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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

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    Welcome Back, Olby!

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    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    December 27, 2006
    Keith Olbermann's Top Ten Lies of 2006

    The task of selecting which Olbermann lies are the top ten of 2006 was a daunting one. A preliminary scan of the year's programs turned up 100+ candidates for the list. So to prune down the possibilities, and in the interest of fairness, we tossed out any falsehoods that were specifically acknowledged and corrected by Keith Olbermann. That left 100+ candidates for the list. But now the hours of research and review are completed, and we are pleased to present the official Olbermann Watch list of Keith Olbermann's top ten lies of 2006.


    #10: To hear Keith Olbermann tell it, ratings are irrelevant. They don't prove a thing. As he famously said, "800 billion flies can't be wrong". But this is artificial bravado. KO is so preoccupied with numbers that he fabricates them. He'll blithely claim that his ratings are up a third or that they have risen to two-thirds of O'Reilly's, both false. The #10 entry in our Countdown of calumny is a pair of shameless lies Keith concoted to artifically inflate his own miserable viewership. The MSM never fact-checks his wild allegations. We did.


    #9: Olbermann quit his first job at A-Mess-NBC because he didn't like covering the investigations and impeachment proceedings against Bill Jefferson Clinton. And when B.J. was a subject of controversy this year, Herr Olbermann rushed to the defense of his sacred cow. When an interviewer asked what Clinton himself deemed a "fair question", Olby frantically went on the attack against that "monkey" Chris Wallace. KO blustered preposterously that the veteran newsman sandbagged the President and tried to shift the blame for 9/11. He went so far as to falsely allege that Wallace had violated ground rules for the interview. But our #9 is Keith's preemptive attack on the Path to 9/11 movie. The film, he declared, puts the blame for 9/11 on "Democrats and Democrats alone". Even Olbypologists can't defend this brazen lie unless, like Keith, they never watched the movie.


    #8: On OlbyPlanet, one of the best motives to avoid telling the truth is the traditional one: CYA. Krazy Keith will go to any lengths to make himself look good, and to cover up his transgressions. That's why he can smear two ball players, lie about everybody from Condi Rice to Catherine McPhee, and never admit he was wrong. Which brings us to #8: when rape charges in the Duke case were dropped, Keith Olbermann invented a fanciful tale about how Countdown only reported on it once. What's more, while "everyone else" was assuming the players to be guilty, he was the only one who spotted the weakness of the case against them. Har.


    #7: The first rule of a journalist is "get it right". Since Keith Olbermann is no journalist, this rule obviously doesn't apply. Especially when it comes to quotes. To Krazy Keith, quotations are fungible: made to be sliced, diced, pureed, and reassembled at will. He can tamper with the words of Robert Novak and Patrick Fitzgerald, falsify the State of the Union address, and misrepresent statements by Ann Coulter or Laura Bush. And of course there's always David Shuster, ready to doctor a taped interview to make it more favorable to the Democrats. But this year's premier example takes the #7 position: Olbermann's slice-and-dice falsification of a comment by Brit Hume. KO took a Hume remark about event A and claimed it was said at an entirely different time about event B. His mock outrage and supercilious arrogance are that much funnier when we know he was lying through his wig.


    #6: "The infamous, deplorable Matt Drudge". He has long been a favorite target of Olbermann's slanders. Sometimes it's nothing more than coy insinuations about lifestyle. More often it's just more Olbermann lies, as when he blasted Drudge for making up a story about Al Gore taking multiple cars to a movie event. Only Drudge didn't make it up at all. The classic exemplar that is #6 on our hit parade: an ABC employee's email was leaked to Drudge by the White House. There was no evidence, no source, no report that verified this fabrication. Olby got this information from his favorite wellspring: he pulled it out of his ass. It turned out the leak came not from the White House, but from a disgruntled ABC employee, and, deservedly, Matt Drudge had the last laugh.


    #5: If Monkeymann has a jihad going against Drudge, it's nothing compared to his all-consuming Olbsession over his bete-noir, Bill O'Reilly. Keith has been lying about Bill for years (example: this whopper from 2004). But 2006 has been a banner year: lies about the Al Franken lawsuit, Bill's book, and even what search engines turn up. Our #5 entry is a typical Olbermoronn falsehood. KO blasted O'Reilly, called names and hurled insults, all over an alleged statement that in fact Bill O'Reilly never said. But remember, Keith boasts he's never said anything factually inaccurate about O'Reilly. Right.


    #4: Keith Olbermann claims to be "nonpartisan", despite the people he interviews. Yet whatever the hot issue is on the blue blogs, whatever the DNC talking points happen to be, there you will find Citizen Keith, shill-in-chief. Olby makes up a story about three "neocons" calling for the US to enter the war in Lebanon, uniquely characterized by KO as a pre-emptive war by Israel. Then a document called the National Intelligence Estimate drove Keith to new heights of dissimulation. To hype The Great Leak case, Monkeymann claimed that Libby had authority to release classified information. In truth, that authority dealt solely with the NIE, not the leak case at all. But the best was yet to come, and it's our #4. When Olby (and his sidekick slippery Shuster) got around to actually talking about the NIE, they both lied about what was and wasn't in it. "Nonpartisan" Keith at his most biased.


    #3: You know there had to be more than one entry dedicated to Ahab Olbermann's fixation on Bill O'Reilly. A typical trick is to lift something from Media Matters, juice it up with name calling and personal attacks, and then fire at will. That doesn't always work, like the time he bellowed at Mr Bill that he's a "holy you-know-what liar", when he wasn't. But it was one of Herr Olbermann's most grandiose smears that earned the #3 spot on our countdown. Bill O'Reilly slandered US troops. Bill defended stormtroopers and said the Nazis were the victims in World War II. The Great Malmedy Calumny twisted O'Reilly's words into a rhetorical pretzel, but it was all a tawdry, dishonest defamation. The intellectual bankruptcy of Olby's case was made even more apparent with his barefaced lies about the transcript, another example of Edward R Olbermann pulling "facts" out of his rear.


    #2: There is nothing so stubborn as OlbySpin. Once the infamous, deplorable one gets an idea in his head, no facts need apply. He railed against General Hayden's supposed "mistake" regarding the constitutional standard for searches, and continued to flog this phony talking point despite the fact that it was KO who was wrong. This intransigence of inaccuracy reached a zenith with Krazy Keith's reckless demagoguery about "habeas corpus". The new law means "you" can be arrested and held forever without seeing a judge. Just on his whim, "Mister" Bush can "put you in jail and throw away the key". The law "does away with habeas corpus". The truth? No US citizen's habeas corpus rights have been done away with, lessened, or changed in any way. It's in the law. Tell a lie. Tell it big. Tell it again. This year's #2 from Olbermann's Ministry of Propaganda.

    And the #1 Olbermann lie of 2006:


    #1: This was a tough call. There was just so much to pick from. But a lie this shameless and impudent deserves pride of place. The subject matter was another eeevil Fox employee: John Gibson. Gibby was never entirely off of Olby's radar. KO chortled as he distorted Gibson's words to claim the guy favored massacres. Krazy Keith had to rewrite what Gibson said to justify another cheap shot. But then Mr Gibson went too far. He dared to speak out when he caught Keith Olbermann in a lie. Olby was in a bind. How could he respond to Gibby when every word Gibby spoke was true? The solution: the Double-Helix Self-Referential Olbermann lie. Keith lied about John Gibson, and to do so, lied about himself to cover up the original lie caught by Gibson. Confused? That's exactly what Fat Ass was counting on, but it was all caught on tape. Keith Olbermann's double fabrication, in the face of conclusive proof via transcripts, audio, and video clips, was so flagrant that it virtually cried out to be named Keith's #1 lie of 2006. And so it is.

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (769) | | View blog reactions


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PRESIDENT FORD'S PASSING: Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent; John Robert Greene, The Presidency of Gerald R. Ford
    • FORD: THE LEGACY: MSNBC Political Analyst Pat Buchanan
    • POLITICS TODAY, JOHN EDWARDS ANNOUNCES HIS PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDACY; Richard Wolffe, Newsweek Chief White House Correspondent and MSNBC Political Analyst

    For a while it seemed Keith would be on his best behavior, but then the OlbySpin phrases started to appear: a reference to Bush's "seemingly endless rethinking of Iraq", an aside about whether the Warren Commission wasn't really a "coverup".

    Ex-Republican Pat Buchanan was brought in to expound on--what else?--the "neocons" and the wrongness of the Iraq war. Then Pat moved to why he split with Ford to back Reagan, and you could hear Citizen Keith groaning in the background.


    With The Wolffe Man, Herr Olbermann characterized "Mister" Bush's upcoming change of plan for Iraq as a "lose-lose" proposition (gilding the lily by nonsensically calling it "the proverbial" lose-lose). KO expressed hope that the Democrats would trumpet the fact that "Mister" Bush has caused more American deaths than Usama Bin Laden did. Which might make sense if the only people UBL killed were killed on 9/11, and if mass murder of innocents were somehow morally equivalent to casualties in a volunteer military during war time. But such fine points are never allowed to interfere with OlbySpin. Finally The Hour of Spin ended, and Krazy Keith tossed it to Joe Scarborough, who kicked off his hour of Gerald Ford reminiscences by asking: "Is President Bush cracking under pressure?" Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 5 [GUARDED]

    UPDATE: This "special" edition of The Hour of Spin wasn't all that special as far as viewers were concerned. Despite all the promotion and the big news of Ford's death, Countdown lost to The Kasich Factor by three-to-one, and finished in fourth place both in total viewers and in the all-important, coveted "key demo".

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (226) | | View blog reactions
    December 22, 2006
    How Still We See Him Lie

    Repeat a lie often enough, and people will start to believe it. That's doubly true of Olbypologists who swallow every regurgitated line from the infamous, deplorable one. So it's no surprise that, even after he's been caught, and just three days before Christmas, Monkeymann still thinks he can get away with rewriting history.


    Just a few days ago we documented Herr Olbermann's attempt to make himself look good by misrepresenting what he said on his own "news" program. Today, discussing the Duke rape case with Dan Patrick on ESPN radio, Krazy Keith did it again:

    We only covered this story once on Countdown.

    Not content with reiterating this blatant lie, Citizen Keith went even further. In an attempt to puff himself up by disparaging others, he made the preposterous claim that he was the lone observer perceptive enough to see the "murkiness" of the case:

    The other cable outfits just did it to death, uh, with the assumption that these guys were guilty. And I think everybody has treated this with the assumption that these guys were guilty of the worst, worst of the possible crimes.

    Say what?!? Either the air is thinner than ever on OlbyPlanet, or the guy is certifiably delusional.'s just Another Olbermann Lie.

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (176) | | View blog reactions
    December 19, 2006
    Claim: "Traitor" Olbermann Should Be Arrested!

    A prominent national broadcaster today described Keith Olbermann as a "traitor" and called for the infamous, deplorable one to be arrested and placed in a detention camp. We have not yet heard from Attorney General Gonzales on this development, but we are confident that he will give it the attention it deserves. A QuickTime video clip follows for your viewing pleasure.

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (582) | | View blog reactions
    December 18, 2006


    "COUNTDOWN WITH KEITH OLBERMANN" (Dec 18-29, 8:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M. ET)

    Host: Keith Olbermann

    • Reruns of Keith Olbermann's Speshul Komments and Best of Oddball

    Monkeymann wants a paycheck that's big.
    To make sure Abrams doesn't renege,
    In the tub Keith will soak.
    For two weeks? What a joke.
    Don't splash water and ruin your wig!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (143) | | View blog reactions
    Olby Demands 400% Raise from MSNBC

    Broadcasting and Cable is reporting MSNBC's Olbermann Seeks Big Raise


    Olbermann and MSNBC are knocking heads over a new contract. The controversial host of Countdown With Keith Olbermann is said to be seeking "north of $4 million" a year, according to an industry source, to re-up on his pact that comes due in April. That would represent roughly a four-fold increase over his current deal, believed to be in the $1 million-per-year range.

