was the only mention of Hugo Chavez on the entire Hour of Spin.


    There was a tease for another Big Olbermann Interview: B.J. Clinton, tomorrow on Countdown. Watch the tough questions fly! See Olby hone in with searing follow-ups! And also a tease for the latest on Mr Bill. Followed by a tease for the latest on Mr Bill. Followed by surveillance cameras in England (more recycled video from the network mothership). Then Michael Jackson, Barry Bonds, Cameron Diaz, and Justin Timberlake. Oh, and Breaking News: KO pimped his book (while naming Enron's Jeff Skilling "worst").

    Finally, the Big Moment: the latest installment of the discredited sports guy and his incurable infatuation with Mr Bill O'Reilly. Still flogging his flippant dismissal of threats to O'Reilly's life from yesterday, KO launched into another thrilling edition of "Factor Fiction". Because Keith knows it's fiction, and cited an online magazine (Radar) as his "proof" that O'Reilly is "lying again". All this based on an "unnamed Fox News correspondent", an unnamed Fox spokesman, unnamed somebodies from unnamed other news organizations, and an unnamed "law enforcement official" who was "not aware" of any of this.

    Marcus Baram, of Radar, at first refused to take Keith's bait ("he's not telling the truth") and would only say that O'Reilly might be exagerrating. Then Baram warmed up and said "it feeds into his own fantasy", though Fox was visited by FBI agents regarding the kidnapping of their reporters in Gaza. Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann grunted an mm-hm to that, another puzzling reference to Countdown viewers who never heard a word about it from old infamous and deplorable. The interview creaked on, devoid of news value, reaching its peak of ludicrous pseudo-journalism when Baram quoted a competitor of O'Reilly saying it was "all B.S." Like, how would a competitor know? Like, which competitor was it? Hell, it could have been Olbermann himself who gave that quote. We wouldn't put it past him.

    While Olby regularly spikes genuine news because it doesn't fit his propaganda goals, he eagerly lapped up every unsubstantiated word from the Radar scribbler. (It's the topic du jour on A-Mess-NBC, given the coverage from Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough.) But is the left-leaning Radar a reliable source? Do they have an agenda? Keith won't tell you. We will.

    It wasn't that long ago that Radar "outed" the CIA background of Anderson Cooper; it took a while, but eventually observers realized that exposing CIA ties, however tenuous, of a reporter could make him more of a target to terrorists. Dare we say, it might even put Cooper on an Al Qaeda "death list". Clearly, Radar has a vested interest in pooh-poohing terrorist threats made to reporters, if only to cover their own backsides.

    But why should anyone believe Radar anyhow? They had a huge exclusive--Mary Mapes (whose critics were "wingnuts", according to Radar) was rejoining Dan Rather at HDNet. Only one problem: it wasn't true. Said Mapes: "They totally made it up. It's hilarious." Oops. This, ladies and gentlemen, was Olbermann's Great Source for O'Reilly attack #113.


    In addition to spiking news about Hugo Chavez and the other visiting "dignitaries", Keith was careful not to bring up another inconvenient truth. The Army just had its best recruiting year since 1997. Just like falling gas prices, that isn't consistent with OlbySpin, so you won't hear it on Countdown. In the ratings game, where Krazy Keith insists he is surging, he once again finished in a humilitating fourth place. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

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    Another OlbyLoon "Review" of Olbermann Watch

    The Anonymous Liberal has yet another "review" of Olbermann Watch. This is your typical knee-jerk OlbyLoon rant about why we pick on poor Keith type of review. No one has bothered to comment on his post so please consider showing the poor OlbyLoon a little OlbyWatch love and critique his critique.

    Not surprisingly the "review" is not concerned with the content of the site per se but that the site exists at all; Olbermann is "one of the more pathetic things I've ever entire blog devoted solely to fisking Keith Olbermann's every word" and prompts him to ask "how can these guys not feel pathetic devoting so much time to fisking the one left-of-center voice on television?"

    And, of course, we get THIS OlbyLoon chestnut "I'm all for highlighting truthiness wherever it is found -- on the right or left -- but there's just no way that any reasonable person can believe that Olbermann is a worse offender in this regard than his more famous conservative counterparts (ed. O'Reilly, Hannity)." Got that? He's "all for highlighting truthiness wherever it is found -- on the right or left"...EXCEPT when the spotlight is turned on poor Keith.

    Ironically this guy quotes Bertrand Russell and describes himself as "someone who tries hard to approach issues with an open mind and to rely on empirical evidence and logical analysis (not rigid ideology) to guide my thinking." Yeah! He sounds REAL long as you don't criticize someone whose ideogology conforms to his. In OlbyLoonLand, if you agree with "me" then you are open-minded and if you don't then you are hostage to some "rigid ideology". Ahhh...OlbyLogic.

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    NBC spawns the Ostritch Network

    And so ends the Peacock network's decade long struggle to create a separate identity for its oft-malligned cable news offspring:


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    Who is the bigger OlbyLoon?

    Who is the bigger OlbyLoon?

    A. Non Factor
    B. hit_escape
    C. Erie Bob
    D. Bill O'lielly

    Answer to Yesterday's Question:Who is hotter?

    Alison Stewart 50% (37 votes)
    Monica Novotny 50% (37 votes)

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    September 20, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • WHITE HOUSE SHOWDOWN WITH REPUBLICANS: Dana Milbank, Washington Post
    • THE CLINTONS: Jane Hamsher,

    The spin started in the opening spiel, with Keith bellowing that the President wants to "legalize torture". Then it was on to the next talking point: "torture does not work". Plus a promise to bring lefty Jack Rice back to the Seat of Honor. It's an action-packed Hour of Spin!


    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann looked like he had positively bathed in Man-Tan as he again used his dishonest phrase "rewriting the Geneva conventions". Once more he brought up Perfessor Turley, who had eagerly bought into Olby's notion that Bush is trying to legitimize torture he's already committed. Cue Dana Milbank, minus mangy mufti. KO wanted to make a big deal out of GOP "party leaders avoiding cameras", and Dana volunteered that "it's even worse". Then regarding a close vote on interrogation policy:

    How much conscience are we actually seeing here, and how many people in Washington have never seen it before or don't recognize it?

    Then it was back to The Perfessor and what happens when the detainees talk to the Red Cross. What if they say they were tortured? For that matter, what if people don't believe what they say? Just because Krazy Keith takes terrorists at their word doesn't mean regular Americans do.

    Then Olby gave us one of his most elegantly spun fabrications:

    Beneath all the debate over torture, and all the willingness to sell out this country and what it has stood for, is the far simpler to understand and virtually unanimous conclusion: torture does not work.

    KO raised the case of a innocent man who confessed to something in a Syrian dungeon to intro Jack Rice, who just happens to hold the same views on torture as Rev Olby:

    You torture somebody, and basically he will tell you whatever it is he thinks you want to know?

    Rice's predictable answer: "Absolutely". He went on to claim that coerced questioning is "useless" and a "waste of time". KO brought up Abu Zubaydah and used him as an example:

    You torture suspects into lying, and at the end you end up spreading information that scares Americans.... The President wants torture or a nice euphemism for torture, and all he'll get out of it is made-up information...

    Now at this point we must pause the tivo and switch over to the other tuner. The reason? To do a little fact-check on Keith Olbermann's lie that his view of aggressive interrogation is as "unanimous" as he claims. Over on that other channel, we found the top investigative reporter from ABC News, Brian Ross, winner of an award for the CIA secret prisons story. What did his sources have to tell him about interrogations?

    • The CIA broke all 14 top Al Qaeda leaders, including KSM, using coercive techniques.
    • The harshest treatment used was waterboarding.
    • Many of the 14 broke just from sound and light or temperature manipulation.
    • Nobody suffered permanent physical injuries.
    • KSM's information was "very valuable", with names and addresses of Al Qaedas given up, as well as details on an attack in Los Angeles.
    • Some of his CIA sources did not like using these techniques, but admitted that they did work.
    • Interrupting a plot to bomb Los Angeles means "you have saved lives" and these techniques did work and did save lives.
    • The notion that it never works is "false".

    OK, KO, tell us about the "virtually unanimous" position that you have been trumpeting. Oh, it's "virtually unanimous" on Countdown. Hell, it's totally unanimous on Countdown, because not only will you never let someone like Brian Ross on to contradict your propaganda, but you won't even tell your credulous viewers about the interrogations that did work and led to arrests and disrupted attacks.

    It doesn't matter whether one thinks Ross is right, or Olby. The point is, the evil O'Reilly will put Ross on to give his report, and then have Human Rights Watch on to give the other side. The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann will cherry-pick his "news" and screen his "guests" so that facts contrary to his un-American propaganda never get heard. This is why it's The Hour of Spin.


    The #4 story dealt with The Clintons, who have teamed with Laura Bush for a global humanitarian project. But this was only a thin reed on which to dangle Olby's interview about "progressive" blogs with Jane Hamsher, proprietor of a website that's really progressive: it's out there where the busses don't run. Hillary hired a blogger. Bloggers met with Bill Clinton. Olby mentioned Senator Lieberman. Hamsher mentioned Lieberman. Olby deliberately did not mention Hamsher's shamefully racist smearing of Lieberman. Surprising? Hardly. There was a reason for that, as we will see.

    This was as empty and vapid an interview as the worst Michael Musto chit-chat, but it filled the time before another episode of that pinnacle of journalistic excellence, "oddball". Then it was #3: the Matt Lauer/Jim McGreevey interview, rerun from NBC. But only with Krazy Keith did it come via a cheap shot at Dick Morris.

    #2: The space shuttle (more recycled reporting from the network mothership), Steve Irwin, Peter Gammonds (with clips from Olby's low-rated radio show because Gammonds praised Countdown). #1: Ludicrous animal videos and breaking ostrich news.


    Pimping his book the book that bears his name again, KO trumpeted his #70 sales rank at amazon, said O'Reilly's book, "just out", is #119, and cackled maniacally. Alert Olbermann Watch readers will realize that when Olby mentions his nemesis, he's probably speaking with forked tongue. The truth: O'Reilly's book is not "just out", and won't be out until September 25. Yes, it's another Olbermann lie.

    Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez got a mention, but only as an excuse to take a shot at Pat Robertson. Bill O'Reilly was "worst" because the FBI told him that he is among several media people on an Al Qaeda death list. We're confused. If Ann Coulter was a "worst person" for making a joke about shooting Lincoln Chaffee, why is it OK for Krazy Keith to crack wise about killing Bill O'Reilly? No, the intended victim becomes the "worst person". On OlbyPlanet, standards are nothing if not malleable.

    Of course no mention that oil prices, which Krazy Keith railed about when they were going up, are now at their lowest point of the year. Nothing about the kill-Bush movie either. But he had time to devote an entire segment to a content-free blab session with a blue blogger. Why? And why did he treat her with kid gloves, never even alluding to her history of racially insensitive postings? Perhaps a visit to will explain how she came to be booked on The Hour of Spin. There we will find this:

    Keith knocks another one out of the park

    ...and this:

    Yesterday, Keith Olbermann really lit into the Bush Administration in his commentary--if you haven't seen it, you should. He really brought some heat.

    ...and this:

    Keith is a genuine hero who does a show of exceptional qualilty [sic] night in, night out and has given us all hope during the dark nights of cable news when it looked like all was lost.

    ...and, most especially, this:

    ...earlier today we posted a link to his book The Worst Person in the World: And 202 Strong Contenders on Amazon and asked people to buy it. It subsequently moved from #19,000 on the sales ranking list to #99 #60 #25. Thanks so much to everyone who helped to push it up there. From us to you, Keith. Our way of saying thanks.

    Yikes! If all it takes to get a softball spot on The Hour of Spin is to slobber all over Keith Olbermann, how long will it be before Keith interviews Katy Tur?


    HotAir: official nutroots mascot Keith Olbermann welcomed Jane Hamsher of firedoglake to the program tonight to regale his three viewers with the inside scoop on the Clinton blogger meet-up. Did he seize the chance to ask the lefty blogosphere’s most notorious race-baitrix whether she was pleased to find no bloggers of color there muddying the waters? No, he did not, for reasons Johnny Dollar will be only too happy to explain.

    Confederate Yankee: Olbermann. Proved a fool again.

    Hot Air: four short minutes Brian Ross utterly explodes that particular article of quasi-religious faith (that harsh tactics do not produce reliable information) as fantasy...Across the dial, right about the same time that O’Reilly and Ross were talking about this, smug halfwit Keith Olbermann was blithely asserting that "torture" doesn’t work. You picked the wrong night, jerky.

    Ace of Spades HQ: Pretty sad when your idea of a big ratings booster is inviting on a nitwit who can likely deliver an additional 40,000 viewers. An additional 40,000 viewers? Wow. Breakin' out the big guns now. Must be sweeps week.

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (113) | | View blog reactions
    Who is Hotter?

    Alison Stewart


    Monica Novatny


    h/t for the photos


    Yesteday's Question: Keith Olbermann is the second coming of...

    Walter Winchell 6% (7 votes)
    HL Mencken 7% (9 votes)
    Zeppo Marx 66% (77 votes)
    Edward R. Murrow 19% (23 votes)

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    OlbyLoon "Review" of Olbermann Watch

    Flamingo lake has a rather long review of Olbermann Watch and except for a few technical errors (e.g. J$ writes the nightly review not me) gives a fairly reasonable assessment of the site. FL give OlbermannWatch a "3" (out of 5) for "Fun", a "5" for Newsworthiness and for Nit-picking.

    My favorite part was about all of you loyal OlbyWatch readers: "The comment's are stay pretty much on topic and people flame each other from both directions. There are some comments that are well thought out and are frequent enough to give his comment section a Big 4

    As for me being on a "personal mission to rid the airwaves of Olbermann", why would I want that; Keith perfectly embodies the far-left's kookiness and puts in on display for the world to see. Plus, more KO buzz means more traffic for Olbermann Watch. Thanks to the attention towards Keith's "special comments" we are now the highest rated "Olbermann" blog in the world even including Keith's own blog.

    To OW readers, consider using this post to offer any suggestions on how we might raise the fun factor to "5" and other improve the site.

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    September 19, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • SHOWDOWN AT THE U.N.: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek
    • HOW TO HANDLE DETAINEES: Jonathan Turley, George Washington University Law professor
    • ADMINISTRATION INCOMPETENCE?: Robert Greenwald, producer of "Iraq for Sale"
    • HOWARD STERN BACK TO REGULAR RADIO: Michael Harrison, editor of Talkers Magazine

    Which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? Probably none of them, given how Countdown is still mired in a poor fourth place among 8:00 pm cable news offerings. But that didn't stop the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann, who launched into his opening spiel bellowing about Colin Powell (six days later and he's still flogging this story!), the UN speech, and Halliburton. (snigger "He said Halliburton!" snigger)

    The lead story was "Mister" Bush vs Colin Powell. Quotes from the Washington Post. Olby characterized the quotes as regarding a plan to "rewrite" the Geneva Conventions, but that was just another Olbermann lie. The quote from Gen Powell mentioned "modify", "clarify", and "redefine", but never used the OlbySpin term "rewrite".

    KO then swerved to the President's UN speech, missing its main thrust and choosing to summarize it thusly:

    At the UN he divided the world at large into two groups: us and them.

    The Wolffe Man was asked if the "silence" that "prevailed" during the "Mister" Bush's speech pretty much tells the story of how he was received at the UN, and Wolffie was quick to draw comparisons to the standing ovation that Annan was given. Olby dragged Powell into it again, referencing how "damaging" the Bush/Powell dispute is and looking to magnify it as much as possible:

    Could it mushroom, could this get really big on the domestic political front?

    The Wolffe Man, knowing which side his bread is buttered on, made a passing reference to the President's Rose Garden reaction, the one that Herr Olbermann has been twisting like a pretzel for the past several days. Wolffie earned himself an invite to return, for sure. KO went on to make the bizarre claim that George Schultz is one of the people who is "supposed to be leading" the Republican Party, "at least symbolically". Yeah, those GOPers have Schultz Day Dinners, name airports after him and everything! He's the heart and soul of the Republican party. The air must really be thin up there on OlbyPlanet.

    Then we got another appearance from The Perfessor, because hearing from him less than a week ago just wasn't enough. Krazy Keith's first question had nothing to do with legalities at all--he wanted The Perfessor to speculate on Powell's motives, which JT was more than happy to do, since it allowed him to spout off about American is actually creating more terrorists and the usual talking points.

    Olby brought up how "torture" results in "falsely positive" information that can't be trusted. But since KSM gave up "truly positive" information that proved to be true and led us to more terrorists, it is therefore not torture at all. So whatever we used on KSM, that's what we use from now on. It's not torture, and it works. Problem solved! Neither KO nor the Perfessor seemed to grasp this elemental logic.

    For his part, Turley claimed there's no need to "redefine" the Geneva Conventions, adding "we've never had to do this before". This is patently preposterous on several levels. The Supreme Court "redefined" Common Article 3 by applying it to international terrorists, when by its own plain language it only applies to civil wars. And how many Protocols interpreting the Geneva Conventions have been proposed and/or passed since 1949? We don't expect a dim bulb like Olby to know about these, but certainly a distinguished Perfessor ought to be aware of them. Was JT abysmally ignorant, or deliberately fabricating to earn himself another trip to The Hour of Spin? We report, you decide.

    Then, as if to emphasize for the clear-headed readers of Olbermann Watch how much of a rehash all this chit-chat really was, KO asked Turley the same question he asked him last Friday, even admitting as he did that he was repeating the question. It was the Krazy Keith Konspiracy about Bush trying to cover up something about past interrogations. Surprise, surprise, Turley gave the same answer he gave last Friday (he thinks this, "there is a feeling that", it's possible that, etc).

    Is Olby so lazy that he can't even come up with a new question? Talk about phoning it in! On the other hand, repetition is a key factor in successful propaganda, so maybe there was a deeper purpose in all this regurgitation of last week's spin. With Krazy Keith tossing in notions of "criminal action" against the President, and the Perfessor adding spice to the stew by citing violations of "international law", it didn't matter to Herr Olbermann how stale the whole thing was. It served its purpose.

