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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    October 24, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - October 24, 2007


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IRAQ WAR AFFECTING ABILITY TO FIGHT FIRES IN CALIFORNIA:  Brian Williams, managing editor and host of 'NBC Nightly News'; Lt. Gov. John Garamendi (D-Calif.)
    • REPUBLICAN PARTY: Rachel Maddow, Air America radio host
    • 2008 ELECTION: Dana Milbank, Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst

    Burn, baby, burn! It's another opening spiel: "Fox Noise" [Ding!], yada yada. Sigh, it's a wearisome hump day at Olbermann Watch.

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Bush administration was "warned" about the dangers of fires. Yeah, and so? Olby's Big Question: Isn't the Iraq war hindering efforts against the fire? Because, after all, 3,000 of 17,000 CA guardsmen are overseas. Yep, you got the Talking Point of the night. Brian Williams suffered the indignity of having to talk to Fat Ass, but--and this is intriguing--as soon as Williams came on the screen, all the talk about Iraq, conspiracies, it's Bush's fault, etc, suddenly disappeared. They spoke only of the facts of the fires and how the effort is going.

    Did Brian tell Olby he wouldn't stand for any of that crap, or was Herr Olbermann afraid that Brian might not tow the OlbyPlanet line? Either way, Krazy Keith was put in his place by a real journalist.

    Next up was Garamendi: Olby asked a question and the guy spouted off incredible run-on jumbo paragraphs of talking points. Note how his answers were almost verbatim the same words he tried to use in an earlier interview:

    Quite a different exchange than the one with "journalist" Edward R Olbermann, who acted like nothing more than a microphone stand as Garamendi prattled, and who could only snark about the President's "photo-op kit". (Wasn't he whining that the President did not get on the ground soon enough during Katrina? This is called Olbypocrisy.) Great thanks.

    Oh, we almost forgot: yes, we have updated The List. Check it out.

    Another reference to "terrorpublicans" [Ding!] (Blue Blog Source: Daily Kos) led into #4: the terrorpublicans [Ding!] and the obligatory attack on "Fox Noise" [Ding!] (Blue Blog Source: Think Progress). Has the US government prevented any terror attacks? Why no, sez Olbermoronn. Even the Library Tower attack was a phony, a story he has repeated over and over, because Merkle is, as we know, a liar:

    Rachel Maddow of Err America was there to participate in Krazy Keith's incestuous amplification, ramping it up by lying that Fox reported that "Al Qaeda started the fires". Olby was so worked up he almost soiled himself. "Terrorpublicans" [Ding!]. "Mister" Bush. "Who is George Bush kidding?" Bush is in a "bubble" [Ding!], and the "bubble" [Ding!] makes him a "bubble-head" [Ding!]. Great thanks.

    #3: Project Rudy: how dare the "obnoxious" Giuliani root for the Boston Red Sox? Yes, this was an entire segment on The Hour of Spin. Oh and Romney mistakenly referred to UBL as Barrack Obama. According to Oralmann that means he's too stupid to be in office. Of course this got covered because you remember all the interviews and analysis Keithy Boy indulged in when Ted Kennedy made a similar flub. You don't? Oh, sorry.

    #2: O.J. Simpson, Britney Spears. #1: Taped wildfire video.

    In the Media Matters Minute it was another trifecta: every victim was an Republican or a conservative. Glenn Beck (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters), Rick Santorum (Blue Blog Source: Carpetbagger Report), and worst: Michelle Malkin (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters).


    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name sunk to #20,268 on amazon, while "Culture Warrior" is #1,682. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) Barnes & Noble has the OlbyTome dropped to #56,578; O'Reilly's book is #2,423 there, and is one of the top five books of 2006 per Publishers Weekly. On Tuesday the fires inflated cable news ratings, but while the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann did get a bump, that rising tide lifted all boats, so not only did Olby lose to the eeevil O'Reilly, he came in a poor third both in total viewers and in the coveted, pivotal, much-beloved, critical, all-important "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (110) | | View blog reactions


    It's no wonder that Olby finishes third and fourth in the ratings every day when he uses phrases like "terrorpublican." If anyone doubts that NBC is a division of the DNC, then that person is brain-dead. I wish Jack Welch were still running GE.

    Hey O'lielly,

    Why don't you head back to Stern Fan Network and spout your bullshit there with the other moonbats. You are insignificant here, just like you are there. In other words, you add nothing of substance to either site.

    extra deplorable tonight.

    Al Jazeera @ 30 Rock.

    Why is George Carlin not WPITW for this:

    GEORGE CARLIN: The planet is fine. The people are [bleeped out]. Because everyone is trying to save the planet. The planet doesn’t need that. The planet will take care of itself. People are selfish. And that's what they're doing is trying to save the planet for themselves to have a nicer place to live. They don't care about the planet in theory. They just care about having a comfortable place. And these people with the fires and the floods and everything, they overbuild, they put nature to the test and they get what's coming to them. That's what I say.

    JOY BEHAR: Well, that's a little harsh.

    CARLIN: That's what's happening, and I can't wait for the sea levels to rise. I can't wait for some of these cities to disappear.

    Keith Olbermann make Glenn Beck worst person but will not say Carlin is because Carlin is a liberal. Where is the honesty?

    Well the whole MSM/DNC is running with the "fires were caused by Bush" I would of been surprised if KO didn't go there too.

    But it's all a lie CA has more than enough men and equipment to fight the fires..and anyway you don't fight fires with M-1 tanks or Humvees.

    Also Global warming has nothing to do with it was arson....GW doesn't cause arson.

    One more thing while KO and his masters at Soro/Clinton's Media Matters have gone after Glenn Beck for his comments about the fire ..they had very little to say about similar remarks made by big time Liberal George Carlin while a guest on the View today.

