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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

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    Welcome Back, Olby!

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    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

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    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    January 31, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • 2008 CONTENDERS AND IRAQ: Dana Milbank, Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst
    • IRAN: Flynt Leverett, fmr. National Security Council director for Middle East affairs and New America Foundation senior fellow
    • HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP: Michael Musto, Village Voice

    Olby's dulcet tones invoked Jimmy Swaggert as he rattled off his carnival barker patter: John McCain criticizes Iraq policy! Biden announces with foot in mouth. The Great Leak Case. The Boston bomb scare. Harry Potter delivers the full Monty. "Mister" Bush: is he planning to attack the peace-loving nation of Iran? All this and more, on The Hour of Spin.


    KO claimed "Mister" Bush has "lost" Sen Richard McCain as an ally, and by talking about the economy, is making "an obvious attempt to change the subject". Anytime someone discusses something that isn't the lead story on Countdown, it's "changing the subject" on OlbyPlanet. "Mister" Bush was "condescending" (clip from Cavuto interview--why does Fox even let Monkeymann use their clips?). Congressional wrangling about the non-binding resolution.

    Then it was on to Joe Biden's sterling campaign kickoff. Dana Milbank, minus multicolored mufti, nattered about Biden's bloopers, while KO blamed "the conservative media establishment: Rush Limbaugh, the Drudge thing"--they're all trying to "inflict damage" on a Democrat. (OlbySpeak translation: Biden is the victim, he didn't inflict damage on himself.) After some chit-chat about Richard McCain: Great thanks.

    And big, BIG!, news. Al Franken may run for the Senate. Or maybe not. He might, but who knows? It's possible, but then again it's not confirmed. OlbySourcing: even worse than Insight!


    The Great Leak Case: another witness "throwing Scooter Libby's memory under the bus" [Ding!]. Another chance for the most disreputable reporter on all of television, Slippery Shuster, to gum up the works. Once again it was all about the Prosecutor's direct examination, this time of Matt Cooper. (See Hounds below for some of what Slippery left out.) Great thanks.

    After oddball, "Mister" Bush's language on Iran sounds like "Mister" Bush's language on Iraq. Yawn. He's trying to "convince the world" that Iran aids terrorism. And Oralmann finds any such suggestion intolerable. Leverett pandered to Krazy Keith, parroting the spin about the "rhetoric". How silly of "Mister" Bush to suggest the peace-loving goverment in Tehran could be a nuclear threat. (Something here was left out too, as you will see below.) As to Iran's involvement in the Karbala killing of US troops, Leverett was happy to proclaim the absence of "hard evidence", while Bush orders the "killing or detaining of any Iranian found in Iraq". Great thanks.

    Next Herr Olbermann took on the phony bomb scare in Boston, and relayed what sounded like a made up story (complete with comical satire "breaking-news" video) that an arrest had been made. (In fact, an arrest was made, though it's unclear if Olby knew about it yet; if he did, he didn't bother to tell anyone who it was.) Then Miss USA (plug for Today show appearance) and Sidney Sheldon. #1: Harry Potter in the nude (regurgitated NBC report), plus more sickening blather with the creepy Michael Musto.

    In the Media Matters Minute: James Imhofe (R) (Blue Blog Source: Think Progress), and Julie Banderas (Fox) (Blue Blog Source: TVNewser). Her crime was misspeaking NBC instead of ABC; otherwise she was arguably correct (Peter Jennings did leave his broadcast before he died, and her reference to "Tom Brokaw's show" makes sense, because she was referring to the ratings when Brokaw was there). Fat Ass even worked in an attack on O'Reilly, and carefully avoided mentioning the incestuous nature of this particular blue blog lift. (A-Mess-NBC flack sends an anti-Fox piece to TVN; TVN runs anti-Fox piece; Keith picks up the TVN piece on The Hour of Spin. Spin indeed; this leak formed a complete circle, ending up where it started, at A-Mess-NBC!) But no matter: KO got both an (R) and a (Fox) in, and so the requisite slots were filled.


    Hushed hounds: Consistent with his intent to minimize all terror threats as phony, Monkeymann gave great play to the false alarm in Boston, and completely spiked the real terror plot in the UK. Why do Slippery and Olby only report the Prosecution testimony in The Great Leak Case. Why do they deliberately leave out the cross-examinations? Iran is just a few years from having the bomb, a slight fact unmentioned by KO or his sock puppet guest. The Co-Chairman of the Baker Commission supports sending reinforcements to Iraq, and dissed the idea of passing a "nonbinding resolution". A second, equally shady land deal from Harry Reid. The US economy takes a huge upswing. Hugo Chavez assumes dictatorial powers in Venezuela. NATO troops kill 30 Talibanis. And no retraction or apology for his latest lie about Bill O'Reilly. Finally, in the ongoing scrutiny of Naked Right-Wing Propaganda Masquerading as Entertainment, yesterday The Unit found themselves tracking and apprehending a terrorist threatening an attack in the USA. Keith Olbermann did not rant. The Unit is not on Fox.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name stands at #2,781 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #158. No doubt the discredited sports guy would explain that by pointing out amazon's nonexistent 2-for-$25 sale. The OlbyTome is #2,718 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #123 there, and is in its 17th week on the New York Times bestsellers list. All the Tuesday Speshul Education Komment hype helped Herr Olbermann manage a distant second place finish, though once again he was creamed by the eeevil O'Reilly, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 9 [SEVERE]

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (197) | | View blog reactions
    Keith Olbermann's Fuzzy Math

    On Tuesday's Hour of Spin, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann again leveled attacks at his nemesis, the eeevil Bill O'Reilly. He was named "worst person in the world" for offering to send free copies of his book to our troops in the war zones. Olby cackled his insults and the gullible swallowed them whole. But, as is the case with so many of Keith's assaults on Mr Bill, this too proved to be nothing more than Another Olbermann Lie.


    Oralmann claimed:

    You buy a copy of the book from him, he'll send a free copy to a US soldier somewhere.

    Actually, it's not Bill O'Reilly who is making this offer. It's his publisher (Broadway Books) in cooperation with Operation Shoebox and America Supports You. Perhaps those organizations should have been the targets of Herr Olbermann's vitriol. But the best was yet to come from the discredited sports guy:

    You only do that if I give you at least 26 bucks first. That's generosity. But you know Bill, I can buy two copies from Amazon for 25 bucks, and I can send the second copy to the soldier, along with a dollar.

    We have to thank our clear-headed reader James for pointing out the fallacies in Olbermann's latest lie. Culture Warrior sells for $15.60 at Amazon. Two copies, with free shipping, would cost $31.20, not $25 as Olby claimed. Parcel post shipping to Iraq would be another $5.85, for a total cost of $37.05. That's assuming you know someone there to receive the package, since mailing to "any soldier" is no longer permitted.

    Perhaps Keith had something else in mind. You don't have to buy from Amazon itself--you can purchase from one of the affiliated sellers there. But the lowest price for a new copy is $13.20, plus $3.49 shipping. Buying two of them will cost you $26.40 plus shipping, taking the total to $33.88. Tossing in $5.85 to ship one to our hypothetical soldier, your cost has now skyrocketed to $39.23. Maybe KO thinks so little of the troops that he'd just send a beat-up used copy. There's one at $13.20 and one at $13.99, and that total comes to $27.15, but the shipping costs take it to $34.17. Add in $5.85 to send one off to the war zone and we're at $40.02.

    The bottom line amidst all this high finance: taking advantage of the Broadway Books offer costs $26.00 ($29.95 including postage). There is nowhere on where Krazy Keith can get two copies of this book for his claimed $25. He can't get two copies for $30. Including all shipping costs, he can't equal the publisher's offer even for $35. Despite Olby's fuzzy math, it is mathematically impossible to purchase two books for $25, send one to Iraq, and have a dollar left over, as he claimed. It's all Another Olbermann Lie.

    When you consider Olbermann's history of fabrications, this is hardly the most scandalous. But it deserves to be exposed, because it reminds us again that the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann will lie about anything, big or small, significant or trivial, to feed his fanatical olbsessions and fuel his all-consuming hatred. Let's hope that Dan Abrams uses OlbyMath when he computes KO's salary.

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (65) | | View blog reactions
    January 30, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IRAQ TROOP ESCALATION: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor and MSNBC political analyst
    • EXECUTIVE ORDER ON REGULATORY POLICY: John Dean, fmr. Nixon White House counsel and author of "Conservatives Without Conscience"

    Yes, we have to say it: Oralmann bellowed the opening spiel, as he does every show. And tonight was no exception: Who is going to stop the war?!? Congress can do it!! Global Warming!!! The Great Leak Case!!!! Dramatic revelations about executive orders!!!!! Prevented attacks? More lies from "Mister" Bush!!!!!! Whew, it's exhausting just typing such hyperbolic spewer.


    Nancy Pelosi (D) opposes the President's plan. Clip of NP. "Even" Adm Fallon warned not to get expectations too high. Clip. Negroponte said violence is increasing. The Judiciary Cmte wants to know how Congress can end a war. Clips of Arlan Specter ("R") saying President is not the sole decider, Dick Durbin (D), Russell Feingold (D), aka "The Statesman". Clips of lawmakers expressing support for sending reinforcements: zero. "Advocacy groups" (unnamed) say White House pressures people to downplay global warming. "A Congressman" (unnamed, and a D) says Negroponte was warned not to use the phrase (Blue Blog Source: Think Progress) based on something he overheard at a party. And KO bashes Insight for thin sourcing! Clip of Henry Waxman (D).

    Lefty Alter: "Oil lobbyists" run the White House policy. We're facing a "constitutional struggle" over Iraq. Republicans are unlikely to filibuster a non-binding resolution (we'll see about that one). Great thanks. Then Olby decreed the President "lied" about breaking up terror plots--a plug for his Speshul Education Comment. We can hardly wait.


    Next on the propaganda-fest: The Great Leak Case. Judith Miller testifies, and Slippery Shuster gives the "highlights". In ShusterSpeak that means rattle off all the points made by the prosecution, but ignore the cross-examination (where Judith Miller admitted that she herself had forgot about the June 23 meeting when she testified earlier). It's important on OlbyPlanet to slant everything, even sworn testimony in a criminal trial. Great thanks.

    After more plugs for you know what, it was on to executive orders and the latest meeting of Olbermann's Criminal Rehabilitation Program. That's right, instead of getting someone involved in the new regulation procedures to explain them, Monkeymann brought in his favorite felon at large, John Dean. The disbarred lawyer was ready to serve up everything his Master ordered. Bush could block a cure for diseases that would cause "millions of people" to die. Olby brought up Nixon [Ding!]. Great thanks.

    Stonehedge (regurgitated NBC video), Lindsay Lohan, and the Media Matters Minute. Dick Morris got a nod (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters), because he said he believes the Obama leak came from the Clinton campaign. Of course on OlbyPlanet, that's just a "phony story" because the Clinton campaign denied it. Just like Bill's escapates with Ms Lewinsky were phony because he denied it, saying he "never had sex with that woman"? Why aren't the charges against Scooter Libby "phony"? He denied them. But on OlbyPlanet, denials by an (R) are meaningless, but denials by a (D) become instant gospel. Also noted: Bill "Orally", for comments on the Hornbeck case (Blue Blog Source: NewsHounds), and Bill again for "worst person". According to Olby, if you buy a copy of his book from him "he'll send a free copy" to the troops overseas. Actually that's Another Olbermann Lie. It's not Mr Bill who's doing that, it's the publishers of the book. Somehow this outraged Herr Olbermann, who apparently never heard the phrase "a portion of the proceeds go to charity". But then again, when you're "Man on Fan" Olbermann, charity begins at home.


    Finally, the Speshul Education Komment, once again focusing on "Mister" Bush and the attacks he claims to have prevented as part of the war on terror [see APPENDIX] (Blue Blog Source: Let's Try Democracy, from a Kucinich staffer). As usual, all the theatrics were trotted out: "Misters" aplenty, a fistful of "insinSirs", eye rolling, head bobbing, and of course the carefully scripted camera pivots. Factual veracity? Look, it's cribbed from Dennis Kucinich's flack. Does Fat Ass now consider a PR man for the Elf Lord a source for unbiased news? Just take his dismissal of the "Library Tower" matter and remember what a real reporter, Brian Ross, had to say about it.


    Muted mongrels: Olby has cited the Fabulous Baker Boys Report over and over, at first to dismiss it as "all things to all people". But as soon as the eeevil "neocons" criticized it, he did a volte face and starting berating "Mister" Bush for not following it. Today the "Baker" in the Baker Commission testified that sending reinforcements to Iraq is a plan he thinks we should try, as he dissed the idea of passing a "nonbinding resolution". We're shocked--shocked!--that Edward R Olbermann spiked this major news. People involved in the Sandy Berger case are strangely being protected and rewarded. A life-sentence charge against Jose Padilla has been reinstated by a Federal appeals court. Venezuela is planning to get into air defense in a major way. An MSM reporter contradicts Ari Fleischer's testimony in The Great Leak Case. And don't forget Hillary Clinton's flip-flop. Finally, in the ongoing scrutiny of Naked Right-Wing Propaganda Masquerading as Entertainment, yesterday another episode of Sleeper Cell aired. Keith Olbermann did not object. Sleeper Cell is not on Fox.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name stands at #5,029 at, while "Culture Warrior" rose to #111. The OlbyTome is #2,615 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #390 there, and is in its 17th week on the New York Times bestsellers list. On Monday, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann lost to Mr Bill O'Reilly by nearly five to one, and narrowly avoided a loss to Paula Zahn to eke out a tenuous second-place finish, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 11 [DANGER!]

    APPENDIX: Keith's Speshul Education Komment:

    West Yorkshire in England has a new chief police constable.

    Upon his appointment, Sir Norman Bettison made one of the strangest comments of the year:

    "The threat of terrorism," he says, "is lurking out there like ‘Jaws 2.'"

    Sir Norman did not exactly mine the richest ore for his analogy of warning. A critic once said of the flopping sequel to the classic film: "You're gonna need a better screenplay."

    But this obscure British police official has reminded us that terrorism is still being sold to the public in that country -- and in this -- as if it were a thrilling horror movie and we were the naughty teenagers about to be its victims.

    And it underscores the fact that President Bush took this tack, exactly a week ago tonight, in his terror-related passage in the State of the Union.

    A passage that was almost lost amid all the talk about Iraq and health care and bipartisanship and the fellow who saved the stranger from an oncoming subway train in New York City.

    But a passage ludicrous and deceitful. Frightening in its hollow conviction. Frightening, in that the president who spoke it tried for "Jaws" but got "Jaws 2."

    I am indebted to David Swanson, press secretary for Dennis Kucinich's 2004 presidential campaign, who has blogged about the dubious 96 words in Mr. Bush's address this year and who has concluded that of the four counter-terror claims the president made, he went 0-for-4.

    [Direction: look downward at imaginary notes]

    "We cannot know the full extent of the attacks that we and our allies have prevented," Mr. Bush noted, "but here is some of what we do know: We stopped an al-Qaida plot to fly a hijacked airplane into the tallest building on the West Coast."

    [Direction: PIVOT!]

    This would, of course, sir, be the purported plot to knock down the 73-story building in Los Angeles, the one once known as the Library Tower -- the one you personally revealed so breathlessly a year ago next month.

    It was embarrassing enough that you mistakenly referred to the structure as the "Liberty Tower."

    But within hours it was also revealed that authorities in Los Angeles had had no idea you were going to make any of the details -- whether serious or fanciful -- public.

    Who terrorized Southern California that day, Mr. Bush?

    [Direction: PIVOT!]

    A year ago next month, the Los Angeles Times quoted a source --

    [Direction: look downward at imaginary notes]

    -- identified only by the labyrinthine description "a U.S. official familiar with the operational aspects of the war on terrorism" -- who insisted that the purported "Library Tower plot" was one of many al-Qaida operations that had not gotten very far past the conceptual stage.

    The former staff director of counter-terrorism for the National Security Council -- now a news analyst for NBC News and MSNBC -- Roger Cressey, puts it a little more bluntly.

    In our conversation, he put the "Library Tower story" into a category he called the "What-Ifs" -- as in the old "Saturday Night Live sketches that tested the range of comic absurdity:

    What if ... Superman had worked for the Nazis?

    What if ... Spartacus had had a Piper Cub during the battle against the Romans in 70 B.C.?

    More ominously, the L.A. Times source who debunked the Library Tower story said that those who could correctly measure the flimsiness of the scheme --

    [Direction: look downward at imaginary notes]

    --"feared political retaliation for providing a different characterization of the plan than that of the president."

    [Direction: PIVOT!]

    But Mr. Bush, you're the decider.

    And you decided that the Library Tower story should be scored as one for you.

    And you continued with a second dubious claim of counter-terror success. "We broke up a Southeast Asian terror cell grooming operatives for attacks inside the United States," you said.

    Well, sir, you've apparently stumped the intelligence community completely with this one.

    In his article, Mr. Swanson suggests that in the last week there has been no reporting even hinting at what exactly you were talking about.

    He hypothesizes that either you were claiming credit for a ring broken up in 1995 or that this was just the Library Tower story "by another name."

    Another CIA source suggests to NBC News that since the Southeast Asian cell dreamed of a series of attacks on the same day, you declared the Library Tower one threat thwarted, and all their other ideas, a second threat thwarted.

    Our colleague Mr. Cressey sums it up:

    This "Southeast Asian cell" was indeed the tale of the Library Tower, simply repeated.

    Repeated, Mr. Bush, in consecutive sentences in the State of the Union -- in your constitutionally mandated status report on the condition and safety of the nation.

    You showed us the same baby twice and claimed it was twins.

    And then you said that was two for you.

    Your third claim, sir, read thusly:

    [Direction: look downward at imaginary notes]

    "We uncovered an al-Qaida cell developing anthrax to be used in attacks against America."

    [Direction: PIVOT!]

    Again, the professionals in counter-intelligence were startled to hear about this.

    Last fall, two Washington Post articles cited sources in the FBI and other governmental agencies who said that hopes by foreign terrorists to use anthrax in this country were fanciful at best, farcical at worst.

    And every effort to link the 2001 anthrax mailings in this country to foreign sources has also struck out. The entire investigation is barely still active.

    Mr. Cressey goes a little further. Anything that might even resemble an al-Qaida cell "developing anthrax," he says, was in the "dreaming" stages.

    He used as a parallel those pathetic arrests outside Miami last year in which a few men wound up getting charged as terrorists because they couldn't tell the difference between an al-Qaida operative and an FBI informant.

