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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

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    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    January 31, 2008
    Keith Olbermann: He Has the Brown Touch

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    It boggles the mind of clear thinkers how people seeking insightful analysis would actually turn to the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. Never mind all his factual errors, lies, and misreporting. His track record as a opinionator (which is what he is, not a "journalist") is dismal.

    When Fat Ass was riding in the front car of the Hillary train, he erupted in manufactured outrage over Chris Wallace, who dared to ask Bill Jefferon Clinton about Usama Bin Laden. Oralmann bellowed endlessly that Wallace, who is Jewish, was not a newsman but a "monkey". Wallace's behavior was so heinous that it was flogged day after day on The Hour of Spin. Obviously, the Clintons were so injured by the eeevil Wallace that they'd never deal with this "monkey" again. Except, of course, that they did. Not only did Hillary come on Wallace's Fox News Sunday, but for her most recent appearance on Fox she actually requested that Wallace do the interview! Great perspicacity there, Bathtub Boy.

    More recently, it was just last week that Olbermoronn, following the lead of his Daily Kos Giupettos, declared that John Edwards's campaign was surging. He could finish second! His message is finally connecting! Just five days later, after a humiliating third place finish, Edwards pulled out of the race entirely. Clearly Olby does not have the Midas touch. Indeed, everything he touches turns to... well, it's not gold.

    And yet credulous lemmings will tune in again tonight, as Edward R Olbermann, mindful of slipping ratings, and eager to obey the demands of the Kossacks, presents yet another Special Education Komment:

    In a Presidency of hypocrisy, an Administration of exploitation, a labyrinth of leadership, in which every vital fact is a puzzle inside a riddle wrapped in an enigma hidden under a claim of executive privilege supervised by an idiot, this one is surprisingly easy. President Bush has put, protecting the Telecom giants from the laws…ahead of protecting you from the terrorists.

    He has demanded an extension of the FISA law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, but only an extension that includes retroactive immunity for the Telecoms who helped him spy on us.

    Congress has given him, and he has today signed, a fifteen day extension, which simply kicks the time bomb down the field, and has changed nothing of his insipid rhetoric, in which he portrays the Democrats as "soft on terror" and getting in the way of his Superhuman efforts to protect the nation... when, in fact, and with bitter irony, if anybody is "soft on terror" here it is Mr. Bush.

    It will have the camera pivots, the theatrical declamations, a whole fitsfull of insinSirs, and of course the usual passel of fictions that we have come to expect from Bear. How many lies will he tell this time? Will he again make up nonexistent drivel about the law of habeas corpus? Use our valuable bandwidth for your predictions and comments.

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (98) | | View blog reactions
    DoS Attack Shuts Down Olbermann Watch

    Yesterday we experienced a DoS (denial of service) attackwhich is a computer crimeh and punishable with fines or imprisonment or both.

    Apparently are troll does not like being banned or having comments deleted. I say that because of the timing (for new readers we've had thousands of vulgar or harassing comments posted to the site over the past year, many of which were deleted last week) and the fact that our troll has been using a random set of IP addresses to post comments on the site (and adopting a wide variety of aliases to do so ). Whether this our troll (or trolls as there may be a a few people involved) or an unrelated attack remains to be seen but our web host is investigating it and, if the person(s) is/are identified they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Fortunately, whoever it was left fingerprints everywhere so there is plenty to work with in tracking them down.

    In the meantime, we've taken various steps to address the problem as best we can. A determined criminal like this person or persons has many ways to cause problems for a site like Olbermann Watch so I have no doubt they will continue to launch attacks, some of which may succeed, but we will do what we did last night is address them and put the site right back up.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (0) | | View blog reactions
    January 30, 2008
    By the time I get to Phoenix...

    ...I'll be totally stoked for the big game.

    I am leaving New York this morning to cover the Super Bowl for Not only am I going to the game but I've been hired by Newsweek as a contributor to Mark Starr's All-Starr blog. Mark's the real sports journalist but I will be supplementing his coverage by reporting the sights and sounds of the spectacle that is Super Bowl week. If there was a "cloud 10" I'd be on it right now.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (72) | | View blog reactions
    January 29, 2008
    Audio: Olbermann Is a Coward and a Liar!

    No Hour of Spin tonight, due to election coverage. Since Olby will be co-presiding over that , it's really The Evening of Spin. Use this thread for comments on the primary and the coverage: whether you watch Hume, Wolf, or Fat Ass and the Drooler. As a bonus to get things started, hear John Gibson's outrage over MSLSD's State of the Union coverage, and delight in his blasting Keith as both a koward and a liar:

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (142) | | View blog reactions
    OW Poll: How was Keith's performance in the Kurtz interview on CNN?

    How was Keith's performance in the Kurtz interview on CNN?

    A. Stimulating
    B. Honest
    C. Limp
    D. Sincere

    [Voting widget is half way down the left rail]

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (0) | | View blog reactions
    Gibson: Olbermann Lies on Reliable Sources

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (101) | | View blog reactions
    January 28, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - January 28, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • KENNEDYS ENDORSE OBAMA: Craig Crawford, columnist and MSNBC political analyst; Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor and MSNBC political analyst
    • FLORIDA PRIMARY: Chuck Todd, NBC News political director
    • STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS: Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews"

    He's back: tanned (even if it's from a can), rested, and ready. So went the opening spiel: Obama endorsed! Hillary wants to change primary rules! Bill Jefferson Clinton invoked Jesse Jackson! SotU! Will Rudy drop out? Stock Market is Down! (Alert: Olbermann Lie, it's way up since 2001.) It's blue Monday at Olbermann Watch, the blog so powerful and influential it is read by Keith Olbermann himself.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Obama as the new JFK. Clips of Ted Kennedy and Barack. Toni Morrison endorses Obama. Clip of Hillary. Olbermann's Brain chortled and insisted BJ Clinton had no racial intent when comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson. And chickens have lips. Next up: Lefty Alter on how the Clinton's managed to "lose the Kennedys". Olby wondered if they have to put BJ Clinton "in the shed". Lefty said he'll "tone it down". Oralmann touched on a smear email about Obama, neatly attributing it to "government workers", the "military", "right-wing web sites", and, of course, Republicans. Left completely out of his report were the Hillary Clinton staffers who were fired for spreading it. After all, this is OlbyPlanet.

    #4: Florida. Hillary trying to change the rules and grab their delegates. Chuck Todd detailed the machinations over the Sunshine State. Olby suggested this is "the ends justifies the means", and Kos Kidz all over the Olbersphere swooned. Is Rudy looking to bow out? It's his "swan song", said Toddy. So far not a "great thanks" to be heard.

    After a reference to Orwell [Ding!] and a "right wing lunatic fringer" [Ding!], #3: the "true" State of the Union. FISA! Terror attacks? Up! (Unmentioned: none in the US). Terrorists? Roaming free! (Huh? We thought all this terrorism business was just scare stuff from those terrorists Republicans.) The correspondent with the tonsorially-enhanced hair did a "they say, but they say" analysis to distance himself from Monkeymann's partisan spew. No great thanks.

    After a Rove reference [Ding!]#2: The Media Matters Minute. Choate school and Karl Rove [Ding!] (Blue Blog Source: Huff 'n' Puff), Glenn Beck (Blue Blog Source: nearly verbatim lift from Hillary Clinton's Media Matters ), and "worst" Mary Katherine Ham (Blue Blog Source: Crooks & Liars). Ooh, a Fox Noise [Ding!] too.

    #1: Scintillating repartee in tonight's Democrats interviewing Democrats segment (Olby with The Drooler). The two of them batted their shared talking points back and forth: Bush wants to "tie the hands of the next President". Iraq is no success. Yikes! No sane person can take any more of this. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 1 [LOW]

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 630th day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will be indicted".

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (78) | | View blog reactions
    January 27, 2008
    NEW RECORD: Olbermann Lies 20 Times in 8 Minutes on CNN

    I've gone ahead and noted the 20 most obvious lies told by Keith to Howard Kurtz on this morning's edition of "Reliable Sources". I can't decide what was more entertaining - that Keith was on a show called RELIABLE sources or that Kurtz allowed Olbermann to tell whopper after whopper without challenge. To his credit, Kurtz at least ASKED some of the questions OlbyWatch readers were hoping he'd ask. Next time maybe Howard will get some REAL answer.

    NOTE: I see now I counted 15 twice; so there are really 21 lies.

    UPDATE: Blue Blogs weep after meanie Howard Kurtz asks poor Keith "unfair" questions while OlbyLoon commenters wail about the inhumanity of it all.

    Think Progress: Olbermann: I'd Sacrifice My Personal Success For A 'Responsible Presidency'
    The Raw Story: Olbermann: Why I keep 'poking Bill O'Reilly in the eye'


    Some folks were having trouble reading the fine print in the title bars I added to the video so I've made a sort of transcript you can use as you watch:

    Keith Runs MSNBC
    Producers do not decide who does interviews

    OlberLie #1
    Brit Hume anchors Fox News election coverage

    OlberLie #2
    Hannity & Colmes aired AFTER Fox News election coverage

    OlberLie #3
    There IS no conflict since it did not happen

    OlberLie #4
    OlbyWatch has pointed out MANY instances of exactly this
    [Keith making statements as anchor that reflected his leftist views]

    OlberLie #5
    A "Prime Facie" lie
    [It is self-evident that MSNBC has moved left; Dan Abrams was made GM based on his strategy of counter-programming Fox News]

    OlberLie #6
    The criticism of Matthews, a democrat, is not LEFT ENOUGH
    [the recent criticism came from Clinton front-group Media Matters for anti-Hillary statements]

    OlberLie #7
    Media Research Center made PRECISELY this accusation in 1998

    OlberLie #8
    KO routinely called in "sick" and did nowhere near 218 "consecutive" shows on Lewinsky

    OlberLie #9
    See Keith's Infamous Cornell speech after which MSNBC KO'd KO

    OlberLie #10
    Again, see Cornell Speech

    OlberLie #11
    KO Attacks O'Reilly nightly and calls THAT news

    OlberLie #12
    KO asked about ONE guest, answers about TWO

    In other words...
    KO is reflecting the far-left POV (see previous lies)

    OlberLie #13
    KO has repeatedly told reporters he was baiting O'Reilly to get ratings

    Olbermann #14
    Another "Prima Facie" lie
    [it is self-evident that Keith is obsessed with O'Reilly, he does a segment on him almost every nights, almost always talks about him during interviews and even donned an O'Reilly mask at the 2006 TV Critics Association conference.

    OlberLie #15
    Wait for it - he attacks O'Reilly because his audience "expects" it

    OlberLie #15
    There it is - he attacks O'Reilly because his audience "expects" it

    OlberLie #15
    This never happened
    [O'Reilly semi-seriously said Fox Security would be giving a prank caller to his radio show a "call"]

    OlberLie #16
    The Democrats run Congress yet are only criticized for not being LEFT ENOUGH

    OlberLie #17
    Again, MRC made PRECISELY this accusation in 1998

    Olberlie #18
    Again, Keith called in "sick" and never did 218 consecutive shows

    Olbermann #19
    Another "Prima Facie" lie

    Olbermann #20
    Another "Prima Facie" lie

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (142) | | View blog reactions
    January 26, 2008
    Open Letter to Howard Kurtz on Keith Olbermann Appearance on CNN's Reliable Sources Sunday

    As noted by a loyal OW Reader, Keith will appear this Sunday on Reliable Sources with Horward Kurtz. Some readers have questioned Kurtz inviting Keith on the show. The fact is they go WAY back; Kurtz was written about Keith's disdain for Olbermann Watch, quoted OlbyWatch in another article, all of which led Keith to attack Olbermann Watch and your humble editor by name in a radio interview with Kurtz and Bob Kur. Links follow:

    The Anti-Bush Anchor (April 3, 2006)
    KO Slams Cox, OlbermannWatch as "Mockers" on DC Radio Show (April 5, 2006)
    Howard Kurtz Takes Pity on Keith over OlbermannWatch Persecution(March 19, 2005)

    I've written Howard Kurtz an Open Letter calling on him to hold Keith accountable for his pretense to be a journalist in the mold of Edward R. Murrow while engaging in the most deplorable, biased and infantile behavior. I have proposed several questions we here at Olbermann Watch would like answered. I would ask that our CLEAR-THINKING READERS propose additional questions. I will be forwarding a link to Mr. Kurtz and asking that he check back for your suggestions.

    Dear Mr. Kurtz

    Readers at Olbermann Watch are hoping Keith's appearance on your show will be more than just the usual "happy talk" that comes from the decidedly liberal perspective of most members of the TV Critics Association. We have a few questions we would like to see asked:

    QUESTION: Is it appropriate for you to act as co-anchor MSNBC's election coverage while actively contributing to a highly partisan, far-left blog (Daily Kos)?