    On Tuesday night the same thing happened when Brian Williams came on. Williams had a look that appeared that he was not thrilled to be associated with Keith's crap. I don't blame him, he does not want to come across as a left-wing blowhard like Keith. Also did anyone catch the interview with Carlin last night? Keithy just let Carlin make fun of religion and the Christians. O'Reilly would never have let that happen, even if it was a light-hearted interview. I guess he just wanted to further show his true colors.

    can somebody PLEASE explain to me what the hell keithy was talking about in his WPITW segmant about Rick Santorum...what the hell did he mean when he kept saying over and over over "Bi weekly,Bi week" and he made absolutely nooooooo sense about Michelle Malkin either

    Keith's obsession with Harry Potter
    The Brits would proclaim Keith a rotter
    Blame Bush and blame Fox
    Miss Maddow hates cocks
    Olby's screwing a colleague's daughter

    Brian Williams is well aware of the stench from Fat Ass.

    I know this concept is wayyyyyyy over your head, but George Carlin is a satirist.
    Duh !

    Posted by: Why don't you think at October 24, 2007 10:23 PM

    Ok ass, you mind explaining this one to us based on your reasoning???? Were wating.

    Olbermann named Dennis Miller "Worst Person in the World" for rant against Pelosi

    On the October 27 edition of MSNBC's Countdown, host Keith Olbermann named "ex-comedian" and Fox News contributor Dennis Miller the recipient of his nightly "Worst Person in the World" award for asserting, as Media Matters for America documented, that House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA) is "intellectually ... not up to the task" of assuming the position of speaker in the event that Democrats gain enough seats in the midterm elections to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Hey, Why don't you think....

    This site is not about hate. Your hero Keith is the most hateful thing on TV. He hates the military, religion, conservatives, anyone to the right of Howard Dean, the Red Sox, Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, also anyone else who is better than him and he is jealous of, his president, and of course his country.

    He does seem to love Iran, however. Maybe he could get a job and live over there. But you know if he talked this way about that government, they'd kill him....

    I know this concept is wayyyyyyy over your head, but George Carlin is a satirist.
    Duh !

    Posted by: Why do I Stink at October 24, 2007 10:23 PM

    Congratulations!!!! That was the most pathetic excuse for one of Olbermann atrocities that I have read on this site. That’s a major accomplishment.

    Please God,,,,if you're listening,,,take keith olbermann is the most violent way possible

    make him suffer a long time

    Nice find Olby's Wig. Just waiting to see what kind of lame response (Why don't you think) will come up with. My guess is a good deflection. Certainly not a plausible explanation.

    The Left is so predictable.
    They blamed ush for the fire.
    Itr's almost too funny if it wasn't sad!

    Comparing Dennis Miller to George Carlin is like comparing George Bush to Abraham Lincoln.

    You guys should just give the fuck up.

    Posted by: Why don't you think at October 24, 2007 10:45 PM

    Nice try pal. Dennis Miller is satirist and your point was that a "satirist" would not be eligible for worst person. I know when all else fails you resort to the invectives and ad hominem. Grow up and please give a logical explanation of the double standard in you and Olby's world. We are all anxiously waiting.

    BOBO , I was only half serious when I said you had moved beyond foolish to caricature.

    It didn't take you long to not only prove my point but to make it indisputable.

    When you railed against me for asking whether this was YOUR, all bow down, Carlin's words or a different Carlin's words (see below in quotes) I responded with:

    "Oh dear, I ascribed the words of Reverend Fundy Hypocrite to one of the all time brilliant anaylsists, George Carlin.

    It was The Reverend Fundy (best known to his family, friends and wild eyed radical Nazi followers as Der Fuehrer) Hypocrite who REALLY said ""overbuild" and "put nature to the test," "they get what’s coming to them." He continued to evoke a reference to the biblical flood of Noah "can’t wait for the sea levels to rise" and "for some of these cities to disappear."

    BOBO's response:

    "Granny's ignorance of satire and humor knows no bounds."

    In no time at all BOBO is giving more lectures from the other podium about satire.

    Pitiful. Truly pitiful!


    Climate crisis. Ha ha..Deflection it is.

    So it's OK for Olbermann to say in an interview he roots for the Red Sox and the Yankees, but not OK if Giuliani does in during the World Series? Gotcha.

    Also, I believe the Al Qaida-fire terror story was originally reported by USA Today, and then rebroadcast by several media outlets, including Fox News. So Keith will have to add the Gannett Corp. to his WPIW list, or include the FBI, since they're the ones USA Today sourced for the story.

    Wait, Michelle Malkin is racist against Asian people because she said Tofu? Keith, have you taken a look a Michelle Malkin? She IS ASIAN DUMBSHIT!!!! See, when a white person like Keith refers to a black person as "chicken and waffles", that could be considered racist to Jesse Jackson types, but if a black person refers to another black person as "chicken and waffles", that is not Jesse Jackson racist. This is a good lesson for Keith, when you try to be race baiting huckster; it only works when white people make fun of other races.

    Bye Bye jack ass!

    A lonely defeated man leaves with his tail between his legs. Buh bye now.

    Gotta go. I want to thank each and every one of you wingnuts tonite for personally increasing my level of endorphins with the laughter you inspired.

    Posted by: Why don't you think at October 24, 2007 10:58 PM

    How typical. When pressed with the facts............... run away, run away.

    Gotta go. I want to thank each and every one of you tonite for personally increasing my IQ level to 78 with the wisdom you inspired.

    Posted by: Why don't I think at October 24, 2007 10:58 PM

    Thank you for proving what a moron you are and then running off when you are called on it. Great Thanks

    I'll never get to sleep with these succulent eruptions of endorphins.

    Posted by: Why don't you think at October 24, 2007 11:04 PM

    Did mommy put a Roget’s thesaurus in your stocking last year? Please save the false acumen,..... We’re not impressed.