    Vote in our new online poll (see right rail): "How much is Keith Olbermann worth to MSNBC?"

    Question: How much is Keith Olbermann worth to MSNBC?

    - $4 million a year sounds about right
    - $1 million a year, his current contract, was fair
    - Keith is priceless, give him whatever he wants
    -Keith is worthless, fire him

    Previous Question: How did KO do as Election Night co-host?

    The correct answer was "C. Terrible, a fish out of water"


    8,051 answers have been submitted.

    A. Great, our Edward R. Murrow 88% (7120 votes)
    B. OK, no harm, no foul 1% (137 votes)
    C. Terrible, a fish out of water 4% (324 votes)
    D. No idea, did not watch MSNBC 5% (470 votes)

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (190) | | View blog reactions
    December 17, 2006
    Olby Rewrites History...Again!

    We have spent so much time documenting the hypocrisy and lies of Keith Olbermann that it almost seems like old news when another example manifests itself. But when someone is as self-aggrandizing and reckless as the discredited sports guy, we just cannot give him a free pass. In this instance, Olby's been caught rewriting history. Again.


    This is nothing new for the infamous, deplorable one. It wasn't that long ago that Keith lied about his own words, in order to justify lying about John Gibson. It takes some chutzpah, and a whole lot of desperation, to prevaricate about something that millions of people saw, and is preserved on audio and video. But Krazy Keith will stop at nothing to make himself look good.

    Now he has pulled the same trick yet again. On ESPN radio Thursday, there was some discussion about the Duke rape accusations. Olbermann alleged that from Day One he could tell that the case was a mess, and a bunch of people were lying. At this point he's on safe ground. It's more routine self-promotion, of the sort Krazy Keith is known for. Who can disprove what he claims he was thinking?

    But like all dissemblers, Herr Olbermann wasn't content to leave it at that. Possibly realizing how self-serving his words sounded, he elaborated further, and in doing so walked into another propellor:

    There's a reason we did this story I think once on the newscast, on Countdown. Once. And then said, you know what, this is a really dodgy story.

    And because Keith's never misses an opportunity to pat himself on the back, the next day he reiterated his claim:

    I think we did one report on this story and then left it alone.

    Those are Keith Olbermann's words. Here is the truth:

    March 30: Our number two story in the COUNTDOWN tonight, a nightmare at Duke and there are racial overtones, as well.

    April 10: The season canceled, the coach resigned, 46 DNA tests of every white player on the team. And, in our number-two story on the COUNTDOWN, every one of them, all 46 DNA tests today came back negative, no match.

    April 13: Dan Abrams, host of MSNBC's "The Abrams Report" has been breaking news from Durham, North Carolina, on this one all day on this. He joins us now.

    April 17: One month and four days after allegations of a gang rape at Duke University, no charges had been brought. Our number-two story on the COUNTDOWN, that has now changed...

    April 18: Our number two story on the COUNTDOWN as the names of the two university lacrosse players indicted in the case were revealed.

    Maybe there were more--we stopped at five. Yet Keith Olbermann now claims that he covered it "once" and quit, because he could tell immediately that the case was "dodgy". Right.

    Imagine how Monkeymann would cackle if he had caught his nemesis pulling a stunt like this. It would be fodder for days. But on OlbyPlanet, hypocrisy and lies are coin of the realm.

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (77) | | View blog reactions
    December 15, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • THE CHANGING FACE OF THE ADMINISTRATION: Craig Crawford, Congressional Quarterly columnist and MSNBC political analyst

    Ho hum. Another Countdown, another opening spiel: Rummy's last day, Tim Johnson update, Tony Snow apologizes (didn't he just do this yesterday?) and what the "right wing" says about it, Laura "disses" Condi, and 2006's favorite baby names. We suspect that "Keith" is way down on that list. But on to a farcical Hour of Spin that found Olbermoronn seizing on the most trivial possible concerns in a manner so desperate that it approached self-parody.


    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann started out by rattling off past Secretaries of Defense, asking how soon before Rummy "is forgotten". His departure ceremony looked like it took place "in an alternate universe". Hey, leave OlbyPlanet out of this! Then it was on to why is "Mister" Cheney not speaking more. Yeah, that's the burning question that's on the lips of everyone from coast to coast.

    Enter Dana Milbank, shorn of screwy shrouds. Herr Olbermann immediately launched into a classic leading question, invoking Rule #1 (it's bad for Bush or Republicans) while simultaneously advancing every principle of OlbySpin:

    With the nation at war, giving every indication that the nation will stay at war for some time to come, in, in which universe does it help "Mister" Bush to say that he is not losing any sleep at night?

    No, we're not making this up. Krazy Keith's lead story is that the President is in political trouble because he doesn't have insomnia! Even DM had to chuckle at the insipid doltishness of that query, and it was left to whatever reporter's bones that haven't been compromised by appearances on The Hour of Spin for Dana to point out that Bush said that because he was asked if he uses sleeping pills. Gawd, this all-consuming mystery has finally been cleared up!

    KO, of course, who bashes other people for wishing ill on their political opponents, came right back with: "There's always pretzels". A class guy. He went on to call the departure ceremony a "coronation". You can tell this is a Friday and Monkeymann is desperate. What, they shouldn't have a brass band? Maybe just an organ grinder and a monkey? This is what The Future of Television is reduced to kvetching about? Then Olby got into another earth-shaking controversy about an old Time Man of the Year cover, because the White House is "grasping at straws", and...and...forget it. It was all just too mind-numbingly surreal to waste our valuable server space on. Dana was great thanksed, presumably for not erupting in derisive laughter at the inanity of the questions.

    Then it was back to yesterday's news, Tony Snow's apology to David Gregory. Craig Crawford, aka Olbermann's Brain, was dragged in to explain why the "right-wing media" haven't given this Great Moment in History sufficient coverage. Brain chortled that he was "stunned" by the apology, and snickered that "the public's getting on to this game". KO went back to the "allies of the White House" who attacked NBC, and while he tried several times to get Brain to elaborate on the "right-wing media" who weren't covering the apology, neither of them gave one single example. In fact, the only example Brain gave was of an unnamed member of the "right-wing media" that did cover it. Long story short, Herr Olbermann's entire premise was false, unproven, and a prime exemplification of OlbySpin.

    After great thanksing Brain there was a brief update about "signs of improvement" for Sen Johnson, who may "shortly return to the Senate". Ahem, when Slippery Shuster was citing his "sources" and intoning gloom and doom for the Senator's health on Monday, we immediately noted that was probably the best news Johnson could hear. Shuster wrong again? How about that.

    #4: Laura Bush's interview with People magazine, which Olbermoronn deliberately misrepresented to create a titillating headline. When asked about Condi Rice running for President, Laura said she didn't think Condi would run:

    Probably because she is single, her parents are no longer living, she's an only child. You need a very supportive family and supportive friends to do this job.

    Here is how Olbermann reported Mrs Bush's answer:

    The answer is simple: she has not got a man.

    Gee, now what do you suppose the slovenly political hack was implying with that? Does Keith Olbermann get more repellent and despicable every day? Please, do not flood us with emails. Rhetorical question only. Leftist Margaret Carlson entered to take Olby's absurd hypothesis to new heights of pseudo-intellectual armchair psychoanlysis. Mrs Bush thinks being single is "a terrible thing". She sounds like she thinks "these are pathetic things to be". Condi is "the daughter that Bush doesn't have". All but giving a wink and a nod to the camera, she added that among "family values" types, being unmarried at that age is "odd" and "they don't know where to place you". KO added that the "right-wing media" (obviously The Phrase of the Night) would have condemned Hillary if she had said what Laura said. Which might be why the left-wing media (Olby) condemned Laura.

    Yes, we have graduated from the eeevils of a President who doesn't suffer from insomnia to a First Lady who thinks family and friends are a good thing. What will be the next explosive scandal to be exposed to the world by Fat Ass Olbermann?

    #3: Mid-air collision (two servings of regurgitated video from NBC). #2: Missing mountain climbers (more reruns), Buck O'Neil, Oprah. #1: The top baby names.

    In the Media Matters Minute, Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann attacked Fred Barnes (conservative) for saying that doctors' public reports on politicians are sometimes not true. Oddly, KO did not include Slippery Shuster, who on Wednesday was far more of a doomsayer than Fred was. This would be Olbypocrisy Example #529.

    Then it was on to an O'Reilly attack, something he said about Toys for Tots and Seattle that was "flat out lying again". But great researcher Olbermann left a few things out. He didn't directly quote O'Reilly. He didn't state where O'Reilly said it, or when. You'd think this info would be easy to lift from Media Matters, but it turns out they have nothing on this alleged statement. Neither does another favorite source: ThinkProgress. How could they both have missed this? So whom did Keith lift it from, without attribution? Surprise, it was another blue blog: HuffPo. And guess what? The writer there also gave no source, no time frame, and no venue. And with Mr Bill not even on the air yesterday or today...well, color us skeptical. Come up with some documentation or proof, Fat Ass. You've lied about O'Reilly so many times that's the least you could do.


    Silent schnauzers: Edward R Olbermann continues to ignore what appears to be a prima facie case of prosecutorial misconduct in the Duke LaCrosse matter. Need we point out that the prosecutor in question is a (D)? (The discredited sports guy has even invented a self-serving explanation of his handling of this story. Unfortunately at its heart it's just another Olbermann lie, which we shall dissect in a separate post.) Dozens of Pakistanis were arrested trying to sneak into the US under false pretenses. Olby won't tell you about it because he's too busy denying that terror threats require border security. Sales better than expected catapulting the market to another all time high? Nah, that's not news on The Hour of Spin. Still not even a "worst person" nomination for Joy Behar, and nothing on the FBI alert issued on news of the blind sheik's ill health. Finally, KO has yet to tell his viewers how Jack Abramoff implicated Sen Harry Reid.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name is down to #364 at amazon, while Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" is #16. The OlbyTome stands at #1,706 at Barnes & Noble, but O'Reilly's book is #21, and is #3 on the New York Times Best Sellers List. In the Thursday cable news race, Herr Olbermann was not up against his nemesis, but even so, The Kasich Factor beat Olby by more than two to one, though with Mr Bill off on assignment, the discreted sports guy did manage second place, even in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 3 [GUARDED]

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    December 14, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • BALANCE OF POWER: Chris Cillizza,

    Keith delivered a somewhat underpowered opening spiel: Sen Johnson's brain surgery, the Dems plan investigations, candidates in Iraq, the Diana investigation, the latest from Jib-Jab, and more. KO served up the latest on the stricken Senator, with some help from Chip Reid. Thus began an Hour of Spin that would prove to be even more boring than it was tendentious.


    After some name-dropping (Ooooh! I just spoke with Hillary Clinton!), Krazy Keith turned to the Dems plans for "oversight" and "ethics". Needless to say, no mention was made of the ethics questions raised about Reps Jefferson (D), Mollohan (D), or Murtha (D). Then KO went to another of his impartial, nonpartisan "reporters" for "analysis". Oh boy, here we go again.


    Yes, none other than Slippery Shuster, who kicked things off by comparing upcoming Dem investigations to "turning over a rock" and finding a "worm". Taking a leaf from the all-important (to Keith, anyhow) blue blogs, Monkeymann put forward the notion that the Dem plans are "not ambitious enough", Slippery waved the fright wig ("Halliburton!"), and great thanks followed.

