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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    March 8, 2007
    Four More Years!

    After making the painful decision to shut down OlbermannWatch, we gathered the entire OlbyWatch team for a post-mortem off-site at The Greenbriar a fabulous five-star resort nestled in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. Amidst much laughter and tears, we spent the weekend de-constructing what went wrong in our quest to end Keith's career and what we might have done differently. It wasn't until Monday morning, when we returned to our now near-vacant Olbermann Watch offices that we learned the full extent of the rejoicing among the blue blogs at the demise of Olbermann Watch.

    In reviewing the intentional misinformation, misrepresentations, vitriol and other negatives being written on numerous anti-OlbermannWatch blogs and by anti-OlbermannWatch bloggers we were astounded but frankly not surprised. By the time lunch rolled around we were beginning to have second thoughts. Clearly, if the OlbyLoons were THAT excited about our decision to close Olbermann Watch we must have been doing something right. There were whispers among the staff that maybe, just maybe, we had been a bit too hasty.

    The words of one loyal Olbermann Watch reader rang in our ears

    "Are you kidding me??!! How can you close now? He's NOT letting up! You're the most and best experienced at giving K.O. to KO! We need our best troopers on this mission! Get your butts back in those chairs and slam those keypads! Do we have to Patton-slap you back to the front???!! "

    The more we thought about it the more realized this clear-thinking reader was right. Now is when our country needs us most. If Olbermann Watch was not going to speak to truth to Olbermann, who would? The whispered question "four more years?" became an affirmation and then a rhythmic chant. Like a sleeper awakening from a deep dream we saw our mission and sailed into it. Archives, packed up in boxes and sent to the warehouse, retrieved, RAM memory upgraded on now dusty CPUs and pencils sharpened. Recommitted to our vital mission to expose the heinous malfeasance of Keith Olbermann and his sordid staff from the Newshole.

    So tonight, we give you our loyal readers this solemn pledge.

    This is what we are going to try to do. It is the resolve of the entire staff of Olbermann Watch-every man of them. That is the will of all clear-thinking Olbermann Watch readers and the nation.

    Olbermann Watch and its loyal readers, linked together in their cause and in their need, will defend to the death their right to bring truth and light to the words and deeds of Keith Olbermann, aiding each other like good comrades to the utmost of their strength.

    Even though large tracts of the blue blogs and many old and famous newspapers have fallen or may fall into the grip of Olbermania and all the odious apparatus of the dreaded liberal media, we shall not flag or fail.

    We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in the blogosphere, we shall fight on the RSS feeds and in podcasts, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the ether, we shall defend our blog, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight in the comment sections, we shall fight on the left-wing internet forums, we shall fight in the discussion groups and in the streets, we shall fight in the A-List blogs; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this blog or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then fellow bloggers beyond the seas, armed and guarded by truth and justice, would carry on the struggle, until, in God's good time, the uber-bloggers, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the this vital community of Olbermann Watch readers.

    For a list of some of the premature celebration of the demise of Olbermann Watch continue reading...

    Anti-Olbermann website quits after MSNBC host's contract is extended
    The Raw Story

    OlbermannWatch: "Goodbye, cruel world"
    Daily Kos

    Anti-Keith Olbermann website throws in the towel after realizing it wasn't making any impact anywhere on any level. Editor interviewing for position with Homeland Security

    Cox & Olbermann Watch

    Rumors On The Internets: The Enemy of My Enemy Is a Rat Bastard

    Effective Media Monitoring: not as easy as it looks

    Anti-Oblermann Site Quits In Defeat
    Drudge Retort

    Smearing Bill Maher
    Balloon Juice

    Anti-Olbermann website quits after MSNBC host's contract is extended

    We Have a Final Score: Olbermann 1, Righties 0
    Past Deadline

    Cut & Run
    Oliver Willis

    The best news for Keith Olbermann since signing his new deal
    Inside Cable News

    Cox Peters Out
    Roger Ailes

    Olbermann Watch Is Dead!

    Watching Olbermann Watch

    Short Ends: has shuttered its windows

    Breaking!!! OlbermannWatch scrubbed !
    Democratic Underground

    "conservative"-Ire; Better Advertising Than MADISON AVE.!!!!
    Bill Maher

    Watching the Watchers
    Christopher Hitchens Watch

    Fat Head Conservatives
    Fat Head Conservatives

    Olbermann Watchdog Site Folds in Frustration
    I Am A TV Junkie

    Awwwww. This is too sad.
    The Truffle

    what people are saying about OlbermannWatch's demise
    Watching Olbermann Watch

    Don't Let the Door Hit You In the Ass Bob!
    Relevant Torture

    OlbermannWatch: RIP - The Factor: Ratings Recede March 2,
    Flamingo Lake

    Oh, the Hilarity
    Rising Hegemon

    Now That They're Gone
    Fun With Keith Olbermann

    A Kiss to Build a Dream On...
    farmist phoenix

    General Roundup
    Open The Dialogue

    Packing It In
    The Stranger

    The "Watching Olbermann Watch" Blog Needs Your Help
    I Am A TV Junkie

    Olbermann Watch bites

    O'Reilly Forum

    Maybe it's best that they don't enlist

    Anti-Olbermann site shutters: 'We did more harm than good'
    Get Real News

    Link to Newshounds
    The Moons Favors

    Anti-Olberman website admits failure
    Rick's Blog

    Anti-Olbermann Site Shuts Down

    Anti-Olbermann website quits after MSNBC host's contract is extended. Oh my hahahahaha

    Dump, Dump Dump

    I decided to celebrate

    All This, And a Ballgame Today Too!

    A gaggle of assholes? Or just a guy named Cox?
    Annette Appollo

    Good-bye, Olbermann Watch
    Sine Qua Non's Journal

    OlbermannWatch Is No More
    The World According to Carl

    remembering OlbermannWatch
    Watching Olbermann Watch

    Anti-Olbermann website quits after MSNBC host's contract is extended. Oh my hahahahaha

    Anti-Olbermann website throws in the towel

    Anti-Olbermann website quits after MSNBC host's contract is extended
    Open Debate Forum

    Anti-Olbermann website quits after MSNBC host's contract is extended
    Air America Radio Discussion Group

    Sue' Place
    Sue's Place

    (Update) From the Department of Boo-fvcking-Hoo, the Get a Clue Committee, Sub-committee on No Cheap Grace
    High Clearing

    Anti-Olbermann website quits after MSNBC host's contract is extended
    Contract Software Pro

    Olbermann Watch, RIP
    Gay Orbit

    Anti-Olbermann Website Quits After MSNBC Host's Contract Is Extended
    Giltner Review

    shifts in undercurrent
    The Flammable Skirt

    The right-wing harangue-site against MSNBC's Keith Olbermann...
    Blather Watch

    Whither OlbyWatch?
    Johnny Dollar's Place

    Post-Possum Links

    Has Robert Cox Finally Lost His Mind?
    Watching Olbermann Watch

    OlbermannWatch Cryptic Image
    The World According to Carl

    Who says ideologues have no sense of humor?
    San Antonio News Express

    Keith Olbermann outlasts his toughest critic
    Journal News (Westchester)

    Olbermann Watch: Dead or Not?
    Inside Cable News

    Looks Like We're Back in Business
    Watching Olbermann Watch


    I added two new posts to handle all the emails and comments celebrating the demise of Olbermann Watch

    OlbyLoon Letters to the Editor

    OlbyLoon Comment Threads on "Closing" of OlbyWatch

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (218) | | View blog reactions


    Great news glad to see it now get get him!

