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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    June 22, 2007
    OlbermannWatch Contributor's Note

    As I am in charge of posting recaps this week, I apologize for not having Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's. Needless to say, they have all been DVRed. Unfortunately, I have to head out of town tonight and will not be back until the wee hours of Sunday morning. You can expect full recaps for the missed days on Sunday, including Friday. My apologies again, thanks for reading. Comments are open to whine about me.

    Posted by Edward Schatz | Permalink | Comments (80) | | View blog reactions


    No whining from me. You're doing God's work!

    ESchatz, nary a whine from me if you will just fill us in on the real skinny.


    I did complain already on the other thread before this post, not about quality but consistency. But you gave your reasons so I will just anticipate your next several posts. If you don't get to it, life will go on, at least for me.

    US May Reduce Forces in Iraq by Spring

    I just exited the emergency room following 16 hours at my wife's bedside to find my vehicle in the ER aprking garage violently vandalized along with its anti-bush/pro democracy bumper stickers. I wonder what brand of cowardly cocksucker it was that did this?

    Its open war now. Me and my 2-foot length of rebar anxiously await the next uplifted middle finger.

    The same brand of coward who would vandalize a vehicle sporting Pro-Bush political bumper stickers to protest. Don't wind up on the ticker on cable news over the incident. A colonel got in trouble a year or two ago for vandalizing pro-Bush cars. Maybe now you can see why some people have a hard time feeling sympathy for Khalid Sheikh Mohammad at Gitmo.

    On a lighter note, the best bumper sticker I have seen is Where are we going and why am I in this hand basket? A close second is Where are your TPS reports? (You have to be a groupie of Office Space to appreciate it).

    You may or may not appreciate this one (I saw it a couple of months ago):

    MARINES: Travel agents to Allah

    Moron paraniod starving Average Clinton C**k Sucker.

    US *May* reduce forces in Iraq by Spring

    I read earlier this week this headline

    'White House *may* have lost e-mails....."

    This is what the 9-1 print press has become.

    The white house 'might' have done this or George Bush 'might' have done this.

    What happen to the slam dunk, no doubt about it, indictments will be here any day now, it's a lock on throwing away the key to the 'Bush crime family' evidence the nim-rods in the press had?

    It's no wonder why ratings are falling.

    You know, if ALGORE came out and said he invented water and CNN & MSLSD ran stories about it. How many of you pin-heads would believe it.

    Around 672,000 at last look. Which means one thing. They never should have closed those mental hospitals!

    Oh yeah thanks Sharon I forgot this one.

    Bush 'may' close Gitmo.


    That was me, Sharon, with the link to the AP article. I had previously stated that I thought there would be a troop draw-down after analysis of the surge. I wasn't giving an opinion as to the rightness or wrongness, just a belief based upon my take of the President's speech in January. The reason for "May" in this article at least, was based upon an interview with General Odierno.

    I wondered about that story of closing Gitmo also. Because Olby blamed it on a leak from the Bush Admin., I tend not to believe it.

    Sir Loin,

    I hope your wife is feeling better.

    MARINES: Travel agents to Allah

    Posted by: Sharon at June 22, 2007 10:45 PM

    Great post, Sharon, I needed a good laugh!

    I, too, hope your wife is good, SLOB. But, you might want to chose your bumber stickers a little more wisely. It might have been a soldier or vet that trashed your car.


    I wasn't sure what happened with your wife and tried to steer away from the topic since you didn't get into details. I third the response to your wife's condition.

    Because Keith's never been to Iraq
    He's the Edward R. Murrow of hack
    Krazy Keith is not brave
    Murrow rolls in his grave
    (He reported while under attack)

    Keith throws a baseball just like a girl
    So he decided to give "sports journalism" a whirl
    Now he's an unhinged lefty
    Rants against Bush not too hefty
    Next Special Comment won't be a pearl

    Thanks for the update, ESchatz. No whining here.


    I'm starting to feel a little whiney and a little testy...

    I, too, hope your wife is good, SLOB. But, you might want to chose your bumber stickers a little more wisely. It might have been a soldier or vet that trashed your car.

    Posted by: royalking at June 22, 2007 11:58 PM

    Well then he wouldnt have been much of a fucking soldier then, would he. He'd have been nothing more than another cowardly fascist goon waiting for a piece of rebar across his temple.

