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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    June 30, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - June 30, 2008

    Bathtub Boy


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    A new Special Education Komment!

    Poor Keith has gotten so tangled up in FISA flip-flopping, and the blue blogs are barking at his feet to show even the merest modicum of integrity. So Krazy Legs has had to craft a new Special Education Komment to extricate himself from this morass. He has it all figured out for Senator Obama: an intricate, convoluted miasma of faulty logic and faultier assumptions that no serious Presidential candidate would touch with a ten-foot pole. And yet Oralmann thinks he can convince Barack Obama to embrace this Byzantine twisted-pretzel travesty! The air really is thin on OlbyPlanet.

    The comments are open for your instant reactions to "Man on Fan" Olbermann's tangled logic and ginormous ego. But please, be kind. It is not nice to make fun of cretinous simpletons.

    Exclusive: dramatic reading of tonight's Special Education Komment by the OlbyRobot:

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (46) | | View blog reactions
    links for 2008-06-30

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (11) | | View blog reactions
    June 29, 2008
    links for 2008-06-29

    Bathtub Boy

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (3) | | View blog reactions
    June 28, 2008
    links for 2008-06-28

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (13) | | View blog reactions
    June 27, 2008
    Dejected, CM's Leg Vows to "Get Me One of Those Hindu Monkey-god Charms Like Obama Carries"

    It wasn't the best of weeks for Chris Matthews or his leg.

    First, The Leg took hard the news that it would be Tom Brokaw's leg tucked under Tim Russert's desk for the forseeable future. Then, "The Head" mixed up the names Obama and Osama not once, but twice! To top it off, the Brokaw thing seemed to accelerate Olbermann's heartbreaking descent into self-important madness.

    It was the kind of craptacular week that makes a Leg restless for hope and change.

    Hope dawned in the form of a news report from India that political party officials there were preparing a special gift for Barack Obama.

    Obama Idol.jpeg

    As The Leg learned from that Times of India news article:

    Obama's representative Carolyn Sauvage-Mar on Tuesday received a gold-plated two-feet-high idol which she will pass it on to the Obama after it is sanctified.

    The idol is being presented to Obama as he is reported to be a Lord Hanuman devotee and carries with him a locket of the monkey god along with other good luck charms.

    At first, The Leg was a little skeptical about the notion of a serious contender for the presidency carrying a little Hindu monkey charm around for good vibes. But then it remembered a Time Magazine photo essay it saw a while back - one which revealed what the presidential candidates routinely carry in their pockets for luck.

    McCain carried an old penny. Senator Obama reached into his pocket and pulled out this:
    Obama Hands Charm.jpg

    What we have here, according to the Time essay, is:

    * A U.S. soldier's bracelet (currently deployed in Iraq)
    * A gambler's "lucky chit"
    * A "Madonna and Child" charm
    * "A tiny monkey god"
    * And three or four other unidentified items, among which seems to be a slug, an angel coin, yet another Virgin Mary charm, and some other coin-y detritus.

    It seems that Senator Lightworker believes in hedging his bets. The Leg chose to view it as an example of Senator Obama's commitment to diversity. A commitment that clearly extends even to his pocket mojo amulets.

    Chris Matthews' Leg needs to have a better week next week. Thus the search for a good, used Lord Hanuman monkey charm this weekend.

    {Cross-posted at Chris Matthews' Leg blog}

    Posted by Chris Matthews' Leg | Permalink | Comments (4) | | View blog reactions
    Olbermann Calls Obama a Hypocrite, a Fascist, and a Traitor!

    As John Gibson explains, the meaning of Keith Oralmann's words could not be more clear:

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (15) | | View blog reactions
    links for 2008-06-27

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (15) | | View blog reactions
    June 26, 2008
    Olbermann's Blue Base Buckling Beneath His Feet

    Bathtub Boy

    We've seen Keith Olbermann ridiculed in the pages of the normally friendly GQ. And then there was all that distinctly negative coverage in HuffPo, first from Rachel Slkar and then from the editors who gave stories from the NY Post prominent play. Now the infamous, deplorable one's blue base is buckling even further.

    When Glenn Greenwald calls out Oralmann for hypocrisy, you know times are tough on OlbyPlanet:

    Now that Barack Obama supports a law that does the same thing -- and now that Obama justifies that support by claiming that this bill is necessary to keep us Safe from the Terrorists -- everything has changed. Last night, Olbermann invited Newsweek's Jonathan Alter onto his show to discuss Obama's support for the FISA and telecom amnesty bill (video of the segment is here). There wasn't a syllable uttered about "immunizing corporate criminals" or "textbook examples of Fascism" or the Third Reich....

    Obviously, Jonathan Alter has no idea what he's saying, but nonetheless decrees that this bill -- now that Obama supports it -- restores the Fourth Amendment. Those are the Orwellian lengths to which people like Olbermann and Alter are apparently willing to go in order to offer their blind devotion to Barack Obama....

    Olbermann mocks Congressional Democrats as being weak and complicit for failing to stand up to Bush lawbreaking; now that Obama does it, it's proof that Obama won't "cower." Grave warning on Olbermann's show that telecom amnesty and FISA revisions were hallmarks of Bush Fascism instantaneously transformed into a celebration that Obama, by supporting the same things, was leading a courageous, centrist crusade in defense of our Constitution.

    There's more. Much more. Read the whole thing and ask yourself: which prominent leftist writer will be the next to throw Herr Olbermahn under the bus? [Ding!]

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (35) | | View blog reactions
    links for 2008-06-26

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (42) | | View blog reactions
    June 25, 2008
    Keith, We Hardly Knew Ye: More Evidence That the Left is Turning on Olbermann

    The Cable Gamer argued, earlier today, that liberals were turning against Keith Olbermann--perhaps because they find him excessive in his lefty partisanship, perhaps because he is simply not cool, in the way that, say, Barack Obama is cool. After all, back in 1960, John F. Kennedy and his Rat Packing New Frontiersmen didn't have any time for such un-cool liberals as Adlai Stevenson or Eleanor Roosevelt. Sorry, Keith, you served your purpose, but now we are moving on.

    So these days, Olbermann is being pushed aside--more precisely, laughed out of town.

    This morning I noted that GQ was slamming Olbermann, and now I see that The Huffington Post is trumpeting an anti-Olbermann item that appeared in The New York Post's "Page Six." Now it's no surprise, of course, that the NYP doesn't like Olbermann, because the Post is mostly conservative, and also because the paper is a sister property alongside Fox News.

    But why would Huffpo pick up this nasty item in a rival publication and play it big? (See screen grab, above--the Olbermann headline is right in the middle.)

    What motivates Arianna & Co to diss Keith? Now that's an interesting question. As noted, TCG thinks that the left has come to regard Olbermann as too cartoonish to be tolerated as the leading lefty on TV. So the left is marginalizing him, to make room for a more normal liberal discourse under an Obama presidency.

    Here, btw, is the item as it appeared in HP, under the headline "Page Six: Olbermann Went Nuts Over First Class DC Train Ticket, Ketchup Packets At Kennedy Center; Olbermann Denies." TCG wasn't there, of course, but it seems to me that if Huffpo really believed Olbermann's denials, it would have spiked the story, instead of giving it this big play:

    The ongoing feud between Keith Olbermann and the New York Post's Page Six continues. The gossip column ran an item in Wednesday's paper reporting that Olbermann threw a tantrum because there were no first-class train tickets available to bring him from New York to Washington, where he would anchor MSNBC's coverage of Tim Russert's memorial. Later, when he arrived, he "went apoplectic because there were no ketchup packets at the Kennedy Center." From Page Six:

    The source said Olbermann was screaming into the phone on Tuesday because there were no first-class train tickets available for that day, and he wanted to make sure he would ride first-class on Wednesday. According to the source, Olbermann berated a staffer who was coordinating Wednesday's Kennedy Center memorial by yelling, "You better hope to God there is a first-class train ticket tomorrow."

    Our insider elaborated, "MSNBC was dealing with who could come to the private ceremony Tuesday and who couldn't, among the hundreds of people who worked with or for Russert - and Keith was ranting about not getting a first-class ticket."

    We're told Olbermann didn't get to Tuesday's ceremony, and went to Washington by car to broadcast from outside the Kennedy Center the next day. An aghast witness there said, "As guests were making their way into the memorial, Keith went apoplectic because there were no ketchup packets at the Kennedy Center."

    Olbermann was heard saying outside the service, "this place is going to hell," because his Washington staff couldn't find ketchup packets for lunch at the Center. An NBC insider claimed, however, "Keith did not have lunch at the Kennedy Center and was not eating on the set because he was anchoring a broadcast."

    Continuing his new tradition of preemptively disputing Page Six items about him the night before they air, Olbermann used Tuesday's "Countdown" to name Page Six's Corynne Steindler one of his "Worst Persons in the World" (she got the bronze, while her News Corp cousin Bill O'Reilly nabbed the top two spots). Olbermann called the story "fictional" and insisted that he took a car both ways to and from DC and only drank a Starbucks at the Kennedy Center (which meant he needed no ketchup).

    "You guys, you're kind of embarrassing yourself now," Olbermann said to Page Six, echoing his rep's statement: "Since whatever you're going to print is an outright lie, you can go ahead and write whatever you want. That's on the record and applies to all future items you might make up."

    Once again, if HP thought the story was bogus, it wouldn't have printed it--or have retracted it by now.

    So here's a question: How long will it take before Arianna Huffington is "the worst person in the world."

    It might take awhile. Although by then, Arianna won't care: She'll be appointed Ambassador to Greece by a grateful President Obama, while KO will be ranting on the radio somewhere, alongside Randi Rhodes and defeated US Senate candidate Al Franken.

    Cross-posted from The Cable Game

    Posted by The Cable Gamer | Permalink | Comments (9) | | View blog reactions
    "His eyes two Fabergé eggs of radiant self-love as his enraged schnoz spears the camera" -- And this is from a Keith Olbermann friend!

    The Cable Gamer gets the feeling that the sophisticated liberal-left is starting to see Keith Olbermann as a liability, or at least as an embarrassment.

    What other conclusion can one draw from Tom Carson's stinging profile of KO in the latest GQ? Carson dwells on, for example, Olbermann's narcissism; the quote in the headline is pulled from Carson's piece.

    And as for other aspects of the piece, I mean, let's start right with the headline: "Fairly Unbalanced." That's a clever enough play on Fox News' slogan--and Carson goes out of his way to assure his urbane-liberal audience that he is no fan of FNC, and that he agrees with Olbermann's politics--but nonetheless, the unmistakable essence of Carson's piece is distancing.

    And as part of that distancing act, Carson mines into the vein of nuttiness running through Olbermann, and his niche-lib audience of bloggers who don't have their own blogs.

    Indeed, Carson nails the hothouse nature of "Countdown," the sense in which Olbermann and his never-changing cast of Charlie McCarthys are nothing but a carnival of left-liberalism, a portside funhouse so weird that even Hillary Clinton was made to look like some sort of dangerous conservative.

    But of course, the star--by design, the only star--of the show is Olbermann himself. Here's Carson, trying to put some distance between conventional liberalism and cult-like Olbermannism:

    Righteous wrath and smugness are not an ideal combo, and Olbermann's delight in being Keith Olbermann has long since transformed anything genuine in his indignation into performance art.

    Performance art. As in, crackpot bohemian artsts. As in, pro wrestling, or the Harlem Globetrotters.

    Performance art, as opposed to, actual news or debate. No wonder liberals are embarrassed.

    Cross-posted from The Cable Game

    Posted by The Cable Gamer | Permalink | Comments (3) | | View blog reactions
    links for 2008-06-25

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (23) | | View blog reactions
    June 24, 2008
    links for 2008-06-24

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (15) | | View blog reactions
    June 23, 2008
    links for 2008-06-23

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (44) | | View blog reactions
    To Be Or Not To Be Host

    Normally, anchor/newsman Keith Olbermann saves his Worst Person in the World Award for someone like, say, John McCain.

    Last night [June 19] he went a whole different direction.

    We quote in its entirety Keith's worst person in the world bit:

    Our winner tonight, Paula Froelich of the gossip section of Page Six, the entirely disreputable portion of his almost entirely disreputable "New York Post," the paper that makes its readers every day feel like they need to shower immediately.

    Preparing at this hour an item about Chris Matthews and me to be run as early as tomorrow, in which, as Miss Froelich describes it, quote, both are vying for Tim Russert`s job. Chris at the reception for Tim`s memorial at the Kennedy Center was overheard by several guests talking to presumably his agent about pitching NBC for the job and what he should say in the meeting with NBC execs. Keith, apparently, has threatened to quit if he doesn`t get the job.

    As we mourned Tim Russert yesterday in Washington, a Pennsylvania acquaintance of Chris` came up to him and said, you should be on the list to succeed him. Chris said he didn`t want to be on any such list. He changed the topic immediately. He asked this Pennsylvania man, who was not his agent -- no agent would be crass enough to bring up such a topic now or there -- for advice on a speech Chris is to give at Gettysburg, PA next week. What he should say, how should he approach it, the speech.