    QUESTION: Do you believe a journalist can fulfill their obligation to "speak truth to power" when they begin an interview with arguably the most potent political figure of the time (Bill Clinton), a man actively engaged in a Presidential campaign by starting the interview by giving the interview subject a check? And just out of curiosity how large was that check? (and please don't let Keith get away with saying he is too modest to say since he gave the check ON-AIR)

    QUESTION: You recently made numerous false statements about Major Garrett, formerly of NBC News and now a campaign reporter for Fox News Channel, yet failed to issue a correction when he was called on it. When you were similarly challenged by Daily Kos readers about your biased coverage of the Clinton-Obama race in Iowa you issued a mea culpa. Can you explain the difference between the two? (

    QUESTION: You have regularly invited comparisons between yourself and Edward R. Murrow, including using his sign-off to end your show each night. Your fans often refer to you as the "Edward R. Murrow of our generation". Murrow is an iconic broadcaster. He is a man who played a large role in defining standards of television broadcasting and often placed himself at professional and even physical risk to report the news. At what point do your constant references to Murrow go from "homage" to being an insult to the legacy of one of the great newsmen of the past 100 years and will you stop doing it when it reaches that point?

    QUESTION: During the ratings growth you experienced in 2006 much was made by you and MSNBC of the importance of the 25-54 "demo" where you were seen as more competitive. You peaked in November 2006. The data now shows that your audience in the demo has declined 14% off the highs despite a dramatic increase in political coverage during primary season. What does this suggest about your ability to sustain audience interest in your show?

    SUPPORTING DATA:'07%20(LIVE)%20FINAL%20P2%20Ranker.pdf

    Countdown: P2+/ (25-54)
    Nov 2005: 462 (163)
    Nov 2006: 713 (287)
    Nov 2007: 793 (248)

    Robert Cox
    Managing Editor
    "So bad, it's good" - Keith Olbermann 1/18/08 (Daily Kos)

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (121) | | View blog reactions
    January 25, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - January 25, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • 2008 ELECTION: Dana Milbank, Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst; Craig Crawford, columnist and MSNBC political analyst; David "Slippery" Shuster, MSNBC correspondent
    • BRITNEY SPEARS AND THE ECONOMY: Joel McHale, E!'s "The Soup"

    The kid with the bestest baseball card collection on the block bellowed the last opening spiel of the week: John Edwards up six points! Super Tuesday will decide nothing! Attack on McCain! Britney! Orwell! [Ding!] It's casual Friday at Olbermann Watch--the blog that Keith Olbermann himself reads.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: It's an Edwards surge! He's coming alive! Don't write him off! He might lose in second place instead of third! Obama on Letterman. Dana Milbank, minus mangy mufti, bloviated that Merkle's wet dream about Edwards coming in second was at best "extremely unlikely". Aww, poor Olby. Poor Dana, he didn't even get Great Thanksed.

    Poll shows McCain would tie Obama head-to-head. But then Edward R Olbermann noted if you substitute Hillary Clinton "it gets worse". What gets worse about it? McCain beats her by two points. That's "worse" on OlbyPlanet. Krazy Keith again beat his drum for Silky and worried some more about Republicans. Olbermann's Brain chortled.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    After a Fox Noise [Ding!] came #4: When will the nominations be decided? Not even on Super Tuesday, says Chuck Todd. Oh wait, that was last Friday. Let's try that again. When will the nominations be decided? Not even on Super Tuesday, says Slippery. Another Groundhog Day moment on The Hour of Spin.

    #3: The GOP debate was full of "wacked out Republican lies" and GOP "bloodlust". A "remarkably large quantity of lies" in fact. Willard [Ding!] "lied". "Crazy" Huckabee dredged up another "lie". More "bloodlust". For unbiased analysis, Sam Seder of Err America piled on.

    After a Fox Noise [Ding!] and a Fixed News [Ding!], #2: Las Vegas fire, Ledger. #1: Some Britney crap I skipped over. In the Media Matters Minute, Oralmann was so desperate to attack Fixed News [Ding!] that he pretended that an unscripted extemporaneous reference to when Lincoln "left office" meant that the speaker was an idiot who didn't know Lincoln was assassinated (Blue Blog Source: Hullabaloo). Yeah, unconvincing and petty, but that's Olbermoronn all over. Hey Keithy, are you still telling people that the House of Representatives can mount a filibuster? How could you even get a job delivering newspapers, sport? Fox Noise! [Ding!] Oh, and we also got O'Reilly attack #409 (Blue Blog Source: TVNewser).

    Keith Limpermann


    If it's Friday, it's our weekly assessment of Krazy Keith's masculinity. This week Monkeymann attacked Fox and other broadcasters 31 times. Olby's source (Hillary Clinton's Media Matters) criticized (MS)NBC 21 times, but Keithy protected his corporate masters with zero criticisms. That makes this week's Olbermann Manhood Quotient: -104 [musto limp].

    Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 1 [LOW]

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (40) | | View blog reactions
    Playboy Publishes OW Reply to False Letter Writing Campaign Accusations

    Playboy editor Chip Rowe has published our reply to the false accusations made by Becky of Relevant Torture that this site orchestrated a letter writing campaign to flood Playboy with negative reaction to Keith Olbermann's Playboy Interview.

    Becky has given every indication that she is under the delusion that either I or people who write for me at the Olbermann Watch blog had something to do with all the negative Letters to the Editor you received following the Keith Olbermann interview. And further that the editorial staff at Olbermann Watch somehow orchestrated the "blog storm" the erupted over the past few day. [continued here]

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (46) | | View blog reactions
    January 24, 2008
    Olbermann Blames Olbermannwatch!

    After Olbermannwatch exclusively revealed that Playboy magazine had solicited a favorable fan letter when deluged with anti-Olbermann letters, the story drew big attention from a number of media sites. A flood of websites TVNewser, MediaBistroFishbowl NYC, Inside Cable News, Gawker, Jossip, Huffington Post, Newsbusters, and finally, the NY Daily News (Page Six). picked up on the story-they too were shocked that a major magazine would attempt to prop up the decidely unpopular opinionator who disguses himself as a journalist and his biased tv program as a "news show". While ">Playboy and the post">fanatical fan tried to justify their actions, they were chided by Inside Cable News which had this to say about the whole debacle:

    Playboy solicits opposing feedback to balance negative reaction to Olbermann interview - Eyebrows were raised this week by the news Playboy openly solicited feedback in opposition to the negative feedback that came in to its Keith Olbermann interview. The feedback you get is the feedback you get. To then look for different feedback because the feedback you got isn't what you expected or wanted smacks of activism to me.


    But who else responded to the whole Playboy debacle? Why none other than the infamous, deplorable, clearly biased, Democratic waterboy, Keith Olbermann. Using his new mouthpiece, as a Daily Kos Blogger, Olbermann decided the entire thing was the fault of Olbermannwatch!

    Normally I let this stuff go, but if you read said letters, you'll note they each hit one of the five or six talking points of an obscure website devoted to trying to annoy me it's actually so bad it's good).Playboy got played.

    Many thanks Keith! But since it is Olbermannwatch's mission to shed light on the deplorable biases and lies of Keith Olbermann, we have to correct a few things he said in his statement. First off, Olbermannwatch gets far more daily hits (traffic) than ANY of Olbermann's fan sites. Secondly, we have more posters than ANY of Olbermann's pathetic fan sites. And thirdly, I defy you to find a single "campaign" that encouraged anyone to send letters into Playboy to protest the interview he gave with the magazine. It doesn't exist. The points raised in the letters to the editor were all true. Note that Olbermann doesn't argue with the veracity of anything that was said about him in those letters to the editor. He can't. They were all true. People raise those "talking points" about you Keith because you keep making the same stupid mistakes over and over. But leave it to Olbermann to explain all of that awa by falling back on that old, all-purpose liberal excuse, "It's a conspiracy against me". On the contrary Keith, no one solicited anyone to write anything. Except of course, Playboy soliciting your little fan to write a suitably fawning letter propping you up. A question still remains however. How in the world did Playboy find that particular, truly obscure fansite to solicit a letter from? Hmmm. Could they have received a tip say from. . . Keith Olbermann? Oh Playboy got played alright, but it wasn't by this website or any of Keith's "enemies". And enemies to Mr. Olbermann of course means anyone who doesn't fall down at his feet and worship him as a God like the Kos Kids do.

    But when it comes to playing someone, the Olbermannwatch readers know all about Olbermann's history when it comes to tipping off writers and bloggers when he wants to spin a story his way. Why take his latest interview with Men's Journal. TVNewser, a longtime Olbermann mouthpiece, carried this snipped of the Olbermann interview:

    (Men's Journal) cites a senior executive at MSNBC, who says, "Keith runs MSNBC. It's been an amazing turnaround, because two years ago they were going to cancel him. Because of his success, he's in charge. Chris Matthews is infuriated by it."

    Well that didn't sit too well with Olby who fired back that night on Countdown with this remark, ". . based on an anonymous, inaccurate quote by somebody at MSNBC who claimed I run this network. A guy who was fired not long after he said that. Coincidence! Coincidence!"

    Or was it?

    To its credit, TVNewser did try to figure out who the anonymous executive was who gave that particular quote to Men's Journal. And curiously, TVN got a tip that said this about the identity of the person that gave the quote to Men's Journal:

    An anonymous emailer wrote: "The anon source in Men's Journal was Davidson Goldin."

    Hmmm. An Anonymous tipster huh? Well, that "anonymous" tip resulted in this response from Goldin himself who told TVN,

    I've heard Men's Journal is a great magazine, but I've never read the magazine, nor have I spoken to a reporter from Men's Journal. Nor have I ever spoken to any reporter about Keith Olbermann. The item you posted is completely false, and it was irresponsible to post that item without contacting me first.

    Now that's a denial! But that denial resulted in yet another tip from a network "insider".

    It's clear that somebody currently working at MSNBC talked out of school to Men's Journal and is now trying to pin this on people who aren't there anymore

    Somebody working at MSNBC trying to set the record straight? How unlike them! But Spud at Inside Cable News noticed something odd with all of these quotes and "anonymous sources".

    I don't think many people picked up on this from reading TVNewser's entry, what may have gotten lost in all this is, according to the TVN timeline as it's written, that anonymous tip came before Olbermann's on the air swipe (at Fox News for reporting the bit about Olbermann's running the network). And that detail is one that suggests an interesting pattern. A very interesting pattern

    Well that resulted in a few posts on ICN asking Spud what exactly was he talking about. And this is what he posted as further clarification.

    I've gotten a few emails on this asking me what exactly I'm refering to. I thought it was rather evident but apparently it wasn't.I was referring to the timing (anonymous quote first going to TVN and then later on Olbermann's on-air spiel). Nothing definitive can be concluded from this but it's coincidental enough to raise a flag for me.

    Olbermann giving an anonymous tip to TVN--why who would have thunk? Well Olbermannwatch readers now the score on Olbermann's tips to the likes of TVN and his constant attempts to cozy up to certain websites and media types to spin stories his way. After all, Olbermann IS his own best publicist and media tipster when it comes to trying to pin the blame on others and spin news HIS way! Yep, that's just how Edward R. Murrow did it, isn't it?

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    January 23, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - January 23, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • THE DEMOCRATIC FIELD IN THE 2008 ELECTION: Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards; Dana Milbank, Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst
    • GOP FINANCES: Craig Crawford, columnist and MSNBC political analyst
    • BUSH PRESIDENCY: Rachel Maddow, Err America radio host and renowned Presidential historian

    Another opening, another spiel: Dems playing chicken! The Republican recession! "Non-profit groups" expose "countless lies about Iraq"! More attacks on Fox! It's hump day at Olbermann Watch.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Dems fighting it out. Bear concerned that they're "collectively risking November". Dana Milbank, sans splashy suits, nattered. Surprise, surprise! Another blue-dress interview with John Edwards (D). Yes, this is the third one in as many months. (By all means, see The List!) Just by coincidence, Edwards has led the Daily Kos readership poll almost continuously since May of last year. So new Kos Kid Keith has kwite a bit of katching up to do. Edward R Olbermann peppered Silky with the kind of challenging, tough questions that Tim Russert only dreams of asking:

    • Do you agree the most important thing should be a Democratic victory in November?
    • Shouldn't all Democrats agree to support the eventual nominee? [Silky: Yes. Olby: "Amen!" No, we're not making that up. He really said that.]
    • How come the poor aren't getting enough attention?
    • How do you overcome the fact that you aren't getting enough votes?
    • What world does Bill O'Reilly live in? [O'Reilly attack #406]

    #4: McCain's in trouble because he had to do a fund-raiser where he got a million dollars. Giuliani sinking. They're all "strapped for cash" and isn't that "bad management"? Olbermann's Brain sniggered.

    After comparing Gen Petraeus to the Soviet Union Monkeymann gave us #3: all those lies about Iraq, courtesy of a study from a "non profit" center for public integrity. Bush told "260 lies", Colin Powell 255, etc. Military expert Maddow yammered (When did she serve anyhow?) and the two of them spoke wistfully about the hope for impeachment proceedings. See Dogs below for another aspect of this.

    #2: Britney, Amy Winehouse. #1: Heath Ledger. In the Media Matters Minute, Oralmann attacked Newt Gingrich and Fox Noise [Ding!] but saved "worst" for the eeevil John Gibson of Fixed News [Ding!] (Blue Blog Source: Think Progress). Keithy sneeringly compared his alleged "friend" Gibson to a serial killer and a mental case. A serial killer?!? Is that what passes for "good taste" on OlbyPlanet? Oh, and Bathtub Boy? Last time we checked, you were the one in therapy.


