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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    September 8, 2007
    TVNewser "Journalism": AKA: Let's Steal A Story and Call it Our Own!

    We had some hope there for TVNewser for awhile. After young Brian departed to become a toady at the NY Times, there was an opportunity for TVNewser to stop the shilling for NBC/MSNBC/CNBC and actually become a first-rate blog devoted to reporting news within the television industry. Alas, all hopes have now been dashed. Not only did TVN decide to hire a former MSNBCer for the job, they also decided to bring on hacks like Gail Shister, who has a certain history of altering stories especially where Keith Olbermann is concerned.

    The latest adventure in TVN "journalism" is their swiping of a story from another industry website, FTV is a subscription only site so we'll leave it to Inside Cable News to explain what went down:

    FTVLive rips TVNewser for ripping it off without attribution. . .Yesterday FTVLive reported FIRST that CNBC lawyers were planning on filing papers with New York Supreme Court Today (Yesterday) to try an obtain an emergency injunction in order to keep Eric Bolling from appearing on Fox News Channel. Six hours after FTVLive posted that story, TVNewser writes " We hear the case of former CNBC Fast Money contributor Eric Bolling is back in court today." Gee Chris. . . Where did you hear that from? FTVLive maybe? Tisk tisk. . .

    If that weren't bad enough, TVN insists that Keith Olbermann is a ratings success! On August 31, TVN posted this item:

    Close Call in the Demo for Olbermann If you kept an eye on the cable ratings charts from this week, you may have noticed a narrower gap between Countdown with Keith Olbermmann and The O'Reilly Factor in the 25-54 demo. On Monday there was a 15,000 viewer gap; on Wednesday just 6,000. Many emailers have opined that the closeness is based on viewer sampling from Olbermann's NBC network appearance Sunday night. Others have written that it's because O'Reilly was off this week. An MSNBC insider tells TVNewser "Countdown has been gaining steam for months, it gets better and better creatively and viewers recognize that." We still have Thursday's and Friday's numbers yet to come to determine if there's any trend.

    But did TVN analyze the numbers to see if there was a trend? Nope! Did TVN mention that O'Reilly was on vacation that week? Again, the answer is no! Journalism at its finest Ladies and Gents! But wait. . . . there's more! On Friday, September 7th, TVN breathlessly posted the following:

    The 8pm Cable Picture Comes Into Focus Last night, Countdown with Keith Olbermann came within 19,000 viewers of The O'Reilly Factor in the 25-54 demo. Countdown beat The Factor in the first two quarter hours. Countdown had 408,000 demo viewers from 8-8:30, The Factor had 373,000 (live+ same-day DVR). In total viewers last night, O'Reilly still more than doubled Olbermann's audience.

    That little claim is being challenged by Spud at Inside Cable News: September 7, 2007

    Premature prognostications. . . TVNewser writes that Countdown came close to beating The O'Reilly Factor last night and broke out quarter hour numbers as evidence. I'm not convinced of the persuasiveness of this entry. Using quarter hours as a benchmark seems like shaky methodology to me at best. O'Reilly still won the hour so it really doesn't matter what Countdown did for select 15 minute segments, does it? And this really doesn't change anything. The Factor continues to regularly beat Countdown in The Demo. TVNewser paints the Demo battle as getting closer, but the data is inconclusive at best. Countdown may be having a good week but it's still just one week. Ratings trends need to be measured in the long term. Only time will tell whether Countdown is on the upswing vs. The Factor or this is just a temporary blip on the ratings radar. I would be interested in seeing a chart with long term Live+SD data (TVN uses Live+SD so that's why I refer to it) for the two programs to accurately gauge what's going on with the Live+SD ratings for the two programs.

    See TVN? That's how it's done. You post numbers, you analyze the numbers, and you consider what other factors may be contributing to a bump in the ratings. Is that really so hard to do? Or is it just easier to post the press releases that MSNBC sends you and the "anonymous" emails from the PR types and no doubt Olbermann himself trumpeting his "ratings success".