    Boo! Hiss!


    A very wise decision.

    Amen. Anyway I can join the OlbyWatch team? I am getting my BA in Creative Writing right now - should be good for dissecting Olbyspin.

    Nice to see y'all back!

    When you've got that many foul-mouth and foul-mood blue-blog sorts celebrating your demise, you know you've been doing something right!

    Hurray for the return of Olbermann Watch!

    It's a dirty job but someone has to do it!

    To quote dear old Olby: Great, thanks, Bob! You are doing a great service to this country by combating Olby and his army of delusional Olbyloons.

    The Greenbrier - nice touch. Someone has good taste.

    Wow!!! Great!! 4 more years 4 more years.Good luck and good night.

    Thank goodness!

    Keep fighting the good fight!

    Allah Akbar!

    Thank God!

    Hell, praise Satan!

    WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!

    Hooray!!!! *does happy dance*

    Now don't ever mess with me like that again!

    Thank you, I love your site. It's hilarious!

    You guys just blew any credibility you had. You took a principled position, which you have not addressed in this post, that you were contributing to the rise of Olbermann and then packed it in only to throw it all away.

    You said that you were doing more harm than good by keeping OW running, ergo coming back would only continue the harm. This contradiction is the main reason why I think this whole thing was a big PR stunt.

    I don't buy the bullsh-t that you changed your mind. I think you had a planned site redesign and this was a way of covering your ass.

    What a great Welcome Home from Spring Training gift for the Olbywan. He will be beside himself.

    Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day to the last syllable of recorded time; and all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    And if I sound pissed off it's because I am. I think I was used. I don't like being used.

    Spud, you're bitter.

    Also take down ICN from the list of people rejoicing at the demise of OW. That wasn't what I was doing at all. Just noting that with OW gone, KO's life just got easier. You misconstrued that into me dancing on your graves.

    Countdown is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing - except for the Tin-Foil Hatters. They seem to love it and grasp onto every lying word.

    Spud, you're much too young a man to be so bitter and angry that Owatch is back baby!

    Wondeful !!!!

    I’ve been a "Olby Hater" before being a "Olby Hater" was cool ! I think I invented the term "Olby". Now I know its not as great as say...inventing the internet, but to me its special.

    I was forced to go to CrooksandLairs and they censored me. I wasn’t nasty or anything. You guys know me I’m not nasty ? At least OlbermannWatch lets the Fruitcakes/Wackos/NutJobs/ and Communist have their say.

    Feels good to be home again !

    Spud's mad because this site is back to bash on his libnut hero. I can't decide who is the bigger Olbyloon - Spud or Brian Stelter.

    Spud you damn Killjoy..Get out of that damn dirty diaper it will give ya a new perspective on the whole think..

    God its good to home....I'm all damn warm and fuzzy...How about you guys ?

    Spud is a lot fairer than TVN but that's not really saying very much. He's still a MSNBC fan boy but at least he allows comments on his site which is more than we can say for Brian and TVN.

    True, Brandon. At least he lets his readers share their opinions.

    Which, by the way, is more than can be said for TVN or the News Hole. Ah, Olby the crusader for tolerating dissent who forbids it on his demented web site. What a mensch.

    What a pain. With OW gone, at least I could finally get back to using my time a little more effectively, but now...look what you have gone and done! Maybe I can just PRETEND you still don't exist anymore!

    I’m ready!

    Bring on them-dare godless communists. Those tree hug’in, end of guns flower stuff’in lefty dirt bag traitors!

    But hey guys can I purpose one new rule. Let’s try to cut back on the name calling!

    HELL NO !

    What about them righty dirt bag traitors?

    Your side still lost, fundie.

    Now you will make Olberman richer and more famous.

    Sucks to you be.



    I'm going to hoist a big ole' glass of Merlot and celebrate the return of Owatch and thank Cox for deciding to fight the good fight and expose Olbermann for the skilled actor he really is. Many thanks!

    Olbermann is a great American. Truly great Americans have always had determined enemies who wish to silence them. Why should Keith be any different?

    glad to have you back to hold olbermoron's feet to the fire.moonbats ands wingnutz your vacation is over.oh yeah edwards is a fag!!!!
    BUSH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And JTM371 is a nothing but a ghoul, as he proved with that demented comment he made about "dead liberals". 'People' like JTM371 is living proof that Olbermann is on the side of decency.

    Crappy website design... brought to you by Olbermann Watch. I must admit, however, I missed you guys.

    Spud's pissed... OWatch is back... is this a great country or what!

    I like the website,, however my cat refuses to read it while he is crapping on the pages I have printed out.

    Who wants to see some of the emails I got last week from the OlbyLoons?

    Yes, same with my dog. It's as if a 13 year-old "webmaster" designed it using Geocities. Non-quality web design and analysis, again... brought to you by OlbyWatch.

    I'm impressed. Nice redesign. How a "Worst Olbyloon in the World."

    Robert, why do you continue to dedicate yourself to trying to silence one of the few voices speaking out on the left, as you yourself have admitted? It should make you feel pretty dirty to have commited yourself to such an anti-American goal.

    That should be: How about a "Worst Olbyloon in the World"

    Nice. Love the Churchill

    If they need to be scared, why not allow them the satisfaction of being dismayed by ONE sportscaster turned newscaster/commentator? I mean, it's only fair...

    Scarborough: "Bill O'Reilly goes off the deep end".


    march 8
    yeah and all those nice moonbats that wished that Cheney would have been wingnutz prove my point everytime you open your mouth or type on your keyboard.just in case you forgot edwards is still a Fag.
    BUSH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wonder if Edward's wife knows that he is a 'fag'?

    JTM371, keep on hurting your own side with your filthy, demented, perverted 'mouth'.

    "And 10s of people all around the internets rejoice at this news."


    march 8
    why don't you go ask the former mrs mcgreevey of new jersey if her husband who fathered ther children was a fag.
    BUSH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome back Mr. Cox and all of Olbermann Watch. I guess I was one of the very few who got the meaning of the cryptic image of the possum pic. Glad to have you back.

