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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    December 22, 2008
    How Will Olbermann Spin This?

    Bathtub Boy

    There's nothing quite like watching the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann attempting to spin his way out of embarrassment, rewrite history, or otherwise mangle the ethics of journalism to protect his inept butt.

    To understand what we are talking about, we consulted the OlbyWatch Research Division. They delved into the archives to dig out a story from last year. Yes, Herr Olbermahn "covered" the story in his peculiar fashion. And we have the direct quotes to prove it:

    • May 9 2007: The FBI claims it has broken up a plot to attack Fort Dix in New Jersey. The flaw, though, in the breathless reporting of the purported terror cell, the bureau infiltrated the six-person group after its members took video of themselves practicing with assault weapons, brought the tape to a photo store, and had it transferred to a DVD. The details of the supposed plot don't seem to hold together that well either, though that did not stop extensive and entirely credulous coverage on TV, the Internet, in print today... In other words, the FBI has arrested six morons.
    • June 4 2007: Officials of this country have revealed so-called terror plots at times that were just coincidentally to their political benefit, no matter how preposterous the actual schemes might have been, including a plot against Fort Dix, where pizza deliverymen were supposed to kill at will at an Army base full of soldiers...the authorities announce arrests in a far-fetched plan to attack soldiers at Fort Dix in New Jersey. The so-called terrorists planned to gain access to the base by posing as pizza delivery men.
    • June 6 2007: The candidates repeatedly referring to both the JFK story and the similarly dubious Fort Dix pizza delivery fantasy as ominous signs of the worldwide terrorist threat... ARIANNA HUFFINGTON: I think if the public says enough is enough, enough of the fear mongering. We've been down this road before. Remember, before the JFK plot we had the Fort Dix Six. And before the Fort Dix six, we had the Liberty City in Florida. And what has happened to all these plots that were endangering our lives?

    We'd be happy to enlighten Arianna, and Keith, as to what happened:

    Five Muslim immigrants were convicted Monday of plotting to massacre U.S. soldiers at a New Jersey military base in a case the government said demonstrated its post-Sept. 11, 2001, determination to stop terrorist attacks in the planning stages. The defendants were acquitted of attempted murder charges but face life in prison for conspiring to kill military personnel. The federal jury spent about 38 hours deliberating over the past six days.

    The men lived in and around Philadelphia for years. The government said after their 2007 arrest that an attack had been imminent and that the case underscored the dangers of terrorist plots hatched on U.S. soil.... Convicted were: Jordanian-born cab driver Mohamad Shnewer; Turkish-born convenience store clerk Serdar Tatar; and brothers Dritan, Eljvir and Shain Duka, ethnic Albanians from the former Yugoslavia, who had a roofing business. A sixth man arrested and charged only with gun offenses pleaded guilty earlier.

    If Olbermoronn reports this news, it reveals his previous inane banter for the buffoonery that it is. Does he spike the story and pretend the convictions never happened? Or twist it around and claim the innocent "morons" are political prisoners and should be released? Or does he take the courageous step of not even showing up for work today? Perhaps he will admit he was wrong and...strike that, ain't gonna happen. It's our Monday night thread, open early so that we can all enjoy the anticipation of tonight's inevitable Great Moment in Olbypocrisy.

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (25) | | View blog reactions


    He may not want to show up for work today, considering no one seems to be watching anyway.

    Friday Dec. 19 represented another dismal showing in the ratings. This time Olby finished behind an O'Reilly Factor guest-hosted by John Kasich.

    Nancy Grace again won the 25-54 demo in the live hour.

    There's absolutly no way that the Minister of Propaganda will report doesn't make Bush look bad nor does it sanctify his Lord: Obama.

    If Hell frooze over and he did report it, he'd blame Bush's Justice Dept of abusing its power and not providing these poor Muslim terrorists with Habeous Corpus and waterboarding a confession out of them.

