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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    May 31, 2008
    Mark Levin Cites Olbermann Watch, Reports on Keith's Tax Cheating

    On his Friday night radio program, constitutional attorney Mark Levin reported on Keith Olbermann's pattern of tax dodging. He wanted to know why Oralmann and MSLSD refuse to address Keith's repeated failures to play by the rules and pay his fair share of taxes. This of course is tax money that undoubtedly would have been spent on shelter for homeless veterans, baby formula for starving infants, and educational benefits for our returning cold-blooded killers troops, instead of being used by Herr Olbermann to secure his Trump Palace crib. But we digress. We have the audio of Dr Levin for your listening pleasure:

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (7) | | View blog reactions
    links for 2008-05-31

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (8) | | View blog reactions
    May 30, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 30, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • SCOTT MCCLELLAN BOOK: Howard Fineman, Newsweek senior Washington correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Richard Wolffe, Newsweek senior White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Jonathan Alter, Newsweek columnist and NBC News political analyst

    Another opening spiel, another show: The McClellan Book! (TMB) TMB fallout! Sabre-rattling! [Ding!] Nightly McCain attack! Puerto Rico unimportant! Nightly O'Reilly attack! It's casual Friday at Olbermann Watch.

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: TMB! Right-wing echo chamber! [Ding!] Bob Dole thinks he's a greedy opportunist! McClellan might vote for Obama. Or maybe he won't. It's got to be one or the other. Oralmann called GOP candidate "McSame", gave lengthy DNC ad a free run. The Pundit for All Occasions, Howard Sameman, nattered that they're out to destroy McClellan. Howie was Great Thanksed.

    Next up a terrific scoop from last night's blue dress interview: McClellan doesn't know what the administration's plans are regarding Iran. Oooh, that's scary! And definitely a stop-the-presses headline. Sabre-rattling! [Ding!] Krazy Keith pimped out the Wolffe Man, who simpered in that prissy way that Olby loves so much about how McClellan had more access than Tony Snow ever had. Right.

    #4: The ObamaVision circuity is cranked up for the latest bash Hillary, gush over Barack segment. Lefty Alter parroted. Odd, for all the coverage, night after night, of Hagee [Ding!] not one mention was made of Pfleger. But hey, this is OlbyPlanet.

    After the "Bushed" segment (Blue Blog Sources: Raw Story, Talking Points Memo, Arnstein Larsen) came #3: Nightly McCain attack. Gen Olbermahn ruled that the goal of the surge was not reducing violence. Oh really? Bathtub Boy claimed last year that the surge would be nothing more than "failed bloodletting". Oralmann went on to attack Gen Petraeus as a mere "politician" out to "sell a political platform". Comedian Rachel Maddow, tonight playing a military expert, ridiculed McCain again while cackling about every time he misspeaks. Oralmann sat there saying stuff like: yup, yeah, right. In other words, the same OlbyPlanet crap.

    After a right-wing [Ding!] and a plug for his now-ancient book came #2: the Media Matters Minute. A priest is critical of Rev Wright? Horrors! (Blue Blog Sources: HuffPo). Condemn that priest forthwith! Especially since we have to distract from the Pfleger Apfair. Here's the eeevil invocation for your viewing pleasure:

    Continuing: Michelle Malkin (Blue Blog Source: Daily Kos), and most eeevil of all, Rupert Murdoch (Blue Blog Source: HuffPo).

    #1: It's O'Reilly attack #474, and we have to wonder when the infamous, deplorable one will hit the 500 mark. Place yer bets. For your viewing pleasure, we present the video that got Oralmann all hot, sweaty, and excited:

    Whew! No wonder Keithy had to take a cold shower after watching that one!

    Keith Limpermann

    If it's Friday, it's our weekly assessment of Krazy Keith's masculinity. This week, Monkeymann attacked Fox and other broadcasters 26 times. Olby's source (Hillary Clinton's Media Matters) criticized (MS)NBC 8 times, but Keithy protected his corporate masters with zero criticisms. That makes this week's Olbermann Manhood Quotient: -68 [sissy limp].

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 753rd day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (29) | | View blog reactions
    Chris Matthews Fury: Did Arianna Huffington Hire a PI to Trail Tim Russert?

    A hastily deleted but still cached blog post says "yes".

    Chris Matthews then yells, (literally yells - out fucking loud, and mind you, this photo shoot is going on in his MSNBC studio where he films his show which made it funny - photos to come...) "I will not be in the same fucking picture as Arianna Huffington!! Not a chance of that!" He goes on some other rant about her which I didn't catch because I had to walk away, laughing. As I'm walking back to set, he then storms back out of the film studio room where his show Hardball is filmed. But actually as he's walking out, he turns to me - probably because I was laughing and says "I want you to know that she hired a Private Investigator to spy on one of my colleagues; someone in the media." Tucker walks in at that point and I'm literally writing down what he just said on a paper towel so I'd remember that quote. Oh yeah, so Tucker walks in and says, "Yup, he's right, she did hire someone and nobody really talks about it, but I really like her so it doesn't bother me."

    h/t Jossip

    UPDATE: Maybe this story explains why Tim Russert banned Huffington from appearing on any NBC-affiliated show to promote her book. Last month the story was that Russert had banned Arianna because she said unkind things about him. That never made much sense. That Russert is steamed over something like her hiring a private investigator to watch Russert makes a bit more sense except that Arianna denied it years ago. It's all so muddled even Nick Denton is confused.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (0) | | View blog reactions
    Is Olbermann-Gregory Feud About "Journalism v. Opinion" or "Obama v. Hillary"?

    bwilkinson160.jpgAs the plot thickens on the developing feud between Keith Olbermann and David Gregory, some have begun to wonder whether this is less about "journalism v. opinion" and more about Gregory's interest in defending Hillary Clinton against the tide of pro-Obama propaganda emanating from MSNBC.

    While Olbermann Watch could not find any direct link between Gregory and Hillary Clinton, his wife is another matter entirely. Gregory's wife, a high-powered DC lawyer, is a maxed-out (and early) contributor to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

    Beth Wilkinson, currently an executive vice president and the general counsel of Fannie Mae, is a registered Democrat. According to records on file with the Federal Elections Commission, Wilkinson has made numerous contribution to Democrats including "Friends of Hillary" in 2006 for $2,500. Records also show donations to the campaigns of Wesley Clark and John Kerry (twice) in 2004 and Kennedy for Senate 2000 in 1999.

    Is Gregory just sticking up for his woman's women? Does Gregory really resent Keith Olbermann's assault on the integrity of NBC News? Or is it all just a power play with Gregory hoping to unseat Olbermann in MSNBC prime time? Stay tuned...

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (1) | | View blog reactions
    Olbermann Tax Woes Mount, Extends to California, total now over $100,000

    Looks likes the New York State Tax Warrant we reported on yesterday is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

    A search of records in New York State turned up another Judgement against Keith Olbermann - this one for Keith personally not his "Empire" shell corporation). The Judgement was filed on 7/27/2000 for $21,565.

    California records show yet another judgement - this one for a whopping $77,425 - which was filed on 9/21/2001. I guess Keith's professed patriotic fervor in the wake of 9/11 had cooled by the time his tax bill was due. This one was filed in Los Angeles County. Records indicate that Keith was finally got around to resolving the matter four months later.

    All together Keith's tax warrants and judgements now exceed $100,000.


    UPDATE: Evan Gahr is reporting...Olbermann Runs From Tax Questions

    Asked about the delinquency Thursday night by conservative journalist Evan Gahr, the otherwise loquacious Olbermann uttered nary a word as he scurried inside his Trump Palace apartment building on the Upper East Side. Gahr, a former Post press critic, grilled Olbermann when he walked south on 3rd Avenue and 69th Street to his condo.

    UPDATE: Mark Levin Cites Olbermann Watch, Reports on Keith's Tax Cheating

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (11) | | View blog reactions
    Olbermann Bias Too Extreme Even for Air America!

    Lionel, one of the talk show hosts on the Air America network, had all he could stand of the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. He ripped into Oralmann's ego, exposed his bias, while piling on a heap of sarcastic ridicule. (Just wait until he learns Keith is also a tax cheat!) We have the audio for your listening pleasure:

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (2) | | View blog reactions
    links for 2008-05-30

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (2) | | View blog reactions
    May 29, 2008
    Deadbeat Olbermann Fails to Pay New York Taxes, State Issues Warrant

    New York State has issued a tax warrant against Keith Olbermann for failure to pay taxes on his humbly named personal corporation, Olbermann Broadcasting Empire, Inc. Olbermann is listed in legal records as the President of Olbermann Broadcasting Empire, Inc.

    A call to the Albany County Clerk's Office in upstate New York confirmed that the warrant is still outstanding and that Olbermann has still failed to pay his back taxes. State records show that Olbermann's company failed to pay $2,269.50 in state taxes. A judgement was entered against Olbermann last summer (Docket Date: 8/21/2007), just weeks before Olbermann closed on a a luxurious $4.2 mm condo at Trump Palace, at 200 East 69th Street.

    NYS Tax Warrant for Olbermann.jpg

    Keith Olbermann joins fellow comedian Al Franken on the list of prominent liberals who love to raise YOUR taxes but do everything in the power to avoid paying their own. Franken, running for the Democratic nomination for Senate in Minnesota was nailed two months ago for failing to pay his taxes. That report let to further investigations which turned up numerous examples of Franken skipping out on tax bills across 19 states for an amount totaling over $70,000. Franken was also fined $25,000 for failure to pay into state Workers Compensation fund. Minnesota Democrats Exposed has all the goods on Franken here.

    NOTE TO READERS: The Franken case initially involved one tax lien in one state but quickly mushroomed to cover 19 states. Any help we can get in searching local tax warrant databases in other states is appreciated. Send along any other tax liens against Olbermann or his front companies and we will add them here.

    UPDATE: Looks like we may have some more tax problems for Olbermann to report on tomorrow. We've got some leads but need to confirm with two state tax agencies.

    Reader Tim reminds us that earlier this month Keith was defending fellow left-wing comedian Al Franken (by attacking Bill O'Reilly...a twofer):

    Admonishing Bill, Olby said "if you say Franken owes 70,000 dollars in back taxes, you're lying. Franken paid the taxes. In fact, he overpaid the taxes. He just didn't pay them to the correct states. A traveling performer, like a comedian or lecturer or ball player, has to pay income tax everywhere he has a gig or game and Franken's accountant misled him on that. So he paid the taxes, but he paid them to Minnesota, and now he's paying them again to the other states. And you're a cheesy liar, Bill."

    Except that Franken kept changing his story and also ended up getting slapped with a $25,000 fine for failing to pay into the workman's comp fund (irony for the friend of the working man, right?). Whatever excuse Keith wants to make for Franken, Keith's tax warrant is STILL outstanding as of this moment and Keith is not a performer or ball player. So what's your excuse Keith? Did your accountant "mislead" you?

    UPDATE: Olbermann Tax Woes Mount, Extends to California, total now over $100,000

    UPDATE: Mark Levin Cites Olbermann Watch, Reports on Keith's Tax Cheating

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (23) | | View blog reactions
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 29th, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • SCOTT 'LIAR AND TRAITOR' MCCLELLAN'S NEW BOOK: Scott McClellan, fmr. White House press secretary for President George W. Bush and author of the memoir "What Happened?"; John Dean, Nixon White House counsel; Howard Fineman, Newsweek senior Washington correspondent and MSNBC political analyst

    Talk about an exciting lineup to satisfy all of Der Fuhrer's wildest fantasies. The man he once labeled a liar and a traitor is now a full fledged OlbyLoon. Looks like when you are trying to sell books, the best thing to do is go to the Schutzstaffel Kommandant Olbermann to get someone to hawk your tripe. Perhaps the next generation of poodles like John Dean? I think we'll find out short enough. Your humble correspondent is writing this from the classroom on Intro to Meteorology to fulfill his credit count, so he may not be back in time to throw a brick at his TV like poor Johnny Dollar. Feel free to comment amongst yourselves as to how much Fat Ass is going to lick....McClellan's boots.

    Posted by Edward Schatz | Permalink | Comments (22) | | View blog reactions
    Rupert Murdoch on Olbermann: "I fired him...he was crazy"

    Rupert Murdoch, speaking at the Dow Jones' "D conference", was asked about the "lack of a liberal counterpart to Bill O'Reilly on Fox News and his thoughts on hiring away Keith Olbermann from MSNBC.

    "No. I fired him 5 years ago," said Murdoch. "He was crazy."

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (6) | | View blog reactions
    More Blowback from the Left for Keith

    Delaware News Journal: Political rants make for poor journalism

    Reading a copy of the transcript won't convey the sense of venom Olbermann displayed in such unbalanced and dripping menace. You had to see it to believe it, and to ask just how far MSNBC will go in its obvious Hillary-hating campaign. Watch the video...and notice some things: the furrowing of the brow, the jutting body language and finally the growing intensity of tone that ends in a crescendo of baloney patriotic umbrage. Special Comment: Olbermann Over the Top

    "In a post from a couple weeks back, I wrote about enjoying Keith Olbermann's castigation of President Bush over his "giving up golf" comments. I even appreciated the freshness of finally having an unabashed liberal beating the O'Reillys and Limbaughs at their own sensationalistic game. But I did express a bit of a hesistancy over the way Olbermann's style risks losing the message within the machinations of the messenger/entertainer. Well, I think Olbermann's latest "special comment" concerning Hillary Clinton's reference to the assassination of Robert Kennedy just confirms my worries."

    Pacific Free Press: The Self-Righteous Hit on Hillary

    "...Keith Olbermann's nostril-quivering denunciation of Clinton's remark...Olbermann's thunderous outrage at this violation of his exquisite sensibilities was fairly typical of the wider reaction. Olbermann declared that any person who could suggest such a thing -- i.e., the thing that he himself had wrung out of Clinton's words -- "has no business being, and no capacity to be, the President of the United States.""

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (2) | | View blog reactions
    links for 2008-05-29

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (2) | | View blog reactions
    Olbermann McClellan Interview Previewed by John Gibson

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (1) | | View blog reactions
    May 28, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 28th, 2008

    "COUNTDOWN WITH KEITH OLBERMANN" (8:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M. ET, RE-AIRS 10:00 P.M.-11:00 P.M. ET)

    Host: Keith Olbermann

    SCOTT MCCLELLAN'S NEW BOOK: Dana Milbank, Washington Post; James Moore, co-author of "Bush's Brain"
    2008 ELECTION: Chuck Todd, NBC News political director

    NOTE: J$ through a brick through his TV while watching Countdown the other day and is not going to be able to do the write up tonight. So, consider this a sort of open thread. If any of you folks which to do the write up - or write up any portion of the show - post a comment here so I can and others can see it. If you are willing to do it here's a few tips:

    1) Record the show on Tivo (or similar) and use the watch live TV/pause feature and write as you watch.

    2) Remain seated - watching Olbermann for too long can cause vertigo

    3) Keep a small paper bag near you at all times while watching the show.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (47) | | View blog reactions
    Blowback Continues As Olbermann Lets 'Freak Flag' Fly

    We were the first to say it - Olby's Anti-Hillary Rant was the Beginning of the End for KO's wild-eyed ride. Next stop? Meltdown City. Media Critics began piling on - as noted in our recent post: Four Years Later, Media Gurus Play Catch Up with Olbermann Watch

    New York Times: Is MSNBC a Political Liability to NBC?
    Associated Press: NBC News, MSNBC: Uneasy coexistence?
    Huffington Post: NBC/MSNBC Redux: Bauder Picks Up Where Stelter Left Off
    The Washington Post: Feud Fuels Bill O'Reilly's Blasts at GE
    The New Republic: Dangerous Liaison, The pro-Obama case against MSNBC's pro-Obama political coverage


    Jumping on the Anti-KO Bandwagon Time, TVNewser (again) and Radar.

    Time: Keith Olbermann Blows Last Remaining Gasket

    "Olbermann is edging ever-closer to self-parody, or, worse, predictability"

    TVNewser: Olbermann "Edging Ever-Closer to Self-Parody"

    "An MSNBC insider gave TVNewser another take. "MSNBC has doubled down on Keith Olbermann, but they give up a lot in doing that," our insider said. "They didn't set out to be left wing, they didn't want to be left wing. But Keith Olbermann let the freak flag fly and did huge numbers as a result. I believe there's a revolt coming."

    Washington Post: MSNBC, Leaning Left And Getting Flak From Both Sides

    "The Obama campaign, for its part, has not complained about MSNBC's coverage. "Has it been too pro-Obama? Absolutely not," says Obama spokesman Bill Burton."

    Is that Keith Olbermann on water skis? Are those sharks?

    "Was last night's Special Commentary, above, the moment Keith jumped the shark?"

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (4) | | View blog reactions
    MSNBC Reveals Obama Gaffe's Caused by Fatigue; Gaffes by other candidates still windows in very dark souls

    Mark Finkelstein at NB has a great video clip from Morning Joe on MSNBC where Mika Brezezinski is accused via a viewer email of being in the bag for Barack Obama.

    Brezezinski tries to laugh it off with some lame excuse about her brother working for McCain (no mention of her father's role in the Obama campaign) but Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post and Mike Barnicle (Obamamaniacs all) rise to her defense.

    Finkelstein is a bit bent out of shape because Barnicle and Capehart ridicule bloggers; I'm more interested to listen to the "logic" of why reporting on Obama's Auschwitz gaffe is somehow silly but reporting on say McCain's Sunni-Shia gaffe or on Hillary's RFK gaffe (if you can even call it that) makes perfect sense. Capehart grandly declares "someone" has to step in and say enough is enough. Apparently that means the self-appointed protectors of freedom - Barnicle and Capehart. No explanation of why the time to recognize that candidates make gaffes because they are tired is only when its Obama making the gaffes. Also left out is that the "gaffe" Obama made might not be a "gaffe" but a function of the fact that Obama LIED about his "uncle" living in the attic for six months because he liberated concentration camps. If it had been Hillary Landing Under Fire in the Balkans" Clinton you know the MSM would be dragging through the Obama family war records to show Obama lied. But its Obama and this is MSNBC so special handling is required.

