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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    January 31, 2007
    Keith Olbermann's Fuzzy Math

    On Tuesday's Hour of Spin, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann again leveled attacks at his nemesis, the eeevil Bill O'Reilly. He was named "worst person in the world" for offering to send free copies of his book to our troops in the war zones. Olby cackled his insults and the gullible swallowed them whole. But, as is the case with so many of Keith's assaults on Mr Bill, this too proved to be nothing more than Another Olbermann Lie.


    Oralmann claimed:

    You buy a copy of the book from him, he'll send a free copy to a US soldier somewhere.

    Actually, it's not Bill O'Reilly who is making this offer. It's his publisher (Broadway Books) in cooperation with Operation Shoebox and America Supports You. Perhaps those organizations should have been the targets of Herr Olbermann's vitriol. But the best was yet to come from the discredited sports guy:

    You only do that if I give you at least 26 bucks first. That's generosity. But you know Bill, I can buy two copies from Amazon for 25 bucks, and I can send the second copy to the soldier, along with a dollar.

    We have to thank our clear-headed reader James for pointing out the fallacies in Olbermann's latest lie. Culture Warrior sells for $15.60 at Amazon. Two copies, with free shipping, would cost $31.20, not $25 as Olby claimed. Parcel post shipping to Iraq would be another $5.85, for a total cost of $37.05. That's assuming you know someone there to receive the package, since mailing to "any soldier" is no longer permitted.

    Perhaps Keith had something else in mind. You don't have to buy from Amazon itself--you can purchase from one of the affiliated sellers there. But the lowest price for a new copy is $13.20, plus $3.49 shipping. Buying two of them will cost you $26.40 plus shipping, taking the total to $33.88. Tossing in $5.85 to ship one to our hypothetical soldier, your cost has now skyrocketed to $39.23. Maybe KO thinks so little of the troops that he'd just send a beat-up used copy. There's one at $13.20 and one at $13.99, and that total comes to $27.15, but the shipping costs take it to $34.17. Add in $5.85 to send one off to the war zone and we're at $40.02.

    The bottom line amidst all this high finance: taking advantage of the Broadway Books offer costs $26.00 ($29.95 including postage). There is nowhere on where Krazy Keith can get two copies of this book for his claimed $25. He can't get two copies for $30. Including all shipping costs, he can't equal the publisher's offer even for $35. Despite Olby's fuzzy math, it is mathematically impossible to purchase two books for $25, send one to Iraq, and have a dollar left over, as he claimed. It's all Another Olbermann Lie.

    When you consider Olbermann's history of fabrications, this is hardly the most scandalous. But it deserves to be exposed, because it reminds us again that the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann will lie about anything, big or small, significant or trivial, to feed his fanatical olbsessions and fuel his all-consuming hatred. Let's hope that Dan Abrams uses OlbyMath when he computes KO's salary.

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (65) | | View blog reactions


    keiths a turd, and yet i watch

    "It's all Another Olbermann Lie."

    I can't defend this one - Keith really needs to correct this. It's blatantly wrong - the only way to even come close would be to buy off eBay. But that's not what he said so it isn't a defense.

    It's where one plus one equals three
    Nevermind, it's just NBC
    Where logic's excluded
    And so convoluted
    Is it "news" or Al Qaeda TV?

    Thanks Johnny!!!!!

    I tried every which way, even with Olby's books. It didn't add up, no how no way!!!!!

    Comon' Olbyloons find us those two copies of Culture Warrior for $25.00!!!!!!

    Okay I can see the math challenged loons need help.

    Go over to Amazon and post two used copy's of "Culture Warrior" for $9.01 each! That will cover the $3.49 each for the shipping charge.

    Then you can come back here and say Olby wasn't lying. Got it?

    Here at olbermannwatch were here to help!!!!!!!

    We won't quibble about them being used.

    That was only one of the lies Olby told about O'Reilly last night. He also claimed that Bill-O had "taken the kidnapper's side" in the Shawn Hornbeck case.