    ...and to the rest of you re: my wife: Thanks for your concern, but life's going to really suck for a while.

    Why Do You Come to OW,

    I knew about the story; I just tended not to believe that the Bush camp leaked it. Where is the evidence for that? I'm glad to see your concern for Sir L's wife. That is better than the death wishes Grammie receives.
    An Air Force officer pleaded guilty Friday to defacing cars with bumper stickers supporting President Bush, and was given a two-year deferred sentence. Lt. Col. Alexis Fecteau, a decorated officer who flew 500 combat hours in the Gulf War, Kosovo and Bosnia, pleaded guilty to felony mischief and must pay restitution to the owners.

    Cecilia is noticing something we have all noticed for years now, you whiny little bitch.

    Posted by: at June 23, 2007 10:39 AM

    Why does it not surprise me that after years of "noticing", you still don't know how to spell my name...

    SLOB, I do hope all comes out well for you and your wife and your family. Just hang in there and take one hour and one day at a time.

    It is a shame what happened to your car especially at an already difficult time.

    In addition to Sharon's comment above Cecelia said this yesterday, in relation to something else, that is also relevant:

    "Lest we fall into the blinkered frame of mind that ascribes power hungry human nature solely to the pols of the "other" side, let's remember Trent Lott's tut-tuts over the success of talk radio in KOing the immigration bill.
    Posted by: Cecelia at June 22, 2007 6:54 PM "

    There are criminal thugs in every walk of life and every ideological group. That behavior is not ideological it is common criminal vandalism.


    it was the same one the nutlogs at this site have used."Well, if China and other countries aren't on board with decreasing c02 emissions why should we" ?

    I know I have said that at least 20 times.

    ""It's a real sad time these days to be a republican.
    They have absolutely nothing to crow about and everything to hang their head in shame about.""

    HAH!... this from the anonymous coward!

    Oh, and conservatism is something to be proud about. We don't need magic negroes and rock stars to lead us. conservatisim leads us. We don't need polls to know what to fight for. I wouldn't flash a bumper sticker loudly voicing support of any conservative though, because it incites the loons to vandalize my property. you can't trust these liberals. they are the devil's advocate. literally. they see ONLY the conspiracy, never the truth. TRUTHERS they call themselves. the know no self discipline... they live for crumbs.

    There is no way in Hell any real conservative is "ashamed" by the actions of other republicans. only some wimp like joe scarborough would say that. Only the dems would bend their internal convictions to polling data. Republicans/Conservatives/Anti-loons/Clear Thinkers/whatever you call em... have nothing to be ashamed of. Zero, nada, zilch. All you have to go on is mountains made out of molehills, the mainstream media's sensational headline. But go ahead and ignore any "progressive" <---(funny word) who is corrupt. Keith Olbermann is as corrupt as you can get. You come here and never attack olbermann. never. you are a truther. I should ignore you and look real smart, but I thought maybe some like-minded Clear Thinkers might get inspired by this. The time has come to rally the troops and defeat these communist "progressives" once and for all. Hang head in shame? thanks for the laugh, little b****.

    we're pretty proud about telling those in washington how we felt about the imigration bill they tried to ram down our throughts. Yeah, were PROUD of that, understand?

    Your claim to genius is that you "just knew" life was better "containing saddam"

    ....great thinkin', licoln.


    I hate olbermann and I'm proud.

    Moranon at 1:42,

    I was being sarcastic.

    Let's look at some of the COMSERVATYIVE'S accomplishments the past 6 1/2 years.

    OK....lets do.

    Best Economy in the history of the world.

    Virtually full employment.

    No terrorist attacks on US soil sense 9/11

    Stock market ridding high.

    Interest rates low.

    Saddam was stopped from the practice of sticking people into chippers....feet first.

    Saddam's 2 sons no longer rape brides at weddings, or women and children.

    Your oil interests in the middle east are safe for now.

    The US military is just across to border from a country that has a leader that claims when he has the capacity to blow up Israel, the US and anyone else he chooses he will in fact do so.

    Because of the US security in the region your gas is only $2.89 per gallon instead of $9.82.

    More people than ever before are able to purchase their first new home.

    The young and old are entering college at the highest rates on record.

    The debunking of Al Goreillas "global warming" myth.

    Your freedom to remain ignorant.