    It took a while, but we finally got to the #4 story: a lengthy clip, rerun from the network mothership, of Brian Williams's interview with the "President" of Iran. Oddball was introduced with a rambling discourse about Washington's "Farewell Address", a bit of damage control after Olby's appalling ignorance regarding Lincoln's Gettysburg Address was exposed for the world to see right here on Olbermann Watch.

    The #3 slot was predicated on a report that Halliburton (snigger "He said Halliburton!" snigger) offered an injured driver a medal, but only if he wouldn't sue the company. Scandalous! Outrageous! To most attorneys (maybe even The Perfessor) this is what is generally known as a "settlement offer". But it served as a hook on which to hang a segment about "war profiteers".

    "Documentary filmmaker" Greenwald, there to get free PR for another of his dishonest propaganda videos, is an incompetent tyro whose main claim to fame was the film "Xanadu". This incoherent mess was so bad that a yearly award for worst movies (the Razzies) was created, just so they could hand one over to Greenwald. Given his inability to display even the merest modicum of competence, Mr Xanadu found that he could survive in a niche market by selling dishonest far-left propaganda to a tiny but vocal gang of blue blog buffs. The perfect Olbermann guest!

    As is his practice when promoting extremist documentaries, KO ran excerpts from Mr Xanadu's video, to set up the usual string of anti-business talking points. Corporations are "hurting the morale" of our military, because their employees are paid more. Their CEO salaries are "an obscenity". They are "breaking the law". Then Olby went into campaign mode, talking about "scare tactics" by Republicans, and asking:

    If the Democrats did take over Congress or at least the House, what would change in terms of war profiteers, if anything?

    That slow-pitched softball allowed Mr Xanadu to proclaim Henry Waxman (D) has been a "hero", and he'll send people to jail. Then, just in case the message was too subtle for the credulous Countdown crowd, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann hammered it home:

    As Harry Truman did, a Democrat, during a Democratic adminsitration.

    OlbySpin at its most anvilicious.

    #2: The space shuttle (rerun from NBC), Anna Nicole Smith, baby Abby, Peter Gammonds. #1: More pandering to Howard Stern.


    Pimping his book the book that bears his name again led off the "worst person" department. Conrad Burns (R) got a nomination for flying on a corporate plane. Sen Menedez (D), under federal investigation, and Senate candidate Ben Cardin (D), who permitted racial slurs on his campaign website, have yet to have their difficulties so much as mentioned on The Hour of Spin. But that's because this is a "nonpartisan" segment, don't you know. In a stunning development that will be big news everywhere, Bill O'Reilly was "worst" (tied with Al D'Amato) because he dared to disagree with John McCain. Then Olby added:

    I did a search engine thing on Billo's name. It came back "no matches found for Bill O'Reilly; did you mean Bill Orally?"

    The Laughing Stagehand loved that, even if KO's claim was a steaming pile of dung.


    Meanwhile, we know how time and again Krazy Keith has devoted segment after segment to "Mister" Bush's ratings, or the fortunes of the GOP Congress. As long as they were in decline. The latest Gallup poll has the President's approval ratings at their highest point in months, and the generic ballot question finds the two parties tied among likely voters. Big news, right? Well, news anyhow? Sorry, not on The Hour of Spin, where the discredited sports guy only harps on surveys when they show "Mister" Bush going down. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 4 [GUARDED]

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    MSM KO Bandwagon Example #163

    Will the Kooky KO Fan Klub known as the lefty members of the TV Critics Association ever get tired of carrying KO's water in their pathetic attempt to help Keith advance his liberal agenda while posing as "journalists"? Apparently not, judging from Ray Richmond's dose of OlbyLove in today's Hollywood Reporter.

    In it we learn that Keith is...

    ...a lone voice of reason in a world gone mad

    ...a zealous polarizing force as a journalist who wears his heart in plain sight

    ...the second coming of Howard Beale (ed. "the mad prophet of the airwaves") immediate sensation in the video download universe

    ...the most compelling news personality of his generation

    ...a charismatic, righteously indignant force of nature

    and, most improbably... enemy of the state.

    Keith writes

    ...impassioned, acerbic essays

    that are...


    and, of course, what KO LoveFest would be complete without the BIG LIE:

    "Olbermann's household numbers are up 73% in the first two weeks of September from August."

    You know? If you stacked all of KO's supposed ratings surges on top of each other his would be getting more viewers than American Idol and Survivor. Of course, we all know that Keith remains mired in 4th place in a 3 network race (behind Fox, CNN and Headline News).

    This line from that piece sums up Keith very well: "I just think maybe I'm first in voicing skepticism of the administration that's been irrationally muted"

    Some people might think that he is only being half-serious here but clear-thinking readers know (sadly) that he is TOTALLY SERIOUS. Keith actually believes that he is saying something NEW and that "skepticism" of Bush has been muted. Has he EVER watched a White House Press Conference? Jeez. More over this is actually a put down of others in the media because according to Keith they have "failed" and their "failure" to express skepiticsm of Bush is "irrational". They have failed AND they are crazy. All I can say is Pot, Kettle, Black.

    Claims like this might help explain why my pal Tony Snow said (prior to his current gig) that you could "fit Keith's friends in a phone booth".


    Extreme Mortmon: What's The Frequency, Keith?

    Inside Cable News: Keith Olbermann profile...

    TVNewser: Olbermann: "The Most Compelling News Personality Of His Generation"

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    September 18, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PRES. BUSH HEADED TO THE U.N.: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek

    In the opening spiel Keith Olbermann regurgitated one of his most demagogic, deceitful distortions. Clip of the President:

    It's unacceptable to think that there's any kind of comparison between the behavior of the United States of America and the actions of Islamic extremists who kill innocent women and children to achieve an objective.

    Then Olby:

    My "special comment" tonight, why, for that statement, the President owes an apology to this country. [1]

    The top story dealt with efforts at compromise over interrogation techniques, spun by the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann as an attempt to use methods "banned under the Geneva Conventions". Quote from Lindsay Graham over what Olby called "secret evidence", meaning that there is a reluctance to turn over classified intelligence to terrorists. A clip from Bush's address regarding literacy.

    The Wolffe Man said negotiations on interrogations are "intense", KO again lied by talking about "rewriting" Common Article 3, so Wolffie could gush over McCain, Warner, and Lindsay Graham. Keith wondered if "Mister" Bush had "any credibility left"; the Newsweek pen pusher predicted a "cool" response at the UN.

    Then Olby said there is another element in all this:

    ...getting "Mister" Bush to apologize, to you and to me, for what he said about this debate last Friday.

    Then KO read off--again!--the President's "unacceptable" quote that he had just played minutes before, adding:

    ...that phrase, "it's unacceptable to think", running contrary to everything in this country's past. The President owes us an apology. A "special comment", tonight, later on Countdown. [2]

    Not even ten minutes into the hour, and he's already teased it twice! After all, rerunning his last "special comment" did so well for him on Friday that he went from fourth place to...fourth place! A mention of Al Gore's upcoming book. If he runs true to OlbyForm, when it hits the book stores Gore will suddenly start doing "special comments" every other night to try to get its amazon rankings up.

    In the #4 slot, the Papal controversy, conveniently relegated to a recycled NBC report. After another tease for his "special comment" [3] came tonight's Emmy-worthy edition of "oddball", followed by--what else?--another plug for the s.c. [4]. Two kidnappings were in the #3 position; taped reports gave the details, and Keith gave "great thanks" to the machine that played the video. Oh, and did you know Olby was giving a "special comment" tonight? Just in case you didn't, there was another tease [5].

    #2: Pandas (another rerun from NBC), Anna Nicole Smith, Willie Nelson, Pete Rose, and--would you believe it?--another promo for the s.c. [6]. Then, after holding off until the last possible Nielsen minute, the discredited sports guy finally permitted the world to hear his latest desperate plea for relevance. Here is Herr Olbermann's rambling, nine-minute jeremiad, in its entirety:

    The President of the United States owes this country an apology. It will not be offered, of course. He does not realize its necessity.

    There are now none around him who would tell him or could. The last of them, it appears, was the very man whose letter provoked the President into the conduct, for which the apology is essential. An apology is this President's only hope of regaining the slightest measure of confidence, of what has been, for nearly two years, a clear majority of his people. Not "confidence" in his policies nor in his designs nor even in something as narrowly focused as which vision of torture shall prevail -- his, or that of the man who has sent him into apoplexy, Colin Powell.

    In a larger sense, the President needs to regain our confidence that he has some basic understanding of what this country represents -- of what it must maintain if we are to defeat not only terrorists, but if we are also to defeat what is ever more increasingly apparent, as an attempt to re-define the way we live here, and what we mean, when we say the word "freedom". Because it is evident now that, if not its architect, this President intends to be the contractor, for this narrowing of the definition of freedom.

    The President revealed this last Friday, as he fairly spat through his teeth, words of unrestrained fury directed at the man who was once the very symbol of his administration, who was once an ambassador from this administration to its critics, as he had once been an ambassador from the military to its critics.

    The former Secretary of State, Mr Powell, had written, simply and candidly and without anger, that "the world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism." This President's response included not merely what is apparently the Presidential equivalent of threatening to hold one's breath, but within it contained one particularly chilling phrase.

    Reporter: Mr. President, former Secretary of State Colin Powell says the world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism. If a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former secretary of state feels this way, don't you think that Americans and the rest of the world are beginning to wonder whether you're following a flawed strategy?

    Bush: If there's any comparison between the compassion and decency of the American people and the terrorist tactics of extremists, it's flawed logic. It's just -- I simply can't accept that. It's unacceptable to think that there's any kind of comparison between the behavior of the United States of America and the action of Islamic extremists who kill innocent women and children to achieve an objective.

    Of course it's acceptable to think that there's "any kind of comparison". And in this particular debate, it is not only acceptable, it is obviously necessary. Even if Mr. Powell never made the comparison in his letter.

    Some will think that our actions at Abu Ghraib, or in Guantanamo, or in secret prisons in Eastern Europe, are all too comparable to the actions of the extremists. Some will think that there is no similarity, or, if there is one, it is to the slightest and most unavoidable of degrees. What all of us will agree on, is that we have the right -- we have the duty -- to think about the comparison.

    And, most importantly, that the other guy, whose opinion about this we cannot fathom, has exactly the same right as we do: to think -- and say -- what his mind and his heart and his conscience tell him, is right.

    All of us agree about that. Except, it seems, this President.

    With increasing rage, he and his administration have begun to tell us that we are not permitted to disagree with them, that we cannot be right. That Colin Powell cannot be right. And then there was that one, most awful phrase.

    In four simple words last Friday, the President brought into sharp focus what has been only vaguely clear these past five-and-a-half years, the way the terrain at night is perceptible only during an angry flash of lightning, and then, a second later, all again is dark. "It's unacceptable to think," he said.

    It is never unacceptable to think. And when a President says thinking is unacceptable, even on one topic, even in the heat of the moment, even in the turning of a phrase extracted from its context, he takes us toward a new and fearful path -- one heretofore the realm of science fiction authors and apocalyptic visionaries.

    That flash of lightning freezes at the distant horizon, and we can just make out a world in which authority can actually suggest it has become unacceptable to think. Thus the lightning flash reveals not merely a President we have already seen, the one who believes he has a monopoly on current truth. It now shows us a President who has decided that of all our commanders-in-chief, ever, he alone has had the knowledge necessary to alter and re-shape our inalienable rights.

    This is a frightening, and a dangerous, delusion, Mr. President. If Mr. Powell's letter -- cautionary, concerned, predominantly supportive -- can induce from you such wrath and such intolerance, what would you say were this statement to be shouted to you by a reporter, or written to you by a colleague?

    "Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government." Those incendiary thoughts came, of course, from a prior holder of your job, Mr. Bush. They were the words of Thomas Jefferson. He put them in the Declaration of Independence.

    Mr. Bush, what would you say to something that antithetical to the status quo just now? Would you call it "unacceptable" for Jefferson to think such things, or to write them?

    Between your confidence in your infallibility, sir, and your demonizing of dissent, and now these rages better suited to a thwarted three-year old, you have left the unnerving sense of a White House coming unglued--a chilling suspicion that perhaps we have not seen the peak of the anger; that we can no longer forecast what next will be said to, or about, anyone who disagrees.

    Or what will next be done to them.

    On this newscast last Friday night, Constitiutional law Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, suggested that at some point in the near future some of the "detainees" transferred from secret CIA cells to Guantanamo, will finally get to tell the Red Cross that they have indeed been tortured. Thus the debate over the Geneva Conventions might not be about further interrogations of detainees, but about those already conducted, and the possible liability of the administration for them.

    That, certainly, could explain Mr. Bush's fury. That, at this point, is speculative. But at least it provides an alternative possibility as to why the President's words were at such variance from the entire history of this country. For, there needs to be some other explanation, Mr. Bush, than that you truly believe we should live in a United States of America in which a thought is unacceptable.

    There needs to be a delegation of responsible leaders -- Republicans or otherwise -- who can sit you down as Barry Goldwater and Hugh Scott once sat Richard Nixon down - and explain the reality of the situation you have created. There needs to be an apology from the President of the United States. And more than one.

    But, Mr. Bush, the others -- for warnings unheeded five years ago, for war unjustified four years ago, for battle unprepared three years ago -- they are not weighted with the urgency and necessity of this one. We must know that, to you, thought with which you disagree -- and even voice with which you disagree and even action with which you disagree -- are still sacrosanct to you.

    The philosopher Voltaire once insisted to another author, "I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write." Since the nation's birth, Mr. Bush, we have misquoted and even embellished that statement, but we have served ourselves well, by subscribing to its essence. Oddly, there are other words of Voltaire's that are more pertinent still, just now.

    "Think for yourselves," he wrote, "and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too."

    Apologize, sir, for even hinting at an America where a few have that privilege to think and the rest of us get yelled at by the President.

    Anything else, Mr. Bush, is truly unacceptable.

    The same twisting of words and semantic tricks of last Friday made no more sense when delivered by Reverend Olbermann from his pompous pulpit. Hyperbole ("spat through his teeth") does not equal credibility. No amount of semantic hanky-panky and selective editing can transform a simple colloquialism into some sort of clarion call for totalitarianism. Smugness ("Mister" Bush), phony outrage ("frightening", "dangerous"), and stale guilt-by-association smears ("Richard Nixon") do not make for heroic journalism. They are the tools of demagogues, tricksters, and propagandists. And they are at heart un-American, as is Herr Olbermann's "special comment".


    Pimping his book the book that bears his name was Job One in the "worst person" spot. John Boehner (R) got attacked in this "nonpartisan" segment, as did a Halliburton subsidiary. A piece by the writer of ABC's 9/11 miniseries exposed again many of the lies Krazy Keith told about it, but it got no mention. Olby spiked any report on the investigation into Sen Menendez (D); ditto the racial slurs posted on the campaign website of Ben Cardin (D). On The Hour of Spin KO protects his party's candidates. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 11 [DANGER!]

    UPDATE: Keith put the text up on his blog.

    UPDATE: Olbershere Roundup

    The OlbyLoons:

    "The man deserves a Medal of Freedom"

    - 2 political junkies

    "Oh my yes"

    - Relevant Torture

    "bravo to Olbermann for standing up to this bully once more"

    - impolitical

    "one of the precious few decent, honest voices in the American broadcast media today"

    - Bob Geiger

    "another stunning special comment tonight"

    - Crooks and Liars

    "Olbermann Is Our Hillbilly Of The Week For His Commentary"

    - Hillbilly Report

    "Keith Olbermann may have saved the life of America last night"

    - Lean Left

    "Keith Olbermann is a hero. Simple as that"

    - Shakespeare's Sister

    "Go send Keith some love"

    - Brilliant at Breakfast

    "He's doing it again"

    - Jesus' General

    "I wonder if I can get Keith Olbermann from Netflix..."

    - Daily Kos

    "We need a few more Keith Olbermann’s in the media"

    - Democratic Daily

    "Olbermann spanks Bush"

    - The Left Coaster

    "another poignant moment in television history"

    - TPM Cafe



    "an over-the-top demand for an apology from President Bush"

    - Newsbusters

    "If this were Showtime at the Apollo Olbermann would have had his ass chased off the stage a long time ago."

    - 186k Per Second

    "I thought Olbermann had reached the nec plus ultra of nastiness with his suggestion a couple weeks ago that the Bush administration represented "a new type of fascism."  I might have been wrong."

    - Newsbusters

    "I couldn't make this up"

    - National Review Media Blog

    "Let's just say if this was a Tom Jones concert and Olbermann was Jones and the left-wing blogs were fans in the audience, they would be throwing their underwear at him."

    - Hot Air

    "Olberman, languishing in late-night TV hell for quite a while, has finally found a schtick which works. Inflammatory and hateful speech, usually inaccurate, which is satisfying to a certain segment of the population and helpful to his ratings. Propaganda 101. Find out what the public wants to hear and give it to them. And it is to that particular segment to which he's aimed his screeds. "

    - Q & O

    "let's not get all giddy over Mr. Olbermann's 'bravery' at 'speaking truth to power'. Bravery requires risk, and, as Mr. Olbermann knows to a certainty, he risks nothing."

    - Q & O

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    Olbermann Visits Capitol Hill?

    CNN is reporting "An armed man crashed his vehicle into a security barricade at the U.S. Capitol on Monday, ran into the building and was arrested, forcing the complex to briefly be locked down, authorities said.

    A spokeman said the man was captured by police after running through the Rotunda in the center of the Capitol, bumping his head on a doorway before heading down a stairway into the basement where he was found hiding in a bath tub. He said the man appeared to be having a seizure, and was taken to a hospital.

    Construction workers and police said the man drove an SUV through a barricade at the Capitol, where a major visitors' center is under construction. The vehicle also crashed into a water fountain on the plaza in the middle of the construction area. Witnesses said the man, wearing a blue ballcap with the white interlocking "NY" and a rain coat, ran into the Capitol near the Rotunda shouting "someone take me seriously" and was pursued by police.

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    September 17, 2006
    Cox Op-Ed in Fort-Worth Star-Telegram: "The Best Test of Truth"

    The Fort-Worth Star Telegram, a daily newspaper in Texas, is publishing a series of Op-Eds (a dozen, I think) to celebrate Constitution Day. They chose people from different walks of life and one of them was me in my role as President of the Media Bloggers Association. The assignment was to pick a document or piece of literature that ought to be translated into other languages and distributed in countries that have a "skewed" (their word) view of the United States of America. I chose Oliver Wendell Holmes' dissent in Abrams v. United States. The paper liked it so much that they seleceted it as the "kick off" piece; the series began running today.