    Oh, and if you do decide to share the emails from the Olbyloons, please do so on the pages for all to see. It will be quite enlightening. Not surprising, but enlightening nonetheless.

    I really hope JTM371 keeps posting because every one of his posts are repulsive to anyone who believes in common decency.

    Earth to JTM371...You make your own side look bad!

    march 8
    its funny you skip right over the cheney comment.just like you skipped over the bill arkin calling our troops mercenaries.oh yeah all you moonbats support the troops.
    BUSH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why should I have commented on "the Cheney comment"? I didn't make it, and neither did anyone I know or respect, including Bill Maher.

    There is always going to be over the top comments from the fringe on both sides, as you prove with every new comment you make.

    march 8
    so why won't you condemn those comments and the statement by bill arkin is he on the fringe.commentator for nbc news and op ed for wa post.

    TVNewser's Brian Stelter just crapped in his pants!

    Are you dense? I HAVE condemned those comments. What are we supposed to do, go to the top of the nearest hill and yell about comments we didn't make, and don't agree with ourselves?

    Too funny. The Olbylovers are hoping that Spud bans all "Olbermann haters" from his website. These people really do want to silence any opposition to their hero don't they?

    "the Olbylovers are hoping that Spud bans all "Olbermann Haters" from his website".

    Where did you get that crazy idea from?

    the posts at your little Olbermann-love website?

    march 8
    i just want to no when you condemned these comments.when the arkin statements came up before and the kos comments about the blackwater employees deserving to be killed in fallujah none i repeat none of you moonbats would condemn either statement.the excuses were i never read the statements and i don,t go to daily kos.
    BUSH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And while you're there, check out there sex fantasies and "fanfiction" about Olbermann. Click on my name on this post for the link there. Enjoy the laughs.

    And when you get tired of that? Read the "song" one of the Loons has composed in honor of their "hero". Same as above--click on my name on this post and it will take you there. I can't decide if it's comical that middle-aged women use that smileys in a post or if it's just tragic. Since they are Olbermann fans who can't seem to come to grips with the fact that KO is shacked up with a 20-year old girl (they still think she's a "mature" student who couldn't seem to graduate until 2005 as a 40-year old or something), I'll just go with tragic, amusingly tragic though I must say!

    JTM371, you're obsessed!

    Like I said, I DID condemn, and disassociate myself with those comments.

    Once again, what are we supposed to do, go to the highest hill and shout out my disagreement? I'm not responsible for what anyone else says, including you.

    When are you going to get off of that? You sound like a broken record!

    Brandon, sorry but YOU'RE the one who seems to be obsessed with Keith Olbermann's sex life. I'm sure as hell not.

    Ahhh, the Olbyloons are back in the house and they are offended! Life is indeed very, very good.

    What prats you are!

    Thanks for the laughs guys, keep it up!

    JTM371: Here's what you don't get. Freaks like Ann Coulter, William Arkin, and YOU are all free to voice their opinions, no matter how demented, wrong, or ghoulish.

    And that is what helps make America great.

    march 8
    i guess that is the best i'm going to get from you.being called a freak by you i will take as a compliment.until we joust again be free my moonbat and fly fly away.

    BUSH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RCox: Was the possum in your picture okay, injured, or dead?

    A final comment from me for the evening.

    We only began to work on a new site on Tuesday and this is as far as we could get before end of day Thursday which is about when we figured Google would start to flush our old links and we would start looking our Google Page Rank. So we went live with what we had at 8 PM ET with the intention of fine tuning the site over the coming days.

    So do not be surprised to find a few obvious changes like flipping the left rail over to the right, putting back in the blogroll, surveys, flickr gallery, BlogAds and all that as well as many minor tweaks. We should have things pretty well in place by Monday when Keith gets back from Florida.

    I would be remiss if I did not say that I am really glad we put the site back up. I think I even missed O'Leily.

    PS, Ed ping me about your request.

    Was that a 'no' ?

    Are you kidding Obama? Republicans don't care a whit about animal cruelty or other sissy stuff like that.

    Take Cheney for example. He likes to blast frightened little birds to kingdom come with a shotgun blast right after they are released from a cage just for him. Sometimes he misses and hits things he's not supposed to hit.

    What a man!


    Wecome back, OW. I knew you'd come to your senses all along.

    I see the chicken bloggers are still with us.

    In case your education is lacking, its called a 'pecking order'. Even 'frightened little birds' prey upon other tinier frightened itty bitty things.

    Mother Nature is not a kindly wimpy little old wimp. Life is brutal at all levels.

    Wake up and smell the coffee


    Grammie; I see now that when Mike questioned your humanity, he had very good reason for doing so. You and chickenhawks like Cheney deserve each other.

    This is a new feature that I am thinking of doing ...

    Countdown for March 1 2007 Off-Screen Disturbance Guide:

    Issue #4: A 'wih' when Olbermann quiped that the Jury wanted moire post it notes as an attempt to plug the toilet.

    Oddball: Multiple giggles audible when Mr. Olbermann related to a racist comment from a baseball player.

    Issue #3: After Keith Olbermann reads aloud his book jacket quote, a female laugh is heard. Also, Keith Olbermann makes a noise like a 'swoosh'.

    Tabs: While the noise did not come from an actual person, it is still an example of bad standards---

    Issue #1: Creepy laughter. Olbermann's staff has to know what "on air" means for the show !!!!!

    great! i was kind of surprised the site closed just because olbermann was validated by that kooky msnbc with a new contract. since when did clear thinkers stop fighting for what they believe in so easily? keep it up as long as you want, but don't ever quit based on what MSNBC does! they suck ASS!

    So glad to have a place (again) to expose Olbermann for the fake and fraud he truly is. Anyone else remember hearing him say that Anderson Cooper chose a blue bulletproof vest only to bring out his "eyes" when he went to Iraq? So guess what color bulletproof jacket Brian Williams had on this week while he was in Iraq. Blue. But we'll never know what color bulletproof vest they'd put Olbermann in. While Brian Williams was risking his life in Iraq guess where Olby's been hanging out at? Sniffing jock straps at Spring Training in Florida. And THAT is your idea of this generation's Edward R. Murrow? In your dreams, people, in your dreams. And his too.

    Wow, i gotta admit, I thought you had gone belly up. When i seen that possum, i could not have been happier.

    What the hell is up with not knowing what the possum meant? It seemed pretty obvious.

    Wow KAF, what AWFUL things you said. How id Olbermann ever going to live that down?

    Chicken Blogger, how nice to see you again, too.

    Are you saying that to be human is to not be part of the natural world? In the world of nature virtually all are both predators and prey. And man is the ultimate dominate predator.