    I'll never get to sleep with these succulent eruptions of endorphins.

    Posted by: Why don't you think at October 24, 2007 11:04 PM

    Did mommy put a Roget’s thesaurus in your stocking last year? Please save the false acumen,..... We’re not impressed.

    BOBO, tell me it ain't so!

    You didn't leave as you said you were going to.

    BOBO, at this point in my life disappointments can be so hard to take.

    PLEASE, get the hell out of Dodge and give me some solace in my old age. :)


    Why don't I think deserves a great round of applause for providing the entertainment this evening. Great Thanks indeed.

    Were is Mike? He was more entertaining than WDIT. WDIT is just pathetic. At least Mike would lie a about the stupid things he has said.

    Mike is still around Factor....laughing at your ongoing least when I feel like it.

    Sorry Pete I did not know you were one of the neoons that hung out in this shithole of a blog

    Posted by: Bill O'lielly at October 24, 2007 11:55 PM

    That being the case, why are you here?

    $2.4 trillion is enough to:
    · Provide every college freshman in the country with a free, four year education at a private college or university
    · Provide health care coverage to every American for one year

    In other words, create a wellfare state for a year, but does it end after a year? Did socialist security end after a year? Did wellfare end after a year? What about Medicare? In fact, what government intitlement program ends after a year? They never end, they just add "undocumented workers".

    "I'll never get to sleep with these succulent eruptions of endorphins."

    And I'm sure the crack ,weed, lsd, meth, etc. helps keep you going.

    GEORGE BUSH! Hands off Toasty's Drugs!...............................................................................................................................................................................................MAN!


    I don't think BOBO's had any endorphins since the 1960s.

    Olby's wig.. because like FNC you amuse me.

    Posted by: Bill O'lielly at October 25, 2007 12:33 AM

    Unfortunately, I can't say the same.

    Bill O'lielly,
    Olbermann si a fraud and deranged.
    He's a puppet, nice leader you follow!

    Nothing can amuse a neocon.. They know in the dark hole where there soul is supposed to be what they have done to this country. I am amazed there are a any left. If any of them had a conscience they would have killed themselves long ago.

    Posted by: Bill O'lielly at October 25, 2007 1:31 AM

    Nice, very benevolent of you. After reading your posts, I am reminded of a line in a movie that is applicable to you.

    "The best part of your ran down the crack of your mommy's ass and wound up as a brown stain on the mattress. ..... I think you been cheated!"

    Factor: "Did Socialist Security end after a year?"...."what about Medicare? In fact, what government entitlement program ends after a year?"

    Those statements above say SO much about the hard, and apparently completely heartless hard right!

    Apparently, 'Factor' people like you would like to see an America in which 80 year old women are reduced to raiding dumps and dumpsters in order to eat? How about 75 year old men begging on every street corner just to try to keep from starving? Or does the thought of 68 year cancer victims dying in agony because they can't pay for medical care thrill you?

    God forbid people like you ever win complete control over this once great country.

    Do you as your hero Olbermann blame Bush for the fires?

    No Shockwave, not at all, and neither did Olbermann.

    However, we DO both blame him for a war that shouldn't be happening taking much needed resources out of this country.

    And, oh yeah....he's not my "hero".


    I knew you'd be back. Where else would you go?

    Rico: "I knew you'd be back. Where else would you go?"

    Anywhere I choose Rico...anywhere I choose.

    Who said I 'went' anywhere?

    Olbermann did blame Bush for the fires.
    I saw the episode and he blamed Bush as did Rachael Maddow.
    He's so predictable.
    Why do you support Olbermann who's just a puppet!

    Shockwave....You and your silly arguments sound familiar. Did you change your name?

    I saw the episode too and I'm not going to get in another ridiculous 3rd grade level argument about Olbermann 'blaming' Bush for anything and everything that happens.

    He did blame Bush.
    Why does Olbermann politicize every event.
    He's a jerk who care only about political power nit people who are suffering.
    He has a dark soul.

    Rico: "I knew you'd be back. Where else would you go?"

    Anywhere I choose Rico...anywhere I choose.

    Who said I 'went' anywhere?

    Posted by: Mike at October 25, 2007 2:27 AM

    So naturally you, Chucky-Bob, and Capon choose to stay on the best damn blog on the web, which also happens to have the best damn blogger on the web (THE Johnny Dollar)!

    Who could blame you, Mike.

    Yes, Cecelia, Me, "Chucky Bob, and Capon choose to stay on the best (one of the most contentious, anyway) damn blog on the web, which also happens to have the best damned blogger (Well, ... THE king of partial truth, anyway) on the web (THE Johnny Dollar)"

    And who said I left, or was leaving?

    Since "Chucky Bob, and Capon" were either very early creations, ... or they were quick, very isolated one shots pretty much aimed exclusively at abusive posters (I forget which), it was, and remains "Mike" 99.999% of the time.

    And there you have 'the rest of the story'.

    I just watched the WPITW via streaming video at MSNBC....


    With regard to Olbermann's spitting rant against Michelle Malkin....Does he ever consider why an Asian-American woman is so vocal and dissatisfied with leftist ideology?

    His use of such a broad bush to paint The Republican Party as bigoted and racist seems ironic as he uses such unnecessary racial classifications in pigeon-holing Ms. Malkin....even hyphenating her name at the end of his silly rant.

    Why did you do that, Mr. Olbermann?

    Perhaps Malkin's use of hyperbole in her evaluation of Clinton's obvious campaign finance irregularities is no different than Olbermann's use of hyperbole incorrectly concluding Malkin is a racist Asian-American Conservative Woman....but Olbermann has the bonus of being an arrogant, self-rightous imbecile.

    He is becoming more and more unhinged everyday.

    Cee: "He is becoming more and more unhinged everyday."