    As for myself, not only have I never threatened to quit if I don`t get Tim Russert`s job, not own have I not vied for it, not only has the subject not even come up between me and anybody who will be involved in this sad task, not only did the Post make this up, not only is the very subject of Tim Russert`s job not appropriate now, as anyone with a shadow of a heart would understand. But I don`t even consider myself qualified for it.

    Would that Ms. Froelich and her boss, Richard Johnson, and his boss, Mr. Murdoch, understand just how unqualified they are for the jobs that the mistakes of fate have given them. Paula Froelich of Page Six of the "New York Post," today's worst person in the world.

    Quite a lengthy denunciation of a story which really no one cares about, nor would probably have seen.

    But more important: That qualifies as worst person in the world? Simply because he is mentioned in the item? Either Keith is cheapening the currency, or we might want to paraphrase Shakespeare's Hamlet: Keith doth protest too much, methinks.

    (Crossposted at Extreme Mortman)

    Posted by Extreme Mortman | Permalink | Comments (22) | | View blog reactions
    June 22, 2008
    links for 2008-06-22

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (3) | | View blog reactions
    June 21, 2008
    links for 2008-06-21

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (7) | | View blog reactions
    June 20, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - June 20, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • ELECTION 2008: Jonathan Alter, Chris Kofinis (D)
    • FISA WHINING: Felon and disbarred lawyer John Dean
    • McCLELLAN REHASH: Dana Milbank

    Keith Olbermann barked the opening spiel: Obama ahead! 527s! Democrats cave on FISA! McClellan speaks! Lamar Smith (R) "sold out his country"! Rupert Murdoch attack! Oooh, a John Cusack interview! Maybe next week he'll get Brad Pitt! It's casual Friday on Olbermann Watch.

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Newsweek shows Obama up by 15. But what about all those other polls? Who cares, the only important one is the one that shows Obama up by 15. Obama still won't take public financing. There may not be any Republican 527s, but Oralmann said that doesn't mean there won't be any tomorrow. So there. Keith pimped out Lefty Alter who gave all the reasons why Obama will beat McCain.

    What better opportunity to discuss all the Republican "smears" that might come, unless they don't. Olby pimped out Kofinis, John Edwards's guy, and of course a (D), which reminds us that it's always useful to check out The List. It was pure Democratic propaganda, but that's hardly worth noting since the entire Hour of Spin falls into that category. CK was, of course, Great Thanksed.

    #4: Oh no, there was a FISA compromise. Keith pimped out his favorite felon, but hilariously as the criminal talked, several other people in the newsroom were yelling back and forth at each other. Since the legal opinion of a disbarred lawyer isn't worth squat, that's how much attention we'll pay to it.

    After a promo for a smear of Chris Wallace and a Fox Noise [Ding!] came #3: Scott McClellan repeats what he said in his book and in over a dozen interviews. Oralmann pimped out Milbank to talk impeachment. We admit it, we skimmed through much of this. There's only so much of Fat Ass and his prissy pal one can take on a casual Friday.

    #2: Plug for #1. #1: John Cusack attacks John McCain. In the Media Matters Minute, Bear turned his sights on John Bolton (Blue Blog Source: HuffPo), Chris Wallace--Fixed News! [Ding!]--and worst the NY Post again. All of a sudden Keithy decided to use total viewers instead of the 'key demo' to claim the Post writer's figure of 300,000 viewers was wrong. Of course, Olby added up several showings of total viewers to come up with a number. Since he regularly is beaten like a rug in total viewers by O'Reilly, you can count on the fact that he will never mention total viewers again.

    As for the Chris Wallace bit, Herr Olbermann attempted to refute Chris Wallace, based on this report:

    [Wallace] distanced himself from right-wing Fox shows hosted by Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity by calling them "opinion shows," and said that, unlike MSNBC's "fiery liberal, Keith Olbermann," O'Reilly and Hannity are never permitted to anchor newscasts.

    Bear had said repeatedly that Wallace was talking about "election night". Obviously an Olbermann Lie. Then he added:

    Of course Fox permits them to anchor newscasts. They let O'Reilly anchor on primary nights. They let Hannity & Colmes anchor on primary nights.

    Why can't Keith Olbermann tell the truth? O'Reilly never anchored primary coverage. Neither did H&C. O'Reilly's program was aired on two of the primary nights, and it was separate from "America's Election HQ": the election returns broadcast.

    So what does all this mean? Keith Olbermann just lied again.

    Keith Limpermann
    If it's Friday, it's our weekly assessment of Krazy Keith's masculinity. This week, Monkeymann attacked Fox and other broadcasters 29 times. Olby's source (Hillary Clinton's Media Matters) criticized (MS)NBC 12 times, but Keithy protected his corporate masters with zero criticisms. That makes this week's Olbermann Manhood Quotient: -82 [clay aiken limp].

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 774th day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (118) | | View blog reactions
    Clinton Supporter Tormented with Threats After Olbermann Attacked Her on Air

    In his on-going effort to boost Barack Obama and slander John McCain, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann spares no one. Two days ago he launched a bitter personal attack on Paula Abeles--an attack that was such a stretch it even left The Pundit for All Occasions puzzled as to just how Oralmann could insinuate someone is a racist with so little to base it on:

    OLBERMANN: Paulie Abeles, a self-proclaimed Clinton supporter now reaching out to the McCain campaign, going so far to organize a conference call with the presumptive Republican candidate. She is the same member of the Thomas Jefferson Family Association who led the attempt to keep African-American descendants of Mr. Jefferson's reputed slave mistress, Sally Hemings, from attending family reunions.... And we need to be very careful to be very circumspect and not conclude this of all or even a large percentage, maybe even a measurable percentage of Clinton supporters who now have gone to McCain. But at least might the case of this Paulie Abeles woman who we now know organized against letting Sally Hemings' descendents join the Jefferson family gatherings, does this begin to make a lot more sense than just some sort of knee-jerk reaction?

    FINEMAN: Well, I'm not sure what you mean by making a lot more sense. What do you mean?

    OLBERMANN: It would seem to me that--that it's an extraordinary coincidence that somebody who would have objected to the presence of the black descendants of Thomas Jefferson at the Jefferson family reunion, suddenly bolting the Democratic Party because her candidate did not get elected and going over to the Republicans. It would seem that these things are of a narrow vision. I'm not assuming racism here, but there seems to be a narrow vision of what is--what this country is in the 21st century.

    No, he's not assuming racism. He only brings up a totally irrelevant incident from the far past regarding people related to Thomas Jefferson's black mistress, mentions that the mistress was African-American, then mentions again that her descendants are black (just in case you didn't get that the first two times), and sneers what an "extraordinary coincidence" it is that this woman now won't fall into line for Obama. The most repellent aspect here may not be Monkeymann's smear, but rather his phony, utterly unconvincing attempt to escape responsibility for his own words by tacking on a "Who, me?" coda that he thinks will innoculate him for his vile slur.

    No, he's not assuming racism. Tell that to the people who have tormented Ms Abeles and her family with threats since Herr Olbermann spewed his smear. Perhaps her story will put a new light on Olbermoronn's legendary finger-pointing at Malkin, Coulter, and others for speech that he says "inspires" threats of violence. Is it time for Edward R Olbermann to name himself worst person?

    Paula Abeles, June 20 2008:


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    Chris Matthews Leg Amused, Appalled by Clumsy Jockeying for Russert Seat

    The Leg operates under a very simple values system.

    Every potential action is weighed against one question: Is this good for Barack Obama's election prospects?

    Thus, you can understand The Leg's consternation at the escalating Machiavellian maneuvering between Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews' Head following the sudden opening of the lead position on "Meet the Press"--a real news show that actually airs on a real network with viewers other than seething, rage-drunk, conspiracy-nut commenters from the Daily Kos and the Huffington Post.

    Tim Russert's sad, sudden passing severed Olbermann's and Matthews' main connection to journalistic credibility (Tom Brokaw's occasional fly-bys are too infrequent to undo much of the credibility-draining damage done every time one of the two opens his mouth.)

    "Yes, the prize is tempting," The Leg muses. "But these guys need to keep their eyes on the ball! It's not about us. It's about Him!" The Leg points heavenward. . . toward the Obama "HOPE" poster on the wall.

    The Leg is really worked up now. "THIS CRAP ISN'T HELPING MICHELLE OBAMA'S KIDS!"

    The Leg thinks Chris should stay focused on running for the Senate in Pennsylvania in two years. As Chris was clearly doing when he chose to desecrate a Tim Russert tribute with a selfish rant about Bush and the Iraq war.

    "The "Meet the Press" gig should go to someone who actually cares about looking somewhat objective. And rational. In other words, Keith and Chris should stay in the fever swamp of naked partisanship where they belong," says The Leg.

    [Crossposted at Chris Matthews' Leg]

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    Citing Olbermann Watch, Gibson Exposes Olbypocrisy!

    Olbermann Watch is "a wonderful resource". We couldn't have said it better ourselves. John Gibson replays our Olbypocrisy montage, and we have the audio for your listening pleasure:

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    June 19, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - June 19, 2008

    Bathtub Boy


    Host: Keith Olbermann

    Topics/Guests: TBD

    It's Open Thursday! You write the recap!

    What sock puppets will he have on tonight? Will he once again exploit Tim Russert to smear another entry on the OlbyPlanet enemies list? The comments are open: you write the recap...

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    Great Moments in Olbypocrisy: Wives Are Off Limits!

    As detailed in Wednesday's recap, now see it in Technicolor:

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    June 18, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - June 18, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • ELECTION 2008: Richard Wolffe, Chris Hayes, Margaret Carlson
    • McCAIN RAISED YOUR GAS PRICES: Edward R Olbermann

    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann bellowed the opening spiel: Obama takes the lead! McCain is using fear! Obama says families are off limits! High gas prices: McCain's fault! It's hump day at Olbermann Watch, and a day on which Bathtub Boy's preposterously un-self-aware hypocrisy reaches yet another new height.

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: So taken with emotion was Olby over Tim Russert's funeral today that he couldn't help but do this edition of Countdown in tribute to Russert's fair, even-handed journalism. New polling shows Obama leading in swing states! Independents don't want Hillary on the ticket! Keithy pimped out his prissy pal The Wolffe Man, because after all he was a regular staple on Meet the Press. Wolffie simpered about Obama's "big numbers", added that every last economist disagrees with McCain's energy policy, and for that was Great Thanksed.

    Next in Oralmann's sites was Rudy Giuliani. Biden (surprise!) disagrees with Rudy. Obama's shiny new security team unveiled, plus a committee of retired military. Keithy said GOP criticisms of Obama are "distortions", just like Russert always did. The public "ain't buyin' this stuff" (Republican arguments). He ridiculed Rudy's criticism of the Supreme Court, once again following in the footsteps of Tim Russert, who always ridiculed people he disagreed with. Monkeymann pimped out Hayes of the far-left Nation, because he too was always Tim Russert's go-to guy for impartial analysis: they're "tone-deaf"! Giuliani is "discredited"!

    #4: This has to be quoted verbatim, since it is rich in Olbypocrisy and irony:

    It's not an unreasonable request to ask that personal attacks against the wife of the candidate against the wife of the candidate as part of a misguided strategy to torpedo a political campaign be off limits.

    Stop the tivo! Let's set The Wayback Machine for just a few weeks ago:

    KEITH OLBERMANN: So Cindy, your husband is running a fully negative campaign. He's a flaming fraud. And if you think he's clean, so are you! Cindy McCain, today's "worst person in the world"!

    Attacking the wife of a decorated POW as a "fraud". Again, carrying on the Russert tradition. You know he was always calling someone's wife a fraud. And then six weeks later pretending he didn't do it.

    After another Pulitzer-worthy installment of "oddball" (presumably modeled after those hilarious "oddball" segments on Meet the Press) came #3: a "special report" on why high gas prices are John McCain's fault. Oh, and Phil Gramm too. In the tradition of Tim Russert's famous self-narrated "special reports". Oddly, while it was all about the "Enron loophole", it turns out McCain voted twice to close that loophole. To make a long story short, "Man on Fan" Olbermann lifted much of his "special report" from here, gussying it up with footage of testimony from people like George Soros, and made-up facts like Phil Gramm writes McCain's economic policy. After this one-sided jeremiad, Herr Olbermann did not offer the McCain campaign an opportunity to come on and tell their side. Hey, just like Tim Russert, who always only gave one side of the story.

    After a comedian [Ding!] came #2: Plug for #1. #1: Russert memorial footage. In the Media Matters Minute, Krazy Legs attacked comedian [Ding!] Limbaugh (Blue Blog Source: Crooks & Liars) and Bill Kristol (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters, plagiarized nearly word for word). Done in the memory, of course, of the great Tim Russert, who did a special segment attacking people he didn't like on every episode of Meet the Press.