    You can read the piece here:The best test of truth

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    September 15, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PRES. BUSH AT ODDS WITH REPUBLICANS: Howard Fineman, Newsweek

    The opening spiel found the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann being, well, infamous and deplorable. Here's what the President said:

    It's unacceptable to think that there's any kind of comparison between the behavior of the United States of America and the actions of Islamic extremists who kill innocent women and children to achieve an objective.

    That was too much for Olby, who shamefully twisted words and fabricated an entirely nonexistent meaning:

    The President tells him and us what we may and may not think.... An America in which a President says it is unacceptable to think something!

    And there was more:

    It's unacceptable to think! Sounds like something straight out of George Orwell's 1984, instead it was something straight out of George Bush's mouth.

    We assume even OlbyLoons don't require an exegesis of sophistry this transparent. KO ran clips of "Mister" Bush's press conference, prefacing them with a lie he first tried out yesterday ("rewrite article 3 of the Geneva conventions"). Naturally NBC News's tonsorially enhanced camera hog got maximum play.

    Krazy Keith tried out his latest bit of casuistry on Pundit for All Occasions Howard Fineman, saying there was "more to this sentence"...but:

    Can the leader of the free world ever, under any circumstances, let alone in answer to his own former Secretary of State, begin a sentence with the phrase, "it's unacceptable to think"?

    Howie ducked the question, describing it as "extraordinary" and went off on a tangent. He predicted the entire kerfuffle will be resolved with a compromise. Olby, always looking to spin something as negative to Bush, suggested that the President looked "angry" and wasn't doing himself a favor. In a shocking, totally unexpected development, Fineman said...he agreed.

    To continue the Bush-bash fest, Professor Jonathan Turley starred in the #4 position. Calling the President "apopleptic", Herr Olbermann described:

    ...the legal and ethical slippery slopes the President is hell bent on running down.

    Olby then quoted from the Geneva Common Article 3, while leaving out one salient fact: it was written in regard to civil wars, and specifically does not apply to conflicts that are "international". We'll see if the Perfessor is honest enough to bring that up.

    Fans of Krazy Keith Konspiracies will be pleased to know he even came up with one for this:

    The President's rush, fury to get this done in only his way is not about getting new information, about protecting against new threats, but about somehow trying to make the way we've already treated dainty, new detainees retroactively OK, is he covering his own backside with this?

    Did the Perfessor buy into this latest bit of Olbermannian tin-foilery? Is water wet? He said "most people believe" the detainees were waterboarded, and "that is undeniably torture".

    Stop the tivo! Keith Olbermann has told us repeatedly that torture doesn't work. John McCain has said the information obtained through torture is worthless because people just say what they think they want their interrogators to hear. But when Khalid Shaikh Muhammed was questioned, he gave up Ramzi bin al Sheed. And Al Sheed gave up someone else. And so on. These interrogation techniques did work, and gave us good information. So by KO's own logic they couldn't have been "torture"! But we digress.

    The Perfessor went on to talk about the "felonies" of Bush, piling on with "violations of international law". Keith described it all as America becoming "just what the terrorists want", and the Perfessor did what all Countdown guests are expected to do. He agreed with the Great and Powerful Olb. Nobody mentioned the eight (at a minimum) terror attacks that these interrogations disrupted. Saving lives takes a back seat to demagoguery on The Hour of Spin. And no, the Perfessor never pointed out how Common Article 3 does not apply to "international" conflicts.

    The rest of the hour was dedicated to Anna Nicole Smith (with Larry Sutton of People magazine), recycled network video about models, Elton John, and Steve Irwin. Finally came the rerun of Olby's insufferable "special comment", prefaced with a slam at Gov Pataki (he vetoed a bill that would have required that admission to a WTC memorial be free). And the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann added a postscript, reprising his earlier barefaced sophism:

    Since then, remember, we have now been told by this President, it is unacceptable to think.


    Olby's "worst person" was, all together now, Bill O'Reilly. Scraping the bottom of his vitriol barrel, the discredited sports guy saw fit to make fun of a t-shirt Mr Bill offers on his website. Herr Olbermann also ridiculed "factor gear" in general, describing it as "crap he wants to sell you". Krazy Keith knows that Mr O'Reilly gets no profits from the "crap"--they all go to charity. But no matter; cheap shots always take precedence. Speaking of crap, KO also used the occasion to pimp his book the book that bears his name, bragging about how amazon has run out of copies. Well, that would be pretty elegant spin to explain away a precipitous plummeting in its amazon sales ranking.


    There was mention of Krazy Keith's Today show appearance, but no clips. Probably a good idea, since the camermen this morning did not restrict views of Jonah Olbermann to tight head shots. In his ill-fitting suit, Olby made Matt Lauer look positively anorexic. No reporting of poll numbers tonight. No words in protest (or otherwise) over the kill-Bush movie. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 4 [GUARDED].

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    OlbyWatch Overtakes "" in Google Page Ranking

    (OWNews - NEW YORK) Olbermann Watch continued its dominance in the Olbersphere ratings war by retaining its positions as the Number 1, Keith Olbermann website for the 112th week in a row. But that's not the biggest news. In what can only be described as utter humiliation for Keith Olbermann, has now pulled ahead of, Keith's own blog on the site, in the coveted Google Pank Rank demo.

    "Even we were surprised to see that the search term 'Olbermann' in Google lists our domain ahead of Keith's own domain", said Robert Cox, Editor of Olbermann Watch.

    OlbyLoons have been troubled for years by the consistantly high ratings for the Olbermann Watch site which is often described as the #1 Ranked Keith Olbermann site in the world.

    In the past, Olbermann fans have argued that the rankings are "unfair" and that in absolute terms, Olbermann Watch is not "#1" because the Bloggerman and Countdown pages on the heavily trafficked site have ranked ahead of

    "I can see why they would make that argument", said Burt Frimminger, senior researcher at the Institute for Leftardian Studies, "but those pages are not dedicated sites like Olbermann Watch. The closest thing they had was the domain and now they've lost even that."

    Whether dedicated site or simple page, few media analysts foresaw the day when a would slip below

    "It is really quite astounding", said Frimminger, "when you considert that is consisantly among the top-rated news sites on the internet, driving millions of visitors through their site. Losing out to may force MSNBC to consider their entire internet strategy".

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    Just Another KO Fansite...

    Literally. I've added Just Another Keith Olbermann Fansite to the blogroll. I've also added Thank You, Keith Olbermann. To all the Olbyloons, enjoy!

    h/t Becky at Relevnt Torture

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    Olbermann Flogs Book on Today Show

    I watched it. Kinda boring. Keith pretending to do political analysis. Matt pretending he gives a damn what Keith thinks. When Matt brought KO's 9/11 Rant Keith said the criticism was not about CONTENT but only about the DAY and LOCATION. Now, we all know KO reads Olbermann Watch every day so he is well aware that the most widely-read criticism of his rant came from me on this site and my criticism focused exclusively on content.

    I left and went to get a bowl of Rice Krispies.

    Newsbusters wrote up the before and after. Mark Finkelstein offers some praise for Olberman's more controled, respectful behavior.

    Good news for the OlbyLoons, Matt revealed that Countdown will re-air Keith's enture 9 minute 9/11 Rant. Whew, between OddBall, recycled NBC News stories and more outtakes from Matt Lauer's "Hot for Teacher" child molester story Keith can pretty much take the night off.

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    September 14, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • SUMMER OF THE CELEBRITY BABY: Michael Musto, The Village Voice

    Keith Olbermann launched into his patter citing McCain, Graham, Warner, and Colin Powell. What a surprise. And he also previewed another unsavory serving of Matt Lauer's free PR for a convicted child abuser. But the lead story (#5 on the backwards broadcast) was about Republicans "spurning" the President:

    He made his case for legislation that would, among other things, rewrite a key provision of the Geneva Conventions known as Common Article 3...

    The Spin Starts Here. The legislation would not, and could not, "rewrite" the Geneva Convention. What it could, and would, do is define what practices are and are not cruel and inhumane treatment. Olby went on to quote Powell's statement that detailing, for the first time, which practices are covered would somehow put US troops at risk. Because our captured soldiers have always been treated in accord with the Geneva conventions. Or something.

    KO played a lengthy series of clips from today's Tony Snow press conference (the same presser that A-Mess-NBC passed on covering live in favor of updates and replays of the Lafave kerfuffle). Then it was on to complaints by the IAEA about a Congressman who happened to be--you guessed it!--a Republican.

    Oh no, it's Olbermann's Brain again. Craig Crawford, Countdown's Chortling Consultant, was giggling before Olby even asked one of his leading questions. Brain claimed that it was "strange" that the President didn't build more personal relationships on The Hill, as KO said if we "rewrite" the Geneva Conventions, then our enemies can do the same and torture our prisoners. Like, they don't? Then Krazy Keith asked of Bush:

    Did he just lose part of the Republican Party?

    Brain, of course, replied: "Y-e-e-e-s-s". Herr Olbermann blathered about a "slippery slope", Brain chuckled about "my way or the highway". After some chit-chat about UBL, KO amusingly asserted that he had been "inundated" with comments on his "special comment". Then, with the peculiar reasoning that only OlbyLogic can explain, he added:

    Given that the comment has now been viewed at least a quarter of a million times on one internet webset, website alone, we will be replaying the 9/11 comment in its entirety tomorrow night...

    If so many people can see it online any time they want, why is KO replaying it tomorrow night? Doesn't that make it something like a 250,001st rerun? Or has the collapse of his one-night ratings surge necessitated more truckling to the blue blogs? Krazy Keith also flogged his upcoming Today show appearance on Friday (usually the lowest-rated weekday edition, which shows good sense on somebody's part).

    After some bash-Bush clips from the late Ann Richards, Herr Olbermann led into the long-awaited first commercial break with teases for his revisionist Great Leak Case report and, naturally, Deborah Lafave! But the #4 story was preceded with "breaking news" about tainted spinach. Of course this news was introduced with a reference to Popeye.

    Next KO swerved into The Great Leak Case, insisting that the latest turn would not be "the final twist" in this example of how the adminsitration tries to "discredit its critics". Infamous quote-doctorer David Shuster said "many people believe" that Robert Novak was under "deeper investigation" than has been acknowledged, despite Novak's statement to the contrary. These "many people" are probably the same ones who convinced Slippery Shuster that "Karl Rove will be indicted", something Herr Olbermann took great care not to mention.

    In a classic example of Slippery's legal ignorance, he stated:

    But Novak was not cleared, and that suggests to a number of lawyers in this case that prosecutors had more problems with the actions of Bob Novak in this entire episode than they did with Richard Armitage.

    Stop the tivo! It is an established rule of law, courtesy of nine sages known colloquially as The Supremes, that the recipient of a leak who publishes it has committed no crime. He cannot be prosecuted for it! So what in the wide world of sports is Slippery Shuster talking about? He was triply discredited an hour ago. Now he is, what, quadruply discredited? Sounds about right.

    Slippery went on to talk about "the neocons in the White House", mentioning that Novak had been told he's not going to be charged in any of this. Stop the tivo again! Not two minutes ago Shuster was claiming Novak had not been cleared. Now he's saying the opposite. Quintuply discredited.

    A promo for an upcoming segment on Brittney Spears's spawn, then another fine, fine edition of "oddball" and more teases for Deborah Lafave. We skipped over that entire repellent spectacle, and not just because Dan Abrams had already replayed it over and over ad nauseam throughout the day. If we want to listen to the narcissistic ramblings of someone who preys on younger victims for sexual favors, we have the entire rest of the hour for that.

    The #2 story: the Canada school shooting, like the #3 story, a rerun (this time from ITV). Then the Anna Nicole Smith case, the "purported" (used twice) UK terror plot, and Harry Potter. The #1 story was about celebrity births, including a large helping of Cruise News! The creepy Michael Musto "joked" about babies without pupils and Fred Flintstone.


    KO used the Media Matters Minute to again hype his Today show appearance and pimp his book: as we write it is #106 on amazon, while O'Reilly's latest tome, not even on the market yet, is #193. (OlbyLoons: just click on the image to your left to go directly to amazon where you can buy the book.) Michael Savage got a mention for some dumb comment about women in the US Senate. The winner was a College Republican club who organized a tag-like game where people "catch an illegal immigrant" and a test of marksmanship by firing at cardboard cutouts of Hillary and John Kerry. KO bellowed that this was "inducement to assassination". This obscure gang of young GOPers were slammed as "worst persons", while Keith has so little problem with a movie that depicts the killing of "Mister" Bush that he not only refuses to criticize it, he doesn't even report on it!


    Among the quiescent canines, the most notable is Olby's careful avoidance of the poll numbers he trumpeted nightly when Bush's ratings were on the downslide. Today more polls show the Presidential approval numbers moving up, and one survey has the generic Congressional ballot choice (Dem/GOP) tightening to just three points. But none of this is news on Countdown, and won't be until the numbers start heading in the other direction. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 4 [GUARDED].

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    September 13, 2006
    MSM KO Bandwagon #151: Former Fox Newswatcher Cohen Loves KO

    OK. The Boston Phoenix is a liberal alternative paper and Jeff Cohen is a noted liberal activist-cum-media critic so it's not exactly the REAL MSM but you get the idea. For those who have not read the book (I have, Eric Deggans gave me a copy a couple weeks ago), Cohen was on Crossfire back in the good old bad days, then on Fox Newswatch. He left to produce Phil Donahue's MSNBC show before the network took it off their air in the run up to the Iraq War.

    Dan Kennedy interviews Cohen about his new book Cable News Confidential and we get this gem of an exchange:

    Q. GE still owns MSNBC, but its new golden boy seems to be Keith Olbermann, a liberal. Doesn't this suggest that TV executives will go with whatever works?

    A. I wish. Do I wish. I'd still be there. I'd be rich and powerful. And famous. I like Keith. I liked him years and years ago. I've never met the guy. I like his persona. Obviously others do, too. I like his smarts, I like his whimsy, and lately, obviously, he's pandering to my political sensibilities as well as the next guy's.

    Got that? He "likes Keith" but ""He's never met Keith". That seems to be common theme - people who "like" Keith have never met him. If I had to guess, Cohen is EXACTLY the kind of guest KO will jump to book and sucking up to KO is as good a way as any to get the John Dean treatment as any.

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    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • SADDAM AND AL-QAEDA CONNECTED?: Dana Milbank, Washington Post

    As Keith Olbermann bellowed his way through the opening spiel, its dependance on Democrat talking points was more evident than ever. Murtha is mad. Obey is mad. Those damn Republicans dare to disagree with a Senate committee. KO was fired up. He had a rare bump out of fourth place on Tuesday and he was determined to stoke the "momentum" for all it's worth. (Never mind that yesterday's show actually had less propaganda than the typical Hour of Spin. Keep in mind we're dealing with OlbyLogic here.)

    Keith led off with "yet another call today on Capitol hill" for Rumsfeld's resignation. Yes, another of those meaningless "resolutions" that have no force of law. Wait, isn't this what Herr Olbermann has condemned repeatedly as "politicizing" the war? Not on OlbyPlanet it isn't. A lengthy clip from Murtha talking about his resolution to be rid of "Rumsfield". Hey, where's our snarky Keith, who makes fun of people when they make embarrassing public bloopers, like getting the name of the Secretary of Defense wrong? That Keith never shows his orange face when it's a (D) showing his stupidity.

    After all that free time for Murtha, KO showed his impartiality and balance by running a clip from David Obey (D), who raised the spectre of Joe McCarthy. Then Countdown the campaign ad for the Democrats continued with Olby promoting a website set up to oppose "George 'Macaca' Allen" and running its video, free of charge.

    At this point, it was time for Countdown Crony Dana Milbank, minus mangy mufti. KO immediately cited the new NBC poll: Congress's approval rating is a meager 20%. He asked a wish-fulfillment question suggesting the low ratings are really more for Republicans than Democrats, and Dana dittoed, while noting that there are trends "in the Republican direction". Krazy Keith, eager to reverse any such trends that exist, wondered if Murtha had "the right idea": get the talk off national security and back onto Iraq, and cited the "powerful" internet ad he had just given free airtime to. Then we got a classic Olbermann leading question:

    When the speaker of the House says Democrats don't know who they enemy are, is there not some chance that a statement that outrageous might actually hit home with people who'd say, what in the hell are you talking about?

    In Keith Olbermann's America, Richard Durbin can liken US troops to Nazis and Communists, and Harry Belafonte can call the President the "world's greatest terrorist" without a peep from Edward R Olbermann--because statements are never "outrageous" when there is a (D) after the speaker's name. Going into the break, Olby teased his upcoming story, calling Cheney, Rice, and Tony Snow liars for daring to disagree with a Senate committee about Iraq and Al Qaeda. Krazy's on a roll tonight!

    In the #4 slot, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann sang the praises of "facts" (this coming just two days after his preposterous "special comment" that had the same relationship to facts as a lightning bug has to real lightning). Intoned Rev Olby:

    The persistent lie of a link, a pre-existing link, between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

    Clips of Condi talking about "ties", the Veep talking about CIA testimony of a "relationship", and Snow stating there was no "operational relationship, but there was a relationship" (tightly edited to remove the rest of what he said). To give an impartial, nonpartisan "analysis", who better than Jonathan Alter? They have "zero" credibility, "they've lost", it's like the "commies" in the Cold War, yada yada yada. Alter's spin couldn't have been more predictable: Keith took his party's line with every query, and the egg-headed pundit regurgitated it right back. KO got to use one of his pet phrases ("faith-based reality"), and a good time was had by all.

    After the break ("Countdown with Keith Olbermann is brought to you by Verizon...") came an Emmy-worthy dose of "oddball". All of this was bad enough, but with the #3 story Olby went on a voyage to the bottom of the barrel. Yes, the discredited sports guy reran Matt Lauer's interview with loathesome rapist and child abuser Deborah LaFave, who was all decked out in fancy clothes and a new hairdo.

