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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    January 9, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - January 9, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY RESULTS ANALYSIS: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek senior White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; David Shuster, MSNBC; Craig Crawford, columnist and MSNBC political analyst; Rachel Maddow, Err America radio host
    • WHAT’S NEXT IN THE ELECTION: Dana Milbank, Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst

    The Hour of Spin began with its standard ritual: the opening spiel--one of the longest in Hour of Spin history. Granite state surprise... Clinton hitting back... Polling errors... What next for candidates?... Hillary cried! It's hump day at Olbermann Watch. But it's also Olbermann Lies About Fox News Day!

    Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly book Culture Warrior

    #5: Clinton's upset win really amounts to a tie. Obama has one more delegate than Hillary. Clinton credits her tears as helping. Obama may hit back harder. Hey, howcum this isn't "Democrats in Disarray?" You know, like "Republicans in Dissaray"? Slippery Shuster was called in. Olby again mentions Hillary talking about Al Qaeda. Adds that Edwards is an afterthought. Great thanks.

    So far, pretty bland. KO not stepping on anyone's toes very hard. On to The Wolffe Man. Richardson is going to drop out. Unless he doesn't. But he might. Hard-hitting KO kwestion: which campaign was surprised more? Oralmann decrees that Hillary's "hurt my feelings" debate joke was a "signal moment". Great thanks.

    #4: Keith uses a nonexistent word ("coronate") to kick off his look at polling. Olbermann's Brain was the "expert" and he chortled about how polls are poorly reported. A brief nod to explain away the Diebold controversy but otherwise a bland segment. KO is really playing it safe tonight. But that's about to change because--ta da!--the Republicans are up next!

    After an attack on Rudy (Blue Blog Source: Carpetbagger Report) came #3: mentions of Willard [Ding!] and Huckabee. But then--boom!--it was back to Obama, Edwards, and Clinton again. Cue Dana Milbank, sans splashy suits, who spoke in generalities about mass media campaigns. Will Edwards and Richardson be viable after Super Tuesday? DM wasn't optimistic. Olby adds that Richardson is dropping out again. (Unless, of course, he doesn't.)

    Then Fat Ass turned to the Republican side and asked if the race isnt "all chiefs and no Indians". Dana had a weasly answer and that was it, the sum total of Countdown's coverage of the GOP race. They should count themselves lucky. Great thanks.

    #2: Britney, Dr Phil, and a plug for Oralmann's latest book. He bragged about how it's moving up on the New York Times Best Seller List--but that in itself is a lie. He claimed that the book was currenly #19 "on the New York Times Best Sellers list". As everyone knows: the New York Times list is not based upon total sales figures, but instead upon surveys of a selected sample of retail booksellers. The list is divided into Fiction and Non-Fiction sections, which each contains fifteen titles. Just like you can't "beat" Bill O'Reilly when he has three times the audience, you can't be #18 on a list that only goes to 15. The tip-off is the column titled "weeks on list"; see how there are no numbers next to Olbermoronn's book? That means it ain't on the list! We're not surprised at this sleazy attempt at self-promotion. He told the same lie about his last book.

    #1: Rachel Maddow from Err America with her unbiased, trenchant commentary on politics.

    In the Media Matters Minute, a familiar set of targets: Dick Morris plus a woman who dumped Olby (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters), and Major Garrett (Blue Blog Source: HuffPo...but we'll give you what Monkeymann won't: the other side of the story). Fixed News! [Ding!]

    Stop the Tivo! Did we just catch Krazy Keith in Another Olbermann Lie? Here's what he said about the Major Garrett controversy:

    Fox never even reported Begala's flat-out, on the record denial.

    Uh oh. We're going to have to look into that...

    Update: Did we just catch Krazy Keith in Another Olbermann Lie? Yes we did.

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (35) | | View blog reactions


    That was a pathetic Media Matter minute. Major Garret for reporting a campaign roomer? Oh no. I am sure The Forehead Paul Begala would have told them the truth if they had asked? Right. So, if a source inside Mitt Romney's campaign said that Mitt was going to ask Karl Rove to join the campaign, would Keith ask Karl if it was true? Would anyone at MSDNC ask before reporting? Of course not.

