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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

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    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    January 16, 2008
    MSM Bandwagon #324: Olbyloon Fan & Playboy Respond!

    As revealed by Olbermannwatch, a Playboy editor decided that in the face of an avalanche of negative reaction to their interview with Keith Olbermann, he would seek a pro-Olbermann letter in support of Olby from none other than an unabashed and biased Olbermann fan. Said Olbyloon could not resist the temptation of bragging about this breach of journalistic ethics (they even let her use a fake name). A flood of websites TVNewser, MediaBistroFishbowl NYC, Inside Cable News, Gawker, Jossip, Huffington Post, Newsbusters, and finally, the NY Daily News (Page Six). picked up on the story-they too were shocked that a major magazine would attempt to prop up the decidely unpopular opinionator who disguses himself as a journalist and his biased tv program as a "news show". Well, both the Playboy Editor and the Olbyloon have responded. And my what a tangled web they weave.

    From Playboy's blog:

    The New York Post reported this morning, following a bunch of hysterical blog postings, that I asked the editor of a Keith Olbermann fan site to respond with a letter to our Interview with the man that appeared in the October issue. Well, faithful Playboy reader, it's true! I invited Becky Last-Name-Not-Public-Knowledge over at to read the Interview (she may have already done so) and write a letter if she felt so inspired.

    "So inspired?" Yeah, sure. Like you didn't think if you made a request she wouldn't do it to promote the notion that people actually liked the interview with her beloved Olbermann? And what choice did you have but to admit it? Becky had already spilled on you!

    Two quick points: (1) I didn't tell her to make her letter "gushing."

    No, he didn't want a "gushing" letter-it's why he chose a fan to write it!

    In fact, she wrote a smart response and we were glad to have it.

    Glad to have it? Hell son, you soliticed for it--I guess you were glad to have it because you desperately needed and wanted someone to write a pro-Olbermann letter for you!

    I try to include a variety of views in the letters pages because I know from experience that people who agree with something are less likely to write, and this is born out by the fact we have since gotten letters from K.O. lovers who can't believe all the K.O. haters who wrote.

    So why not just wait and run those letters in NEXT month's Playboy? Why take the unusual step of soliciting the owner of a fan blog to write that support letter?

    Anyone who actually reads Playboy, rather than just posting snide comments about it (that "for the articles" joke is so clever! More, please), can't be too surprised. We have invited experts who might not otherwise see the magazine to comment, in whatever way they see fit, in our letters pages since the 1960s. It makes for a more spirited debate.

    So tell us, do you often allow them to remain anonymous while doing so? And "experts"? Is that how we classify girly fans now? And someone identifying himself as a past guest on Olbermann's show and a journalist himself and regular Playboy reader, did find it all a bit unusual and had this to say about the little charade:

    Even though I enjoyed the Olbermann interview, and in fact have been a guest on his MSNBC show, as a journalist I'm troubled by the solicitation of a letter in order to "balance out" the response on the "Dear Playboy" page to a certain section or article. I'm not naive to the fact that this isn't the first time Playboy editors have done this, or that Playboy is far from the only publication to do it. But is it the job of the editor to make sure that there's balance on the letters page if the balance isn't naturally there, without asking to chime in, no matter how expert they are? I'm not sure about that.

    But super-Olbyloon fan "Becky" just can't seem to shut-up. She just has to post this interesting bit of info related to the whole Playboy scam. Even she admits she found the entire episode somewhat suspect!

    After I got over the initial shock of, "who, me?" when the request came, I did think it was a bit odd. I don't know diddly about how these things work though

    Really now? But yet you seemed so familiar with these kind of matters and that using a pen name wasn't in the least unusual! So which is it? Ignorant or savvy? Or just willing to break rules when they apply to Olbermann?

    There were two conditions that would have given me pause: if I had been requested to not mention the circumstances of my involvement or if writing under a pseudonym was a problem. Since Mr. Rowe had no qualms about my disclosing anything save for his email address, I didn't think about my concerns again. After all, I wasn't dealing with the National Enquirer here.

    Oh well, just so long as they met your PERSONAL standards, I guess it's okay then. But now that we know that Playboy does allow pseudonyms in their letters to the editor I guess the National Enquirer is looking a little better these days.

