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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    December 19, 2008
    Friday Night Open Thread
    Bathtub Boy

    It's the Friday open thread! Be an Olbermann Watch blogger--without all the muss and fuss. Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (34) | | View blog reactions


    Olbermann Loses to Juan Williams

    Cable ratings recap for programs airing Dec. 18, 2008

    Last night's ratings reflect more dismal news for the tag team of Olbermann and Maddow.

    The O'Reilly Factor, with guest host Juan Williams subbing for the vacationing Billo, beat Olby in total viewers and the key demos in the live hour. Nancy Grace continues to take #1 in the 25-54 demo. Expect that trend to continue with both O'Reilly out and news that the recently discovered body in Florida is in fact Caylee Anthony.

    Olby is starting to close in on Campbell Brown for fourth place.

    Hannity & Colmes won its demo categories, and Maddow finished third in total viewers behind Larry King. Again. The bloom is off the rose. And this flower stinks.

    8PM - P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    The O’Reilly Factor—2,647,000 viewers (508,000) (904,000)
    Campbell Brown —1,040,000 viewers (277,000) (381,000)
    Countdown w/Keith Olbermann —1,375,000 viewers (418,000) (710,000)
    Nancy Grace –1,645,000 viewers (645,000) (976,000)

    9 PM - P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    Hannity & Colmes—2,243,000 viewers (529,000) (897,000)
    Larry King Live—1,329,000 viewers (384,000) (546,000)
    Rachel Maddow Show —1,151,000 viewers (410,000) (643,000)
    Scam of the Century—670,000 viewers (243,000) (360,000)
    Lou Dobbs- 520,000 viewers (246,000) (312,000)

    10 PM P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    On the Record w/Greta—2,066,000 viewers (427,000) (738,000)
    Anderson Cooper 360—1,117,000 viewers (357,000) (510,000)
    Countdown w/Keith Olbermann —689,000 viewers (267,000) (439,000)
    On the Money —321,000 viewers (138,000) (191,000)
    Nancy Grace –871,000 viewers (418,000) (546,000)

    11 PM P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    The O’Reilly Factor—1,292,000 viewers (452,000) (620,000)
    Anderson Cooper 360—719,000 viewers (234,000) (375,000)
    Rachel Maddow Show –463,000 viewers (182,000) (250,000)
    Mad Money—175,000 viewers (116,000) (141,000)
    Showbiz Tonight– 422,000 viewers (191,000) (272,000)

    Given these new numbers, expect a lot more irrational attacks on Fox News tonight. Since he won't pick on Juan Williams (for being black more than being a liberal), Olby will probably find a slot in WPITW to pick on Sean Hannity for ripping Media Matters, which has a big pic of Ann Coulter up today, so she may be a target as well tonight.

    So, a change in pace for today. Guess the Olby rip!

    Expect some words about Bristol Palin's future mother in law being arrested on drug charges. Judging by this post: Olby may take a "War on drugs doesn't work" stance.

    Or perhaps this Huffington Post piece caught Olby's eye:

    Or perhaps he will pick on Ari Fleischer:

    Katy Tur was just seventeen
    When Olbermahn had the tax lien
    On her parents house
    Like Danger Mouse
    With prostitutes and Charlie Sheen

    Oh Boy! America47000, I have been waiting with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head for the news that Juan Williams beats Olby! It's like Christmas morning at my house!

    Actually, I expected it because this drama has one too many acts. The more I think of Olbermann, the more I realize that he epitomizes the left. For years people with brains have pointed out the intolerance, mean-spiritedness, and basic irrationality of the left. The Bush Derangement Syndrome in 2000 was laughable and predictable in 2004. And pushing Olby and his clones to greater heights of nuttinesss was the fact that George Bush didn't give a rat's ass what his detractors thought. THAT alone accounted for lots of Prozac.

    Keith Olbermann is like some primordial leftist stew, and he has taken unto himself all the left-hate and every time he opens his mouth it oozes out like pus from an infection. A human-being can't have THAT much hate for America and our wonderful traditions and freedoms and not have it eat into them like acid.