    Bring me on your program Keith and I'll give it you straight. What? No conservative viewpoints allowed? What a pussy.

    Bring me on your program Keith and I'll give it you straight. What? No conservative viewpoints allowed? What a pussy.

    Posted by: King Karl at January 9, 2008 10:34 PM

    Dear Karl Rove,

    Retire. You helped fuck up this country and now you're irrelevant.

    Dear Karl Rove,

    Retire. You helped fuck up this country and now you're irrelevant.

    Posted by: Trent the Marxist at January 9, 2008 10:46 PM

    Yes Trent and you're a real power broker aren't you, bitching at this web site day in and day out with your Michael Moore/Cindy Sheehan/Noam Chomsky blather. Good Lord, what a loser. I can go to any campus (except fascist Berkley, Wellesley, et al) in this great land and pull down a cool 50K for a 45 minute talk. What would YOU get paid to give a speech at these places? Not jack shit because you're a miserable yapping fool with nary an original thought. Which makes you irrelevant, really NOTHING to be more precise.

    Yes Trent and you're a real power broker aren't you, bitching at this web site day in and day out with your Michael Moore/Cindy Sheehan/Noam Chomsky blather. Good Lord, what a loser. I can go to any campus (except fascist Berkley, Wellesley, et al) in this great land and pull down a cool 50K for a 45 minute talk. What would YOU get paid to give a speech at these places? Not jack shit because you're a miserable yapping fool with nary an original thought. Which makes you irrelevant, really NOTHING to be more precise.

    Posted by: King Karl at January 9, 2008 11:03 PM

    Karl Rove, ladies and gentlemen
    Still doing the same shit for over 30 years.

    And 50 Gs for a crash course on fascism? I'd rather keep my dignity. Amazing, what Pat Robertson's college is willing to pay.

    By the way, have you found those e-mails yet?

    Too damn funny and one of the biggest fools going !

    Posted by: Why Don't You Think at January 9, 2008 10:23 PM

    Yea, 10 mil a yr. You? That's what I thought.

    Posted by: Trent the Marxist at January 9, 2008 11:28 PM

    "Karl Rove, ladies and gentlemen
    Still doing the same shit for over 30 years."

    Yes, and with the undying gratitude of millions of common sense voters for saving this great land from John Kerry and Al Gore.

    "By the way, have you found those e-mails yet?"

    Yeah, the same people who throw shit like this against a wall to see if it will stick are the same people (i.e. Olbermann) who guaranteed that indictments were being handed down against me in the cae involving those phony liars, the Wilson-Plames. There's a couple of goofballs for you. They've got so little credibility that the only show that will peddle their lies is that lunatic Olbermann, Trent's hero.

    This is hilarious.

    Coronate is hardly a nonexistent word. Try consulting a dictionary next time.

    Secondly, the link you provided reveals the fact that the New York Times Best Sellers lists actually go to 35 and not 15 for individual categories such as HC Fiction, HC Non-Fiction, etc. The figures in the column entitled "Weeks on List" are only displayed for the first 15 titles. And wouldn't you know, there, in the link you provided, is Olbermann's book at #19, just as he said it was (not #18 as you erroneously stated).

    Using your logic one would be left with the impression that Freakonomics has never been on the New York Times Best Sellers list, ever, despite the fact that it has had next to a permanent fixture in the list for over two years and peaked at #2.

    Olbermann is far from being the sharpest knife in the drawer, but your "analysis" is a case study in egregious, asinine journalism and is worth a considerable amount of unintentional comedic value.

    Champagne effort, dumbass!

    Dude, you're grasping at some very short straws, but, I'm sure you know this. You got one thing right, though. Olbermahn is far from the sharpest knife in the drawer. So, why are you defending him? Just curious.

    > The figures in the column entitled "Weeks on List" are only displayed for the first 15 titles.

    Exactly, because the ones after 15 are NOT ON the list. But you can believe what you want, and do your best efforts as an Olbypologist. Perhaps you'd like to explain away the lie Olby told about Major Garrett and Fox next?

    Well, Mr King, as you have failed to provide any real substantive response indicating exactly which very short straws I am grasping at, perhaps you'd like to enlighten me by answering a short series of yes/no answers. I'm just curious, you know.