    I realize that it sounds like a conspiracy theory for me to think that this was some wingnut sending tips. But I have been on this block too long with my ear too close to the ground to be able to think otherwise.

    Ahhh--another fine example of Olbyloon paranoia, up close and personal. They have yet to uncover any site that openly solicited for negative letters to the Olbermann Playboy interview but yet they remain convinced it happened, despite the utter lack of evidence that it did!

    When I say that this blog is obscure, I mean that if you Google "olbermann" it doesn't come up until somewhere around page 12. And while traffic here is good enough for it to be a "mid-level" blog by Technorati's standards, that doesn't mean much more than I've got people besides my friends and family reading it.

    Yes "Becky" about that-how is it that Playboy found YOUR obscure little website? After all, some of your competitors have placed Google ads to have THEIR sites come up before yours. Why was YOURS chosen? Might it have been at the suggestion of say. .. one Keith Olbermann or someone on the Countdown staff? In fact looking at some of the other Olbyloon sites, they seem a bit miffed that no one asked them to do the same for him.

    The idea that this was some sort of round robin, each outlet cribbing it from the next, is fine. Except pro blogs will always cite where it came from, like NY Magazine and Conde Nast Traveller did today in citing Page Six. By and large those cites weren't in place, making me reasonably sure that this wasn't a game of Follow the Leader. (I won't go into how this morning's spate of nasty taunts full of the usual code words has corresponded to a larger than usual influx of site referrals from webmail.)

    We have no idea on earth what this woman is talking about here. The links we saw clearly lead to her website or cited another when talking about this incident. (But thanks for pointing out two links we'd missed earlier). Yet "Becky" still insists it was part of some vast, right-wing conspiracy. And "code words"? Gee what would those be exactly-those websites quoting exactly what she admitted to doing?

    I never wanted ERT to be big and if I did, infamy is certainly not the path I would have chosen to achieve that.

    Relax honey, your web stats prove that your blog is indeed only seen by a select few fans. It seems your site has more "editors" than actual readers. And infamy? No dear, that's saved for the likes of your beloved Keith Olbermann who sincerely seems to believe that Fox News is worse than the terrorists who crashed into the WTC on 9/11.

    Yes, I have found the entire situation to be hella amusing. It's also been exhausting, as I am quite uncomfortable with attention. If I hadn't kept a sense of humor about it all I would have ended up hiding under my blankets. I'm sorry you see it as basking, I'm just trying to make the best of being thrust into a very strange situation.

    Yes, it's all very strange indeed. And you poor, shy, retiring thing. Posting on the Playboy blog must have been such a difficult thing for you to do seeing how you just hate drawing attention to yourself. And I know it must have been so terribly difficult for you to make the decision to link to all of those gossip sites on your blog who carried the story because as we know, you're not in this for any kind of attention. Why it must have been just hell for you to use the opportunity to welcome your influx of new visitors and then encourage them to stay-what with it being your desire to keep your blog small and unoticed and everything.

    Oh-and one more bit of Olbyloon BS to expose while I'm at it today: This letter from "Houstonian" who is also a regular at Democratic Underground appeared at Becky-Using-A-Fake-Name's website:

    KO's supporters (and editors of this blog) would never attempt to look up a person's e-mail address, check out the commentator's background, attack that person or that person's family, just because they have a different viewpoint about Keith Olbermann. That's what makes the Playboy incident necessary.

    KO's supporters would NEVER look up a person's email address, check out their background, attack that person or their family? Hmm. Tell that to the Blogger at Tom Paine who wrote a piece on Olbermann's overt sexist remarks. Not only did the DUmmies track down the woman's email, they also found her personal blog and began an organized campaign to send her nasty emails! Truth is just so. . . inconvienient sometimes isn't it?

    Posted by Brandon | Permalink | Comments (45) | | View blog reactions


    At least you guys are watching Keith, maybe you'll learn something.

    "Learn something?" Yeah we have. We've learned that Olbermann is a habitual liar.

    WOW!! What an amazing development!!!
    I smell a pulitzer for you Brandon!!!