    Don't worry Dan

    Because with a little less than 28 days to go, and no new contract. This train wreck of a cable news show is heading for the cliff!!!!!!

    That's why you watch!!!!!!!!!

    As usual, this site is missing the larger point in favor of a technicality. No, I haven't researched how cheaply a book (or two books) can be bought from Amazon, or whether what Olbermann cited was 100% to the letter thruth or not, so excuse me if I do keep an open mind about that.

    However, assuming your 'research' is correct, I say so what!

    I can just picture the average soldier in Iraq snickering or rolling his/her eyes as they are offered their free copy of "culture Warrier".

    If O'Reilly (or his publisher) would actually send them something very many of them actually want, or something they could actually use...even as he boosts book sales, I would be among the first to call Olbermann down for lampooning the practice.

    So, Puck, since you keep posting the contract 'countdown'...(pun intended), do actually really believe that in 29 days we will be olbermannless?

    Hmmm.. a bunch of rightwingers want a leftwinger off of the TV, geez, he must be doing a lot of things right

    Mike: As usual, you miss the point. Neither you nor Olbermann seem to care about the truth. As long as he's talking about O'Reilly, he feels like he can make up anything he wants.

    But let me ask you this: could he have made the same point you did, without all the exaggeration? And a follow-up: does the fact that he lied about it have any bearing at all? Do you think he hurts his own credibility? I personally can't see why would anyone believe this guy. especially when talks about someone else he doesn't like (such as Bush). Or does he only lie when he's talking about O'Reilly?

    So out of all the content of last night's show, all you can counter with is this? What a pathetic blog. Loks as if you're running out of gas.

    Olbermanm is the most oboxious and hate filled idividual I have ever come accross.


    the preview for today's countdown is priceless.

    "sure, he's the president. but does he really have any authority at all? Keith interperates the constitution the way it was meant to be interpreted, despite the fact Keith has no formal law, political, or historical education. Tonight on Countdown"

    May be time to not really purchase the products the sposnors of NBC are trying to sell

    They're kind of getting ugly, rude and arrogant and may be time to put the punks in their place

    Not really that big of a deal to organize - I'm sure GE & their sharholders (Rem Opie answers to no one) would happily accept Opie's reason why the CO's losing momey - it would be Bush's

    This constant below the belt personal attack stuff by these punks is wearing a bit thin

    Let his left wing "demo" group support the advertisers

    British Police Arrest 9 Allegedly Plotting 'Iraq-Style' Kidnapping.

    If Keith even covers it, you can be sure to hear plenty of the words "alleged", "barely in the planning stages", "not a real threat", "impractical", "timing" and of course plenty of reminders of the portagese man who was wrongly shot following the 7/7 attacks.

    Venezuelan lawmakers give Chavez sweeping powers
    12:52 p.m. EST, January 31, 2007 CNN

    boy, democrats just keep on winning. happy times are here again.

    Weak, son...

    So Chavez is a 'Democrat'? Now why didn't Know that?

    I can get a copy of DoucheBag Olbermanns new book at my local Barnes and Noble for $5.99
    But I choose not to, as there are plenty of better writers in the fiction genre.

    I used to get all worked up about Olbermann, but now he is just comical. This is a man who brags about his ratings when he gets around 1 viewer for every 3 that O'Reilly gets on a nightly basis.

    I was flipping through the channels last night and caught the end of Keith's "special commentary" and split my sides laughing. This man honestly believes that the President has done nothing to dismantle al-qaeda since September of 2001. Sure Keith, Islamic radicals have adopted a kinder, gentler posture since that horrible day and have learned from the error of their ways. Would you have us believe that they have not attacked because they do not want to, because they simply want to negotiate now and see the value in human life? The problem with KO and losers like him is that they are so blinded by hatred you cannot reason with them.

