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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    December 18, 2008
    Countdown: Thursday Recappers Thread

    Bathtub Boy

    This is the recappers' comment thread for tonight's Hour of Spin. It falls on you--the clear-thinking readers of Olbermann Watch--to document Keith Oralmann's diseased rantings for posterity. Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (31) | | View blog reactions


    Krazy Keith simply can't keep pace
    The best he can do is third place
    The Nielsen grading
    Kountdown's quickly fading
    And falling behind Nancy Grace

    Ratings recap for Dec. 17 cable news shows:

    This is the last meaningful report for a while. O'Reilly is on vacation for pretty much the rest of the year. Although it will be interesting to see how Olby fares against guest hosts. He'll pretty much be yelling at windmills by himself.

    Nancy Grace continues to take the #2 spot, #1 in the 25-54 demo.

    8PM - P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    The O’Reilly Factor—3,276,000 viewers (639,000) (1,290,000)
    Campbell Brown —982,000 viewers (250,000) (354,000)
    Countdown w/Keith Olbermann —1,380,000 viewers (555,000) (761,000)
    Nancy Grace –1,936,000 viewers (791,000) (1,102,000)

    9 PM - P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    Hannity & Colmes—2,493,000 viewers (599,000) (1,082,000)
    Larry King Live—1,438,000 viewers (358,000) (553,000)
    Rachel Maddow Show —1,161,000 viewers (481,000) (623,000)
    On the Money—213,000 viewers (90,000) (121,000)
    Lou Dobbs- 706,000 viewers (300,000) (376,000)

    10 PM P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    On the Record w/Greta—1,606,000 viewers (452,000) (717,000)
    Anderson Cooper 360—1,216,000 viewers (371,000) (510,000)
    Countdown w/Keith Olbermann —711,000 viewers (326,000) (422,000)
    Money Chase: Inside HBS —215,000 viewers (69,000) (81,000)
    Nancy Grace –1,222,000 viewers (547,000) (631,000)

    11 PM P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    The O’Reilly Factor—1,374,000 viewers (541,000) (785,000)
    Anderson Cooper 360—694,000 viewers (231,000) (327,000)
    Rachel Maddow Show –483,000 viewers (243,000) (294,000)
    Mad Money—137,000 viewers (a scratch w/52,000) (88,000)
    Showbiz Tonight– 682,000 viewers (309,000) (390,000)

    Yeah and now he's up in arms cause Obama chose a preacher from the "right" to speak at his swearing in next month. Oh lordy lord, I guess Oprah's pal, Maya Angelou wasn't available huh?

    Now KO is all giddy cause there could be a commission to perhaps put Cheney on trial. Save your breath KO, nothing is going to happen to Cheney...just worry about your boy taking over in the White House.

    They won't investigate about potential War Crimes.

    KO was in rare form tonight, bashing Bush and Cheney, bringing out his left wing cronies, and the topping on the cake, an all FOX News WPITW. KO just doesn't know when he's beat. You noticed when he mentioned that Bill had said something about the ratings, he didn't immediately say anything about HIS dropping ratings.

    Rare form? Sounds like a typical show for the Minister of Propaganda

    I guess no news (relevant) is good news for Olbermann. The guy has no class. He can't even fess up that his own ratings are in the tank. That's alright though, let him get his final few weeks of venting on Bush, then we'll see what he does when his messiah takes the reigns. This ought to be good? One bumbling fool following another ( Obama & Olby ).
    On another note, Why is Olby so hell bent on taking Merry Christmas out of the holiday? Was it that he didn't get that trike he wanted as a child? Or is it that he doesn't have a REAL female friend to share Christmas with? You all can fill in the blanks on this one.........

    "By SoCalRightist on December 18, 2008 9:18 PM

    I guess no news (relevant) is good news for Olbermann. The guy has no class. He can't even fess up that his own ratings are in the tank. That's alright though, let him get his final few weeks of venting on Bush, then we'll see what he does when his messiah takes the reigns. This ought to be good? One bumbling fool following another ( Obama & Olby ).
    On another note, Why is Olby so hell bent on taking Merry Christmas out of the holiday? Was it that he didn't get that trike he wanted as a child? Or is it that he doesn't have a REAL female friend to share Christmas with? You all can fill in the blanks on this one........."