    #4 Political candidates go to Iraq, which quickly morphed into people (like Senators) attempting to "forge genuine diplomatic connections" (with our enemies) "being attacked by the White House". Earth to Olbermoronn: perhaps that's because diplomacy is the job of the executive branch, Einstein. We don't have 435 Secretaries of State and 435 unique foreign policies.

    In the next segment, it was Princess Di and the conspiracies that swirl thereabout. After mispronouncing "clandestine" (as he has every time he has used the word), KO introduced some rerun video from NBC, followed by a talk with Gerald Posner. A knowledgeable guest, but it was still a yawn. #2: Jib-Jab's latest video, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Joe Francis. #1: Celebrities hired for Christmas parties (with Jeffrey Ross and entirely too much phony, forced laughter from the infamous, deplorable one). In the Media Matters Minute, Citizen Keith managed to attack Fox, and Michael Crichton (semi-conservative). What happened to Billo? Didn't Media Matters post anything on him? Well actually they did, but it came too late for Olby's writers to insert it into his copy. So, will this item appear in KO's next Media Matters Minute? Is the Pope Catholic?


    Muted mongrels: It's ironic that yesterday the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann dedicated an entire segment of the show to clips from Tony Snow answering "I don't know" to various questions. Ironic because Edward R Olbermann still has said nothing about the miserably uninformed chairman-designate of the Intelligence Committee. Another historic high for the Dow Jones? Not on The Hour of Spin. KO has yet to say anything about the largest ever raid of illegal aliens. No time for that--we need more K-Fed news! No sneer, no raised eyebrow, and certainly no "worst person" nomination for Joy Behar, who, on national television, advanced the theory that Sen Johnson's illness was "man made" by GOP plotters. A NY senator is indicted for fraud and thievery. The New York Times protects him by not revealing his party affiliation (D). Krazy Keith goes a step further: he doesn't report the news at all! In his ongoing program to minimize all terror threats, Fat Ass spiked all reference to the FBI alert issued on news of the blind sheik's ill health. Finally, KO has yet to tell his viewers how Jack Abramoff implicated Sen Harry Reid.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name is #319 at amazon, while Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" rose to #15. The OlbyTome sunk to #1,751 at Barnes & Noble, but O'Reilly's book is up to #14, and is #3 on the New York Times Best Sellers List (a list KO's lame repackaging of old segments never even got on). In the Wednesday cable news race, Herr Olbermann ended up in third place, losing to The Factor by more than three to one, though he eked out a second place finish in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 1 [LOW]

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    December 13, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • MORE TROOPS?: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek chief White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Col. Jack Jacobs, U.S. Army (ret.) and MSNBC military analyst
    • PAULY SHORE STOOPS AWFULLY LOW: Paul F. Tompkins, VH1's "Best Week Ever"

    KO bellowed the opening spiel: Tim Johnson's health, a possible Republican replacement, "Mister" Bush rumored to be planning "not less [sic] troops in Iraq but more" (Olby's Murrow-like command of the English language never fails to impress), Rummy's farewell interview, Tony Snow, and The Great Paula Shore Controversy. You just can't get this stuff anywhere else.


    The Hour of Spin began with the latest on Sen Johnson, with Olby already raising red flags about a Republican governor who might just end up appointing his replacement. Slippery Shuster showed up, and in what may be the best possible news for Johnson, reported that his sources told him "the Senator's health is not good". KO tipped off his party on how to handle the situation, noting that there is no way a Senator who is incapacitated can be forced out of his office and thus replaced. The two of them gloomily talked over the scenario of the GOP taking back the Senate, and a good time was not had by all. Slippery was great thanksed.

    Then it was on to rumors of "doubling down" in Iraq. Yesterday's news, but it filled a few minutes on Countdown. If you wonder why we have a "Mister" Meter, consider that the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann here quoted from a Los Angeles Times article, and changed its wording so it would read "Mister" Bush.

    After the obligatory bad poll numbers, The Wolffe Man crept onto the scene. Monkeymann claimed "Mister" Bush "does not value the opinion" of people who disagree with him (doesn't it sound like Olby is talking about himself?), and blamed the possible shift in tactics on "the neocons at The Weekly Standard". Them damn neocon monkeys! Oops, Wolffie didn't agree. KO suggested that Bush shouldn't send more troops because that's not what the opinion polls favor. Insightful analysis there by the discredited sports guy. Maybe A-Mess-NBC should stop running The Hour of Spin because it's not what the opinion polls (ratings) favor. That's our Olbermann: way down deep, he's shallow.

    After great thanksing the Wolffe Man, Olby turned to "mouthpiece" Tony Snow, devoting an entire segment (titled "Snow Job") to the fact that among thousands and thousands of responses, he allegedly said "I don't know" 400 times. Another frenetic oddball preceded a newsmaker item about "George Lukas" of "Star Wars" fame. Lukas? Is that the same sort of alternate spelling (like "Olberman") that leads KO to hand out a "worst person" nomination? Heh.

    The #3 story was about Rummy, and since he's leaving Olby has to take every possible opportunity to attack him. He tried to pick some nits between two different versions of the Rummy resignation, and dragged in Lawrence Korb. As always, Larry was described as a "Pentagon veteran from the Reagan administration". Fat Ass uses that to imply that he's some sort of conservative or Reaganite, when he's actually no more a Reagan Republican than David Brock. If he were, he wouldn't be in the Countdown Seat of Honor. When the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann actually suggested that instead of leading a war on terror, Rumsfeld should have just "wrapped up the group of 40 to 50,000 who attacked us", it was clear this partisan propaganda palaver had definitely jumped the shark.

    #2: Rollover crashes (regurgitated NBC video), Britney Spears, K-Fed, Peter Boyle. #1: Pauly Shore! In the Media Matters Minute, there was nothing much. You see, the upcoming Christmas Festivus holiday is leaving the Soros site shorthanded, and there just hasn't been anything there about O'Reilly lately. And if Brock doesn't do his research for him, Herr Olbermann can't be bothered to do it for himself.


    Muted mongrels: Given that A-Mess-NBC has a whole staff of retired generals who serve as analysts, why is it that Monkeymann has not turned to either General McCaffrey or Gen Downing, both of whom met with the President regarding his Iraq policy? Instead of guessing how that meeting went, wouldn't they be able to give Keith first-hand information? Couldn't they explicate the reasons why they recommended the increase in troops? Sorry gentlemen. You've made the sort of heretical statements that just drive Olbermoronn crazy. Get the picture? McCaffrey and Downing agree with the President's reported change in tactics. So they ain't gonna be allowed on Countdown to say so. The Iranian convention of holocaust-deniers went unmentioned for yet another day. Krazy Keith has reported on the ethics committee Foley report, but, like the slovenly political hack that he is, he left something out. He still has said nothing about the miserably uninformed chairman-designate of the Intelligence Committee, nothing on the Jimmy Carter plagiarism controversy, and to be sure not a word about the round up of illegal aliens involved in a massive case of identity theft. No time for any of that--we need more Pauly Shore! Finally, KO has yet to tell his viewers how Jack Abramoff implicated Sen Harry Reid.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name fell to #468 at amazon, while Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" rose to #19. The OlbyTome sunk to #1,723 at Barnes & Noble, but O'Reilly's book is up to #17. Tuesday's numbers must have brought a grim dose of reality to the Hour of Spin gang. Once again Olby was relegated to an ignominious fourth place, losing to The Factor, Paula Zahn, and a rerun of Deal or No Deal, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 7 [HIGH]

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    MSM KO Bandwagon #251: Pittsburge Paper Pops Pundit

    It's hard to make out just what Mackenzie Carpenter had in mind for her piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I spoke to her at length and thought I had a sense of what what she planned to write about but I've read her article a few times now and for the life of me cannot grasp the central idea.

    This piece is better than most MSM pieces and does not follow the usual Olby puff-piece formula but had its questionable moments. OlbyWatch readers will note that she claims KO is up "67 percent" figure sorta like David Bauder's AP story which claimed he was up 69 percent (see A few words on ratings reality... for an explanation of why neither figure is even remotely accurate).

    My pal Jay Rosen gets a mention here as well but as it fairly typical for an MSM piece there is no mention that Jay is a liberal - he is simply "a media critic and journalism professor at New York University". Yet when media critic Noel Sheppard is mentioned, the paper goes to great lengths to make sure the readers know that Sheppard is affiliated with Brent Bozell who is clearly labeled a conservative.

    Of course the best part is that I am quoted which makes this an excellent piece:

    Robert Cox, a New York businessman, has even started his own anti-Olbermann Web site, "," where he regularly dissects Olbermann's commentaries and news reports, which he calls sloppily researched.

    "I happen to like NBC news," says Cox. "I grew up watching it. My sense is, though, that he's undermining the brand of NBC news and the integrity of that organization by not fact-checking stories, lifting material from other Web sites and only putting on guests he agrees with, which is totally irresponsible."

    You will also see some OlbyWatch handiwork at play in piece: the use of the phrase "Rummy Rant", her reporting that feminists criticizing Keith for "disparaging remarks about women -- usually tabloid favorites like Paris Hilton", ,mentioning the Chris Wallace "a monkey posing as a newscaster" bit and the TCA event where KO gave "a Nazi salute while wearing a mask of conservative Fox commentator Bill O'Reilly"

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    December 12, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • A NEW WAY FORWARD: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor and MSNBC political analyst
    • CELEBRITY ROUND-UP: Michael Musto, Village Voice

    Krazy Keith kicked off the opening carnival barker pitch in his typical hyperkinetic fashion. Bush delays his Iraq announcement, Afghanistan is a mess, the new Senate Majority Leader "blasted" the Prez, Obamamania, the Ipswitch Ripper, the Wii video system, and Richard Gere with his Gerbil. It's deja vu all over again!


    Herr Olbermann kicked off The Hour of Spin proper by complaining that the President's Iraq plan will be delayed. Declared Olby: anyone who thought "Mister" Bush didn't think the war through before beginning it had "those suspicions all but confirmed today". Because the speech was pushed back a few weeks! It's not a new way forward, it's "a new way to wait". How tiresome can this discredited sports guy possibly get?

    After ticking off bad news from Iraq, KO read a statement from Harry Reid (D), then introduced a clip from Tony Snow as an attempt at "spin". No such snarky comment preceded Reid's quote, which is one more example of why Countdown is the most biased hour of "news" on television. A perfect time and place for lefty Alter.

    Rev Olbermann was distraught. How many more will die just so Bush can get a speech together? He's actually treating the passage of two weeks as if there were some sort of Christmas deadline! Alter was philosophical: they're gonna die either way. Olby suggested there was no "bonafide reason" for the delay, but even Alter didn't buy that. More cherry-picked poll numbers, "failed policy", and great thanks.

    For no reason other than that Sen Obama is the most highly rated far-left candidate on the horizon, Monkeymann served up a brief installment of Barack and Awe: he is still considering whether to consider running for President. Next some recycled reportage on Afghanistan, preceded by the usual tendentious and fact-challenged introduction (and repeating an old Olbermann lie re the Taliban that has was debunked months ago).

    After a scintillating oddball that will immediately be forwarded to the Emmy committee for their consideration, it was more reruns (this time from ITV, re the "ripper" murders) and the memorial for Princess Di. The #2 segment was devoted to the Wii video game system (another rerun from the network mothership), including an in-depth interview with a cnet guy about a problem he admitted is not all that widespread. The number of people who are injured playing at simulated sports using Wii, compared to the number who are hurt or killed doing the real thing...well, that raises the question of why Edward R Olbermann devoted all this time to a topic of such empty vacuity rather than to the quiescent canines noted below.