    Their "ringleader" seemed to be much more interested in getting his "terrorist masters" to buy him a new car than in actually terrorizing anybody.

    That's three for you, Mr. Bush.

    [Direction: look downward at imaginary notes]

    "And just last August," you concluded, "British authorities uncovered a plot to blow up passenger planes bound for America over the Atlantic Ocean."

    In a series of dramatic raids, 24 men were arrested.

    Turned out, sir, a few of them actually had gone on the Internets to check out some flight schedules.  

    Turned out, sir, only a few of them actually had the passports needed to even get on the planes.

    [Direction: PIVOT!]

    The plot to which President Bush referred was a plot without bombs.

    It was a plot without any indication that the essence of the operation -- the in-flight mixing of volatile chemicals carried on board in sports drink bottles -- was even doable by amateurs or professional chemists.

    It was a plot even without sufficient probable cause.

    A third of the 24 arrested that day -- exactly 90 days before the American midterm elections -- have since been released.

    The British had been watching those men for a year.

    Before the week was out, their first statement, that the plot was "ready to go, in days," had been rendered inoperative.

    British officials told NBC News of the lack of passports and plans; told us that they had wanted to keep the suspects under surveillance for at least another week.

    Even an American official confirmed to NBC's investigative unit that there was "disagreement over the timing."

    The British then went further. Sources inside their government told the English newspaper the Guardian that the raids had occurred only because the Pakistanis had arrested a man named Rasheed Raouf.

    That Raouf had been arrested by Pakistan only because we had threatened to do it for them.

    That the British had acted only because our government was willing -- to quote that newspaper, The Guardian -- to "ride roughshod" over the plans of British intelligence.

    Oh, by the way, Mr. Bush, an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan reduced the charges against Mr. Raouf to possession of bomb-making materials and being there without proper documents.

    Still, sir -- evidently, that's close enough.

    Score four for you!

    Your totally black-and-white conclusions in the State of the Union were based on one gray area, and on three palettes on which the experts can't even see smudge, let alone gray.

    It would all be laughable, Mr. Bush, were you not the president of the United States.

    It would all be political hyperbole, Mr. Bush, if you had not, on this kind of "intelligence," taken us to war, now sought to escalate [Ding!] that war, and are threatening new war in Iran and maybe even elsewhere.

    What you gave us a week ago tonight, sir, was not intelligence, but rather a walk-through of how speculation and innuendo, guesswork and paranoia, daydreaming and fear-mongering, combine in your mind and the minds of your government, into proof of your derring-do and your success against the terrorists.

    The ones who didn't have anthrax.

    The ones who didn't have plane tickets or passports.

    The ones who didn't have any clue, let alone any plots.

    But they go now into our history books as the four terror schemes you've interrupted since 9/11.

    They go into the collective consciousness as firm evidence of your diligence, of the necessity of your ham-handed treatment of our liberties, of the unavoidability of the 3,075 Americans dead in Iraq.

    Congratulations, sir.

    You are the hero of "Jaws 2."

    You have kept the Piper Cub out of the hands of Spartacus.

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    Olby Gets Mushnicked

    Is it true that the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann can dish it out, but can't take it? On OlbyPlanet, does the world truly revolve around Krazy Keith? Is he just a wee bit self-absorbed? New York Post sports/television writer Phil Mushnick had some thoughts on this matter in his weekend column. It appeared in the print paper but not online, which may explain why we didn't see a "worst person" trashing of Mr Mushnick on Monday (apparently Media Matters and KO's other blue blog sources don't get the hardcopy edition):


    [Special thanks to KB for sending this along.]

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    January 29, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • WAR POLITICS: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek chief White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst
    • ANATOMY OF A LIE: "Outfoxed" documentary filmmaker Robert Greenwald

    We break from our regular format tonight, to examine a strange case. The discredited sports guy (who was up to something this afternoon as he didn't even show up for his radio gig) had a great plan for a segment tonight. It would bash Fox. It would slime the "right-wing". He might even have been able to work in a shot or two at Bill O'Reilly. Yet somehow, between this afternoon, when the A-Mess-NBC publicity department sent out its notices (replicated above) and the actual airing of The Hour of Spin, that great segment vanished. Poof! Why?


    The idea was to flog the Insight/Obama/Fox story yet again. The great auteur Robert Greenwald, whose triumphs include Flatbed Annie & Sweetiepie: Lady Truckers, and his chef d'ouvre, Xanadu, was to be Olby's expert witness sock puppet. It would be "the anatomy of a lie".

    Now we might ask, what exactly makes the claim that the Clinton campaign circulated this rumor a "lie"? Because someone at the campaign denied it? If all it takes to make a story a lie is to have someone deny it, then why are we trying Scooter Libby? He denied the charges against him, therefore, using OlbyLogic, the charges are all lies. Herr Olbermann repeatedly played up charges by Kirk Fordham in the Foley matter, all denied by the accused. Yet Olby reported them as fact, even though by his own logic, they were debunked and a "lie". Olbypocrisy? Ya think?

    But we digress. This segment would have been a perfect opportunity for Oralmann to reprise his attack on Insight as a "slime machine". But this raises a few problems, and even if "Man on Fan" Olbermann didn't recognize them, it appears somewhat at A-Mess-NBC did. After all, Insight wasn't a "right-wing slime machine" when Keith Olbermann used it as a source on March 16. Or when he relied on Insight as fact to push a story about a Karl Rove enemies list. Or when an article from Insight, that cited only a single anonymous source, was good enough for Krazy Keith to use to slam Karl Rove. And there are five more where those came from.

    Such rank hypocrisy has never stopped Krazy Keith before. But today there was a new element: the New York Times. Their article today cited A-Mess-NBC's repeated lifting of stories from Insight (first reported by OlbermannWatch). Every one of these examples, like the ones above, was perpetrated by Rev Olbermoronn, though the Times did not name our hero. And, as the paper pointedly noted, their requests for comment from A-Mess-NBC were refused.

    Now if the Times catches Krazy Keith pulling this trick again, Olbypocrisy is dangerously close to leaving the pages of Olbermann Watch and Newsbusters and erupting in the biggest MSM publication of them all. Dan Abrams does not want that to happen to his golden boy. Keith "I answer to no one" Olbermann has to answer to Dan Abrams, even though KO claims Dan only runs daytime programming. And then there's that contract, that apparently hasn't been signed yet. End result: the segment was made to disappear. No doubt there will be some serious moping and soaking in the tub tonight.


    As for the rest of The Hour of Spin, it led off with The Great Leak Case (Bush "on trial by proxy"), citing again the "16 words" as a lead-in to another Slippery Shuster recap of the trial. Slippery said today's testimony was "devasating for the defense" (how so, since just Friday he claimed Libby's defense was already dead?). Such brilliant analysis can only be welcomed with Great Thanks, as Keith blathered about "near-Nixonian [Ding!] paranoia". That led to the Wolffe Man's first appearance for this week. The White House is "obsessing" over the trial; "credibility"; Cheney speaks in "dark, apocalyptic terms". Great thanks.

    Next on the agenda was the big battle where Iraqi troops killed or captured hundreds of terrorists and insurgents. KO had barely finished his first sentence when he immediately brought up "the timing" [Ding!] and the venue, while the details were left to a taped report from NBC. Then KO, with an eye on ratings (isn't American Idol on tomorrow?), plugged a Tuesday night Speshul Komment. Oh wow.

    #3: Hillary Clinton, with generous clips of her criticizing "Mister" Bush. Anne Kornblut of the Washington Post was there to analyze her campaign. Hillary is trying to "imply" that troops should come home by 2009. Olby opined that in 2004 John Kerry was "slammed" for "being too subtle" and for requiring people to think. Great thanks.

    Next: A mountain lion attack victim, Barbaro, Brandi (who could end up spending "a year behind jail"), and UFOs, complete with a serious interview with a "ufologist". In the Media Matters Minute, Andrew Sullivan (for criticizing Hillary; Blue Blog Source: Media Matters), Fox (Blue Blog Source: TVNewser), and Fox again (for running an ad, also by coincidence condemned on the Blue Blog Source: TVNewser).


    Dogs that did not bark: The DC war protests included spitting at a wounded Iraq war veteran and defacing the steps of Capitol Hill. A suicide bomber kills three in Israel. New developments in the case of the National Guardsmen who retreated rather than face hostile gunfire from illegal aliens. Another state plans to offer tuition price breaks to illegals. Hillary Clinton's flip-flop. And in the ongoing scrutiny of Naked Right-Wing Propaganda Masquerading as Entertainment, an episode of Medical Investigation ran this morning and it dealt with a deadly anthrax attack. Keith Olbermann did not object. Medical Investigation is not on Fox.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name stands at #5,294 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #159. The OlbyTome is #2,586 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #421 there, and for the 17th week is still on the New York Times bestsellers list. On Friday, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann tanked, finishing in a humiliating fourth place--behind Paul Zahn, behind Nancy Grace, and way behind The Factor, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 5 [ELEVATED]

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    January 26, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PRES. BUSH CHALLENGES CONGRESS: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek chief White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst
    • SEN. CHUCK HAGEL (R-NEB.) AND IRAQ: Dana Milbank, Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst
    • JAMES BROWN AND MICHAEL JACKSON: Paul F. Tompkins, VH-1's "Best Week Ever"

    As the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann bellowed the opening spiel, it conjured up the image of the keynote speaker at a Tourette's convention: "The President still doesn't get it"... his decisions are "disasters"... Will Sen Hagel run for President as an independent?... That man in the White House actually wants to arrest and detain Iranian fighters in Iraq... A Michael Jackson sighting, and James Brown's body--all in puppets! Real journalism, folks.


    After a clip from a Bush photo-op, KO "reported" that "Mister" Bush was just "blowing smoke"; Dem plans have ranged from "non-escalation [Ding!]" to "de-escalation [Ding!]"; he's engaging in "political manipulation". Clip of Hagel opposing the plan. The Wolffe Man said it's all "astonishing"--Bush even has the Presidential seal on his mountain bike. My stars, will the outrages never cease? Oralmann: Bush is "cynical". Wolffie: he's "playing politics". Oralmann: nobody in Congress advocates "failure in Iraq". Wolffie: most people think it's already a failure.

    Then breaking news: an op-ed on a website excoriates Bush. "Hot Soup" suddenly becomes an important, authoritative voice, kind of like how Insight Magazine is a reliable OlbySource, until someone at Fox uses it. Cue Keith's Favorite Felon, John Dean. There followed a surreal conversation about credibility between America's most dangerous demagogue and a disbarred lawyer. Felon: Bush did it to himself. Olbermoronn: did "Mister" Bush lose his credibility with Katrina? Felon: Nah, that happened when he was elected. Olbermoronn: Is there any way "Mister" Bush can regain credibility? Felon: Sure, abandon principle and move to the "center". Olbermoronn: Who will "slap 'Mister' Bush around before it's too late"? Felon: He's got to do it on his own. Great thanks.

    Next, subpoenas for Rove and Bartlett to testify for the defense in The Great Leak Case. Michael Isikoff called in on a terrible line to give details. Olby claimed they were "likely to testify", but Isikoff said something a bit different: "whether they're going to be called or not is not entirely clear". He went on to say Rove might help Libby, but in doing so Rove would have to admit what he told Matt Cooper. Not clear why that would make any difference since he already admitted it in Grand Jury testimony, but who are we to question Isikoff? Great thanks.

    #3 was a paean to the wonderful surge opponent, Chuck Hagel, even replaying the same clip he ran the other day to make sure the propaganda is hammered home. Dana Milbank, without weird wardrobe, was asked, assuming the "escalation" [Ding!] fails, where does that leave Hagel? DM: It helps him. Krazy Keith: Might he, could he, please, please, please, run as an independent? DM: It's a "fantasy". KK: He "sounds like me" on civil liberties, views ascribed "these days" as "liberal attributes". (Wow, the infamous, deplorable one came this close to admitting he's a slovenly partisan hack!) Stupid Question Alert: In The Great Leak Case, won't Rove have to throw himself "under the bus" [Ding!], or Libby "under the bus" [Ding!], and isn't this just as bad as an indictment? DM: It's a window into how the White House tries to "control news" and "distort". KK: "It's a metaphor" [Ding!] Great thanks.

    An OlbyUpdate: Mike Huckabee to file papers for a Presidential run. KO falsely claims this news broke while he was talking to Dana. No it didn't.

    "Mister" Bush says Iranian fighters are fair game in Iraq. Whew, sez KO, because Bush's first comments were "widely interpreted" as a plan to launch a military attack on Iran. Hey Fat Ass, maybe they were "widely interpreted" in that way on OlbyPlanet, but here on Earth only moronic propagandists were claiming that to be fact. Bizarre OlbyLogic Point of the Day: the President's claim that he has a right to kill the enemy during a war has people "worried".

    Then Obama, Steven Spielberg, Hillary, Liz Taylor, Lindsay Lohan (here KO read a made-up report that said she was visiting a liquor store; he later admitted it was made up), Nicole Kidman, Bruce Willis, James Brown, and Michael Jackson (complete with puppets), with a last-minute recap of the "breaking" Leak Case news (featuring the nonsensical point that Rove might have to testify to something he's already testified to on multiple occasions.)

    In the Media Matters Minute, Fox for planning to run a deleted scene from the 9/11 movie on Sunday night (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters.) Olbermann Lies here include the claim that the producer is a "right-wing nut job" who believes "it was all Bill Clinton's fault. Of course Herr Olbermann left out of his diatribe the fact that the man who created and ran the CIA's Bin Laden Unit (Michael Scheuer) will be on the program to analyze the accuracy of this deleted scene. But why spoil a good smear with facts? "Worst person" was, of course, you-know-who (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters. The mother of all Olbsessions.


    Taciturn terriers: There's a whole pack of 'em today. Jimmy Carter objecting that there were too many Jews on the Holocuast council. Iran's nuke development continues apace with the installation of thousands of centrifuges. A top Taliban leader and many of his deputies are killed by airstrikes in Afgahnistan. Hugo Chavez threatens to expel the US ambassador. The Secretary of Defense warns that people like Olbermoronn are going to embolden the enemy. Hillary Clinton's deadbeat brother is in trouble again. The South Dakota Senate recommends censure for one of their members (D) who groped a male page. There are still calls for Sandy Berger to complete the terms of his plea agreement and take a polygraph test, but the media (especially Herr Olbermann) avoid the story. And this was KO's last change to apologize for lying about Simon Cowell, and to explain why he is entitled to report stories from Insight magazine, even reviving the meme of one of them again last night, but when someone at Fox does it they become "worst person".


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name stands at #5,487 at, while "Culture Warrior" rose to #132. The OlbyTome is #2,641 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #341 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. Poor Keith; our favorite demagogue finished in third place--behind Nancy Grace and way behind The Factor, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 7 [HIGH]

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    Peacock Scandals and Controversies

    What hath Olbermann wrought? Have standards at NBC totally collapsed? John Gibson, who worked there for eight years, had some thoughts today, and we have an mp3 audio clip for your listening pleasure:

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    January 25, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - January 25, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • WAR ON TRIAL: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor and MSNBC political analyst
    • VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY: Thomas DeFrank, New York Daily News Washington bureau chief
    • 2008 PRESIDENTIAL CONTENDERS: Chris Cillizza, political reporter
    • "AMERICAN IDOL": Maria Milito, Q104.3 radio host

    No installment of Countdown would be complete without the opening spiel, and Keith Olbermann trumpeted it at the maximum allowable decibel level: Sen McCain is "servicing the President", The Great Leak Case, Cheney is a liability, a sky diver murder mystery, and another incisive report on American Idol. The Hour of Spin never disappoints.


    The show led off with the "gigantic opposition to escalation [Ding!]", which Olby likened in size to the Loch Ness Monster. How could he have forgotten to say "proverbial"? This is just a plan "to throw away more American lives in Iraq". KO informed his viewers that lawmakers are "warying of giving more money to that reconstrut-ton", and that Gen Keane "told members he was not only defeating the, that, not only, defeating the insurgency was never a US military objective", but the plan was to leave it to the Iraqis. A testy exchange between Sen Levin and Sen Richard McCain was spicy enough that Edward R Olbermann actually permitted a soundbite from a supporter of reinforcements to air, albeit one where he is being berated by someone else.

    KO suggested to lefty Alter that McCain is pretty much "on his own", but Alter didn't agree, and reminded Fat Ass that all the wrangling is over a non-binding resolution. He then went on to Jay Rockefeller blasting Cheney, and in response to Olby's hope that the surge could be stopped noted that Hillary wants to cut off funding for Iraq's "mickey-mouse government". Great thanks.


    In The Great Leak Case, Oralmann claimed that the trial is all about Cheney's credibility and that the Veep had previously said "he had virtually no knowledge about Wilson at all". To "prove" this he played a clip where Cheney says he has no idea who hired Joe Wilson. Um, non-sequitur much? Slippery Shuster gave one of his typically unreliable summaries of the day's testimony, the kind where he rattles off the prosecution's case but ignores the points made on cross-examintion. At Olby's urging, Slippery opined that after today Libby's defense is dead. Since this comes from David "Karl Rove will be indicted" Shuster, the Libby attorneys will be popping champagne corks tonight. Great thanks.

    Next: how much trouble is Cheney in? He's in trouble? Well, on OlbyPlanet anyhow. Joe Biden doesn't like him [clip]. Richard McCain doesn't like him [onscreen quote]. KO wanted to get DeFrank to agree that the Veep might resign, but the newshawk called that "totally far-fetched".

    Stop the tivo! It wasn't that long ago that the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann was flogging a story that Cheney would resign sometime in 2007. Here he is, raising the same subject. Only this time, he was careful to avoid any mention of his original source, the "right-wing slime rag" that only "mongrels" would use as a source: Insight Magazine. Har. Great thanks.

    A Time poll shows Hillary leading all Dems, but losing narrowly to Rudy. Cillizza opined about Hillary's numbers: there's room for growth. Obama: as he becomes better known, he'll improve but his negatives will rise. KO asked if Giuliani's numbers will drop as the "mayor's ex-wives start hammering him in public". (That would be almost as bad as some slovenly political hack's ex-girlfriends ratting on his pathetic behavior.) Great thanks.