    The fact of the matter is that the Patriot Act, NSA survellience, the alliance with the Pakistani government, and an aggressive foreign policy has stopped attacks on the Brooklyn Bridge, the Citigroup Tower, the World Bank, the Prudential Building, and thwarted dozens of other plots that are probably still classified. We are a much safer nation now than we were on September 12th, but I am almost certain that KO and people of his ilk would rather have mass American death and carnage, would rather have dirty bombs go off in the NY and DC subway systems, would rather have the Sears Tower blown up at high noon than give the President an ounce of credit for severely crippling Islamic Terrorists with their sights set on American targets.

    Although Keith is a total moron who at his core is still that obnoxious brat who all the other kids picked on, its not worth the energy to feel threatened by him. His small audience is primarily made up of people like him who will not pay attention to reason, are terribly stupid, and not to be taken seriously. MSNBC is cable news for the intellectually inferior. With KO and Matthews as in house cheap hacks, Scarborough and Carlson as the two most worthless conservatives in town, and a host of other lightweights, there is no reason to feel threatened by them or take them seriously. It is a real shame that the great mind of Mr. Buchanan has allowed himself to be associated with such vile people. I think Roger Ailes should make him an offer immediately.

    Watching KO sign off with "good night and good luck" after his insane rant was priceless. KO comparing himself to Edward R. Murrow is akin to a AA ball player comparing himself to Mickey Mantle.

    will keith lead with bidens obama is a clean black guy rant today? Or will keith lead with how bush is diverting the spin buy going to the stock exhange floor?

    Keith really needs to do a Special Comment slamming the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for not raising the heights of the doors on New York City subway cars to about 6 1/2 feet high. Obviously, that collision with the top of a subway car door that robbed him of his depth perception also did some other cranial damage.

    KO: Today on Countdown, Bush tries to paint the picture of a roaring economy, we're not fooled Mr. Bush, and Fox News and Bill O'Reilly trick Senator Biden into making a controversial comment about Senator Obama. Those stories and other fearless, respectable journalism ahead after Hardball, back to you Chris.

    CM: HAH! Okay, did the vast right wing conspiracy put Biden in this corner, can Fox News and Drudge be trusted to report this story?

    Jack wrote: "KO comparing himself to Edward R. Murrow is akin to a AA ball player comparing himself to Mickey Mantle."

    That's the best sports analogy I've heard regarding Krazy Keith... and one he might actually understand.

    Time for a fact check, Jack:

    "The fact of the matter is that the Patriot Act,"

    Which has been misused to prosecute crimes unrelated to terrorism (most prominently, a money laundering case in Las Vegas) and has had two provisions (Section 805 and 505) ruled as unconstitutional.

    "NSA survellience"

    Which, by admitting that it should have been conducted under FISA, means the President has been willfully and knowingly violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act for the last 5 years.

    "the alliance with the Pakistani government,"

    An alliance that prevents us from seeking out Osama bin Laden in areas of Pakistan, and also an alliance where the Pakistanis have made deals with groups that have harbored bin Laden in the past.

    "and an aggressive foreign policy"

    So aggressive that every major ally we've had for the last 50 years has been alienated. Even Great Britain is pulling back. We went from the most trusted nation in the world to one of the most reviled.

    "has stopped attacks on the Brooklyn Bridge"

    A plot that was to use blowtorches to cut down the suspension cables - a plot that, at best, would have taken DAYS to carry out assuming that no one noticed.

    "the Citigroup Tower"

    By a group of "terrorists" that were so bumbling and inept that even the FBI says that the plot was "aspirational" rather than operable.

    "the World Bank, the Prudential Building,"

    By a British citizen who had no money, no explosives, no access to nuclear materials and no clear plan other than to use some sort of "Gas Limo Bomb".

    Or do you mean the two men in Georgia who had been arrested based on the fact they traveled to Toronto for a meeting with (unidentified) "like-minded" militants and may (or may not) have "cased" the building by taking pictures of it.

    "and thwarted dozens of other plots that are probably still classified."

    Ah, the always-popular unverifiable claim. Kinda like "elephant repellant" - if there are no elephants around it must be working, right?

    "We are a much safer nation now than we were on September 12th,"

    Osama bin Laden and most of his upper eschelon are still at large, we have inflammed tensions in Iraq, the Taliban is resurging in Afghanistan, North Korea and Iran are saber-rattling over nuclear weapons...