    God you're a douche with a lot of time on his hands. Now please, call me an Olbermann fan because I think you're a fucking idiot.

    So tell me foul-mouthed one, would you be the Playboy Editor or "Becky" or just one of the usual Olbyloons? Whatever-it's very apparent you all are very comfortable with playing fast and loose with the facts and equally uncomfortable about revealing your true identities.

    Olbermann Manhood Quotient Alert
    I wonder when Keith will be reporting this?

    The GE/Nuke/Yucca Mountain conspiracy:

    At 5:25 p.m., shortly after the Nevada Supreme Court refused to give Dennis Kucinich a seat at the debate, a small band of his supporters marched to a far corner of a parking lot outside the Cashman Center, where supporters of the three major candidates.

    Spectators soon realized that Kucinich was among them. He said:

    “The fact of the matter is, NBC is owned by General Electric. General Electric makes power plants. General Electric wants to make sure there is a place to dump the waste.”

    He was talking about nuclear waste and the now shuttered Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump site northwest of Las Vegas. Kucinich has joined the state of Nevada in opposing the dump. Thus, he said, GE is trying to keep him off the air.

    “Now the media has become an issue in this campaign by trying to determine who should be in this debate,” he said.

    The Cleveland congressman said he will fight for changes to Federal Communications Commission law to ensure that future candidates can participate in debates. “This underlying corruption is something that undermines our democracy. I’m asking you to continue our efforts to stand up and speak.”

    It amazing that with all the scandals going on currently with this administration that you guys find the time to concoct a scandal that involves an interview with a tv personality. Are you kidding? Selective outrage is running amok in this country.

    Excellent recap Brandon. You nailed it! Great Thanks. (BTW, sorry to hear about the death in your family. Stay strong.)

    Ah- the "why pick on KeithO while this country slips into the abyss" defense from lil' Joey.

    Soo, glad the loons come here. Showing their true idiocy, as usual.

    There is a thin-skinned attitude by Mr Dollar when it comes to iies. It's not my fault that Keith tells so many of them about Fox.

    Thank you "news" for your condolences
    -and also, to widely-spaced Anonymous who expressed theirs in another thread.

    And let's not forget that it's not only Fox News that Olbermann lies about. That would just be the tip of the iceberg with him.

    "Why do you care abut Olbermann's lies, when the world (insert cause of the day)"

    My issue with that bullshit accusation "is that liberals pretend they live a life full of no levity... its all about politics, country, and the good of the world. Spare me your indignation. I hope Joey meandered over to a KeithO fan site and bitched about their wasted cause in spreading Keith's propaganda.

    Liberals pretend their out planting trees, feeding the homeless, riding their eco-friendly bikes, and making the world a better place while we waste our lives finding hypocrisy on Countdown everynight.

    Freaks like Joey litter blue blogs daily.
    Freaks like Joey watch sports every week.
    Freaks like Joey play poker or solitaire.

    Yet in his little world, its not misplaced energy (like he claims this site is). Becuase he is fighting the good fight- running around thinking everything else in this world is obsesses with triviality. What a loser.

    Some one kick his little soap box out from under his birkenstocks.


    If Dennis Kucinich were green he would look EXACTLY like a Martian.

    So tell me foul-mouthed one, would you be the Playboy Editor or "Becky" or just one of the usual Olbyloons? Whatever-it's very apparent you all are very comfortable with playing fast and loose with the facts and equally uncomfortable about revealing your true identities.

    Posted by: Brandon at January 16, 2008 1:47 PM

    Sorry, I'm none of the above. I'm just someone who read your thrilling recap and wanted to let you know how you're wasting your life.

    Ah- the "why pick on KeithO while this country slips into the abyss" defense from lil' Joey.

    Soo, glad the loons come here. Showing their true idiocy, as usual.

    Posted by: benson at January 16, 2008 2:23 PM

    The "loons" are showing their idiocy.
    Meanwhile the Olbermann bashers are showing their incredible brainpower and profoundly important messages.

    Go tell it Brandon. You're changing the world.

    I just question the value of the mission.

    Posted by: A N O N Y M O U S at January 16, 2008 2:42 PM

    I think the value of the mission of this site is to provide free ombudsmen to a struggling cable news network that seems unable to provide one of their own. I think that is very progressive.