    I've plucked, gutted, scaled, skinned and dressed enough wild life in my younger days to be aware of the down and dirty aspect of the food chain.

    Exactly how do you think our predercessors and then modern man survived to produce us. If you can't live with that aspect you are in trouble.



    OWUBiT, huh?


    I am not in the mood to get into this. Bitter website refuses to come undone. Grammie making things up out of thin air. Spud, KAF, & Brandon are back !!!!! G' night !!!!!

    Double HUH?


    Wake up and smell the coffee


    Posted by: Janet Hawkins at March 8, 2007 10:54 PM

    Oh if you people only would.

    Please, these city-slicker pussies? They wouldn't know what a wild animal is if one bit them in the ass. And now Owatch is back to bite Olby in the ass. It's a great world isn't it???????

    Please, these city-slicker pussies? They wouldn't know what a wild animal is if one bit them in the ass. And now Owatch is back to bite Olby in the ass. It's a great world isn't it???????

    Posted by: Brandon at March 8, 2007 11:30 PM

    He he he he he ha heheh ha ha. If you don't know this site closing like it did was a plan to get attention than you are not as clever as you think you are. I am glad it is back though. I learn so much from you all.

    Grammie: I gave myself a name because that seemed to bother you. I sure don't want to be a bother to you.

    We supposedly rose above such things, remember? Today we kill everything that threatens us so we no longer have to be on the lower rungs of the food chain. However, little bitty birds released out of a cage hardly theaten anybody.

    To blast these little bitty birds away as they fly out of a little cage put there just for your personal pleasure is about as cowardly as anything I can think of. To actually derive pleasure from such a thing is just about as deviant as anything I can think of.

    Don't kid yourself, this has nothing to do with the natural order of things, or the natural world. But it certainly does serve to explain everything about the coldest AND most vile man to ever 'serve' the presidency.

    And IF you identify with such a thing, Mike was right.

    No, dear, I call everyone who hides behind no identifier Chicken Blogger. It works for me.

    What a sensitive soul you are. No doubt you choke on gruel because plants have feelings too.

    I value humanity above all other species, period.


    The site has returned and it looks like hell. You'd think in the time off (crying & posting possum pictures) you could have found a better template. Thank goodness for RSS.

    No Grammie, I don't choke on anything, not even red meat. However, I just would never derive any pleasure out of blasting away little harmless animals caged and raised just for my personal pleasure. And this idiot even has the nerve to call it 'hunting', or 'sport'.

    What a pathetic idea of a hero you have, and what a deviant vision of humanity you entertain.

    I don't see Grammie identifying Cheney or Bush as a hero. And I don't recall Grammie inviting any deviants over to party with her.

    You're the ones who worship the deviant Olbermann who has sex with groupies/fans. You're the ones who hero-worship Olbermann. And what is he exactly? As well-documented here on Owatch, a hypocrite who can get on air and fake concern for the troops and over this war but who can't seem to make himself actually go over there and report on it. A guy who could get on air and spit and spew about Hurricane Katrina but who couldn't go down to the Gulf Coast and actually report on it. He seems to be an expert on things he has no real personal experience with. Sorta like his fans who think they "know" him but who he wouldn't spit on if they were on fire. And you have the nerve to label something pathetic? I've spent time at your little fan forums for Olbermann, if that isn't the definition of pathetic hero-worship I don't know what else would be. I'm happy though that Owatch has returned and that one day you too might be a clear-thinker like the rest of us here at Olbermannwatch. one day you shall wake up and be free of the huge-blind spot you have where Olbermann is concerned and see him as he really is, not as the idol you've made him out to be.

    Glad your back!!! I think you should have to register to use the new site, have a name, etc..Go Olbermannwatch!!!! "If yer happy and ya know it, clap your hands!"

    Name, the question of hero or non-hero never came up till your last post. And you still make no sense to me in that context, now that you have brought it up.

    So, you have no problems with teeny little calves being fattened and then slaughtered to put red meat on your table. You only have problems with certain people hunting and shooting little birds.

    In the great scheme of things you are upset over a hunting trip?


    PS You keep insisting that the little birds were released from cages. Citations, please.


    Who said anything about Olbermann? Does he blast away little birds let out of a cage with a shotgun too?

    Brandon, what you people don't seem to get is that we don't give a happy damn about Keith Olbermann, or his sex life, or where he goes to report from. What we DO care about is keeping this charismatic voice on the air standing up to a roque president and his blind followers, because he is the ONLY one doing it.

    Why do you people obsessed with a personality you dislike have some much trouble with such a simple concept?

    roque president? WTF is that? HA!

    Grammie; YOU are the one who chose to come to the defense of this high level deviant. That's is where the 'hero' label came from.

    To claim being part of a society that does what it has to do to survive is somehow analogous to getting personal pleasure out of blasting away little creatures is absurd.

    Thank God, you good people will keep an eye on the nut so I don't have to.

    Well, guys, I guess we have been blown away. :) KO doesn't blast away at little birdies, cheep, cheep.

    He only lies, slanders and deceives his listeners. A true sportsman.


    "he only lies, slanders and deceives his listeners."

    Sounds like you are talking about 'our' president.

    Name, I asked for citations, please.


    Grammie: Do you get everything you demand in real life? If so, no wonder you're a damned republican.

    If you're still talking (yawn) about the cages, research it yourself. It's been well documented.

    Name, I did not demand, but asked politely for citations.

    If you can't provide them, that's OK. Par for the course.



    Your asking for 'citations' regarding Cheney's 'hunting' methods would be a little like me asking you to 'prove' that Libby was convicted. Either you pay attention to the news, or you don't, but it's not up to me to provide 'proof' to you for something that should be common knowledge.

    Name, here is a citation re Libby's conviction, from MSNBC, a source you shaould respect:

    That was easy.

    For the third time, a citation please. That is, if you have one.


    I don't cut and paste. Research it and you'll find it, but probably not from Fox. That said, I'm not your research slave.

    WE need a new poll to decide what Olbermann is best at.

    1. Hiding under his desk.

    2. Using a box outside his office to communicate with staff.

    3. Not having dissenting opinions on because "debate gives me a headache."

    4. One night stands with women twenty years younger.

    5. Obsession with O'Reilly.

    6. Claiming to be a man of principal who pulls no punches, but taking it in the chin from fellow MSNBCer Don Imus. (Although he does critcize fellow MSNBCers in private e-mails, "dumber than a box of rocks" anyone.")

    7.Making the ESPN brass despise him.

    8. Seeking help from a therapist.

    9. Overstating his own relevance.

    10. Not understanding that in a countdown list, 1 is actually more important than 5.

    11. Not covering stories or omitting parts of stories that don't jell with his previous reporting. (Court ruling on Habeas Corpus, British terrorists found guilty)

    12. Tanning

    13. Raising his eyebrows whenever he makes a funny.

    Name, temper, temper temper.