    1. Does the word "coronate" appear in the english language dictionary? (hint:

    2. When following the link provided in the article above, does the New York Times Best Seller list for Hardcover Non-Fiction have 35 entries?

    3. Does Keith Olbermann's book appear at #19?

    4. Isn't it ironic, don't ya think, that a website devoted to parsing Keith Olbermann's statement for factual errors (or lies, as the author puts it) contain multiple juvenile misstatements of fact within a single article that, and let's be charitable, make a fool of the efforts made?

    I have no love for Keith Olbermann. I have never seen his program in it's entirety, I do not find his Edward R. Murrow schtick appealing and I believe his Worst Person In The World segments and Bill O'Reilly fixations to be in poor taste.

    I reject your assertion that I am defending Keith Olbermann and instead put forward for consideration that I am merely attacking egregious, asinine journalism.

    This particular author is right up there in the honourary Ian Schwartz Blue Riband Dumbass category.

    > > The figures in the column entitled "Weeks on List" are only displayed for the first 15 titles.

    > Exactly, because the ones after 15 are NOT ON the list.

    So let me get this straight. The New York Times Best Sellers lists, published on the New York Times website, contain in list format 35 entries for each category, of which 20 of them are apparently added either randomly or mistakingly and bear absolutely no indication of how well those particular books are selling. Am I following you correctly?

    20 of the books on the list aren't actually on the list! Now that's an astounding leap of logic.

    > But you can believe what you want, and do your best efforts as an Olbypologist. Perhaps you'd like to explain away the lie Olby told about Major Garrett and Fox next?

    Why would I when Olbermann is obviously incorrect?

    But you can feel free to do your best efforts to divert attention away from your egregious, asinine, dumbass journalism.

    Coronate is most certainly a word. I'm a conservative and I don't particularly care for Olberman. but YOU might as well be on Keith's payroll with intellectual fumbles like that.


    Hurry, hurry J$ and correct your incorrect assertion that coronate is a nonexistant word.....And do it before Keith Olbermann corrects, on air with apology to Major Garrett and FOX NEWS, his erroneous report!.....

    I think you have PLENTY of time, J$!

    Actually, Mr. blank-FLUCKER (cue OLD SPICE jingle), the post at HuffPo has little to do with the fact that FOX NEWS did report, on the record, Begala's denial. The statement by Olbermann is false. No matter how many times Begala plead with Major Garrett that the story was false, as a reporter he did his duty....he presented what his sources told him AND also reported the targets of that story had denied the allegations.

    This is no different than any story that a figure is up to the reader or viewer to judge the credibility of the sourcing and the subject making the denial....I personally do not believe one word Mr. Begala ever says beause he has proven himself a partisan shill for all things Clinton...Bill or Hillary....he has his own agenda as a CNN employee to deny such overtures and I think he was not credible.

    Oh well, that is the problem, isn't it....Olbermann took it a step further and simply did not insure what he was saying was true.....FOX did report the denial by Begala and left it up to the viewer to decide.....Begala or Garret's sourced reporting.....

    Obviously, depending on who one is biased towards they may overlook the credibility problems of partisan hacks like Begala....

    I wonder if Rove would have been given such benefit of the doubt?

    Rachel Maddow is on every night
    To spin facts into moonbat plight
    Strap-on wearer
    America's error
    On Keith's Kountdown no one is right

    Wasted....I would put up Major Garrett's credibility to Paul Begala's anytime....Paul Begala is a screaching lunatic with personal agendas dating back to 1992....Garrett is a hardworking reporter who sourced his story....period....He also stated clearly for the record that Begala denied the story was true and that is all he is obligated to do....they report, you decide....Begala and Olbermann's contention of any journalistic problems on FOX NEWS regarding the story is not supported by the facts as shown by J$....The story was properly presented on 1/8/08 with sources and on the record denial by the target of the story....a certain CNN pundit and Clinton supporter....Paul Begala....

    Oh and on your second point....explain to us uninformed right-wingers what Turic meant by "strap-on." I was going to leave it untouched until you claimed it meant something obscene....?