    Dogs That Did Not Bark: On OlbyPlanet it's all about selection. Report this story, don't report that one. Include this detail, but leave that one out. How many times has Bear ridiculed and dismissed a skeptical global warming viewpoint because it was "funded" by oil interests or lobbyists or Exxon or the like? The issue of who paid for it was so important that it rendered the entire study worthless. And yet tonight Olbermoronn never even told us who funded the "non profit" study on Iraq "lies". Not a word. Not a syllable. If Exxon money is so central to judging a global warming opinion, why isn't George Soros money equally important with a dubious Iraq "study"? And so it is with economic news as well. We documented over and over how Edward R Olbermann totally ignored economic numbers, Wall Street soaring, and record low unemployment numbers for months and months. On Tuesday night, all of a sudden the stock market was Big News on OlbyPlanet. Why? Because it went down. Today, just one day later, the market rebounding, rising close to 600 points over the course of seven hours, a nearly unprecedented turnaround. No one will be a bit surprised that after hyping the falling markets, Krazy Keith completely spiked any reportage of today's dramatic rise. That's because the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann is a slovenly political hack.


    On Monday night, Bear found himself in a most miserable fourth place, but he was able to scratch out an only slightly less miserable third place in the coveted, pivotal, much-beloved, critical, all-important "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 625th day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will be indicted".

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    January 21, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - January 21, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • DEMOCRATIC RACE: Jonathan Alter, Richard Wolffe.
    • PROJECT RUDY: Slippery Shuster
    • BUSH, THE MOVIE: James Moore, Huffington Post hack

    The Daily Kos's very own Keith Olbermann bellowed the opening spiel: Controversy over Bill Jefferson Clinton! John Edwards stands tall! McCain ahead of Rudy! The Bush movie! Herr Olbermann doctors a Coulter clip! Stand by for fun: it's blue Monday (Say what? Every day is blue on OlbyPlanet!) at Olbermann Watch.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Hillary vs Obama vs Clyburn vs B.J. What? Where's the "Democrats in Disarray" headline? You know, like the "GOP in Disarray" that Olby spouts when Repubs disagree with each other? Oh wait, this is OlbyPlanet. Lefty Alter nattered until the sound went out. Next KO focused on a favorite of his puppet-masters, John Edwards. Fixed News! [Ding!] The Wolffe Man simpered.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #4: St Rudy of 9/11! [Ding!] To cover Republicans, who better than Slippery Shuster? He claimed Rudy "is in serious trouble". That has them popping champagne corks at the Giuliani headquarters, since it came from David "Karl Rove will be indicted" Shuster. Olby ridiculed Johnny Damon for endorsing Rudy and Slippery's inane grin couldn't get any wider, then made fun of Chuck Norris.

    After a reference to Orwell [Ding!] came #3: Bush, the Oliver Stone Movie! He was a "frat boy", quoth Olby. It's the Bush's Brain [Ding!] guy! Olby slips in a book self-plug and the Brain guy gushes: "Oh yes, oh yes". It's a "horrible economy" and the film will be a "horror movie". Bear notes Bush's "ignorance" and suggests that what we need is a movie that's "supremely negative about the man". Great thanks.

    #2: Footballisms and self-praise from television's great narcissist. #1: Depressing days, Katie Holmes, and celebrity drivel.

    In the Media Matters Minute Oralmann first attacked John Bolton (Blue Blog Source: Talking Points Memo), and Dick Morris (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters), plus a Fixed News! [Ding!] Worst was Ann Coulter (Blue Blog Source: Cliff Schechter).

    It should be noted that in the opening spiel, and during teases during the show, Edward R Olbermann consistently claimed Coulter said Eisenhower and Nimitz were "Confederate officers", and played this clip to prove his point, cutting it off at a very strategic point:

    The majority of military bases in this country are named after Confederate officers: Eisenhower, Nimitz.

    Actually, that was a typical Olby distortion. Here is Coulter's actual complete quote before Olby doctored it:

    The majority of military bases in this country are named after Confederate officers. Eisenhower, Nimitz: the list of southerners in our military is legion.

    After misrepresenting what she said for 80% of the show, Monkeymann finally admitted that, well, no, maybe she didn't really say that. But had pounded it enough times so that he put the idea into the heads of his lemmings, and that's all that counts on OlbyPlanet. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 623rd day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will be indicted".

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    For those who want to discuss Oliver Stone movies and other assorted drivel please use this thread for your fascinating discussions.

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    It's high enough, it's long enough...

    IT'S GOOD!!!! And the Giants are going to Super Bowl. And so am I. Un-f%#$cking believable. WAHOOOOOO!

    All I can say is thank God that NBC is not doing the Super Bowl this year and Keith will be watching the game at home.

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    January 19, 2008
    Football Weekend at Olby Watch: Go Giants!

    In honor of the Giants playing in the NFC Championship game tomorrow, it's worth noting that earlier this week Charles Johnson of the iconic Little Green Footballs blog honored Olbermann Watch by adding us to his Anti-Idiotarian blog roll.

    Thanks Charles!

    PS - I will be heading out to the Super Bowl in two weeks from now whether the Giants make it or not (I got my tickets six months ago) but it sure would be sweet if the Giants somehow made it to the big game! Go Giants!

    PPS - there is an absolutely brilliant send up of the New York Times piece on "murderous" soldiers the other day at Iowa Week (which just happens to also include a link to Olbermann Watch). It is a MUST READ.

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    Keith Olbermann: Responsible Journalist or Shamless Partisan Hack?

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    January 18, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - January 18, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • 2008 ELECTION: Craig Crawford, and MSNBC political analyst; Chuck Todd, NBC News political director
    • THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION: John Dean, fmr. Nixon White House counsel and author of "Broken Government"

    The last opening spiel of the week was bellowed by The Daily Kos's very own Keith Olbermann: Giuliani shows 9/11 images in a commercial! Hillary Clinton's day-old flight attendant video! Lost White House emails "could be illegal"! [Unless they're not] Attack on Lou Dobbs, attack on O'Reilly! Plus another one of those cant-miss Olbermann Special Apologies. It's casual Friday at Olbermann Watch.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Fluff about Hillary and Mrs Obama, including the airplane video ("Senator Shecky"). Some piddling Obama flub. KO stammered about Hillary with Tyra Banks ("no emotion") and pouted over Edwards's fading poll humbers. Olbermann's Brain sniggered and was Great Thanksed. Olby attacked Huckabee and then turned to fake outrage over Rudy's ad with 9/11 video in it (Blue Blog Source: Huff'n'Puff). It's never happened before, whined Oralmann to Slippery Shuster. It's desperation! Slippery piled on: Rudy's campaign is a "miserable failure" (tm Dick Gephardt). The ad is grotesque!

    Stop the tivo! It's another great moment in Olbypocrisy. Funny how we never heard one word of criticism from OlbyPlanet about this ad. How about it, Monkeymann? What say you? Oh, and the "it's never happened before bit"? Do you think this qualifies as Another Olbermann Lie? Perhaps you can get Herr Olbermann to do a correction--just email him at

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    Then it was time for Krazy Keith to grovel before the Kossacks. Yes, it was another of Keith Olbermann's trademark Special Apologies. Don't worry about the substance of it; it only bears mention because it shows just how far Oralmann will lower himself to pander to the Kos Kids. (You'd think raising money for them would be enough, but then again, this is OlbyPlanet.)

    #4: When will the nominations be decided? Not even on Super Tuesday, says Todd. Unless of course they are decided on Super Tuesday. After a Fixed News [Ding!] came #3: Keith Olbermann's Criminal Rehabilitation Program met again, featuring Olby's favorite felon. Lost emails are full of "smoking guns". The "White House" outed Valerie Plame. (A Golden Oldie Olbermann Lie: Plame was outed by Armitage at the State Department). Nixon! [Ding!]. The disbarred lawyer says it's "serious", and then thinks he's talking about tapes instead of emails.

    #2: Dr Phil, Britney, book plug, bragging about sales when numbers are "weighted". #1: Some crap I skipped over. In the Media Matters Minute, "crackpot" Lou Dobbs (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters), and the worst was, of course, you-know-who (Attack #403, Blue Blog Source: Crooks & Liars). Oralmann made several factual errors on this last one, but that's to be expected on OlbyPlanet.

    Keith Limpermann

    If it's Friday, it's our weekly assessment of Krazy Keith's masculinity. This week Monkeymann attacked Fox and other broadcasters 28 times. Olby's source (Hillary Clinton's Media Matters) criticized (MS)NBC 17 times, but Keithy protected his corporate masters with zero criticisms. That makes this week's Olbermann Manhood Quotient: -90 [Cruise limp].


    On Thursday night, Bear found himself in third place once again, losing to both the eeevil O'Reilly as well as Nancy Grace in the coveted, pivotal, much-beloved, critical, all-important "key demo". And if CNN's hit-and-run-killer had been on Olby would've lost to him too. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

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    How Keith Olbermann Became Bathtub Boy: The Official Origin Story

    Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of one of the biggest stories of recent years: Monica Lewinsky. John Gibson used the occasion to recall how cable news covered the events, and in doing so detailed again how the discredited baseball card collector came to be known as "Bathtub Boy". This is the definitive, official OlbyWatch origin story for Keith "Bathtub Boy" Oralmann:

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    January 17, 2008
    Deconstructed: Keith Olbermann's Worst Person in the World

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    January 16, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - January 16, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION: Howard Fineman, Rachel Maddow of Err America
    • GOP SLIMING EACH OTHER: Jonathan Alter
    • O'REILLY ATTACK #402: Paul Reickhoff

    Another opening spiel bellowed by The Daily Kos's very own Bathtub Boy: Yesterday's Dem debate! GOP slime machine! Larry Craig! Another O'Reilly attack! Why does Bill O'Reilly hate the troops?!? Britney Spears! It's hump day at Olbermann Watch. We might add it's Blue Blog Source Day as well, but then, that's every day on The Hour of Spin.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Bush called "Hoover", his Middle East tour a "photo-op" [Ding!] Clip of Obama. Clip of Hillary. Karl Rove is a racist! The Pundit for All Occasions yammered. More talk (day 3 and counting) about an uneventful Dem debate. Maddow was a fresh face; she hasn't been on with Keith for at least, oh, 21 hours. Supposedly there to prattle even more about that debate, she manageed to ridicule the Repubs, which is what Olby wanted.

    #4: It's the Republican slime machine! Anonymous fliers in SC smearing McCain and others (Blue Blog Source: Talking Points Memo). KO references the "values crowd" who are "wallowing in the dirt", and insists Huckabee wants to "impose a theocracy". Olby was upset that someone was impugning John McCain's integrity. Don't these people know that calling McCain a liar and delusional is Keith Olbermann's department? Move along, this is his corner!! Lefty Alter muttered. Plus Larry Craig.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #3: Once again, an entire segment on Bill O'Reilly. Yes, this is A-Mess-NBC's "news hour of record". Attack #402 was manufactured outrage over an O'Reilly comment about doubting 200,000 veterans are homeless (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters). Except that's not what he said. He doubted that 200,000 are sleeping in the streets and under bridges every night. But glossing over such details has always been SOP on OlbyPlanet. "Veterans groups" are "unanimously" outraged! Oh, which ones? Monkeymann never said. (Really, you don't expect him to tell the truth, do you?) Reickhoff (of IAVA, the only vet group mentioned) piled on, to Oralmann's glee.

    #2: O.J., book plug, Jessica Simpson. #1: Kevin and Britney. In the Media Matters Minute, it's another example of the circular, convoluted trajectory that Herr Olbermann sometimes uses to distance himself from his own attacks. Here's how it works: Keithy spots (at Olbermann Watch no less) a clip from Fox & Friends. He gets irritated and brings it to the attention of a friendly blue blog, shall we say, purely hypothetically of course, TVNewser? TVN nitpicks the phraseology, giving Oralmann just what he needs. And tonight, just by coincidence, the F&F gang become "worst person" nominees, with language that eerily parallels the TVN post, plus the usual quota of insults and personal atatcks. (Oh, there was also a new claim for the Merklemann mythology: Roger Ailes wanted to hire Olby to host Fox & Friends! If you believe that, we have some lovely oceanfront property in Kansas you might be interested in.) Plus the "racist" Investors Business Daily (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters). But "worst" was saved for "lunatic fringe right winger" Hugh Hewitt and his guest Fred Kagan (Blue Blog Source: Think Progress).


    On Tuesday night Fat Ass found himself in third place once again, both in total viewers and in the coveted, pivotal, much-beloved, critical, all-important "key demo". Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 1 [LOW]

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    MSM Bandwagon #324: Olbyloon Fan & Playboy Respond!