    And millions more that go un-noticed locally on a daily basis.

    You are a great American......Hold that loser's (Keith Olbermann (D)) feet to the fire!

    Uberloon is circling the drain
    The ratings aren't showing a gain
    But Keith will just lie
    "The ratings are high"
    Psycho-babble from the insane

    moron paranoid starving BUSHWIPES!

    E SHITS. . .you fucking pussy/slacker. Get back to work so we can all mock you, you fucking O'Reilly's Anus Licking Toadie!!!

    fuck you,
    --cap'n igor

    Chicken Blogger, check what this 'dope' wrote recently from:

    Here are his credentials:

    "Lindzen, Richard S.

    (617) 253-2432
    Bldg. 54-1720

    Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

    Professor Lindzen is a dynamical meteorologist with interests in the broad topics of climate, planetary waves, monsoon meteorology, planetary atmospheres, and hydrodynamic instability. His research involves studies of the role of the tropics in mid-latitude weather and global heat transport, the moisture budget and its role in global change, the origins of ice ages, seasonal effects in atmospheric transport, stratospheric waves, and the observational determination of climate sensitivity. He has made major contributions to the development of the current theory for the Hadley Circulation, which dominates the atmospheric transport of heat and momentum from the tropics to higher latitudes, and has advanced the understanding of the role of small scale gravity waves in producing the reversal of global temperature gradients at the mesopause. He pioneered the study of how ozone photochemistry, radiative transfer and dynamics interact with each other. He is currently studying the ways in which unstable eddies determine the pole to equator temperature difference, and the nonlinear equilibration of baroclinic instability and the contribution of such instabilities to global heat transport. He has also been developing a new approach to air-sea interaction in the tropics, and is actively involved in parameterizing the role of cumulus convection in heating and drying the atmosphere. He has developed models for the Earth's climate with specific concern for the stability of the ice caps, the sensitivity to increases in CO2, the origin of the 100,000 year cycle in glaciation, and the maintenance of regional variations in climate. In cooperation with colleagues and students, he is developing a sophisticated, but computationally simple, climate model to test whether the proper treatment of cumulus convection will significantly reduce climate sensitivity to the increase of greenhouse gases. Prof. Lindzen is a recipient of the AMS's Meisinger, and Charney Awards, and AGU's Macelwane Medal. He is a corresponding member of the NAS Committee on Human Rights, a member of the NRC Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, and a Fellow of the AAAS1. He is a consultant to the Global Modeling and Simulation Group at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, and a Distinguished Visiting Scientist at California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. (Ph.D., '64, S.M., '61, A.B., '60, Harvard"

    I'll give you a hint. He disagrees with you and Algore.


    Just heard some real comedy tonight. Michael Moore giving advice on how to stay healthy. He didn't even wipe the twinky crumbs off his chin.

    >That behavior is not ideological it is common criminal vandalism.


    Posted by: Janet Hawkins at June 23, 2007 12:47 PM

    I think Grammie is missing the fact that Sir Loin's car was targeted for a reason, and others weren't.

    There is actually a purposeful, hateful, and ideological element to it. Although acts of hatred aren't exclusive to certain groups, in this one instance it certainly was.

    Best wishes for you and your wife, Sir LOB

    That "Bush is a terrorist" sticker will get you every time.....anyone that displays one of those should be sent straight to Iraq. Then they will see exactly what a terrorist REALLY is.

    ANYBODY that thinks Bush is a terrorist is a bonifide nut job, end of story.

    Pack your bags , RK, you snarly, cowardly chickenhawk !

    Posted by: at June 24, 2007 11:15 AM

    It, who uses no name calls me a coward? Too funny......

    You and your empty headed colleagues care more about who uses what name than who dies in Iraq.

    Ever look in the mirror ?

    PS. I served in the military, and I DON'T SUPPORT THIS WAR ONE IOTA, you fucking chickenhawk !

    And if gas were $10.00 a gallon because Iraq and Iran were at would squeal like a pig.

    And if you did not have a job to buy electricity for your would squeal like a pig.

    And if another terrorist attack on the US had just killed your would squeal like a pig.

    And If your soul just happened to have landed in Iraq and you voiced your opinion there like you are here, Saddam may have fed your wife or children feet first onto a chipper and you would have said nothing.

    CA/LMAO/NduJ, as usual you see what you want to see.