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 772nd day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

    BONUS: Enjoy a dramatic reading of tonight's recap courtesy of our very own OlbyRobot:

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    June 17, 2008
    "Whitey" Rumor Pushed by Countdown Guest Expert and Olbermann Pal

    John Gibson points out the true origins of this smear of Michelle Obama, and goes on to discuss the New Yorker article profiling the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. We have the audio for your listening pleasure:

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    links for 2008-06-17

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    June 16, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - June 16, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • ELECTION 2008: Richard Wolffe, Howard Fineman, Dana Milbank

    Another day, another opening spiel: Gore endorses Obama! Obama hires Clintonista! Repubs don't like McCain! McCain's supporters are sexist racists! Fox attack! They "dismissed Russert" as a member of the liberal media. Keep that spielism in mind, as we will show it to be Another Olbermann Lie. It must be a blue Monday at Olbermann Watch.

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: McCain supporters are racists (Blue Blog Source: Talking Points Memo)! Plus they are rape jokists (Blue Blog Source: HuffPo)! McCain has to learn: on OlbyPlanet, decade-old jokes about rape are headline news if someone says them and the candidate doesn't even know about it, but they're not even reported on when it's a Democrat doing the talking. Olby pimped out his prissy pal The Wolffe Man, who simpered about how badly McCain is doing, and was Great Thanksed.

    The Pundit for All Occasions was next to bloviate on the Great Rape Joke Scandal. No, not Al Franken's. Plus he speculated that Republicans are going to target the racist vote. "Especially for that last perspective" Howie was Great Thanksed.

    #4: The unending Russert Rememberances continued via video of his son from the network mothership.

    #3: Still waiting for the Gore endorsarama, it's on to Obama hiring a Clintonite, and McCain being a liar. The Big Lie this time? He said JFK and Goldwater were committed to doing Town Halls across the country. But they never actually agreed, based on something Goldwater said decades after the fact. Horrors! Oralmann pimped out Dana Milbank, minus multicolored mufti, who yammered in agreement. Uh oh, Gore is already 12 minutes behind schedule. What will Legs Olbermann do if his time runs out? Demand to stay on the air? Ditch the Media Matters Minute? One can hardly imagine Tom Brokaw's favorite MSNBCer doing that!

    After Oralmann repeated his lie (Fox News "dismissed Tim Russert" as part of the liberal media) we got #2: plug for #1. #1: Maybe this will be the long-awaited Gore endorsement! Oops, Keithy ran out of time. Too bad, so sad.

    In the Media Matters Minute, the victims were The Press Club (Blue Blog Source: Think Propaganda) and Monica Crowley (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters). Radical right! [Ding!]

    "Man on Fan" Olbermann saved the venomous 'worst' position for, naturally, Fox. Again Fat Ass claimed they "dismissed" Russert with "two minutes of hate". Conveniently, Bear didn't read a single quote from the segment. He didn't show any video clip. Why do you suppose that is? He got on his high horse of false umbrage, but now that you've read Oralmann's lies, see with your own eyes the segment in question. Note how they defend Russert from the classless self-pimping degradations of Chris Matthews:

    OK, you've seen it. Is this a segment of "hate" toward Tim Russert? Did they "dismiss" his career as nothing more than a member of the liberal media? Or did Keith Olbermann just lie about Fox again? You make the call: the comments are open.

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 770th day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

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    Hours After His Passing, Olbermann Tells Kossacks Russert Among Biggest Supporters at NBC News

    We noted last week that the Kossacks wasted little time in dancing on Tim Russerts grave in a sickening display that perfectly summed up the type of people who would hail Keith Olbermann as the new Murrow. Apparently it was even too much for some Kossacks, with one describing the Kossack response as...

    ...asinine comment after ugly criticism after hate-filled screed rolled across teh screen, I couldn't help but shake my head at the depth of the ugly, appalling bullshit flying around this place...Stop posting your particular brand of crazy up here for the Hannity's and O'Reilly's of this world to label the rest of us with [ed. note: you knew somehow it would be the fault of Fox News!]. A man is dead. His family mourns. His colleagues mourn. Many of us who love news, love journalism, love politics are deeply saddened by his loss. Disagree? Fine. But have some class while you do. And seriously. Grow. The. Fuck. Up.

    Another Kossack seconded the motion:

    If anyone who actually had a personal relationship with Russert has been on DKos or any other political blog this week, then obviously they didn't have a very close relationship, because the people who actually cared about Russert as a real person, who have actually suffered a real loss, have decidedly different priorities than rushing on line to see what the bloggers are saying about their loved one.

    That makes sense, right? Except another Kossack writes:

    Keith Olbermann was here, after that draining 6 hours on the air, and canme in after midnight to see what was happening here. He saw many of the hateful comments, and was devastated by them...

    Could that really be?

    Yep, Keith really did spend the hours after Russerts death reading Daily Kos and responding in the comments sections.

    An example:

    Thank you for this (72+ / 0-) Kindness to the grieving - even if it's forced, even if it just augurs a later pouncing - is appreciated.

    For what it's worth, he didn't position himself publicly on this for obvious reasons, and we had had a very pleasant, very constructive "what can we do to keep our two styles from hurting each other's broadcast, or the whole organization," conversation. But Tim Russert was as supportive of what I did as anybody else at NBC, and his role on the MSNBC election coverage was voluntary and enthusiastic.

    I will leave it to Olbermann Watchers to comment on the appropriateness of Olbermann going onto Daily Kos to claim, hours after Russert's death, that Russert was secretly one of Olbermann's biggest supporters.

    NOTE: This is hardly a first for Keith. Readers will recall when Rick Kaplan went ballistic over Olbermann's pathetic attempt to equate the news of the death of Peter Jennings from lung cancer all about Keiths' "scare" with a benign growth that Keith imagined MIGHT BE cancer.

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    Make Keith Olbermann the new "Meet the Press" host

    KO with Flag.jpgYes, it has been only three days since the death of Tim Russert. And you might think it cold, given that short period of time, to reflect on who should succeed Russert in that chair. The next host will have to establish his or her own legacy to the program. Given our times, and the overall timidity of the Washington press core toward Bush and Republicans, the program deserves someone who can stand up to government, regardless of who is in charge. And that person is Keith Olbermann.

    Olbermann has stood up to Republicans and Democrats. He is one of the best writers in any form on television today, and could add a special comment at the end of "Meet the Press." And he is the only one currently at NBC News who has the reputation of asking the tough questions of all sides, a true tradition of "Meet the Press."

    By the way, if you are interested to get hold of whatever drugs Chad Rubel is on, please click here and send him an email.

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    links for 2008-06-16

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    June 15, 2008
    Brokaw comes out from behind the curtain, goes on the record to SLAM Olbermann in New Yorker

    Removing any doubt as to the source of the recent spate of "inside sources" stories condemning Olbermann and his on air antics from within NBC News, Tom Brokaw goes on the record in a wide ranging piece by Peter Boyer in The New Yorker: One Angry Man, Is Keith Olbermann changing TV news?

    The New Yorker piece is a must read for any Olbermann Watcher. There is so much to choose from in breaking down this piece it is hard to know where to begin. Page Six focused on Keith's revelation of yet another ailment: Wittmaack-Ekbom's syndrome, also known as 'restless legs syndrome'. Newsbusters and The New York Times focused on the news that Keith was seriously considered for Dan Rather's anchor chair (twice) by CBS News, a new tidbit which might go a long way towards explaining Keith's animosity towards America's Sweetheart, Katie Couric. Gawker focused on Keith's jimmy legs. TalkLeft calls the article damning and focused on how Olbermann's boss, Phil Griffin, tried to get Keith to tamp down the anti-Hillary rhetoric to no avail (while publicly denying there was any such Hillary bashing at MSNBC>. OpEdNews calls the article a hit piece which emphasizes how Boyer portrays Olbermann as mentally ill.

    A throw-away line from Olbermann may well go unnoticed in an article chocked full of so much new information on Olbermann - this is arguably the most comprehensive and probing profile of Olbermann since Countdown first aired. Take a good hard look folks:

    There are people who are absolutely certain that Charlie Gibson sleeps with Hillary Clinton, based on the last debate

    In context, Keith is explaining how tin foil hatters think. He rattles of three examples, this being the last one. Given Keith's long history of misogyny and the problems with MSNBC, including Keith, making misogynistic cracks about Hillary Clinton, one can only wonder if the same liberal media that would absolutely excoriate a conservative for a tiny fraction of what's gone at MSNBC will take notice that Keith's third example has President Clinton's wife have sex with a news anchor.

    But for my money the most important threat of this piece is the way Boyer weaves in some recent quotes from Russert and Brokaw with some of the behind the curtain sniping at Olbermann and the on-air criticisms of Brokaw aimed at, in whole or part, Keith. My read is that Brokaw is THE SOURCE for the "KO KO" campaign coming from within NBC News.

    Boyers observes:

    The television gossip pages occasionally report grumblings of some NBC News personalities about Olbermann's dominion at MSNBC, but most, even the traditionalists, seem happy for the airtime, and glad that Olbermann's success redounds to them. As Olbermann puts it, "A rising tide lifts all boats."

    Boyers then notes:

    MSNBC's election coverage is, by default, the political coverage of NBC News. Throughout the protracted Democratic-primary season, after the twenty-two-minute "Nightly News" broadcast went off the air on a big night, NBC's coverage--and its news stars--moved across the studio to MSNBC, where coverage was co-anchored by a broadcaster who makes his personal perspective plainly known. The risk for NBC News is that this commingling has colored the NBC News brand, so carefully burnished over the generations, with the attitudes and predilections of the cable arm.

    So why did so many well-respected journalists at NBC News prostitute themselves by sharing air time with Olbermann? Apparently the "Obama Effect" has effected NBC News in ways that not even its harshest critics fully understood:

    When the late Tim Russert, the Washington bureau chief of NBC News, realized last year that the Democratic Presidential nominating process might become a once-in-a-lifetime political story, he volunteered to become a regular contributor to MSNBC's broadcasts. Other NBC News stars, such as Brian Williams, the White House correspondent David Gregory, and the chief foreign-affairs correspondent, Andrea Mitchell, followed Russert's path.

    Within this narrative we get Brokaw slamming Keith.

    "Listen, it's a strain," says Tom Brokaw, the longtime anchor of "Nightly News," who remains an active and revered figure at NBC. "And it's under constant examination. There's dialogue going on behind the scenes all the time. It's not perfectly sorted out."

    Then again:

    Brokaw calls this moment in the news media "the second big bang." "We are creating a new universe, and it has all kinds of new laws and science and physics coming into play as well, in this information world," he told me. "And you've got planets out there colliding with each other, new life forms taking shape; others have drifted too close to the sun, and they've burned up. And we don't know how it's all going to settle down. And it has, now and forevermore, a radiant effect."

    Is Brokaw saying Keith has "drifted to close to the sun"? Sure sounds like it. And that Keith has "burned up"? Yup.

    Boyers then brings us back to January of this year when Brokaw first went public with his criticism of the new direction of NBC News brought forth by Phil Griffin, Steve Capus and their boy Keith.

    The entire MSNBC team, transported by Obama's victory in Iowa a week earlier, plainly anticipated an Obama win (as did much of the rest of the press), a view that was only scarcely contained on the air, while the polls were still open. Clinton, of course, won New Hampshire, which prompted a gentle on-air warning from Tom Brokaw to his colleagues to stay out of "the business of making judgments before the polls have closed and trying to stampede, in effect, the process." He added, "I think that the people out there are going to begin to make some judgments about us, if they haven't already, if we don't begin to temper that temptation to constantly try to get ahead of what the voters are deciding."


    Brokaw says he sometimes feels that he has been cast in the role of hall monitor at NBC News; if so, his charges have kept him busy. The day after the New Hampshire primary, Matthews asserted that Hillary Clinton owed her election as senator to public sympathy for her in light of her husband's sexual peccadilloes. "It was completely out of line," Brokaw says. "And Keith took it to another level" with his "shut the hell up" commentary.

    You might want to read that one back slowly. If Brokaw is the hall monitor what does that make Keith? The unruly student? A disciplinary case? If Matthews attack on Hillary was COMPLETELY "out of line" but Keith's "shut the hell up" special comment was far worse what is Brokaw saying about Keith? KO "took IT". Took What? Took "Going COMPLETELY OUT OF LINE" to ANOTHER LEVEL. How bad is that? Pretty bad.

    But Brokaw was not done:

    Toward the end of the primary season, with Montana and South Dakota going for Obama and Clinton, respectively, on June 3rd, Olbermann earned another on-air scolding from Brokaw after asserting that Clinton was "trying to shoehorn her way" into the coverage of the presumed nominees of the two parties. "I think that's unfair, Keith," Brokaw said. "When you look at the states that she won and the popular vote that she piled up, and the number of delegates that she has on her side, she's got real bargaining power in all of this."

    Brokaw is pretty clear in that he is disgusted with Keith which leaves him on the other side of the fence from Kaplan, Capus and Griffin. But even Keith's supporters can't seem to get clear on Olbermann's impact on the reputation of NBC News.

    As we have noted many times before (much to the dismay of Olbypologists), Keith's show was meant to be the "newscast of record" at MSNBC with Keith as lead anchor for the network.

    When "Countdown" was still new, in 2004, Rick Kaplan, then the president of MSNBC, told Olbermann that he wanted the program to be the cable network's "newscast of record."

    His new bosses have a different view:

    Capus and Griffin insist that Olbermann's broadcast is like an opinion section in a newspaper, suitable to what they call MSNBC's "cable sensibility."

