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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

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    Welcome Back, Olby!

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    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    April 30, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 30, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • GEORGE TENET AND PREDICTIONS: Philip Giraldi, former counter terrorism specialist, contributor to "American Conservative" magazine
    • POLITICS OF WAR: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek chief White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst
    • D.C. MADAM SEX SCANDAL: Dana Milbank, Washington Post, MSNBC political analyst
    • WHO SHOULD BE FIRED AND WHO SHOULDN'T: Jason Bateman, star of Arrested Development

    Monday is on us and the opening spiel is as lively as ever. Tenet "racket", the President had already made up his mind on Iraq, taking Rice's word seems ridiculous to Olby. What else is new. Chaos is everywhere! Of course, the 4th anniversary of the "declaration of 'Mission Accomplished'." Hm, don't ever recall that being declared.

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: George Tenet predicted everything! The prophet is here! Keith attempts to bolster his credibility by reminding his audience by saying, "As any sportscaster could tell you, the best way to enhance your reputation for predictions is to not reveal any of them until after the season is over." Ah, such humor. Is it ever not about baseball? Tenet, apparently, let "falsehoods" stand even though Olby has a hard time stating exactly what those lies are. "Man On Fan" implies that Tenet has no credibility as he gets a date wrong, but Olbersturmfuhrer seems incredibly excited to point to all the "lies" that Tenet is exposing. Cherry picking as usual. Enter Philip Giraldi, a counter terrorism "specialist" and a contributor to "American Conservative" magazine. Now, dear readers, as you probably know, Olby loves conservatives who criticize other conservatives. One thing Monkey Man leaves out is that "American Conservative" is a magazine for paleoconservatives, those that are generally antiwar and isolationist. But "conservative" in Countdown means all of those who are part of the vast right wing conspiracy. Fat Ass muses that Tenet could have perhaps stood on a street corner and barked "the truth." His esteemed guest naturally agrees and suggests he should have resigned and was either incompetent or a liar. Naturally this is all speculation with nothing to back it up. Why bother? Olby gets upset at having to root for "either side" but seems to be more happy with anyone who will discredit the President. Giraldi suggests there was little truth behind Tenet's testimony before congress. As in: HE LIED! Jabba the Hut moves on to "enhanced interrogation" which to Olby means "torture" and immediately moves from there to begin a debate on torture. Yet, they can't produce a SINGLE PERSON who has EVER BEEN TORTURED. More hypotheticals posited as truth. Typical. Giraldi says no one would support the assertion that "enhanced" interrogation (Read: water boarding, not torture) doesn't work. Hm. No attacks on the USA in six years. Guess it doesn't work. It's all about Tenet making money. By the way, he's a war criminal, Iraq didn't threaten us. "Well stated," states KO. Great thanks.

    #4: Right off the bat, the infamous, deplorable KO declares Iraq a "war predicated on lies" and that Bush is going to veto a bill to fund the war on the "fourth anniversary of the declaration of Mission Accomplished." Olby clearly knows this is a lie, as he later states that the President declared the end of "major combat operations" with the words "mission accomplished hovering over him." Interesting how he manages to lie, tell the truth, then lie again. Enter the Wolffe Man. More Tenet talk. "Truth squading" by the government of the government which is highly suspect to Olby. I doubt he minds the so-called "oversight" of the Congress controlled by the Democrats. Wolffie argues that Tenet played both sides, makes some reference to Tora Bora and more assertions that seemingly come out of the blue. Olbersturmfuhrer makes a comparison of Bush to Gonzales (read: clueless). Much to Olby's excitement, he references Murtha and his "stature" when he suggested that impeachment can "influence the President." Olbermann wonders if someone like Murtha and his stature and position would now use it as a "last resort." Definitely has not been a last resort for John Conyers and the like. Deeply upsetting to Keithy, Wolffeman does not agree with the idea of impeaching the President solely to influence his position and use it as "leverage." Wolffie almost became a necon by suggesting that just "talking about impeachment" doesn't convince anyone. Either be serious or not. It's strange to Wolffe. Olbermann, ever depressed, replied by stating that we "lowered the bar ten years ago." Of course we did Keith. Of course we did. And I am sure that you are ashamed of every day you spent covering that impeachment and the money MSNBC gave you for it. Wolffe agrees but replies that throwing it into a war spending debate is "superfluous."

    Oddball, typically lame jokes. Some Volcano. Shot lava 600 feet in the air! Wow! Snooze.

    #3: Sex scandal![Ding!] Story from the mothership. Dana Milbank, a professional, apparently, comes in. Olby declares he "bears the scars of Monica Lewinsky." Un huh. At least Milbank says the list of clients of the D.C. Madam is "bipartisan." He jokes that "Man on Fan" could be on the list. Would anyone be surprised? Insults thrown around at the D.C. Madam that fall into the typical misogyny of OlbyPlanet. Double entendres abound! Does it embarrass the administration? Of course it does! Why bother reporting on it on Countdown? Milbank, again to this viewers shock, states this is near nothing to worry about. Just a "thanks" tonight.

    #2: Tony Snow's return after treatment for his cancer. More regurgitated video from HQ. Tony's interview with David Gregory. I guess Olby couldn't swing one with his "friend" Mr. Snow.

    #1: Interview with Jason Bateman. Filler. Out of stories to report tonight.

    Giuliani kicked off the Media Matters minute, followed by Fox News and a producer of a liberal radio show implied as a right wing zealot for appearing on said network culminating in a thinly veiled attack on the Bush administration. The bronze went to Giuliani campaign for apparently releasing a list of campaign backers who don't back him (Blue Blog source: HuffPo). Second: Bernard McGuirk, former producer of Imus in the Morning, for making an analogy that didn't suit the Fuhrer (Blue Blog source: Media Matters). The gold went to the implied Bush administration because Bin Laden still has not been caught. (Blue Blog source: HuffPo).

    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name soared to #3,714 at, but "Culture Warrior" is #600. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome struggled to rank at #4,965 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #1,007 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. He had good ratings for a Friday. The Hour of Spin managed second, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". The MisterMeter was off again.

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Read the transcript to the Monday show

    Keith Olbermann on the DC Madam (more KO misogyny)

    Posted by Edward Schatz | Permalink | Comments (96) | | View blog reactions
    "Special Comment" Amazement

    Sometimes it's difficult to come up with a topic, when you're a "pro" voice on an "anti" site, but I think I've come up with something to appease everybody. It's based on two words: "Special Comment". I'm sure just mentioning that has some fingers already poised over the keys, ready to rumble. Not so fast, bucko! I wasn't overly impressed with Olbermann's anti-Giuliana rant Wednesday night. Amazed?

    It's not that he didn't make some good points about the genesis of the War in Iraq (PBS did a better job, by the way), but Giuliani's statement didn't deserve to be expanded into ten minutes on the air. Moreover, the simple fact that Hillary Clinton is using essentially the same argument makes the Special Comment seem inappropriate and contradictory.

    For those of you who haven't been playing along, here's Giuliani:

    "If any Republican is elected president - and I think obviously I would be best at this - we will remain on offense and will anticipate what (the terrorists) will do and try to stop them before they do it."

    And, from Tiime Magazine's piece on Hillary Clinton's stepped-up fundraising efforts:

    "Both Clintons have made the case to potential fund raisers that the U.S. will probably suffer a terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11 after the next President is sworn in — and that Hillary is the only Democratic candidate capable of handling such a crisis because of her Senate Armed Services Committee tenure and her years in the White House."

    It's enough to confuse voters on both sides of the aisle! It's like watching two kids on the playground: "I'll keep you safe". "No, I'll keep you safe".

    I'm guessing that Olbermann had no knowledge of the Time piece; it came out the day AFTER his Special Comment. Still, this Special Comment didn't come up to par with his previous missives. Perhaps he'd been distracted, all tied up in the purchase of that big, new, condominium in NYC. If I had his new contract, I'd go for the gusto, too. Allison Stewart could have kept the show on track for a third night. That would have avoided the non-special "Special Comment".

    One strike-out among a lot of home runs ain't bad.

    Posted by Doug Krile | Permalink | Comments (21) | | View blog reactions
    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 30, 2007

    Family Guy - It Takes a Village Idiot
    Spoiler TV

    Incensed by Mayor West's complicity in oil-company pollution at Quahog Lake, Lois decides to challenge him in the upcoming election. Keith Olbermann has a voice cameo as an oil exec and Don Most plays himself. Angela: Carrie Fisher.

    Stephen Colbert and the latest GQ
    Blue Gal\

    You know, I'm sure lots of left-wing women share my fantasy of getting ONE of the big three liberal TV anchors for a night in a swanky hotel room. But I have standards and there would be certain...demands I would make to the gentlemen in question, not as a quid pro quo, mind you, but just to maintain my sanity. Keith Olbermann would have to buy me dinner and drinks after and convince me he doesn't have either obsessive-compulsive disorder or Asperger's Syndrome.

    ten "journalists" that we could do without

    Sad as this sounds, my favorite pundits are Jon Stewart (fake news) and Keith Olbermann (that really pissed off guy that used to be on Sports Center). So, without further ado, my list of ten so called journalists that this world would be far better off without.

    Bad News For Bush
    Rags & Bones

    Countdown seems to have missed a few historical details. For one, Bush missed Opening Day last year as well. As Paul Duggan pointed out in the Washington Post, “Except for when the world was at war, only two other presidents, Woodrow Wilson and Richard M. Nixon, missed Opening Day ceremonies two years in a row.

    Olbermann's Apoplexy
    The Daily Snarl

    May I have a towel with that rant, please? Jeez, Countdown's canny but cranky interlocuter dishes a mean invective, but I'm now covered with YouTube saliva from the apoplectic force of Keith Olbermann's recent tirade about Rudy Rudy Rudy Giuliani. And I thought I had issues.

    NBC: the Al Jazeera of Psychotic Killers
    Patriots and Liberty

    This is one strange network that seems to have no moral compass whatsoever. It fires Don Imus, under pressure from the left-wing Media Matters group, Al Sharpton and its own host, Keith Olbermann, when the words, though offensive, didn't actually hurt anybody in the physical sense. But it then gives a national platform to the hateful words and images of someone who killed 32 people, on the dubious pretext that we need to understand the twisted mind of a demented killer.

    Karl Rove, Turdblossom Headline on MSNBC, "Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann" This Can't Have been Meant, Can It?
    The Moderate Voice

    On television tonight, I thought I was seeing things… the headline under Karl Rove’s photo on a newstory about Rove scrutiny deepening, read in large letters: Karl Rove, TurdBlossom

    Olbermann Labels Giuliani Anti-Dem Remarks 'Terrorism'

    Keith Olbermann used his Countdown show to target Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani for a speech the former mayor gave at a Lincoln Day Dinner in which Giuliani contended that America would be "playing defense" in the war on terrorism under a Democratic president.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (8) | | View blog reactions
    April 28, 2007
    Radio Reacts to Keith Olbermann's Debate Coverage

    How did the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann do on debate night? The reviews are mixed at best. John Gibson and Dr Mark Levin had some comments on the coverage, and both mentioned Oralmann. We have a clip of their comments for your listening pleasure:

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (105) | | View blog reactions
    April 27, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 27, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IRAQ: Larry Johnson, fmr. CIA officer and fmr. deputy director of the Office of Counterterrorism at the State Department; Dana Milbank, MSNBC political analyst
    • DEMOCRATIC DEBATE REACTIONS: Chris Cillizza, national political reporter
    • CELEBRITIES IN TROUBLE: Michael Musto, Village Voice

    Shockingly, the opening spiel began with Olbermann asserting that the President clearly lied because Tenet stated in his book there was no "serious debate" about the war. Dick Durbin tells the truth like no one else. Would he have been a patriot if he violated his oath of secrecy regarding classified intelligence to stop the Iraq war? The great attorney scandal [Ding!]. The hour of spin ensues.

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    #5: The hour of spin began like all before it, Bush lied! According to Herr Olbersturmfuhrer, there was no doubt anymore. Why? Because Dick Durbin said so. George Tenet, now worthy of being mentioned on Keith's show in a way that's not completely hateful because he's criticizing the administration, fills in the gaps for Keith's continuing argument the war was sold on lies. Though Keith doubts his sincerity because of the money he received for his book. Larry Johnson parrots Keith and suggests that Mr. Tenet was like "Al Capone's accountant." Thus, George Bush is Al Capone. Huh? Is Larry suggesting that the administration is like that of organized crime? Or is the President a tax evader because he is talking about the accountant? Proof? Not necessary on Olby Planet. Slander and smear whomever you want. Unusual for KO, he plays a clip of Dan Bartlett, Counselor to the President, rebutting the claim the war was sold on the "slam dunk" claim. Of course, Keithy couldn't contain himself and called Mr. Bartlett the "designated hatchet man" to discredit people who write "dangerous books." Dick Cheney clip follows using the "slam dunk" line yet the clip is strangely silent. Two-minute clip of Dick Durbin on the Senate floor aiming for forgiveness because he didn't tell the American people about the lies the administration was spreading about intelligence. Durbin "wanted to do something about it" but he couldn't, because he had to follow the law. Olby, of course, forgives him because he voted against the Iraq war bill. Keith leaves out the fact that several other Democrats on the committee voted for the war despite seeing that intelligence and hearing the administration's "lies." Man on Fan wonders what prevented Durbin and Tenet from "telling the truth." Johnson replies "carelessness." I guess so. They must have been too lazy to pay attention to the intelligence until four years later. Again, House Boy wonders if people should accept jail to stop a country from being "destroyed" and causing the deaths of 3,000 American soldiers rather than respecting the oath they take. Johnson continues to pleasure Keith by suggesting that Tenet himself is responsible for the deaths of Americans in Iraq. Keith pretends that he knows how history would have turned out if Colin Powell had resigned - never gone into war in the first place. Keith knows all, as usual. Johnson sums up Keith's dream by calling Tenet a coward and again suggesting that Tenet is solely responsible for all American soldiers killed in Iraq. Keith responds as if he's the listening to his preacher: AMEN! Lame joke follows about the Medal of Freedom surprisingly not leaping from Tenet's neck. Great thanks.

    Dana Milbank, sadly without any interesting apparel, chimes in on the Iraq funding bill. Monkey Man claims Bush is "pretending Democrats are not sending him the funds." Of course, the President has never said anything to that effect. He is vetoing the bill because it has a timetable, not because he's not getting the money he wants. Big difference. Milbank parrots and agrees. KO, ever the one who wonders, asks what the symbolism is behind the veto coming on the four-year anniversary of the "Victory Accomplished" speech. Question about Dick Durbin's "extraordinary" statement. Is there a point in having a Senate intelligence committee? Apparently not. Classified information doesn't really matter. A great time is had by all. Great thanks.

    Quick commercial break about the "fresh stench of scandal [Ding!]."

    #4: Incredibly funny caption of "No E-mails For You" testing his viewers knowledge of Seinfeld. Blabbing for a couple minutes about the "scandal" and missing e-mails. Picture of Rep. Christine Jennings (D) mistakenly put up for Scott Jennings. Olbermahn's idea of a hard news segment.

    Oddball. Skydiving stylist. Deer-inquents (har!) invade nursing home. PCs turned into dominos. Yawn.

    #3: Meet the Dems. Debate seems like a job interview to Keith. Democrats are nice to each other. The President is the target. Requisite clips bashing the war in Iraq. Chris Cilizza enters the Spin Zone when Keith throws out the hardball of, "When people up to and including Pat Buchanan say Hilary Clinton looked Presidential last night. When people up to and including Chris Matthews say she sounded and appeared likeable and pleasant, does that mean she scored most highly last night?" But of course she did! Like one had to wonder what the answer was to that in OlbyLand. Cilizza lauded Clinton followed by Keith's doubts on Obama and Richardson's "gun stance" (aka, not in favor of a complete firearm ban) and "benefit of the doubt" vis a vis Attorney General Gonzales. More wondering if, gasp!, attacks may follow after the niceness of last evening's debate. Snooze inducing musings. Great thanks. Clips of Matthews laughing in a funny way. Keith's way of getting back at Matthews making note of Keith's inability to deal with anyone who disagrees with him.

    #2: Regurgitated video from HQ on Stephen Hawking on a zero gravity flight. Keeping Tabs segment follows with Fat Ass using not one, but TWO gut busting fart jokes regarding Hugh Grant. I believe Edward R. Murrow pioneered the use of fart jokes in his broadcasts. Grant is in trouble for using a "silent, but deadly" weapon (throwing a container of baked beans). He was released on bail after being charged with suspicion of assault under the common law principle that "whoever smelt it, dealt it." Classy.

    #1: The totally normal Michael Musto chimes in on Richard Gere for offending some Indians for kissing a Bollywood actress, which was regarded as obscene. Alec Baldwin clips from The View on his daughter. Musto makes reference to the gerbil rumor from the 90s. Murrow would be proud. Great thanks.

    In the Media Matters minute, all the necessary slots were filled. The bronze went to John "Gibby" Gibson (Fox News) for comments on Iraqis (Blue Blog source: Media Matters). Runner up: Richard McCain for declining to call for Alberto Gonzales resignation soon enough for Olby (Blue Blog source: Media Matters). The gold goes to, guess who, a Republican! John Boehner for calling for a withdrawal from Somalia in 1993, which is totally comparable in a world changed by 9/11 (Blue Blog source: Think Progress).

    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name slumped to #4,875 at, but "Culture Warrior" is #542. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome remains unranked at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #1,008 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. The MisterMeter was bored.

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Keith Olbermann interviews Larry Johnson on George Tenet book

    Posted by Edward Schatz | Permalink | Comments (247) | | View blog reactions
    Chris Matthews Zings Keith Olbermann - Again

    Moments after Keith Olbermann tried to slam the Obama campaign for not attacking Guiliani during the South Carolina debate, Chris Matthews calls Hillary Clinton sidestepping the issue a "smart move". Zing!

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (59) | | View blog reactions
    Keith Olbermann Slams Barack Obama for "failing" to answer Rudy Guiliani question

    Example 4,102 of why Keith Olbermann should stick to sports - or at least another reason why Keith Olbermann is normally confined to a television studio... with a prepared script... guests hand-picked to dish up the OlbySpin... and ready access to a bathtub.

    Watch as Keith Olbermann, in a desperate bid to inject himself (and his most recent special comment) into an Obama campaign interview), grills Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod over Obama's "failure" to answer a question about Rudy Guiliani that Obama was never asked.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (11) | | View blog reactions
    Chris Matthews Zing Keith Olbermann

    Chris Matthews zings Keith Olbermann over Keith's unwillingness to interview people with views different from his own saying about Zell Miller and Mike Gravel "both entitled to speak by the way on Hardball"

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (111) | | View blog reactions
    April 26, 2007
    Countdown Cancelled...

    ...just for tonight. Seems the Democrats are having a debate in South Carolina tonight. The good news is that Keith will be co-hosting this unscripted evening so we're sure to get lots of clips for the blooper file on top of the reliably inaccurate political "reporting" of Keith Olbermann.

    Consider this an open thread. I will Tivo the whole thing but am not going to watch the whole sorry mess. If you see any particular good candidates for the Olbermann Watch You Tube channel please post a comment and note the time (Eastern Daylight Savings Time).

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (126) | | View blog reactions
    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 26, 2007

    Olbermann pays $4.2M for condo in Trump Palace building on Manhattan's Upper East Side
    Big Time Listings

    MSNBC host Keith Olbermann has paid the $4.2 million asking price for a five-room, 40th-floor condominium unit in the Trump Palace building at 200 E. 69th Street in Manhattan, according to public records and the New York Observer.

    Photos here.

    Keith Olbermann Spends $4.2 M. For Marbled Trump Condo
    New York Observer

    As a pleasingly debauched symbol of his transformation into a top-tier, top-paid newsman, Keith Olbermann has bought a sprawling 40th-floor apartment in an Upper East Side Trump condominium.

    Keith Olbermann Goes Off the Deep End, Again

    Don't watch this if listening to the tinfoil hat brigade leader, Keith Olbermann, makes you sick to your stomach. He's really outdone himself with this long winded tirade against Rudy, and the GOP. Olbermann's comments sound like something off a “truth sheet.”

    Olby is Insane
    Absolute Moral Authority

    First Giulliani is un-American. I thought it was Republicans who said that, though in general they don't. He goes on to blame Bush through implication for September 11th, as well as blaming, once again through implication, Giuliani for September 11th.

    Well Shucks, The Guys Right....
    Phil Hendrie's America On Parade

    Rudy Giuliani's comment that voting for the Democrats would be tantamount to playing defense against terrorists was greeted with the same bleating and whining that surrounded Imus and his jive-ass joke. The guy simply stated the obvious.

    It's a Bird, It's a Plane, it's Olbermann!

    Now that Rosie is going off the air, Keith is one of the few broadcasters left with any cojones.

    I think I want to have Keith Olbermann's baby
    My Big Ol' Blog

    I'm kidding... sort of. His Special Comment segment last night on Countdown was incrediblr...I'm almost serious about the baby thing...

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    Olbermann's Special Comments: Dan Patrick Explains It All

    What is behind Keith Olbermann's Special Education Komments? On his radio show today, Dan Patrick revealed Olby's true motivation, and we have the audio clip for your listening pleasure:

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    Levin on Olbermann - Part XI

    On his Wednesday night radio program, constitutional attorney Dr Mark Levin had a few words to say about the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. We have the audio clip for your listening pleasure:

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    April 25, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 25, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • POLITICS: Dana Milbank
    • PROJECT RUDY: Wayne Barrett
    • ROSIE O'DONNEL: Michael Musto

    There were no surprises in the opening spiel; it didn't take a Nostradamus to know that Herr Olbermann was going to launch Project Rudy with a blistering attack on Giuliani for "terrorizing the electorate"; plus more GonzalesGate, another O'Reilly attack, Rosie O'Donnell, and a Special Education Komment on the "morally bankrupt politics of fear" (unless it is being waged by Democrats, in which case it's not even worth mentioning).

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Damage control for Hillary, lagging in the polls, began with an attack on Giuliani and a plug for the Special Education Komment. Clip of Richard McCain announcing for President--just video, no sound. Poll numbers. Attack on Laura Bush for defending her husband. Dana Milbank, minus mangy mufti, was asked if everything Olby ticked off wasn't really a horribly bad move, destined to boomerang with overwhelming force against the eeevil White House (Rule #1). Much pontificating over Giuliani saying something that he's been saying for months, pretending like it was something new. Olby's theory on Fred Thompson: voters have a fixation with the tv series Law and Order. Watch out, Olby. That's an NBC series. Did you clear that with your bosses? Great thanks.

    The jihad against Giuliani continued as Oralmann claimed New Yorkers mostly hated him as mayor. Professional Rudy-basher Wayne Barrett was brought in to continue the smears. Funny how Keith doesn't just ask Rudy himself to answer his questions. But if he were to do that, all that nausea churning from Krazy Keith's mouth would probably be too much even for The Laughing Stagehand to deal with. Better to leave such unpleasant things as balance and fairness out of the picture, all the better to allow the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann to decry "vitriol", to claim he "broke his candidacy", and--yes--to plus his Special Education Komment yet again.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #4: .It's more "scandals" [Ding!]. Gonzales, Rove, you name it! As always, all scandals on OlbyPlanet are Republican scandals. (So don't expect to hear even a word about, say Diane Feinstein.) Slippery Shuster, the textbook example of an unreliable witness, was on hand to turn the spin up to "11". Shuster gave his usual definitive insights: so-and-so thinks, someone else believes, yada yada. KO said it all reminds you of a "cult" and Great Thanksed Slippery.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #3: The Bill O'Reilly Olbsession must be fed! The man dared to criticize the "journalism watchdog" website Media Matters, and self-admitted professional liar David Brock will not stand for that. So Private Olbermann carried out Gen Brock's orders, and served up another hit piece. It was almost comical to see an unhinged Olbermann, with an air of sophisticated superiority, "prove" that a quote from Mr Bill was not taken out of context by reading the "full" quote--a "full" quote that started at the exact same point as before! Gee, doesn't "context" usually include what came earlier, so we know the, um, context? Not on OlbyPlanet. And just to make sure that an extra dose of vile venom was included, "Man on Fan" Olbermann included references to falafels and Andrea Mackris. Yeah, Edward R Olbermann never stoops to personal attacks, does he?

    #2: We lost track of how many times KO said "Fox Noise Channel" (because every time he says it, it just gets funnier). But the topic was actually Rosie O'Donnell, with the world's greatest expert on all things repellent, Michael Musto.

    In the Media Matters Minute, it was the usual passel of attacks on The Usual Victims. Glenn Beck (Blue Blog Source: Think Progress), Rush Limbaugh (Blue Blog Source: MyDD), and Dana Rohrbacher (Blue Blog Source: Daily Kos). Keep in mind, Keith in not politically biased.

    Finally, held for the last possible Nielsen minute, the Special Education Komment on Rudy Giuliani (see APPENDIX). It was the usual melange of facial tics, demagoguery, and insinSirs. Suffice it to say that, for all his fulmination over a politician criticizing opposition policies as making America less safe, Rev Olbermann never sermonizes when the Democrats do the exact same thing.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name rocketed to #3,608 at, but "Culture Warrior" is #711. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome is unranked at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #1,246 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 3 [GUARDED]

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior


    Since some indeterminable hour between the final dousing of the pyre at The World Trade Center, and the breaking of what Sen. Barack Obama has aptly termed "9/11 fever," it has been profoundly and disturbingly evident that we are at the center of one of history's great ironies.

    Only in this America of the early 21st century could it be true that the man who was president during the worst attack on our nation and the man who was the mayor of the city in which that attack principally unfolded would not only be absolved of any and all blame for the unreadiness of their own governments, but, moreover, would thereafter be branded heroes of those attacks.

    And now, that mayor -- whose most profound municipal act in the wake of that nightmare was to suggest the postponement of the election to select his own successor -- has gone even a step beyond these M.C. Escher constructions of history.

    "If any Republican is elected president -- and I think obviously I would be best at this -- we will remain on offense and will anticipate what (the terrorists) will do and try to stop them before they do it."

    Insisting that the election of any Democrat would mean the country was "back ... on defense," Mr. Giuliani continued last night: "But the question is how long will it take and how many casualties will we have. If we are on defense, we will have more losses and it will go on longer."

    He said this with no sense of irony, no sense of any personal shortcomings, no sense whatsoever.

    [Direction: powerful, silent stare]

    And if you somehow missed what he was really saying, somehow didn't hear the none-too-subtle subtext of "vote Democratic and die," Mr. Giuliani then stripped away any barrier of courtesy, telling Roger Simon of

    "America will be safer with a Republican president."

    At least that Republican president under which we have not been safer has, even at his worst, maintained some microscopic distance between himself and a campaign platform that blithely threatened the American people with "casualties" if they, next year, elect a Democratic president -- or, inferring from Mr. Giuliani's flights of grandeur in New Hampshire last night -- even if they elect a different Republican.

    [Direction: Head bob; eyebrow raise]

    How ... dare ... you, sir?

    "How many casualties will we have?" -- this is the language of Osama bin Laden.

    Yours, Mr. Giuliani, is the same chilling nonchalance of the madman, of the proselytizer who has moved even from some crude framework of politics and society, into a virtual Roman Colosseum of carnage, and a conceit over your own ability -- and worthiness -- to decide who lives and who dies.

    [Direction: wide-eyed anger]

    Rather than a reasoned discussion -- rather than a political campaign advocating your own causes and extolling your own qualifications -- you have bypassed all the intermediate steps and moved directly to trying to terrorize the electorate into viewing a vote for a Democrat, not as a reasonable alternative and an inalienable right ... but as an act of suicide.

    This is not the mere politicizing of Iraq, nor the vague mumbled epithets about Democratic "softness" from a delusional vice president.

    This is casualties on a partisan basis -- of the naked assertion that Mr. Giuliani's party knows all and will save those who have voted for it -- and to hell with everybody else.

    And that he, with no foreign policy experience whatsoever, is somehow the messiah-of-the-moment.

    Even to grant that that formula -- whether posed by Republican or Democrat -- is somehow not the most base, the most indefensible, the most un-American electioneering in our history -- even if it is somehow acceptable to assign "casualties" to one party and "safety" to the other -- even if we have become so profane in our thinking that it is part of our political vocabulary to view counter-terror as one party's property and the other's liability ... on what imaginary track record does Mr. Giuliani base his boast?

    [Direction: eyebrow raise]

    Which party held the presidency on Sept. 11, 2001, Mr. Giuliani?

    Which party held the mayoralty of New York on that date, Mr. Giuliani?

    Which party assured New Yorkers that the air was safe and the remains of the dead recovered and not being used to fill potholes, Mr. Giuliani?

    Which party wanted what the terrorists wanted -- the postponement of elections -- and to whose personal advantage would that have redounded, Mr. Giuliani?

    Which mayor of New York was elected eight months after the first attack on the World Trade Center, yet did not emphasize counter-terror in the same city for the next eight years, Mr. Giuliani?

    Which party had proposed to turn over the Department of Homeland Security to Bernard Kerik, Mr. Giuliani?

    Who wanted to ignore and hide Kerik's organized crime allegations, Mr. Giuliani?

    Who personally argued to the White House that Kerik need not be vetted, Mr. Giuliani?

    Which party rode roughshod over Americans' rights while braying that it was actually protecting them, Mr. Giuliani?

    [Direction: increase decibel level, eyebrow fluctuations, head shakes]

    Which party took this country into the most utterly backwards, utterly counterproductive, utterly ruinous war in our history, Mr. Giuliani?

    Which party has been in office as more Americans were killed in the pointless fields of Iraq than were killed in the consuming nightmare of 9/11, Mr. Giuliani?

    [Direction: scream!]

    Drop this argument, sir. You will lose it.

    "The Democrats do not understand the full nature and scope of the terrorist war against us," Mr. Giuliani continued to the Rockingham County Lincoln Day Dinner last night. "Never, ever again will this country be on defense waiting for (terrorists) to attack us, if I have anything to say about it. And make no mistake, the Democrats want to put us back on defense."

    There is no room for this.

    This is terrorism itself, dressed up as counter-terrorism.

    It is not warning, but bullying -- substituted for the political discourse now absolutely essential to this country's survival and the freedom of its people.

    No Democrat has said words like these. None has ever campaigned on the Republicans' flat-footedness of Sept. 11, 2001. None has the requisite, irresponsible, all-consuming ambition. None is willing to say "I accuse," rather than recognize that, to some degree, all of us share responsibility for our collective stupor.

    And if it is somehow insufficient, that this is morally, spiritually, and politically wrong, to screech as Mr. Giuliani has screeched, there is also this: that gaping hole in Mr. Giuliani's argument of "Republicans equal life; Democrats equal death."

