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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    October 4, 2007
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - October 4th, 2007

    Bathtub Boy


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • SECRET ENDORSEMENT OF TORTURE: John Dean, fmr. Nixon White House counsel and author of "Broken Government"; Neal Katyal, lead attorney in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld and Georgetown Law School
    • 2008 ELECTION: Chris Cillizza,
    • RUSH LIMBAUGH CONTROVERSY: Rachel Maddow, Err America radio host
    • POLITICAL INCONSISTENCIES: Alex Borstein, "Family Guy"

    Oh joy, felon rehabilitation, attorney for admitted driver of Usama Bin Laden, more "Rush Limbaugh Controversy" with fair and balanced Rachel Maddow of Err America coupled with Keith Love Fest of the most unfunny show on television. Non-sequitor humor is brilliant! Alex Borstein sounds like a political analyst as well. Snooze fest.

    Posted by Edward Schatz | Permalink | Comments (89) | | View blog reactions


    With experts like felon John Dean
    And Rachel "how left can you lean?"
    Few viewers amount
    Keith's Down for the Count
    To call it a news show's obscene

    Keith continues to show that he is a pile of democrat spilled semen. With all of his brains sucked out during his botched partial birth abortion poor KO is without a clue.....but he doesn't know it.

    He is on his knees for Media Matters and polishes their knobs for sure. He is witless and his viewership is lower than the the Food Network reruns of Rachael Ray.

    He adores ANYBODY that hates conservatives. Typical of most socialists and communists such as KO. Enjoy your little tv show a while longer because even a pitiful network like nbc will not pay your salary for long when your ratings suck so bad.

    Too bad you didn't go down the drain with your brain and spine KO.

    It's funny that at the top of this blog it says it's the #1 Keith Olbermann blog in the world.

    But when you compare usual number of comments each site gets daily, OW far outpaces Keithy's Newshole. Olbermann can't win ANYthing.

    It's 12:30. Do you know where your Countdown review is? Typical E-Shit's. The guy is fucking completely useless.

    What a waste of web space

    I couldn't believe my ears. Keith-O called Rush a coward tonight because he claimed that he won't allow his listeners to be exposed to a viewpoint opposed to his own.

    Now THERE'S the pot calling the kettle orange!

    Being the non-coward, standup guy that he is, I'm sure Orangemann will accept Michael Medved's Civil War history challenge!

    Keith is going off of the deep end trying to get groups like MM and KOS behind him. Its his only chance to stay on the air. I guess even they tiink that he is an idiot.

    I just loved that tune.You've already made my weekend! I've decided to stop popping in on him during O'reilly's commercials because of the Neilson CUME rating system.So,from now on I'll get it from your great site.Thanks for your honesty and integrity.Long Live Olby Watch!

    too bad Douchebag survived his hospital stay

    Ther world would have been better off if he'd had passed

    "BAGHDAD - The official Iraqi investigation into last month's Blackwater shooting has been submitted to the government and recommends the security guards face trial in Iraqi courts, and that the company pay compensation to the victims, an Iraqi government minister told The Associated Press on Thursday.


    The three-member panel, led by Defense Minister Abdul-Qader al-Obeidi, finished its work earlier this week and submitted the report and recommendations to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Tuesday, the government minister told AP on condition he not be identified by name.

    The minister said the report was issued under the signatures of al-Obeidi, Maj. Gen. Tariq al-Baldawi, the deputy minister of national security; and Maj. Gen. Hussein Ali Kamal, the deputy interior minister for intelligence and security affairs.

    The cabinet minister said the report determined that 13 Iraqi civilians — not 11 as originally reported — were killed when Blackwater USA guards sprayed western Baghdad's Nisoor Square with gunfire Sept. 16. The investigation maintained, as Iraqi authorities have throughout, that the Blackwater guards had not been fired on when they unleashed the fusillade. It said no shots were fired at Blackwater personnel throughout..."

    Now, which of you neocon girls thinks that these people should go on trial in Iraq? Since foreign nationals who commit crimes in our country are tried here, should the "independent" nation of Iraq have the same capability?...

    Let's ready ourselves for the many stupid answers, kids...

    blindrat's favorite word- neocons

    he looks more and more pathetic each time he spews it.

    hes a stupid terrorist loving freak... glad he's on your side.

    And the first cowardly neocon doesn't have an opinion on the matter. Maybe Rush will tell you what you think later today, son...

    I can inderstand the anger of some of you Americans towards KO, but what I don't understand is the anger of KO towards America? I mean I can bet that he makes more money than most of us put together in a year, lives probably the most stress free life any human could possibly ask for, but then bashes that same country endlessly for allowing him to live this way. Now I hardly watch his show (only watch when there's a commercial on from the show I am watching) but as of yet I've yet to hear him say ANYTHING good about America. I mean ANYTHING. He harps on anything that remotely sounds like America did anything wrong, and if you didn't know he was American you would swear he's an enemy of the country. I mean what is different from what he says and that of what Al Queda says? He never has anybody on it seems that disagree's with his opinions (I haven't seen it yet) and also seems to thoroughly enjoy the heartache he causes America. I'm sure he feels he's a "patriot" by harping on any supposed "torture" methods of our government to get info from the terrorists, but how come he never mentions the many beheadings done by the enemy? It is quite obvious that this man dispices America and the president, but it truly scares me to think that a man so well off because of all that America offered him is so bitter at the same time too at it. Truly makes no sense to me. With some of the comments I've read above I wouldn't go so far to call him a coward, as no one can really say what he's made of, but I don't think it's a big stretch to call him a traitor. Or at best somebody who wishes the worst for America. I guess with his the "worse" person deal at the end of his show that we will one day see America there. A real shame if you ask me, and sad to say the least. Something must have happened to him when he was young (maybe he couldn't compete in the open with real men) and he swore to get revenge on these same type people. He would get a lot more respect from me, and I'm sure a lot more people, if he someday had anybody on his show that had an opposing point of view, because his format right now is no different than what Bin Laden is doing (and with the same viewpoint I might add) with his once a year tapes putting down America with nobody having the opportunity to fight back. Hate Bush all you want, but he is OUR president just like Clinton and Carter were. They both were very liberal, but man when push comes to shove you have GOT to take the president of America over any other ruler in the world. KO has GOT to realize that when he spews this hatred towards our president and his country that it only demoralizes the troops. Common sense will tell anybody that, but I fear this is a man that has lost his way somewhere along the line, and doesn't really care about that...Very very sad

    Poor, poor blindrat....his leftist ruling elite has already made his line of argument mute....

