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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    October 12, 2006
    OlbyWatch Survey: Is Keith Olbermann a misogynist?

    Today's Question: Is Keith Olbermann a misogynist?

    A. Yes
    B. No
    C. Not sure

    Previous Question: Will David Shuster's Hastert prediction come true?

    [ed. Last week David "Rove's going to be indicted" Shuster emphatically declared that House Speaker Dennis Hastert will have resigned by 8:00 pm ET on Wednesday October 11, 2006.

    The correct answer is "B. No"

    325 answers have been submitted.

    A. Yes 8% (26 votes)
    B. No 54% (178 votes)
    C. Who is David Shuster? 33% (109 votes)
    D. Who is Dennis Hastert? 3% (12 votes)

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (79) | | View blog reactions


    I think his history of slams at the expense of women on-air should make this one a very easy quiz to answer.

    I've been giving this question some thought and I challenge the Keith Kool-Aid Krazies contingent to go do the following and report back here. Go find quotes Keith has made about Katie Couric. Meredith Viera. Rita Cosby. Suzy Kolber. Lisa Guerrero. Now tell me how many you found that were actually flattering towards any of these women. Here, let me save you the time and effort. The answer is zero. You still don't think he's got a problem with women? Think again.

    No you fucking idiot. What the hell kind of shit do you have for brains?

    I think a few of my friends are idiots. Does that make me a misandrist? Give me a break. Accusing Olbermann of misogyny simply because you don't like the guy is an insult to the women who've actually been recipients of misogyny.

    "No you fucking idiot. What the hell kind of shit do you have for brains?"

    It's too bad that so many of your comments are of the above variety and not more like Nonfactor's post immediately above mine. It sometimes seems that the rabid left is screaming over sensible commentary in the blogosphere. But then again, maybe I just don't read the right sites.

    Anyway, I answered "Not Sure." I suspect that a lot of his comments about women are meant to be funny. But I also suspect that he doesn't spare any of his ridicle on men either. My gut feeling is that he is equally critical (in an attempt to be funny) to both men and women. Maybe you guys could put together a round up of his comments about women in one week's worth of shows to see whether or not he is a misogynist? Or perhaps you all have already done that, in which case a link to that previous post would be helpful.

    What's a meesogeenest?

    "Shuster emphatically declared that House Speaker Dennis Hastert will have resigned by 8:00 pm ET on Wednesday October 11, 2006."

    It's too bad that's a lie.
    Shuster REPORTED (as I have pointed out before but you guys keep lying):
    ""And, in fact, tonight, we‘ve been told by every lawmaker, every Republican lawmaker we‘ve called has said that Dennis Hastert will not be the speaker of the House this time next week. "

    Anne Coulter is a lying bitch.
    Paris Hilton is a slut.
    A girl I know at a local coffee shop is a slut and dumb as a post.

    Oh, my God!
    I'm a woman-hater!!!!!!

    Bill O'Reilly is a lying ass.
    A guy is a self-serving egotistical jerk.
    George Allen is a racist and is dumb as a post.

    Oh, my God!
    I'm a man-hater!!!!!!

    Snakes are slimy.

    Oh, my God!
    I'm a snake-hater!!!!!

    Cockroaches are disgusting.

    Oh, my God!
    I'm an insect-hater!!!!!!

    "I'm radmod. I repeat inane thoughts over and over and over. I'm an idiot."

    Yes, you are.

    radmod wrote "Shuster REPORTED (as I have pointed out before but you guys keep lying): "And, in fact, tonight, we‘ve been told by every lawmaker, every Republican lawmaker we‘ve called has said that Dennis Hastert will not be the speaker of the House this time next week. "

    As you keep posting this on EVERY thread imagineable I guess it really bothers you. The problem is that Shuster's sources area about as real as Brian Stelter's "emailers" and "tipsters". Perhaps you don't recall how Shusters "sources" had Karl Rove being frog marched out of the White House. Shuster's track record suggest that he fabricates sources in order to go on TV to make outrageous claims. You think Brian Williams would have Shuster on the NBC Nighltly News with the kind of crap reporting he does on MSNBC?