    I provided a citation from MSNBC for you re Scooter Libby. You seemed to think that such a citation would be difficult to find.

    And now you accuse me of wanting a research slave.

    You have claimed this cage releasing to be common knowledge. It may be, but I am not aware of it.

    Again, I ask you for a citation, please. You have made the assertion many times and you are the one who should be able to back it up. Or not.


    Grammie: For some unknown reason, you asked for a 'citation' for something well known and established in the world of news (notice I didn't use Fox in the same sentence with Fox).

    Since I honestly don't know how to cut and paste, and don't really care to learn, just google the words 'Cheney' and 'hunting', and the most obvious example will come up as "Cheney's canned kill", probably as the fifth item. This is from the Humane Society's own website, which is hardly a radical organization.

    That said, and as I said, this has been well documented in the news many times over.

    So, Name, you can not back up your assertion with anything more than your assertion.

    As I said earlier, par for the course.


    Grammie: You have GOT to be kidding me. I gave you a website, and EXACTLY how to find it, who the website belongs to, what the title is, and you accuse me of making an unfounded assertion!!!!!!!!!!

    While your humanity remains in question, I didn't think you were illogical as well.

    Olbermann Watch needs to update its mission. No more trying to squelch contract and career. The Slovenly One is here to stay, at least until he commits an act so heinous as to be rendered irrelevant. Fat Ass is an ideologue with multiple Achilles Heels, it's just a matter of time. OlbermannWatch will help this process along. GOD SPEED!

    The question remains as to why any website would be devoted to trying to "squelch contract and career", or "render irrelevant" someone who you DON'T EVER have to watch? It seems that what you are REALLY trying to do is interfere with MY right to watch whom I choose to watch. In fact, it seems damned un-American that anyone would try such a thing!

    Nobody on this site has EVER given a logical reason for your obsession with Keith Olbermann, or for your desire to silence his voice. I'd really like to hear a logical reason - uh, one that actually makes sense?

    Nobody on this site has EVER given a logical reason for your obsession with Keith Olbermann, or for your desire to silence his voice. I'd really like to hear a logical reason - uh, one that actually makes sense?

    Posted by: at March 9, 2007 1:27 AM

    Keith makes these people feel as stupid as they should so they despise him for it. That's it in a "nutshell".

    You people operating this site are doing as much to amplify the unfortunate division that exists in this country more than anything else.

    The more a site or group is determined to shut down my freedom to listen to whomever I choose to listen to, the more I'm going to do everything I can to get everyone I know to watch.

    Robert, a hate website against a news commentator accomplishes nothing positive for America, unless you really DO believe in censorship!

    Name, I reread your post and went agoogling. I did find your Humane Society site.

    However, I browsed through and did not find anything else relavent to your contention.

    You don't know how to cut and paste but you can google. In this day and age, why not? Believe me, if I can, anyone can. As one of my son's said, "Mom, don't buy Computers for Dummies. Its much too advanced for you."

    You seem to believe that you have outed VP Cheney as the protagonist in The Most Dangerous Game. You are picayune and nit picking.

    As always, I remain your inhuman,


    Some seem to not understand the rights guaranteed to us re free speech.

    No one is guaranteed a platform, listeners or agreement.

    Olby whines and whimpers and we expose and snicker at him.

    Ain't freedom grand?


    Robert, a hate website against a news commentator accomplishes nothing positive for America, unless you really DO believe in censorship!

    Posted by: at March 9, 2007 1:44 AM

    These are the same kind of people who think the poor excuse for a woman and very sad and pathetic excuse for a thoughtful writer named Ann Coulter is a hero to. Calling a MAN who is married and a father and who buried a child of his a "fag" because she thinks he has feminine qualities that she herself does not have and she is applauded by these folks. Olbermann is looked down on for his looks, sex life, and everything else under the sun but all praise to a heartless bitch who willlook like a worthless hag that she is in a few short years. You can see the ugly glowing through her soul. Yes. By all means keep the website up. Keep grasping at reasons why you can't stand Keith or anyone who isn't a Fox hypnotized moronic slave to a perverted version of conservitism.

    Grammie: OK, so you didn't find anything else "revalant to" my contention. It was in all the major newspapers and on the major networks, although I wouldn't be surprised if Fox had chosen to spike the story.

    That said, I don't need a lecture from you about cutting and pasting. It was never my responsibility to 'prove' anything to you anyway. However, it WAS your responsibility to challenge me with your own facts if you believed I was wrong. This is a discussion board, not a news bulletin.

    You then whined: "you seem to believe you have outed VP Cheney as the protaganist in The Most Dangerous Game".

    Not at all Grammie. This sorry excuse for a human being 'outed' himself long ago, and only those who are either equally morally bankrupt, or are trapped in a hopeless cycle of denial have failed to figure this out.

    "Olby whines and whimpers and we expose and snicker at him"..

    No, you only 'expose' yourselves as obsessed nitpicking whiners who seem incapable of living and let live.

    Bob, I'd love to see the Loonmail you received. I think that would give us a glimpse of what Olbyloons really are like, you know, those caring and tolerant liberals. LOL.

    3/9/2007 5:40:43 AM
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    3/9/2007 5:42:42 AM
    Great Information on how to Buy Tramadol

    The loonmail has been added to the post above. Enjoy!

    So much Blah Blah Blah, you'll never even be a thorn in Keiths side, your site is lame as are your opinions


    You are too wrapped up in politics to understand why a lot of us love this site so much.

    Its called humor.

    I love hatng Olbermann like Sox fans love to spit on Yankee fans. If he suddenly became a right wing demigod tomorrow I'd still hate him equally because of the poor quality of his show's production and his constant stealing.

    Face facts:
    Crumbling paper and throwng it at the camera accompanied by a broken glass sound? Hmmm wasn't Letterman doing that back in the 80s!

    The laughing stage hands - Letterman again, but also the recognized leader with that gag, Talk Soup.

    The guy rips off other people more than Carlos Mencia. My only hope is he crosses Joe Rogan at some point.

    This is a anti-fan site. It doesn't mean we like someone else more. We just find great enjoyment in rooting against someone. We're like the Okland Raiders of the cable news league. We hate everyone, but we find it particulary enjoyable when a certain visting team arrives everynight at 8pm.

    Except of course when Deal or No Deal is on. No wonder they CNBC moved that rerun out of the 8pm spot. It was killing Olbernut.

    I'd like to address the misperception that those of us who dislike Olbermann are automatically Bush suporters, Fox fans, Coulter fans, Limbaugh fans, Hannity fans, and/or Republicans, I'm none of the above.