    Funny thing it is about ideological zealots. Your opinion about KO SHOULD give you some insight into your own one sided zealotry.

    It seems you and Keith Olbermann might have far more in common than you would like to believe.

    The big difference is style, Mike. I have no desire nor do I endorce going on national TV and spit at a teleprompter in a vain attempt to persuade people to believe as I believe. I will calmly and respectfully discuss it all, with some attempts at humor or fun, but Olbermann is just so crazed....Did you watch the segment?

    Welcome back, BTW.

    pick, is the loooong empty space in your post of Oct 25th at 1:07 A.M. a reflection/image of your brain??

    puck, is the loooong empty space in your post of Oct 25th at 1:07 A.M. a reflection/image of your brain??

    puck, is the loooong empty space in your post of Oct 25th at 1:07 A.M. a reflection/image of your brain??

    Apparently, 'Factor' people like you would like to see an America in which 80 year old women are reduced to raiding dumps and dumpsters in order to eat? How about 75 year old men begging on every street corner just to try to keep from starving? Or does the thought of 68 year cancer victims dying in agony because they can't pay for medical care thrill you?

    God forbid people like you ever win complete control over this once great country.

    Posted by: Mike at October 25, 2007 1:49 AM

    I wish I were as compassionate as Mike so that government was running everything like in Cuba, China, and North Korea. No one ever starves in North Korea, right Mike. I wish I could love throwing my money down the Social Security rat hole where it will earn no interest and be squandered by politicians. Compassion truly does equal government.

    Factor, for my part I would be content with that poor pitiful state if I was never called a senile old bitchy c**t by our oh so compassionate and caring KOers. :)


    Mike's words- "once great country."

    Typical liberal fatalist...
    We're still great and still number 1!

    Name a greater country in your mind?
    Cuba- for their great health care?
    Venezuela- for their great natural resources?
    China- for their GDP growth?

    As much as you were missed, it seemed more patriotic here without your daily grim assesment of the USA.

    I saw the episode too and I'm not going to get in another ridiculous 3rd grade level argument about Olbermann 'blaming' Bush for anything and everything that happens.

    Posted by: Mike at October 25, 2007 2:40 AM

    Because you will loose like you have in the past with your feeble attempts at defending the deplorable orange faced prick.

    I saw the episode too and I'm not going to get in another ridiculous 3rd grade level argument about Olbermann 'blaming' Bush for anything and everything that happens.

    Posted by: Mike at October 25, 2007 2:40 AM

    So it is ridiculous to get into an argument about what Olbermann says on OlbermannWatch? That must be Olbylogic.

    WHAT??? No Bill O'Reilley in the Worst Person In The World segment?

    Keith, you are slipping!!

    I just read this @ Newsbusters "Ted Rall: Death of 'Idiot' Soldiers Raises U.S. IQ" I think it is worth reading.

    It is beyond sickening.

    WPITW winner tonight?


    Olbermann came down hard on Rudy, perhaps he forgot what he said about a month ago. Maybe he should do a "special comment" against himself:

    9/4/07 From New York Magazine, 21 Questions:

    Yankees or Mets?
    Very tough. Grew up with the bad Yankees of the sixties and seventies. Worked with Joe Torre in TV in L.A. But the Mets are good people top to bottom. Just to muddy it further, I like the Red Sox, too.


    Brandon of Olbermann Watch covered this not to long ago as well:

    "More pandering to the audience. You can't love the Mets and the Yankees. And if you're a Yankee, you can't like the Red Sox. Any sports fan knows that. But Olbermann? Clueless."

    Anonymous, you are right, of course!!

    Pointing out to the world judges who give probation to human garbage who defile little children is boorish and BORING.

    Promoting severe - but just - laws and punishment for the perpetrators of such crimes is boorish and BORING.

    Honoring military heroes (which your idol, Olberman and his miserable third rate network never did) is boorish and BORING.

    Having a little humor like the "Culture Quiz" rather than the totally predictable, tired, dour and inane "Worst Person in the World" is boorish and BORING.

    Obviously lot of people like boorish and BORING programs. It is clearly reflected in the rating, in spite of your idol's gleeful boast that for the first time in two months he managed to beat an O'Reilley re-run.

    Not only Keith Olberman, your idol and saint is slipping, appearently, you are, too.

    Now I await your obscenities.

    How can Olbermann be taken seriously.
    He's a sock puppet and a coward!

    Phony Soldier,
    Keithe Olbermann is a Muslim.

    Posted by Mike Lussy:

    "I saw the episode too and I'm not going to get in another ridiculous 3rd grade level argument about Olbermann 'blaming' Bush for anything and everything that happens."


    A. Can't defend the indefensible.

    B. Countdown "IS" Third Grade Level and mostly in third place.

    C. And the reason you watch?

    Let me answer, Guilt by association.

    D. Every aruguement you engage is third grade level.

    E. You lose.

    As a follow-up to Olbermann's racism....

    "My maiden name is Maglalang.

    "The diversity-embracing nutroots just LOVE my last name.

    "They love to mock it, misspell it, and use it as some sort of debate-ending trump card.

    "B-b-b-b-but her name is 'MAGLALANG!'

    "I thought this line of attack had played out. But nutroots-panderer and Johnny-come-lately Keith Olbermann, parroting Media Matters, has picked up the meme.

    What a warped leftist shrill the dear Mr. Olbermann has become....

    MaglaGONG! MaglaGONG!

    I think O'Reilly should call out this pussy and challenge him to a boxing match and donate the money to the families of fallen soldiers. My money says Olbytard chickens out like the coward he is and if he did get in the ring my money says O"Reilly beats the mortal hell out of him.

    Posted by: Phony Soldier at October 25, 2007 1:43 PM


    Olbermann claims that he is a tough guy:

    "I have never gotten a pie in the face or someone swearing at me. I have heard from others there have been players that have thought about it but when they see -- I am their height or bigger -- they decide maybe this confrontation is not really worth it."