    Not only have the Republicans not lived up to their babbling on this subject, but last fall the electorate called them on it.

    As doubtless they would call you on it, Mr. Giuliani.

    [Direction: ramp up eyebrows and decibels again]

    Repeat -- go beyond -- Mr. Bush's rhetorical calamities of 2006.

    Call attention to the casualties on your watch, and your long, waking slumber in the years between the two attacks on the World Trade Center.

    Become the candidate who runs on the Vote-For-Me-Or-Die platform.

    Do a Joe McCarthy, a Lyndon Johnson, a Robespierre.

    Only, if you choose so to do, do not come back surprised nor remorseful if the voters remind you that "terror" is not just a matter of "casualties." It is, just as surely, a matter of the promulgation of fear.

    Claim a difference between the parties on the voters' chances of survival -- and you do bin Laden's work for him.

    [Direction: let it all hang out; volume goes to "11"]

    And we -- Democrats and Republicans alike, and every variation in between -- We Americans! -- are sick to death of you and the other terror-mongers trying to frighten us into submission, into the surrender of our rights and our reason, into this betrayal of that for which this country has always stood.

    Franklin Roosevelt's words ring true again tonight.

    And, clarified and amplified, they are just as current now as they were when first he spoke them, 74 years ago.

    "We have nothing to fear but fear itself" -- and those who would exploit our fear, for power and for their own personal, selfish, cynical, gain.

    Good night, and good luck.

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Read the transcript from Wednesday's show

    Keith Olbermann Special Comment on Rudy Guiliani

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    MSM KO Bandwagon #325: Sports Illustrated

    It's time for a little Q&A session with Olbermann regarding his new NFL sports gig with NBC.

    Among the Gems is this exchange:

    SI: How often do your Google yourself? Olbermann: I will confess: There is a bookmark for that. I probably do that once a day. There is a lot of stuff out there that is completely untrue and you have to know what is out there and whether you should call a lawyer.

    Hmm. Funny, he's never sued this blog or one Karmabites. Now why would that be exactly? In fact, does anyone remember him suing anyone ever? Perhaps he's referring to those pesky restraining orders he has to take out on his Olbyloon cult members.

    And then there's this laughable exchange:

    SI: Are you happy? Olbermann: Yeah, absolutely. I've got a strong beachhead in each of my areas of interest in news and sports with no small influence in both. I have the security of a contract and good employers in all areas of it. I'm on the air with one of my best friends for an hour a day, just shooting the breeze and getting paid for it. I have a great girlfriend, we are approaching nine or ten months of this and it's looking good. And spring is coming!

    Hmm. I didn't realize coming in chronically second and third in your timeslot on the third rated cable news network represented establishing a "beachhead". And a nearly 50-year old man is bragging about the "nine or ten" month duration of a relationship? It's almost sad isn't it?

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    MSM KO Bandwagon #234: New York Observer

    Okay, it's not your usual fawning mainstream tripe, but it is about Keith Olbermann. Seems Keith is going to be kicking back soom in some fancy new digs, the Trump Palace to be exact. H/T to the helpful Olbermannwatch poster who decided to share this little article with us all here at Owatch!

    As a pleasingly debauched symbol of his transformation into a top-tier, top-paid newsman, Keith Olbermann has bought a sprawling 40th-floor apartment in an Upper East Side Trump condominium. According to a deed filed late Tuesday afternoon in public records, the Countdown with Keith Olbermann host paid $4.2 million, the exact asking price for the five-room apartment.“The most fabulous views!!” says a giddy Brown Harris Stevens listing with brokers Lisa Lippman and Scott Moore. “On a clear day, you can see forever.” There are different perches for those inestimable views: The 31½-foot-long living room, master bedroom and den each have balconies. Which perch does he favor? A spokesperson said that Mr. Olbermann was unavailable for comment.The former sportscaster now has a chef’s kitchen, plus twin walk-in closets and “two and a half beautiful marble bathrooms.” According to the listing, all that makes for “elegant living at its best!” Mr. Olbermann’s elegant seller is the limited-liability corporation Amsco Realty.Despite all its marbled, Trump-inspired luxury, the condo’s price didn’t top the $6.5 million that Maria Bartiromo over at CNBC just paid for her five-level townhouse on East 62nd Street. And perhaps to Mr. Olbermann’s eventual chagrin, the apartment is veritably petite compared to the gated, waterside Manhasset spread belonging to his arch nemesis, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News.

    You can view the listing here.

    With the floorplan here.

    And if you're really curious, here's a link to look up the contract, and financial details.

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    Olbyloon Voter Fraud: The Time 100 Poll

    You know, I seem to remember that in the last two presidential elections that when their loss was revealed, the Dems screamed "Voter Fraud" at the top of their lungs. Why Olbermann was just soooo convinced there was voter fraud in Ohio that he talked about it for months! But what's this? His Olbyloon fanatical cult members are actually encouraging voter fraud?

    It seems that Time Magazine is conducting an online poll where they ask their readers to rate the 100 Most Influential people of the year. And of course, the Olbyloons are determined that their idol, their King,their hero, their God, their imaginary boyfriend, should be ranked number one. One of his most fanatical worshippers, Kathy, has helpfully provided a link to Olbermann's profile along with instructions on how to vote multipe times for him.

    Click on Kathy's link, Vote, close the page, click on the link again and Vote...That adds to the 'Total Vote'

    Thanks Kathy, I just voted a few times for Olbermann myself. But not in the way you wanted!

    The amusing part? Neither the DUmmies or the Keith Cultists could figure out how to rate someone. They assumed that if you gave someone a rating of number 1, it meant that you thought they were number one. So these idiots probably drove his ranking down lower by trying to commit voter fraud!

    Hmm. Olbermann's been AWOL for the past two days. He's probably been sitting at home in that bathtub, repeatedly voting for himself.

    So remember Clear Thinkers: Vote Early, Vote Often.

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    April 24, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 24, 2007


    You Had Me At Merlot

    Guest Host: Alison Stewart


    • IRAQ POLITICS; PAT TILLMAN'S BROTHER & JESSICA LYNCH TESTIFY: Jon Soltz, Iraq war veteran and chairman of
    • SPECIAL COUNSEL TO INVESTIGATE KARL ROVE: Howard Fineman, Newsweek Washington correspondent and MSNBC political analyst
    • 2008 CANDIDATES: Chris Cillizza,

    It's becoming Countdown's status quo:
    Krazy Keith once again a no-show.
    Did he go sulk at home?
    Or don shades and then roam
    To a hotel room, with his Merlot?

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    April 23, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 23, 2007

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior


    Guest Host: Alison Stewart


    • STATE OF DENIAL: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek senior White House correspondent
    • WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS DINNER: Dana Milbank, Washington Post
    • "SOPRANOS": Dominic Chianese, "The Sopranos"

    To the nets ratings sweeps are no joke,
    To get viewers they all go for broke.
    Krazy Keith's plan tonight?
    Why, he runs from a fight.
    Olby climbs in his bathtub to soak.

    UPDATE: With Keith off for the night, we offer up a little OlbySpin bonus clip from last week. Watch as Keith Olbermann does his best to make standard operating procedure for the U.S. Army sound ominous. Even the normally reliable Paul Reickhoff contradicts Olbermann.

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    Olbermann says viewers "complicit" in fulfilling "evil wish" of Virginia Tech killer

    [note: I was on the road most of last week and so am just catching up video clips from last week; I was more than a little surprised to find Keith holding the American public responsible for NBC's decision to air Cho Seung-Hui videos. I was even more surprised to see that no one else seemed to have commented on this]

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    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 23, 2007

    Mein Fuhrer, Media Matters: Thanks, Keith Olbermann and Nazi George Soros

    Best site documenting the freak show that is Olbermann: Olby Watch.

    Today In Karens Weekend Spotlight...Updated

    BLOG OF THE WEEKEND: Olbermann Watch

    This is getting ridiculous
    Mark My Words

    Then there is more yammering jackassery from the queen of such, Keith Olbermann. Little Keith whined about the "assault" weapons ban expiring under the Bush administration and a Republican Congress and this allowing Cho to get high-capacity magazines. Just a little problem for Olberbitchh. Such magazines were still available during the "assault" weapons ban.

    Olbermann Watch
    The Upward Way Press

    Did you know there is a whole website devoted to keeping track of the piece of wasted intellect that is Keith Olbermann? There is.

    Shootings & Gun Control
    A Different Planet/TownHall

    Muddying up the waters with preconceived ideas and notions, Americans are subjected to the likes of addle-brained, trash mouth moron Keith Olbermann blaming President Bush for the Va. Tech massacre. This is a massive quantum leap even for Olbermann. His thinking process must originate from smoking the drapes or peyote cactus induced dreams.

    Why I like Keith Olbermann and hate the rest
    Just One Opinion

    Keith outshines his other MSNBC news anchors, and those of Fox News as well, simply because of one simple fact: He lets his guests (usually one at a time) speak their peace without constantly interrupting them. Most of his guests are articulate and credible, so it is usually a pleasure to hear them give their opinions, filling in the facts of the news story without being shouted down or constantly interrupted.

    Where am I going?
    Turning 25

    When I came across this blog and his blogroll, the first two things that jumped out at me were the names Michelle Malkin (just barely a step down from Ann Coulter) and Olbermann Watch (a consvervative site bashing my favorite cable news host, Keith Olbermann)...ultimately made me decide not to give him a link, but I did debate long and hard about it.

    New blogrollers

    Expose The Left
    Turning 25

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    April 20, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 20, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IRAQ POLITICS: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor; Paul Reickhoff, founder of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

    Another opening, another spiel: Graphic: "Playing Politics with Iraq"; Pat Tillman again; troops get an extra day off; Wolfowitz "on the ropes"; clips of Richard McCain, Bush, and Alec Baldwin. Ho hum. Casual Friday at Olbermann Watch. It's a kinder, gentler recap.

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Money for the troops: "give him the money now, debate whether to save their lives later". Harry Reid's comments earn criticism from Joe Lieberthal. "Mister" Bush "grossly exaggerating" the need for funds. (Note: it was just a few weeks ago when Olby was attacking Bush for "shortchanging" the troops and guest Reickhoff spoke of the "urgency" of the situation.) Lefty Alter brought up Keith's favorite definition of insanity [Ding!] and said the Dems are "turning the screws". Great thanks.

    New details on Pat Tillman. Reickhoff did the hand-wringing over "damage control". Oralmann: "stupefying". He brought up troop reaction to Reid's "the war is lost"; Reickhoff said Reid wasn't going to win many votes among the military, and added that some briefing might have given information to the enemy ("a Geraldo moment").

    #4: Election 2008. Attack on Richard McCain (R) for his bomb Iran joke and other comments. Clinton suggests Gore may run. Hillary panders to the Rutgers team.

    #3: Paul Wolfowitz gave his girlfriend a raise. Is it "corruption"? Is it "stupidity"? Back in the day, Herr Olbermann would say "it's just about sex". Dana Milbank, sans splashy suits, talked about "mismanagement". Monkeymann wondered if anyone in the administration will emerge unstained. Great thanks.

    #2: Supposed-to-be-funny clips, carefully cherry-picked from an appearance by "Mister" Bush (Blue Blog Source: HuffPo). Plus Imus's producer, and Larry Birkhead. #1: The Great Alec Baldwin Controversy (regurgitated video plus Savannah Guthrie).

    In the Media Matters Minute, a hit on Tommy Thompson (R) coupled with another O'Reilly attack (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters), plus "comedian Rush Limbaugh" (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters), described as "delusional, paranoid, and disconnected from reality" [Olbersaurus Triple Update!]. "Man on Fan" Olbermann is going to name a liberal as "worst person"...when?

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    Dogs that did not bark: As usual, news that doesn't fit OlbySpin gets spiked. The market surges, hitting a record close. Reporting good economic news is not permitted as long as "Mister" Bush is in office. Of course Bathtub Boy has said not one word about the Supreme Court's partial birth abortion ruling, let alone the ignorant and hypocritical comments of Harry Reid. And don't hold your breath waiting for Herr Olbermann's apology to Opio Sokoni, let alone any correction for his using false information to slander "Mister" Bush.

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    And now our weekly assessment of Keith Olbermann's masculinity. Over the past week Olbermann has attacked Fox, CNN, and Limbaugh/right-wing pundits six times; Olby criticisms of MSNBC: zero. Meanwhile, his primary source (Media Matters) criticized MSNBC five times. That makes this week's Olbermann Manhood Quotient: -12 [limp].


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name rocketed to #6,503 at, but "Culture Warrior" is #296. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome is unranked at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #389 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. Poor Olby. His tabloid gunman video surge dissipated on Thursday. He had good ratings for one day, but when it comes to holding on to viewers, he just can't keep it up. The Hour of Spin was again in third place, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Read the transcript to the Friday show

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    MSM KO Bandwagon #233: San Francisco Gate

    It's been all of 24 hours since the last glowing, fawning, butt-kissing ratings-fiction filled mainstream media article on Keith Olbermann. Enter the San Franciso Gate to fill the void. Boy that publicist for KO sure knows how to get the glowing ink for their number one client don't they?

    And Tim Goodman is ready, willing and able to oblige. Why it almost sounds as if he was wearing knee-pads for this latest mash note to the mainstream media crush, Keith Olbermann.

    You could say this has been a big week for MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann, but lately they've all been big weeks. It would be difficult to find an anchor or TV personality who has been on a bigger roll.

    Certainly not Katie Couric, to name but one.

    In fact, in the last year, Olbermann has emerged as a kind of force of nature on television. His viewing audience has continued to rise -- his show is up about 76 percent in the first quarter of this year as compared with last. His profile, however, is off the charts. Olbermann has been on a late-night talk-show binge; he is credited with almost single-handedly making MSNBC relevant (no small feat); and he has re-upped his MSNBC show, "Countdown," for another four years, through 2011. The deal calls for Olbermann to write periodic essays for NBC's "Nightly News With Brian Williams" and have two "Countdown" specials air on NBC.

    It was important for NBC News President Steve Capus to lock Olbermann into a sweet deal not only because Olbermann has a history of getting up and walking out the door (ESPN, CNN, Fox Sports and a previous stint at MSNBC), but also because it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the multitalented Olbermann can be used in ways previously unseen with other anchors.

    For example, as I noted in November of 2005, "Countdown" would be (or should be) the model for the future of news. The difficulty in making that a reality anytime soon is that people who make these decisions are rooted in old-school notions of what a network newscast should look like, and so when they try to do something revolutionary to it they end up with -- Katie Couric?

    No, Olbermann's mix of smarts and snark would soon make "Countdown" one of the few absolutely essential news shows on television. In 2003, when Olbermann agreed to fill in a mere three times on MSNBC's long forgotten "Nachman" show, somebody finally paid attention to the man's myriad talents. Not long after, "Countdown" was born, and it took a turn as a Roman candle once Olbermann started poking fun at the meritless ego and thin skin of Fox showman Bill O'Reilly. Olbermann's star status exploded when he then started eviscerating the dumbassification of this country through the politics of President Bush. Those "Special Comment" riffs caught the attention of what must always be lazily described as "the left wing," and off Olbermann shot as a voice of reason for the left when, prior to that, everyone was sitting mute or meekly inarticulate.

    So here television found a polymath who could deliver a news story with authority, skewer idiotic behavior with savage humor (his "Worst Person in the World" segment), be unafraid to have an actual opinion and back it up, and then hit the talk-show circuit and be a witty bon vivant.

    In short, a new (but not so new) TV star was born.

    My description of him in 2005 still stands: "Part Jon Stewart (the funny), Dennis Miller (the erudite and biting sub-references), H.L. Mencken (the skewering of power and stupidity in equal doses) as well as crusading journalist, Olbermann is clearly the future."

    Now, that notion of him having a big week? It's true. Not only has he stood out in his coverage and comments of the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy, but he was also named on Monday as one of "The Top 10 Most Powerful People in TV News 2007" by the industry magazine TV Week. He was ranked No. 6 (Fox News head Roger Ailes was first, followed by Olbermann's boss, Capus, ABC anchor Charles Gibson, ABC News head David Westin and NBC's Tim Russert. He was followed by CBS News head Sean McManus, a cabal of CNN executives and Jon Stewart).

    Also on Monday, NBC Sports announced that it was tapping into Olbermann's skills by making him an in-studio host for its powerful "Football Night in America" Sunday show in the fall, where he joins fellow brainiac, Bob Costas.

    So, yes, a big week.

    For me, it was a reminder not to take Olbermann for granted. Hell, I once called the guy "a misunderstood visionary" -- I hold to that, though it appears he's becoming more understood, no? -- and I have, over the course of more than a decade, written about him extensively.

    In fact, I went back to 1997 and found that, as one of my favorite people in all of television, a kind of godsend to critics, I couldn't find a negative word I'd written on him.

    That's a decade's worth of good ink. Again -- no small feat. I used to joke with Chris Albrecht, who runs HBO, that I was glad when he made a show I didn't like because I was getting tired of praising him and the channel. It was ruining my reputation as a somewhat tough -- all right, cranky and mean -- TV critic. But Olbermann may have, at this point, the longest-running unscathed Goodman streak this side of Salma Hayek.

    From "SportsCenter" to "Countdown," the guy has passed my critical muster for a long, long time. I was thinking about what I could say that's less than positive. And I finally found it. So here it is, in full disclosure: Olbermann is in the same fantasy baseball league that I'm in. And I'm beginning to loathe him for it. Why? Because this week -- yes, this very week -- he slid into first place.

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    April 19, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 19, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • GONZALES TESTIFIES: Richard Wolffe
    • GONZALES: IS HE DUMB OR EVIL?: John Dean, felon and disbarred lawyer
    • AMERICAN IDOL: Maria Malito

    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann bellowed the opening spiel in grand fashion. Gonzales "can't recall" 45 times! A "conservative Republican" calls for his resignation. Missing emails and documents. The Virginia Tech tapes. Simon Cowell rolls his eyes when a contestant honors the victims. Another O'Reilly attack (big surprise). Oh, and Sanjaya is out. Yes, it's time for the nightly rundown of the Big Four stories, plus American Idol. It's The Hour of Spin.

    UPDATE: Transcript

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: The AG's testimony is full of "I don't recalls". Clips of anti-AG comments from: Specter, Feinstein, Graham, Coburn. Clips of pro-AG comments from: um, well, there weren't any. On OlbyPlanet every last Senator is against Gonzales, an easy picture to paint when not one soundbite of any other Senator is played. The Wolffe Man simpered as Oralmann called this a "tipping point" [Ding!]. Neither mentioned that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing in the USA firings.

    Krazy Keith swerved into the Iraq War, and saw fit to quote Harry Reid (D) on the subject. (Other Harry Reid comments are relegated to our expanded "muted mongrels" segment.) Great thanks.

    #4: This segment kicked off with a delightfully grotesque Olbermann Lie. Referencing the RNC emails, Olby claimed "the administration" is happy to have its emails read by "a political party", but not by "the people's representatives" in Congress. That's because the emails in question are not government emails. They are emails from and of a political party. RNC accounts, set up to honor the Hatch Act as has been the case for decades, are specifically created so as not to handle government business. Bathtub Boy won't tell you that. We did.

    Then it was on to a litany of missing stuff (Blue Blog Source: Salon), that seem to come up in the midst of "scandals" [Dings!]. The list included "missing" documents that were actually found, and incredibly KO went back to "Mister" Bush's National Guard service! There was even a slap at Joe Lieberthal. Oh, the blue bloggers will be in ecstacy.

    #3: Keith Olbermann's Criminal Rehabilitation Program is again in session, with convicted felon John Dean. The US attorneys "scandal" [Ding!] was the topic, as Edward R Olbermann claimed we are living under "a deeply un-American administration". Un-American. Remember this the next time "Man on Fan" Olbermann starts bloviating about people who impugn the patriotism of others.

    So it was time for the "unique perspective" of the disbarred lawyer. KO wanted to know if GonzalesGate was incompetence or something more sinister. Also, whether Alberto the "houseboy" was still beating his wife. Felon Dean said the AG's "ploy" won't work, the Dems are doing great, Monkeymann suggested the White House was involved in a "cover up", and a repellent time was had by all. They brought up Nixon [Ding!] and Olbermahn gave the criminal Great Thanks.

    #2: Reaction to the Virginia Tech killer's videos. Keith tried to mute objections to A-Mess-NBC using the videos as wallpaper by claiming inconsistencies, and stuck to The Company Line as to how wonderful it was for them to endlessly repeat video clips and psychotic slideshows. Regurgitated NBC reportage followed. #1: More trading on the popularity of American Idol.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    In the Media Matters Minute, it was another slam at John Derbyshire, while tossing into the mix Michelle Malkin and Neil Boortz (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters). Plus an old favorite: Karl Rove (Blue Blog Source: Think Progress). But Keithy had to feed The Greatest Olbsession of them all: Bill O'Reilly--even if he had to dig back to a story over a week old to do it! His crime was sending a producer out to talk to a tv writer in a parking lot. Of course Olbermahn had described this as the writer "writing something about Billo that Billo didn't like". Hey, tell the truth, Keith. It was more like accusing Billo of being a racist--based on nothing whatsoever--and being completely incapable of justifying the charge. In other words, it was a smear. And Keith Olbermann defended it. Expecting anything less would be like expecting a pig to reject truffles.

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    Muted mongrels: OlbyPlanet is, if nothing else, a place of wish-fulfillment. On OlbyPlanet, if you don't like a news story, you can just wish it away, and it never happened. And that's the modus olberandi on The Hour of Spin. The Dow hits an all-time new high for the second day in a row? It didn't happen. And what do military tribunals and abortion have in common? Well, for one, they both involve a corpus of a sort, and both have been affected by historic federal court rulings. But just as Bathtub Boy never reported on how the courts shot down his demagoguery on habeas corpus, he has also spiked the story of the Supreme Court affirming a ban on partial birth abortion. He had to wish real hard to make that go away, along with the ignorant and hypocritical comments of Harry Reid. Nancy Pelosi turns down a House briefing on Iraq from Gen Petraeus? The story goes straight down the news hole. How many times has the infamous, deplorable one linked global warming to hurricanes? Now it turns out the opposite may be true: global warming means fewer hurricanes! No, no, it can't be. So that goes away too. And heaven forbid Herr Olbermann should ever make a correction or an apology, no matter how many times he demands that of others. If you're Opio Sokoni, and Monkeymann libels you by showing your picture and claiming you said something you never said? Hey, he can rake O'Reilly over the coals for showing a wrong photo, but on OlbyPlanet he'll just wish his own slander away. Fat Ass can slam "Mister" Bush and blame him and the Republican Congress for the shootings at Virginia Tech, but when it turns out he used false information to create his slander? Well, let's just make that go away too, because on OlbyPlanet wishing makes it so.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name rocketed to #9,149 at, but "Culture Warrior" is #354. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome is #4,930 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #902 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. The incessant tabloid repetition of the shooter videos on Wednesday made big numbers for The Hour of Spin--but not as big as Paula Zahn, and nowhere near Mr Bill. So Olby was still mired in third place, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 3 [GUARDED]

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Read the transcript to the Thursday show

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    Random Thoughts

    I've been sadly lax in my Keith-watching routine the past few days. We were on the road last weekend and our son's wedding is this coming weekend. With relatives coming into town, we've been a bit more focused on cleaning and organizing, than on watching television. So, in advance of the Big Day, some random thoughts on All-Things-Keith.

    First, allow me to thank all of you who jumped into the comments on my last post about whether Keith is a "journalist". I'm amazed at the venom that flows from some of you! You're just downright cantankerous ! But, all debate is good debate. So, keep 'em comin'. And, keep things somewhat civil, if you will.

    Now, I understand The Big "O" is set to slide from "News Journalist" over to "Sports Journalist". Again. More power to him. If they guy doesn't need to sleep, so be it! NBC's "Football Night in America" will be better because of Keith. He knows his sports. He's learned how to "push the envelope" and I predict he has the green light to be outspoken. You won't see any Don Imus moments, but you will see something fun. Heck, it's Sunday night and you need a break. However, I know most of you folks won't be able to stomach another hour of KO, so I'll be watching for you! I'm betting we don't have a whole lot of football fanatics among the rabid anti-Olbermann faction around here, do we?

    Here's the basic question for you: What the heck difference does it make if Olbermann sits with a couple of other sports nuts on Sunday night and talks about football? I sense that some of you are just downright frightened that Keith is getting so much exposure. There is, after all, a philosophy that says exposure in broadcasting breeds popularity and that could translate into ratings. Why do you think O'Reilly does both radio and TV? Why does Hannity do both? For the same reason Keith still does the radio gig. There are people who listen to that, who might grow to appreciate Keith and end up watching the TV show. Football offers the same potential, multiplied.

    True, he may have an ego. That may be part of it. But, I'm betting the exposure is the main reason. His bosses realized that and asked him to do it. Keith is smart enough to know an opportunity when he sees it.

    And, in case you believe otherwise, allow me to say that sports and news are not mutually exclusive. Neither are television and radio. I've been guilty of going for the cross-platform "exposure" myself. When I was doing TV News, I jumped at every chance I had to do talk radio. At one point, I was anchoring the 6 & 10 pm newscasts on TV and running into do morning drive for a local radio talk station at 6 in the morning. Burning the proverbial "candle at both ends", that's true. But it was good for both positions. And, I discovered that I could touch topics via the radio gig that would have been risky on TV and I could let my personal opinions enter into the conversations, without jeopardizing the TV reputation. I'd do it, again, in a heartbeat. And, yes, that is a bit of ego talking! In fact, my wife will tell you that I was as excited as a 14 year old going on a first date when I was invited as a guest on a weekend talk show on Sirius Satellite Radio not long ago. Yes, it's ego. And feeling I have something to contribute.

    Some latitude , if you will, for Mr. Olbermann. The iron is hot. It's time for him to strike.

    Oh, since I'll be pretty much out of pocket for a few days, here's something else to feed the fires: For all of you who find your collective heads exploding because Keith slants his presentation on Countdown, consider the following as my "proof" that Fox does the same. Just a bit more obnoxiously.

    The Fox News Vonnegut Obituary

    You're welcome to watch the piece here. And, yes, it IS just as bad as they say. "Fair and balanced" Pfffft.

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    Keith Olbermann Slapped by RedEye for Blaming Bush for Virginia Tech Massacre

    Ian Schwartz and our good friends over at HotAir linked our post on Keith Olbermann blaming President Bush and the Republicans for the massacre at Virginia Tech.

    Last Night the good folks at Fox News Channel's RedEye program took Keith to task. While they credited HotAir not OlbermannWatch for the story (boo!), they repeatedly referred to Keith Olbermann as "Olby" (yea!) which is a sorta-hat tip to OW.

    Keith Olbermann scolded President Bush and the Republican Congress for allowing the assault weapons law of 1994 to expire. Olby says that so-called high-capacity clips like the ones used in the alleged shooter's Glock were banned under this law. We'll explain to Olbermann that magazine not a clip that the terms are not interchangeable as they describe completely different things. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a 9mm handgun that uses a clip. We'll also let Olby know that the 1994 law only banned the manufacturing of new high-capacity magazines not the sale or ownership of one's already made. Then we'll put it in sports terms so he can understand it: you're oh-for-two Olby. Maybe hire an ombudsman.

    Here's the video clip:

    If the YouTube clip will not play here is the QuickTime version:

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    MSM KO Bandwagon #322: Rocky Mountain News

    It's been all of three days since a glowing mainstream media article appeared on Keith Olbermann. To fill the void, Dusty Saunders of the Rocky Mountain News has obligingly prepared a piece filled with the usual ratings half-truths and mushy love-notes to that mainstream media idol (and ratings failure), Keith Olbermann.

    Olbermann's star rising

    He can be cranky, smart-alecky, mean- spirited and sarcastic. And I imagine Bill O'Reilly fans could add more unflattering terms.

    But several other adjectives apply as well: intelligent, well-read, forceful and incisive.

    Keith Olbermann's newest career is in full bloom as far as descriptive adjectives are concerned. O'Reilly and Olbermann are, by far, the most polarizing commentators on television, cable or network. O'Reilly the conservative; Olbermann the liberal.

    And the fact their weeknight programs (The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News and Countdown on MSNBC) air at 6 p.m. contributes greatly to this polarization.

    As viewers of either (or both) know, neither plays the old-fashioned TV game of let's-ignore-the-opposition. O'Reilly, although not specifically naming Olbermann, regularly bashes MSNBC. Olbermann often designates O'Reilly, or "Bill-O," the "worst person in the world" while depressing organ music blares in the background.

    Anyone who follows O'Reilly, a Channel 7 anchor-reporter in the late '70s, is aware of his immense popularity as host of the most-watched news-commentary series on cable and a nationally syndicated radio show. And don't forget a career as best-selling author trumpeting what he believes to be American values.

    Olbermann, who gained initial national fame as co-host, with Dan Patrick, on ESPN's SportsCenter, had a testy, often controversial run before starting his second tour of duty on MSNBC on Countdown in 2003.

    While the show is still a distant second to The O'Reilly Factor in total viewers, the hour continues to gain audience momentum in the younger demographic. And during the first quarter of this year, Olbermann's overall ratings rose 76 percent over the same period a year ago.

    I've heard Olbermann's detractors (and O'Reilly fans) claim such a percentage growth is almost meaningless, considering the audience base was near nothing. That might have been true four years ago, but not today. Olbermann's popularity continues to grow, which is one reason he finished sixth in a survey by Television Week of the 10 Most Powerful People in Broadcasting News. Olbermann was cited for giving MSNBC a stronger liberal voice in prime time.

    Obviously, this is one media outlet's opinion, but it does weigh well within the industry because it features a concise survey of broadcast news professionals.

    Olbermann's profile will continue to rise in the fall, since he's signed on as co-host, with Bob Costas and others, on NBC's NFL Sunday show, Football Night in America.

    And then there's Olbermann's career as news anchor. He'd never make it on the early evening, half-hour network shows. Olbermann is anything but the smiling, welcome-me-into-your-home talent the broadcast networks desire.

    Anchoring Countdown's Monday night coverage of the Virginia Tech tragedy, Olbermann wasn't content with the prepared reports of NBC correspondents, including those from Kevin Corke, former 9News sports anchor. Olbermann kept asking questions that went far beyond the TV headlines about the shooting deaths.

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    April 18, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 18, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IRAQ BOMBINGS; WAR SPENDING BILL: Howard Fineman, Newsweek senior Washington correspondent and political columnist
    • "AMERICAN IDOL": Maria Milito, radio host

    The opening spiel focused on "the killer's manifesto". It seems that NBC News was the news outlet of choice for this psychotic mass murderer. In fact, the shooting case was all the opening spiel talked about. Could it be that an entire evening of OlbySpin was thrust aside because those damn producers forced Herr Olbermann to cover actual news? Yes, indeedy. How ironic that the eeevil O'Reilly found time to deal with the spate of bombings in Iraq but Olbermahn stuck with the campus shootings for the entire hour.