    ON A RELATED NOTE: Mika's Obama Supporting Dad Accuses Jews of McCarthyism

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (0) | | View blog reactions
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 27th, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • 2008 ELECTION: Howard Fineman, Newsweek senior Washington correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Rachel Maddow, Air America Radio host and MSNBC political analyst
    • RICHARD CLARK ON IRAN: Richard Clarke, author "Your Government Failed You: Breaking the Cycle of National Security Disasters"
    • MARS LANDER IS SENDING BACK PIX: Derrick Pitts, Franklin Institute Science Museum chief astronomer

    Yap yap yap! McCain's lobbyist scandal! Evil Republican trying to victimize people who own homes! Phil Gramm scandal! [Ding!] Obama attacks McCainenomics! McCain heckled by loony left. McCain goes to Bush fundraiser. McCain says he'll never surrender in Iraq with Fat Ass snarky comment, "You're not the one fightin' there, are ya fella?" Oralmann should be asking, have I ever gotten off my proverbial Fat Ass to go to Iraq? No! Wait, did I say proverbial? Just like Scott McClellan throws "Mister" Bush under the "proverbial" [Ding!] bus! One day I hope to have a written account of al those proverbs regarding buses. Iran nuke "scare tactics!" Richard Clark! Mars lander! "Poo in space!" Scatological jokes! Space toilet clogged! Gag me with a spoon!

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: McCain does not know anything about economics. McCain purports to be a maverick but has eeeevil lobbyists on his campaign staff. Phil Gramm is supposedly an "enabler" (single handedly) of the "mortgage crisis." Some clowns interrupt McCain's speech supposedly trying to correct his pronunciation of Ahmadinejad. Not that Keith has never mispronounce things like the time he tried to say "NARAL" and instead said "Nahr-AL." Oh Mr. Cornell scholar, with a lexicon so impressive that I remand myself to my dictionary for comfort, enlighten me when it comes to the ways of superfluous rhetoric and...well...obnoxiousness. Somehow using a ridiculous segue to home foreclosures, Der Fuhrer mentions a "surge" in the aforementioned which, of course, relates to the quote regarding how McCain will never permit surrender in Iraq. Don't ask me, ask Olbersturmfuhrer and his lackeys. Senator Obama talks to homeowners and "slamming McCain" for "adopting the Bush" view. Is anyone surprised this show has bequeathed me a drinking problem? Moving along. Obama panders to latinos by making a stab at Spanish. BREAKING NEWS Phil Gramm, former Republican Senator from Texas, worked as a lobbyist! Horrors! Countdown exclusive! Gramm lobbies the Senate! (where he was a member) On behalf of banking interests which, coincidentally, Gramm works on the McCain campaign as an economic adviser! Brilliant discovery, Olbermahn lackeys! McCain consulted Gramm! DOUBLE HORRORS! He consulted an advisor! Great depression! [Ding!] More DailyKos inspired Konspiracy Theories. Oralmann gaffe! Something about "deregula-cation!" Call in the hecklers. Pundit-For-All-Occasions Howie rides in with a serious tilted head and a confirming head nod as Keithy speaks. John McCain is only a maverick in spirit according to Mr. Fine. Edward R. Olbermann concedes that Obama has lobbyists on his campaign (as was pointed out here the other night) but with the caveat that they 'are not taking advantage of their access.' Howie agrees.

    #4: Sacrament! Scott McClellan! Propaganda! Katrina! Keith Olbermann pimped out Rachel Maddow to play Err Armerica left wing loon pundit. Jabba asserts the Bush administration has taken on the "phony" notion of the liberal media. McCellan, as far as the Olby interpretation goes, agrees in regard to the notion of the liberal media's inability to fully question the war. Thanks as always!

    BUSHED!: McSame (DailyKos nod, naturally!), Phony war on terror-gate!, Hyprocrisy-gate

    Oddball: Roll a piece of junk car, hockey team broke a trophy

    #3: Another attempt at bringing in former 'Bushies' to pleasure Monkey Mann's notion of truth speaking, disillusioned members of the Bush administration. Not much to see here.

    #2: Sydney Pollack, RIP. Agreed. Out Of Africa is one of my favorite films. Other Hollywood gossip.

    #1: Probe lands on Mars

    In the Media Matters minute, Liz Trotta (obviously) of Fox News. Lunatic fringe! [Ding!], silver to Michelle Malkin (far right! [Ding!]) coupled with mocking effeminate voice to make Michelle sound like a ditz. Falafel! [Ding!] Worst person ever? Former Democratic Senator turned independent (that's why he's now on Keith's naughty list) Joe Lieberman is truly the worst. Thanks, CarpetBaggerReport!


    Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

    FYI: Liz Trotta's full comments. Keith conceded she apologized so I guess we don't need that.

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    links for 2008-05-28

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    May 27, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 27th, 2008

    "COUNTDOWN WITH KEITH OLBERMANN" (8:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M. ET, RE-AIRS 10:00 P.M.-11:00 P.M. ET)

    Host: Keith Olbermann


    2008 ELECTION: Howard Fineman, Newsweek senior Washington correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Rachel Maddow, Air America Radio host and MSNBC political analyst
    RICHARD CLARK ON IRAN: Richard Clarke, author "Your Government Failed You: Breaking the Cycle of National Security Disasters"
    MARS LANDER IS SENDING BACK PIX: Derrick Pitts, Franklin Institute Science Museum chief astronomer

    To no OlbyWatch reader, Liz Trotta got a nod for WPITW. To his credit Olbermann actually noted that she had apologized.

    J$ has a run down of the whole flap

    Here is the video of Trotta's entire interview, since when the clipped words are heard in full context, she is actually saying the exact opposite. Here is the code to embed the interview:

    Here is her apology:

    OlbyPocrisy Alert: Keith never reported Randi Rhodes saying this.

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    links for 2008-05-27

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    White House See No Reason to Appear on MSNBC, References Olbermann and Matthews Advocacy for Obama

    White House Council Ed Gillepsie, appearing on Fox News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor, told substitute host E.D. Hill that he saw no reason to appear on MSNBC given their obvious partisan slant in what was an obvious reference to Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews.

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    Four Years Later, Media Gurus Play Catch Up with Olbermann Watch

    Well, well look-ee here:

    Washington Post: MSNBC, Leaning Left And Getting Flak From Both Sides
    New York Times: Is MSNBC a Political Liability to NBC?
    Associated Press: NBC News, MSNBC: Uneasy coexistence?
    Huffington Post: NBC/MSNBC Redux: Bauder Picks Up Where Stelter Left Off
    The Washington Post: Feud Fuels Bill O'Reilly's Blasts at GE
    The New Republic: Dangerous Liaison, The pro-Obama case against MSNBC's pro-Obama political coverage

    Apparently you can attack Republicans and George W. Bush all day along for years and no one in the MSM gives a damn but turn your sites on a fellow Democrat and all hell breaks loose. It only took four years - and for Olbermann to turn on Hillary Clinton - for TV critics to ask a question we've been asking here for FOUR YEARS.

    This site was launched in November 2004 in response to what I (correctly) perceived to be Keith Olbermann's sudden lurch into the bizarro world of the lunatic fringe of the far-left of the Democratic Party. Some other writers took note - James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal and Joe Hagan, then of the New York Observer wrote pieces about articles I had written on my original blog, The National Debate and interviewed me for their article - but most media critics and political writers ignored the question of whether Olbermann's ratings-play of being a conduit for far-left propaganda would ultimately damage the NBC News brand.

    In that first month back in 2004 I reported how Keith was using his show to raise money for a left-wing political group, lifting material from blue-blogs without attribution, how the tin-foil hat crowd was actively promoting Keith on Daily Kos, and Air America Radio (prescient considering that Keith now blogs on Daily Kos, has worked hand-in-glove with to promote Countdown and made Air America Radio host Rachel Maddow a fixture on his show), how Keith was attacking his rival Bill O'Reilly, how Keith and MSNBC were working closely with the then-unknown Brian Stelter of Cablenewser (now TVNewser) to promote Keith, Countdown and MSNBC (note: Brian left TVN for the New York Times and was replaced by - surprise - a producer from MSNBC!). As you can see, early on I had identified the formula which Olbermann as been perfecting ever since.

    The most important post, however, was one which originally appeared on The National Debate and was cross-posted to this blog after launch:


    Back then I wrote:

    Over the past couple of months Olbermann has descended into a jouralistic netherworld where fringe web sites are news sources and fact-checking is no longer "cool" enough for the ultra-hip word stylist....For quite some time Olbermann has had the luxury of getting away with using his show to monger rumors of the web because no one watches his show (he gets about a .7 rating, or slighly better than the now cancelled McEnroe show on CNBC). But word is starting to get around that Olbermann is embracing the lunatic fringe, apparently determined to take the reputation of NBC News down with him.

    In typical MSM fashion, TV critics like Stelter, Kurtz and Bauder, after years of promoting Keith Olbermann with hundreds of laudatory articles, are only now starting to ask some rather obvious questions. The way this usually works is the MSM builds someone up only to tear them down. Welcome to the world of TCA blowback Keith.

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    May 25, 2008
    A Word on Ratings Reality and Stability at MSNBC

    From time to time we like to do a little spot check on Ratings Reality at MSNBC to separate the hype from the fiction. As we've demonstrated many times in the past, MSNBC is perfectly willing to fabricate its claims of ratings success with carefully parsed definitions of a "win", to issuing statements to the press with headlines that contradict the actual data contained in the release, to simply making up "growth" statistics. And, as we've demonstrated, the members of the Television Critics Association are more than willing to publish such lies and manipulations without even the most basic fact-checking (liking adding up columns of numbers provided to them or doing simple division to see if "growth" stats are real).

    Back in 2006 Keith talked about the importance of "stability" and how the stability that MSNBC had supposedly embraced was what made his second go-round at MSNBC much better. So let's do a little "stability" spot check going back to 2006.

    Just weeks after Keith made his "stability" claim, MSNBC President Rick Kaplan was fired for low ratings. Days later it was announced that Dan Abrams would become the new "General Manager" of MSNBC amid much praise for brining new, innovative ideas to MSNBC. 14 Months later Abrams was "fired"/"demoted" back to show host. In the same announcement, MSNBC announced that Phil Griffin had been put in charge of MSNBC. Stability at MSNBC apparently means three different executives in a period of 16 months.

    How about the MSNBC line up since Spring 2006?

    Here is the 2Q 2007 Program Ranker

    Imus in the Morning - cancelled
    The Abrams Report - cancelled
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann
    Scarborough Country - cancelled
    Rita Cosby Live and Direct - cancelled

    Then we got The Situation with Tucker Carlson. Then Abrams came back with Live with Dan Abrams. Then we got Tucker! which was then cancelled and replaced with David Gregory and Race for the White House. Next up? Maybe Rachel Maddow?

    Back then Countdown with Keith Olbermann was the 28th ranked show on cable news. Given all the hype you might be forgiven for believing that Keith now has one of the top-rated shows on cable news. You'd be wrong.

    Here is the most recent Program Ranker for 1Q 2008. As you can see, Countdown with Keith Olbermann is ranked #20 having leaped ahead of re-runs of Deal or No Deal and Hardball with Chris Matthews. If you are an OlbyLoon, however, then you know that this is misleading because only the 25-54 demo matters and Keith just "kills" in the demo, right? Wrong. The O'Reilly Factor averages 522,000 viewers in the demo v. Keith at 333,000

    Well surely MSNBC overall is doing better, after all they are getting so much attention, right? Sorry, wrong again. Here is the Top 30 Cable Network rankings from 3Q 2007 (it was the most recent I could find). Fox News Channel is ranked #6 overall. CNN is ranked #25. MSNBC? Not even ranked.

    basic cable ratings 3q 2007.jpg

    Ironically, given Keith's past, he might have been better off staying at ESPN which is ranked #3. Even ESPN 2 does better then MSNBC. In fact, so do a wide and rather odd assortment of cable channels including the Home & Garden network, the SciFi channel and the Food Network. Hell, even BET does better than MSNBC. And how badly are you doing when you lose to Animal Planet? Sheesh.

    Now, is MSNBC doing "better" since 2006? Yes. Is Keith doing better? Yes. But consider all the "growth" numbers cited by MSNBC PR and touted by the flacks in the TCA are based on abysmally low numbers (Keith was getting 200-300K viewers a night back in June 2006). And it is not as if MSNBC is a newcomer or has no brand identity. For all the excuses, the fact remains that MSNBC has been around for over 10 years - as long as FNC - is part of the one larger broadcast networks in the country (NBC) and has ready access to NBC News personnel (Tom Brokaw, Andrea Mitchell, Tim Russert, etc.).

    So is Keith doing anything right? Sure, he has moved up to #7 in the demo (although he is basically tied with about 6 other shows right around 330,000). He has managed to generate a huge amount of publicity for MSNBC. He has become the "face" of MSNBC and given them an identity that they never had before. As we have been pointing out here since 2004, this "identity" however is that of a far-left, journalistically-challenged, hyperbolic ideologue. While Keith has benefited from all the attention, new opportunities and his large contract, it is not clear that NBC overall has benefited. The network continues to be a sink hole of money and the reputation of NBC News is now in tatters. The people in the television news business are far too insecure to say so but there is no doubt that many at NBC are disquieted at their new found association with Olbermann.

    The real question then for the people like Steve Capus, a man who waxed so eloquently (and hypocritically) about the need to protect the NBC News brand in the wake of the Imus firing, is why they've allowed Olbermann to contaminate that brand.

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    Obama Campaign Flogs Olbermann's Hillary-RFK Rant to Media

    On ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos, the host asked Obama campaign chairperson David Axelrod whether the Obama campaign was stirring up the attacks on Hillary Clinton over her RFK remarks to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. When Alexrod denied that the Obama campaign was engaged in such activity, Stephanopoulos reported that the Obama campaign had sent out an email on Saturday with Keith Olbermann's vitriolic Hillary-RFK Special Comment.

    The Caucus - Politics - New York Times Blog has a transcript of the exchange:

    Mr. Stephanopoulos: You say you're not trying to stir the issue up. But a member of your press staff yesterday was sending around to an entire press list -- I have the e-mail here -- Keith Olbermann's searing commentary against Hillary Clinton. So that is stirring this up, isn't it?"

    Mr. Axelrod: "Well, Mr. Olbermann did his commentary and he had his opinion. But as far as we're concerned."

    Mr. Stephanopoulos: "But your campaign was sending it around."

    Mr. Axelrod: "As far as we're concerned, George, as far as we're concerned, this issue is done. It was an unfortunate statement, as we said, as she's acknowledged. She has apologized. The apology, you know, is accepted. Let's move forward."

    Mr. Axelrod: "There's so many important things going on in this country right now, George, that people are interested in that we're not going to spend days dwelling on this."

    We will post the video of the exchange later. In the meantime we are working on getting a copy of the email. If any of our readers were recipients of the Obama-Olbermann email please forward me a copy at "robert_a_cox" over at my yahoo account so we can publish it here.

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    Olbermann Coaches Kossacks on How to Lobby His Bosses on Rachel Maddow Promotion

    Keith and the Kossacks are conspiring yet again - this time to boost Rachel Maddow into the anchor seat for her own show. Already simulcasting on Air America Radio and having its segment topics chosen by political activists and the Center for American Progress, Media Matters for America and other far-left blue blogs, it makes perfect sent to continue the integration of the failed far-left radio "network" into the MSNBC-Abrams-Olbermann media by promoting Rachel Maddow and giving her a show.

    As NBC News has repeatedly demonstrated that Keith is free to work with political action groups to promote his show (, provide political propaganda for candidates, speak at political fundraisers, serve as MC for political fundraisers, make on-air donations to charity's of the spouse of candidates, and even become a contributor to a political activism web site which raises money for far-left political candidates, it should come as no surprise that Keith is now advising far-left political activists on how to best lobby his bosses to get another far-left show onto MSNBC.

    In response to a newly launched campaign to get Rachel Maddow her own show on MSNBC, Keith advises Kossacks on what techniques will work best in manipulating his bosses so that they will not realize that all the emails endorsing the Maddow "candidacy" are coming from Daily Kos readers. In other words, Keith is teaching the Kossacks how best to lie and manipulate in order to get Maddow her own show.

    Seriously...don't overdo this. Nearly all "pressure" campaigns on tv blow back (and that word "pressure" was used in this diary, prominently). Remember that as your emails come in, they are vying for space with these knee-jerks from the right after the White House letter from Mr. Ed. Remember also, if you were making an important decision and you got 500 identical emails, even if they all said "We know you'll do the right thing," you'd tend to consider them not as 500 emails but as just one. If you want to write, you might have influence. But write your own.

    And don't assume your point of view is not being viewed sympathetically by the recipient(s). I hope that last sentence was as inscrutable as I intended it to be.

    In the interim, be of good cheer, as they say.

    by Keith Olbermann

    If anyone wants to jump on the fact that Olbermann is referring to Ed Gillespie as "Mr. Ed" be my guest.

    I am more interested, however, in your take on what you think Keith meant by

    And don't assume your point of view is not being viewed sympathetically by the recipient(s). I hope that last sentence was as inscrutable as I intended it to be.

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    May 24, 2008
    Keith Olbermann: NBC's "Cat's Paw"

    Crossposted from J$P:

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    May 23, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 23rd, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • 2008 ELECTION: Howard Fineman, Newsweek senior Washington correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Jonathan Alter, Newsweek columnist and NBC News political analyst; Christopher Hayes, The Nation; John Cleese, actor

    Fat Ass barked the opening spiel: How dare Hillary say it? Is her political career over?!? And a Special Education Komment: This Time You've Gone Too Far! Nightly McCain attack! Parlsey! [Ding!] Sage! [Ding!] Rosemary & Thyme! [Ding!] [Ding!] Yep, casual Friday at Olbermann Watch.

    UPDATED: With Special Komment annotated transcript, video, and a unique dramatic reading by the OlbyRobot!

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Hillary cites RFK assassination. Another plug for the Special Education Komment (hereafter APftSEK). it's a "third-rail word"! The Pundit for All Occasions nattered that the campaign needs to be put out of its misery but was not Great Thanksed. Lefty Alter chimed in to nitpick Hillary's dates and references.

    After APftSEK and APftSEK came #4: Still more about Hillary. Wow, the Kos Kidz wanted Olbermahn to use this to force her out of the race, and it's obvious he is once again doing their bidding. Douglas Brinkley was shoehorned into the hour to further repeat the same news for the 7th time and promote the OlbySpin of the night: it's time to quit.