    Next up: Brangelina, Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Richard Gere, Sly Stallone, and a full segment with the creepy Michael Musto. KO's forced laughter at the lamest of Musto's lines convinced us: they made a Love Connection. In the Media Matters Minute, Olby went after an evangelical church; the pastor resigned when evidence surfaced that he had dated men. Citizen Keith laughably stated he "hates the sin of hypocrisy". Hates it? If OlbySpin were a religion, hypocrisy would be its most hallowed sacrament!


    Quiescent canines: The Iranian convention of holocaust-deniers went unmentioned for yet another day by Herr Olbermann. The Islamist dictator is now keeping company with David Duke; perhaps Olby was reluctant to mention this because it turns out that Duke endorses the Olbermann/Democrat position on some issues. KO didn't report about armed forces recruiting goals. Like the slovenly political hack that he is, Olbermoronn goes out of his way to sweep a whole fistul of stories under the rug because they reflect badly on members of his party. Olby is so afraid to even mention the name of the most corrupt member of Congress that he ignored another rebuke to Rep Jefferson. The Duke rape case made news on Countdown, but the DA is a Democrat, so we're not surprised that Edward R Olbermann refused to report this. And Olby, who jumps on every slip of "Mister" Bush's tongue, remains silent about the incoming chairman of the intelligence committee, whose problem is not in how he elocutes, but rather the uninformed drivel that he speaks. Oh wait, he's a Democrat too. Krazy Keith, that great defender of privacy rights and opponent of unauthorized eavesdropping, predictably spiked this--another Dem protected by Olby. Still nothing on the specific accusations of falsification and plagiarism against Jimmy Carter. Finally, KO has yet to tell his viewers how Jack Abramoff implicated Sen Harry Reid.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name is still #461 at amazon, while Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" rose to #21. The OlbyTome sunk to #1,652 at Barnes & Noble, but O'Reilly's book is up to #18. Based on today's radio program, we have updated The Olbersaurus with a new entry ("horse"). Mondays are usually the strongest night for The Hour of Spin, and the numbers show Olby in second place both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Needless to say, his audience was drawfed by that of Mr Bill, who had three times as many viewers. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 4 [GUARDED]

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    December 11, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PRES. BUSH IN A BUBBLE: Dana Milbank, Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst; Wayne Slater, Dallas Morning News
    • "FAST FOOD NATION": Eric Schlosser, author of "Fast Food Nation"

    Olby's opening spiel couldn't have begun in a more predictable, cliched fashion: Bubble, bubble, toil, and clever. Plus a three-day cram course on Iraq, Obama, Kucinich,, the Taco e coli scares, dangerous video games, porn star Mary Carey, and Nicole Ritchie. It's an action-packed Hour of Spin!


    Herr Olbermann started out by noting that in meeting with retired Generals on Iraq, "Mister" Bush only asked them to give him their own viewpoints. Bad "Mister" Bush! He should have made them sit there and listen to him. Then the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann could have scolded the Prez for lecturing and not listening. Oh sorry, according to the nonpartisan Olbermann, it's really "the appearance of listening".

    Since Kofi Annan (the superb UN Secretary General who presided over the Oil for Food scandal) took shots at "Mister" Bush today, he got clips on Countdown that never would have been shown otherwise. That was the cue for Dana Milbank, absent arrant accoutrements. KO objectively characterized the President's recent activities as "slight of hand and a few photo-ops", but DM suspects substantive changes may be in the works "because he has no choice". Olby lied about a survey, saying it shows "Americans backing the ISG recommendations two to one". It actually showed 39% for, 20% against, and 26% unaware. For the numbers to comport with Olbermann's lie, they would have to be 67% for, 33% against, and 0% unaware. Dana showed just how pitifully sycophantic he is, referencing the 26% unaware as "the Bill O'Reilly segment". Is there nothing he will not do to suck up to this repellent host? You know he was great thanksed.

    Then it was on to Slater, of Bush's Brain fame. Olby: Bush is "outsourcing" just about every element of his administration. Slater: He's psychologically needy of historical vindication. Olby: He's the bubble boy. Slater: His circle of advisors gets "smaller and smaller". Olby: It's because it's his father's Secretary of State who headed the ISG and "Mister" Bush regards it as a "trip to the woodshed". Slater: You betcha, but he doesn't want to hear it. Olby: Great thanks.

    #4: Time for Barack and Awe! Mr Humility claimed that Obama's plans may have "crystallized" when he appeared on The Hour of Spin. Keith, you're so vain you probably think this candidacy is about you. After a second mention of the Countdown appearance, recycled NBC reportage filled out the story. Then: Kucinich will run, and Tom DeLay's new website. Monkeymann ridiculed the fact that DeLay has someone who writes the posts for him--an interesting criticism, given the fact that while DeLay was open about it, Citizen Keith still hasn't admitted to the ghost writer responsible for the (few) original passages in his latest failed book (not to mention the ones who work on Countdown and the Speshul Komments). Tom's blog got a ton of negative and vulgar comments (thanks to an organized campaign), and Olby was only too happy to read a few of them.

    After oddball (incorporating two more O'Reilly attacks), it was on to tainted food, easily spun in a leftward direction by citing what "critics say" (what critics? who?), and adding that's just what "Democrats" plan to do. Schlosser was happy to ramp up the spin: eeevil big business has too much influence. We need more regulations! Olby approvingly cites a Democrat, Schlosser concurs, and that's the least surprising string of phrases since someone recited the alphabet. Great thanks.

    #2: Possible shuttle difficulties, Princess Diana may have been bugged by the US (Keith was careful not to mention that this would have happened during the Clinton administration), Mel Gibson's new movie. #1: Nicole Ritchie, Mary Carey, and Paul McCartney with Tom O'Neill.


    Dogs that did not bark: It's big news when students in Iran protest in the face of their dictator, but not on OlbyPlanet. Of course, the Iranian convention of holocaust-deniers also went unmentioned by Herr Olbermann. Still nothing on the specific accusations of falsification and plagiariam against Jimmy Carter. Hamas announces that it secretly met with Democrats before the elections and got some interesting concessions from them. Silence. And the incoming chairman of the intelligence committee appears to be somewhat informationally challenged. He didn't even get a "worst person" nomination--slovenly political hacks like Fat Ass Olbermann protect their party at all costs. New developments in the matter of The Flying Imams were spiked, as usual. Edward R Olbermann ridiculed claims that Dems were behind some of the Foley leaks, so he has to keep this as quiet as possible. Finally, KO still refuses to tell his viewers how Jack Abramoff has implicated Sen Harry Reid.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name dipped to #461 at amazon, while Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" is #25. The OlbyTome is #1,588 at Barnes & Noble, but O'Reilly's book is #25. Friday night the discredited sports guy was up against lesser competition. Even so, The Kasich Factor had more than twice Olby's audience. Krazy Keith was a closer second, but still lost, in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 6 [ELEVATED]

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    December 8, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PRES. BUSH'S WAR DISCONTENT: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek chief White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; John Dean, fmr. Nixon White House counsel and author of "Conservatives without Conscience"
    • FOLEY ETHICS REPORT: David Shuster, MSNBC correspondent
    • CELEBRITY DIVAS: Paul F. Tompkins, comedian and VH1's "Best Week Ever"

    The opening spiel for a Friday: A Republican says bring the troops home (can an invite to The Hour of Spin be far behind?), the war is unpopular, Rumsfeld, the Fabulous Baker Boys Commission Report, Foley ethics, a fashion faux pas, James Kim, and mugshots. Hmm. KO is back on the FBBCR again. The weather changes quickly on OlbyPlanet: on Wednesday he was criticizing the report, on Thursday he was bashing "right-wingers" because they were criticizing the report. Which way will Weathervane Olbermann spin it next?


    Krazy Keith began with a reference to...watergate! Goldwater was a hero because he asked Nixon to resign. And that connects to today how exactly? Well, you see, Sen Gordon Smith says to bring the troops home, and that shows he has "conscience", and it's like watergate because...well, because...well, Olby never did make that clear. After a lengthy clip from Smith, bad poll numbers, and a few attacks on Rummy--wherein Olby lied by saying Rumsfeld "portrayed his critics as cold war communists" when he did no such thing--the Wolffe Man creeped onto the stage.

    For Rev Olbermann, Smith's speech was his latest pick for a "watershed" moment, ignoring all the previous ones which were supposedly going to radically change the war plan in Iraq. Wolffie claimed Smith was speaking "mainstream conservative opinion". Krazy Keith redirected the spin to the "petulant, belligerant" Rumsfeld commentary, and The Wolffe Man naturally rushed to parrot OlbySpin. He was great thanksed.

    Then it was on to Olbermoronn's favorite felon, John Dean. You don't have to guess how this convo went. Olby: The adminsitration is "in peril". Felon: "He's in trouble". Olby: He has an "ostrich-like stance". Felon: "He's in a lot of trouble". Olby: It's a "cynical, disastrous" Presidency and Bush "politicized his way into Iraq". Felon: "A very political President". Olby: A "textbook case of authoritarianism" who is probably "the worst President ever". Felon: "Right down there with Richard Nixon".

    After great thanksing the disbarred lawyer and serving up some boilerplate propagandizing of DNC talking points, Monkeymann turned to the Foley ethics case. A taped report from the network mothership summarized the story and Keith great thanksed the recording.

    Next up: another journalistic triumph (oddball) and the annual Presidential Christmas dog video. Even on something as innocent as this, Fat Ass Olbermann could not contain his venom: it's "strained" and "painful", you know, along with being some sort of "allegory" ("metaphor" had the night off). A falling Christmas tree was "symbolic". Plus Laura Bush's dress was "hideous". How did KO forget "Up your nose with a rubber hose"?

    Speaking of strained and painful, the next guest was Mo Rocca.

    #2: The James Kim story (more recycled reportage from NBC), Wesley Snipes, and Chelsea Clinton. #1: Celebrities: Lindsay Lohan (KO name drops), Al Gore, Jessica Simpson, Tori Spelling, all analyzed with unbridled hilarity and uproarious laughter. In the Media Matters Minute, Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann focused his loathing on John Gibson (Fox) for saying Iraqis are killing each other. (They're not?)


    Hushed hounds: There were enough of these for a remake of 101 Dalmations. As we suspected, Edward R Olbermann said not one word about the Muslim convert indicted for plotting an explosive bloodbath at a shopping mall. What happened, was he all out of "purporteds "and "allegeds"? Jimmy Carter is caught falsifying and plagiarizing and Olby still spikes the story, even as former Carter colleagues come forward with specific accusations. When it comes to the war in Iraq, Keith is only interested in the bad; anything that doesn't fit that frame just isn't news on OlbyPlanet. If Edward R Olbermann didn't see fit to report on Milton Friedman's death, it's no shock that his disrespect for Jeane Kirkpatrick led him to the same result. And you know the discredited sports guy is never going to report this. Finally, KO still refuses to tell his viewers how Jack Abramoff has pointed the finger of corruption at none other than Sen Harry "The Body" Reid.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name is #350 at amazon, while Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" has risen to #14. The OlbyTome continues to struggle at Barnes & Noble where it is now down to #1,706, but O'Reilly's book is #19. And Mr Bill's literary triumph is still #3 on the New York Times Best Sellers list and on Nielsen's BookScan. Thursday's ratings found Keef up to second place again in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo" and in total audience. Yet The Factor still had three times as many viewers. Hahahahahaha! Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 1 [LOW]

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    The Walrus was Keith

    Gordon at Six Meat Buffet has been listening more carefully than most to what Keith has really been saying in his "special comments" Warning, the post is VERY disturbing. Not for work!