    Why, exactly, are the self-serving excuses of a sexually disturbed criminal considered "news" on Countdown? Even if this interview hadn't already played, over and over, throughout the day on A-Mess-NBC, would it have been any less repellent? What if the situation were reversed, and it wasn't an attractive female? What if it was an older man who exploited much younger women for sleazy sexual trysts? Would Dan Abrams permit him to appear on Countdown? Oh, wait. Bad example.

    #2: The Canadian school shooting (relegated to recycled video from NBC), Anna Nicole Smith's son, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Tucker Carlson, and Meredith Viera (lots of clips from Today, an NBC property, natch). #1: Celebrity shopping, and the "lonely girl" internet hoax.

    Krazy Keith has fallen all over himself to give Air America free PR, inviting its hosts on The Hour of Spin for fawning interviews on multiple occasions. (He has had conservative talkers on his show too--but not in person, only as "worst person" targets.) Tonight, he was conspicuously silent about the impending bankruptcy of the leftist network he has himself appeared on over and over.

    There was another dog that didn't bark. Remember when KO would track every downward tick of the President's approval numbers in every poll he could get his hands on? Down to 40. Down below 40. Down below 35. Since then reports of Presidential ratings became increasingly scarce on The Hour of Spin. We can't remember the last time Olby trumpeted Bush's approval numbers.

    Today there was a new NBC poll. We know because Keith Olbermann reported on it. Or more accurately, he reported on one question from the poll (about Congress). NBC's poll has the President's approval rating up over 40% now, as do several other surveys. Yet none of these get so much as a word from Edward R Olbermann. Another reason why it's called The Hour of Spin.

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    Air America to Declare Bankruptcy Friday

    So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night!

    UPDATE: Please add a question mark to that headline, Radio Equalizer now says the bankruptcy story may have been a "dirty trick". Below is how we originally reported the story...

    UPDATE: Think Progress has now retracted their story and apologized. Brian Mulroney of Radio Equalizer has the details.

    In what can only be a disturbing development for Keith Olbermann's attempt to turn his MSNBC show into a video version of Air America Radio, the floundering libreal talk radio network began laying off employees and firing radio show hosts in anticpation of yet another bankruptcy filling which is now expected by the end of the week. Among the casuaties, morning show host Jerry Springer.

    It was not immediately clear whether AAR will remain on the air after this week.

    The Soros-funded Center for American Progress broke the news on their ThinkProgress blog moment ago in a post that is clearly an attempt at a "pre-emptive strike" against right-wing critics including talking points on how Air America Radio "succeeded" because it "created progressive talk radio format" and, in a classic bit of OlbyLogic, because the most successful liberal talk show hosts were not associated with Air America Radio.

    UPDATE (h/t Drudge): My buddy Eric Deggans of the St. Pete Times "told" Newsmax that in an email, Air America spokesperson Jamie Horn "denied" the rumor, saying:

    "If Air America had filed for bankruptcy every time someone rumored it to be doing so, we would have ceased to exist long ago. It may be frustrating to some that this hasn’t happened. No decision has been taken to make any filing of any kind. We are not sure of the source of these rumors."

    Of course, the source of the "rumor" is well-known, the Soros-funded Center for American Progress blog. The CAP is closely aligned with AAR, with CAP people appearing regularly on AAR shows. And the "rumor" was not that Air America Radio HAD filed for bankruptcy but that it would be doing so Friday and that it was not clear whether they would be on the air next week. Horn sidestepped both issues in her email to Deggans so its anyone's guess what's going on.

    Meanwhile, Al Franken told Radar that he has is no longer being paid by Air America Radio:

    "We do know that there have been cash-flow problems. I haven't been paid in a while. Like, there's no cash flowing to me."

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    MSNBC Teams with Democratic Underground to Promote KO's 9/11 Rant

    Once again MSNBC is teaming up with the radical left in a pathetic attempt to boost Olbermann's anemic ratings. This time its the tin-foil hat crowd over at the Democratic Underground taking the "unprecedented action" of calling on its members to spread the word about Olbermann fact-challenged "special comment" via a "special private message". Now, isn't that special?

    We put on our decoder ring and decyphered the mystical text for you clear-thinking readers:


    From: Skinner (ed. DU founder)
    Date: Sep-12-06 04:11 PM


    We apologize for this interruption, but the DU Admins were so blown away by Keith Olbermann’s watershed commentary last night (Sept. 11, 2006) that we’ve decided to take unprecendented action and send this special private message to each of our members to let you know about it.

    This morning, The Nation called Keith Olbermann “without a doubt the best news anchor on television today.� We agree. Video of his commentary is available at the link below. Please email it to your friends, family, co-workers, elected representatives, and anyone else who you think needs
    to see it. Keith’s commentary deserves a wide audience.



    The DU Administrators



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    September 12, 2006
    A few words on KO's 9/11 Rant...

    Last night Keith Olbermann took the occasion of the five year anniversary 9/11 to launch into a fact-challenged harangue of President Bush and call for his impeachment from a vantage point looking down on Ground Zero. I write about KO quite a bit on this site and normally even his most idiotic remarks don't phase me because I know he is a fool and so give his words the weight they deserve - none. But spending 9 minutes blaming Bush for the fact that Freedom Tower has not been competed is offensive on many levels. That Keith wants to wrap himself in the "flag" of "I lost friends that day" (does he even HAVE friends?) to do it makes me want to throw up. Only Keith Olbermann would USE the tragic death of his "friends" to attempt to insulate himself from criticism in blaming President Bush for the delays in rebuilding on the WTC site when it is patently false.

    He picked up the theme of the piece - "a hole in the ground" - after establishing his "I breathed in the remains of my friends" bona-fides:

    "...of all the things those of us who were here five years ago could have forecast -- of all the nightmares that unfolded before our eyes, and the others that unfolded only in our minds -- none of us could have predicted this. Five years later this space is still empty, there is no memorial to the dead, there is no building rising to show with proud defiance that we would not have our America wrung from us, by cowards and criminal, this country's wound is still open, this country's mass grave is still unmarked, this is still just a background for a photo-op.

    OK, OK. We get the point. Keith thinks it's "shameful" that the Freedom Tower and 9/11 Memorial have not been completed five years after 9/11. Big deal. I don't know of anyone who is happy about it so what new ground is KO covering here?

    Keith next goes on to contrast this with the Gettysburg Memorial which was dedicated "barely four months after the last soldier staggered from another Pennsylvania field". As with much of what KO says when he is demagoging an issue, this sounds like a great point unless you know the facts.

    Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address at the dedication for the Soldiers' National Cemetery not the "Gettysburg Memorial". There is no "Gettysburg Memorial". There is a "Soldiers National Monument" in the center of the cemetery but that was not dedicated until July 1, 1869. The cemetery itself was not completed until 1872. Only the Union soldiers were buried there; the last of the 3,512 Union dead were not buried in the Soldiers' National Cemetery until March of 1864. The last of the Confederate soldiers were not reburied until 1877. In fact, if you look at any of the photos from that day (November 19, 1863) you will see that Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address in the middle of an open field (the field on which the battle was fought) where they were PREPARING to build the cemetary and monument.

    I'm surprised that Keith failed to lambaste that "no good" Lincoln for lolly-gagging around Washington, DC for FOUR MONTHS while the bodies of Union soldiers lay rotting in that Pennsylvania field. As we all know, Bush waited much longer to make his way to New York. Right? The more you know about that Lincoln the worse it gets. Did you know that Lincoln did not even authorize the creation of a soldier's cemetery? A private citizen purchased the 17 acres on his own initiative and invited Lincoln to speak as an after-thought.

    The dedication ceremony where Lincoln spoke was more akin to a "ribbon-cutting ceremony" than a "grand opening" - the Union dead were cleared from the battlefield and put in their final resting place about 9 months after the battle (four months after Lincoln's address). The monument was dedicated six YEARS after the Battle of Gettysburg. The cemetery was completed nine years after the battle and the last soldier was interred in his final resting place 14 years after the battle.

    Keith's next words - "our leaders could use those same words (Lincoln's at Gettysburg) to rationalize their reprehensible inaction. "We cannot dedicate, we can not consecrate, we can not hallow this ground." So we won't." - lose their punch when you realize that the effort to erect the Freedom Tour and a 9/11 memorial are moving ahead FASTER than the work at Gettysburg. In fact, the "ribbon-cutting ceremony" for the 9/11 memorial took place two years ago.

    He says of the leaders "they bicker and buck pass. They thwart private efforts, and jostle to claim credit for initiatives that go nowhere". I am not sure who "they" are here but among those who have held up the redevelopment of the WTC site have been the 9/11 families. Is Keith attacking them? What "private efforts" are the "leaders" thwarting? Who is claiming credit for what initiatives? Does "they" mean the politicians who have had the lead in the redevelopment - Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Pataki and the three recent New Jersey governors (all Democrats)?

    Not bothering to connect the dots, Keith makes a left turn into Iraq, out to an aircraft carrier off the coast of San Diego and then back to DC for a quick how-do-you-do for Armstrong Williams:

    "They spend the money on irrelevant wars, and elaborate self-congratulations, and buying off columnists to write how good a job they're doing instead of doing any job at all".

    Presumably this is an attack on the Bush administration. How he makes the leap from the politics of rebuilding the WTC site to the Iraq war is a mystery known only to OlbyLoons.

    With his neurons firing in every direction, Keith eloquently ties together these random strands of Bush-hatred by concluding, beyond all logic, that every day that passes without the Freedom Tower and 9/11 memorial means "the terrorists are clearly, still winning."

    As Keith likes to pretend he is a part-time logician maybe he is drawing on some complex theory of reasoning that only he and dolphins can understand.

    Not satisfied with these contortions, Keith summersaults, then pirouettes before landing a triple-gainer, squarely on a stage of his own imagination, accusing Bush of having committed "a crime against every victim here" because the President did not intervene and FORCE the various parties to rebuild the WTC site in time for Keith's live shot from Ground Zero.

    I am going to skip over KO's standard "Bush squandered unity" tripe except to note that just last month KO and his OlbyLoon pals made quite a point of attacking Joe Lieberman for responding to that very same national desire for unity that Keith now so cherishes.

    With the site directly behind him, Keith contains himself long enough to recall that his rant began with a "hole in the ground" theme. In righteous anger, this Elmer Gantry of the cable news set shrieks "Not once in now five years has this President ever offered to assume responsibility for the failures that led to this empty space" before swerving like a vision-impaired drunk straight into the "Path to 9/11", all to advance the rather odd notion that Bush is somehow responsible for programming at a rival television network - and not Fox News.

    Having spent the past hour in front of a backdrop of Ground Zero, spinning "9/11" like a it was a roulette wheel, Olbermann challenges Bush:

    "How dare you -- or those around you -- ever "spin" 9/11?"

    Apparently the irony was lost on KO for he returned to yet another previous theme to proclaim the "the terrorists have succeeded -- are still succeeding -- as long as there is no memorial and no construction here at Ground Zero."

    Now at this point, any channel surfers stumbling upon this OlberBaffoonery might be forgiven for thinking they'd wandered into a bad episode of The Twilight Zone. So what must these poor souls made of Keith then citing an episode of that very same show.

    Keith closes on with a "brilliant" sent of rhetorical questions designed to round out his "hole in the ground" theme:

    "...look into this empty space behind me and the bi-partisanship upon which this administration also did not build, and tell me: Who has left this hole in the ground?

    Again, all of this only seems to make sense only if you don't know the facts.

    As anyone who lives in the New York area can tell you (and Keith does) rebuilding at Ground Zero has been held up for many reasons and that none of them have anything to do with President Bush.

    First, it was 9 months before they removed all the debris from the site (I was there for that ceremony in June 2002, where were you Keith?).

    Second, there was a major issue over insurance - whether the owner of the property on which the WTC was built could collect and how much. Until that money was paid out there was no money to finance any work on the site. An OlbyWatch readers notes "The dispute over the insurance settlement came about because the property owner claimed the attacks were two seperate events, while the insurers said it was a single attack, and therefore worth just half the money claimed. There were also concerned with how to replace the lost office space from WTC 1 and 2, when eight of the 16 acres at the site are to be reserved for the memorial (a problem mostly since solved with the purchase of the damaged Deutsch Bank building that was contaminated beyond repair on 9/11)."

    Third, the WTC itself was not privately owned but sat on private property which was leased from a private company. The WTC was owned and operated by the Port Authority which is a special type of entity - an "authority" that is set up to be independent of the government(s) that create it. In this case the Port Authority was created by the states of New Jersey and New York. That same reader adds "The Port Authority authorization to assume the lead role in the site's rebirth came with a quid pro quo - agreeing to finance a new rail tunnel from New Jersey (via Keith's MSNBC stop in Secaucus) to midtown Manhattan which had nothing to do with WTC site. The officials there didn't want New York to be the sole beneficiary of all the PA's attention (in a similar way, New Jersey required the PA to buy the bankrupted PATH train system in 1962 before they would let them buy the WTC site and build the towers in the first place, so this is a long-standing interstate rivalry).

    Fourth, the WTC site is in New York City and in New York State and, as noted above, involved New Jersey as well. So, any rebuilding had to get the approval of the Mayor of New York City and various city agencies, the Governor of New York State and various state agencies, the Governor of New Jersey and various state agencies, the insurance companies and banks and the property owner (Larry Silverstein). There was also the small issue of figuring out who might want to be a tenant in a building that will become the terrorists #1 target on the day it opens. As some may recall, during this period, the Governor of New Jersey was somewhat preoccupied with various scandals and ultimately resigned over a personal scandal at which point an interim Governor took over, and then New Jersey elected Job Corzine governor. And, of course, you had all of the familes of the victims which organized into various groups - all of which had some gripe with some aspect of the plan. No politican was prepared to get into a fight with the families. Then there was the city planning people, the architectural review board. Pretty much every state and city agency and every community group in the tri-state area wanted a say in what happened at the WTC site.

    As noted above, there was a bricklaying ceremony - similar to what happened at Gettysburg in November, 1863 - in 2004 and they were finally ready to begin work but then the project ran into more problems.

    First, the NYPD and the FBI rejected the plan due to security concerns.

    Second, the plan included building a "tolerance" museum museum that became a hodge-podge of competing, politically-correct themes which somehow managed to bring in Martin Luther King, American Indians, and various "aggrieved" peoples from around the world. The only entrance to the memorial for the victims was through the tolerance museum which was basically an homage to left-wing propaganda (you lefites might not like that characterization but whatever you call it the idea that the site would do anything other than simply honor the people who died at the site did not sit well with many, many people). The tolerance museum was eventually scrapped and so a new plan was created that took that out and addressed the security concerns.

    Finally, after all this, came the Freedom Tower design and a plan that was approved by all of the required parties (not that everyone is happy because many, including some families, are still complaining). Meanwhile, other buildings AROUND the actual site of the two towers (the WTC was, I think, actually SEVEN buildings), were being built. Some of them have been completed. They also had to first rebuild the PATH trains and subway station underneath the site (one of the largest commuter rail transportation hubs in the country). Once that was done they had to rebuild the "bathtub", the retaining walls that keep the Hudson River from rushing into the excavacted site.

    Somehow none of this reality fit neatly into KO's anti-Bush screed.

    Now, Keith Olbermann lives in New York. And any New Yorker with half a brain knows all about this because it is in the newspapers and on TV every friggin' day. So, how is that Keith can go on TV, broadcasting live from the site, and put forward the absolutely aburd, completely disingenuous notion that President Bush is responsible for the current state of the WTC site?

    So, I ask you Keith. Have you no decency, sir? Have you no shame?

    Do you crave higher ratings so badly you would throw away whatever shred of credibility you once had as a sportscaster?

    Look in the mirror Keith, you have become that which you claim to despise - a demagogue.

    Who has left this hole in your integrity?

    We have not forgotten, Mr. Olbermann.

    You have.

    May the people who once considered you a journalist forgive you.

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    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • ARE WE LOSING THE WAR ON TERROR OVERSEAS?: Thomas Ricks, Washington Post

    The Hour of Spin began with Krazy Keith's opening spiel, where the night's propaganda points are often distilled into nice, short soundbites

    The President promises his 9/11 speech won't be political. Then the President's 9/11 speech is political. Then the President's critics attack the hypocrisy.

    Now it's just sheer coincidence that deeming the speech to be "political" happened to be the chief talking point of the Dems and the blue blogs all day long. It's merely happenstance that it jump-started Herr Olbermann's patter.

    KO led off bellowing about "politics of fear, politics of partisanship, politics of terror", and said Bush chose "all of the above". On what does he base that conclusion? The fact that "Democrats" reacted "angrily". Well, that must make it true, at least on OlbyPlanet.

    A clip from Harry "The Body" Reid (falsely claiming the speech was "partisan") was contrasted with over-the-top comments from John Boehner and reaction from Tony Snow. The latter's position was characterized by Olby as "almost worthy of Pee-Wee Herman".

    What Countdown Crony would be called to clone Keith's comments? None other than Olbermann's Brain (Craig Crawford). The sniggering solon called it "a great way to bait the opponent", and said even mentioning Iraq would have that effect. KO decided that the Democrats needed his advice, so he helpfully provided them with what he deigned to be a superior response to Bush's "political" speech

    Iraq only became the central place in the war on terror because we let the terrorists into Iraq.

    Krazy Keith went on to wonder when the Republicans would begin their "attack the media phase", and Brain chortled that "I'm sure we'll see plenty of it". Then Olby put on his pundit hat and declaimed that what Bush really meant is that the Iraq war is the "principal reason" we have not been attacked:

    Does it not at some point sound even in the White House sound less like a President talking and more like David Koresh?

    Brain snickered real good at that one. Olby dismissed Crawford with neither of them even addressing Keith's own inglorious politicization of 9/11. Then KO was off to rerun more of the "borderline rancid" Bush/Lauer interview. Keith introduced the clip with a self-quotation from one of his own "special comments" (more Olbermann onanism).

    The #4 story was all about terrorism, starting with the attack in Syria. This was quickly dispensed with: KO talked over some footage. No actual report, not even of the taped and regurgitated variety. Then it was time for yesterday's news: the decline in Iraq's Anbar province. Olby noted that the Pentagon has been "unable to kill the story", and introduced Ricks (author of the Iraq war tome "Fiasco"). KO asked about the "cure for terrorism" (Democracy) that "Mister" Bush keeps advocating, and Ricks came up with the unique perspective that when you set up a democracy, elections should be "the last thing you have".