    Right on Robert...Bad reporters will get statements from "sources" and if their information does not fit the reporters story line then, oh well, I'm not using that source.

    I am sure that if Mr. Shuster was a real, objective and professional journalist, he would not be sitting across from Olbermann. They are fakers, radmod....come on admit and flee from the dark side.

    Oh, and radmod....I think the use of such an "absolute" characterization of our lovable host is "good for goose/good for gander" commentary on Robert's part.....very nice.....The Olbermann behavior we all have been exposed to these last few years could lead us to misogyny....Just like Bush's behavior has lead some (cough, Olbergogue) to use great characterizations like...


    So, place your vote and we'll see if you're "right," (tongue-in-cheek). I must admit though, I would not want my daughter dating the narcissist (oops, sorry, more name calling). Would you, radmod?

    Answer the question I posted in R2 above. Go back, look at the comments he's made about the women he's worked with or who work in he same profession he does. See a pattern emerging where women are concerned with Olby?

    I think olberloon hates everybody who disagrees with him . Man or woman or unidentifiable like Musto the big lunatic despises and degrades all who dare question his omnipotent outlook.
    Olbermann is the Caligula of the TV set.

    I believe that very soon it will come to pass that being olbermann will come to suck very, very much. This ignorant , partisan, dribbling loudmouth has made a lot of enemies and some very powerful ones at that.
    With the exception of this great site that is starting to get some more exposure Olbermann's rant and rule has gone realtively unchecked and unchallegenged. Of course one of the main reasons that olbermann can continue on unabated is that due to his piss poor ratings and low viewership nobody much nows he is down there in the sewer of journalism trying desperately to channel Ed Murrow and thus turning himself into a legend in his own mind.
    We had Michael Moore in '04 now we have this giant garbage bag of left wingnut "journalism" screeching and straining his tortured face and perpetuating every leftist conspiracy theory in the vain attempt to make him the mighty mouse of the progressive socialist left.
    Sooner or later this leftist windbag will screw up in such a large way as to get "Dan Rathered" right out on his pompous liberal ass. His vehemnce is too high and objectivity is too low.He has NO opposing viewpoints and no real guests who might question or assail his far left wing persuit of his enemies. To call people who dare question his sanity olbermann uses words like Bozo and Fatass and slut. Here we have a person who went on a late night talk show and profeses to be politically correct yet with usual liberla hypocrisy olbermann's PC values seem to only extend to such trash as Musto and other lap dogs and of course giving clinton that check before "interviewing" him ( where were YOUR kneepads kieth??) really sealed his fate as just another left wing kook out to pander and lick the boots of the lords of the left.
    What's next kieth? are you going to verbally fellate Kerry and/or Gore or hillary if they decide to come on your "show"?? Why wouldn't they? After all before the recycled BS and drivel of two day old internet stupidity all your silly little show is a one hour free advertisement and endoresement of liberal democrats.
    Olbermann is making some friends on the small population that is the far left fringe of American politics but he is making some very real adversaries in the real America. the America that does not like his bombastic, self aggrandizing self righteous rants and bellowing and soon will not let his bias and stupidity go unchecked.

    I Don;t care if Olbermann is a cross-dressing cannibal Druid!

    We need to leave Iraq now! Listen to the top British military commander, he says the same thing. The occupation is making the death and chaos worse and interminable.


    Look at it this way: in Baghdad, the garbage men continue to pick up the trash, despite theirs being the one of the most dangerous jobs around (regular, solitary routes; moving large containers and piles of debris within which explosives are easily hidden;...). Can you believe this altruistic regard for their society? Civic heroism, I call it!


    You have to conclude that there is a strong backbone of courageous, patriotic Iraqis that will and do what they can to preserve civil society, even in the chaotic conditions that prevail there today.

