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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    January 26, 2007
    Peacock Scandals and Controversies

    What hath Olbermann wrought? Have standards at NBC totally collapsed? John Gibson, who worked there for eight years, had some thoughts today, and we have an mp3 audio clip for your listening pleasure:

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (55) | | View blog reactions


    Any network that would employ Olby, with his warped ideals, behavior and apparent disregard for corporate policies, has absolutely no standards or class. The Bartiromo-gate dustup doesn't shock me.

    FOX News can go ahead and muddy-up their own news channel in terms of ethics and political obfuscations ... but leave perfectly news networks alone.

    Yes, because when "ethics in journalism" comes up, the name everyone turns to is John Gibson...

    Please. This guy wouldn't know ethical journalism if it walked up and shook his hand.

    he is right in the respect that journalists today seem to spend a lot of time attacking eachother when their real job is suppossed to be delivering the news.

    Please. This guy wouldn't know ethical journalism if it walked up and shook his hand.

    I met Ethical Journalism once. He's kind of a dick. He wouldn't give me change for a five.

    Note: his friends call him Eth.

    he is right in the respect that journalists today seem to spend a lot of time attacking eachother when their real job is suppossed to be delivering the news.

    yeah, but real news is bad for ratings. Thats why we need journalist fueds and meaningless celebrity stories.

    My theory is, & I think that this is founded, that anybody who gets the Bill O' Reilly timeslot will get the two million $ rating. If John Gibson was there, he would be Mr. FOX News. Th8us, get made fun of even worse by Ol' Big Macc.

    My theory is, & I think that this is founded, that anybody who gets the Bill O' Reilly timeslot will get the two million $ rating. If John Gibson was there, he would be Mr. FOX News. Th8us, get made fun of even worse by Ol' Big Macc.

    You're right that a replacement would get big ratings now, but keep in mind that O'Reily did grow that spot. I think it would go down if he were replaced. Keep in mind that a lot liberals like to watch him for the same reason some conservatives watch Olbermann; they are controversial and people enjoy watching those who piss them off. I don't think fox has anyone as outspoken as O'Reily.

    The "love to h8" the pundit theory, eh, gt? I guess so. I wonder if that is the way that J$ feels, but that is okay if dollar is purely a spy. I spy. John Gibson spied. John Colbert said something about Bill O' Reilly once back on Comedy Central. Spying on other channels for sarcasm is good. Great.

    John Gibson... excuse me while I try to quit laughing at his journalistic intergrity...

    No doubt the ratings would go down. Just look at any Friday night Bill is off.

    Everybody from all political views watches O'Reilly.

    Like him or hate him, O'Reilly and his staff put in a full 60 minutes every night. And it shows in the ratings.

    Olby just reads what lock step orders he is givin' and it shows in the ratings.

    You really have to tune into "The Factor" because unless you go to his website or listen to his radio show. Your not quite sure where Bill is going to go that night.

    Olby it's simple, First segment bash Bush, bash Republicans. When was the last time Olby started off his show with something else? Can anybody tell me? Whats worst person turned into? Bash a conservative, bash Fox News, Bash a Republican.

    Olby is the same thing night after night. The same people, The same thing!

    What another Krazy Komment? Nothing new except you can have an mini office pool on how many dopey camera twists he is going to do, and I know thats not original since I saw The Colbert Report for the first time the other night.

    Isn't there anything Olby can do thats original?

    Olby is the Milton Berle of Cable TV News. He rips off everything and gives credit almost to nobody. And then if he does give glowing credit for something from some source one night. That source could end up on Worst person the next night. Gee and he wonders why a lot of people in the buissness hate him.

    He will shake your hand during the day and then run on his show and bash you that night!!

    What a weasel!!!!!!

    If it's what you like! Fine! But only a certain segment of the viewing public will watch!

    Hence poor ratings.

    Hell! listen to that radio show he does with Patrick. Everyday, Keith strokes Dan. Dan strokes Keith. Then Dan reads an Auto-Zone promo. Then Dan strokes Keith, and Keith strokes Dan. Then Dan does another Auto-Zone promo. Same s**t! Day after Day.

    Believe me theres more than a few people at MSNBC and CNN that would love to see somebody knock off O'Reilly. But nobody has been able to do it.

    And with around 33 days to go at this point till his contract is up. I don't think MSNBC is giving Mister Olbermann a vote of confidence.