    #2: A sky-diving murder (regurgitated NBC reportage), Nicole Kidman, Isaiah Washington, Tara Conner on the Today show (plug) and the Tonight show (plug). #1: Another American Idol analysis. In the Media Matters Minute, a radio station was slammed because a prize winner, who was an illegal alien, threatened to sue them and they in turn threated to inform on her to ICE. Reporting a crime: the latest bizarre qualification to be a "worst person". Plus Melanie Morgan (conservative; Blue Blog Source: Media Matters), and "Fatso" (Olbersaurus) "comedian Rush Limbaugh" (conservative; Blue Blog Source: Media Matters), whom Olby claimed was a KKK-style bigot.


    Quiescent canines: There's a danger when you get your Great Leak Case news from the team of Fat Ass and Slippery. The danger is that they will just leave out anything that doesn't fit the nighly talking points agenda. You will recall how yesterday they failed to mention a key moment in the cross examination of a witness. And there are more non-barking dogs in the Keith's koverage. Joe Wilson tried to give the impression he was sent at the request of the Vice-President, or the Vice-President's office, on his little mission, and repeatedly insisted his wife had nothing to do with it. Yet the AP reports that now we have sworn testimony that his trip was in fact "the brainchild of Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame". Why do you suppose the discredited sports guy refuses to report this? Could it be because he's afraid it makes the sainted Mr Wilson look a little bit disingenous? Ya think? Then there are the calls for Sandy Berger to complete the terms of his plea agreement and take a polygraph test, but the media (especially Herr Olbermann) avoid the story. Olby's still ignoring this SotU poll. We're still waiting for KO to apologize for lying about Simon Cowell, and to explain why he is entitled to report stories from Insight magazine, even reviving the meme of one of them again tonight, but when someone at Fox does it they become "worst person". And in the ongoing scrutiny of Naked Right-Wing Propaganda Masquerading as Entertainment, an episode of Alias involving a terrorist threat ran this morning. Keith Olbermann did not object. Alias is not on Fox.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name sunk even further to #7,855 at, while "Culture Warrior" rose to #136. The OlbyTome is #2,579 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #189 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. On Wednesday Olbermann once again was creamed by his Factor nemesis, though KO did eke out a distant second-place finish in viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

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    Levin on Olbermann - Part III

    Constitutional attorney and talk show host Mark Levin once again has commented on the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. And as your one-stop source for all things Olby, we are happy to bring you this brief mp3 audio clip for your listening pleasure:

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    January 24, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • RESOLUTION TO OPPOSE THE BUSH WAR PLAN: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor
    • SCOOTER LIBBY TRIAL: Thomas DeFrank, NY Daily News Washington bureau chief
    • TOM CRUISE AND SCIENTOLOGY: Michael Musto, Village Voice columnist

    As our favorite carnival barker spat out his traditional patter, he touched on all the proper spin points: the "escalation" (DNC spin-term for sending in reinforcements, with the added bonus that it has VietNam resonance), lawmakers opposing the surge, The Great Leak Case, Kerry bows out, Hillary, and--glory be!--Cruise News!

    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann led off with "Mister" Bush and Capitol Hill Republicans: the honeymoon "could be over". Only one Republican supported the anti-surge resolution, and that Republican was rewarded with a lengthy clip. Was he the only one who spoke? Silly rabbit, of course not. All of the rest of the Republicans disagreed with him, but how many of them got clips from Edward R Olbermann? You guessed it: zero. The most biased hour in television news.

    So to balance that out, Oralmann brought in Sen James Webb (D). Another Democrat?!? The List is updated anew. He got Great Thanks before he even said a word! Olby complained about the phrasing on the "nine-binding resolution" because they didn't use the "escalation" spin-term, and insisted that Congress has an "obligation" to stop the reinforcements at any cost. KO asked "is it fair to say" (a giveaway phrase that means another sloppy softball is coming) that this is just an "attention-getter" and more action is to come. Webb of course agreed. That's the reason he's there. Hammering home "escalation" about fifty dozen more times, Fat Ass finally ceased his fawning chatfest

    Olbermoronn then asked The Wolffe Man whose speech had more impact, Bush's or Webb's? There is, of course, one way to gauge this, but somehow "Man on Fan" Olbermann didn't mention it. (See hounds, below.) Wolffie of course said Webb was more effective, Edward R Olbermann referenced "the proverbial [Ding!] sound of one hand clapping", and wondered if the silence "was not deafening enough". (Ace wordsmith Monkeymann leaves no cliche unturned.) Chuck Hagel's words of opposition to the surge "will go down in history". KO claimed "the people" don't want bipartisanship on Iraq, and naturally The Wolffe Man whimpered his agreement. Great thanks.


    In a classic moment, Keith managed to say that the "Scooter Libbery trial" has brought claims of "destruction of evidence". Oops, could this be Another Olbermann Lie? Looks like. Olby waxed poetic about the importance of The Great Leak Case, because regardless of the "guilt or innocent of" Libby, its priceless gift is its "unprecessedented revelations about how Mister Cheney operaish". Slippery Shuster's rundown of the day's doings was extraordinary, because it was a recitation of prosecution testimony as if it were fact, with nothing about the cross-examination that tattered a high State Department Official. The guy was caught making the exact same error (forgetting what he told people, getting the chronology wrong) that Libby is being charged with doing on purpose! Any knowledgeable trial attorney will tell you that this is a key moment for any witness's credibility, but it should be no surprise that the quintuply-discredited Shuster left it out, while letting Olby's lie about "destruction of evidence" stand. After all, he did doctor that tape for Herr Olbermann.

    After oddball, John Kerry is still not running for President, followed by the rest of Keith's blue-dress interview with Madame Hillary. And another update to The List. (It gets more incriminating with each update.) KO bragged about his ratings, once again using unpublished data in a special demographic about an hour of post-primetime coverage. And people wonder why we post the true ratings numbers every night. Then an attack on a Congresswoman (R) who hugged the President (Blue Blog Source: Crooks and Liars), Britney Spears, K-Fed, Anna Nicole Smith. The #1 story was Cruise News with the creepy Michael Musto, and we apologize to our readers: we could not take another minute of Fat Ass Olbermann, particularly when he's engaged in another painful exercise in mutual onanism with the Village Voice Idiot.

    In the Media Matters Minute, five conservatives and Fox people, including Steve Doocy, were attacked for theorizing that Hillary's announcement video may have been pre-taped because of the green foliage in the background (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters). Juan Williams was cited because he said, on Fox, that the statement was taped in DC, not NY. But what is Mr Merkle not telling us this time? Doocy raised the foliage question to Juan Williams and asked him about it, prompting the explanation. And so he gets made "worst person" because he asked a question which elicited the answer that Keith uses to call him a "worst person"? If you think Pan's Labyrinth is convoluted, just try to make sense out of that gem of OlbyLogic.


    Hushed hounds: Keith wanted to know about the impact of the SotU speech. Funny, the poll-happy propagandist very carefully avoided any mention of this poll. Could it be because he doesn't like the results? Ya think? In other news: The stock market hits another historic high. Hundreds of illegal aliens arrested. North Korea is helping Iran with Nuke tests, and Iran confirms it has received technology from Russia. Another US strike against Al Qaeda in Somalia. None of this is news on OlbyPlanet. We're still waiting for KO to apologize for smearing Simon Cowell, and to explain why he is entitled to report stories from Insight magazine, but when someone at Fox does it they become "worst person". And in the ongoing scrutiny of Naked Right-Wing Propaganda Masquerading as Entertainment, last night's episode of NCIS found the team disrupting a terrorist attack in the DC area, but Oralmann did not devote an entire segment to bashing them. NCIS is not on Fox


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name slipped further to #4,596 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #194. The OlbyTome is #2,464 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #115 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. Tuesday's SotU coverage found Fox creaming A-Mess-NBC, while the Hour of Spin again found Herr Olbermann in third place, though he did eke out a second-place finish in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

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    Olbermann Watch Founder with Neil Cavuto

    Robert Cox, founder and managing editor of Olbermann Watch, as well as founder and head of the Media Bloggers Association, will appear today on Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox News Channel. Mr Cox will discuss the role of the internet in partisan politics, with a particular focus on its use by Presidential candidates. Your World airs at 4:00 pm Eastern, and is repeated the next morning at 5:00 am Eastern.

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    January 23, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • SCOTTER LIBBY TRIAL: Howard Fineman, Newsweek senior Washington correspondent
    • IRAN: Rajiv Chandrasekaran, fmr. Washington Post Baghdad bureau chief and author of "Imperial Life in the Emerald City"

    Keith bellowed in the opening spiel that the SotU speech has been "overshadowed" by The Great Leak Case. Yeah, America can't stop talking about it. Everything is Cheney's fault. Plus Hillary Clinton's "first interview" since launching her committee, and...oh yeah...the State of the Union which maybe this year will have "intentional" jokes. The Hour of Spin lives up to its nickname once again.


    The lead story was The Great Leak Case. Ah, it's like the good old days once again on OlbyPlanet. Fitzgerald "alleging" that Cheney was somehow involved; Libby's attorneys "attempting to paint" Libby as innocent. And of course, that means Slippery Shuster is on the scene. He gave a detailed rundown of the most salacious portions from Fitzgerald's opening statement, and Krazy Keith suggested that all this being made public the day of the SotU address was "fortuitous". KO noted that "they threw Libby under the bus" [Bingo!]. Great thanks.

    Then we got a repeat of an Olbermann Lie; an oldie, but a goodie:

    Those 16 words in which "Mister" Bush had claimed in 2003's address that Iraq had tried to secure weapon-grade from Niger ultimately proving to be false.


    For those who tuned in late, "Mister" Bush never mentioned Niger in that SotU, and never claimed anything other than what British intelligence reported. But Olbermann is only a stickler for accuracy when he wants to be, and tonight he didn't want to be. This was a precursor to Herr Olbermann's claim that Iran wasn't really involved in Iraq as the eeevil Bush claims. When Howard Fineman came on, Oralmann amplified his lie, now stating that "Mister" Bush stated that Iraq "had obtained uranium from Niger". Olbermann lies are like a screensaver: they constantly change, but they hide the real truth. The Pundit for All Occasions harped on "credibility" as KO came up with one example after another of Rule #1 (it's bad for Bush): Dick Cheney will be sitting behind him, the Libby trial is going on, he's trying to do a "U-turn" to domestic issues, yada yada yada. Great thanks.

    Next came "Lying in State", the Fat Ass rundown of "lies" from previous Bush SotU speeches (Blue Blog Source: Daily Kos). Since Oralmann lied twice about what Bush said in just the first segment, why should anyone believe any of this propaganda? And when he said that Gen Shinseki asked for more troops and then was "ousted", making this the third Olbermann lie of the night, we quit counting.

    Then the Big Interview with Hillary. It was another hard-hitting, brilliantly incisive job of questioning from "Man on Fan" Olbermann:

    • What, if anything, could the president of the United States say during the State of the Union tonight that would cause you to stand up and applaud and cheer?
    • Do you think he has grasped the actual nature of bipartisanship? To this point is there evidence to that that is the case?
    • You mentioned health care, an issue likely to come up in the speech. The early indications about that are that it would -- whatever would be provided for people would be taken out of hospital budgets -- out of public hospital budgets. That can't sit well with you?
    • If you were president, as opposed to January, 2009, what would you do as we finish this interview about Iraq?
    • Would you reach out immediately to the Syrians and the Iranians even with the tensions between this country and Iraq?
    • Richard Clarke said on this newscast last night that the administration -- current administration has operated without any intelligence for the last few years. I thought it was quite a double entendre on this subject, especially.
    • How would you answer people who've approached this and say, I could not possibly vote for anyone who, no matter how misled they might have been, no matter how misled the country might have been, voted in any way to authorize what has happened in Iraq? How would you answer them?
    • The president was hard-pressed to find in a period of four years anything that he viewed as a mistake in his presidency. Would you apply the word mistake to your vote to authorize the war in Iraq?
    • So how can you, and Senator Obama, and Senator Edwards and Governor Vilsack, and Governor Richardson, and everybody else who is considering, or has considered, or will run for the Democratic nomination, maintain and survive a campaign of that length, to say nothing of the American people? How do we do this?
    • What, if you could pick and could only show to the voters one element of your resume, would you say, "This is it, this why"?
    • But having spent eight years in the White House under the conditions in which you and your husband spent them, that's a reason to want to go back to the White House?
    • What role will the former president play in your campaign between now and January, 2009?
    • Would he be in the administration?
    • Are you sort of setting up on your own using the technology and really trying to get unfiltered even by the people who think they are unfiltered on the net?
    • What, in your opinion, is, as of right now, the State of the Union?
    • Senator, our greatest thanks for your time.

    Oh, that's right, we have to update The List. Done.

    In the Media Matters Minute, John Gibson (who works at--of all places--Fox!) was "worst person" for daring to defend something that Fat Ass himself has done repeatedly: report a story from Insight magazine (Blue Blog Source: TVNewser). After Olbermoronn repeated his Niger lie again, Matthews joined Olby for SotU coverage, and that's when we bowed out. Anything to avoid having to suffer through more of the slovenly political hack, even if he is sharing time with Chrissy.


    Since this was SotU night, we'll give the infamous, deplorable one a pass on non-barking dogs. Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name is down to #5,550 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #163. The OlbyTome is #2,490 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #562 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. Monday's Hour of Spin, the one that brought us one of Krazy Keith's most outrageous examples of Olbypocrisy, found the discredited sports guy in third place, losing even to Paula Zahn, though he did eke out a second-place finish in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 9 [SEVERE]

    UPDATE: Newsbusters caught Keith in an embarrassing blunder tonight. And they put even more flesh on the bones of the rank Olbypocrisy first reported by Olbermann Watch. Good work, Busters.

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    January 22, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PRESIDENT BUSH'S IRAQ PLAN: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek
    • NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE ESTIMATE: Richard Clarke, author of "Breakpoint" and fmr. presidential advisor

    Tonight we break from our usual format, because the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann has done it again. If we had an Olbypocrisy Meter, it would have to go to 11 to register his latest outrage. It's so egregious that it absolutely has to lead this report on tonight's Hour of Spin.


    In the Media Matters Minute tonight, first Olby attacked Bill Kristol (conservative, Fox; Blue Blog Source: The Huffington Post). But he saved his most poisonous venom for Insight magazine, and the outlets (like "Fox Nothing Channel") that picked up their Obama/Madrassa story (one that they still stand by). Fat Ass whined that Insight reported using "unnamed" sources (a la Bob Woodward), and that because Obama and Clinton both denied the story, therefore it was a "lie" spread by the "right-wing slime machine". Of course the real point was not whether Barack was actually a student at a Madrassa, but that the Clinton campaign was leaking the story to damage him.

    Now why is this the height of Olbypocrisy? Very simply because Olbermann himself has considered Insight a reliable source time after time after time. Stories from Insight, based on unnamed sources, have been reported uncritically by Olbermann as fact. We're not making this up. Insight has been a Monkeymann source on at least four occasions--as long as the stories are anti-Bush, or anti-Rove, or anti-Condi, or in any way anti-GOP. We ask Keith Olbermann to make a public explanation of why he is entitled to report stories from Insight, but Fox is not. And why he should not be named "worst person in the world" for doing the same thing that Fox and the NY Post did.

    With that out of the way, we'll rewind to the top of the hour. It began with President Bush being "thrown under the proverbial bus". Sheesh! Does every hoary old cliche used by Herr Olbermann have to be (wrongly) called "proverbial"? Multiple clips and quotes from lawmakers who oppose sending reinforcements. Zero clips or quotes from lawmakers who support the surge. On Countdown you get the full gamut of opinion: everything from A to B. Olby bellowed (Webb's response to the SotU address will be the "strongest" ever!). The Wolffe Man whimpered. Great thanks.

    #4 dealt with the Hillary announcement and the 2008 Presidential field. Recycled video of Hillary on NBC led into a chat with lefty Jonathan Alter, who seemed to like all the Dem candidates. KO's questioning was remarkably sane, at least by the standards of OlbyPlanet. For a little perspective on this, how much coverage did Monkeymann give John McCain when he announced his exploratory committee on November 13, or Giuliani? Answer: one sentence apiece. And how much coverage did he give Mitt Romney when he formed his exploratory committee on Jan 3? Answer: none. Oh, and Madame Clinton will be on Tuesday's Hour of Spin for a hard-hitting OlbyInterview. You know, just like McCain and Romney and Giuliani were. Not!

    After another thrilling edition of oddball, the National Intelligence Estimate was on the plate: why is Bush daring to send in troop reinforcements before the NIE is released? (Blue Blog Source: Olby asked Clarke if "Mister" Bush is playing politics; Dick said there are professionals behind the report. Then the latest Krazy Keith Konspiracy: the ABC News report about Iraqi Al Qaeda planning attacks in the US is just more propaganda timed to scare the American people before the SotU, a theory he first floated with the Wolffe Man. Clarke vouched for the story top to bottom, and you could hear Fat Ass grumbling and moaning as he did so.

    #2: The SNL spoof of Hillary Clinton, and a "parody" of the new promos being run by what KO calls the "Fox Nothing Channel". (He's confusing it there with A-Mess-NBC, at least when it comes to ratings.) Plus James Brown, Sharon Stone, and the eeevil American Idol--again!


    Dogs that did not bark: Oralmann's continued protection of his friends in Iran is stunning. A top Iranian cleric attacks Ahmadinejad. Iran conducts missile tests, and bars 38 UN nuclear inspectors. As usual on The Hour of Spin, stories that don't reflect well on Iran get spiked. Iraq's Prime Minister ceases protection of Al-Sadr's militia. Hugo Chavez tells the US to go to Hell, with plans to give himself the authority to make laws "by decree". And thousands marched in Washington against abortion. None of this is news on OlbyPlanet. Of course, the big dog that did not bark is Monkeymann's failure to apologize to Simon Cowell for using a doctored tape to smear him with a lie. And in the ongoing scrutiny of Naked Right-Wing Propaganda Masquerading as Entertainment, the discredited sports guy forgot to bash Numb3rs, whose Saturday night episode dealt with counter-terrorism. Numb3rs is not on Fox.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name is #3,489 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #141. The OlbyTome is #2,529 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #322 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. On Friday, Herr Olbermann got whomped again by Bill O'Reilly, but managed to pull out a distant second-place finish, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 4 [GUARDED]

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    January 21, 2007
    Journalists Respond to Olby Attack on Jack Bauer

    The News Watch panel took on criticisms by Keith Olbermann and others claiming 24 is "right-wing propaganda". You can view a QuickTime video of the segment here.