    But Olbermann is still operating on the Kaplan model:

    Olbermann differs. He begins each "Countdown" with the Beethoven theme from NBC's "Huntley-Brinkley Report," and concludes with Murrow's signature sign-off, "Good night, and good luck." He maintains that "Countdown" is very much part of that continuum. "It is a newscast with commentary and analysis, the way most really good newscasts used to be," he says.

    This question - whether Countdown is a newscast or an opinion show - goes to the heart of the problem Olbermann presents to NBC News. That they even pretend to grapple with that questions says a lot. But so long as Olbermann is out there pretending he is a journalist doing a newscast - and being enabled in doing so by NBC - and so long as Keith Olbermann is MSNBC and thus by extension NBC News - and so long as MSNBC Is the public face of NBC News political coverage - the NBC News brand will be associated with Keith Olbermann, a man who lays claims to a storied news tradition with theme songs and pilfered sign-offs while confusing childish antics with speaking truth to power, who equates propaganda with journalism, and who confuses the adulation of far-left fringe groups to respect from his peers in the broadcast news industry.

    Keith is a disgrace. It's about time Tom Brokaw stood up and said so.


    TVNewser: The New Yorker's Peter J. Boyer asks, "Is Keith Olbermann changing TV news?" The answer is a resounding 'yes.' But 6100 words later, what it all means still...

    Politico: The biggest hack writer at Politico weighs in on Olbermann; we can only wonder who spoon fed him today's post.

    Conde Nast: You can't ask for much more impeccable timing than The New Yorker displayed with its profile of Keith Olbermann, who has recently ascended to new heights of ...

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (15) | | View blog reactions
    The New Yorker asks, "Is Keith Olbermann changing TV news?" Yes, But He's Not The Only One!

    "One Angry Man: Is Keith Olbermann changing TV news?" That's the important question asked by Peter Boyer, writing in The New Yorker. And the answer is, "yes." But Olbermann won't be the last one to change TV news.

    Most immediately, TV news has surely never seen the sort of open alliance between an on-air talent and the left-wing blogosphere. In a scene-setting opener to his smoothly written--and not particularly favorable--piece, Boyer recalls the night of May 13-14th, when a restless-legged Olbermann stayed up till 3 am working on his most perfervid tirade against George W. Bush, accusing Bush of having an "addled brain," who was, in turn, manipulated by "the American snake-oil salesman Dick Cheney," and various "tragically know-it-all minions," "sycophants," and "mental dwarves." As Boyer summed up, "The denunciation hit the high notes of the most fevered antiwar rhetoric, on America and the world. Intelligence was faked, W.M.D.s were imagined, Iraq was laid waste, and American freedoms were trashed." And then, of course, Olbermann closed with, "This advice, Mr. Bush: Shut the hell up!"

    "Shut the hell up." Nice, Keith. Wasn't it just a little while ago that liberal tut-tutters were denouncing conservative talk-radio-ers for their "angry" rhetoric? I guess anger is only bad if conservatives are the angry ones.

    As Boyer further observes, "The jeremiad against Bush was a signature Olbermann effort, the sort of stylized, mocking tirade that has lately made him a cable-news sensation, the Edward R. Murrow of the Angry Left." OK, fine. Of course, there's nothing new about Bush-bashing in the media.

    But here's where Boyer adds some interesting detail about Olbermann's polemical all-nighter back in May:

    Olbermann was pleased with the script, and the next day, before going on the air with it, he posted excerpts on the liberal blog Daily Kos, which is a fairly good representation of the Olbermann fan base. The Kossacks wholly approved. ("You excoriated the bloodyhanded, warmongering imbecile." "This country cannot survive without you." "Dude, you've got a pair of steel ones!" "I'm gonna print it out, hang it up and memorize it.")

    Once again, it's worth dwelling on this alliance between the lefty "netroots" and a TV anchorman. And as TCG has wondered aloud in the past, what does GE's Jeff Immelt think about all this Republican-bashing? And all of GE's shareholders and stakeholders?

    But of course, that wasn't a concern for MSNBC, which has a much narrower focus--trying to lure the eyeballs of the leftermost 1 or 2 percent of the population. Here's more from Boyer:

    His bosses loved it. "I think we're onto something," the president of NBC News, Steve Capus, told me. "That's what we keep hearing from the audience, more and more, is that they appreciate that we have people who are actually speaking truth to power, or being transparent in their own personal viewpoints." That's another way of saying that liberals, after many failed attempts, seem finally to have found their own Bill O'Reilly.

    Boyer takes up the issue of who Olbermann can be compared to:

    Capus and Griffin insist that Olbermann's broadcast is like an opinion section in a newspaper, suitable to what they call MSNBC's "cable sensibility." Olbermann differs. He begins each "Countdown" with the Beethoven theme from NBC's "Huntley-Brinkley Report," and concludes with Murrow's signature sign-off, "Good night, and good luck." He maintains that "Countdown" is very much part of that continuum. "It is a newscast with commentary and analysis, the way most really good newscasts used to be," he says. "Dosages of the various components vary in a greater degree than we're used to, or maybe were even done in the heyday of this kind of thing. But if you listen to those daily Murrow newscasts in the forties on the radio, Murrow would do the news, two and a half, three minutes, take a break, and then do a two- or three-minute commentary." It could be argued that Murrow's work in wartime London--he would report on the Battle of Britain, and also advocate against continued American neutrality in the war--is hardly the same thing as telling the President to "shut the hell up,'' or posing the question regarding Bush (as Olbermann did): "Pathological Presidential Liar or an Idiot-in-Chief?"

    But of course, while Murrow was renowned for keeping his cool, even as he being bombed by Nazis, Olbermann is renowned for his non-cool. One senses a mania in Olbermann, which, of course, is only partially visible on the air. The Cable Gamer has noted the existence of Karma Bites, and Boyer does not, but Boyer nonetheless adds some more detail about Olbermann's past:

    One of his co-anchors, Suzy Kolber, has said that Olbermann was sometimes so overbearing that she would lock herself in the bathroom and cry. Another colleague, Mike Soltys, has said that when Olbermann left the network, in 1997, "he didn't burn bridges here--he napalmed them."

    One can only imagine all the juicy details that might come from Kolber and Soltys.

    And more corroboration comes from Phil Griffin, the senior vice president in charge of MSNBC, who has been Olbermann's producer, off and on, for 30 years, says of Olbermann: "I mean, the guy is crazy, but he is made for this."

    Indeed he might yet prove to be made for more than this. Boyer offers what I think is a scoop--that in 2005, Olbermann was seriously romanced by CBS News to be its evening news anchor, taking over from Bob Schieffer, who was filling in for Dan Rather. Which, of course, is the gig that went to Katie Couric. Recalling that lost opportunity, Olbermann told Boyer, "I think it would not do any worse than the three that are out there now."

    And on that much, at least, TCG agrees with Olby. The decline, and further decline, of the broadcast nightly news shows has many causes, but the most obvious one is this: By 6:30 or 7 p.m., everybody already knows what the day's news has been. They have seen it in on cable news, they have heard it on the radio, they have read it on their Blackberry. So folks just don't need a network's idea of "The Voice of God" to tell them the news. Nor do they need a perky "girl next store" to tell them the news. They already know it, so it isn't news anymore.

    What people need, in the evening, is perspective, insight, or analysis. OK, we know the news, now tell us what it means, or at least what you think it means. Tell us something useful about Bush, or Iraq, or China, or whatever. Venture an opinion! Dare to say something fresh and different!

    Obviously not everyone will agree with everything that an individual anchor/commentator might say, but that's why we have cable news--each to his own, scattered across the dial. As they say, if you want "just the facts ma'am," there's always C-SPAN. And beyond the proliferation of TV channels, of course, is the infinitely greater proliferation of the Net.

    Meanwhile, Olbermann has found his niche, on the Bush-bashing hard left. And other commentators, of course, have found their niches, too, such as Lou Dobbs, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Yes, those latter two are comedians, but as the Cable Gamer (and many others) have pointed out, Stewart, in particular, packs more wisdom into his humor than most "wise men" can pack into a ponderous lecture--as Will Rogers demonstrated, decades back, there's no reason why political commentary has be dull and unfunny.

    Of course, there are others who offer commentary. One is Olbermann's bête noire, Bill O'Reilly. He has plenty to say about the news, and he says it every night.

    So, as I was reading that Olbermann was seriously considered as a nightly news anchor, TCG thought to herself that maybe O'Reilly should be considered for such a gig. He would a whole new dimension to the nightly news, speaking for the half of America that feels neglected by the usual bi-coastal liberals who dominate the news biz.

    But of course, O'Reilly won't be so considered, because he is a populist conservative. And the MSM can't have that, even if O'Reilly could draw a good rating. The MSM would rather continue to shrink doing things in the familiar liberal way, rather than risk growing in an unfamiliar conservative way.

    So yes, Olbermann has changed TV news. But he is not the only one who has changed it. There will be others, and they won't all be histrionic Bush-hating lefties.

    Cross-posted from The Cable Game

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    links for 2008-06-15

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    June 14, 2008
    Become an Olbermann Watch Registered Commenter

    We are opening up registration for folks who want to comment on Olbermann Watch. If you wish to get a login please send a request to my yahoo account robert_a_cox. I need your name, an email address, the screen name you wish to appear when you comment, a URL for your blog if you have one. I will send you back a user ID and password.

    Regular readers will recall we had to require registration to comment due to trolls. Commenters are free to post pro or anti Keith comments, there is no ideological litmus test here so even OlbyLoons are welcome. However, crude language, thread hijacking, copying/pasting screeds or long articles and other disruptive behavior will result in suspension or termination of an account. If you want to put up a link we ask that you use so the URLs will be shorter, less likely to "break" and easier for other readers to follow.

    A few details. We now have 60 registered commenters who signed up during what has been our "beta" period since enabling the registration feature in our software. For this round we will probably set a cap of around 100 commenters total. The reason? We want to just add a few people at a time and just make sure we don't get flooded with requests from trolls. They won't get very far but I don't want to have to bother going in and deleting accounts I just set up or deleting comments.

    For all you clear-thinking Olbermann Watch readers who are not yet able to comment, we look forward to have you join the discussion.

    UPDATE: Current list of Commenter Names

    here is the list of folks who've passed our rigorous screening process and laid claim to becoming the elite in the blogosphere - Olbermann Watch Registered Commenters:

    johnny dollar
    Observer Dan
    Chris Matthews Leg
    Evan Gahr
    True Conservative
    Bob Mc
    Stephen Martin
    The Deacon
    Jedi Ryan
    Stuck on Stupid

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    links for 2008-06-14

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    June 13, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - June 13, 2008


    Bathtub Boy

    Host: Keith Olbermann

    Topics/Guests: Tim Russert tribute.

    Open thread for your comments...

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    Outrage: Kossacks Leap on Russert Death to Promote Olbermann!

    This is Keith Olbermann's blog, the one he chose to sign up for and uses to promote his program and special comments. So it will surprise no one that just moments after the unexpected and tragic death of Tim Russert, the Kossacks seize the occasion to hype the career of the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann:

    • One word = Olbermann, Monday thru Friday on MSNBC, Sunday on Meet the Press
    • We should send email to MSNBC asking for that.
    • Olberman won't be any good if he burns out.
    • SteamPunkX nails it. -- Keith Olbermann.
    • I suspect they'll put Chris Matthews in charge of Meet the Press.
    • Tim called Florida for Bush as Jack Welch told him to do. Sorry for Tim and his family, but that sucked, as have the following 8 years.
    • I don't want to see MS-NBC putting Chris "Tweety" Matthews in the Meet the Press catbird seat, just so he can run for Specter's PA senate seat like a good Republican. Meet the Press had enough Republican insider from Russert. Let's see Olberman [sic] running Meet the Press.

    Olbermann Watch extends its deepest sympathies to the family of Tim Russert, who will be in our prayers.

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    Tim Russert (1950-2008)

    Sad and quite a shock.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (15) | | View blog reactions
    New OlbyWatch Cross-Posters A Hit

    We recently announced that we were inviting some of our favorite bloggers to cross-post their Olbermann/MSNBC related posts onto Olbermann Watch with the hope that they'd get additional notice for their effort, new readers and traffic back to their site and we'd get more great Olby-centric content for our readers to enjoy.

    We could not have a better kick of so far this month with two of our cross-posters getting very nice pick up from other blogs, driving several thousand readers to Olbermann Watch and bringing some new readers to some of our favorite blogs.

    Olbermann Jumps The Shark?

    The Leg Profoundly Moved by Barack Obama's History-Making Quest: To Become America's First Utterly Unqualified President

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    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - June 13, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann

    Exclusive OlbyRobot dramatic reading:

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    links for 2008-06-13

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    Did Olbermann Pick the Wrong Target?

    John Gibson has an interesting take on Keith Oralmann's Katie Couric attack. Has Olby forgotten who runs NBC News?