    UPDATE: Transcript

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    The killer's "manifesto", sent to NBC (can you imagine Olby's chortling if it had been addressed to Fox?). Pete Williams with details. Steve Capus boasted of how responsible NBC was ("we sat on this for hours"). Clint van Zandt opined that it would have been better for this stuff never to have been made public. But somehow he managed to praise the "integrity" of his employer NBC, who made it public. Taped reportage from Lisa Myers, with Keith giving the unspooling tape Great Thanks.

    More clips from the "manifesto", analyzed by Greg McCrary, who also said this stuff shouldn't have been broadcast. Regurgitated reports on the heroes and victims. More analysis by Dr Susan Lipkins. The show was a bit repetitive; a full hour on clips and video that experts say should never have been aired? Other than that, not much one can object to in Olbermann's presentation tonight. It goes to show how much more like a newscast Countdown can be when the writing is taken away from Keith's kadre of Kos Kids and put in the hands of grown-ups.

    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name rocketed to #7,076 at, but "Culture Warrior" is #312. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome is #4,894 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #1,370 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. Olby's one-day news-bump lasted, well, one day. On Tuesday he again lost to O'Reilly by more than three to one, and couldn't fare any better than third place, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo".

    UPDATE: Transcript

    Read the transcript to the Wednesday show

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    Keith Olbermann Slams ESPNer as Envious Ignoramus

    An ESPN radio host criticized the choice of Keith Olbermann for NBC football, and the infamous deplorable one struck back. Listen in amazement as Oralmann brags about his background, pretends like he never heard of his coworker, and asserts out of thin air that the guy is jealous because Keith got the job! All of this helps distract from the fact that Bathtub Boy completely misses the point, but you can judge that for yourself. We have the mp3 clip for your listening pleasure:

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    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 18, 2007

    Olbermann Misstates Facts in Gun-Control Segment
    National Review Media Blog

    It's not just ABC News that got the facts wrong when it comes to the sale of high-capacity magazines.* Last night Keith Olbermann just couldn't resist the opportunity to try to pin some part of the tragedy on President Bush.

    Olbermann blames Bush for Virginia Tech massacre

    And so the blame game begins. Keith Olbermann tried to blame President Bush and the Republican Congress for yesterday’s massacre because they “allowed” a ban on 9mm clips like the one used to murder 32 people to expire. Hat tip Olbermann Watch.

    Perpophobia: The Disorder Runs Amok
    The Powers That Be

    Keith Olbermann is blaming Bush and the Republican Congress...What the hell happened to Olbermann? I remember watching him as a sports broadcaster one day, and the next thing I knew, he was rattling off political diatribes worthy of running on a tape-loop at a re-education camp after a successful coup by the Chomsky army.

    The TV News
    The Water Lane Crew

    I boycott [MSNBC] because I can't stand to listen to Olbermann and any organization thats lets pretentious batshit crazy morons like him have a soapbox for an hour doesn’t deserve my attention.

    So Mr. Olbermann...
    A Conservative Opinion

    I served in the United States Marine Corps for four honorable years Mr. Olbermann, and I can honestly tell you that if I had an intent to shoot multiple targets it would not matter if my magazine allowed a certain number of bullets. I would simply reload, therefore your attack is weak, non-sensical and coward-like. You should apologize to the families of the deceased and the wounded for trying to make a cheap political point on the backs of their loved ones.

    TV news' brand names
    Denver Post

    Mustachioed John Stossel, pushing education reform on ABC, Ann Curry NBC anchor Brian Williams wields a sleek gravitas. (Post / Frederick M. Brown) reporting on Darfur for NBC's "Today," Keith Olbermann railing against George W. Bush on MSNBC, and NBC's "Dateline" series "To Catch a Predator" are other solid brands.

    How Hillary's Hit Man Got Imus
    American Daily

    While NBC News is claiming that black news personnel played a critical role in getting Imus fired, and that network executives responded to them with interest and sensitivity, it was a white liberal, Keith Olbermann, who boasted on his own MSNBC “Countdown” show on April 11 that he told his bosses “behind the scenes” that a decision to remove Imus “had to be made.” Olbermann is a Clinton sycophant who specializes in attacking others who are perceived to be too tough on the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary, and other Democrats. But he has some leverage at the network, based on having recently signed a new four-year contract.

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    April 17, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 17, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • VIRGINIA TECH KILLER PROFILE: James Fox, Northeastern University criminologist and MSNBC analyst

    The opening spiel dealt with the Virginia Tech shooting, but with a unique bit of OlbySpin. These kids died "violently, senselessly, pointlessly", but in the last ten days 30 soldiers died "violently, senselessly, pointlessly" in Iraq. Yes, on OlbyPlanet, our soldiers' deaths in a struggle to help a people are just as unimportant and meaningless and "pointless" as the victims of a psychopathic killer. Why does Keith Olbermann hate our troops? Plus the US attorneys "scandal" [Ding!] continues, and "damning" revelations. The Spin Starts Here.

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5/#4: The campus shooting. with special emphasis on the purchase of the "pistule". Report from Kevin Corke. Interview with Aamer Madhani of the Chicago Trib. Background of the shooter with James Fox. Regurgitated NBC report on the victims.

    #3: Rev Olbermahn's sermon on why Americans dying in Iraq are just as pointless as the victims of the campus shooter. Why are we suppressing our grief for the all the deaths caused by the Bush Crime Family? (Um, that's a paraphrase.) The Wolffe Man was brought on to amplify OlbySpin. Iraq has left us "hardened" to deaths; 9/11 "distorted" the costs we can bear; are future deaths "worth it"? Oralmann said the war opponents need to emphasize the casualties more. You know, like we did in World War II. Bathtub Boy wanted the campus shootings to influence the debate on Iraq. Wolffie said "sadly" that is unlikely to happen until we "wake up". Great thanks.

    #2: The Gonzales situation: Monica Goodling may be offered immunity before Congress. Just like "worst person" Ollie North. Yes, time for the latest episode of Olby and the Perfessor, as Jonathan Turley skulked into the Countdown Seat of Honor. Ooh, Rove and Bush may have been involved in the selection of Presidential appointees. We can't have that! That's "improper"! Gonzales's written statement is "robotic". How can a written document be robotic? You'll have to ask The Perfessor. Again, Olby brings up those "conservatives" Bob Barr (of the ACLU) and "David" Vigurie (maybe that's Richard's Dad). As for those "damning revelations" that were promised? Conspicuous by their absence. Of course, the inevitable Great Thanks.

    #1: Update and recap on the shooting. The Media Matters Minute went after John Derbyshire and Nathaniel Blake (Blue Blog Source: Think Progress), as well as Debbie Schlussel (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters). Olby explained this segment is just "satirical social commentary", presumably to explain to befuddled viewers why the campus mass murderer didn't make the cut.

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    Dogs that did not bark: Because of the major focus on breaking news, we will again cut Keithy a bit of a break. However, we must reiterate that on Friday's Hour of Spin, Herr Olbermann gave a "worst person" nomination to Malik Shabazz, but put up someone else's picture by mistake. Oops. As he slammed Shabazz for calling Michelle Malkin a "prostitute", all that time the screen showed Opio Sokoni. One would think this would covered with a correction, retraction, or apology. Yet that dog did not bark on tonight's Hour of Spin. Ironically, it was just about a year ago that Oralmann spent an entire segment slamming Bill O'Reilly for--you guessed it--putting up an incorrect picture of someone.

    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name is a stupendous #29,652 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #404. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome has no rank at all at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #1,422 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. Monday's Hour of Spin got a breaking news bump, but still couldn't do any better than third place, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo".

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Read the transcript to the Tuesday show

    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 17, 2007

    Know Something About Kieth Olbermann?
    Graphic Truth

    This link [to OlbermannWatch] was advertised to me via google promising to "Expose Olbermann's lies." As I expected, this was a usage of the term, "lie," that I was previously unfamiliar with. A "lie" in this usage seems to be a truth that makes you want to stick your fingers in your ears and chant "la la la la I can't HEAR you!" I see this as symptomatic of the sad, impotent and pathetic devolution of the right-wing blogosphere, that this blog gets enough eyeballs to justify a google Adwords account. They don't take just ANYONE, you know.

    NBC Assigns Drooling Jackass To Cover NFL
    Jawa Report

    Johnny Dollar will make sure he gets the "Limbaugh" treatment.

    Put The Biscuit In The Basket
    Curtis Edmonds solves the world’s problems

    NBC is doing the same show with five — six if you count Peter King. And one of them is going to be saying idiot things like “Tom Coughlin has a weaker grip on his job than Al Gonzales,” and “LaDanian Tomlinson’s three fumbles was the worst decision-making since Don Rumsfeld was fired.” And Olbermann’s going to get hives every time Reggie Bush touches the ball. You watch.

    The Morning Hangover
    10,000 Takes

    NBC's "Football Night in America" is going to be sweeeeeeet! We love Keith Olbermann and we're not afraid to say it.

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    April 16, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 16, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • SHOOTING AT VIRGINIA TECH UNIVERSITY: Clint Van Zandt, fmr FBI profiler and MSNBC analyst
    • ATTORNEY GENERAL ALBERTO GONZALEZ: Jonathan Turley, George Washington University law professor and constitutional law expert
    • BUSH ADMINISTRATION: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor

    Monkeymann was one minute into the opening spiel when gun control was brought up. All you people who had 120 seconds: you lose. Plus will Gonzales "remember his lines" and is he "the new Scooter Libby"? No matter what the news of the day, OlbyPlanet will always find time to distort and defame.

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5/#4: The campus shooting. It began in a relatively straight fashion, with reports and a recycled interview with a student witness. #3 was the obligatory "gun control" argument. Oh, and Bush allowed a gun ban to expire, which all but handed the weapon to the killer. Chris Cillizza of the Post bloviated about the impact on the Presidential race (he doubts there will be much).

    #2: The Gonzales "scandals" [Dings!]. His testimony will be delayed. "Hard-core right-wing Bush allies" (i.e. Richard Vigurie, who's been out of the loop for years, and Bob Barr of the ACLU) want Gonzo to go. Bush "invoked" 9/11 again. How dare he? E.J. Dionne, another lefty, was asked if Gonzales "will have to fall on his proverbial [Ding!] sword". At one point Dionne said "I'm no Cheney defender". That's the most obvious statement possible for anyone being interviewed on The Hour of Spin. #1: Update and recap on the shooting.

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    Dogs that did not bark: Because of the major focus on breaking news, we will go easy on all the non-barking canines running around loose on OlbyPlanet tonight. However, we must bring one item to your attention. On Friday's Hour of Spin, Herr Olbermann gave a "worst person" nomination to Malik Shabazz, but put up someone else's picture by mistake. Oops. As he excoriated Shabazz, all that time the screen showed Opio Sokoni. One would think this would covered with a correction, retraction, or apology. Yet that dog did not bark on tonight's Hour of Spin. Ironically, it was just about a year ago that Oralmann spent an entire segment slamming Bill O'Reilly for--you guessed it--putting up an incorrect picture of someone.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name is a stupendous #15,858 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #307. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome has no rank at all at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #793 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. On Friday The Hour of Spin was in its usual also-ran position: third place, though they did eeke out second in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". The O'Malkin Factor beat Olby by more than three to one. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 1 [LOW]

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Read the transcript to the Monday show

    Keith Olbermann blames Bush for Virginia Tech massacre

    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 16, 2007

    Dweeb of the Week
    New York Daily News

    If Imus' conduct was so bad, why didn't Olbermann confront him face to face when he was still at MSNBC? Perhaps because it would have taken guts. Instead Olbermann, in full weasel mode, waited until Imus was down for the count before making these comments on the radio. Then the blowhard patted himself on the back for being the MSNBC guy who took Imus down.

    Is Olbermann Worse than Imus?
    Red Alerts

    I've pointed out that Olby and his admirers do exactly what Imus got fired for. Why he doesn't get fired is beyond me and I'm not the only one asking that question. Perhaps racism by "liberals" is going to be called to task finally, something that's been a long time coming.

    Hypocritical people

    People are hypocritical. For instance, Imus gets fired, but Rosie can keep saying hateful things and mistruths about Bush, etc. and she keeps her job. Keith Olbermann on MSNBC questions Bill O'Reilly's manhood and says he needs to stand up to Fox for things they broadcast, but then comes out and says that he really can't say anything about Imus because they work for the same network.

    The Official PC Radio Hit List
    Atlas Blogged

    how disturbing is it that Olbermann would start calling for his ideological opponents to be taken off the air? How offensive is that mentality? (Offensive enough to call for Olbermann's dismissal? I'm sure some on the right would miss the irony and do exactly that.)

    Olbermann Revels in 'Racist' Limbaugh Getting Yanked Like Imus
    Media Research Center

    Keith Olbermann opened his Wednesday MSNBC show by displaying video of Rush Limbaugh on screen as he smeared conservative talk radio as "racist," asking, "Why have none from the racist right been protested, boycotted or fired?"

    An Ode to the Masters
    Hating the Player

    I always thought Reilly was this intelligent, funny, witty, even suave kind of guy, not the loud mouth, anything for a shock, bozo he was yesterday. At least I didn't have to hear Keith Olbermann turn the focus of every conversation back to himself.

    Keith Olbermann returns to football duty with NBC

    Ebersol expects the former ESPN SportsCenter anchor to ruffle feathers. "I'm sure there'll be some phone calls from the league," said Ebersol. But Olbermann said he'll limit his opinions to football, not the Bush administration or politics. "I'm not going in there with an agenda. I've been a sportscaster longer than I've been a commentator," he said.

    Hate Radio And The MSM - Huffington Post
    Right Wing Planet

    [Arianna Huffington] goes on to say for the exception of Olbermann, a damn moron, she is perplexed how the Imus issue was missed. Huffington is an IDIOT and should look no further than herself for serious damage to public discourse and news bullshit in this country.

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    Keith Olbermann Slams Yankees Alex Rodriguez over Rudy Guiliani Donation

    It's another example of the depth of insight and knowledge from the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann (the "journalist" who doesn't even know who's in the President's cabinet). Talking today on ESPN radio, Oralmann ridiculed Alex Rodriguez because, while he donated money to Rudy Giuliani Presidential campaign, it didn't mean much because he ony gave $4600:

    Note: Federal Election law limits the amount any individual gives to a Presidential candidate to $2300 for the primary election plus $2300 for the general. That would come to a maximum of $4600.

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    Keith Olbermann cameo in The Simpsons

    Keith Olbermann revealed in an interview Friday with Harry Shearer that he has been booked for a cameo appearance on an episode of The Simpsons planned for the fall. Keith's guest spot on Family Guy is scheduled for this month.

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    Olbermann Schizophrenia: Is he a Sports Guy or a "News" Anchor?

    Keith Olbermann's career schizophrenia continues. He's a Sports Guy. He's a News Guy. He's a Sports Guy (again). Oops, back to News. And guess what? Now he's back to Sports, according to Keith's personal PR flack aka TVNewser:

    MSNBC host Keith Olbermann is returning to network sports after a six year absence as a co-host of NBC's Football Night in America.

    "This will, obviously, be great fun and a great privilege for me," Olbermann says. "To be reunited with NBC Sports, and Dick, and the entire production team, produces all the warm-and-fuzzies you'd be expecting. And even if they weren't old friends and colleagues, to get to work with the nonpareil of sportscasters in Bob, and the most insightful and honest of sports analysts in Cris, will be rewarding and challenging. I hope I can hold up my end of the equation."

    Hold up your end of the equation Keith? You mean like you did at ESPN, MSNBC (the first time), Fox Sports, CNN, and MSNBC the second time? That would be a first for you if so. . . . . .

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    MSM KO Bandwagon #321: TVWeek

    It's been all of a week since there was a mainstream media bandwagon article promoting the ratings-challenged Keith Olbermann. So enter TVWeek who has helpfully prepared a list of the Top 10 Most Powerful People in TV News. Their list?

    1. Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of Fox News

    2. Steve Capus, President of NBC News

    3. Charles Gibson, Anchor, ABC's 'World News'

    4. David Westin, President of ABC News

    5. Tim Russert, Managing editor and moderator of 'Meet the Press' and senior VP and Washington bureau chief for NBC News

    6. Keith Olbermann, Host of MSNBC's 'Countdown With Keith Olbermann'

    7. Sean McManus, President of CBS News

    8. Jon Klein, President of CNN/U.S.; Ken Jautz, Executive VP of CNN Worldwide; Jim Walton, President of CNN Worldwide

    9. N.S. Bienstock, Talent agency

    10. Jon Stewart, Anchor of Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show'

    And their twisted logic on why Olbermann ranks so high on this list?

    Why he was chosen: The utter failure of Phil Donahue on MSNBC in 2003 was presumed to mean left-leaning hosts of prime-time TV shows were an endangered species. But, lo, a star rose in the west over Secaucus, N.J., and its name was Keith Olbermann.First-quarter 2007 ratings for the cranky Mr. Olbermann's "Countdown" rose 76 percent year-to-year to an average 713,000 viewers and helped galvanize MSNBC's increasingly popular, politically obsessed lineup; even the first telecast of "Tucker Carlson" perked up 33 percent to 238,000 viewers in the first quarter.Mr. Olbermann's take-no-prisoners approach frequently means he gives a demographic beat-down to his CNN competitor, Paula Zahn.

    Demographic beat-down? Have they seen his recent ratings? Olbermann isn't the one delivering "beat-downs", he's the one getting them from Zahn, Nancy Grace, and of course, O'Reilly. But then again, how seriously can you take a list who lists a comedian as one of the most powerful people in news?

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    April 15, 2007
    Let's Talk "Journalist", Shall We?

    One of the readers who commented on my first post questioned whether I considered Keith Olbermann to be a "journalist". I had made a reference to how Olbermann sometimes crosses the line between "journalist and commentator". Is he a "journalist" in the truest sense of the word? Probably not. Perhaps we should adopt the British term "presenter" here in America. I'd be more comfortable with that. But there are bigger issues here than simply the terminology.

    Do viewers have ANY sources for truly impartial reporting? Consider that question carefully. Fox News, CNN, the major networks; don't they all, at least occasionally, force the viewer into an active mode and make them search out other versions of a story to help them determine "objectivity"? I'm not certain that's a bad thing. I believe television viewers (especially those who search out news and information telecasts) have become "smarter" over the years and their options have obviously multiplied. Simply put, Americans have gotten smarter.

    Think back to Hurricane Katrina. Do you know anybody who didn't hop from channel to channel, just to see how each news entity was covering the disaster? I don't recall a single reporter/anchor/presenter/journalist who didn't make it very obvious that they felt the government's handling of the situation, both before and after the storm hit, was an unmitigated disgrace. Would you have wanted it any other way?

    Broadcasting is a game of personality, presentation, style and content. Each network, each person on the air, is striving to stand out and make an impression in the eyes of the viewer. With the huge amount of news and information content on cable (not to mention the Internet ), it's sadly difficult to find a profitable niche by promoting a product that promises "just the facts". Viewers may SAY that's what they want, but that's not what the majority will ultimately watch.

    Keith has created a niche. His viewers obviously appreciate what he's doing and that's what it takes; a way to stand out from the crowd. I'm sure there are many passionate viewers who inhale every syllable Keith utters and proclaim him the "ultimate journalist". That's just as wrong as those who believe everything he says and does on the air is tantamount to treason. I watch Countdown because it approaches issues from a different perspective than most of the other news and/or information programs on the air. I watch the other programs, too, to get a "feel" for the way the issues are being reported elsewhere.

    I believe there are many, many, others who watch, listen AND think. Americans HAVE gotten smarter.

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    Bill Maher and Steve Capus Discuss MSNBC's Journalistic Integrity & "Models NYC"

    Hell Freezes Over: TVNewser Slaps Olbermann

    That deal to work at CNN after graduation must have finally come through because Brian Stelter of TVNewser is taking a slap at Keith Olbermann. Readers familiar with Mike Freeman's "ESPN: The Uncensored History" will recall Suzy Kolber describing how her co-anchor on ESPN2 was so mean to her that she would often cry in the bathroom after the their show. Knowing that take a look at the words Stelter has emphasized from a recent anti-Imus rant by Keith.

    Don Imus called MSNBC's coverage "hypocritical" and "unethical" yesterday. Keith Olbermann found that interesting, as he pointed out on Countdown yesterday:

    "This from a man who believed he and his on-air staff were entitled to make sexual, racial, ethnic, or homophobic jokes about anybody and everybody. A man who reduced women staffers at MSNBC to tears, and...

    This clip is about as close as Keith has come (yet) to a "special comment" on Imus:

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    April 14, 2007
    Levin on Olbermann - Part X

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    On his Friday night broadcast, constitutional Attorney Mark Levin took on not just the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann, but also his primary research source: Media Matters. We have the mp3 for your listening pleasure:

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    April 13, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 13, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • EMAIL "SCANDAL" [Ding!]: Howard Fineman; Ken Mendelson
    • THE MSNBC SCANDAL: Harry Shearer
    • DOLPHINS: A segment with a porpoise
    • JACKIE ROBINSON: Ed Silverman

    The opening spiel: Five Million Emails re the US Attorney "scandal" [Ding!]; subpoeanas; Imus fans sending hate mail; free speech and the first amendment; Jackie Robinson; and more American Idol. Yes it's true as was suggested on these very pages. The show should be described as a countdown of four news stories plus stuff American Idol. Oh, and Keithy, desperate to sanitize his reputation, is going to defend Michelle Malkin. You know, that "right-winger" he recently libeled. What a crock.

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Did Karl Rove delete sensitive emails? Yes he did, unless he didn't. And they involved the US attorneys. Unless they didn't. Howard Fineman, Pundit for All Occasions and Imus-defender, was first up. He claimed that emails on RNC accounts had to be preserved by law because they represented "official business". Um, Howie, the separate RNC accounts (held by 22 political appointees in the White House) are set up by law due to the Hatch Act. They are used only for political communications, not official business. We have no reason to believe Olbermahn, who doesn't even know who's in the cabinet, grasped this himself. But if he did, of course he made no correction. More half-truths and distortions continued along the same line until the obligatory Great Thanks.

    #4: How to find lost emails: "look harder". "Forensic expert" Ken Mendelson talked about servers, backups, and the like. A supposed-to-be-intriguing segment that was all about nothing, since the White House said today that there are backup tapes, etc, available. But Bathtub Boy still framed questions like: how could they lose five million emails permanently? OlbySpin never rests. Great thanks.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #3: Time to rehash the Imus case again. Oops, sorry, we meant to say, the MSNBC Scandal. After regurgitated NBC reportage, leftist (natch) Harry Shearer was there to bloviate and force Monkeymann to throw in a fistful of his forced, phony laughs. KO brought up Tom DeLay (R) and Mike Huckabee (R)'s comments on Rosie O'Donnell. Rosie O'Who? Is this the first time Herr Olbermann has reported, even tangentially, on this controversy? Alert the media! Olby immediately claimed DeLay's criticism of Rosie was somehow "defending racist views". Prof Olbermann threatened to expound on the meaning of the first amendment, but Shearer took over and saved us from that agony. Great thanks.

    #2: Dolphins (more recycled video), Anna Nicole Smith, American Idol "scandal" [Ding!]. #1: Jackie Robinson. Surely that happened long enough ago that Fat Ass couldn't find a way to inject himself into the story, right? Err, no. "In 1997 I was part of an ESPN special..."

    In the Media Matters Minute: Malik Shabazz got a "bronze silver" [UPDATE: Edward R Olbermann put up somebody else's picture. Hahahahaaa!] for calling Michelle Malkin a "political prostitute". Sermonized Keith: that's "beyond the pale". Stick to OlbyPlanet-approved smears like "slut", "c-nt", "old bag", or claiming Ms Malkin is a terrorist by proxy. That's the Olbermann way. But have no fear, Olby saved "worst" for someone on the right: Bo Dietl (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters). And Keithy got to say "Fox Noise" not once but twice. Because, you know, it just gets so much funnier every time he says it.

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    Taciturn terriers: Herr Olbermann has been obsessing over Don Imus and the wronged Rutgers basketball players for days. Yet you will notice that he has said not one word about the Duke Rape fiasco. Not one drop of OlbySympathy for innocent victims who have been living under a charge of rape for a year. Could this be because Edward R Olbermann believes these innocent students might just be Repubs? Or might it be that Bathtub Boy is just covering up for a corrupt, renegade prosecutor who happens to have a (D) after his name? Then there's reporter Karen Tumulty; "Man on Fan" Olbermann smeared her yesterday in the Media Matters Minute. She has responded to Olby's attack, and reputable journalists would report on such replies in order to give both sides of the story. Reputable journalist? Keith Olbermann is neither. If he were, he would have apologized by now to Gov Jim Gibbons (R) for repeating a slander that has been thoroughly debunked.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    Now for our weekly assessment of Keith Olbermann's Masculinity. Over the past week Olbermoronn has attacked Fox, CNN, and Limbaugh/pundits nine times; Olby criticisms of MSNBC: zero. Meanwhile, his primary source (Media Matters) criticized MSNBC eight times. That makes this week's Olbermann Manhood Quotient: -18 [limp].

    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name is a stupendous #13,178 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #295. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome is #4,641 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #1,341 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. On Thursday The Hour of Spin was in its usual also-ran position: third place in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". The Malkin Factor beat Olby three to one. The MisterMeter is still serving out its two-week suspension, but may get a reprieve as early as this coming Monday.

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Read the transcript to the Friday show

    Keith Olbermann interviews Harry Shearer of The Simpsons on Imus "Lessons Learned"

    Keith Olbermann "defends" Michelle Malkin

    Olbypocrisy Revisited: Yet Another Explanation!

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    The rank hypocrisy of the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann over the Don Imus situation continues to dog Krazy Keith. On the radio today he again addressed the MSNBC Scandal. Over past days Oralmann has come up with multiple explanations for his covering up for Don Imus. #1: It just isn't possible for him to criticize people at A-Mess-NBC. #2: He was going to withhold comment to let the athletes decide. #3: He was just following orders from management.

    Incredibly, he has come up with a 4th excuse. It must be a goody, because he now claims it is the "primary" reason for his non-actions. If all that isn't enough, Olby talks about Michelle Malkin, and some mind-bloggling news leaks out: NBC is about to bestow yet another reward on the discredited sports guy! (Are you ready for some football?) We have the mp3 clips for your listening pleasure.

    To set the scene, just in case you missed it, here are Keith Olbermann's comments from Nov 2006, explaining why people who don't criticize what happens on their own network have no manhood:

    Now to today's Dan Patrick show on ESPN. Olbermahn's sanctimony meter goes to "11" as he tells us the real reason he couldn't speak out publicly about Don Imus: he was protecting The Laughing Stagehand:

    It's explanation #4, but this is the explanation. Absolutely. That's the ticket. The fun didn't stop here. Olbermahn, with a newly-adopted air of chivalry, has decided he is going to come to the defense of none other than Michelle Malkin:

    The biggest misogynist in television news ("horse", "bag", "c-nt", "past her prime", and famous for smashing an Ann Coulter doll to bits on national tv) is now sermonizing about the evils of calling someone a prostitute. He would never do that, would he? Oh wait, he called all of Fox News whores. Doesn't that include Ms Malkin? You can't get this stuff anywhere except on OlbyPlanet.

    But the ultimate shocker has to be that, despite his history of racial insults, distortions, sleazy assignations with fans, and outright lies, NBC is going to reward "Man on Fan" Olbermann with yet another perk! This news leaked out toward the end of today's broadcast:

    So let's get this straight. NBC fires Don Imus. ESPN fired Rush Limbaugh, a political commentator doing sports. And now NBC is going to take the greatest political demagogue on American television and let him do NFL football?

    This isn't OlbyPlanet. It's Bizarro Planet.

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    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 13, 2007

    Don Imus Fired from MSNBC
    Times Square Gossip

    To think you [Dan Abrams] renewed a contract with a loser like Keith Obermann is beyond me. His ratings are down like almost 29 %. What does he have on you or MSNBC. He sucks. Worse that that. We should stand outside his apartment by Carnegie Hall and see the sleazy newsman be like he is which is SLEAZY!

    Olbermann's Rush Envy

    Keith, the scoreboard reader turned radical chic poseur is obviously never going to win the spelling bee, but we can't put this jump from Imus to Rush down to sheer stupidity. (Well, maybe we can, but let's assume for the moment that Keith is at a multiplication tables level when it comes to higher thinking skills.) Something else is at work here.

    Does Keith Olbermann want to date Anderson Cooper?
    S. Knabt's Overflow

    Keith Olbermann has a lot of important world events to filter through for inclusion on his television show. And in the great scheme of things he decides to chase after the sexual preferences of media rival.

    PC Police (selective) Rampage
    Utah Rattler

    it would be nice not to have race-baiting hypocrites like Jackson and Sharpton (see this too) lead the charge. With blood in the water, Olbermann wants more (not that Olbermann, himself, hasn't said anything shocking).

    Keith Olbermann - Outta control
    Sister Toldjah

    Keith Olbermann's latest target is - like most of the people he picks on - an undeserving one, but the significance of his latest target is that she's not a pundit, but a mainstream media reporter for Time magazine. Specifically, she's Time’s National Political Correspondent and her name is Karen Tumulty.

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    Keith Olbermann's Gay-Baiting

    Why does Keith Olbermann care whether Anderson Cooper will discuss his sexuality with reporters? And why is he so angry about it?

    Out magazine put Anderson Cooper, ranked #2, on the cover of their "Power 50" list of influential gay men and women. Cooper was asked about it in a recent interview and refused to comment. In a recent profile in New York magazine Olbermann unloaded on Cooper.

    "Don't tell me you don't want to talk about personal life [sexuality] when you wrote a book about your father's death and your brother's death," says Olbermann. "You can't move this big mass of personal stuff out for public display, then people ask questions and you say, 'Oh, no, I didn't say there was going to be any questions.' It's the same thing as the Bush administration saying, 'We're going to war, but you really aren't allowed to know why.'"

    Olbermann checked his hair in the mirror just as a worried PR assistant materialized. But he wasn't done. "Don't tell me you can't talk about your personal life and then, when they send you overseas and you do a report that consists of your voice-over and pictures of you in a custom-made, blue-to-match-your-eyes bulletproof vest, looking somberly at these scenes of human devastation - like a tourist - and that's your report. Your shtick is your personal life."