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hired to protect U.S. diplomats, private security companies like Blackwater can own their own helicopters, buy their own body armor and set their own rules of engagement. Their guards don't answer to the U.S. military or, as recent cases suggest, anyone else.

    This reality has aroused Congress, where the House passed a bill Thursday that would make all private contractors working in Iraq and other combat zones subject to prosecution by U.S. courts. It was Congress' first major response to a deadly shooting last month involving Blackwater employees.

    Democrats called the 389-30 vote an indictment of the shooting incident there that left at least 13 Iraqis dead. Senate Democratic leaders said they planned to follow suit with similar legislation and send a bill to President Bush as soon as possible.

    "There is simply no excuse for the de facto legal immunity for tens of thousands of individuals working in countries" on behalf of the United States, said Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, D-Texas.

    The FBI arrived in Baghdad Thursday to investigate the September 16 shooting, although administration officials acknowledge they are unsure whether U.S. courts would have jurisdiction in the case or others like it.

    The current law, called the Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act, covers personnel supporting the mission of Defense Department operations overseas. But because Blackwater's primary mission is to protect State Department officials, defense lawyers would likely argue that the law doesn't apply.

    At the same time, all U.S. contractors are immune from prosecution by Iraqi courts under an order signed in 2004 by U.S.-appointed occupation governor L. Paul Bremer.

    The bill's passage came on the same day that a government minister told The Associated Press that the official Iraqi investigation said Blackwater security guards involved in the September incident face trial in Iraqi courts and the company should pay compensation to the victims.

    The White House and congressional Republicans said they support the intent of the bill, but thought it was drafted poorly.

    In a statement issued Wednesday, the White House said the bill would have "unintended and intolerable consequences for crucial and necessary national security activities and operations." The statement did not explain further or give examples on how the bill would affect national security.

    The White House referred questions to the Justice Department, which declined to comment.

    Prior to passage, the House voted 342-75 to ensure the legislation would not affect intelligence operations.

    Rep. Chris Shays, R-Connecticut, accused Democrats of rushing the bill through Congress in a partisan bid to criticize the Bush administration's handling of the war.

    "It is amazing to me the number of men in Blackwater that have lost their lives and we never hear it on the other side of the aisle," Shays said. "Blackwater is evil. That's the way it appears in all the dialogue."

    Rep. David Price, D-North Carolina., who sponsored the bill, said the White House's objections were unfounded and "should infuriate anyone who believes in the rule of law."

    Blackwater founder Erik Prince told a House panel Tuesday that he supports expanding the law.

    "Beyond firing him for breaking the rules, withholding any funds we can, we can't flog him," Prince said of the intoxicated Blackwater guard. "We can't incarcerate him. We can't do anything beyond that."

    State Department spokesman Sean McCormack announced Thursday the FBI was assuming control of the September 16 probe from the State Department's Bureau of Diplomatic Security. The step was taken, in part, on the possibility that the investigation might lead to the case being referred to the Justice Department for prosecution.

    But, McCormack stressed that the move does not necessarily mean criminal charges will be filed or that the investigation will show any laws or regulations had been violated.

    While McCormack said there were "ambiguities" in the law that may complicate the prosecution of criminal acts by civilian contractors, he declined to say whether there were "gaps" that required wholesale revisions. Such an admission could jeopardize cases now being considered for prosecution under current statutes.

    Under the State Department's contract with Blackwater, the company's guards would have provided security for the FBI team while in Iraq. But FBI spokesman John Miller said the team will rely on U.S. government personnel "to avoid even the appearance of any conflict."

    And blindrat, I support the intent of the law if the motive is to bring wrongdoers to justice....But I sense a superificial and selfish PARTISAN motive in the actions of the democratic leadership, so I will reserve judgement on the entire matter until the Justice Department and FBI make their reports.

    So, once again, your daily bait is rancid, blindrat....The reality of the situation makes your argument null and void and, as someone who does agree with most neoconservative ideals....I simply answer your question....

    "Now, which of you neocon girls thinks that these people should go on trial in Iraq?"

    ...None. The Congress and The Bush Administration will insure justice is served if any wrongdoing is proved beyond a reasonable doubt.


    >>"Now, which of you neocon girls thinks that these people should go on trial in Iraq?"

    >...None. The Congress and The Bush Administration will insure justice is served if any wrongdoing is proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

    So, if someone commits a crime in this country, they should be tried here; however, if an American commits a crime in Iraq they shouldn't?

    Wow, son! Your attitude (which surprisingly is Bush's) will recruit a whole new group of terrorists to the cause of "freeing" Iraq from its invaders...

    Every day, another piece of evidence that we don't consider the government of Iraq to be legitimate. So much for purple fingers, eh folks?...

    I am sure the iraqis and our soldiers would love to shove a purple finger up your tight ass for your continued antiamerican and antiiraqi positions, son.

    "Wow, son! Your attitude (which surprisingly is Bush's) will recruit a whole new group of terrorists to the cause of 'freeing' Iraq from its invaders...

    And, your ruling class' attitude as well, blindrat. Sorry, but I have no issue with the transperancy of our justice system being the arbiter of truth as the Iraqi government struggles to become a stand-alone and secure entity in the face of radical islamic terrorists and the anti-freedom fringe left like yourself....

    Don't you see, blindrat, you just showed your selfish PARTISAN motives in your argument you tried to create as an indictment of neoconservatism....well it is not going to work, again.

    "Every day, another piece of evidence that we don't consider the government of Iraq to be legitimate. So much for purple fingers, eh folks?"

    No, it is the reality that the Iraqi government is under harsh attack from anti-democratic totalitarians supported by people like you, blindrat.....More evidence that Iraq is a war of wills and ideology....

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. military says it has captured at least six al-Qaeda media centers in Iraq and arrested 20 suspected propaganda leaders since June.
    The seizures of the centers underscore the importance al-Qaeda has placed on media, primarily the Internet, as a tool to communicate to its members and use against U.S. forces in Iraq. The group's media emphasis continues to increase, intelligence analysts say.