    Yeah it was quiet. KO looked like he was sopping it all up until it came to part about Warren doing the invocation at the inaguration ceremony. Then his tone changed, (granted not as much as Maddow - whose outraged by it and is obsessed with Cheney and torture) but it went back to raging KO on his WPITW part.

    But yeah, let him have his fun now picking on Bush and Co. We should keep track on how many times he calls out Obama on issues say in a month's time as compared to Bush. I'll bet that number will be like KO's head...a big FAT zero.

    As for him not having a REAL female friend to share Christmas with, I'm sure he can find someone. They do his "show" over at 30 rock, I'm sure there are some good high priced hookers to roast his tiny "chestnuts" over a roaring left winged fire.

    It's not that Olbermann wants to take Christmas out of the Holiday equation. Well, he probably does, but I don't think that's his main problem with it.

    His main problem is that the "War on Christmas" is associated with Bill O'Reilly, meaning it's an issue pushed by O'Reilly on The Factor, meaning it's something associated with the O'Reilly brand that helps push up the ratings of The Factor.

    SO ... Olbermann's agenda isn't so much that he believes there isn't a war on Christmas. It's that he has to convince viewers that there isn't a war so that they'll think O'Reilly is full of crap and will stop watching. Yes, it's as much of a ratings ploy as he accuses from O'Reilly. Except Olbermann's attempt is quite pathetic. How can it possibly help your cause when you are constantly providing free advertising to your competition's brand?


    See, basic human psychology tells you that Olbermann is just jealous of O'Reilly's success. His ego can't cope with finishing behind him constantly, so he has to lash out at the messenger. "Wasting America's time," he says. But people are still watching. Which means O'Reilly is getting his point across, and Olbermann still is not. And Olbermann can't seem to figure it out. His ego won't let him.

    #2 WPITW
    Worse: He calls out Billo on the War on Christmas, again, by saying it is a sign of megalomania to say your audience is wrong. Olby was referring to O'Reilly saying The Factor has received a lot of mail stating O'Reilly was overstating the War on Christmas. Something Olby likes to say a lot as well.

    How is that megalomania. O'Reilly is reporting on his own show that people disagree with him. You know, like people interested in being fair and balanced would do?

    Isn't it a sign of megalomania to not show any viewer mail because you don't want to burst the bubble you present that you are perfect? Olby?

    But wait, Olby's message is that Billo is overstating the War on Christmas. And O'Reilly then says this ON HIS OWN SHOW. So what the hell is the point of Olbermann's show anymore? O'Reilly seems to expose his bad side more effectively than Olbermann can. And maybe that's why people watch O'Reilly, as opposed to the boring, arrogant, snooty alternative that is Olbermann.

    Who specifically was Worse, Worser, and Worst? I guess our humble correspondent was one of the three.

    Worser was Gretchen Carlson, cuz Olby likes to pick on her now. More stuff about the War on Christmas, and how she seems to have taken up the cause. Big deal.

    Worst was Sean Hannity for criticizing Time for naming Obama Man of the Year after a bureau chief was given a cushy job in the administration. Olby says a right-wing guest of Hannity even pointed out that Time usually names presidential election winners as Man of the Year. Olby said it demonstrates Hannity was just being especially paranoid. But of course if just boils down to Hannity being a Republican.

    All in all, another weak WPITW. Really, really tame stuff.

    But the guy who attempting to cause bodily harm to a sitting, duly elected United States president, by throwing two shoes at his head and demonstrating the ingratitude of an nation ... no that guy isn't named WPITW. He's just celebrated in every other Olby segment. CELBRATED. Including the top story today. The guy apologized and asked for a pardon.

    Never mind. You were going through it as I was typing my previous comment.
    I couldn't find a Worse blue blog source, but here's the Talking Points Memo from last night that led to the attack via whatever the source was:
    Worser blue blog source: Medium Well Story.
    I guess there was an ancillary Michelle Malkin attack, too? If I got my source correct, the interview can be found at Michelle's Hot Air blog (a site I don't go to much anymore, if at all):
    Worst blue blog source: Media Matters, of course.
    Original video:
    The "right-wing [Ding!] guest" was Brent Bozell. The left-wing guest was Kirsten Powers. The left-wing co-host was Alan Colmes. The last two nuggets of information were probably invisible on OlbyPlanet, right Am47000?