    However, many of these people, judging from recent opinion polls taken in Iraq, refuse to step forward to aid the initiatives of the occupying power, which has proven itself to be so incompetent, dishonest, and destructive to their country. In short: they don't trust us! Many sit and wait on the political front - even while they risk their lives daily to haul the garbage or feed and protect their families and neighbors. Why would a patriot work to further the goals of an occupying power regarding their own country?

    They know our rhetoric regarding "democracy" is bullshit - we clearly want a cooperative puppet government (if not this endless chaos itself, which has been very profitable for the friends, families, and stock portfolios of Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bremmer, ....) , or we would have followed Jay Garner's fast-track autonomy timeline back in 2003, rather than shit-canning this first, earnest civilian authority and enthroning the heartless civil saboteur Paul Bremmer in his place (see the recent Newsweek story re: Woodward's new book).

    In late 2004 the Washington Post presented a story regarding two British SAS agents who had been arrested at a Basra checkpoint by our friends the Iraqi police. The two were reported by the Iraqis as being “dressed as Arabs” and in possession of a Toyota Cressida packed with explosives wired to detonate via remote control. Several Iraqi police and innocent bystanders were reportedly killed in the shootout precipitated by the arrest, but the two were eventually taken into custody. A short while later, while the Iraqi police were still scratching their heads over this puzzling incident, an armored unit of the British military arrived and sprung the SAS agents from jail Jesse James-style.

    This story didn’t get around much, but I’ve never seen it refuted. These elements match precisely some provocative tactics known to have been used by the British in Norther Ireland and in India to “muddy up the water” and to cast insurgents in a bad light to occupied populations. It seems that the British commander knows what he’s talking about when he says we’re making it worse!

    Krazy Keith is the one who hates girls
    Misogynist banner unfurls
    He called Paris a slut
    Keith bends and spreads butt
    Bubba will deliver the pearls

    What kind of a question is that.Is Keith Olbermann a misogynist? You are desperate for shit to talk if you ask questions like that.

    It's a very good question if you ask me. He has a long, long, long history, dating back years and years of making slams against his female co-workers and other women in the television industry. He also has an equally long history of making deragatory remarks against women in general. How many conservative journalists/commentators do you know who could get away of just one single instance of this kind of behavior without being crucified for it? But not Olby. He just keeps slamming away with the liberal apologists saying, "Well, it's okay, she really is a slut. Besides, Keith is so "brave" to take on the Bush administration that it doesn't matter what he says about women just so long as he slams Bush too." I don't know what's worse, his misogyny or the Left's constant excuses and free hall passes on this score for him. Either way, you're both sick.

    I would not worry about the name calling you did at 750am...for you see the pattern with some of our Dim friends here seems to be, accuse us of spinning, lying, etc and call us names and curse and then when we respond in kind after trying to debate them honestly with them completely ignoring our arguments and spinning things themselves, they simply become all a twitter and go "see, all they can do is call us names" The poor little Dimmies

    I have been waiting for Oldbermann to come along all of my adult life. He's a light in the darkness, and I hope he'll eventually light the way for the politically dead, sheep-like and uninspired yahoos of the folks that started this website.

    Wow Jer, you must have had a spectcularly uneventful and boring life if Olbermann is your "light in the darkness". Too bad what that light is attached to a train--a train wreck of a human being and a trainwreck of a show which uses far-left blogs and unsbustantiated rumors guide it's "news" coverage. Too bad the show is riddled with factual errors and numerous lies masquerading as the "news". Really Jer, I think you need to get out more and see the daylight instead of the lights of the oncoming train (wreck).

    jer, quick question:
    Is it too soon to start a "Draft Olbermann in '08!"

    A draft Olbermann website along with a draft O'reilly website would be the greatest thing to happen for bloated egos and manufactured self-importance in the history of the blogosphere. Please. Please someone create these sites. The entertainment would be endless and I too could be "self-employed" errr a deginerate homebody like O'leilly.

    jer whimpered: "I have been waiting for Oldbermann to come along all of my adult life. He's a light in the darkness..."