    Of course, they were only trying to kill our troops and we all know that KO hates our troops.

    it's an Olbermann clip show, highlighting his favorite folks of 2008. Good excuse for Olby to show a bunch of butt-kissing Obama recaps, and his favorite McCain and Palin foul-ups (especially Palin), then he shows a clip of Affleck skewering him on SNL.

    Yes, while others are actually covering news, Olbermann is running clips.....what a sad church of SNOBamessiah revival hour.

    Along with ignoring the news that those guilty of readying to kill US troops were brought to justice (in contrast to Olbermann's dismissal of those same terrorists as documented above), the propagandist also missed covering the breaking of promises by the clergy of the church.....Now it is going to be at least 24 months withdrawing US troops from Iraq, not the 16 months SNOBamessiah promised his blind followers, cynically, in 2007/2008.....

    Listen to Grandpa Biden on LARRY KING.....

    "But Biden also signaled that there might be some flexibility in another key Obama campaign promise that world leaders are watching closely, bringing home troops from Iraq. Biden said troops would be out 'within the next two years' — longer than President-elect Barack Obama’s campaign promise of within 16 months but 'in the same ballpark,' Biden said."

    I love being right. These very achives at OW document the church of SNOBamessiah zealots like MikeH and his ilk claiming it was not a good thing to keep US troops in Iraq past 2007 and UNECESSARY!

    In fact, according the the zealots, those very troops' presence symbolized US HEGEMONY! How about under the leadership of President Obama?.....Is it US HEGEMONY now through 2011?

    The moral imperative to leave Iraq a free and stable democracy is pushing the church of SNOBamessiah right into the Bush policy....NO withdrawl dates within 16 months (remember when SNOBamessiah wanted troops out by the end of 2007?) SNOBamessiah is willing to "waste the lives of our troops" (the radical left's characterization of the war) in Iraq until January 2011!......THREE YEARS MORE THAN HE DEMANDED BACK WHEN THE SURGE WAS IMPLEMENTED AGAINST HIS "EXPERT" ADVICE.....


    He's the one the sane folks abhor
    He came from Jocksniffers-n-More
    Kountdown's really failin'
    So more Sarah Palin!
    Because Olbermahn is a bore

    Oh, and nevermind all of the news generated in Chris Wallace's great interview of Vice President Cheney....Again, the church of SNOBamessiah zealots (including Senator Biden) claimed impeachable violations of The US Constitution on the part of Cheney and Bush.....Olbermann demanded they "RESIGN!"

    Cheney hits back, claiming congressional democrats TOLD HIM the administration did not require their approval to wiretap and not a peep from the fact, Biden laughed the whole interview off....

    Biden laughed off once impeachable (the anti-America left's claim) offenses by Dick Cheney.....oh my....where is the church of SNOBamessiah revival hour's demogoguery when it is needed?.....

    Nevermind the once called "war crimes" of Cheney/Bush.....also not mentioned by the church hierarchy.

    I said it three years ago, and I know it is still true....the claims of lost, immoral wars based on lies that warranted impeachment and criminal prosecution was all a political stunt never meant or believed....cynical and dangerous politics to move a nation away from its moral duty to defend peace, freedom and failed thanks to the resolute leadership of Bush and Cheney....

    Now it has gone full circle and the very political elites who claimed wrongdoing on the administration as well as a lost war are prepared to do the very same in the name of national security, unity and prosperity......

    What a world, what a church!


    The MSM article I read about the convictions mentioned the defense claimed that the plot to attack Ft. Dix was not far along, a point I know Jimmy Legs has made in the past about this and other plots, like the one to blow up airliners in flight.

    I want to know why it is bad that terrorist plots to kill people are caught early? Every time Olbermann mentions the airliner plot he says they didn't even have passports yet. Should counter-terrorism forces only get credit for stopping terrorist acts in mid-flight?