    Phony Soldier, STOP - STOP - STOP!

    We all get it.

    You know all the bad words and you love to shock all the other kiddies and your Mom and teacher too.

    Instead of coming here why don't you use your lunch hour to go stand next to the boy's yard and shout them out.

    I am sure that you would find an adoring audience there.


    Well I'm out of here for good, but I want to thank you Johnny Dollar for letting me have the opportunity to post on this site. It is just too frustrating not being able to confront all these liberal losers face to face after they come back with their lying responses. Debate is one thing, but when their entire agenda is to twist the facts, and to belittle America at all costs it gets to be too much.

    They hide well behind their computers, knowing they are safe and sound, as they come back with absolutely no proof of what they are saying. We live in a world now where black is white and right is wrong.

    My father always said that even if you fell into the biggest part of the ocean if you go down far enough you'll find dirt, and with these disengenuous liberals they have lived up to that saying with flying colors.

    But, on the other hand the spirit of true Americans has come across on this site, and has given me hope that not all is lost, as I had thought before I entered it.

    Cee, Janet, Sharon. royal king, joker, Benson, The Factor, Rico, phony soldier and many others for sure thank God, have shown that there are still "real Americans" out there.

    Cee, as he continues to destroy the competition with his absolute examples pulled from his intense knowledge it seem on ever subject about America, stating lie after lie of what these nuts throw at him. Very educated, and obviously brought up the right way.

    Benson, with his quick jabs that obviously hurt the enemy, as the comeback answers from the same will attest to.

    royal king, whose answer's are maybe even quicker, yet which are dealt with the same severity.

    The Factor, who always gives it straight and to the point with such clarity, that I know he's smiling after he hits post.

    Janet, who obviously is the "elder tribeswoman" here, but whose posts are always in a refined and eliquent manner, that when I see some of the liberals go after her with their cursing and the like, that I want to go through my computer and strangle them. Too nice a lady, and I'm sure one who gets a kick out of all this, but one who should never have to read some of the things that have been printed to her.

    And last but not least, phony soldier, who I know ruffles Janet's feathers some with his cursing and wild replies, but let's face it Janet he is replying from his gut as a true American. He's, I'm sure, as frustrated by some of these so called "Americans" as I am, yet at the same time understands
    that in the long run it's not only about a difference of opinion here, as it's all about the undermining of America.

    The undermining of America by its own people, who do not disagree because of any legitimate reasons, but all because they have some sort of agenda that does nothing but hurt the country. His passion is more than welcome in my world, and his love for his country goes a thousand miles in my book compared to these liberals who would want nothing more than to turn it into a socialistic state.

    I'm proud of phony soldier and redneck proud, who may or may not be the same person, but their anger towards these people who would love nothing more than to see America implode is nothing to laugh at.

    Now on the other hand I actually have gotten used to Sir Loin, and Why don't you think, and even though they reach even further for their answers than the bottom of the ocean for some dirt on America, I knew before they even replied to any factual statements what their answers would be.

    Like playing cards with the one guy who always scratches his eyebrow when he has a crap hand.

    Not that I'd ever hang with these guys, but I almost started to take their replies with a "ho-hum" attitude which is the reason I can't respond to their questions anymore. I was losing the passion, as to discussing things with a blank screen loses its appeal after hearing so many lies back.

    The only time I got that passion back was when they personally attacked me, which is not I'm sure that any sensible human being would ever do if they were in front of my face.

    Calling me a liar about why I couldn't fight in the war had me on the verge of wanting to find some way to get to Loin's house, and if it wasn't for my wife I would have done it.

    The calming influence in my life for sure, and a Columbian native now a citizen of the U.S.. Yes, she did it the right way 20 years ago by getting her visiting permit to stay for two years, established her identity then went back to her country and waited the five year period until she could come back to the U.S and apply for citizenship.

    She's been legal for 13 years now, and as I said in a post a while back that she is a teacher after getting her master's, and she teaches English as a second language, and this woman more than any of the liberal posters on this site, knows what it is to be an American as she has lived in a country where her freedom is not guaranteed.

    All you liberals should all sit down with her and listen to the horror stories she had to endure back in her country, and then listen to how she can't believe there are so many people here who don't love this country.

    Anyway, I have written a book about my life up until 9/11, and although it is not a political book per say, I believe it to be an honest portrayal of the upheavel in this country. It is called "Hey! Ho! it's the White Negro!," (because how I used to dress like the blacks, and dance like them too) and after I finished it I found that the world had truly changed from the time I was a kid, and especially in America it has been for the worse.

    That's it, as I now have shamelessly promoted my book (only through the web can you get it) and would like to thank my fellow Americans for keeping up the good fight.

    I can't do it anymore on this site, as I need to confront anybody who lies about me or my country, and it seem that no matter what the honest reply from one of the good guys on this site, there's always a dishonest one fired back.

    I mean, the liberals want everything to be equal, but have no problem putting down the Christians, as if that was their national right to do so.

    Not the 1% of the Moslems, but the 80% of the Christians who live here! Enough is enough already with the hypocrisy of trying to sell your equal rights, but at the same time saying that Christianity should not be one of those rights is insane.

    Equality, only when it pertains to the minority is not something I can stand anymore, and not being able to respond face to face about this, and all the other "issues" these liberals bring up to demean my country has taken its toll.

    Truly amazing how many "Americans" truly hate this country, and it is too much to bear for me after seeing how my father risked his life for it, and with me seeing the devastation up close on ground zero 12 hours after the planes hit.

    Take care Johnny and thank God for your site, because after all it is up there to call out to the biggest anti-American out there olbyboy, and for that it is all worth it.