    I reminded SLOB of Sharon mentioning a Dem who admitted to vandalizing multiple cars, with a link, that had Bush stickers.

    I copied a quote from Cecelia making the point that bad behavior is found in pols from both groups.

    You not only miss the point you don't even understand that it is a truism that criminal thuggish behavior exists in any random group of more than a few or any ideology.


    "Tossing aside a plea agreement that called for probation, Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Michael B. Brennan sentenced four Democratic Party workers to jail Wednesday for slashing tires on 25 vans rented by Republicans to take voters to polls for the 2004 presidential election.

    Michael Pratt, son of former Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt, leaves the courtroom Wednesday after being sentenced to six months in jail for his part in slashing the tires of 25 vehicles at Republican headquarters before the 2004 election.

    Do you get the point yet?

    SLOB is very justifiably extremely angry. For these types of criminals ideology is in their minds their valid reason. But to law abiding people on every spectrum (except for anarchist types) of political views this is first, last and always CRIMINAL NOT IDEOLOGICAL derived.


    PS. I served in the military, and I DON'T SUPPORT THIS WAR ONE IOTA, you fucking chickenhawk !

    Posted by: at June 24, 2007 11:47 AM
    Where and when did you serve? How long? See any combat?

    Fox news does lean right...OK...I get it....I know it....I accept it.


    If you go to "the news hole" Keith Olbermanns blog and type the following.

    George Bush and Dick Cheney suck. I hate both of them. Scooter Libby is a convicted criminal. And Gozo broke the law by firing rich lawyers.

    Your post will appear.


    If a story by MSNBC on Bill and Hillery Clinton is posted and you write say this...

    I remember when Bill Clinton was impeached but I do not remember when Hillery was dealing with the Whitewater Issue. I can also say that when the entire staff at the travel office were fired it made the papers. But these were all seperate issues and had nothing to do with the impeachment procedings,

    The moderator will FLUSH your post.

    Here is a short list of words that are not to be posted on MSNBC's blog.

    Paula, Monica, Juanita, Whitewater, impeachment (regarding Clinton), disbarment (regarding Clinton) fraudulent stock trade, blue dress, Sandy Burglar, heck think up your own and give it a fun to run test like these.

    Chubby, the olbyloons think it's ok for the orange faced prick to stifle free speech. It's not called "liberal hypocrisy" for no reason....

    RoyalTurd, you're not just a coward, not just a chickenhawk. . .you're just plain ole CHICKENSHIT!!!

    Fuck You, and Fuck Mikey Sewage-Weenie, too!!!

    --cap'n igor

    It is not the fact that people make up a name to post as. It is picking a name that others recognize you by and sticking to it.

    SLOB is very justifiably extremely angry. For these types of criminals ideology is in their minds their valid reason. But to law abiding people on every spectrum (except for anarchist types) of political views this is first, last and always CRIMINAL NOT IDEOLOGICAL derived.


    Posted by: Janet Hawkins at June 24, 2007 12:57 PM


    You make a fine point here. However, we have just seen some folks (not CA) on another thread who find themselves incapable of tolerating it when folks who don't hold their particular politics, joke around and have fun among themselves, as most people do.

    They hate that. They chide and scold and are unable to laugh, to join in, or to simply ignore. They justify their inability to respond normally by arguing that such ordinary actions by their political opponents are somehow a diversion from how they SHOULD be acting or from what they SHOULD be thinking.

    While I don't assume that these folks are in any way capable of doing what someone did to Sir Loin's car, I do think them incapable of understanding your point.

    Cecelia, I think you are right. They are the minority and are from every political spectrum. They are operating on the principle that ideology is the base root that governs virtually every thought and action for themselves and so it must be true for others, too.

    BTW, on that other thread I just gave Codas his just due and nominated Clucker to be Cotton Mather. I considered Reverend Brocklehurst, Elmer Gantry and the Reverend Harry Powell but they seemed a bit over the top for him. :)


    What is it with you olbyloons and your hatred for Dr. Savage? You love the terrorists but you hate Savage? Kind of ironic, one would think. I might have to start listening to him more often to see what he is saying that is upsetting you loons so much....

    ESchatz just put up a new commentary as he promised.

    He labeled it June 20. So we have two threads for June 20.


    Sorry, it says June 22.

    I think I need new glasses.


