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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    September 12, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • ARE WE LOSING THE WAR ON TERROR OVERSEAS?: Thomas Ricks, Washington Post

    The Hour of Spin began with Krazy Keith's opening spiel, where the night's propaganda points are often distilled into nice, short soundbites

    The President promises his 9/11 speech won't be political. Then the President's 9/11 speech is political. Then the President's critics attack the hypocrisy.

    Now it's just sheer coincidence that deeming the speech to be "political" happened to be the chief talking point of the Dems and the blue blogs all day long. It's merely happenstance that it jump-started Herr Olbermann's patter.

    KO led off bellowing about "politics of fear, politics of partisanship, politics of terror", and said Bush chose "all of the above". On what does he base that conclusion? The fact that "Democrats" reacted "angrily". Well, that must make it true, at least on OlbyPlanet.

    A clip from Harry "The Body" Reid (falsely claiming the speech was "partisan") was contrasted with over-the-top comments from John Boehner and reaction from Tony Snow. The latter's position was characterized by Olby as "almost worthy of Pee-Wee Herman".

    What Countdown Crony would be called to clone Keith's comments? None other than Olbermann's Brain (Craig Crawford). The sniggering solon called it "a great way to bait the opponent", and said even mentioning Iraq would have that effect. KO decided that the Democrats needed his advice, so he helpfully provided them with what he deigned to be a superior response to Bush's "political" speech

    Iraq only became the central place in the war on terror because we let the terrorists into Iraq.

    Krazy Keith went on to wonder when the Republicans would begin their "attack the media phase", and Brain chortled that "I'm sure we'll see plenty of it". Then Olby put on his pundit hat and declaimed that what Bush really meant is that the Iraq war is the "principal reason" we have not been attacked:

    Does it not at some point sound even in the White House sound less like a President talking and more like David Koresh?

    Brain snickered real good at that one. Olby dismissed Crawford with neither of them even addressing Keith's own inglorious politicization of 9/11. Then KO was off to rerun more of the "borderline rancid" Bush/Lauer interview. Keith introduced the clip with a self-quotation from one of his own "special comments" (more Olbermann onanism).

    The #4 story was all about terrorism, starting with the attack in Syria. This was quickly dispensed with: KO talked over some footage. No actual report, not even of the taped and regurgitated variety. Then it was time for yesterday's news: the decline in Iraq's Anbar province. Olby noted that the Pentagon has been "unable to kill the story", and introduced Ricks (author of the Iraq war tome "Fiasco"). KO asked about the "cure for terrorism" (Democracy) that "Mister" Bush keeps advocating, and Ricks came up with the unique perspective that when you set up a democracy, elections should be "the last thing you have".

    Olby offered a convoluted theory about how training Iraqis to take over security actually aids Al Qaeda, and Ricks reiterated the point, claiming that the police will actually be "death squads". KO brought up the Syrian bombing attempt, and his guest went off on a tangent about Hezbollah and "strange bedfellows".

    After another fine, fine edition of the Pulitzer-worthy "oddball" (making fun of Dennis Hastert for messing up the words of the National Anthem), KO dealt with the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son (recycled from NBC). #2: Pandas (another rerun from the network mothership), Britney Spears, Keven Federline, Girls Gone Wild on Campus, Katie Couric's ratings, Meredith Viera. In the prized #1 slot: the Chicago Bears and free furniture. The "worst person" segment featured an "anti-abortion nut bag", but the real purpose was more desperate pimping of Olbermann's book the book that bears Olbermann's name.


    All things considered, after Monday's hyperbolic jeremiad, the discredited sports guy was comparitively subdued tonight. Even the MisterMeter reading was relatively calm: 2 [LOW]. Did all this, and the abundance of noxious fluff on this latest Countdown, have something to do with the returns from Monday's embarrassment? Yes, Olby was back to his usual fourth place finish, both in total viewers and in his coveted, prized, beloved "demo". All the blue bloggers and all the PR men couldn't get his ratings up again. As Olbermann loves to say: "Is this a metaphor?"

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (72) | | View blog reactions


    Hour of Spin... I thought this blog was about KO not Faux news ? 45 minutes until the truth .. run righties, run..

    go laffey go

    Olbermann. He is a waste of film and the cameraman’s time. In addition to KO, it probably takes at least 3 people to produce that show. One to hold the camera, one to hold the microphone, and someone to agree with Keith. KO is a nutjob.

    G-monster.. don't you need to get back to ordering a chair from the junkie or a welcome mat froom the loofah guy ?

    OHHHH Boy....For 9/11/06 Hour of Stupidity....4th place again in BOTH total and the sacred Demo:

    Olbermann's diatribe got more exposure on the web than on his own show. Advertisers should remember this when they consider using MSNBC.

    Olbermann is an idiot.

    OHHHH Boy....For 9/11/06 Hour of Stupidity....4th place again in BOTH total and the sacred Demo:

    Olbermann's diatribe got more exposure on the web than on his own show. Advertisers should remember this when they consider using MSNBC.

    Olbermann is an idiot.

    OHHHH Boy....For 9/11/06 Hour of Stupidity....4th place again in BOTH total viewers and the sacred Demo:

    Olbermann's diatribe got more exposure on the web than on his own show. Advertisers should remember this when they consider using MSNBC.

    Olbermann is an idiot.

    O'Lielly, someday you will grow up and become a man. When you become a man, you will look back on your misspent youth, wish you would have never found this website, and spent your time chasing women.

    FNC kicks butt again :)

    No wonder Olby is a miserable bastard - he keeps getting bitch-slapped by Bill, Nancy and Paula. Olbywan the Un-Magnificent placed dead last in both demo and overall ratings on 9/11.

    Yeah, everyone thinks you're special, Edward R. Moron.

    Cee...... how stupid are you ?

    Ok,, so let's say that popularity is an indicator of someone or somethings value. Apparently the best painter of all time is Thomas Kincaide,, obviously the best singer of all time is Michael Jackson and our best food is McDonalds.. Wow, we as Americans sure have good taste.


    Geez Matt Lauer is kicking the tools butt.

    Geez Matt Lauer is kicking the tools butt.