    Olby offered a convoluted theory about how training Iraqis to take over security actually aids Al Qaeda, and Ricks reiterated the point, claiming that the police will actually be "death squads". KO brought up the Syrian bombing attempt, and his guest went off on a tangent about Hezbollah and "strange bedfellows".

    After another fine, fine edition of the Pulitzer-worthy "oddball" (making fun of Dennis Hastert for messing up the words of the National Anthem), KO dealt with the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son (recycled from NBC). #2: Pandas (another rerun from the network mothership), Britney Spears, Keven Federline, Girls Gone Wild on Campus, Katie Couric's ratings, Meredith Viera. In the prized #1 slot: the Chicago Bears and free furniture. The "worst person" segment featured an "anti-abortion nut bag", but the real purpose was more desperate pimping of Olbermann's book the book that bears Olbermann's name.


    All things considered, after Monday's hyperbolic jeremiad, the discredited sports guy was comparitively subdued tonight. Even the MisterMeter reading was relatively calm: 2 [LOW]. Did all this, and the abundance of noxious fluff on this latest Countdown, have something to do with the returns from Monday's embarrassment? Yes, Olby was back to his usual fourth place finish, both in total viewers and in his coveted, prized, beloved "demo". All the blue bloggers and all the PR men couldn't get his ratings up again. As Olbermann loves to say: "Is this a metaphor?"

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    September 11, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann, from Ground Zero


    • 9/11 - FIVE YEARS LATER; WAR ON TERROR: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek; Max Cleland (D), fmr. 9/11 commissioner

    The fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is obviously an occasion for remembrance, for sober reflection. And an award-winning "journalist" like Keith Olbermann knows this somber moment should not be politicized. Or does he?

    The opening spiel began with Keith a bit more subdued vocally, but still capable of false advertising...

    The President gets contentious with Matt Lauer.

    ...and still willing to truckle to the blue blogs in the hope of hyping ratings and book sales:

    A President who has turned 9/11 into a campaign slogan and a photo-op, and forgotten its real meaning.

    KO began The Hour of Spin proper by claiming the nation has never been this "fractured" since the Civil War, taking shots at Cheney, Rice, and plugging his "special comment". After dispensing with the commemorative events of the day with in about a minute's time, Keith complained that Condi was talking about links between Iraq and Al Qaeda, and that contradicted the Senate committee report "composed by Republicans". (Actually, the main work on that report was done by a staffer who campaigned for John Kerry, hired by Republican Senator Hagel.)

    Then Olby described Vice-President's "extraordinary" statement that they would have gone to war with Iraq even if the WMD situation had been known in advance, adding that it was "the most truthful thing 'Mister' Cheney has ever said". After some clips from the Cheney/Russert sitdown, KO went on to Matt Lauer's interview with "Mister" Bush, preposterously characterizing it as "pretty tense".

    The Wolffe Man showed up and said the White House doesn't want to look like it's playing politics, but "it's all political". Then it was time for Olbermann's Fun with Numbers. An NBC poll asked are we safer since 9/11. The results:

    More safe: 42%
    As safe: 32%
    Less Safe: 23%

    So how does Krazy Keith spin this?

    Fewer than half of those surveyed, uh 42%, think that as a country we are more safe than we were before 9/11; 55% combined believing we are as safe or less safe.

    Of course, the same figures could be split up differently: only 23% think we're less safe, while an overwhelming 74% think we are as safe or even safer. Or Keith could have tried something really novel: just report the numbers as written! But then it wouldn't be OlbySpin.

    Wolffie nattered on about how "extraordinarily difficult" it is for the President to make his case, and KO suggested that keeping Iraq out of the headlines is "the game plan". Olby again came back to the Matt Lauer interview, talking about "strain and friction", and the Wolffe Man played along. After giving his guest "great thanks", Keith again plugged his special comment:

    An empty pit, mirroring the empty promises of this adminstration to unite us, and also its unmistakable lies.

    The #4 story was the hunt for Al Qaeda, via a rerun taped report from Lisa Myers; Keith managed to work in a reference to that "wretcherd [sic] ABC miniseries". Oh, and he also mispronounced "clandestine" yet again. Somebody buy Edward R Olbermann a dictionary.

    There followed still another tease for the "special comment":

    The President turns 9/11 into a club to use against political opponents, and on occasion against free speech itself...

    The #3 story was about "Iraq: the great distraction". Al Qaeda's increasing control of a province in Iraq was the pretext to bring in Max Cleland (D), who Olby told us is "busily campaigning for fellow veteran Congressman John Murtha". Cleland got a "great thanks" both at the start and finish of his interview. Rest assured this chat never got "contentious", and there wasn't a hint of "strain and friction" in the softballs lobbed by Krazy Keith. Cleland declared "this is George Bush's VietNam", and it's time to "redeploy the forces" (to Okinawa?). "They" are trying to "slime" Jack Murtha, and Olby allowed Cleland to turn the segment into a campaign commercial. When Cleland put out the website address to recruit volunteers and raise some cash for Murtha, Keith figured that wasn't good enough, and repeated the URL himself in his next question! Then Cleland went on to extoll how wonderful it will be with Murtha heading up the appropriations committee, and decried the "lies" that got us into Iraq.

    Once again it's time to update The List (partisan politicos and strategists interviewed on Countdown, identified by party):

    • May 22: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • May 30: Rep Barney Frank (D)
    • June 9: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • June 15: Bob Schrum (D)
    • June 16: Rep John Murtha (D)
    • June 19: Al Gore (D)
    • June 20: Sen Jack Reed (D)
    • June 20: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • June 23: Al Gore (D)
    • July 5: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • July 12: Barbara Boxer (D)
    • July 13: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • July 26: Bill Richardson (D)
    • August 8: Daily Kos (D)
    • August 9: Joe Trippi (D)
    • August 30: Howard Dean (D)
    • August 31: Barbara Boxer (D)
    • August 31: Rocky Anderson (D)
    • September 5: Tom Kean Jr (R)
    • September 6: Richard Ben-Veniste (D)
    • September 7: Sean Maloney (D)
    • September 8: Mack McLarty (D)
    • September 11: Max Cleland (D)

    Again a tease for that #$@#!@% special comment, followed by still another. This is getting worse than those headache commercials. Olby's Special Comment--Apply Directly to the Forehead!

    In the #2 position, respiratory problems among survivors of 9/11. Clip of Christy Todd Whitman blaming it on New York (and by inference, potential Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani); no clip of Rudy's response. Up close and personal report on John Graham via Monica Novotny. And still more promotion of guess what?

    My special comment on what this President has wasted: the unity and support that we and the people of the world granted him.

    In best milk-the-ratings fashion, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann held his "special comment" until the last possible Nielsen minute. But it was posted online before he even read it on the air. This was Olby demagoguery in its most virulent form. Imply the President is an "idiot" (attn: blue bloggers), make veiled references to the "mechanics" of his election (attn: black box buffoons), attack the movie you didn't watch for its "bald-faced lies" (attn: David Brock), and raise the spectre of impeachment (attn: Olbyloons everywhere).

    Oh, there was something else in this "special comment": the hole in the ground in New York City that has yet to be rebuilt. It got a passing mention or two during Herr Olbermann's diatribe, but was merely a rhetorical function on which the discredited sports guy hung his sophistic harangue. Note that while the "preview" on the web focused on the true subject--attacking Bush and suggesting impeachment--MSNBC's on-air promos for tonight Countdown led viewers to think something else:

    Five years later, where's the new building? Where's the memorial? Keith asks these difficult questions in his latest "special comment".

    Dan Abrams is not completely incompetent. He knows that Keith's internet bread is buttered with the blue bloggers, but he doesn't want to scare away regular Americans who might be watching A-Mess-NBC during the day. Therefore, the two-track PR approach: focus on impeachment and election fraud for the netroots crowd, but promise a reasoned commentary about rebuilding the WTC site to the unsuspecting tv viewers.


    So Keith Olbermann, who lectures the adminstration about calling people who disagree "un-American" but himself used that very term to describe "Mister" Bush just a week ago, delivered his hypocritical sermon. The discredited sports guy who howls about other people "politicizing" the war on terror and 9/11, himself turns his program into a political rant. The MSM will fall over themselves with awe and reverence. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 5 [ELEVATED].

    UPDATE: The reviews for KO's 9/11 Rant are trickling in from OlbyLoonLand...

    "perhaps his most powerful monologue ever"
    - Truth Dig

    "another amazing Keith Olbermann commentary, delivered from Ground Zero"
    - off time signatures

    "Olbermann stepping up again"
    - impolitical

    "leaves no stone unturned..."
    - Crooks and Liars

    "Olbermann's reply to the President's Address on 911"
    - Athene Biz
    (ed. KO's "reply" aired BEFORE Bush's speech)

    "watch it"
    - Jesus' General

    "Words can't describe this..."
    - The Babbling Academy

    "probably the most powerful commentary I have ever read/heard"
    - Anysia

    "A most eloquent editorial"
    - FatMixx

    "he does it better"
    - The Supreme Irony of Life...

    "reminding us of the incompetency and impeachability of the Bush administration"
    - Seven Generational Ruminations

    "Olbermann Rocks"

    "my hero"
    - The Age of (un)Reason

    "I'm damned grateful for the courage that Keith Olbermann showed"
    - The Enlightened Hillbilly

    "It Ain't Over"
    - Jane Hamsher, Firefdoglake

    "made me cry"
    - Dependable Renegade

    - Hullabaloo

    "a powerful commentary"
    - God is for SUCKERS

    "Is it time to modify the boycott to allow for Keith's show Countdown"
    - DailyKos

    "There are no words to describe Keith Olbermann tonight"
    - Shakespeare's Sister

    "fits into the history of brave moments in journalism"
    - Daily Kos

    "Take Keith's words, print them out, and send a copy to the pResident at the White House"
    - Daily Kos

    "another biting commentary"
    - MyDD

    "Keith Olbermann does it again"
    - The Democratic Daily

    "hit one out of the park"
    - Mahablog

    "it gave me chills"
    - Americ-nt

    " I'm not courting the liberals...I don't think in these issues that I'm a liberal"
    - Keith Olbermann quoted in

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    MSM KO Bandwagon #144: Salon Slobbers over Keith

    At least Salon is an online opinion 'zine...

    In The Olbermann Factor we learn that Keith Olbermann has been "building ratings", is the "darlilng" of half of the Internet". He is "adding viewers" and "especially the young ones that advertisers crave"

    Of course we hear about KO's "long-running feud" with O'Reilly and how KO's Rummy Rant was "breathtaking" and "acid" but if you want to see something really breathtaking read on as I dissect the many lies Olbermann is tellling in the interview which follows the sick-making lead in.

    As regular OlbyWatch readers know, Keith has a habit of exaggerating or lying - about his supposed lack of interest in electoral outcomes, his lack of partisanship, his ratings, his sources for stories, fabriacting quotes, etc. Keith counts on the fact that so few people watch his show that when he tells something to a reporter or columnist that few will be familiar with the truth and most of those who are (OlbyLoons) would never dream of contradicting KO even when they KNOW he is lying.

    Here are a few KO statements from the Salon interview that bear fact-checking...

    "...May 1 of 2003, the flight-suit story. I can remember interviewing several people that day and saying, "Isn't this a little premature? Isn't this a little theatrical? Isn't this a little staged?" and being assured that my opinion was ridiculous and alone and this was George Bush's historic moment, all the rest of that."

    I red-flagged this because Keith is claiming that he had guests on Countdown that disagreed with him. It might have happened but I think we are going to need to pull up the transcripts from May 1, 2003.

    "I think, I'm pretty sure, we were the first television outlet in this country to question the official story of the Jessica Lynch rescue, and I remember taking a huge amount of heat for that, because that was a great comic-book kind of war story."

    The "official story"? As I recall it there was a "comic book version" of the story but it was put out by the Washington Post and DENIED by DoD officials. So was KO questioning the WaPo version (phony) or the DoD version (accurate). Either way, he could not have been questining the DoD "comic book" version because there was none. Sounds like we need to dig up the transcripts of KO's Jessica Lynch coverage.

    "We have gone from a distant third place to having won in the demographic that everybody looks for, the 25- to 54-year-olds; we defeated the CNN show at 8 o'clock in the first two quarters."

    Wow!!!! I don't even need to fact-check this one. I already know these are bald-faced lies.

    I can't tell if I enjoy catching KO in lies or in showing how he plays around with words to tell them. Notice how KO says that in 1Q06 and 2Q06, Countdown "defeated" Paula Zahn in the 8 PM ET slot. In the line before that he says Countdown "won" in the demo. There has never been a single quarter where Countdown "won" the ratings race either in total viewers or in the demo (that has been O'Reilly on both counts for many years). In the first two quarters of this year Countdown NEVER defeated Paula Zahn in total viewers. The truth is that KO came in second in the demo for the first half of 2006 through a combination of increased young viewers via MSNBC broadcasting the Winter Olympics and a far-left "awareness" campaign sponsored by's "Countdown pledge drive" AND an unexpected and unexplained drop in in the demo for Paula Zahn. That trend ran from February to April and then reversed itself so that Zahn made up the losses in the demo and KO lost the Olympics/MoveOn spike. Over the past 5 months the trend has been a steady decline for Olbermann and an increase for Paula Zahn.

    As OlbyWatch readers know, KO has never done any better than come in 3rd in the cable news ratings (4th or 5th at times if you include HLN and CNBC). You also know that O'Reilly regularly trounces Olbermann in total viewers and in the much heralded (by MSNBC/Olbermann/TVNewser) 25-54 demo.

    It's not that he lies but the WAY he lies...

    "we've had a very steady climb, a climb from third place in the ratings to essentially second place in the rating"

    Again, more lies. Keith has never been in second place - "essentially" or otherwise - in total viewers. As noted above, he did come in second "in the demo" for a few months. Since April's post-Olmypic/MoveOn peak ,where he did edge Zahn in the demo (both CNN and MSNBC were, as usual, trounced by Fox News, during this time) it has been a one way trip down.

    "They [Keith's bosses] have been interested in what they are supposed to be interested in on a corporate level, which is making money. More ratings, of course. More money"

    This isn't a "lie" in the classic sense but it's a funny statement since everyone in the TV biz knows that MSNBC has lost loads of money for NBC and that KO's puny ratings, whatever "place" he claims that puts him in, are not contributing anything to GE's bottom line.

    "sometimes I have to turn to them and say, "No. I know you like this and I know you think this is going to do real well for you in the ratings, but just don't pull the gun out of the holster every 35 seconds." If anything, I have to calm them down, rather than the other way around."

    We can't fact-check this but the whole premise seems absurd to anyone who watches the show - the idea that KO has ever shown restraint against attacking his "enemies" on his show. I mean he DOES have a whole book about that coming out tomorrow, a book "ripped" from "202" Countdown episodes.

    On the "feud" Keith says "It's really, it's almost a passive feud from my end...we devote less and less time to him...Arguing with Bill O'Reilly is a waste of valuable arguing time"

    Ummmm...does this even merit a response? I mean even KO supporters have credited him for "punching up" in attacking O'Reilly and gloried in KO's ability to get a reaction out of O'Reilly. KO has attacked O'Reilly by name on his show well over 100 times. The Nazi Salute stunt was like a month ago. I mean even the OlbyLoons aren't going to be buying this one. How many hours do you need to spend soaking in the bathtub to believe this kind of thing when you say it?

    Keith is asked "Partially because of the feud with O'Reilly, and for other reasons, you've become something of a hero to the liberals in the blogosphere. Was there a conscious choice made to reach out to them?

    Here are a few snippets of KO's rather long-winded but hilarious reply "No, I don't think so...I don't think you can get a bunch of liberals to watch one television network, because they'd be sitting there arguing the nuance of it. So I'm not courting the liberals..I also, I don't think in these issues that I'm a liberal; I think that I'm an American. I think I'm acting almost as a historian on these particular things, with the Rumsfeld commentary and now the Bush commentary....I'm not courting anybody with these things"

    Again...does this really merit a response? The petition drive, KO"s appearences on Air America Radio, interviewing liberal bloggers on his show, the ratio of liberals to conservatives book on his show, citing liberal blogs during the show? That his staff contacted the libereal bloggers giving them a "heads up" on the Rummy Rant? I mean this is just so ridiculous that I am laughing too hard to bother detailing why this is so funny. If you don't get the joke you have not been reading this site. Maybe the best bit here is the notion that KO is a "historian"!!! Hahahaha.

    Here's another laugher...

    "every once in a while you should bring the flag out and say, "What does our country stand for?" The first thing that I think of is the statement that I disagree with your beliefs, but I will fight to the death for your right to express them. When the secretary of defense and the president of the United States make statements that indicate those statements are no longer operative, then you have to say something. It's no longer liberal versus conservative at that point. It's American versus truly un-American."

    So, KO wants to fight to the death to preserve the right of Americans to express their beliefs by condemning other Americans, Rumsfeld and Bush, for expressing theirs? Ahhh...OlbyLogic at its finest.

    On his first stint at MSNBC, Keith offers us this whopper "in some stretches there were no new developments [in the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal] for two weeks, and yet we devoted an hour of news time to it every night. This is just a fundamental violation of my chromosomes as a sportscaster and a newscaster. If something's more than six hours old, you have to convince me that it's worth talking about"

    Gee, those must be some chromosmes. Apparently the switch on and off like those "intersex" fish that turned up in the Potomoc river! J$ can help me out here but off the top of my head KO has been beating the drum on some stories for YEARS! Plamegate, Rush Limbaugh's drug arrest/treatment, voting irregularities in Ohio, the Mackris lawsuit, Bush's speech on the aircraft carrier...

    At least this piece ends with one bit of truth from KO:

    "This era (post-9/11) gets its own chapter, at least, and in the history of this country it may be as pivotal as the time of the Civil War. There has never been, I think, since then any kind of comparable political struggle going on over what we are, and what we represent, and what our standards have to be whether we are under attack or we are not."

    Very true. Unfortunately, Keith does not realize he is dressed in battle grey.