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    June 12, 2008
    Olby Slaps Female News Anchor, Defends MS(gyny)NBC Network

    Keith Olbermann, a man who has blazed a misogynist trail of tears across the cable dial over the past 15 years, is now SHOCKED, SHOCKED to hear that Katie Couric had the temerity to speak her mind on the widely shared perception that members of the media engaged in persistent sexist attacks on the first serious female candidate for the presidency of the United States. Of course, Olbermann and his broadcast partners Chris Matthews and David Shuster are at the top of the list Couric is referencing but never mind that.

    Olbermann bitch slapped Couric for her OUTBURST, naming her a WPITW while rising indignantly to "defend" the integrity of one Lee Cowan for his admitted struggle to remain objective in Obama's presence. Olbermann is now busy composing another symphonic special comment on the remark by McCain on the Today show that Obamamaniacs have been trying to "RFK" into meaning McCain doesn't care about the troops - even though Matt Lauer of NBC News went to great lengths to correct the record this morning and showed that the Obama attacks against McCain are blatantly deceitful. Keith was not so busy however that he could not take time to while away the afternoon reading diaries on Daily Kos - and defending himself in the comments section.

    Setting aside the question why the brightest start in the NBC News galaxy would take the time to respond to a comment by a high school kid named "SteamPunkX on a diary by a know-nothing Kossack named "Obama Fellow" on a far-left blog like Daily Kos, Olbermann writes:

    You've used Roger Stone to defend your position. (1+ / 0-) SteamPunkX nails it.

    Had Hillary Clinton been Hal Clinton, 90% of the abuse you site [sp], from the Right (the infamous Stone was behind Citizens etc) would have taken some other form that had nothing to do with substance, only demographics or height or religion or anything else people can be unthinking knee-jerk reactionaries towards.

    I do not deny sexist remarks slipped out. I was guilty of not being able to be sufficiently empathetic to understand the undertone that could be perceived (rightly or wrongly) in my own remark about "the room." That doesn't make me guilty of sexism and it doesn't mean Senator Clinton was more of a victim of sexism than Senator Obama was a victim of racism.

    The point of this was Couric assuming a debatable point as a fact, and beating over the head with it, somebody who was entirely honest about covering Obama amid cheering throngs (and who never said or did anything the least bit sexist). It was an unconsceniable [sp] generalization.

    I'd love to contribute more to this but I'm finishing up the McCain Comment and want to put up a preview diary of it while I can (sorry - is directing traffic to another diary a suspendable offense?).


    You got that? Keith is not sexist because he did not think the things he said were sexist! That's good to know. I guess its OK then for someone to make racist comments if THEY don't think the things they says are racist. Same for anti-semites. In fact, Keith has given us a whole new standard for political correctness.

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    Olbermann Jumps The Shark?

    Keith Olbermann has jumped the shark. That's a reasonable interpretation of Howard Rosenberg's incisive TV column in the LA Times on Saturday. How else to interpret a piece that appears under the headline, "Is Olbermann's snide act on MSNBC the future of TV news?"And Rosenberg's answer to that question is obviously, "I sure as heck hope not." But there's an element of the forlorn in Rosenberg's authorial voice.

    "Jump the shark," of course, is a key concept in television. Yes, it's mostly associated with television entertainment, as opposed to television news, and so whole whole websites are devoted to the question of which show is going over the edge. That is veering--more likely, plummeting--into derivative, unimaginative, self-parody. That's what happened to Fonzie on "Happy Days" (pictured above). Eventually, they ran out of funny or amusing scripts for that set of characters; in desperation, they put Fonzie on water skis, and the rest is bad-television history.

    Now, Cable Gamers, here's Rosenberg on Olbermann:

    The leer, the smug histrionics, the relentless needling, the shameless self-puffery, the accusatory rants excoriating Bushies and other Republicans as well as cable competitor Fox and its temperamental bully, Bill O'Reilly. And, of course, the comedy.

    That's unintentional comedy, of course.

    And so Rosenberg goes on to ask a good question that Cable Gamers ought to think about:

    But is his ends-justifies-means credo good for the news biz? The answer is no, even if you dislike the president and his policies as much as Olbermann does. I do, and can still testify that watching Olbermann collect Republican scalps like baseball cards is only marginally more rewarding than watching his favorite foil, O'Reilly, batter guests who don't share his wacky views.

    But at least O'Reilly invites dissenters to his lair (if only to disembowel them), whereas "Countdown" is more or less an echo chamber in which Olbermann and like-minded bobbleheads nod at each other.

    Of course, in the short run, this strategy is working for MSNBC. But surely, Olbermann can't keep it up much longer.

    So just one key question: What will Olbermann do if his man, Barack Obama, wins the White House? Will he continue to be slavering toward Obama and the Democrats, even when they're in charge? Or will be be a cheerleader for them? The Cable Gamer is reminded of a joke told about the Germans: They are either at your feet--or at your throat. That could be Olbermann.

    H/T: TVNewser.

    Cross-posted from The Cable Game

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    Keith Olbermann: "The Ann Coulter of the Airwaves"

    Clinton Loyalist Lanny Davis says the Clinton's don't have an "enemies list" but Lanny Davis does and in the media Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews are at the top of that list. Jump to 3:20 mark:

    These two people [Matthews and Olbermann] were old friends of mine who I respected (note past tense) when they were on my side of the Clinton impeachment battle... they went personal, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann went personal and venomous and vitriolic, they became the Ann Coulter of the airwaves which is the worst I could imagine...

    Wait? Matthews and Olbermann were on Lanny Davis' side during the Clinton impeachment? MSNBC journalists taking sides? But I thought Keith had said to anyone dumb enough to listen that his coverage of the Lewinsky Scandal showed that he was NOT taking sides, that he was not a liberal? This all so confusing when Democrats fight.

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    Olbermann Cancels Vacation; Loses Demo Anyway

    OlbyBoy is reporting that Olbermann changed his vacation plans in the hopes of being able to claim a ratings win against O'Reilly. He may want to re-think that:

    Hoping to win a second week, Mr. Olbermann, who has engaged in increasingly bitter mudslinging with Mr. O'Reilly, has delayed his vacation indefinitely. But on Monday Mr. O'Reilly was back on top, attracting 60,000 more 25-to-54 viewers than Mr. Olbermann. Mr. O'Reilly doesn't appear worried. He took a vacation day on Friday.

    186K is reporting the shocking news that MSNBC's PR department is lying (again).

    MSNBC must be doing Keith Olbermann's taxes because when it comes to crunching numbers they don't have a clue or just flat out make them up.

    Where have we heard this kind of thing before?

    A several months old tape of The O'Reilly Factor runs on the Friday before the Fourth of July Weekend against a live version of Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Fox News beats MSNBC in the time slot, and beats them in the supposedly "all-important" demo but the news over at TVN is "Olbermann Beats O'Reilly"

    It's now TWO YEARS LATER! That's some "trend".

    Of course, this is hardly the first time that the MSNBC PR department has put out false or misleading information about the "success" of Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

    Readers will recall we caught Peter Johnson passing off an MSNBC press release as his own research. When it was pointed out to Johnson by Olbermann Watch that the headline he quoted was flatly contradicted by the data contained in the very same press release Johnson admitted he had not bothered to check the accuracy of MSNBC's claims - USA TODAY ran a correction at our request.

    J$ has predicted that Olbermann will be pimping his Special Comment on Daily Kos in an effort to rally the troops to "defeat" O'Reilly in the demo tonight. We will update this post when Kossack Keith starts a pimpin' on dkos.

    [NOTE: Keith has not posted to dkos since May 23rd which is just about the time a slew of blowback stories about Keith began to emerge from the unfriendly confines of NBC News, could it be that like being told he could not send emails anymore Keith has been told to stop posting to Daily Kos? It would seem safe to say that if Keith does NOT post on Daily Kos then he has been ordered to stop posting there....Developing...]

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    links for 2008-06-12

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    June 11, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - June 11, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • ATTACK McCAIN NIGHT: John Kerry, Richard Wolffe, VoteVets Hack
    • OBAMA'S ALREADY BEATEN McCAIN: Eugene Robinson

    MSNBC's most-watched tax deadbeat bellowed the opening spiel: McCain wants to keep the troops in Iraq to get bombed and killed! He's confused! [Ding!] John Kerry (D) enters OlbyPlanet! Obama leads McCain all over the place! Hollywood loves Obama! Get out your ObamaVision spectacles, it's hump day at Olbermann Watch.

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Today's the tipping point! Oralmann adopting fully the talking points on McCain's Iraq comment (Blue Blog Sources: Talking Points Memo, HuffPo, The DNC, etc.). McCain is confused [Ding!]. Not only that, he's confused [Ding!]. Do you get the impression that the word of the day is "confused"? Fat Ass was happy to embrace the term because of the implication of senility that even Democrats find shameful. Kerry: McCain confuses [Ding!], confuses [Ding!], and confuses[Ding!]. He's really confused! [Ding!] Besides, he doesn't know anything about Iraq. Olbermahn attacked McCain with glee--nothing he says makes any sense, don't you know. If this were 1974, Bathtub Boy would be Jane Fonda.

    Iraq is McCain's albatross! Krazy Keith pimped out The Wolffe Man to increase the size of tonight's steaming pile of dung. The prissy Brit did his usual bobblehead ditto-machine impression and--shockingly--was Great Thanksed! All this turned out to be a plug for a Special Education Komment tomorrow against--you guessed it--John McCain! We are overjoyed that is falling on a Thursday.

    Now the following is why Olbermann Watch is the #1 Olbermann blog in the world--even on OlbyPlanet. We'll tell you what Merkle doesn't want you to know. Do you think he's doing another SEK because he's outraged? Guess again. The real reason: he has just seen his one-week triumph of almost beating O'Reilly evaporating like a drop of water in the Sahara desert. His viewership has taken a huge tumble. The hoped-for KOmentum has gotten four flat tires. So it's time for the usual desperation measure: another Special Education Komment. Watch for it to be pimped on Olbermann's blog (Daily Kos) to ensure that every Kossack with a tv in their Mom's basement will be tuned in.

    #4: The flogging continues. Lieberman is McCain's "dog's body", whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. McCain is "abandoning" the troops! Oralmann pimped out another hack from votevets, the far-left anti-McCain group that Olby claimed spoke for "how veterans feel". (If that ain't Another Olbermann Lie then water ain't wet.) The propaganda was so thick with drivel it's impossible to describe.

    After Bushed (Blue Blog Sources: Crooks & Liars, Democratic Underground, Raw Story) and what seems like the nighly attack on Gretchen Carlson (Fox Noise! [Ding!]) finally came #3: Herr Olbermann's cherry-picked NBC poll numbers find Obama crushing McCain in every possible demographic! Of course most of those findings were within the margin of error, but why mention that. Assiduously! [Ding!] Olby pimped out Robinson to increase the fake amazement at the amazing poll numbers that show the amazing Obama with an amazing "landslide" lead! They both raved about how brilliantly the brilliant Obama brilliantly got rid of the brilliant Johnson guy whose brilliant conflict of interest was glossed over last night by the brilliant Krazy Keith and brilliantly turned into an attack on--who else?--John McCain. Robby was Great Thanksed and so tonight we made our second Love Connection.

    #2: Plug for #1. #1: Update on the Kucinich impeachment articles that were covered so heavily just last night? Um, not exactly, since the articles were shunted off to a committee to die a slow, painful death. Oralmann doesn't want you to know that so instead we got Hollywood in Lurve with Obama!

    In the Media Matters Minute, Monkeymann didn't disappoint. He attacked Steve Doocy (Blue Blog Source: newsliars), Fixed News! [Ding!], O'Reilly (attack #481), and worst: Katie Couric (Blue Blog Source: HuffPo).


    Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 1 [LOW]

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 765th day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

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    links for 2008-06-11

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    June 10, 2008
    links for 2008-06-10

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    The Leg Profoundly Moved by Barack Obama's History-Making Quest: To Become America's First Utterly Unqualified President


    As a student of history and long-time political junkie, Chris Matthews' Leg is keenly aware of the historic implications of the Obama candidacy--and it has The Leg tingling from toe to hip joint.

    Never has a person with so little experience running anything, or come to think of it, doing anything, come so close to running the most powerful nation on earth. And not since Jimmy Carter has naivete and hubris combined in such towering proportions in one person. "It's truly exciting," The Leg gushed.

    "We've tried "experience" and what has it gotten us," the sensitive appendage continued. "Nothing but victory in two world wars, victory in the Cold War, and Al Qaeda shattered and on the run all over the world."

    "I'm confident America is ready for a leader who doesn't know what the crap he's talking about, but says it in a truly beautiful and uplifting way. After all, we had the exact opposite for the last seven years. I've got that thrilling sense that we're all witnesses to history."

    {crossposted at Chris Matthews Leg}

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    June 9, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - June 9, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • ELECTION 2008: Richard Wolffe, Rachel Maddow of Err America, Jonathan Alter

    You know you are in the presence of political hackery when the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann returns to your screen. The CEO of the humbly-named Olbermann Broadcasting Empire bellowed the opening spiel: Obamarama! More McCain attacks! Fox attack! McClellan redux! Joe McCarthy! The two-day-old ambush video. Orally! [Ding!] Yeah, this is what passes for "news" on MSNBC, and it's a blue Monday at Olbermann Watch.