    It was a vintage Olbermann screed, almost lyrical in its vicious eloquence. But at the same time, it felt off again - too big a gun for too small a target.

    Setting aside how Olbermann equates the issue of whether or not Anderson Cooper is gay with the a major war that has resulted in the death of thousands of people, what is Olbermann's preoccupation with Cooper. This is hardly the first time he has attacked the CNN anchor. What gives?

    In this case, Olbermann is engaged in the worst form of gay-baiting but to what end? Is it professional jealousy? Fear? Homophobia? The issues has stirred up the gayosphere and created some bad feelings all around.

    Keith Olbermann Slams Anderson Cooper's Silence on Sexuality

    Michael Jensen of AfterElton makes note of a New York magazine profile this week on MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann. Olbermann, citing a Men's Journal article in which Anderson refuses to discuss his sexuality, calls foul on Anderson's non-disclosure.

    the demagogue follies
    infotainment rules

    I am heartbroken. Our very own Basil Fawlty [Keith Olbermann] has gone medieval on Anderson Cooper. Get the gay-baiting details at ETP. Because that’s what this is. Keith Olbermann is a political hack and moral scumbag posing as a moral crusader. He is also a chickenshit....Capus said he got a lot of complaints from inside NBC about Imus’s racism and sexism. Let’s see how many complaints he gets from inside the network about Olbermann’s gay-baiting.

    Come out.. or y'know.. not.. that's ok too.
    Newt's Personal Playground

    "I think Olbermann's remarks significantly up the pressure on Anderson to come out" Really? I can't imagine how.

    Keith Olbermann takes a pop at Glass Closet resident Anderson Cooper
    Age Appropriate

    In the New York magazine Keith Olbermann discusses the recent coverage about Anderson Cooper living in the Glass Closet. After dissing most modern American political characters, he then takes on Anderson Cooper, in the make up room of all places!

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    Levin on Olbermann - Part IX

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    Constitutional attorney Mark Levin raised the same question we asked earlier today: why hasn't Keith Olbermann been fired by NBC? It's another classic Levin smackdown of the infamous, deplorable one, and we have the incendiary mp3 for your listening pleasure:

    Olbermann Watch Flashback:

    Olbermann's Nazi Salute

    As Islamo-Fascists fire rockets into Israel as part of their plan to wipe Israel off the face of the map, Keith Olbermann is thousands of miles away from the front lines entertaining his own band of shock troops - those psuedo-journalists who label themselves "TV Critics" - with a "hilarious" Nazi salute, hoping to equate the trouncing he is getting in the cable news ratings race with a genocide that saw the murder of 12 million people including more than 6 million Jews.

    OlbyWatch Getting Results: ADL Condemns Olbermann Nazi Salute; Says KO Trivializes Holocaust

    As Keith Olbermann continues to adopt a holier-than-thou attitude in criticizing Mel Gibson's drunken, anti-semetic rant, the Anti-Defamation League has published an open letter to Keith Olbermann condemning him for his callous, pre-planned invocation of Adolph Hitler at the recent TCA conference in Pasadena, CA.

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    April 12, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 12, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • BUSH ADMINISTRATION PROBLEMS: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor and MSNBC political analyst; Jonathan Turley, George Washington University law professor and constitutional law expert
    • 2008 ELECTION AND THE WAR: Dana Milbank, Washington Post national reporter
    • IMUS FOLLOW UP: Michael Harrison, Talkers Magazine
    • "AMERICAN I-DULL": Maria Milito, radio host

    A Thursday opening spiel bellowed in Olby's trademark hyperventilating style: Don Imus fired again, is his career over, will others restrain themselves; Iraq cafeteria bombed; GonzoGate "missing" emails and the White House "excuse"; plus another attack on Richard McCain and more American Idol. Prepare yourself for an Hour of Spin for the record books, and for our special Gibbons edition of Dogs That Did Not Bark. Woof!

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Oralmann led off with the hot story of the night: the MSNBC Scandal. No no, he didn't call it that. Krazy Keith tosses the S-word around like confetti at a parade, as long as he's talking about his "enemies". But we know better, and from now on it is the MSNBC Scandal. One thing was suddenly made apparent. As Olbermahn read off a list of Imus crimes (he "reduced women staffers to tears"--note, see Suzy Kolber) anyone would have known that the I-Man was no longer an employee of A-Mess-NBC. Because all of a sudden, Imus was no longer under the protection of Edward R Olbermann.

    Max Robins of Broadcasting & Cable said Imus was fired because of "the bottom line" and dismissed KO's claim that it was because of concern over coworkers. Naturally Olby tried to get the subject off the MSNBC Scandal and brought it around to Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Beck, and Savage (aka LOBS). Hey, never mind our employee of many years--look at those guys over there! Robins was an interesting choice, since Robins and his Broadcasting & Cable magazine voted Don Imus into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame in November of 2002. Does this bring Olbypocrisy to new levels or what? Edward R Olbermann said nothing about it. Instead, Robins got Great thanks.

    Next, on the phone, Bob Herbert, the far-left New York Times columnist. Imus is an "anachronism". What would have been more interesting: KO should have brought on Tim Russert and asked him about his dozens of appearances with Imus. Maybe he could ask him about going on Imus and laughing and joking with the I-Man even after the nappy-headed hos comment. Maybe Olby doesn't have Russert on his speed dial.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #4: Keithy told a story about seeing Imus drunk and/or stoned back in the 1970s. Boy, when that protective A-Mess-NBC shield is lifted, Olbermoronn gushes forth with the previously secret dirt like Old Faithful on steroids. To opine on the future of Imus, who better than someone with even lower ratings? Sam Seder, of Err America. Well, he might know something about being drunk and/or stoned. But is Olbermahn such a slovenly political hack that he has to turn to the same discredited partisan sources even on a story like this? Um, yes. Then it became clear why Seder was there. Olby tried to distract again from the MSNBC Scandal. He pulled a mini-LOBS and wanted to know why Savage and Limbaugh "get away with worse" than what Imus said. Sheesh! Again, it would have been a lot more interesting if he had asked Seder about one of his own colleagues: Randi Rhodes. Nope, no way that's gonna happen on OlbyPlanet. Great thanks.

    #3: So far none of Olbermann's scheduled guests had appeared, and the show was more than half over! (It wasn't as bad as last night when Al Sharpton dumped Olby to appear in the No-Spin Zone instead.) It was on to the bombing in Iraq, Richard McCain, and Lindsay Graham. Finally somebody showed up who was supposed to: lefty Alter. (FYI: Lefty was on Imus's show dozens of times. Somehow that didn't come up.) Olbermahn teed up a softball for Lefty: doesn't the attempt to link this bombing to possible terrorist attacks in the US make Bush look "desperate"? Alter: "It does to me." What did Olby and his sock-puppet leave out this time? Al-Qaeda is in fact the primary suspect in this attack. But Alter says tying it to Al Qaeda is a "misrepresentation". This is what is called "news analysis" on OlbyPlanet. For that and some more bashing of Richard McCain Lefty got Great Thanks.

    #2: Missing emails in GonzalesGate. Olby makes a Nixon [Ding!] reference and says the emails are "key evidence" in how "partisan politics" led to the dismissal of attorneys. Judge Olbermann has ruled. Leahy (D) gets a clip to say they're deliberately hiding the emails, without any evidence for same. Plus Anna Nicole, Howard K Stern, Willa Ford, Kurt Vonnegut. #1: More trading on a program that actually gets a number: American Idol. In the Media Matters Minute, reporter Karen Tumulty was attacked for daring to write something critical of Madame Hillary (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters).

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    Dogs That Did Not Bark: Special Jim Gibbons Edition
    This canine was barking, two days ago. You will recall that Herr Olbermann named a "worst person": Gov Jim Gibbons (R). According to Olby, the Guv was propounding a theory that Democrats were paying money to have bad stories written about him. (See the video below.) As we pointed out that very night, the infamous, deplorable one didn't tell the whole truth. Olby omitted the part where the Governor said: "I don't give it any credence myself". Did KO leave that out to smear another Republican? Or because he just lifts stories from blue blogs, and in this case the blue blog itself left it out? Did he deliberately lie and slant the story, is it just another case of lazy pseudo-reporting: lifting from unreliable internet sources and calling that "journalism"? The reason this comes up again tonight is because of the Columbia Journalism Review. Fat Ass has been quick to cite the CJR in the past: to smear Fox. But this time the CJR is coming down on the press who mangled this story, including "Man on Fan" Olbermann. Krazy Keith's claim that the Governor was pushing this theory? False. The Guv had never said one word about any theory until a newspaper reporter asked him about it. That reporter turned his question into a phony story, lapped up by the blue blogs and dutifully sent through the echo chamber to Bathtub Boy. The CJR has taken Olby's "worst person" slam and thoroughly debunked it. Tonight was Edward R Olbermann's chance to correct the record. Retract the false report. Apologize to the Governor. But that dog--the one that corrects Monkeymann's mistakes and issues apologies--will never bark on OlbyPlanet.

    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name is a staggering #28,270 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #255. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome is #4,699 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #151 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. The Imus bounce that benefitted A-Mess-NBC yesterday lifted all boats, so finally Olbermoronn eeked out a second place finish, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". But he didn't come anywhere near Mr Bill's 3.2 million viewers. Of course. The MisterMeter had the night off.

    APPENDIX: Video of Olby's smear of Jim Gibbons:

    UPDATE: Video & Transcript

    Read the transcript to the Thursday show

    Keith Olbermann interviews Sam Seder about Don Imus and Rush Limbaugh

    Why Hasn't Keith Olbermann Been Fired?

    As long time readers of Olbermann Watch know, there are no bounds to Olbermann's hypocrisy or, as we prefer it, Olbypocrisy. As the Don Imus scandal as unfolded, Olbypocrisy has been on full display in all its glory with a crescendo reached this afternoon on ESPN Radio's Dan Patrick Show. Listen as Olbermann brags about his career is proof that you can be critical of other people without being personal or going over the line.

    Here is a partial list of people who might take issue with Olbermann's claim that he has not made personal attacks or gone over the line in his words and actions:

    Physical Appearance

    Nicole Kidman - derided for having a "stick-figure"
    Roger Ailes - "Jabba the Hut" and "fatass"
    Rush Limbaugh - "fatso", mocks addiction to painkillers
    Ann Coulter - "not as attractive as Michael Moore", " a horse", "she has an Adam's apple"


    Paris Hilton - "airhead", graphic "A Slut and Battery", "had worse things happen to her face" (a man ejaculated in her face)
    Britney Spears - "pop tart"
    Dina Lohan (Lindsay Lohan's mother) - "bag"
    Fox News employees - "whores"
    Michelle Malkin - "crazy"
    Ann Coulter - told a viewer he was "dumber than Ann Coulter's c-nt", took out an Ann Coulter bobble-head doll and smashed it repeatedly until it was broken into small pieces, all while cackling maniacally, not "worthy" of Playboy
    Meredith Viera - "crazy"
    Rita Cosby - "dumber than a suitcase full of rocks"
    Reply to a viewer email "go fuck your mother"
    Katherine Thompson (NY Daily News) - "lackey"
    Angelina Jolie - "desperate"
    Sharon Stone - "old", "past her prime"
    Nancy Grace - attacking her over testimony in the case of Grace's murdered fiance
    Lisa Guerrero - after she posed for Playboy magazine, Keith imagined this epitaph on her tombstone: "How do you like these big, plastic, umm, flowers?", called on Al Michaels and John Madden of Monday Night Football "resign in protest", said Guerrero "can pose in Maxim but can't come back into the credibility pool."
    Katie Couric -
    KarmaBites blogger -
    Suzy Kolber (ESPN co-host) - crying in the bathroom after being attacked by Olbermann


    Chris Wallace - "monkey"
    Ken Starr - "looks like Heinrich Himmler"
    Nazi salute at TCA conference
    Nazi Salute on Tonight Show with Jay Leno
    Alberto R. Gonzales -"houseboy"

    Reports of inappropriate advances toward women

    Rebecca Lobo (Jossip)
    Mary Carey (New York Post)
    Former School Teacher (ESPN Radio)
    "Jean", former MSNBC producer (Jossip)

    Regular targets of personal attacks by Olbermann

    Bill O'Reilly
    Anderson Cooper (including homophobic comments)
    Glenn Beck
    Rush Limbaugh

    We will update the list as we hear from readers. Please add names or details in the comments section.

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    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 12, 2007

    The Last Don
    Extreme Mortman

    Why didn’t Olbermann take on Don Imus earlier? Before MSNBC fired Imus, Oblermann told ESPN radio, in a clip you can hear at Olbermann Watch, about “compromises you have to make and to some degree you do have to deflect your fire.”

    I officially hate: Keith Olbermann

    Olbermann is just a loser beyond comparison...he seems like that guy who no one liked because he would always suck up and make himself look good. He is attacking my four favorite radio host...I can't stand him

    The Downfall of Don Imus...

    Did you see MSNBC's long-winded and certainly anticipated run for cover by that sterling alumnus of Temple University, Steve Capus, on "Countdown" hosted by the also usually sterling, but suddenly tarnished host, Keith Olbermann last night? What a joke!

    I Renew Correspondence With My Good Friend, Keith Olbermann
    AOL Journals

    I recently had the misfortune of reading some of your book, The Worst Person In The World, at my dentist's office. I am sure it was left there by a masochist who begs to have his teeth drilled without any Novocain or nitrous, but I picked it up and flipped though it.

    Maybe I'll Start My Own "Dead Pool"

    Olbermann was distraught that similar consequences had not befallen a number of right-wing talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz, Bill O'Reilly, and Beck himself. Beck denounced this as neo-McCarthyite blacklisting, agreeing with Rosie O'Donnell's belief that what happened to Imus is indicative of a growing anti-free speech trend in American politics and media.

    Open Letter to NBC: Imus & Countdown
    the eye of Nova's mind

    I want to thank you for finally allowing Mr. Olbermann to cover the story. While I understand the general taboo against criticizing one's colleagues, this was such a major news item that I was sorely disappointed to see Countdown come so late in the game to the topic.

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    Levin on Olbermann - Part VIII

    Well, our title is a bit of a stretch: Mark Levin does bring up Keith Olbermann, but only in passing. The thrust of Dr Levin's comments: the relationships between Don Imus, A-Mess-NBC, and the reporters, journalists, and commentators who were all too willing to appear with Imus. We have the mp3 for your listening pleasure:

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (12) | | View blog reactions
    April 11, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 11, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IMUS FIRED: Steve Capus, NBC; Jesse Jackson; Vivian Stringer, Rutgers coach
    • LOOKING FOR A WAR CZAR: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek

    What an opening spiel! There was just too much Big News even for one Hour of Spin. Don Imus Fired! Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton react! Rush Limbaugh called Obama "Halfrican-American". Where's the outrage?!? The Racist Right! Plus Big American Idol News! Whew! If you think it's exhausting just typing all these breathless headlines, just wait to see how tired you get of Krazy Keith trotting out a classic example of Olbypocrisy over and over.

    Update: Transcript & Video

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Imus was fired not because advertisers were pulling out, but because the people at A-Mess-NBC didn't like him. That didn't stop Gregory, Russert, Fineman, and a fistful of others from going on Imus's show week after week, though. Did it? Capus, sporting the unshaven stoner look, heard Oralmann talking about how Imus made him "shudder" so many times. But of course we know that Olby was covering for Imus, so he held his silence all this time. Because he doesn't attack people at NBC. Oh wait, it's because he was leaving it up to the athletes to decide. No, strike that. Because management asked him to. Whatever. Anyhow, now that the I-Man is no longer an employee of A-Mess-NBC, Edward R Olbermann doesn't have to cover for him any more. Of course the dismissal was all about principle and the feelings of the A-Mess-NBC "team", not all the sponsors who dropped out. Of course.

    Next up, Jesse Jackson. This is a "victory for public decency". So A-Mess-NBC has been indecent for all these years? Maybe Jesse's been reading Olbermann Watch! The Rev actually referenced the coarseness in popular music, which is more extreme than what got Imus fired. Then Herr Olbermann steered the topic to one of his oldies but goodies: Right-wing hate! Neil Boortz made fun of Cynthia McKinney's appearance. Why no outrage about him? Maybe because he wasn't getting three hours of NBC News airtime every day? Ya think? What's more, Olby regurgitated for the fourth time the "racist" comment by Rush re Obama: "Halfrican-American".

    Stop the tivo! Just why is it that this particular Limbaugh comment is so horrendous that it must be repeatedly condemned by Monkeymann? What about Jon Stewart's Daily Show, Keith? What about their skit where they call Sen Obama: "Half-Black"? Limbaugh is an evil racist, but Stewart and the Daily Show gang never get one word of criticism from you. Where's your manhood, Olbermahn? Are you afraid to go after a liberal (Stewart) but ready to pile on an easy target like Limbaugh? Could this be Olbypocrisy? Is the Pope Catholic?

    "Man on Fan" Olbermann bragged that he criticized Imus "behind the scenes" ("I can say that now"). Bwahaahaaahaaa. Since Jackson didn't take Olby's Limbaugh bait, Krazy Keith just went back and asked the question again. OK, so we'll just ask the question again of Bathtub Boy: What about Jon Stewart's Daily Show, Keith? What about their skit where they call Sen Obama: "Half-Black"? Limbaugh is an evil racist, but Stewart and the Daily Show gang never get one word of criticism from you. Where's your manhood, Olbermahn? Are you afraid to go after a liberal (Stewart) but ready to pile on an easy target like Limbaugh? Could this be Olbypocrisy? Does a bear pee in the woods?

    Still the Reverend refused to be derailed and brought the topic right back to A-Mess-NBC yet again. The old divert and distract: Olby couldn't quite pull it off, could he?

    #4: Vivian Stringer interview. Olby asked a question and she was off and running. He barely spoke thereafter. Great thanks.

    #3: After promising updates on Imus's radio future through the rest of the hour, it was on to the search for a "war czar". "Mister" Bush's "failures", the "proverbial [Ding!] smell test", and administration denials. Olby asked The Wolffe Man is "Mister" Bush no longer Commander in Chief? Wolffie simpered in his usual obsequious fashion. Great thanks.

    #2: Fat Ass dubiously took credit for debunking the story about Bush almost exploding at the hydrogen tank of a hybrid car. #1: American Idol. Again. Monkeymann teased this over and over as "sagging" and "plummeting" in the ratings; the truth is far less dramatic, but when has truth ever mattered to the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann?

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    In the Media Matters Minute, Dick Morris was a runner-up (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters). But of course the winner reflected Keith's undying, unquenchable Olbsession: Mr Bill himself (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters). His crime? Speaking out against the killing of two teenagers by a criminal illegal alien, and speaking out against the killing of children in a fire by a city that didn't properly crack down on slumlords. On OlbyPlanet this is "exploiting" people for a "twisted political agenda". What's the matter, Bathtub Boy? Are you afraid Mr Bill might actually do some good? Get some laws passed? Save a few lives? Would you really rather have more people killed and murdered than let the eeevil O'Reilly succeed? Talk about twisted.

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    Muted mongrels: As always, Herr Olbermann's reporting is selective. Like how he spiked the blunt comments by Sec Hastings about leaks from the Pentagon. Keithy's reportage of the "so-called war on terror" (yes, that's really what he calls it--just like Al-Jazeera) means that he'll even avoid stories that make Al Qaeda look bad. In much the same manner, Olby never fails to protect his buddies in Tehran, no matter what. Note how deftly he avoided any mention of Fred Thompson's cancer, not to mention positive new developments regarding Tony Snow's illness. And while John McCain gave a major foreign policy address today, on OlbyPlanet it never happened.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name is a stupdendous #19,072 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #282. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome is #4,676 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #1,009 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. Alas, poor Olby. What happened to his "lock" on (a poor) second place? On Tuesday the best he could manage was third place, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 3 [GUARDED]

    Update: Transcript & Video

    Read the transcript to the Wednesday show

    Keith Olbermann interviews Steve Capus, Jesse Jackson and Vivian Stringer in one of his mos sick-making performances of all time. Caution: air sickness bag advised.

    The Bye-Man: Imus Dropped by MSNBC

    MSNBC drops simulcast of Don Imus show

    No surprise here.

    What does it say about the judgment of Dan Abrams and Phil Griffin that they've been foremost in defending their belated decision to suspend Imus for two weeks as sufficient - and why do they still have their jobs?

    Meanwhile...anyone else smell a week-late "special comment" coming from Keith "don't shoot your own side" Olbermann now that the Imus is safely gone?

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    Olbermann Watch FAQ

    We've updated the FAQ again and posted it below. If you have any questions not covered in the FAQ let us know and maybe we'll add your question.

    Olbermann Watch FAQ

    Q. If Keith Olbermann is so unimportant why do you have a whole web site devoted to attacking him?
    A. Keith Olbermann is the most dangerous man on television today and must be stopped!

    Q. Why do you hate Olbermann more than Bill O'Reilly?
    A. We don't "hate" Olbermann...we pity him.

    Q. Why are you singling out Keith Olbermann when others [insert name here] are far worse?
    A. Keith is far worse than anyone else. He is the most dangerous man on television today (see above)

    Q. What about the Olbermann - O'Reilly Feud?
    A. What about it?

    Q. Haven't Olbermann ratings improved?
    A. From when he first launched they are up slightly, from the all-time lows in 2004 he is up a good deal off a very low base (113,000 per night in the demo). Keith had a recent spurt in the ratings between September and November and has been in decline since the 2006 election. Basically he is up more than this detractors want to admit and now as much as the hype would seem to indicate. The show is still a very low-rated show and often finishes 3rd or 4th in the ratings.

    Q. When is Keith Olbermann's contract with MSNBC up?
    A. March 1st, 2011.

    Q. What's the deal with the countdown clock?
    A. We have a countdown clock until the big day when Keith's contract expires on the home page.

    Q. When did Countdown first air?
    A. We weren't really paying attention. Technically there were two different shows, Countdown:Iraq and Countdown with Keith Olbermann back in 2003. Keith told Brian Lamb on C-SPAN, "My first show the second time around was March 31st, 2003." He ought to know so I suppose that's right.

    Q. When did you start Olbermann Watch?
    A. The site was officially launched on November 30, 2004 as an offshoot of another blog which began covering Olbermann in 2003.

    Q. Why did you start Olbermann Watch?
    A. Fear. OK. Not really. What really got me going on Keith was expressed in my post MSNBC Defines Deviancy Down as Keith Olbermann's Internet-feuled Jihad on Journalistic Ethics Continues from late 2004.

    Q. Why does Olbermann Watch have the tag line "reality-based news for the belligerently uninformed"?
    A. Well the first part "reality-based" comes from journalist and author Ron Susskind who wrote in The New York Times that a senior Bush aide used that term to describe the way the Bush White House understood the world. The last part "belligerently uninformed" comes from Keith himself who used that term in a newspaper interview to describe me and the other folks who helped launch Olbermann Watch. We kinda liked it and so adopted the term as our own. Thanks Keith!

    Q. Is Olbermann Watch really that #1 "Olbermann" blog on the web?
    A. Yep! The rankings change all the time so we always have to check to answer this question. But for the past couple of years we have been the top non-MSNBC blog during that time based on Technorati, Truth Laid Bare Ecosystem, Google and any other ranking we could find. For more than a week in March 2007 we took the site down which meant a loss of traffic, expiration of some links and an overall drop in many of the rankings. It will take several weeks for the site to fully recover but it was and is the #1 Keith Olbermann blog during that period. We have always been well ahead of all the KO fans sites and forums in terms of traffic, page views, Google Page Rank and all of the meaningful metrics by which web sites area measured. And, before you ask, yep...the OlbyLoons really, really hate that.

    Q. Didn't this Olbermann guy have a real serious head injury a few years ago?
    A. Yes. He bumped his head entering a car on the #7 train out by Shea Stadium. He told Brian Lamb all about it on C-SPAN.

    Q. If his ratings are so bad then why do you feel it necessary to devote any time (let alone an entire website) to his show ?
    A. The going battle for truth and justice has nothing to do with ratings. We are doing God's work.

    Q. Why do you make such a big deal about ratings?
    A. We don't. Keith does. As long as he and his pals in the left-wing media continue to harp on his supposed "ratings success" we will continue to point out when they are lying, exaggerating or manipulating the truth.

    Q. Why do you make such a big deal about "the 25-54 year old demo"?
    A. This is a corollary to the ratings issue. As was the case with the failed Air America Radio network, MSNBC has sought to redefine the battlefield, so to speak, by comparing themselves to their competitors in terms of a narrow slice of the overall cable new audience where the viewership gap is smaller in terms of raw numbers. They can't compete in the "P2+" or "total viewer" ratings race so they try shift the focus away from straight up audience comparisons. While ALL segments of the audience are important, and the 25-54 "demo" is used as the basis for setting ad rates it is less significant in the TV news business because the viewers tend to be older. We usually mention it in the context of Keith, MSNBC or the MSM TCA crowd promoting the demo ratings as "proof" that Keith has a large and growing audience which he does not.

    Q. Why do you make such a big deal out of "Live" and "Live Plus" ratings?
    A. This is a corollary to the ratings issue as well. At the request of the broadcast networks, Nielsen Media Research began to report new sets of ratings data that included estimates on how many viewers were recording shows on DVRs (Tivos) and watching them later. They then sought to pressure advertisers into paying for these viewers. The advertisers balked on the grounds that Tivo viewers were not likely to watch ads and the networks ultimately caved in and sold ads based only on the live data. It became an issue with Olbermann because most Tivo users are also in the Demo so MSNBC stood to gain more than their competitors because they get a larger share of their audience from within the demo. But what what made it a big issue for Olbermann Watch is that we caught TVNewser manipulating the ratings data to boost Keith's numbers; he switched from "Live" to "Live Plus" ratings in early 2006 without informing his readers and without any sort of disclaimer.

    Q. Why are you so critical of TVNewser?
    A. The blogger at TVNewser, Brian Stelter, is a well-known apologist for Keith Olbermann and a flack for MSNBC. As such as he is part of the KO Spin machine and so we like to expose him for being the hack we know him to be. We have caught him red-handed lying on his blog and even posting false statements on THIS blog.

    Q. Why do my posts appear twice?
    A. Sometimes our server cannot keep up with the heavy volume of traffic on the site so commenters will get a server error message. Instead of hitting the "back" button and refreshing the page to see if the comment appears on the site they resubmit the comment and it appears twice (sometimes more depending on how determined they are). Someday soom we hope to move to a bigger server and get some better software (you can advertise on our site if you really care!). We moved to a new, more powerful server in January 2007 and this problem has almost entirely disappeared.

    Q. Is Keith Olbermann the "Edward R. Murrow of our generation"?
    A. No.

    Q. Does Keith Olbermann speak truth to power?
    A. Only when he is talking to a light bulb.

    Q. Did you delete my comment because you disagree with me?
    A. We never delete comments because we "disagree" with them no matter how idiotic. We delete spam. If your posted a perfectly legit comments and it deleted that would have only been the result of an error and we would try to fix it if you tell us about it.

    Q. How come all you do is write negatively about Keith?
    A. We don't. We have always been willing to allow any pro-KO point of view on the site including comments, guest posts and contributors. We have a standing offer, open to anyone including OlbyLoons, to accept KO-centric guest posts. Ideally they would be about 250 words and reasonably well-written. They can be from ANY political view point but the person has to provide a name or screen name and some way for readers to contact that person like an email address (hotmail or otherwise). We might publish a post anonymously but it is not likely. We recently added Doug Krile as a contributor to write Pro-KO posts.

    Q. You keep saying that Keith "lied", can you back that up with proof?
    A. Yes. Just read the site every day and you will come to see that he lies pretty much every time he opens his mouth. Sometimes we even make lists but with Keith it is hard to keep current on his latest lies and distortions. Like I said, keep watching Countdown and keep reading Olbermann Watch. You might also want to check out his infamous Hoosier Gazette story. For a sports guy, even we were surprised to catch KO out on this story when he began claiming that Bill O'Reilly lied about his college football career at Marist College.

    Q. You say that Keith lifts materials from blogs without attribution, can you back that up?
    A. Sure. These days, as part of the marketing strategy for the show, Keith has been better about crediting blue blogs like Think Progress, Media Matters for America and Crooks and Liars but he has lifted material from all of them. Here's one from Media Matters that got my pals over there steamed up.

    Q. Does Keith Olbermann read this blog?
    A. Of course, all time time. He used to come in via the Secaucus server but wised up and now comes in via an anonymizer service. He is a regular.

    Q. Come on! You mean that Keith Olbermann actally knows about this site?
    A. Yep...and he has bitched about it many times in the press including The New York Observer, The Hartford Courtant, and talk radio. He has also made numerous indirect comemnts about Olbermann Watch. We have also been prominently mentioned in KO stories from the Associated Press, Online Journalism Review, The Washington Post, PBS and many more.

    Q. You claim that Keith lifts material from Olbermann Watch, is that really true?
    A. Yep. Sometimes we put little codes in things so we can track him like when he lifted some radio show audio from OlbyWatch. Or the time he reworked something I wrote on logical fallacies and used that in his opening monologue. Or shortly after I linked an Op-Ed piece I wrote for the McClatchy newspaper chain on Holmes' dissent in Abrams - the famed "marketplace of ideas" dissent.

    Q. Why do you display a picture of Keith Olbermann giving the Nazi salute?
    A. As a sign of his hypocrisy. There are two versions on this site. One with a Bill O'Reilly mask (that one is real) and the other is with an Adolph Hilter mask (I photoshopped that one) Keith has editorialized on the use of Nazi imagery by others yet has often done the same thing himself. The Nazi Salute image is just a classic example of Olbypocrisy. We sent the picture to the Anti-Defamation League and the ADL condemned Keith for it.

    Q. Why do you keep using the phrases "infamous, deplorable", or "discredited sports guy"?
    A. I will let J$ answer that one. He writes "Our favorite phrases for Keith are ones he uses on others. He referred to 'the infamous, deplorable Matt Drudge' when telling a lie about him, so we put the phrase into the rotation. Similarly, Robert Novak was identified not as a columnist, but as 'the discredited columnist', Roger Ailes a 'Fat Ass', Chris Wallace a 'monkey', etc. The latest addition to the rotation: 'slovenly political hack'." Many of Olbermann's most outrageous personal attacks are documented in The Olbersaurus.

    Q. What is the Olbermann Manhood Quotient?
    A. Keith made a big deal about Bill O'Reilly when the O.J. book controversy erupted. In addition to lying that O'Reilly didn't criticize his own network, Keith insisted that anyone who is critical of others should be just as critical of his own network, or he has "no manhood". So we are holding Keith Olbermann to his own standards. He attacks Fox (and occasionally CNN) based on items he lifts from his favorite blue blog sources, but you won't find him going after MSNBC, despite the fact that those same sources routinely do. Periodically we tally these discrepancies and report the Olbermann Manhood Quotient. The last time we checked, it was limp, or so we heard.