    It's a civil rights/privacy issue. Liberals think the only way terrorists can be stopped early is if the government is conducting illegal surveillance or other activities. So to catch a terrorist early on to them is just one step removed from the Gestapo marching down the street and plucking random people out of their homes.

    Liberals have really taken the "better to let one guilty man go free than to imprison 100 innocents."

    Only in their minds it's "better to let one guilty man kill 1,000 innocents rather than inconvenience 1 innocent"

    Only in their minds it's "better to let one guilty man kill 1,000 innocents rather than inconvenience 1 innocent" By America47000

    Beautifully said 47000, and I'd like to add a little tidbit along those lines exactly, although nowhere near as drastic as your example, but I believe it symbolizes a liberal in a nutshell.

    I work in a catering hall where I am the General Manager, and for this one event (over 1000 people were invited) I was upstairs and heard all the guests complaining to how long it took to have their cars valeted.

    I ran out to help, and to see what was causing the delays, when I saw that it was all because of our "resident ultra liberal Tom." It seems, and all the other valets were in unison, in other words pissed to say the least, that Tom took it upon himself to walk each and every person to the door first before he went back to park the guests car.

    Irregarding the fact that in walking these people to the doors, he had inconvienced the hundred or so cars that were behind his one car, (as it was blocking traffic) backing the line to where it was now a fifteen minute to half hour wait for each guest instead of a three minute wait.

    The bottom line for him, was simply that the one deseved as much care as he could give them, and that the many (hundreds actually) should be more patient and understand.

    Just like the example set above by 47000. The one is more important than the many according to the libs. Always has been, and always will be. Yet, they somehow preface this way of thinking saying it is for all, but in reality it is only for the few.

    Yes, this was a very simplistic example, but none-the-less it does show how the ideals of the liberals inconviences us in all walks of life, and not just in the more meaningful parts of it.

    Bravo, Wolverine.

    That's it exactly.

    You can't "necessarily" demonize a liberal - unlike the lazy liberal tactic perpetually used on conservatives.

    Simply put, they're just wrong.

    I found your little analogy above interesting Wolverine, but once again, what your post REALLY does is illuminate your own inability to understand the Constitutionally backed fact that without sufficient respect for individual liberty - America will simply cease to be America......this has NOTHING to do with "inconveniencing" anyone. Therefore, your example was not only "less drastic" than America4700's, it was completely off topic.

    What you did was put forth such a patently absurd example spotlighting a single individual who simply lacked common sense, and then you immediately likened 'Tom's' actions to your own skewed vision of what it means to think like a "liberal". This only highlights your own inabilty to understand thinking that doesn't mirror your own.

    I makes it SO much easier for you demonize an opposing ideology if you attribute every unrelated instance of everyday irrationality or evil that you encounter as just another example of a genre you misunderstand and dislike.

    Along a similar vein, a self-described conservative lady friend of mine firmly believes that the Caylee Anthony murder is somehow a bi-product of "liberalism".........Well. it makes sense to her anyway!

    Maybe if we simply stopped trying to package and label every idea that we dislike or misunderstand as "liberal" or "conservative", we would be better off as a nation.

    Oh well.....Merry Christmas everyone!

    Since "Tom" has been spreading the evils of being conservative for the past 4 years, and stating to nearly everyone who had the stomach to listen to his rhetoric for those same 4 years, how the conservatives care nothing about the individual and only about themselves.

    How President Bush was a true monster who cared nothing about the American people, and to how he was the one who, although indirectly, was responsible for 9/11 because it was his policies that *made* the terrorists attack us.

    It was also "Tom" who said that if conservatives had their way there would be no civil liberties, and that anybody who even dared to be different would most likely be arrested on some chump charge.

    This, by the way, from the same guy who wears a ponytail and has a beard for the past three years even though that at the hall where we work, it was stated on the first interview that there was a dress code, and that long hair and facial hair were not allowed.

    It is a privately owned caterer, and therefore he had every right to establish these rules (in case you were wondering).