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: The price of gas is up. Fawning over the Obama "economic tour". Big oil! [Ding!] Keithy pimped out his special friend Richard Wolffe, who simpered in bobblehead agreement. We'll sum it up for you: Obama's doing everything right, McCain' everything wrong.

    On to the "slime machine". Fox Noise! [Ding!] Fox Noise! [Ding!].E.D. Hill is evil because she teased a segment with the fist bump: was it a fist-bump, a pound, a terrorist jab? Of course the segment went on to say it was just a friendly gesture, but Oralmann has to slime E.D. Hill to please his blue blog buffoons. It doesn't matter that Time magazine did the same thing: talked about different ways the gesture was being interpreted, including a terrorist-style jab, before explaining what it is. When Time does it it's OK. When Fox does it, it's eeeevil.

    To pile on the attacks Fat Ass pimped out comedian Rachel Maddow, tonight playing a expert in non-verbal communications. Far-right! [Ding!] E.D. Hill is afraid of black people! They're gonna run ads against Obama and he has to get the Clintons to blow them out of the water! This has been a paid political announcement!!

    #4: The graphic sez it all: McBush. It's the nightly attack segment. McCain is a liar! Lefty Alter was the designated Pinocchio, who say Republicans "do this" (attack the press, lie, whatever) "all the time".

    After Fixed News! [Ding!] came #3: more McClellan! Graphic of Bush & Cheney: "They Lied". Olby cites the Senate Intelligence Committee, but of course people who actually practice journalism know better. Uh oh, Olby is trying to get McClellan to throw someone under the bus [Ding!] but Scottie is measuring his words. Neither one of course actually gives the quotes from the Senate report that the Post, linked above, does. Why do you suppose that is? Here's a hint: remember you are on OlbyPlanet. Rosetta Stone! [Ding!] Oralmann tried three times to concoct a conspiracy to lie, but McClellan refused to bite. Oh well, that's his last appearance on The Hour of Spin. He didn't even get Great Thanksed.

    #2: a plug for #1: #1: Merkle's diseased obsession found him cackling over the O'Reilly producer ambush tape that was old news yesterday. But gee, his audience expects it, you know. In the Media Matters Minute, the victims were Brad Blakeman (Blue Blog Source: Daily Kos) and Cavuto (Blue Blog Source: newsliars). Fox Noise! [Ding!] Fixed News! [Ding!] Oralmann had no valid source for at least part of this one so it's possible this was another of his lies. We'll turn it over to the Olbermann Watch Research Division.

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 763rd day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

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    Smoking Gun: The Official New York State Olbermann Tax Warrant


    Despite the best hopes of OlbyLoons everywhere - and the false and misleading statements of officials at MSNBC - Olbermann Watch has obtain a certified (literally signed, sealed and delivered) tax warrant for Olbermann Broadcasting Empire, Inc.

    A full PDF version can be viewed here: Currently Outstanding, Certified Tax Warrant for Olbermann Broadcasting Empire, Inc.

    This is a PDF scan of the original, currently in our possession, which has been signed by Thomas G. Clingan, Clerk of Albany County and bears the seal of the County of Albany, New York. Readers will notice the certified warrant is dated 3rd day of June 2008 which flatly contradicts claims by MSNBC that the matter was "resolved".

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    links for 2008-06-09

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    June 8, 2008
    Olbermann's Bane


    I was down in Philadelphia the other day and got a tour of the data center which houses, among other things, the servers which host Olbermann Watch. This is the server which the OlbyLoons and Kossacks did their best to shut down during the first few months of the year. As you can all see, it is still standing, much to the dismay of Keith and his band of OlbyLoons.

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    links for 2008-06-08
    • A few minutes later my sadness turned to rage when Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews started spinning the speech. Their first words were concerned with the number of minutes Clinton spent "patting herself on the back" before mentioning Obama.
    • Making pantstuit jokes on the day of Clinton’s concession? How fracking low can you get? [language]
    • Keith Olbermann is very upset about the lateness, because he didn’'t prepare enough snide comments to last another half-hour. Maybe he should use the time to apologize for going overboard and making ladies support John McCain.

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    June 7, 2008
    BlowBack Part IX: L.A. Times Op-Ed Rips Olbermann Up, Down and Sideways

    The hits just keeping on coming for Keith Olbermann, the discredited and widely disparaged tax deadbeat who poses as a "newsie" on something called MSNBC several nights each when he is not too busy helping his 24-year old live in girl-toy edit her freelance reports for Channel 11 News.

    Pulitizer-Prize winning TV critic Howard Rosenberg poses the age-old question: Is Olbermann's snide act on MSNBC the future of TV news?

    Rosenberg's conclusion: Is his ends-justifies-means credo good for the news biz? The answer is no

    The piece is a must-read for Olbermann Watch fans but let me tease a few of the best lines:

    Olbermann (and Matthews) spent the election season heckling Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton from deep inside Sen. Barack Obama's hip pocket and hammering Sen. John McCain since Day One.

    When Obama clinched the Democratic nomination this week...calming down these guys would have required a defibrillator

    Olbermann's homage to iconic Edward R. Murrow is like...a Cyclops saluting Brad Pitt


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    links for 2008-06-07

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    June 6, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - June 6, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • The usual crap.

    Finally, a week of the deranged Keith Olbermann ends. The opening spiel... Frack the opening spiel. It's casual Friday at Olbermann Watch.

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Drivel.

    #4: Repellent claptrap.

    #3: Boneheaded Hogwash, Orange-style.

    #2: Obnoxious Lamebrained Biased Yelping.

    #1: Keith Advances Repulsive Misinformation Again.

    Sorry, that's all we could stomach of the infamous, deplorable tax cheater tonight. At that it's more than he deserves.

    Keith Limpermann

    If it's Friday, it's our weekly assessment of Krazy Keith's masculinity. This week, Monkeymann attacked Fox and other broadcasters 26 times. Olby's source (Hillary Clinton's Media Matters) criticized (MS)NBC 9 times, but Keithy protected his corporate masters with zero criticisms. That makes this week's Olbermann Manhood Quotient: -70 [mama's boy limp].

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 760 day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

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    Mike Gallagher Talks to the World's #1 Expert on Keith Olbermann!

    From yesterday's Mike Gallagher show:

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    links for 2008-06-06

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    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - June 5th, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • HISTORIC NOMINEE: Obama campaign propaganda segment!
    • ELECTORAL MATH: Chuckie and an abacus
    • THEY LIED! Nightly McCain/McSame attack!

    Obama propaganda segment about lobbyists! John McCain attack about how he loves lobbyists! Electoral map vis a vis Chuckie! Administration lies! Shocking news on Olbyplanet! You know when the "worsts" segment makes the opening spiel is that Keith is truly out of things worth saying. Yawn.

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Obama has campaign finance rules that placate the loony left. Senator Obama makes rules about "lobbyist rules." Clinton attack. Something about seeking the VP slot. DNC is to adopt Obama policies which means that the DNC won't accept money from federal lobbyists and PACs. Otherwise, "a major change in how Washington works..." Clip of Obama and propaganda. Jim Webb (Lunatic - VA) propaganda moment. You see, the loony left is convinced that if they put a sexist, populist loony tune on the Democratic ticket that they'll somehow carry Virginia. They forget that Bush won virginia by 8.5% in 2000 and 2004. Anything is possible. But, one last note, I believe Jim Webb won his senate seat by oh....9,000 votes. Webb, of course, would never had won his seat if it were not for Allen's uh.....incompetence. I digress. New York congregation is angry. Zing! Bring in Milby who brings himself on behalf of the "entire party." Talk about a candid admission! I have to say that is the furthest one of Oralmann's guests have ever gone.

    Question time: Has everyone backed off Hillary being the VP nominee? Well...kind of....states Milby. Alas, Mr. Splashy Couture concedes that it will be some time before a serious concession speech. He realizes there were no policy differences, rather personality. Subtle McCain attack! Lobbyist money! Obama supposedly won't take lobbyist money! Milby brings in reality that lobbyist money is only !% of the revenue. For shame not towing the loony party line, Milby! Olby plug about himself and Chris Matthew's Leg hosting something. Great thanks.

    Obama will change the country. Glamour shot of Obama. Chris Kofinis (admittedly a John Edwards communications member) plays softball. Did Obama play one of the greater upsets in modern electoral history? Kofinis speaks of the "zeet-geist" (is that um, the zeit-geist (aka zeitgeist! Heil Olbermann!)) regarding the "new direction" amongst the 'average day people.' Obama is amazing blah blah blah. Money. Caucus states. Governor Dean blah. No more evil big dollar donors. Should send chill down Republican party bigwigs' backs.

    #4: Electoral map. Barack Obama on OlbyPlanet totally pwnz this area. Huffington Post regurgitation on how Obama can pick up on al those (via that 50 state strategy that has been brilliant) Republican states. Bring in Chuckie to play with the abacus. Obama might have a landslide. Chuckie is surprisingly honest for a Olbersturmfuhrer's program. Just a pleasure.

    Bushed! Idol-gate (there's a new one): they didn't want the President on there thanks to HuffnPuff. The "Dear God the Republicans act as if judicial appointments matter-gate!" (thanks grist!. The biggest evil, Appeasement-gate! Show the inherent DailyKos teeth mocking website picture! Chuck Hagel (Loony wanna be Dem-NE) at the WSJ.

    Prince von Anhalt will vote for John McCain or something. Wannabe Spiderman with snarky comment! Supposedly, he was looking for one fact in a Bill Kristol column! Har har har! tres original! I look for one iota of truth in a deadbeat Olbermann show nightly!

    #3: Bush lied, people died. Yawn. Richard Clark, the latest Olby pupil in the vein of Scott McClellan and John Dean. Fat Ass tries to explain why the media supported the war. Apparently they were just "too trusting." It was just a "patriotic rallying." Clark suggests this was still about 9/11. The funny part is, I don't recall anything the President or his lackeys said was about 9/11. It was all about the potential threat that Iraq presented in the long term. But you know what? That is totally irrelevant and never happened in Iraq. It was all just an evil disaster. Impeachment! Olby hopes! On and on! The war was garbage and how did they manage to sell us? Great pleasure.

    #2: In the Media Matters minute, TalkingPointsMemo hits a Republican. John McCain attack, HuffNPuff. Winner? Rupert Murdoch via Gawker. Newscorpse! [Ding!] Really lousy Australian accident!

    #1: Unity in the Democratic party: Comedian Stacy Grenrock Woods......zzzzzzz.


    Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 2 [LOW]

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    June 5, 2008
    AP Confirms Olbermann New York State Tax Warrant Still Open

    The Associated Press is reporting that the tax warrant issued by New York State - news broken here on Olbermann Watch - remains open despite denials by MSNBC.

    [New York] State Tax and Finance Department spokesman Tom Bergin said the debt recorded against the TV host's Olbermann Broadcasting Empire Inc., based in Los Angeles, is still open.

    MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines called it a bookkeeping disagreement between Olbermann's accountants and the state and said it was resolved months ago.

    Bergin said the debt could have been resolved recently, but it has not yet been legally "satisfied" and so remains an open case.

    The time has come for a "Pay The Hell Up, Keith" campaign. Any readers out there with a bit of graphic design skill who can create a logo for the campaign should send their submissions to my yahooo account at robert_a_cox.

    ELSEWHERE: Olbermann Watch confirms FIFTH Warrant issued in 8 weeks ago - still open.

    Happily, the AP story on the web has a link to this site - and the story will likely run in hundreds of newspapers across the U.S. tomorrow.

    The tax debt has been featured on the blog, which referred to Olbermann as a "deadbeat," and among Page Six items in the New York Post. The tabloid referred to Olbermann as a "professional angry man" who likes tax-and-spend liberals "but didn't pay his own taxes."

    If you see the story in YOUR local paper please send us the name of the paper and your locality. For our registered commenters please add a comment to this post.

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    Fifth Warrant Surfaces for Deadbeat Keith

    Olbermann Watch has confirmed that the New York State Department of Labor filed an Industrial Commission Warrant against Olbermann Broadcasting Empire on April 1, 2008 for $1,039.15 with the New York County Clerk's office.

    An Industrial Commission warrant is a remedy available to the Labor Department after all administrative procedures have been exhausted - the employer had been given notice of the claim, had an opportunity to contest it, and the time for all appeals has lapsed.  It creates a lien on all property of the corporation within the county and gives the county sheriff the right to execute the warrant by, among other things, attaching and selling the employer's property within the county.  There are various procedures that the sheriff has to go through before selling the property.

    We actually broke the story yesterday on the Pat Campbell radio show which airs in Tulsa, OK. I am on my way from New York to Minneapolis yesterday, stuck in Chicago when I called in, so if you hear any announcements in the background that's the gate agent telling us why our connecting flight was delayed yet again.

    NOTE: I also appeared on the Mike Gallagher Show today and we will see if we can get a clip up of that soon.

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    The Truth About Keith Olbermann's Favorite Felon...Revealed!