    They really should rebrand TVNewser and just call it CNBC/NBC/MSNBCNewer.

    Posted by Brandon | Permalink | Comments (33) | | View blog reactions


    Doesn't the same day dvr bump Olbs by about 20-30% per night? His numbers on insider cable are 100k less in teh demo than mediabistro has him

    Olbermann's numbers do receive a dramatic bump with the DVR Plus numbers. Apparently the memo went out to all the liberal bloggers to record the show on DVR to pump up the numbers for Olby. There still remains no actual proof that anyone watches his show when they record it on DVR.

    Swiping stories? That's my turf!
    You work your side of the street...

    TVN and unattributed story-swiping have always been synonymous to me. I thought that advertisers didn't really consider DVR ratings so those numbers are pretty much irrelevant. Isn't it strange that no one really discusses any other cable show's live+DVR totals but those for Olby? Hmmm.

    So how exactly do they know how many people are DVRing what? Does Tivo send out a report every night or something?

    If Olbermann put a gun to his head and blew his brains out on live national television, he MIGHT beat O'Reilly for that 15 minute segment. You go, Keith.

    Katy Couric is off to Iraq
    Olby's home with his shit-filled crock
    Keith's an expert on war
    (Never been there before)
    He's busy sniffing NFL jock

    "Keith's an expert on war
    (Never been there before)"

    Olby and W. have yet another thing in common.

    I don't know if Katy is going to Iraq, but I wonder how close to the action Katie Couric (who is going) will actually be during her tenure, or will she stay close to Al-Asad as our president did. Can't blame W. for his choice, since it's probably the safest spot on the planet for him, including most of the U.S. now.


    So to some people that can't post their names it doesn't matter if you're over there, it matters where over there you are.

    Well then I'm with you girl. (You know you can never tell with anons)

    Let's send Olby right up to the front lines so he can be the biggest mean expert in the whole world!

    In fact we could have a journalistic first!

    Yes! We could have Olby going up to the front lines crossing over and being embraced by his loyal viewers.

    Go! Olby! Go!

    You Tube, Little Green Footballs, Gateway Pundit and other sites have video of John Gibson comparing Olbyloon to Osama Bin Laden. This is hillarious and so are the comments.

    Bush has been to Iraq 3x in 4 years. This would be 3x more than Olbermann has.

    You need to be reminded that Olbermann is a pussy who won't walk out of his door if there's a rain storm let alone go to war to cover the story like all the other NEWS JOURNALISTS have. Olby is a hack!

    "And you're an obsessed idiot.
    Of all the problems and people deserving your scorn, the fact that you pick Olbermann, says a lot about you.

    Posted by: at September 9, 2007 11:53 PM"

    Your defense of Olbermann speaks volumes (none of it very good) about you as well. Obsess much about all the haters?

    And the fact that the Loons spend so much time defending him says a lot about just how horrid he truly is. They know it or else they wouldn't be here trying to convince everyone otherwise.

    Get lives Loons!

    The fangirls are gonna freak when they this...

    Playboy Interview of Keith Olbermann:
    (October 2007):

    Playboy: Are there Countdown Groupies?

    Olbermann: There are chat rooms that get bawdy. One group of women will start analizing the issues, but soon it will devolve into talk about my tie and what they'd like to do after removing my tie. That's a strange thing about TV---it's like being on the wrong side of a one-way mirror. You don't know it its a group of Jennifer Lopezes out there undressing you with their eyes or a bunch of Leona Helmsleys.

    "and what they'd like to do after removing my tie."

    maybe hang him with it

    " of Jennifer Lopezes out there undressing you with their eyes or a bunch of Leona Helmsleys."

    This says a lot. Maybe Brandon, who pointed out the DU fans' complaining about Olbermann's ageism, was correct in making a post about it. Leona Helmsleys===OLD broads.