    And you're a deer in the headlights.

    picture this...
    the music swells...jer and KO are running towards each other (in slow motion of course) in a slightly hazy sunlit field, arms outstretched...leaping into each others arms and spinning ...

    this started out as sarcasm, but i think I just threw up a little in my mouth...gotta stop now

    Posted by: Robert Cox at October 13, 2006 06:57 AM

    I have an idea for you, Bobby. Before accusing me of "posting this on EVERY thread imagineable" take a quick look and then tell me where I posted this WITHOUT first one of you guys lying about what he reported.

    "I guess it really bothers you"
    What bothers me is the spin and mischaracterizations that you guys intentionally make. It is intended to denigrate reporters and commentators in order to take away from what they report. Yet it is a lie.

    "Shuster's track record suggest that he fabricates sources"
    Even though you can't show a "track record" that suggests that, especially since other resources reported the same thing in both cases. Even though he's apparently truthful enough to be on Matthew's Hardball as well as conservative Scarborough's show.

    Finally, not once has anyone been able to refute my corrections except with "oh, he's just lying." So let me ask you: One person makes mischaracterizations and uses innuendo from a biased view (YOU) and the another provides sources and fact (ME). Who would you believe?

    Joe Scarborough
    Our own David Schuster is in Baghdad. David, there have been a lot of concerns about security there, with the Sunni Arabs threatening to kill anyone who takes part in this election.

    David Shuster
    That's right, Joe. Unfortunately, those threats have been very effective, resulting in widespread fear, and leaving very little hope of any meaningful participation in this election...

    Joe Scarborough
    David, I hate to interrupt you, but right now I'm looking at a live feed from Mosul, and it appears that there are long lines at the polling places. In fact, it looks like there are hundreds of people waiting to vote there as we speak.

    David Shuster
    Really? Well, Joe, considering the situation on the ground in Mosul, I'd say those people are practically sitting ducks in an area controlled by Baathist extremists...

    Joe Scarborough
    I can also see American snipers positioned strategically on rooftops...

    David Shuster
    They wouldn't be the first snipers to be taken out by...

    your comment: "What bothers me is the spin and mischaracterizations that you guys intentionally make."

    pot....met kettle

    Posted by: connor_in at October 13, 2006 12:29 PM

    Find a mischaracterization or innuendo that I have made. Sorry, I give facts.

    I especially love the hypocrisy of the "woman-hating" 'proof'. It reminds me of how minorities whine someone is a racist when confronted with accurate statements.
    Say "what part of illegal do you not understand?" and you are called a racist.
    Point out that many crimes are committed by blacks and you are called a racist.
    Point out how "affirmative action" is reverse discrimination and you are called a racist.
    Sound familiar?

    OK, so you can accuse you guys lumping all of us together, but I am supposed to backtrack thru all YOUR individual claptrap over YOUR tenure here and point things out that YOU...
    then when I do,you will ignore/spin/just whine anyway that its not

    plus (in best Bubba interpretation) "it depends on your definition of " facts "is" -or they will have "facts" from DU, Kos, etc->taken from another node

    radmod: "One person makes mischaracterizations and uses innuendo from a biased view (YOU) and the another provides sources and fact (ME). Who would you believe?"

    That's easy. I believe me.

    The way in works on Planet Earth is that if you establish a track record of repeating false information you attribute to "unnamed sources" you are either lying about having sources, lying about the sources said or your sources are lying. The way in works in journalism if a source lies to you then your promise of anonymity is broken. Shuster needs to either admit that he did not have "reliable sources" for his claims about Rove or that he lied about what they said or that his sources lied to him - in that last case he then needs to tell us who lied to him.

    If he is not going to deal with his past history of putting false information on the air then he is not going to get the benefit the next time. His claims about Hastert ARE the "next time".

    At what point does MSNBC stop allowing Shuster to go on the air citing "unnamed sources" and/or issue a retraction/apology for the previous lies?

    Keith, news tonight that may in fact hurt Republican chances of keeping the House and Senate and, I predict, within a week will bring down the entire Bush administration. Reliable sources tell me that the Earth is flat and is located at the exact center of the galaxy. A fact that Bush administration is claims as merely political spin and refuses to admit to its obviuos correctness...