    We are a media watchdog site devoted to documenting the lies of Keith Olbermann, one lie at a time. It's very easy to do actually. Having honest journalists is important to our society. Unfortunately, Keith Olbermann is neither a journalist nor honest.

    Blogging here is also a great exercise in the ridiculous. It's fascinating to me to watch as his loons rush in trying to convince us all why the Gop or Bush's latest policy is wrong, despite the name of the blog. God knows they've tried every means possible to change the course of conversation in this parts and sometimes, that's not necessarily a bad thing. But it is their earnestness in believing that every one who doesn't like Olbermann is somehow a GOP or Fox News or Murdoch Corp operative that is the most hilarious notion of all. If only they knew. . . but of course how would they know? They depend upon Olbermann for their news and are used to great generalizations that have little basis in fact.

    Sorry, I'm none of the above. I'm just someone who read your thrilling recap and wanted to let you know how you're wasting your life.

    Posted by: at January 16, 2008 3:19 PM

    Trolling a blog that proves your hero is a fraud, yea, your doing wonders! Defending the defensless, boy wonder/why/patsy!

    In her letter to Playboy in defense of Olbermann, "Becky Trulove" argues that Olbermann's comment comparing FNC to AQ is some sort of rhetorical hyperbole taken out of context and blown out of proportion in the "far-right echo chamber". She ends by saying, "Lies and wars don't get these folks riled, but they seem to think that Olbermann is Lucifer himself."

    Oh, yeah...this is what Playboy editor Chip Rowe refers to as a non-fawning "smart" response to counter balance the negative one Playboy received over the interview.

    Playboy readers who were appalled by a hideously trivializing and self-serving comparison of a man's professional and personal foes to an international enemy who had attacked us on our own shore and killed thousands of our fellow citizens, suddenly found themselves being referred to as members of the "far-right", or at the very least, as being simpletons duped by the far-right.

    Not only does the Playboy editor feel it necessary to "balance" the opinions of the magazine's readers with an "expert" who is not a journalist, a television professional, or even someone designated by their name.... he finds it "smart" when this expert insults them.

    That's some signal of confidence in your readership, Mr. Rowe...

    Posted by: [Cecelia] at January 16, 2008 5:13 PM

    The defense of Olbermann's journalism (loosely defined) has evolved from the "O'Reilly does the same thing!!" to "What about Bush??" to the latest apologia, "Why do you care?"

    As the saying goes, an empty wagon makes the most noise.

    For those interested in our concern, it is troubling - or should be - that a major news network is using an openly partisan commentator not only to host ostensibly a "news show" but also to co-host their news desk when covering Presidential debates and primaries.

    Presidential debates, folks. Not dog shows (insert smart remark here______).

    Now that should be disturbing to people who want quality news and honest reporting.

    Sure, you can point elsewhere to similar sins. But that only ignores the problem that we confront here: Keith Olbermann and MSNBC.

    Ex-lawmaker charged in terror conspiracy

    Mark Deli Siljander, a Michigan Republican when he was in the House, was charged with money laundering, conspiracy and obstructing justice for allegedly lying about lobbying senators on behalf of an Islamic charity that authorities said was secretly sending funds to terrorists.;_ylt=AigulAmG0BQfFoyOIABZcVcDW7oF

    Sure, you can point elsewhere to similar sins. But that only ignores the problem that we confront here: Keith Olbermann and MSNBC.

    Posted by: Steve at January 16, 2008 5:59 PM

    I'm not sure "biased newsman" covers it. Chris Matthews, who also hosts MSNBC political event coverage, is a pundit and news analyst who has a certain perspective on things that stems from his being a traditional Democrat of the God, country, family, labor union sort of perspective.

    Olbermann's take goes beyond the sort of political shading that naturally colors perspectives. He has voiced downright contempt for the people he's covering. How "fair" is it to let a guy who has called the Republican Party the leading terrorist group in the country and repeatedly called upon President Bush to resign, also host MSNBC's coverage of the Republican debates and the President's speeches?

    No matter what anyone says about FNC host Brit Hume's political leanings, he never called on Clinton to resign, called him a criminal, or compared the Democratic Party to terrorists.