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    January 19, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PRESIDENT BUSH: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek
    • Bill O'Reilly VS. Stephen Colbert: Seth MacFarlane, voice of "Stewie" on "Family Guy"

    The Hour of Spin lived up to its name tonight, as Krazy Keith carefully left out half of a story to deliberately deceive his credulous viewers. Olbermann spat out the introductory patter in his best carnival barker style: the President is making US troops "human shields", according to Pelosi; China's space shot; another O'Reilly attack; a pregnant chimpanzee with no apparent father ("and no, it's not immaculate conception"); and O'Reilly ("the fraud") vs the satirizer. At this point it is incumbent on us to note that Rev Olbermann's reference to the Immaculate Conception is, like most of his references, ignorant and wrong. The concept refers to the fact that Mary was without sin, not to her divine impregnation. But stupidity will be the least of Olby's crimes on this Hour of Spin.


    China destroyed one of its own space satellites, because "Mister" Bush didn't jump for an agreement that would ban such tests. But first, Pelosi's charge, that "Mister" Bush timed the surge announcement in such a way that it would make it difficult for the Dems to cut off funds for it. It was enthusiastically embraced by Krazy Keith.

    All right, stop the tivo! Just what is Keith not telling us this time? Oh, possibly the fact that he's so enamored with Madame Pelosi's dramatic charge that he didn't want viewers to know that she took it back? When asked about her GMA comments and whether she was accusing the President of timing the surge to affect political decisions on funding, she replied:

    No, I don't think the President would do that.... I don't think the President is acting for political reasons at all.

    OK, class. Why did Keith leave out the second half of this story? Why did KO not tell us that Pelosi backtracked and pretty much retracted her earlier words? Because he runs the most biased hour of news on television. But we digress. The Wolffe Man crept onto the stage to parrot OlbySpin. Isn't our foreign policy "unilateral" and "disastrous"? Oh yes, Keith. Isn't the new poll from Fox proof that Americans dislike "Mister" Bush? Oh yes, Keith. (Odd how he picked that number out of the poll, but not the one noted below in "hounds".) Didn't his last speech go over "like the proverbial lead balloon"? (Ahem. Attn Edward R Murrow of our time. There is no "proverbial" lead balloon, because there is no proverb about lead balloons. "Lead balloon" is not proverbial. It is cliched. Like everything else about The Hour of Spin.) Great thanks, of course.

    On to the Chinese satellite shot, which Olby wants to control with an unverifiable treaty--after all, the one with North Korea worked so well. Joe Cirincione, from the lefty Center for American Progress, was guest "expert". He blamed the administration for the test, because the eeevil Bush wants to "militarize" space and that scared the innocent Chinese. Besides, it's the military industrial complex, don'tcha know. You know he got Great Thanks.


    After we've been hectoring Olbermann all week about ignoring the trial in The Great Leak Case, tonight he bowed to our pressure and brought in Slippery Shuster. At Olby's urging, he focused on a potential juror from Lockheed Martin who happened to agree with the Iraq war, and another who called Cheney a "professional politician". Of course, since Slippery is quadruple-discredited, anything he says must be taken with a grain of salt. And no, that's not the "proverbial" grain of salt. It's just the Olby-style-cliched grain of salt. Great thanks.

    Fat Ass launched O'Reilly attack #143 with a new twist: instead of just lying about Mr Bill, or smearing him, or calling him names, or cherry-picking phrases out of context, he wants the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to disinvite him from speaking there. You know, like Universities disinvite eeevil conservatives from being allowed to be heard. Of course, O'Reilly does more in one week on behalf of tough law enforcement for predators than Monkeymann has in his entire low-rated career. KO ran the same excerpt from the first day of coverage that he quoted from before, and then led into regurgitated video of the victim's family from this morning's Today Show.

    Stop the tivo again! We were under the impression that Countdown was above this sort of exploitation for ratings. We heard the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann say on the radio today that he didn't want to run this interview. But those pesky producers. Somehow they just made him do it. It's the best of both worlds for Mr Merkle. He's above running the interview, but his damn bosses forced him to do it for ratings. Such is the hypocrisy of Keith "I answer to no one" Olbermann.

    #2: The miracle pregnant chimp with no apparent father (again, KO ignorantly references the Immaculate Conception), with more recycled video from NBC. Plus Robert Redford (who attacked Bush--when did an actor who praised Bush ever get such notice on Countdown?) and Lindsay Lohan. In the Media Matters Minute, the "worst person" was...Rich Little. Say what? Yes, he plans to do humor at the Washington Correspondents' Dinner without attacking Bush or the Iraq war. And such humor is outlawed on OlbyPlanet. (Blue Blog Source: Daily Kos.)

    Then the big "analysis" of O'Reilly vs Colbert, in actuality attack #144. If Olby and his sock puppet are to be believed, Colbert was funny, O'Reilly was too dumb to know Colbert was making fun of him, he didn't get off a single joke. But McFarlane did: he said Bush is "retarded". That made the discredited sports guy laugh. He probably finds pulling wings off flies a hilarious pastime as well.


    Hushed hounds: Of course, the big dog here is Monkeymann's failure to apologize to Simon Cowell for using a doctored tape to smear him with a lie. Olbermoronn loves to cite stories from Insight Magazine--as long as they are anti-Bush, or anti-Rove, or anti-Condi, or in any way anti-GOP. But when they make news with a story about Barack Obama's background, and the Clinton campaign is implicated, Fat Ass suddenly pretends like the magazine doesn't even exist. How about that? The capture of a top Al Sadr lieutenant? The fact that Al Sadr himself is feeling the pressure? Hate speech from an Imam? North Korea rips off tens of millions of dollars in UN funds? How about John Edwards's secretive land deal? None of these is considered news on OlbyPlanet. Just like the fact that the Fox poll KO picked one number out of also shows public support for the surge is now double what it was when Olby was trumpeting that it was only 17%. And in the ongoing scrutiny of Naked Right-Wing Propaganda Masquerading as Entertainment, somehow the discredited sports guy didn't devote an entire segment to demonizing Law and Order. An episode that ran earlier today dealt with an anthrax threat. But then, Law and Order is not on Fox.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name is #4,102 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #107. The OlbyTome is #2,742 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #75 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. On Thursday, Herr Olbermann just got whomped by Bill O'Reilly (who had nearly 3 million viewers). With all the competition eclipsed by Mr Bill's stellar ratings, Krazy Keith managed to pull out a distant, way distant, second-place finish, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 6 [ELEVATED]

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    January 18, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IRAQI PRIME MINISTER AL-MALIKI VS. PRESIDENT BUSH: Dana Milbank, Washington Post; Gen. Barry McCaffrey, U.S. Army (ret.)
    • FMR. SEN. GEORGE MCGOVERN ON IRAQ: Fmr. Sen. George McGovern (D-S.D.)
    • IS "AMERICAN IDOL" TOO MEAN?: Maria Milito, Q104.3 midday host

    Herr Olbermann was on his high horse as soon as he barked the opening spiel: Maliki smacks down Condi, George McGovern has a solution for Iraq, the Missouri kidnappings, another O'Reilly attack (why does he "still have a job?"), and the grand, overwhelming eeevil of American Idol. But the best was yet to come, as an Olby guest catches him pulling stuff out of his rearward orafice, and The Future of Television News stoops to doctoring a clip in order to lie about Simon Cowell. Man, you just don't get this stuff on reputable programs.


    Krazy Keith was all over Maliki's comments, giving "context" with a heavily snipped quote from Condi, and running the usual clips of Tony Snow being hectored by the MSM, in particular the tonsorially-enhanced David Gregory. Dana Milbank, sans gaudy garb, says the Bush plan is dead anyhow, so this is just more headaches for the Prez.

    After some grousing about the Attorney General, and more complaints that Bill O'Reilly should be fired, it was on to Gen Barry McCaffrey, a surge opponent. Monkeymann rattled off four generals who were against sending reinforcements, and the gullible viewers might have swallowed that had the General not pointed out that one of those four actually supports the plan. Yes, A-Mess-NBC's own expert catches Keith making up facts, live, on national television. One of the very small pleasures of having to sit through The Hour of Spin.

    But there was more. When the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann brought up one of his favorite schemes, manipulating the funding to keep the surge from happening, the good General shot that down too: a "bad idea, it's probably not constitutional, it would be deeply resented by the armed forces". Word! Guess what the General didn't get? Great thanks.

    The topic stayed on Iraq as KO resuscitated George McGovern, the failed Democrat Presidential candidate. Another Dem interviewed on Countdown? Stop the presses! Time to update The List, a stunning documentation of why this is the most biased hour of news on television. George immediately slobbered all over Krazy Keith, praising him for his "common sense", and promoted his book plan to withdraw every single American in the next six months. Oddly, neither ace journalist Edward R Olbermann, nor the rejected candidate, bothered to explore what would happen to Iraq should George's plan be adopted. TMI. Instead, McGovern came up with a startling new insight all his own: Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. Great thanks.

    O'Reilly attack #142 began with Olby, naturally, twisting what Bill said (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters) about the Hornbeck kidnapping, taking a sentence out of context and ignoring everything else. Standard practice at The Hour of Spin, as is describing O'Reilly's "perversity" (pretty bold talk for "Man on Fan" Olbermann) and again calling for him to be fired. Well, that would be one way to stop losing to The Factor by anywhere from 3-1 to 9-1 night after night after night. The actual reportage on the kidnapping was recycled from NBC. Then a typical Countdown segue directly into Britney Spears, Buddy Holly, and Art Buchwald.

    The #1 story was the Breaking News that American Idol judges can be mean. They've been mean for how many seasons now? Five? Six? Oh wait, isn't American Idol on Fox? Oh, OK. While whining about the "cruelty" of the program, Fat Ass Olbermann played a clip, where Simon told a shrieking singer, "Why don't you get a job down in the port?" Outraged, Olby bellowed, "Did she have to be told that she should go prostitute herself?" His "expert" guest had no clue, but in fact, this is just another small example of how Olbermann lies to his viewers. After Cowell made that statement, Randy asked him what he meant. Simon replied she could get work as a foghorn. Guess what? Edward R Olbermann cut the clip to take that part out, so he could pontificate without having to worry about his diatribe being reality-based. What a tool.

    The Media Matters Minute was the usual assemblage of stuff filched from far-left, highly partisan websites. John Gibson (Fox slot) defending 24 (Blue Blog Source: TVNewser)--that really makes him a "worst person" contender, doesn't it? Bo Dietl (conservative) was "worser" (Blue Blog Source: the 9/11 conspiracy site PrisonPlanet), and "worst" was "Mister" Bush's Republican administration (Blue Blog Source: Think Progress). Surprise, all three slots filled!


    Muted mongrels: Herr Olbermann loves to lift stuff from the New York Times. Yet today the paper reported some news that Olbermoronn completely spiked. Why was that? Could it be because it dealt with Iraq cracking down on Shiite militias, with some 400 arrests, and Olby doesn't want to report any kind of progress in Iraq? Ya think? He was so eager to spike this news that when he ran a clip of Tony Snow, he cut it off just at the point when Snow mentioned all this! Classic. The discredited sports guy pounded horrible poll numbers re the surge: only 17% support sending more troops to Iraq. But these numbers only get reported when they move in Olbermann's direction, and now that the latest poll says that support for sending reinforcements has more than doubled, it doesn't get reported on The Hour of Spin. Meanwhile, just as Krazy Keith covered for Sylvestre Reyes's unforgivable ignorance about the war on terror, he has pointedly avoided reporting how Reyes, like many other Dems, was for a troop surge before he was against it. And what about The Great Leak Case? Is Slippery Shuster still waiting outside the courthouse for that Karl Rove indictment? It's coming! Any day now!


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name has gurgled all the way down to #12,997 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #124. The OlbyTome is #2,665 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #222 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. Wednesday's cable news numbers were down, thanks to the eeevil American Idol, and KO just barely edged out Paula Zahn for a close second-place finish, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 4 [GUARDED]

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    January 17, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IRAQ; THE SENATE; SEN. HILLARY CLINTON (D-N.Y.): Howard Fineman, Newsweek and MSNBC political analyst
    • WHAT IS THE WHITE HOUSE DOING TO FEDERAL PROSECUTORS?: Jonathan Turley, George Washington University law professor and constitutional law expert

    Keith was spoilin' for a fight as he bellowed the opening spiel: Congress to propose pass resolutions (non-binding), a troop limit, and who will be the saviour: Hillary or Obama? Eeevil Bush is replacing federal prosecutors according to the law. "Domestic spying." Girls gone wild. James Brown. What, no segment on the far-right propaganda that suffuses Grease: You're the One That I Want?


    The Hour of Spin proper began with Olby decrying a head of state who refuses to act in accordance with "elected lawmakers" or the most recent vote. On OlbyPlanet, you don't need a President. Just conduct a poll and there's your policy. Adoration of Chuckie Hagel, since he joined with Dems to oppose the troop surge escalation. A general says the plan has a 50/50 chance of success. Well that's better than it got from the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann who before it was even announced decreed it would fail. Clips of lawmakers against the surge: Hagel, Biden, Clinton. Olby tossed in a "wonderfully" to describe Hillary's comments. Clips of lawmakers supporting the surge: [sound of crickets]. Another reason why The Hour of Spin is the most biased hour of "news" on television.

    Olby asked the Pundit for All Occasions if non-binding resolutions can have any effect; Howie whined that the President "ignored the advice of Congress" and the "mid-term elections". Does that sound familiar? Yes, it is near-perfect parrotting of the OlbySpin that began the hour. Keith was worried that the Senate bill might be filibustered, and Fineman thought that might work. But KO brightened up because, see, the Dems really do have a plan for Iraq. Or two, or three, or four. Great thanks.

    Then it was time to give some free PR to Hillary and Obama--that is, beyond the glorification they got in the first segment. Are they really electable? For that Monkeymann turned to Craig Crawford, aka Olbermann's Brain. He had a convoluted electoral analysis that boiled down to: if you get enough electoral votes, you win. KO tried to take any issue of experience off the table with both his approved candidates, suggesting it was "just a front for qualms about race or gender". It's a "code word". Brain, of course, chortled his agreement. He knows better than to do otherwise. Citizen Keith warned the Dems that they had better not nominate someone who appeals to red states because Brain has the math all worked out. So there.

    After oddball and an attack on Fox and O'Reilly, came another episode of Olby and the Perfessor, this time about "Mister" Bush and his federal prosecutors. This "controversy" naturally emenates from a Blue Blog Source (Talking Points Memo). Apparently some prosecutors have resigned, and the real reason has to be not what the Department of Justice says, but rather what Fat Ass and his Kingsfield insist: payback for prosecuting politicians. What's more, they're using an outrageous method to fill the vacancies: they're following the law!

    The "purge" of prosecutors is "frightening", according to Citizen Keith. They're "circumventing" the Congress, claimed The Perfessor, because they're following a law passed by Congress. Then The Perfessor went off on his usual tear: habeas corpus, they're acting "outside the rule of law", "violating the constitution". Edward R Olbermann wants Gonzalez impeached. Yada yada yada. You've heard it all before. Great thanks.

    The girl-fight caught on video (regurgitated from a local NBC station), student tasered, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan (KO avoided calling her mother a "bag" this time around), O.J., and James Brown, whose body lies not amouldering, in a room somewhere. "Man on Fan" Olbermann was really concerned about why his family doesn't just dig a hole and put him in it, so much so that it took up an entire program block. In the Media Matters Minute, the "worst person" was Dinesh DeSouza (conservative), for making a rather sophisticated argument:

    FDR gave away Eastern Europe through Yalta, and then the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, the Muslims had to fight back and that's where bin Laden got his start.

    To an anti-intellectual like Olbermoronn, of course, this is just high-browed, pointy-headed stuff; so he simplified the point to DeSouza "specifically blames" FDR for 9/11 (Blue Blog Source: Think Progress).


    Taciturn terriers: Whatever happened to The Great Leak Case? Is Slippery Shuster still waiting outside the courthouse for that Karl Rove indictment? It's coming! Any minute now! The stock market hit another historic high today, oil prices continue to decline, $2 a gallon gas could be on the horizon, but you won't hear any of that on Countdown. Nothing on the indictment of the guy who ran the UN's Oil for Food program. An American Imam's hate speech is never going to get coverage from Herr Olbermann. Just like the top Al Qaeda militant killed, or the calls to pardon border patrol agents who fired on a drug dealer. And in the ongoing scrutiny of Naked Right-Wing Propaganda Masquerading as Entertainment, somehow the discredited sports guy didn't get around to railing against NCIS. On their last episode, the team disrupted an terrorist plot to set off a massive explosion in the DC area. NCIS is not on Fox.


    Olbermann's book In the wake of his attack on Jack Bauer, the book that bears Olberman's name has sunk to #8,861 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #106. The OlbyTome is #2,714 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #94 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. The ratings for Tuesday have not yet been published, but you can take this to the bank: the discredited sports guy lost to his nemesis by orders of magnitude, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 3 [GUARDED]

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    January 16, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - January 16, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IRAQ: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek; Chris Cillizza,
    • "24" SETS OFF A nuclear BOMB: Robert Greenwald, producer and director of "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism."
    • DONALD TRUMP AND KEVIN FEDERLINE: Michael Musto, Village Voice

    Who knew when this hour began that Krazy Keith would ascend to new heights of casuistry, envy, and sheer hypocritical chutzpah? But we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Olby bellowed the opening spiel with Bush and Condi Rice, Barack Obama's announcement, and then--in a real stretch--why "24" isn't entertainment, it's propaganda designed to keep people scared and thinking about terrorism. Plus more on the kidnappings and Donald Trump.


    The Hour of Spin proper started out with Iraq, sectarian violence, and why the President's attempt to "sell" his policy is going "from bad to worse". We got bombings, Saudis, Condi Rice, and the Bush/Lehrer interview. Obama announces he will consider announcing. Fat Ass started out with lefty Alter by impartially stating how he is "speechless" at Bush's "bundle of disconnects" and "tone deafness". Alter was more incensed at Bush not raising taxes, spewing the exact line of talking points approved by the DNC. Olby was pleased that with Jim Webb giving the Dem response next week, his party would finally give a "passionate" response to the eeevil Bush. He also talked about Obama, but neither Fat Ass nor his Pinocchio explained what exactly about the guy makes him Presidential timber.