    Somehow, the ultra conservative owner of the company let only HIM get by with the violation of the dress code. This same conservative owner also let him leave by the guests entrance whenever he wanted with no reprimand what-so-ever, and yet, EVERYBODY else got written up.

    It got to the point that everybody would accept "Tom" doing everything that was against company policy, simply because he was "Tom." He got caught smoking a joint on the premises by security, and it was "hey that's Tom. What can you do?" (The security guard got fired because of reporting this, as they told him that it wasn't his duty to report any infractions from employees unless it was *inside* the building, and that he had over stepped his bounds).

    Remember, this is the same "Tom" who said that all conservatives would clamp down on anybody who was different. The owner contributed nearly one million dollars to McCains run.

    Needless to say, this "me first" attitude from "Tom" began to seriously influence the work of the other employees. More employees started to wear their hair long and growing beards. Now, if anybody was written up, they would go to the resident liberal's example of not abiding, and the written notice was torn up.

    Well, it finally got to the point where the bookings were effected and sales were down until the owner finally said enough is enough. Well, as you can assume, people still violated the rules, and then people were fired. Everyone that is, except for our resident "individual" liberal "Tom."

    You see, because he was untouchable and an "individual" he felt his rights were being violated, and he would sue if he wasn't allowed to continue dressing any way he damned please.

    Yes, MikeH, it is an "opposing idealology" that I demonize, and it's all because this idelology causes a breakdown in every situation across the board. It's an idealology that is made for the individual and not for the masses. An idealology that makes exceptions for an individual while the general population suffers.

    Hey, I am probably the the most individual human being on this planet when it comes to how I dress and to how I act in public. Satin suits, bad ass velvet fedora's, diamond earrings, etc. and yet, when it comes to infringing on the masses rights or an owners rights, you won't hear a peep out of me.

    No earrings allowed at work for guys. No problem, I respect that you'll give me the job. No hats allowed at some clubs. No problem, I respect that you'll let me in. A complete physical and frisk before I get on a plane. No problem, I respect that you're looking out for my safety.

    If it's good for the many, then it's good for me. Take those same examples I just made, and slip a liberal in there, and you KNOW what the outcome will be:

    "Too bad. You're lucky I'm working for you!"..."Too bad! I wear whatever I want to wherever I go!"..."How dare you infringe on my civil rights. You'll be hearing from my attorney!"

    Sorry MikeH, when it comes to liberals it's not "all for one and one for all" as in reality for them it's "all for me, and none for all."

    Oh, and to the final outcome of "Tom." The owner finally got the balls to fire him after about a "million" infractions. The lawsuit is still going on.

    Sales have never been better. Many of us have since gotten raises. Small indeed to what 47000 mentioned above, but as honest to God truth that NONE of this would have happened if not for the "one."

    And, as to your example from your lady friend about Caylee. I dare not say it was the fault of liberalism, but if you think for a moment that this country hasn't gone to a complete "me first" attitude then you are not living in the real world.

    Because if you are living in the real world of America, then you'll also know that this "me first" attitude started with the hippies and has been with us ever since while it's only getting worse. Remember their pledge: To hell with the establishment, as we are ALL individuals.

    Break it down MikeH...Do NOT conform and do what YOU want to do. In other words be and do what YOU feel is best for YOU and the HELL with what anyone else says. Think about that...

    So, in this character named 'Tom', you somehow see all that is bad about liberalism? And whenever you see a "liberal" idea, your thoughts immediately go to 'Tom'?

    Sorry Wolf, but the world doesn't work the way you see it. There are inconsiderate radical dolts who lack common sense in EVERY ideology, just as every ideology has it's share of igorant followers (such as the co-workers you polled before the election).

    As for the "me first" attitude, I see it as well. But once again, that "me first" attutude is not ideology based either....and you cannot possibly REALLY believe that it is.....not unless you also believe that the herd of Wall Street swindlers like Madoff were 'liberals'.