    I do like his choice of Jennifer Lopezes watching him, man he's into "latin" chicks, remember the Cuban Hottie KarmaBites1? Too bad the a$$kissing interviewer didn't bring that up "one night stand blog" as a follow up question.

    Trust me, he can't handle a Latina.

    I betting on Greg Gutfield getting WPITW tonight. He trashed Olby on others like him on Red Eye. I don't know if picked up on his clip but it was pretty good. If one of Olby's zombies found it on the net, it's sure to make Greg WPITW. Good luck Greg. Being named WPITW by Olby is quite an honor.

    Gutfield is pretty funny. I'm suprised Fox lets him get away with as much as he does.

    Funny eBay description, I guess neocons don't need pants (or maybe Katy needs some spending $$$):

    "You are bidding on a brand new pair of PERRY ELLIS pants. These sell for $69.50. Ultra Comfortable!!! LINEN/RAYON. Have draw string to adjust size. The waist measures about 35 inches before tightening and the inseam is 31 inches. Ideal for vacation or simply lounging around the house with a cup of tea, watching Keith Olbermann."

    Viva La Lopez! You go girl!

    He's pretty much confirming the KarmaBites story is true by admitting he has a thing for Latinas and that if he's lucky they look like Lopez but obviously he's noticed that some of them are Leona Helmsleys. Just one more slam at women by KO. But they'll continue to claim he's a great champion of women everywhere. Of course they thought the story about him shacking up with a 22-year old was a lie too until he admitted it was true.

    "Olbermann: There are chat rooms that get bawdy. One group of women will start analizing the issues, but soon it will devolve into talk about my tie and what they'd like to do after removing my tie. That's a strange thing about TV---it's like being on the wrong side of a one-way mirror. You don't know it its a group of Jennifer Lopezes out there undressing you with their eyes or a bunch of Leona Helmsleys."

    It's really creepy that he follows these boards. Why would he admit that?

    what is funny is that no chatter about the playboy article yet. I'm sure one of the loons would have run out at lunch time to buy a copy by now. (even though the online version is cheaper).

    Guess they don't like that he's into Latinas and thinks they look like old hags...nice, FU girlfanbase...hahahahahahahah

    I'd like to venture an opinion on what should be done with Keith after removing his tie:

    Set him free! Roll him back into the water so he can swim with the other whales!

    I've seen some of them and I am more attractive, even in my current very dead state

    But hey, did anyone notice that Keith's no Marc Anthony. Does he know that?

    But hey, did anyone notice that Keith's no Marc Anthony. Does he know that?

    Posted by: Leona at September 10, 2007 8:26 PM

    One of his thighs could be.

    "He's pretty much confirming the KarmaBites story is true by admitting he has a thing for Latinas and that if he's lucky they look like Lopez but obviously he's noticed that some of them are Leona Helmsleys. Just one more slam at women by KO. But they'll continue to claim he's a great champion of women everywhere. Of course they thought the story about him shacking up with a 22-year old was a lie too until he admitted it was true."

    Hey, I thought I strapped you to the bed shot full of anti-psychotics?

    And you're still flogging the dead horse? My God, it's bee nearly 2 YEARS and guess what, bucko. No one gives a shit! But you had to get that dig in anyway. And you think liberals obsess? At least we obsess about stuff that is more than wisps of theory searching for a fact.

    8:35. Berry, is that you?

    My opinion has always been that brian stelter wasn't SO annoying... sure he had bias and all that, but he was bearable... not so kooky as for me to not visit tvnewser. I've noticed that his departure has resulted in tvnewser becoming more liberal, aka... crappy.

    liberal, as defined by the dictionary.... is probably a good thing. but in practice, those who call themselves liberal are really just despicable nutjobs. today, in this environment, even if i were, and even if i agree in some ways... i'd be embarrassed to call myself a liberal at this time.

    Leave a new comment