    I don't have a problem with Olbermann at those events as a talking head, like Tucker or Scarborough. A co-host, no.

    I can understand the impulse of the cable news executives to want their big hitter out there as the face of MSNBC. They want to cater to the audience of lefties who have flocked to their channel via Olbermann and his rhetoric. It's about money and ratings. What I don't understand is why media critics and others in the industry who are there to balance that impulse with ethical concerns have let them get away with it.

    This is off subject, but I wouldn't charecterize Mathews as a democrat. For instance he voted for Bush in the 2000 Election, has been extremely critical of Hillary and seems to be a fairly big fan of Rudy.

    That is not enough to say he is a conservative, but I think the mantle of independet is one he probably wears well.

    Posted by: at January 16, 2008 6:35 PM

    Well, I characterize him as a Democrat. He worked for Tip O'Neill and was a newspaper columnist with a liberal perspective for years.

    His analysis of politics for MSNBC may contain both criticism and praise for the politicians he covers, but that doesn't make him an "independent".

    As for his voting for Bush, he has said he was disappointed with the Democratic Party over their defense of Clinton during the Lewinsky matter. I liken that to the way some long-time Democrats from the industrial regions of the country, voted anti-communist Reagan into office in '80.

    An interesting comment Mathews made during the Clinton era is that he supported Clinton's policies but ravished him over Lewinsky, whereas the far left in his party, hated Clinton's policies, but supported his political machinations during the Lewinsky scandal.

    I think the tendency to hard cast who is Republican, Democrat, or Independent based upon some sort of standard of acceptance of party politics, is misguided. Particularly when you're talking about someone who is also a news analyst.

    But it is their earnestness in believing that every one who doesn't like Olbermann is somehow a GOP or Fox News or Murdoch Corp operative that is the most hilarious notion of all.

    Posted by: Brandon at January 16, 2008 3:34 PM

    I would venture to say that at the very least one of the authorities out here, Johnny Dollar, is a FoxNews operative. Doesn't he have a website that is an homage to that piece of shit network?

    The "hilarious notion" is that you think by not STATING that you're fans of the GOP that its not true.
    Maybe you're not. Maybe your life's calling of debunking a clearly liberal TV personality has nothing to do with disagreeing with his politics. Maybe you just have such high standards that you HATE Olbermann's methods.

    But I doubt it.
    Much in the same way that I wish Rush Limbaugh would get wrapped up in another scandal, this one causing him to lose his "empire", I believe it to be politically driven. I believe you hate Olbermann at least as much for the message as you do for the methods.

    Go ahead and deny it. If you don't call yourself a nutty RWer no one can prove it...
    Unless theyit the other sites you've built defending RW news networks.

    Posted by: [Cecelia] at January 16, 2008 5:13 PM

    Cecelia is obviously disgusted at the way Playboy chose to handle its interview's backlash.

    Maybe she is one of the modern ladies who reads Playboy "just for the articles"...

    I bet if I slapped the shit out of Olby you would fall out from between the cheeks of his ass.


    Posted by: Phony Soldier at January 16, 2008 5:58 PM

    I have a feeling your "slapping the shit" out of people days are LONG GONE you old fuck.

    You get a lot of pleasure out of being an internet tough guy, but I bet you're a little Barney Fife type in person. You scare no one.

    Cecelia is obviously disgusted at the way Playboy chose to handle its interview's backlash.

    Maybe she is one of the modern ladies who reads Playboy "just for the articles"...

    Posted by: at January 16, 2008 10:28 PM

    Actually, I haven't seen a Playboy since my brothers were teenagers, but if I did read it, I'd read it for the same reason you watch Keith Olbermann.

    I'd read it for the 'fine fiction'...

    Well, I characterize him as a Democrat.

    Posted by: Cecelia at January 16, 2008 6:54 PM

    I bet Cecelia would describe Rush as a democrat. I think it would be real hard to be republican enough for Cecelia.

    I bet Cecelia would describe Rush as a democrat. I think it would be real hard to be republican enough for Cecelia.