    Al-Qaeda is keenly aware that the battle is ultimately for the "hearts and minds of the ummah," the community of Muslim believers, says Gordon Woo, catastrophe analyst for RMS, a London-based firm that consults private companies on terrorism risks. Woo notes that Ayman al-Zawahri, Osama bin Laden's deputy, said in 2005 that most "of this battle is taking place in the battlefield of the media."

    The progress against al-Qaeda's media operations stems from new offensives aimed at al-Qaeda sanctuaries and an emphasis on blunting the terrorist group's extensive propaganda operations, U.S. officers say.

    "One of our goals is to target these propaganda networks, and we've had more success over the past three months," says Air Force Col. Donald Bacon, a staff officer at Multi-National Force-Iraq.

    I am sure your point-of-view regarding Blackwater and who should bring crimes to justice is the same as Al Queda's, blindrat....anti-American....Oh well, once again the rabid left shows who they are sleeping with.

    rat is quick to judge and convict our soldiers and patriots, but gives obvious felons (allegedly) like William Jefferson a pass. Whacko!


    How, in your lengthy and ignorant diatribe, did you refute what I stated: That you don't consider the "elected" government of Iraq to be as legitimate as ours? It's fun to see unrelated news articles when debating you (they're kind of like commercials); but, really, all you've got is to accuse me of treason, child. An old and stupid tactic, especially coming from the party that has consistantly armed the enemy and coddled the folks that have harbored and funded Al Qaeda...

    The funny thing is that, unless you've got the intelligence of plankton (not the Sponge Bob character, but REAL plankton), you know that what I am saying is true, child...

    That makes you an even bigger traitor, son...

    No you are just feeding your anti-American, radical leftist hate with news, blindrat. America is a force of good in the world and as we aid the Iraq government towards security and stability, I support the policy that we take care of these possible criminal activities if they are private American citizens. They will appear in court for all the world to see, the evidence will be presented and justice served. Iraqi courts, although legitimate in the sense that they are democratically established and "legal" are not the proper venue for those acting on behalf of our government in a very volatile situation. I am sure the same applies to other foreign governments because of the terrorist activities and the need for such security in the first place.

    Your crocodile tears for the Iraqi courts, souvernty and the civilians killed do not sway me, blindrat. You support pulling troops and support out from under the Iraqi people and leave them to fend for themselves against the terrorist Al Queda totalitarians. Your position is indefensable.

    amen cee...


    Really, nothing you said answers my question as to how our government is more legitimate than the democratically elected Iraq government, son. You appear to be straining to distract from the fact that you have no real answer...

    We supposedly brought them democracy and we supposedly support their AUTONOMOUS government; yet, you support ignoring both...

    And, another Iraqi joins Al Qaeda with cee's blessing. Oh, and look, weapons supplied by G. W.!

    Nice to see...

    You know it possibly could be true that these Blackwater people are guilty, that things got way out of hand and these innocent people were killed, but what is truly amazing to me is that somebody like blindrat hopes it to be true. To prove that if they are guilty of this crime that he will somehow be vindicated. "Vindicated" from what I ask? That you want America to fail in Iraq. That to bring the troops home after not accomplishing their mission is what you would call success? I don't get it. I really don't. It's an oxi-moron if I've ever seen one. You want our men to fail so that you can say you won. Disagree with the war all you want, but to quickly judge our Americans over there guilty before you know all the facts does not sound like you truly care about the lives of these men. You want them to be guilty to prove your point, and that is not what a true patriot would want. You want the war to end, then state it, and stop harping that everything done by the men over there is wrong. It may or may not have been a bad decision to go to Iraq, but for damn sure to harp on any mistakes that may or may not have been done by the Americans over there is horrible. Un-American and downright wrong. Disloyal to the troops, and to all Americans who have fought in all the wars fought for the betterment of America. Hey blindrat you are not the first to disagree with a presidents decision, and you most certainly won't be the last, but try to understand that when you are first to judge our people over there negatively it not only hurts them but you too....Don't forget that when O'Reilly was on Letterman, Letterman told him that until we invaded Iraq we had never been attacked by any terrorists in recent memory (to a round of loud applause no less) to which O'Reilly replied "does 9/11 bring back any memories." We were attacked in 93' and 2001, and the '93 attack could have been much worse if it was prepared better, so don't think if we get out of Iraq things will get better. Only worse will things get, and not because we invaded Iraq, but because the TERRORISTS are to blame. Not president Bush. Not the Republicans or the Democrats (as both parties voted strongly for an attack), but the terrorists, so get used to it, and be thankful that our brave men and women are fighting there for you over there instead of you fighting them here. that day will come I'm afraid at some point, but for now let's just appreciate what America is doing for us all now. Cole bombing, '93 bombing, '76 Iran hostage's, the marine bombing in Beirut, and 9/11. This didn't get worse because of Iraq, it got worse because Muslem extremists have gotten worse, and it won't get better until they change their ways, and they haven't for 2000 years...

    It is not a question of legitimacy as you have narrowly framed it, blindrat. The advantage you seek in this discussion belies logic in not looking at the entire situation and what serves both the interests of justice for your fellow US citizens and the interests of security and success against the radical terrorists trying to destroy the very government you say The US is saying is illegitimate.

    We are bringing (not brought) democracy to is yet to be fully realized because of entities that have thwarted it's successful and secure establishment. We need armed guards present to protect our fellow citizens (brave civilians and federal, non-military government employees) as they try to help the Iraqis achieve security and democracy....these guards are in harms way yet need to function humanly and under the rules of engagement...if they have been found to have not, they will be brought to justice and I, along with Bush and the democratic congressional leadership, believe this can be done under the secure and trustworthy US system....This in no way reflects an opinion on the Iraq system, just a recognition of the reality that there is a war zone in Iraq and our own citizens and justice are best served under our authority.

    Keep trying, blindrat....I know you are, to use your words, "going somewhere with this...."

    Did you know that,
    1 in 5 Democrats thinks that the world will be a better place if we lose in Iraq....

    We know where the traitor blindrat stands... which means there are 4 good democrats out there to offset his traitorous ways.

    BTW, the fact that there are terroists willing to kill civilian Americans in Iraq have only honorable and good intentions should anger you, blindrat. The Blackwater "mercenaries" as your ilk call them, protect these civilians from the terrorists. I guess that fact is not part of your limited argument about Iraq government legitimacy.