    That's Olbermann for ya, applauding a terrorist who throws shoes. I mean, what's the difference? A terrorist is someone that wants to do bodily harm to someone else isn't it? Keith Slobbermann is barking at the moon. He goes off on Bush, saying how Bush was told of terrorist plots with planes when in fact Clinton was also told in advance of embassy's and military ships that were targets.
    If Keith the Klown is going to spout off on the majority of his tirades, he needs to see if his party affiliates had done the same in previous times.

    So, once again KO is 3rd in the ratings live, and 4th on replay. Surprise.

    Is he going to be able to do 4 (or God forbid 8) years of muted puppies and Fox News attacks for NBC News?

    I am proud to say, I have never once watched an NFL game on NBC (thankfully my beloved Rays were playing a WS game the same night the Bucs were on NBC's football broadcast) because KO is on the show. And I get my KO fix from the recaps on this site. 2 years KO free for me!!!

    But thanks to this site, and others, I still keep up with the lies and bile Fatass spews nightly.

    Anyone else think its curious that Kos's "News Anchor" hasn't posted on his personally sponsored blog in over a month?

    He's only on "Football Night in America" and the halftime show. He isn't a part of the gamecast.

    It only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch Mike, lol

    But really I figured it out. I mean I'm a super genius *sarcasm*. But who does Olby think he's convincing with all the BOR/Fox News attacks?

    Well its definatly not Fox viewers. So where is he gaining ground? What victory's does he have under his arm? Absolute none. Why? All one has to do is look at his past and see he was fired from Fox because he's a looney.

    All MSNBC is doing is wasting millions of money on a guy who's bad mouthing a place he use to work at. Only in America my friends.

    The Factor tonight was guest hosted by Juan Williams, an O'Reilly Liberal. Will Olbermann ('s lazy writers) dissect everything he says with a fine-toothed comb?

    First segment, the Rick Warren controversy.

    Countdown: Lead story. "What is Obama Thinking?' Long diatribe from Olbermann. Blah Blah Blah. Making fun of Warren for giving donuts to gay people. Guest: John Harwood of the New York Times and CNBC Washington correspondent. Olby reads his version of the news of the day, then a single pundit's voice. Then Rob Boston, of Americans United for separation of church and state. I wonder which way this will go.

    The Factor: Pretty much the same clips of Warren. Then two guests with opposing viewpoints. Fancy that. A DEBATE! One supports Warren. One is a gay rights advocate. The Warren supporter quotes the Bible, then cites a Supreme Court decision from 100 years ago. The gay rights dude is just steaming. Juan Williams favors the gay rights guy, but gives the religious guy plenty of time to speak. Seems fair. Pretty balanced.

    Olby's idea of fair and balanced: left-leaning host starts off with pre-spun news report. Then invites guest for relatively straightforward analysis. Then to balance him, a far-left pundit. Um. OK. Thumbs up, Olby! Are you kidding me?

    So on which show did you learn the most? Well, Olby's little book report style is about as insightful as spending 10 minutes on Fox at least offered some perspective.

    Oh, and Maddow brought on San Francisco mayor/used-car salesman Gavin Newsom, whose perfect shit-eating grin made me want to take a bath afterward just for watching two minutes of the segment. Jesus marimba. He's blathering on about equal rights, Brown v Board of Education, separate but equal (as if segregation is the same as being denied the right to bastardize an institution intended to promote a stable family environment ... oversimplification of the issue I know but I'm not going to get into it here, except to say gays are mistakenly hung up on the idea that marriage is supposed to be about love).

    To think that the citizens of San Francisco elected this dirtbag. And Nancy Pelosi. I despise that city.

    Is Nancy Grace still talking about Caylee Anthony?

    Maybe once that's done she'll start doing reports on another missing body ... Olbermann's ratings!

    Here's the thing. You get guys like Gavin Newsom. Or LA mayor Antonio Villaragosa. Or Bill Clinton. Guys who don't take marriage seriously at all. So they cheat on their wives, and set a really great example for men everywhere. Is it any surprise the divorce rate would creep up? And now, lo-and-behold, companies such as, a dating service for married people looking for discreet affairs. A morally bankrupt company (which advertises on MSNBC, by the way, surprise surprise) that is yet another symptom of the moral decay of our society.