    APftSEK, Parsley! [Ding!], and Hagee! [Ding!], plus a defense of vandalizing White House property preceded #3: the nightly McCain attack. Hagee! [Ding!] A recitation of alleged quotes attributed to Hagee! [Ding!] Hagee! [Ding!] Hagee! [Ding!] On-screen graphic calls Hagee [Ding!] "McCain's pastor". Parsley! [Ding!] Herr Olbermann decreed that it doesn't matter how healthy he is, he's too damn old. Hayes from the far-left Nation played fun-house mirror to Bear's caricatures of McCain and for that he was Great Thanksed.

    After APftSEK, APftSEK, and APftSEK came #2: the Media Matters Minute. Tonight's victims: Campaign for Children and Families (Blue Blog Source: Think Propaganda), Lou Dobbs (Blue Blog Source: Think Propaganda) where once again Oralmann broke the Sopranos rule and dragged Lou's children into his attack, and "worst" Admiral Mark Buzby (Blue Blog Source: Raw Story).

    Finally, held for the last Nielsen minute, tonight's Special Education Komment. The eyebrows were pumping, the shoulders were shaking, and once again Bathtub Boy pretended to address his rant to Hillary Clinton herself, as if she were actually watching his drivel. The requisite camera shifts at dramatic moments, the scripted decibel peaks at key dramatic moments, the suddenly hushed, "serious" moments: all the familiar elements were in place, repeated as before, in the same fashion. Only the muffed words and tongue slips (the problem when you writers have to whip up one of these at the last minute) distinguished this otherwise undistinguished rerun. In an odd way it was like watching Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, a rote, mechanical reassembly of tricks that, thanks to their overuse and predictability, long ago wore out their welcome. See the appendix for the full annotated text and video as soon as they become available.

    Keith Limpermann

    If it's Friday, it's our weekly assessment of Krazy Keith's masculinity. During this four-day week, Monkeymann attacked Fox and other broadcasters 26 times. Olby's source (Hillary Clinton's Media Matters) criticized (MS)NBC 6 times, but Keithy protected his corporate masters with zero criticisms. That makes this week's Olbermann Manhood Quotient: -64 [twinkie limp].


    Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 3 [GUARDED]

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 746th day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

    APPENDIX: Keithy's latest Special Education Komment, annotated transcript, video, and a special reading by the OlbyRobot...

    [rattle through this quickly so viewers won't change the channel before you get to the good part]

    Asked if her continuing fight for the nomination against Senator Obama hurts the Democratic party, Sen. Hillary Clinton replied, "I don't. Because again, I've been around long enough. You know, my husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know, I just don't understand it. You know, there's lots of speculation about why it is. "

    The comments were recorded and we showed them to you earlier and they are online as we speak. She actually said those words.

    [camera pivot; raise your voice]

    Those words, Senator?

    You actually invoked the nightmare of political assassination.

    You actually invoked the specter of an inspirational leader, at the seeming moment of triumph, for himself and a battered nation yearning to breathe free, silenced forever.

    [do the head shake thing here]

    You actually used the word "assassination" in the middle of a campaign with a loud undertone of racial hatred  -  and  gender  hatred  - and political hatred.

    You actually used the word "assassination" in a time when there is a fear, unspoken but vivid and terrible, that our again-troubled land and fractured political landscape [eyebrows up here] might target a black man running for president.

    Or a white man.

    Or a white woman!

    You actually used those words, in this America, Senator, while running against an African-American against whom the death threats started the moment he declared his campaign?

    You actually used those words, in this America, Senator, while running to break your "greatest glass ceiling" and claiming there are people who would do anything to stop you?


    [sound effect here; please try not to jump and wince in terror like you've done in every rehearsal, OK?]

    Senator -  never mind the implications of using the word "assassination" in any connection to Senator Obama...

    What about you?

    [faster, pussycat, louder, louder!]

    You cannot say this!

    [OK, take a beat or two, lower it down to a 5, and don't forget the camera switch]

    The references, said her spokesperson, were not, in any way, weighted.

    The allusions, said Mo Uh-leathee, are, "...historical examples of the nominating process going well into the summer and any reading into it beyond that would be inaccurate and outrageous."

    I'm sorry. There is no inaccuracy.

    Not for a moment does any rational person believe Senator Clinton is actually hoping for the worst of all political calamities.

    Yet the outrage belongs, not to Senator Clinton or her supporters, but to every other American.

    Firstly, she has previously bordered on the remarks she made today...

    Then swerved back from them and the awful skid they represented.

    [emphasize 'skid' with that little head jut you's so cute]

    She said, in an off-camera interview with Time on March 6, "Primary contests used to last a lot longer. We all remember the great tragedy of Bobby Kennedy being assassinated in June in L.A. My husband didn't wrap up the nomination in 1992 until June, also in California. Having a primary contest go through June is nothing particularly unusual. We will see how it unfolds as we go forward over the next three to four months."

    In retrospect, we failed her when we did not call her out, for that remark, dry and only disturbing, innside the pages of a magazine. But somebody obviously warned her of the danger of that rhetoric:

    After the Indiana primary, on May 7, she told supporters at a Washington hotel:

    "Sometimes you gotta calm people down a little bit. But if you look at successful presidential campaigns, my husband did not get the nomination until June of 1992. I remember tragically when Senator Kennedy won California near the end of that process."

    And at Shepherdstown, West Virginia, on the same day, she again avoided the word assassination:

    "You know, I remember very well what happened in the California primary in 1968 as, you know, Senator Kennedy won that primary."

    On March 6th she had said "assassinated." By May 7 she had avoided it. Today... she went back into an awful well.

    There is no good time to recall the awful events of June 5th, 1968 in Los Angeles, of Senator Bobby Kennedy, happy and alive - perhaps, for the first time since his own brother's death in Dallas in 1963... Galvanized to try to lead this nation back from one of its darkest eras... Only to fall victim to the same scourge that took that brother, and Martin Luther King... There is no good time to recall this.

    [a little tremble in the voice here will help sell it]

    But certainly to invoke it, two weeks before the exact 40th anniversary of the assassination, is an insensitive and heartless thing.

    And certainly to invoke it, three days after the awful diagnosis, and heart-breaking prognosis, for Senator Ted Kennedy, is just as insensitive, and just as heartless. And both actions, open a door wide into the soul of somebody who seeks the highest office in this country, and through that door shows something not merely troubling, but frightening.

    [the pause of significance; camera pivot means time to ratchet up the decibels a bit]

    And politically inexplicable. What, Senator, do you suppose would happen if you withdrew from the campaign, and Senator Obama formally became the presumptive nominee, and then suddenly left the scene? It doesn't even have to be the "dark curse upon the land" you implied today, Senator. Nor even an issue of health. He could simply change his mind... Or there could unfold that perfect-storm scandal your people have often referenced, even predicted. Maybe he could get a better offer from some other and wiser, country. What happens then, Senator? You are not allowed back into the race? Your delegates and your support vanish? The Democrats don't run anybody for President?

    [crank it up a bit more]

    What happens, of course, is what happened when the Democrats' vice presidential choice, Senator Thomas Eagleton of Missouri, had to withdraw from the ticket, in 1972 after it proved he had not been forthcoming about previous mental health treatments. George McGovern simply got another vice president.

    Senator, as late as the late summer of 1864 the Republicans were talking about having a second convention, to withdraw Abraham Lincoln's re-nomination and choose somebody else because until Sherman took Atlanta in September it looked like Lincoln was going to lose the election to George McClellan.

    You could theoretically suspend your campaign, Senator.

    [lots of head shakes and hand waves here to sell the sarcasm]

    There's plenty of time and plenty of historical precedent, Senator, in case you want to come back in, if something bad should happen to Senator Obama. Nothing serious, mind you.

    [snarl at the camera, growl into the microphone]

    It's just like you said, "We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California."

    [meaningful pause, camera pivot, lower your voice again]

    Since those awful words in Sioux Falls, and after the condescending, buck-passing statement from her spokesperson, Senator Clinton has made something akin to an apology, but without any evident recognition of the true trauma she has inflicted.

    [get through this paragraphs as fast as possible]

    "I was discussing the Democratic primary history, and in the course of that discussion mentioned the campaigns both my husband and Senator Kennedy waged California in June in 1992 and 1968," she said in Brandon, South Dakota. "I was referencing those to make the point that we have had nomination primary contests that go into June. That's a historic fact.

    "The Kennedys have been much on my mind the last days because of Senator Kennedy.  I regret that if my referencing that moment of trauma for our entire nation, particularly for the Kennedy family was in any way offensive, I certainly had no intention of that whatsoever."

    "My view is that we have to look to the past and to our leaders who have inspired us and give us a lot to live up to and I'm honored to hold Senator Kennedy's seat in the United States Senate in the state of New York and have the highest regard for the entire Kennedy family.  Thanks."

    [the pause of significance]

    Not a word about the inappropriateness of referencing assassination.

    Not a word about the inappropriateness of implying - whether it was intended or not - that she was hanging around waiting for somebody to try something terrible.

    Not a word about Senator Obama.

    Not a word about Senator McCain.

    [start to ratchet it up again]

    Not: I'm sorry...

    Not: I apologize...

    Not: I blew it...

    Not: please forgive me.

    [pause, change camera angles, watch the clock]

    God knows, Senator, in this campaign, this nation has had to forgive you, early and often...

    And despite your now traditional position of the offended victim, this nation has forgiven you.

    We have forgiven you your insistence that there have been widespread calls for you to end your campaign, when such calls had been few. We have forgiven you your misspeaking about Martin Luther King's relative importance to the Civil Rights movement.

    We have forgiven you your misspeaking about your under-fire landing in Bosnia.

    We have forgiven you insisting Michigan's vote wouldn't count and then claiming those who would not count it were Un-Democratic.

    We have forgiven you pledging to not campaign in Florida and thus disenfranchise voters there, and then claiming those who stuck to those rules were as wrong as those who defended slavery or denied women the vote.

    We have forgiven you the photos of Osama Bin Laden in an anti-Obama ad...

    We have forgiven you fawning over the fairness of Fox News while they were still calling you a murderer.

    [crescendo here]

    We have forgiven you accepting Richard Mellon Scaife's endorsement and then laughing as you described his "deathbed conversion."

    We have forgiven you quoting the electoral predictions of Boss Karl Rove.

    [whatever you do, do NOT stumble over quoting the electoral!]

    We have forgiven you the 3 a.m. Phone Call commercial.

    We have forgiven you President Clinton's disparaging comparison of the Obama candidacy to Jesse Jackson's.

    [keep cranking it up, but watch the spit]

    We have forgiven you Geraldine Ferraro's national radio interview suggesting Obama would not still be in the race had he been a white man.

    We have forgiven you the dozen changing metrics and the endless self-contradictions of your insistence that your nomination is mathematically probable rather than a statistical impossibility.

    We have forgiven you your declaration of some primary states as counting and some as not.

    We have forgiven you exploiting Jeremiah Wright in front of the editorial board of the lunatic-fringe [Ding!] Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

    We have forgiven you exploiting William Ayers in front of the debate on ABC.

    [look down at imaginary notes]

    We have forgiven you for boasting of your "support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans"...

    We have even forgiven you repeatedly praising Senator McCain at Senator Obama's expense, and your own expense, and the Democratic ticket's expense.

    [use that spastic head shake]

    But Senator, we cannot forgive you this.

    "You know, my husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California."

    We cannot forgive you this -- not because it is crass and low and unfeeling and [spit this word] brutal.

    This is unforgivable, because this nation's deepest shame, its most enduring horror, its most terrifying legacy, is political assassination.

    [louder, louder, shout it out! turn it up to 11]





    Martin Luther King.

    Robert Kennedy.

    And, but for the grace of the universe or the luck of the draw, Reagan, Ford, Truman, Nixon, Andrew Jackson, both Roosevelts, even George Wallace.

    The politics of this nation is steeped enough in blood, Senator Clinton, you cannot and must not invoke that imagery! Anywhere! At any time!

    [shoulder/head shake, scream at the camera, sell this for the big finish]

    And to not appreciate, immediately - to still not appreciate tonight - just what you have done... is to reveal an incomprehension of the America you seek to lead.

    This, Senator, is too much.

    Because a senator - a politician - a person -  who can let hang in mid-air the prospect that she might just be sticking around in part, just in case the other guy gets shot - has no business being, and no capacity to be, the President of the United States.

    [look down, lower voice, and say the following without looking into the camera to show ultimate disgust]

    Good night and good luck.

    UPDATE: Tonight's Special Education Komment as read by the OlbyRobot, using Text Aloud via AT&T Natural Voices [courtesy of MikeC]:

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    Meet the OlbyLoons: Katy Tur (Keith's Naked Little Media Slut)

    Katy Tur08.jpg

    Katy Tur is an OlbyLoon. And not just any OlbyLoon but Keith Olbermann number one OlbyLoon and Media Slut. Keith loves to call women sluts and toss around the c-word so we're sure Keith won't mind if we do the same here with his little GirlToy. When she's not busy trading sexual favors to advance her career, she's busy trading on Keith's connections in the broadcast industry to advance the same. Katy would like to make a reputation for herself as a broadcaster when all she's done by prostituting herself in using her Sugar Daddy's connections is give herself a "reputation" which she will never live down as the college kid who got naked and bedded Keith in order to get on TV. Katy lives in a tortured state of existence which makes Keith Olbermann seem especially appealing.

    Keith Olbermann, who has a long-standing history of "helping" women with their careers in exchange for...err...ummm..."dating" him, is apparently once again making good on his promises to an impressionable young college co-ed named Katy Tur who, at 24 years old, has gone from college dorm room, to the Olbermann casting couch to on-air reporter for Channel 11 News (CW) in New York City - all in just a matter of months. Apparently putting her nose to the "old grindstone" (or whatever Olbermann calls it) has really paid off!

    It was in March that we first reported on Katy's miraculous good fortune in landing an on-air reporting gig in the largest media market in the United States with no previous on-air reporting experience so its time to check in and see how she's doing. Readers will recall that Katy, who graduated from the "prestigious" University of California at Santa Barbara without a degree in journalism or communications, and whose only experience was a brief internship at a 3rd-rate TV station in California arranged by her parents answered this ad:

    General Assignment Reporter (Freelance) WPIX/WB11 in New York has an exciting opportunity available for a General Assignment Reporter. Qualified candidates should possess strong and exceptional delivery of news on-air, and the ability to generate, report and edit stories. Clear and concise public communicator and visible professional representative of station's news broadcast. The ideal candidate must have a college degree in a related field and 3+ years reporting experience. Visit our website at and submit your resume with required salary expectations and cover letter today or mail your tape to: WPIX, Attn: Human Resources, 220 E. 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017 EOE

    One can only wonder why someone who did not meet even the minimum criteria for the job would even bother to apply. Katy not only applied but beat out hundreds of other applicants to land the job despite zero experience! Responding to accusations that Olbermann played a role in landing her a job for which she was clearly not qualified, WPIX spokewoman Jessica Bellucci implausibly claimed, "She got the job on her own merit". Of course the real message from WPIX and Bellucci to young women interested in a career in broadcast journalism was clear: don't worry about silly things like journalism degrees or working your way up in smaller markets just find a Sugar Daddy in the biz and hold on tight!

    As for being an equal opportunity employer, I wonder if we will ever hear from any of the other QUALIFIED applicants who were turned down to give KO's GirlToy her shot at the big time. Keith loves to portray himself as a man of the people - in the abstract perhaps he can justify that - but when comes to trampling over the opportunities for hard-working, dedicated professionals who EARNED their each step in their career Keith is all about Keith.

    Katy's first big moment was the crane collapse which destroyed several buildings in midtown Manhattan and killed four people. Katy, broadcasting live from the scene described the action for viewers,

    "This is exciting!", gushed Tur.

    "Exciting!"? For her maybe but less so for the hundreds of people made homeless by the tragedy and the four people who were crushed to death. Oh well, in OlbyWorld its always about Keith why should KatyWorld be any different. The death and destruction was exciting FOR HER and of course the story of the day was not really about people losing their homes or lives or family members. It was about Katy getting to do real live broadcasting on a real TV station. You can just about here Katy squeel "Weeeeeeee! Look at me! I'm on TeeeeeVeeeee!" as she steps over dead bodies in the rubble. Nice.

    A local vlogger shot some video of Katy in action at the crane collapse (sorry but Channel 11 edited out Katy's "This is exciting" line). I also found some video of Katy covering a horrific story where a dead fetus was found inside a Catholic Church. Katy's take on the story - it's great that someone was "helped" by dumping the dead fetus for the monsignor to find inside the church, her first interview is a "former parishioner" who can barely contain his delight that such a wonderful thing has happened.

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    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 22nd, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • PASTOR DISASTER: Hagee! [Ding!]
    • ANOTHER PASTOR DISASTER: McCain attack #43020! [Ding!]
    • MCCAIN AWOL: Another sleazy military themed attack
    • MCSQUIRM: Ellen Degeneres nails (get it?) John McCain on gay marriage!

    As you can see from the summary, the opening spiel was just the biggest heap of [Dings] we've had in a while. Herr Olbermann not only goes to great lengths to smear John McCain, but the rest of the military! Watch as he insults Gen. Petraeus and goes on another bender! Tabarnak.


    #5: There's a political apocalypse afoot for the Republican presidential candidate (don't tel me you're surprised). Shockingly, unlike the Obamamessiah and Rev. Wright, John McCain rejects Rev. Hagee's endorsement. The lackeys and Keith can't help but keep trying to make Rev. Hagee John McCain's pastor, when in fact he has no relation to his church unlike Obama and Rev. Wright. According to Oralmann, compared to Hagee, Wright is "mild" and "silly." You know, that guy who says "The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. Governments lie." Silly bear. On to the next pastor disaster, apparently John McCain calls another person his spiritual advisor, Rod Parsley. Wolffe Man, that colorful non partisan guy who calls Republicans the merchants of slime and sellers of hate, wanders in. Hagee thrown under the bus! [Ding!] Wolffe counters that this is actually a political relationship rather than personal. Some bumbling about and all the woes that beset McCain.

    The McCain campaign is run by lobbyists. Chuckie discusses the reality of working in DC with people who have lobbying ties because they nearly ALL DO. Sheriff Olbermann doesn't like that, so he tries to bring up the shady figures the lobbyists supposedly worked with. We'll avoid the hypocrisy of the Olby Gong Show and the Obama campaign.

    #4: Supporting the troops means voting for a GI Bill that was a Democratic piece of legislation. Fat Ass also left out the domestic part that gave subsidies to Planned Parenthood. Dana Milbank plays consultant on the Florida and Michigan delegations to the Democratic National Convention. Al Gore was robbed. McCain doesn't show up to vote on bills by the Democratic leadership. Bush-McCain! [Ding!]