    In an elegant bit of OlbySpin, KO brought up a rumor about why Hillary had cancelled a press conference, denied by Hillary, and suggested that this shows how "Republican talking points" worm their way into news coverage. Um, what evidence is there that the rumor had anything to do with the GOP? Well, none. This, like the infamous Drudge leak from the White House (not!), is just Edward R Olbermann pulling stuff out of his usual repository. Even Alter didn't buy into this bit of tomfoolery. So why did Olby waste any time with it? Of course he didn't come up with this "controversy" on his own; he lifted it from a Blue Blog Source (Media Matters). And, in deference to Dan Abrams, Keith "I answer to nobody" Olbermann neatly left out that this rumor-mongering of a supposed "Republican talking point" finding its way into news coverage? It happened on A-Mess-NBC! What a tool.

    The next enemy in Monkeymann's sights was the eeevil tv show, "24". It must be eeevil, it's eating into the meager Hour of Spin ratings. He contrasted the reception the show gets to the reaction to Al Gore's movie. Attention Krazy Keith: Gore's film is supposed to be a documentary. "24" is fiction. It's not real. You know, like Sponge Bob. You should say to yourself it's just a show, you should really just relax.

    Olby's intro talked about using fear to scare people to vote the way they want (yeah, that Kiefer Sutherland is on Karl Rove's payroll), and KO took special note of the mushroom cloud, citing it as the administration's "imagery" for the Iraq War.


    All right, stop the tivo! Is Keith really this much of a nitwit, or is he dishonestly pretending this is something new? America was attacked by nukes on tv decades ago in The Day After. How about the recent movie The Sum of All Fears? More to the point, just last season a series ran called Jericho. On this program, multiple US cities were hit with terrorist nuclear attacks. You can see an image from this show to the right. Where was Citizen Keith with his moral outrage? How many times did he condemn this on The Hour of Spin? Here's a hint: Never! Of course, Jericho was on CBS. Could that be why the discredited sports guy ignored it, but is now blasting a show on Fox that affected his ratings? Ya think?

    From his stock company of repertory parrots, Olby chose Robert "Xanadu" Greenwald as his expert on quality entertainment. Hahahaaa! Immediately "Man on Fan" Olbermann described dramatizing terrorist incidents as a "fear tactic". Funny, he didn't complain about Sleeper Cell on Showtime. Could this be more Olbypocrisy? Ya think? Mr Xanadu launched into an attack on Fox News and "this administration". Not to be outdone, Olby said 24 is "naked brainwashing". Mr Xanadu complained that the show depicts torture as working, but it doesn't work (we won't even go into debunking this ancient Olbermann lie; just search for Brian Ross in the archives). KO launched into a diatribe about Sen Richard McCain, Sen John Cornyn, "comedian Rush Limbaugh", but neglected to attack huge fans of the show on the other side of the aisle, like Barbra Streisand. More Olbypocrisy? Ya think? Mr Xanadu whined about "blurring the fact with the fiction", but he was in the wrong venue for that complaint--Countdown does it every night.

    After such a zenith of farcical sophistry, everything else was anticlimactic. Oddball, the kidnappings (lengthy regurgitated video from the Today show), airport delays (more recycled NBC reportage), Naomi Campbell, Anna Nicole Smith, Brangelina. #1 was all about Donald Trump, with the creepy Michael Musto.

    In the Media Matters Minute, the White House Correspondents were slammed because they didn't pick someone "edgy" for entertainment at their annual dinner (Blue Blog Source: Daily Kos). The Department of Defense was "worst person" for an auction (Blue Blog Source: Think Progress).


    Quiescent canines: The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann made no mention of Russia delivering missiles to Iran. No point in Olby getting on the wrong side of his buddies. And of course, with oil prices continuing to fall, the stock market hit another all-time record high--everywhere except on OlbyPlanet. Then there's the story of Bevan Sevan, former head of the UN's Oil for Food program, who has been indicted in federal court. Censoring this story is a twofer for Herr Olbermann--he can cover up not just the crimes of Saddam but also UN corruption with just one spike. Just like the elevated terror alert in Russia. And still nothing, not even a snarky "worst person" nomination, for the speaker at the MLK service in Atlanta who compared the hanging of Saddam Hussein to the crucifixion of Christ.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name has dwindled to #5,856 at, but "Culture Warrior" is #101. The OlbyTome is #2,594 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #206 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. The ratings for Friday's Hour of Spin were yet another humiliation for the Orange Man. He finished in a dismal, embarrassing fourth place, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

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    January 15, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IRAQ: Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Washington Post
    • O.J. SIMPON

    The opening spiel found Krazy Keith in rare form: an unnamed source about why Bush is wrong, another story about why Bush is wrong, why Cheney is wrong, why the Bush administration is like Stalin and Hitler. Plus O.J. Simpson's book and American Idol.


    Tony Blair is against the surge. Oh, sorry, the "escalation". Clip from 60 Minutes interview (guess what clip? Right, "Mister" Bush admits mistakes!). Edward R Olbermann said 655,000 civilians have died in Iraq since the invasion, citing no source. "Mister" Bush is under fire from all sides, Cheney is even more stubborn. Olby cited Gen Casey to the effect that US troops are under US command, thereby making his hyperbolic outburst in the opening spiel ("under the command of an Iraqi general") just Another Olbermann Lie.

    Monkeymann suggested to Rajiv that our troops are being inserted into a civil war. "It's not encouraging." We're being played like a pawn, aren't we? "Maliki could well dig in his heels." Aren't we actually helping Iran? The Iraqis "really aren't on board" with our Iran policy. Great thanks.

    Next came another episode of Olby and The Perfessor, something about lawyers for the terrorists being the real victims because CEO's might not want to hire law firms who defend terrorists. The Perfessor immediately cried "intimidation" against the "troglodyte" in the administration who dared make that observation (never mind that pesky 1st Amendment, it can be so inconvenient on OlbyPlanet). This whole segment was another excursion into Olbysurrealism, where the right of corporations to refuse to hire law firms they don't like is no different than it has been for centuries, but never mind, this is the eeevil administration of "Mister" Bush taking away your rights. Or somebody's. You know, like habeas corpus.

    Next up were copious quotes and analysis of the leaked O.J. Simpson book chapter. Now wait, wasn't it not that long ago that Fat Ass was slamming the eeevil O'Reilly because Mr Bill wasn't denouncing the whole book project enough? That claim, of course, was just Another Olbermann Lie, but as soon as parts of the book are published, there's Monkeymann, reveling in every detail, complete with an interview guest. An entire segment! Need we point out this is another sterling example of Olbypocrisy at its finest?

    The kidnapped boys (regurgitated NBC video), Miss New Jersey, the internet box (this segment running immediately after Olby refers to Donald Trump's pageants as "tawdry"), and American Idol's Paula Abdul. In the Media Matters Minute, "comedian Rush Limbaugh" was attacked for speaking of the Barbara Bouncer matter (conservative slot; Blue Blog Source: Media Matters). Olby drew comparisons to earlier Laura Bush comments, and in doing so, indicted himself and verified what you read here first--Olbermann is a hypocrite. And "Fox & Fiends" (Fox slot) was attacked for daring to criticize NBC.


    Dogs that did not bark: The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann made no mention of a key Islamic militant arrested in Kenya. And for sure Herr Olbermann went out of his way not to mention the London terrorists' trial. Meanwhile, still not one word about the resignations from the Carter center. Nothing about the dramatic increase in recruiting for Iraqi police. And nothing, not even a snarky "worst person" nomination, for the speaker at the MLK service in Atlanta who analogized the hanging of Saddam Hussein to the crucifixion of Christ. Come to think of it, there was hardly any mention (maybe none?) of Martin Luther King. No time for that, of course. We need more coverage of Paula Abdul and the internet box!


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name rallied all the way up to #3,591 at, but "Culture Warrior" is #98. The OlbyTome is #2,660 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #246 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. The ratings for Friday's Hour of Spin are not available due to today being King Day, but we have no doubt that the discredited sports guy suffered another humiliating loss to the eeevil O'Reilly, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 8 [HIGH]

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    January 13, 2007
    Olbermann Unplugged!

    When you endure one of Keith Olbermann's Speshul Komments, the lighting, the B-roll, the scripted camera pivots, the carefully timed looks...all of these have been meticulously crafted by KO's writers and producers. Even the audio is tweaked for maximum demagogic effect. But what would Keith sound like without electronic assistance? On his radio show Friday, John Gibson was able to run the tape through special circuitry that stripped away the artificial enhancements to reveal for the first time the true sound of the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. It's Olbermann unplugged! We have an mp3 clip for your listening pleasure:

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    January 12, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PRESIDENT BUSH'S PLAN UNDER SCRUTINY: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek and MSNBC political analyst
    • CONGRESS VS. PRESIDENT BUSH: John Dean, author of "Conservatives Without Conscience" and columnist
    • SEN. JOE LIEBERMAN (D/I-CONN.): Arianna Huffington,

    It was Freaky Friday on The Hour of Spin. Herr Olbermann kicked things off with another dramatic reading of the carnival barker patter that opens each Countdown: It's a "constitutional crisis!" They're gonna mess with Iran! Is the Senate really in the hands of Joe Lieberthal? And the internet box singer. LIVE! EXCLUSIVE! ONLY ON A-MESS-NBC!


    Oh no--Bush isn't just "escalating" Iraq, he's gonna march into Tehran too! "Most Democrats and some Republicans" worried about that. But the clips from Peter Pace were quite specific about not going into Iran. So what to make of Keith's hyperbolic bellowing? Mere propaganda.

    After some adulation of Joe Biden (D) and the usual clips of press hectoring of Tony Snow, it was time for KO to conduct another session in the ongoing Olbermann Rehabilitation of Left-Wing Criminals Program. Felon Dean was asked if there was any way to stop the "escalation" [2]. In the short term "Snow is right", but in the long run, there will be more votes. Monkeymann kept pressing him on ways to block the money. He isn't even pretending to be a journalist any more. Olby: is it a "constitutional crisis" if Iran is drawn in? (See Peter Pace, above; Fat Ass doesn't even listen to his own clips.) The infamous, deplorable one kept coming up with bizarre scenarios about how the eeevil Bush is going to demolish Tehran (why is Olbermann so obsessively defensive of Iran?!?), but even the disbarred lawyer seemed amused at Olbermoronn's desperation. The felon got in a mention of "the neocons", and that made things right. Great thanks.

    Next came Flynt Leverett. Olby ID'd him as a former member of the Bush NSC, period. In fact, Our Man Flynt is an anti-Bush activist who left government service to campaign for John Kerry, and is a favorite of such far-left sites as Democracy Now. Now why do you suppose Edward R Olbermann left all that out? Flynt railed that Bush is raising a "causus belli", it's a "disasterous course", "devastating", while he promoted his own agenda for grand negotiations with Iran's dictator. That's our Olby: still worried about his buddies in Tehran. Oh, and of course, great thanks.

    KO sought to tell us the real dangers in "Mister" Bush's "escalation" [3]. The "grim details" were relegated to some recycled NBC reportage. Oddball followed, then Rev Olbermann turned to another burning issue: "Just what are Sen Joe Lieberman's intentions?" Well, the obvious way to get the answer to that is to ask Sen Joe Lieberman. But things are never that simple on OlbyPlanet, where actually talking with the Senator might just result in non-approved opinions leaking out to viewers too delicate to have their sensibilities offended by anything but OlbySpin. So instead we got yet another visit from sock puppet Zsa Zsa.

    The intro (complete with six "Misters" and two "escalations" [4,5]) attacked Joe Lieberthal for daring to agree with the eeevil John McCain (Olbermoronn's jihad against that war hero has been ongoing for some time now. The Huffer cackled that because Lieberman sides with McCain on sending reinforcements, "it's like having a guy who's crazy and feeling much more comfortable when there is somebody else there" and said their opinions are "delusional". (Note how this parrots KO's accusation that Sen Richard McCain has become delusional. We don't call The Huffer a sock puppet for nothing.) Zsa Zsa's explanation: "this is like having terminal cancer and saying but, you know, I'm losing wait". Wow. They're mentally ill, delusional, and they're like dying from cancer. How did our noble hero, who has spoken out so eloquently against hate speech, react? "Great thanks".

    #2: a missing child found (more regurgitated video from the network mothership), James Brown, Britney Spears, K-Fed. #1: Exclusive, live interview with the internet Box singer. In the Media Matters Minute, Olby attacked an arms control bureaucrat (R; Blue Blog Source: Think Progress) and Bill Kristol (conservative; Blue Blog Source: Media Matters). But the gem here was his attack on (Blue Blog Source: TVNewser). Their crime: they have a story about an MSNBC commentator stating that "Cheney always wants to kill." (Olby was careful not to tell viewers it was Chris Matthews who said it.) So why exactly was it wrong for foxnews to post it? Does Rev Olbermann defend that comment? Remember it was none other than Krazy Keith who claimed that you must "take your own network to the same degree of task" or else you have no "manhood". And yet, he refuses to do so. Could this be...Olbypocrisy?


    Muted mongrels: Surprise: not one word about Barbara Bouncer's controversial comments to Condi Rice. Too bad it wasn't Laura Bush talking. Again the stock market closed at historic highs, thanks to better-than-expected December sales figures. But on OlbyPlanet, only bad economic news is reported. Islamic terrorists were in possession of embassy blueprints. Yawn. 150 Taliban militants killed? Ho-hum. And still not a word about the resignations from the Carter center.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name, thanks to KO's latest Speshul Komment (a special condensed edition can be viewed here), has cratered at #10,106 at; Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" went up to #85. The OlbyTome is #2,755 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #760 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. All those emails, promotions, and hype-commercials for Olby's Speshul Komment had their effect on Thursday night's Hour of Spin. The Nielsen numbers reveal that the discredited sports guy ended up in an embarrassing, humiliating fourth place, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Hahahahaaa! Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 11 [DANGER!]

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    Olbypocrisy - Example CXVIII

    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann slants the news, censors stories that don't agree with his spin, keeps opposing views off his show, and makes up nonexistent facts out of thin air. None of this is news to the clear-headed readers of this site. The same can be said of the pervasive, rank hypocrisy that oozes from every pore of the discredited sports guy, as he has proven once again.


    Case in point: Laura Bush gave an interview to people magazine, and was asked about a possible Presidential run by Condoleeza Rice. The first lady doubted that Condi would run:

    probably because she is single, her parents are no longer living, she's an only child. You need a very supportive family and supportive friends to have this job.

    This was the opening Herr Olbermann needed to attack Laura Bush. On The Hour of Spin for Dec 15, that interview was one of the top stories of the day: it was in the opening spiel, and took up an entire segment of the show. And Krazy Keith was in rare form, as he talked with Margaret Carlson:

    Why Laura Bush thinks Condoleezza Rice won't run for president. It is a reason that is certain to infuriate about half the adult population, the unmarried half....

    The answer is simple, she has not got a man. You'll forgive me if I don't do the whole finger-snap neck-move thing....

    And who would know better that Rice has a lack of supportive friends than her supportive friend, Mrs. Bush?...

    This is almost inscrutable. Is she intending to compliment the secretary of state here, or is she actually taking a big bite out of her leg?...

    Not to get overly psychoanalytical on it, but another question on that area. Is there something--could there something--be something in here of the revenge of the real wife against the office wife?...

    This story, to some degree, seems to have flown under everybody's radar....

    That is how Keith Olbermann spins when he sees a chance to smear Laura Bush. But what happens when the shoe is on the other foot?

    During yesterday's testimony by Sec Rice, there was a remarkable exchange with Barbara Boxer (D). The California Senator ridiculed Condi Rice's expressions of concern over casualties by telling her they are meaningless, because Rice is childless and has no "immediate family".

    Boxer's intense personalization, using the Secretary's private life to impugn her qualifications to serve, was obviously newsworthy. On The Hour of Spin--based on Keith's hyperbolic coverage of Laura Bush--it should have been one of the stories you'll be talking about tomorrow.

    But there was no bellowing about it in the opening spiel. No five-minute interview with Margaret Carlson to chew over the ramifications. Olbermann didn't tell viewers that Boxer's comments were "certain to infuriate about half the adult population". He never accused the Senator of trying to take a bit out of anyone's leg. He didn't spin psychoanalytical theories regarding Barbara Boxer's repressed motivations.

    And Edward R Olbermann most certainly didn't bemoan the lack of press coverage. How could he? He himself spiked the story. Because on OlbyPlanet, news always takes second place to Olbypocrisy.

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    January 11, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PRESIDENT BUSH'S PLAN FACES SCRUTINY: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor and MSNBC political analyst
    • WE'VE SURGED BEFORE - WHAT HAPPENED?: Col. Jack Jacobs, U.S. Army (ret.) and MSNBC military analyst

    KO was just five seconds into the opening spiel when, as predicted, up popped up a clip of Sen Hagel. Plus Russ Feingold and a Speshul Komment on "insanity". Natch.


    Herr Olbermann started off The Hour of Spin proper with the wacky suggestion that if we had a parliamentary government, Bush would have to resign. Keith, adjust your medication. The plan has "very few buyers", and the fact that Iranians in Iraq were detained raises "alarm bells". Yeah, we can't have your buddies inconvenienced, eh Monkeymann?

    Clips from Secy Rice (who was trying to "mislead" the Senate), and clips from various senators: Hagel (again), Nelson (D), Boxer (D), Obama (D). What do all these lawmakers have in common? They're all against the President's plan.

    But what about the ones who spoke in favor? Silly rabbit, this is The Hour of Spin.

    Those clips don't get played. Do they, Mr Olbermann, sir?

    Then a clip from Joe Biden (D) about a theoretical "invasion" of Iran (as predicted). What about the lawmakers who had a different view? Those clips don't get played on The Hour of Spin. Do they, Mr Olbermann, sir?

    Leftist Alter immediately started singing Monkeymann's tune: cut off funding. KO made another Bush/Nixon comparison--on OlbyPlanet, that never gets old. He went on to predict "another gulf of Tonkin", because the eeevil Bush wants to "provoke" the innocent, freedom-loving Iran. What's more, the polls say people are against it, and if Bush doesn't base his foreign policy on poll numbers, then what good are they? Or words to that effect. Alter croaked that Bush is trying to sustain his base despite "erosion". Great thanks.

    Next, an EXCLUSIVE! interview with The Statesman: Russ Feingold (D). Another in the long string of Dems, documented in The List, updated to keep the historical record accurate. Krazy Keith asked the tough questions, like: How do you cut off the money? What about expanding the war to Iran and Syria? Doesn't threatening Iran just bolster them? (Rule #1 again.) But it didn't matter what questions Fat Ass posed, The Statesman just rattled off his prepared talking points without follow-ups or challenge from the Edward R Murrow of our time, here doing a perfect impersonation of a microphone stand.