    Posted by: at January 16, 2008 10:36 PM

    No, it only takes SAYING that you're a Republican. Same goes with Democrats and Chris Matthews calling himself one.

    The Olbyloons believe, with every fiber of their soul, that if you hate Olbermann, you have to be a hard-core right-winger. True, some of them are beginning to finally see the light about him, what with his cheerleading for HRC and his refusal to stand up for Dennis Kucinich's right to appear in the Vegas debate. Some now are questioning his grasp of politics and the economy-he appears quite out of his depth on any number of issues when called upon to discuss them in the political roundtables as the primaries progress. His obsession with Fox News in general and Bill O'Reilly in particular are also beginning to get a bit much for even the most dedicated of Olbyloons. I'm sure as this year progresses, they'll begin to see the light on any number of things regarding Olbermann.

    And for the information of Mr./Ms. 10:21 pm, I did not vote for George Bush either time he ran for office of the presidency. I was against the Iraq war from day one. I knew once we got in there we'd never be able to leave and I've been proven correct about that. It disturbed me greatly to know that our troops weren't getting the support they needed from the US government. But the idea that there is some quick, easy fix and we can snap our fingers and bring them home instantly is ridiculous.

    I know it's easy to label us all here as hard-core, right-wing Republicans but that is simply not the case with me. I don't agree 100% with what the Dems say, I don't agree 100% with what the Republicans say. If I had to put a ratio on my idealogy I'd say it was about 50/50. I don't have any problem with abortion being legal, but I support the death penalty. I don't hate the police as most of the liberals do. I believe in a free-market economy. I don't think though that there should be a limit on medical malpractice suits and the like.

    And FYI: I'm no slave to Fox News. I watch Shep Smith and that's pretty much it for my Fox viewing. I don't care to watch certain opinion shows on Fox because to me, it's just GOP cheerleading just as Olbermann cheerleads for the Dems.

    My beef with Olbermann is that he is a partisan hack and still insists he's delievering a news show, not an opinion show. No, Shep Smith has a news show. Anderson Cooper has a news show. What Olbermann does is opinion, plain, pure, and simple. He insists that is so and his network bills him as that.

    That's wrong just as it would be wrong if Hannity presented his program as news, which by the way, they do not.

    So you see, it's very easy for me to deny being a Republican because my voter-registration card says "Independent". Another Olbyloon fantasy shot all to hell.

    Buy yourself a dog, a fish, a pet rock... something!

    Leave the "hate (of) Olbermann" to Johnny BU$HWIPE!
    BTY, you just might have landed on Johnny BU$HWIPE's shit list since you've accused:

    "I don't care to watch certain opinion shows on Fox because to me, it's just GOP cheerleading just as Olbermann cheerleads for the Dems"

    Another Olbyloon fantasy shot all to hell.

    Posted by: Brandon at January 17, 2008 10:18 AM

    I think that notion pretty well crosses the board here.

    If you're a Democrat here, no matter how much you say you're just here to critique some ole right-wingers, you're accused of being an Olbermann sympathizer (if not supporter) and if you're here to critique Olbermann, the same folks accuse you of being a Bushie.

    In the vast majority of cases, both sides are probably correct.

    The bottom line on THAT issue is that it's still just a strawman argument, used only to deflect from any discussion of Keith Olbermann and his show.

    If Dennis Kucinich were green he would look EXACTLY like a Martian.

    Posted by: Fer A Gigot at January 16, 2008 3:18 PM

    You've seen Martians?

    Olbermann has been called the Rush Limbaugh of the Left on this site. Olbermann has also been allowed to moderate a Republican debate. Let's get Rush to moderate a Democrat debate. That would be fun!

    Actually, I haven't seen a Playboy since my brothers were teenagers...
    Posted by: Cecelia at January 16, 2008 10:33 PM

    Playboy has been around since the 20's?!? wow!

    Let's get Rush to moderate a Democrat debate. That would be fun!

    Posted by: King Karl at January 17, 2008 4:03 PM

    I'm afraid there would have to be a janitor with a mop and bucket standing behind each of the candidates to mop urine. It wouldn't be a pretty site.

    You may not know this since you don't watch Countdown, but Olbermann is notorious for insulting women and making very degrading and unwarranted degradations against women. Olbermann's venom against women I think is actually a better example of his insecurity.