    I know that's the easiest assumption to make but assumptions can be grossly wrong and in my case it is. It is entirely possible to be a liberal and not like Olbermann. I think he is egotistical, stuck on himself, arrogant, and after watching his show for a few years, I grew very weary as he continued to heap insults on females, minorities, the elderly, the middle-aged, the poor, and just about any other group you'd care to name. It became apparent to me that he holds 99.9% ofthe general population in great contempt. I guess if you didn't grow up in the tri-state are, didn't attend a posh prep school or a fancy Ivy League college, and aren't young and attractive he has zero use for you.

    I've grown weary of him criticizing far better journalists out of sheer envy. When Olbermann decides to venture out to hotspots around this globe, I might respect him but I think that's as likely to happen as it is that BushCo will admit they've f---ed up time and time again.

    I keep reading on Kos and DU and HuffPo the notion that Keith can't be criticizied because he "speaks for us". Well he doesn't speak for me. It's obvious he has issues. And I long ago suspected that his off-air protests of how he's not a liberal, sn't political, etc. are in fact really the truth and 99.9% of what he does on air is just an act designed to win him more viewers. And I have absolutely zero respect for anyone who could be so coldly calculating just to earn a few extra viewers.

    Here, Here KAF.

    Never, never, never, never give up !!

    Hip hip hooray!

    Bob's mail proves a fact we all knew
    Keith's fans have a lowered IQ
    Loonmail lacking wit
    Bob's a "looser", no sh-t?
    Dumb comments you can't misconstrue

    Very glad to see the site is back.

    It's the noble KAF again:

    "I'd like to address the misperception that those of us who dislike Olbermann are automatically Bush supporters" & "I'm none of the above".

    Who cares who YOU support or dislike....or why?????

    "I've grown weary of him criticizing far better journalists"

    Who cares what YOU'VE grown weary of? Do you think the world of television should all conform to YOUR personal tastes? How self centered can you get? If YOU didn't pay attention to him, YOU wouldn't even hear about him that much, now would YOU?

    When Olbermann decides to venture out to hot spots around the world, I might respect him A little more".

    Once again, who cares what YOU think this guy should do? I personally could care less whether he goes to these places or not, but I guess I'M not important, since I happen to like the guy, despite reading all the crap you HATERS keeping posting because you seem to have no lives.

    "I have actually no respect for anyone who could be so coldly calculating just to earn a few extra viewers".

    Yeah we know, KAF. It's all about YOU, and what YOU want, screw everyone else!

    Thank God!! It's been hell without Johnny's review. I was about to start a campaign to bring you guys back!

    Now I can dump my therapist!


    Why can't HATERS have their own spot? Is Mike telling us to screw off simply because our opinion differs from his?

    Ying/Yang brother. Chill. If we want to harp on the ridiculous bit, stealing hack its all good. The only time he's going to have a serious problem is if he swipes a Joe Rogan bit.

    Why do everyone need to agree nowadays. I preferred it when you could not like something without it being affront to the human race.

    Actually Mike, it is YOU who has a very long history on this website of trying to dictate what posters can and cannot say on this forum despite the fact that it is not YOUR website. It is YOU who seems to have an intolerance for anyone who does not share your views that Olbermann is Mr. Perfect. It is YOU who sees to think that Olbermann doesn't have to leave the studio despite the fact that ALL the other anchors do so. It is YOU who would prefer it if we did not bring up Olbermann's well-documented history of bashing more successful competitors and fellow journalists--people who DO go out in the field and risk their lives to cover a story. It is YOU who seems to think the world should confirm to what YOU want it to be, which is a world in which no criticisim can be had about your little butt-buddy Olbermann. I'd say YOU'RE the one with the problem, not me, It is YOU who has consistently and constantly tried to change the subject when legitimate issues concerning Olbermann's playing fast and loose with the facts, omitting or failing to cover the stories, or yes, his ongoing insults and ungrounded accusations against better, far more successful journalists like Anderson Cooper. It is YOU who has beaten any number of issues to death because it is YOU who is so incredibly desperate to get the conversations on this website off of Olbermann and on to anything else. And you think I'm self-centered? Pot meet Kettle.

    Mike , feel free to swallow the dung KO spews as if it were Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to be entertained by his pretentions. Enjoy.

    YEAH! I thought when I saw the picture of the OPossum, something was up! Hehehehe...

    Traitors of the world (Olbermann); BEWARE!

    Hey Mikey you want some cheese to go with that W(h)ine of yours?

    Looks like I spoke to soon. The Gal Pals have put their Watching Olbermann Watch site back up. Appears they have still not figured out the meaning of the Opposum image.

    Glad to see my comments got to some of you people who have nothing better to do with their lives than harp on someone they dislike who happens to be on television that THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE TO WATCH! You people expose your own wierd obsession every day.

    And KAF, you have NOT seen me offer up much of a defense for Olbermann's flaws, which I have conceded some of myself. My problem is YOUR obsession with this one 'journalist'.... hey, you said he was a 'journalist' YOURSELF at 9:13 - go back and look at what YOU wrote... that you just happen to dislike. You people seem incapable of living and let live...for some unexplained reason burried deep in your phyche.

    And NO KAF, I'm not at all 'desparate' to change the subject from Olbermann. It's just that he is such a boring, and frankly uninteresting subject in which to obsess yourself with. Go ahead and flail away at him...knock yoursel just makes you look ridiculous. The only real reason I have come to this site is to discuss REAL issues that KO may have brought up himself. I admit that it does seem a little unreal however, that there would be this group of people dedicated to trying to take down a television commentator they just happen to dislike. You people must feel he is somehow a threat to you, and that is what is so wierd about all of this.

    Hey, I intensely dislike Nancy Grace...SO WHAT! Does that mean I'm going to spend tons of my time and energy to dissing her, in an effort to discredit her, with the ultimate goal of getting her off the air? HELL NO! If 600,000 people a night really want to watch Nancy Grace pontificate every night, it is their RIGHT to do so with no interference from me.

    Now go ahead and trash me for the rest of the day because I'm gone for the rest of the day.

    It just shows what kind of person RCox is to restart a website on the wrong foot. Showing a poor hurt animal, making a list of all who offended the memory of Olbermann Watch, & revealing all of the e-mails that came to him criticizing Olbermann Watch. What a new beginning for us all ---

    > Showing a poor hurt animal

    Really? An emailer told me that the animal wasn't hurt at all, but pretending. Possums do that to confuse their enemies. It's the origin of the phrase "playing possum".

    OK now I get it! You were playing possum! I look forward to 4 more years of speaking truth to Olbyloons.

    The emailers are another problem, Johnny ... Why did you repeat their remarks here ?