    As revealed by Olbermannwatch, a Playboy editor decided that in the face of an avalanche of negative reaction to their interview with Keith Olbermann, he would seek a pro-Olbermann letter in support of Olby from none other than an unabashed and biased Olbermann fan. Said Olbyloon could not resist the temptation of bragging about this breach of journalistic ethics (they even let her use a fake name). A flood of websites TVNewser, MediaBistroFishbowl NYC, Inside Cable News, Gawker, Jossip, Huffington Post, Newsbusters, and finally, the NY Daily News (Page Six). picked up on the story-they too were shocked that a major magazine would attempt to prop up the decidely unpopular opinionator who disguses himself as a journalist and his biased tv program as a "news show". Well, both the Playboy Editor and the Olbyloon have responded. And my what a tangled web they weave.

    From Playboy's blog:

    The New York Post reported this morning, following a bunch of hysterical blog postings, that I asked the editor of a Keith Olbermann fan site to respond with a letter to our Interview with the man that appeared in the October issue. Well, faithful Playboy reader, it's true! I invited Becky Last-Name-Not-Public-Knowledge over at to read the Interview (she may have already done so) and write a letter if she felt so inspired.

    "So inspired?" Yeah, sure. Like you didn't think if you made a request she wouldn't do it to promote the notion that people actually liked the interview with her beloved Olbermann? And what choice did you have but to admit it? Becky had already spilled on you!

    Two quick points: (1) I didn't tell her to make her letter "gushing."

    No, he didn't want a "gushing" letter-it's why he chose a fan to write it!

    In fact, she wrote a smart response and we were glad to have it.

    Glad to have it? Hell son, you soliticed for it--I guess you were glad to have it because you desperately needed and wanted someone to write a pro-Olbermann letter for you!

    I try to include a variety of views in the letters pages because I know from experience that people who agree with something are less likely to write, and this is born out by the fact we have since gotten letters from K.O. lovers who can't believe all the K.O. haters who wrote.

    So why not just wait and run those letters in NEXT month's Playboy? Why take the unusual step of soliciting the owner of a fan blog to write that support letter?

    Anyone who actually reads Playboy, rather than just posting snide comments about it (that "for the articles" joke is so clever! More, please), can't be too surprised. We have invited experts who might not otherwise see the magazine to comment, in whatever way they see fit, in our letters pages since the 1960s. It makes for a more spirited debate.

    So tell us, do you often allow them to remain anonymous while doing so? And "experts"? Is that how we classify girly fans now? And someone identifying himself as a past guest on Olbermann's show and a journalist himself and regular Playboy reader, did find it all a bit unusual and had this to say about the little charade:

    Even though I enjoyed the Olbermann interview, and in fact have been a guest on his MSNBC show, as a journalist I'm troubled by the solicitation of a letter in order to "balance out" the response on the "Dear Playboy" page to a certain section or article. I'm not naive to the fact that this isn't the first time Playboy editors have done this, or that Playboy is far from the only publication to do it. But is it the job of the editor to make sure that there's balance on the letters page if the balance isn't naturally there, without asking to chime in, no matter how expert they are? I'm not sure about that.

    But super-Olbyloon fan "Becky" just can't seem to shut-up. She just has to post this interesting bit of info related to the whole Playboy scam. Even she admits she found the entire episode somewhat suspect!

    After I got over the initial shock of, "who, me?" when the request came, I did think it was a bit odd. I don't know diddly about how these things work though

    Really now? But yet you seemed so familiar with these kind of matters and that using a pen name wasn't in the least unusual! So which is it? Ignorant or savvy? Or just willing to break rules when they apply to Olbermann?

    There were two conditions that would have given me pause: if I had been requested to not mention the circumstances of my involvement or if writing under a pseudonym was a problem. Since Mr. Rowe had no qualms about my disclosing anything save for his email address, I didn't think about my concerns again. After all, I wasn't dealing with the National Enquirer here.

    Oh well, just so long as they met your PERSONAL standards, I guess it's okay then. But now that we know that Playboy does allow pseudonyms in their letters to the editor I guess the National Enquirer is looking a little better these days.

    I realize that it sounds like a conspiracy theory for me to think that this was some wingnut sending tips. But I have been on this block too long with my ear too close to the ground to be able to think otherwise.

    Ahhh--another fine example of Olbyloon paranoia, up close and personal. They have yet to uncover any site that openly solicited for negative letters to the Olbermann Playboy interview but yet they remain convinced it happened, despite the utter lack of evidence that it did!

    When I say that this blog is obscure, I mean that if you Google "olbermann" it doesn't come up until somewhere around page 12. And while traffic here is good enough for it to be a "mid-level" blog by Technorati's standards, that doesn't mean much more than I've got people besides my friends and family reading it.

    Yes "Becky" about that-how is it that Playboy found YOUR obscure little website? After all, some of your competitors have placed Google ads to have THEIR sites come up before yours. Why was YOURS chosen? Might it have been at the suggestion of say. .. one Keith Olbermann or someone on the Countdown staff? In fact looking at some of the other Olbyloon sites, they seem a bit miffed that no one asked them to do the same for him.

    The idea that this was some sort of round robin, each outlet cribbing it from the next, is fine. Except pro blogs will always cite where it came from, like NY Magazine and Conde Nast Traveller did today in citing Page Six. By and large those cites weren't in place, making me reasonably sure that this wasn't a game of Follow the Leader. (I won't go into how this morning's spate of nasty taunts full of the usual code words has corresponded to a larger than usual influx of site referrals from webmail.)

    We have no idea on earth what this woman is talking about here. The links we saw clearly lead to her website or cited another when talking about this incident. (But thanks for pointing out two links we'd missed earlier). Yet "Becky" still insists it was part of some vast, right-wing conspiracy. And "code words"? Gee what would those be exactly-those websites quoting exactly what she admitted to doing?

    I never wanted ERT to be big and if I did, infamy is certainly not the path I would have chosen to achieve that.

    Relax honey, your web stats prove that your blog is indeed only seen by a select few fans. It seems your site has more "editors" than actual readers. And infamy? No dear, that's saved for the likes of your beloved Keith Olbermann who sincerely seems to believe that Fox News is worse than the terrorists who crashed into the WTC on 9/11.

    Yes, I have found the entire situation to be hella amusing. It's also been exhausting, as I am quite uncomfortable with attention. If I hadn't kept a sense of humor about it all I would have ended up hiding under my blankets. I'm sorry you see it as basking, I'm just trying to make the best of being thrust into a very strange situation.

    Yes, it's all very strange indeed. And you poor, shy, retiring thing. Posting on the Playboy blog must have been such a difficult thing for you to do seeing how you just hate drawing attention to yourself. And I know it must have been so terribly difficult for you to make the decision to link to all of those gossip sites on your blog who carried the story because as we know, you're not in this for any kind of attention. Why it must have been just hell for you to use the opportunity to welcome your influx of new visitors and then encourage them to stay-what with it being your desire to keep your blog small and unoticed and everything.

    Oh-and one more bit of Olbyloon BS to expose while I'm at it today: This letter from "Houstonian" who is also a regular at Democratic Underground appeared at Becky-Using-A-Fake-Name's website:

    KO's supporters (and editors of this blog) would never attempt to look up a person's e-mail address, check out the commentator's background, attack that person or that person's family, just because they have a different viewpoint about Keith Olbermann. That's what makes the Playboy incident necessary.

    KO's supporters would NEVER look up a person's email address, check out their background, attack that person or their family? Hmm. Tell that to the Blogger at Tom Paine who wrote a piece on Olbermann's overt sexist remarks. Not only did the DUmmies track down the woman's email, they also found her personal blog and began an organized campaign to send her nasty emails! Truth is just so. . . inconvienient sometimes isn't it?

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    Keith Olbermann Runs MSNBC, and Chris Matthews Is Infuriated

    Fox & Friends needles the infamous, deplorable one:

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (23) | | View blog reactions
    January 14, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - January 14, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • DEMOCRATS SQUABBLE: Howard Fineman, Eugene Robinson
    • THE DEBATE: Not the GOP one, the Dem one that hasn't happened yet

    A new week means a new opening spiel, barked by none other than The Daily Kos's very own Keith Olbermann: Democrats disintegrate over charges of racism! Bushed! Britney! Another O'Reilly Attack! It's blue Monday at Olbermann Watch.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Olby chides Dems for attacking each other rather than Republicans. Nevada caucuses coming up Saturday. Uh oh, Oralmann corrects Hillary. The Pundit for All Occasions yammered and was Great Thanksed. Olbermoronn declared all this bickering is "potentially suicidal" (oooh, can't have that!) and wondered why Clinton is allowing her surrogates to speak as they do of Obama. Robinson blathered.

    #4: Ooh a Democratic debate tomorrow. Monkeymann gave zero coverage to the last GOP debate, but this one he covers before it even takes place! Chuck Todd flacked for the upcoming spectacular. Olby grudgingly allowed a grand total of one question about tomorrow's GOP primary, based on something from "our friends at the Daily Kos". Now we know what Ross Perot meant by that "giant sucking sound". Oh, and by the way, Edward R Olbermann did not mention that he raises money for Daily Kos, or that he writes for them as well. OlbyPlanet ethics.

    After a Pultizer-worthy Oddball that had The Laughing Stagehand and friends working overtime, plus a "Loofah!" [Ding!], #3: "The nation is Bushed". Hopeless-gate! Gitmo-gate! Iran-gate! #2: Britney Spears, Paris Hilton.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #1: Time to feed the great Olbsession of them all; that means it's time for O'Reilly attack #401. A former NBC reporter (John Hockenberry, whose name wasn't mentioned) served up "vague" and "sad" charges about NBC dealing with the Bin Laden family. O'Reilly reported on this (how dare he?!?); Keith called Bill's producer a "schmuck" and said he would clear that up. He did so by again calling Hockenberry's comments "sad" and suggesting he didn't know what he was talking about.

    Oralmann replayed an old comedy bit which meant we got all the favorite OlbyPlanet keywords: Mackris! [Ding!] Loofah! [Ding!] Loofah! [Ding!] Loofah! [Ding!] Loofah! [Ding!] So we'll use some of our favorite Bear keywords: Karmabites! Merlot! Restraining order! Then, in a magnificent display of nonselfawareness, Edward R Olbermann insisted that Bill "lies" (ever seen our top ten list, Bear?) and violates "journalistic ethics"! Man, we could never make up anything this ironically clueless.


    In the Media Matters Minute, "right wing lunatic fringer Jonathan Golberg" (Blue Blog Source: Crooks & Liars), but "worst" was the US military, because the Iran speedboat incident was really just a "prank" (Blue Blog Source: on "online reporting" our troops were "trying to fake another Gulf of Tonkin incident". It doesn't seem possible that Bear could get any more unhinged, but signing up with Kos seems to have busted his last brain cell. On Friday night, the infamous, deplorable one found himself finishing in fourth place: behind Mr Bill, behind Nancy Grace, and even behind CNN's hit-and-run killer! Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 4 [GUARDED]

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    Keith Olbermann now a Daily Kos blogger

    Keith Olbermann is now a Daily Kos blogger. I guess Huffington Post wouldn't have him. But one wonders why he wasn't allowed to publish this little love letter to his liberal fans on his own MSNBC website?

    Read it and laugh as I did fellow Olbywatchers as you observe the delicious and deep irony of it all.

    Yeah, it's me. Hi. Sure has taken me long enough. But, as you may know, I am the shy, retiring type: Hesitant to state an opinion in public and horrified to pass judgment or seem a scold. And, yes, if I'm going to step out from the cool, comforting environs of the shadows, I'd rather spring forward to pimp the book or the newscast.

    Of course he had to work in a show/book plug there didn't he?

    But, having now read a (mercifully few) claims here that I'm a) attacking Clinton, b) burying Edwards, and c) clobbering Obama, I feel the need to mention that I truly don't have a preference. I am tilting in no direction, sending out no subliminal message, and thwarting no truth.

    Sorry but you party with the Clintons and personally thank the Clinton family including a personal shout-out to Hill's mom in your new book and you really expect people to believe you don't have a favorite? Yeah, uhm, sure. The loons are dumb but they aren't entirely stupid.

    To report the NBC New Hampshire projection after the polls close there, is not to try to marginalize John Edwards. To run the entire Bill Clinton "fairy tale" sound bite complete with its Iraq vote context, is not to try to thwart Barack Obama. And to report that Dennis Kucinich has put a down payment on a New Hampshire recount is not to claim Hillary Clinton stole a primary. I appreciate the fervor of each candidate's supporters and I think I have some empathy based on my standing in the Frustrated-By-The-Obviousness-Of-Politics League. But can anybody reading messages into tea leaves in my newscast, when there isn't even a teacup, please resume regular breathing patterns? To see in each of my reports an enemy or a spokesman sounds microscopically like---and I swallow hard and prepare for the prospect of some Kossacks to approach what passes for my castle with torches and pitchforks as I write this: Bill O'Reilly.

    Yep, obligatory O'Reilly reference. But you see Keith, O'Reilly is smart enough to label himself as a commentator and his spiel as Opinions. You've chosen instead to term your little program as a "News" show and yourself as a news anchor. But now the very natives you once courted so, and still are attempting to suck up to, are beginning to turn on you. Tough breaks kid, see this is what happens when you decide to be the "liberal mouthpiece" you are. You can't please everyone during election time. And if you think that this is bad now, can you imagine what it would be like if a Democratic candidate is elected and you have to report something negative about them? Oh right. You can. You after all, famously quit your last job at MSNBC because you didn't want to report details of the Monica mess.