    You were right Grammie, I accidently pasted the wrong there. Just corrected it.

    the wrong date

    It's quite simple, RoyalSphincter. . .

    Sewage-Weenie is a FLAMING ASSHOLE!!!!

    I think he had a TV show for about 20 minutes once. . .

    He's got to be the ugliest MotherFucker in radio!!

    Funny, he never talks about his relationship with the late Alan Ginsburg, does he??? (repressed homosexual urges alert!!!)

    fuck off,
    --cap'n igor

    Now who does that sound like ?
    Funny. nobody cares

    Sounds like man that knows what he is talking about! Your last post proves what a confused individual you really are.....

    Wow, this Royalking character sure is a dope!

    Wow, this Royalking character sure is a dope!


    More than that: I don't think "Royalking" is his real name.

    You people still don't get it about the names. Choose a unique name, Santa Clause, something, and consistently use it! It helps facilitate discussion. If there is a legitimate reason to not follow that simple practice, I don't see it.

    Unique meaning, no high-jacking or duplicates.

    Choose a unique name ....
    Could I use "Rosa Sharon", sort of a play on the Biblical Rose of Sharon, or is that too much like your name? Perhaps, Biblical names are not allowed liberals? I need to get this right, and the rules are very confusing, understood by only a precious few.

    Unhinged Olbyloons love to fight
    Mostly done to preserve their right
    To be named NOTHING or FUCK YOU
    Acting like they still are two
    Same old nonsense night after night

    No, you're stuck with "Clucker." You can't change unless a quorum is called.

    More than that: I don't think "Royalking" is his real name.

    Posted by:coward at June 24, 2007 11:44 PM

    Is that your real name or just a nickname?

    "Savage has a history of linking Democratic politicians and Nazis."

    Well, seems that the mentally ill host of Meltdown learned this technique well from Mr. Weiner/Savage.

    It has been well documented on this site that Olbermann has used completely unsupported claims of Nazism to smear those whom he does not agree with or cable TV news competitiors who are more successful than he is.

    Olbermann's sordid history in this regard dates back to 1998 when he was host of something called the Big Show. Unable to muster substantive arguments to register his reservations about the work that Ken Starr was doing in his investigation of the Clinton's (as he was directed to do by Attorney General Reno), Olbermann suggested that Starr could be compared to one of history's most notorious and murderous Nazis.

    Here is the relevant quote from Olbermnann on August 18, 1998:

    "Can Ken Starr ignore the apparent breadth of the sympathetic response to the President?s speech? Facially, it finally dawned on me that the person Ken Starr has reminded me of facially all this time was Heinrich Himmler, including the glasses. If he now pursues the President of the United States, who, however flawed his apology was, came out and invoked God, family, his daughter, a political conspiracy and everything but the kitchen sink, would not there be some sort of comparison to a persecutor as opposed to a prosecutor for Mr. Starr?"

    Then in July, 2006, Olbermann unleashed Nazi attacks again, this time against O'Reilly, the target of Olbermann's almost nightly fits of jealousy with his spurious WPITW attacks.

    The whole story of Olbermann's "O'Reilly supports Nazis" accusations can be found here:

    However, to sum it up, Olby appeared at a Television Critics of America meeting and held a paper cut out of O'Reiily's face over his own and flashed the Seig Heil salute, implying that O"Reilly is a Nazi or symapthizes with them. This, of course, like many of Olbermann's nutty attacks, is the discourse of a desperate, attention seeking hack with a severe anti-social personality disorder (thus the multiple times that he has been fired and the fact that few people who have worked with him in the past have any desire to associate with him).

    Anyway, Olbermann went on Leno's show several days later and was aksed about this incident by Leno. At first Olberman attempted to make some nauseating joke about the fact that he had publicly flashed a gesture symbolizing the worst kind of fear and terrror for Jews and others who were victims of the Holocaust. He laughed about it and said he was just trying to say "yoo-hoo" to somebody. When that joke went flat, he tried to disingenously claim that O'Reilly "supported Nazis". Go to the link I have cited above and you will find a complete explanation of how low and completely ridiculous this charge against O'Reilly is.