    Imagine, I struggled and was able to read your two posts. They both had some good points in them.

    Could you please break them down into much smaller paragraphs. Reading a computer screen is a bit difficult for me period.

    But when dozens of sentences run together with no break I can barely keep progressing from line to line without either skipping a line or repeating one.

    I hope I didn't offend you.


    Janet Hawkins, this is all new to me, and I will do my best to make smaller paragraphs in the future. No offence taken...

    Thank science that Barak Obamanation has taken the flag pin off his lapel. We would not want anyone to confuse him with being patriotic. Now he can snuggle up with the hate America crowd and continue to tell us that the troops bomb innocent civilians. That pesky American flag was quite the eye sore.


    >>You know it possibly could be true that these Blackwater people are guilty, that things got way out of hand and these innocent people were killed, but what is truly amazing to me is that somebody like blindrat hopes it to be true.

    Poor thing is so desperate now, he claims to read my mind.

    Camus wrote a series of letters to a German friend during WWII. In the first letter, he stated, "It is possible to love your country and to love justice"

    The Nazi, of course, took your tack on things, son...

    Iraq had an election. It is a democracy. You didn't whine that Saddam Hussein wouldn't get a fair trial, did you, son?

    Either the government is legitimate or it isn't. Only a coward would want it both ways...

    >>BTW, the fact that there are terroists willing to kill civilian Americans in Iraq have only honorable and good intentions should anger you, blindrat. The Blackwater "mercenaries" as your ilk call them, protect these civilians from the terrorists. I guess that fact is not part of your limited argument about Iraq government legitimacy.

    You must be confused, son. You think that performing a useful, or even heroic task, makes you immune from murder laws. Sadly, it doesn't...


    Chavez was elected too, so why don't you head down there you freedom hating rodent. Chavez's views seem more in line with yours, you country hating traitor.

    Factor, it truly is getting scarier and scarier how being unpatriotic is considered a good thing now if you're a liberal or democrat.

    Not only with Obama, but on Hannity and Colmes, Colmes called people with the pin on "phony Americans."

    Can you imagine what would have happened if a republican did the same thing? If O'Reilly said the same thing?

    Unbelievable, and when the time comes when the suicide bombers start hitting our shores I just wonder how long it'll take KO to get the next prospective bomber on his show?


    Have you claimed in the past that there is no Iraqi government? Which do you believe: is there or is there not a legitimate government? Also, I was wondering if anyone here can find where Limbaugh changed the transcript of the "phony soldiers" issue. I have read the charge over and over but have not seen the actual change. I also read that Scarboro and Geist (his sidewalk) have stated on Morning Joe that it was clear Limbaugh was not calling every soldier who disagrees with the war "phony."

    Unbelievable, and when the time comes when the suicide bombers start hitting our shores I just wonder how long it'll take KO to get the next prospective bomber on his show?

    Posted by: imagine at October 5, 2007 12:15 PM

    If we are attacked again, people like Olbermann will slink away into the shadows until it is safe to come out and bash the president. Just like they did after 9/11. If and attack occurs under Clinton's watch they will all become Yankee Doodle Dandys.

    Anon (12:13),

    Since you agree with Bush I'll assume that you are a religious fundmentalist who kisses Muslim ass, son. So, why don't you move to Iran, you America-hating son of a bitch...

    Wow! Isn't this fun and clever, boy?


    The closest that you are going to get is here:

    Imagine, thanks!

    Sharon, I heard the show in real time and have read the entire transcript of the two callers involved with the contretemps. The charge against Rush is as credible as Jesse Macbeth's phony war record.

    It is six computer screens long. I haven't noticed any other site with the entire transcript.

    Would you be interested in reading if I copied and pasted it?


    Sure, Grammie. I saw what Blindrat posted and don't see any difference than what was on Limbaugh's site.

    I think rat need to pull his head out of his professor's ass and start thinking for himself.

    Back in America, lets see what blindrat's allies are accomplishing today!.....

    Code Pink defaces Berkeley military recruitment office

    Hurray! The anti-American left is moving more aggressively to end the war....will their ruling class respond?....

    Stop the war!....Cut the fund now!

    And this is my post today, the 1,579th day since the declaration of Mission Accomplished in Iraq.....

    I am cee, good night and good luck.

    "I'd tell you that the Democrats are talking a good game, but they're not even doing that. Everybody in Congress has to understand something: If they continue to fund this war, it's not just the President who owns it. They own it, too." Sgt. Liam Madden

    "There were a few tense moments, however, including an encounter involving Joshua Sparling, 25, who was on crutches and who said he was a corporal with the 82nd Airborne Division and lost his right leg below the knee in Ramadi, Iraq. Mr. Sparling spoke at a smaller rally held earlier in the day at the United States Navy Memorial, and voiced his support for the administration's policies in Iraq. Later, as antiwar protesters passed where he and his group were standing, words were exchanged and one of the antiwar protestors spit at the ground near Mr. Sparling; he spit back." NYT 1/28/07

    "I think the Vietnamese are better off in Vietnam," George McGovern - NEWSWEEK

    "Lefties: Leave these pathetic drowning rats alone to stew in each other's juices. Get yourselves out in the street and fight this criminal administration in ways that really mean something, and that are noted by more than a handful of keyboard heroes!" Sir Loin of Beef

    "American liberals need to face these truths: The demand for self-government was and remains strong in Iraq despite all our mistakes and the violent efforts of al Qaeda, Sunni insurgents and Shiite militias to disrupt it." DEMOCRAT Bob Kerrey

    "If we end up saying that because these people are committing these acts of terrorism in Iraq or Afghanistan, that we shouldn't have done the removal of Saddam or the removal of the Taliban, then we are making a fundamental mistake about our own future, about security, about the values we should be defending in the world." TONY BLAIR

    "You can't bring the troops home if you give George Bush $100 billion to wage this war. You're not supporting them. You're keeping them in harm's way." CINDY SHEEHAN

    "There is no doubt ... that Al Qaeda is operating in Iraq. There is no doubt that we've had to take very strong measures against them. And there is no doubt that the Iraqi security forces have got to be strong enough to be able to withstand not just the violence that has been between the Sunni and the Shia population and the Sunni insurgency, but also Al Qaeda itself." GORDON BROWN

    "People of America: the world is following your news in regards to your invasion of Iraq, for people have recently come to know that, after several years of tragedies of this war, the vast majority of you want it stopped. Thus, you elected the Democratic Party for this purpose, but the Democrats haven't made a move worth mentioning. On the contrary, they continue to agree to the spending of tens of billions to continue the killing and war there." OSAMA BIN LADEN

    "Al Qaeda really hurt us, but not as much as Rupert Murdoch has hurt us, particularly in the case of Fox News. Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda--worse for our society. It's as dangerous as the Ku Klux Klan ever was."