    I find that even with his 7+ million dollar salary which helps him buy his teen-toy, I pity him.

    He must have Mommy and Daddy issues. Pathetic!

    Worse: Sean Hannity and Olby's new whipping girl, Gretchen Carlson. For making fun of Obama's college pictures in which he smokes cigarettes and wears a funny hat. The pair are named because they wonder why the photos weren't released during the election. Olby sarcastically quips that McCain would have won if only people had seen these photos.

    Olby really did his homework on this one (NOT). Blue-blog source: Media Matters (big surprise):

    It's like Olby expects everyone who didn't vote for Obama to do a mea culpa and just accept the profound greatness of the new Messiah. Clearly Countdown is transitioning into an Obama apologists program, which will spin any bad news about the new administration, and smear any criticisms of it.

    Then for a shock, some WPITW that may be legit:

    Worser: Florida State Dept. of Revenue for demanding $700 in fines from a guy who works for the Federal Parks Service who mailed a check for $1.50 to the state to cover sales taxes he wasn't charged by mistake at a hardware store.

    Worst: Carl Lindner Jr., CEO of the Great American Insurance Company, which is claiming that three victims of a hospital fire — set in 2007 by a nurse trying to get our of doing paperwork — were not killed by the fire, but by smoke pollution, and since pollution is not covered by the insurance policy, Great American insists the families of the victims are not entitled to appropriate compensation.

    Here's the original story that was later posted on

    Here's the thing about Olbermann. He's so insufferable that I can barely stand to sit through an entire show. His broadcast is so filled with smears and distortions that to recap and refute everything would require a nightly dissertation, and I simply don't have the kind of time to do the research required. So usually I just go to the Web site and watch WPITW and recap that. But it's like if Countdown were a dartboard, a random dart throw would probably hit something that could easily be refuted.

    And thus I stumbled upon last night's BUSHED online, in which Olby bashes "Bush's America" for being among many countries such as Russia, China and Islamic nations that opposed a United Nations declaration by the conservative French government to remove criminal restrictions on homosexuality, as many nations still make it a crime to be gay. That paraphrase is based on Olby's description, who emphasized the concepts of "opposition" and his perceived irony of a "right-wing government" in France pushing this measure.

    Here's where Olby is pulling this one from:

    Well, it's actually a joint French/Dutch measure. Here's the Reuters report for anyone looking for the spin-free version:

    The jist of it is that the declaration reaffirms the 1948 human rights accord of the U.N. to include homosexuals. But it is a non-binding measure, mostly symbolic. So for Olby to say that "66 (of 192) members of the United Nations are supporting a measure urging the world to decriminalize homosexuality," trumping it up as some big thing that will change the world, is disingenuous.

    The U.S. is not opposed to the measure, as reported by HuffingtonPost, and thus Olby. It simply didn't sign it. Olby doesn't mention that U.S. officials agreed with the intent of the declaration. Nor does he mention that U.S. officials believed the broad language of the declaration had conflict with U.S. law that would have to be clarified.

    “We are opposed to any discrimination, legally or politically, but the nature of our federal system prevents us from undertaking commitments and engagements where federal authorities don’t have jurisdiction,” said Alejandro D. Wolff, the deputy permanent representative.

    Olby also doesn't mention that 60 nations signed a rival measure crafted in response to the French/Dutch measure. Reports are the alternate measure rejects homosexuality as a matter of biology and reaffirms the right of sovereign nations to govern themselves, which includes how they treat homosexuals. 60 countries signed this one. The U.S. did not.

    Homosexuality is banned in 77 countries.

    Personally, I don't think countries should punish people for performing consensual homosexual acts. But I don' know precisely why the U.S. didn't sign the agreement. I imagine some of it may owe to political pressures in the war on terror, and not wanting to piss off Islamic countries that may be actually trying to help us.

    So Olby's reaction to this news blurb is basically just a typical knee-jerk reaction. As usual, the feel-good intent of something outweighs the reality.