    Once again, you may well believe that your views are superior....but you should trust me on this; ISN'T because of morality, ethics, patriotism, or common sense is their driving force. That is an argument that can ALWAYS be argued from BOTH sides, and is also one you can never win.

    Merry Christmas!

    Once again, you may well believe that your views are superior....but you should trust me on this; ISN'T because of morality, ethics, patriotism, or common sense is their driving force. That is an argument that can ALWAYS be argued from BOTH sides, and is also one you can never win.

    I truly don't think that my views are superior only that they are correct. If I felt the NBA's Washington Wizards were the best team in basketball then I would agree with you that my way of thinking is along the lines of being superior. Yet, If I said the Boston Celtics were the best team in the NBA then that wouldn't be superior thinking only correct thinking.

    As far as never winning, you are correct there because in most cases where I debate it is against people with superior thinking who believe the Wizards are the best team in the NBA.

    A guaranteed muted mongrel for the church of SNOBamessiah revival hour tonight.......

    ’08 Military Times poll: Wary feelings about Obama

    "While nearly half of the respondents said they disapprove of Obama’s proposal to withdraw combat brigades from Iraq within 16 months of taking office, a slightly higher percentage said they support the Status of Forces Agreement calling for U.S. forces to leave the country by the end of 2011.

    "Army Spc. Robbie Blackford, an infantryman with C Troop, 1-71st Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, who returned from a 14-month tour in Iraq in late October, said Obama should gradually reduce the number of U.S. service members in Iraq.

    "'In my mind, things were changing to the point where we could get out of there and the Iraqis could take over their own country,' Blackford said. 'I think that he should just pull out a little at a time.'

    Not to worry because the cynical promise is already going to be brokwen.....Grandpa Biden said it may be two years until withdrawl.....Oh my, how things change and not a peep from the resident SNOBamessiah zealot, MikeH.....

    Has Olbermann even uttered the word "IRAQ" lately....Oh yeah....there's no body count so the anti-America left is onto something else they see as benfiting them politically.....


    Cee: "Oh my, how things change and not a peep from the resident SNOBmessiah zealot, MikeH....."

    Sorry, but nothing has 'changed', you sick, misguided child. It's always ironic and SO very hillarious to be called a "zealot" by the only REAL zealot who posts on this blog. As for not hearing a "peep" out of me lately, ....... with a raging fanatic like you dominating this blog, who needs to comment?

    After all Cee, YOU are your discredited ideology's own worst enemy.

    Happy New Year!

    Wolverine: "As for never winning, you are correct there because in most cases where I debate it is against people with superior thinking who believe the Wizards are the best team in the NBA"

    Your analogy would be a much better one if you actually DID run into folks who argue that the Wizards are the best team in the NBA. Somehow, I doubt that you know anyone who actually believes that.

    A more relevant analogy might be to have a debate about whether the Wizards were a better basketball team than the North Carolina Tar Heels?.....That's right! One's opinion about this will never be proven beyond any reasonable doubt, ..... because the worst team in the NBA is never going to actually play a best of seven series with the best team in College Basketball.

    Obviously my example eluded you somehow, as I was saying that talking to some people about politics and to what they believe, is on the same level as talking to someone who feels his knowledge of sports is superior to any others whereas the comparison made of the Wizards and Celtics.

    However, since you happened to bring up my favorite bb college team, the Tar Heels, I would have to say that they also would whip the Wizards. I am biased though, as one of my very good friends Matt Doherty (he'd know me as the "Snake" or the "White Negro") played for them with one championship. Of course his teammates weren't bad at the time, Sam Perkins, James Worthy, Kenny Smith and his roommate Michael Jordan, but Matt does have the all time record for most assists, rebounds, points and steals combined than anyone who ever played there. (Don't ask him about his coaching career there though, as it's not something he's apt to reply to).

    Figured it was a good time to get away from politics for this one time, and a nice way for me to end 2008.