    And like I said last night if Keith was all that. And he was that damm good! If MSNBC was dragging their feet, Why isn't CNN knocking on his agent's door? Why isn't CBS if Keith is as some of you say Morrowesqe? Why isn't ABC? Heck! Why isn't Fox News?

    Why? because his show sucks!!!!!!

    But if Keith goes, Johnny can always rename this site "Where in the world is Keith Olbermann?"

    And right now with no new contract, one must start to wonder. Will Dan pull Olby off before the big day. Or will they leave him on for the final meltdown!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll say Olby was the one that started this, but Gibson is starting to become a little obsessed with it. Oh well he did get shown the door at MSLSD, didn't he?

    There you go! Olby just made my point!!!! Wolffe on for the third time this week!! And Milbank? couple that with odd ball? How fresh? How original? How about you got to be kidding me!!!

    Bush is the most corrupt President in this nation's history. He's Dick Cheney's puppet!

    puck said alot of nothing. Just look at Bill O' Reilly. He seethes with rage too much and sometimes it gets too much and somebody from FOX News questions wether they should keep on promoting him. He attacks 11 year old victims, has crossed the territory of Judges and when called on it ... he quits the contest, he is paranoid, snarky, over the top and it just may be the spin cycle for O' dude. Ha Ha Ha !!!

    > has crossed the territory of Judges

    This is of course irrelevant, but a statement this loony has to be singled out.

    You do not realize what I amrefering to. If you do, then you are hiding it. Bill O' Reilly puts out his "Bloviating with Bill" contest in which he takes some person from the at-home audience and gives that person a chance to have a conversation on the "No Spin Zone" with Bill. This person outted how Bill O' Reilly had a crew trespass on the judge of the Vermont 13 month contrevorsy, and tape him in his privacy. Bill O' Reilly got all mad, and as soon as you know it, what was supposed to be an ongoing contest, ended immediately.

    Obama Watch Us Bicker in Technicolor said:
    "puck said alot of nothing."

    alot = a lot. Two words.


    Just pointing out.
    Not knocking you on "typos" (as in "what I amrefering to" or "13 month contrevorsy") but you undermine your credibility with poor grammar such as "alot" and "your" instead of you're.
    But, perhaps you were just using computer slang.

    I do not care about my credibility. I have no ego thrown into the mix. I am surprised that Johnny Dollar did not know what I meant when he read "territory" from my comment. I hope he takes my return response in and gives another responding comment. Hopefully there is no ego there.

    I can tell there is an ego with you, no name. Work on it. Ha ! Snicker ! Ha ! Snicker ! Ha !

    based on your rambling, incoherent strings of text- maybe you're just dumb.

    "no name"- that's a good one. I guess coming up with a silly moniker like "Obama, blah, blah," would be better.

    Is English a second language for you? No matter, you made my case (and Johnny $'s?) when you stated the following: "I do not care about my credibility."

    Good. You have none.

    I want none.

    > "Bloviating with Bill" contest

    A few facts. This contest was supposed to run for five days. It ran for five days. There was no trespass involved. Look up what is required legally for trespass. Is the UPS man committing trespass when he comes up and knocks on your door? Sheesh.

    It is, of course, irrelevant to the personal attacks, distortions, and lies of Keith Olbermann. But someone has to change the subject rather than defend the indifensible.

    Johnny Dollar: No trespass ?!? You think that a camera crew is the same as a mail man ?!?!? Hunh ?!? Not at all !

    Yeah, Johnny Dollar! Do you not know not what differance is be ?! ? Hunh ?! ? Not at all! You not be as credible as I is- but I not want credible. Hunh ?! ?

    OK I take it all back. They have one law for a camerman, and another, special, law for the UPS delivery guy. Maybe a special statute just for Federal Express, and another for Jehovah's witnesses. You convinced me.

    A: I do not care about credibility here. I am just writing in comments.

    B: Exclamation marks and question marks are for context. That is all I over use them for.

    C: I used to like you. Not any more, nameless person.

    D: Obama Watch [Us Bicker] was my original name here, then I added " in Technicolor " when this site made the banner bright pink. Then I changed my name to "Obama" when I stopped likin Ol' Big Macc.

    Good !?? I know your learning alot from me even though I is going not to teach!? ?! So there is now, Hunh?! ?

    There ! Doesn't it feel good to tell the truth about camera men vs. mail men, difference ? You get extra brownie points for telling the truth !