    And, you to my fellow true Americans keep on fighting, and when the time comes where we can finally face these non believers of the American way, I will make sure I'm leading the way.

    I'll still be reading and rooting for you, but I just don't have the patience to be called a liar without that person looking in my eyes, because I know if they did they would wish they never said it.

    Read my book you radicals lefty's and you others of hate, and I think after reading you'll find yourselves lucky that you had this safe haven to call me names.

    Why don't you think:
    So it's ok when a satirist says it? That's the same line Stewart and Colbert have used to defend their hate, yet when a "serious" person cracks wise, it's suddenly out of line?

    Oh, right! You are using OlbyLogic to defend Bathtub Boy, so all logic goes out the window.

    Olby called Republicans 'racist' and Michelle Malkin the Asian equivalent of an Uncle Tom. As if Mr. 'Chicken and Waffles moment' could talk about race relations. The man gets more disgusting with each passing day.

    Let's see KO will bash Rush and Beck but will say nothing about Carlin and Rall?

    What Carlin said was far worst than Beck but KO praises Carlin and Rall's real comments about the Troops is more outrages than the made up uproar over the taken out of context "phony solider" remarks by Rush.

    I hope Beck brings up the Carlin remarks and Rush the Rall cartoon to point out the double standards of KO and the rest of the MSM,

    'Really, we all make typographical errors, and we all misspell words from time-to-time. Your English is deplorable, however."

    Wow!!! what a long about way to go to avoid the issue.

    Ok let me ask the comments by Carlin and the cartoon by Rall deserved to be condemned by KO and the MSM the same way they did Rush and Beck?

    PS: if you don't like the way I write then..T.F.B!!

    Good luck to you.
    One day we'll deal with these Leftist cowrds.
    Olbermann will be hanged upsside one day!

    Here's another one..will KO and the MSM condemn Joe Biden ?..who said Iowa’s schools perform better than D.C.’s because they have fewer minorities..if any Republican said something like that KO would whip out a "Special Comment " in a heart beat.

    Benson to Mike @ Oct. 25, 11:29: "As much as you were missed, it seemed more patriotic here without your daily grim assesment of the USA."

    Benson, while I'm SO touched that you "missed" me, here are a few questions I'd like you to answer to help me understand your worldview a little better:

    1) - First off, how about giving us your definition of what 'patriotism' means?

    2) - What is it about me and what I post that you view as 'unpatriotic'?

    3) - What is it about yourself that you think makes you a paragon of 'patriotism'?

    4) - What is it about the right wing in general that you believe makes them more 'patriotic' than either the political center, or the political left?

    5) - What is it about an American citizen's striving to improve the weaknesses and failings of one's own country that makes them 'unpatriotic'?

    6) - What is it about showing concern about whether America is doing the right thing or not, and lamenting it's loss of moral and ethical leadership in the world that makes an American 'unpatriotic'?

    Inquiring minds want to know!


    I will be glad to help you out here.

    In the dictionary it says that patriotism is "love or devotion to one's country".

    I hope that's not too simplistique for you!

    The classic way to express one's patriotism is to say that you want your own side to win the war that it is in. Duh!

    When you spend most of your time whining about the "weaknesses and failings" and "lamenting it's loss of moral and ethical leadership" that ain't lovin' your country.

    When you want Bush to lose in Iraq more then you want your own country to win, well, that is not patriotic. Instead, it is a reflection of your own personal pathologies. Another word for it is decadence. You have the luxury of showing contempt for your own side because it gives you a special pleasure in doing so. The emptiness in your heart, mind, and soul make this so. It is proof that you don't really believe in anything. You have no philosphy, no religion, no meaning to your existence. Your naysaying is what keeps you going, and is a rather poor substitute, too.

    Each and every one of you leftist dingbats has refused to step up to the plate and take a swing.

    What are you about, Mike?
    What is your life about, Mike?
    What is life about, Mike?
    What do you believe in, Mike?
    What do you stand for, Mike?

    Where standeth thou?

    Inquiring minds want to know!


    "in the dictionary it says that "patriotism is love or devotion to one's country"....Nothing wrong with that definition. Whats wrong is your 'simplistic' interpretation of exactly what defines "love or devotion to one's country."

    "I hope thats not too simplistique for you?"..."simplistique"?....LOL!

    "The classic way to express your patriotism is to say that you want your side to win the war that it is in. Duh!"....Really? Just a little lip service is all it takes for you huh? I say a "classic way to express your patriotism" is to try to correct the situation when you find your country on a self - destructive path.

    "When you spend most of your time whining about "the weakness and failings" and "lamenting it's loss of moral and ethical leadership". that ain't lovin your country"....Really? Everyone with half a brain knows you can't possibly correct a problem until you recognize that you have one. Anyone with half a brain also knows that defending moral and ethical bankruptcy because of nationalism is anything BUT patriotic as well. The funny part is I used to be more like you when I was younger during the Vietnam years...but I gradually woke up!

    More below.

    Yes, my son Mike you have grown up, and now know that any blind patriotism towards you own country does nothing good for it.

    Having you on my side only makes it easier for me and the jihad to succeed! Death to all infidels who dare, when push comes to shove, take the side of their own country.

    Like I always say when it comes to America : "when in doubt, always go against her."

    Show me a country that gives the benefit of the doubt to its detractors, and I'll show you a country that is losing its grip.

    To arms Mike, and keep up the good work in condemning all that demon of a country has given you, and I will have a nice cup of warm goats milk waiting for you!

    Thank Allah that you have grown up, as my friends and I salute you!

    We are winning, and the clock is ticking for the end of this democratic regime thankfully from the hard work you and your friends have garnered!

    Akaba! Akaba! Heyeeeee!