    Not to mention that only 5% of cargo containers entering the U.S. are being scanned, first responders still lack proper equipment and radios, FEMA is a disaster area pretending to be a federal agency, and the National Guard is saying the extended tours in Iraq has severely compromised the ability for them to respond to either a natural disaster or domestic terror attack.

    [sarcasm on]Yep, I feel soooo safe...[sarcasm off]

    "but I am almost certain that KO and people of his ilk would rather have mass American death and carnage, would rather have dirty bombs go off in the NY and DC subway systems, would rather have the Sears Tower blown up at high noon than give the President an ounce of credit for severely crippling Islamic Terrorists with their sights set on American targets."

    No, we would rather the President had KEPT HIS EYE ON THE DAMN BALL. We HAD bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora - but we turned it over to Afghan warlords and he got away. Then we went off to Iraq and invaded (even though the same people clamoring for invasion in 2003 said that invading Iraq after the FIRST Gulf War would have been a dumb idea).

    Swing and a miss, Jack.

    oh okay Mike!

    I see it in your way of thinking the big picture is. Olby can lie and USE the troops all he wants!!!!!!!!

    And your okay with that.

    Oh Mike I thought you were so much better than that. Here I'll help you.

    Go to like your boy said and point out the two O'Reilly books for $25. Okay. Why it should only take you a minute.

    But I guess your down with Olby bashing O'Reilly and using the troops in his lie because until you or posted by or anybody else can show this site that you can get two copys of "Culture Warrior" for $25 on Amazon.

    YOU'RE BOY LIED!!!!!

    When I've seen something on this site I did not agree with I said something.

    I've got to give E.E. credit for being a standup guy. But I don't see you going after him.

    Big picture, Small Picture, Picture in a picture. your boy LIED!!!! And he used the troops to bring forth his lie!!!!!!

    And you call yourself a vet.

    Gee Mike I guess it didn't mean anything that Bill went over there for Christmas. The troops would rather watch Olby back in the green zone.

    Oh yeah Mike! All those troops that were forced to stand in line for the Bill O'Reilly photo op.

    Olby from his little bathtub to under his desk and to his little anchor desk. Cares so much about the troops!!!!!!

    O'Reilly went over there and spent Christmas, where did Olby go?

    As Phil Mushnick said, "Olbermann still gos out of his way to demonstrate his considerable sensitive side. Yeah, sensitive to himself."

    Oh and just in case Mike, Frankin is always crowing how he gos over to Iraq for the troops. So Olby can always hitch a ride.

    28 days to go posted by!!!!! If your boy was that good how come they have not come up with a new contract or CNN isn't beggin at the door?

    But quit trying to take things off topic kids. It means you're boy lied.

    Show me where you can get TWO copy's of "Culture Warrior" for $25 on Amazon. Damm I even showed you how to do it.

    Can't do it Mike can you.

    So I guess the new question is how does it feel to follow the village idiot?

    28 days to go posted by! 28 days to go!!!!!!!

    But you know what Mike? I'm sorry! I forgot when it comes to you and you're crowd numbers don't mean anything. Like ratings don't mean anything, right.

    Then why didn't Olby go on last night and say he could get 10 copys of "Culture Warrior" for $25?
    If it doesn't mean anything.

    Because in Mike's world, it's the big picture! So lie all you want Olby! Mike is down with that!!!

    Mike why don't you think before you post?

    E.E. at least makes you do your homework.

    Mike there's a little button that says 'preview'. Okay? I suggest you use it and give a good look at what you post before you hit post.

    E.E., I don't agree with, but I see where he is coming from. And you have to come to the debate prepaired.

    I can't say the same for you.

    Well, I can't argue with puck so I'll just change the subject. Mike when things were not going well out in the field. Did you change the war?

    Okay let me clarify this for you Mike. If you were somewhere. In the field, In country, wherever!! And you didn't Like what was going on, did you raise the white flag, walk out to the enemy and say. " I don't like whats going on, you guys are not getting the big picture. I'm changing the rules."