    Update [J$]: Just so everyone is clear what the "not politically biased journalist" has signed up to do, here is the purpose of the DailyKos website, straight from their FAQ:

    This is a Democratic blog, a partisan blog. One that recognizes that Democrats run from left to right on the ideological spectrum, and yet we're all still in this fight together. We happily embrace centrists like NDN's Simon Rosenberg and Howard Dean, conservatives like Martin Frost and Brad Carson, and liberals like John Kerry and Barack Obama. Liberal? Yeah, we're around here and we're proud. But it's not a liberal blog. It's a Democratic blog with one goal in mind: electoral victory. And since we haven't gotten any of that from the current crew, we're one more thing: a reform blog. The battle for the party is not an ideological battle. It's one between establishment and anti-establishment factions. And as I've said a million times, the status quo is untenable.

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    MSM Bandwagon #323: Playboy Solicits Positive Feedback on Olby Article from his Fans! just how negative was the feedback that Playboy magazine received from their fawning interview with Keith Olbermann?

    So negative that one of their editors (Chip Rowe) went to the very unusual, and dare we say, highly unethical extent of soliciting a positive one from an Olbermann fan site. The editor even allowed the Olbyloon Blog owner to use a fake name to print her fake letter!

    I'm sure you all remember the Playboy interview back in September. Shortly after the release of the magazine (and after a couple of discussions of it here on ERT) I was contacted by Playboy editor Chip Rowe via the site's contact form.
    He said that they were getting overwhelmingly negative response on the interview: mostly for the Fox Noise remarks, though some were just general anti-KO sentiment, and that he'd like to balance that with something positive from someone with my "expertise". (No, really, that's the word he used. I quickly denied being an expert on a man I'd never met.) After exchanging several emails, I wrote up a couple of hundred words for him to use on the "Letters to Playboy" page. The letter appears in the January issue.

    Updated to acknowledge the many bloggers who got why this little charade was such a breach of journalistic rules & ethics, not that ethics or the truth matter much to an Olbyloon:

    TVNewser, MediaBistroFishbowl NYC, Inside Cable News, Gawker, Jossip, Huffington Post, Newsbusters, and finally, the NY Daily News (Page Six).

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    January 12, 2008
    John Gibson Calls Out Keith Olbermann for Lying, Yet Again

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    January 11, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - January 11, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • THE DEMOCRAT CANDIDATES: Howard Fineman, Eugene Robinson
    • VOTING MACHINES: Rush Holt (D)

    Hark! It is the opening spiel: Clintonomics! Fairy Tale Flap! Diebold Machines! St Rudy of 9/11 [Ding!] O.J.! Attacks on Paula Abdul! It's casual Friday at Olbermann Watch, and the fun will be watching the infamous, deplorable one make a fool out of himself--twice!

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Clinton comments controversy. Clip: Hillary speech. Clip: AZ governor endorses Obama. Why didn't the Dems hit on the economy sooner? Who's ahead, Hill or Obama? Is Clinton going on Meet the Press a "minefield"? Howard Fineman, Pundit for All Occasions, nattered about her "asbestos pantsuit". Clyburn (D) thinking of endorsing Obama because of Bill Jefferson Clinton comments; Olby rushed to "explain" B.J.'s words. Is it a pattern of racial insensitivity? Eugene Robinson bloviated.

    #4: On to the Republicans? Of course not. On to the Diebold machines! Oralmann reaches into his Grooveyard of Golden Oldies for his favorite Keith Konspiracy: those crooked machines! A NJ rep shows up and--guess what?--he has a (D) after his name. You really must take another look at The List. He wants audits and was Great Thanksed.

    After comparing "Mister" Bush to Benedict Arnold, Edward R Olbermann finally got to #3. St Rudy of 9/11 [Ding!] is low on money. Willard! [Ding!] Rudy forms a Catastrophe Advisory Committee. Olby lied that Rudy had "run out of money", and ridiculed his tax plan. Dana Milbank, absent animated accutrements, mumbled.

    Um, wasn't there a Republican debate last night? Maybe on Earth, but not on OlbyPlanet.

    #2: O.J., Marion Jones. #1: Paula Abdul and American Idol.

    In the Media Matters Minute, "worst" was Fred Thompson--oh damn, Olby had to mention last night's debate. Thompson was stupid because talking about that naval incident in Iran he referred to virgins, and Oralmann set him straight: it's terrorists who believe in the virgins, not the Iranian Navy. Apparently KO is unaware that those boats were not from the navy but from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard--a "terrorist" organization. Oops. Another Keith Klassik.

    Oh, we also got O'Reilly atack #401, with Fat Ass chortling over an O'Reilly joke that he should be on the Supreme Court. Adding stupidity to his tone-deafness, Edward R Olbermann cracked: "Oh now you have a law degree?" Hey Einstein, there is no law degree requirement to be a Supreme Court justice. Oops again. Olby shoots twice, misses twice. But then we've known for a long time that he's been firing blanks.

    Keith Limpermann

    If it's Friday, it's our weekly assessment of Krazy Keith's masculinity. In this shortened week Monkeymann attacked Fox and other broadcasters 36 times. Olby's source (Hillary Clinton's Media Matters) criticized (MS)NBC 12 times, but Keithy protected his corporate masters with zero criticisms. That makes this week's Olbermann Manhood Quotient: -96 [Musto limp].


    On Thursday night Keithy found himself in third place once again, losing to both the eeevil O'Reilly as well as the hit-and-run killer on CNN. Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 5 [ELEVATED]

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    Major Garrett: Keith Olbermann Is a Fool!

    Bathtub Boy

    How much embarrassment does it take for someone to realize that their lies are catching up with them? We caught Keith Oralmann's lie as soon as he said it, then minutes later we posted the video proof. Now settle back and have a listen (courtesy of as a real journalist skewers the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermahn.

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    January 10, 2008
    John Gibson on David Shuster, Mike Barnicle, and Keith Olbermann

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    Enjoy this smackdown of Countdown's favorite corespondent discredited hack Slippery Shuster. But Gibson is just getting warmed up as he then takes aim at MSNBC and its reliance on the dubious Mike Barnicle. And yes, Bathtub Boy gets a few mentions as well...

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    Houston Chronicle: OW's Top Five Reasons We Hate Keith

    I asked the other day for your "Top 5" things you "hate" about Keith and you obliged. As I mentioned the post was in response to an inquiry from a reporter from a newspaper I did not name as a courtesy to the reporter. There was some speculation on this but now it can be revealed that the reporter was David Barron, the sports media columnist for the Houston Chronicle, who has a story in today's papers about Olbermann Watch.

    In today's column he has a blurb (second one down) called "Today's top five" which begins

    While preparing a story on Keith Olbermann that appeared a few days ago, I contacted Robert Cox, managing editor of the Web site, whose readers are frequently critical of the MSNBC/NBC Sports anchor, in search of a Countdown-style list of things that most bug his site's readers about KO. Cox didn't get back to me before the story appeared, but, having surveyed about 350 responses from readers, he sent the following list this week.

    You can read the whole thing here. As I mentioned, the list had to be family friendly for the paper but and he edited it a bit but meng's Banfield crack made it into the paper. Barron also blogs at Four DVRs, no waiting a TV and radio blog on the web site.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (12) | | View blog reactions
    January 9, 2008
    Caught on Tape: Another Keith Olbermann Lie!

    We said it was, and we were right:

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    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - January 9, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY RESULTS ANALYSIS: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek senior White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; David Shuster, MSNBC; Craig Crawford, columnist and MSNBC political analyst; Rachel Maddow, Err America radio host
    • WHAT’S NEXT IN THE ELECTION: Dana Milbank, Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst

    The Hour of Spin began with its standard ritual: the opening spiel--one of the longest in Hour of Spin history. Granite state surprise... Clinton hitting back... Polling errors... What next for candidates?... Hillary cried! It's hump day at Olbermann Watch. But it's also Olbermann Lies About Fox News Day!

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Clinton's upset win really amounts to a tie. Obama has one more delegate than Hillary. Clinton credits her tears as helping. Obama may hit back harder. Hey, howcum this isn't "Democrats in Disarray?" You know, like "Republicans in Dissaray"? Slippery Shuster was called in. Olby again mentions Hillary talking about Al Qaeda. Adds that Edwards is an afterthought. Great thanks.

    So far, pretty bland. KO not stepping on anyone's toes very hard. On to The Wolffe Man. Richardson is going to drop out. Unless he doesn't. But he might. Hard-hitting KO kwestion: which campaign was surprised more? Oralmann decrees that Hillary's "hurt my feelings" debate joke was a "signal moment". Great thanks.

    #4: Keith uses a nonexistent word ("coronate") to kick off his look at polling. Olbermann's Brain was the "expert" and he chortled about how polls are poorly reported. A brief nod to explain away the Diebold controversy but otherwise a bland segment. KO is really playing it safe tonight. But that's about to change because--ta da!--the Republicans are up next!

    After an attack on Rudy (Blue Blog Source: Carpetbagger Report) came #3: mentions of Willard [Ding!] and Huckabee. But then--boom!--it was back to Obama, Edwards, and Clinton again. Cue Dana Milbank, sans splashy suits, who spoke in generalities about mass media campaigns. Will Edwards and Richardson be viable after Super Tuesday? DM wasn't optimistic. Olby adds that Richardson is dropping out again. (Unless, of course, he doesn't.)

    Then Fat Ass turned to the Republican side and asked if the race isnt "all chiefs and no Indians". Dana had a weasly answer and that was it, the sum total of Countdown's coverage of the GOP race. They should count themselves lucky. Great thanks.

    #2: Britney, Dr Phil, and a plug for Oralmann's latest book. He bragged about how it's moving up on the New York Times Best Seller List--but that in itself is a lie. He claimed that the book was currenly #19 "on the New York Times Best Sellers list". As everyone knows: the New York Times list is not based upon total sales figures, but instead upon surveys of a selected sample of retail booksellers. The list is divided into Fiction and Non-Fiction sections, which each contains fifteen titles. Just like you can't "beat" Bill O'Reilly when he has three times the audience, you can't be #18 on a list that only goes to 15. The tip-off is the column titled "weeks on list"; see how there are no numbers next to Olbermoronn's book? That means it ain't on the list! We're not surprised at this sleazy attempt at self-promotion. He told the same lie about his last book.

    #1: Rachel Maddow from Err America with her unbiased, trenchant commentary on politics.

    In the Media Matters Minute, a familiar set of targets: Dick Morris plus a woman who dumped Olby (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters), and Major Garrett (Blue Blog Source: HuffPo...but we'll give you what Monkeymann won't: the other side of the story). Fixed News! [Ding!]

    Stop the Tivo! Did we just catch Krazy Keith in Another Olbermann Lie? Here's what he said about the Major Garrett controversy:

    Fox never even reported Begala's flat-out, on the record denial.

    Uh oh. We're going to have to look into that...

    Update: Did we just catch Krazy Keith in Another Olbermann Lie? Yes we did.

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    Crystal Balling Keith Olbermann and The Hour of Spin

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    What to do? For months Keith Olbermann had been shamelessly pumping Hillary Clinton's candidacy, until an angry mob of Kossacks slapped him down. The secret was out: Oralmann was a shill for Hill. So on Monday, he did a dramatic about face--all of a sudden Hillary Clinton became his target. She's playing the "fear card". She even--gasp!--mentioned Al Qaeda. She's trying to "bait" poor Barack Obama. And the ultimate Hour of Spin slap in the face: Olby repeatedly compared Hillary Clinton to Karl Rove.

    Aside from demonstrating how Monkeymann never backs the right horse, Tuesday's results leave the infamous, deplorable one in a quandary. What will he do now? Here are just a few of the possibilities:

    • Keep up the attack on Hillary (advantage: mollify the blue blogs)
    • Switch horses again and go back into Clinton's pocket (advantage: more blue dress interviews)
    • Lay off both of them and redouble smears against Republicans (advantage: buys him time)
    • Suggest that the election was stolen by Diebold (advantage: truckles to his favorite charity, Daily Kos)

    What do you think Keith will do tonight? Use our valuable bandwidth for your predictions and comments!

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    Worth a read...

    Keith Olbermann: A Maturation Gap?: Is it just stubborness or a thinking disorder?

    Detroit Free Press: Olbermann: My producers made me do it

    Media Bistro: Olbermann vs O'Reilly / O'Reilly vs Olbermann

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    January 8, 2008
    New Hampshire Primary - OPEN THREAD

    Update [J$]: First Olbermann Lie of the primary coverage has been spotted. CNN and FNC declared Hillary Clinton the winner at 10:46 and 10:47, just as Senator Obama was about to begin his speech. But the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann has to attack his competition, even if it means making it up on the spot:

    Two cable news networks actually predicted this outcome after Sen. Obama conceded.