    So the poll has been Keith Krazied. An hour ago it was like 52/38 that he was. No it's 90% he isn't. In an hour. Can you imagine the sheer desperation on the part of his fans that they have gone in again and again and again and voted on this? Jesus Christ people, get a fucking life.

    So the poll has been Keith Krazied. An hour ago it was like 52/38 that he was. No it's 90% he isn't. In an hour. Can you imagine the sheer desperation on the part of his fans that they have gone in again and again and again and voted on this? Jesus Christ people, get a fucking life.

    An hour ago, the poll was something like 54/32 confirming that he is. Now within an hour it's changed to 90/8? Really the Keith Krazies need to get a fucking life don't you think? What is in it for them that they would repeatedly vote on this poll?? Pathetic. And telling.

    You know, attacking the poll doesn't change the facts that he is. And he'll keep making these statements against his co-workers, against other women broadcasters, against women famous and non famous. It doesn't change the facts of what and who he is. I really don't know what you think you're gaining in attacking this poll to sway it in your favor but I give Olby less than a week before he's making hateful comments against women again. He can't seem to stop himself.

    Wow! Red Letter Day! I've finally found some common ground on which I agree with this White House!!

    Right-wing Christians are: "Goofy"; "Nuts"; "Crazy";...

    Olbermann misogynistic?

    Do any of you buttoned/puckered up Christian Republicans really think that Paris Hilton is not a "slut"? Hypocrits.

    Sir loin,

    Once again, the open minded, nonjudgmental liberal humanist is projecting his mental defect on others.....give it a rest.

    I would not use those words....however, Miss Hilton is provocative and has a reputation for promiscuity.

    That does not justify assault and battery, though. Keith and his crew suggested as much and were rightly called on it. They should apologize for being so mean and insensitive.

    Why aren't we continuing our nice conversation regarding immoral equivalence Sir Loin?

    IT's not just Paris Hilton you dipshit. He has a long history of making negative comments about women both famous and not. Sharon Stone? She's "old" and past her prime. For the record, she's a year older than he is. Other women have been labeled "fat" when they were clearly no larger than a size 6 or 8. He's used the term "used up" and "past her prime" for other celebs. And "desperate" for Angelina Jolie. And then there are the truly deplorable things he's said about his female co-workers past and present. But the Keith Krazies give him a free pass no matter what he does and what he says simply because he espouses the liberal party line, getting his talking points and his guests from far-left liberal websites and the like. How can you people be so IQ-deprived that you can't see that he didn't begin these "rants" of his until he had a book to sell? How can you not see that the vast majority of his blogs over the past year were sports-related and he avoided coming out making a political statement until the time he had a book to sell? He gets bad PR in his personal life and all of a sudden, he's talking non-stop, every chance he gets about his "amazing" 22-year old girlfriend. This is a man who has never, ever, ever, ever discussed his personal life. And all of a sudden he can't shut up about it? You don't think there's NOT a conscious decision on his part to do a positive pr spin there against the allegations about his personal life? Do any of you have a brain to realize you're being hood-winked? I guess not since you seem to think that he's a "truth-teller", not the well-known liar and hypocrite he has been PROVEN to be on this website. I almost feel sorry for you, but I find it very hard to be sympathetic to te very stupid and the all too gulliable.

    And these were the very same liberals who had a spasm right here on this website when O'Reilly suggested that women might better be advised to stay out of dangerous parts of town, late at night, alone. Why he was a pig--a what's the word? Yeah, that's it, a misogynist. But Keith makes far, far, far worse comments, does it on a near nightly basis and he gets a free pass on it all? Hypocritical doesn't even begin to describe him or his krazed following. Thank God there aren't that many of you as his ratings well-document.

    OK, Anon, OK.

    Apparently Keith has a record of saying mean things about women - he probably shouldn't. Don't watch him. Personally, I TIVO and zip through everything that is not an indictment of our criminal administration.