    Actually, Rush is a complete wimp and failure when it comes to women. He can't have a meaningful, lasting relationship with any woman, and he seems petrified of strong women. I think he'd be the one peeing all about.

    Posted by: A N O N Y M O U S at January 17, 2008 4:37 PM

    Are you referring to obama, edwards and kucinich? Billary is not a woman in case you haven't noticed. She's more of a man than all three of the others, combined.

    Actually, I haven't seen a Playboy since my brothers were teenagers...
    Posted by: Cecelia at January 16, 2008 10:33 PM

    Playboy has been around since the 20's?!? wow!

    Posted by: It's a joke, get it? at January 17, 2008 4:16 PM

    No, not since their early teens...

    (get it..)

    Does anyone think Olbermann will return to Football Night In America? The negative reviews of his performance are legion and I can't think of a single objective football savvy observer who thought Olbermann did well.

    Of course, this gig was part of Olby's package that was negotiated when MSLSD renewed him last year. Olby's wildly exaggerated notions of grandeur convinced him that he could wing it as a football guy, but his awkward and contrived delivery reinforced what everyone already knew-- he was out of his depth on the set where Costas, Collinsworth, Barber and Bettis chatted comfortably and knowledgably about the games they covered while Olbermann was trying to shoehorn in his pre-scripted gags and jokes which invariably fell flat.

    And of course, once Olbermann's script reached it's end and he had no pre-scripted jokes, you could just feel the tension ooze out of the TV as Olbermann would attempt to stutter and stammer his way through impromptu extempraneous banter with Costas or endure another zinger from Collinsworth. No wonder Orange Boy won't allow dissenting voices on Meltdown, he would simply crater unless others are kissing his ass and giving him his talking points.

    "Olbermann is actually doing well on the show."

    Do you think that Olbermann should kiss Rachel Maddow's left butt cheek or her right butt cheek next time she parrots his opinions?

    Olbermann continues to be more successful in his career the longer this site exists.
    Coincidence ?
    Maybe, maybe not, but the facts speak for themselves.

    Posted by: at January 17, 2008 10:47 PM
    Oh, and Collingsworth is a pompous ass. And I think more people see that than anything Olbermann is doing.

    Posted by: at January 17, 2008 10:50 PM

    Does anyone think Olbermann will return to Football Night In America?
    Posted by: hank at January 17, 2008 10:17 PM

    As long as NBC continues to give it to NFL up the ass, getting all the best games, I think the ratings will continue to climb. Funny thing though, the pre-game show ratings were way down from last year. But his MSLSD ratings hit close to a million every night soon after appearing on NBC every Sunday. I guess the brass is going to have to figure out which is more, his Countdown ratings climb or his pre-game ratings drop.

    Does anyone have a link for the year?

    "He's privileged to have such a knowledgable person on the show.
    How many news shows get a Rhodes Scholar to be on ?"

    Posted by: at January 18, 2008 12:10 AM

    Well, one other "news" show I can think of had a Rhodes Scholar on-- Tucker Carlson. And of course, the Rhodes Scholar he had on was the very same Rachel Maddow, on multiple occasions.

    Now what do you think is the main difference between Maddow's apperances on Carlson's show and her appearances on Meltdown, hosted by the mentally ill Keith Olbermann? Give up? When Maddow appeared on Carlson's show, they each had an actual (civilized) debate. You know, where they each took the opposing side of an issue and each made their best arguments so as to allow viewers to decide which arguments were the most persuasive.

    On Meltdown, things are far different. It is understood in advance that Maddow and Olbermann will each mutually support each other's view. There is never any disagreement, never any differing viewpoint, just agreement and nodding of heads. Any contradictory facts or evidence that might be offered by an opposing voice
    are nowhere to be found.

    If you think I should be impressed that Olbermann has a Rhodes Scholar on his program you are wrong. Her only function is to agree with Olbermann. Let me know when Olbermann brings on a Rhodes Scolar on his program who challenges his ideas (like Carlson has done). Then I will be inpressed, but you and I both know that will never happen.

    wow, Tucker Carlson a Rhodes Scholar, cool.