    Mike you state your all that, why don't find those two copys of "Culture Warrior" for $25. And put this whole thing to rest? Thats what the topic says at the top.

    Or, just admit that to get your point and the point of your crowd across. It's okay to lie.

    Posted by would say "It's the substant thing to do".

    And until you find the two copys of "Culture Warrior" for $25 on (and it must be because your boy said it) Amazon. I'm ignoring you and that dopey posted by. Why, Because when it comes to SUBSTANCE! You and posted by ain't got s**t !!!!!

    28 days to go posted by! 28 days to go!!!!!!!, 2005: "Keith's Demise Is Imminent!", 2006: "Keith's Demise Is Imminent!", 2007: "Keith's Demise Is Imminent!"

    keep it up, tiny mind. some ditto heads never learn. even after 3K dead in vain and a trillion down the toilet.

    i love how the argument is always, "these guys were inept" or "the plan had barely gotten off the ground", all the while ignoring the fact that we caught people with plans to BLOW SHIT UP!!

    would you rather we let them acquire the means to do it?

    DHS agent: I dunno bob, according to our source and the recorded phone conversation, these six guys have talked about targeting the sears tower with a small explosives. Should we move in?

    CIA agent: Are you crazy?!?!?! Kieth Olbermann would be all over us on that countdown show. We better wait till they get the explosives, finalize the plan, and give them time to formulate a plan b in the event we don't bust all involved.

    2 months later

    DHS agent: There heading towards the entrance, bob. And it looks like they have something wrapped around under their jackets. SHould we take em?

    CIA agent: Are you crazy?!?!?! They haven't done anything illegal yet. If we take em now, you know Kieth Olbermann will say that the alleged may have just been sightseeing, or heading next-door to get a cup of coffee. If we bust em now, we'll look like fools. Do you wanna look like a fool?

    DHS agent: No bob.

    CIA agent: Damn right you don't. We have to wait until the first guy kills somebody or blows himself up. Then we can make the arrest of the others and Kieth will only be mildly skeptical.

    DHS agent: mildly skeptical, bob?

    CIA agent: well sure, you know. But no one will notice that part because most of the show will be about how unsafe Bush and his admisistration has made us and how the attack was the result of his policies.

    DHS agent: wait bob, i'm confused. I thought Keith says the terror threats aren't real and are always made up.

    CIA agent: He does.

    DHS agent: but you said he'd say that the bush administration has made us less safe from terrorism.

    CIA agent: Thats right.

    DHS agent: uh, so Bush has made us less safe from a threat that doesn't exist?

    CIA agent: Exactly. Geez, don't you watch Countdown? It's the greatest show I've eve....(KABOOM!)

    DHS agent: Well, at least Kieth won't say we're fools.

    CIA agent: Don't count on it.

    10 minutes later

    all the while ignoring the fact that we caught people with plans to BLOW SHIT UP!!

    yeah, right. more like they were sitting around shooting the shit about how great it would be to blow shit up.

    "we caught people with plans to BLOW SHIT UP!!"

    the chickenhawk wimper.
    the islamo-fascists are coming!
    they're big, bad men coming to destroy our freedoms!
    so before they get here, let's destroy them ourselves first!

    f---ing brainless coward.

    ditto brain:we haven't lost any freedoms!
    ditto brain:name me one freedom we've lost!
    ditto brain:go ahead, i dare you. i double dare you.

    [insert long growing list of Bush Admin unconstitutionalities here]

    ditto brain:we haven't lost any freedoms!
    ditto brain:name me one freedom we've lost!
    ditto brain:go ahead, i dare you. i double dare you.

    E.E. I can't debate this because I've got a meeting but,

    The 5% of cargo is off, no it's not 100% but it's getting there. Like I've said before If you travel by most ports now they have x-ray machines that look right inside and the paperwork and the weight have to match or it's getting looked at.