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    Official Top Five Things OW Readers "hate" About Keith

    To hate someone is to invest in them a power they do not have and so to that extent Olbermann Watch readers cannot be said to "hate" Keith because they do not perceive him to be a serious person and thus not someone worthy of such an investment. A review of the responses to our recent request of readers to list the things they "hate" most about Keith Olbermann show a definite pattern. As one reader put it "I don't hate him...just the character he portays on TV".

    Rather than "hate" Keith, our exhaustive research shows that Olbermann Watch readers despise what Olbermann stands for, that unique form of political hubris found consistently among those on the far-left not content to simply advocate their own beliefs but to arrogantly project those beliefs on their opponents because they cannot imagine a world where anyone genuinely disagrees with them; therefore, any expression of disagreement is disingenuous and those who profess contrarian opinions are liars and hypocrites. In Keith's case that political hubris appears to be rooted in a personal hubris borne out of a psychological insecurity and need to "belong" which manifests itself in a constant obsession with judging what is "cool" and a deep-seated need to be perceived by "cool" people as being "cool"; in Keith's case a form of narcissism based on childhood traumas related to his self-described utter lack of this quality.

    So, here it is, the official Olbermann Watch list of...

    "Top Five Things We Hate About Keith Olbermann"

    Number Five: Keith's refusal to book guests who disagree with him or who disagree with any of the shills he books on his show to parrot his take on a particular topic and his unwillingness to to present any perspective on a story that does not comport with his own world view.

    Number Four: Keith's unquestioning reliance on political propaganda from groups like Media Matters, the Center of American Progress, the Democratic Party and far-left blogs as the basis for so-called "news" stories.

    Number Three: Keith's narcissistic attempts to invite comparisons between himself, a sports and news new anchor who does occasional commentary, and Edward R. Murrow, an icon of broadcast journalism; most notably his mocking use of the phrase "Good night and good luck" to end each broadcast of Countdown.

    Number Two: Keith's disturbing and oddly sexual obsession with Bill O'Reilly and the Fox News Channel.

    Number One: Keith stole Ashleigh Banfield's glasses.

    The complete list of entries, culled from this post, is below. I want to thank all who submitted entries and, in particular meng, for that last one.

    Raw Research Data


    1. The total lies told on Meltdown.

    2. His constant distortions of the facts.

    3. His demonization tactics used on his enemies.

    4. He is a total shill for Hillary Clinton.

    5. His use of hateful partisan left wing blogs as "factual" information that he does not source.
    Posted by: The Factor at January 4, 2008 12:34 PM


    1. How everything he hates is coincidently against the Constitution.

    2. Impeccible smarm.

    3. Worst Person in the World award given daily and to Republicans exclusively for flimsy reasons.

    4. Champion of websites to the left of Castro.

    5. Facts for him are needless things.

    Posted by: pickles at January 4, 2008 12:55 PM


    1. Claims he is either and TV host or 'journalist' as he see fit.

    2. Stole his entire closing act from Letterman (breaking glass with paper or pencils) and Murrow's signoff

    3. Cry's poor after signing a multi million dollar contract.

    4. Fully engaged in the early ESPN culture of stalking/harassing women and continues to refer to them in an assortment of degrading terms.

    5. Those glasses! Not only are they the immediate hipster doofus fad of the moment wait and see how ridiculous they'll seem 10 years from now.

    Posted by: ? at January 4, 2008 1:08 PM


    His absolute refusal to debate anybody he fundamentally disagrees with. That's called cowardice. You got that, Bill Moyers?

    Posted by: Scott at January 4, 2008 2:02 PM


    (1) Mr. Olbermann and his producers repeatedly use stories garnered from liberal (or even non-ideological) non news-accredited web sites or blogs without either: (a) properly attributing those sites as the source of the item or, more important (b)
    undertaking any original reporting that verifies the substance of the story.

    (2) Following on from (1), Mr. Olbermann and his producers continually fail to allow
    critical subjects of news stories to appear on the show to respond to their criticism.

    It's a basic rule of journalism to allow the subject of a news story to respond to the allegations in that report.

    (3) Mr. Olbermann repeatedly fails to separate his opinion on issues from the new stories he is reporting on.

    Since he identifies his commentaries as just that, "Special Commentary", he obviously understands that news anchors are required to leave their own views and opinions outside of the news room when engaged in hard news reporting.

    Opinions must be labeled as that: opinion. To mix opinion and fact violates another
    basic rule of journalism.

    (4) Related to item (2) above, Mr. Olbermann regularly covers contentious issues by inviting only guests with one view - almost alway his own - on his show to discuss that topic. That is not balanced or fair reporting.

    As we all know, the very contentious issues of the war on terror, Iraq, treatment of
    alien detainees, along with other related subjects are enormously complex ones.

    Men and women of goodwill and sincerely held beliefs come down on opposite sides
    of these issues.

    Mr. Olbermann, however, apparently does not believe that those with views he
    disagrees with argue in goodwill. Or even have an argument worthy of being

    (5) After listing items (1) through (4) above, one can only conclude that
    "Countdown" fails in providing its viewers objective, balanced news.

    The program is simply not a news show.

    Mr. Olbermann is simply not a news anchor.

    If Mr. Olbermann and his producers wish to broadcast an opinion show where topics
    are only covered from one perspective, where the host uses the program as a
    platform to personally and professionally attack those he dislikes, where opinion and
    fact are mixed, then please advertise the program as just that: an opinion show.

    Steven M. Galbraith


    1. How he truly hates America, and always takes the time to demonize anything the Bush administration does to fight terrorism.

    2. How he distorts the facts so blantantly to fit into his anti-American views.

    3. How he always attacks Bill O'Reilly on his show, as he knows O'Reilly is one of the true Americans who has been against everything I believe in.

    4. How he never has an opposing view on his show, knowing full well that any opposing view would expose him as the incompetent shrill that he is. (Allah forbid!)

    5. How he takes such glee in noting every American killed in their fight against my most loyal subjects.

    5 (a). How he has influenced so many Americans to go against their own country with his clever disguise of being a "concerned citizen."

    Yes, for me Mr. Olbermann has been one of my most deceitful and powerful cells carrying out everything I've asked of him.

    He has done more harm to America than any other being on this planet,
    which makes it impossible for me to make a list of even 1 thing I hate about him.

    Akuba!!! Ayeee!!!!

    Posted by: Osama Bin Laden at January 4, 2008 4:17 PM


    The top thing I hate about Olbermann is that running his anti-Republicans Stories have destroyed the campain of Laz Fred. I want another President I can lead into a pointless conflict so I can kill as many americans as possible and recruit muslims to drive out the crusader. Olbermann is helping elect a compent president one less easy to lead around like a fool. this upsets me much.

    Posted by: Osama Bin Laden at January 4, 2008 4:48 PM


    For me it all boils down to one simple category: bias. Olbermann's show reeks of it, yet he wants to be portrayed as an alternative to Fox and their alleged biases. So Olbermann seems to think that the way to address what is perceived as Fox's bias for the GOP is to respond with MORE bias in favor of Democrats. That is such an insult to journalism that I don't even know where to begin. And yet, he holds himself out as a journalist when he's clearly nothing more than a sports anchor with a huge chip on his shoulder. His natural arrogance and ego have come together to create a program that is anti-anything that Fox is. In the process, Olbermann has trashed what journalism is and should be. I can't applaud that. It's like pronouncing that a criminal is guilty of murdering a person and trying to make it better by going out and murdering two more people. He ignores any facts that aren't flattering to the Dems. He ignores any facts that are flattering to the Republicans. His rabid fans can't seem to get that it is this willful and blatant disregard of the facts is what is truly wrong with Olbermann's show. I'd condemn it with Fox, I'll condemn it with anyone, but Olbermann seems to have taken this approach for one reason and one reason alone: to score attention and viewers (and possibly comely young viewers into his bedroom). Deplorable.

    Posted by: Disgusted at January 4, 2008 4:58 PM


    For me it all boils down to one simple category: bias. Olbermann's show reeks of it, yet he wants to be portrayed as an alternative to Fox and their alleged biases. So Olbermann seems to think that the way to address what is perceived as Fox's bias for the GOP is to respond with MORE bias in favor of Democrats. That is such an insult to journalism that I don't even know where to begin. And yet, he holds himself out as a journalist when he's clearly nothing more than a sports anchor with a huge chip on his shoulder. His natural arrogance and ego have come together to create a program that is anti-anything that Fox is. In the process, Olbermann has trashed what journalism is and should be. I can't applaud that. It's like pronouncing that a criminal is guilty of murdering a person and trying to make it better by going out and murdering two more people. He ignores any facts that aren't flattering to the Dems. He ignores any facts that are flattering to the Republicans. His rabid fans can't seem to get that it is this willful and blatant disregard of the facts is what is truly wrong with Olbermann's show. I'd condemn it with Fox, I'll condemn it with anyone, but Olbermann seems to have taken this approach for one reason and one reason alone: to score attention and viewers (and possibly comely young viewers into his bedroom). Deplorable.

    Posted by: Disgusted at January 4, 2008 4:58 PM


    The top 2 things that I hate about you, Mr. Olbermann, is that you need to

    A) Concentrate more on actual issues! Though the occasional calling out of Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage comments are amusing, there are more important things in the world to talk about. Leave the right-wing douches alone. And even though Fox News reports on celebrities three times as much you do, it would be better to drop the celebrity news altogether.


    B)Stop giving out any details on your personal life! There are really deranged haters on this site that obsess over any small fact you leak out. I'm not sure if the obsession is with you or your girl but better safe than sorry.

    Sincerely your humble viewer,

    Trent the Anarcho-Syndicalist

    1. Olby is a pathological liar.
    2. Olby is a misogynist.
    3. Olby is a hypocrite.
    4. Olby is an egomaniac and pompous ass.
    5. Olby is a moonbat, libnut, socialist, insane, creepy orange loon!

    Posted by: at January 4, 2008 7:35 PM
    How he closes his show.

    Olbermann always closes MSNBC COUNTDOWN by stating the number of days since President Bush held his now infamous MISSION ACCOMPLISHED rally on board the USS Abraham Lincoln. The reason is obvious, Keith Olbermann has been a critic of the administration and its policy in Iraq for sometime now. This position is his and he has every right to take it and express it.

    However, there have been instances when this little dig, follows such discussions as Britney Spears' breasts with regular contributor Michael Musto or even more disgusting and adolescent segments. If one watches the online video resources of these closings, one still sees the prepubescent smirk on Olbermann's face as he disrespects the ongoing sacrfice of Americas true heroes and patriots. Sometimes he is even chortling from the last segment as he says "mission accomplished."

    The next regular aspect of his closing is the Edward R. Murrow quote, "Good night and good luck." The famous line from the McCarthy era show SEE IT NOW has great dramatic effect and once again it is obvious to the informed viewer why Olbermann uses it. As a critic of the administration in regards to the use of covert operations and worry over unconstitutional activity, Olbermann has been vocal and has devoted much of his show to analyzing and commenting on the President's policies. In addition, Olbermann has expressed his great respect for Mr. Murrow and using his famous concluding line is a fitting tribute.

    However, to the informed viewer, Olbermann cannot claim any connection or resemblance to Ed Murrow. Mr. Murrow was an objective journalist who investigated his own stories and did the actual labor and foot work that such great accomplishment demand. Olbermann is a desk jockey who has never done the investigative journalism Murrow was known for.

    Murrow also allowed the subjects of his investigative work equal time to address what he had uncovered. This ethical journalistic practice even was afforded to Murrow's most famous target, Senator Joseph McCarthy. SEE IT NOW publically announced it would allow Senator McCarthy total and uninteruppted access to its time slot to counter any or all of what Murrow and his fine staff presented.

    Keith Olbermann has never made such an offer and has never allowed the subjects of his stories time to respond to his accusations. From former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld to President Bush to former POW and Navy pilot Senator John McCain, Keith Olbermann has made wild and crazy accusations but has never allowed them, or their easily found public defenders, access to him or his program to refute the same.

    To end COUNTDOWN like Murrow ended SEE IT NOW suggests Olbermann is acting like his idol. He is not. He is a partisan pundit who pushes the agenda of the establishment Democratic Party. He is not an independent, objective voice and to use the words of a great journalist to end his broadcast is an injustice.

    Just this past Wednesday, 1/2/08....the official MSNBC transcript reads:

    "OLBERMANN: And the premise on this, perhaps, dating a paparazzo is “if you can‘t beat ‘em, join ‘em”, so to speak?

    "MUSTO: Oh, talk about sleeping with the enemy, this is like Olivia de Havilland sleeping with Joan Fontaine or Hillary with anybody. It‘s just ridiculous.

    "OLBERMANN: All right, I‘ve got an Olivia de Havilland-Joan Fontaine reference. I‘ll close it out with Lindsay Lohan—three make-out sessions reported in 24 hours, three different guys. Is it refreshing that her sobriety has not impeded her joie de vive? Or, is she just figuring out that at least one of them had to have a drink and she didn‘t get a contact guy.

    "MUSTO: Yes, she was sucking on her tongue a little too intensely. But it is amazing that it‘s just an energy drink and some Altoids—that kind that gets you zingy and have you scoring anything with facial hair, short of Queen Latiffa.

    "OLBERMANN: That‘s right. Garron, give me a kiss and a lime. The one and only Michael Musto. Thanks, Michael.