    ...and I don't post here to defend KO - I just like to express hatred of America's right wing and its leveraging America into fascism.

    He used to do the same thing when he was on the TV in LA about gays. I guess someone finally told he about gay-rights. So now that you know he's anti-woman, and anti-gay, you still think he's a paragon of virtue who can do no wrong?

    Ah Sir Loin, Don't you see......that hatred is your problem and KO's problem....and it all stems from actually believing you have achieved moral superiority to comes out as ridicule and name calling. That is why you enjoy Olbermann's rants against conservatives....he is you, Sir Loin!

    I love how Anon is acting like this is Satire VI. I've said some women were bad at their job, and I've said some men were too. Call the police!

    And I love how Nonfactor continues to have their head up their ass where Olbermann is concerned. It's a pattern, a habit, and a nasty, indictivie one on his part and you choose, for whatever reason to remain blind to it. Just as you do with his other, well-documented faults (lying, twisting the truth, failing to have on opposite viewpoints on the show, not going out of the studio to cover anything more compelx than an interview in the middle of a baseball field), etc.

    Hey Robert Cox,, are you going to lie about the results of this poll as well ?

    Hey Robert Cox,, are you going to lie about the results of this poll as well ?

    "Ah Sir Loin, Don't you see......that hatred is your problem and KO's problem....and it all stems from actually believing you have achieved moral superiority to comes out as ridicule and name calling. That is why you enjoy Olbermann's rants against conservatives....he is you, Sir Loin!"

    He has certainly started to see some of the same clear indications of graft, corruption, war-profiteering, and cynical race-baiting that the Republicans wallow in, and that I've been watchin in amazement for years! Yeah, I hate. Your side makes me seethe with rage, and the concommitant feelings of intellectual superiority naturally resulting from observing American conservatism only increase the exasperation. Of course, the Democrats make want to puke with their equivocation and self-interest, desoite the fact that their party's core principals demand better of them. You should read some of my hate mail to Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and now that little turncoat Sherrod Brown.

    But there are, in fact, a lot of Americans who don't give a flying fuck for either established party, and we will get our country back.

    This poll has been invalidated by Olbermanniacs. Each IP needs to get one vote.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Keith voted a few hundred times -- he knows what a legit poll would show.


    KfK....don't worry, there is only one right answer, and it's (A)....

    "Yeah, I hate. Your side makes me seethe with rage, and the concommitant feelings of intellectual superiority naturally resulting from observing American conservatism only increase the exasperation."

    So, Sir Loin, how are you going to get along with about 35% of the population you see as inferior in so many ways? Are you going to say they cannot be represented or be advocates for their beliefs? What about the 35% of the nation you see eye2eye you, because of your superiority, deserve the only shot at policymaking. Is this a society for the elite, liberal upper-east-side crowd only?

    And be honest.....are you really saying that you are immune to the corruption of power and the drive one has once they have attained power to hold on to it? Will you and your ideological contemporaries be benevolent to the inferior masses and not fall prey to graft, corruption, war-profiteering, cynical race-baiting, cronyism, self gratification or lying? Will you be lily-white? Perfect?


    Yes, that is because you don't understand how to reset your browser you immensely stupid Olbyloon

    O'lielly...ever hear about erasing cookies?....try it and you'll see you can vote again....that's how people manipulate these polls all the time.

    I think only you rightwingers ould go to such trouble to do such a thing.


    Look at the results.....would a "rightwinger" see Olbyhemanwomanhatersclubmember anything other than a misogynist?

    No, the voters are leftwingers who can't see the plank in their own eye...only the speck in their neighbor's.

    They've flooded this site with votes because they've gone onto the lefty blogs and issued pleas to "help" Keith as if his was some binding poll that decides the fate of the democracy. THAT's how desperate they are to "save" Keith. Too bad he keeps shooting his mouth off and getting himself in these messes. How long before he throws another Heil Hitler salute? And how long before the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann says something else beyond the pale? All the poll-invading in the world won't change that. You can't change HIM.

    The voting here on OW is just like in the battleground states.....liberal cheating.....democrats registering pets, dead people, ficticious people. They can't help it.