    Dead Last,, so you have nothing better to do than watch a show you do not like and comment on it ? Somewhere there is someone who would like you to come out of the house.. ah your mother wants you to change your underwear and water her lawn.

    well so far ten minutes into his nightly Marxist sermon Mr Twilight Zone has used two phrases from today's KO watch. Pee wee herman is one but the second in which this leftard communist traitor actually compares the President of the United States to David Koresh is a bit much even for his communist-liberal mouth.
    Comparing Bush to koresh eh mr Olbertard? Nice , very nice and we know how the clinton administration and his beast attorney general the "butcher of Waco" janet reneo dealt with them now don't we? he burned them alive. I guess once again proving that this is how the marxiat wing of the democaric party separates church and state- witha flame thrower.
    I guess it's also OK to chastise the President because in your sick , demented traitorous mind you believed he polticized his 9/11 speech but mr Twilight zone olbermann did YOU ACTUALLY READ YOUR LITTLE DIATRIBE?? YOU POLITICIZED 9/11 YOURSELF.
    God this guy is a hypocritical nutjob if ever there was one . he almost makes me miss Dan Rather- biased at least Rather was somewhat of a gentleman an not an out and out scumbag like this olbertard is.

    so tell me who is worse leftard-somebody commenting on the marxist insanity and hypocrisy of Twilight Olbertard or coming here and trying to defend him?? Man even Olberatrds minions are stupid.

    Rivermutt...Keith is as close to god as you will ever see or hear. Does that aggrevate you ? So you to have nothing better to do than watch a show you do not like and make comments on it ? Shouldn't you be watching O'lielly or listening to Michael Weiner ? You may be the most pathetic person I have ever dealt with on a blog.

    Ah, O'lielly likes those polls when 60% disagree with President Bush or when Olbermann gets a brief bump into 3rd place.

    Olbermann is an anchormann of a news program (I use the term rather liberally). "Popularity" is not the value such people value, it's "Exposure," How many people make the effort to watch. Olbermann is LAST among cable news shows. Business is business and if people are not tuning in, good night bathtub boy.

    By the way O'lielly, I'll use a Gumpism in response to your question:

    "Stupid is as stupid does."

    As an elitist liberal who is 100% invested in a bankrupt ideology, I am sure your picture is beside the definition of stupid in Webster's.

    Rivermutt...Have you ever wondered why you are alive.. so have 99% of the population.

    Cee... is that the best you have ? I know you are among the 32% who like this pathetic POS POTUS however the portion of the 32% are as batsquit as you are. So ratings are the sign of a good program ?

    Your children want you to pass away as soon as possible they want your 19 inch TV

    Cee... is that the best you have ? I know you are among the 32% who like this pathetic POS POTUS however the portion of the 32% are as batsquit as you are. So ratings are the sign of a good program ?

    Your children want you to pass away as soon as possible they want your 19 inch TV

    Cee,,, your home needs the air in the tires checked.

    O'Lielly, I have to leave my office now and go home to my wife and family who is safe because of the "POTUS" and a wonderful group of people who take their jobs seriously in defending our country.

    As opposed to you, a loser with a chip on his shoulder. A supporter of a POTUS that enjoyed oral sex in the Oval Office instead of using all of his power to protect us from jihadists. A loser who has nothing better to do but respond with immature comments. Go upstairs and have dinner with your mommy.

    medication wearing off O'lielly? You get more incomprehensible with every post.
    in other news it looks like The creepy Michael Musto's job may be imperiled. Yup Twilight Olbermann featured a new sword swallower so lookout Musto Twilight O. has love in his eyes.....


    so you have nothing better to do than troll a website with foolish, immature commentary for people who watch a show they do not like and comment on it ?

    day 856 of Twilight Olbermann not having anybody on his show who he can actually DEBATE. How can a show that doesn't have any debate of substance in be suck so bad?
    You are right Moronomous, Twilight Olbermann should just be allowed to spread his lies, drivel and deomcratic party propoganda with no restraints or comment. Ya know just like his show- no disagreement, no debate, only people that agree with him and his agenda.

    I am offering a challenge to Olberman right here and now - Get somebody on your show or in any other forum setting you choose who might disagree with you or somebody you might actually have to debate. I know you are a ball-less liberal but go ahead and prove me wrong.
    Anybody- anytime- anywhere. just do it.
    Yours is the only show be it radio, TV, comedy, news, or commenantary who has never , to my knowledge EVER had one guest who debated or disagreed with your mindest, opinion, or agenda.
    I know that you or one of your little munchkins reads this post daily Olby so hear it now and take the challenge. I would just love you to prove me wrong!

    Anyone remember mystery science theater, where Joel, Servo and Crow were tortured by having to watch the worst science fiction movies of all time? Years ago i would tune in to MST3K and laugh hysterically, gagging in sick fascination at the horrible movies made that were actually supposed to attract audiences.I get this same feeling when i gaze apon the trainwreck that is the olberloser. Maybe the meltdowns ratings would go up, if placed in MST3KS old format. hell, you could even still call the show MST3K and it would be true!!! Problem is I don't know if you could find anyone, never mind 3 people, willing to watch reruns of Meltdown without end though, even if the goal was to heckle and laugh at each episode... oh well!

    Olbermann states: "Iraq only became the central place in the war on terror because we let the terrorists into Iraq."

    We let them into Iraq? Or did they go there?

    And for Professor Olbermann may I ask: Would it be better if those terrorists were exactly where? If not Iraq, where would they be? Would it be better for us if they were spread out in a dozen different countries?

    They're in Iraq and the US and our Iraqi democratic friends are killing them.


    Bill o'lielly do ratings matter??

    selfwilly --

    MST3K creator Jeff Nelson has been on the radio a number of times with the Northern Alliance conservative bloggers (Powerline, Captain's Quarters, etc.) on their weekend Minneapolis show. Maybe he can dig Tom Servo and Crow out of mothballs for a "special comment" edition of MSNBC3K.

    "Countdown" is shorter than the average movie they used to mock and the visuals are a little static -- at least until Michael Musto comes on -- but the verbal content just cries out for snide comeback lines.

    How was Bush not politicizing the 9/11 speech when he mentioned Iraq multiple times? What did Iraq or Saddam have to do with 9/11? Wait. Bush wants to answer. "Nothing." So Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 but Bush still had to talk about it during his 9/11 speech.
    I'm sorry for your tremendous loss of your fellow conservatives David Koresh and Timothy McVeigh among the others. I know this must be very tough for you still. They were your heroes and you agreed with them completely (like you do with bin Laden except you wish he was Christian). And don't let the fact that Koresh killed the women and children, not the FBI, dissuade you from your worship.