    Q. What's with the sound effects, like [Ding!]?
    A. Keith is praised by the gullible as a brilliant wordsmith. In fact, he relies on repetitive, hoary cliches, along with special OlbySpin terms. So sometimes we'll ring the bell when he uses terms like "escalation", "throw under the bus", "proverbial", "Nixonian", "metaphor", etc.

    Q. Why do some people on OlbyWatch reference Keith Olbermann and a phone booth?
    A. On his radio show, shortly before leaving to become White House Press Secretary, Tony Snow said you could fit all of Keith's friends inside a phone booth. We thought that was funny. What makes it funny is that its kinda true.

    Q. Why are you obsessed with Keith Olbermann?
    A. Are we?

    Q. Don't you have something better to do than obsess about Keith Olbermann?
    A. Not that I can think of.

    Q. What's the deal with the labels on certain comments?
    A. As noted on the site "To assist clear-thinking OW readers we have implemented a color-coded warning system to quickly identify inane comments made by the tinfoil hat brigade. Kooky comments will be clearly marked easy-to-recognize Loony-Level warning icons. No longer will you need to spend your precious time trying to understand the nonsensical ravings of lunatic minds. When you see a Loony-Level warning icon just skip right down to the next sensible comment." Unfortunately, too many OlbyLoons took to posting gross images on the site so we had to disable to the HTML in comments and so those labels are no longer visible on the site. If we ever get new software maybe we can fix that.

    Q. What's an OlbyLoon?
    A. Generally, any person who is a fan of Keith Olbermann or otherwise takes him seriously. If you have ever said "He's the Edward R. Murrow of our generation" then you are an OlbyLoon. If you have ever said "Keith is speaking truth to power" then you are an OlbyLoon. If you have ever said "you go, girl" while watching Keith deliver a "special comment" then you are an OlbyLoon. If you come to a site dedicated to mocking Keith Olbermann and leave comments on the site bitching about how unfairly Keith is treated on that site then you are an OlbyLoon. If you get into an argument with the editor of this site you are also probably an OlbyLoon; at the very least you are most likely wrong.

    The DSM IV criteria for the diagnosis of "Olbyloon Disorder"

    * 101.00A/2 Olbyloon Disorder / Olbermannia (see also, Bush Derangement Syndrome)

    A. A pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of non-leftists such that their motives are interpreted as malevolent, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by four (or more) of the following:

    1. suspects, without sufficient basis, that non-leftists are exploiting, harming, or deceiving him or her

    2. is preoccupied with unjustified doubts about the loyalty or trustworthiness of non-leftists

    3. is reluctant to confide in others because of unwarranted fear that the information will be used maliciously against him or her by Olbermannwatch

    4. reads hidden demeaning or threatening meanings into benign remarks or events

    5. persistently bears grudges, i.e., is unforgiving of insults, injuries, or slights to Olbermann

    6. perceives attacks on his or Olbermann's character or reputation that are not apparent to others and is quick to react angrily or to counterattack

    7. Stubbornly defends every statement from Keith Olbermann.

    B. Does not occur exclusively during the course of schizophrenia, a mood disorder with psychotic features, or another psychotic disorder and is not due to the direct physiological effects of a general medical condition.

    Q. Do you really have a Keith Olbermann Book Club?
    A. No. That was just for fun.

    Q. What is the "mini-blog"?
    A. It is sub-section of the site created using a (Yahoo!) service that turns bookmarked web pages about Keith Olbermann into a smaller version of the main blog. That mini-blog is spliced into the main RSS feed for the site.

    Q. What's the deal with the RSS feed?
    A. RSS is the greatest thing since sliced bread and the BEST way to read Olbermann Watch. You can read all about it here

    Q. What's the deal with the limericks?
    A. I don't know. One reader started writing them and then lots of other folks joined in. We will update the complete list periodically.

    Q. Why is Bob Cox so much smarter than all the OlbyLoons?
    A. It is a combination of things really. Cox is very, very smart. And most OlbyLoons are very, very dumb.

    Q. Why do you list Olbermann fan sites on your blog roll?
    A. We believe that the best way to expose OlbyLoonThink is to provide out clear-thinking readers an opportunity to see OlbyLoons in their natural habitat.

    Q. What the deal with Olbermann and Wikipedia?
    A. I debated Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on the failure of the "Neutral Point of View" policy to deal with entries such as those for Keith Olbermann and Countdown with Keith Olbermann which are co-opted by OlbyLoons seeking to promote their sycophantic view of Keith Olbermann and their far-left political agenda. You can learn more on the site.

    Q. Why do you say Olbermann is partisan when he is just telling the truth about you $#%@!! Repukes! and your @!!%@@* Chimp! and your $%^^&!!war!!!!!!!
    A. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!

    Q. Why do you make such a big deal about Olbermann's refusal to have dissenting points of view on his program?
    A. It is just one of many ways in which we highlight the obvious liberal bias in the show. J$ keeps a running tally of guests of different political persuasions. Almost all guests and analysts are liberal/Democrat. A very easy way to get on Countdown is to register as a Republican, get yourself elected somewhere and then criticize Bush. Keith's bookers will be wining and dining you faster than you can say "Katy Tur".

    Q. What is the deal with Olbermann's orange face or "man tan"?
    A. Keith has had problems with the make-up people who "do" his face before he goes on the air. Some nights his skin tone is decidedly orange. This problem has dissipated somewhat since Olbermann Watch readers began pointing it out and we made fun of him.

    Q. Why is Olby gone half the time?
    A. Keith is a big believer in using all his vacation days, sick days and personal days. And strangely, his co-workers at MSNBC never seem to complain that Keith is not around enough.

    Q. What's the deal with Olby and 22-year old23-year old girls?
    A. No comment.

    Q. Why all the references to Olby and the bathtub?
    A. John Gibson used to fill in for Keith on MSNBC. On the radio one day, Gibson said that one of the reason he guest-hosted so often is that there were many days when the MSNBC limo would go to pick up Keith and he would be in his bathtub and refuse to come out. Word on the street is that he was not speaking metaphorically.

    Q. Why does Olby have such a man-crush on Joe Wilson, Dana Milbank, John Dean and Howard Fineman?
    A. Keith likes these men. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Q. Why does Olbermann have David Brock write his script every night?
    A. Keith is very busy in the afternoons bathing and doing an hour on ESPN radio with Dan Patrick.

    Q. Why is David Shuster considered a serious reporter?
    A. Who said that?

    Q. Why doesn't Olbermann just have Jason Leopold guest host for him?
    A. Leopold refuses to jeopardize his journalistic reputation by appearing with Keith.

    Q. Is Countdown supposed to be a news show?
    A. Ironically, yes.

    Q. Why does Keith hide under his desk?
    A. Because he can't fit under the coffee table.

    Q. What's your policy on comment moderation?
    A. We generally do not moderate the comments. We will delete/ban if someone is spamming the site or otherwise being disruptive. Usually they will get a warning. Occassionally we edit a comment for length (for example, someone repeateing the words "Keith Olbermann rocks!" 400 times may be cut to just 4 times). Sometimes, if I am in the mood, I will not give a warning. Overall, it's just best that folks stay on topic and not be annoying - right, left or otherwise.

    Q. Do you review all comments?
    A. Sometimes. Just remember, there are no absolutes.

    Q. Do you read all comments?
    A. Sometimes.

    Q. Why do some comment threads say "this comment thread is now closed?
    A. Because once the spammers find open threads on a blog they keep pounding those threads with comment spam and I think we all get enough Viagra and Free Poker as it is.

    Q. How long do you keep comment threads open?
    A. As long as possible but that usually means 2-4 weeks.

    Q. Why do you close some comment threads and not others?
    A. We try and close them all after a month unless they are active. Sometimes we miss a few. Have you ever SEEN the admin side of a Movable Type installation. It is a really pain to work with.

    Q. Has anyone affiliated with this website ever touched a woman?
    A. Not sure.

    Q. Do frequent visitors to this site suffer from the same genetic disorder?
    A. No. Each visitor has his or her own disorder.

    Q. Who are you idiots?
    A. We are the smartest people in the world who have taken time out of our busy day to enlighten the masses.

    Q. Exactly how many moonbats does it take to keep Keith on the air?
    A. Not many, judging from his ratings.

    Q. Would forcing Gitmo detainees to watch Olbermann's show be against the rules of the Geneva Convention?
    A. Clearly.

    Q. Are you as stupid as you sound?
    A. Probably.

    Q. Why do you sometimes display a picture of David Shuster upside down?
    A. We post it upside down because he has been so thoroughly, utterly discredited. And besides, he turns the truth on its head. It is, as Olbermann might say, a "metaphor"


    If we have still not answered YOUR question please drop us a link at olby at olbermannwatch dot com

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    Bill O'Reilly v. Dan Abrams over ImusGate

    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 11, 2007

    Whither "Special Comments"?
    Brilliant at Breakfast

    Does it seem to anyone else that the pace of Keith Olbermann's "special comments" has slowed down markedly since he signed his new MSNBC contract on February 15? Since signing the contract, there have been exactly TWO of these commentaries -- one on February 26 about Condoleeza Rice comparing Saddam Hussein to Hitler, and one on March 16 about Tom DeLay comparing his critics to Hitler.

    Keith Olbermann calls out Anderson Cooper
    Out in Hollywood

    First he makes the cover of Out Magazine and now this. It seems that Anderson Cooper's decision to not talk about his sexuality is just unacceptable to some people, including MSNBC's Keith Obermann.

    Not Amused
    Under Certain Skies...

    WTF is wrong with Keith Olbermann? Was he dropped on his head as a child?...What is it about Anderson that gets Keith's panties in a bunch? Oh yeah, that Olbermann can't have him. And you know he wants him. Bad. Really, really bad. Just like all those little school girls that handed him his ass on a daily basis back in the day.

    Olbermann's Crutch
    partisan chaos

    It's been said that a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged by reality. Apparently a liberal is someone who's been mugged by little girls.

    Countdown Gone Wild
    Not Quite Ready For Fiction

    Keith Olbermann did the Girls Gone Wild bastard story, and of course there's the fucking footage. He rushes through a few sentences and says "That's enough of that video, please." Decorum! In a cable newscast! Who knew?

    New OlbyWatch blogrollers

    Lunde Designs
    The Influence Peddler
    The Absurd Report

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    April 10, 2007
    Aryan Nation on Imus Controversy: No Comment

    Reached for comment earlier today, the leader of the Aryan Nation refused to weigh in on the controversy swirling around embattled talk show host Don Imus.


    I actually do not give a shit about anyone from the mainstream media, period. Let's put Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton (Black racist idiots) in a ring with Don Imus (White idiot Liberal; possibly a jew) and let them battle it out on television!

    We have our own agenda and it does not include anyone but Aryans.

    Have a nice day!

    Director Kreis
    Aryan Nation


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    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 10, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • CONGRESS VS. PRES. BUSH: Howard Fineman, Newsweek senior Washington correspondent and MSNBC political analyst
    • IRAQ: Paul Rieckhoff, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America executive director
    • ANNA NICOLE SMITH CASE: Paul F. Tompkins, comedian

    The opening spiel was like the good old days again: the President is "holding the troops hostage", GonzoGate, the Don I-Mess with Big Breaking News, and who's the Daddy? All that and less, on a Tuesday Hour of Spin. Pretty routine stuff, but our special I-Man edition of "dogs that did not bark" will make it all worthwhile.

    UPDATE: Transcript & Video of Keith Olbermann "avoiding" comment on Don Imus controversy

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: "Mister" Bush's latest "propaganda campaign": "rhetoric" that tries to "foist" blame on a Congress that won't "rubber stamp" his requests. There's nothing tendentious about Olby's phraseology, is there? "Bush logic" about the "escalation" [Ding!] is "bluster" and a "house of cards". Clips of Bush (R), Reid (D), the latter by sheerest coincidence also using the phrase "rubber stamp". Olby and the Dems, singing from the same sheet of music.

    Oralmann asked Howard Fineman, Pundit for All Occasions and Imus defender, isn't it true "this makes no sense"? Guess his answer. Bush is "divisive", Dems are "emboldened", 9/11 rhetoric is "psychology", they're in a "bunker mentality". Great thanks.

    #4: How the "escalation" [Ding!] hurts the troops. Longer rotations, earlier rotations, more deployments...made to order for another dose of Reickhoff anti-administration rhetoric. We're "driving our military in the ground", "to the point of exhaustion". Because things weren't going well when he was there, that means they can't possibly be going any better now. Bathtub Boy claimed it's all a ruse to keep troops there "indefinitely". His sock-puppet's predictable response: "Sure. Absolutely." Isn't he really "holding the troops hostage?" "Absolutely." Thanks for your time. Absolutely.

    #3: The Imus controversy might not end with his suspension. Olby was teasing Big Breaking News on this front and finally it came: some sponsors are opting out. Clips from the Today show. Clips from the athletes' presser. To his credit, KO read critical statements from Ron Allen, NBC correspondent, and Al Roker, but was careful to note they don't necessarily reflect OlbyOpinion. My, was Edward R Olbermann straight-laced, prim, and proper. He's going to withhold comment, at the request of "friends in management". That story seems to have evolved a bit from a few hours ago when he was withholding comment to leave it all up to the athletes to decide.

    #2: New subpoenas in Gonzo Gate (taped report courtesy of Slippery Shuster--snigger, "he said stonewall", snigger). Great thanks. Plus Girls Gone Wild (with video clips), Paris Hilton, Johnny Cash's former home. #1: Anna Nicole Smith and her baby.

    In the Media Matters Minute, Glenn Beck (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters), and a combo award for Sean Hannity and Richard McCain (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters) regarding the murky claim that a reporter was laughing or heckling or something at McCain's press conference. This was an elegant bit of Olbfuscation that claimed nobody backed up this story whie neatly omitting the fact that some independent press reports did report exactly that sort of laughing.

    The winner: Jim Gibbons (R) (Blue Blog Source: Talking Points Memo). KO ridiculed the Guv for supposedly claiming that Democrats were paying to have negative stories written about him. Since Olby only reads the blue blogs, and even there not very closely, he didn't bother to note that the Governor went on to say: "I don't give it any credence". No point including that in an Olby attack. It just spoils the whole thing.

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    Dogs That Did Not Bark: Special I-Man Edition!
    Since beginning Countdown on A-Mess-NBC, the same channel that broadcasts Imus every weekday morning, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann has been absolutely silent. Never once has he called out in his "worst person" segment anything that Imus has said, even as Olby's primary source, Media Matters, has chronicled these excesses over and over again. We now know that "Man on Fan" Olbermann has been deliberately covering for Imus. He has been well aware of the antics of Imus and his cohorts, but has purposefully chosen to give them all a free pass, a years-long get-out-of-OlbyPlanet-free card. So what are some of these antics that Imus pulled during the Countdown era, antics for which Oralmann has served as his protector and enabler? Here are just a few:

    Keith Olbermann Hypocrite

    • Imus repeatedly does a "racist" and "disgusting" skit, with his producer doing a stereotyped "black" voice as Ray Nagin
    • Imus's sportscaster called Palestinians "stinking animals"
    • Imus referred to the MSNBC reporter assigned to his show, Contessa Brewer, as "fat" and "painfully stupid"
    • Imus called for the bombing of Mecca.
    • Imus described CBS executives as "money-grubbing Jews".
    • And, of course, the nappy-headed ho's.

    All of these incidents, and more, have been covered up by Herr Olbermann, one of the "compromises" he made to sign a new contract with A-Mess-NBC. There's no question what the Olbermann Manhood Quotient is: [limp].


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name rocketed to #8,9141 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #250. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome is #4,614 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #856 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. There is weeping and gnashing of teeth on OlbyPlanet. Monday's Hour of Spin ended up in a humilitating, miserable fourth place in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 5 [ELEVATED]

    UPDATE: Transcript & Video

    Read the transcript to the Tuesday show

    Keith Olbermann "avoiding" comment on Don Imus controversy

    Olbermann Watch You Tube Channel Make Top 10

    The newly launched Olbermann Watch You Tube Channel is a smash hit. Olbermann Watch readers can subscribe here for free!

    Our video of Don Imus apologizing for his racist comments (with the comments) is now among the Top 10 "most discussed" on the world's most popular video sharing site. The video, which includes a promo clip for Olbermann Watch, has been viewed over 10,000 times and generated hundreds of comments. The video is currently #41 overall.

    Since it was launched on March 23rd, the Olbermann Watch You Tube Channel has had 62,926 video views and 1,782 channel views. The channel is currently ranked the #32 most viewed channel on YouTube and has 90 subscribers.

    UPDATE: by the end of the day we hit 27,000 views, the Imus video was in the Top 20 "most viewed" and the channel reached #20 "most viewed channel".

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    Olbypocrisy: Keith Digs a Deeper Hole

    Keith Olbermann Hypocrite

    On ESPN radio today, Keith Olbermann tried to explain to Dan Patrick his stand on the Don Imus matter. Rather than distancing himself from his obvious hypocrisy, Olby went even further. He's been covering for Imus all along--Olby protected him because Imus is on A-Mess-NBC. And somehow none of this bothered Keith enough to keep him from re-upping with A-Mess-NBC. Twice. As to the ultimate question of whether Imus should be fired, Oralmann was fearless and kourageous: he'll let the girls decide! [mp3 audio]

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    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 10, 2007

    So...ESPN hates Keith Olbermann confirmed
    Narcissistic Views

    Profile of Olbermann in NYMAG and he comes off as some sort of paranoid person with issues unresolved combined with delusions of grandeur. It is not a flattering puff piece.

    Why Don Imus Won't Be Fired
    News By Us

    But MSNBC's problem isn't just Imus. The network features another smear artist, former sportcaster Keith Olbermann, who names a "Worst Person in the World" on a nightly basis and whose program consists of interviewing other liberals who agree with him. I don't watch the program but when I was named the "Worst Person in the World," I examined what Olbermann had said about me and discovered that he had flat-out lied. The Imus case seems different because Olbermann is considered by some a laughable crank while Imus is charged with being a racist by the left-wing civil rights community and many others. But throwing Imus overboard won't end the controversy over the strange entity that MSNBC has become.

    Throwing Keith Under the Bus
    Relevant Torture

    Dan spent the entire first segment trying to get Keith to come down on fellow MSNBC product Don Imus for his comments on the Rutgers Scarlet Knights Women's Basketball team...At the end of the show, Dan says that Keith is no longer the "most trusted man in news" until he names Imus the "Worst Person in the World." Keith mimics falling off his tightrope and Dan is left to clean up with a mop and a bucket.

    Abrams and Media Matters Smear Gibson
    Johnny Dollar's Place

    According to [Dan] Abrams...nobody on Fox should criticize Imus because it's part of their "strategy" to attack MSNBC. (Never mind that just Keith Olbermann's attacks on Bill O'Reilly alone number over 175.) So Fox doesn't have "clean hands".

    NY Mag labels Keith Olbermann the "Limbaugh for Lefties"
    Journal News/Suburbarazzi

    "the former SportsCenter anchor has even been credited with helping to effect the Democratic takeover of Congress this past November." Okay, some points are more logical than others.

    Limbaugh for Lefties?
    Pajamas Media

    New York Magazine goes to great lengths to show how the 'new improved' Keith Olbermann is just like Rush Limbaugh with a rant-left slant. Minus many millions of people paying attention.

    Keith Olbermann a Hypocrite? Say It Ain't So!
    Gold Plated With on Wheels

    You won't read about this on any lefty blog in the stories about Don Imusgate, but we here at Gold-Plated Witch on Wheels are dedicated to showing you the snobbish hypocrisy of the left at every opportunity. Now we have more snobbish hypocrisy from the left's favorite unwatched "news" program: Keith Olbermann.

    Sweetness, I Was Only Joking When I Said By Rights You Should be Bludgeoned in Your Bed
    A Blog Named Sue

    It's not surprising that the straightest shooter on primetime cable these days is Keith Olbermann - a former sports reporter.

    I will take mine with a side of BS

    The ratings of the young adult/middle aged population who get their news from Olbermann, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report are staggering... and why... because young people are fed up with the propaganda we find in network broadcasting. Humor added to the news keeps young people hooked in and guess what... we actually learn something!

    New Olbermann Watch blogroller
    Eclipse Ramblings

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    Jackie Mason on Olbermann the "Schmuck"

    Jackie Mason has a way with words, and this morning on Red Eye, he addressed the case of the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann:

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    OlbyloonWatch: Watch 'em Spin Edition!

    Reverberations from yesterday's New York magazine profile on Olbermann continue to echo through the Olbyloon blogosphere. And suffice it to say, since this wasn't the usual kiss-butt tribute to Olbermann that the loons are accustomed to, they were not pleased.

    But nothing, no, nothing could top the outrage of Olbermann's #1 fan, and chief Olbypologist, Kathy (think Kathy Bates in Misery):

    OK, I will try to say what I have to say in bite-sized chunks that will (I hope) be more easily digestible. First, I wanted to be fair. So I decided to actually count up the things this article said about Keith that could be considered positive, vs. the things that could be considered negative. And the things that maybe weren't negative per se, but just came off as snide or snarky because of the obvious tone the author took toward the subject. Here's my tally, followed by exactly what qualified for each list:
    Positive: 12 --Says that "he’s found his sweet spot" --Says that viewers "saw him speaking truth to power" --Calls him "a lefty who isn’t afraid to mix it up" --Describes Countdown as "moments of juvenile absurdity followed by moments of biting, sincere, and genuinely affecting commentary" --Says his "outrage" reads as "real, not focus-group manufactured like much of cable punditry" --Says "Even a Bush acolyte had to admire his eloquence" --Says that when KO worked in LA, "people noticed the quirky guy who once ate prime rib during a broadcast" --Says Dan and Keith "quickly established a winning, irreverent rapport" --Says Dan and Keith "became the model for sports anchors as TV stars" --Says some of Keith's ESPN colleagues "saw a brash breath of fresh air" --Says Keith lobbied at ESPN "on causes from saner hours for lowly production assistants to profit-sharing for employees who were helping the network generate billions" --Describes Keith as having "edgy, quick-witted commentary and polymathic interests"
    Negative: 33 --The media reductionist description of him as a "Limbaugh for the Left" --Says the "outsize ego and acid tone ooze from him" --Says "It’s unclear whether the mannerisms are real or a bit of an ironic put-on that became his default setting after a time" --Calls him "ornery" --Says that while Sean Hannity greeeted him civilly, KO showed "no such penchant for diplomacy" --Accused KO of criticizing people simply because they happen to be "a hapless soul whose lone mistake is trying to make a living in his chosen profession" (i.e., sometimes he vents anger on people solely out of professional envy) --Says KO "has been pissed off since he could lift the toilet seat" --Says KO has "considerable, bred-in-the-bone rage" --Calls KO "a pioneer in the now-stultifying genre of the loudmouthed, blow-dried smart-ass" --Says KO's "bombast seemed out of proportion to the issues at hand" --Says that in the past, KO "was his own kind of Worst Person in the World. His sense of superiority and caustic vibe eventually cost him gigs and friends" --Calls KO "naughty" at ESPN and elaborates by saying he was the "only former star not invited back for the 25th anniversary" and that he’s allowed to participate on Dan's radio show only because Dan promised that KO would never set foot in Bristol --Describes an MSNBC "flack" (that's a loaded word right there) as saying "Did you hear that snort he just did?” That’s his imitation of Matthews,” then biting his lip as if to say “oops,” then trying to "respin" by saying “But they really, really like each other.” Take-away message? KO has nothing but contempt for Tweety, and openly makes fun of him while pretending ostensibly to be a team player. In other words, he's two-faced --Says all Countdown visitors are "affable yes-men providing can-I-get-a-witness nods to the latest gem proffered by their all-knowing host." This is an out-and-out lie, and is worthy of Olbermann Watch --Says "He gives a shudder. I can’t tell whether it’s genuine revulsion or managed humility." Take-away message again? KO is two-faced, only pretends to be humble --Says KO "doesn’t tend to go after Democrats with the same bloodthirsty zeal with which he attacks the Republicans." Provides two examples: one good (the fact that he didn't go for the jugular when interviewing Hillary), one not so good (the fact that he gave Bill a check for his Global Initiative, on camera. In essence, accusing him of being a grandstanding, compromised journalist. Again, worthy of Olbermann Watch.) --Says that KO's L.A. sportscast "sometimes finished seventh behind reruns of Spanish-language soap operas." Again, worthy of Olbermann Watch, which delights in exaggerating the low ratings of anything KO ever did --Says thaat KO once claimed that BOTH characters on Sports Night were based on him. I think this one might also qualify as an outright lie, designed to make KO look more egotistical. Has anyone ever read anywhere that KO ever said both characters were based on him? Or if ever said both characters had elements of him in them, did he simply mean that they also both had elements of Dan--i.e., neither one was directly modeled on JUST him or JUST Dan? --Says that some of his ESPN colleagues "saw a self-righteous gasbag" --Describes KO as "a world-class agitator" --Says KO "won a reputation as a miserable jerk" --Quotes unnamed former ESPN coworker as saying he was "the unhappiest" and that said coworker deliberately tried to avoid giving him rides home --Says ESPN allowed his contract to expire (I believe this is a lie also) --Says KO "escaped" to his other gigs --Says that when KO first went to MSNBC, "In quintessential form, he was ready to quit the show before it started" --Quotes unnamed source as saying that Keith "panicked" at news of Princess Di's death, alternately chanting, “We’ve got blood on our hands” and “I’m not going to be able to do the show” and that he "denies this characterization" (I bet he does. This is the guy who handled the deaths of sports figures so well, and later a Pope?) --Tells the story about him buying a house, finding it too noisy and moving out after a week and a half --Tells the story about him moving into "a posh Santa Monica hotel" and fighting the hotel over his phone bills --Says he "spent hours" in the summer of 2001 "tending to his baseball-card collection, feuding with the L.A. hotel, and generally nursing grudges against the world" (obviously attempting to make him sound like a spoiled child) --Says he was guilty of "years of churlish behavior" --Says he "has had his bumps in his current gig" and that "despite having significantly mellowed by most accounts, he has again had run-ins with colleagues" (citing the supposed "negative" thing he said about Dan Abrams--come on!--and trotting out the Rita Cosby story yet again, as if it even matters now that she's gone) --Calls him "Once a recurring 'Page Six' figure for his dating escapades" (another lie--if not for a certain lying liar and the lies she told, Page Six would have said nothing about his so-called "dating escapades" at all) --Describes his comments about Anderson Cooper by saying "it felt off again—too big a gun for too small a target"
    Snide and Snarky: 15 --Says KO "may not be as popular or influential" as Rush Limbaugh, but that he "has his own dittoheads. They just happen to drive Honda Elements with a dedicated iPod port." (I sigh. No, that is NOT me. And I definitely think that KO attracts, not dittoheads, but people who THINK FOR THEMSELVES, thank you. They just happen to like a lot of what he says. Do we all parrot him and agree with everything he says? I think not.) --Says KO "doesn’t share the stage with anyone." This is a lie. Monica Novotny? Several of his guests? Need I say more? But the message is sent anyway: KO is a raging egotist who can't share the stage. --Describes KO as he "checks his hair in a Snow White–size mirror." Take-away message: KO is vain, because he CARES HOW HE LOOKS ON TV! --Says of KO's handing the check to Bill on camera, "the gesture didn’t exactly smack of political objectivity" --Says "His parents went to extreme lengths to make his dorm room the only one in Ithaca with cable TV." Take-away message: Keith was a spoiled brat --Says at college, "Between tearful calls home, he sat alone and watched the tube." Take-away message: KO was a loser --Says KO "skipped classes to report for his college radio station." Even KO says this is true, but I bet he never imagined it would be used against him to make him look bad --Describes KO and DP as "the smart-ass New Yorker and the Ohio high-school hoops star." Oh boy, has Dan seen this article yet? He's probably delighted with some of it. I mean, the first paragraph mentions his radio show, and then he gets described as an "Ohio high-school hoops star"? Who did they think they were describing here anyway? LeBron James?? --Describes KO's radio work on 9/11 as "surprisingly moving and heartfelt." Surprisingly? Why should it be surprising? Unless, that is, you think KO is a talentless, pompous hack...*cough *cough* --Describes KO now as "probably about as happy as he can be." Now there's a damn with a faint praise! --Says of Katy: "Yes, she’s a 23-year-old 2005 graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, but..." Note the "but." In other words, your disapproving raised eyebrow at the age difference is assumed --Says "For the moment, anyway, he seems to have achieved a measure of peace." In other words: a grudging "Well, he LOOKS happy, but...underneath all that apparent happiness is a very, very angry man, and who knows when he'll blow up and ruin his life again?" Again, very Olbermann Watch --Implies KO may have no career left without Bush to be angry at: "What’s a W. basher to do?" --Says he "checked his hair in the mirror." Again, take-away message is, he's Ted Baxter --Describes one of his comments as "vintage screed, almost lyrical in its vicious eloquence." Whoa. How charming.
    So that's the tally: 12 positive statements, 33 negative, 15 snide and snarky if not outright negative. Fair and balanced? Yes--about as fair and balanced as Fox News. More next post. Because there are more points I want to make

    But Kathy, this writer followed Keith around for several days. They observed him up close and personal. Don't you think they are a better judge of his character and personality than a demented fanatical fan who has never met the man? Of course not. Furthermore, many of these facts about Keith which Kathy cited as being negative in tone have been used in other articles about Olbermann and he has never disputed their veracity. But that's not good enough for Kathy. Nope, she wants all positive, all the time, despite her protests to the contrary. But you can't accuse Kathy of not trying to be helpful. She's also prepared a lengthy memo on how the article could have been "better-written".