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    September 10, 2006
    Path to 9/11 - OPEN THREAD


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    MSM KO Bandwagon #137: Olbermann Speaks on Rummy Rant

    St. Pete Times' TV critic Eric Deggans spoke with Olbermann on Friday and produced yet another OlbyLove festival which credits KO for his "Edward R. Murrow moment" and accepts at face value Olby's inversion of history by claiming Rumsfeld channels Chamberlain.

    Keith provides Deggans with the intimate details of how he prepared the modern equivalent of the Gettyburg Address and provides this nugget:

    "I am loath to wrap myself in the flag, because when I see other people do it, my stomach gets turned," said Olbermann Friday. "But...what does this country stand for? And what is Don Rumsfeld trying to get us to change when he says something like he said?...The more they try to accomplish the oldest trick in the book - scaring people into abandoning some of their liberties - the more people will say, 'Hey, wait a minute.'"

    Just in case you have not had enough, Deggans provides a "condensed" version of KO's "Murrow Moment".

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    September 8, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • ABC'S 9/11 DOCUDRAMA AND PRES. BUSH'S SPEECH ON MONDAY: Tom Nicolleti, fmr. FBI supervisory agent; Mack McLarty, Pres. Clinton's fmr. chief of staff

    The Hour of Spin began with the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann sounding grumpy and sour. KO breathlessly reported the possibility that the 9/11 movie might be pulled from the schedule. If this sounds like the same "possibility" he reported yesterday, that's because it is. After rattling off some quotes from a carefully selected assemblage of pundits (carefully selected to all agree with Keith), Olby took a shot at the New York Times. Yes, it's the classic Olbermann Attack the Media strategy again! But why would KO launch an assault on The Old Gray Lady?

    The answer is simple: they reviewed the movie (attn Keith: after seeing it) and declared it to be even-handed ("blame is spread pretty evenly across the board"). Yikes, we can't have that on OlbyPlanet. So KO went after a factual inaccuracy in the write-up, without, of course, mentioning that The Times deemed it to be fair to both parties. He had to avoid that like the plague, since it exposed his previous claim (the movie "blames Democrats and Democrats alone") as another Olbermann lie.

    The interview with Nicoletti was a "Countdown Exclusive!" He is a retired FBI agent who hangs around Hollywood looking to work on films (it appears Oliver Stone has hired him). He signed onto the 9/11 film to monitor how accurately they portrayed the FBI, and found "several scenes" that he objected to. What was the nature of the "inaccuracies"? Some sort of political slant? Or was it what he was there to monitor, the depiction of FBI standards and procedures? Oddly enough, through the entire interview, he never specified, and ace journalist Krazy Keith was so curiously incurious that he didn't bother to ask. Clear-headed readers will come to their own conclusions as to why that would be.

    Then to reinforce the spin of the Clintonoids, McLarty was next in the Seat of Honor. KO said the script is "full of holes" and has "flaws in the historical timeline". Should they pull it entirely? Three guesses what the Clintonoid said, and the first two don't count. Olby and McLarty kept bringing up the 9/11 report as if it were the Bible and this film was intended to be a sermon. KO has yet to report that the program is based not just on the 9/11 report but also on The Cell. Funny, he didn't ask that author on to comment on the movie. Herr Olbermann asked if there is a "true political agenda" behind the film, but McLarty punted.

    Time to update The List (partisan politicos and strategists interviewed on Countdown, identified by party):

    • May 22: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • May 30: Rep Barney Frank (D)
    • June 9: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • June 15: Bob Schrum (D)
    • June 16: Rep John Murtha (D)
    • June 19: Al Gore (D)
    • June 20: Sen Jack Reed (D)
    • June 20: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • June 23: Al Gore (D)
    • July 5: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • July 12: Barbara Boxer (D)
    • July 13: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • July 26: Bill Richardson (D)
    • August 8: Daily Kos (D)
    • August 9: Joe Trippi (D)
    • August 30: Howard Dean (D)
    • August 31: Barbara Boxer (D)
    • August 31: Rocky Anderson (D)
    • September 5: Tom Kean Jr (R)
    • September 6: Richard Ben-Veniste (D)
    • September 7: Sean Maloney (D)
    • September 8: Mack McLarty (D)

    Oh great day! This story is so big, so huge, so momentous that it's going to get a whole nuther segment, to explore the "motivations" of the people who are trying to "alter history". Translation: it's time for a little character assassination. But the discredited sports guy faced a quandry. He had a White House Clintonoid on yesterday, and today as well. Where can he find a willing accomplice for Phase II of his attack on free expression? To the rescue: Judd Legum from ThinkProgress, one of those websites that's from way out there where the busses don't run; he's also from the Center for American Progress, known for their twisting of facts.

    Legum jumped right in: the writer is a "conservative", he "appeared at the Liberty Film Festival". Aha! Olby brought up an obscure Christian youth group, and--what do you know--the director of the movie is on their board. Aha! Their mission is to have a "positive influence" on movies. AHA! Legum said something about an "untitled history project" which is from an "evangelical advocacy group" and maybe this movie is it. The Da Vinci Code-like connections become more and more sinister. KO took the direct quote "positive influence" and used OlbySpin to rephrase it: "remake Hollywood in their own image". So many leading questions, so little time. One example

    Is, can you characterize "Path to 9/11" as, as, as a, uh, stealth attack in the culture wars?

    After an obsequious response, Legum got not only a "great thanks" but also a "good work on this". And we knew we were in for a sterling night of propaganda when the teaser for the next story (Al Qaeda/Iraq) was bannered: "Link Lies". Oh, and Olby regurgitated yesterday's hilarious innovation: making fun of Katie Couric's ratings. (Again? If KO ever had an original thought, it would die of loneliness.)

    The parade of talking points took a momentary break for one minute of news (killer caught). Then Herr Olbermann was on to the "deception" that led to the Iraq War. The report itself was a Lisa Myers rerun from the NBC Nightly News. After Olby gave "great thanks" to the tape spool that played the story, it was time for Dana Milbank, divested of dashing disguise. Doesn't this "documented" report show that what Cheney and "others" said was "not true"? Who were the others? Like, say, Jay Rockefeller? For some reason, Krazy Keith didn't mention this Democrat senator who claimed Saddam represented an "imminent threat" to the USA. Follow-up:

    At what point do we get an assessment of whether or not our political leaders misused, cherry-picked, inflated, conflated the intelligence they had?

    We were lied to about this. That's the simplest way to put this.

    The #2 story was the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek, via recycled NBC video, followed by Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Brittney Spears, Clay Aiken, and more, "analyzed" by "comedian" Paul F Tompkins.

    In the Worst Person segment Media Matters Minute Book Pimping Segment, KO was able to report on a guy with a penis pump, while saving his venom for "Bozo the Clown", aka Brent Bozell. Well at least the conservative slot got filled tonight. There was also new video of the Bucky Phillips arrest, forcing Olbermann to (oh no!) wing it:

    The arrest tonight of Ralph Bucky Phillips, in custody there, having turned himself in to police, uh, off the America's, uh, Most Wanted, the Top Ten list from the FBI.

    No one can ad-lib breaking news like Keith Olbermann. He managed to muddle together the FBI, John Walsh, and David Letterman, all in one sentence!


    The evening's "great thanks" count: 6. With all the talk of the 9/11 show there were many mentions of "President Clinton", but never once did Olby call him "Mister" Clinton. References to the current occupant of the White House were scarce, but Olby still managed to find an opening, as evinced by tonight's MisterMeter reading: 1 [LOW].

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    September 7, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • POLITICIZING 9/11: Sean Maloney, fmr. staff member of Clinton Administration; Craig Crawford, MSNBC political analyst

    Like the carnival pitchman selling snake-oil, Krazy Keith launched into his opening spiel suggesting that ABC's 9/11 film quoted "Republican talking points", and spoke of cancellation:

    The pressure mounts!

    Clearly the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann himself was about to apply some of that pressure. He then decried "fear and smear" and "9/11 spin from the President", citing B.J. Clinton and self-admitted thief and liar Sandy Berger as objecting to its content. After reading off the talking points of the Clintonistas, he introduced Mahoney, to supply even more talking points. ABC is "careless with the truth"; the movie has "factual mistakes". KO ran a clip from Louise Slaughter (D) about the film, but neatly snipped out the part where Ms Slaughter admitted she hadn't seen the thing. Ain't editing grand?

    Nobody mentioned what Bin Laden unit chief Michael Scheuer (no Bush supporter he) tells us: the eight to ten times the Clinton administration had a chance to secure or kill Bin Laden and declined to do so. And nobody appeared to defend the right to artistic expression or freedom of the press. It was another one-sided presentation on The Hour of Spin. They name streets after programs like this: "One Way". (Coming up: our "special comment" on Keith Olbermann's offensive against the first amendment.)

    Our latest update of The List (partisan politicos and strategists interviewed on Countdown, identified by party):

    • May 22: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • May 30: Rep Barney Frank (D)
    • June 9: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • June 15: Bob Schrum (D)
    • June 16: Rep John Murtha (D)
    • June 19: Al Gore (D)
    • June 20: Sen Jack Reed (D)
    • June 20: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • June 23: Al Gore (D)
    • July 5: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • July 12: Barbara Boxer (D)
    • July 13: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • July 26: Bill Richardson (D)
    • August 8: Daily Kos (D)
    • August 9: Joe Trippi (D)
    • August 30: Howard Dean (D)
    • August 31: Barbara Boxer (D)
    • August 31: Rocky Anderson (D)
    • September 5: Tom Kean Jr (R)
    • September 6: Richard Ben-Veniste (D)
    • September 7: Sean Maloney (D)

    Next it was on to "Mister" Bush's speech, the Pakistan truce again, and a snarky reference to another Presidential slip of the tongue. Then a series of clips: Hillary Clinton, Patrick Leahy, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin (all D). This was the setup for Craig Crawford, aka Olbermann's Brain. The Chuckling Commentator, sounding more than ever like a cross between Pat Robertson and Floyd the Barber, said Bush's speech was "like reruns of Seinfeld". Olby wanted to know of Bush:

    Politically, who's he trying to push around here?

    Brain said it was all an attempt to "bait the Democrats", and then ironically likened the President to Barney Fife! Then it was another brilliant Olbermann insight:

    Does anybody see the similarity in the tactics that we saw today? The President cites bin Laden as one of the reasons we're in Iraq, and four hours later Al Qaeda comes out with the latest tape... Is there, is, is, somebody gonna, er, a large part of the American people going to recognize at some point that there are parallels between these two things?
    Stop the tivo! Is our favorite discredited sports guy using the Al Qaeda media release to link the terror group to George W Bush? We ask because it was only a few days ago that Rev Olbermann sermonized thusly:
    the attempt to link, by the simple expediency of one word, media, the honest, patriotic, indeed vital questions and questioning from American reporters with the evil of Al Qaeda propaganda. That linkage is more than just indefensible. It is unAmerican. "Mister" Bush and his colleagues have led us before to such waters. We will not drink again.

    Apparently Olby decided to take a nice, big gulp of those "un-American" waters himself. It's wrong, you see, to link Americans to Al Qaeda--but not when Krazy Keith does it. After sarcastically suggesting that the administration has a big stack of Al Qaeda tapes it doles out when needed, Olbermann thanked Brain who chuckled his exit, stage left.

    The #4 story was a hit piece on Rummy, dealing with "corporate concerns". It was a typical Olby investigative report, which is to say that it consisted of his rerunning a video piece regurgitated from NBC. There followed another tease for the story of the reporter who got beat up. In each of the multiple promos for this segment Olby implied that the cameraman should have dropped everything to run to his aid. KO finally got to this item in the #3 slot:

    Usually...if there is a photographer or videographer present, he intervenes and quickly. Not of course on Fox.

    Olby promised he would discuss the "ethics" of all this before running a lengthy recycled video about the incident. He then brought on Tony Zumbado who said he would have put the camera down as soon as the first punch was thrown. In the background, KO muttered: "Exactly". Keith made an off-hand comment that the victim was "glad" the cameraman acted as he did, and left it at that. So why was he glad? Olby never said. In truth, the victim was more than glad. Here are his words, words that Olbermann, of course, never reported:

    He was my lifeline. He really preserved what happened. Had he put the camera down, and we turned this into a bar room brawl, it would have been he said, she said. No one in the world would have known. It would have been this man's word against ours.... You don't see it on the video, he came and sat on the man to try and control him.... The video protected me.

    The #2 slot brought us recycled video about a kidnapping and Katie Couric. And after multiple teases for Paris Hilton, the #1 story was...Paris Hilton! Comedian Jeffrey Ross was there to explore every knook and cranny of this momentous story.


    In the worst person segment, guess which book Olby was pimping? George Allen (R) was a runner-up, for proposing a bill before Dick Durbin could do so. KO implied that it was more than coincidence. The winner was a polling company that made up numbers rather than doing the real work; Olby managed to turn it into a shot at the Bush administration. Correction and Update: Our first report on "Mister" Bush references was too low. After recalibration and rescanning, tonight's MisterMeter rating is actually: 3 [GUARDED]. By contrast, tonight KO referred to B.J. Clinton as "President Clinton" or "The President" five times in eight minutes, while never calling him "Mister" Clinton.

    And now our "special comment" about Keith Olbermann and his assault on the first amendment. Mr Olbermann has often attacked freedom of speech (Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly), and freedom of dissent (condemning ABC for a movie he hadn't even seen), and freedom of the press (urging that John Gibson, Glen Beck, and others leave the airwaves) Now he attempts to stifle the honest, patriotic, indeed vital questions and questioning of the Clinton administration's failure to apprehend Usama Bin Laden.

    This is still a democracy. And as such, all voices count, not just those that agree with Mr Olbermann. Had he proven any of his prior claims of omniscience--about Karl Rove's "indictment", about his own ratings, about Fox News and its transcripts, about Bill Frist, about Brit Hume, about Matt Drudge, about the contents of the NIE, about John Gibson, about Ken Melhman, about Bill O'Reilly--we all might be able to swallow hard, and accept Olbermann's "omniscience" as a bearable, even useful recipe, of fact, plus ego.

    But to date, Mr Olbermann has proved little besides his own arrogance, and his own hubris. In what country was Mr Olbermann raised? On what side of the battle for freedom did he dream one day to fight? With what country has he confused the United States of America? This is a warning for our time, when sports broadcasters think they (and they alone) know everything, and brand those who disagree: "discredited", or "fatso", or "buffoon", or "infamous, deplorable", or "idiot", or "dog", or "stupid", or "swine", or "un-American", or "worst person in the world".

    Mr Olbermann's unparalleled and unprincipled attack on dissent has an even more venomous side angle. It will be to Mr Olbermann's deep public regret that he has followed the far-left activists and deep blue blogs down the path of trying to tie those loyal Americans who disagree with his opinions, or even question their authenticity, to the Nazis of the past.

    It thus becomes necessary to remind Mr Olbermann that his recent Nazi "kick" is an awful and a cynical thing, made more so in the wake of his attack on ABC's right to free expression. And it becomes necessary to reach back into our history for yet another quote, from yet another time, and ask it of Mr Olbermann: "Have you no sense of decency, sir?"

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    September 6, 2006
    Harry Reid Quotes Olbermann on Senate Floor

    Extreme Mortman sends along this unbelievable tidbit from the "Dump Rumsfeld" debate on the Senate Floor. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid actually quoted KO's Rummy Rant today. Good God! I wonder if a clip of Reid quoting Keith will make it into any future Countdown episodes?

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    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • TERROR POLITICS: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek; Roger Cressey, NBC terrorism analyst
    • SURI CRUISE PHOTOS: Michael Musto, Village Voice

    The opening spiel began with Krazy Keith bellowing about the President's speech:

    Now, only now, his demand that Congress make it all legal.

    This was followed by a clip of the President asking for legislation to authorize military tribunals. (These have been legal since the time of Washington until a recent Supreme Court decision. That's why "now, only now".) The spiel also promised a report on an ABC movie that is "rewriting history" (translation: it dares to suggest that somebody other than Bush also failed to apprehend Bin Laden). No surprise here; it's the cause du jour on the blue blogs.

    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann kicked off the hour proper with references to "'Mister' Bush's fear and tell show" and the "so-called war on terror". The latter we assume is the fallout from the so-called attack on 9/11.

    After gloating over the Pakistan truce with local militants, Olby got to the President's speech, mentioning the adminstration's attempts to "circumvent" the Geneva conventions. After reminding veiwers about the Supreme Court ruling that applied Geneva conventions to terror suspects, KO added:

    So now the President is putting the onus on how to define what legally fits under the Geneva conventions on Congress instead.

    Hold the phone! Is this the same Keith Olbermann who rails about the executive branch usurping the rights of Congress? Now he's complaining that the President is not usurping legislative responsibilities? When the Wolffe man showed up, Olby was ready with one of his patented leading questions:

    Did not the President rather circuitously admit in there that what his government has been doing with these suspects is almost everything his critics have accused it of doing, and not yet legal, by the way?

    You may wonder how that question could have made any sense, since the President stated his conviction that his actions were within the law. That was easily finessed by KO not running those portions of the speech. OlbySpin continued:

    Was there policy in there, or was it just politics?

    After raising again the Pakistan "cease-fire" with Wolffie and giving him "great thanks", KO turned to Roger Cressey, who was supposed to be discussing terror politics. Olby marginalized the discussion by focusing on the Pakistanis; Cressey pointed out how a once-helpful ally was in effect now harboring a terrorist. Then we got tonight's Kountdown Konspiracy Moment:

    Or B, somebody--forgive the paranoia here--deliberately wants him not captured, out there, offstage, like Goldstien in 1984?

    To his credit, Cressey dismissed the conspiracy theory, and admitted that the CIA interrogations had been helpful and should continue. Despite that, he got a "great thanks", then Olby claimed that an upcoming ABC movie places most "if not all" of the blame for 9/11 on the Clinton administration. This was a teaser for commentary from the virulently partisan Benveniste, but first it was time to poke fun at Katherine Harris.

    Olby's introduction to a montage of Harris embarrassments was notable mainly for marking the return of The Laughing Stagehand. Take the Olbermann Watch Challenge: name any time the discredited sports guy ran such a piece two months before an election about any liberal Democrat candidate (prize to be announced).

    After oddball, KO again teased his blue blog-inspired expose of ABC's upcoming 9/11 film by lying about it:

    It's a blatant attempt to shift blame for the nightmare to the Democrats and the Democrats alone.