    Why doesn't Olby just bash the U.S. for not putting forth a U.N. resolution calling for World Peace, Universal Disarmament, Candy Cane Kisses and a renewed Era of Good Feelings, Where Everyone Must Get Along?

    Oh, Olby also used the moment for a cheap shot smear against Rick Warren: "No comment yet from pastor Rick 'The Internet porn I'm addicted to is all straight' Warren."

    As expected, Olbermann discussed the drug bust in Alaska. He made it the #1 item, labeled with the disgusting tag "Palin palling around with drug dealers?"

    He said that twice during the segment, and that's the tag posted on the Countdown Web site.

    It's poking fun at Palin bashing Obama for "Palling around with terrorists." Even though this is clearly not the same thing.

    Also used the segment as an excuse to replay the turkey video.

    What an a-hole.

    It would be nice if Keith's primary source for Worst was that Houston link. Alas, his true primary source was...brace for impact...Daily Kos!
    Good old DK, you never let your buddy down.
    I might as well start referring to blue blog sources as dark blue blog sources since they're all on the far-left, where Mr. "I am not politically biased" resides.

    Goebells-Olbermann's fanatic hatred for anything non-faaaaaarrrrrrrr left wing ideology is finally causing his ratings to plunge. With the election over, people want news that is beyond political news- witness the hundreds of thousands of viewers he's losing to Nancy Grace who turn to her station to get news on that Florida girl's death. Surely KO knows this, but still he uses his hour to spill vile lies and hatred instead of throwing in a story or two OTHER THAN Obama ass-kissing or HATRED of the right. It is this depravity which will eventual cause him to slip to last amongst cable news show and thus cause him his time slot (at the very least.)

    If his extreme jealousy of Bill O didn't cloud his rational thinking, he'd see that Bill O's NUMBER ONE show is a mixture of news/politics/entertainment... he'd then switch his format up a bit to prevent his own demise.

    Fortunately for those of us who believe that KO doesn't deserve to be on the air, we'll soon be witnessing the last days of Keith Olbermann.

    Any thoughts?


    Don't read too much into Goebells-Olbermann's UN/Homosexual story. KO doesn't give a damn about homosexuals. Sure, he's been talking about Prop 8 these last few months, but how often has the gay ageda been mentioned on his show before that? VERY RARELY!

    What KO is doing here is trying to ass kiss (no pun intended) the early gay viewers who turn to MSNBC looking to catch Maddow's show. This man is a cynical piece of shit and I hope those gay viewers see through his ploy.

    Gay viewers must be all Maddow has left. Her ratings are free-falling too

    The Coleman-Franken recount is disgusting. Looking at the canvassing board decisions at, it seems the board has no standards to make some of its decisions. On some ballots, a vote for Barack negated a vote for Coleman. Another ballot was disqualified because a person voted for himself as a write-in candidate in several other races, which the board ruled counted as a distinguishing mark. If I were that guy, I'd be pretty pissed.

    America 47000 on Olbermann mentioning Palin's latest problem: "It's poking fun at Palin bashing Obama for "pallin around with terrorists", even though this is clearly not the same thing."

    You're right....although NOT in the same way you are obviously thinking......Obama never "palled around with terrorists", but Palin's future son-in-law's mother very much DID just get arrested on drug charges.

    Not sure if anyone has seen this yet but it's a good article on the insane asylum going on over at MSNBC, especially with KO and his "boy" Maddow:

    MikeHObama never "palled around with terrorists"

    I don't think so. From what little we know of Obama's carefully manicured past, we know that your statement is simply untrue. I'd love to know what he did in Pakistan in 1981-2.

    You really have to "move on" from defending the indefensible.

    As to the Palin link - wow, now politicians are responsible for people to whom they are not even related by marriage.

    ON the subject of random lawbreakers. Anyone know what ever happened to the President-derelect's illegal alien Aunt?

    She seems to have joined the ranks of the disappeared, has the host with the leastest, and mostest homoerotic obsession with O'Reilly, investigated?

    Has she been deported yet? I mean, she is actually a blood relative, as opposed being NOT RELATED EVEN BY MARRIAGE.