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    December 7, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • BAKER-HAMILTON COMMISSION SCRUTINY: Dana Milbank, Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst
    • IRAQ SURRENDER GROUP?: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek Magazine senior editor
    • DRUNK SANTA: Johnny Herlofsky, drunk Santa

    Is Dan Abrams getting worried about his own Edward R Murrow? The promos on A-Mess-NBC for tonight's Hour of Spin focused on, of all things, drunk Santa! He realizes that the tabloid and fluff portion of Countdown gets more viewers than any of the "serious" portions. But the ads were just a bait-and-switch, to lure the unsuspecting masses into watching one of the most virulently despicable spinapaloozas in recent memory. The opening spiel went on as scheduled: "Mister" Bush and Tony Blair, "radicals on the right" in the "hate-based community" attacking Baker and Mary Cheney, the first lady's dress, water on Mars, and, the really important segment, drunk Santa.


    First up, the Fabulous Baker Boys Commission Report. Decreed Olby:

    "Mister" Bush sounding more stubborn than ever!

    He followed the lead of the blue blogs to cherry-pick some obscure findings in the document, then turned to today's presser. Krazy Keith, in his most sycophantic manner, referenced David Gregory and his "valid and incisive questions". We thought KO was about to soil himself. Then clips from the presser, picking out the most extreme, argumentative inquiries. Misciting the name of a game show (it's "1 vs 100", not "100 to 1"), Monkeymann then ran clips from the Armed Services Committee hearing; the only question showed was from Clinton (D).

    While the video was running, someone told Edward R Olbermann that he got the game show name wrong, which would mean that the entire purpose of mentioning it (plugging an NBC product) would have been lost. So he referenced it again while bringing on Dana Milbank, denied dashing duds. Rule #1 was invoked, with Olby picking on the Prez for saying progress hasn't been as rapid as he would like. Therefore all his political opponents will hit him over the head with it. DM stammered that Bush is "very anxious" about all this. Bush joked to Lawrence Eagleburger: "Where's my drink?" Olbermoronn, ever the slovenly political hack, took his cheap shot:

    How come he's the guy going through the 12 steps, though, when it's the, uh, it's the grief of the, uh, of the military families?

    He banged his papers on the desk as he spoke to give his smarmy aside additional "resonance". Then he opined that "Mister" Bush had better really make a big change in tactics or it will be a "half-baked whitewashing". Olby said the reporting of casualties is "reminiscent of VietNam", . Dana said "untruths have undermined his credibility". KO complained that the Democrats are "too passive". And a good time was had by all, evidenced by Citizen Keith's great thanksing of DM.

    Then it was on to "slime" from the "rabid right". When has Keith Olbermann ever complained about slime from the "rabid left"? How about...never? Rev Olbermann was on his high horse about a headline in Rupert Murdoch's New York Post, which gave him a chance to bring up...what? Think hard, now. OK, your time is up. Yes, Mr Humility once again brought up the story of his fake anthrax letter to again slime the New York Post for reporting news. It's tonight's installment of Attack the Media! The eeevil Murdoch, after all, "bankrolls" Bill O'Reilly, so let's bring up the latest attack on Mr Bill again! (Not that Krazy Keith is obsessed, mind you, but he even brought it up on his radio show today, where he embellished the story with the lie that O'Reilly said the "best" outcome in Iraq would be for everyone to kill each other.)

    The meat of Olbermann's objections are a prime exemplification of OlbySpin. He has repeatedly cited people like Wesley Clark, Gen Eaton, and other military types on Countdown, always spelling out their military background and credentials. Because he agrees with what they say. Now Fat Ass Olbermann is up in arms about a column in today's New York Post, which he described simply as written "by a columnist named Ralph Peters". Actually Lt Col Peters is a retired US Army Officer who spent nearly two decades in this country's service, which is nearly two decades more than Citizen Keith. Olbermann didn't tell you that. But we did.

    In a perversely illogical argument, KO cited Tony Snow as proof that the White House is in sync with most of the report (even running again the clip of Gregory vs Snow). Why is this illogical? Because just a few weeks ago, Edward R Olbermann was lecturing all of OlbyPlanet about dissent, about speaking truth to power, about disagreeing with the government. Now he's attacking "right-wing slime" for dissenting and disagreeing with the government? Don't try to figure it out. It's OlbyLogic.

    Back to where we left off: KO attacked Fox because someone expressed criticism of David Gregory, and went after Rush Limbaugh for reading a listener's email and daring to criticize the Fabulous Baker Boys Commission. Wait a minute, wasn't it just yesterday that Olby was dismissing the FBBCR as all but meaningless? Why yes it was, but when the eeevil conservatives go after someone, Olbermoronn will condemn them even if it means he has to do an instant volte-face. He brought in lefty Alter to pile on. They're the "far radical right", Fox is a "wholly owned subsidiary of the White House", yada yada yada. If Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann wants an example of rabid hate, this repellent exhibition exemplified it. But he wasn't done drooling his contempt all over the Countdown set. There was more to come.

    After bragging that George Clooney watches Countdown (figures), Herr Olbermann turned his venom on several critics who didn't like the idea of Mary Cheney raising a child in a home with no father. Of course, Olby can't spew hate if there isn't someone to parrot his loathing, so who better than Sam Sader, from the bankrupt Air America? He likes to see "right-wingers heads explode", then said the right-wing's "heads are imploding". OK. Self-loathing, gay-hating, virulent, hypocritical conservatives. He agreed with KO that the eeevil right has a "litmus test", and that's why Giuliani's candidacy is "dead on arrival". Right. That's why the latest poll of Republicans shows Rudy in first place. Dolt.

    #2: Life on Mars (recycled video from NBC), Britney Spears, Oprah Winfrey, and Cruise News! #1: Drunken Santa from YouTube. In the Media Matters Minute, the discredited sports guy went after John McCain (R). What happened to the O'Reilly attack? Oh, he covered that with Alter.


    Taciturn terriers: What does Krazy Keith have against Bill Richardson? The guy says he's running for President and KO blue-pencils the story. For the second day, Mr Merkle ignored Senate testimony by distinguished experts about how the media have misrepresented the science of climate change. There was no "worst person" nomination for Miles O'Brien, who was so disinterested in the hearings that he fell asleep--Edward R Olbermann would have to report that the hearings took place. Can't have that. Jimmy Carter is caught falsifying and plagiarizing. Since it's not Ann Coulter, you know that will never see the light of day on OlbyPlanet. Finally, we would be most remiss if we didn't point out that KO still refuses to tell his viewers how Jack Abramoff has pointed the finger of corruption at none other than Sen Harry Reid.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name is down to #472 at amazon, while Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" is #22. The OlbyTome continues to struggle at Barnes & Noble where it sunk to #1,651, but O'Reilly's book is #18. And Mr Bill's literary triumph is still #3 on the New York Times Best Sellers list and on Nielsen's BookScan. Wednesday night found our favorite slovenly political hack in third place. But of course, Keith will tell you that the only important number is the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". And in that category, he finished in a humiliating fourth place: behind The Factor, Nancy Grace, and a rerun of Deal or No Deal. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 3 [GUARDED]

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    December 6, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IRAQ STUDY GROUP: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek chief White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Thomas Ricks, Washington Post military correspondent and author of "Fiasco"; Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.)
    • POPULARITY OF "A CHRISTMAS STORY": Brian Jones, watched "A Christmas Story" 300-400 times

    Olby sounded a bit sour delivering the famous opening spiel: the Baker report is "all things to all people", the White House is blaming the media again, James Kim found dead, and a kid will get his eye shot out. Well at least there will be one good segment.

    First up, the Fabulous Baker Boys Commission Report. A more superficial reportage of their findings could not be imagined. We were told that the recommendation are worthless "unless the President deigns to carry them out". KO's summary: we're not winning, Iraq is deteriorating, a slide toward chaos, stay the course is not viable...but he didn't mention that the FBBCR also seconded Bush's notion of stabilizing the Iraq government, and that it explicitly rejected the Murtha/Pelosi immediate withdrawal scheme. Cherry-picked clips from the news conference followed. A clip from "Mister" Bush was intro'd with Prof Olbermann claiming that he doesn't know the meaning of "bipartisan". And there was the obligatory footage of the tonsorially-enhanced David Gregory hectoring Tony Snow.

    The Wolffe Man was first up to scrutinize the FBBCR. He said the report will be shelved to gather dust, though there was little in it that was offensive to the White House, and negotiations with Iran or Syria are unlikely. Monkeymann expressed the theory that Gates will use the FBBCR as his "road map", but Wolffie expressed doubts. Nonetheless, he was great thanksed.

    To get an impartial analysis of the situation, Fat Ass Olbermann called in "statesman" Russ Feingold (D). This has to be a parody, right? Something like, oh, National Lampoon's Pravda Comes to Seacaucus? The string of Democrats, usually of the ultra variety, who appear on Countdown is becoming a sick joke. (And we have accordingly updated The List.) "Statesman" Feingold plopped into the Seat of Honor to spin the entire story as far left as possible. The FBBCR dared to note that failure in Iraq will embolden terrorists, and Olby was having none of that. The Statesman eagerly joined in, saying the FBBC was an example of right-wing bias because it didn't have any declared Iraq war opponents on it! KO delivered his usual piercing, analytical, challenging queries:

    Would you agree with this, the, the country's focus, the government's focus should be on getting us out, uh, as quickly as possible, and, er, is there anything in the report that, that, that, uh, hastens that?

    What will The Statesman say to that? Will he agree with getting out as quickly as possible? Man, that Krazy Keith sure knows how to make news with his interviews. The Statesman was great thanksed.


    After oddball it was The Return of Ricks, just 24 hours after Olbermann Watch embarrassed Krazy Keith into asking him back. The latest deaths in Iraq were characterized by Olby as the soldiers "paying the price" for Bush's execution of the war. TR said the FBBCR is "devasating" to the Bush administration, and KO followed up:

    What is the read of it going to be on the ground, um, by anybody in Iraq from the generals to the troops?

    Did you catch that? Edward R Olbermann specifically referring to the generals and the troops as two different entities. Obviously, he's still smarting from the November 2 smackdown. He went on to cite The Statesman's claim that the report was biased against the cut-and-run option, claiming that this was the option that "a lot of the troops would most like to see". A Kountdown Keith Klassic: Herr Olbermann as the voice of the troops, the same ones he demeans as stupid! Once again, TR brought some perspective to The Hour of Spin, noting that leaving advisors and trainers behind without combat forces to defend them is an extremely risky strategy.

    Is Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann off his meds? His Olbsession has become so severe that he's actually teasing the upcoming Media Matters Minute by telling the audience ahead of time that he's naming Mr Bill "worst person". He can't even hold out until the segment airs? His O'Reilly jones is worse than we thought.

    There was some taped reportage from NBC about James Kim (and Olby gave the unspooling tape great thanks), followed by O.J. Simpson and Mary Cheney. A segment on the house from A Christmas Story was #1 (marred only by KO's insistence on showing off his knowledge by referencing all sorts of tangential movie trivia, and his stumbling, stammering delivery--in evidence throughout tonight's Hour of Spin). In the Media Matters Minute, the discredited sports guy once again attacked Bill O'Reilly (#141 if you're counting). Olby hasn't apologized for his earlier smear of Mr Bill, so what's another?