    "Thinking such as your's is a cancer on our nation that needs to be cut out." MIKE posted 10/4/07 7:02PM

    Whatever happened to the O'Reilly controversy? I also saw that Scarboro backtracked on his initial response to the whole incident.

    blindrat, you are now comparing the Americans to nazi's, and I suppose this comes from a true American patriot?

    Have you had your head in the sand for the past 6 years or maybe you missed that the "muderer's" are not the Americans, but the terrorists.

    Hey sport, it's a free country and you have every right to your opinion, but contrary to what you may believe I never claimed to read your mind, just your blogs.

    And it sure looks to me like you have loved to take anybody's side on the war but the Americans.

    Do you really believe that accusing Americans in a war of murder before the facts are all out there, is the side a patriot would take? I mean do you really believe this?

    One last thing, since you think this war is totally wrong, what would constitute a "right war" for you to actively back the troops and America?

    Just curious because I hope it's not an answer like "if we are attacked on our shores" like what happened when Pearl Harbor was hit.

    We lost 3000 men and women real quick with that attack, and that was BEFORE there were nuclear weapons.

    Don't forget also, that this passiveness towards our enemies didn't just start with you and KO, as it was going strong back in 1941 too.

    So when would you fight?


    >>You know it possibly could be true that these Blackwater people are guilty, that things got way out of hand and these innocent people were killed, but what is truly amazing to me is that somebody like blindrat hopes it to be true.

    I can picture that little weasel, black framed glasses, half inch thich, greasy hair, beard, sandals (even when it's raining), bad teeth, turbin? probably just frothing and continuously refreshing the media matters and puffington post web sites hoping to read about the next war casualty or American troop being charged with doing their job! Killing! Sickening, to say the least.

    These Libtards are just a pack of wolf vaginas.

    I didn't do a side by comparison but the main fault with it is that it is truncated to match their scenario.

    Here goes:

    RUSH: Mike in Chicago, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

    CALLER: Hi, Rush, how you doing today?

    RUSH: Fine, sir, thank you.

    CALLER: Good. Why is it that you always just accuse the Democrats of being against the war and that there's actually no Republicans that can possibly be against the war?

    RUSH: Well, who are these Republicans? I can think of Chuck Hagel, and I can think of Gordon Smith, two Republican senators, but they don't want to lose the war like the Democrats do. I can't think of who the Republicans are in the anti-war movement.

    CALLER: I'm not talking about the senators. I'm talking about the general public. You accuse the public and all the Democrats of being, you know, wanting to lose --

    RUSH: Oh, come on, here we go again. I utter the truth, and you can't handle it so you gotta call here and change the subject. How come I'm not also hitting Republicans? I don't know a single Republican or conservative, Mike, who wants to pull out of Iraq in defeat. The Democrats have made the last four years about that specifically.

    CALLER: Well, I am a Republican, and I listened to you for a long time, and you're right on a lot of things, but I do believe that we should pull out of Iraq. I don't think it's winnable. I'm not a Democrat, but sometimes you gotta cut the losses. I mean, sometimes you really got to admit you're wrong.

    RUSH: Well, yeah, you do. I'm not wrong on this. The worst thing that can happen is losing this, getting out of there, waving the white flag.

    CALLER: I'm not saying that, I'm not saying anything like that.

    RUSH: Of course you are.

    CALLER: No, I'm not!

    RUSH: The truth is the truth, Mike.

    CALLER: We did what we were supposed to do, okay, we got rid of Saddam Hussein; we got rid of a lot of the terrorists. Let them run their country now. Let's get out of there and let's be done with it. We won it.

    RUSH: I'm never going to be able to retire. It's not going to work. You are depressing me.

    CALLER: Well, sometimes, like you said, the truth hurts, Rush. Sometimes it hurts.
    RUSH: I have explained this so many times. I can't believe that you actually listen to this program a lot, because you've heard me say what I'm going to say to you. War is never "plottable" on a piece of paper or on a map. It never goes exactly as anybody thinks it's going to go because nobody can predict the future, for one thing.

    CALLER: That's true.

    RUSH: Thank you. So what's happening now is that the very enemy that blew us up on 9/11 is facing us in Iraq. We can't cave in defeat and run out of there and say, "Hey guess what, we won, we got Saddam." We are going to be setting ourselves up for future disasters. We will never be able to have any other nation trust us as an ally when we have to go in there again. If we pull out of there before we take care of this, Mike, we're just going to have to do it sometime later at greater cost.

    CALLER: Are we ever going to take care of it, though? How long do you think we're going to have to be there to take care of it?

    RUSH: Mike, you can't possibly be a Republican.

    CALLER: I am.

    RUSH: You can't be Republican.

    CALLER: Oh, I am definitely Republican.

    RUSH: You sound just like a Democrat.

    CALLER: No, but seriously, Rush, how long do we have to stay there?

    RUSH: As long as it takes.

    CALLER: How long?

    RUSH: As long as it takes. It is very serious. This is the United States of America at war with Islamofascists. Just like your job, you do everything you have to do, whatever it takes to get it done, if you take it seriously.

    CALLER: So then you say we need to stay there forever?

    RUSH: No, Bill -- (Laughing) or Mike. I'm sorry. I'm confusing you with the guy from Texas.

    CALLER: I used to be military, okay, and I am a Republican.

    RUSH: Yeah.

    CALLER: And I do listen to you, but --

    RUSH: Right, I know. And I, by the way, used to walk on the moon.

    CALLER: How long do we have to stay there?