    One would think the law-breaking blood relative of the new President might garner some press.

    Mister Maddow has her dildo in a knot because Rick Warren is against gay marriage? Too bad. The majority of Americans agree with Mr. Warren. Maddow needs to realize that gays represent only 2% of the US population. Hey, let's take another (Prop 8) vote! The giggling Maddow's 2% niche will soon be reflected in her Nielsen free-fall.

    Jack Bauer: "We know that your statement is simply untrue" & "You really have to "move on" from defending the indefensible."

    Actually, there's nothing to 'defend' any more. What I am really doing is going after the dishonest and despicable tactic of attacking someone because they once talked to an unsavory if you've never done such a thing yourself.

    If you "know" that my "statement is simply untrue", then tell us exactly what it is that you think you 'know', and stop the filthy smear campaign. The election is over. The republicans once again chose to go down the dishonable path of trying to smear their opponent with unsubstantiated inuendu, and to America'a credit and honor, they lost.
    Jack Baeur: "I'd really love to know what he did in Pakistand in 1981-2."

    Well, why don't YOU try telling us what he "did" in Pakistan in 1981-2"?

    Wait, I know the answer to why you won't tell us what he "did"; you'd rather try to plant a seed of doubt implying he "did" something simply because he was in a place that, by the way, was a very different place "in 1981-2" than it is today......There are Americans in Pakistan now. Do you want to know what they "did" as well?......Or would you rather just wait until one of them runs for president as a Democrat so you can imply that they once "did" something because they were somewhere other than Kansas?

    I'm going to refrain from personally calling YOU despicable.....but your thinking most definitely IS despicable!

    Jack Bauer" "Has she been deported yet? I mean she is actually a blood relative, as opposed to NOT RELATED EVEN BY MARRIAGE."

    Yes, and wouldn't that mean that Palin is in this relationship by CHOICE?....Since none of us have the luxury of choosing our relatives.

    As for what has happend his long lost just love planting those unsavory little seeds of doubt concerning situations you know nothing about, don't you Jack?

    It's clear that those of your ilk, want Obama to fail...and you don't really seem to care whether he fails honestly, or whether he is pushed into failure using lies. What does that say about YOU Jack? If you want Obama to fail, you must be wishing for America to fail as well! And what exactly does THAT say about you and your patriotism?

    Meanwhile, you continue to missunderstand the REAL reasons that Palin is still being mocked for her unsavory 'associations'......It's called's called retribution......It's called pointing out the difference between using honesty and using deception.

    Honesty and deception.......... are you for real mikeH? What do you think your buddy Olbermann and the democratic party has been doing for the past 16 years? Deception defined..... (democrats) there is nothing wrong with fannie and freddie, we'll take from the rich and give to the poor, we'll rob social security, no one will know! And on and on we go.
    It's not that anyone wants OsamaObama to fail, it's your party that we know WILL fail this country on their own MikeH. The only retribution out there is coming from your own party line and you just won't admit it.
    MikeH says "Since none of us have the luxury of choosing our relatives. " Yeah right, tell that to the Kennedy's. Caroline Kennedy is just going to slip right in finely like the rest of her family has done. Thought you would like that little piece of luxury news there mikeH.

    SoCal: "Honesty and deception........ are you for real MikeH?".....You better believe I'm for "real" mate!

    SoCal: "What do you think your buddy Olbermann and the democratic party has been doing for the past 16 years".......In general, they have been trying to make our society a better place. That doesn't mean they haven't made their share of mistakes and have their share of bad actors....... but it DOES mean that they have a history of showing a tendency for trying to help the average American while the republicans clearly don't give a flying damn about the average American.

    SoCal: "Deception defined...... (democrats) there is nothing wrong with fannie and freddie"......No one has said that there is "nothing wong with fannie and freddie", but they were just a SMALL part of the whole problem, which smelled from the bottom all the way to the very top. However, the stinch is far gearter at the top.

    SoCal: "We'll take from the rich and give to the poor"......This line of reasoning wrongfully implies that the rich haven't been taking from the poor....and simply accelerated that trend for thew last 7 years. And THAT my friend, has more to do with today's collapse than F&F ever had.