    Now, let's talk about the missed opportunities in this article. First of all, know this. I know that magazine articles are not supposed to be objective, I know they're supposed to express opinions. I also know that no writer is obligated to come away with the same impression of someone after researching and interviewing him for a magazine profile as I do. And I know that the writer's job is to collect all the facts he has collected, develop an overall impression of the person from those facts and from interacting with the person, and then present that impression in words, deliberately-yet-fairly presenting the facts that support that opinion. My problem? Not that this author came away with an opinion of KO that varies from mine. That's his right. But that once he decided that he, personally, did not like KO, he cherry-picked and interpreted the facts in a way so as to cast Keith in SUCH a bad light that I don't even think it qualifies as fair. Facts that didn't fit his impression, or ways of interpreting those facts, were blithely tossed aside, and hints and clues that might have provided greater understanding of the tiny new insights this author DID find along the way were ignored and went unexplored. If I had to sum up this writer's opinion of KO in a nutshell, it would be this: Keith Olbermann is a vain, woefully insecure, immature, only superficially talented, two-faced, living powder keg of anger, who goes through life being angry at just about everyone and everything, and who is not happy unless he has an excuse for blowing a fuse at someone or something with regularity. The fact that he "seems" happy now has mostly to do with the fact that he's found himself such a worthy target of anger in the Bush Administration. Oh, and yeah, he's got a hot young girlfriend. That'll put even a seething cauldron of rage in a good mood...temporarily, anyway. Every tidbit of information in the article is used to support that thesis. Every single one. Facts that don't simply don't get used. You won't read here that Keith has selected himself as WPITW, or how self-critical he is for all his talk about his ego. You won't read here about his interviewing skills. You won't read here about the many friends he HASN'T alienated. You won't learn much about his intelligence. You won't learn about his kindness, or how open-minded or forgiving he can be, or where he got any of that from. You won't read about his tendency in the past to stick stubbornly to principle, even when it meant cutting off his hand to spite his face. You won't read here about his childlike love of baseball, despite his hatred at what the people who run it have done to it. You especially won't read about his therapy here, or what he learned from it that may have changed his approach to life for the better. The author appears to even mistrust Keith when he expresses an idea that makes him sound humble. He implies that he can't tell whether the humility is real or faked. And he interprets things others say in the worst possible way. (The Princess Di story is an excellent example. If Keith is anything like me--and he could be--this story could be true, and yet reflect on his abilities not one whit. I'm one of those people who likes to get in a vocal dither about something unexpected happening at work, and vent about how-can-they-do-this-to-us, how-are-we-going-to-handle-this, etc. And then I suck it up and DO IT. My colleagues recognize the venting as just being something I have to do and get out of the way--not paralyzing "panic." I don't see Keith as being panicked into paralysis either; he's done live TV too long for that. But maybe he, too, just needs to vent and bitch and moan before he knuckles down and gets the job done.) And then there are the missed opportunities. We all know how Keith can sometimes be almost TOO open and trusting with details about his life and his past, and once again, here he opens up wide and tells all...never seeming to realize that it can and will be used against him by this writer. He tells about being skipped two grades, about girls beating him up in school, about being lonely and homesick in college because he went away to school before he was emotionally ready. He shows a bit of the side of himself that isn't as diplomatic and politic as it might be toward others in his business. And how does all this get used? To present him as a loser, who has become a pompous ass in order to cope with his raging insecurities. No better than Rush or Billo. Yet it should have been so easy for this writer to see more deeply into what was going on. In some ways, he does touch on a truth that has never come through in any of the other articles about Keith. He recognizes this: that at times, Keith does seem to aim a lot of anger at somewhat questionable targets, that he does seem disproportionately worked up at times about someone misspelling a word, or at how Anderson Cooper looks, or something else that doesn't seem worth getting all bent out of shape about. And that some of his snark seems to be aimed at rather easy targets--at shooting fish in a barrel, rather than going after the tougher challenges. I think, if he really wanted to make this article something special, he should have asked Keith that question. "Why do you get so worked up about A, B and C?" He did pick up on a small piece of information I'd never before considered: that KO feels obligated to go after Billo because in some perverse way (that perverse sense of overresponsibility he possesses), Keith feels personally responsible for Billo becoming a success in the first place. I.e., he literally tells himself that by blowing his own show in 1998, he left the stage free for the likes of O'Reilly, so somehow Billo's success is ALL HIS FAULT! Lord, what a burden that must be to live with! But other times he seems to chalk up Keith's anger to sheer professional jealousy. For example, the Anderson Cooper comments. Fish in a barrel? Target not worthy of his aim? Maybe a little envious of AC's success (as he seems to be of Katie Couric's)? Maybe a bit hypocritical sometimes? Yes. But it's more complex than that. It's not just "I don't like Anderson or Sean or Katie or Tweety because they are competitors" or "Anderson should shut up about his life if he doesn't want it talked about" when Keith has complained about losing his own privacy. He really does have serious reasons for not liking Anderson or Katie or Sean or whoever that go beyond the envy-jealousy-hypocrisy thing. But these have gone unexamined. Even worse, especially in a writer who has made up his mind that the most overarching impression of his subject is his anger-management issues (and I'm not saying Keith doesn't have any of those), is that he never really digs to find the source of his subject's anger...even when clues are being handed right to him on a silver platter BY his subject. Keith says "I was always trying to match my intellectual maturity with an equal emotional maturity, and it didn’t work." He says he went to college and made tearful calls home, the implication being that he went before he was emotionally ready. He says that he couldn't deal with his first MSNBC show because--and this is the thing he has never said before--"All the yelling on the show reminded me of a part of my childhood that I didn’t want to relive." And what does this writer do? Does he ask Keith "Do you think that all your life, you have struggled with making your emotional maturity match your intellectual maturity?" Does he ask "What 'yelling' in your childhood are you referring to? What did it make you feel?" Oh, if he had! What insight he could have gained into what makes his subject tick! Yes, he asks why, for years, Keith felt like an impostor on the verge of being found out: "My frustration has been over many years of never being able to be an irresponsible kid. I’ve always felt like I was the designated driver 24 hours a day.” (I find it fascinating that he phrases it that way--"designated driver"--even though being a literal "designated driver" is one form of responsibility he was relieved of years ago.) But having been handed this great stuff, the writer just leaves it there. When it could have been used as a clue to, possibly, many things. Such as why Keith feels "responsible" for Billo's success. Or to prompt some really provocative questions, such as: If so much of your adulthood has been about rebelling against the maturity you feel was forced on you prematurely, what's so different about you now? Why should we believe you have changed, and that this is not just another calm before the storm? Why should we believe your problems are all solved, and now you are going to live happily ever after, The End? Those are just a few examples, and by no means exhaustive. I hope it's clear from this that my biggest objection to this article is not that it's badly written (technically, it's not, from a verbal standpoint), or that it fails to present a shiny pretty picture of "Little Keith, Happy At Last," the way so many of the recent articles on him have. (I wouldn't have found that to be entirely fair or truthful either.) My biggest objections are a) that the author seems to have developed an intense visceral dislike of Keith as a person, despite generally liking what his show does and its viewpoints, and written his profile in the least flattering light possible; and b) that he did so without fully exploring all the dimensions of what might make Keith the way he is.

    No Kathy, what's clear here is that you really seem to think you know Keith and that you, obessive Olbypologist that you are, think you know him better than people who have actually met him. And it's clear that when your perceptions collide with other people's reality, you aren't pleased. But hey, it makes great comic fodder for me and great material for Olbermannwatch so keep it up--please!

    And who is leading the charge at Either Relevant or True? Why it's "Orinenglish" at Either Relevant or True who sounds suspiciously like "Kathy" above because she too has taken time to count the positives vesus negatives in that magazine article. Hmmm. An Olbyloon using multiple user names to defend their man? Say it isn't so!

    Count me in as one of the ticks in the "This Article Was a Hatchet Job" category.Its entire theme was this, and this alone: Keith Olbermann is no different from Rush Limbaugh in that he's an untalented, ignorant, vain, media blowhard asshole, a constantly seething kettle of rage, who has attracted a group of mindless idiot followers looking for a Pied Piper to speak for them. Except he exercises his rage against the right, instead of the left. There. Done!I don't say that just because of the title, either. Editors do tend to be the ones who write the titles and decks on magazine articles, but they do so based on what they perceive to be the overriding theme of the article they are titling. That's precisely what this editor did--and very accurately."Balanced"? Come on. It says a couple of complimentary things about him, and then counters them with 20 highly UNcomplimentary things, several of which are sourced anonymously, several of which are irrelevant (Rita Cosby? Who cares what he had to say about her anymore?) and several of which simply aren't factually true, but they serve the purpose of making Keith look bad, and that's all that really matters. And "in-depth"? Not really. Every time the writer picks up a piece of information that is actually new and might serve to better explain the man, he drops it like it's hot.Am I looking for a "rose-colored filter"? No. In all honesty, I think the articles that imply that Keith has all his problems in life solved now, and that there's nothing left for him but to live happily ever after, are far too simplified and simplistic. But this article was written through a deliberately distorting filter, and designed to make Keith look like just another preening, blustering media idiot fueled by a bottomless anger that the author doesn't even try to explore the source of. Even though he's being given hint after hint by the as-usual-overly-self-revelatory Keith, who seems not to realize that by being so honest and self-effacing about his past, he's handing the writer a loaded gun with which to aim directly at his head. (You can almost hear the Rita Skeeter gears grinding in the writer's mind: "So, Keith says his parents made sure he was the only college student in Ithaca with cable TV in the 1970s. Yet he was lonely, because he wasn't emotionally ready for college. Let's see: 'Spoiled-rotten Keith was the only kid at college with cable TV thanks to his overly indulgent parents who paid all his bills, yet he still cried like a big sucky-baby on the phone to home.' There."). . . This is an article by an author who seems to think Keith's not done a single bit of work on his psyche (no mention of his therapy here AT ALL), and is ostensibly "happy" simply because he now has a worthy target for his anger, a big fat contract, and a very young girlfriend. But, that he could lose all three the very next time he blows his stack. So look out, he's gonna blow!!!! Honestly, it's as if Bob Cox were forced to interview Keith and write a profile that said nothing negative about him simply because of the viewpoints he expresses. And faithfully kept to the letter of the law in that regard...while making sure his venom and contempt for the man showed at every turn. I mean, Every. Single. Turn.

    You know, after reading these kinds of reactions, maybe it is a good thing that the media usually kisses Olbermann's ample backside. Otherwise, the exploding brains of Olbyloons would present a safety-hazard!

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    April 9, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 9, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IRAQ: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek; Dana Milbank
    • US ATTORNEYS: Charlie Savage, Boston Globe
    • IMUS: Regurgigated NBC video

    It's Monday and Keith Olbermann bellowed the opening spiel: Iraq, the statue of Saddam, did the Democrats "blink" [Ding!] because they aren't willing to cut off funds for our troops in the field? Newt Gingrich says Gonzo should go, Bernard Kerik, Mitt Romney the "hunter", Richard McCain "shooting from the hip", and Don Imus. It's a Monday Hour of Spin.

    UPDATED with Transcript & Video of Keith Olbermann throwing Don Imus under the bus

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: The pulling down of the Saddam statue was a fraudulent "stunt". Anti-US demonstrations in Iraq. Democrats are starting to "blink" [Ding!] re cutting off Iraq money. Olby complained to The Wolffe Man that the President won the funding fight and asked why did they blink [Ding!] now? Wolffie said it's a way to pin the war on the Prez. Olby said the White House was using "spin" to portray a successful surge. Great thanks.

    Then it was on to the obligatory attack on Richard McCain (R). He asked Milbank (without weird wardrobe) if McCain was the new Bush. DM said McCain's Iraq position is damaging his credibility, and KO ridiculed McCain's claim of progress: "Who is telling him, who is advising him 'stay that course', no matter how many facts suggest to you and others that it's a delusion?"

    Stop the tivo! This is the second time Monkeymann has called this decorated POW delusional. One of the reasons he gets away with it is because he screens his guest list so tightly that even A-Mess-NBC analysts can't get on to contradict him. Example:

    That was Col Jack Jacobs, who used to be a frequent Countdown guest. Seems he is a bit "delusional" too, eh Olby? Then it was time to attack Mitt Romney (R) as "foolish", plus, for good measure, Giuliani (R). Hmm. How many (D) Presidential candidates did Olbermahn ridicule. Let's see...oh, zero! Many thanks.

    #4: US attorneys "scandal" [Ding!] yet again. Gonzo is "not ready" to testify, even though he asked to have his testimony moved up. That means "sooner", KO. Don't let facts get in the way of OlbySpin. Newt Gingrich thinks Gonzo should go. That "worst person" Gingrich? That's the one. Flogging news from three days ago: Goodling resigned. Too many people in the administration graduated from a University that was founded by the eeevil Pat Robertson. Savage delivered the scaaaaaaary news. KO's dumb question of the night: "Are, are we, are we now seeing the rise of a new breed of public officials who have not been exposed, not merely not to public education but to non-sectarian education?" Right. Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin--they were all products of our public school system. Even Savage wouldn't wholly swallow the OlbySpin that these schools turn out a bunch of inept incompetents, but he was happy to otherwise parrot his puppet-master. Many thanks.

    #3: The Great Imus Controversy, about which Oralmann has said exactly nothing on Countdown since Wednesday, when the I-Man made his racist statements. How did he deal with it tonight? Krazy Keith bragged that hasn't appeared on the show since 1998 or 1999 because he thought Imus was making inappropriate remarks. But of course he never said so. And besides, "it's not my day to run the network". Hmm. Doesn't exactly sound like there's a "worst person" award coming up, does it? For the details of the guessed it! Regurgitated NBC video!!

    #2: Liner sinks (more regurgitated reportage), Anna Nicole Smith, Kristen Dunst. #1: Political myths (that quickly morphed into attacks on Romney, Giuliani, and Richard McCain) with the uproarious Mo Rocca. In the Media Matters Minute, Robert Turner (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters) and Tom DeLay (Blue Blog Source: Daily Kos). Both Republicans, both conservatives. What a shocker.

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    Dogs that did not bark: Herr Olbermann always protects his buddies in Tehran, so it's no surprise that the latest from A-jad got spiked on The Hour of Spin. Just like progress in Afghanistan. No discouraging words (or pictures) about Sen Obama are permitted on OlbyPlanet either. Scandals are big news to Monkeymann, but not when the wrongoers are Democrats.

    Keith Olbermann Hypocrite

    And of course the greatest non-barking dog is "Man on Fan" Olbermann's super-hypocritical failure to hold Imus to the same standard he holds conservatives or Fox employees. After all, Fat Ass declared Neil Boortz a "racist" for what? For making fun of Cynthia McKinney and her "Brillo pad hairdo". But Imus holds two get-out-of-OlbyPlanet-free cards: he's a liberal, and he works for A-Mess-NBC. So much for Bathtub Boy's "manhood".

    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name is an impressive #14,681 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #252. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome is #4,568 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #1,376 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. Friday's Hour of Spin finished in an unimpressive third place in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". The MisterMeter had the night off. Maybe it's going on a two-week suspension.

    UPDATED with Transcript & Video

    Read the transcript to the Monday show

    Keith Olbermann throwing Don Imus under the bus

    Olbypocrisy Confirmed: By Olby!

    We have been exposing the rank hypocrisy of the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann for years. Olbypologists have fumed, fussed, and spun like a top to defend him, but all those efforts are now moot. Because Keith Olbermann himself has all but admitted he is a hypocrite. Listen to these two brief audio clips, and let Keith's own words convict him.

    Clip #1: Keith Olbermann on ESPN radio (Nov 16 2006). He and Dan Patrick are discussing the O.J. Simpson book and tv deal, and Keith is telling Patrick that Bill O'Reilly is a wuss because he won't come out and criticize his own network, Fox. The premise was factually incorrect (O'Reilly was going after Fox in a big way for it), but it's Olbermann's test of manhood that is the point [mp3 audio]:

    Clip #2: Keith Olbermann on ESPN radio today, discussing comments by Don Imus. Listen in amazement as the rules about criticizing your own network suddenly change by 180 degrees [mp3 audio]:

    Is Keith Olbermann a slovenly, partisan hypocrite? According to Keith Olbermann: yes.

    Check out Brian Mulroney at Radio Equalizer who has fast become Imus Watch Central.

    UPDATE: Imus suspended by MSNBC and CBSRadio for two weeks - starting next week.

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    Olbyloon Reaction to the New York Article

    Since Stephen Rodrick of New York Magazine wasn't as blinded by Olbermann's BS as writers usually are, you could expect that the Olbyloons wouldn't be happy with the article. And you'd be right. Some samples of reaction to the article from the usual suspects. First let's go to Democratic Underground and their "I need Estrogen Brigade" where they had this reaction:
    Oh wait, they had no reaction. None whatsoever. The article doesn't exist. Why doesn't the article exist? Because it's not 100% fawning of their man that's why! DU has a long history of ignoring anything that is less than complimentary of their cult leader.

    New and Updated to include reaction from Daily Kos!

    Okay, so on to Either Relevant or True: And what's this? Why there's a grammatical error in the main post! Someone alert the Olbermann-grammar police at once so they can correct "Becky"! And at EROT, it seems that "Gilbert" is miffed. Why? Because the writer: "

    (did) knock Keith for donating to the Clinton Global Initative?

    Yes Gilbert, the writer did. You see, real journalists don't practice checkbook journalism. Your boy though, does. And it looks bad when that's pointed out in an article like this doesn't it? There's a reason for that. It's against journalistic ethics, something Olbermann obviously knows very little about.

    Now on to our personal favorite,, where the Olybloons running the asylum that is that website can always be counted on for endless hours of amusement and spin. And oh, they certainly don't disappoint this time!
    Says "Charity Froggenhall.

    Stopped reading halfway through. They make him sound like a complete psychopath.

    You said it Charity! Reading about JFK appearing to him in a dream, bloody head and all, and his freak-out over Princess Diana and "blood on all of our hands", yes, he does come off as a psychopath. Wonder why that would be?

    And "SLFriend", A moderator at (ooh, impressive huh, anyone ever notice that site has more moderators than actual posters?). Anyway, "Slfriend" opines, "

    I had a feeling this article was a 'Hatchet Job' after reading the title."

    As opposed to the usual 100% kiss-butt pieces, which is what the Loons of course, is all the Olbyloons ever want to see when it concerns MSM articles on Olbermann.
    And Marie, ah, Marie. She believes the article was error-ridden! Why you ask?

    For example, it's logical that if Katy came to NY from Cali, she moved in with him -- not the other way around. If the author was careless on obvious details like that, what else did he screw up?"

    Let's review the article, shall we?

    Once a recurring "Page Six" figure for his dating escapades, Olbermann recently moved in with his girlfriend, Katy Tur. Yes, she is a 23-year-old 2005 graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, but the relationship marks his first attempt at cohabitation

    While the article does say that Olbermann moved in with her, but apparently Marie discounts the idea that Olbermann and Tur moved into a NEW apartment together. See, this is what makes me love chronicling the adventures of the loons oh so much. And does anyone else remember that as recently as last month, the loons were still trying to claim that Katy was much older than 23? They don't have much of a track record when it comes to being correct about their assumptions on Keith Olbermann. But that doesn't stop them from trying to proclaim they know him. They can always be counted on to find some technical loophole or strange phrasing that allows them to declare the entire article false.

    But Marie saves her venom for those evil unnamed sources!

    And whoever those unnamed "souces" are, I wish they'd come out from under their
    rock. "But I don't buy anything contributed by unnamed
    "sources." Bullshit cowards.

    Bullshit Cowards? Oh my. You mean like the people who post here in his defense who can't be bothered to even think up a user name? Or perhaps like Olbermann himself who ridicules Anderson Cooper for going to Iraq with a blue bulletproof vest when Olbermann sits high and dry and safe in his studio and refuses to even be seated on set with guests who are in the same studio copmlex he is! Yes, in that case Marie, "Bullshit Coward" does describe Olbermann perfectly! Thanks for thinking up that phrase for us. I'll use it in the future.

    And you knew that an Olberwatch slam just had to be there didn't you? And you'd be right, here it is

    Hmmmph. That's certainly not the Keith Olbermann I watch. Who wrote that, Robert Cox?

    Grumbles another,

    "that writer definitely had an axe to grind."

    Yeah, kinda like Olbermann and O'Reilly/Fox/Bush/fill-in-the-blank, huh?

    And then there's this from "The Roser":

    Well, I hate the title, Limbaugh is a partisan liar, a bigot as well, but the article seemed fairly balanced. I wish he'd quit with the Anderson Cooper stuff though. To use his term, it comes off as fictionalized anger."
    But Roser, Olbermann has admitted he's a partisan! And he has been caught lying--more than once. Seems like the perfect comparison to us.

    And Fictionalized Anger? Olbermann? Just because he pulls a "Special Comment" out of his back-pocket every time his ratings start to go south, why that doesn't mean they're fiction does it? Well, you said it. We didn't. We just believe you.

    And protests Lauralu: "

    It didn't seem like the writer got it right about what Keith is doing and what he represents. There's so much more to what he's doing on C/D than bitch slapping george."

    Oh yeah, there sure is. Like Olbermann's grudge matches against O'Reilly/Fox/Bush/fill-in-the-bank. And don't forget video clips of polar bears and Hollywood Gossip!

    And then there's this bit of vomit-inducing girlyfan worship, "

    Ladies, don't you wish you could have known him at 16 and kept him company watching TV in that single dorm room of his? When I saw that picture (the one in the opening post), I thought if I'd been there I'd have jumped in his lap. What a cute young man."

    And since nothing can top THAT remark, I'll end my post here. For now. I'm sure the Olbyloons will be back for more. And so will I!

    Update: The Kossacks at Daily Kos have weighed in! And what do you know, one of them is deluded enough to think that Keith, "I'm a watercarrier for MSNBC and my buddy Phil" will actually make Imus a WPITW pick!" We know that the Olbyloons don't live on the real earth with the rest of us, but this one is out there even for Olbyplanet! What does Jill at Daily Kos want?

    Well, Keith?.... WELL, Keith?! If ever there was a time for a "Worst Person.." or a "Special Comment," this is it. Let's see if you have the stones to stand up to your money-whore overlords at MSNBC and call for this vile gasbag's firing.Let's tell Olbermann it's time to speak out and do the right

    Well that would be the thing to do if Olbermann wasn't a hypocrite, but we clear thinkers know he is. And as usual, the Olbyloons spring to Olbermann's defense with the following,

    Give him a chance...Keith's already proven he has more 'stones' than every Bush and Cheney combined. Of he ignores this issue on the next Countdown, then have a rant about it.

    Yeah, we won't hold our breath on that to happen!

    Then there's this. . .

    why Olby isn't allowed to criticize his co-workers.
    I'd like to think think that if he would/could criticize his co-workers he'd do something about Scarborough trying so hard to be cute/funny/edgy/Colbert during their transitional throws.

    Hmm. If that rule actually existed, then Olbermann never would have been able to repeatedly bash Dan Abrams. Or Tucker Carlson. Or Rita Cosby. Or Chris Matthews. Come to think of it, is there anyone that Olbermann works with that he hasn't critizied? No, we didn't think so.

    Obviously, the diary writer at Kos was making entirely too much sense for the Olbyloons who then decided to turn on her.

    this is the crappiest "diary" of the day...normally if someone is ranting, there is an obvious object of the you're targeting keith olbermann... why?To be attacking countdown for this is one of the stupidest things yet.


    Maybe you have'nt watched Olbermann a whole lot Jillcrenz, but I've been watching him from day 1, and the guy nails it. Your criticisms of something that hasnt happened yet are crap, and even if he did'nt mention it I certainly would'nt hold it against him. The guy is the only one on the airwaves doing any real reporting at all, best of all he's a liberal.I think you could do more to further our causes, then some inane attack on Olbermann.

    But aren't liberals supposed to stand up against things like racism and sexist statements? Hmm. Guess not.

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    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 9, 2007

    Keith Olbermann has been pissed off since he could lift the toilet seat
    Relevant Torture

    In spite of the author's decision to make anger the main theme of the piece, it's balanced and fairly in-depth. Yes, his well-known sins are trotted out in what seems like a never-ending parade (it's a fairly lengthy profile) and at no time is KO lit with a rose-colored filter, but this isn't a hatchet job. Though I expect there will be a faction of fans that see it as such.

    this is the problem with writing so much
    Not Poetry

    There's a profile of Keith Olbermann in this week's issue of New York magazine. (I was pleased I had something to read in the doctor's office this morning, that's for sure.) It's not nice, exactly, but it's not trying to cut him down or portray him as anything he hasn't already labeled himself as. It's very honest. He's very honest, I think, which makes me simultaneously pleased and embarrassed for him

    Olbermann overdoes it
    Count Me Blue

    For the first time in memory since I became a huge fan of his show, I'm disagreeing with Keith Olbermann. We all know you hate Bill O'Lielly, Keith - your outrage and venom for him is nearly always well placed. But to honor Geraldo in any way is most definitely overdoing it.

    Where's your AA sponsor, Don Imus?
    My Space

    MSNBC has an ethical responsibility to fire Don Imus. The only reason I even watch MSNBC is for Keith Olbermann's "Countdown," but if this station doesn't dump Imus, then I really hope Olbermann decides to jump ship. Otherwise, I'm never watching MSNBC again.

    Olbermann Passes O'Reilly in Demo
    The Grey Matter

    Me thinks much of his [Bill O'Reilly's] discontent may have to do with shrinking ratings. In key age groups, Keith Olbermann has passed him. O'Reilly's apparent solution: behave even more insanely than usual on air.

    Stop On By
    The Krile Files

    I've been invited by the fine folks over at OlbermannWatch to become a regular contributor. I spent some time over there last year, taking part in an online debate with some very smart people who just don't appreciate MSNBC's Keith Olbermann.

    More blogrollers

    Just One Minute
    Raymond's Homeport
    Public Secrets: from the files of the Irishspy

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    Nancy Grace Responds to Keith Olbermann's Rolling Stone Attack

    Nancy Grace has The News Journal">few kind words for Keith Olbermann in a recent interview with a Delaware newspaper.

    One of the strongest recent attacks against Grace came in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine last month.

    In it, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann referenced a 2006 New York Observer article about how some of the statements Grace made about her fiancé's killing didn't match with the facts.

    In the magazine, Olbermann was quoted as saying, "Anybody who would embellish the story of their own fiancé's murder should spend that hour a day not on television but in a psychiatrist's chair. Really."

    Grace said she hadn't read what he had said. And after hearing it for the first time, she declined to react as one would expect in the hyper-argumentative environment of cable news, which she is a part of.

    "I did not put myself through law school and fight for all those years for crime victims to waste one minute of my time, my energy and my education in a war of words with Keith Olbermann, whom I've never met or had any disagreement with," she says flatly. "I feel we have X amount of time on Earth, and that when we give into our detractors or spend needless time on silly fights, I think that's abusing the chance we have to do something good."

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (7) | | View blog reactions
    Olbypocrisy on Full Display: Billy Packer v. Don Imus

    Compare Keith Olbermann's treatment of two controversial statements. One by CBS Sports Billy Packer on the Charlie Rose Show, the other by MSNBC's Don Imus.

    KO MSM Bandwagon #320: New York Magazine

    Yes, it's been all of what two or three weeks since the last fawning mainstream media article appeared on Keith Olbermann. We're long overdue for another gushing profile of Mr. Olbermann. And New York Magazine doesn't disappoint, although it's fairer than most and does reveal some more of Olbermann's, how shall we say.......eccentricties?

    Author Stephen Rodrick does note that Olbermann has his own version of Rush Limbaugh's "Dittoheads" but misnames them "Olberites". We here at Olbermannwatch known the correct term is of course, Olbyloons. He goes on to describe Olbermann Revelation #1:

    When it's time for the show to begin, Olbermann sits alone on the Countdown set. Tonight, Newsweek's Jonathan Alter is in the studio for a conversation, but he's tucked into an auxiliary room (Olbermann doesn't share the Countdown stage with anyone).
    So let's get this correct, Jonathan Alter trekked all the way to Jersey and Olbermann wouldn't let him share the set with him? Yeah, that Olbermann is a real man of the people huh?

    And then there's the usual mockery of co-workers:

    It's a couple of hours before his nightly broadcast, and Olbermann is looking through boxes of mail in his Secaucus office. "Maybe this one contains Chris Matthews' eyebrows." he says, referring to his fellow MSNBC host. "You see them last night? Did he borrow them from Joe Pesci?"
    Olbermann making fun of someone else's eyebrows? Nah, he's not a hypocrite, he just plays one in every interview he ever gives.

    But at least Rodrick got this part right:

    Bill O'Reilly has liberal guests on so he can skewer them. Olbermann's visitors are affable yes-men providing can-I-get-a-witness nods to the latest gem proffered by their all-knowing host.
    Yeah, Olby is all-knowing in the sense that the local "psychic" is all-knowing.

    And of course, there's the usual Olbermann lie that he's not biased:

    Olbermann says he doesn't vote, and he insists his Bush bashing isn't ideological.

    And then it's time for Olbermann Revelation #2, which may shed some light on his, uh, difficulties with women:

    It probably won't come as much of a surprise that when Keith Olbermann was a kid, he got the tar kicked out of him on a regular basis. And not by the football team. "I got beat up by girls all the time." says Olbermann.

    Olbermann Revelation #3:

    Graduating at 16, Olbermann shipped off to Cornell as the school's youngest freshman. It wasn't much fun. His parents went to extreme lengths to make his dorm room the only one in Ithaca with cable TV. Between tearful calls home, Olbermann sat alone and watched the tube. "Thank God for Monty Python's Flying Circus" says Olbermann. "Or I might not have made it."
    Wow, Olbermann a crybaby? Who would have thunk it, right?

    Olbermann Revelation #4: His colleagues at ESPN hated him.

    Still, where some saw a brash breath of fresh air, others saw a self-righteous gasbag. . Along the way, he won a reputation as a miserable jerk. "Of all the people I've known inside and outside of the business, he was the unhappiest." recalls a SportsCenter staffer. "Sometimes, at the end of the night, I'd leave early just so I wouldn't have to give him a ride home. And it wasn't out of my way."
    But what about all those poor women he helped with their sex-discrimination cases at ESPN (a frequent defense of the Olbyloons.) Hmmm. No mention of that in this article.

    And what's this? Olbermann Revelation #5! It seems that the MSNBC execs knew Olbermann was a bit, uhm, unstable(???) before his first show on MSNBC ever-aired. Seems when word of Princess Diana's death in a car crash in Paris became known, Olby was kicking back in the Hamptons with Jeff Zucker and Phil Griffin. And how did our intrepid newsman, the Edward R. Murrow of his day react?

    In quintessential Olbermann form, he was ready to quit the show before it started. That Labor Day weekend found him in the Hamptons along with then-Today show producer Jeff Zucker and Phil Griffin, a longtime Olbermann friend and soon-to-be producer of his MSNBC show. According to a source familiar with the situation, Zucker and Griffin began dialing their cell phones furiously while Olbermann panicked, alternately chanting, "We've got blood on our hands" and "I'm not going to be able to do the show."

    And then there's this, a recounting of a dream that Olbermann once had. Make of this what you will:

    He moved back to New York, and was working on a novel when he had a dream in which JFK appeared before him on a bus, his head wound dressed with plaster of Paris. In the dream, JFK had just one question for Olbermann: "Why did you leave Sportscenter?"(The novel was never published.)
    JFK's ghost appearing in dreams? You know, I've had some strange dreams in my life but never has a dead president shown up to ask me why I quit a job.