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    See Wolf, we have something in common after all! I am a life long fan of the Tar Heels. I also have a niece who works in the UNC admiisions office, I have a good friend who teaches journalism there, and my wife even took some classes there once.

    I remember Matt Doherty and his teammates weil from their playing days. Matt's coaching years didn't go so well, but he IS responsiple for bringing in some players who later help them claim a national championship.

    I'm sure you will also agree that Dean Smith is one of the classiest coaches ever, as well as one of the very best......Oh yeah.....he is also a liberal.

    Sorry Wolf....I just had to throw that in!

    Happy New year!

    I'm sure you will also agree that Dean Smith is one of the classiest coaches ever, as well as one of the very best......Oh yeah.....he is also a liberal...MikeH

    Yes, we agree again about Smith. Matter-of-fact I would agree 100% about him. Classy without a doubt, but on the side note about your reference about Smith being a liberal, I'm sure you're correct there too, as I have no knowledge of his political views, but what I do know is that on the COURT which was the most important thing about being a coach in a successful basketball college, he was one of the MOST Conservative coaches around.

    Matt used to tell me almost daily, and also Jordan told me this himself when Matt brought him down to play at our park in New York, that he was the strictest coach he ever played for. No individualism allowed. Jordan told me himself how he got sat down for halves after he tried to do things his own way.

    The consensus of almost anybody who followed North Carolina, was that the only person who ever could stop Jordan from going off was Smith himself. It was all about the team and the coach.

    Actually, I believe the ONLY coach who I can say for sure was better than Smith was Wooden, and he too was a liberal, but ON THE COURT there wasn't a more conservative coach around than Wooden. Either you followed what he said or you sat or were off the team.

    Same with Bobby Knight (except he was a conservative), and he actually lost two decent players in Bird and Thomas, and yet he still went on to win national championships.

    Personal belief's are all fine and good, but when it comes to a winning formula in ANY organized team sport or organization, being ALL for the system and less about the individual is what makes winners. Conservatism wins out nearly 100% every time.

    Interesting observations about Smith, Wooden, conservatism, and liberalism Wolf, but it mostly serves to remind me once again that conservatives don't really understand liberals, and I suspect the reverse is true as well.

    EVERY statement that I have EVER read on this blog from conservatives to intepret my own thinking only indicates to me that they simply don't have a clue as to how how I really view the world, and since they all seem to believe I am a classic liberal, it also indicates that they don't have a clue what makes the liberal mind tick either. The only irony here is that they always seem to think they do!

    Just like you, I would rate John Wooden and Dean Smith #1 & #2 as the best all time College Basketball coaches, and I suspect few would care to argue with that.

    Where I think I differ from you is the idea that there might be some sort of a contradiction between the way a Dean Smith ran his basketball team, and his political philosphy. I don't think there is a difference, and I think that he would agree. After all, Smith used his humanity to achieve devotion to his system as much as he did by using authoratism. This was evidenced in the way he once gave his championship ring to a team manager who did not get one. Little acts like that done on a daily basis can inspire devotion that would probably be impossible any other way.

    One of the reasons that I have supported Obama is that he clearly believes that Americans have far more in common than they have differences, and his apparent determination to use that theory.....I see it every day......Many seem to believe that his seeming move to the center is either a sign of weakness, or a sign of betrayal....but both beliefs are a mistake......This is because - just like the methods of the great Dean Smith and John Wooden, he is showing us that more can be achieved with the correct application of honey than can ever be achieved by using a whip.

    MikeH suffers from projection.....

    "EVERY statement that I have EVER read on this blog from conservatives to intepret my own thinking only indicates to me that they simply don't have a clue as to how how I really view the world......."

    Sure, only the bad conservatives are guilty of being wrong in interpreting the thinking of others.....

    The problem with MikeH is he only sees in others (accurately or inaccurately) the very pathology he himself suffers from. The following MikeH classic hate speech on this very blog assures me of my conclusion.....