    Quiescent canines: Krazy Keith made a big deal about The Flying Imams, without of course reporting any of the subsequent information that came out. So it's no surprise that when three separate investigations found that the airline acted properly in removing them from the plane, that news is spiked on Countdown. The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann was delighted to give Al Gore a fawning interview, not to mention running free ads for his movie, because he liked the global warming message. But on OlbyPlanet, news is not news if Herr Olbermann disagrees with it. So today's Senate testimony by distinguished experts about how the media have misrepresented the science of climate change was handled as all such inconvenient truths are on The Hour of Spin: it was ignored. Finally, we would be most remiss if we didn't point out that KO still refuses to tell his viewers how Jack Abramoff has pointed the finger of corruption at none other than Sen Harry Reid.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name is down to #426 at amazon, while Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" is up at #14. The OlbyTome continues to struggle at Barnes & Noble where it is a disappointing #1,614, but O'Reilly's book is #17. And Mr Bill's literary triumph is still #3 on the New York Times Best Sellers list. There's a reason Olby didn't do any crowing about Tuesday night's ratings. Using industry-approved numbers, not the phony inflated ones KO likes to throw around, he sunk to last place--fifth out of five--in viewers. Behind Nancy Grace and Paula Zahn. Way behind a rerun of Deal or No Deal. And way, way behind The Factor. His only consolation was a weak third place in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

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    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part XV

    An OlbyLoon posted a link to some year-on-year data analysis from TVNewser in the comment section of an earlier post. Curious as to how Brian would handle comparing the "old" data he used to use with the new "Live Plus" data that he alone is championing as the new industry standard I decided to take a look at the link. Given Brian's track record of playing fast and loose with ratings data, I can't say I was surprsied that he took the sure route - he just IGNORED the issue entirely by failing to footnote any of the data.

    We know the Nov05 data is "live" or "traditional" ratings data because there was no other data available at that time. But what about the Nov06 data? Is that "live" or is it "memorex" (or "live plus")? Either Brian is making an apples to apples comparison thereby abandoning the "live plus" data with as little explanation as he provided when he first adopted the new "Live Plus" data - at the encouragement of his pals at NBC Universal - OR he is making an apples to oranges comparison in which case the analysis is worse that useless. Either way another shining moment for the blogger who has nothing without his integrity!

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    Blogger Catfight?

    Move over kb1, here comes Emily Zola with her own tales from the boudoir. Meow!

    UPDATE: Before folks get too riled up consider that "Emily" claims Keith sent her a puppy and that she appears to say that she "ate" the puppy. Further, there here is nothing on Google about an organization called "Sporting Goods Distributors of America" and so no listing of any conference in New York. Other tip offs that this is a gag include (a) her job " delivering soccer balls to underprivileged, third-world orphans" - most soccer balls are made in third-world countries, often by young children (b) a hotel king-sized bed shifting several feet despite being "bolted to the floor" during a night of wild sex - all "without ever disturbing his perfect coif" (c) when she last saw Keith he was "helping an elderly blind woman cross the street, and speaking to her in a cheerful, reassuring manner". Enjoy nonetheless.

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    Media Matters Tags Olbermann "Liberal"

    A media analyst for the Soros-funded Media Matters for America "outed" Keith Olbermann last night on Scarborough. Newsusters has the details.

    Elsewhere, Radio Equalizer is reporting if the election were held today, O'Reilly would beat Olbermann in a landslide.

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    December 5, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • GATES CONFIRMATION HEARINGS: Maj. Gen Paul Eaton, U.S. Army (ret.), Richard Wolffe, Newsweek chief White House correspondent and MSNBC analyst
    • PRES. GEORGE H.W. BUSH'S RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS SONS: James Moore, author of "Bush's Brain"
    • POLAR MOON CAMP: Derrick Pitts, Franklin Institute chief astronomer

    Olby barked the opening spiel in his best proselytizer voice: the fallout over the Gates nomination, Bush on Jeb, 2008 polling, Katrina fraud, and living on the moon. Is that anywhere near OlbyPlanet?


    Krazy Keith started the spin with Gates saying "we're not winning" in Iraq, as if it were stop-the-presses news, though Gen Peter Pace has said something so similar as to be functionally equivalent. After a clip from Gates saying the fatal words, there were soundbites from committee members: Levin (D), Bayh (D), Clinton (D), Republicans. Wow, what a shocker. And KO didn't run Gates's later comments that we're not losing either, though he did a quick fast-talk-patter recitation. That's when The Wolffe Man entered to talk about how scripted Gates was.

    The promos for tonight's Hour of Spin said Monkeymann was going to examine Gates's background, i.e. supposed involvement in Iran-Contra. He was visibly annoyed that the Dems didn't go into all that and said so, but Wolffie didn't want to go there and just talked about the Dems wanting to "play nice". Judge Keith ruled that Rummy's memo is "self-serving" and great thanksed The Wolffe Man.

    Then Krazy Keith turned to Eaton, who pronounced Gates "a great change", obviously since he had been one of the handful of generals who had been agitating for years to that end. KO brought up the Rummy memo (again!) and his guest was happy to pile-on with approved OlbySpin. (That's why it was Eaton in the Seat of Honor instead of somebody else. More on that shortly.) Some not-very-illuminating chatter about the Baker commission and this uninformative, tedious parley was mercifully brought to an end with the ritual great thanks.

    The #4 story brought the kind of propaganda that can only be generated by a discredited sports guy in the throes of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Because Bush 41 was reduced to tears talking about his son Jeb, but wasn't when talking about George W, that means he doesn't really like George! No, we're not making this up. You don't see the same level of emotion when he speaks of 43, said Sigmund Olbermann. We couldn't possibly imagine "analysis" this imbecilic anywhere except on The Hour of Spin. To put a stamp of approval on Keith's fevered fantasies, Moore took the stage.

    Oh it's so "interesting", especially since 43 is now "calling on" James A Baker III to solve the Iraq mess, and he was Daddy's guy. Um, did President Bush select Baker to co-chair this commission? Did he even appoint the members? Does Moore know what he's talking about? Sigmund wouldn't let go of his armchair psychoanalysis of 41/43, Moore was happy to go along, and when they got into how 41 secretly feels "the wrong son" was elected President, we know it was such vacuous malarkey that it's not worth our valuable server space to waste any more bytes on it. Moore was great thanksed.

    [UPDATE: Our clear-thinking Olbermann Watch reader cee has in fact identified the genesis of this preposterous drivel: Olby lifted the idea from Daily Kos. Edward R Olbermann's practice of filching material from the bluest of the blue blogs continues apace.]

    After an ad for The Nation promoting its "liberal bias" (they sure know what niche audience the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann truckles to), an O'Reilly-attacking oddball segment, and more commercials, we got taped reruns from the network mothership on the missing Mr Kim and FEMA fraud. Plus Madonna, Guy Ritchie, celebrity Presidential polling, and some bragging about how he's closing in O'Reilly in the "key demo" ratings --using, of course, the phony, doctored numbers that nobody else uses (except TVN) because they artificially inflate his audience. (The genuine numbers, as always, are linked below). #1: a lunar base on NASA.

    In the Media Matters Minute, Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann said neither Webb nor Bush looked that good in their recent exchange, but naturally it was "Mister" Bush who got the "worst person" nomination. Throw in a Republican Congressman and the streak of not naming Democrats or liberals continues to extend.


    Muted mongrels: This was Olby's last chance, and he blew it: no correction or apology for his ludicrous smear of Bill O'Reilly. And then there's the case of Thomas Ricks of the Washington Post, who was a regular Countdown guest, at least twice a month in the runup to the elections. Then he appeared on November 2--what happened during that show's Olby/Ricks exchange is the stuff of legend. Mr Ricks hasn't been back since. Finally, we would be most remiss if we didn't point out that KO still refuses to tell his viewers how Jack Abramoff has pointed the finger of corruption at none other than Sen Harry Reid.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name is up a bit to #354 at amazon, while Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" is #14. At Barnes & Noble the OlbyTome is a disappointing #1,428, while O'Reilly's book has risen to #17. And Mr Bill's literary triumph is still #3 on the New York Times Best Sellers list. Monday is the strongest night for viewership and that propelled Olby to a second place in total viewers--though again The Factor bested Countdown by more than three to one. Despite the touting of nonstandard figures rejected by everyone not on OlbyPlanet, the truth is that The Hour of Spin barely escaped third place in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 1 [LOW]

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    GUEST POST - Charles Martel on KO's Vietnam Special Comment

    We encourage Guest Posts (pro-KO, anti-KO or otherwise so long as they are on KO-centric topics). Today's Guest Post is from OlbyWatch reader Charles Martel.


    Keith's Special Comment of November 20, 2006 was not just about Keith disrespecting the president or Bill O'Reilly. It is a matter of life and death because, unfortunately, because people actually believe what he says on MSNBC.

    Olbermann began saying "it is pathetic to hear the leader of the free world talk so unrealistically about Vietnam, when it was he who permitted the Swift Boating of not one, but two American heroes of that war in consecutive presidential campaigns."

    Now the verb "to swift boat" might mean something different on Olby planet, we can't be sure how his mind works. So President Bush "Permitted the Swift Boating" of John Kerry. First it should be noted that Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were not affiliated with Bush. Olbermann, who strong condemned Newt Gingrich for his imagined attack on freedom of speech apparently has no problem with calling on President Bush to suppress the speech of the American heroes who made up Kerry's chain of command in Vietnam. In OlbyWorld the president should not have "permitted" hundreds of veterans from telling their story.

    Next he says "Mr. Bush" learned the wrong lessons from Vietnam.

    Olby’s "primary" lesson: He says "that if you try to pursue a war for which the nation has lost its stomach, you and it are finished, ask Lyndon Johnson". The nation lost its "stomach" for the war well before it was "finished". Johnson, of course, lost his reelection bid in 1968 but Bush can't be elected again. Maybe Keith is threatening the president here? Maybe just predicting impeachment or some similar future which Olbermann considers to be a state of "finished".

    Lesson 2: Olbermann says: "Mr. Bush, if you don't have a stable local government to work with, you can keep sending in Americans until hell freezes over and it will not matter." The flaw here is that we really haven't increased the amount of forces. In fact, the opposite is the case. The U.S. force in Iraq is not much smaller than it was in 2003. Perhaps this is Olbermann's advice against the position of even some democrats that more troops might help?

    Lesson 3 is summarized in that Olby considers that Iraq is not part of the "War on Terror". Well Keith, American forces are fighting terrorists in Iraq. Islamic extremists do believe it's their duty to kill us and it's generally accepted that if we leave, it would be seen as a victory for our enemies and Iraq will become a safe haven for terrorists.

    Lesson 4: Olbermann claims that "the same idiots" who persuaded presidents under the guise "peace with honor" to stay in Vietnam are telling Bush to stay in Iraq. He them mentions Henry Kissinger. The most famous instance of politicians claiming "peace with honor" was Neville Chamberlain justifying his appeasement of Hitler. Ironically, we today are appeasing Iran (developing nuclear weapons, calling for the destruction of Israel regularly, biggest exporter of terrorism, Hezbollah paymasters), who also happens to be causing the majority of problems in Iraq.

    Lesson 5: Olbermann says that like Lyndon Johnson's, Bush's "presidency will be consigned to the scrap heap of history" because of the war. I guess Olby is telling Bush he should be worried about how history remembers him. Is this really a lesson of Vietnam? Worry about how history will remember you?

    Next he charges the president with lying about the WMDs and here.

    Lets also not forget The New York Times story that included this:

    Among the dozens of documents in English were Iraqi reports written in the 1990's and in 2002 for United Nations inspectors in charge of making sure Iraq abandoned its unconventional arms programs after the Persian Gulf war. Experts say that at the time, Mr. Hussein's scientists were on the verge of building an atom bomb, as little as a year away.