    It seems that at the cable wing of NBCU 2.0 (or whatever it's called), the "stars" can get away with whatever they want (Bartiromo, Olbermann and Matthews come to mind), regardless of what they do or have revealed about them. In fact, some *cough* get their salary raised from $1mil to $4mil. Yet it's the "little people" like the camera operators, graphics people and producers who lose their jobs when ratings go in the tank.

    Should Olby's second go-round at MSNBC (Ms. Nibbik) end this time out, there may potentially be a replacement for his "Countdown" hosting gig: (New York) Daily News sports columnist Mike Lupica. Anyone here read his particular "Speshul Komment" (though it wasn't called that) on Bush whose advertisement (as it amounted to) was plastered on the front page of the Daily News about a week ago? Some people called Lupica a "Jimmy Breslin-wannabe" for that column - but it seems more likely he's an Olbermann-wannabe, gunning for his job should Olby not come back after his contract expires.

    It is so obvious. FUX, oh pardon me FOX NEWS gets its high rating by as many liberals as conservatives. If you notice Olby's ratings have increased 3 fold since this site went up. One third by new liberal watchers that through word of mouth and FOX bitching have switched veiwers to him. And 2 thirds by conservatives that just have to see "what a far left" or "SP" Olby is. The more bitching you Republicuns do about Olby, the higher the rating he will get. I know because I am one of the half of the nightly veiwers of FUX, oh sorry again FOX SPEWS that tune in to see the "We distort, You decide" side of ?!?NEWS?!? I know a lot of Dems that tune in to the Right Wing "DRIVEBY MEDIA" to learn the new lies and talking points of this brainwashing platform called "MAINSTREAM MEDIA". Open your eyes before it is too late.

    Is that there is indeed a double-standard at NBU-Uni. The "stars", such as they are, like the money honey can get away with clear ethics violations while you have Olbermann being caught with sexually explicit material on his work computer, trading emails with fans soliciting them for sex, and getting caught in a sex scandal, living with a woman young enough to be his daughter, etc., and it's fine. If any regular employee at CNBC had done what the Money Honey had done, they'd be booted out the door. If any regular employee at MSNBC had been caught with what Olbermann was caught with on his work computer, they'd also be fired. But not Olbermann. Not the Money Honey. And these people know it and that's why they keep doing whatever it is they want to do becuase they know they'll be no retribution or reprimand for it.

    "Is that there is indeed a double-standard at NBU-Uni. The "stars", such as they are, like the money honey can get away with clear ethics violations while you have Olbermann being caught with sexually explicit material on his work computer, trading emails with fans soliciting them for sex, and getting caught in a sex scandal, living with a woman young enough to be his daughter, etc., and it's fine."

    Other than the last thing in your rant (which is PERFECTLY LEGAL in this country), do you have any PROOF other than bilge vomited up from a disgraced gossip columnist and an "anonymous" blogger who could never seem to produce evidence when challenged?

    It seems like this site has more Olbermann supporters than detractors... hmm don't think the founders wanted that! When will they clamp down like good right wingers?

    The problem here is that Fox News started all this by simply putting forth a point of view, and lying about it. So now when MSNBC jumps on the bandwagon with journalism that plays to a particular audience, the right gets all whiny about it...

    Olberman is a friggin joke. Does he really beieive that he is a serious journalist? He is a liar and a fraud. He has the same feminine white male guests on his show night after night and not one single opposing viewpoint and he calls Fox News biased? HAHAHAHA. If NBC continues to keep this turd burglar on the air then they need their heads examined. I would not be surprised if somebody beat the shit out of this dishonest creep some night when he was out on the town. Listen to this You Tube clip and you be the judge:

    Douche said: "It seems like this site has more Olbermann supporters than detractors... hmm don't think the founders wanted that! When will they clamp down like good right wingers?"

    Unlike other (most?) LIBERAL opinion sites- OlbermannWatch actually embraces freedom of speech and ALLOWS posts that differ in opinion.

    Let's see you sell your righteous indignation over at Media Matters, TVNewser, MoveOn, etc., etc., etc.


    Try goingto KOS, FDL, Colorado Bob or Atrios with an opinion different from theirs. Even if there is no profanity or abusive comments, they delete them and ban your account.In fact, Colorado Bob came over here to heap profanity on Robert Cox and J$ and then banned them from his own site. Who's the fascist there? Since when has Mr. Cox banned a person simply for disagreeing?