    RUSH: You're not listening to what I say. You can't possibly be a Republican. I'm answering every question; it's not what you want to hear, and so it's not even penetrating your little wall of armor you've got built up. I said we stay to get the job done, as long as it takes. I didn't say forever. Nothing takes forever. That's not possible, Bill. Mike. Whatever. Nobody lives forever, no situation lasts forever, everything ends. We determine how do we want it to end, in our favor or in our defeat? With people like you in charge, who want to put a timeline on everything -- do you ever get anything done in your life? Or do you say, "Well, I wanted to have this done by now, and it's not, so screw it"? You don't live your life that way. Well, hell, you might, I don't know. But the limitations that you want to impose here are senseless, and they, frankly, portray no evidence that you are a Republican.
    Another Mike. This one in Olympia, Washington. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

    CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

    RUSH: You bet.

    CALLER: I have a retort to Mike in Chicago, because I am serving in the American military, in the Army. I've been serving for 14 years, very proudly.

    RUSH: Thank you, sir.

    CALLER: I'm one of the few that joined the Army to serve my country, I'm proud to say, not for the money or anything like that. What I would like to retort to is that, what these people don't understand, is if we pull out of Iraq right now, which is not possible because of all the stuff that's over there, it would take us at least a year to pull everything back out of Iraq, then Iraq itself would collapse and we'd have to go right back over there within a year or so.

    RUSH: There's a lot more than that that they don't understand. The next guy that calls here I'm going to ask them, "What is the imperative of pulling out? What's in it for the United States to pull out?" I don't think they have an answer for that other than, "When's he going to bring the troops home? Keep the troops safe," whatever.

    CALLER: Yeah.

    RUSH: It's not possible intellectually to follow these people.

    CALLER: No, it's not. And what's really funny is they never talk to real soldiers. They pull these soldiers that come up out of the blue and spout to the media.

    RUSH: The phony soldiers.

    CALLER: Phony soldiers. If you talk to any real soldier and they're proud to serve, they want to be over in Iraq, they understand their sacrifice and they're willing to sacrifice for the country.

    RUSH: They joined to be in Iraq.

    CALLER: A lot of people.

    RUSH: You know where you're going these days, the last four years, if you sign up. The odds are you're going there or Afghanistan, or somewhere.

    CALLER: Exactly, sir. My other comment, my original comment, was a retort to Jill about the fact we didn't find any weapons of mass destruction. Actually, we have found weapons of mass destruction in chemical agents that terrorists have been using against us for a while now. I've done two tours in Iraq, I just got back in June, and there are many instances of insurgents not knowing what they're using in their IEDs. They're using mustard artillery rounds, VX artillery rounds in their IEDs. Because they didn't know what they were using, they didn't do it right, and so it didn't really hurt anybody. But those munitions are over there. It's a huge desert. If they bury it somewhere, we're never going to find it.

    RUSH: Well, that's a moot point for me right now.

    CALLER: Right.
    RUSH: The weapons of mass destruction. We gotta get beyond that. We're there. We all know they were there, and Mahmoud even admitted it in one of his speeches here talking about Saddam using the poison mustard gas or whatever it is on his own people. But that's moot. What's more important is all this is taking place now in the midst of the surge working, and all of these anti-war Democrats are getting even more hell-bent on pulling out of there, which means that success on the part of you and your colleagues over there is a great threat to them. It's frustrating and maddening, and why they must be kept in the minority. I want to thank you, Mike, for calling. I appreciate it very much.

    Here is a Morning Update that we did recently, talking about fake soldiers. This is a story of who the left props up as heroes. They have their celebrities and one of them was Army Ranger Jesse Macbeth. Now, he was a "corporal." I say in quotes. Twenty-three years old. What made Jesse Macbeth a hero to the anti-war crowd wasn't his Purple Heart; it wasn't his being affiliated with post-traumatic stress disorder from tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. No. What made Jesse Macbeth, Army Ranger, a hero to the left was his courage, in their view, off the battlefield, without regard to consequences. He told the world the abuses he had witnessed in Iraq, American soldiers killing unarmed civilians, hundreds of men, women, even children. In one gruesome account, translated into Arabic and spread widely across the Internet, Army Ranger Jesse Macbeth describes the horrors this way: "We would burn their bodies. We would hang their bodies from the rafters in the mosque."

    Now, recently, Jesse Macbeth, poster boy for the anti-war left, had his day in court. And you know what? He was sentenced to five months in jail and three years probation for falsifying a Department of Veterans Affairs claim and his Army discharge record. He was in the Army. Jesse Macbeth was in the Army, folks, briefly. Forty-four days before he washed out of boot camp. Jesse Macbeth isn't an Army Ranger, never was. He isn't a corporal, never was. He never won the Purple Heart, and he was never in combat to witness the horrors he claimed to have seen. You probably haven't even heard about this. And, if you have, you haven't heard much about it. This doesn't fit the narrative and the template in the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party as to who is a genuine war hero. Don't look for any retractions, by the way. Not from the anti-war left, the anti-military Drive-By Media, or the Arabic websites that spread Jesse Macbeth's lies about our troops, because the truth for the left is fiction that serves their purpose. They have to lie about such atrocities because they can't find any that fit the template of the way they see the US military. In other words, for the American anti-war left, the greatest inconvenience they face is the truth.
    Read the Background Material...
    HotAir: Jesse Macbeth: I Admit It, I'm a Filthy Liar
    Seattle Times: Man Who Posed as Military Hero Sentenced to 5 Months in Prison"



    We were attacked by the Japanese and the Germans declared war on us. I would've undoubtedly done what Roosevelt did...

    On 9/11, we were attacked by the Saudis and Bush used it as a pretext to go to war with Iraq. If that weren't bad enough, Imagine, the country that is harboring Al Qaeda, Pakistan, is a firm ally of George Bush, EVEN AFTER ADMITTEDLY SELLING NUCLEAR MATERIALS AND SECRETS TO TERRORISTS...

    I hope that this answers your question...

    THanks, Grammie. I was waiting for your answer to my question, Blindrat, about whether YOU think that Iraq has a legitimate government?


    Iraq's government is obviously legitimate. The question is, is it stable? Is Iraq governable as a single nation?

    blindrat, okay I really was curious and for me in you agreeing to what Roosevelt did is what I had hoped you answer would be.

    But please don't go so far as to think that the president of Pakistan is in cahoots with these terrorists, as that whole country is a political hotbed where Musharaaf is caught in the middle.

    and as far as them selling the nuclear materials to the terrorists it most certainly wasn't done by any of the legitimate goverment officials.

    You can't on one hand put Bush down because he "never takes the time to talk to dangerous regines," while at the same time when he does (Pakistan) put him down too.