    So men like Newsom and Clinton are out there making a sham of marriage. And then they have the gall to turn around and say we should let gays marry because the institution of marriage just isn't what it used to be. Well, they should know.

    I happen to have the exact same feelings as Scott said earlier (And I get my KO fix from the recaps on this site. 2 years KO free for me!!!) except I did watch one show a few months ago after I got into another long drawn out waste-of-a-time debate with *you know who* because *you know who* said that I was very ignorant, or something to that effect, as it would be impossible for me to judge any person by only reading the recaps on this site.

    So, the 2nd show I watched since he's been on (I watched one of his first shows when he first started on msnbc) was the one with his "special komment" about how McCain was as bad as the terrorists, and that he wouldn't know the first thing about patriotism, etc. ad nausea.

    Well, as I had said in this "debate" with *you know who* the reason why I can't watch this un-American weak loser is exactly because of the one show that I foolishly watched that night, as he is nothing at all but a hater of America and all its values, plus with his lies thrown in for *good measure* it truly is a hard thing to bear witness to.

    He, once again, was no different on that day than he had been the first time I ever saw his show. A mixture of Mata Hari and Tokyo Rose, with a side order of Benedict Arnold and Pee Wee Herman. The *total package* if one ever needed a reason to bang in at work. The sick feeling I got while watching the poorest excuse of any human being I have ever had the displeasure of viewing, left me with the feeling that I had been violated.

    Like I had thrown out all I had been taught not to do while I was a kid...not to talk to strangers, not to accept rides with strangers, not to let strangers touch me improperly, not to steal, not to make fun of cripples, not to do drugs, etc...and I felt that by watching him that night ALL these things I did in one brief hour! It felt like I had watched a live abortion being performed, and by watching it, I had contributed to the abortion as I was sure it helped his ratings.

    Sickening to say the least, but even worse, was that feeling that I had let all my friends and relatives down. I truly had a hard time looking in the mirror after that, and the fear of having to explain this to my daughter had me practicing for hours how I would go about it.

    Needless to say, I will never, ever be a part of this "abortion" again, and to all of you who do...even for the right reasons (to tell the world what a fake and horrible "man" he is)...I give you so much damn credit! I could never do it again man. Never again...

    ..One last thing, on a high note, I am slowly "recovering" from that harrowing experience, and it's mainly because of the many upstanding citizens on this site. Besides the many who have carried the torch before them...cee, olby sucks (where have you been?), sharon, grammy, cecelia, factor, johnny, etc...the new blood Mike C, SoCal, ramjet (haven't heard from you in a while either), 10th calvary, Lafinman, and especially now with America47000...GREAT analogy, by the way, about the clintons and marriage...have done a nasty job too.

    I truly don't know HOW you do it?! To watch that vile and disgusting train accident day after day with nothing being cut out is just something I could never do.

    I have been up close and personal with guys who got stabbed, shot, beaten within an inch of their lives...and witnessed 2 guys who died from their wounds...and yet the thought of watching this guys show day after day pales in comparison to what I've experienced.

    He is everything I hate in a "man." Weak, anti-American, faggot (not in the gay sense, but in the female in not having the balls to confront anybody...while saying any lie he wants from a very safe distance) who reminds me so much of the rich kids who ever dared to ride into my part of town who said nothing to us until they were a safe distance away, who would then scream out some obsenity, and take off on their bikes.

    Then in school while I confronted these same few (whose parents sent them there so that they could "experience" how the other side lived) they would always deny being the ones who cursed at me and my friends....*On a side note, the school that I went to is the 1st school in America that has changed its name to Obama High. You may have read about it. And they didn't change the name because of the few white guys who go there*...

    He is no different, except that he has millions who are just like him watching him now and spreading his filth with such glee.

    He is everything wrong with America...

    Thank you, Wolverine. I'm as sorry you endured view Olbermoronn as I was when I did the same. Outside of the clip shown in the "Red Eye" Gregalogue, and another clip shown in the Olbypocritical video where Merkle said he saw the Palin turkey video on "Martha Stewart" but said hours later on his show that he hadn't seen it, I have not watched Man on Fan since November 10's WPITW segment. I've skimmed transcripts for O'Reilly Attacks (and all other WPITW victims) since two weeks ago. In Krazy Keith's case, written words have less of an effect than hearing his intonations and seeing his wild body movements, gestures, and facial expressions. I leave it to America47000 to do the viewing/listening.