    First, the Republicans blocked Clinton's efforts to fight terrorism. Here's one example: If you were smart enough to read or if Rush allowed you to read, you'd find our ports, airlines, borders, chemical plants, biological plants, nuclear plants, subways, trains, etc. are as unsafe as they were before 9/11. This all comes from the government which Bush controls.
    The polls show the American people prefer the Democrats to the Republicans. More Americans consider themselves Democrats than Republicans. The American people disapprove of the Iraq War and President Bush. On nearly all policies, the American people favor the liberal side of the issue. The nature of being a conservative is to lose. Things always change and progress. It's happened throughout history. First we threw off monarchies and aristocracies, then slavery, then blacks became accepted, now gays are becoming accepted. No wonder conservative hate America.

    "The nature of being a conservative is to lose"

    What the? A majority of Governorships, the US House, Senate and Mr. Presidency.

    Am I missing something?

    You're only missing intelligence and reading comprehension. The three sentences after the sentence you quoted explain it. I'll put it in simple terms for you. A conservative wants things to remain the same and likes the status quo. But things have never stayed the same. Throughout history things have always changed. Hence, the people who have wanted things to remain the same always lost. The conservatives who wanted to stick with monarchies and aristocracies lost. The conservatives who wanted to maintain slavery and institutionalism racism lost. The conservatives who want to maintain bigotry of all kinds are losing. The conservatives who want to continue iggnoring global warming, the environment and energy independence are losing. The conservatives who hate science are losing. The conservatives who want "smut" to disappear are losing. In 20 or 30 years, today's conservatives will complain about how evil our society has become just as conservatives always do.

    colbert was Bush not even supposed to mention Iraq? Tell em are we not fighing Al-Queda in iraq? tell me what muslim extremeist group trained the people to fly those planes . You call yourself colbert which is fitting. If you did not smoke so much dope and get your news entirely from The Daily Show maybe ,just maybe you might have some more intelligence thatn you portray here.
    As usual liberal-marxists love to portray Koresh and MCveigh as conservatives. Two different animals. No you commie leftard I McVeigh is NOT one of my heroes and niether is Koresh .Tell me what crime Koresh was ever convicted of? I know that the policy of separating church and state in the liberal mind is burning Christians just like their role models the Romans . Liberals love to attack religion because it impinges on their idea of social justice and their religious mantra the good ol "tolerance and diversity" .
    I find myself in theodd and relatively uncomfortable position of defending Koresh because his ideology was not mine. If you actually took the time to read the report on Waco you liberal moron you would know that even the FBI report indicated that the Koresh DID NOT start the fire. I just know that you liberal anti-religious bigots would love to fry all the evangelicals and other Chridtain belivers because they will not accept another one of your religious tenets the so called gay "marriage" and they are opposed to another sacrement of yours abortion. So i guess the "tolerant" thing to do is just burn them or otherwise dispose of them. Hmmnn lets see if that rings a bell in history oh yeah HITLER seemed to remedy religion in somewhat that manner. The FBI DID start the fire just like they had one of their snipers kill an unarmed woman and a teenage boy at Ruby ridge. But I guess that was ok in your liberal eyes because they were just ignorant religious country folks and not some city sophisticate like you.
    It's funny that you defend Bin Laden but let me assure you that their ideology is too cut the heads off of worms like you.
    Well colbert I'll let you get back to your bong and getting all your news from the comedy channel and of course Twilight Olbermann. Maybe someday you'll get yoir dream of a democratic majority and your socialist dream to eliminate religion will come true but until then all you can do is just dream of burning Christians to show your "tolerance and diversity".

    on another note Cee states that: On nearly all policies, the American people favor the liberal side of the issue. The nature of being a conservative is to lose. sure that's why since 1994 democrats who have been polluted by liberal socialist ideology have been winning! why they even won the presidential election in 2004 Right??
    and oh boy now gays are becoming accepted- is that the entire premise for wanting the democrats to win so you can force so called gay "marriage " on America? Iknow homosexuality is a party platform of the new socialist left. You go girl!
    Hey a democrat in every garage and two queers in every house right! Great plan you have there for America. Lets all forget the terrorists, bring home the troops and celebrate gay "pride day" . You'll have to celebrate gay pride day or else the democratic leadership will burn your house down and throw you in jail. The Bible will be prohibited beacause it is hate speech and we'll all be one happy little gay pride lovin, mutlicultural utopia where everyone who wants pair of Birkenstocks will have them. Free lattes for all. ther will be none of those evil rich people or corporations . Everybody will be equal and we'll all be happy and ride unicorns everyday. right on brother!
    Oh by the way has anybody told you that Jerry Rubin is dead and the 60's are over you bubble head? Guess what your little paln for humanity has been tried and it was called the USSR and tell me how that worked out for ya? Or maybe you prefer something along the line of China or no wait maybe Cuba. You left wingers are always wearing those Che Guevarra shirts so maybe it will be Cuba. Viva la revolucion ! eh.

    Not in my country bitch. Some final words for you to look up.
    DI OPRESSO LIBER. That is the motto I have fought for and will always fight under. Commies need not apply.

    Colbert you are ahistorical illiterate. Lincoln was REPUBLICAN you moron.
    I just love the plan about smut and queers. Yeah progress. Maybe the conservatives of 30 years ago were right. We never had any school shootings wheni was a kid and I used to keep my .22 rifle in my locker in 7th and 8th grade! Yeah it was terribly opressed back then, I tell ya it was terrible. you could actually walk down the street and not get mugged and the kids NEVER got sexually molested and murdered , but then there was lack of smut to inspire those poor child molestors.. There were few teen pregnancies so there was a very disconcerting and astonishing lack of abortions and abortion clinics. Terrible I tell ya terrible. There were no seatbelt laws and we never wore helmets riding bikes. We played "war" in the back yard and patriotism was popular. Kids had respect for elders and I did not know one single -single parent kid growing up. We could leave the windows open on hot summer nights and we only locked the doors of the house when we went on vacation. Hell looking back Ijust don't know how we did it without any smut or fags or high taxes or big brother nanny state -safety first- freedom last liberals.
    I don't know much about monarchies except that we had a little war about 200 years ago in this country to get rid of one but we still have the Kennedys up in Massachussets if we want to remember fondly the patrician ruling class.
    Yup change is good amigo . Change is the ideology of the cancer cell also. Ya know growth and progress just for the sake of growth and progress.
    Colbert you are apiece of work and the product of today's liberal sickness. Any person who would use smut and homosexuality as markers of progress and societal advancent just shows the inherent disease of today's culture. But I do thank you because you remind me why I am a conservative and reinforce my resolve to stay a conservative and fight your form of progress. I like the "old way" much better thanks.