    He went on to say any similarity between the film and truth is "coincidental", and reported that "many who have seen the miniseries" say it "skims over 'Mister' Bush's culpability". Who are these "many"? KO didn't say. He certainly didn't claim to have seen it himself, but then if some theater critics could review plays they didn't bother to attend, why should Krazy Keith be forced to see a movie before he critiques it?

    Citing his favorite impartial source, Media Matters, KO ominously noted that "teaching materials" included this deeply subversive, evil bit of propaganda:

    The US government believed that Hussein had been developing weapons of mass destruction.

    Ben-Veniste was identified by Keith as simply a 9/11 commissioner, with no mention of his extreme partisanship or the (D) that should have appeared after his name. He complained about a scene where an attack on Bin Laden was called off, saying "that just didn't happen". But neither noted that there were several Clinton era get-UBL opportunities that were nixed because of concerns about collateral injuries or potential retaliation. Then it turns out that B-V only saw a portion of the film, and therefore has no more idea than Krazy Keith does how it treats the Bush administration or its missteps. The difference between them is that Ben-Veniste admitted he doesn't know, and therefore has at least some integrity. Keith Olbermann does not.

    KO replayed a Harry Reid (D) comment praising the wonderful "special comment" by whom? By Krazy Keith himself, of course. In the #2 slot, a piece on Steve Irwin addressed the angle of using animals for entertainment. It was a recycled video from NBC. Next it was off to Katie Couric, Jessica Simpson, and Cruise News with the creepy Michael Musto.

    KO managed to concoct attack #109 on Mr Bill O'Reilly; Bill's crime was criticizing the media for inaccurate and overblown Plamegate reports. Note that Olby's snark did not address or rebut a single point in O'Reilly's commentary--he attacked Mr Bill not for speaking wrongly, but just for speaking! In fact, Olbermann flat out lied about what Bill said, but that's hardly news. The "worst person" was Karl Rove (R), because an unnamed source said the White House helped funnel money from contributors to Joe Lieberman's primary campaign (one of the most desperately lame outrages in "worst person" history). In addition to filling both the Republican and the Fox News slots, Olbermann managed to pimp his book the book that bears his name twice in the course of less than two minutes.


    The influence and power of Olbermann Watch were felt again tonight. We have been counting the obsessively demeaning uses of the phrase "Mister Bush". We noted yesterday as the citations rose to a record level, so today KO went out of his way to miss the "Mister". He did slip up a few times, but there can be no doubt that today's repeated references to "President Bush" and "the President" are a direct result of the impact of this site. That explains tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 (low).

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    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part XII

    In case you hadn't notice, TVN has turned into CouricNewser over the past week. I hadn't because I don't read the site but an anonymous email tipster writes "TVN uncritically printed this anonymous emailer's comment":

    "> "Katie's eyes looked odd -- worse in HD -- and the story selection and story count was poor..."

    One problem, CBS News is not broadcast in High Definition!

    Whoops. Isn't this something TVN ought to know?

    HDTV Magazine reports...

    Katie Couric, the $15 million a year news anchor, did her best last night to earn her keep and launch a new era in CBS network news. The reviews for the highly anticipated effort have been decidedly mixed. But how, I ask, could a new era in network news be declared without the addition of HDTV? Why didn't CBS add HDTV to their network news at this most auspicious time?

    In fact, according to Robert Seidel, CBS's Vice President, Advanced Technology/Engineering, who is quoted in the piece, CBS News will not be in High-Def for many years to come.

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    Bush Speech on Overseas Detention Program

    President Bush is giving a speech right now that is one many of his supporters wish he had given a long time ago - explaining, in detail, what information has been obtained from al Qaeda operatives through the CIA detentiion program first reported on in the Washington Post. The program kept the most high level al Qaeda members captured by the U.S. in secret detention facilities. I will link the entire speech when it is posted on the White House web site but it is a treasure trove of new information about who was captured, what information they provided and how that information was used to capture more terrorists, prevent planned attacks. Of particular note was the discovery of an al Qaeda WMD program - their effort to weaponize anthrax.

    One can only wonder what "special" comment KO will have tonight. If he was smart he would hide in his bath tub because Bush is giving a speech that is just devestating to loony lefty talking points.


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    September 5, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • NATIONAL SECURITY AND ELECTION STRATEGY: Howard Fineman, Newsweek; John Hendren, NPR Pentagon correspondent
    • TV'S BIG DAY - KATIE COURIC AND ROSIE O'DONNELL: Michael Musto, Village Voice

    Another speech, another Olby "special comment". Is this going to be a new nightly feature on The Hour of Spin, sort of like Keith's very own, very personal "oddball" segment? Well, he does have a book to sell.

    The opening spiel got off to a crackerjack start, as the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann bellowed:

    Linking Al Qaeda media to American media?... A special comment on "Mister" Bush's speech!

    KO kicked off the hour stating that Bush branded his critics "as Nazi appeasers". After another plug for his "special comment on 'Mister' Bush's speech", Olby ran a few clips, but none of them linked Al Qaeda media and American media. Maybe Keith will document that in his "special comment".

    Who should show up at this point but Howard Fineman, Pundit for All Occasions. KO brought up an ABC report about a possible deal between UBL and the Pakistan government, and immediately used it as a weapon:

    Did that just take the air out of what the President was saying today, if not his entire credibility on this point?

    KO complained about the rhetoric, the "drumbeat" about Nazis and appeasers. We can understand why he might be a little sensitive about Nazi references these days, what with the ADL and all. Fineman decried "name calling", while finding a way to work Karl Rove into the discussion, and that made Olby's day.

    Then Reverend Olbermann gave his meager audience a sermonette on what Democrats do and do not dispute. It served as an intro for another appearance by the "terrorism analyst" Juliette Kayyem. We've seen this protege of Gephardt and Janet Reno before, and just like last time, her partisan background was carefully withheld from unsuspecting viewers. Olby noted again the Pakistan report: "Didn't we just punt?"

    Then KO started playing clipettes from the Bush speech, asking his expert guest questions like "Can you turn that on its head"? The crypto-Democrat intoned that the President's comments are "so far from reality" and "unhelpful". Olby: "I saw a disconnect." Kayyem: "Right, they are inconsistent." Olby: "These are not the droids you're looking for." Kayyem: "These are not the droids I'm looking for."

    And then the moment all the blue blogs had been waiting for: an isn't-that-special comment from the discredited sports guy himself. Bush is trying to tie those who disagree with his policies to Nazis. The President quoted a UBL letter where the terror leader called for a media campaign to create a wedge between the American people and their government:

    Make no mistake here, the intent of that is to get us to confuse the psychotic scheming of an international terrorist with that familiar bogeyman of the far right, the 'media'. The President and the Vice-President and others have often attacked freedom of speech and freedom of dissent and freedom of the press. Now "Mister" Bush has signalled that his unparalleled and unprincipled attack on reporting has a new and venomous side angle: the attempt to link, by the simple expediency of one word, media, the honest, patriotic, indeed vital questions and questioning from American reporters with the evil of Al Qaeda propaganda. That linkage is more than just indefensible. It is unAmerican. "Mister" Bush and his colleagues have led us before to such waters. We will not drink again.

    Stop the tivo! Where in the wide world of sports did George Bush compare Al Qaeda propaganda to American reporters, despite the amount of evidence Krazy Keith gives him each night? Don't bother reading the text of the speech. He made no such link--Olby just made it up! Merely use the word "media" and Herr Olbermann decides its a secret attack on Katie Couric. And what's with Olby impugning the President's patriotism? Tonight's comment certainly was "special". It had a loony, nonsensical, preposterous, over the top irrationality that is special to no one other than the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann.

    Even then he wasn't through. He continued to lecture "Mister" Bush about references to Nazis (physician, heal thyself), and issued a stern warning to the "easily manipulated" American populace. And as the capper, the obligatory Joe McCarthy reference: "Have you no sense of decency, sir?"

    In the #4 slot we finally learned what it takes for a Republican to break into Olby's all-blue club. Tom Kean Jr (R) called for Rummy to resign, and all of a sudden, for the first time in months, a Republican gets invited onto The Hour of Spin. He's only a candidate for Senate, but that was good enough for Keith. Oddly, while everyone, even inanimate spooling tape machines, gets "great thanks" from Olby, Mr Kean only got a "thank you for your time". Time to update The List (partisan politicos and strategists interviewed on Countdown, identified by party):

    • May 22: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • May 30: Rep Barney Frank (D)
    • June 9: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • June 15: Bob Schrum (D)
    • June 16: Rep John Murtha (D)
    • June 19: Al Gore (D)
    • June 20: Sen Jack Reed (D)
    • June 20: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • June 23: Al Gore (D)
    • July 5: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • July 12: Barbara Boxer (D)
    • July 13: Lawrence O'Donnell (D)
    • July 26: Bill Richardson (D)
    • August 8: Daily Kos (D)
    • August 9: Joe Trippi (D)
    • August 30: Howard Dean (D)
    • August 31: Barbara Boxer (D)
    • August 31: Rocky Anderson (D)
    • September 5: Tom Kean Jr (R)

    After oddball: a segment on Steve Irwin, followed by sports dads attack (regurgitated local affiliate video), soccer, and O.J. Simpson. In the Media Matters Minute, the worst person was both a Republican and a conservative. Wow, who coulda predicted that? Newt Gingrich's crime was saying something about appeasing terrorists. Wait, isn't that a lot like what Olby was talking about regarding Pakistan?


    The longest hour on television stumbled to an embarrassing conclusion with the creepy Michael Musto, who "joked" about colonoscopies and, of course, Cruise News! The "great thanks" count: three (it would have been four if Olby hadn't stiffed Kean). Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 9 [SEVERE].

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    "All Olbermann Watch complaints go here..."

    A BRIEF NOTE: As a service to our many new readers (courtesy of KO's Rummy Rant and "Keith Olbermann" becoming a top Google query last week), I'd like to remind all the KO FANS that the blog roll on the right rail of the Olbermann Watch home page lists all of the Olbermann Fan sites I could find (if you know of others let me know). There is one particularly useful link on their under All Olbermann Watch complaints go here* which is a forum dedicated to addressing OlbyFan displeasure with this site. In that thread, I would direct your particular attention to this post which is part of an exchange with "Michael", a co-founder of that site. OlbyFans might enjoy sharing their displeasure with this site among their compatriots in the ongoing battle in the Olbersphere.

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    Who's Missing from MSNBC Promotion Campaign?


    Let's see? Tucker Carlson... Chris Matthews... Joe Scarborough...

    Hmmm. That's pretty much the whole primetime lineup, right? Oh wait...

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    Olbermann Watch FAQ

    A reader pointed out that we ought to have an FAQ so that when new OlbyLoons show up on this site we can point them to the FAQ to get replies to the shopworn questions they typically ask after first arriving at this site. I am adding a link to this post at the top of the home page and will update it and modify as I build up the FAQ. Add any suggested questions in the comments section.

    Here is where we stand now:

    Olbermann Watch FAQ

    Q. If Keith Olbermann is so unimportant why do you have a whole web site devoted to attacking him?
    A. Keith Olbermann is the most dangerous man on television today and must be stopped!

    Q. Why do you hate Olbermann more than Bill O'Reilly?
    A. We don't "hate" Olbermann...we pity him.

    Q. Why are you singling out Keith Olbermann when others [insert name here] are far worse?
    A. Keith is far worse than anyone else. He is the most dangerous man on television today (see above)

    Q. What about the Olbermann - O'Reilly Feud?
    A. What about it?

    Q. Haven't Olbermann ratings improved?
    A. Somewhat, but not much.

    Q. When is Keith Olbermann's contract with MSNBC up?
    A. March 1st, 2007.

    Q. What's the deal with the countdown clock?
    A. We have a countdown clock until the big day when Keith's contract expires on the home page.

    Q. When did Countdown first air?
    A. We weren't really paying attention. Keith told Brian Lamb on C-SPAN, "My first show the second time around was March 31st, 2003." He ought to know so I suppose that's right.

    Q. When did you start Olbermann Watch?
    A. The site was officially launched on November 30, 2004 as an offshoot of another blog which began covering Olbermann in 2003.

    Q. Why did you start Olbermann Watch?
    A. Fear. OK. Not really. What really got me going on Keith was expressed in my post MSNBC Defines Deviancy Down as Keith Olbermann's Internet-feuled Jihad on Journalistic Ethics Continues from late 2004.

    Q. Why does Olbermann Watch have the tag line "reality-based news for the belligerently uninformed"?
    A. Well the first part "reality-based" comes from journalist and author Ron Susskind who wrote in The New York Times that a senior Bush aide used that term to describe the way the Bush White House understood the world. The last part "belligerently uninformed" comes from Keith himself who used that term in a newspaper interview to describe me and the other folks who helped launch Olbermann Watch. We kinda liked it and so adopted the term as our own. Thanks Keith!

    Q. Is Olbermann Watch really that #1 "Olbermann" blog on the web?
    A. Last time we checked. The rankings change all the time but we have been in the Top 10 for the past year, have been the top non-MSNBC blog during that time as well. More recently we jumped ahead ahead of Olbermann's own "" site. We seem to go back and forth with Keith's Wikipedia entry and we are still well behind Keith's bio on and the Countdown home page on However, those are web pages not entire sites. So whether we are #3 or #4 or #5 on any given day, we are definitely the #1 site and the #1 blog. We are also well ahead of all the KO fans sites and forums. And, before you ask, yep...the OlbyLoons really, really hate that.

    Q. Didn't this Olbermann guy have a real serious head injury a few years ago?
    A. Yes. He bumped his head entering a car on the #7 train out by Shea Stadium. He told Brian Lamb all about it on C-SPAN.

    Q. If his ratings are so bad then why do you feel it necessary to devote any time (let alone an entire website) to his show ?
    A. The going battle for truth and justice has nothing to do with ratings. We are doing God's work.

    Q. Why do you make such a big deal about ratings?
    A. We don't. Keith does. As long as he and his pals in the left-wing media continue to harp on his supposed "ratings success" we will continue to point out when they are lying, exaggerating or manipulating the truth.

    Q. Why do you make such a big deal about "the 25-54 year old demo"?
    A. This is a corollary to the ratings issue. As was the case with the failed Air America Radio network, MSNBC has sought to redefine the battlefield, so to speak, by comparing themselves to their competitors in terms of a narrow slice of the overall cable new audience where the viewership gap is smaller in terms of raw numbers. They can't compete in the "P2+" or "total viewer" ratings race so they try shift the focus away from straight up audience comparisons. While ALL segments of the audience are important, and the 25-54 "demo" is used as the basis for setting ad rates it is less significant in the TV news business because the viewers tend to be older. We usually mention it in the context of Keith, MSNBC or the MSM TCA crowd promoting the demo ratings as "proof" that Keith has a large and growing audience which he does not.

    Q. Why do you make such a big deal out of "Live" and "Live Plus" ratings?
    A. This is a corollary to the ratings issue as well. At the request of the broadcast networks, Nielsen Media Research began to report new sets of ratings data that included estimates on how many viewers were recording shows on DVRs (Tivos) and watching them later. They then sought to pressure advertisers into paying for these viewers. The advertisers balked on the grounds that Tivo viewers were not likely to watch ads and the networks ultimately caved in and sold ads based only on the live data. It became an issue with Olbermann because most Tivo users are also in the Demo so MSNBC stood to gain more than their competitors because they get a larger share of their audience from within the demo. But what what made it a big issue for Olbermann Watch is that we caught TVNewser manipulating the ratings data to boost Keith's numbers; he switched from "Live" to "Live Plus" ratings in early 2006 without informing his readers and without any sort of disclaimer.

    Q. Why are you so critical of TVNewser?
    A. The blogger at TVNewser, Brian Stelter, is a well-known apologist for Keith Olbermann and a flack for MSNBC. As such as he is part of the KO Spin machine and so we like to expose him for being the hack we know him to be. We have caught him red-handed lying on his blog and even posting false statements on THIS blog.

    Q. Why do my posts appear twice?
    A. Sometimes our server cannot keep up with the heavy volume of traffic on the site so commenters will get a server error message. Instead of hitting the "back" button and refreshing the page to see if the comment appears on the site they resubmit the comment and it appears twice (sometimes more depending on how determined they are). Someday soom we hope to move to a bigger server and get some better software (you can advertise on our site if you really care!)

    Q. Is Keith Olbermann the "Edward R. Murrow of our generation"?
    A. No.

    Q. Does Keith Olbermann speak truth to power?
    A. Only when he is talking to a light bulb.

    Q. Did you delete my comment because you disagree with me?
    A. We never delete comments because we "disagree" with them no matter how idiotic.

    Q. How come all you do is write negatively about Keith?
    A. Because after years of asking, we have not found a single person willing to write postively about Keith. We have a standing offer, open to anyone including OlbyLoons, to accept KO-centric guest posts. Ideally they would be about 250 words and reasonably well-written. They can be from ANY political view point but the person has to provide a name or screen name and some way for readers to contact that person like an email address (hotmail or otherwise). We might publish a post anonymously but it is not likely.

    Q. You keep saying that Keith "lied", can you back that up with proof?
    A. Yes. Just read the site every day and you will come to see that he lies pretty much every time he opens his mouth. Sometimes we even make lists but with Keith it is hard to keep current on his latest lies and distortions. Like I said, keep watching Countdown and keep reading Olbermann Watch. You might also want to check out his infamous Hoosier Gazette story. For a sports guy, even we were surprised to catch KO out on this story when he began claiming that Bill O'Reilly lied about his college football career at Marist College.

    Q. You say that Keith lifts materials from blogs without attribution, can you back that up?
    A. Sure. These days, as part of the marketing strategy for the show, Keith has been better about crediting blue blogs like Think Progress, Media Matters for America and Crooks and Liars but he has lifted material from all of them. Here's one from Media Matters that got my pals over there steamed up.

    Q. Does Keith Olbermann read this blog?
    A. Of course, all time time. He used to come in via the Secaucus server but wised up and now comes in via an anonymizer service. He is a regular.

    Q. Come on! You mean that Keith Olbermann actally knows about this site?
    A. Yep...and he has bitched about it many times in the press including The New York Observer, The Hartford Courtant, and talk radio. He has also made numerous indirect comemnts about Olbermann Watch. We have also been prominently mentioned in KO stories from the Associated Press, Online Journalism Review, The Washington Post, PBS and many more.