    I think the 28 sanctions Hussein completely disregarded plus the fact that there was a possibility of WMD's had a lot more to do with it.

    these "Saudis" were certainly from Saudi Arabia, but again not representitive's of their government. Just terrorists, plain and simple.

    Good answer on WWII though, as with all these blogs I was totally losing my faith in ya


    I would concur with you on Pakistan, if the government there had even attempt to prosecute the leaker. And, he was a legitimate government official...

    As for Iraq, I think that oil had the most to do with it. Hussein is gone and, let's face it, Bush is not a humanitarian and definitely, by his own words, not into "nation building"...

    The money for the 9/11 attacks came from Saudi Arabia...

    The question is, is it stable?

    So you would subject Americans (contractors) to the authority of an unstable government?

    You can't on one hand put Bush down because he "never takes the time to talk to dangerous regines," while at the same time when he does (Pakistan) put him down too. (Imagine)

    That is a good point that is so often overlooked.

    1:46 was to Blindrat.


    The stability of Iraq's government has nothing to do with its sovereignity. It has more to do with what will happen when we inevitably leave.

    But, if we are a guest in their country, instead of occupiers, we should abide by their laws. Ignoring the heads of state in their own country could do nothing to make their country more stable; and, would probably do exactly the opposite...

    I totally disagree with "Bush not being into nation building," as he knows we have got to for our own demoratic safety try to stay as friendly as we can to any of the middle east country's.

    Implying that by staying friendly with Saudi Arabia indirectly had us involved with the 9/11 attacks is crazy.

    The arab nations slowly and unfortunately most surely have been trying to distance themselves from all of the west started way back when they declared there independence from England's rule.

    It's continuing to this day, and for Bush to want to gather as many friends from the middle east is certainly in our best interests. For sure to at least try to have democracy win these people over is not a bad thing.

    Oil is a big business, but to say every war we are in is only for monetary gain is foolish, and getting old right now, but frankly if it was, why the complaints when everybody would be screaming if we didn't have oil?

    And as far as Bush not being a humanitarian, then how come he spent billions and billions for Katrina? Jesus, people who never owned homes are walking away with brand new ones now, but all I ever hear is him not being a humanitarian.

    A friend of mine went to a college down there, and he had to evacuate. He was paid a FULL YEARS tuition for FREE because he had to transfer for the year, now how in the hell is that not being humane? He told me he won the lottery for a year.

    Frankly I believe he's the most humanitarian president we've ever had, and this childs health care bill he vetoed was only for people who DIDN'T need it. In other words for poor people they would still get help for their kids...


    The child's health care bill, call SCHIPs is not for children who don't need it. There is contention that a few might slip through; however, because insurance premiums are so high, they have revised who can afford premiums.

    Do you have a source on your contention?

    "Now the Bush administration wants to return CHIP to its roots.

    Last month's guideline is designed to reduce the number of families at higher incomes who drop private health insurance for a cheaper, taxpayer-funded deal.

    About 25% to 50% of CHIP's children, or 1.5 million to 3 million, previously had private insurance, the Congressional Budget Office says. They now cost taxpayers $1.25 billion to $2.5 billion a year."
    Posted by: Sharon at October 5, 2007 12:15 AM


    now with the aid to children I have a great source, as it's my own child.

    I'm divorced and pay child support, but my job does not give health insurance, so therefore my child's health care is taken care of 100% by the government for absolutely no charge from me or my ex-wife.

    My child has gone through two hospital stays each for about two weeks with two operations and not a dime did I have to pay.

    When I did have a different job, and before I got divorced (back in 2002) I did have health insurance with that job, but once again the payments were of the bare minimum for my daughter with another hopital stay.

    Either way when it came to my child, whether I had insurance or not, she was taken care of with no sweat to me.

    So people who are bashing Bush over this are once again uninformed or they just don't have kids


    They may have previously had private insurance, but when? Obviously the price of insurance has gone up. What they will insure has gone down and people lose jobs or companies cease to provide insurance. And, even for a middle class family, paying for one's own insurance can be financially crippling...

    The success and benfits of SCHIP are well-documented and heralded by both parties. Bush is concerned that the insurance companies are going to lose a little bit...

    States will be permitted to expand coverage to families earning up to 300 percent of
    FPL ($61,950 for a family of four in 2007)

    From HR 976.

    The legislation includes dental care. We are a family of 5. My husband works two jobs with a combined income of less than $61,950; his primary job has health care (with $54 contributions every 2 weeks, $750 family deductible, prescription plan) and dental benefits paid for entirely by the employee. We can't afford the plan. Add in orthodontics and expenses sky rocket further. If the legislation were to pass, it would be tempting to have my husband drop the family plan for the children. He could leave his second job. But our taxes would go up and we would be placing our burden on society.

    Let the true poor have the money. Reform the health care system, not socialize it. Put caps on punitive (not actual) damages for medical malpractice. Don't create entitlements.

    Don't get rid of SCHIP but have reasonable coverage.

    Is it any surprise that Pundits such as Rush Limbaugh, who wrap themselves in the American Flag and pretend they are pro-Military, ACTUALLY only support conservative republican pro-war, pro-bush military, the ranks of which are shrinking with every passing day.

    Of course there are other segments of the military they would like to pretend doesn't exist. So, when they are reminded of that fact, they attempt to marginalize them by calling them 'phony.'

    That's not pro-military, that's pro-partisan politics and it's 'using' the military and the patriotism of the american people to accomplish partisan politcal goals.

    ...And that's pretty shameless.

    But what do you expect from someone who looks like a cross between a pig and a hamster.

    Do you consider Scarboro in line with Bush? He just stated that Limbaugh was not calling soldiers who disagree with him phonies. He read the transcript.

    I meant that the dental plan is too expensive, not the health care plan (which was entirely funded until 4 years ago).


    You may not believe this, but I am a proponent of socialized medicine. At this point, if you don't have insurance, you don't get medical care. That is rediculous. EVERY civilized nation has some form of socialized medicine. And, it is for a good reason. If we did, perhaps your husband could get some rest and his second job to go to someone who also needs work...

    I don't mean this as a threat in any way.

    But, hypothetically, if someone were to ramble on like Olby does in real life, I would have to kick his ass.

    Dear Mr. President,

    Look out! A protester!