    Those questioned don't get asked. Do they, Mr Olbermann, sir?

    Another plug for his Speshul Komment about the "madness" of Bush, and oddball. Up to this point, Countdown was as one-sided as a mobius strip, and that surely didn't change with Olby's recitation of the history of troop surges. It was compiled by the National Security Network, said Olby. But he didn't mention that outfit is headed by John Kerry's foreign policy advisor.

    That information doesn't get told. Does it, Mr Olbermann, sir?

    Col Jacobs gave "Man on Fan" Olbermann what he wanted to hear: it won't work, it's just political cover, it's a big mistake. But what about the military analysts who think this could work? They don't get to appear on The Hour of Spin. Do they, Mr Olbermann, sir?

    A recycled NBC report covered KO's favorite weapon system again; plus we got David Beckham and Golden Globes. In the Media Matters Minute, Monkeymann blasted a Congressman who happened to be an (R). But what about Democrats. They don't get named "worst person". Do they, Mr Olbermann, sir?


    And then the Speshul Komment. It had everything. "Mister" Bush references a plenty. Stentorian tones of artificial outrage. And of course, a liberal dose of insinSirs, not to mention the carefully scripted, immacuately executed camera pivots [see APPENDIX for text]. "A Presidency of Cliff Notes"... "Are you thinking at all?"... "absurd and childish"... "The President who cried wolf". Then he launched into a replay of his pseudo-commentary from Wednesday night. It's an Instant Olbermann Rerun! Olby's orange face nearly turned purple and we feared he would have to take a few drags from Don Imus's oxygen tank. Yikes!


    Quiescent canines: Four freshmen Dems announced they will not support defunding the troops. Gee, why do you suppose that didn't make it onto Olbermann's air? A whole passel of advisors to The Carter Center have resigned to protest the bias and inaccuracies in his book. Edward R Olbermann protects his party with his silence. You will recall Olby never covered the charges of plagiarism either. Bouyed by impressive jobs numbers, the stock market closed at a new historic high. There's the chorus from Yale University who got a welcome commensurate with San Francisco values. Plus new developments in the Sandy Burglar case--no way will the discredited sports guy touch that one. And finally, not even a snarky "worst person" nomination for the Dem Presidential candidate who thinks we've been in Iraq for five and a half years.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name sunk to #6,006 at; Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" is #98. The OlbyTome is #2,735 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #259 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. On Wednesday's Hour of Spin, Monkeymann lost to Bill O'Reilly by four to one, coming in a poor third both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading is a new all-time record: 25 [EXTREME DANGER!!!]

    APPENDIX: Latest Olbermoronn Speshul Komment:

    Only this president, only in this time, only with this dangerous, even messianic certitude, could answer a country demanding an exit strategy from Iraq, by offering an entrance strategy for Iran.

    Only this president could look out over a vista of 3,008 dead and 22,834 wounded in Iraq, and finally say, "Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me" -- only to follow that by proposing to repeat the identical mistake ... in Iran.

    Only this president could extol the "thoughtful recommendations of the Iraq Study Group," and then take its most far-sighted recommendation -- "engage Syria and Iran" -- and transform it into "threaten Syria and Iran" -- when al-Qaida would like nothing better than for us to threaten Syria, and when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would like nothing better than to be threatened by us.

    This is diplomacy by skimming; it is internationalism by drawing pictures of Superman in the margins of the text books; it is a presidency of Cliff Notes.

    And to Iran and Syria -- and, yes, also to the insurgents in Iraq -- we must look like a country run by the equivalent of the drunken pest who gets battered to the floor of the saloon by one punch, then staggers to his feet, and shouts at the other guy's friends, "Ok, which one of you is next?"


    Mr. Bush, the question is no longer "what are you thinking?," but rather "are you thinking at all?"

    "I have made it clear to the prime minister and Iraq's other leaders that America's commitment is not open-ended," you said last night.

    And yet -- without any authorization from the public, which spoke so loudly and clearly to you in November's elections -- without any consultation with a Congress (in which key members of your own party, including Sens. Sam Brownback, Norm Coleman and Chuck Hagel, are fleeing for higher ground) -- without any awareness that you are doing exactly the opposite of what Baker-Hamilton urged you to do -- you seem to be ready to make an open-ended commitment (on America's behalf) to do whatever you want, in Iran.

    Our military, Mr. Bush, is already stretched so thin by this bogus adventure in Iraq that even a majority of serving personnel are willing to tell pollsters that they are dissatisfied with your prosecution of the war.

    It is so weary that many of the troops you have just consigned to Iraq will be on their second tours or their third tours or their fourth tours -- and now you're going to make them take on Iran and Syria as well?

    Who is left to go and fight, sir?

    Who are you going to send to "interrupt the flow of support from Iran and Syria"?

    Laura and Barney?


    The line is from the movie "Chinatown" and I quote it often: "Middle of a drought," the mortician chuckles, "and the water commissioner drowns. Only in L.A.!"

    Middle of a debate over the lives and deaths of another 21,500 of our citizens in Iraq, and the president wants to saddle up against Iran and Syria.

    Maybe that's the point -- to shift the attention away from just how absurd and childish this   latest war strategy is, (strategy, that is, for the war already under way, and not the one on deck).

    We are going to put 17,500 more troops into Baghdad and 4,000 more into Anbar Province to give the Iraqi government "breathing space."

    In and of itself that is an awful and insulting term.

    The lives of 21,500 more Americans endangered, to give "breathing space" to a government that just turned the first and perhaps the most sober act of any democracy -- the capital punishment of an ousted dictator -- into a vengeance lynching so barbaric and so lacking in the solemnities necessary for credible authority, that it might have offended the Ku Klux Klan of the 19th century.

    And what will our men and women in Iraq do?

    The ones who will truly live -- and die -- during what Mr. Bush said last night will be a "year ahead" that "will demand more patience, sacrifice, and resolve"?

    They will try to seal Sadr City and other parts of Baghdad where the civil war is worst.

    Mr. Bush did not mention that while our people are trying to do that, the factions in the civil war will no longer have to focus on killing each other, but rather they can focus anew on killing our people.

    Because last night the president foolishly all but announced that we will be sending these 21,500 poor souls, but no more after that, and if the whole thing fizzles out, we're going home.

    The plan fails militarily.

    The plan fails symbolically.

    The plan fails politically.


    Most importantly, perhaps, Mr. Bush, the plan fails because it still depends on your credibility.

    You speak of mistakes and of the responsibility "resting" with you.

    But you do not admit to making those mistakes.

    And you offer us nothing to justify this clenched fist toward Iran and Syria.

    In fact, when you briefed news correspondents off-the-record before the speech, they were told, once again, "if you knew what we knew …  if you saw what we saw … "

    "If you knew what we knew" was how we got into this morass in Iraq in the first place.

    The problem arose when it turned out that the question wasn't whether we knew what you knew, but whether you knew what you knew.

    You, sir, have become the president who cried wolf.

    All that you say about Iraq now could be gospel.

    All that you say about Iran and Syria now could be prescient and essential.

    We no longer have a clue, sir.

    We have heard too many stories.

    Many of us are as inclined to believe you just shuffled the director of national intelligence over to the State Department because he thought you were wrong about Iran.

    Many of us are as inclined to believe you just put a pilot in charge of ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because he would be truly useful in an air war next door in Iran.

    Your assurances, sir, and your demands that we trust you, have lost all shape and texture. 

    They are now merely fertilizer for conspiracy theories.

    They are now fertilizer, indeed.

    [PIVOT!--plus dramatic downward look!]

    The pile has been built slowly and with seeming care.

    I read this list last night, before the president's speech, and it bears repeating because its shape and texture are perceptible only in such a context.

    Before Mr. Bush was elected, he said nation-building was wrong for America.

    Now he says it is vital.

    He said he would never put U.S. troops under foreign control.

    Last night he promised to embed them in Iraqi units.

    He told us about WMD.

    Mobile labs.

    Secret sources.

    Aluminum tubes.


    He has told us the war is necessary:

    Because Saddam was a material threat.

    Because of 9/11.

    Because of Osama Bin Laden. Al-Qaida. Terrorism in general.

    To liberate Iraq. To spread freedom. To spread Democracy. To prevent terrorism by gas price increases.

    Because this was a guy who tried to kill his dad.

    Because -- 439 words in to the speech last night -- he trotted out 9/11 again.

    In advocating and prosecuting this war he passed on a chance to get Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi.

    To get Muqtada Al-Sadr. To get Bin Laden.

    He sent in fewer troops than the generals told him to. He ordered the Iraqi army disbanded and the Iraqi government "de-Baathified."

    He short-changed Iraqi training. He neglected to plan for widespread looting. He did not anticipate sectarian violence.

    He sent in troops without life-saving equipment. He gave jobs to foreign contractors, and not Iraqis. He staffed U.S. positions there, based on partisanship, not professionalism.

    He and his government told us: America had prevailed, mission accomplished, the resistance was in its last throes.

    He has insisted more troops were not necessary. He has now insisted more troops are necessary.

    He has insisted it's up to the generals, and then removed some of the generals who said more troops would not be necessary.

    He has trumpeted the turning points:

    The fall of Baghdad, the death of Uday and Qusay, the capture of Saddam. A provisional government, a charter, a constitution, the trial of Saddam. Elections, purple fingers, another government, the death of Saddam.

    He has assured us: We would be greeted as liberators -- with flowers;

    As they stood up, we would stand down. We would stay the course; we were never about "stay the course."

    We would never have to go door-to-door in Baghdad. And, last night, that to gain Iraqis' trust,  we would go door-to-door in Baghdad.

    He told us the enemy was al-Qaida, foreign fighters, terrorists, Baathists, and now Iran and Syria.

    He told us the war would pay for itself. It would cost $1.7 billion. $100 billion. $400 billion. Half a trillion. Last night's speech alone cost another $6 billion.

    And after all of that, now it is his credibility versus that of generals, diplomats, allies, Democrats, Republicans, the Iraq Study Group, past presidents, voters last November and the majority of the American people.

    Oh, and one more to add, tonight: Oceania has always been at war with East Asia.


    Mr. Bush, this is madness.

    You have lost the military. You have lost the Congress to the Democrats. You have lost most of the Iraqis. You have lost many of the Republicans. You have lost our allies.

    You are losing the credibility, not just of your presidency, but more importantly of the office itself.

    And most imperatively, you are guaranteeing that more American troops will be losing their lives, and more families their loved ones. You are guaranteeing it!

    This becomes your legacy, sir: How many of those you addressed last night as your "fellow citizens" you just sent to their deaths.

    And for what, Mr. Bush?

    So the next president has to pull the survivors out of Iraq instead of you?

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    January 10, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PRESIDENT BUSH'S CREDIBILITY: Howard Fineman, MSNBC political analyst
    • WHAT ABOUT THE TROOPS? Paul Rieckhoff, executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and author of "Chasing Ghosts"
    • COUNTDOWN TO THE SPEECH: Chris Matthews, MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews"

    The opening spiel was grave and laden with portentious tones of doom. "Two more Republican Senators jumped ship." More lawmakers who oppose the surge. No mention of or clips from any who support it. Heavens, Keith was about to have the an attack of the vapors as he announced it's the "Countdown to 'Mister' Bush's Address"!


    The Prez will use the "m-word" ("mistake"). The surge is like a stairmaster "that never, ever stops". More clips of people opposing the surge. No clips of anyone supporting it. Olbermoronn tells the tonsorially-enhanced David Gregory it all sounds familiar, it's more of the same. Great thanks.

    More talk of Repubs opposing the plan; no mention of anyone supporting it. Krazy Keith komplained to Richard Wolffe that the Dems' opposition seems too symbolic, brought up the battleship (for the second time), and again cited the Repubs against the plan. The Wolffe Man opined that he's said it all before. AGAIN Olby rattles off the Repubs opposed to the plan. When in bloody hell is he going to talk about someone else?!? Great thanks, and a plug for a guest tomorrow: John Madden Murtha (D). The List will be updated.

    Another episode of Olby and The Perfessor: how can the Dems stop the Commander in Chief from sending reinforcements to Iraq? Jonathan Turley says Bush can't wage war if Congress cuts off funds or restricts their use, if they have the "intestinal fortitude". Non-binding resolutions are "insulting and ridiculous". Great thanks.

    Then a cherry-picked poll, and Olby's use of Dem talking-point term "escalation". Recycled video from Iraq. Great thanks. Asinine moment of the day: Fat Ass lecturing Michelle Malkin, who apologized for a mistake, something Monkeymann never does. How many of his 2006 lies has the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann apologized for? Zero!

    Next another lecture, this one a list of "Mister" Bush's war rationales and mistakes, as Krazy Keith, of all people, raised the question of credibility. Fineman, Pundit for All Occasions, sucked up in true sycophantic style (gushing "Wow!" after Monkeyman's laundry list). Bush has no credibility; nobody trusts him; comparisons to Nixon and Johnson. He can't buy any time. Great thanks.

    Rieckhoff was next, to discuss what Olby called the "loss, pain, and strain" on the military. YET AGAIN KO brings up a Repub against the plan. Reickhoff: "It won't work". It's a "half-cooked plan" and "stupid". Divorce rates are up; so is post-traumatic stress disorder. Herr Olbermann makes a VietNam comparison. Great thanks. #1 segment featured Chrissie Matthews, with "Man on Fan" Olbermann mentioning for what seemed like the 89th time the Republicans opposed to the plan, but not anyone in support. No wait, make that the 90th time--he rattled them off again while talking to Matthews, and then Matthews repeated the names again. Lather, rinse, repeat. It will be nothing but bloody casualties. Hey, viewer, are you getting the message?

    There was still time for the Media Matters Minute: "delusional bigot" Glenn Beck (conservative; Blue Blog Source: TVNewser), John McCain (R; Blue Blog Source: Think Progress), and Gretchen Carlson (Fox; Blue Blog Source: Think Progress and TVNewser). Another trifecta: all three slots filled!


    The dogs that did not bark tonight were all of one breed. Every quote cited by Edward R Olbermann was from an opponent of the President or the plan. Not one soundbite, not one quote from anyone in support. The lawmakers against the plan were cited over and over ad nauseam--but not one second of coverage for supporters. Not one guest argued for the plan or the President. Every person on the program, including the host, argued from the same anti-Bush, anti-surge platform. By comparison, on The O'Reilly Factor there was opinions in favor of the plan (Dan Senor, O'Reilly), and opinions against (Col David Hunt, Gen Wesley Clark, Dick Morris). Olbermann thinks Bill O'Reilly is eeevil incarnate, but at least Mr Bill understands the difference between balanced analysis, and rank propaganda in the style of Radio North Korea--Olbermoronn's stock-in-trade.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name sunk to #5,640 at; Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" rose to #85. The OlbyTome slipped to #2,794 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #332 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. On Tuesday's Hour of Spin, the discredited sports guy slipped comfortably into a typical third place finish, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 7 [HIGH]

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    January 9, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PRES. BUSH'S SPEECH TOMORROW: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek chief White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Roger Cressey, MSNBC terrorism analyst
    • NEW WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL: John Dean, fmr. Nixon White House counsel
    • BLAMING LIBERAL MEDIA: Rachel Maddow, Air America Radio host

    The opening spiel found our favorite carnival barker back in form: Ted Kennedy (D) was "eloquent"; the army refuses to protect our troops; Fred Fielding is part of "the watergate crew"; plus Royal Rumours, the Hall of Fame, and more.


    Of all the people who have made speeches about the "surge", it's Kennedy's that gets to be made the lead story on The Hour of Spin. Gallup says most people don't like the surge, while some Dems "continue to insist they are powerless" to stop the maniacal madman from sending our children to the slaughterhouse. OK, that was paraphrased. Olby cited Steny Hoyer (D): "house majority leader, or house minority, majority, uh, leader". That about covers everything. Hoyer's got it all wrong, according to Monkeymann, in thinking the Commander in Chief actually gets to send troops places. But "Senator Kenny" (lengthy clip--nearly four minutes!) is introducing legislation to make sure "Mister" Bush doesn't usurp the constitutional powers of the true Commander-in-Chief, the Senator from Massachussetts. No clips were run representing any other point of view.

    Olbermoronn asked The Wolffe Man why those rascals Hoyer and Biden are letting the constitution hamstring them from taking over troop deployment decisions. Oh, it's all politics, sez Wolffie. KO naturally adopted the term "escalate"--after all, it is part of the Dems' talking points. How could anyone not expect a Dem talking point to turn up on The Hour of Spin? A regurgitated NBC report on a controversial weapons system followed, with Olby doing a little back and forth with Lisa Myers.

    After another Pulitzer-worthy oddball, it was time to analyze Fred Fielding, the new White House counsel. A prime opportunity for the latest chapter in Olbermann's Left-Wing Criminal Rehabilitation Program, featuring felon John Dean. Watergate, watergate, watergate. Even the disbarred lawyer had to admit Fielding had no watergate taint, despite Monkeymann's obsessive repetition of the word. Then it was on to signing statements, domestic eavesdropping, detainees, Jack Abramoff, and all the familiar notes that sound from Olby's player piano. Special thanks to the felon.

    The news continued with the royal girlfriend (recycled video again), the malibu fire, and Howard Stern. Plus a full segment on the elections to the Baseball Hall of Fame.


    Herr Olbermann must have been especially intent that tonight's Media Matters Minute would get the worldwide recognition that his every word so richly deserves. After all, he went out of his way yesterday to make public his attacks on Geraldo Rivera: first blasting him on the radio, then tweaking the wording a bit and rerunning his attack during Countdown. But what happened? His acolyte, TVNewser, didn't post on either of his pronouncements. That cannot be allowed to stand on OlbyPlanet, so KO dashed off an email to TVN. Actually, the email was just a rewrite of the "worst person" comments, which in turn were a rewrite of his radio diatribe. But it worked: TVN obediently ran an item claiming that Olby responded to Geraldo "in an email to TVNewser". Mission accomplished, but we're sure Fat Ass would rather not have to take that extra step to get Brian to fulfill his PR duties.

    So tonight Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann, to get maximum attention, swung for the fences. Steve Jobs got a nomination, but the "worst person" was Tony Snow. KO's claim is that he lied about the "mission accomplished" speech. As soon as Olby tipped earlier in the show that Tony would be "worst" we knew what he would say, because, as usual, Keith lifted his "outrage" from someone else--and not just the target, but even large chunks of the commentary. Olbermann's Blue Blog Source: Think Progress. Bellowed Monkeymann: "Tony, my God, you're just bald-faced lying." There. Did you get that, Brian? Was that statement bold and courageous enough? Or does Keith have to send you another email?