    Bushed: Poison-Gate! Swift Boat-Gate! Phony War On Terror-Gate!

    Oddball: A urinal that is a video game. Flying fish.

    Best Persons: Deutsche-Post puts Rudolf Hess on a stamp. Bobble head doll that is in the image of Larry Craig. GCSE Music exam has the answers on it.

    #3: Rove gets served! Turd-Blossom perp walk out the front door of fixed news! [Ding!] John Conyers gets excited at the prospect of arresting Rove (not going to happen). Ever dramatic Jonathan Turley delivers his best act about the "flagrant contempt of congress." History of Congress arresting people.

    #2: The Media Matters minute: bronze goes to Comcast cable for firing Barry Nolan for criticizing the Boston area Emmys for giving an award to Bill O'Reilly (CrooksAndLiars). The most shocking of all, the runner up, General Petraeus shills for the White House and is a press flak! He gave an "embarrassing testimony" before congress last September (ThinkProgress). Some loony konspiracy theory. Gold: Oliver North on Fixed News [Ding!]

    #1: John McCain on Ellen DeGeneres. Rachel Maddow surprisingly makes an appearance. Huey Lewis reference (that offends me, how dare you use one of my favorite bands?). Crazy distortion of what John McCain said.


    Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 1 [LOW]

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    May 22, 2008
    Meet the OlbyLoons: Vyan of Truth 2 Power Project

    Meet the Olbyloons-Vyan.jpgVyan is an OlbyLoon. Why? On his My Space page, Vyan likes to call himself a "radical centrist". He worked as an IT consultant in the dot-com bubble hoping to cash in and make millions. His dreams of riches dashed he now believes how you make money does not define you and, oh by the way, America is a fascist country. When he is not busy spreading his message of peace and love he is fantasizing about kicking people's teeth in and pissing in their drinks. Vyan is in a tortured state of existence which makes Keith Olbermann seem especially appealing.

    Vyan was apparently a little perturbed to have been the last to know that Keith Olbermann is a big fat liar so he wrote a little essay called "On Olbermann, Cold-Blooded Killers and Bald-Faced Liars" which he then plastered all over the Internet - you can find it on Daily Kos, on Democratic Underground, on Blogger and probably on Craigslist if you look hard enough.

    Seems Vyan doesn't like Laura Ingraham, loves Keith and does not have much good to say about Olbermann Watch. He seems so worked up about Laura calling Keith out on his calling U.S. troops cold-blooded killers that he might even piss on someone's teeth or kick in their drinks! He writes:

    Her claim here, using the site "Olbermannwatch" as her source is that Keith is a liar, and that he really did mean to insult our U.S. troops when he mentioned "Cold=Blooded Killers" in the Iraq War and wasn't simply throwing Bush's ridiculous rhetoric at the Knesset right back at him in reference to BlackWater.

    Actually, the source for the quote Laura read was Daily Kos and the words she read were those of Keith Olbermann.

    You really do need to read the entire post because you cannot fully appreciate how high Vyan must have been when he wrote it until you try to actually follow what he is saying to see if it makes sense. For those with better things to do let me save you the suspense - he doesn't make sense at all. The point of Laura's commentary and our post which was the basis of it is that Keith claimed in his clarification that he removed one sentence but the day the Special Comment aired he specifically claimed he did NOT remove ANY sentences. Of course, rarely do you get such a perfect opportunity to point out an OlbyLie and confronted with such tension Vyan's head explodes so that he goes on to deny that Rosie O'Donnell said U.S. troops were terrorists or that Michelle Obama ever said she had never, in her adult life, been proud of her country. According to Vyan there are all LIES, LIES and MORE LIES. Of course, the problem is that there is video tape of all three statements.

    The commenters add a few tasty tidbits too...

    "As for Olberwatch, that site is disgusting, and a waste of time to even look at."

    "I've come to think that Olbermannwatch really needs to be called "the ironically named Olbermannwatch" because they watch every second of every show of his, and still came to that asinine conclusion."

    "hey, Keith, if you read this diary is there anything we should do about these elephant butts besides laugh at them?" [note to nicolemm, Keith does not like anyone using his name and the word "elephant butt" in the same sentence]

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    Olbermann to Host Meet the Press? What Say You, Tim Russert?

    Bathtub Boy

    Keith Olbermann, a shameless partisan hack, is permitted to participate in debates on A-Mess-NBC. Even though he blogs at a site whose purpose it is to elect Democrats, and has signed on to a campaign to "Sink John McCain", KO is allowed to co-host election coverage. But how far will NBC permit such journalistic outrages to go?

    Now comes word that NBC may be about to permit the infamous, deplorable one to take over Meet the Press while Tim Russert is on vacation. Is Mr Russert on board with this? Does Brian Williams approve? What would Tom Brokaw say? We don't recall them promoting, writing on, and raising money for the Daily Kos. Are there different rules for Edward R Olbermann? Is he exempt from the standards and practices that NBC's actual journalists have to follow?

    This video has been cross-posted from J$P:

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    OlbyWatch Reader Mail

    Longtime reader Scott came across this pro-Chavez rant in Counterpunch from a fellow named Clifton Ross from Cal-Berekely who just happens to feed from the trough of Chavez' Ministry of Culture.

    Back on November 19th, 2007, Keith named Chavez runner-up for WPITW for threatening to urinate on a reporter

    The runner-up, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, the non-stop coffee drinker who supposedly could go through his eight-hour TV talk show without a bathroom break. Please erase that image now. At the OPEC summit in Saudi Arabia, ending a TV interview there by saying, quote--this is translated--"Look, I have to go. For a while now I've needed to go to the bathroom. And I'm going to pee. Do you want me to pee on you," unquote. Gosh, President Chavez, maybe you should have asked that before you started doing that to your own country's laws and citizens.

    This did not sit well with Ross:'s a tragic commentary on the state of "news" and journalism that bodily functions become major news stories, be they sexual or excretory, especially when people like Chávez have so many more interesting features worthy of discussion, most notably, ideas. That Olbermann would stoop to the news cycle at its most base level is, itself, a disappointment. But his comment after the reference to "peeing on" someone was more so: "Maybe you should have asked that before you started doing that to your own country's laws and citizens."

    To what is Mr. Olbermann referring when he states that Chávez is "peeing on" the laws and citizens of Venezuela?

    Apparently Keith didn't get the memo that Chavez is one of the "good guys" over on Daily Kos.

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    May 21, 2008
    Olbermann Signs On to Kos "Sink McCain" Campaign, Uses MSNBC to Do It!


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • The usual crap.

    Tonight, we break from our usual format. It's a special edition of Olbermann Watch, as we explore in detail the insidious links between blue blogs and the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. He doesn't just use them to populate his nightly "worst person" smears. Olby's blue blog sources dictate the very make-up of his show, from story selection right down to minute details on how to spin the talking points of the day. Tonight, a case in point that shows Oralmann's dedication both to the blue blogs and to their political goals and agenda.

    Bathtub Boy

    Our story begins with the Holy Grail of blue blogdom: the Daily Kos. It's part of Olby's daily reading, he scours the comment threads and posts there (when he's not looking for that elusive bubblegum card on ebay), raises money for them, and even contributes his own articles--usually when he wants to pump up ratings for a particular broadcast.

    Courtesy of the Kossacks comes a post that is a veritable call to arms, asking all loyal Kos Kidz to "Help John Hagee Sink John McCain"! Now there's a crusade to warm the heart of any NBC news employee:

    If you vote up Stein's Huffington Post story on Digg, you can help propell it towards the mainstream media by making it so big on the Internet it becomes unavoidable. AND, if you return to this post periodically through the afternoon, I will be putting up the story on other news ladders where you can also vote this up. And, you can vote up the video, itself, on Digg too!

    Can't you just see Herr Olbermann clicking that mouse? Digg it! Digg it! But we're getting ahead of ourselves. The Big News here is the discovery of a decade-old tape of John Hagee, who as we know is John McCain's not-pastor:

    members of John Hagee's Christians United For Israel routinely sing, at every "Night To Honor Israel" event they hold, a joyful-sounding song which, in scriptural terms, refers to Israel's coming, expected destruction. Building on my last discovery, of a John Hagee sermon in which Hagee claims God sent Hitler and the Nazis, to chase Europe's Jews towards Palestine...

    That's enough to give you the flavor. Because it's really the call to arms that is of greater interest here:

    The mainstream media cannot keep the lid on Hagee forever. Your votes can help this break through the glass ceiling that divides the MSM and the Internet.

    The Kossacks jumped on the bandwagon with the kind of fevered passion they usually reserve for the next issue of Vampire Knight comics:

    • Let's bust this one into the MSM!
    • Can we please get this man on a nationwide speaking tour?
    • I think it deserves the attention of the mainstream..
    • Maybe I'll get my ugly mug on Countdown to talk about this story, but I'll just be thrilled if Countdown runs it.

    Whoa. Is this guy living on Planet Earth? Does he really think that MSNBC's "newscast of record" is going to pimp his decade-old Hagee tape just because it could help defeat John McCain? Doesn't he know that the host of that show is "nonpartisan"?' Does anyone really believe the new Edward R Murrow would participate in such a sleazy, partisan stunt? [cue Jeopardy music]

    Besides, wouldn't that create some problems for Monkeymann? After all, he is on the record stating that using Obama's pastor as a campaign issue is dirty politics, race-baiting, and besides it doesn't work:

    Any responsible journalist reading that thread would take one look at this preposterous propaganda plot and say, "Include me out". No way Our Hero, the man who anchors MSNBC election coverage, hosts debates, and does a nightly "news hour", is going to sign on to a partisan scheme to dirty the reputation of John McCain. Especially after having railed time and time again against "guilt by association". NBC News would never allow its "journalists" or "anchors" to participate in such a scheme. Right?

    Consider It Busted! Which of these Hagee quotes will you be talking about tomorrow? We're throwing it into the McCain stew tonight and I suspect it'll reappear in the days to come. by Keith Olbermann on Wed May 21, 2008 at 02:24:14 PM PDT


    In the opening spiel: John Hagee [Ding!], the Pastor who endorsed McCain said Hitler was sent by the Lord to unleash the Holocaust to force the Jews to move to Israel.

    In #5: John McCain's Pastor crisis. Hagee [Ding!] cited "and still McCain won't renounce the man"...

    In the commerical break: McCain's Pastor Hagee [Ding!]...

    In #4: Hagee [Ding!] once preached that... etc.

    And #3: A full segment on McCain, featuring Hagee [Ding!], based on a report broken by "an online journalist".Yes, that was Krazy Keith's laughable description of a blogger at Daily Kos launching a "sink McCain" crusade. He really believes these teenagers in Mom's basement are "journalists"! Killing the Jews, said Fat Ass, is a "plank in McCain's platform". And "we'll keep following" it!

    Either "Man on Fan" Olbermann thought MSNBC didn't care if he signed up to defeat a Presidential candidate, or maybe he figured he could just not tell them what he was really up to. Because through it all, the spiel, the teases, the segment itself, Edward R Olbermann was careful never to mention his blue blog source: the Daily Kos. He was careful never to mention that he was part of a political campaign to "sink John McCain".

    That's why we did.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This is hardly the first time that Keith and the far-left have teamed up. In May 2006, Olbermann Watch broke the story that had teamed up with MSNBC to run a "pledge drive" to promote Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Keith "leaked" his first official Special Comment (on Rumsfeld) to blue blogs like Crooks and Liars, done online chats at FireDogLake where they promoted his book, and, of course, he blogs on Daily Kos. This is not to mention agreeing to host far-left fund-raising events, appearing at far-left fund-raising events, promoting far-left fund-raising efforts on his show and even handing a personal check to the spouse of a far-left political candidate on-air.

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    Laura Cites Olbermann Watch, Nails Keith for Lying!

    image courtesy chickaboomer

    Laura Ingraham: "I love this website!"


    Thanks, Laura!

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    Herr Olbermann Caught (again) Slurring Victims of Nazi Atrocities

    A loyal OlbyLoon viewer was offended by Bathtub Boy's use of the word "gyped" in an interview with NBC News Bureau Chief Tim Russert: "gyped" referring to "gypsies" otherwise known as the Romani people from the Balkan region of Eastern Europe, is a well-known racial slur which has been on the list of "banned" terms at NBC News long before anyone had even heard of a "nappy-headed ho". Apparently it's OK to use racial slurs at MSNBC so long as Al Sharpton is not offended.

    A Kossack created a diary entry here asking him to stop using the racial slur ever again. She was immediately attacked for daring to criticize "our guy" in the media It's not often we agree with the Kossacks but they got it right this time. Keith needs to make an on-air apology tonight.

    Do you think the slovenly, political hack will apologize? Will he have a primary coverage postscript throwing himself on the mercies of the loony left? What say you loyal readers?

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    May 20, 2008
    Mark Levin on Olbermann: "He's Now on Our Radar Screen"

    As promised, Mark Levin took on the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann yet again on tonight's broadcast. You can hear Dr Levin's complete shows at his website, but we have boiled down the first hour to ten essential must-hear minutes. We present it here for your listening pleasure:

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    Primary Coverage Open Thread: Obamamessiah's Mission Accomplished

    Bathtub Boy

    Much to Herr Oralmann's chagrin, he will be forced to do another night of election coverage covering the eeeevil Mrs. Clinton and the man who would bridge the partisan divide, the great hope, the one and only Obama. Naturally, Fat Ass will try to "ignore partisanship" tonight but you can expect a few things. Mr. Thrill-Up-The-Leg will undoubtedly attribute Mrs. Clinton's win to those backwards hill people that give her the win, like in West Virginia when Matthews declared that those voters decided decades ago to oppose the Messiah. Explanations are also difficult for Der Fuhrer but you can bet he shares the same attitude about Mountain Folk. (or they are just DINOs). I also expect Keith to shill for Obama by trying to explain his (expected) dismal showing in Kentucky as something good for him, like Rev. Wright.

    Of note as well, the other big OlbyStory was that of his looming meltdown over at MSDNC. It seems Bathtub Boy has a hard time making friends and doesn't like it when he isn't the center of attention during election night. Do you think he'll finally snap tonight?

    One more thing, it seems the DailyKos kiddies and Olbermann are doing their best to pimp out Rachel Maddow. Mr. Merlot even shows up himself to tout her demo win which was:

    "Hey it's better than you think (30+ / 0-)
    Highest rated show in the demo all damn day.

    "If you're going through hell - keep going!" -- Winston Churchill

    by Keith Olbermann on Mon May 19, 2008 at 03:00:42 PM PDT"

    Of course, this must mean all the lefties stay home unlike that Fox audience which is ancient. Actually, they must just be asleep.

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    New York Times Wonders Whether MSNBC Schtick is Harming NBC News Rep

    MSNBC Fan Boy and Olbypologist-extrordinaire, a blogger who had his reputation sucking up to Keith Olbermann and Rick Kaplan at MSNBC, is now opining on whether the far-left slide of MSNBC is tainting NBC News. Gee, ya think?

    h/t to Brian at Radio Equalizer who has a statement from Mark Levin on Keith Overbite.

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    Olbermann Caught Redhanded Lying About Calling U.S. Troops "Cold Blooded Killers"

    KO Kos Lie About Special Comment Editing.jpg

    After he came under fire for his Special Comment on May 14 in which called U.S. Troops "cold blooded killers", Keith Olbermann delivered a "clarification" in which he claimed that he had edited out the part in which he called White House and Pentagon officials "cold blooded killers". One problem, the day the Special Comment aired Keith was on Daily Kos comparing himself to Mozart for having produced his "masterpiece" in "one write". In other words...WITHOUT EDITING.

    ...this one was one straight write. Took about an hour, I moved one sentence, added the new info on the fraudulence of the golf claim, and altered about a half dozen adjectives, and that was it. Not exactly Mozart's unblemished composition sheets, but I'll take it.

    Watch, listen and read as Olbermann Watch once again catches Keith in another OlbyLie, this time trying to worm his way out of having called U.S. troops "cold blood killers".

    NOTE: We here at Olbermann Watch appreciate our wonderful readers and commenters, especially since we began requiring registration and purged ourselves of the most puerile of the OlbyLoons. Today we would like to single out "Scott" who tipped us off to Keith's comment on Daily Kos before the criticism for his "cold blooded killers" Special Comment aired. J$'s previous post and this video - and any mention of it by Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham or others - is due to his perseverance in wading through the muck of the Daily Kos comment threads that spew forth in the wake of a post by Kossack Keith Olbermann.

    NOTE: Producers at the Mark Levin show have informed us that he will spend a good part of the first hour on Olbermann and his "cold blooded killer" special comment. We've provided them with some past examples of Olby attacks on U.S. troops to highlight the Olbypocrisy in his recent claims to have always "supported" the troops. We may even get a little shout out from The Great One. You can find listening information in your area on Mark Levin's web site where you can also listen live between 6 PM and 8 PM ET.

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    Keith Olbermann: A Man Who Picks on Children

    Cross-posted from J$P:

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    May 19, 2008
    Was Olbermann Lying Then, Or Is He Lying Now?

    When Keith Olbermann delivered his Special Comment on Wednesday of last week, there was a firestorm of reaction. On this site we documented the objections of Dennis Prager, Mark Levin, and Laura Ingraham. Since Keith reads this site religiously, he was well aware of the strong responses from Dr Levin and Ms Ingraham in particular. Tonight he sought to dismiss those responses with an explanation, and an attack on Ingraham and Levin claiming that they "hate the troops". But there's a problem, and it goes straight to the honesty and credibility of Edward R Olbermann.

    Monday night, as he bellowed his "postscript" to last week's Special Education Komment, Olby sought to redefine the meaning of his phrase "cold-blooded killers" created by "Mister" Bush. Now, he says he was not talking of the troops. Revealing a previously deleted line of text, KO claimed he was really speaking of Bush, his Cabinet, and the Pentagon:

    No writer or broadcaster is ever as precise and clear as he thinks he is. Television goes by quickly, and the viewer is not provided a copy of the script. So it is possible that reasonable viewers might have been confused by exactly to whom I referred. Especially considering that I edited the original line, which was:
    "Mister" Bush, at long last has it not dawned on you that the America you have now created includes cold-blooded killers who will kill people to achieve their political objectives? They are called your Cabinet and your Pentagon.
    During the editing process it seemed that was a little broad. That there appear to be men in both of those places--Gen Ricardo Sanchez, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, perhaps even the new Secretary of Defense Richard Gates--who did not merit inclusion in that list. My use of "Mister" Bush's phrase "cold-blooded killers" did not refer to US troops.