    Keith then talks about the millions killed in Vietnam and 58,000 American soldiers dead. I'll point out that we are still under 3,000 Americans dead today and none of those soldiers were drafted and the great majority want to be there and believe what they are doing is right. As for the Iraqi civilian deaths it should be noted that an extremely small amount (140 roughly) are due to American collateral damage. And a case can also be made that the deaths that would have occurred if Saddam was still in power (death factories, starvation under corrupt "oil for food" and the centuries old Sunni/Shite hatred) are greater than in the chaos today.

    Olbermann essentially then says our leaving Iraq will also embolden no one. Well this guy tends to disagree. And terrorists being emboldened?

    Olbermann closes by saying "we'll succeed unless we quit" is wrong and that we can only succeed against terrorism when "Mr. Bush" quits.

    The Vietnam War was a very complicated matter, and no amount of Olby spin is going to help understand its lessons. We fought the war with both hands tied behind our back. This was the essential lesson of the war.

    U.S. troops were forbidden from entering North Vietnam, and also forbidden until the last two weeks of the war was the strategic bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong. We also failed to block the North's ports to prevent the entry of Soviet and Chinese supplies, bombs and ammunition which also built the enemy's resolve for the irrational fear that it would provoke the Chinese into war. Politicians were taking the decisions out of the hands of the military men.

    We lost the Vietnam war here, at home. Any attempt Nixon made to fight the war correctly was protested. Politicians, too worried about being reelected and anti-war sentiment, acted not to win the war. Just like Olby is trying to do now, the media made everything worse. One small example: The Tet offensive was a great victory for the Americans, it was the first time they really got a fair fight with the enemy and Olbermann's heroes in the press somehow turned it into an American defeat (Cronkite's "unwinnable" statement came in the wake of Tet)

    So can this all be summarized fairly well as "we'll succeed unless we quit" as the lesson from Vietnam?

    Yeah, I think so.

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    OlbyWatch Catch Up/Clip File

    Between Thanksgiving and my trip last week to Washington, DC there has been little time for OlbyWatch blogging but I have been maintaining a little OlbyWatch clip file. In the meantime, I had the chance to have lunch with Howard Mortman of Extreme Mortman fame and do a few Olby-related press interviews and, of course, you saw that I wrote another Op-Ed for The Washington Examiner. I believe one piece, from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, should run pretty soon. Today I am back in New York and am playing a little "catch up" so here's what I missed while I was away.

    Extreme Mortman linked Howard Kurtz's reax to Dan Abrams claim that Countdown is "a mix of straight news reporting with lighter fare and occasionally with some opinion." (emphasis added)

    In the Kurtz piece you will see the latest Olbermann meme about Keith/MSNBC "finding his/their voice". Also worth noting is that former MSNBC president Erik Sorenson predicts that the ratings bump currently being enjoyed by MSNBC will not last:: "The chronic problem -- and it will likely happen again in the days ahead -- is a big drop-off back to unpleasant, distant-third reality," says Erik Sorenson, a former MSNBC president.

    Josh Trevino of the Claremont Institute has an Olbermann piece on the think tank's blog, The Remedy:

    Since he decided to make his name pandering to the less educated segments of the vitriolic American left (which is to say, most of it), he has sunk ever further into a state of near-irrelevance as a credible commentator on public affairs...the pity of the likes of Olbermann is not so much the reflection upon him, but the reflection upon those who adore him.

    Olbermann's habit of relying on the blue blogs for copy rather than doing his own reporting bit him yet again when he related phony charges trumped up by Media Matters for America purporting to show that Bill O'Reilly lied that he warned of the dangers of Iraqi looting ""on the night that Saddam's statue fell" (O'Reilly did make the statements he claimed but a day later than he recalled on air).

    Johnny Dollar broke down the blue blog to Olbermann connection in his well done Anatomy of a Smear at Johnny Dollar's Place. Newsbusters took Olbermann to task for Falsely Calls O'Reilly 'Liar' Over Iraq Predictions along with Allah Pundit at Hot Air. Even spud at ICN was having none of it.

    I previously linked the L.A Times piece The gloves come off by Matea Gold in which she quotes me to Olbermann and Olbermann responds but was surprised to see how the blue blogs picked up on a well-known, rather minor point - that Olbermann's contract is up in March 2007. She wrote: = "Olbermann is negotiating a new contract with MSNBC; his current one expires in March."

    We here at Olbermann Watch have known this for years and have been reporting on regularly throughout 2006. We put a KO Countdown clock up on our home page back in July. Yet, this is somehow "new" information that has the lefties agog.

    TVNewser describes it as a revelation.

    MSNBC regular Rachel Sklar (apparently) of The Huffington Post's Eat the Press blog credits Gold with "something new" in her latest Olby piece, Keith Olbermann, Talkin' Tough During Contract Negotiations With MSNBC.

    Newsflash to the blue blogs: I spoke with Matea Gold at length for her Olby profile. She told me she had gone through Olbermann Watch extensively. Our KO Countdown Clock is featured on the home page. Do the math.

    Seemingly determined to carry on his tradition of alienating management wherever he goes Keith gave a bizarre/typical interview to the always compliant Tyler Gray of Radar Online in which KO is rudely dismissive of MSNBC GM Dan Abrams ("I don't know what Dan has to do with it frankly. We've never had a conversation about the direction of the show.")

    The piece leads into the interview with a KO Countdown clock reference, "Radar spoke to Olbermann on the eve of his contract negotiations with MSNBC (his current agreement is up in March) and just before he penned the evening's "special comment" on Bush and the lessons of Vietnam. We asked him about his methods, his surging popularity, and his ongoing struggles with demagoguery." Given the gushing nature of the piece it is hard to imagine that Gray means to say that Keith has struggled with his own tendency towards demagoguery but at least he inadvertently makes one of our favorite connections between Keith Olbermann and demagoguery.

    TVNewser headlines Olbermann Doesn't Take Abrams Seriously.

    Rachel Sklar (again, apparently), after reading the Radar interview asks "What is Keith Olbermann thinking?" in dissing his boss at MSNBC.

    Griffin is big-picture, and Abrams is the day-to-day manager of almost 600 employees - including Olbermann, whether he likes it or not. He's the guy sending memos and getting quoted, particularly saying nice things in articles about Keith Olbermann. It is churlish - not to mention highly unprofessional - that Olbermann isn't doing the same.

    Welcome to the Olberverse, Rachel.

    The Radar Online interview should at least settle one oft-discussed point on Olbermann Watch: Countdown is a NEWS BROADCAST.

    Keith says:

    Ultimately, this is a news broadcast, and when the news is sufficient, we throw the jokes out the window. We will do it straight. I did the elections straight. I did the blackouts straight. I did the Pope straight. There doesn't have to be humor mixed into it. The whole idea of conveying a journalistic standard is great, but if nobody watches it, what's the point?

    So, we can please stop hearing from the OlbyLoons who keep prattling on about how neither Keith nor MSNBC are claiming that Countdown is "news programming"? They do make this claim and so pointing out the journalistic sins of Olbermann is more than fair game.

    And, of course, we get the usual OlberLies lapped up by a willing cadre of liberal journalists. Among others, flogging Olbermann's "Malmedy" farce:

    GRAY: What's O'Reilly's biggest on-air mistake? You've offered "special commentary" on his invocation of the World War II battle of Malmedy, where, in defending torture, he accused U.S. soldiers of committing atrocities when in fact they were the victims.

    OLBERMANN: I think the one that strips through the rhetoric to reveal what he is all about is the Malmedy. It's so easy to correct that. Everybody who has ever been on the air has made a mistake of that proportion. You mis-remember a story and wind up telling it horribly backwards. You make the victim the wrongdoer and the wrongdoer the victim. Everybody has done it - including me. My point being that even from that you can come back and say, Hey, I told the story backwards. O'Reilly is insistent that he has it right and therefore you have to treat him at his word.... It really does get down to the core of who he is. The subject of his show is him. And the subject of history is him. And it's true because he said it.

    Of course, Olbermann is lying again. Whatever ignorance he might have professed back in June in his special comment or in July when he appeared on Leno, it has now been many months since Olbermann Watch definitively documented the entire issue and proved unequivocally that although O'Reilly erred in saying "Malmedy" (he should have said "Chenogne") he was not wrong either on the facts (U.S. troops reportedly did commit atrocities, under orders, as reprisals for the Malmedy Massacre just days before the Chenogne Massacres) or in the points he was attempting to make to Wes Clark during the two interviews in question (first, that there were past instances where the atrocities were condoned by the chain of command; second that with regard to the Hadith killings that there have always been instances of U.S. troops committing atrocities during wartime and so that this may have happened in Iraq is not a particular indicator of success or failure in Iraq).

    Finally, the L.A Times reports that Chad Castagana was indicted by a grand jury on multiple counts related to his sending threatening letters with white powder to half a dozen politicians and celebrities including Keith Olbermann. Rather than post bail, Castagana has elected to await trial in prison.

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    TVN: Journalism at its finest - Part XIV

    Julie Bosman of The New York Times has a page one story on Brian Stelter that bears a remarkable similarity to Peter Johnson's puff piece in USA TODAY over the summer.

    Let's see...

    Gushing quote from NBC's Brian Williams - check
    Mention appearance at journalism dinner - check
    Gushing quote from CNN's Jeff Greenfield - check
    Brian as "kid blogging from dorm room" - check
    Brian as "concerned about accuracy" - check

    Two lines struck me from this piece.

    Bosman writes "In April Mr. Stelter attended the White House Correspondents' Dinner as a guest of MSNBC."

    Help me out here. Did Brian mention this on his blog? I don't recall seeing it. Maybe he did. What I do recall is Brian bristling at the suggestion that he has a mouthpiece for MSNBC. Now, where would we EVER get THAT idea? Just in case you are still not sure check out the follow up quotes in the piece:

    "He was quite a celebrity," said Jeremy Gaines, a spokesman for MSNBC. "Literally two tables over was George Clooney, and at our table was TVNewser, and people were waiting in line to see him."

    "The biggest TV executives, the men and women who run the top networks, look at this kid's Web site all the time," said Joe Scarborough, the host of the talk show "Scarborough Country" on MSNBC. "And the genius of it is that everybody thinks they own him. Everybody says: 'Oh, I've got a great relationship with Brian. Let me leak it to him.'"

    My next favorite is this line:

    He finally got to meet Mr. Williams last year when he came to New York to attend a memorial service for Mr. Jennings. Mr. Williams invited him to sit in on his broadcast's 2:30 p.m. editorial meeting, and the two talked privately for a half-hour.

    "I've always regarded him as the De Niro character in 'The King of Comedy,'" Mr. Williams said, invoking the 1983 film whose lead character, Rupert Pupkin, is a talentless comic who stalks his talk-show idol. "He has kind of a Rupert Pupkinesque double life."

    I can't tell what I like better. The idea that Brian took advantage of the death of Peter Jennings to do some networking or that the object of his affection, Brian Williams, likened him to Rupert Pupkin or that Bosman (correctly) explained that, by analogy, Williams was describing Stelter as a "talentless stalker"

    Finally we get this "While he said he hasn't received any firm job offers in the industry, several television executives have urged him to call when he starts job hunting."

    Again, can anyone say "conflict of interest"?

    As if to confirm the point, TVN publishes, without comment, Dan Abrams memos extolling the "success" of MSNBC.

    Just a couple days later, Johnny Dollar catches TVNewser passing off more MSNBC propaganda as "news" when Stelter publishes a misleading set of images served up by his pals in the MSNBC PR department.