    "Thinking such as your's is a cancer on our nation that needs to be cut out." MikeH 10/4/07 7:02PM

    Yep, my opinion in 10/2007 regarding the decency of our country fighting for democracy and freedom in Iraq (which has since been vindicated), twisted into a disease by the self-rightous and self-proclaimed "moderate," MikeH....yeah right, he's reasonable..... sweet the irony.


    Come, come Cee.

    MikeH served up several polemics informing one and all that you misunderstood what he meant. He was quite adamant that you and I were deliberately twisting his words b/c what he really meant was not perjorative and wreaking of fascism. He obviously did not persuade me b/c I would have to do a little research to even remember what his subsequent ridiculous claims were.

    I do remember at the time I was quite taken aback b/c that came from the same man that had told RK, and I paraphrase, that he would have been a brown shirt if he had lived in 1930's Nazi Germany. When I very strongly objected and suggested he owed RK an apology he insisted that he owed no one an apology for that b/c, you guessed it, we all didn't really understand what he meant.

    You have just handed him proof on a gold platter that he is simply a poor misunderstood boy who is constantly set upon by you "you sick, misguided child.... [the] only REAL zealot who posts on this blog....[and] a raging fanatic...."

    A belated Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all!

    BTW, Cee, how is your neighbor, Lorraine (?), doing? I have thought of her more than once when 911 comes up. Give her my best wishes, please.

    Thanks Grammie. Happy New Year to you as well.

    Lou, (short for Louise), my neighbor, is doing well, though it is always hard around the holidays. I will give her your heido ho.

    Her point of contention with many on the left was, and still is, the moral equivalency ascribed the actions of our country and George Bush to the islamic terrorists on 9/11 and those fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. That simple difference in worldview seems to be the starting point of disagreement here. I know that it remains, for many, the stumbling block for "unity."

    You are correct though. MikeH seems to forget about his moral equivalency arguments in regards to conservatives posting here and those mid-20th Century troglodytes.

    On the substance of some actual arguments here at OW, like the surge debate, there is no more debate, it is over.....I'll quote Keith Olbermann who defined the the left's argument about Iraq back in 2007 that has since been proven wrong:




    Now? What are the facts? What have been the results of the "plan?" Oh well. Intellectual honesty was never the left's concern. Add the above clip from 2007 to those listed for 2008 and once again, ANYONE (MikeH) defending Olbermann should know they are are blind fringe partisans.


    Happy New Year Janet!

    It's really telling how I can not post on or read this blog for five days at a time, and invariably, the last post of a recent thread has just mentioned me......OW just isn't what it used to be, is it?

    And yes Janet, I STILL believe that RK would have been a brown shirt in that very different time and place because he does not think, and he never gave any indication that he even had the capacity to think........All he ever did was react and taunt. Nationalist despots just love people like that because they are so easy to control and make them swallow Nationalistic ideas in the name of patriotism. Ahmadinajad is using people like that to deflect internal criticism right now.

    Cee is another animal entirely.....He is simply a classic neocon fanatic who knows full well what he believes....His problem is that he is simply wrong. Like other misguided Neocons, Cee picked and chose his own lessons from historic events such as Vietnam, even though he was never a part of it (as I was). The same applies to Iraq. cee has bought so deeply into such discredited ideas that there is simply no turning back for him.

    You however, are one who mystifies me as much as anyone here..... But since you chose to spend most of your time here trying to pick apart the words of others, you never really risked leaving your own thoughts particularly exposed for examination.

    What I found particularly galling (and also funny) about you is the dramatic way you could feign outrage over something that someone else said or wrote while justifying equally offensive words from either you or those whose ideology you support......RK was a good example of this. In my opinion, he was personally responsible for creating most of the trolling behavior of several others you abhorred, but you never condemned Rk's OWN trolling behavior that was often the primary catalyst for the entire cycle.

    Happy New Year!

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