    I knew you had the intelligence of a 10-year old. I didn't realize you were actually a 10-year old. The Democrats controlled the Congress for 40 years until 1994.
    More American people consider themselves pro-choice than pro-life and more support abortion rights than don't. Pat Robertson claims 90% of Americans are Christians so many Christians must support abortion rights.
    A fictional right-wing movie claimed the FBI killed the Branch Davidians. Koresh was being investigated for polygamy, child abuse and child molestation (like that Warren Jeffs freak I'm sure you support). His attempted murder trial ended in a mistrial. The Danforth Report concluded the Davidians deliberately set the fire and the adults shot themselves after shooting the children. It's hard to believe you don't support someone when you make up lies to defend him. In the process of lying you defamed the FBI and ATF. I thought conservatives were supposed to pretend to like law enforcement officials?
    What other facts did Rush misinform you about? The hijackers took flight training classes at American flight schools. Didn't Mommy allow you to watch the news coverage at all?
    Fortunately this isn't your country. You and Osama have the same beliefs and outlook on life. The Founders were liberals and many deists who thought Christianity was a superstition. They thought Jesus was a normal human. They thought basing government on God was a terrible idea which they did away with. You hate the Founders and everything they stood for. Jefferson and the Republicans wanted an equal distribution of property because power follows property and if power and wealth weren't relatively equally distributed amongst the mass of people, the republic would fall apart. That's why he was in favor of an agricultural society. He thought corporations were evil.

    I'm sorry blacks are now legally treayed as equal as well. I know conservatives hate that. But hey. You can still pick on the Hispanics. Women of course go out and work now. The days of them being nothing but cleaning, cooking, baby factories are gone. So sad.
    No one was murdered before now. You said 30 years ago which would be 1976. In 1976 there were 8.7 people murdered per 100,000; 5.5 in 2004. In 1976 there were 467.8 violent crimes per 100,000; 465.5 in 2004. So crime occured 30 years ago. I'm shocked. If you looked up statistics for all that other crap you spewed you'd see you're wrong about all that too. There were abortions and teen pregnancies even before smut.

    Oh right. Lincoln was a Republican but not a conservative. His views on slavery were liberal. Maybe you could read a book on history at some point during your life.

    Keith is my hero and I am so glad there is a website devoted to him! It means he's big enough to hit a nerve. Good for him and I hope you all keep watching!

    By the way, he's consistently the #1 rated show on MSNBC prime time. Now, you can call out the network on being third, but Keith's show is NOT going away. Considering O'Reilly has been on the air almost five times as long, as well as Keith's ratings continue to rise, while Bill's are on a steady decline--then I'd say he's doing rather well, thank you. I was in conservative-owned media for years, so I know all about ad sales and ratings my friends.

    Reading the posts so far says a lot about the people that say such reprehensible things about the ONLY reason to watch cable news. I came here expecting those who hate him would be a bunch of bible-thumping, flag waving, fear mongering, fag-hating, illiterate, McCarthyists...and good to know that I wasn't disappointed.

    Also Riverdog...before you call anyone stupid, you may want to go back to that nostalgia you were referring to and re-read your 5th grade spelling book since you obviously have some issues there....amongst others, of course.

    Maybe someday, you will all open your mind and listen to what those who disagree with this administration are saying instead of writing them off. You might just learn something....

    Alas Uberman, I can remember a day when thou were but a damned good baseball analyst. And now this…this…Freaking dirgible explosion…. First off tonight I was befuddled by Keith’s seeming sarcastic (?condemnation? )of Democracy in Iraq in his discussion with “Ace reporter” Thomas Ricks who himself doesn’t seem to be keen on factions in established “Representative” Democracies (Hello!! Democrat vs. Republican, Federalist vs Anti-federalist, etcetera throughout American history) let alone in the new Democracy in Iraq. Evidently the folks in Iraq should have been repressed a couple more years before being enabled to chose their own leadership…And you got to chuckle at Tommy boy’s not-so-mensa reflection to the terrorism in Syria as a baseball game between the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks.

    Moving on we have Eugene Levy’s stunt double quoting HL Mencken. Oooh, we’ve moved up somewhat on the literary scale. It sounded chords in my soul as he read it off the cue card IN HIS HAND. We are all impressed Keith, though I admit I was hoping for yet another “insightful” Twilight Zone analogy. Maybe this time he could have labeled the challenging Dems in the upcoming fall elections as Talking Tina and the Bush administration as the mean spirited Telly Savalas. Or better yet he could have switched shows. He could portray Bush as Gilligan and the grenade throwing gorilla as Al Qaeda or Sam the Barber as Don Rumsfeld. The possibilities are endless for a “consummate professional” journalist like Uberman.

    And let’s not forget that zany lead in.. “pandas gone wild, Britney gone wild, Tom cruise gone wild. Girls gone wild lawsuit…hahahaha funny stuff.. Oh no wait the Rozerem commercial with Abe Lincoln and the talking beaver was funny, Olbermann sucked..again..

    In closing is it yet again ironic that Bitter manwench Olbermann is harping on Katie Couric’s ratings when he’s manning the helm on the Flying Dutchman…So sad and pathetic…But I hope he keeps it coming until they finally and mercifully put him down.. This is way too fun because he makes it so easy…

    I enjoyed Thomas Ricks. He knows his stuff and makes challenging and thought-provoking points, unlike the usual suspects of Washinton Post reporters. Of course having someone who might counter Ricks, is of course, taboo on Countdown.