    Rico the misguided psychoanalyst continued:

    "When you want Bush to lose in Iraq more than you want your country to win. well, that is not patriotic".....Bush has nothing to do with it. He's just the head idiot who got us into this mess. You cannot define "win in Iraq". I've yet to hear a coherent definition as to what that means, or what it will look like. Our military 'won' a long time ago...but you don't "win" occupations.

    "Instead it is a reflection of your own personal pathologies"...THIS bit of reflection from someone who has publicly advocated genocide towards all Muslems...severl times!

    "Another word for it is decadence"....I guess you kind of forgot to consult the dictionary before choosing that word? In fact, maybe "decadence" would fit your "my country right or wrong" mantra better than it fits anything I've done or said.

    "You have the luxury of showing contempt for your side because it gives you special pleasure in doing so"....On the contrary, watching my country sink into the same gutter our enemy occupies has given me anything but "pleasure". I never thought I'd see my great country engaging in torture tactics in my lifetime...but here we are!

    "The emptiness of your heart, mind, and soul makes this so."....Is that anything like the "emptiness" that resides in the "heart, mind, and soul" of someone who would justify anything their "side" chooses to do, regardless of the ethical or moral implications?

    "You have no philosophy, no religion, no meaning to your existance."....Lets put aside the fact that you have shown non of the above yourself, I have made my philosophy and humanity crystal clear. I care deeply about what my country STANDS for....not whether it "wins" pointless occupations or not. I care deeply about my fellow man. It is far more important to stand for what is right and against what is wrong than it is to "win". Your musings have shown over and over that you only care about yourself.

    You tell me Rico....what the hell do YOU stand for...because I detect nothing of value.

    Inquiring minds want to know?

    As for the "Osama Bin Laden" jokester at 11:36, let me remind you that we did exactly what Bin Laden wanted us to do when we invaded Iraq, and we've been doing that ever since....including the deplorable decision to completely abandon our search for our "real" enemy.

    Do not back down my loyal follower Mike, as the war has nothing to do with winning because it is all about the devil of America trying to make another country democratic.

    They may say they have to win, but you and I both know it is all about them spreading the disease called "free will," which would mean we will be kept out.

    I know you care very much about your fellow man Mike, as the women and children of lost husbands in our war will attest to with every post you make!

    My son you have done me proud everytime you take to slandering your country and its evil president, as these same wives and children of the devil dogs who died for it must know that they died in vain!

    The more tears they shed from the many statements you and I make about the horror that is America can only destroy their images of their rotting husbands and fathers destroying their will to survive too!

    Onward my soldier, and don't let this Rico get the best of you, as you have the great Allah behind you, while he only has his fake God and country!

    Don't worry good Mike, in time we will win this war of terror, and with the blessing of Allah take back which is rightfully ours:

    The teachings of the Koran and only the Koran will be there for the taking. No more will you have to question our leaders because you will know that after we have won this war, all things will be done exactly as we want them!

    The torturing will not be about putting clothes on the enemies head, or playing loud offensive music, but of the right kind where heads will be cut off, and beatings 24 hours a day!

    But remember my wandering minstrel none of this can be achieved unless I have your full unending desire to destroy this devil worshipping country!!!

    Akaba, my son! Akaba!!!!!!!!

    As for the "Osama Bin Laden" jokester at 11:36, let me remind you that we did exactly what Bin Laden wanted us to do when we invaded Iraq, and we've been doing that ever since....including the deplorable decision to completely abandon our search for our "real" enemy.

    Posted by: Mike at October 25, 2007 11:55 PM

    ...and don't forget the removal of all American troops and bases from Saudi Arabia by 2003- an explicit capitulation to Osama's demands in our regard.

    "At the Republican debate last week, Mike Huckabee said Islamofascism is the greatest threat we ever faced."

    WOW, did he really say THAT? The REALLY scary part for America is in imagining how many people actually believe it.

    "They think they can win another election with SCARE TACTICS....and misinformation."

    What 'scares' me is that they might be right! Think about it:

    - A majority of American high school students believe that America fought on the side of Germany against the Rusians in WWII.

    - A majority of Americans still believed Saddam was part of 911 as recently as the 2004 elections.

    - Most young Americans cannot find major countries like China or Russia on a map of the world. Many cannot even pick out their own.

    - An alarmingly high percentage of young folks recently polled do not even know whether it is Mexico or Canada that is north of us.

    - Most of them could give a whit about either history or geography, but every one of them has the right to vote.

    When I taught HS history...

    Posted by: Why don't you think at October 28, 2007 1:40 PM

    Speak of alarming... was for me that's why I moved on. Now students use a little more than 15% of their brains. A % you could only dream about !

    Posted by: Why don't you think at October 28, 2007 2:02 PM

    Yes, I can only imagine that it would have been difficult for you to have students so much smarter than their teacher... :D

    Very weak comment on your part, Ceals.
    Snide as usual, but weak.
    Getting up in the middle of the afternoon doesn't find you at your best.
    Maybe later tonite, after you down a few bottles, you'll do much better.

    Posted by: Why don't you think at October 28, 2007 2:19 PM

    Well, if asked, I'd have given your statements above a "C" for originality, but maybe a C + because you uncharacteristically didn't cut-n-paste them... :D

    But then I wouldn't have ventured to imagine that you'd consider me unbiased about insults directed towards me in the first place.

    Neither would your students...

    Neither would your students...
    Posted by: Cecelia at October 28, 2007 2:44 PM

    Cecilia doing what she does best: Talking about something she knows nothing about !

    Posted by: Why don't you think at October 28, 2007 2:56 PM

    Oh, I'm not speaking for your students per se, I speak for everyone who uses more than 15%...

    Cecilia doing what she does best: Talking about something she knows nothing about !


    It is an immense topic.
    Posted by: Anonymous at October 28, 2007 2:59 PM

    No, it's just WDYT's "teaching career" and latest foray into an online identity... :D

    Having no idea what she is talking about continues to not thwart the drunken poster, Ceclila.