    The interview finally closes, mercifully, with Olbermann, predictably, going off on those he perceives as threats, this time, Anderson Cooper, again, where he repeats the strange accusation that

    when they send you overseas and you do a report that consists of your voice-over and pictures of you in a custom-made, blue-to-match-your-eyes bulletproof vest, looking somberly at these scenes of human devestation-like a tourist-and that's your report."
    Hey Olby: At least Cooper steps foot out of a studio and isn't afraid to share his set with others when he is in the studio unlike other egocentric egomaniacs we know. And one more thing: Brian Williams must have got the name of Cooper's bulletproof vest designer because when he was in Iraq last month, he too was sporting a blue bulletproof vest. But then, Olbermann never lets the facts get in the way of his latest conspiracy theory now does he?

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    Should MSNBC Fire Don Imus?

    Last week our own J$ posted an audio clip from John Gibson playing comments made by Don Imus on MSNBC about players on the Rutgers women's basketball team which have been described as racist.

    Listen for yourself and let us know what you think.

    Here's the video of Imus' racist comments and his second try at an apology from this morning.

    April 6, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 6, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IRAQ WAR INTELLIGENCE: Roger Cressey, MSNBC terrorism analyst; Dana Milbank, The Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst
    • PRES. BUSH'S FOREIGN POLICY: Madeleine Albright, fmr. Secretary of State

    The last opening spiel of the week. Awwwwww. Saddam and Al Qaeda? "They made it up!" The MSNBC banner, next to the station's brand and logo, read: "The Truth Doesn't Stop Cheney". Oralmann bellowed that Al Qaeda was not in Iraq before the invasion. The US attorney "scandal" [Ding!]. Our current foreign policy, "if you want to call it that". Final season of The Sopranos. And--ooh! ooh!--the "oddball plays of the month", along with "Billo Finally Loses It". We can't contain our excitement.

    Update (RCox): Transcript & Video

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: The US attorney "scandal" [Ding!] again, but first the "deceit" of the Pentagon. Cheney dared to say that Al Qaeda was in Iraq before the invasion (citing Zarkawi). The graphic, with the MSNBC brand and channel, read: "The War on Truth". Roger Cressey, taking a break from his investigative reporting into Tron, was asked if Cheney was out of touch, or was he "a liar"? Cressey had the answer: he's "delusional" and a "Kool-Aid drinker" (TM O'Reilly Factor). Great thanks.

    Next up: Dana Milbank, sans spectacular suit. Olby's interrogation could have been scripted by Think Progress. (Hey, maybe it was...check out the Countdown Staff Writers in the left-hand column.) How can the administration keep making that claim "with a straight face"? How much worse can it get for them? What does this do to Richard McCain? The whirligig of spin finally paused for a break with Great Thanks.

    #4: US attorneys "scandal" [Ding!] again. Four US attorneys top deputies "quit the justice department rather than work for her" (newly-appointed Rachel Paulose). This is what makes OlbermannWatching so rewarding. You've heard Olby; now the truth. It wasn't four US attorneys deputies. It was three. They didn't quit the Justice Department. They're still working as prosecutors. They didn't refuse to work for her. They still do. Hey, other than that, it's a perfectly valid headline. We'll let you count up how many Olbermann lies that comes to.

    Later on, Keitho would change the news by saying they "demoted themselves". Hmm, might that just be a wee bit inconsistent with quitting the justice department rather than working for her? Hmmm? It's not often that Herr Olbermann all but admits to lying within minutes of doing so, but there it is. Guest: Faiz Shakir from Think Progress, and... Hey wait, we were right. Think Progress is scripting The Hour of Spin!

    Shakir was ready to demean Paulose: a "party insider" (no documentation given), and the only two interesting things about her is that she quotes Bible verses and dresses down her underlings. KO suggested that she is incompetent and unprofessional, but oddly neither he nor Shakir said anything about her resume:

    • BA, Univ. Minn. (summa cum laude), Phi Beta Kappa
    • JD, Yale Law School
    • Coker Fellow
    • Editor, Yale Journal of Law & Feminism
    • Law Clerk for Cheif Judge, 8th Cir. Court of Appeals
    • DOJ Honors Program (Trial Attorney - Civil Rights Division (in the Clinton Justice Department)
    • Assistant US Attorney, D.Minn. 1999-02.
    • Private Practice 2002-05 (Dorsey & Whitney in Minneaoplis)
    • Private Practice 2005-06 (Williams & Connelly in DC)
    • Senior Counsel to Dep. AG McNulty for only 2 months prior to appointment as interim US Attorney in Feb. 2006

    My word, why should Olbermoronn cite any of that when his only misogynistic intent is to dishonor and insult the woman? Great thanks.

    #3: Bush's foreign policy, Nancy Pelosi triumphs, and more, chewed over by none other than Madeleine Albright. [The List!] As with all Keitho's blue-dress interviews, his hard-hitting, incisive questioning would make Edward R Murrow proud:

    • As opposed to the knee-jerk doctrines of Bush, doesn't Iran and Syria and Britain contradict that?
    • Isn't the true test of diplomacy leaping from small issues to large ones?
    • What end could it possibly serve for "Mister" Bush to reject diplomacy?
    • Who is most qualified to lead America: Bill Richardson, Hillary, or "someone else"?
    • Would you like to see Gov Richardson in her cabinet?

    Great thanks.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #2: Free PR for The Sopranos (regurgitated reportage from NBC), Keith Richards, Britney Spears. #1: Oddballs of the Month. In the Media Matters Minute, a replay of part of the Geraldo/O'Reilly shoutfest, a quote from some relative of one of the deceased children about immigration vaguely rendered as attack # 175, and a bizarre naming of Geraldo Rivera (a multiple "worst person") as "best" person in the world, presumably because he shouted and pointed his finger at Bill O'Reilly. What brought this on? It's not hard to understand. Rivera looked straight into the eye of someone who disagreed with him, debated an important issue, and allowed both sides of the argument to be heard. Think how poor Keithy, who is too afraid even to talk with someone who disagrees with him, who gets nauseous at the thought, must have some degree of admiration for Geraldo. After all, Geraldo could actually look another person in the eye and dare to expose himself to a point of view different from his own. That is a degree of intellectual courage that will never be known by the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann.

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    Muted mongrels: Where to begin? The Iranian hostage crisis is already off Herr Olbermann's radar. No surprise there, because the last thing he wants to do is upset his pals in Tehran with talk of the treatment they gave the sailors. Not to mention further evidence of their involvement in Iraq. For the second day in a row, Moneymann went out of his way to defend Pelosi, and that means making no mention whatsoever of her dangerous blunders. As long as "Mister" Bush is in office, good economic news will always be spiked on OlbyPlanet. And for the second time, Mr Xanadu's visit to OlbySpin is cancelled.

    Our weekly report on Keith Olbermann's masculinity: over the past week Olbermann has attacked Fox, CNN, and Limbaugh/right-wing pundits eight times; Olby criticisms of MSNBC: zero. Meanwhile, his primary source (Media Matters) criticized MSNBC eleven times. Counting a special bonus point for Olbermann's cowardly refusal to criticize the racist remarks of Don Imus, that makes this week's Olbermann Manhood Quotient: -23 [limp].


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name rocketed to #12,943 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #120. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome is #3,776 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #285 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. Reliable Thursday ratings have not been published, but take it from us: "Man on Fan" Olbermann lost overwhelmingly, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 5 [ELEVATED]

    Update (RCox): Transcript & Video

    Read the transcript to the Friday show

    Keith Olbermann names Geraldo Rivera "Best Person in the World"

    New Kid in Town

    While I realize I'm stepping into rough waters over here, it's not the first time I've done it. And I survived the first with all appendages (and honor) still intact. So, at the Founder's encouragement, I've agreed to stop in from time to time and try to give some/most of you something to challenge me about.

    Yes, it's true. I tend to appreciate what Keith Olbermann is trying to do on "Countdown". I say that as someone with 30 years experience in Television News (although I've recently made a huge career change into something totally unrelated to television or any aspect of broadcasting.)

    Still, I believe I can bring some thoughts to the table that you'll find interesting and challenging.My perspective on Keith and Countdown continues to be largely based on content and presentation. At the core of that perspective is my belief that the broadcast writing on Countdown is some of the best of that genre. Anywhere. For that very reason, his "Special Comments" are among my favorite parts of Countdown. Honestly, I don't believe I've seen or heard better writing on any channel, in any format, for a long, long time.

    I'll also tell you, upfront, that I personally wish he did not call the program a "newscast". That gets under my journalistically-hardened psyche more than a little, since he does cross that line between journalist and commentator. My schooling tells me you're not supposed to do that. Edward R. Murrow did it, but in a much morelow-key manner (and, please note, that I'm not calling Olbermann a " modern-day Murrow". Not yet.) But, times have changed. It's not a 3-network world anymore and viewers have become much more sophisticated. I believe they can watchOlbermann in action and discern when he crosses that line.

    Finally, to bring all of this current, I had to chuckle moments ago when Olbermann avoided naming a "Worst Person in the World" tonight, after teasing the Geraldo Rivera/Bill O'Reilly shouting match over a mayor and police chief who failed to deport an illegal alien who killed a girl while driving drunk. Serious topic, true. But, O'Reilly turned it into a travesty by his performance during the discussion with Rivera. So, tonight, for the first time, Olbermann named a BEST Person in the World. Geraldo Rivera. Ya gotta love it. Don't ya?

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    Olbermann Watch Friday Funnies

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    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 6, 2007

    Olbermann Caught in Pathetic Lie
    Dread Pundit

    Keith Olbermann caught deliberately misquoting Bill O'Reilly? Well, yeah, a dog-bites-man story for sure, but it's important to document the petty crimes of these weasels.

    Olby breaks silence on hostage crisis, says US "blinked"

    Refusing to cover the Iran-Britain hostage situation while it was actually going on, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann finally broke his silence last night to comment on the release of 15 British sailors....Way to keep your audience of three dozen and a cocker spaniel informed, MSNBC.

    Keith and Eric Alterman
    Kitschen Table

    So I actually tried to write a semi-thoughtful "political" "essay" on Eric Alterman's little dig at my new beau, Keith Olbermann...but Blogger erased both drafts of it, and I was so drained from my Herculean efforts...

    Fox News Implementing A Slow Growth Strategy

    O’'Reilly's troubles extend beyond his competition. Although his gains are far below those of his arch nemesis, Keith Olbermann, they are also lower than his prime time colleagues on Fox, Hannity and Van Susteran. And the pressure seems to be getting to him.

    The Gonzales Prep Work
    Krile Files

    Here's Countdown's summary of one of the more fascinating stories today - how Alberto Gonzales is being "coached" before his Houe Judiciary Committee appearance.

    More Olbywatch blogrollers.

    Eclipse Ramblings
    Rat Chat
    Peacerose Journal

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    Crystal Balling the Hour of Spin

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    Yesterday's knock-down, no-holds-barred confrontation between Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera tops today's cable news buzz. What will the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann do? Will he use the deaths of two teenagers to take another shot at the eeevil O'Reilly? Will he bash both Mr Bill and Geraldo? Will he ignore it altogether? Use our valuable bandwidth for your comments and predictions.

    You can read the transcript of the heated exchange, but the video is a lot more fun:

    April 5, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 5, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • SAM FOX RECESS APPOINTMENT: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor and MSNBC political analyst; Rachel Maddow, Air America radio host
    • GONZALES-GATE: Jonathan Turley, George Washington University law professor and constitutional law expert
    • SANJAYA SURVIVES: Maria Milito, Q104.3 radio host

    A typical opening spiel from the infamous, deplorable one: Bush is trying to "sneak" a nominee through, and it "may be illegal". Why is the GOP behind the Dems in money? Gonzales "praciticing" tesimony; Pelosi is doing what Hastert did; Sanjaya and American Idol; and even more about Keith Richards. Pretty blah lineup, nothing that will compare with our special Olbermann's Masculinity edition of Dogs That Did Not Bark.

    UPDATE (RCox): Video & Transcript

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Because Bush made a recess appointment of an ambassador, that means he is not "sincere" in dealing with Congress over Iraq funding. And he's a "swift-boat fundraiser", no less. He is? He raised money for the swift boat campaign? Edward R Olbermann did not source this claim, but we're sure there's a blue blog somewhere, out where the busses don't run, that says it. What's more, Kerry (D) claims the appointment is illegal, Dodd (D) is against it and... Well, there is no "and". If you expected any quotes from people on the other side of the issue, then you are new to OlbyPlanet.

    Lefty Alter was asked if "Mister" Bush never cared about Congress in the first place, and he shot back that a recess appointment is "the ultimate thumb in the eye of the opposition" and asserted that it isn't done very often. Olby's sock-puppet did note that such appointments are not illegal, but then claimed Bill Clinton made recess appointments "on a very rare occasion". There were 140 rare occasions. Lefty gushed over the "oversight" by Congress, and of course Olby Great Thanksed him.

    Plus: the Pentagon is tapping into the National Guard again. And Gonzales is cramming for his Senate testimony. That brings us to tonight's episode of Olby and the Perfessor. Edward R Olbermann said Gonzo is either "rewriting the truth" or has to study up on what he should already know, so it can't bode well for him (Rule #1). The Perfessor said "everything" Gonzo said is contradicted by his own aids, and he may have lied under oath. Unless he didn't. Monica Goodling taking the fifth before Congress is "incompatible" with her status. We should count ourselves lucky. At least tonight Krazy Keith didn't suggest asserting a constitutional right is not legal. Oh, and he didn't call Gonzales a houseboy. Good Olby. The Perfessor was Great Thanksed.

    #4: Dems have more money than Republicans. Nyah, Nyah, Nyah! Besides, Romney got his money from those Mormon people. Oooooh, that's scaaaaaary! Maddow was there to send OlbySpin into hyperdrive: it's all Bush's fault. Oh, and Cheney too. The two of them got almost orgasmic over Dems and libs raising money. The decibel level kept rising; they spoke faster and faster. Finally the discussion climaxed with a Great thanks (for this relief).

    #3: It's GOP hypocrisy! The "right wing" criticizes Pelosi for going to Syria, but didn't criticize Repubs who did the same. Um, might that be because the Repubs didn't nearly cause an international incident due to incompetent bungling? Ya think? Doesn't that matter to the story? Hard to say, since Olby never mentioned that part of it. Wendy Sherman, a crony of Madeline Albright, was the "expert" who talked a lot but said only what Olbermann wanted to hear. His patented leading questions (Didn't Denny Hastert do it too?) helped steer the conversation away from the central fact that under the law, the executive branch is the sole organ of foreign policy. Sherman gloated how Blair's "quiet diplomacy" freed the hostages. Say what? According to Fat Ass, they were freed because the U.S. "blinked"! Oh, and Wendy never mentioned Pelosi's embararssing blunder either. The echo chamber on OlbyPlanet stays pure. Great thanks.

    After a commercial break, which bizarrely included an ad for Countdown itself, we got #2: a hoax advertisement (regurgitated video), Keith Richards, Billy Packer. #1: Another segment trading on the success of American Idol.

    The Media Matters Minute showed again how fleeting acceptance is on OlbyPlanet. Take the case of Mike Allen, honored Countdown guest on more than one occasion:

    But Allen left Time and now works for Politico, and Politico is being linked to by the eeevil Matt Drudge (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters). And as if that weren't enough, Allen has committed the unpardonable sin: he's criticized Democrats (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters). Result: Mike Allen, you're a "worst person"! (Along with the more traditional choices of Glenn Beck and Cheney.)

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    Dogs That Did Not Bark: Special Olbermann Masculinity Edition
    For those who may have tuned in late, we will explain the premise. Back in November of last year Olbermahn blasted Bill O'Reilly for not speaking out against the OJ Simpson book and the proposed Fox tv show. An Olbermann Lie to be sure (O'Reilly was leading the charge against it) but no matter. Olby declaimed that even if something were on NBC, he would be "just as vociferous" in speaking out as he is regarding people on other channels. He pontificated that if you cannot be critical of "your own network", then you have no "manhood". Oddly, since making that statement, we don't recall one single example of Edward R Olbermann speaking out, vociferously or otherwise, about any of the commentators or reporters on NBC.

    So, flashback to March 31, 2006, when Oralmann took aim at Neil Boortz, whose crime was making fun of Cynthia McKinney's appearance, specifically her "Brillo pad" hairdo. Based on that, Monkeymann declared Boortz to be a racist. Fine. Now give a listen to what one of A-Mess-NBC's top-rated program hosts said yesterday. Have we heard one word from Olbermoronn? How's your masculinity now, Keith? What, you want more? Just yesterday Herr Olbermann attacked John Derbyshire of National Review; he criticized the the British sailors/hostages for being spineless. What do you suppose happened this morning? Listen to A-Mess-NBC's own military expert, Col Jack Jacobs, on Peacock air [mp3]:

    Not one peep out of "Man on Fan" Olbermann, vociferous or otherwise. Silence. By Keith's own standards, the Olbermann Manhood Quotient remains: [limp].


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name has soared to a stunning #23,136 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #220. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome is #3,753 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #214 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. The Wednesday ratings have not been published, but take it from us: "Man on Fan" Olbermann lost overwhelmingly, both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 4 [ELEVATED]

    UPDATE (RCox): Video & Transcript

    the transcript to the Thursday show

    Keith Olbermann interviews Jonathon Alter

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    Inside Olbermann's Latest Lie

    On Wednesday night, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann delivered his 174th attack on Bill O'Reilly. As is his practice, he lifted it from his favorite blue blog source: Media Matters. It may seem like just another arrogant snipe. But a closer look tells us much about Keith's modus olberandi: twist the truth, doctor quotes if required, and when all else fails--lie.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    Keith Oralmann spoke:

    Your runner-up, Bill-O. When a Republican guest pointed out that we are in the middle of what could easily become a prolonged war between the Arab world and the Persian world, the idea that we're in the middle of that seemed to elude him.

    The purpose of this bit was to paint O'Reilly as a dummy. The meaning of what Soderberg was saying "seemed to elude him". On the Countdown blog they crow: "'Three Dollar Bill'" is a tough guy, no matter how stupid the things he says might be." So the intent is clear. We continue with Olbermahn's words:

    Bill-O said, "I would like to see that fight with us out of it. That's what I would like to see. Let them kill each other, you know." Guest Nancy Soderberg explained, unfortunately, right now we are in the middle of it.

    How does that compare with the actual words spoken?

    O'REILLY: Well, I'd like to see that fight with us out of it. That's what I'd like to see.
    SODERBERG: Exactly.
    O'REILLY: I want -- let them kill each other, you know?

    Herr Olbermann doctored the quote. Soderberg concurred with O'Reilly, saying he was "exactly" correct, but Keith snipped that out. Why? Because leaving it in would make it clear that not only did O'Reilly completely understand Soderberg, in fact Soderberg agreed with what O'Reilly was saying!

    But wait, there's more.

    Guest Nancy Soderberg explained, unfortunately, right now we are in the middle of it. Bill-O said, I know. She repeated herself, right now we're in the middle of it. He repeated himself, I know.

    To bolster the "Bill is stupid" frame, Keith claims they kept repeating themselves--as if she couldn't get some thought through O'Reilly's thick noggin. More OlbyPlanet distortions. The guest was on a satellite feed, and because of the delay they were momentarily talking over each other. And still this bit wasn't quite vitriolic enough for Edward R Olbermann, so it was time to pull another arrow out of the Olbermahn quiver: just make something up!

    She spoke slowly, as if speaking to a child: And that is one of the big problems. He then explained the world to his self satisfaction: unintended consequences galore. Mucho dommage to Bill-O.

    No, Keith. She didn't speak slowly. She didn't respond "as if speaking to a child". Anyone who saw the interview knows that. You were just so desperate to make something out of nothing that you resorted to the ultimate weapon in your armamentarium of artifice: Another Olbermann Lie.

    The following video documents all of the above. That Olbermann doctored the quote he read. That he misrepresented an exchange between O'Reilly and Soderberg that was really just talking over each other. And most importantly, it documents the latest ("she spoke slowly, as if speaking to a child") Olbermann Lie.

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    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 5, 2007

    FTV Live Embarrasses TVNewser
    Media Bistro

    Boy, did Brian Stelter get his teeth kicked in this week or what?

    News sector sees switch to Internet
    The Daily News Journal

    Yes, Bill O'Reilly of Fox and Keith Olbermann still draw numbers, with O'Reilly showing a slide and Olbermann roaring up alongside him.

    Derb is the Worst! (Almost)
    NRO Corner

    Someone called Keith Olbermann had my picture up on MSNBC last night as 3rd Worst Person in the World...Mr. Olbermann is especially incensed at my saying (which I don't actually remember having said - but hey, it's only TV) that the sailors and marines should have resisted capture. This, he says, is an insult to our brave men and women in uniform.

    Keith Olbermann Pays Tribute to OlbyWatch "Great Moments"
    Inspiration Videos

    In a rather obvious nod to OlbermannWatch's "Great Moments in Broadcast Journalism" series, Keith Olbermann ran a clip from our inspiration for the series - David Letterman's "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches"

    Quote Patrol

    "Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds," Keith Olbermann recited this week. Uh, no. People often erroneously say "small," but the otherwise truth-squadding MSNBC personality also managed to miss the main point of the Ralph Waldo Emerson quotation. "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." Write it down.

    Spotlight: Olbermann Watch Part II
    I'll Lay Down My Glasses

    Robert Cox, editor of Olbermann Watch and I have made an agreement to add each other to our blogrolls. I thought it was a great idea, seeing as I am no fan of Olbermann. They do a great job over at Olbermann Watch, go and have a look.

    'Those Racists at Fox!'
    Johnny Dollar's Place

    John Gibson wants to know if Imus' racial slur would get him, or Glenn Beck fired.

    New OlbyWatch blogrollers

    Fire Keith Olbermann
    America's Victory '08
    The Republic of Biloxi

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    Another Dose of Ratings Reality...

    Last October, during the height of the hype and hoopla generated by the decidedly liberal members of the Television Critics Association, I wrote A few words on RATINGS REALITY... in order to put some perspective on the nonsense being put forward by the likes of USA Today, Associated Press and other members of the MSM. Now we have perhaps some overkill coming from the other direction in the form of charts provided by, conveniently enough, Fox News Channel and CNN.

    Q1 Numbers: Countdown declining in the Demo?
    Inside Cable News

    March #'s: Olbermann, Zahn Trend Down

    According to THESE charts, Olbermann is now tanking in the "all-important" 25-54 "demo". In both cases the charts are a bit misleading.

    Yes, Olbermann is crashing in the demo since the election last fall:


    And the demo numbers for Olbermann have to be a little discouraging for MSNBC flack Brian Stelter but comparing them to the soon-to-be-replaced Paula Zahn does not make them any better (note to Paula, you might want to reconsider those "zipper" ads from a few years ago).


    It strikes Olbermann Watch as more useful to look at Keith's ratings over the long-term by looking at the annual ratings data. As you can see from the chart below Keith has had a modest gain in overall viewership since taking over the 8 PM slot on MSNBC from Phil Donahue and is actually DOWN slightly in the vaunted demo.


    At the height of Olbermannia, I asked "how I can be so certain that these 'OlbyLoons in journalists clothing' are manipulating the Nielsen ratings data and are playing fast and loose with ratings data to portray Keith in the most positive possible light in order to justify their constant drumbeat of Keith Olbermann's supposed ratings juggernaut?"

    You can read the whole piece for yourself but the answer turns out to be simple - look at the actual data over an extended period of time and you see the hype was much ado about nothing. I concluded by making the following observation:

    A spin-free analysis of the data would tell you this:

    Keith has shown a modest increase, both overall and in the demo, over the past couple of years. During the current year, Keith showed modest improvement in the first quarter of this year courtesy of NBC Sports airing some Winter Olympic events on MSNBC thus serving as a lead-in for Countdown but was unable to retain that new audience. He saw his numbers drop significantly in the spring and has had a bit of a rebound during the last quarter.

    Compare that reality with the constant KO hype in the MSM and hopefully you can appreciate why I scoff at these absurd claims that KO is UP 33% or UP 69%. He is doing better than last year. He is not doing that much better. And compared to the beginning of the year he is doing worse. O'Reilly is doing worse but not that much worse. Compared to O'Reilly, Keith has narrowed the gap slightly but is still getting trounced by any measure you choose.

    More importantly, compared to himself, Keith has not been able to demonstrate any consistent ability to build and sustain an audience since his show first went on the air in 2003.

    At the time, I compared the hype around Keith to the treatment Air America Radio got before it even launched. Recall how the same press was "amazed" when their constant drumbeat got people curious enough to listen and then fell silent when Air America listenership began to implode.

    Predictably, the Olbermann hypesters were "amazed" to Olbermann's number swell as the 2006 election neared and have now fallen silent as Olbermann's ratings have slumped off their highs.

    All of this got me to thinking that we at Olbermann Watch ought to come up with our own reporting metric to evaluate the ratings for Countdown and produce our own charts and analysis rather than rely on the cable channels themselves. Our charts may not be as pretty but they will be based on a straight look at the data based on an independent analysis.

    What we will be doing is calculating what I believe to be a far more meaningful number - a quarterly moving average calculated throughout a given quarter - and then a quarterly progress report showing overall growth across the much broader trend of quarterly numbers going back to 2003. I am not going to go back and pull all the quarterly data going back to 2005-4Q so I will just produce a quarterly chart based on applying the annual data to the quarters in 2004 and 2005 and using an adjusted number for 2003 when there were actually three different shows in the 8 PM time slot on MSNBC (Donahue, Countdown: Iraq, Countdown with Keith Olbermann). Countdown: Iraq numbers were 429/214 and Countdown with Keith Olbermann numbers were 347/140 in 2003 so I average them together to come up with 347/140 for the second half of 2003. If someone wants to go find the actual quarterly data let me know but for our purposes these numbers will suffice. We are really more interested in the more recent quarters.

    Here is the inaugural version of our new quarterly "lifetime" chart:


    It appears that as 2007-1Q came to a close, Keith began to experience the reality of news programming - there is a limited appetite among younger people for news. He has shown tremendous growth in total viewers over the past six months ago but after a surge in the 25-54 demo last fall he has basically fallen right back to where he was before the MSM hype-machine cranked into full gear last September.

    As we have observed in the past, Keith's audienced have always ebbed and flowed. And throughout there have been two constants. One, that Keith has never shown an ability to retain surge-driven audiences (invasion of Iraq, Summer Olympics, 2004 election, Katrina, Winter Olympics, campaign for Keith, 2006 election). Two, that the MSM noise machine will always hype the flows and remain silent during the ebbs.

    Keep watching as each day we now begin to put out our new "quarterly rolling average" number for KO. We will sum it all up again in July. Just for fun, feel free to put down your predictions for two numbers - Keith's quarterly average rating for ALL viewers (P2+) and for demo viewers (A25-54).

    Here are the Program Rankers used to prepare this post:

    2003 Program Ranker
    2004 Program Ranker
    2005 Program Ranker
    2006 Program Ranker
    2006 -1Q Program Ranker
    2006 -2Q Program Ranker
    2006 -3Q Program Ranker
    2006 -4Q Program Ranker
    2007 -1Q Program Ranker

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    April 4, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 4, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • DEMOCRATS VS. PRES. BUSH: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek chief White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst
    • IRAQ: Paul Reickhoff, Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America founder
    • "AMERICAN IDOL": Maria Milito, radio host

    As Keith bellowed the opening spiel, what do you suppose led the rundown? A dozen people who protested an appearance by "Bush's Brain". Bush bashes the Democrats and "invokes 9/11 for political gain" and made a (gasp!) recess appointment. Obama's making money, more hitching a wagon to American Idol, Keith Richards, all that and (we're sorry to report) more on a Tuesday Hour of Spin. And be sure to watch for an Olbermahn so desperate that not only does he doctor a quote, he serves up Another Olbermann Lie, just so he can attack O'Reilly again. Only on OlbyPlanet.

    Update (Rcox): Transcript & Video

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Remember yesterday? "Mister" Bush didn't throw out any first pitches at any ballparks. Keitho just thought it would be nice to mention that again. But "his brain" was protested against by "more than a dozen protestors". Wow! Headline News! Olbermann regurgitated his old lie that Bush was claiming Iraq was involved in 9/11 (he wasn't). And the Evil in Chief also appointed an Ambassador during the recess. Quote from Kerry (D) opposed to the appointment. Quote from nobody in favor. Clip of Pelosi (D) in Syria.

    The Wolffe Man slithered in to hear Monkeymann running off a pile of anti-Bush anecdotes, culminating in: "Is none of this registering with the President?" Wolffie played his part to perfection: Bush's speech is "just a bunch of lines" he's used before, they're all no good at diplomacy, etc. Olby was worried that this will be used by the White House as an "excuse" to control appearances by people like Rove. Say what? Has Krazy Keith been lobbying for more Rove speeches? Has he been complaining that we don't hear enough from Karl? If he has, we've totally missed it. KO applied Rule #1 to say the White House "boxed itself into a corner" revisits to Syria. Did the Wolffe Man agree? His answer was "Totally". Awesome, man. Rad! Great Thanks!

    On to Iraq with (again) Reickhoff, the reliably anti-Bush war veteran (the only kind who gets invited to The Hour of Spin). Bush doesn't understand the military, he's insincere, he's driven us into a ditch, he shouldn't veto the bill, he's a hypocrite, yada yada. Then Mr Merkle served up a classic OlbySoftball, delivered in one of his endless run-on questions:

    Did anybody suggest, do you suppose, did anybody, any of the troops in the audience at Ft Irwin today, feel, do you suppose, um, some level of discomfort at the fact that the President visited the training facility where the two actual combat units will not get to train, uh, because of his surge, but he goes and speakers there, would that have registered?

    Reickhoff hit that one out of the park: Bush uses troops as political backdrops, and then there's John McCain, the soldiers are sick of all the bickering, the President has to stop being partisan, the Dems too, etc. Great Thanks.

    #4: After 13 days of ignoring the story entirely, Oralmann teed up the news of the hostage release as if his audience were intimately familiar with all the details. In fact, he has never said one word about it. But hey, now he can put an anti-Bush spin on it: the U.S. "blinked". And since there is no record of Olbermahn uttering even a peep about it until now, he can take whatever position he likes as long as it makes "Mister" Bush look bad. OlbySpin at its most elegant, and most repellent. Again Herr Olbermann suggested the US "blinked" as he introduced recycled NBC footage. But guess what? There was nothing whatsoever in the report about the US "blinking" or anything remotely like it. Olbermahn just dropped that in: it made the blue blogs happy, and so what if there was not one syllable of explanation or documentation presented? The loons won't care. Olby thanked the tape machine.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #3: Money and politics. This might have been a respectable segment if it weren't for the fact that the guest "expert" was none other than the quintuply-discredited David Shuster. He was there to tell us what "a lot of people are suggesting" and what "so many Democrats" feel and what "a lot of Democrats" think. Krazy Keith took another shot a Richard McCain and a good time was had by all. Great thanks.