    Manipulating a blog poll? That gives the word "pathetic" new meaning. Only an extraordinary loser would cast multiple votes in a blog poll.

    Keith has attacked Rita Cosby, Ann Coulter, E D Hill, Nancy Grace, Lisa Guerrero, Suzy Kolber, Katie Couric, Meredith Viera, Laura Ingraham, Star Jones, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes, Barbara Bush, etc., etc., etc.

    Nah, Keith's not misogynist.

    Sir Loin, this is not about reputation; it's about claiming that someone deserves to be assaulted and/or is less deserving of being defended from assault because of an alleged reputation. You missed the point, as usual. Read the Huff Po blog article again.

    Ms. Cosby, you realize that the person you agree with who posted right above you was talking about himself voting multiple times in a blog poll while he has no evidence to support others doing the same thing.

    I've probably also said or thought some bad things about most all the people you mentioned and then some, but I've also said or thought (I guess you'd call it attacking) bad things towards even more men.

    So Nonfactor, did you get a good look at how many people voted in that survey as opposed to the typical number of people who vote in Owatch surveys? I bet Bob Cox knows exactly from which liberal/leftist/socalist blog those extra votes came from. Or how many times the SAME Ip was seen on this site in rapid succession.

    I haven't ever voted in this or any other survey on this site, enlighten me.

    Non--just click on the two underline options that appear near the polls, it shows you the exact number of people who have voted the next you see a live poll up. BC always provides the round-up on the final voting in the polls anyway, the typical number of votes. I've never seen 1500 plus hit one before. I bet without two much trouble I could go and find the lefty blog that the "help Olby" plea was made by the crazed Olbyloons. Why are you so fearful of him being labeled as a misogynist? I mean, besides the fact that it's TRUE, could it be that you realize that your hero has got some serious credibility issues? Really, you people need to find another spokesperson to hang your aspirations on to. Unbalanced doesn't even begin to describe him, truly it does not. Or his fans who appear to be 10x worse.

    Brandon, if you're worried about people tampering with an online poll just a few posts above yours you'll see someone who has admitted to voting a certain way numerous times. Instead of speculation you could work off facts and haze him.

    Huh? Really Non, I'm NOT worried about people tampering with an online poll. I just find it as further evidence of just how crazed YOU and your fellow Olbyloons are.

    Proof that Krazy Keith is a misogynist -- look at how savagely he attacked this woman:

    So you think people are crazed for voting more than once if they don't vote your opinion, but if they do vote your opinion you really don't care.

    And the only evidence of people voting more than once has come in the form of an admission from somebody anti-Olbermann.

    Methinks you doth protest too much Non. Were you leading the brigade? No, I think it's silly when ANYONE puts that much effort into spamming a poll, no matter what the poll might be. Really, some of you Olybloons seem to have invested too much of your energy into an individual who is so NOT worth it.

    >"some of you Olybloons seem to have invested too much of your energy into an individual who is so NOT worth it."

    You'd have to add Robert Cox and Johnny Dollar into that mix if that's your position.

    Exposing him as the liar and hypocrite and liberal apologist he is, is totally worth it. It's the constant defense of him, no matter how indefensible that is wasted effort.

    hehehehe. This web site is so funny. I love it when right wing propaganda backfires! :-)

    Go Keith!

    So many times did you vote in this poll? And why is it oh so very important for you to prove that he's not a misogynist? It isn't us who are funny, it's you libs who are hilarious to think that you have to defend this man constantly.

    Brandon, do you think it funny, maybe even pathetic, that a person on this site would vote more than once in a poll that carries no weight in reality? If so, you have a few right-wingers to chastise. Get over your obsessive hatred towards all things you suspect of being left of center and don't embarrass yourself.

    I know this poll doesn't carry any weight in real life, nor does it stop Olbermann from making his misogynist comments but apparently, you and your fellow Keith Krazies aren't getting that message. Why don't you go preach to them and together maybe all five of you can stop embarassing yourselves!