    Her identity is written in stone: The lush who has to have the last word, no matter how inane .

    Posted by: Why don't you think at October 28, 2007 3:32 PM

    And when you're not going anonymous-- with a small "a"--- your identity is whatever words you can tack on after "Why"... :D

    Ceclila has now dropped down to Jeff's level. When you have nothing to identities !

    Posted by: Why don't you think at October 28, 2007 4:31 PM

    Yeah, RK's level is to talk about identities, your level is to lie about having different ones.


    Did you not warn Fovine about AAP NOT being "Why..."

    What did the DUMBSHIT! I mean Bovine do?

    Continue, for months, accusing AAP and "Why..." of being the same poster.

    Indeed, Cecelia, you're down to BovineQueen's level. Say HELL-you to Phallu-Cee.

    Posted by: Is that your defense for Fovine? at October 28, 2007 5:09 PM

    Posted by: Is that your defense for Why? at October 28, 2007 5:25 PM

    Now you can rightly accuse me of stooping to the farthest level... :D

    Why, come on now, you know there is no difference in the rhetoric whether its is about Olbermann, Bush, religion or identities. Cecelia, I did want to respond to a point you made today on one of the threads about how Christians have been willing to die for their faith. When the argument of torture arises, one of the common positions of those who oppose any level of discomfort is that people will say just about anything to stop the pain. The early Christians could have avoided death or at least experienced a quick one if they only denied the faith. Many of them wouldn't do it. There are hundreds of lesser known saints, for example, the old calendar two days ago celebrated a husband and wife who were buried alive in sand for failure to denounce their faith. (The wife helped to bring about her husband's conversion). How could so many people irrationally believe in a"superstition"? How could so many learned minds, even after the advancement in science, still believe? Rhetorical questions here.

    I wrote this before I read the last twenty posts or so. Excuse me if it is not on point.

    Oops, I was looking at two different threads. Sorry.


    As I side note, I don't know if you cook a lot, but my husband and I are wannabe chefs, and cook a lot for family and friends.

    He and I often laugh about the kitchsy casseroles, etc of our youth.

    I've found a great website that's a treasure trove of all those old church potluck recipes.

    I thought you might enjoy it. I wouldn't serve this stuff often but these old comfort food artery clogging guilty pleasures are usually the hit of a party and a favorite of kids.

    I didn't think water boarding was a horrible form of torture, given what the Vietnam Vets endured. I thought about McCain's position (as one who was tortured) and agree that water boarding is wrong; if he doesn't advocate it, who am I (who did not undergo what he did) to say otherwise. I still don't have an answer for the ticking bomb scenario. It is God's will as to who is called to martyrdom. The idea of daily suffering as a form of martyrdom is not new. As far the rest of your comment, there are other venues to communicate your view s about PBXVI.

    ...even ordinary Christians can aspire to martyrdom. As a self-proclaimed extraordinary Christian, I am sure you are on the fast track.

    Posted by: Anonymous at October 28, 2007 8:20 PM

    And if Capon gets any more ardently and broadly accusatory, there's no doubt he'll be the one cheering it on...

    Thanks for the link, Cecelia. I never cooked until my mid 30's when I left the work force; my husband was the more adventurous. I have been playing a lot of catch up. I'll have to check out the recipes. My kids are picky eaters.

    And if Capon gets any more ardently and broadly accusatory, there's no doubt he'll be the one cheering it on...


    At least Capon leaves out the expletives : )


    If you can't savor the lovely greasy spoon quality of the grub, you can enjoy the site for its humor.

    No one can read a recipe for "Smothered Steak" and discover that what it's "smothered" in is macaroni-n-cheese, without going into convulsions... (of laughter and salivating...) :D

    My failed seminarian support group that meets in a TRIBECA gay bathhouse was sponsor of an argumentation and advocacy seminar, as well as an anger management forum, and avoiding expletives was a strong theme in both.

    Posted by: Anonymous at October 28, 2007 8:46 PM

    Well, it's good you're learning something besides not to bend down for the soap.

    When going out to a diner, my dad (raised in the hills of West Virginia) would order for breakfast any dish with sausage gravy.

    When going out to a diner, my dad (raised in the hills of West Virginia) would order for breakfast any dish with sausage gravy.

    Posted by: Sharon at October 28, 2007 8:50 PM

    mmmmmmmmm.... please tell me he lived to be 90.

    Well, it's good you're learning something besides not to bend down for the soap.

    BWAHAHAHAHA! Please stop! I am trying to turn over a new leaf here!

    Go and read the Bible, somewhere in there God, since the Bible is God's living word, warns about witches and sour-corcerers. What did Ronnie do? What is Moron in Chief doing? What is Phallu-Cee claiming?

    Posted by: Average American Patriot at October 28, 2007 8:55 PM

    Evidently he doesn't know about King Saul and David, either.... :D

    No one has ever told you to bend with the knees, Cecelia? Of course, I am sure keeping your legs together is counter-intuitive for you.

    Posted by: Anonymous at October 28, 2007 9:02 PM

    So they're telling you to bend with the knees, huh?


    I have my own answer to my question about martyrdom. Of course they had faith, but they had the grace of the Holy Spirit, strengthening them, the supernatural, not superstitions. Regarding Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (I am sure we spoke of him before), it was not dinosaurs but his whole theology. I believe that dinosaurs existed, cave men too. I don't know at what point Adam and Eve came along, who had preternatural gifts and walked with God until their disobedience. I don't know what part evolution played, but I don't believe that man came about by chance, outside of God's plan. I know how you feel about Bush. He is not my ideal president, but I give him more respect than you do. I can't determine the nature of his presidency had 9/11 not occurred, leaving aside the negligence issue of both Clinton and Bush (9/11 inside job is just outlandish IMO). I have to get kids to bed.

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