    "MUSTO: Thank you.

    "OLBERMANN: And that‘s COUNTDOWN for this, the 1,708th day since the declaration of mission accomplished in Iraq. From New York, I‘m Keith Olbermann. Remember, throughout the day tomorrow, join us here for the best coverage of the Iowa caucuses. We‘ll probably get the first results, maybe even a call of Iowa when I join you for COUNTDOWN at 8:00 Eastern, 5:00 Pacific. Chris Matthews then joins me and we will caucus the night away with you until midnight Eastern. That‘s tomorrow night. For now, good night and good luck."

    Along with smearing the continued accomplishments of The United States armed forces by counting up the days since Iraq had been officially liberated (sometimes with the rhetorical residue or laughter of stories mentioning celebrity undergarments, genitalia and/or breasts), the foreboding, "Good night and good luck" phrase illustrates an imposter of ethical journalism. Keith Olbermann is guilty of hubris and sanctimony everytime he concludes COUNTDOWN.

    And this is my post today, the 1,710th day since the declaration of Mission Accomplished in Iraq.....

    I am cee, good night and good luck.

    "Al Qaeda really hurt us, but not as much as Rupert Murdoch has hurt us, particularly in the case of Fox News. Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda--worse for our society. It's as dangerous as the Ku Klux Klan ever was."

    Posted by: cee at January 4, 2008 8:05 PM


    The top thing I hate about OlberLimp is his way of brushing off all the interupted terrorist attacks (i.e. Fort Dix) as a being perpetrated by a bunch of morons. Of course, if these morons happened to be successful, Limpy would be the first to blame the Bush Administration.

    Scott Benner
    Canton, MI


    The most revolting thing for me is the use of Murrow's sign-off.

    1) it sounds as if Olbermann isn't imaginative enough to come up with one of his own.

    2) He's planting the idea in his audience's mind to view him as another Murrow, and there is no comparison there. Not even close. No investigative work, no real job insecurity in pushing the envelope, no traveling to dangerous areas, no legacy of war coverage, and the list goes on.

    Posted by: at January 4, 2008 8:25 PM
    5. Won't allow rebuttal

    4. Won't allow rebuttal

    3. Won't allow rebuttal

    2. Won't allow rebuttal

    1. See 5-4...

    Posted by: Cecelia at January 4, 2008 8:30 PM


    Let me add #6.

    When Republicans claim that Democrats are weak against terror, that's shameless scare mongering.

    "How dare your, sir!"

    When Democrats claim that Bush and the Republicans have made the terror threat worse through their policies (Iraq, harsh interrogation techniques, alienating our allies), that's okay.

    Apparently you can criticize the Republican policies on terror but can't criticize the Democrats.

    Y'now, somewhere that makes sense. But not on this planet.

    Posted by: Steve at January 4, 2008 8:33 PM


    1. He's a Liar - When Rosie O'Donnell called American Soldiers fighting in Iraq terrorists with this quote: "655,000 Iraqis are dead, who are the terrorists"?, Keith defended Rosie by lying about her quote, he said that Rosie said "655,000 Iraqis are dead, who is the terrorist"?. He lied about Rudy Giuliani when he said that Rudy said that one of the candidates would invite a certain person to the White House, when Rudy never said such thing.

    2. He's a Hypocrite - He has named people "Worst Person in the World" for doing the exact same things he has done, such as comparing people to Nazis or Al Qaeda, not informing viewers that you have done fund raising for a certain guest, and calling people names.

    3. He's a Terrorist Symathizer - He's always taking the side of the terrorists. He defends Al Qaeda terrorists in Gitmo. He defends terrorists who attack or threaten Israel. He rails against pretty much every terrorist fighting program such as listening to terrorist's phone calls or tracking there financial transactions.

    4. He's Biased - His show has been on the air for five years, and he has yet to invite one conservative to his show. His "Worst Person in the World" list never includes any liberals.

    5. He Steals Material - He's always lifting material from left wing blogs. He hardly ever does any of his own research like a real journalist such as Edward R. Murrow.

    Posted by: James at January 4, 2008 8:38 PM


    5. Thinks being an unhinged liberal nutbag and hosting Sportcenter qualifies him for the next Edward R Murrow mantle

    4. Is to hack sports "journalists" turned unhinged self important liberal nutbags what Bill Maher is to hack comedians turned unhinged self important liberal nutbags.

    3. Stole glasses from Ashleigh Banfield.

    2. Shaved off The 'Stache and Mullet.

    1. Buys his suits at Chess King.

    Posted by: meng at January 4, 2008 9:33 PM


    1. The hypocrisy: Claiming to be a journalist with no agenda, when he clearly is left-leaning.

    2. His sourcing: He got caught spectacularly with his misquoting Giuliani right after he and guest Huffington supposedly watched and listened to him. KO then tried to shift the blame for his deception to AP.

    3. His Media Matters connection: What KO says gets amplified by Hillary's website, regardless of the truth. I especially remember the Limbaugh caller who told he was upset about "this Cindy Sheehan thing", meaning how liberals were supporting the lady who lost her son in Iraq. Rush said "this Cindy Sheehan thing" is all phony, clearly meaning that the liberals were not supporting Cindy Sheehan for her loss, just using her. Both KO and MM claimed that Rush doubted the death of Sheehan's son, something he clearly did not do.

    4. His obsession with his timeslot competitor who has 3 times the overall ratings. This obsession is getting freakier the longer it goes on.

    5. The whole schadenfreude thing: KO seems to get a kind of sadistic pleasure with his misrepresentations of his targets. Again, freaky.

    Posted by: Missouri Show Me at January 4, 2008 9:38 PM


    The extremely arrogant and ignorant manner of righteous indignation he conjures up nightly.

    Posted by: McCool at January 4, 2008 10:24 PM


    he's a phony

    Posted by: Steve at January 4, 2008 10:31 PM


    MISTER Bush!!!! I love that one, he doesn't have enough respect for the office to call him President. What balls, what a hero, what a way to stand up to the evil govt.

    Posted by: McCool at January 4, 2008 10:38 PM


    What I hate about Keith is

    1. His big fat ass, orange face, and young girlfriend.

    2. He never reads any hilarious limericks on his show that people take the time to post out here

    3. He has never had RK on for a debate.

    4. He acts like Phony Soldier doesn't even exist, when we all know he is just afraid of what a real man thinks

    5. He's a chicken shit with an orange face, big fat ass, young girlfriend, orange face, no tolerance for limericks, orange face, and big fat ass.

    Posted by: Wasted Keystrokes at January 4, 2008 11:00 PM


    I hate the 'funny voice' stuff.
    I hate when he thinks he is being 'cute'.
    I hate when he speaks with all the authority of Dana Carvey's "Church Lady"

    Posted by: Cat in the H at January 5, 2008 2:05 AM

    1. Keith's ultra-weird obsession with Bill O'Reilly and FoxNews

    2. Keith's ridiculous claim of "I'm not politically biased" and "I am politically neutral"

    3. Keith's "Good night and good luck" is an insult to Edward R. Murrow (a man who actually reported from the war)

    4. Keith's sophomoric insults and name-calling of fellow colleagues

    5. The fact that Countdown is billed as the "news show of record" for MSNBC

    Posted by: merkle923 at January 5, 2008 10:00 AM


    Here are a few things I hate about Keith Olbermann:

    1. His pathological obsession with Bill O'Reilly and the flimsy excuses he uses to attack him.

    2. His reliance on Media Matters as gospel.

    3. That he uses his Worst Person in the World segment as a vehicle for personal attacks on political opponents.

    4. The inappropriate and embarrassing sexual references used to attack Bill Orally, er... I mean "O'Reilly".

    5. That he sincerely believes in much of what he says.

    That's all that comes to mind at the moment...

    Posted by: John-O at January 5, 2008 6:54 PM


    5 dislikes:

    1. He's a proven liar

    2. He's a partisan hack

    3. He's very immature

    4. He's very unprofessional

    5. He has no credibility

    Posted by: royal king at January 5, 2008 7:21 PM


    1.) retractions/corrections:

    whenever he doesn't "have to", he doesn't. doesn't present both sides of an argument or extremely rarely, only when it happens by mistake. underreports what he want's, focuses on stories that support his "progressive" agenda. all in all he is either the worst journalist ever, or an opinion commentator who doesn't bother to explain both sides of a story. you hear the "pros" but not the "cons". instead of defending his opinion against a good counter-argument, he just avoids the argument. i just realized i've never heard the man go maddog on anyone other than straight into the camera, yelling at bush... far, far away. to summarize, he's a poor journalist. it insults my intelligence, and i hate that.

    2.) derangement syndrome:
    if you don't agree with his worldview, your stupid and he hates you. if you're perceived as a threat to him, maddog olbermann really puts on a display. real or not, who knows, the man's largely an act. and surely he has the talent to "act". i hate it when he looks at 3 different cameras in the span of 60 seconds, so he can dramtically look over his own shoulder with those "oh so smart" glasses, with that important looking expression. i love to hate it. its so bad.

    3.) insensitivity:
    olbermann is insensitive. he hurls slings and arrows all over the place and doesn't even care if he's telling the truth. even if it is true, is it appropriate? what good is it to call paris hilton a whore? why focus on that? it reveals more about keith than it tells us anything about paris hilton. he just gets his kicks like that. thats not even a good example. theres so many examples of smear attacks with no merits at all. meanwhile, olby is so sensitive of his own image that he never corrects himself, he is just trying to project an illusion. if he werent so sensitive, he'd try to correct himself instead of hiding. (like in a tub.) hate it.

    4.) willfull dishonesty:
    others can do a better job of documenting this area. sometimes he uses blatant misquoting to defend rosie while attacking "fox noise." he figures it's a two for one special lie. johnny dollar has documented a few examples, but there are many more that i just can't remember. but i do remember one thing: i hated it because he was lying.

    5.) legacy:
    keith has trashed his legacy. instead of the funny guy who entertained us, he became the guy who pissed us off. the guy who seemed to blame america first. the man who belittled so many accomplishments made in the wars. the man who seized on any story that made a conservative look bad, and who ignored any story that did the same for a liberal. the man who humiliated us because we disagreed. not that i ever gave a rats ass about olbermann's legacy,you just gotta hate the fact that one more act you listened to decided to soil itself. as good as he might be at recappin' the highlights, you can't get past who he is anymore. in my mind he is a dishonest liberal activist news pundit with much credibility within nbc and none with me. now when i watch the nfl, feelings of hate wash over me. i hate that.

    i don't hate him (till i run into him, im sure) just the character he portays on tv,


    Posted by: olbyhater at January 5, 2008 10:52 PM

    I hate that fricking Olberman is a "commentator" on Monday night football!

    Football is a man's game and I can not figure out how that commie bitch got the spot?? Oh yeah NBC ...never mind...

    Posted by: Michael at January 7, 2008 2:41 PM


    One more thing I can't stand about Keith:

    1. That he'll mischaracterize and stretch the truth of something in the worst possible way in order to smear someone he dislikes.

    Posted by: John-O at January 7, 2008 10:14 PM


    1. His eyebrows (hey Groucho Marx wants them back) 2. His attempts at humor (makes him look stupid) 3. His remarks about Bill 'O (way to much jealousy) 4. His political analyst's (same people everyday) 5. His opinions (always negative)

    Posted by: Jerry at January 8, 2008 5:21 AM

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (47) | | View blog reactions
    January 7, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - January 7, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek senior White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor and MSNBC political analyst; Chuck Todd, NBC News political director
    • BILL O'REILLY CONTROVERSY: Marvin Kitman, author of "The Man Who Would Not Shut Up: the Rise of Bill O'Reilly"

    Another night of furious spinning for the (newly favored) Democrats began with the opening spiel: Uh oh, Senator Clinton "plays the terror card". Plus Fox Noise [Ding!], another O'Reilly attack, and the Pulitzer-worthy Puppet Theater! Here's a heads up: tonight marked a milestone on The Hour of Spin--the kind of milestone Keith should bring to his next therapy session.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Shockeroo! Olby just discovers that Democrats also claim they can keep America safe. It's an all-out assault on Madame Hillary as, just by coincidence, the polls show her behind Obama by double-digits. The voters she visited are "purportedly" undecided. She criticized other candidates! And--worst of all--she mentioned Al Qaeda! She "played the fear card"! Man, when the wheel turns on OlbyPlanet, Krazy Keith doesn't look back. He compares Hillary to Karl Rove [Ding!]. She's trying to "bait" Obama. This is a surreal, bizarro-planet version of The Hour of Spin, where suddenly he's spinning furiously against the candidate he has been slobbering over for months. All this right after Oralmann got pummelled by the Daily Kos as being a shill for Hill.

    Onto the Repubs. Oh look, he calls Mitt Romney "Willard". Hey, that's just like they do at Kos. Coincidence? We'll have to give "Willard" the bell treatment. Mike Huckabee is an "Arkansas governee". Mention of "Obamo". Slippery Shuster joins in and after Bathman's frantic spinning, Robin actually sounds semi-impartial by comparison. Next up, the Wolffe Man, who hears Fat Ass again compare Hillary to Rove [Ding!]. KO said she's "echoing Rudy Giuliani" and that she'll lose more votes than she'll gain. Wow! Don't tug on Superman's cape, don't pull the mask off The Lone Ranger, and for God's sake don't say anything that irritates the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. He'll turn on you and toss you out like a used-up Handi-Wipe. Great thanks.