    NBC is the network of lies
    NBC with much to despise
    Propaganda it spews
    They call it the "news"
    Like Al Qaeda in network disguise

    Losers on the left-
    Attack the messenger! Your flagship beacon is so corrupt now but your new mantra is "look at FoxNews" Spare me your hypocritical whine. NBC is slipping so far down the credibility slope that they are becoming a peer of Comedy Central, not CNN. The NBC of today has ruined 20 years of reputation. Bravo losers. At least they have your freaks to defend them.

    They found the emails on the MSNBC server that Olbermann had sent/received and it involved MORE than just one fan. Everything that woman said was true and was fully supported by what they found on Olbermann's email account. And that was the least of what they found. She wasn't the only one. There were several other women involved as well. He was forced to admit everything to management. EVERYBODY at MSNBC knows what happened because people talk and there were too many people at MSNBC who hate working with him or even near him that they didn't delight in this. He's despised in that building. He won't even talk to the makeup artists while they're working on him. He doesn't talk to the "little people" at all, hell, he barely speaks to his own staff. Had anyone other than on-air talent been caught with this kind of thing on their computer, they would have been fired immediately. They changed his internal email address after he was caught and they let him know they'd be monitoring his account closely from now on. Right after that, he suddenly acquired a live-in girlfriend for only the second time in his life. You do the math.

    Disgraced gossip columnist? How did Lloyd Grove become "disgraced"? True the NYDN did not renew his contract but I don't recall there being any scandal around him like there was over the gossip columnists at the Post who were taking kickbacks, etc. No, no one else has hired him but allegedly, he's in negotiations for a multimedia job which would combine print and internet. I hardly see that as being "disgraced". Unemployed maybe, disgraced, no.

    Now if we're talking about Keith Olbermann, he most certainly is a disgrace and insult to journalism.

    Wow, it's unbelievable how many loony tunes left wingers are able to operate a computer and add their inanities to this site.

    My guess is it's Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick under numerous names. Yup, that sounds right.

    Benson said, " NBC is slipping so far down the credibility slope"

    - Ummm, ok. Which is why NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams is the most watched tv news program on television today. And the Today Show is the number one morning news program on air. And that's why MSNBC's viewership is up almost three times where it was two years ago.

    - But sure... if you say NBC Univ is slipping... you go right ahead. What color is the sky in your little world, by the way?

    It's of one of Olbermann's most ardent fans. A woman who insisted that Karma was fat with an ugly face and a big nose. I take it she speaks from her own personal experience:

    Where I come from we have one word for people who look like that: Soo-ey!

    "Where I come from we have one word for people who look like that: Soo-ey!"

    Oh, come on. Is this the BEST you can do?

    "I obviously have nothing RELEVANT to say, so let's make fun of some random woman! Yeah, that's the ticket!"

    Go back to the sandbox, kid.

    But Ensign, has it escaped your attention that Keith frequently makes fun of the way people looks and has called women any number of derogatory names? He frequently makes people's physical looks an object of ridicule on his show. I think it's only fair that this Olbermann cultmember be exposed in public since she has chosen to also make derogatory remarks about someone else's looks in public. Fair is fair, no?

    "I think it's only fair that this Olbermann cultmember be exposed in public since she has chosen to also make derogatory remarks about someone else's looks in public. Fair is fair, no?"

    First, if find your classification of Olbermann fans as "cult members" offensive and hostile. Second, I think it's somewhat fair to attack people on their looks WHEN THE PERSON INVOLVED USES THEIR LOOKS TO THEIR ADVANTAGE.

    Does Keith go to far? Sometimes, but that doesn't give you carte blanche to counter-attack.

    This one looks like a beauty queen in comparison to most of the pics I've seen of his fanatical fans. One looks like the spitting image of Mimi from the old Drew Carey show, only uglier. uglier.

    No wonder KO refused to do book signings--he was afraid some of these ugly broads would scare him to death if he ever saw them in person.