    He's Oralmann's "legal expert", even though he's a disbarred attorney. He pontificates about Bush "criminality", even though he's a convicted lawbreaker himself. But here is what Herr Olbermann will not tell you about the criminal John Dean:

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    links for 2008-06-05

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    June 4, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - June 4, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • OBAMARAMA: Andrea Mitchell, Howie Fineman, Eugene Robinson, Jonathan Alter
    • NIGHTLY McCAIN ATTACK: Rachel Maddow of Err America

    How will the orange one contain himself tonight? Let's see, starting with, of course, the opening spiel: It's history! But what will Hillary do? Nightly McCain attack! Unity!? What, no mention of Hillary's decision to concede on Friday? Well, that news just broke, and the opening spiel is pre-taped so that Oralmann doesn't stumble over the words, and apparently he didn't think it was worth cutting another tape. It's hump day at Olbermann Watch!

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Hillary to back out on Friday. Andrea Mitchell wisely phoned in so there will be no footage of her and Herr Olbermann on the screen together. The Pundit for All Occasions nattered, followed by regurgitated Obamatape from the network mothership. Sycophant Robinson rhapsodized over "history".

    After a "right wing" [Ding!] came #4: more Obamarama and more regurgitated video. Oh, and Hillary is doing everything wrong. Just ask Lefty Alter!

    After Bushed (Blue Blog Sources: Michael Moore, HuffPo, BuzzFlash) came another misogynistic sneer at Gretchen Carlson who was Miss America "sometime before the turn of the century". Finally we got to #3, which as we know by now is the nightly McCain attack. But first we had to hear again about Hillary quitting on Friday. Then it was on to tonight's application of Rule #1: whatever a Republican does, it's a bad move, i.e. McCain's proposal for joint town hall meetings. The banner read, of course, "McSame". To effect tonight's ridicule, Keith pimped out comedian Rachel Maddow of Err America, who tonight played a campaign strategist. She made fun of McCain so well so she got Great Thanksed, and we finally made tonight's Love Connection.

    #2: Plug for #1. #1: More "break news" baloney. In the Media Matters Minute, "Man on Fan" Olbermann attacked Jed Babbin (Blue Blog Source: Hillary Clinton's Media Matters) and of course Mr Bill (Blue Blog Source: HuffPo). Aww Merkle. Your Kossack lemmings are going to be disappointed that you didn't lift anything without attribution from them tonight.


    Muted Mongrels: This was big headline news, at least among responsible media outfits. And yet, MSDNC did their best not to let it spoil their celebration. In fact, Chris Matthews came on the air just moments after the news broke and neither he nor his leg bothered to report it. It was a tough call figuring out what link would best illustrate Bathtub Boy's sleazy partisanship in doing his part to completely spike this story on tonight's Hour of Spin. We decided to use this one, from the website of someone who has been an honored guest in the Seat of Honor on OlbyPlanet time after time. But not on this, nor likely ever again. 'Nuff said.


    Tonight's MisterMeter reading: 3 [GUARDED]

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 758th day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

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    Chris Matthews' Leg Briefly Achieves Elevated State of Consciousness During Obama Speech

    As Barack Obama finally laid claim to the Democratic nomination in his speech the other night, The Leg was vibrating like a tuning fork.

    Each soaring, ambiguous platitude took the sensitive appendage to a higher level of harmonic resonance. Each thrilling-though-utterly-undeliverable promise sent electric thrills radiating up the Hardball host's tibia and femur.

    As the speech culminated with a level of grandiosity and humble self-importance rarely heard outside a high school valedictory speech. . .

    "We will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth."

    . . . The Leg momentarily entered a state of super-consciousness which resulted in Chris Matthews' head getting a fresh case of. . .

    The giggles.

    Crossposted at Chris Matthews' Leg

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    Fox & Friends to Keith Olbermann: You're a Liar!

    Crossposted from J$P:

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    Olbermann Lies About Iran, Nailed by John Gibson!

    After exposing a series of falsehoods about US Iran policy, John Gibson asks why do Tim Russert and Tom Brokaw permit their reputations to be soiled by appearing with the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann? We have the audio for your listening pleasure:

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    links for 2008-06-04

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    June 3, 2008
    Primary Night Open Thread: MSNBC Salivates as Obamessiah Leads The Democrats Out Of The Desert


    Since tonight is truly the last night of primaries, and as I listen now Chris Matthews is having incredible tingling sensations go up his leg, it must mean it is over. I have no doubt that MonkeyMann and Matthew's leg are going to have a field day tonight. The attached picture from the AP is basically MSNBC's current banner.

    Ok folks, perhaps I was premature last week with the Obama victory thread. No propaganda show this evening, just the hilarious duo of Chris Matthew's Leg and Woman Hating Dumb As A Freaking Post Olbermann.

    The Clinton campaign says she's not conceding tonight. The Obama campaign is claiming victory The Kos Kiddies are going nuts. Olbermann is cracking open the merlot. Yet, in all of this, the loony left seems to miss the omnimous signs of the Messiah's woes.

    Since the outcome of tonight's primaries is hardly in doubt (South Dakota might be close), please talk amongst yourselves about your predictions for the fall campaign. Are you going to vote for McCain? Obama? Vote at all? Are the Republicans in for a massacre? Will Fat Ass cry on election night if the angelic Obama lost?

    I personally think Obama is a shockingly weak candidate. As Karl Rove said on Fox News last night, Obama should be 30 points ahead in an environment like this. He's not. He's largely tied and needs to shore up a lot of the base. McCain is loaded with difficulty as well. Certainly no cakewalk. Despite being a tepid supporter of his, I had an epiphany the other day when he voted against that embarrassing farm bill. I'm still trying to beat my father into voting the right way (he hasn't voted for a Democrat since 1976) because of his "disillusionment" with the Republican party. I won't bore you with the reasons; they're largely ridiculous with a few well founded exceptions. Ok. Laugh at the picture. Chat. Do whatever. Have a bottle of champagne to get you through Der Fuhrer's Der Sturmer program tonight.

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    MSNBC Launches Keith Olbermann Mini-Site, MSNBC Last HD CableNewsNet

    Looks like Olbermann Watch might finally have some competition as the #1 Keith Olbermann web site in the world - from Keith himself. BeetTV has a review of the new Countdown mini-site ( launched by MSNBC>

    On Friday, quietly launched a mini-site dedicated to "Countdown with Keith Olbermann." The company will make an announcement shortly, but Beet has been checking it out. Mighty convenient to find Keith's show and related clips like world's "worst" and "best" persons and one of our favorites, Oddball.

    Elsewhere, looks like the third-place homeland for the liberal media will be the last of the cable channels to broadcast in HD, according to a report in Multichannel News.

    CNN was the first to jump into the game with the launch of a simulcast CNN HD in September 2007. Fox News followed on May 1, 2008 and MSNBC is planning to launch its HD offering sometime in the fourth quarter.

    "We hope to get it on earlier in the fourth quarter rather than later," said Phil Griffin, senior vice president of NBC News and executive in charge of MSNBC. "It is critical that we get out there."

    This marks a major shift for the news networks, which have been much slower to embrace HD production than sports, movie, drama and documentary programmers.

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    Blowback Redux: Russert and Matthews Fed Up With Olbermann

    TVNewser is reporting that Tim Russert and Chris Matthews are upset that partisan activist and Daily Kos blogger has become the new face of NBC News' political coverage.

    "Every Tuesday night Keith is up there as the face of NBC News. That's a problem," says our source. "[Tim] Russert is upset about it. Russert has spent 20 years building credibility. All of a sudden he's taking questions from Keith Olbermann, the Daily Kos blogger?"

    The insider says Olbermann's election night partner has reservations as well: "Chris Matthews is quite pissed about it. He knows a lot about politics and he takes it seriously. He's so close to it that he's not that political. He's not an activist -- Keith's an activist. That's the difference."

    MSNBC dismissed the report claiming that TVN's source was uninformed. Only problem is that TVN is run by Chris Ariens who has plenty of well-placed sources at MSNBC because before becoming head blogger at TVN he was a producer at MSNBC.

    TVN's source says Olbermann's repeated threats to quit MSNBC have frightened his bosses at NBC News. The source calls Olbermann's blogging at Daily Kos "insane".

    All we can say here at Olbermann Watch is...told you so!

    Olbermann Watch readers will recall that Keith told Bill Moyers that he came close to quitting back in the summer of 2003 when MSNBC hired Michael Savage.

    BILL MOYERS: I watched you walk off when you were at MSNBC and they were covering the Lewinsky scandal. And I believe you said, "This is ridiculous."


    BILL MOYERS: This is drip, right?


    BILL MOYERS: You walked away.


    BILL MOYERS: Would you do it again?

    KEITH OLBERMANN: I think probably it won't happen. But I would say that there were circum-- there were circumstances in this show, there was one occasion where I was prepared to go out the door an hour before one of the shows because we had one of those conflicting moments. This is very early on again. This is 2003. When we were all still in that kind of, "Gee, should we suspend our disbelief? What if he's-- what if George Bush is right and this is the kind of threat that he portrays?" He-- it's probably exaggerated because he's a politician, number one. But number two, what if he's right? I think a lot of us were saying, "Well, okay, let's just tread gently." MSNBC hired a guy named Michael Savage. And he came on and did-- not only did he do a show once a week that was basically just spattering invective on people he didn't like and these people change from week to week, but it was terribly produced. I mean, it was an awful show. And he was-- he looked like he was standing in front of a chalkboard somewhere in somebody's basement with a camera. One night I walk in, my boss is out of town. And the guy actually running the show at the point said, at countdown, said-- "We're going to run a Michael Savage commentary. I've got to go now." And he ran away. And I said, "We're not running a Michael Savage commentary. That's in the"-- and he was gone. I called my agent. Now, I'd just gotten back to MSNBC. I left, as you said, under the Lewinsky circumstances. A lot of bridges were burned. Came back. Everybody hugged. It's three or four months in. I'm enjoying it. I think I'm making a difference. I'm getting that little sort of skeptical thing back. And here we're going to have a Michael Savage commentary in the middle of it. So I finally got a hold of my agent. And I said, "I have to walk out, don't I?" She said, "Yep, you do." And I said, "Yeah, I guess so. Well, it was a nice career." I'm going to try to get a hold of my boss in Washington. And I called him and I said, "I can't"-- he said, "Can you find some reason not to run it that doesn't pertain to the politics?" I said, "Are you saying to me if I go and look at it and it doesn't meet production standards we don't have to run it?" "I might be saying that, yes. Just give me something to work with." And I went in and looked at it and the guy repeated himself nine times. So I called the guy back and said-- "It's very badly produced. He's repeating himself. I don't think you should run it." "Okay, good enough." But those things still happen, and I'm sure they'll still happen.

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    Chris Matthews' Leg Helpless to Stop MSNBC's Slide Into Bad Falconcrest Episode

    Exhibit A - Keith Olbermann may have a ongoing problem remembering to pay his taxes.

    Exhibit B - Chris Matthews may be carrying a grudge against Arianna Huffington for allegedly hiring a private detective to tail Tim Russert.

    Exhibit C - Keith Olbermann may have audibly slammed his hand down on his desk, on-air, when David Gregory started eating into his camera time.

    Chris Matthews' Leg - a sensitive and romantic little fellow - has always seen itself as living in the hub of a busy, professional news organization . . . as a vital sensory organ in a world-class newsman in the tradition of Edward R. Murrow's "gut" and David Brinkley's "nose" for a story.

    Which makes it all the more painful for The Leg to confront the dawning realization that it is actually trapped in a crappy Steven Seagal movie.

    The Leg had hoped to discuss the spreading credibility crisis with that little soul-shaped vacuum where Keith Olbermann's sense of decency used to be. But he learned that the Countdown host was busy watching some Corbin Bernsen infomercial offering relief from IRS tax liens and wage garnishments.

    [As cross-posted on Chris Matthews Leg]

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    links for 2008-06-03

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    June 2, 2008
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann - June 2, 2008


    Host: Keith Olbermann


    • 2008 ELECTION: Chuck Todd, NBC News political director; Richard Wolffe, Newsweek senior White House correspondent and MSNBC political analyst; Chris Hayes, The Nation Washington editor

    It's a new week on OlbyPlanet, and the Kossacks' favorite tax cheat is back to bellow the opening spiel: Clinton on the verge of suspending! Nighty McCain attack: the Gramm Scandal! [Ding!] Pringles! It's a blue Monday at Olbermann Watch.

    Bathtub Boy

    #5: Hillary on the verge of endorsing Obama! By tomorrow night! Oh, and Karl Rove will in fact be indicted. Hot Toddy rattled off the over-familiar delegate counts and was Great Thanksed. Keith pimped out the Wolffe Man, who simpered speculation and was able to give McCain a few elbows as well. Sure enough, he was Greaat Thanksed.

    #4: More on will Hillary pull out. Oralmann dragged in perennial priss Dana Milbank. Their "discussion" was the most substanceless, content-free drivel heard in many an OlbyPlanet moon. He too was Great Thanksed. Olby was handing them out like penny candies tonight. A brief update on Sen Kennedy followed.