    Thanks A N O N Y M O U S for the salon link, great essay.
    an excerpt:
    But Hillary herself, with her thin, spotty record, tangled psychological baggage, and maundering blowhard of a husband, is also a mighty big roll of the dice. She is a brittle, relentless manipulator with few stable core values who shuffles through useful personalities like a card shark ("Cue the tears!"). Forget all her little gold crosses: Hillary's real god is political expediency. Do Americans truly want this hard-bitten Machiavellian back in the White House? Day one will just be more of the same.

    "Garrett is a hardworking reporter who sourced his story....period....He also stated clearly for the record that Begala denied the story was true and that is all he is obligated to do....they report, you decide...."

    Posted by: cee at January 10, 2008 12:11 PM

    Thanks Cee. I think it should also be asked, in an apples to apples comparison, how does Garrett stack up to MSLSD's David Schuster? Schuster's "claim to fame" is his nightly "gloom and doom" scenario that he all but assured us lay ahead for Karl Rove in the bogus Valerie Plame CIA desk clerk case. Schuster regularly fed viewers a regurgitated version of's insistence that Fitzgerals was on the verge of handing down indictments against Rove. No sources who doubted the hysterical partisan blather presented by the nutty truthout site were ever consulted by Slippery. Just night after night of "the sky is falling" for Rove. And of course Olbermann, seeing his fantasies plyed out, kept egging Schuster on, honorable Edward R. Murrow clone that he is. When no indictments were handed down against Rove, there was barely a whisper about it on Meltdown.

    One would think that a responsible network would have demoted or reasssigned Schuster to some invisible desk job after this embarrassment, but we're talking MSLSD and Boy Blunder Abrams here .

    Edwards, chucked under the bus by Kerry. Just goes to show that views and record have no bearing on backing a candidate. Not to mention loyalty, not in the (d) vocabulary.

    Posts AAPuke:

    "Pastor DUMBFUCK! I mean Phallu-Cee!
    There are plenty of leftists in your waiting room."


    The question for today is how long has it been since your mommy knocked you off her tits. You truely are the biggest baby on the net.

    Posts ANONYMOUS:

    "For the first time, I was drawn to a comparison with the Dole fiasco. Two good and decent, but senior and uninspiring men."


    Wonder if you could have asked someone after they had just leaped from the top of one of the Trade Centers how they felt about a bad and corrupt, but young and uninspiring piece of shit like Bill Clinton who is solely responsible for 9/11.

    For credibility comparisons, did not Garrett state, on 1/8/08, that Begala had denied the truth of his story...."on the record."

    A simple yes or no is all that is needed....Now, read Begala's screed on HuffPo and watch Olbermann's attack....what do they say?.....

    Begala claims "Fox News knew the truth." Why, because Begala told them what the truth was?....That is illogical.....Begala could have had contact with the campaign and then said he did not. He offers nothing more than his version of events. Garrett reported Begala's version and his sources' version.

    Olbermann claims Fox never said Begala denied the report....J$ clearly illustrates that is a lie....

    So gents....about credibility?

    1:24PM......Thanks wasted....

    Oh my....Katy Turic has been blue before, but my goodness......

    I went up to the Lean office yeasterday where I worked. Our comapny is going through a lean certification process and we have a dedicated deparment to implement the process. The engineer over it is the only other engineer I've met in almost 30 years that claim to be a democrat. We recently hired an engineer thaat grew up in Lebanon. His family came to the US in his teens. He has a master in ME from SC. Sharp as hell and we get along damned good. He got in a huge arguement with this lean dude oneday after he interjected himself into a conversation he was not a part of but overheard someone say something good about George Bush. In addition to calling George Bush every name in the book he also said he would like to shoot him. Damnes shame he didn;t have a tpae recorder.

    Andre, the Lebanese engineer, told me about the arguement and how this lean dude ran out of the room after he sat him straight.

    Andre loves this country. He gets made when he hears liberals attack our own country. He says the US is the best country in the world and that we are the envy of the world. He says who cares what others think, fuckem. He says we are the reason there is peace in the world today. He also said liberals have no idea what they are talking about in the Middle East and they have no idea of what real hate is because he grew up in it.