    Not all ports have this but more are coming on line. And if you had to inspect all containers coming in that would bring a lot of work at the port to a halt! If you know anybody who works at a modern port go down and see for yourself.

    In fact if they wanted to get a bomb in here just walk it across from Canada. The ports? Who's watching North Dakota?

    FEMA would be a disaster no matter who was running it. I've got friends that ran ice down to New Orleans for $4.00 a mile. (I forget where from) Sat around for two or three days outside of New Orleans then when FEMA could not find a wharehouse to take the ice. Fema sent them with the Ice to a warehouse in, are you ready? Maine!!
    At $4.00 a mile, toss in two days layover pay. You do the math.

    Democrat, Republican? Fema is a wreck unless your in the transportation buisness. Then it's BIG BUCKS!

    I'm with you on Bin Laden, Should have never stopped until we found him dead or alive. Not finding or getting him, just made him a cult figure for the real nut-cases. And by getting him we would have saved a lot of time, money,and lives.

    But this is the here and now. And the question I can't get an answer to is. With the best Military on earth. That went through Afganistan and then made a hard left into Iraq. And ran into Bahgdad like lighting, All of a sudden can't get things together?

    Okay you changing stuff, and you want a little time. Okay, but don't come to me in August and say stay the course.

    I do like what Anthony Weimer said on the Radio Factor last week. If whoever that guy who runs things now over there does'nt have things going better by Nov. Pull the troops back outside the city limits maybe a little farther. Give everybody that wants to come out 72 hours. And then just make sure nobody gets in. And let them settle it in Bahgdad.

    Weimer's a democrat and I can go along with that!

    Meeting time gotta go!!!!!

    Puck, you just can't take yourself off of that silly high horse of yours, can you?

    There you are again...ranting on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on about what you allege is a 'lie', that would be inconsequential at best, about some the more comical section of a TV show. But on the other hand, you continue to give your roque president a pass for lie after lie after lie after lie, even when the lies you keep defending have had grave, grave 3000 dead Americans and well over 20,000 wounded Americans, and these lies have put us in a quagmire of historical proportions with absolutely no good way out.

    And I'll say it again; I seriously doubt if very many of the troops are interested in reading "Culture Warrier". If O'Reilly and his publisher REALLY wanted to do something for the troops, they might try sending a book of their OWN choice, or something else they might actually want or need, in place of the ridiculous "Culture Warrier".

    As for your posts. Are you even capable of doing anything other than spout off an almost ENDLESS series of one liners. Do you actually think you are funny? I guarantee you that no one else does.

    If the worst Olbermann ever does is get the price of a book wrong, I think I'll just have to give him a pass on that....and if that sort of crap is the best you people on this character assasination site can come up with....then I guess your just going to continue to look ridiculous without even realizing it.

    yeah, right. more like they were sitting around shooting the shit about how great it would be to blow shit up.

    Your exactly right. I mean who hasn't done that.

    f---ing idiot.

    the chickenhawk wimper.
    the islamo-fascists are coming!
    they're big, bad men coming to destroy our freedoms!
    so before they get here, let's destroy them ourselves first!

    The liberal whine
    Its not theit fault they try to kill people.
    They don't know any better
    Its our fault cause of our imperialsit ways.
    We need to embrace them and hug them and tell them everythings going to be okay and they will listen cause they are open to change.

    It is official as of today at the Libby trial. The President, Vice President and Rove committed treason.

    They should face the death penalty per Bush 1 who said " anyone who outs a CIA operative should face the death penalty for treason"

    Death would be too easy for W. Let him resign and be prosecuted, same with Cheney and Rove

    Death would be too easy for W. Let him resign and be prosecuted, same with Cheney and Rove.

    first waterboarded, then prosecuted. yummy.

    ***It is official as of today at the Libby trial. The President, Vice President and Rove committed treason. They should face the death penalty per Bush 1 who said "anyone who outs a CIA operative should face the death penalty for treason". Death would be too easy for W. Let him resign and be prosecuted, same with Cheney and Rove.***

    Sounds exactly like an Olbyloon porn wet-dream... and it sounds exactly like what we'll probably hear tonight on Countdown.