    But overall the tone of the show seemed more measured tonight. Is Media Matters on hiatus or something?

    boy you lefties sure get touchy over not being able to have gay's married.
    you are just so full of liberal bullshit and progresive brainwashing I just am at a loss as to where to even begin. Maybe I'll start from the end and work backwards as best I can thru all your uneducated bias and ignorant bigoted drivel
    # 1 there very few "corporations" in the modern sense of the word back in the late 1700's. Jefferson's greatest idea was that america would become a great pastoral agrarian econonomy. Jefferson was, as were most of the men who conceived this country devoutly religious. I know modern text books have become politically correct today and don't include the fact that jefferson and his contemporaries realized and affirmed that all freedoms came from God not from man and his scribblings on parchement. I most certainly do not hate the founding fathers ( I noticed of sourse you used the PC term "founders" must be gender neutral eh?) . I believe it is you who are perverting the words and intent of the founding fathers to promote your socialist ideology . Maybe they thought Jesus was human but they knew that he was the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, so much so that Jefferson even wrote his own interpetaion of the Bible that reaffirmed that.
    I am going to jump around abit now beause you threw so much liberal bullshit and lies up in the air that the wind blew it around a bit.
    Perhaps the only truth you spoke was that the hijackers DID take flight school in the US. George Bush has implemented sagfeguards now to alert America to such things. My mother is dead you fucking a--hole so leave that alone. Rush does not "inform" me . I was conservative long before Rush ever got on radio. All these ideas are mine. I do not have the same beliefs as you so prejudicially wrote. Your contempt for religion and your obviuos liberal conditining have made you into a bigot and an ignorant one at that.
    You have me once again in the unenviable position of defending Koresh and it is a matter of extreme distaste for me. As I have ststed before his beliefs were not mine. Nor were Rand Weaver at ruby ridge in Idaho. Under your pal clinton there was adisserted effort to attack religion and especially gun owners and the second ammendment itself. Janet Reno murdered those people and was NEVER held accountable by anything other than her own internal investigative group. The fire was started by the FBI and fire was spread by combustibles inside the compound. Like the poor souls who jumped from the towers rather that burn to death the Branch Davidians may have shot themselves. The ballistics also proved that there were "unnaccounted" rounds that were most likely fired from helicopters. There were at least a few people who tried to surrender/escape who ballistics proved were fired by the government. Koresh was never tried or convicted of anything only executed by Janet reno and Louis Freeh. Freeh was quoted as saying that he supported disarmament of America. Maybe you are right in some samll way again because I have no respect for a government who will not respect MY civil rights under the second ammendment. It is well known that bill and hilary were not fond of the second ammendment.
    Yes I do know that democrats held the congress for 40 years and that is why this country is so screwed up today. liberal programs, the nanny state, the massive "entitlements have all contributed to the sad state of this country today. You ay that most of the country is pro choce. How would you know? there was not vote on it. The people were not asked how they felt about it. Some liberal judges in Washington called SCOTUS decided for us all that infanticide would be the law of the land. That is one of the myriad of reasons that conservatives were elected into power- to stop liberal activist judges from imposing the will of a few on the many. My latest proof of that is one of the liberals favorite modern day crusades. That of so called gay "marriage". In every state where the people have voted they have rightfully and sanely Voted it down. Yet some holier tha thou ultra liberal activist judges in Massachussets theought they were above the will of the people, which democracy is supposeldy based on, and imposed gay marriage on the state.
    Whatever liberal arts college you went to . Whatever raving lunatic anti- American liberal professors you had , whatever you have read in the liberal NY Times, Boston Globe, ad nauseum has polluted and twisted you poor mind away from the truth and decency itself. you are aproduct of brainwashing. You have been taught that humans are smarter than God, maybe that there is even no higher deity that the power of the state itself. in short you have been indoctrinated into beliveing that socilialismis the way and socialism is just a precursor to communuism and dicatotorship. Your history books must have made some mention of that.
    Maybe it is you who are still the child with a lot of learning to do and long - way until your eyes are opened. I was once a liberal registered democrat in a VERY blue New England state myself once. But I grew up and did not allow someone to fill my brain with socialist lies. I educated myself and I read everything I could get my hands and mind on about the truth between right and wrong. Great! now I am a conservative with over 10'000 books who is in dire need of having a book sale. But hopefully you get my drift. Don't believe everything that is neatly packaged and spoon fed to you. Think for yourself.

    To the little liberal girl who is such a spelling nazi ( and probably a feminazi and homofascist too) . Not that it isany of your business little girl but I am typing with a broken wrist, hand and shoulder due to an accident. You being a liberal crusader for the poor opressed homosexuals I would not expect you to have the cranial capacity to be able to distinguish a typo from an out and out spelling error.
    you are right about one thing tho little girl. I am aproud McCarthyist. Look at hollywood today. if it wer not for the reconquista and the move toward Atzlan the communist flag would be flying over hollyweird and now even a true socialist who calls himself a "wink-wink" independent from Vermont is in the House.
    I guess when you post on a site critcal of some self described "journalist" who never ever debates anybody and only has guests that agree with his politcally correct socialist ideology you have to expect some young PMSing little feminazi bitch will answer the call.
    as for twilight olbernutt's ratings- hey last place is last place. Maybe envirogirl you could come back when you grow up and come off your period and open your mind and not just accept the anti -American ramblings and rantings of a socialist lunatic sitting in a studio in NY City .

    I'm timing myself, since I would rather be watching the replay of Hardball right now, and because I have blue pages to ink... and scan, and fill.

    As usual, the affable Keith Olbermann exhibited his genial sportscaster charm while delivering the narrative that is the evening news as we know it in the United States where it has been pointed out repeatedly that our news comes from 3 distinct media-controlled sources.

    As per the usual, Johnny Dollar (a.k.a. I snatched my name from some tv show that hasn’t been on in so many years that no one has ever heard of it, thus, who would ever find the source of my general lack of creativity) continued with his borderline insane obsession with expressing his obsessive dislike of the affable Keith Olbermann. Can someone say man-crush? It’s like a moth to a flame, John-Jon’s obsession with Keith Olbermann, that is.

    As per the usual, Johnny Dee copied and pasted the same words and phrases that he has been using in the same cadence since his first column on the site. As per the usual, Johnny Dollar has continued to exhibit an inability to parrot, and an inability to rise up to the ranks of satire. When are you going to start sipping from the pool of talent, 1¢? Maybe try one of those tasty lozenges of creativity. Try some figurative language? Assonance with Consonance for exponential alliteration? No? Involves actual talent? Oh, okay, I see.