    Well I didn't, Mr Cox did. Why did he post them? The question is better asked, why should he not post them? He asked if there was interest in seeing them, and there was. Every newspaper has a letters to the editor page, after all. I don't see the problem with the emails.

    Of course they said/e-mailed/implied 'yes' ... they are hypnotized into agreement. RCox psted many emails --- except one ... from a law firm account being used to send. I wonder why ? Oh yes ... because they rule.

    Mike: You state that you come here to discuss issues that Olbermann has raised on his show. Now, I could point out that there are many, many websites that would allow you to discuss these issues in like-minded company. I could point out that Olbermann himself now has such a site (The News Hole) where indeed, ONLY like-minded individuals are allowed to post. But oh no, those places just aren't good enough for you now are they Mikey? Oh no, you just keep on insisting that ONLY this site, despite it's well-known mission statement, is the best and proper venue for your "issues-discussions".

    You're the one, who with your immense arrogance and ego wants to turn this website into something that it was not designed to be. And then you get pissy when someone actually comes to Olbermannwatch to talk about Olbermann! Yeah, who would have guessed that there are people here who come to a site called Olbermannwatch to discuss Keith Olbermann and not what poor little Mikey wants to talk about??? Imagine that! Really Mike, you need to do something about your delusional mind-set. I guess it's why you're such an Olbermann fan and all.

    For the record, I equally dislike O'Reilly and the rest of the Fox News crew and have taken plenty of shots at them on other websites. I do not bring them up here because this site is not named "FoxWatch". See,it's that whole "staying on topic thing.
    I'm not the kind of person who is so arrogant to think that they can change the mission-statement of a website, unlike you, dear, misguided Mike. But no, your immense arrogance and ego, much like your idol Olbermann's, seems to make you think that YOU can set the parameters of discussion here and chide posters when they actually want to post on-topic!

    And when you can't bully, intimidate or silence them, you grow very angry and begin your pointless little lectures. Sorry Mike, but you're the obsessed one here, after all, you're right here, posting right alongside the rest of us. So what exactly does that make you? Again, you're just like your hero Olbermann, a HYPOCRITE!

    Wheeeeeeeeee I'm whole again!

    thank christ on the cross

    dan: If it was up to Jesus Christ --- we would all get along in this world together.


    Take Mike's advice and just ignore him. He'll respond by posting longer and more outrageous...I was going to say diatribes but that would imply coherent thought on his behalf, and then he'll slowly wither and die on the Olbermann Watch forum vein.

    Actually it would be kinda of fun to have no one respond to him. Sort of like watching KO scream about "cheating" baseball players while everyone ignores him.

    By the way. If he can make it to down to the Sunshine league every year why can't he field report?

    Well maybe he'll get hit in the head by a foul ball and like an episode of Gilligan's Island or Charlie's Angels where the character gets hit in the head and loses her memory and then gets hit again and it returns - KO's health will return and he'll have to actually hunt down a story, not just snark on someone elses.

    The guy is worse than Craig Kilbourne. At least he was funny.

    Except if we were money changers.

    Never could figure out what the J-man had against using the local currency. Maybe he had difficulty doing the exchange conversion in his head and instead of showing it just went off. You know, tipping the board when you are losing in Monopoly.

    you people are adorable.

    What a pleasant surprise.....I knew Olbermannwatch could not die.....

    just like E.T.......

    Our love brought it back!

    "Faith means not wanting to know the truth" Nietzsche (used by leftist OW poster)

    "I'd tell you that the Democrats are talking a good game, but they're not even doing that. Everybody in Congress has to understand something: If they continue to fund this war, it's not just the President who owns it. They own it, too." Sgt. Liam Madden

    "There were a few tense moments, however, including an encounter involving Joshua Sparling, 25, who was on crutches and who said he was a corporal with the 82nd Airborne Division and lost his right leg below the knee in Ramadi, Iraq. Mr. Sparling spoke at a smaller rally held earlier in the day at the United States Navy Memorial, and voiced his support for the administration’s policies in Iraq. Later, as antiwar protesters passed where he and his group were standing, words were exchanged and one of the antiwar protestors spit at the ground near Mr. Sparling; he spit back." NYT 1/28/07

    "I think the Vietnamese are better off in Vietnam," George McGovern - NEWSWEEK

    I hope one of the improvements to the site will be to make the text size larger.

    It's either that or I'm going to have to buy some of those OTC magnifying glasses.

    are you the osama ohbama as uncle ted called you?

    Another suggestion is that Bob or Johnny routinely utilize Bob's post labeling system.

    That system is brilliant and from what I've seen, it's unique. Not only does it have a way of eliciting some hilarious and telling responses, it keeps the focus of Olbermann Watch at the forefront.

    cee: E.T. was good hearted. Olby Watch just goes into tangents.

    I'd like to see a little larger font too. Over-40 eyes here.

    I like some tangents.....but will try to keep the discussion where it belongs.....the lies, hypocrisy and demagoguery of Keith Olbermann.

    Its not the size of the font its what you do with it.

    Welcome Back !!!!

    You have Little Feechie's Support !

    I will support your advertisers !!!

    What a surprise !!! As soon as complaints rise about the fact that RCox was posting other people's emails, all of the sudden, as we know, the emails effectively come down !!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmm ... another muted mongrel instance of sorts. Add this to the bad restarting for Olbermann Watch.

    Hey Robert,

    Where is my letter to the editor? I took great delight in your demise. of course it was all a stunt but oh well. It was still nice to have a few days peace. and the dead Rat, a fitting image for your blog. Anyway welcome back. Let the errors, logical fallicies, and right wing stupidity fly.


    You people need to get laid. Try to enjoy it too!

    Robert: Maybe when Olbermann's contract goes up.

    You were right the first time.

    Give it up. Go back to day trading, or sipping wine, or whatever else you Yuppies do in your spare time.

    Seriously... why do you torture yourself, watching a show you don't like. God, I feel sorry for you, Robert. You really are pathetic.

    The previous post by Robert at 4:46 was really me Robert M not Robert Cox. I was sensing some confusion. Those conservartive closet queers that secretly love Keith and need an excuse to "watch" him need to get laid. Get some sort of life and loosen up!! Life is too short to be a conservative!

    More "things that make you go hmmmm..."

    Anne Coulter is rightfully blasted for calling a political opponent a hateful anti-homosexual epithet, but daily here on OW, Olbyloons attempt to insult conservatives in the same manner...

    This post was too long so I created two new posts that contain all the Letters to the Editor and the Blue Blog Comment threads. Links for both are at the bottom of the current post (above) or in the posts which follow this one.

    The previous post by Robert at 4:46 was really me Robert M not Robert Cox. I was sensing some confusion. Those conservartive closet queers that secretly love Keith and need an excuse to "watch" him need to get laid. Get some sort of life and loosen up!! Life is too short to be a conservative!