    #2: An in-depth investigative report, the kind only Countdown can do on one of those critical political issues that are the heart and soul of The Hour of Spin. Does celebrity rehab really rehabilitate? Regurgitated NBC reportage followed. Plus Keith Richards and movie director Bob Clark. #1 brought yet another cynical attempt to hitch the sinking Countdown wagon to the success of American Idol. Those OlbyScoops (Michael Jackson will be a guest judge, Katherine McPhee to sing at Tom Cruise's wedding) were not discussed.

    In the Media Matters Minute, the first victim was "right-wing water carrier" and "nitwit" John Derbyshire for being critical of the British hostages (Blue Blog Source: Crooks & Liars). And in attack #174, "Man on Fan" Olbermann slammed O'Reilly for, what, saying we shouldn't be in the middle of an Arab-Persian War (Blue Blog Source: Media Matters)? There's really not a lot of there there, but that's never stopped Monkeymann. First he doctored the quote he read by skipping over the part where guest Nancy Soderberg agreed with O'Reilly. He had to do that because he then embellished it all with Another Olbermann Lie. He claimed that O'Reilly was so dense (despite the unreported fact that Soderberg had just agreed with him) that Soderberg had to "speak slowly, as if speaking to a child". A Pure Olbermann Lie. But, hey, it filled the Fox slot!

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    Buttoned-up bassets: What would Countdown be without Monkeymann pimping some internet video, usually from YouTube? Hey, Keith, how come you haven't gotten around to any of these? And what about all those condemnations of Richard McCain? You know, how he's "delusional" and "in denial" and maybe even senile because he sees signs of progress in Iraq? Do those smears also apply to ABC News? Well, do they? Herr Olbermann leaps at Gannett editorials in the Military Times when they suit his purpose. But they also publish stories that our favorite slovenly political hack won't touch. Not to mention the reaction.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name has soared to #25,017 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #258. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome is #3,974 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #691 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. Tuesday Olbermoronn, while losing to Mr Bill by four-to-one, held on to second place both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 4 [ELEVATED]

    Update (Rcox): Transcript & Video

    Read the transcript to the Wednesday show

    Keith Olbermann breaks silence on Iran-UK hostage story

    UPDATE (RCox): There has been some question as to whether it could really be true that Keith Olbermann spiked the Iranian hostage crisis involving 15 British sailors. Not only did Keith spike the story, "Iran" was not mentioned a single time since the story first broke on May 23rd.

    March 23: U.K. says 15 sailors detained by Iranian navy
    VIDEO: NBC's Jim Miklaszewski reports.

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for March 23
    Word "Iran" appears ZERO times in the transcript.

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for March 26
    Word "Iran" appears ZERO times in the transcript.

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for March 27
    Word "Iran" appears ZERO times in the transcript.

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for March 28
    Word "Iran" appears ZERO times in the transcript.

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for March 29
    Word "Iran" appears ZERO times in the transcript.

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for March 30
    Word "Iran" appears ZERO times in the transcript.

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for April 2
    Word "Iran" appears ZERO times in the transcript.

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for April 3
    Word "Iran" appears ZERO times in the transcript.

    'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for April 4
    Olbermann mentions the word "Iran" for the first time in the entirety of the two week long crisis which dominated headlines around the world. It was teased twice (the second tease was between commercials and so now part of the transcript).


    Tease 1

    OLBERMANN: Iran released the captured British sailors. Did this country blink in some way to pave the way for their freedom?


    Tease 2

    OLBERMANN: The U.S. denying we had anything to do with the Iranian government's sudden decision to release 15 British sailors the release of an Iranian diplomat in Iraq this week thus must have been a coincidence.


    Fourth Story on Countdown

    OLBERMANN: What, the joke used to go, does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Once that made geographic sense, but not anymore.

    In our fourth story on the COUNTDOWN, you have been getting gouged at the gas pump recently as a direct result of an angry standoff between Iran and Britain over the capture of 15 British sailors, and an increasingly nasty war of words between the U.S. and Tehran over accusations that the Iranians are sending Iraqi insurgents more powerful weapons with which to attack American troops.

    Tonight, those British sailors and other service personnel are freed, and so is an Iranian diplomat. Did we blink?

    The story behind the story from our correspondent Jim Maceda in London.



    Taped report from Jim Maceda of NBC News


    OLBERMANN: Jim Maceda in London. Jim, thanks.



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    Crystal Balling the Hour of Spin

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    For nearly two weeks, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann has completely spiked the story of the coalition soliders kidnapped and held hostage by Iran.

    But now that a release has been made, and Ahmadinejad was shown shaking hands with the now-smiling victims, will Oralmann continue to ignore the news? Or will he take this opportunity to give Ahmadinejad some free positive OlbyPlanet PR? Use our valuable bandwidth for your comments and predictions!

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    New Olbermann Watch Ad Campaign

    As part of the newly relaunched Olbermann Watch I have been asking for (and getting) some really nice support from other clear-thinking bloggers out there. One in particular is Terri at Webloggin who is running a lower resolution version of the ad below on some of the sites he manages. I am hardly a graphic designer as long-time readers know based on the old site design but it's not terrible is it?
    (note: you might be able to watch it better if you right click and open the image in a new tab)


    As they are helping OlbyWatch, I would encourage readers here to go check out the blogs, see if you can find our ad and say hello over there.

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    Freedom of Speech Olbyloon Style!

    Last week, as part of our ongoing series on how to spot a Olbyloon, we documented a species known as the Obsessive Olbyapologist.. The news that Olby tried to score a few runs with a porn star did not sit well with the Olby-obsessed. After I called attention to the incoherent ramblings of one Olbynut, the moderators at that forum deleted the entire thread. And then came Olbyloon Law #1:

    The thread is gone. it is the consensus of the Mods and Admins that it was in the best interests of the board. just let it go. please. i should have locked it last night, but what's done is done and it's not coming back. we'd really prefer that the entire subject be left alone."

    Yes, this group of liberal loons are all about freedom of speech, the press, etc., just so long as it's all good news and obsessive fawning over Olberdolt!

    Olbyloon Law #2 of course is to spin madly for Keith at every available opportunity: . See the rambling, incoherent ramblings of one "Dorrie" at Jossip.

    And the single most important rule for Olbyloons? Never ever utter a discouraging word about Olbermann, even when story has been well-documented as true. To what ends will the Loons go to protect their man? Try deleting threads, issuing warnings, like the one above and my personal favorite, disabling comments altogether:

    And here:

    But the preferred method of dealing with bad news in loon land? Ignore it altogether! Search their forum all day and you'll find no discussion whatsoever about his alleged stalking , his own admission of prior stalking, or his desperate attempts to date a porn star: or his his blatant lying about just how many times Carey was a guest on his show and the video that proves they had a date after the show!

    Why do the Loons hate freedom of speech? Why do the Loons ignore facts? All part of being a Keith Olbermann fan. And they call themselves liberals? We are proud to say that we here at Olbermannwatch impose no restrictions on what can be posted or by whom, something else the loony fan forums of Keith Olbermann cannot say or do, because such things simply aren't allowed on Olbyplanet!

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    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 4, 2007

    Q1 Numbers: Countdown declining in the Demo?
    Inside Cable News

    Olbermann faces steep decline 2007 to date

    March #'s: Olbermann, Zahn Trend Down

    Keith and Paula slug it out for third place.

    Bane Rants

    Okay, Robert Cox of this blog (which I just put in my exclusive blogroll) contacted me today, and has asked me to pimp his site, and he will pimp my site in turn. I don't care, I just want Olberc-nt to have an anuerism (Wait, isn't a brain required for that? Never mind...).

    New OlbyWatch blogrollers:

    Conservative Blog Therapy
    Bane Rants
    Leaning Straight Up
    Verum Serum
    I'll Lay Down My Glasses
    Riehl World View

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    April 3, 2007
    Tom Delay Defines Irony as Another Olbuscation Exposed by Olbermann Watch

    Last week we warned readers of a classic bit of OlbySpin inserted into his most recent Special Comment, and absurd rant about Keith's supposed abhorrence of rhetorical references to Nazism. Back then we wrote:

    To recap, there is no such thing as the "New York Times Top 30 list", Keith never made it on to the New York Times Best Sellers list, his book spent one week at #18, 3 spots shy of cracking the list, Delay's book is only this week eligible to be on the list, if he is on the list no one will know that until Wednesday.

    Now, I have no idea whether Delay's book will be on the Times's best seller list (or even in the so-called "Top 30). I do not care in the least. But I do know that Keith is providing a great example of what NBC now believes constitutes good journalism - talk fast enough to people too dumb to care and maybe some of them will believe you.

    We know Keith read the Sunday Times because he spent a good deal of last night's show talking about Matthew Dowd's op-ed but apparently he was too busy sourcing that Tron DVD story to remark upon the startling news that not only did No Retreat, No Surrender make it into the famous New York Times Top 30 book list but came in at... you guessed it... #18.

    You can't make this stuff up.

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    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 3, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IRAQ: Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisc.)
    • CONGRESSIONAL PHOTO-OP IN BAGHDAD: Larry Johnson, fmr. CIA officer and fmr. deputy director of the Office of Counterterrorism at the State Department
    • ELECTION 2008: Chris Cillizza,
    • "AMERICAN IDOL": Maria Milito, Q104.3 radio host

    The future of television news gave his usual nuanced reading of the opening spiel: the most vacationed President in history (source?), Democrats are "apopleptic" and a "special guest" will give a "rebuttal". Plus another "rebuttal", this time to Richard McCain from "analysts". O.J. Simpson, Anna Nicole Smith, why "we all hate Rush Limbaugh", Keith Richards, and more. Sixty minutes of OlbySpin start now.

    UPDATE (RCox): Transcript & Video

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: "Mister" Bush has spent 405 days at his Crawford ranch and wants Congress back to "rubber stamp his war in Iraq". It's "hypocrisy!" bellowed Keitho, as the graphic read "BULLY pulpit". Keith also lied that previous Iraq funding bills were "blank checks". After a few clips from the press conference with "Mister" Bush, Oralmann brought on the latest in his ongoing series: Blue Dress Interviews with Deep Blue Democrats. Yes, this time it was Russ Feingold. And if you haven't examined The List, you should stop everything and do so now. It is irrefutable proof that Krazy Keith is a slovenly political hack.

    It was another incisive grilling by Herr Olbermann, as his laser-like questions had Feingold on the hot seat:

    • It seems hard to be surprised by this President any more, but did he go above and beyond something today?
    • Is it possible that the President does not realize that this group of some people constitutes about seven out of every ten Americans?
    • How do we get that done if the President is going to be in this form of obstinence and denial?
    • The President was forced to admit that what you are your colleagues are doing is entirely legitimate. Doesn't that make his veto the cause of any interruption of funding for the troops?
    • The President also talked about the consequences of failure in Iraq. And a failed state in Iraq would somehow be your fault? I'm missing something in the logical chain there. Do you know what it is?

    Send this tape to the Murrow awards committee. This was speaking truth to power! Feingold wiped the stain from his pants; he was Great Thanksed.

    #4 was the latest installment of Olbermann's war against Richard McCain. Monkeymann insisted that McCain's visit to Iraq risked the lives of our troops for "a photo-op" (Blue Blog Source: No Quarter). Then we got a rerun of Dirty Olby and Crazy Larry, the latter being the Nostradamus who said, two months before 9/11, that we shouldn't fear terrorism. Bin Laden is not a threat. And other insights. Johnson is a partisan Democrat, but of course Olbermoronn doesn't mention that. Only a mental case would believe anything from Crazy Larry, but that's our Keith! Great thanks.

    #3: Clinton vs Obama vs Edwards. Who's up? Who's down? Cillizza said cancer has helped Edwards in the polls. Stop the presses! Worst person in the world! Crassly dragging politics into a personal... Oh wait, we are on OlbyPlanet. Scratch that. KO said the Baghdad trip could be McCain's Dukakis-in-a-tank moment. Demeaning a P.O.W. again, Lt Olbermahn? Giuliani's wife could be a "killer" of his chances. Hey, two in a row for Rule #1 (whatever happens, it's bad for Bush/Republicans/conservatives). Then Olby turned to Mitt Romney: a lot of his money comes from Utah. Aha! A hat-trick! Great thanks.

    #2: Alcoholic punch (regurgitated video), Keith Richards, Knight Rider, Anna Nicole Smith. #1: More Anna Nicole Smith. In the Media Matters Minute, Rush Limbaugh was again attacked, this time for making a joke about the shooting at CNN Center. We're skeptical about this item, but unlike Edward R Olbermann we won't report without having the facts. But it is ironic. The CNN shooting is the story that A-Mess-NBC was ordered not to cover!

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    Hushed hounds: The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann attacked Matt Drudge for reporting a story based on an anonymous source (like Olby never does that). Will he do the same for a smear based on no source at all? For that matter, will he report the new developments in the original Drudge controversy? Will he tell his viewers that Iran could be just two years away from a nuclear weapon? Given that he hasn't even said one syllable about Iran's kidnapping of coalition soldiers, the answer to all these questions is: not on OlbyPlanet, he won't.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name has soared to #27,983 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #352. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome is #3,929 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #314 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. Monday is Olbermoronn's strongest day, and he did barely squeak into second place both in total viewers and in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 5 [ELEVATED]

    Journalism held hostage by Keith Olbermann: Day 12.

    UPDATE (RCox): Transcript & Video

    Read the transcript of Tuesday's show

    Keith Olbermann interviews Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI)

    Keith Olbermann interviews Larry Johnson

    Great Moments in Broadcast Journalism - 0006

    Keith Olbermann Pays Tribute to OlbyWatch "Great Moments" series

    You tell us why Keith decided to run this clip from David Letterman's "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches" a week after we began our news series, "Great Moments in Broadcast Journalism". We decide.

    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 3, 2007

    Emailing Keith Olbermann, Part Two, The Quest For Publicity
    Fire Truck Book

    Last week I emailed Keith Olbermann in an attempt to brainstorm a strategy for a number of appearances on his show, but I never heard from him, so on Sunday I sent him yet another email. So far no reply. And I’ve offered this son of a bitch free beer.

    Hot Topic: Trendy Upper East Siders Recapture Their Slutty, Hedonistic Youths

    Issue: Rachel Marsden and Keith Olbermann both stalk people in their spare time
    You said: "Want PROOF that Olbermann is a stalker? [Here's] a 2006 interview where he admits that he hired a PI to track down a teacher he had a crush on in high school. If that's not stalker material, then I don't know what else is."

    SL Interview With Keith Olbermann
    old interview from Keith...hey it's a slow day for KO news

    [Keith Olbermann on covering the 1980 Men's Hockey Team at Lake Placid Olympics]
    I don't know if I provoked the first-ever chant of "U.S.A., USA" outside a sports event, but I was there for it, recording it after the win over the Russians.

    The Social Order of the Bob Cox Zoo
    Don't Be Such a Douche

    The OlbermannWatch site is for some reason one of my favorite places to observe the dynamic and social order of the confused wingnut community. From the mid-IQ guys at the top, to the racists and rabid morons in the general population of the comment sections.

    More OlbyWatch Blogrollers...

    Does Anyone Agree?
    The Right Place
    The Politics of CP
    Stuck On Stupid
    The Drunkablog!
    Mein BlogoVault
    Cabal of Doom-De Oppresso Libre
    Six Meat Buffet
    Kevin Dayhoff
    Age of Treason

    More Keith Lovers

    Liberal Talk Radio
    Don't Be Such A Douche

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    April 2, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - April 2, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PRES. BUSH - GONZALEZ-GATE AND IRAQ: Craig Crawford, Congressional Quarterly columnist and MSNBC political analyst; Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.)
    • 1982 FEATURE FILM "TRON" HAS SENSITIVE INFORMATION: Roger Cressey, counterterrorism expert and MSNBC terrorism analyst

    Keith bellowed the opening spiel in his typical fashion. Gee, it led with Matthew Dowd's unfavorable comments about "Mister" Bush. What a surprise, there. Not! Plus McCain, a "special guest" who's running for President (guess which party?), Will Farrell, Britney Spears, and more. Hmm. Do you get the idea that there are still several dogs who won't be permitted to bark on OlbyPlanet?

    UPDATE (RCox): Video & Transcript

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    Leading off The Hour of Spin: Big News. Big, BIG, BIG!! News. "Mister" Bush did not throw out an opening pitch at a baseball game today. Besides, Matthew Dowd said something critical about "Mister" Bush, and that means that Dowd's comments are suddenly headline-worthy. Then it was on to the latest attack on Richard McCain, back to Bush's non-appearance in a baseball field, and then on to Keithy's "special guest".

    The latest partisan politico to be given a blue-dress interview on Countdown: none other than Joe Biden. [Who can deny the stunning indictment of Herr Olbermann that is The List?] Once again Edward R Olbermann honed in with his perspicacious, scalpel-like questioning:

    • What did you think of the Matthew Dowd interview?
    • Did you have faith in "Mister" Bush that was misplaced? [Objection: leading!]
    • How do you reconcile your vote for force in Iraq?
    • Is there any other conclusion to draw other than McCain misled us? [Objection: leading and suggestive!]
    • Relative to our separations of government and what we're doing about Iraq, where do we stand on the threatened veto?
    • Re Gonzales prepping for testimony: Does that sound logical? How hard do you have to study about your own agency? [Objection: even more leading and suggestive!]

    Biden wiped the stain from his pants; he was not Great Thanksed, but was Pleasured.

    #4: No doubt this will be where Krazy Keith gets into the outrageous story of the movie Tron and the eeevil Bush administration. Isn't that Roger Cressey on screen? Oh wait, no. This is about candidates and fund-raising. Anne Kornblut of the Washington Post bloviated in a fashion far too even-handed for OlbyPlanet. Great thanks.

    The #3 story finally got around to Monkeymann's expose of the reckless Homeland Security Department and an old Disney movie. Oh wait, no it didn't. It was about a Supreme Court decision on global warming, courtesy of regurgitated video from NBC. Funny, there was another Supreme Court decision that didn't get reported. But we'll leave that for the non-barking dogs. KO thanked the unspooling tape machine.

    Now we'll get Roger Cressey analyzing the crackdown on Tron? Oops, no. Instead: Will Farrell (more recycled video), Trump, Warren Beatty. #1: The greatest fools in the country, with Paul F Tompkins.

    In the Media Matters Minute, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann levelled another attack on Matt Drudge (Blue Blog Source: Think Progress), plus a Congressman (R) (Blue Blog Source: Talking Points Memo). Plus we got O'Reilly attack #173 (Blue Blog Source: TVNewser). A reference to "Joe McCarthy" [Ding!] as Keitho claimed O'Reilly cut a guest's mic because "he didn't like what she was saying". He only cited the tail end of the interview, ignoring the discussion that took place in the rest of the lengthy segment. Though you'd never know it on OlbyPlanet, there is another perspective [mp3 audio]:

    Stories Olbermann refuses to report

    Dogs that did not bark (special Katy Turic edition):

    The President's strongly disliked.
    Olby gets so upset that he's psyched.
    But his habeas rants
    Are indeed biased slants.
    So another court ruling gets spiked.

    Olby's news judgment is so dead-on.
    He spends time on where Britney has gone.
    When it comes to import,
    Other news just falls short.
    So again no report on Iran.

    Krazy Keith on Iraq has been tough.
    No more money for war, it's enough.
    But he won't say a word
    When Obama demurred
    And said threats to cut funds are a bluff!

    So where was the breaking news story about the Bush administration trying to sieze all copies of Tron? The one that the Countdown staff promoted this afternoon as one of their top two stories? The one that Roger Cressey was set to expound on? The one "Man on Fan" Olbermann no doubt was ready to make into a Special Education Komment about the eeevils of "Mister" Bush? Oh that one? As we know, it was a hoax. Completely made up. But just like the wackiest far-left blogs, Monkeymann fell for it and was ready to launch into OlbyPlanet HyperboleDrive. Luckily for him, Olbermann Watch warned him off this story and another humilitating Great Moment in Journalism was avoided. But we've done our good deed for the year. The next time you're about to step in it, Fat Ass, we will not intervene.


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name is an impressive #30,154 at, while "Culture Warrior" is #301. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) The OlbyTome is #3,944 at Barnes & Noble; O'Reilly's book is #1,283 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. Oh dear. Friday's Hour of Spin sunk like a rock, third place overall and a humiliating fourth place in the critical, beloved, all-important, coveted "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 5 [ELEVATED]

    UPDATE (RCox): Video & Transcript

    Read the transcript to the Monday show

    An OlbyWatch Intervention: Don't Do It, Keith!

    Here at Olbermann Watch we get advance notice of the topics to be covered on each night's Countdown. We just received tonight's line-up and we were startled at one of the chosen top stories to be addressed. Even though we're dealing with the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann, we do not wish him the kind of ridicule and embarrassment that will descend upon him if he pursues this topic.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    Tonight's Hour of Spin:


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PRES. BUSH - GONZALEZ-GATE AND IRAQ: Craig Crawford, Congressional Quarterly columnist and MSNBC political analyst; Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.)
    • 1982 FEATURE FILM "TRON" HAS SENSITIVE INFORMATION: Roger Cressey, counterterrorism expert and MSNBC terrorism analyst

    We understand how Oralmann could make this sort of gross mistake. After all, he famously reported as serious news the findings of a nonexistent study from a hoax publication. But this time he is going to sully the reputation of Roger Cressey, who is required by contract to appear on The Hour of Spin but is otherwise an analyst of expertise and repute.

    The story raging through the internets, especially the wackiest of the blue blogs (the ones out there where the busses don't run) is that Homeland Security has issued secret letters to confiscate all copies of the Disney film Tron, because it was filmed in some top-secret location.

    We tracked this story down to its source. Please, Keith, check this out carefully. Look at the top of the page and see the category this "report" is filed under. Read the text more carefully and note the identity of the FBI agent: Lirpa Sloof.

    We know you've already announced this segment. We realize that you are going to bring in A-Mess-NBC's top security expert to analyze every detail of the outrageous "actions" by Homeland Security. Take it from Olbermann Watch: the story is a hoax. It's fake. Send Roger Cressey home. Don't embarrass yourself and your network any further.

    We offer this advice with the best intentions possible, Keith. We're looking out for you.

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    Great Moments in Broadcast Journalism - 0005

    Keith Olbermann Link Roundup April 2, 2007

    Wikiality: Keith Olbermann Entry
    Wikiallity (Colbert Report)

    Keith Olbermann is being stalked by Log Cabin Republican Robert Cox, self-proclaimed head of the Media Bloggers Association. Mr. Cox has the hots for Mr. Olbermann and can't think of a better way to get his attention. Mr. Cox's website,, was founded by him and funded by Fox News to expose Keith Olbermann's extreme liberalness and anti-American agenda. [h/t Ko.o]

    Another magazine article featuring Keith, only HUSTLER

    This one is gonna be a little embarrassing for some of us to go get. It's in Hustler. Yes, I now have to buy that magazine and claim to be doing it for the articles. Or at least one of them.

    Keith Olbermann/What Bloggers Are Saying about MRC's 20th Anniversary Gala

    MRC's Gala is the "conservative Oscars," the MRC is a "important resource," and Keith Olbermann is about as popular as Haman at a Purim celebration. Those are just some of the observations from conservative bloggers

    Bush Bashers Welcome
    The Radio Equalizer

    Looks like Keith's in hot water again, plenty of updates at Olbermann Watch.

    Rachel Maddow on FOX Noise's Push Polling
    Crooks and Liars

    Keith and Rachel Maddow discuss what it means when an overtly partisan network like FOX uses push polls (similar to those used not used by Karl Rove against John McCain in the 2000 South Carolina primary) to shape public opinion in their favor and/or push their ideological message.

    Banner Blarney
    Johnny Dollar's Place

    When it comes to Fox haters, it's hard to top Keith Olbermann. His latest attack on FNC reveals not only arrogance, but also rank hypocrisy.

    New Keith Lover site added to blogroll:
    Olbermann Nation

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    April 1, 2007
    As The World Turns in Loonland

    It was a tough week to be an Olbyloon. First there were allegations that their Lord & Idol, Keith Olbermann, was trying to score with porn star Mary Carey. Then came an allegation at Jossip that Keith might have a bit of a stalker problem. Although this was hardly news to Clear Thinkers here at Olbermannwatch as we recalled a teacher-stalking incident where Keith hired a private detective to track down an old teacher which led Dan Patrick to call Olbermann a stalker.

    You just knew the Olbyapologists would come out in force to support their Hero. But even we weren't quite prepared for the reaction these news items generated in Loonland.

    After we documented the reaction to the Mary Carey story by one rather obsessed Olbermann fan, the loons deleted the entire thread and the moderators issued an edict:

    The thread is gone. it is the consensus of the Mods and Admins that it was in the best interests of the board. just let it go. please. i should have locked it last night, but what's done is done and it's not coming back. we'd really prefer that the entire subject be left alone."

    But part of being an Olbyapologist means defending him whenever and wherever. And so, we present for your reading enjoyment, the meanderings of a certain "Dorrie" who sprang to Olbemann's defense at Jossip and who up being compared to a diaper-wearng astronaut in the process. First she tried to chide Jossip for running a gossip item on a gossip site.

    You're in a rotten business, Jossip. Repent and save your souls before it's too late.

    When someone pointed out to her that Olbermann deals in gossip every single day on his show, Dorrie responded with this rather puzzling post.

    Television personalities aren't anonymous when they discuss gossip, which has the effect of limiting what they can say. Also consider that Olbermann corrects the record and apologizes when he gets something wrong -- unlike SOME commentators we know

    Raise your hands if you can remember the last time Olbermann apologized for getting a fact wrong about the Bush administration? After being confronted with evidence that Olbermann had once hired a PI to track down an ex-crush, Dorrie had an explanation at the ready: Ann Landers made him do it!

    Ann Landers wrote a column before she died advising people that if they remembered a teacher who had influenced them or taught them things that they found valuable later in life, it would be a very good thing for them to look those teachers up and tell their former instructors what their work had meant to them. Was Ann Landers encouraging stalking?

    When that rather far-fetched theory failed to take hold, she of course, had another at the ready. She wasn't really an Olbermann fan, she is just a concerned citizen who is worried about the effects of "gossip" on our society!

    1) The proliferation of rumor and gossip is destroying our society, culture and politics, and the only way I can think of to stop it is for people to learn how to tell the difference between a verifiable FACT and an unproven allegation; and, 2) I don't like it when people who try to lead decent lives are set upon by anonymous harpies carrying tales. ~ People with truths to tell come out from the shadows and tell them; people who assail others from hidden locations are called snipers.

    Now, Dorrie apparently did not read Olbermannwatch on Friday night where Johnny Dollar detailed how an item lifted from a discredited blue blog went to one run by part-time press agent for Olbermann, Mr. TVNewser to Countdown.Then she decides to spin why hiring a PI to track down a former crush is a good move:

    Very prudent of Mr. O to consult a professional before setting out to find his former instructor, no?-- because if the P.I. thought the enterprise had even the appearance or suggestion of illegality about it, the mission would have been aborted right then and there. Here's the webpage presenting the NY Dept. of State's licencing requirements for a P.I. -- ~ The P.I. whom Olbermann consulted must have judged his prospective client to be in sufficient possession of his faculties and the request to be sufficiently within the P.I.'s legal purview to consent to go ahead with it.

    By this time, as you might imagine, the other posters at Jossip, including yours truly, were begging this woman to get some mental help. But did that slow her down? Of course not. She had come up with a new theory! Olbermann is an enemy of the state and this was all a orchestrated plot between the right-wing media and the Bush administration to frame him!

    The motive in making up stuff like this to attack Olbermann IS political, that is what I'm saying. These folks never paid any attention to him prior to November 2004; but the harpies, furies and planters of blind items were deployed after Olbermann involved himself in the election controversy, and their mischief has paralleled Olbermann's denunciation of the Bush administration's failures. Anyone who was watching the show before the last presidential election can remember when these items started popping up, and why. Since that day it's been a textbook case of attack the messenger.

    But wait, there is still more! Right about the same time "Dorrie" was spewing forth at Jossip, a poster calling herself "Orinenglish" pops up at Either Relevant or True who proclaims they even know who Dorrie is. I just bet she does. Let's see, it's all part of a politically motivated smear campaign excuse is there:

    You can tell just how desperate the Bush administration is by how many old-enough-to-shave Keith rumors the goissip columns have to dredge up, re-animate, and re-plant to attempt to counter the onslaught of rumors emanating from the White House these days.

    But wait, the Bush administration has help in the form of Olbermannwatch and a group of former Olbermann fans!

    And the trolls are, of course, posting away on it too. Not only the Olbermann Watch gang, but a certain group of gossipy females who went all Heaven's Gate last summer, if you remember.

    It's all a part of a sinster plot she claims!

    The goal is to bring Keith's career AND his relationship down in a mighty one-two punch. The more personal they are, and the more they involve his so-called relationships with women, the more you can see this. They figure Keith's biggest fan base is women; they figure he appears deliriously happy with his relationship; so there's only one thing to do: convince his female fans, and his girlfriend at the same time, that HE'S THE MOST AWFUL MAN WHO EVER WALKED THE PLANET!

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then huh? You know, I almost feel sorry for Olbermann with fans like these because this one is helpful enough to provide us with a tidbit we had somehow managed to overlook here at Olbermannwatch:

    The young man who got his car antenna bent by a young and angry Keith who (was dating a woman) Olbermann wanted …for himself? Come on, Keith mentioned that one on the radio weeks ago. You'd think that by now, OlbermannWatch would have dug up the man in question and done an exclusive interview with him about this incident.

    Thanks for the heads-up Dorrie/Orinenglish! With fans like you, these posts just write themselves!

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    The Video Keith Does Not Want You to See: the Mary Carey Interviews

    Keith Olbermann, through his publicist, told Page Six that KO interviewed Porn Star Mary Carey way back in 2003, denied leaving a "rambling message" on Carey's voice mail, and denied she turned him down for a "date" claiming he turned her down.

    Olbermann Watch has the video that tells a very different. Now only is Keith interviewing Carey two years AFTER KO's people claimed but the interview is in person and - at the end of the clip - Keith admits having a date with Carey that night!

    Keithies Award (and the winner is...)


    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (4) | | View blog reactions