    Bathtub Boy

    Now one might question this ex post facto revelation, especially since we know that the Pentagon is largely staffed by...US troops! They command the soldiers in the field who, under Oralmann's construction, would then become the moral equivalent of contract killers.

    But our point here is not the weakness of Keith's freshly minted rationalization. Our point is how suspicious this new-found "Director's Cut" really is. In a 13-minute diatribe, he didn't have time for a sentence or two so he had to leave it out? He couldn't have given the explanation he gave tonight, which in pertinent part took only a matter of seconds?

    Of course this assumes that he did edit it out. That we believe his latest version of this yarn. Because one thing is certain: it doesn't comport with what he was saying about it just days ago. One of Olbermoronn's practices is to pimp his own program on his blog of choice, the Daily Kos. And true to form, he did so for Wednesday's Special Comment edition. After it aired, Keith was basking in the adoration of the Kossacks, and when one of them offered up the view that his polemic might have been just a tad long-winded, this is what Keith Olbermann said, in his own words:

    Funny thing about these. When I first write 'em, they are half as long. Then I'm reminded of other things this administration has done, and suddenly, they're twice as long. Actually, this one was one straight write. Took about an hour, I moved one sentence, added the new info on the fraudulence of the golf claim, and altered about a half dozen adjectives, and that was it. Not exactly Mozart's unblemished composition sheets, but I'll take it.

    How curious. How odd. Before the blistering criticisms from Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin, this Special Comment just flowed from his fingers. He didn't need to edit or abridge it in any way, just a few touch-ups: a sentence moved, new info added, and a few adjectives changed. That was it! Nothing whatsoever about removing a sentence, or a phrase, or anything, let alone words that just happened to define the signature phrase around which his harangue was written. And yet, after the barrage of criticisms, all of a sudden he remembers a sentence or two that he left out.

    Obviously, both stories cannot be true. So we ask again: Was Olbermann lying then, or is he lying now?

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    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 19, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • 2008 ELECTION: Howard Fineman, Newsweek senior Washington correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor and MSNBC political analyst

    Oh this should be exciting. The promos have been promising an Olbermann response to the eeevil people who are criticizing his Special Education Komment. We can expect to hear "far right" [Ding!] and "lunatic fringe" [Ding!] sprinkled liberally through the hour. Let's see. The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann assiduously barked the opening spiel: Al Gore sides with Hillary! Rove sides with Hillary! "Karl Rove, Blank You!" Obama "plays nice"! McCain attack! "Mister" Bush! The "far right"! [Ding!] It's blue Monday at Olbermann Watch, but we're not blue. Bathtub Boy has demonstrated again that he is an avid, regular reader of this website. We're apparently his #1, go-to source for the truth about his infamous, deplorable self!

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Clinton praised Fox News, even though "they insist" she might be a murderer! (OlbyLie) Her husband appeared on Limbaugh's radio show! (But Limbaugh wasn't hosting; funny how those fine details get left out.) She accepted money from the "vast right wing conspiracy"! [Ding!] Now she's "embraced" Karl Rove's analysis! Horrors! Her popular vote lead is "manufactured"! Obama is still ahead! The Pundit for All Occasions claimed Rove is just trying to drag out the Dem race. Neither he nor Oralmann identified one factor or statistic in Rove's analysis that was incorrect. That's the way "analysis" works on OlbyPlanet. Howie was Great Thanksed.

    Next Keith pimped out Lefty Alter. Rove's "so-called research" cited by Monkeymann, again without identifying one syllable in it that was wrong. Lefty said Rove is probably lying (yeah, and how about all those lying statistics and polls he cites?) but if says something Merkle doesn't like, they'll just smear him and be done with it.

    Olby tossed in another "lunatic fringe" [Ding!] as a lead in to #4: McShame! (Cue the Oralmann ad: "We must avoid partisanship...") Comedian Rachel Maddow of Err America showed up, tonight playing an ethics in government expert. Lobbyists! Disgusting, repulsive lobbyists! Tone deaf! Comedian says McCain is an "older Arizona Senator". Lobbyists! The Err America propagandist was Great Thanksed.

    After a comedian [Ding!], some gushing over comedian Maddow, plugging a Howard Kurtz article that actually represents a victory for Bill O'Reilly, a Fixed News [Ding!], and a lunatic fringe [Ding!], came #3: tonight's attack on "Mister" Bush and the carefully edited NBC version of an interview. Bush doesn't know what he's talking about! Oh, and anyone can enrich Uranium with the instructions from a simple Google search. Appeasers before World War II were--all together now--Republicans from "Mister" Bush's party! Basra is not a success!

    After a "far-right" [Ding!] and a comedian [Ding!] came #2: something about something buried in some ball park cement. It's the kind of hard news Oralmann specializes in.

    After a lunatic fringe [Ding!] was #1: Herr Olbermann takes on those dolts who actually thought "cold blooded killers" referred to people who were out killing in cold blood. It turns out he did edit out a phrase where he identified the "cold-blooded killers": Bush's cabinet and Bush's Pentagon. Yeah, that makes it all better! (Yikes!) The troops are wonderful. He loves the troops.

    This is the segment that exists because of Olbermann Watch. Fat Ass reads this site, and over the weekend he saw two radio hosts who criticized his holy gospel. So out came the insults and personal attacks! Lunatic fringe! [Ding!] Right-wing! [Ding!] Warmongers! [Ding!] Evil! [Ding!] Right-wing! [Ding!] Then for the big finish: "Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin [mispronounced again, on purpose], why do you hate the troops?"


    Hey Fat Ass, keep reading Olbermann Watch. It is the #1 Olbermann blog worldwide because of support by loyal readers like you!

    In the Media Matters Minute, Merkle attacked Bill Kristol (Blue Blog Source: Think Propaganda), comedian [Ding!] water-carrier [Ding!] Limbaugh (Blue Blog Source: Crooks & Liars). Comedian! Comedian! Comedian! [Ding!] [Ding!] [Ding!], and worst: Oliver North (Blue Blog Source: Crooks & Liars). Fixed News! [Ding!] And why does Bear play organ music by Bach in this segment? Does he think is sounds evil because it was in some old monster movie? Questions without answers: replete on OlbyPlanet.


    Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 13 [DANGER!!]

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 742nd day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

    UPDATE: See our special post on the Kurious Kase of Keith's Kontradiction. Was he lying then, or is he lying now?

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    Disbarred Lawyer, Felon and Olby Legal Expert John Dean Implicated in Watergate Break-in

    I was flicking around the channels last night and came across James Rosen on C-SPAN talking about a book on Watergate. He was talking about the real reasons for the Watergate Break-in and named John Dean as the man behind the break-in. I had not heard this before and watched the rest. Rosen went on to say that the real point of the break-in was to gather information on a call center operation being utilized by the DNC to set up "dates" with Democratic fat cats, that Dean's wife, for some reason, had intimate knowledge of the call girl ring. Afterwards, it struck me that this seemed like a big deal and I was surprised that this was the first I was hearing of it. It turns out it WAS a big deal and the story is now breaking worldwide with Dean issuing a denial. Given that Dean was described as the "master manipulator" of Watergate by the FBI, a convicted felon and a disbarred lawyer you know Dean's denials carry a lot of weight. With Rosen working at Fox News, look for a Countdown appearance soon!

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    Facebook Bans Olbermann Watch Account, Leaves Fake KO Page Standing

    OW Facebook Account Disabled.jpg

    The mavens at Facebook have decided that a real account for Olbermann Watch needed to be disabled but a fake page for Countdown with Keith Olbermann should remain. This despite the fact that the fake page for Countdown is in clear violation of the company's terms of use.

    Even though they deleted the Olbermann Watch account I was able to salvage the Olbermann Watch fan page. For those who already "friended" the deleted account I would ask that you please "fan" the Olbermann Watch Fan Page.

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    Kurtz: Olbermann Lie Touched Off MSNBC vs Fox Feud!

    Bathtub Boy

    Howard Kurtz's extensive piece in today's Washington Post gives a detailed breakdown of the history between MSNBC/Olbermann and Fox/O'Reilly. One intriguing detail is that it was one of Bathtub Boy's gratuitous lies that lit the fuse for this battle royale. And it's one that we here at Olbermann Watch identified and exposed just minutes after it aired. Meanwhile, another article reveals Olby's role in getting Tucker Carlson dumped. Lots of people are seeing Oralmann's true colors today.

    In the Post, Howard Kurtz notes that the Olby/O'Reilly feud has escalated to the top levels of management. The reason? Keith lying about Roger Ailes, and A-Mess-NBC letting him get away with it:

    In last summer's conversation between Ailes and Zucker -- the two men have known each other since Zucker tapped him as a commentator for the "Today" show in the early 1990s -- the onetime Republican consultant asked whether NBC still cared about the truth. Olbermann had inaccurately called Ailes "the lead political consultant for Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign." Ailes worked for Giuliani's New York mayoral campaign in 1989, but no evidence has surfaced that he played a role in the presidential bid.

    Zucker did nothing as a result of the call. "I have never asked Keith Olbermann to tone anything down," he said in a brief interview.

    Needless to say, here at Olbermann Watch we tagged that lie as soon as it came out of the chute:

    But the "worst person" was John Gibson of "Fox Noise" [Ding!]. The source wasn't a Blue Blog at all; Olby is too cowardly to admit it, but he got the story from right here at Olbermann Watch! Aside from another Olbermann lie (that Roger Ailes is running Giuliani's campaign), the segment was noteworthy because Oralmann didn't even attempt to deny that he helped the Kossacks raise money for their cause. In other words, our exclusive report was right on the money, and has now been confirmed by "Man on Fan" Olbermann himself.

    There are a few quesitonable points in Kurtz's piece, while Page Six serves up some new revelations. Who knew Edward R Olbermann is so stuck-up the he refuses to introduce Dan Abrams? Or that he schemed and manipulated to get Tucker's show cancelled?

    Olbermann recently encouraged management to oust the cable channel's lone conservative, Tucker Carlson, and it's also no secret among producers that Olbermann refuses to introduce Dan Abrams' show, which follows his own.

    Page Six asks if Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann is on the verge of "another professional meltdown". Weren't they watching? That was Wednesday.

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    May 18, 2008

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    Fox News' Redeye Unveils OlbyPorn Page

    Newest Redeye Group at the Activity Pit:

    Tired of Olbermann's unfair, mentally unbalanced, profane nightly rantings on PMSNBC (or MSDNC or A-Mess-NBC)? Then this group is for you!

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    'Hate Speech and Lies': Dennis Prager Deconstructs Olbermann's Special Comment!

    Bathtub Boy

    On the radio Thursday, Dennis Prager spent the better part of two hours doing a point-by-point rebuttal to what he called the "hate speech" and "lies" that made up Keith Oralmann's latest Special Education Komment.

    The complete program can be heard online, but we have boiled down the highlights to ten must-hear minutes and present them here for your listening pleasure:

    NOTE: Do not miss Laura Ingraham's refutation of Olby's diatribe, or Mark Levin's call for MSNBC to take action against the infamous, deplorable one.

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    May 17, 2008
    Mark Levin to MSNBC: "Fire His Ass!"

    Constitutional attorney and talk show host Dr Mark Levin was outraged by the latest Special Education Komment from Keith Olbermann. To say that Dr Levin pulled no punches would be like saying the Chicago fire was a bit on the warm side. Here, for your listening pleasure, is an hour of Levin's righteous indignation condensed into nine blistering minutes:

    NOTE: Don't miss Laura Ingraham's reaction to Oralmann's latest disgrace, or Dennis Prager's meticulous deconstruction of Keithy's hate speech and lies. Also, Newbusters transcribes and reacts to Mark Levin.

    Transcript from NB below the fold:

    Let me tell you, this guy is really the scum of the earth...Hey Olbermann, I said you're the scum of the earth. And you know damn well what I'm talking about. [...]

    This is the highest rated guy on MSNBC because he's taken up a radical position which one of his girlfriends wrote me and said he doesn't even believe, but does it, and he does it for ratings, because he knows there are nutjobs out there who will tune him in. But this is over the line. [...]

    I'm calling on MSNBC to suspend Keith Olbermann because in the middle of a war, I don't think a phony journalist should be able to use his position to give aid and comfort to the enemy, and worse than that even, to smear the American GI. [...]

    "Cold-blooded killers who will kill people to achieve their political objectives." That's how you view the uniform? You're a disgrace. Why are on you on MSNBC? I ask General Electric, "What is this man doing on your network?" [...]

    I believe in firing his ass! Why have boycotts and censorship? Fire his ass! And yet, I'm compassionate. I said, "At least, suspend him. Let's meet halfway on this." And I'll tell you why. If in World War II, Tokyo Rose were given a format like MSNBC night after night to undermine the American GI, to give aid and comfort to the terrorists, to pander to the worst elements of American society, to become a propagandist for the enemy, it would not have been tolerated. It's not as if Keith Olbermann brings anything to the table. He's a very dumb guy. He's not qualified to be a newscaster. He's not qualified to hold serious opinions, and that's why he relies on the Daily Kos, a Media Matters, leftwing Democrat operatives for his talking points each and every night. But for MSNBC, and NBC, and GE to prop this guy up and give him a soapbox, I'm sorry. He is the anti-soldier. This isn't an academic matter where we're debating some issue of import, but not an issue of life and death, but he is the mouthpiece, the prominent mouthpiece for our enemy. If you're going to call our soldiers cold-blooded killers who kill people to achieve their political objectives, then you're excrement. You're absolute excrement.[...]

    Spitting on the American soldier. You think that's a good thing? You think that's entertainment? You think that's great for this country? I don't expect you to suppot the President. Great. But I do expect you to treat the troops with respect That's correct. [...]

    How is it that only the liberals can make issues out of things they want to make issues out of when they're offended? Here we have a guy smearing hundreds of thousands of American soldiers, calling them cold-blooded killers who kill people to achieve their political objectives. I mean, what is this? [...]

    NBC clings to this bitter, little know-nothing because he gets ratings from the far left in this country. The hate America, commie-left. They tell everybody, "Watch Olbermann, watch Olbermann." And so he plays to them, he panders to them. I see the hair-splitting going on. The fact is, if he were to compare any American to al Qaeda terrorists, it's so over the top. And yet to do it in the context of the United States military. I know what he's talking about. I'm not going to have the spin fly here, I can tell you that. It is so grotesque. And I am demanding that MSNBC say something about this, do something about this because Keith Olbermann is basically Tokyo Rose in a suit.

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    May 16, 2008
    Laura Ingraham Blasts Olbermann for Calling US Troops "Cold Blooded Killers"!

    image courtesy chickaboomer

    There is no Hour of Spin tonight, at least not one with the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. In his place, comedian Rachel Maddow of Err America is tonight playing anchorman. All the better, as it gives us the opportunity to bring you this dynamite audio of Laura Ingraham demolishing Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann. Laura is incensed over Bathtub Boy smearing US troops as "cold blooded killers", and lets him have it with both barrels. We have condensed several hours of radio down to eight must-hear minutes and we present it here for your listening pleasure.

    UPDATE: After you have heard Laura, then make sure you listen to Mark Levin's righteous outrage as he tells MSNBC: "Fire His Ass!" Plus we have added another must-hear analysis, as Dennis Prager decontructs Monkeymann's hate speech and lies.

    Keith Limpermann

    If it's Friday, it's our weekly assessment of Krazy Keith's masculinity. In just a three-day week, Monkeymann attacked Fox and other broadcasters 20 times. Olby's source (Hillary Clinton's Media Matters) criticized (MS)NBC 12 times, but Keithy protected his corporate masters with zero criticisms. That makes this week's Olbermann Manhood Quotient: -64 [eunuch limp].

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    Keith Throws Fit During WVa Primary Coverage

    Jossip is reporting on the Keith Olbermann v. David Gregory Lovers Quarrel

    From inside MSNBC we hear Gregory and Olbermann kicked off a feud of their own while ankling last night's West Virgina primary coverage. In fact, viewers may have witnessed it. Around 10pm, you might've heard a very loud thud, followed by Gregory abruptly wrapping up his panel discussion. According to witnesses, that thud was Olbermann slamming his fist down on his desk (he was in one studio with Chris Matthews), because he felt Gregory and his panel, in another area, were going on way too long, and nobody was telling him to wrap it up.

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    Gibson & Levin: Another Tag-Team Smackdown of Keith Olbermann!

    From the Thursday night radio programs of John Gibson, and constitutional attorney Dr Mark Levin, we have put together this special Olbermann Watch Tag Team Combo Smackdown of the infamous deplorable one. It seems that neither gentleman was impressed by Oralmann's latest Special Education Komment:

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    May 15, 2008
    Meet the OlbyLoons: Joe Buck
    You sir, are a joke. Olbermannwatch will outlive your pathetic website with the 7-8 trusted posters like the fag Mike. You should be banned from the Net. Friggin joke. Put up a hit counter. Lets see if it breaks 100.

    Phuck yall.

    Signed an Olby hater but also an hater.

    Joe Buck is an OlbyLoon. Why? Joe, not his real name, likes to hide behind psuedonyms and make uninformed rants online. Keith uses his real name but hides behind faux outrage to make uninformed rants on TV. "Joe" is in a tortured state of existence which makes Keith so appealing to him.

    NOTE TO JOE: You sir, are a moron. There is a "hit counter" on the site and has been for your years. Scroll down the left rail until you come across a link for "Site Meter". This software is used by pretty much every blog with more than 1,000 readers.

    NOTE TO CLEAR-THINKING OW READERS: Notice how foul-mouthed, anoni-lib "Joe" claims to be an "OlbyHater" but also a " hater". Funny how someone who supposedly "hates" Keith Olbermann could develop enough of a passion to hate a web site - and take the time to writ an email about it. Another LibLiar from the left.

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    May 14, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 14, 2008

    Bathtub Boy


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • ELECTION 2008: Chuck Todd
    • SPECIAL EDUCATION KOMMENT: "Mister" Bush golfing, or not golfing. Whatever.