    Man, Keith Olbermann has charisma, and Johnny Dollar has none. That must be why you hate him so much; and pretty much why all the sycophants on the show hate him so much.

    You know, if you want to point to ratings, everyone always goes for the last segment on the show, that’s where the ratings are — the high ones. Of course, on a conventional news show — the last segment? SPORTS! And they always find the most affable watchable charismatic people to be sports broadcasters. I mean, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the Tigers or the Lions or the Redwings, but man, is Don Shane an affable guy.

    You must hate that — charisma.

    The other thing, this ranting about equal time or representation, or whatever you call it. Since conservatism is anti-affirmative action — should you not then be perfectly content to understand that if you aren’t a member of the boys club then you sit at the kids table.

    Of course, you’re already sitting at the kids table, that’s where you wrote this “article”. Try not to wipe your hands on your pants.

    Let's see...menstruation comments--check. Cheap shot at women with opinions--check. Assumed liberal elite status--check. You are a very angry cliche. Such strong language for a senior citizen! How nice of you to throw out the nazi word so often when someone doesn't agree with your narrow-minded, mean-spirited ways. Nazi would be familar term with your fellow neo-cons since Bush and Rove's family benefited greatly from their nazi ties. Tolerant people aren't nazi's, just so you know. Kinda was what the nazi's were against.

    (I am sorry about your accident, but your wrist has no problem typing so I would think that you could open up a friggin dictionary while you are spending so much of your life on this blog. Or at least go back and re-read your comments so you don't look like you can't master grammar. My cranial capacity, while quite large, only absorbs what you throw out there. Really takes away from those sane, intelligent, well thoughtout points you make, gramps.)

    Keith is speaking for a large part of this country that is sick of hearing the Ann Coulter spew. Keith is a counter to the conservative skewing, conservative owned and run media. Don't cry fowl because the one-sided "talk" format has been pretty good to you conservatives! The abolishment of the Fairness Doctorine has been a key in the growth of irresponsible, hate-pundits controlling our media. Ah, but the paradigm shift is starting to unfold! The B.S. Police are out in full-force thus, Keith's popularity is growing, along with those who are fed up with the Bush Administration and the hard-liners. I can understand why that threatens you. I know you hate change, but the times they are a-changing!

    Keith is a pundit just like all the other cable news folks--so don't make him more accountable on debates than the paltry showing on all the other shows. Edited pre-recorded interviews, biased panels, leading questions, personal comments--gee, no one on the other shows do that! I don't look for his show for hard news--it's infotainment fused with newsmakers, sports figures and calling out hypocrites. If I want news, I go to the newspapers, web, books and radio--not cable prime time. I actually read conservative views as well. I just tend to disagree with many conservative thought--but not all. So, please spare me the lecture on "accepting" anti-American ramblings. It has taken me a long time and a lot of personal investment and experience to come to this opinion. Hearing your hate speech makes me even comfortable with my views and being a LIBERAL.

    The America of yesteryear you remember with rose-tinted glasses had it's own share of problems--you just traded them in for different ones. Sorry, pregnant girls DON'T have to get married to someone they don't necessarily love, children DON'T have to live in quiet shame about abuse anymore, god-created homosexuals DON'T have to live a miserable lie anymore, minorities don't HAVE to be without rights anymore, and women don't have to be dependent on men for their survival anymore. Wow, such a terrible thing. Why do YOU care how someone lives their life? That is what a "busy-body" is.

    Since you long for the good-ol' days, maybe you need to go back to the woodshed and have your mouth washed out with soap. You obviously need some anger management. If your point can't be made without off-the-topic personal-shots, then perhaps your point isn't valid enough on it's own.

    By the way, women are out of the kitchen there, Archie Bunker! Little girl, bitch, PMS, feminazi. I hope you don't have a daughter. (Or maybe women shunned you and that's why you hate them so much.) Is this type of talk what you value about America?

    Perhaps you ought to take up your issues with Keith regarding "cheap shots at women". He's a master at it.


    One of the first grammar rules you should have learned in school is that you always spell out numbers from 0-9. So, when you wrote 3, it should have been spelled out. Just watching out for you!!

    make sure youwatch out for J$, did it in post last night as well

    Hey "envirogal,"

    Loved your post. While I was not the recipient, I must quote and discuss some of my favorite lines:

    envirogal: "Keith is speaking for a large part of this country that is sick of hearing the Ann Coulter spew."

    KfK: A "large" part of the country? He is viewed by 100,000 in the "demo" nightly. Exactly how do you know who he is speaking for? All we know is who he is speaking to, and he is speaking to fewer people than "Spongebob Squarepants."

    envirogal: "your wrist has no problem typing so I would think that you could open up a friggin dictionary"

    KfK: It is important to be careful with words when you challenge someone in this manner. . . .

    envirogal: "Don't cry fowl"

    KfK: . . . or you might look like an ass!

    envirogal: "Since you long for the good-ol' days, maybe you need to go back to the woodshed and have your mouth washed out with soap. You obviously need some anger management."

    KfK: You seem pretty angry yourself! Taking people out to the woodshed and forcibly washing their mouth out is tantamount to torture. Who do you think you are? Are you a torturer? Should I call Amnesty International?

    Thanks for the laughs sweetie!

    "make sure youwatch out for J$, did it in post last night as well"

    Sorry, but you are mistaken. I try to always spell out numbers from zero to ten, and use digits for larger integers. However, every rule has an exception, and in this case, that exception is the MisterMeter. Since I'm reporting on the reading of a hypothetical physical object that is marked from 0 to 10, I report the numbers as they appear on the meter.

    More serious than her stylistic faux pas is Sarah's blatant, unforgiveable error of fact in her latest screed. But that's par for the course.


    I'm not worried about J$'s grammar. Sarah is obviously obsessively consumed by her self-righteous, irrelevant (in this context)mastery of grammar as well as everyone else's inferiority in this area. J$ has much more important things to worry about but as I said, I'm just watching out for Sarah.


    I'm not worried about J$'s grammar. Sarah is obviously obsessively consumed by her self-righteous, irrelevant (in this context)mastery of grammar as well as everyone else's inferiority in this area. J$ has much more important things to worry about but as I said, I'm just watching out for Sarah.