    After another Fox Noise [Ding!] came #4: after building up Obama, a chance to tear down the Repubs. It's "Willard" again [Ding!]. McCain has been old "since 1965". Olby brought up "schisms" among Republicans, and Lefty Alter said the Democrats are in much better shape because they are so much closer to settling on a nominee. It's official: on OlbyPlanet, Hillary is toast. Fric and Frac found fault with every Republican mentioned. Many thanks.

    After another promo ("With Billo it's never Ovo") and an attack on Bill Kristol we got #3: Why the Democratic race could be over after New Hampshire (with Obama winning, natch, according to the new OlbyPlanet meme). Even Todd wasn't exactly buying a ticket onto that train but he didn't rule it out. Mention of Edwards and Olby's "greatest possible respect" for him as prelude to a diss. Another diss of Hillary. Another diss of Edwards. Hillary is Rove [Ding!]. Meet the new host of The Hour of Spin: Keith Olbamamann! Great thanks.

    #2: There wasn't any so that Keith could spend more time on attacks later. The Media Matters Minute was lifted as usual from Fat Ass's favorite smear site (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters).

    #1: What is it in Keith Olbermann's diseased core that makes him chortle with glee when Sean Hannity is accosted by a angry mob and seeks to protect himself and those with him from possible physical attack? Seriously, this goes beyond schadenfreude, Keith. It's sick.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    And "puppet theater" is tiresome, noxious juvenalia. Fox Noise! [Ding!] He's "pathologically violent", suggested the man who said he would like to knife Mr Bill. (But those crowds running after Hannity, they were peaceful Quakers.) Of course we got Loofah! [Ding!] Loofah! [Ding!] So we'll counter with our own keywords: Merlot! Restraining Order! Rebecca Lobo! But this is another milestone for the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. A rotten, unhealthy milestone, but a milestone nonetheless. It marks attack #400 on the greatest Olbsession of them all, Bill O'Reilly.

    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name languishes at #91,091 on amazon, while "Culture Warrior" is #24,577. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) Barnes & Noble has the OlbyTome at #34,395; O'Reilly's book is #2,843 there. In the battle of the paperbacks: Amazon lists Culture Warrior at #3,254, while Oralmann's book is a towering #22,466. Guffaw! You would think the big electoral news would have given Herr Olbermann some sort of bump on Friday. But Olby again lost to O' fact, he lost by more than three to one! The eeevil O'Reilly had over three million viewers. Say, could that be the reason for the ferocity of Oralmann's attacks on him tonight? Ya think?

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (135) | | View blog reactions
    Olbermann Doesn't Obsess Over O'Reilly, He Just Wants to Knife Him!

    The latest MSM Olbermann puff piece has a few molecules of accuracy; it even touches on Olby's refusal to allow any points of view but his own on The Hour of Spin. But it allows Oralmann to spin away his Olbsession with Bill O'Reilly, claiming he doesn't sit around wondering: "What am I going to do to him next?" This clip, one of many Keith Klassics, suggests otherwise:

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (93) | | View blog reactions
    January 6, 2008
    Keith Olbermann and Naomi Klein Deconstructed

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (55) | | View blog reactions
    January 4, 2008
    John Gibson Reviews Keith Olbermann's iowa Caucus Coverage

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IOWA CAUCUS RESULTS ANALYSIS: Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards [see The List]; Dana Milbank, Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst
    • NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek senior White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst
    • BRITNEY SPEARS GOES TO THE HOSPITAL: Tom O'Neil, In Touch Weekly senior editor

    We are unable to do our recap of the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann tonight. We'll update the post this weekend if we get a chance. In the meantime, please enjoy this even-handed critique of Oralmann's Iowa caucus coverage--it's certainly a lot more factual and enlightening than anything you'll hear on tonight's Hour of Spin:

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (104) | | View blog reactions
    Top Five Things OW Readers "hate" About Keith

    Happy News Years!

    What better way to celebrate the arrival of 2008 than by putting together a list of the Top Five Things OW Readers "hate" About Keith! Please join in.

    A reporter asked me this morning for my top five things Olbermann Watch readers "hate" about Keith Olbermann. He is on deadline for next week.

    I would like to invite OW readers to submit THEIR top five lists in the comments section below. Next Tuesday I will compile your responses, publish the "best" five and send a link to the post to the reporter. I will then link his piece when it runs (assuming he decides to use the results). Your list can include specific things KO has said or done, or more general observations about his appearance, his tone or mannerisms, his books or style, whatever - and the top five can be on Countdown, on his football show or anywhere else. There are no rules here except my definition of best will elevate replies that are pointed but clever and preferably with a degree of wit and demote those that are crass, boorish and foul-mouthed (the paper won't publish bad words any way).

    Good luck!


    PS, I want to give credit to winning entries so the name you use to sign your post is how I will credit you if you win.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (257) | | View blog reactions
    Keith Olbermann Kauses Konfusion Among Kos Kidz

    There's total Kos Konfusion tonight as their hero and financial benefactor, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann, is getting decidedly mixed reviews from the Kossacks. It seems they're finally tumbling to what we have known all along: he's in Hillary Clinton's pocket.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    "turneresq" writes:

    What the hell. I mean, what the hell Keith? Olbermann has continually belittled the Obama win here tonight.... I have long suspected that Olbermann is not a huge fan of Obama, based on some anecdotal evidence. But tonight he is really taking the cake.... He then tries some ridiculous spin, but claiming that if you subtract the 20% independents, Obama "only" wins 32-31. This is truly unbelievable. Not only does he not subtract the independents from the other campaigns, he attemps to diminish the fact that Obama just brought huge numbers of new people into the democratic fold.

    And then the Kos Kommenters let loose:

    • Half of Keith's audience watches him on Crooks and Liars. He's got to stay in good with the netroots types, even if it means rooting for the loser.
    • never even say Obama's name on the air----maybe a couple brief mentions in passing, usually framing something about him in a dim light. He has never given Obama fair coverage. His truthtelling never included honesty about Obama. You would never have known he was running for anything, let alone President, by watching his show. I lost respect for him for that reason.
    • Douchebag. But he's not going spoil my mood because Obama is giving a SPEECH FOR THE AGES.
    • KO is clearly just falling prey to "oh God I'm live and need something superficially insightful to say" disease. It's common during times like these no matter who the commentator.
    • I do detect a pro-Hillary bias in his reporting on the Democratic nomination process - at all times. I never see him interviewing any of the other candidates on Countdown, but I've seen him interview Hillary. I'm going to be interested if he does get those interviews how he acts, or if he'll ever ask Hillary a tough question.
    • Olbermann might make such an analysis to get a sense of how Obama will fare in the vast majority of Democratic primaries that do not allow independents to vote. Did that ever occur to you?
    • All he does is play up the fact that independents helped carry Obama to victory. DUH! Stop carrying Clinton's water!
    • he is certainly trying to downplay the win...he did it again... If you take independents away...HE STILL WINS...
    • Olbermann is a Hillary hack. The guy never even mentions Obama. Any "host" that never brings on a guest that disagrees with him has their agenda. Go do another horrid "Special Comment," Keith.
    • I'm a Clinton supporter, and I have never detected a bias for Clinton from him. Bias for Democrats, yeah, sure.
    • Jesus Christ, you WON, get a f@@@ing grip. Calling Olbermann, Krugman and any progressive that has been sticking his neck out for YOU in a sea of Republican media propaganda a "hack" and worse is exactly why people like me could not support Obama in the primaries.... Stop dumping on progressive allies.
    • Seriously, we have big problems if progressives are going to go ballistic on a guy like Keith Olbermann. He's literally the only person on TV who's worth a shit in terms of attacking Bush and defending progressive principles.
    • Had to turn off the Olby-Tweety Show when they were still talking as if there's only two candidates when Edwards was neck and neck and eventually beating Hillary. It's pathetic.
    • Even though I like Keith a lot, I feel like he has been downplaying Obama and playing up to Hillary whenever he talks about the campaigns.
    • Oh, how I used to love Keith Olbermann. In my house the 7 p.m. hour was sacred. Everything stopped at 7 p.m. Not any more. When the primaries started in earnest, I saw Keith use every chance he could to boost Hillary. Good news about Obama was relegated to nano seconds. And when he had Craig Crawford on, they piled on Obama.

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    January 2, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - January 2, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • IOWA CAUSUSES: David Shuster, Jonathan Alter
    • OLBY'S WATER TORTURE: Olby & the Perfessor

    It's a new year, and that means the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann starts fresh giving us material for our Top Ten Olbermann Lies of 2008. Our work begins now--it's the opening spiel: Iowa! Huckabee goes on Leno. Campaign ads. "Republicans" attack each other (but Dems don't?). Oh goodie, the "torture tapes" again. Plus Hollywood scandals. All that and more on hump day at Olbermann Watch.

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Kucinich asks supporters to back Obama as their second choice. Dems make direct appeals to voters with ads (clips from Hillary, Obama, Edwards). Slippery Shuster recapped caucus rules, to which Herr Olbermann said "that begs the obvious question...". Um, no it doesn't. It raises the question, not begs it. Keith the ace wordsmith dazzles the ignorant once again. Bathman tried to dismiss the recent poll that shows Obama surging ahead of Hillary, and Robin sort of played along but noting how accurate the Des Moines paper has been in the past. Oddly, Slippery got Thanksed, but not Great Thanksed.

    Next, lefty Alter was there to critique the wisdom of Iowa having caucuses. It's "pretty troublesome" he noted, apparently preferring that campaigns all be conducted with national tv ads and appeals to big cities. More deep thoughts from lefty: nobody knows who will win, "a win is a win"... these are the dazzling insights that make him a regular on The Hour of Spin. He was not Great Thanksed but he was Pleasured.

    #4: After the reverential treatment of the kindly Dems, with no talk of any attacks on each other, no gaffes, no insults, the tone changed dramatically. Now it was vicious infighting, moronic candidates, and embarrassing gaffes. You guessed it, KO was now talking about Repubs! Which one will "lose less badly"? A supposed Huckabee gaffe about the writers' strike (Blue Blog Source: Oliver Willis), plus KO dredged up again Huck not having read about the latest NIE. That story is--what--weeks old? Edward R Olbermann went on at length with GOP-hater Robinson about all this--keep that in mind when we get to the non-barking dogs. The pair went on to chortle over McCain attacks on Romney, Romney attacks on McCain and Huckabee, yada yada. It's a Republican "demolition derby", sniggered Fat Ass. Eugene was Pleasured.

    After another Pulitzer-worthy chapter of "oddball" Olby inflicted #3 on his viewers: it's WaterTortureBoardingTapingGate, or whatever the hell he's calling it now. It's why the election is so important, ruled Judge Oralmann. Oh goodie, it's Olby & the Perfessor again. How long until he finds a federal crime? Start the clock. Wow, that was fast: just three seconds and The Perfessor found six of them! It's worse than watergate! It's a whole range of crimes! It leads directly to the President! We need a special prosecutor! Um, did The Perfessor forget that the Congress repealed that law after a special counsel got a little too close to Bill Jefferson Clinton? No matter, The Perfessor was Great Thanksed.

    #2: Paul McCartney, Heather Mills, Eddie Murphy, Gavin Newsome, and a book plug. #1: Paris Hilton and other celebrity trivia with the creepy Michael Musto--journalism at its finest.

    In the Media Matters Minute, we got your "right wing extremist" (Wendy Wright), a reference to Fixed News [Ding!], and we got your "really dumb" Bill Kristol of Fox Noise [Ding!] (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters). Yup, Olby's comments tracked exactly with the ones at the Soros site--straight from Brock's webpage to Oralmann's teleprompter.


    Dogs That Did Not Bark: It was a fun night for Mr Merkle, as he cackled about the stupid Republicans and their humiliating gaffes. How ignorant they are! What dopes would vote for them? But as we have noted before, they name streets after guys like Keith Olbermann: "One Way". With all his ridiculing of the foreign policy cred of the GOPers, for some reason he didn't see fit to report this. Aww, it's just too warm and snuggly in Hillary's coat pocket for a slovenly political hack like Krazy Keith.

    Olbermann's book The book that bears Olbermann's name languishes at #95,323 on amazon, while "Culture Warrior" is #17,212. (It's that 2-for-$25 sale!) Barnes & Noble has the OlbyTome at #38,056; O'Reilly's book is #1,977 there. In the battle of the paperbacks: Amazon lists Culture Warrior at #2,401, while Oralmann's book is a mighty #2,678. On Thursday, the infamous deplorable Keith Olbermann interrupted his vacation for a very special edition of The Hour of Spin. Unfortunately, his efforts only netted him a poor third place finish behind The O'Laura Factor and even CNN's hit-and-run killer, both in total viewers and in the coveted, pivotal, much-beloved, critical, all-important "key demo".

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