    Silent Schnauzers: One of these is left over from yesterday: Krazy Keith ran a clip from Gordon Smith (R) appearing to oppose the troop surge. But it turns out his position was more nuanced than KO let on, since Monkeymann left out Smith's comments that it would be "dishonorable" to withhold funding for said troops. For all the talk tonight about the "surge", isn't it odd that Olbermoronn took pains not to tell his viewers the position of the Iraqi government? Well, not really. The discredited sports guy will always go out of his way not to report new terror threats. And he has no interest in medical developments that don't comport with OlbySpin. A story that combines illegal immigration with sexual child abuse gives KO two reasons to ignore it. But the biggest dog that didn't bark is still the absence of a retraction and apology for Olbermoronn's Friday night lie about Bill O'Reilly.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name is a runaway success at it's now all the way up to #3,105; Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" is #108. The OlbyTome slipped to #2,747 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #41 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. On Monday's Hour of Spin, Bill O'Reilly beat our favorite discredited sports guy by more than three to one, though Olby did manage a second place finish in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

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    January 8, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • SURGE SUPRESSION: Dana Milbank; P.J. Crowley, Center for American Progress
    • JOE BIDEN ANNOUNCES: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek
    • LIFE ON MARS: Derrick Pitts

    The opening spiel started off in typical fashion, with Olby bellowing about justifications for the war, Joe Biden, Mars, internet videos, and "the best place to work". Tonight will answer the question: what's worse? A full hour of furious, intensive propaganda and spin? Or 60 minutes padded out with inane attempts at humor and tasteless dreck?


    First was "Mister" Bush's surge, with clips from Sen Smith (R)--because he opposes the President, natch!--but no clips from supporters. Dana Milbank, sans splashy suits, offered the heretical opinion that Democrats would be "silly" to try to defund the war (exactly the course Olby has been hyping for weeks), but rebounded with talk of "true oversight". KO was miffed with Biden, who said there is no practical way for the Congress to take over the duties of Commander-in-Chief. Then Krazy Keith invoked Rule #1 to say that tapping Fred Fielding to replace Harriet Miers because his name "echoes of Watergate". No great thanks; only a "thank you".

    Leftist (but not identified as such) P.J. Crowley joined the party to say Bush's benchmarks won't work. So there. What's more, the mission is unclear (maybe because it hasn't been announce yet), and we have no business being there. It's not a surge, said nonpartisan Keith, it's "indentured servitude". Huh? Don't try to make sense out of it. It's OlbySpin. But KO explained it all when he wrapped the interview, saying it's like "conducting a war in the middle of Alice and Wonderland". O.K. A brief recap of the Somalia airstrike followed.

    #4 was Joe Biden, with lefty Alter. Clip of Biden saying he's going to be "the best Biden I can be", which should concern John Edwards, because he wanted to be Biden. Alter spoke of JFK, Biden's verbosity ("he talks too much"), and how he needs a "breakthrough". But he managed somehow to get the topic around to Iraq, and what a great opportunity for the country it will be to have Joe holding hearings (because of the "rubber stamp Congress", of course). That earned him great thanks.

    Then we got the Mars landing and possible life on the planet, complete with supposed-to-be-clever animation and "funny" voices. Mr Pitts lent some erudition to the host's wacky antics. The "top 3 soundbites" was particularly incestuous, running a clip from "Tucker" where MSNBC's own "experts" talked about Olby vs O'Reilly (rather misleadingly, since the clip of O'Reilly was from an segment that wasn't about Olby).

    The hard news continued with "the best employer in America" (per Forbes magazine, via recycled NBC reportage), Britney Spears, K-Fed, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, and seven minutes on some internet dancing video. In the Media Matters Minute, Sean Hannity (conservative) and Geraldo Rivera (Fox) were both attacked. Olby claimed that a new Hannity segment ("Enemy of the State") was a ripoff of his "worst person" bit. Yeah, right. The Geraldo smear was just a rewrite of the comments noted here.


    Dogs That Did Not Bark: Nothing about the Dallas restaurant catering to illegals by accepting pesos. Or Nancy Pelosi breaking another campaign promise. Or Hugo Chavez announcing that he is taking his country on the road to socialism. You'd think that the sentencing of someone implicated in the 9/11 attacks would be news--but not on OlbyPlanet. And the discredited sports guy continues to protect his party leaders; he has yet to report even one word about Sen Harry Reid's controversial bridge project. But the biggest dog that didn't bark is the absence of a retraction and apology for Olbermoronn's Friday night lie about Bill O'Reilly.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name continues to rocket at it's now all the way up to #3,539; Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" is #61. The OlbyTome slipped to #2,601 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #113 there, as well as being one of 2006's top ten best sellers. Friday's Hour of Spin: Bill O'Reilly beat our favorite discredited sports guy by nearly four to one, though Olby did eke out a second place finish in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

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    Once Again Olbermann Rewrites History

    Inside Cable News alerts us that Geraldo Rivera has had his fill of our hero, Keith Olbermann. Rivera, still smarting over Olby's cackles of delight regarding an incident from three years ago, let loose on "punk" Edward R Olbermann with both barrels:

    He called Olbermann a coward -- specifically a "[female part of the anatomy] who wouldn't walk across the street against the red light." He then said he was ready to fight him, saying: "I would make a pizza out of him."

    This of course got Olby all a twitter, and he quickly emailed his pal Dan Patrick at ESPN to make sure the subject would come up today. And sure enough, it did. Listen to the mp3 audio:

    KO's hot flashes are never-ending sources for amusement, but we note all this here because it is yet another example of Krazy Keith rewriting history to make himself look good. Shall we lay out the fabrications in his version of this story?

    Olby: Geraldo wrote a huge "blog about me the next day" after being removed from Iraq.
    Fact: The blog article actually appeared over three weeks later (April 24 2003), after Geraldo had been reinstated with the troops and had completed his tour. Olbermann wants to make it look like he was immediately attacked by Rivera for no reason, but in fact it was Olbermann who fired first, on April 8 2003. And the blog entry was not all about Olbermann, as KO falsely claimed.

    Olby: KO says he reported on Rivera making a false claim that he was at the site of a massacre.
    Fact: The Rivera incident involved a site of a friendly fire occurrence, not a massacre. And it happened in 2001, two years before Countdown was even on the air.

    Olby: KO claims Geraldo's blog states he was part of an "NBC conspiracy" to "avenge the fact that he [Geraldo] left, which is really crazy because everybody here wanted him to leave".
    Fact: The blog alleges no conspiracy. What's more, it says nothing about some sort of revenge motive over Rivera's leaving NBC. Where did Olbermann get that from? He made it up!

    Don't take our word for it. Read Geraldo's blog entry, compare it with KO's version, and decide for yourself if this amounts to Another Olbermann Lie.

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    January 5, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • THE NEW CONGRESS; PRESIDENT BUSH AND IRAQ: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor and MSNBC Political Analyst; Richard Wolffe, Newsweek chief White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst
    • SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R-ARIZ.) AND THE 2008 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post

    The opening spiel started off the Big News of the Day. This is Big. Really Big. It's That Big. Democrats sent a letter to President on Iraq. And Obama (D). And Biden (D). John McCain on the "far-far right". Plus Oddballs of the month. Herr Olbermann's noxious bellowing was the first indicator that this would be an Hour of Spin for the record books. And that it was, capped by yet another instance of Keith Olbermann lying about Bill O'Reilly.


    "The Democrats" are opposed to a surge. Biden, being the great intellect that he is, says Iraq is lost and Bush is trying to fob it off on his successor. Reid (D) and Pelosi (D) oppose a surge. KO asked lefty Jonathan Alter if all hopes of winning over Dems evaporated (Rule #1), and the lap dog immediately agreed. He wondered if the Dems will cut funds from our troops, and Krazy Keith mumbled his agreement in the background. Great thanks.

    KO reported: Chuck Shumer (D) said "there is no plan". Mary Landrieu (D) was also cited. (Are you starting to sense a pattern regarding whose comments are newsworthy and whose are not?) The Wolffe Man was asked if the President really didn't have enough time to make a decision. Huh? Monkeymann was complaining a few weeks ago that he was taking too long to make a decision! Don't try to make sense out of it. It's OlbyLogic. Biden (D) referenced again by KO. Wolffie suspects the plan is already in place, and (gasp!) Biden is overstating it. Tony Snow criticized for asking for the Dems to produce a plan ("ridiculous", sez Wolffie). KO: there's a sense "Mister Bush doesn't know what he's doing". Wolffe Man: Karl Rove strategy. Aha, he played the Karl Rove card.

    Next a slam at Dan Burton (R) because he didn't vote for Nancy Pelosi's "ethics" bills (because he thought it was too weak). Olby slammed Burton's ethics because--get this--a far-left special interest group once wanted him to be investigated, but couldn't find one member of the House in either party who took their claims seriously enough to file a request. An archetypical OlbySmear--he's guilty because he was never charged with anything. Regurgitated NBC video on Pelosi & Co, and oddball, followed.


    Then it was time for Keith's favorite kind of segment: the kind where he and a chosen sock-puppet join forces to attack one of Herr Olbermann's hated "enemies". And it wasn't hard to see this coming. When Bill O'Reilly disagreed with Sen McCain, Olby brandished the Senator like a whip, slamming Mr Bill for daring to disagree with the vaunted Richard McCain. But the problem with the Appeal to Authority (one of Edward R Olbermann's favorite fallacies) is: what happens when the Authority doesn't agree with you? In the case of Monkeymann, the answer is obvious: attack, attack, attack! During his Speshul Komment, McCain was ridiculed, with Krazy Keith even suggesting the war hero was losing touch with reality. Why did Olbermoronn claim the Senator was delusional? McCain dared to support a troop surge. Those who disagree with The Great and Powerful Olb must be destroyed, so KO fired another salvo, making Richard McCain a "worst person" based on cherry-picked quotes lifted (without attribution, of course) from Think Progress, an unreliable source. And since the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann takes a back seat to no one when it comes to obsessing over eeevil enemies and not letting go, tonight we got a whole segment designed to attack and defame the Authority who dared to disagree with the Fat Ass.

    So it was on to condemning the "far-far-right" Sen Richard McCain with Madame Arianna, sounding more than ever like the spawn of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Count Dracula. "The wheels are coming off", bloviated Herr Olbermann; people don't respect him any more. HuffPo was the ideal Countdown guest--a human Xerox machine raising OlbySpin to the second power. KO: McCain is "gaming". HuffPo: it's all "calculation"; McCain doesn't know what he's talking about; Jack Murtha (D) has all the answers. KO: he's trying to pull off a "little dance" and he'll be associated with the "failed bloodletting that would follow a surge". (Note Olby's Kreskin-like ability to tell the future.) Plus McCain's a flip-flopper. HuffPo: "absolutely". To watch Olbermann throw a war hero under the bus merely reinforced the fact that if this were 1972, Keith Olbermann would be Jane Fonda.

    Aging action heroes (more recycled video from NBC), Britney Spears, Oprah Winfrey, and even more oddball. In the Media Matters Minute, this little item was made to order for some OlbySnark. But Kourageous Keith, who answers to no one, isn't about to bite the hand that feeds Dan Abrams. So instead we got another O'Reilly attack, this time for a respectful interview with Andrea Mitchell. Wait, that interview was on at the same time as The Hour of Spin. Doesn't that mean...? Right. Olbermann hadn't even seen it. What's more, Fat Ass claimed O'Reilly was "attacking Chris Matthews and me", "pushed around" Mitchell, and then told her "you're OK". In fact, O'Reilly never "pushed around" Andrea Mitchell, and, more to the point, he didn't attack, mention, or in any way reference Olbermann at all. He never came up in the interview whatsoever. Where did KO get the idea that he did? He made it up! Yes, it's Another Olbermann Lie.

    KO also slammed Michelle Malkin for doing some investigative journalism about sources used by AP. So let's see. KO slams an interview without seeing it? Perfectly fine. Malkin seeks accountability in reporting? Eeeeevil. The inverted morality of Edward R Olbermann.


    Taciturn Terriers: Let's see... Job reports better than expected, unemployment at a six-year low. Zawahiri issues a jihad to IslamoNazis in Somalia. Terror leader deported. National Guardsmen are overrun and forced to retreat at the Mexico border. (Hmm, if this had happened in Iraq, would Herr Olbermann, instead of spiking it, make it headline news? Ya think?) Illegal aliens may get social security benefits. U.N. troops reprimanded for sexual abuse. Bill Clinton authorized thief and liar Sandy Burglar's trip to the National Archives. Disgraced, under-investigation Congressman William Jefferson (D) gets a standing ovation. Why are these stories not news on OlbyPlanet? Because Countdown is the most biased hour of news on television. But you already knew that.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name continues to soar at it's now all the way up to #5,089; Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" is #74. The OlbyTome slipped to #2,551 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #539 there, as well as being one of the year's top ten best sellers. On Thursday night's spine-tingling, engrossing edition of The Hour of Spin, Bill O'Reilly beat our favorite discredited sports guy by nearly four to one! Viewers preferred Howie to Olby, as Countdown sunk to a miserable fourth place, behind Nancy Grace and a rerun of Deal of No Deal, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 4 [GUARDED]

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    January 4, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • THE NEW CONGRESS: Dana Milbank, Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst; Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor and MSNBC political analyst
    • PRESIDENT BUSH CAN READ YOUR MAIL: Jonathan Turley, George Washington University law professor
    • NEW CONGRESS: Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), chair of Senate Intelligence Committee

    Olby was in great form bellowing the opening spiel: a snipe at Denny Hastert, another plug for cutting off funds supporting our troops, and a claim that "Mister Bush has authorized himself to read your mail". [1] Plus UFOs, meteorites, and "something strange" (no, not the KO/KT arrangement).


    Monkeymann was positively giddy about this "historic" day, with a lengthy clip from "Stretch" Pelosi. Since yesterday Olby had on a Democrat Congressman (Barney Frank), tonight, fair and balanced, he brought on...another Dem! John Madden Murtha. The List, an ever-expanding documentation of Olbermann's overwhelming bias, has been updated accordingly. KO slobbered all over the unindicted co-conspirator, and immediately asked him to "turn off the spigot" (i.e., withhold money from our troops in harm's way), but he ducked the question and talked about "hearings" and "consaulting" with the Congress. It was on to "the generals", with JMM saying victory is "not achievable", talking about "Secretary Rumsfield", and silently thanking The Great and Powerful Olb for not raising any questions about ethics. Olby was worried about Sen Levin not following the game plan (he said he would consider supporting a "surge"), which gave us our first glimpse at the template Krazy Keith will use to claim that he is "nonpartisan": criticize Dems who aren't far left enough!

    After great thanksing the unindicted co-conspirator, it was time for Dana Milbank, without weird wardbrobe. DM threw some water on Herr Olbermann's orgasmic fantasies, and pointed out just what we noted above: Murtha refused to commit to cutting off funds and ducked the question. Then Dana pointed out that the surge talk was premature, as there is "no set White House policy at this point". Huh? Didn't we just get a rambling, apopleptic Speshul Komment about the policy? And didn't Olbermann Watch sagely point out at the time that the so-called policy hadn't even been announced yet? Finally, The Hour of Spin catches up with what we said 48 hours ago. Fat Ass preposterously claimed that the honeymoon for the Dems has ended. Not on OlbyPlanet it hasn't!

    After talk about the administration "demonizing" Stretch Pelosi, DM was great thanksed. Then it was on to the President "giving himself the right to open and read your mail whenever he wants". [2] After repeating that gem [3], he went on to say that Bush is claiming "a new claim of power" [4]: to open the mail "of any American" without a warrant. This was all mere introduction to another episode of Olby and The Perfessor. But what do these [numbers] refer to? They count how many times Edward R Olbermann lied about the law. Because there is no "new power" involved. The law for decades has recognized exigent circumstances as an exception to the 4th amendment. Even the FISA law permits warrantless physical searches under some circumstances. So where did Olbermann get the idea that Bush claims the right to "read your mail whenever he wants"? Where did he get the idea that this was a "new claim of power"? He made it up! The technical term for this is: Another Olbermann Lie.

    The Perfessor was off on his usual tear: Bush has an "obsession", his legal advisors are "radical", and then said that the White House contends:

    You could take a citizen off the street, unilaterally strip him of all of his rights, hold him until you wanted to release him if at all.

    The lessening of habeas corpus rights does not affect US citizens. It says so right in the law. Either the Perfessor is ignorant and doesn't know what he's talking about. Or he's deliberately spinning in order to suck up to "Man on Fan" Olbermann, which would make that statement Another Turley Lie.

    To bring a different point of view to all this, Krazy Keith brought on...another Dem! Jay Rockefeller. Man, we couldn't make this up if we tried. Naturally, The List has been updated again. How can anyone defend the one-sided partisan propaganda-fest that is The Hour of Spin after consulting The List? But we digress.

    Olbermoronn rattled off a list of possible investigations for Rocky to launch. But KO was more concerned with--guess who?--Carl Levin, for saying he would consider a "surge". Yes, it does appear we have a picture forming of the Olbermann of the Future. This was yet another anti-Polident interview (i.e. toothless), with all the usual OlbySpin points. Good grief, is the discredited sports guy so cowardly that he can't air even one interview with someone offering a different opinion? Is he that worried about getting "nauseous" in the presence of someone with a dissenting view? After all, he could have The Laughing Stagehand under the desk with a barf bag.

    Next some regurgitated video about NY heroes, then Donald Trump and Miss USA: the latter may do a Playboy cover. It will surprise no one that Edward R Olbermann did not acknowledge where he lifted the story from: the eeevil bete-noir of all things Olbermann, Page Six. Aside from this semi-plagiarism, KO showed his class by mocking the way Trump speaks. Then the #1 story: UFOs and attacks from outer space. O.K.

    In the Media Matters Minute, another attack on "dim-witted" O'Reilly (Olbersaurus update) for being critical of demagogues who claim the President is waging war just so profiteers can profit. But the "worst person" was Sen Richard McCain. Hey, wait a minute. Didn't KO make O'Reilly the "worst person" because he disagreed with Sen McCain? But now Monkeymann can slam McCain and...never mind. Don't bother to make sense of it. It's Olbypocrisy.