    Just kidding...go and change your pants...

    My kids want to use the computer. I would be interested in discussing ths issue again another time.

    Blindrat, in 2000 I spent three and one half months (about half of that time in the ICU) in the hospital, including two very major operations. The total bill approached $300,00.

    We had no insurance and we had already gone through every IRA and 401K we had. Our credit limits on our credit cards weren't quite that high.

    The surgeons and doctors were the very best. I had this at what is euphemistically called University Medical Center of Louisiana but was at that still the physical buildings that were originally Charity Hospital and Hotel Dieu, or Big Charity and Little Charity. Both Tulane and LSU medical schools are associated with them.

    Tell me again how we don't get medical care if we don't have insurance.

    Last November my good friend had knee replacement surgery at a private hospital (since Big Charity was destroyed by Katrina the state has contracts with private hospitals/clinics to meet the need). She had complications and spent three weeks in the hospital and then a few more days because she needed a follow up surgery. That was followed by therapy at home and then a five month program of three times a week therapy at the hospital.

    She also has a chronic lung disease that requires close supervision and very expensive medications. There is a program for that for her too.

    She is a widow with no insurance and she won't be eligible for Medicare till next year.

    Tell me again about how you can't get medical care if you don't have insurance.


    Mega Dittos, that was deep. I'm sure you've listened to Randi Rhodes and Bathtub Boy.

    All they do is shit on the flag and pretend they are pro-military, when ACTUALLY they only support liberal democrat anti-war and anti-military people and shout down all those who they disagree with.

    See, both sides can play your little game. Remember 20% of Democrats want the US to lose and another 20% aren't sure if they want the US to win. And Democrats get upset when their patriotism is questioned. Go figure.

    Hey Leftists, Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be transfered to Alaska.
    Iranians trampled onAmericans flags.
    How will Olbermann defend this?
    He won't mention it!
    Will Olbermann name Ahmadinejad WPITW?
    he supports Iran!

    Notice the Left's silence on Iran wanting to transfer Israel?
    But if Americans said death to Iran, they would be screaming!
    The Left loves Iran!

    The day will come when KO will be looking for what is LEFT of Iran. BOOM!!!!!!!

    Olbermann will have a nervous breakdown if Iran was hit!

    Sharon, the above link is to you.


    Thanks for the link, Cecelia. Was there something in particular that you had in mind for me to read?

    Thanks for the link, Cecelia. Was there something in particular that you had in mind for me to read?

    Posted by: Sharon at October 5, 2007 7:40 PM

    Oh, sorry, I thought the link went directly to the article.

    Yes, it's A Death In The Family by Chris Hitchens and I think it expresses something beyond all the politics and the philosophical divisions that is very best in humanity.


    Great minds think alike : )

    A very moving article by Christopher Hitchens, unlike anything I have ever seen written by him.

    A Death in the Family (Soldier killed who was inpsired by Hitchens; he met the soldier's family after his death).
    Posted by: Sharon at October 5, 2007 1:20 AM

    Posted by: Sharon at October 5, 2007 1:20 AM

    Posted by: Sharon at October 5, 2007 8:29 PM

    How's that for ESPN...

    I thought of you and what you have said about our soldiers as I read the piece.

    I haven't read much of Hitchens, but that article seemed to show a hidden side of him, a very humble part. I thought it was one of the best articles I have read on the war. Did you remember reading that he visited his son in Iraq? I assume his son is serving, but I don't know.

    Evidently Hitchens took his son to Northern Iraq, Sharon.

    Sharon and Cecelia, I went to the links you both provided and it did show a dimension to Hitchens that I hadn't even suspected existed.

    It was also a great tribute and memorial to Mark Daly. I hope his family and friends get some tiny comfort from it.

    I am always in awe of people who have such character and courage.

    Thanks to you both!


    Intrigued, I read Hitchens' article. Don;t be surprised when i say I say that it struck me somewhat differently than it seems have you all.

    The inscrutable sot Hitchens was obviously doing damage control - his work was cited publically as the ideological catalyst for the death of a noble and principled young man, and he needed to respond in some way.

    He also took the oportunity to issue unprecented statements regarding his own disillusionment with the war he so rabidly and irrationally promoted from its beginning - optimisticaly attempting to set the stage for a career after the whole affair crashes into ruin.

    While he introduced the piece with questions regarding his own guilt in urging a heroic youth to the front lines, starkly absent anywhere in the article was any exploration relevant to this issue. He appears to hope that his effusive praise for the character of the slain soldier - which clearly needs no help from the likes of Hitchens - would remove his obligation to consider his own responsibility for the bloody farce that is the occupation of Iraq.

    Maybe it is a girl thing, SLOB.


    Righto, Bobo. The State of Louisiana built and funded one of the most extensive medical systems in the world dedicated to any and all who could not afford the care they needed and kept it on hold for generations just for me and mine.

    They've done the same thing with WIC, Medicaid and the program (I don't remember the name) that my friend is benefiting from for the bimonthly doctor visits and expensive medications she needs.

    It is truly remarkable that in the aftermath of Katrina they have gone to such great lengths just to keep the system going to help me and mine.

    I must tell you it was an amazing experience when I walked into the Charity Hospital Clinic in January 2000 to be the only person seeking a doctor in a waiting room designed to seat 75 or more.

    From intake clerks to doctors to technicians to aids to nurses (perhaps hundreds of them) and all of that just waiting for me.

    One stooped and grizzled old doctor embraced me with tears running down his cheeks. He thought he would go to his grave without ever having even seen a patient, a la the Magtag man.

    Above me were over 2,000 pristine hospital beds just waiting for me to take one so it would not all have been in vain.

    Nothing that I have ever done has given me so much personal satisfaction. Without me that system might have languished forever without ever helping a dying person who could not afford their medical care. I can't tell you how gratifying it was to me to give meaning to so many.


    Nothing that I have ever done has given me so much personal satisfaction. Without me that system might have languished forever without ever helping a dying person who could not afford their medical care. I can't tell you how gratifying it was to me to give meaning to so many.


    Posted by: Janet Hawkins at October 6, 2007 9:50 PM

    Post of the month! :D!!

    If health care is so readily available to everyone, why is it the #1 issue for Americans in most polls ?

    Why don't you think ?

    posted by a fraud

    Ever heard of pandering?

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