    It's a red-letter night on The Hour of Spin. The infamous deplorable Keith Olbermann disgorged his latest Special Education Komment, and the MisterMeter almost burns out! Bathtub Boy's jeremiad found him bellowing for more than ten minutes. Hey, maybe it's Keithy's way to get back some of that precious face time that mean old David Gregory is stealing from him! But first, there is always the opening spiel: Edwards endorsement shocker! It blows Hillary's win "out of the proverbial [Ding!] tub"! Hillary in crisis! Republicans lose! Another tour of a half-built baseball stadium! And of course, a plug for the latest Special Education Komment about "Mister" Bush! It's hump day--and obviously a day that Keith's demographics need some sort of hump--at Olbermann Watch.

    UPDATED: with Special Education Komment video, annotated transcript, and special OlbyRobot dramatic reading! Also check out the devastating deconstructions of Monkeymann's diseased diatribe from Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, and Dennis Prager.

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Edwards endorsement renders Hillary "old news"! Herr Olbermann pimped out The Wolffe Man who simpered about super delegates. (Why does Fat Ass have a limey analyzing American politics anyhow?) Wolffie didn't think The Big Endorsement would mean much in the future voting but was nonetheless Great Thanksed.

    Krazy Keith set out a scenario where all the Edwards delegates would go to Obama and he'd only be ten away for clinching it. Hot Toddy explained to him that the delegates go where they want. Wordsmith Keith referenced Todd's "proverbial [Ding!] maps". Yeah, because there are so many famous proverbs about maps. And bathtubs. Poli-Sci maven Olbermann opined that any electorate where Obama has a weakness is an electorate of Democrats "in name only" who are "really Republicans". Hot Toddy was Great Thanksed.

    After Another Plug for the Special Education Komment (hereafter APftSEK) and APftSEK came #4: More on Edwards because it's "breaking News!", even though it's already over three hours old. Regurgitated video of Brian Williams with Hillary. That gives Bear a chance to surf on Kos and look on ebay for that elusive Mickey Mays bubblegum card.

    After APftSEK and APftSEK came an early version of the Media Matters Minute (gotta leave room for that 11-minute screed). Attacked tonight were Republicans (Blue Blog Source: HuffPo), Terry McAuliffe (Blue Blog Source: Black & White), and of course the "worst" was saved for you-know-who. Of course by attacking O'Reilly that means Oralmann is going to bat for Boyce Watkins, who says right-wingers killed Malcolm X, and sneers at Juan Williams as a "happy Negro" and not even a true African-American. That's the kind of people Keith is happy to sit in the bathtub with.

    #3: Republicans are losers. Republicans are "race-baiters".

    After APftSEK and APftSEK came #2: America's worst home movies, with Oralmann actually reporting from the field--an unfinished baseball field. He is truly the next Edward R Murrow.

    After APftSEK finally came #1: saved for the very last Nielsen minute, Herr Olbermann's lunatic screed on "Mister" Bush and golf. To ensure that every fringe stoner would be tuned in to his demagoguery, he once again used Daily Kos for purposes of self-promoting his philippic. That prompted this amusing exchange:

    • I am a huge fan, etc., but want to ask if this is the best time to make such a special comment...I am afraid that the energy is now very excitedly re. Edwards. Perhaps tomorrow.
    • Big tent theory. Plenty of room for Senator Edwards' Special Comment and my own. I have no problem being runner-up to him. Nor third to he and Elizabeth.

    Third to he? To he?!? No wonder Fat Ass needs a staff of writers to fill his teleprompter.

    You could almost see the venom dripping from his molars as he roiled through his diseased rant, complete with the obligatory shoulder shrugs, meaningful pauses, scowls, insinSirs (15 by our count), and of course more "Misters" than he hears from Katy in a week. And if you think this was borderline just imagine what Fat Ass would spew if "Mister" Bush did continue to play golf! See below for the full, annotated transcript.


    Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 24 [DANGER!!!!!!!]

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 737th day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

    APPENDIX: Krazy Keith's Special Education Komment:

    Bathtub Boy

    Finally tonight, as promised, a Special Comment on two topics a lot of us had foolishly thought, had naively hoped, we would not again have to address... and a third topic nobody thought a President would ever seriously mention in public unless perhaps he'd just been hit in the head with something and was not in full possession of his faculties--how he expressed his empathy to the families of the dead in Iraq by giving up golf.

    The President has resorted anew to the sleaziest fear-mongering and mass manipulation of an administration of a public life dedicated to realizing the lowest of our expectations. And he has now applied these poisons to the 2008 presidential election, on behalf of the party at whose center he and Mr. McCain lurk.

    Mr. Bush has predicted that the election of a Democratic president could, quote, "eventually lead to another attack on the United States."
    This ludicrous, infuriating, holier-than-thou and most importantly bone-headedly wrong statement came yesterday during an interview with and online users of Yahoo.

    The question was phrased as follows:
    "If we were to pull out of Iraq next year, what's the worst that could happen, what's the doomsday scenario?"The President replied:

    "Doomsday scenario of course is that extremists throughout the Middle East would be emboldened, which would eventually lead to another attack on the United States.

    "The biggest issue we face is, it's bigger than Iraq, it's this ideological struggle against cold-blooded killers who will kill people to achieve their political objectives.'

    [camera switch]

    Mr. Bush, at long last, has it not dawned on you that the America you have now created, includes 'cold-blooded killers who will kill people to achieve their political objectives'? They are those in, or formerly in, your employ, who may yet be charged some day... with war crimes.

    Through your haze of self-congratulation and self-pity, do you still have no earthly clue that this nation has laid waste to Iraq to achieve your political objectives?
    'This ideological struggle,' Mr. Bush, is taking place within this country. It is a struggle between Americans who cherish freedom, ours and everybody else's, and Americans like you, Sir, to whom freedom is just a brand name, just like "Patriot Act" is a brand name or "Protect America" is a brand name.

    [scowl at camera]

    But wait, there's more.
    You also said "Iraq is the place where al Qaeda and other extremists have made their stand and they will be defeated."

    They made no "stand" in Iraq, Sir , you allowed them to assemble there! As certainly as if that were the plan, the borders were left wide open by your government's farcical post-invasion strategy of 'they'll greet us as liberators.' And as certainly as if that were the plan, the inspiration for another generation of terrorists in another country was provided by your government's farcical post-invasion strategy of letting the societal infra-structure of Iraq dissolve, to be replaced by an American Vice-Royalty enforced by merciless mercenaries who shoot unarmed Iraqis and then evade prosecution in any country, by hiding behind your skirts, Sir.

    [shake head in anger; watch the spit]

    Terrorism inside Iraq is your creation, Mr. Bush!

    [look down at pretend notes; insert meaningful pause; don't forget camera pivot]

    It was a Yahoo user who brought up the second topic upon whose introduction Mr. Bush should have passed, or punted, or gotten up and left the room claiming he heard Dick Cheney calling him. "Do you feel," asked an ordinary American, "that you were misled on Iraq?"

    "I feel like -- I felt like, there were weapons of mass destruction. You know, "mislead" is a strong word, it almost connotes some kind of intentional -- I don't think so, I think there was a -- not only our intelligence community, but intelligence communities all across the world shared the same assessment. And so I was disappointed to see how flawed our intelligence was."


    You, Mr. Bush, and your tragically know-it-all minions, threw out every piece of intelligence that suggested there were no such weapons.
    You, Mr. Bush, threw out every person who suggested that the sober, contradictory, reality-based intelligence needed to be listened to, fast.
    You, Mr. Bush, are responsible for how "intelligence communities all across the world shared the same assessment."

    [use that trace-of-a-sneer look here]

    You and the sycophants you dredged up and put behind the most important steering wheel in the world propagated palpable nonsense and shoved it down the throat of every intelligence community across the world and punished anybody who didn't agree it was really chicken salad.

    [re-use head shake]

    And you, Mr. Bush, threw under the bus [Ding!], all of the subsequent critics who bravely stepped forward later to point out just how much of a self-fulfilling prophecy you had embraced, and adopted as this country's policy in lieu of, say, common sense. The fiasco of pre-war intelligence, Sir, is your fiasco.

    You should build a great statue of yourself turning a deaf ear to the warnings of realists, while you are shown embracing the three-card monte dealers like Richard Perle and Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. That would be a far more fitting tribute to your legacy, Mr. Bush, than this Presidential library you are constructing as a giant fable about your presidency an edifice you might as claim was built from Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction because there will be just as many of those inside your Presidential library as there were inside Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

    [look down; pause; ratchet it down to only 6 or 7; camera pivot]

    Of course if there is one over-riding theme to this president's administration it is the utter, always-failing, inability to know when to quit when it is behind.
    And so Mr. Bush answered yet another question about this layered, nuanced, wheels-within-wheels garbage heap that constituted his excuse for war.

    "And so you feel that you didn't have all the information you should have or the right spin on that information?"

    "No, no," replied the President. "I was told by people, that they had weapons of mass destruction..."

    [change camera angle]

    What people?
    The insane informant "Curveball?"
    The Iraqi snake-oil salesman Ahmed Chalabi?
    The American snake-oil salesman Dick Cheney?

    "I was told by people that they had weapons of mass destruction, as were members of Congress, who voted for the resolution to get rid of Saddam Hussein.

    "And of course, the political heat gets on and they start to run and try to hide from their votes."

    Mr. Bush, you destroyed the evidence that contradicted the resolution you jammed down the Congress's throat, the way you jammed it down the nation's throat. When required by law to verify that your evidence was accurate, you simply re-submitted it, with phrases amounting to "See, I done proved it," virtually written in the margins in crayon.

    You defied patriotic Americans to say "The Emperor Has No Clothes" only this time with the stakes (as you and the mental dwarves in your employ put it) being a "mushroom cloud over an American city."

    And as a final crash of self-indulgent nonsense, when the incontrovertible truth of your panoramic and murderous deceit has even begun to cost your political party seemingly perpetual congressional seats in places like North Carolina and, last night, Mississippi, you can actually say with a straight face, Sir, that for members of Congress "the political heat gets on and they start to run and try to hide from their votes" - while you greet the political heat and try to run and hide from your presidency,

    [louder, louder; no matter how loud, make it louder]

    and your legacy, 4,000 of the Americans you were supposed to protect, dead in Iraq, with your only feeble, pathetic answer being, "I was told by people that they had weapons of mass destruction."

    [same pattern as before: meaningful pause, look down, camera pivot, ratchet down]

    Then came Mr. Bush's final blow to our nation's solar plexus, his last re-opening of our common wounds, his last remark that makes the rest of us question not merely his leadership or his judgment but his very suitably to remain in office.

    "Mr. President," he was asked, "you haven't been golfing in recent years. Is that related to Iraq?

    "Yes," began perhaps the most startling reply of this nightmarish blight on our lives as Americans on our history. "It really is. I don't want some mom whose son may have recently died, to see the Commander-in-Chief playing golf. I feel I owe it to the families to be as -- to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal."

    [hushed irony]

    Golf, Sir?
    Golf sends the wrong signal to the grieving families of our men and women butchered in Iraq?
    Do you think these families, Mr. Bush, their lives blighted forever, care about you playing golf...
    Do you think, Sir, they care about you?
    You, Mr. Bush, let their sons and daughters be killed.

    [start ratcheting it up again]

    Sir, to show your solidarity with them you gave up golf?
    Sir, to show your solidarity with them you didn't give up your pursuit of this insurance-scam, profiteering, morally and financially bankrupting war.
    Sir, to show your solidarity with them you didn't even give up talking about Iraq a subject about which you have incessantly proved without pause or backwards glance, that you may literally be the least informed person in the world?
    Sir, to show your solidarity with them, you didn't give up your presidency?

    [crank it up here; feign indigation up to, oh, 8 or 9]

    In your own words  "solidarity as best as I can"  is to stop a game? That is the "best" you can? 4,000 Americans give up their lives and your sacrifice was to give up golf!

    [camera switch; look down; no meaningful pause this time]

    Golf. Not "gulf" -- golf.

    And still it gets worse.
    Because it proves that the President's unendurable sacrifice, his unbearable pain, the suspension of getting to hit a stick with a ball, was not even his own damned idea.

    "Mr. President, was there a particular moment or incident that brought you to that decision, or how did you come to that?"

    "I remember when de Mello, who was at the U.N., got killed in Baghdad as a result of these murderers taking this good man's life. And I was playing golf -- I think I was in central Texas -- and they pulled me off the golf course and I said, it's just not worth it any more to do."

    Your one, tone-deaf, arrogant, pathetic, embarrassing gesture, and you didn't even think of it yourself? The great Bushian sacrifice, an Army private loses a leg, a Marine loses half his skull, four thousand of their brothers and sisters lose their lives, you lose golf and they have to pull you off the golf course to get you to just do that?

    [wiggle your hand around; do something here to punch it up]

    If it's even true.

    Apart from your medical files, which dutifully record your torn calf muscle and the knee pain which forced you to give up running at the same time, coincidence no doubt, the bombing in Baghdad which killed Sergio Vieira de Mello of the UN and interrupted your round of golf, was on August 19th, 2003. Yet CBS News has records of you and photographs playing golf as late as October 13th of that year, nearly two months later.

    [meaningful pause]

    Mr. Bush, I hate to break it to you six-and-a-half years after you yoked this nation and your place in history to the wrong war, in the wrong place, against the wrong people.

    [slowly, spitting out each word]

    But the war in Iraq is not about you.

    [ok, pick up the pace for the big finish]

    It is not, Mr. Bush, about your grief when American after American comes home in a box. It is not, Mr. Bush, about what your addled brain has produced in the way of paranoid delusions of risks that do not exist, ready to be activated if some Democrat, and not your twin Mr. McCain succeeds you.

    The war in Iraq, your war, Mr. Bush, is about how you accomplished the derangement of two nations, and how you helped funnel billions of taxpayer dollars to lascivious and perennially thirsty corporations like Halliburton and Blackwater, and how you sent 4,000 Americans to their deaths for nothing.

    [louder; louder]

    It is not, Mr. Bush, about your golf game! And, Sir, if you have any hopes that next January 20th will not be celebrated as a day of soul-wrenching, heart-felt Thanksgiving, because your faithless stewardship of this presidency will have finally come to a merciful end, this last piece of advice:

    [keep screaming]

    When somebody asks you, Sir, about Democrats who must now pull this country back from the abyss you have placed us at...
    When somebody asks you, Sir, about the cooked books and faked threats you foisted on a sincere and frightened nation...
    When somebody asks you, Sir, about your gallant, noble, self-abnegating sacrifice of your golf game so as to soothe the families of the war dead.
    This advice, Mr. Bush...

    [scream this; go to 11; you have to sell this for the Kossacks, but watch the spit]

    Shut the... hell up!

    [thoughtful, indignant pause; look down; meaningful stare]

    Good night, and good luck.

    The Special Education Komment as read by Text Aloud with AT&T Natural Voices. The OlbyRobot not only reads the SEK, it reads Olby's stage directions as well!

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    May 13, 2008
    Election Night Open Thread!

    No Hour of Spin tonight, as MSDNC is devoting what they claim will be over seven hours of coverage of what Olbermoronn insists is a meangless election. So whether you watch Wolf, Brit, or Fat Ass and the Drooler, consider this your open thread to comment on the election, the coverage, and related issues.

    Expect a winner to be declared by the major news channels, and MSNBC, seconds after the polls close. To entertain you otherwise, and for the edification of new readers who may not know be familiar with this important historical documentation, here is an Olbermann Watch Flashback: "How Keith Olbermann Became Bathtub Boy: The Official Origin Story". Keep in mind that this clip dates from January, so don't be surprised that Oralmann is described as a shill for the Clintons. Back then, he was.

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    May 12, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 12, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • 2008 ELECTION: Howard Fineman, Newsweek senior Washington correspondent and MSNBC political analyst
    • BILL MOYERS ON DEMOCRACY AND THE MEDIA: Bill Moyers, PBS host and author of Moyers on Democracy
    • SNL GOES AFTER HILLARY: Dana Milbank, Washington Post

    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann is back. He's the master of multi-tasking: he can spout OlbySpin and lies to the camera while simultaneously blogging on DailyKos and surfing ebay for that must-have bubblegum card. Tonight, as always, he bellowed the opening spiel: Obama leads in super delegates! West Virginia! Joe Lieberthal! McCain's free ride! The Great Bill Moyers! SNL ridicules Hillary! And the biggest shocker of the night: the ancient O'Reilly video!! It's blue Monday at Olbermann Watch--where we spare you the annoyance of having to watch The Hour of Spin in the miracle of ObamaVision!

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Hillary doesn't realize it's over! Her win in West Virginia will be meaningless because Obama isn't campaigning there. (So meaningless that MSDNC is planning some seven hour of coverage!) Plug for Daily Kos! [Ding!] Obama's moving to a general election strategy. The Pundit for All Occasions dared to say the Obama campaign shouldn't be writing off states like WV and KY and then really crossed a line by pointing out Obama's lapel pin. "I can't believe we're actually noting these things", grumbled Oralmann. Howie was not Great Thanksed. Secret talks between the campaigns? John Harwood yammered.

    After another plug for the Great O'Reilly Video (hereafter APftGOV) came #4: Joe Lieberthal, "turncoat". Scurrilous! Divisive! Lieberthal's accurate statement about Hamas and Obama dismissed by Krazy Keith as a "rumor"! Why? Because the reporter who broke the story is a "right-wing neocon"! [Ding!] It matters not that statement of the Hamas spokesman was caught on tape. Oh wait, maybe it does matter, because Fat Ass never mentioned that. He just attacked some reporter, a neat diversion to hide another classic piece of OlbySpin. Lieberthal is McCain's "hatchet man"! Lefty Jonathan Alter agreed: "hatchet man!"

    After whining about "mercenaries" in Iraq, defending Iran by saying they're "making up" any involvement in Iraq, and APftGOV, #3: McCain camp claims media biased for Obama. "Madness!" cried Oralmann. Prelude to the blue-dress interview with "media giant" Bill Moyers. Prepare for another series of softball questions so leading that Fat Ass should have been holding a leash:

    • Is the McCain camp setting a base line? Are they working the refs before the game starts?
    • If there is media bias, is it about being for or against people, or about ways of seeing the world?
    • Certain bursts from here show that we can break through once in a while, but how does it apply to each of the candidates?
    • Do you see a way to break through when one of the candidates got behind a gas tax but the voters seemed to agree that she was pandering?
    • Obama's strategy with Wright was all your plan, right?

    Following APftGOV and yet APftGOV finally came #2: the stolen O'Reilly video. Keith, who has made others "worst persons" for making Hitler comparisons (not counting his own Sieg Heil salute), chuckled as he described one version that intercut O'Reilly with shots of Adolf. Classy. Nice. #1: SNL review with Dana Milbank.