    And of course you're offended. You're a member of the cult. The bylaws of the Keith cult requires that you believe he's perfect, defend him to the death, and attack anyone who dares to speak the truth about him. It also requires having to justify and spin his on and off-air actions constantly, which the cultists are more than happy to do. Prime example? The Nazi salute photos. The cultists all claimed they'd been "photoshopped", just as they tried to claim that about Karma's emails. Yes, it was all sort of some complex plot to "smear" Keith's career, a joint project between the photographer and the writer who worked for two different organiztions to fabricate a photo that would make Keith looked bad. That excuse got shot all to hell though when Keith went on Leno and admitted he flashed the Nazi salute, something for which he never apologized for. I saw a recent posting on one of Olbermann's fan boards recently where a fan dared to criticize Keith. They were told to shut up and keep quiet. If that's not the behavior of a cult, then I don't know what is.

    I regularly read the Olby fan sites and cultlike doesn't begin to describe them. One advertises itself as unashamedly positive of Olbermann. And yeah, they do threaten anyone who dares speak a single criticisim about Olbermann and oddly enough, they use that same term, "send someone to the sandbox". Hmmm. Why am I not shocked to see someone use that term and take such great offense when his fans are called out for what they really are: cult members. Actually, a comparison to a dictatorship is closer to it really. And if the truth hurts, it's because his fans are ugly on the inside and the outside. These are the same people who positively gloated when they read another KO fan site out of existence. That board's great crime? They actually had the balls (and common sense) to rag on Olbermann from time to time. Such thoughts aren't allowed in Olby Cultland you see. If it looks like a cult, behaves like a cult, walks like a cult, and worships Olby like a God, it's a cult. But hey, reading Olbermannwatch is a good way to begin your deprogramming.

    "I regularly read the Olby fan sites"

    You mean like TVNewser?

    This Brian Stelter kid is really out of control lately. Someone has got to teach this arrogant brat a lesson. At least the site won't exist anymore soon. How much do you want to bet he ends up at MSNBC?

    "The bylaws of the Keith cult requires that you believe he's perfect, defend him to the death, and attack anyone who dares to speak the truth about him."

    I don't believe he's perfect - hell, he's said and done some things that just didn't fly. But that's because he's human - human beings make mistakes and go too far.

    I will defend him when I think he is right. But I can also acknowledge when mistakes are made by him. Witness my apology several weeks ago to Grammie and others about the whole issue surrounding the U.S. Mail. Keith got it wrong in the practical sense - the law SAYS one thing but in effect DOES something else.

    I attack on the facts. I do no engage in personal attacks - they lower the value of debate - unless I am provoked by a direct attack on me. I'm a "second-strike" poster. Now I DO snark - but snark is not a personal attack because it focuses on the words, not the person.

    "And yeah, they do threaten anyone who dares speak a single criticisim about Olbermann and oddly enough, they use that same term, "send someone to the sandbox"."

    That's a very common term, Brandon. I could have easily said "back to the kiddie table" or "down to the minors". I just picked something that I felt appropriate for the situation. YOU choose to interpret it in a way to make a snap judgment.

    Wonder where Grammie has gotten off to.

    She better not be posting on NewsBusters and neglecting us.

    Ensign, you're the one who said that it was okay that this ugly chick attacked the fan that Keith slept with. And Keith regularly attacks people for the way they look. So you're okay if he does it, you're okay if one of his cult-members does it to someone you believe has "injured" him in some way, you just don't want anyone doing it to you or your fellow cultists. Interesting how the Olbyloons can justify anything Olbermann does and anything they do. But boy, let someone dish it back up at either him or one of you, and you get offended. Hell, I'm offended every single night when I watch the program he insists is a news show! I thought the posting of this ugly broad's (that's one of KO's phrases by the way) was hilarious. And it is a fact that turn around is fair play. See, if you hadn't been so brainwashed by the cult of Keithdom, you'd see that Olbermann, his fans, and yes, yourself, are as hypocrites. One standard for you and Keith, another for everyone else. I call it Olbyloon Pretzel Logic.

    I'm a bit confused. Ensign says it was okay for this uhm, uh, not so attractive Keith fanatic to call "Karma" fat and ugly because Karma traded on her looks to get Keith's attention.

    But if Karma was really fat and ugly, how did she trade on her looks? She couldn't have been fat and ugly, or he never would have propositioned her. It wouldn't have worked. So she must be an attractive woman. Although how this attacker would know is beyond me because to my knowledge no photo of her was ever posted anywhere on the internet.

    And one more thing about this woman who apparently attacked Karma and called her fat and ugly: given the photo posted of her here, shouldn't she know better than to attack anyone on the basis of their looks?

    No, what's really ugly here is the jealousy and envy of some of Keith's more uhm, obsessed fans.