    Finally the Anti-Defamation chided Olbermann for his use of the Seig Heil salute:

    "your repeated use of the Nazi salute has resulted in many complaints from our constituents, including Holocaust survivors and their families who find the use of this gesture offensive and repugnant in any context…We believe that the use of gestures and imagery associated with the Nazis – even in jest – only serves to trivialize the Holocaust and denigrate the memory of the six million Jews and others who died as a result of Hitler’s Final Solution.”

    Of course, per usual, Olbermann completely ignored the ADL's concerns.

    So, I would say to Why Do You Care What My Name Is:

    Why do you care if Mr. Savage/Weiner invokes unjustifed Nazi allegations when you apparently don't care if Olbermann does the same thing?

    Hank, don't hold your breath while you await an answer.....


    I suppose I will get a reply but it will be completely nonresponsive to the points I raised in my post at 1:11. The sycophants who would not dare utter a critical word about Olbermann simply cannot bring themselves to denounce his egregious behavior that all reasonable people would agree is unacceptable.

    No Olbermann defenders? I gave a detailed critique above of Keith Olbermann but so far no takers who want to take a shot at sticking up for their Orange Hero. Others have mentioned that the site doesn't seem as alive as it used to be. One poster stated it this way:

    "At any rate, the site seemed worth checking out. Fairly quickly I saw that very little time or space in the discussion boards was devoted to Olbermann."

    Posted by: at June 24, 2007 7:53 PM

    Actually, time and space is devoted to Olbermann by the clear thinkers who understand Olbermann's chicanery and manipulation which MSLSD tries to pass off as "news". However, what I have observed is that fewer and fewer of Keith's sycophants are bothering to go to the mat for him. So, to the extent that "little time or space" is devoted to Olbermann, it is because it takes two sides to have a discussion on a particular topic and the loons are now too busy with other things such as cut and paste jobs featuring such deep thoughts as "Bush is a terrorist" "Chimpy Bush" "9-11 was an inside job" and "Manhattan will be 20 feet underwater in 15 years because of global warming" Great stuff.

    Here was my prediction regarding the responses I would get regarding my critique of Olbermann at 1:11 pm:

    "I suppose I will get a reply but it will be completely nonresponsive to the points I raised in my post at 1:11. The sycophants who would not dare utter a critical word about Olbermann simply cannot bring themselves to denounce his egregious behavior that all reasonable people would agree is unacceptable."

    And of course, the no name dunderhead at 11:24 and 11:26 did exactly what I predicted one of the loons would do who actually attempted to post a reply-- more nonsensical drivel, including a fond wish for my early demise.

    "Hank: you're an idiot. KO speaks the truth."

    No he doesn't. I showed you exacty why he is not being truthful in my earlier post. Maybe you might take a shot at specifically responding to my criticims of Olby.

    I've heard Ko diss the democrats for not stopping funding for Bush's war and a few other things.
    Oops you missed it.
    Oops , you're an idiot !

    Posted by: at June 26, 2007 12:50 AM

    Oh, I see you are clever boy because you picked up on something your Orange Hero said about Dems that was'nt all warm and fuzzy. Two points:

    1) I am re-issuing (once again) an invitation for you or anybody else to respond to the SPECIFIC criticisms I made about Olbermann at 1:11 pm above. Judging by your earlier inane posts, I doubt that you are up to the task.

    2) Perhaps if Olbermann actually bothered to report criminal indictments for Democrats such as William "Cold Cash" Jefferson with the same intensity as he does when Reps. Bob Ney and Randy Cunnibgham were indicted, then the clear thinkers would be willing to consider the possibility that Olby is not a left wing propogandist. Until then, Olby remains the same hack he has always been.

    Hank, Whatizname et al seem congenitally incapable of doing anything more than hurling insults and presenting accusations formulated by others as chiseled in stone truths.

    In any discussion it is I think it and so does Joe Blow at whatever opinion blog ergo it is a fact.

    They have started first with their conclusion and then work backwards from there, which is why they are virtually always non responsive and wage pitched battles against the strawmen they have created.

    The outcome is predictable because they are debating themselves so how could they lose.


    >They have started first with their conclusion and then work backwards from there...

    Uh Oh, Hammy, you've accidentally told on yourself!

    Keith Olbermann is bad, and everything else just falls into place.

    How convenient!

    Actually, I lean more towards KO is one sorry excuse of a journalist who probably wouldn't even make a decent High School reporter.

    I only accept his version of events when I have access to the source documentation that I can see and hear for myself.


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