    Sarah is an Uberlib. She has been chosen to represent the downtrodden and meek and is Olbermannwatch's version of Hillary Clinton. Like a proud digital peacock with prose for feathers, she puts on displays for our benefit. All hail Queen Sarah!

    "She has been chosen to represent the downtrodden and meek..."


    Envirogirl. please comeback nightly if you can stand the stench from the rightwingers who have not changed their fruit of the looms since Reagan was infesting the White House. Bravo, good job.

    funny envirogirl you came here and started spouting off at me using insults and typical liberal bigotry and assumtions. But like most incoherent and condescending liberals you have glass jaw- you can sure dish out the bullshit but you can't take it when somebody dares challenge and destroy your liberal hypocrisy and misinformation.
    Your typical liberal feminazi values of course extend to cover your new hero Twilight olbermann. I use the name "feminazi" because it just fits so well with you left wing men hating femi-fascists. The worst of it all is the hypocrisy. You, like most girls get upset when anyone dares crumble your liberal sterotypes and exposes your hateful feminist mantras. I guess it's not OK for somebody as lowly and plebian as me to criticize anything about women up to an including infanticide but let your hero olberloon say anything bad or disrespectful about conservative women and that is of course OK. Typical liberal hypocrisy.
    You would be pretty funy if you did not take yourself and your crusade against men so serioulsy. What liberal college did you go to to be exposed to such feminist hatemongering?
    You go thru the typical liberal littany about gays being so happy now and women don't have to cook anymore and women don't need men to be able to survive anymore.
    You dim view of the family and of men and the family unit and unity are typical of liberal socialist propoganda being taught on today's colleges. You fell for it hook ,line and sinker.
    you wrote:"The America of yesteryear you remember with rose-tinted glasses had it's own share of problems--you just traded them in for different ones"
    true, very true. but give the me the problems of back then compared to the problems today anyday! From your tone and self righteousness i estimate that you are pretty young and have no clue as to the past other than what has been spoon fed into your head.
    you added: "If your point can't be made without off-the-topic personal-shots, then perhaps your point isn't valid enough on it's own"
    Do you even hold other people to your own standards? You came here and took it upon yourself to defend olbernuttjob and YOU started attacking me in your very first post. It's the hypocrisy stupid. Looks like your points are totally invalid from the very beginning according to your rules. But I guess just like other liberals and especially their heroes like twilight zone olbermann they consider themslves intellectual royalty and not subject to the same laws and parameters as us dumb conservative hicks.
    It sounds like you have anger issues and hate issues with men but I guess with an attitude like yours not too many men would last long anyway.

    Brandon--Trust me, I have pretty tough skin, so none of that really bothers me--I just consider the source. I just thought Riverdog, who claims to be so righteous and a Christian, was going a little off the deep end, so I called him on it. I'm sure many of the "infotainment" pundits take their cheap shots at many, including women. I just don't recall Keith calling someone a "little PMSing feminazi bitch". Riverdog is part of your gang, so you must be so proud to have such a shining example. Please keep coming to his defense.

    KKK, er I mean, KfK: I will give you the fowl misspelling. It was 2am and I am moving. So, you get a big gold star for the day. I at least go through my notes and try to clean it up before I post it. That's more of what I was referring to, but point noted. When I said Keith was speaking for a lot of our opinions I wasn't talking about the ratings. Just the growing mindset of the American public. The Daily Show's ratings aren't high compared to many shows on cable either, but look at how much influence Jon Stewart has! And yes, suggesting a geezer that thinks the 1930's were the glory days needs a little good old fashioned corporal punishment is tantamount to torture. Wow, another great point that you caught me on. Thank YOU for the laugh sweet-pea!

    Ah, my friend the always upbeat Riverdog. I have no problem to anyone who would put forth some reasonable debate on any subject. I don't get "upset" and don't have any crusade against men--I have four brothers, friends, clients, sales staff, boss, a son and a husband that happen to white males. I would be pretty remiss if I flat out hated men, so I'm sorry your convenient write off of me doesn't fit. I think you need to go back to the liberal handbook that you think you have memorized and realize how can a true liberal woman be a feminist and a nazi? I'm sorry that the white male hold over America is slowly dying and others are being invited to come to the table. A true man and American would welcome that. It sucks to lose your birthright, doesn't it? I have no dim view on family, I just think that not all families have to be what YOU think they should be. Many people of yesteryear were very repressed, shamed and miserable. It just didn't show past the white picket fence...and that was just fine by you as long as YOU didn't have to hear about it. By the way, I only "attacked" you (wow-who's the sensitive one?) at first because it was shameful how you didn't even read your note before you post with all the "typo's". YOU were the one who called yourself "lowly and a plebian" and a "dumb conservative hick"....don't be so hard on yourself. Or, was this a Freudian slip?

    O'lielly...I'm sorry, friend, but I must go. I am going through a big move and a long trip abroad to find out why the world hates our freedom so much. (Don't worry Riverdog, I'm keeping my American passport, so I can vote in the upcoming election.) I enjoy broadening my horizons beyond my own littl world. I actually end up learning stuff. Amazing premise, isn't it? Seriously, I spent way too much time on this as it is. Keep these neo-cons in line and feeding them with logic and their heads may soon explode. Maybe someday they'll realize that open diaglog is a good thing.

    Keith is the ONLY reason to watch cable news network! There has to be balance to Hannity, Bill O and the others of that ilk. Sorry you give those pundits on the angry white men network a pass. To each his own.....


    envirogirl you speak like a true liberal hypocrite. You insult who you want to , say what you are told to believe by the liberal intelligensia and just rail agianst white men. So you are married to a white man.. isn't that special. It is suprising that you did marry one seeing as you hate white men and their supposed monopoly on the poor opressed classes.
    Yeah you go ahead and try to define what a true man and American is. That is a laugh. For years liberals like you have been in an all out war to destroy America, the family, the Church and the traditions that made America great.
    Yes you are most certainly a feminazi in the dictionary definition of the word. Your pathetic sad little psuedo-life of men hating really shows what a nutcase you are. Your head has been filled with hatred and contempt and now you have taken it upon yourself to save the world from us evil white men. To you open dialog is liberals talk and everybody else listens and obeys or else. You people really are hypocrite fascists in the worst sense. What do you define as reasonable debate honey- just agreeing with your hysterical anti-white man bitching?
    Looks like one of your propoganda networks is going off the air soon. Air America is filing for Chapter 7 and going under. So much for a liberal majority. Even with all Soros' communist funds behind you your message could not stand the light of day. Face it envirogirl outside of your mind and small cicle of men white men haters your days are numbered. liberalism and it's ugly stepchild "progressive-socialist" ideology are dying. Nobody likes liberals or listens to them. Look at your current mind control friend Olbernuttjob. Nobody really listens to him. Your time destroying America is coming to end. True patriotic Americans and men realize that liberalism is the ideology of hate, irrational logic and anti- Americanism. You go ahead and live in your own world and your own head but the real wold knows better. Now be a good femanazi and get me a beer and cook my dinner!