    In the Media Matters Minute, the victims were Wal-Mart, Doug Goodyear of the McCain campaign, and--Olbsession Night on OlbyPlanet--O'Reilly again. His crime was that he criticized a paper for refusing to cooperate with the FBI. It turns out the people the FBI were looking for were innocent, and that proves that O'Reilly was "paranoid" for criticizing the paper.

    Now aside from how Bear is suggesting that it's wrong to cooperate with the FBI, and how it's better for them to spend months looking for people instead of getting help from citizens (does Bathtub Boy even pretend to be an American any more?)... Aside from all that, here's how OlbyLogic works. If someone refuses to open their bag for an airport screener, but eventually does and it's empty, does that make the screener "paranoid"? Does it even make the screener wrong to want to see in the bag? That's what OlbyLogic would have you believe, but--hey!--it's good enough to feed Oralmann's diseased Olbsession with a competitor he will never equal, let alone surpass.


    Dogs That Did Not Bark: We've heard repeatedly from Fat Ass about how the eeevil Bush administration has "broken" the Armed Forces. Things are so bad that they'll never get anyone to join! The military announced their April recruiting and retention numbers, and to no one's surprise, Herr Olbermahn spiked the story. And then there's this. Oralmann jumps on McCain for every slip, big or small. He's "delusional". He should be wearing "Depends". He's a "liar". Of course, that goes not just for McCain but for anyone to the right of Che Guevera. Remember the time Michael Chertoff goofed and said "Louisiana is a city" largely underwater? Oralmann cackled with glee over that one. It was the occasion for one of his first long-winded blowhardy Special Education Komments. Monkeymann never let go of it, still citing it two years later! But there are some whose mistakes don't get mentioned on OlbyPlanet. Some whose blunders get filtered out by the special lenses of ObamaVision so that they never pollute the purity of the propaganda. Mistakes that he can't just blame on his staff. Like: 57 states? 57 freakin' states? Fear not, Barack. Bear will protect you with his cone of silence.


    Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 1 [LOW]

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 735th day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

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    May 11, 2008
    Welcome to the Twilight Zone: Democrats Slam MSNBC's Far-Left Bias

    How far left do you need to move before even Democrats are criticizing you for being unfair and unbalanced? Certainly OlbyWatch readers know that Keith is unbalanced but now even Lanny Davis - a Democratic Party stalwart who practically lived on MSNBC during Keith's first go around and the failed cable news network - is sharpening the knives by announcing that he now refuses to appear on Countdown with Olbermann or Hardball with Matthews.

    Davis told The Hill's Betsy Rothstein he "would not go on either Olbermann or Matthews ever". The Hill report, courtesy of Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters, reveals Davis spoken with MSNBC management about the blatant bias of the network:

    Davis says he spoke with a "member of senior MSNBC management" who "told me personally that they were aware that they needed to do something to bring credibility back to MSNBC in terms of balance."

    The former Clinton adviser points to MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann as culprits. Though he says he personally likes the men, citing a 25-year-old friendship with Matthews, he thinks their shows are deplorably one-sided.

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    Fake Countdown with Keith Olbermann Facebook Page

    OW Countdown Page is a Fake.jpgSome KO Fan set up a fake "Facebook Pages" page for Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Facebook Pages, unlike Facebook Groups or Profiles, can only be created by the entity itself not fans of the entity whether that be an artist, product, company - or TV Show.

    Per the Facebook FAQ:


    What do I do when I see a Page with offensive content or a Page that is pretending to be an artist or business that it's not?

    To report a Page for content that violates our Terms of Use, please click on the "Report this Page" link found in the bottom, left corner of every Page. We do not allow Pages to impersonate any entities and will remove any that attempt to do so.

    So, I have helpfully reported the fake Countdown page to the Facebook Admins and look forward to their removing the fan page for violating the Terms of Use, much to the consternation of the 1,700+ people who "fanned" the page.

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    May 10, 2008
    Keith Olbermann, man of the people?

    This blog is priceless. The blogger is shilling for Obama and seems to be a fan of KO in some sort of way but this person really has a talent. I could not stop laughing as I went through these posts. Here is an excerpt from the most recent one on Keith, apparently with nothing better to do, is screwing around in the comments section at Dkos.

    ...Keith replies with something so incredible stupid that I just had to post it. Just from his reply alone tells me he doesn't get it...He can't appreciate the hardships most people go through while he's sitting in his multi-million dollar condo getting fatter with a 24 year old girl.

    The blogger continues...

    The only time I see him actually put his feet on the ground is when he talks about our troops. Otherwise, he floats around with his big giant head trying to pretend he can relate...

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    Meet the OlbyLoons: Will Bunch

    OlbyLoon Will Bunch.jpg

    Will Bunch is an OlbyLoon. Why? Will is the senior writer for the Philadelphia Daily News and its former political writer. Will's been covering presidential campaigns since 1984 and was a key member of the New York Newsday team that won the 1992 Pulitzer Prize for spot news reporting. Will lives in a tortured state of existence because he is a Pulitizer Prize winning journalist who has been relegated to a second rate tabloid newspaper in a third rate city. Keith is a second rate journalistic hack relegated to a third rate cable news channel. Will lives in a tortured state of existence which makes Keith Olbermann appealing to him.

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    Meet the OlbyLoons: Josh Phillips

    OlbyLoon Josh Phillips.jpg

    Josh Phillips is an OlbyLoon. Why? Josh is an IT Professional from Houston, TX who spends his time blogging on a website called WindowsConnected and Twittering. Josh is a liberal living in the home state of George W. Bush, living in the same city with Bush 41. Keith hates George Bush 43 and 41 and even 41's wife and 43's mom. Josh is in a tortured state of existence which makes Keith so appealing to him.

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    Meet the OlbyLoons: CJ Griffin

    OlbyLoon - CJGriffin.jpg

    In trying to learn more about what I can do with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, et al I ran across what appears to be the official Countdown with Keith Olbermann Fan Page on Facebook. The page has about 1,700 fans. I thought it might be help clear-thinking readers understand the POV of KO fans to Google a few of these fans and see just what it is that makes them so ANGRY (grrrrrr!). If any OW commenters would care to became a contributor to our experimental "Meet the OlbyLoons" series please drop me a line. The work entails picking a fan from the Countdown with Keith Olbermann page, running a Google search to look for something that would explain the tortured nature of their existence which makes Keith Olbermann so appealing to them.

    First up is CJ Griffin (above).

    CJ Griffin is an OlbyLoon. Why? CJ is now in grad school at Rutgers but apparently worked as a Program Associate for Astraea Mission Statement:

    Our mission is based is on an enduring commitment to feminism, progressive social change and an end to all forms of exploitation and discrimination. We support programs and policies that strive to eliminate oppression based on race, age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic exploitation, physical and mental ability, anti-Semitism, and other such factors. Only through action will we build a world of peace and justice for lesbians, and for society as a whole.

    Astraea has an enduring commitment to feminism and is committed to ending anti-semitism. CJ supports Astraea. Keith is well-known for his misogynistic and racist wise-cracks and anti-semitic antics. CJ supports Keith. Ergo, CJ is in a tortured state of existence which makes Keith so appealing to her.

    See? Simple.

    If you''d like to contribute to the "Meet the OlbyLoons" series let me know.

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    May 9, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 9, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • 2008 ELECTION: Jonathan Alter, Newsweek columnist and NBC News political analyst; Harry Reid, Senate majority leader and author of "The Good Fight"; Rachel Maddow, Err America Radio host and MSNBC political analyst; Mort Sahl, comedian
    • MARY TILLMAN SPEAKS OUT: Mary Tillman, author of  "Boots on the Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman"

    The last opening spiel of the week, bellowed by the infamous, deplorable one in his best carnival-barker fashion: Obama on the verge but Hillary refuses to quit! McCain and Hagee! [Ding!] Pat Tillman! Satirist Mort Sahl! It's casual Friday at Olbermann Watch.

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Clinton low on money while Bill Jefferson plays "bad cop". Edward R Olbermann reveals that, impartial newsman that he is, he was "for" Hillary at first. Who's he for now? Man, that's a puzzler, ain't it? Edwards says Obama is a uniter. Hillary is being Nixonian! [Ding!] What she's doing is almost "bribery"! Keith pimped out Alter who said yeah her "code language" is Nixonian! [Ding!] Lefty quoted Hillary as saying "she is the candidate of white Americans", which is such a caricature of her words that it's almost a lie. But lying is fine on OlbyPlanet so he was Great Thanksed.

    Next the blue-dress interview with Harry Reid. Yes it's hard to believe, it's stunning, it's an astonishing indictment of the partisan political hackery that is The Hour of Spin. We're talking about The List. Gaze upon it and be amazed. Meanwhile, that crusading journalist Keith Oralmann pummeled Reid with the tough questions that only years in the bathtub could have prepared him for. Prepare for questions so leading that Krazy Keith should have been waving a baton:

    • Do you think the primary process is in its final stretch? Do you have to do something to make sure it is in its final stretch soon?
    • Wasn't it a no-win for Hillary to raise the issue of her support from white voters?
    • Wouldn't it make more sense to wait for the next administration before acting on FISA legislation?
    • Isn't it clear that the threat that exists was exaggeration, drawn up into dimensions of "total disproportionateness"?
    • What did the President say to you on the 9/11 anniversary and what does it say to you?
    • Oh dear.
    • Is there anything Lieberman could do that could make you take away his Homeland Security chairmanship?
    • Isn't Countdown the best show on tv? Don't you hate Bill O'Reilly? Isn't it true I'm the smartest interviewer you've ever met?

    OK, that last line was made up. But it's no less leading than what came before. For agreeing to just about every leading question Reid was Great Thanksed.

    After a Hagee [Ding!] came #4: Merkle moved the nightly McCain attack up one segment, presumably to make room for Mort Sahl. "John McCain is not driving the bus." Hagee! Hagee! [Ding!] [Ding!] Repeat of an old OlbyLie about Fox News "defending" McCain. Olby pimped out comedian Rachel Maddow, who tonight played a poli-sci expert and piled on yesterday's calling of Mrs McCain a "fraud" with more attacks on the Mrs. Hagee! Hagee! [Ding!] [Ding!] Jeremiah Wright is "dirty politics" but we need more Hagee! [Ding!] He's "apocalyptic"! McCain is a "liar"! The comedian was upset that McCain's campaign called Arianna Huffington names, approximately 10 seconds after Oralmann called McCain a "liar". Nice way to treat a POW, Fat Ass. If this were 1974 you would be Jane Fonda.

    After a Fox Noise [Ding!], a "lunatic fringe" [Ding!], and another "lunatic fringe" [Ding!], came #3: Herr Olbermahn exploits the family of Pat Tillman yet again over "Mister Bush's war". Mary Tillman was Great Thanksed before she said a single word. Merkle wondered if the friendly fire was "really accidental", while Mary blamed Rumsfeld for the "cover-up" because Rummy had written Pat a letter thanking him for enlisting and was aware of his celebrity. Yeah, that just about cinches it.

    #2: The Media Matters Minute: the requisite attacks on O'Reilly (for reporting on GE's dealings with Iran)--Mackris! [Ding!] Loofahs! [Ding!] Loofahs! [Ding!]--and Roger Ailes (Blue Blog Source: TVNewser) of Fox Noise! [Ding!] Fixed News! [Ding!]

    #1: A sad spectacle, the legendary Mort Sahl lowering himself to appear with the slovenly political hack Olbermoronn. Keith lied again about Fox "defending" McCain (see link above) but the hallmark of an OlbyLie is that he'll repeat it over and over until every credulous lemming has soaked it in. "Man on Fan" Olbermann wanted to know why Hillary doesn't realize that it's over. It was nice to see Sahl even though he's not exactly on his game these days.

    Keith Limpermann

    If it's Friday, it's our weekly assessment of Krazy Keith's masculinity. This week, Monkeymann attacked Fox and other broadcasters 29 times. Olby's source (Hillary Clinton's Media Matters) criticized (MS)NBC 5 times, but Keithy protected his corporate masters with zero criticisms. That makes this week's Olbermann Manhood Quotient: -68 [mama's boy limp].


    Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 1 [LOW]

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 732nd day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

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    May 8, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 8th, 2008

    Bathtub Boy


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • 2008 ELECTION: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek senior White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Dana Milkbank, Washington Post; Jonathan Alter, Newsweek columnist and NBC News political analyst; Eugene Robinson, Washington Post associate editor and columnist and MSNBC political analyst
    • BARBARA WALTERS: Paul F. Tompkins, comedian and VH-1 contributor

    Wolffe Man is in the house tonight to play Olbersturmfuhrer's stooge. Milbank might show up in some sweet threads much to the delight of Mr. Merlot. Lefty "Analyst" Alter and forever amused Eugene Robinson. Quite a lineup of committed parrots. So called comedian Tompkins and more! I'm already going crazy with anticipation.

    Posted by Edward Schatz | Permalink | Comments (24) | | View blog reactions
    May 7, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 7, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • 2008 ELECTION/NORTH CAROLINA AND INDIANA PRIMARIES: Chuck Todd, NBC News political director; Richard Wolffe, Newsweek senior White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Howard Fineman, Newsweek senior Washington Correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; comedian Rachel Maddow, Err America Radio host and MSNBC political analyst

    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann bellowed the opening spiel: Clinton won't quit, even though it's over! Supporters telling her to quit, because it's over! She should stop her "anti-Obama rhetoric" because it's over! The nightly McCain attack! The nightly attack on Fox Noise! [Ding!] It's hump day at Olbermann Watch, as we once again report on the most biased hour of television in the known 'verse. Do not adjust your set. While CNN and FNC are now airing in high definition, A-Mess-NBC has instead relied on their own in-house technological advancement, something no other news channel can equal, let alone surpass. Yes, The Hour of Spin is coming to you in that new miracle of television: ObamaVision!

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Bonus obscure historical reference (El Alamein)--we usually have to sit through a Special Education Komment to get one of those. Hillary won't admit it's over. Feinstein talked to the Congressional newspaper "The Hehuill". Which is something like "The Hill". Obama lost Indiana despite having once held a lead. Oh wait, that's not right. A-Mess-NBC engineers adjusted their ObamaVision dials and it came out properly: Obama was expected to lose Indiana by a huge margin but he almost won. That's better. Hillary's "talking points". Hot Toddy was there for the nightly report: Obama still has more delegates. And Grant is still buried in Grant's Tomb. Oh, and don't forget, it's over!

    Another string of historical factoids (supposed to be demonstrative of how well-informed Bathtub Boy thinks he is, except when it comes to knowing that you can't mount a filibuster in the House of Representatives of course) led to more talk about how it's over! More talk about the gas tax holiday. Why can't MSLSD give us a gas-bag holiday? The Wolffe Man simpered on cue.

    After a comedian [Ding!] came #4: Not only is it over, it was over in February! This was a supposed-to-be-clever "CSI" rundown of Hillary flubs, missteps, and "fear mongering" over the months. On OlbyPlanet, not only do you get kicked when you are down, you get Fat Ass grinding his heel into your rump. The Pundit for All Occasions did his expected and was Many Thanksed.

    After a "dumbass" (Max Boot) and another Pulitzer-worthy edition of "oddball" came #3. This should be the nightly McCain attack if Mr Merlot sticks to the cookie-cutter template. Let's see. Obama is the Obamanee. (Groan.) Hillary, it's over! And the Republicans are in a "panic"! Now we're getting there. Keith pimped out comedian Rachel Maddow, who tonight played a political analyst. John Hagee! [Ding!] There we go; now we're on track. The comedian concluded that the only way McCain can win is to lie, run a dirty campaign, or break the law. Hey, why even bothering to have the election? Oh, and Hillary? It's over!

    After a Fox Noise [Ding!] came #2: The Media Matters Minute. "Man on Fan" Olbermann attacked comedian [Ding!] Rush Limbaugh for the "failure" of "operation chaos" (neatly avoiding any mention of the Obama campaign's insistence that it didn't fail at all). Comedian! Comedian! [Ding!] [Ding!] Also the nightly smear of Fox made it to the "worst" category. It was the typical Oralmann tapestry of multiple lies: Fixed Noise [Ding!] did "breaking news" (OlbyLie) about a "scoop" (OlbyLie) that a woman had big breasts (OlbyLie). Actually it was a medical report with Dr Manny Alvarez (Olby would probably dismiss him as a "house boy") about the risks of excessive implants.

    #1: Fat Ass home movies of an unbuilt baseball park. We polled the OlbyWatch staff and the vote was unanimous: the big breasts story was far more interesting. You can judge for yourself. We included the breast video as an appendix to this report. View it and vote in the comments. What would you rather watch: Herr Olbermann in ObamaVision or big breasts?


    Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 730th day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

    APPENDIX: "Worst person" video:

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    OlbyWatch Now Featured on Mark Levin's "Keith Overbite" Page

    I had the sincere pleasure of meeting Mark Levin a couple of weeks ago in DC at the aptly named MRC DisHonor Awards dinner hosted by Brent Bozell. Mark expressed his admiration for the fine work at Olbermann Watch which he reads when he is not busy dispatching liberal callers on his radio show. Mark has been kind enough to give Olbermann Watch a featured link on his "Keith Overbite" page which is a chocked full of great Olby links.

    While we've been at it longer here on Olbermann Watch, Mark is really the master of verbally dissecting Keith Olbermann and a genuine hero to all clear-thinking readers here at Olbermann Watch.

    Thanks, Mark!

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    OlbyWatch Adds Facebook and Twitter

    I've created a Olbermann Watch Facebook Profile and an Olbermann Watch Twitter Feed.

    For those who are not up to speed on either, you can keep tabs on me and all my interesting insights into the world of Keith Olbermann through the Twitter feed and view the status updates in Facebook. You can send Olbermann Watch notes, add us to your Facebook friends list and all sorts of wonderful, cool and exciting stuff.

    This is in addition to our fabulous YouTube channel - the OlbermannWatch channel - which has over 1 million views. The OW Channel has 781 subscribers who get updates to their YouTube account whenever we upload new, hilarious videos of Keith's latest tirade, as always, laced with a heavy dose of Olbypocrisy.

    UPDATE: I've now linked our feed (the KO Mini Blog) to Facebook as well so you can monitor our favorite Olbermann-related links in Facebook as well as in the left rail of Olbermann Watch.