    SoCal: "we'll rob social security, no one will know! And on and on we go.".......Yes we know! We've been 'robbing' Social Security for the past 30 years, but this process was greatly accelerated when GW Bush decided that giving tax cuts for the rich and waging unueccesary wars was more important than shoring up SS in 2003.

    SoCal: "It's not that anyone wants OsamaObama to fail,".....Anyone who would sully their new president elect's name with that of the worst terrorist in history clearly WANTS that president to fail!

    SoCal: "it's your party that we know WILL fail this country on their own MikeH".......This is a rather ridiculous statement coming from someone who's party already HAS failed this country "on it's own for the last 14 years.

    SoCal: "The only retribution out there is coming from your own party and you just won't admit it.".......You might need to clarify this statement a bit if you want it to make any sense.

    SoCal: MikeH says "Since none of us have the luxery of choosing our relatives. " Yeah right, tell that to the kennedy's. Caroline Kennedy is just going to slip right in finely like the rest of her family has done. Thought you would like that little piece of luxury news there MikeH"......But reading your little piece of "luxury news" would not be a waste of time if you actually had a point to make!

    MikeH, If you didn't get the last piece of news (Caroline Kennedy is just going to slip right in finely like the rest of her family has done), then you've been on some other planet for a long long time. It's called a silver spoon, and i'm not your mate. As for "The only retribution out there is coming from your own party and you just won't admit it.".......You might need to clarify this statement a bit if you want it to make any sense." OK, i'll clarify it, the election is over, why does your friends like Olby keep on bringing up such stupid things like association (in the near future) of Palin to her daughters future husbands family? Just plain dumb.
    Where in my line "It's not that anyone wants OsamaObama to fail,"...Your answer.".Anyone who would sully their new president elect's name with that of the worst terrorist in history clearly WANTS that president to fail" does it say that I want Obama to fail, prove to me and everyone here that I said that I want Obama to fail. You sir don't have a clue to what you read anymore. Your justification of wording from others is out of this world and you need to knock your crap off. It is MY right to call the president elect whatever name I wish to call him or her, just as it is Olbermanns right to tell Bush to shut the hell up.
    SoCal: "What do you think your buddy Olbermann and the democratic party has been doing for the past 16 years".......In general, they have been trying to make our society a better place. That doesn't mean they haven't made their share of mistakes and have their share of bad actors....... but it DOES mean that they have a history of showing a tendency for trying to help the average American while the republicans clearly don't give a flying damn about the average American.
    On the contrary, it's the dems that don't give a crap about the American public,I.E. remember Jimmy Carter days and crushing America?
    SoCal: "it's your party that we know WILL fail this country on their own MikeH".......This is a rather ridiculous statement coming from someone who's party already HAS failed this country "on it's own for the last 14 years.
    I will strongly agree with you that the past 8 years have not been good and that Bush has been a terrible President, but every so often this is what we get when our choices are limited.

    As much as I hate to agree with MikeH, his comment that some people want Obama to fail doesn't say a lot about them as Americans.

    We, as Americans, should be hoping that the president elect doesn't fail, and that anything we felt about Obama before the election should be put aside unless there is something substantial to prove he's done anything we feared he might do if elected.

    As of now I don't think anyone can truthfully say that he's done one thing wrong, except to say (to some) that the fact that our guy lost was wrong enough.

    Disheartening yes, but to hope that he does something wrong simply to be able to say "I told you so" is not what we should be hoping for. As it will only weaken us as a country. I'd much rather say "shit, how wrong was I?" then to be relishing in the glee of the president of my country doing something wrong that would make the country look bad.

    Benefit of the doubt, I would hope, that we as Americans will give the new president. God KNOWS that President Bush got little or no benefit at all from his own citizens even when he did the right thing, and he did many right things. The lack of patriotism from the left was disgusting at best, and treasonus at worst so let's not start doing the same things for the new president just because we had our fears before he won the election.