    First you wrote, "If you actually took the time to read the report on Waco you liberal moron you would know that even the FBI report indicated that the Koresh DID NOT start the fire." I pointed out the FBI claimed and the Danforth Report concluded the Branch Davidians started the fire. Then, you claimed
    "Janet Reno murdered those people and was NEVER held accountable by anything other than her own internal investigative group." John Danforth is a former Republican Senator from Missouri and an Episcopalian priest. He was appointed Special Counsel (like Kenneth Starr). It was an independent investigation. But I guess John Danforth "would love to fry all the evangelicals and other Chridtain belivers." Let's review for your first-grade intelligence. You said the FBI should be believed but when you found out they blamed Koresh you said they're liars. In other words, Koresh is God and should believed no matter what. Gee, I wonder how anyone could think you like Koresh. Maybe you don't like Koresh though. Maybe you're just afraid of the FBI attacking your own child-molesting cult.

    We already discusses your right-wing heroes Koresh and McVeigh. Now on to the rest of your misinformed drivel.
    I'd like to bring up your obvious hatred of women and obsession with homosexuality though. I'm sorry you feel ashamed of being a homosexual. It must be very hard for you. Hopefully you can learn to not hate women and not to hate yourself for being you.
    You mentioned the corporations in the 1790's. You wouldn't understand economics so there's no point of me explaining it to you. Basically you're right which makes my point. If Jefferson thought small corporations were evil because they were too big and powerful, he'd obviously hate the conglamerates we have today. Even you should understand that logic. Jefferson, and many Founding Fathers (I used that term the first time but used the shorter version "Founders" the second so not to continue writing out a longer phrase, although Abigail Adams and other women did have much influence on the events and deserve more respect than sexists like you give them) were not devoutly religious. They were mostly deists and Freethinkers. Go ask Pat Robertson what he thinks of deists and Freethinkers. If you ever read what the Founders actually wrote it'd be obvious they weren't deeply religious and trying to make a Christian nation.
    The economy was thriving under Clinton. Conservatives only argued over who should get credit for the great shape our country was in. Then they took over and argue over who gets the blame for how bad our country is doing. Poverty rates fell dramtically after the War on Poverty began. They've gone up under Bush though. Incomes were heading up but have been stagnant under Bush.
    Crime dropped under Clinton but went up under Reagan/Bush and is going up again under Bush. Statistics prove Clinton was a better president than Reagan or the Bushes. Studied have proven the economy does better under Democrats than Republicans.
    Last, the SCOTUS has seven Republican nominees but only two Democratic nominees. Go blame the Republicans for your problems with the SCOTUS.

    Colbert you are truly an a--hole liberal second to only to the olberfag himself. Your childish and ignorant leftist dribble just shows what idiotic fags you people are. and heres a little inside info for you scumbag- saying someone has a "child molesting cult" is one of the best ways of getting your neck snapped I know. Go back to wahtever liberal gay bar you came from.

    Your self-hatred is getting out of control. We know you're a homosexual and it's okay. No one hates you for it. By the way, that was a well-informed and articulate response to my facts and quotes. You prove your points so well.

    colbert you are just upset because I kicked your little girly man ass to the curb . I beat you factually, morally, intellectually and as a learning disabled liberal you just can't stand it. You know you have bben beaten so you like most liberals show your true colors. Sniff sniff colbert, maybe you can get your hero Olberscumbag to defend you.
    BTW care to tell me where you went to school and just exactly what "advanced degrees" you have? C'mon colbert you are legend in your own mind so tell us all a little bit more about yourself. Where you live, what you do for a living,marriage status (sorry so called gay "marriage" still doesn't count and never will) ya know tell us what makes you such a flaming liberal . C'mon little girly man impress us all.

    Ah Envirogal,

    You indeed are one of Keith's proud crew with statements like these:

    "KKK, er I mean, KfK: I will give you the fowl misspelling."

    Your hero Olby does the same thing when he dislikes what he hears. Herr Olbermann does not hesitate to pull out all the stops and throw out a Nazi salute. Your "KKK" comment is more idiotic than your normally absurd and stupid comments. By the way, how do you know my race you pathetic racist leftist? Did you assume I am white? Why did you assume that?

    One thing is for sure -- lefties have race on the brain, and it betrays an inherent racism at the core of their bizarre thought processes.

    figures colbert you are a typical chickenshit liberal .

    "Colbert you are truly an a--hole liberal second to only to the olberfag himself. Your childish and ignorant leftist dribble just shows what idiotic fags you people are. and heres a little inside info for you scumbag- saying someone has a "child molesting cult" is one of the best ways of getting your neck snapped I know. Go back to wahtever liberal gay bar you came from."

    must have struck a nerve. this guy is the prototypical bottom-feeding mouth-breather. why waste your time with him?

    This anon guy is a typical red neck sister fucking - mule humper incapable of thinking for himself.

    I've got an idea- why don't all of you half neo-cons get the fuck out of my country? You want to support GW and his need to say America is okay with torture, to start an unecessary war that has cost far more lives than 911 had taken, and to fuck our economy by cutting taxes while increase spending (hmmm, very complex, I must be an econ-o-mist)? Really? You support that? Well then go form your own goddamn country then- get the hell out of here- You want Iraq so fucking bad then take it, move your asses over there and from your own little country.

    Read the Constitution janhuge: that would be our right as Americans. It's our country too.

    Olbermann is about as unbiased as a clansman on the set of Soul Train. Everytime he talks I hear the faint flapping of his tiny moonbat wings.