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    KO Pens Definitive Baseball Card Series

    ko plaque.jpgChris Olds is reporting on his SportsStuff blog at the that Keith Olbermann will be contributing a major series to a leading baseball card collecting publication

    And this summer Olbermann will have a series of pieces in Sports Collectors Digest, a weekly hobby newspaper. The series will showcase his collection of rare Topps proof cards and offer the stories behind some of the cards that were made for in-house work at the company in the past but never saw the light of day.

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    OlbyWatch Tech Issues

    We have been experiencing a problem with the server that has nothing to do with Olbermann Watch or the new installation of MT 4.1 or a DoS attack or anything like that.

    In the simplest terms, an unrelated site on the server which uses the same mySQL database used by OW was experiencing very high demand. To deal with that we moved OW to larger and larger servers. Even after moving to the largest available server we still ran into problems and so made a decision last night to shutdown the mySQL database. That reduced the load on the servers to a normal level. However, logins and adding comments are all "calls" to that same database. So, shutting down the database also means no one can login and no one can add a comment. For authors on the site like me and J$ it also means that we cannot add posts.

    I am posting this now which should tell you that we are slowly brining pieces of the database back on line to see what happens at each stage. When the database is 100% online I will announce that here and the site will be fully functional.

    This is NOT related to any sort of attack from far-left anti-OW hackers. In fact, the problem has nothing to do with OW at all. But we share a server and a database and when they catch a cold OlbyWatch sneezes.

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    May 6, 2008
    Olbermann Watch Election Night Open Thread!

    No Hour of Spin tonight, as election returns will be on for the duration. So here is your open thread to comment on the results, the coverage, and related issues. Whether you watch Hume, Blitzer, or Fat Ass and The Drooler, post your thoughts here.

    To kick things off, or perhaps to provide fodder should matters resolve themselves early (one state has already been called), enjoy this interview. It's all about a planted question. You've heard Keith Oralmann rail about planted questions over and over. But this one he hasn't said a word about. When you listen you'll understand why:

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    OlbyKossack Slams Clinton for O'Reilly Appearance (surprise!)

    I just notice that Keith put up another post on Daily Kos: Manchurian Candidates and Fox where he writes:

    I've been startled to watch two developments anger and shake our respective Coalitions of The Reasonable, without the obvious deflating corollaries apparently dawning on anybody. Firstly, Senator Clinton's appearance with O'Reilly is more pathetic and revelatory than it is outrageous. Secondly, the "Manchurian Candidate" meme voiced by Coultergeist might be taken down and later used against her.

    I was drawn to Keith's use of "our" in "our respective Coalitions of The Reasonable"

    I am curious to know what our clear-thinking readers of OlbyWatch think Keith means by this term and the use of the word "our".

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    Olbermann Exposed: Race Card Hypocrisy Caught on Tape!

    UPDATE: Out-of-sync audio fixed!

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    May 5, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 5, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • 2008 ELECTION: Dana Milbank, Washington Post; Chuck Todd, NBC News political director

    This is a signal day on OlbyPlanet. There's the opening spiel, of course: Clinton claims she is electable! Both Dems will beat McCain! Poll numbers! A Countdown Special Anti-Hillary Report! Nightly McCain attack! Comedian! [Ding!] The latest Harold and Kumar instant film classic! But tonight the Olbypocrisy meter goes into the danger zone. You won't believe it as Fat Ass makes Rush Limbaugh "worst person"--and it turns out Oralmann did the same thing Rush did! On the air. On Countdown! The irony is exquisite, and Krazy Keith is Ridin' Dirty!

    UPDATED with bonus audio soundbite!

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Ooh, Clinton said "your future" depends on voting for her, which Oralmann somehow decided was grossly unacceptable "hyperbole". Because Bathtub Boy never indulges in hyperbole. Now that Obama poll numbers have rebounded a bit, tonight we got another rundown of poll numbers. Keithy made a lame Geico joke and while The Laughing Stagehand didn't react, Olby himself found it so funny he laughed at it himself. Some talk about a silly report (Blue Blog Source: HuffPo) about a Clinton "nuclear option". Bear was ignorant as to why it couldn't work but why confuse the audience, or himself, with facts. Monkeymann pimped out Dana Milbank who echoed the spin o' the night and was Thanksed.

    Is it time to count the delegates again? Yes it is! Obama still has more delegates. And in other news, the Pope is still a Catholic. Hot Toddy opined that tomorrow is the last day for voters to award big delegate wins, and he was Greatest Thanksed.

    After a comedian [Ding!] came #4: a full segment attack on the Hillary campaign for its "metrics" of winning. Another supposed-to-be-funny piece of ridicule over the kind of spinning that every campaign does, but only Hillary (and McCain) get zinged for it on OlbyPlanet.

    After calling Richard Perle two-faced, a leaf-blower, plus another comedian [Ding!] , came #3. This is usually the Designated McCain Attack Segment, and "Man on Fan" Olbermann did not disappoint. He seems to believe that because McCain favors English as an official language (as do 85% of Americans) therefore he shouldn't have a Spanish language website. Because there's something wrong with people who can speak two languages? Don't try to make sense out of it. It's OlbyLogic. Besides, that's a "controversial" thing to be for. Oh, and McCain disagreed with John Kyl, and he used the term "jihadist", and... wait a second. Is Oralmann's nitpicking tonight even more incredibly lame than usual? Answer: yes. Olby pimped out Matt Taibi, another in the parade of leftists, as the latest version of Olbermann carbon paper. They sat around and bashed Bush (he had bad convictions), McCain (a cynic with no principles), and--yes--Hagee. [Ding!] Why is Hagee relevant when Wright is not? Don't try to make sense out of it. OlbyLogic again. Through it all, Taibi sported a creepy, disturbing sneer that would give Jack Nicholson the willies.

    After yet another comedian [Ding!] (because jokes only get funnier when you tell them for the 189th time) came #2: a plug for #1. #1: a lenthy plug for Harold & Kumar, sure to be the next Citizen Kane.

    In the Media Matters Minute, Fat Ass attacked not just Steve Doocy (Fixed Noise! [Ding!]) but also his son, whose crime was something involving talking to Villanova students (Blue Blog Source: Raw Story). This was a typical Oralmann smear: he didn't like one question Doocy Jr asked out of about a dozen, and of course none of the others were mentioned. The next smearee was Bill Kristol (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters), while the "worst" was comedian [Ding!] Limbaugh (Blue Blog Source: Think Propaganda). Comedian! [Ding!] Comedian! [Ding!] He said he didn't recognize the mayor of LA and thought he might have been a shoe shine boy or a secret service agent, and that was "another" Limbaugh "insult" of a "minority". Comedian! [Ding!]

    Stop the tivo! Is this from the same Keith Olbermann who cracked about Bill Richardson "passing the guacamole"? Or even worse, who repeatedly called Alberto Gonzales, the Attorney General of the USA, a "houseboy"? Hey Olby, might "houseboy" possibly be an insult to a minority? Gonzales is Hispanic, right Keith? Attention Fat Ass: if you can parrot your blue blog masters to smear Rush while yourself demean Hispanics with derogatory insults like "houseboy", aren't you in fact nothing but a sleazy sanctimonious hypocrite? Riddle me that, Bathman!


    Dogs That Did Not Bark: Of course, since this is The Hour of Spin, you know there are mutts whose voices were muted. And the key criterion for silencing the spaniels is simple: something unfavorable to Keith's Krush: Barack Obama. Now we know that A-Mess-NBC has received its marching orders from the Obama campaign to stop talking about Jeremiah Wright, and they have eagerly agreed to the demand. Today there was another Obama embarrassment: it came in the form a report from the Wall Street Journal that finds the Illinois Senator looking to cut a deal with the Teamsters--a deal that would call off the dogs of the federal prosecutors. You know, the sort of "politicization" of the Justice Department that Oralmann has railed about for seven years, with the help of The Perfessor and occasionally The Disbarred Lawyer. But all of a sudden, this kind of ideology-based law enforcement is of no interest whatsoever to the great Edward R Olbermann. That's because he's a slovenly political hack.

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 728th day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

    UPDATE: Instant reaction to one of Bear's "worst person" smears:

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    May 2, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 2, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • 2008 ELECTION: Richard Wolffe, Newsweek senior White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Jonathan Alter, Newsweek senior editor and MSNBC political analyst; Eugene Robinson, Washington Post associate editor and columnist and MSNBC political analyst; Richard Lewis, actor and comedian

    At long last, the final opening spiel of the week: Game Over! Gas tax holiday flap! The race to visit the lunatic fringe [Ding!] (i.e. Fox)! War for oil! Coultergeist! It's casual Friday at Olbermann Watch!

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Gas in Guam. Two super delegates split. Uh-oh, problem with the teleprompter. "A short time ago the NY Democrat getting the support of a current DNC member from [awkward pause]." He never finished the sentence. Incredible! Olby is struck dumb when the teleprompter malfunctions. And he's the next Edward R Murrow, right?

    Hillary "inflating" Tuesday's primaries to a "game changer". Oralmann wanted to know when people would demand she drop out, but the Wolffe Man simpered that it's regarded as "unseemly". Passing reference to "the latest polling" without any numbers or even hints at how they're going. He was not Great Thanksed.

    Stop the tivo! This cannot go without a special intra-recap edition of Dogs That Did Not Bark. We documented it on Monday. We documented on Wednesday. And again today, Herr Olbermahn pulls the same sleazy trick: spikes poll results that show problems for Obama. We ask, could there be any more devastating poll numbers than the ones that came out today? 58% say Obama's criticism of his ex-pastor was merely for political expediency. 56% say Obama shares some of Wright's beliefs, beliefs that only 7% of respondents approve. Needless to say, none of this was reported on The Hour of Spin. None of it! And don't try to tell us Oralmann doesn't trust Rasmussen, historically the most accurate political polling company, because Krazy Keith has cited their polls dozens of times when it suited his purposes. What a slovenly political hack!

    Hill wants Congress to line up behind her gas tax proposal. Oh no, she used a phrase once used by George Bush! "Are you with us or against us?" "Post 9/11 garbage!" "Pandering!" "Pandering!" Keith pimped out Lefty Alter who performed his assigned function as a talking Xerox machine ("Pander!" "Panderer!").

    After a comedian [Ding!] came #4: How dare Hillary go on "right-wing" [Ding!] O'Reilly? This is the envy segment. Fox is a "network that still insists the Clintons were responsible for a murder" (OlbyLie). It's the "vast right-wing conspiracy", and Hillary is embracing it! (Um, Obama did that two weeks ago. Howard Dean is doing it Sunday. Unmentioned by Krazy Keith.) Orally! [Ding!] Comedian! [Ding!] Sid Blumenthal spreads links to stories from "right-wing fringe groups" [Ding!] like National Review and The Weekly Standard (Blue Blog Source: HuffPo). Oh man, it would be great if Fat Ass were to bring on Rachel Maddow from Err America to talk about how National Review is a right-wing fringe outfit. Apparently (s)he was not available, so far-left Robinson filled in, saying these are the sites you go when you want to get "slime". More complaints about going on Fox, but Robby pointed out, hey, there are Democrats and Independents watching Fox (more than either of the other two news channels, though Robby didn't elucidate that point). In other words, he told Olby: "Duh!" He was not Great Thanksed.

    #3: This is the traditional spot for the nightly McCain attack, right? Bingo! Let's all sing along: "Blood for oil, we know there's a link. You say Code War, we say Code Pink!" Aha, Maddow shows up after all. Tonight the comedian is playing a geo-political petroleum expert. By the way, did we mention that (s)he works for Err America? Good thing Mr Merlot doesn't rely on any of those evil "fringe outfits". It's another McCain gaffe! Maddow was Great Thanksed, the first one of the evening. Aww, it seems like we've made a Love Connection.

    #2: plug for #1. #1: Bush lied, lied, and was lying. Yep, it's the intro to yucks with ex-funnyman Richard Lewis, for, what, the third time in two weeks? Lame-o.

    In the Media Matters MInute, Herr Olbermann attacked Mr Bill (Blue Blog Source: newsliars), Ben Stein (Blue Blog Source: Carpetbagger Report), and worst: Coulter (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters). Fat Ass was particularly dense on this last one, apparently blissfully unaware that Coulter has been campaigning against McCain for some time now. But then, Media Matters didn't tell him that, so how would he know?

    Keith Limpermann

    If it's Friday, it's our weekly assessment of Krazy Keith's masculinity. This week, Monkeymann attacked Fox and other broadcasters 32 times. Olby's source (Hillary Clinton's Media Matters) criticized (MS)NBC 10 times, but Keithy protected his corporate masters with zero criticisms. That makes this week's Olbermann Manhood Quotient: -84 [pansy limp].


    Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 3 [GUARDED]

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 725th day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

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    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - May 1, 2008

    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • 2008 ELECTION: Chuck Todd, NBC News political director

    Note: Extended coverage of Meredith Vieira's interview with Sen. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama.

    BELATED POST from Teddy Schatz:

    The Obama interview that Keith didn't conduct! Was renouncing Jeremiah Wright politically expedient? Clinton superdelegate switches to Obama (OlbyPlanet celebration). Hillary might be Goldilocks. Five years after the so called "declaration" of "Mission Accomplished." What declaration, do you ask? I don't know. I remember a banner. Nothing said.

    #5: Bill Richardson is Judas, Fox News is fair and some other crazy speak. A Hoosier state Democrat and former chairman of the DNC switches from Sen. Clinton to Sen. Obama. Naturally, anyone who supports Obama gets front and center on Herr Olbermahn's show. Joe Andrew conflates the Clinton camp with (horrors!) Republicans. Andrew admires Obama's conviction and so forth. Oralmann obviously agrees with the notion that Hillary helps McCain, but hides it behind the thin veil of a legitimate question. Der Fuhrer: What happened to Senator Clinton? Andrew: Barack Obama is a magnet. He stands alone as a "principled" figure. Like Rev. Wright. No great thanks, sadly.

    Sen. Obama picks up a few more superdelegates. So does Sen. Clinton. Krazy Keith math with delegate counts on screen. Sen. Obama only 286 delegates away! Bring in Chuckie to make up for Olbersturmfuhrer's ignorance. Elaboration on how Hillary can bring people over to her bandwagon. Bad analogy using sand and the number of superdelegates. Many thanks.

    Hold the Merlot! Fat Ass calls John Hagee John McCain's "pastor" in a laughable and pathetic attempt at equating him with Obamessiah's very own spiritual advisor that he could not disown. Of course, Jabba leaves out the fact that McCain went out of his way to distance himself from Hagee's comments immediately when he got in stage. Does that matter? Nah.

    #4: Meredith Viera interviews Barack Obama.

    BUSHED! Telecom immunity-gate. Nexus of Politics and Terror-Gate! Blackwater-Gate and their infamous mercenaries.

    #3: More Meredith Viera and Barack Obama.

    #2: Media Matters minute below.

    #1: Somehow, carrying on with the biggest lie of Oralmann's career, he continues to be a slobbering dog over the so called "Mission Accomplished." His faux outrage at this dark time is even more amazing. Yes. I said it. Faux outrage. As in fake. As in, I don't believe you. Got that, you slovenly political hack? Video clip of the President saying major combat operations are over. Mission accomplished, right? Krazy Keith declares Dana Perino a liar. More embarrassing posturing from the infamous, deplorable one. Joe Scarborough's best friend, Rachel Maddow, of Err America, plays parrot. Squawk! The President and his people are "not very bright people" opines Olby and are terrible "liars." More outrage. Speculation about the "well of anger" over Iraq. Joe Lieberman and John McCain slaps from fearless leader.

    In a solemn, token gesture to his DailyKos kiddies, Keith "Chicken and Waffles" Olbermann signs off with his usual number of days after the end of major combat operations. Following that, a bitter, cynical "Sleep well, Mr. President." Gotcha.

    In the Media Matters Minute, Sen. James Inhofe gets the bronze (with a tacit nod to the "wretched" Lieberman - wretched! How transparent can you get, oh infamous deplorable one?). Thank you, Think Progress! Sen. John McCain and the "lunatic fringe" [Ding!] with a nod to DailyKos. Some guy thrown under the bus! [Ding!] VERBATIM Gold for the Olbsession, Bill-O! Bear didn't get this from Media Matters though. This time, it was Newshounds.

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    May 1, 2008
    Olbermann Watch Back With A Bullet

    Olbermann Watch has reasserted its dominance as the #1 Keith Olbermann site in the world in 2008. According to the most recent survey data, hit its highest ever Google Page Rank - 5 out of 10, a phenomenal number for a niche media criticism site like OlbyWatch.

    Regular readers will recall that last year to protest Keith Olbermann getting a new contract from MSNBC we shut down Olbermann Watch for a week. While it was a lot of fun watching the far-left blogs squeal in premature delight, there was one negative impact of our little joke. Our Page Rank fell causing us to drop in the all-important Google rankings (most sites get 50% of their traffic from Google). After three straight years at the very top of the search results for "Olbermann" and "Keith Olbermann", OW feel to #8. Even worse we temporarily fell behind the sycophants at which was at #7.

    I am happy to report that is currently #4 for ALL search results for "Olbermann" and "Keith Olbermann" behind Keith's two pages on and Keith's Wikipedia page. Because the pages on and Wikipedia are just that - pages which reference Keith Olbermann and not web sites dedicated to KO as a subject - that leaves Olbermann Watch as the #1 "Keith Olbermann" web site in the world. Meanwhile, has dropped off the main search results page altogether!, which compares web sites by traffic shows with a puny traffic rank of 2,343,767th. fares a little better with a traffic rank of 1,604,691. is well over 1,000,000 places higher than and over 2,000,000 places higher than KeithOlbermann.rog with a traffic rank of 206,567, an incredible number for a standalone niche web site.

    When you consider that the search results ahead of OlbyWatch are on MSNBC and Wikipedia you get a better sense of why our position in the search results is so impressive. has a traffic rank of 3,634 and, of course, has a traffic rank of 7.

    Experts are expecting big things from Olbermann Watch now that its revamped its software architecture and taken steps to begin building a community of registered commenters and bloggers. In the meantime, keep an eye out for new features like our new Yahoo Pipes Flickr Photostream in the left rail - its fascinating to see OlbyLoons taking the time to do artistic renderings of Keith, getting their pictures taken with Keith and otherwise expressing their adulation fro Olbermann (click on a photo and it will take you to that flickr members flickr page).

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