    Now that he is our next president I'm hoping that all of his shady past connections fade away (Wright, Ayers, etc.) and that he proves us all wrong and does the right thing.

    Yes, there are many things we all were afraid of in regards to Obama, but the bottom line is, is that unless these fears are proven correct, that we should back him all the way, because, no matter how much of a bitter pill it may be to swallow to some, he IS the president of our country.

    We ALL lose if he is proven to be what we were afraid of to begin with, BUT if we are proven wrong, then we ALL win, and the worst that can happen is that our feelings get hurt. BIG DEAL...

    And to alleviate all fears that I've "jumped ship" I agree 100% with SoCal's post of 2:04, except that I hope that Obama may actually see through his party's deceptions and that he will do the right thing.

    SoCal, I DIDN'T miss your point about Kennedy. I just don't where you were going with that or why it is particularly relevant to either party? Unfortunate as it might be, name recognition is a big part of success in America for a lot of people. It's human nature. That said Caroline has spent a lifetime making a positive impression on a lot of people. She could have done the opposite and then no one would be supporting her bid for a senate seat.

    I also already made my point about why bringing up Palin's 'association' has relevance. We need to stop this stupid 'guilt by association' crap that the republicans used ad nauseum in the last election. Bringing up the ironies after the fact is one good way to drive the point home.

    Yes SoCal, this IS America....and it IS your right to call the president elect anything you choose. But it is also everyone ELSE'S right to judge you harshly for doing that, and for assuming that it means that you do indeed want him to fail.


    Man if you're gonna troll, at least bring something to the table. I see nothing but weak sauce and fail. Littered with tiny hints of superiority.

    But I'd expect no more than that from a Bathtub Boy defender.

    "If you want Obama to fail, you must be wishing for America to fail as well! And what exactly does THAT say about you and your patriotism? "

    Let's see. Democrats have spent the better part of the past 8 years hoping Bush would fail. So their concerted effort now has them declaring him the worst president ever. And then they have the gall, after spending 8 years denigrating the man, to turn around and say, "after those 8 years, we have to do our best to make sure the next president succeeds." Of course, if McCain had won they'd be spending the next 4 years trying to destroy him as well.

    MikeH will likely respond that Bush brought himself down with Iraq and torture and the economy, but that's BS

    As to Obama palling around with terrorists: Ayers hosted Obama's first political fundraiser, setting the stage for his run to the Illinois state legislature.

    Did Levi Johnston's mother host a Palin fund-raiser? You say it's an association by choice, but how? Sarah Palin did not choose whom her daughter has a relationship with. What evidence is there that Palin and Levi's mom are great friends? Then it just boils down to Levi not getting to choose his mother, which is the same argument about Obama not being able to choose his aunt, or any other relative.

    And as to Caroline Kennedy, where is the press inquisition about her experience to take over the senate seat? That she is JFK's kid, or that she helped Obama make a choice between 3 to 4 people to be the VP? And they ended up picking a gaffe-prone blabbermouth with a history of health issues.

    On the subject of health, everyone made an issue of McCain's health, but overlooked Obama's history.

    Sure, McCain had skin cancer. But it's gone now. And McCain is 73 and his mother is still alive. Pretty good genes that lend me to think the man's constitution is built like a tank.

    Did you know Obama's mother died of cancer at age 53? His father died at age 46 in a car crash, after a history of alcoholism. Some great genes there. And Obama can't seem to be able to quit smoking:

    There is a HUGE difference in wanting to see the goals of the radical anti-American left (what I condescendingly refer to as the church of SNOBamessiah, with Keith Olbermann their lead propagandist) thwarted and wanting the next POTUS to succeed in continuing Bush's record of keeping our country safe, keeping political and religious freedom available to our allies and making our domestic prosperity secure.

    I do not want the radical left's agenda to be accomplished, especially their short-sighted foreign policy agenda....and it seems The One does not want to either now that he is now going to be held responsible for failure....much to their anger.......

    Read these two posts and see who are the fanatics of the church of SNOBamessiah who still insist the removal of Saddam Hussein was in fact a veiled attempt of those "evil neoconservatives" to expand US hegemony to include the rich oil fields of Iraq....