    Posted by: Robert M at March 9, 2007 6:21 PM

    Things that make you go hmmmmmm....

    Einsteins who take the time and make the effort to tell you that you're wasting your time and your effort...


    Yeah but he did it with wit. You should try it Cee.

    that is Cec.

    Yeah but he did it with wit. You should try it Cee.

    Posted by: jt at March 9, 2007 7:23 PM

    Right, Jt... My ole alter-ego Cee says that of course YOU would refer to references of "closet-queers" and admonitions to "get laid" as "wit"... we've seen your work...

    Oh no, cecelia, the olbyloons are getting us confused once again.

    "Right, Jt... My ole alter-ego Cee says that of course YOU would refer to references of "closet-queers" and admonitions to "get laid" as "wit"... we've seen your work... "

    Oh, you mean the piece i wrote on KFK. I'm glad you liked it.


    We need you!

    You're great!


    Yes! the most important Blog on the planet. the one devoted to Olbermann!

    I like some tangents.....but will try to keep the discussion where it belongs.....the lies, hypocrisy and demagoguery of cee.

    Rob's bait and switch was a thing of beauty.

    Oh no, Celelia, the Olbyloons are getting us confused once again."

    Thats not difficult to do.

    KAF: "for the record, I equally dislike O'Reilly and the rest of the Fox News crew on other web sites."

    So you spend all your free time taking shots at News Pundits? I pity you obviously have no life!

    I worry that France is going to tan England's hide tonight. Anyone going to the game?

    I think its wonnerfull that you're back. Really old set-in-our ways fogies like me hate this Olbermann upstart.

    Doc: Are you France bashing again? What is so hard to understand about the FACT that France was RIGHT when they said invading Iraq was a bad idea? Are we going to hold it against them forever for being RIGHT? You "clear thinkers' really think wierd!

    Thanks for firing your site up.
    I always did like a place to surf to for a great laugh....


    The Six Nations match tonight. France vs England. I think France is going to take it since England can't commit to the blitzing defence scheme.

    What a shame. Hopefully they'll rebound before the World Cup.

    Oh, Olbermann is still a cheap Kilbourne imposter.

    "Olbermann is still a cheap Kilbourne imposter"

    Well thats YOUR opinion, but it doesn't exactly explain those of us who like Olbermann and dislike Kilbourne.

    I am so glad OW is back.

    This is absolutely the BEST possum stew I've ever had. I am certain it will be equally good served cold with the best sauce ever, right- thinking readers. A five star dish: a bold, satisfying and piquant flavor that lingers pleasantly on the tongue and mind.

    Definitely a one of a kind dish to be savored over and over.


    But how did you make possum stew out of a possum that was only PLAYING dead?

    Very good question, Hypohater. As an aside, very imaginative name. Just a mild suggestion, couldn't you come with a nicer kinder soubriquet than 'hater'?

    I can't speak for others, but in my family we had some top notch hunters. The question never came up.

    Well, back to your question. If it had, I am confident that we women folk would have risen to the challenge and finished the job.



    Wow Grammie, "top notch hunters' huh? You mean real he-man hunters like Dick Cheney?

    Well, Hater, I'm not sure why you feel the need to skew the discussion off in such a tangent while ignoring my comments. Do you have some sort of fixation disorder with public figures?

    Or perhaps you are unable to accept the fact that we women folk can hold up our end of the bargain. The motto in my family was: you bring em in dead or alive, we skin em, gut em and cook em.


    Grammie wants to know: Do I "have some sort of fixation disorder with public figures?"

    You got me Grammie, but I'm in good company it seems. After all, this entire site seems to have some sort of a fixation disorder with a public figure.

    "The motto in my family was: You bring em in dead or alive, we skin em, gut em and cook em."

    I guess that just tends to illuminate our wussy liberal nature: Little possums, wabbits, and squirrels run all around in our back yard just like they own it, and here we just sit there and let em do it ... when we SHOULD be blastin em, skinnin em, guttin em, and cookin em!

    Well Hypo, I am pleased to learn that you recognise the relevance and overwhelming importance of R Cox.


    "I am pleased to learn that you recognise the relevance and overwhelming importance of R Cox."

    Yes Grammie: Mr. Cox operates a kind of on-line rehab center for all us folks what has "some sort of fixation with public figures".

    But I gotta admit Grammie, the cure is half the fun!

    Hypo, get a grip. We are not talking about Bambi skidding acroos the ice on his spindly legs and bumping noses with Flower, the skunk.

    You should remember ( if not, scroll up a bit) that you were the one to bring up the spectre of a live possum being cooked into stew. Sorry to disappoint you, but in my family we only cook blue crabs, crayfish and store bought lobsters ALIVE! Oh, I forgot. We also toss raw oysters alive right off the shell.


    This is even better than the 1/2 News Hour!

    "This is even better than the 1/2 News Hour!"

    Is that the new REAL funny Fox program where you get 1/2 the news? The half favorable to the Bush Administration.

    Hell Leto, that describes ALL the Fox 'News' programs.

    Another stereotype shattred: I've never eaten live game in my life. I've only hunted a couple of times though. I'm more of a fisherman myself though. And yes, I do cook and eat the fish I catch.


    I think you and hyperhater are both right.

    The only possum stew worth considering would be the figurative kind...

    The problem Cecelia is that the Olbyloons are the ones in a stew because Owatch is back baby!

    Another gem by the great Brandon: ""I've never eaten live game in my life".

    Yo Brandon, I don't know anybody who's ever eaten 'live' game. Most hunters I know like to kill them first.

    "yes, I do cook and eat the fish I catch"

    Good for you Brandon, although I don't know where you find the time as much as you like to obsess on this discussion board about a television personality you don't even watch.

    It's a form of mental illness.

    Ignore him/her/it Brandon. We all know that real men do eat live game! These liberal pussies wouldn't know that though. Damn PETA members!

    But Hypo? You need to have a talk with your man Olbermann about mental illness. He knows about it all too well.

    I'm curious, how do you "eat live game"? Do you just rope em, tie em up real good and start chowing down on them while they squirm, ripping out bloody plugs as you chow down?

    You're SO right; that all sounds just way too gross to a "liberal pussy" like me. I'll just have to stick with 'dead' game myself.

    I tried to talk to Olbermann about that mental illness thing, but he's just gotten SO busy with his new contract and all that he doesn't even take the time to take my calls anymore.

    mental illness is when you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Kinda like the people who think they are going to prevent Keith from growing in popularity and rescue the world from the godless liberals. This site is testimony to a desperation that is manifested in blaming Keith and his fans for the ills of Bush and his klan. I feel embaresed for you poor silly folks.


    The Possum that is Olbermann Watch didn't even have a chance to decompose.