    I get along with everyone and I know what I can talk to someone about. I get along with this lean dude and would never talk politics. While I ws in the office I over heard this lean engineer getting ugly with someone on the phone. His face was red. he's balder than a bowling ball and has a skow that Olby would be proud of. When he hung up he went to cursing. He starts telling me about a hernia operation he went through and that the anesthesiologist (sic) ws not in our HMO. Our insurance paid all of his $7k hospital bill but $900 to his doctor and the $1300 to the anesthesiologist. He had to pay but he would get back a lot of the $1300. Then he says it's a conspiracy between teh insurance company and the doctors and the anesthesiologist. I just sat there and listened to him. I kept looking at his sour puss and the red invading the top of his bald head expecting it to pop at any moment and Keith Olberamnn come jumping out.

    Then the comical line came out, "And people say we are not living in a thrid world country".

    There you have it my friends from the "have nots". It aint just never good enough. Whine, bitch, moan, squall, all gloom and doom.

    I'm not sure what he's making but this company pays damned good, damn good. I would assume he has at least a BS in engineering since it is a requirement here. He's living in the best country in the world and yet he calls it a third world country.

    You liberals need to get teh fuck out before we make you get the fuck out.

    phony soldier, tone your rhetoric down. It accomplishes nothing. It would be much appreciated by all. O'leily and aap have that market cornered as you well know. Do you want to be associated with O'leily and aap? I would think not.

    I wouldn't hold your breath. I would expect many rationals as to why the above comment is really not a threat, because as we all know Republicans don't do that.

    Posted by: at January 10, 2008 3:33 PM

    Now, there's some insight........

    Well no one has stepped forward to prove me wrong. You certainly haven't done it doctor stupid.

    Posted by: at January 10, 2008 4:05 PM

    There's a reason you don't use a name most of the time. No accountability to your idiocy and lies.

    Thanks for proving my point.

    Finally, some good news.....

    ZAMBARANIYAH, Iraq (AP) - U.S. warplanes unleashed one of the most intense airstrikes of the Iraq war Thursday, dropping 40,000 pounds of explosives in a thunderous 10-minute onslaught on suspected al-Qaida in Iraq safe havens in Sunni farmlands south of Baghdad.
    The mighty barrage—recalling the Pentagon's "shock and awe" raids during the 2003 invasion—appeared to mark a significant escalation in a countrywide offensive launched this week to try to cripple remaining insurgent strongholds.

    Olbyloon Ed
    Subject: Big Oil, Drug Co./Socialist Hypocrisy

    Hillary Rodham Gore
    New York Sun Editorial
    January 10, 2008

    On the night of her primary victory, Senator Clinton credited the people of New Hampshire with helping her find her own voice. To judge by the rest of her remarks, it is the voice of an angry, divisive class-warrior, more like Senator Edwards than Senator Obama. "The oil companies, the drug companies, the health insurance companies, the predatory student loan companies have had seven years of a president who stands up for them. It's time we had a president who stands up for all of you," Mrs. Edwa… sorry, Clinton told her audience. She said she would deliver on the promise that "the government will be of the people, by the people and for the people, not just the privileged few."

    Wow, who's running NJ with most of the politicians in the pen or headed to the pen?

    You should stick to ridiculing 16 yr olds, loser. His iq is probably 3 times what yours is.

    My 16 year old son watches Olbie every night. And, not because he likes what he has to say - he's amused by what he has to say because he can easily debunk nearly every claim that Olbie makes. He also watches South Park every night. He wrote a paper last year for his Freshman Humanities class on how political jokes and references made in several South Park episodes were much more credible than news stories reported by Olbie. He got an "A".

    Posted by: Stacy at January 10, 2008 3:06 PM

    I bet that is an interesting paper.

    Posted by: at January 10, 2008 7:30 PM

    Sorority sister RK continues to offer no thoughts of his own regarding any of the above subjects.

    Posted by: at January 10, 2008 7:34 PM

    " I can honstly tell you that I am not interested in the Alabama coaching job"

    Then I took the job shortly thereafter...

    This is why reporters report stories and the statements of the principles of the stories and then see what happens.

    When Woodward and Bernstein reported on Nixon, they didn't just take a denial from Nixon and go "oh well" and throw the story away...

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