    Good work Barry!

    : Is there something wrong? What is so bad about Bush in the first place ?!? The trouble sley lies with those that are always kiniveing against the presidnet in the first place !!!

    [solely] and [president]

    Obama 4:54: "What is so bad about Bush in the first place?!?"

    Uh nothing...why in the world would you even suggest such a thing?

    I do not know why. This is a cruel world indeed.

    Jack wrote:

    "Watching KO sign off with 'good night and good luck' after his insane rant was priceless. KO comparing himself to Edward R. Murrow is akin to a AA ball player comparing himself to Mickey Mantle."

    I think it's more akin to a AA hitting well below .200 comparing himself to the level of Ty Cobb (career batting average of .367 [.366 {corrected according to MLB}] and Rogers Horsby (career batting average of .358). And doing so with a straight face.

    I tried watching Olbermann for one week and couldn't finish the week. His prevarications and disingenuousness in each and every single show was too tiresome for me so I deemed him to be a waste of not only broadcast time but also my valuable personal time. It's no wonder why his numbers remain so low and will continue to decline in the long run.

    For years mankind has tried to define the word "irony", and today, mankind has done it.

    I think Olbermann Watch missed something here. You have to buy the copy of the book from It is $26.00 on his site. Here's the kicker, though, that everyone seems to miss. Everything bought at the store, every dollar, goes to Charity. Bill O'Reilly does not keep any of that money. He gives it all to charity. Worst person indeed.

    "He gives it all to charity. Worst person indeed."

    So let me get this right.

    If I buy O'Reilly's book, all of the money goes to charity. And in addition, soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan who want a copy to read will get a free copy as well?

    And for Olbermann, this makes O'Reilly a worst person in the world?

    The world must be in great shape if O'Reilly's actions constitute being a "worst person".

    "But this is the here and now. And the question I can't get an answer to is. With the best Military on earth. That went through Afganistan and then made a hard left into Iraq. And ran into Bahgdad like lighting, All of a sudden can't get things together?"

    Puck, if it were simply a millitary problem then I have no doubt we when win hands down. but we are not trying to defeat the iraqi people. We are trying to unite them--to prevent a civil war. the is not what the best millitary in the world was desined to do.

    Hard right, actually. Since Afghanistan is north of Iraq and if you made a right ... you would be going to Russia.

    So what percentage of KO's book sales went to charities? How many copies did he ask his publisher to send to the troops in Iraq? Hey, here's another question for you. When was the last time Ko was in Iraq? Oh, that's right, he's never been. O'Reilly has though.

    I would love to see the day when O'Reilly has finally had enough and goes over to sissy boy olbermans' office and cracks his f---ing head open like an egg shell. O'Reilly then gets sued, pays damages, olberman has (more) brain damage, then O'Reilly retires (with more than enough money) and then laughs at sissy boy olberman because he now has a speech impediment. THE END.

    Any speech impedement will sound alot better than Bill O' Reilly's haughty uptight millionaire's accent.

    P.S.: Obama ! Do not let that southern Joe Biden intimidate you !!! You are going to blow him away in the primaries !!!

    "O'Reilly has though."

    Yeah, and he used that for weeks to BULLY any war critic who came on his show by saying "I've been there. You haven't. So you can't criticize because you don't know what's REALLY happening."

    And IF Keith did go, you'd gripe because American soldiers would have to be detailed to protect him - a duty that the troops dislike because American civilians are big juicy targets for insurgents.

    "Yeah, and he used that for weeks to BULLY any war critic who came on his show by saying "I've been there. You haven't. So you can't criticize because you don't know what's REALLY happening."

    My "BS" meter just jumped off the desk and ran around the room going full tilt.

    Take a look at that incredibly stupid 7:06 post!

    Can't there be at least a minimum IQ test before someone can make a post on this blog?

    i love how the argument is always, "these guys were inept"

    Excellent point.Look at Tim Mcveigh and crew they
    weren't exactly geniuses but they still got it done.