    All of which prompted a debate on TVN's home site - Media Bistro - asking TVNewser Biased? where the questioner asks "In almost every post he [Stelter] makes and the in topics he suggests, there is an overt liberal bias and extremely pro-NBC/MSNBC point of view." The same person cites Olbermann Watch:

    Stelter has been accused of being a liberal activist by many right-wing sites, which he has categorically denied on TVNewser. Then, a site called produced his actual profile on, which proved he is a member of several left-wing groups on the site (Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Kerry, etc.). He also marched in a rally to protest Sinclair Broadcasting electing not to televise a Nightline special that showed the faces of all soldiers killed in Iraq.

    There are countless of examples of this pattern by Stelter, and I only cite the right-wing because it's the only site that's consistently monitored Stelter's online behavior. The site has also done some interesting research about ratings data and subsequently accused Stelter of intentionally skewing ratings data in MSNBC's favor and emphasizing a particular "demo" at the behest of MSNBC executives.

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    MSM KO Bandwagon #247: Nation Swallows KO Hook, Line and Sinker

    It may be a stretch to call a communist rag a part of the MSM but not much of one so after consulting with leading experts have decided to call The Nation magazine an MSM publicaiton.

    Daphne Eviatar provide the usual fawning over Keith Olbermann but works in the Laugher of the Week:

    Olbermann, who denies any partisan leanings and whose background doesn't suggest any, insists his job is to report on what's really going on--even if the public is loath to believe it.

    Keith goes on to analogize, "In sports, if a center-fielder drops the fly ball, you can't pretend he didn't," he says. "There's also an awareness of patterns, a relationship between what has gone before and what is to come that is so strong in sports coverage that doesn't seem to be there in news reporting."

    Think about that statement for a moment. According to Keith, his special insights into current events are due to his unique ability to understand history and detect "patterns" - a skill that otherwise doesn't exist in journalism today. In other words, Keith is the only true journalist reporting today.

    And don't miss that bit about how a sportscaster develops a special objectivity because either a fielder catches a ball or does not. This is the same guy who made his name as a broadcaster at ESPN doing a show that offered non-stop opinion, on a network that spends hours each day opinining about player personnel moves, team mangement decisions, coaching strategies, in-game analysis, personal motivations of players, coaches and owners. Has Keith ever listened to the Dan Patrick show on ESPN Radio or WFAN? Does he really believe that sports media outlets confine themselves to simply reporting whether a player hit the ball or made the catch?

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    December 4, 2006


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • THE RUMSFELD MEMO FALLOUT: Dana Milbank, Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst
    • JESSICA SIMPSON AT THE KENNEDY CENTER HONORS: Michael Musto, Village Voice columnist and author of "La Dolce Musto"

    Krazy Keith Returns! He bellowed the opening spiel with all the demagogic intensity required for The Hour of Spin: Rumsfeld's "wit and wisdom" (the memo), the tonsorially-enhanced David Gregory hectoring Tony Snow, Clinton/Kerry/Bayh, the "messed up" FBI, and a tale of two Simpsons. This is just too exciting.


    Olby kicked things off with Rummy's memo, somehow making a comparison to Jacob Marley's Ghost. The timing of the leak was--all together now--"suspicious"! Rummy's many alternatives included one that Krazy Keith focused on: redeployment. See, Bush is a hypocrite because he campaigned against "cut and run". Rummy listed a bunch of alternatives, many of them inconsistent with each other. KO, of course, picked the one he could use against "Mister" Bush. A lengthy Gregory/Snow clip followed.

    Cue Dana Milbank, shorn of slapstick smocks. Edward R Olbermann immediately returned to Jacob Marley's ghost. DM called it "cover your ass memo writing", leaked by Rumsfeld loyalists. Monkeymann leaped to the defense of John Madden Murtha, claiming the White House "mischaracterized" his suggestion that troops redeploy to Okinawa. Then it was on to how "Mister" Bush will reconcile this with his stated policy and the upcoming Baker report (see Dogs below). Dana was great thanksed.


    In the #4 slot, a recycled NBC report about the "cluelessness of the FBI". Then oddball and the #3 story: Hillary and the Dem contest of 2008. (Though somebody was confused about all this since onscreen they thought it was the #2 story.) Lefty Carlson was great thanksed before she said a single word, but Olby knew she would toe the party line. Herr Olbermann managed to use the phrase "right-wing base" three times in one question (as in McCain is "kowtowwing" to it), and yes, he great thanksed her again at the end.

    Fat Ass Olbermann also ran a clip of the News Watch correction. Hmm. The clip he ran was clearly from an internet posting; the compression artifacts were unmistakable, and looked very familiar. His clip did not show the Fox News ticker running on the bottom of the screen. How odd. Just like the clip posted here on Olbermann Watch. KO gave no acknowledgement as to where he got the clip. Aha! That clinches it.

    After more rerun reportage on the Russian spy case, it was on to Britney Spears, David Letterman, Rip Torn, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Jessica Simpson was the #1 story, with the creepy Michael Musto as expert commentator, talking about nipples, cleavage, and vomit.

    In the Media Matters Minute, Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann branched out from attacking his chief Olbsession to going after someone on his staff, for doing a survey of newspaper critics (Fox). Plus Michael Savage (conservative). Plus Condi Rice (Republican). Hey, another trifecta of tendency--all three slots filled!


    Dogs that did not bark: The biggest bowser has got to be the non-correction and non-apology for Olby's deranged smear of one of his more successful competitors. That ain't gonna come until OlbyPlanet freezes over. The Democrats are breaking a campaign promise by rejecting one of the key 9/11 commission proposals that they claimed they would implement. Krazy Keith has been oddly silent. With tonight's talk about the memo, the Baker commission, etc., all Keith and Dana did was speculate about "Mister" Bush's reactions. That's because neither Olby nor Milbank bothered to reference the President's interview today, that touched on these very topics. Oh wait, that was with Brit Hume. Better to not report the news than admit it was made on Fox. And still KO refuses to tell his viewers how Jack Abramoff has pointed the finger of corruption at none other than Sen Harry Reid.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name is down to #496 at amazon, while Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" has risen to #12. At Barnes & Noble the OlbyTome circles the drain at #1,822, while O'Reilly's book is #28. And Mr Bill's literary triumph is still #3 on the New York Times Best Sellers list. The Speshul Komment hype for Thursday helped a little on Friday: second place in total viewers--though The Factor bested Countdown by more than three to one--and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

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    December 2, 2006
    Olby Journalism Award Revisited

    The News Watch panel, showing a level of integrity unknown to the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann, revisited the distinguished journalism award they gave to KO [QuickTime video clip]:

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    December 1, 2006


    Host: Keith Olberman


    • BUSH AND IRAQ: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek
    • AIRPORT SCREENING: Jonathan Turley


    Herr Olbermann bellowed the opening spiel: bring the troops home, Iraq worse than VietNam, secret government numbers, the spy poisoning case, and a monthful of oddball. How will we be able to contain our excitement?


    "What will 'Mister' Bush' do in Iraq?' led of The Hour of Spin. The Wolffe Man said the Baker Commission's predicted recommendations are "wishful thinking" and "fuzzy". Monkeyman invoked Rule #1 to suggest that if Bush doesn't hug the Commission's report to his bosom and embrace, he hands the Democrats "an unbreakable club". Wolffie helpfully advised Dems to go after investigations to get a bigger, stronger club.

    Olby then swerved into "domestic spying" and "the clutches of the Bush administration". What's he talking about? Homeland Security keep records of various factors to assign risk ratings to airline travelers. Oh, the horrors! KO also took a shot at the new X-ray devices that can see right down to the skin. Hey, a good opportunity for another episode of Olby and The Perfessor!

    Herr Olbermann described the machine as "indecent" and "intrusive". The Perfessor wailed that strangers would be looking at an accurate image of people under their clothes, and this was an "unreasonable" search.

    OK gang, here is another lesson in OlbySpin. What did the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann (and his sidekick) not tell us this time? Among other things, this machine would only be use for secondary (higher level) searches, so only a fraction of passengers would be involved. But the key salient point that was deliberately omitted is crucial, because it makes nonsense out of the Perfessor's claim of an "unreasonable" search. It's voluntary! Nobody has to go through it if they don't want to. It is a alternative to the pat-down, and anyone who doesn't like the machine can choose to have the long-standing pat-down instead. Now why do you suppose they didn't tell you that?

    The Perfessor didn't like the risk ratings either. It's "easy to abuse". (So is letting policemen carry guns. Let's do away with that, too.) It's all aimed at the Islamic Faith, sez Turley. Or, to be more precise, his words were: "That's my guess." This is what passes for responsible journalism on OlbyPlanet. He's also worried about companies having to store emails--it's a "chilling effect" on privacy because everything you write will be preserved. Is he really this naive, or does he just play that on TV? First, it's a business, and not your personal home emails. And second, any email you write can be stored, distributed, or published by the person you send it to. No email is ever "private". There is always someone else who sees it, and can do anything they want with it. Even Krazy Keith noted that emails can get published on the internet. And boy howdy, does he know about that. For his services to propaganda and scaremongering, The Perfessor was great thanksed.

    The #4 story dealt with the poisoning mysteries, with Rice offering expertise. Fat Ass managed to work Florida, 2000 into his "reportage" of the fistfights that broke out among Mexican politicos. Sheesh, let it go already. Then scam emails, handed off to Lisa Myers for some rerun video from NBC. Weather led off the #2 story (more tape--and yes, Keith thanked the machine). Then Lindsay Lohan, giving "Man on Fan" Olbermann a chance to brag about being at a GQ event. Page Six printed a report about Lohan's behavior, which Rev Olbermann insisted was all just "made up", even though others there (like Will Ferrell) apparently think otherwise. We're just lucky that KO didn't bring up Lohan's mom, also present at the event, who is, according to KO, an old "bag". Stonehenge lore, K-Fed, Danny DeVito, George Clooney, and a retrospective of November oddball continued the lofty intellectual subject matter that is so admired by his intelligent, well-educated audience.

    In the Media Matters Minute, Monkeyman once again filled all the required slots. He attacked Mitt Romney ("right-wing" Republican), Mort Kondracke (Fox), and the winner? You don't even have to ask. Relying on the Soros site for his "research", Olbermoronn called Mr O a "liar", for never having said something he claims to have said. We wouldn't be surprised if Mr Bill did in fact say it, just not on one particular day. But no point in spoiling O'Reilly Attack #138. [SEE UPDATE BELOW]


    Quiescent canines: Since Olby hands out "worst person" nominations when his name is misspelled, we deliberately did that throughout yesterday's recap. Sadly, we were not given the award, but we'll keep trying until our goal is achieved. As to more significant matters... The Pope's trip? Still not news. The Secretary of State in the Middle East? Still not news. Hezbollah out to topple a government? No time for that; we need more Lindsay Lohan coverage! The discredited sports guy spiked James Webb talking about punching George Bush in the face, and the Dems rejecting one of the key 9/11 commission proposals that they claimed they would implement. And still KO refuses to tell his viewers how Jack Abramoff has pointed the finger of corruption at none other than Sen Harry Reid.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name is #403 at amazon, while Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" has risen to #12. At Barnes & Noble the OlbyTome sunk to #1,667, while O'Reilly's book is still #17. And nine weeks since it hit the stores, Mr Bill's literary triumph is still #3 on the New York Times Best Sellers list. The Speshul Komment hype for Thursday night--relentless advertising, email to blue blogs, etc--helped a little, though viewership was lower than the night previous. Countdown just barely made third place, and narrowly eked out a #2 finish in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 1 [LOW]

    UPDATE: We thought there was something fishy about Herr Olbermann's "You're a liar!" attack on Mr Bill. We were right.

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