    Q. You claim that Keith lifts material from Olbermann Watch, is that really true?
    A. Yep. Sometimes we put little codes in things so we can track him like when he lifted some radio show audio from OlbyWatch. Or the time he reworked something I wrote on logical fallacies and used that in his opening monologue. Or shortly after I linked an Op-Ed piece I wrote for the McClatchy newspaper chain on Holmes' dissent in Abrams - the famed "marketplace of ideas" dissent.

    Q. Why do you display a picture of Keith Olbermann giving the Nazi salute?
    A. As a sign of his hypocrisy. There are two versions on this site. One with a Bill O'Reilly mask (that one is real) and the other is with an Adolph Hilter mask (I photoshopped that one) Keith has editorialized on the use of Nazi imagery by others yet has often done the same thing himself. The Nazi Salute image is just a classic example of Olbypocrisy. We sent the picture to the Anti-Defamation League and the ADL condemned Keith for it.

    Q. Why do you keep using the phrases "infamous, deplorable", or "discredited sports guy"?
    A. I will let J$ answer that one. He writes "Our favorite phrases for Keith are ones he uses on others. He referred to 'the infamous, deplorable Matt Drudge' when telling a lie about him, so we put the phrase into the rotation. Similarly, Robert Novak was identified not as a columnist, but as 'the discredited columnist', Roger Ailes a 'Fat Ass', Chris Wallace a 'monkey', etc. The latest addition to the rotation: 'slovenly political hack'." Many of Olbermann's most outrageous personal attacks are documented in The Olbersaurus.

    Q. What is the Olbermann Manhood Quotient?
    A. Keith made a big deal about Bill O'Reilly when the O.J. book controversy erupted. In addition to lying that O'Reilly didn't criticize his own network, Keith insisted that anyone who is critical of others should be just as critical of his own network, or he has "no manhood". So we are holding Keith Olbermann to his own standards. He attacks Fox (and occasionally CNN) based on items he lifts from his favorite blue blog sources, but you won't find him going after MSNBC, despite the fact that those same sources routinely do. Periodically we tally these discrepancies and report the Olbermann Manhood Quotient. The last time we checked, it was limp, or so we heard.

    Q. What's with the sound effects, like [Ding!]?
    A. Keith is praised by the gullible as a brilliant wordsmith. In fact, he relies on repetitive, hoary cliches, along with special OlbySpin terms. So sometimes we'll ring the bell when he uses terms like "escalation", "throw under the bus", "proverbial", "Nixonian", "metaphor", etc.

    Q. Why do some people on OlbyWatch reference Keith Olbermann and a phone booth?
    A. On his radio show, shortly before leaving to become White House Press Secretary, Tony Snow said you could fit all of Keith's friends inside a phone booth. We thought that was funny. What makes it funny is that its kinda true.

    Q. Why are you obsessed with Keith Olbermann?
    A. Are we?

    Q. Don't you have something better to do than obsess about Keith Olbermann?
    A. Not that I can think of.

    Q. What's the deal with the labels on certain comments?
    A. As noted on the site "To assist clear-thinking OW readers we have implemented a color-coded warning system to quickly identify inane comments made by the tinfoil hat brigade. Kooky comments will be clearly marked easy-to-recognize Loony-Level warning icons. No longer will you need to spend your precious time trying to understand the nonsensical ravings of lunatic minds. When you see a Loony-Level warning icon just skip right down to the next sensible comment." Unfortunately, too many OlbyLoons took to posting gross images on the site so we had to disable to the HTML in comments and so those labels are no longer visible on the site. If we ever get new software maybe we can fix that.

    Q. What's an OlbyLoon?
    A. Generally, any person who is a fan of Keith Olbermann or otherwise takes him seriously. If you have ever said "He's the Edward R. Murrow of our generation" then you are an OlbyLoon. If you have ever said "Keith is speaking truth to power" then you are an OlbyLoon. If you have ever said "you go, girl" while watching Keith deliver a "special comment" then you are an OlbyLoon. If you come to a site dedicated to mocking Keith Olbermann and leave comments on the site bitching about how unfairly Keith is treated on that site then you are an OlbyLoon. If you get into an argument with the editor of this site you are also probably an OlbyLoon; at the very least you are most likely wrong.

    The DSM IV criteria for the diagnosis of "Olbyloon Disorder"

    * 101.00A/2 Olbyloon Disorder / Olbermannia (see also, Bush Derangement Syndrome)

    A. A pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of non-leftists such that their motives are interpreted as malevolent, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by four (or more) of the following:

    1. suspects, without sufficient basis, that non-leftists are exploiting, harming, or deceiving him or her

    2. is preoccupied with unjustified doubts about the loyalty or trustworthiness of non-leftists

    3. is reluctant to confide in others because of unwarranted fear that the information will be used maliciously against him or her by Olbermannwatch

    4. reads hidden demeaning or threatening meanings into benign remarks or events

    5. persistently bears grudges, i.e., is unforgiving of insults, injuries, or slights to Olbermann

    6. perceives attacks on his or Olbermann's character or reputation that are not apparent to others and is quick to react angrily or to counterattack

    7. Stubbornly defends every statement from Keith Olbermann.

    B. Does not occur exclusively during the course of schizophrenia, a mood disorder with psychotic features, or another psychotic disorder and is not due to the direct physiological effects of a general medical condition.

    Q. Do you really have a Keith Olbermann Book Club?
    A. No. That was just for fun.

    Q. What is the "mini-blog"?
    A. It is sub-section of the site created using a (Yahoo!) service that turns bookmarked web pages about Keith Olbermann into a smaller version of the main blog. That mini-blog is spliced into the main RSS feed for the site.

    Q. What's the deal with the RSS feed?
    A. RSS is the greatest thing since sliced bread and the BEST way to read Olbermann Watch. You can read all about it here

    Q. What's the deal with the limericks?
    A. I don't know. One reader started writing them and then lots of other folks joined in. We will update the complete list periodically.

    Q. Why is Bob Cox so much smarter than all the OlbyLoons?
    A. It is a combination of things really. Cox is very, very smart. And most OlbyLoons are very, very dumb.

    Q. Why do you list Olbermann fan sites on your blog roll?
    A. We believe that the best way to expose OlbyLoonThink is to provide out clear-thinking readers an opportunity to see OlbyLoons in their natural habitat.

    Q. What the deal with Olbermann and Wikipedia?
    A. I debated Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on the failure of the "Neutral Point of View" policy to deal with entries such as those for Keith Olbermann and Countdown with Keith Olbermann which are co-opted by OlbyLoons seeking to promote their sycophantic view of Keith Olbermann and their far-left political agenda. You can learn more on the site.

    Q. Why do you say Olbermann is partisan when he is just telling the truth about you $#%@!! Repukes! and your @!!%@@* Chimp! and your $%^^&!!war!!!!!!!
    A. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!

    Q. Why do you make such a big deal about Olbermann's refusal to have dissenting points of view on his program?
    A. It is just one of many ways in which we highlight the obvious liberal bias in the show. J$ keeps a running tally of guests of different political persuasions. Almost all guests and analysts are liberal/Democrat. A very easy way to get on Countdown is to register as a Republican, get yourself elected somewhere and then criticize Bush. Keith's bookers will be wining and dining you faster than you can say "Katy Tur".

    Q. What is the deal with Olbermann's orange face or "man tan"?
    A. Keith has had problems with the make-up people who "do" his face before he goes on the air. Some nights his skin tone is decidedly orange. This problem has dissipated somewhat since Olbermann Watch readers began pointing it out and we made fun of him.

    Q. Why is Olby gone half the time?
    A. Keith is a big believer in using all his vacation days, sick days and personal days. And strangely, his co-workers at MSNBC never seem to complain that Keith is not around enough.

    Q. What's the deal with Olby and 22-year old girls?
    A. No comment.

    Q. Why all the references to Olby and the bathtub?
    A. John Gibson used to fill in for Keith on MSNBC. On the radio one day, Gibson said that one of the reason he guest-hosted so often is that there were many days when the MSNBC limo would go to pick up Keith and he would be in his bathtub and refuse to come out. Word on the street is that he was not speaking metaphorically.

    Q. Why does Olby have such a man-crush on Joe Wilson, Dana Milbank, John Dean and Howard Fineman?
    A. Keith likes these men. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Q. Why does Olbermann have David Brock write his script every night?
    A. Keith is very busy in the afternoons bathing and doing an hour on ESPN radio with Dan Patrick.

    Q. Why is David Shuster considered a serious reporter?
    A. Who said that?

    Q. Why doesn't Olbermann just have Jason Leopold guest host for him?
    A. Leopold refuses to jeopardize his journalistic reputation by appearing with Keith.

    Q. Is Countdown supposed to be a news show?
    A. Ironically, yes.

    Q. Why does Keith hide under his desk?
    A. Because he can't fit under the coffee table.

    Q. What's your policy on comment moderation?
    A. We generally do not moderate the comments. We will delete/ban if someone is spamming the site or otherwise being disruptive. Usually they will get a warning. Occassionally we edit a comment for length (for example, someone repeateing the words "Keith Olbermann rocks!" 400 times may be cut to just 4 times). Sometimes, if I am in the mood, I will not give a warning. Overall, it's just best that folks stay on topic and not be annoying - right, left or otherwise.

    Q. Do you review all comments?
    A. Sometimes. Just remember, there are no absolutes.

    Q. Do you read all comments?
    A. Sometimes.

    Q. Why do some comment threads say "this comment thread is now closed?
    A. Because once the spammers find open threads on a blog they keep pounding those threads with comment spam and I think we all get enough Viagra and Free Poker as it is.

    Q. How long do you keep comment threads open?
    A. As long as possible but that usually means 2-4 weeks.

    Q. Why do you close some comment threads and not others?
    A. We try and close them all after a month unless they are active. Sometimes we miss a few. Have you ever SEEN the admin side of a Movable Type installation. It is a really pain to work with.

    Q. Has anyone affiliated with this website ever touched a woman?
    A. Not sure.

    Q. Do frequent visitors to this site suffer from the same genetic disorder?
    A. No. Each visitor has his or her own disorder.

    Q. Who are you idiots?
    A. We are the smartest people in the world who have taken time out of our busy day to enlighten the masses.

    Q. Exactly how many moonbats does it take to keep Keith on the air?
    A. Not many, judging from his ratings.

    Q. Would forcing Gitmo detainees to watch Olbermann's show be against the rules of the Geneva Convention?
    A. Clearly.

    Q. Are you as stupid as you sound?
    A. Probably.


    NOTE: In an effort to keep one step ahead of the spammers the comment section on this post was closed. If you would like to suggest some additional questions for the FAQ please leave a comment here.

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    September 3, 2006
    Tech Issue: No More HTML in Comments

    A brief note on HTML in comments and the display of images from other sites...

    I originally enable HTML in comments so folks could link to a site they might reference in a comment. I have now disabled this feature because what started out as a sometimes amusing use of images became a bit of flood and became both boring and gross. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your POV), the only way to do this is to uncheck a box in the configuration for the site and rebuilding the site. Having done so I now see that ALL the html code in all the comments has been disables so none of the images contained in past comments is available. C'est la vie.

    For those who expressed their dismay about the images being added to the site you might be happy to know that whatever effort those folks went to in order to post images is now wasted effort - they are all gone.

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    September 1, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • SEC. RUMSFELD RESPONDS: Chris Cillizza,
    • THE CIA LEAK CASE: Melanie Sloan, Joe Wilson's attorney

    Friday night's OlbySpin, distilled to its essence--short and to the point, like a telegram:

    Rumsfeld speaks "repression" and "anti-Americanism". Rumsfeld blames the media. Rumsfeld repeats himself. Olby repeats himself. The Washington Post betrays Joe Wilson. PlameGate conspiracy doubters are illogical. Keith has a "new" book. Blue blogs are good because they promoted it. Saying Clinton didn't get UBL is bad. Olby can review movies he hasn't seen. "Great thanks" count: 4.

    But it was after the show ended that things really got interesting.

    The scene: a bathroom, in a palatial apartment somewhere in New York; sounds of water splashing, as a telephone rings...

    Hello?... Yes, this is Keith... No I don't take calls unless I get a written request beforehand, notarized by... Oh, it's Dan?... I guess you can put him on.

    Hi, Dan! How are... I'm sorry. Mister Abrams. How are you doing?... I'm just relaxing after an exhausting three-day week.... No, I am not in the bathtub again. You're hearing, um, the goldfish tank....

    This week's shows? Did you see all the blogs that wrote me up? I gotta tell you, this was my best technorati week ever, Dan.... Right. Mister Abrams. Anyhow, the links are going through the roof, and did you see my Amazon ranking? It's... Well, yeah, I know you don't run Amazon.... Look, fourth place is irrelevant. Ratings don't mean anything.... They do to you? But I really got Rumsfeld. Kos has been all over it. And I got him again tonight. This is better than the O'Reilly feud! The bloggers are gonna love it. They... You have a few thoughts? Listen, I answer to nobody, Dan, ImeanMisterAbrams, and... But.... But.... Um, can you hold for just a second? I've got a call coming in on the other line. It's one of my confidential informants. This could be the big break in an exclusive I'm working on. I'll be right back. [click]

    Hello?... Hi there.... Yes, we're still on for tonight.... No, that wouldn't be a good idea. How about I just come up to your hotel room?.... Yeah, I'll bring a little something with me.... No, I mean in addition to that other little something.... Right. I have to take this other call, one of my informants..... OK. See you then. [click]

    Hello, Dan? Mister Abrams?.... Yeah, I'm back. If this guy comes through it will be a special comment like you have never seen.... Well sure, that was one of my greatest commentaries.... Yes, I cited all those editorials, the LA Times and the rest, to show all the outrage at Rumsfeld's fascist remarks. The editorials showed how all these papers are jumping on my bandwagon, and they... The Washington Post editorial? Well sure, I took them on tonight, Dan. You... Right. Mister Abrams. I... No, no, no. I don't care how many times I've gushed over Post editorials before. This editorial was different from all those others. It was aimed directly at me. They tried to say I was wrong, but it was those spineless amoebas at the Post who are wrong. And when wrong news breaks, I fix it.... I'm sorry, but they don't have a monopoly on the facts. I do, and.... Wait, I think that's my informant on the other line. Hold for just a second. [click]

    Hello?... Why are you calling me?... No, I don't want the glasses back, or the wine. You got a tie, didn't you?... Look, never contact me again. And let me tell you what you can do to your mother... Hello? Hello?... Heh heh. [click]

    Hi, it's me, Dan.... Yes, yes, Mister Abrams. This source is going to blow the lid off that Ohio ballot business.... Yes, that again. You'll see... The Media Matters segment on Thursday? What about it?... Yeah, I got Coulter and her Adam's Apple good. Can you believe she joked about shooting Lincoln Chafee?... Um, what movie is that?... Oh, the one where they assassinate Mister Bush? It's a great statement of dissent, a tribute to free speech, and... Well no, why would I make the producers worst persons?... That's different. You can't see the distinction? It's Ann Coulter, for crying out loud.... No, Coulter isn't free speech like that movie is. It's.... Dan, if you don't understand... All right, all right. Mister. Freaking. Abrams.... OK, I'll calm down.

    Look, I've got an important meeting with my source and I've got to get going.... What do you mean by that crack?... No, I don't buy wine glasses in bulk.... We can talk about this next week; leave a written request in my mailbox.... Yes, yes, I know, fourth place, fourth place. Thanks for the call, Dan.... MISTER Abrams. Good night and good luck. [click]

    Sheesh. "Mister" Abrams. Mister, Mister, Mister. Who does he think he is anyhow? Bush?

    UPDATE: Newsbusters compares KO's "coverage" to Scarborough Country.

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    Joe Wilson: Big Fat Liar

    Keith Olbermann has repeatedly invoked the lies of Joe Wilson to defame White House officials in segment after segment. He has gleefully hosted guests and "reporters" such as David Shuster who have piled accusation after accusation. After Patrick Fitzgerald's case against Karl Rove collapses like a wet taco, Olbermann was not only silent but not even on the air that day. When the Senate Intelligence committee reported that Wilson had lied in his New York Times Op-Ed (and in subsequent public comments) about what he had reported on his return from Niger prior to the Iraq War Olbermann was silent.

    Through it all Olbermann Watch has dutifully cataloged every lie and every slanderous "news" segment.

    It is nice to see then that a major American newspaper - the Washington Post - has finally coming around to what we here at ObyWatch have known all along: that Joe Wilson is a liar who was the person most responsible for ending his wife's CIA career. We hear that the New York Times is prepared to drop its own "mea culpa" piece this weekend. How convenient. Having run banner headlines on this story for years, both papers wait until Labor Day weekend to admit they were duped.

    From this day forward, I call on clear-thinking OlbyWatch readers to reply any further attempts to lend credence to Wilson's claims by simply linking this editorial.

    OlbyLoons would do well to read today's Washington Post editorial on PlameGate. I will update this post with the New York Times piece as well.

    It begins "It turns out that the person who exposed CIA agent Valerie Plame was not out to punish her husband" and notes "all those who have opined on this affair ought to take note of the not-so-surprising disclosure that the primary source of the newspaper column in which Ms. Plame's cover as an agent was purportedly blown in 2003 was former deputy secretary of state Richard L. Armitage."

    It continues "Unaware that Ms. Plame's identity was classified information, Mr. Armitage reportedly passed it along to columnist Robert D. Novak "in an offhand manner, virtually as gossip," according to a story this week by the Post's R. Jeffrey."

    A few other highlights...

    - one of the most sensational charges leveled against the Bush White House -- that it orchestrated the leak of Ms. Plame's identity to ruin her career and thus punish Mr. Wilson -- is untrue.

    - the person most responsible for the end of Ms. Plame's CIA career is Mr. Wilson

    - Mr. Wilson falsely claimed "that he had debunked reports of Iraqi uranium-shopping in Niger and that his report had circulated to senior administration officials."

    - Wilson "diverted responsibility from himself and his false charges by claiming that President Bush's closest aides had engaged in an illegal conspiracy. It's unfortunate that so many people took him seriously."

    Have a nice weekend!

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