    Al Franken has taken the lead in the MN Senate recount. The recounting is not over, but I sense the race is over and this creep will end up winning. With that, at least six years of hell begins.

    By Mike C. on December 19, 2008 2:21 PM
    Al Franken has taken the lead in the MN Senate recount. The recounting is not over, but I sense the race is over and this creep will end up winning. With that, at least six years of hell begins.

    Will the insanity never end? AL FRANKEN?!? Who's next?...Sean Penn. Maybe Alec Baldwin.

    Yeah, Franken will be a good start (end?) for this great country that we once knew. After his 6 years that'll make him more than ready for the White House. At least he's had the experience of putting down America all his life, so he's prime for the presidency.

    No wonder so many people in Minnesota move to Florida.

    God help us all....

    Gentlemen! Come on!

    This is a bit melodramatic to say the least, gentlemen.

    You're sounding like leftists.

    And this is Christmas!

    It's melodramatic, but not [far-]leftist. Those guys and gals are ecstatic right now.

    I disagree completely Cecelia. Complacency is the reason this country has gone to hell in the past 40 years, and standing by while every leftist anti-American comes to power with comments like being "melodramatic" is the reason why.

    It's not like the senate seat is something to be sneered at. You may have noticed that another inexperienced politician from Illinois won that seat, and he's now the president.

    I was being a touch facetious in that last post, but maybe we should all start carrying on like the libs do to get our way. Actually, the libs go even more over the top, while at the same time, because they do scream bloody murder, they get whatever they want.

    When will we all understand this, or will we when it's too late to do anything about it?

    Is there nothing melodramatic about how our society has condoned the use of drugs? About the thousands of innocents that die from abortions? About gays breaking into cathedrals to make their point? About more people dying every year from guns? About killers of cops (NY City's latest catastrophe) being set free? About millions of illegals having free reign to enter this country?

    Should I go on, or do you get my point?

    Al Franken joins another long list, if elected, of senators who would love nothing more than to see the basic freedoms of our country stripped.

    Another senate seat given to the left is not something one should make light of.

    Maybe some more drama is what this country needs, and especially so from conservatives. God knows we've heard enough about how the poor little liberals have "no say."

    Sorry if I came on a little strong Cecelia, but this latest killing of a cop with the jury saying he was innocent of the charges has me smokin'! The bastard admitted he took part in the killing, along with his other cronies, but then decided he was "only the driver" and had nothing to do with it, and the jury BELIEVED IT! Now his cronies are going to say the same thing, and God knows the chances are even better for them that they be declared innocent to.

    Liberalism at its best, from the shits who did the murder and from the jury. Makes me sick...

    A truly fascinating look at twisted ideological thinking in the post directly above this one:

    An apparent miscarriage of justice occurs, and it somehow becomes the fault of "liberalism"!.....Shame, shame on our 'liberal' jury based system of justice that doesn't always get it right. Maybe we should just throw out that pesky 'reasonable doubt' standard as it's cornerstone? I'm wondering just what your alternative might be?

    You can continue to blame all of America's shortcomings on all things 'liberal' if you choose, and I have no doubt that you will.....but you will also continue to expose yourself as being chillingly similar to everything you claim to disdain in the process.

    MikeH you truly are one to comment before you know anything about the facts, so I'll give them to you (not that it will make a difference):

    This guy admitted, almost immediately, that he pulled the trigger to the police and about anybody that would listen, saying that he shot twice and saw the cop fall down. He then went on to say that he was truly sorry, and that he lost it.

    Now, after spending time with his shit lawyer, he comes out saying at the trial that he was only the "driver" and hadn't a "clue" that his pals had any guns, and of course, that he was forced to confess...Should I continue, or do you think this scum has reasonable doubt now?...I'll continue.

    He then goes on the witness stand saying the same thing, only with tears as he's saying it, and even though there were about 4 witnesses who had just been robbed by him, who saw him holding a gun (in which he clubbed one of them with it) the jury said he seemed "honest" when he was up there!

    Not ONLY that, but it is believed that the jury will get him for an illegal
    hand gun violation, which begs the question? How in the HELL can they believe his statement that he never shot anyone, as he and his pals never had any guns, but yet get him on an illegal gun position?!