    After "Bushed" (Blue Blog Sources: Talking Points Memo, Think Propaganda, Prison Planet) and the McCain Scandal [Ding!] came #3: the nightly McCain attack. Scandal! [Ding!] Clip of McCain at AIPAC that edited out the applause. Oralmann spun a six-degrees-of-separation deal involving Phil Gramm and what some bank did five years ago, then pimped out Hayes from the ultra-left (though not identified as such) Nation, who sweetened the pot with a McCain-bashing quote from MSNBC "pundit" Joe Scarborough. They did everything but call him "McSame" again.

    #2: Plug for #1. #1: Keith Komedy about Klinton. In the Media Matters Minute, it was a plethora of the usual victims: Gretchen Carlson, Fixed News! [Ding!] (Blue Blog Source: Think Propaganda). The usual cherry-picked snippet snatched out of its context, giving Oralmann a chance to show his misogyny again: she's "dumb as a freaking post". Worser: Mike Gallagher (Blue Blog Source: Think Propaganda); personal attack for this victim: "money grubbing coward". Worst: Rupert Murdoch (Blue Blog Source: TVNewser). Olby lied that nobody there ever went after anyone's children. How about Lou Dobbs's daughter? How about Bill O'Reilly kids? And, as commenter Scott pointed out, what about Steve Doocy's kid? Remember that, Fat Ass? In case you don't, here's the blowback it led to:

    You've never went after anyone's children? Another Olbermann Lie exposed.


    Dogs That Did Not Bark: Once again, a veritable cornucopia of canine confidentials that Edward R Olbermann deliberately withheld from the gullible groupies who hang on his every word, shoulder shrug, and drop of spittle. Remember when Fat Ass would have a nightly Bad News from Iraq segment? We haven't seen many of those lately, because Bear has been spiking news of the Iraq war. Like this, and this. Not a peep out of Olby either about Afghanistan. Why do you suppose that is? Of course Merkle isn't about to make any mention of the latest Medal of Honor winner. (Why does Keith Olbermann hate the troops?) But the most sizable silent schnauzer has to be the continuing burial of Obama and his radical church. He has yet to report on Fr Pfleger. And he said not one word about Obama's dramatic separation from his church of 20 years. Of course A-Mess-NBC helped that along with their odd decision not to broadcast Obama's lengthy Saturday night press conference. Maybe Herr Olbermahn ordered them not to.

    And that's The Hour of Spin for this, the 756th day since the declaration that "Karl Rove will in fact be indicted".

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    As MSNBC Spins Fourth Warrant Surfaces - Tax Totals Now Close to $150,000

    While MSNBC flacks spin Page Six with their non-denial denials, Olbermann Watch continues to unearth more outstanding judgements against Olbermann for delinquent taxes.

    Olbermann Watch has now confirmed that in 2003 the New York City Finance Department socked Keith's "Empire" with a $46,055 judgement for failure to pay taxes to New York City. The judgement, since vacated, was filed on June 30, 2003.

    This latest tax problem, the fourth to surface in as many days, shows Keith struggling to pay his taxes on time in either New York State, New York City or California for five of the past nine years: 2000, 2001, 2003, 2007 and 2008.

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    MSNBC Issues Non-Denial Denial on Olbermann Tax Warrant

    The New York Post's Page Six is reporting that MSNBC issued the following statement regarding Olbermann's tax problems:

    "This was a bookkeeping disagreement between Keith's accountants and the state which was resolved months ago"

    One can only wonder what "resolved" means since according to the records clerk at the Albany County Clerk's office the warrant is still outstanding which means they continue to show the tax as unpaid. The New York State tax warrant database states the filing date was 8/21/07 but the "satisfied data" and "vacate date" are blank.

    SEE FOR YOURSELF: New York State Tax Warrant Database

    Enter the phrase "Olbermann" and click the link for "Olbermann Broadcasting Empire, Inc.". As of this writing the warrant remains in the state database.

    Here's the Post's report:

    PROFESSIONAL angry person Keith Olbermann favors tax-and-spend liberals, but he didn't pay his own taxes. reports that New York state has issued a tax warrant or judgment against the MSNBC host for $2,269.50 in back taxes owed by his personal corporation, Olbermann Broadcasting Empire Inc. Asked about the delinquency the other night by journalist Evan Gahr, the otherwise loquacious Olbermann uttered nary a word as he scurried into Trump Palace, where he bought condo apartment 40B last year, according to public records. "This was a bookkeeping disagreement between Keith's accountants and the state which was resolved months ago," an MSNBC spokesman told Page Six. Gahr was surprised to see Olbermann on foot. "Is the belt-tightening so severe at NBC that the peacock network can't afford a car to take Olbermann home?" he wondered. "If so, there's a bright side for Olbermann: Nobody can call him a limousine liberal."

    TVNewser picks up the story from there (of course, with no link to Olbermann Watch!)

    UPDATE: Huffington Post picks up the Post story from our story.

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    Kossacks in Frenzy Over OlbyWatch Story on Deadbeat Keith

    Kossakcs IndySlip and Kevin Holsinger are not to happy with our Deadbeat Keith stories and especially with Rupert Murdoch for publishing Keith's home address in today's New York Post.

    I was very interested in Kevin Holsinger's diary entitled Keith "M'Olby Dick", meet your Ahab. It is a very well-written article and makes quite a few interesting and accurate points not the least of which is that our post on how Katy Tur managed to land an on-air reporting gig with Channel 11 News here in New York. We used language in that post to describe her that I was definitely not comfortable with and have repeatedly considered removing. Maybe I will. Maybe about the time that Keith himself ceases to make the exact same type of tangential personal attacks on his "enemies" and THEIR FAMILIES.


    Daily Kos/KingOneEye: Murdoch Unleashes O'Reilly, NY Post On Keith Olberman

    Daily Kos/figurefive: Disgustingness from Rupert Murdoch and the NY Post

    The posts on Kos really want to believe that MSNBC was telling the truth about Keith's taxes being in order with one diarist asserting that the Page Six report was based on on "an unverified tax story" - except that ANYONE even a Kossack can search the New York State database right now and see that the warrant is still outstanding. Not only is it verified but the information is readily available to anyone with a web browser.

    Kevin writes:

    My point is that, even assuming that everything they said is true (occasionally, they do make a legitimate attack), this isn't dedication, ladies and gentlemen. This is obsession. In and of itself, none of these things would amount to any significant problems. But when you have a "media watchdog" dedicated to watching just one person, and then the watchdog starts expanding its research...into items ridiculously unrelated to the offensive, political comments that started the watching, you have an obsession.

    The fact is that every statement of fact we present is TRUE. We provide facts based on evidence in the form of transcripts, videos, audio, links to news sites, etc. We then offer opinion based on those facts. We have a comment section so those who disagree with out opinion can express that disagreement. We also welcome guest posts from a Pro-KO point of view. We always invite OlbyLoons to point out any statement of fact that Olbermann Watch that is untrue. We've never heard from them on this topic because when we say Keith said something we provide unequivocal proof.

    When we say that New York State issued a tax warrant for Keith's company, that is true and supported with documents and real reporting. MSNBC's claims that the matter was "resolved", apparently accepted at face value by Olbypologist like Kevin, is false as anyone with a web browser can confirm by search the online New York State Tax Warrant database. When we say that Katy Tur was given a job at Channel 11 despite the fact that she clearly did not meet the minimum requirements for the job which Channel 11 advertised that is true. When we say that Keith's claim that he edited out a line from his recent "Shut The Hell Up/Cold-Blooded Killers" Special Comment is contradicted by his comments on Daily Kos that he did not edit the script at all except for a few adjectives and moving one sentence ("moving" not "removing") that's because it's true. When we say that Keith used the word "slut" in a report on Paris Hilton that is because it is true. When we say that Keith used the c-word to describe Ann Coulter that is because it is true.

    Since we are scrupulously accurate and offer opinions with logic and forcefulness of thought, OlbyLoons like Kevin are left to cast stones like "stalking" and "obsession".

    The OlbyLoons are often quick to declare "if you don't like Olbermann, don't watch!". I would suggest the same to Kevin and his fellow OlbyLoons. If you don't like Olbermann Watch don't read it. Kevin has rightly pointed out that stories from Olbermann Watch make their way onto national talk radio and newspapers and leading web sites like The Huffington Post. So, maybe his point is that even if he ignores OlbyWatch our stories still make their way out into the public consciousness so he is forced to deal with OW stories one way or another. The same could be said for Olbermann. The difference is that Olbermann is NOT scrupulous with the fact. He routinely airs false information on his show. Because that information comes in the forms of attacks against people that Kossacks do not like somehow that makes it OK.

    The Kossacks, of course, miss the entire point of this site. The fact is that we have always welcomed PRO-Keith points of view and linked to PRO-KO sites or stories as we are doing in this post. The problem is that the PRO-Keith crowd, affectionately labeled OlbyLoons on our site, are largely unwilling to participate in discussions on this site and a few have engaged in the worst of trollish behavior. If Kevin or some of his readers wished they would be welcome to become commenters on this site and, so long as they operate within some fairly wide boundaries regarding taste and style and do not engage in troll-like behavior.

    UPDATE: Even the Ultra OlbyLoons at Watching Olbermann Watch have resurrected their dopey little site.

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    Olbermann Watch Housekeeping

    Coming off our biggest month ever in May (126,000 unique visitors) and ending on a bang with our Deadbeat Olbermann story, I want to announce some additions to the Olbermann Watch family. You all know that Mark at Johnny Dollar's Place, Brandon, Teddy and I have been contributing. You may also recall Doug Krile of The Krile Files who has said he is going to try and get back to posting some pro-KO posts just for a change of pace. Red Meat is the fellow who posts the non-Olby links into the Red Meat Blog in the left rail.

    Now I've invited some of our friends in the blogosphere who, from time to time, post on Olbermann and all the doings at MSNBC to become cross-posting contributors on Olbermann Watch. I would encourage you to add their blogs to your regular blog reading schedule. Please welcome the following new OW contributors:

    Chris Matthews' Leg
    Chris Matthews' Leg

    Howard Mortman
    Extreme Mortman

    Trajan 75
    Think Progress Watch


    Cable Gamer
    The Cable Game

    I will also add another note that from time to time we disclose how to request becoming a registered commenter on Olbermann Watch. It's a long story but we have purposely made it less than obvious how to request being a register commenter. If you send me an email to robert_a_cox to my yahoo email account then I will review your request. We are trying to avoid trolls so I am not likely to approve people who do not provide names and use free email accounts like hotmail. I would expect to see people coming in from "real" email accounts from their ISPs. As for all you OlbyLoons who are coming to visit us from Huffington Post and Daily Kos, you are welcome to register, defend Keith, attack me and this site or otherwise say your piece so long as you respect some basic rules of etiquette on the site.

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    Talk About Role Reversal

    Regarding Scott McClellan, many folks are using the before-after technique of analysis -- what McClellan said before his book, from the White House microphone, versus what he says now.

    Credit the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz with employing that same technique, but this time on someone who's embraced McClellan with his own microphone. From Kurtz's column today:

    McClellan granted his first cable news interview last week to Bush-bashing MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, while Bill O'Reilly accused the ex-spokesman of initially blowing off his Fox program in favor of "far-left venues." Olbermann hailed the book, "What Happened," as "a primary document of American history" that contained "poetry." Talk about role reversal: It was Olbermann who said in 2005 that "whenever I hear Scott McClellan talking about 'media credibility,' I strain to remember who it was who admitted Jeff Gannon to the White House press room and called on him all those times." (Gannon, a conservative blogger with an X-rated past, now says, "Scott McClellan's credibility is zero.")

    (cross-posted at Extreme Mortman)

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    links for 2008-06-02

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    June 1, 2008
    What Thrills and Cramps "Chris Matthews' Leg"

    The semi-official oracle and chronicler of the most excitable lower limb in television news is honored to have been invited to report in here from time to time. If "The Leg" feels a thrill, or if "The Mouth" says something particularly mock-worthy, you'll hear about it here.

    For example, yesterday Chris Matthews' Leg was shooting the breeze with the lifeless, shriveled husk of Keith Olbermann's sense of shame as "the heads" (as The Leg affectionately calls them) were getting their makeup done.

    Eventually, the subject of that new alien video came up.

    The Leg said, "When I heard that someone had video tape of a menacing, bald, squinty little man leering through a residential window at night, my first thought was, 'What's Senator Leahy doing in Nebraska?"

    Olbermann's shame-void was not amused: "You, sir, are worse than Hitler's leg." Clearly, the humorless Countdown host views all illegal aliens as future members of the new liberal electoral majority.


    (cross-posted at Chris Matthews's Leg)

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    Howard Dean Slams Sexism at MSNBC; Says Shuster and Matthews Should Have Been Fired

    DNC Chairman Howard Dean, appearing on ABC's This Week, told George Stephanopoulos that mainstream media outlets (i.e. MSNBC) had engaged in sexism, that some (i.e. David Shuster, Chris Matthews) should have been fired and would have been if their comments had been about race. Ironically, Dean was responding to a quote from Geraldine Ferraro that the media was treating Obama better because he was black and Hillary Clinton worse because she was woman thereby underscoring her point (a point which he dismissed as "out of the mainstream").

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    links for 2008-06-01

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