    Rather than a copy of "Culture Warrior," perhaps better armor would be appreciated? Bill takes on so many "causes," how about that one...?

    Poor Mike. He is incapable of any degree of criticizm of his idol, TehranKeith. EE, however, maintains respect by not gobbling up all of KO's B.S. That's why Mike is regarded as 'biased' to the max.

    O' Lielly says:

    "Hmmm.. a bunch of rightwingers want a leftwinger off of the TV"

    Well, whether the clear thinking OW posters are "right wingers" and whether Orange Boy is a "left winger" is debatable, but I don't necessarily want him "off of the TV". What I want is very simple:

    1) Admit that he is biased against conservative ideas and those who espouse them;

    2) Bring individuals onto his show who speak for conservative positions and let there be an airing of both sides of political questions.

    But since Orange Boy knows he would get his clock cleaned if he were to expose his loony leftism to a conservative frontal attack, this will probbaly never happen.

    If Olby's pile of rubbish known as Meltdown were to meet its demise, I do think this would be a good thing mainly because this show holds itself out to be a news show and the more gullible viewers might not understand that Olby's show is really a left fringe propaganda organ and not a show that gives both sides of today's important political questions.

    I do think that when Orange Boy's show goes south, he will need some serious therapy/meds because his thin skin and fragile ego won't hold up.

    "But since Orange Boy knows he would get his clock cleaned"

    Hero talk bullshit. Are you an idiot or what? Fox Noises is not one guy who is biased, it is an entire 24 hours biased propaganda machine directly responsible for Bush being able to get away with what he has to date. What the f--- are you talking about? You think O'lielly and Hannity having "opposing view point" guest on who get loaded questions and then cut off before they can respond is having an "opposing view"?

    MSNBC is dictating to Keith Olbermann the effect style and format of his show. Yes effective. Last time I checked the evangelical hillbilly congress was sent packing and George Bush is reduced to his circle of friends in his disgraced office.

    Keith Olbermann has already won. Bill Frist and Tom Delay and the rest are has beens, fools like you are nothing but cry baby whiners who bet on any loosing horse Fox Noise and Limbaugh tell you to bet on.

    The only "clock cleaning" done so far was done last November 7th!

    Thank you Keith!

    You notice that the Olby haters rarely discuss the topics that Keith brings up because he's consistently using facts to bitch slap the administration on it's pathological lying.
    I sometimes wonder why the belligerently uninformed at this site continually put loyalty in an administration that repeatedly lies to them (claiming he thwarted an attack on the Library Tower in San Fran.{debunked by the CIA, FBI and San Fran mayor}, WMD, 9/11, Torture, etc...), spends their tax money on killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians (American and Iraqi), systematically stripping away freedoms and rights of the American citizens under the guise of security from the terrorists (Habeas Corpus, unwarranted detention, unwarranted evesdropping of phone, medical records, emails, IM's, bank transfers, etc...) , unconstitutionally signing in laws that favor the grotesquely rich without any congressional over site (signing statements), Treason (Valerie Plame outing, 9/11, eliminating the nations sovereignty by secretly forming a North American Union between Canada and Mexico, inevitably eliminating the constitution and the Bill of Rights).
    Unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceburg you brainwashed Bush bootlickers...Wake the F@#k up!

    O'lielly has been spewing garbage for years now. Reporting on the 'lefts attempt to undermine family values'. The people who watch O'lielly just wish to have their political persuasion soothed, massaged and told to them.
    Conservative Values will be the undoing of America because of the religious right which should be really named the "American Taliban'. A state ruled by religous fools like Iran and Afghanistan

    I think we can all agree on one thing: the picture on the cover of Culture Warrior is weird... and that it is a book of some sort.

    I think we can all agree on one thing: Keith is orange and his "book" has been sniffing O'Reilly's ass since publication.

    eww. gross.

    mexican prick, cee was NOT referring whatsoever to Sandy Burglar, just ask him! I sure hope the floor in your hacienda is not dirt or straw because you seem to spend a lot of time on it!