    Well, it wasn't very hard for me to deduce that they didn't believe anything he said, but felt that the cop deserved to get killed, and that the guy should serve some time for doing it.

    In other words, they came up with their own brand of justice instead of following the law.

    Now the irony, or twisted justice, will be when the other two guys who also shot the cop say the same thing, that they were the driver, and that they didn't have guns, how will the jury convict them when they already went with the lie that NOBODY had guns? They can't let one go without letting them all go, even though there were 8 shots fired, and a cop died!!

    "Reasonable doubt" my ass.

    I still don't see your point Wolverine, although I understand your emotional reaction.

    Our jury system failed in this instance, but I've already acknowledged that much. It is flawed....just ask the Goldman's.

    It doesn't always work, but it is still out system of justice, and all in all, it is probablly the most balanced and overall best system in the world.....and I don't believe it is a part of the ideological fight between conservatives and liberals.

    Another dogma of the church of SNOBamessiah is the denial of terrorism, and is where the chief priest of the radical church's propaganda, Keith Olbermann, excells.....

    Ah, but today, justice has been served and the FBI prevented the murder of innocent American heroes....

    And at this, Olbermann scoffed and suggested it was a hoax....Will he eat crow tonight or simply commit yet another act of omission of news that does not fit his lies?....



    Via the transcript for this night's show, here's what happened in WPitW:
    As we noted earlier in the thread, Worse was Another O'Reilly Attack.
    "The bronze to Bill-O the Clown [Ding!]. Tuesday night literally claiming he had saved Christmas in Great [Barrington], Massachusetts, that while that town might be saying it was shutting off municipal Christmas decorations at 10:00 p.m. to lower it‘s carbon footprint (OlbyLie), quote [Ding!], (Ted Baxter voice, I assume without seeing video): 'the real strategy here is to diminish the public display of Christmas in that secular town.' But there are signs the natives are restless. Evidently, Fixed News [Ding!] was swamped with complaints..." To Man on Fan, some viewers equals "swamped." "...about O‘Reilly‘s obsession with a war that isn‘t happening, because he began his comedy hour [Ding!] last night by saying, ..." And I assume the Baxter voice came back for the quote. "Nothing says megalomania [Ding!] better than announcing to your own customers that they‘re wrong."
    If you read or view the T-Points linked earlier in the thread, you'll notice that after BOR said "some viewers" were wrong, he went on to *explain why they're wrong*:
    O'REILLY: "In 1870, Congress passed legislation making Christmas a federal holiday, and President Grant signed it into law. Now this wasn't just a symbolic gesture. At that time, the USA was still divided in the aftermath of the Civil War. People didn't really like each other very much. So President Grant realized that Christmas was one of the few things that Americans had in common, that just about everybody back then respected the holidays. So Grant used Christmas as a unifier for America.
    Today, we're once again a divided country. You can see it everywhere. Traditional things like marriage and standard education are under assault by secular progressives. They want a new America, an inclusive America, a country that makes few judgments about behavior and celebrates secular rather than religious philosophy."
    And so on.

    Back on OlbyPlanet, Worser was Gretch. "Our runner up, Gretchen Carlson, who seems to have caught whatever Bill-O has. I mean the Christmas delusion. ..." Dumb blonde voice likely used here. "The guest [who Oralmann doesn't name yet] on her show tried to get her to throttle back a little bit, saying, [yada yada yada]. The voice of comparative reason there was not enough for Carlson, who begun to lose it. ..." Dumb blonde voice likely used here, too. "The non-panicky guest tried to talk Ms. Carlson off her ledge of persecution complex was Michelle Malkin. When Michelle Malkin is the cooler head, you know you are in big trouble."

    Worst was Sean Hannity. Manatee! [Ding!] Paranoia! [Ding!] Quote! [Ding!] "Seriously, it was a bribe to get a decreasingly relevant magazine cover. Echoing Carlson and Malkin, Hannity had to be talked down by one of his guests, who replied, [blah yada blah]. The cooler head in this case was the national distributor of right wing [Ding!] media paranoia [Ding!], Brent Bozell. And when Brent Bozell is the reasonable one, you are Sean Hannity, today‘s worst person in the world."

    And there you go. As always, reading was much less painful than watching/listening.

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