    I will gladly stand with General Petraeus and those who did not abandon the grand moral mission that is allowing a fledgling democracy to grow in Iraq after decades of terror and death.....

    I wonder who The One will listen to as the months go by in 2009.....will he fulfill his now obviously cynical CAMPAIGN promise to the nutroots anti-American church fanatics....all out in 16 months?.....

    I highly doubt it and say, I told you so.....


    "keeping political and religious freedom available to our allies"

    LOL.....This must be a part of the Constitution that I missed!

    Merry Christmas Cee!

    For everyone out there, and yes this includes you too MikeH...Merry Christmas!

    May you all get what you wished for, but don't wish for too much. For you girls there's only one Brad Pitt to go around, and for you guys only one Eva Mendez.

    And now for the Christmas Eve joke that is a tradition for my family since I was born (saying a different joke every Christmas Eve):

    A guy belongs to a ritzy country club and noticed after a two week vacation that the caddies were all robots when he got back. The owner of the club said that the reason for the robots was because the caddies weren't making enough money and quit, so he decided to make the robots instead of hiring new humans.

    The guy loved it, and after a month went on yet another vacation. When he came back he noticed all the silver robots were gone replaced by black ones. In asking why this was so the owner said that the glare from the metallic medal of the robots was bothering the golfers so he decided to paint them black.

    Again after another vacation the guy came back and noticed that all the caddies were now humans again, and he asked what happened. Well, the owner said, after he painted them black the guest wallets started disappearing, and the robots kept calling in sick and showing up late.

    Happy New Year!!!!

    "'keeping political and religious freedom available to our allies'

    "LOL.....This must be a part of the Constitution that I missed!"

    Yes, you did miss those very nice articles in the US Constitution that gives the executive wide powers to make policy based on his/her judgement of what benefits the US....such as The Marshall Plan and the current arrangements we have with South Korea, our commitments to the ever expanding NATO allies and others.....All with the singular goal of porviding security so that freedom and democracy may flourish!

    That judgment includes keeping our honor in finishing the gerat work in Iraq after the successful removal of the terrorist supporting despot and user of WMD against humanity, Saddam Hussein. A democracy in Iraq seems to be taking root despite the dire predictions of the church of SNOBamessiah fanatics like you, MikeH. Where are those promises that The One gave only 6 months ago in a partisan campaign now that Grandpa Biden is looking towards at least a two year commitment of US troops to what has been described here as an illegal war of US hegemony?

    So MikeH, was The Marshall Plan unconstitutional? Is our military presence in South Korea unconsitutional?

    Our presence in Iraq....Why do you choose to ignore PEBO's obvious reversal regarding the issue with the expanding time frame for withdrawl and the keeping of those evil "neoconservatives" under the very good leadership of Secretary Gates?

    Oh my, what a dote. Even on Christmas the church of SNOBamessiah zealot cannot think clearly outside his anti-America zombie brainwashing....

    Merry Christmas to you, MikeH....and as the church of SNOBamessiah continues to learn that true MORAL leadership means standing by basic principles and not deserting those values becasue of personal political calculations (the war is lost/the surge will fail/troops out by spring 2008/etc), may there be a true revival that reverses the poor course many want for our nation and with greater death, destruction and suffering that has not been seen since the mid 20th century.


    Cee: "Oh my, what a dote. Even on Christmas the church of SNOBmessiah zealot cannot think clearly outside his anti-America zombie brainwashing...."

    And "even on Christmas", our cute and lovable little resident neocon zealot cannot bring himself to stop the name calling and temper his nationalistic brown shirt style condemnation of all that he misunderstands.

    And once again for clarity Cee, the Contstitution did NOT include our "allies" as part of the deal.

    And for a little MORE clarity, "moral leadership" means standing tall on moral principles regarding such things as torture. And one thing the shoe tells us is that it DOESN'T mean military interference in the affairs of nations that did not attack or even threaten us.

    Well, Merry Christmas anyway......For you clearly cannot help your nationalistic delusions and your childish nastiness.

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