    Silent Schnauzers: Still no mention of the Dems breaking a campaign promise regarding minority rights in the House. Just like he has spiked the uncomfortable video of Cindy Sheehan disrupting and shouting down a Democrat press conference. To be sure, he expertly avoided reporting "Stretch" Pelosi's boastful statement that she is the most powerful woman in America. He again protected his party by avoiding any mention of Hillary dissing Obama, not to mention the latter's drug use.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name continues to rocket at it's now all the way up to #5,757, while Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" is #101. The OlbyTome stands at #2,457 at Barnes & Noble, but O'Reilly's book is #533 there, as well as being one of the year's top ten best sellers per Nielsen's BookScan. On the night of his big-deal Speshul Komment Krazy Keith found himself in third place, coming in behind a rerun of Deal or No Deal. On Wednesday, when he wasn't insulting the intelligence of viewers with a "special" rant, the discredited sports guy actually did better and while still being crushed by The Factor, narrowly eked out a second place finish over Paula Zahn, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

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    January 3, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • THE EVE OF THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS: Howard Fineman, Newsweek senior Washington correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; John Dean, fmr. Nixon White House counsel and author of "Conservatives without Conscience"
    • MORE SADDAM HANGING VIDEO OUTRAGE: Craig Crawford, Congressional Quarterly columnist and MSNBC political analyst
    • BRITNEY SPEARS NEW YEAR'S EVE FALLOUT: Paul F. Tompkins, VH-1's "Best Week Ever" contributor

    The spin started in the opening spiel: the President is being "partisan" and is telling Dems "agree with him or else". Plus the old "signing statement" bugaboo, the "enduring nightmare" of Saddam's execution, and Britney. An auspicious opening to another stunning edition of The Hour of Spin.


    It only took moments for Herr Olbermann to call "Mister" Bush "Orwellian" ("Nixonian" had the night off). The excuse was the President's WSJ Op-Ed, which he "rehashed" in the Rose Garden ("regurgitated" also had the night off). After the obligatory press-vs-Snow clippage, in slithered Howard Fineman, Pundit for All Occasions. Howie was obsequious to the max in echoing OlbySpin (Bush is being "partisan"), as Olby made the evening's most absurd observation: Bush has no business being against earmarks because the surge in Iraq is "Bush's own personal earmark". Howie made a half-hearted attempt to clarify that muddled metaphor, while Monkeymann quickly adopted the Cindy Sheehan phrasebook for describing the yet-unannounced Iraq plan ("escalation").

    After great thanksing The Chameleon, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann commenced yet another chapter in his ongoing program to rehabilitate left-wing criminals. Yes, it was convicted felon John Dean and his impartial, nonpartisan analysis. The disbarred lawyer was in rare form: hypocrisy, ruthless Republicans, and the like. Krazy Keith went for the jugular: impeach the cabinet! The criminal loved that idea; if the votes aren't there to get Bush and Cheney, let's get cabinet officers and White House staffers in the dock! The felon tossed in a Nixon comparison (maybe "Nixonian" didn't have the night off after all) and a good time was had by all.

    Just to make sure the propaganda wasn't too subtle, Monkeymann next brought in Barney Frank (D). Another Democrat politico on The Hour of Spin? The List has therefore been updated accordingly. B.F. hit the ground running: there hathn't been a more partithan adminithration, they're inthulting people'th intelligenth, they are conthithtently wrong, Republicanth are very partithan (obviously the spin word of the night is "partithan"...sorry, "partisan"). Lots of talk about cutting off money for the troops in the field, which is the latest bee in Man-on-Fan Olbermann's bonnet. As B.F. spoke, Citizen Keith grunted in approval: "Exactly...Yeah, exactly." We've made another love connection.

    Next on the carnival of thpin spin: the Saddam execution, and how the US is "pretending it had nothing to do with it". Pretending? You mean there were Americans under those hoods? The hanging was a "grotesque, sectarian spectacle", and there to parrot the propaganda was Craig Crawford (aka Olbermann's Brain). OlbyLogic: because Saddam was a threat and we took him out, therefore we are responsible for how the Iraq government executed him. Brain snickered in mindless agreement, calling it "the biggest problem" for the Bush administration. KO: Is this "the beginning of the end for the hope of peace"? Brain: [snigger] something or other [chortle].

    After a Ford internment recap [demoted way back to the #2 slot], it was straight off to O.J. Simpson, Anna Nicole Smith, and Britney Spears. In the Media Matters Minute, Pat Robertson got a nod for talking about how God told him to expect a terrorist attack. We're still waiting for Citizen Keith to give a nod to Ray Nagin for claiming God sent Katrina to punish New Orleans. Olby also ridiculed a global warming skeptic: the guy claimed that hot water will not freeze into ice cubes faster than cold water. Prof Olbermann cackled about several studies about how hot water can freeze faster than cold, thereby neatly avoiding the fact that the guy was specifically talking abut ice cubes. You know, ice cubes, that freeze faster from cold water than from hot water. That's our Keith; he can't even get ice together.


    Muted Mongrels: Rev Olbermann has preached about the eeevil Republicans in the House and how mean they treated the Dems. But now that Nancy Pelosi is about to break a campaign promise and ram through legislation without allowing the minority party any right to have hearings or even propose amendments, Mr Hypocrisy was silent. He also protected his party by avoiding any mention of Hillary dissing Obama, not to mention the latter's drug use. Of course, terrorism news is regularly spiked on The Hour of Spin. At the UN, the new Secretary General has taken an important finance-related position away from the US. No time for that; we need more Britney news!


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name surged at it's now all the way up to #6,088, while Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" has risen to #78. The OlbyTome stands at #2,517 at Barnes & Noble, but O'Reilly's book is #296, and is one of the year's top ten best sellers according to Nielsen's BookScan. With no numbers available for Tuesday, we can nonetheless state with confidence that The Hour of Spin lost overwhelmingly to the eeevil O'Reilly both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 7 [HIGH]

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    January 2, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • SACRIFICE IN IRAQ: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek chief White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Lawrence Korb, former assistant defense secretary
    • PRESIDENT FORD'S FUNERAL: David Gregory, NBC chief White House correspondent
    • SADDAM'S HANGING VIDEO CAUSING AN OUTRAGE: Rajiv Chandrasekaran, former Washington Post Baghdad Bureau chief and author of "Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq's Green Zone."

    The opening spiel kicked off with Olby promising a Speshul Komment on the President's new plan for Iraq--even though "Mister" Bush hasn't announced it yet. And another thing, Bush is trying to "scapegoat" the generals. So eager was KO to hype his talking point of the day that he back-shelved the Ford funeral so he could lead The Hour of Spin with...spin.


    The President is going to "sell" his new policy under the "brand name sacrifice". The decision is political, not military. Gen Casey is being made a "scapegoat". You can bet Thomas Ricks won't be called in to comment on this. Instead it was The Wolffe Man. KO: a "horrid milestone" (the body count), the President makes "infamous" mistatements, it's all Cheney's doing. What's more, it's a sneaky plan to shift the blame to Democrats. Whew! All that spin in less than ten minutes' time!

    After great thanksing The Wolffe Man, up came Larry Korb, again (and as predicted) described as a Reagan man, not as the far-leftist that he is. Bush is wrong, it's all nonsense, yada yada yada. All of a sudden Gen Casey is the font of knowledge, and it's wrong to replace a General who hasn't been performing. (Sorry, "Mister" Truman.) KO hoped that the "illogic" of the yet-to-be-announced policy will cause GOPers to abandon Bush in droves, and Larry dittoed his wish-fulfillment. More great thanks, more plugs for the Speshul Komment.

    After the delayed recap of today's Ford ceremonies and an Emmy-worthy edition of oddball, it was the execution of Saddam, where the chaos served as--ta da!--a metaphor. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the first OlbyMetaphor of 2007, and if past is prologue, merely the first of multiple dozens. The executioners taunted Saddam, but according to Monkeymann, the hanged dictator still maintained his "dignity". Krazy Keith asked Rajiv Chandrasekaran if this would be a "negative turning point". Now there's a shocker. RC agreed. Two shockers in a row, and very great thanks.

    Then Britney Spears, K-Fed, Verne Troyer, and the Media Matters Minute. A Republican Congressman got a mention, so the streak continues.


    The hilarious thing about the latest Fat Ass Speshul Komment [see APPENDIX below] is not all the hokey, scripted camera pivots, or the ever-growing abundance of insinSirs, with Krazy Keith running overtime so he could ad lib a few more. No, it's how beautifully it demonstrates Olbypocrisy. Just a few days ago Keith dismissed the Iraq Study group report as a meaningless "all things to all people" bromide. Tonight, he slams "Mister" Bush for not bowing down to it. But wait, there's more! Rev Olbermann proclaimed O'Reilly a "worst person" for daring to disagree with John McCain, but Krazy Keith blissfully slams the former P.O.W., declaring that McCain has lost touch with reality. Why is it wrong for Mr Bill to disagree with Sen McCain, but noble and righteous for Herr Olbermann to claim Senator McCain is delusional? Answer: it isn't wrong, as long as you're reporting from OlbyPlanet. Never before has Olbermoronn's rank hypocrisy been more flagrant.


    Dogs that did not bark: Nothing from KO on the battle against Islamic militia in Somalia. Tony Blair's comments on Iraq were spiked, as were incendiary statements by the Iranian dictator. And you know Krazy Keith is going to ignore Jamilgate. As far as selective reporting and cherry-picking of stories, it seems 2007 will be a rerun of 2006.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olberman's name is down to #7,581 at amazon, while Mr Bill's "Culture Warrior" is #118. The OlbyTome stands at #2,418 at Barnes & Noble, but O'Reilly's book is #714, and is one of the year's top ten best sellers according to Nielsen's BookScan. On his most recent broadcast, Herr Olbermann was not up against his nemesis, but even so, The Kasich Factor beat Olby by three to one, and left the discreted sports guy in fourth place, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading is an all-time record: 16 [DANGER!]

    APPENDIX: Tonight's Speshul Komment:

    If in your presence an individual tried to sacrifice an American serviceman or woman, would you intervene?

    Would you at least protest?

    What if he had already sacrificed 3,003 of them?

    What if he had already sacrificed 3,003 of them -- and was then to announce his intention to sacrifice hundreds, maybe thousands, more?

    This is where we stand tonight with the BBC report of President Bush's "new Iraq strategy," and his impending speech to the nation, which, according to a quoted senior American official, will be about troop increases and "sacrifice."

    The president has delayed, dawdled and deferred for the month since the release of the Iraq Study Group.

    He has seemingly heard out everybody, and listened to none of them.

    If the BBC is right -- and we can only pray it is not -- he has settled on the only solution all the true experts agree cannot possibly work: more American personnel in Iraq, not as trainers for Iraqi troops, but as part of some flabby plan for "sacrifice."


    More American servicemen and women will have their lives risked.

    More American servicemen and women will have their lives ended.

    More American families will have to bear the unbearable and rationalize the unforgivable --"sacrifice" -- sacrifice now, sacrifice tomorrow, sacrifice forever.

    And more Americans -- more even than the two-thirds who already believe we need fewer troops in Iraq, not more -- will have to conclude the president does not have any idea what he's doing -- and that other Americans will have to die for that reason.

    It must now be branded as propaganda -- for even the president cannot truly feel that very many people still believe him to be competent in this area, let alone "the decider."

    But from our impeccable reporter at the Pentagon, Jim Miklaszewski, tonight comes confirmation of something called "surge and accelerate" -- as many as 20,000 additional troops --f or "political purposes" ...

    This, in line with what we had previously heard, that this will be proclaimed a short-term measure, for the stated purpose of increasing security in and around Baghdad, and giving an Iraqi government a chance to establish some kind of order.


    This is palpable nonsense, Mr. Bush.

    If this is your intention -- if the centerpiece of your announcement next week will be "sacrifice" -- sacrifice your intention, not more American lives!

    As Sen. Joseph Biden has pointed out, the new troops might improve the ratio our forces face relative to those living in Baghdad (friend and foe), from 200 to 1, to just 100 to 1.



    A drop in the bucket.

    The additional men and women you have sentenced to go there, sir, will serve only as targets.

    They will not be there "short-term," Mr. Bush; for many it will mean a year or more in death's shadow.

    This is not temporary, Mr. Bush.

    For the Americans who will die because of you, it will be as permanent as it gets.

    The various rationales for what Mr. Bush will reportedly re-christen "sacrifice" constitute a very thin gruel, indeed.

    The former labor secretary, Robert Reich, says Sen. John McCain told him that the "surge" would help the "morale" of the troops already in Iraq.

    If Mr. McCain truly said that, and truly believes it, he has either forgotten completely his own experience in Vietnam ... or he is unaware of the recent Military Times poll indicating only 38 percent of our active military want to see more troops sent ... or Mr. McCain has departed from reality.

    Then there is the argument that to take any steps toward reducing troop numbers would show weakness to the enemy in Iraq, or to the terrorists around the world.

    This simplistic logic ignores the inescapable fact that we have indeed already showed weakness to the enemy, and to the terrorists.

    We have shown them that we will let our own people be killed for no good reason.

    We have now shown them that we will continue to do so.

    We have shown them our stupidity.


    Mr. Bush, your judgment about Iraq -- and now about "sacrifice" -- is at variance with your people's, to the point of delusion.

    Your most respected generals see no value in a "surge" -- they could not possibly see it in this madness of "sacrifice."

    The Iraq Study Group told you it would be a mistake.

    Perhaps dozens more have told you it would be a mistake.

    And you threw their wisdom back, until you finally heard what you wanted to hear, like some child drawing straws and then saying "best two out of three … best three out of five … hundredth one counts."

    Your citizens, the people for whom you work, have told you they do not want this, and moreover, they do not want you to do this.

    Yet once again, sir, you have ignored all of us.

    Mr. Bush, you do not own this country!

    To those Republicans who have not broken free from the slavery of partisanship -- those bonded still, to this president and this administration, and now bonded to this "sacrifice" --proceed at your own peril.

    John McCain may still hear the applause of small crowds -- he has somehow inured himself to the hypocrisy, and the tragedy, of a man who considers himself the ultimate realist, courting the votes of those who support the government telling visitors to the Grand Canyon that it was caused by the Great Flood.

    That Mr. McCain is selling himself off to the irrational right, parcel by parcel, like some great landowner facing bankruptcy, seems to be obvious to everybody but himself.

    Or, maybe it is obvious to him and he simply no longer cares.

    But to the rest of you in the Republican Party:

    We need you to speak up, right now, in defense of your country's most precious assets -- the lives of its citizens who are in harm's way.

    If you do not, you are not serving this nation's interests -- nor your own.

    November should have told you this.

    The opening of the new Congress on Wednesday and Thursday should tell you this.

    Next time, those missing Republicans will be you.

    And to the Democrats now yoked to the helm of this sinking ship, you proceed at your own peril, as well.

    President Bush may not be very good at reality, but he and Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rove are still gifted at letting American troops be killed, and then turning their deaths to their own political advantage.

    The equation is simple. This country does not want more troops in Iraq.

    It wants fewer.

    Go and make it happen, or go and look for other work.

    Yet you Democrats must assume that even if you take the most obvious of courses, and cut off funding for the war, Mr. Bush will ignore you as long as possible, or will find the money elsewhere, or will spend the money meant to protect the troops, and re-purpose it to keep as many troops there as long as he can keep them there.


    Because that's what this is all about, is it not, Mr. Bush?

    That is what this "sacrifice" has been for.

    To continue this senseless, endless war.

    You have dressed it up in the clothing, first of a hunt for weapons of mass destruction, then of liberation ... then of regional imperative ... then of oil prices ... and now in these new terms of "sacrifice" -- it's like a damned game of Colorforms, isn't it, sir?

    This senseless, endless war.

    But -- it has not been senseless in two ways.

    It has succeeded, Mr. Bush, in enabling you to deaden the collective mind of this country to the pointlessness of endless war, against the wrong people, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

    It has gotten many of us used to the idea -- the virtual "white noise" -- of conflict far away, of the deaths of young Americans, of vague "sacrifice" for some fluid cause, too complicated to be interpreted except in terms of the very important-sounding but ultimately meaningless phrase "the war on terror."

    And the war's second accomplishment -- your second accomplishment, sir -- is to have taken money out of the pockets of every American, even out of the pockets of the dead soldiers on the battlefield, and their families, and to have given that money to the war profiteers.

    Because if you sell the Army a thousand Humvees, you can't sell them any more until the first thousand have been destroyed.

    The service men and women are ancillary to the equation.    

    This is about the planned obsolescence of ordnance, isn't, Mr. Bush? And the building of detention centers? And the design of a $125 million courtroom complex at Gitmo, complete with restaurants.

    At least the war profiteers have made their money, sir.

    And we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain.

    You have insisted, Mr. Bush, that we must not lose in Iraq, that if we don't fight them there we will fight them here -- as if the corollary were somehow true, that if by fighting them there we will not have to fight them here.

    And yet you have re-made our country, and not re-made it for the better, on the premise that we need to be ready to "fight them here," anyway, and always.

    In point of fact even if the civil war in Iraq somehow ended tomorrow, and the risk to Americans there ended with it, we would have already suffered a defeat -- not fatal, not world-changing, not, but for the lives lost, of enduring consequence.

    But this country has already lost in Iraq, sir.

    Your policy in Iraq has already had its crushing impact on our safety here.

    You have already fomented new terrorism and new terrorists.

    You have already stoked paranoia.

    You have already pitted Americans, one against the other.

    We ... will have to live with it.

    We ... will have to live with what -- of the fabric of our nation -- you have already "sacrificed."

    The only object still admissible in this debate is the quickest and safest exit for our people there.

    But you -- and soon, Mr. Bush, it will be you and you alone -- still insist otherwise.

    And our sons and daughters and fathers and mothers will be sacrificed there tonight, sir, so that you can say you did not "lose in Iraq."

    Our policy in Iraq has been criticized for being indescribable, for being inscrutable, for being ineffable.

    But it is all too easily understood now.

    First we sent Americans to their deaths for your lie, Mr. Bush.

    Now we are sending them to their deaths for your ego.

    If what is reported is true -- if your decision is made and the "sacrifice" is ordered -- take a page instead from the man at whose funeral you so eloquently spoke this morning -- Gerald Ford:

    Put pragmatism and the healing of a nation ahead of some kind of misguided vision.


    Sacrifice, Mr. Bush?

    No, sir, this is not "sacrifice." This has now become "human sacrifice."

    And it must stop.

    And you can stop it.

    Next week, make us all look wrong.

    Our meaningless sacrifice in Iraq must stop.

    And you must stop it.

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