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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    January 1, 2009
    Presenting the 2008 Olby Awards!

    Bathtub Boy

    A new year means a time to look back and honor those who have achieved greatness in the year preceding. For that reason, we take this opportunity to reveal the winners of the 2008 Olby Awards, as determined by the Olbermann Watch Awards and Recognition Committee. With no further ado, the 2008 Olbies...

    The Edward R Murrow Courage Under Fire Award
    Presented for conspicuous reportorial bravery under hazardous circumstances. And the Olby goes to...

    Keith Olbermann! For his remarkable valour standing up to the corporate suits at MSNBC and refusing to go to Minnesota for the GOP convention, where his life would be endangered by terroristic assaults and assassination attempts.

    Olbermann - upset to be anchoring at the Democratic National Convention from an outdoor set near Denver's train station - "announced that his bosses [had] better find a more secure location for him to broadcast from at the Republican National Convention [in St. Paul, Minn.] or he's not going," one insider said. "He thinks someone will assassinate him." MSNBC had no comment. Even before he left New York, the biggest mouth at MSNBC was worried about his safety. When a car was late to take him to the airport, Olbermann threatened via e-mail to stay home, another insider told Page Six. The blowhard whined to producers, "I could have been attacked on the street."

    The Golden Shovel Award
    Presented in honor of those who just can't keep their mouths shut. And the Olby goes to...

    Keith Olbermann! You don't insult your network colleagues while your mic is on, and then maneuver to get them fired.

    The Ted Baxter Rip 'n' Read Award
    Presented for the most memorably embarrassing bit of nonsense lifted from blue blogs and reported as fact. And the Olby goes to...

    Keith Olbermann! When it comes to Olby's nemesis, Bill O'Reilly, Krazy Keith just kan't help himself.

    Why does Olbermann do this? Because he lifts his "stories" from far-left blue blogs that lie about O'Reilly, and either doesn't check or doesn't care if what they say is true or not. In this case, as the video shows, it was an obvious lie, but Keith doesn't care.

    Biggest Flat-Out Lie About a Competing Channel
    Presented to honor those for whom telling the truth is secondary to a good smear. And the Olby goes to...

    Keith Olbermann! The video says it all:

    The Karma Bites Award
    Presented to remind the mighty that what goes around, comes around. And the Olby goes to...

    Keith "Czechoslovakia" Olbermann!

    Only on OlbyPlanet would self-delusion this egregious go unchecked.

    The Hal Turner Minority Outreach Lifetime Achievement Award
    Honoring the broadcaster who has done the most to perpetuate racial stereotypes. And the Olby goes to...

    Keith Olbermann! His infatuation with Nazi analogies and salutes earned him the scorn of the ADL, then he reveled in demeaning black cuisine. Keith reached another zenith in 2008, this time turning his attention to Hispanics. It wasn't enough that he contemptuously dismissed the Attorney General as a "houseboy". Oralmann had to add insult to injury with Gov Bill Richardson, cooking up a smarmy reference to guacamole that enraged Latino groups:

    certainly an unfortunate use of words, and offensive to Hispanics

    The Sleazy Partisan Hack Smear Job of the Year
    In honor of the most corrupt, dishonest, sustained, irresponsible attack of the year. And the Olby goes to...

    Keith Olbermann! It was one Sarah Palin lie after another and another, etc etc ad nauseam:

    It's never too early for Another Olbermann Lie, and the opening spiel is a traditional spot for the first one of the night. In fact, as you will see, we get three OlbyLies in just three minutes.

    The He-Man Wimmen Haters Award
    Presented for the outstanding example of fantasy violence against a woman. And the Olby goes to...

    Keith Olbermann! It's not every day when you see a "journalist" calling for a Presidential candidate to get beat up...or worse:

    What Keith Olbermann wants done to another human being is evil. It belongs with torture, lynching, and systemic rape. He is saying we should use physical violence against a political enemy to secure the outcome we want. He is saying murder is an acceptable act when done against a reviled outsider by those on the inside who know what is good for the nation.

    The Foolish Consistency Award
    Presented for the quickest self-contradictory blunder of 2008. And the Olby goes to...

    Keith Olbermann! It's bad enough when you can't keep your stories straight from one day to the next. It's even worse when you can't do it from one hour to the next!

    The Gepetto Award
    Honoring the most blatant servility to and parroting of talking points fed from blue blogs. And the Olby goes to...

    Keith Olbermann! First Keithy let the posters at his blog, Daily Kos, write his interview questions for him. Then Edward R Olbermann went the extra step, erupting in the middle of convention coverage with a screed against a real journalist, a screed that just happened to be fed to him by Kos Kaptain Markos.

    There can be little doubt that when the Great Kos himself slammed Mr Babington's article, Bathtub Boy would be ready and willing to take the Kos talking points and spew them on Peacock air. Which he did just minutes after Markos published the attack.

    The Do As I Say Not As I Do Award
    Recognizing the most egregious media hypocrisy of the year. And the Olby goes to...

    Keith Olbermann! Not for his sneering reportage on Joe the Plumbers one tax lein, while concealing his own five (count 'em) instances of tax deadbeatery. Or Monkeymann's sanctimonious scolding about the use of Nazi analogies, as he merrily piles another one on top of his heaping mound. No, the ultimate in 2008 Olbypocrisy has to be when Keith Olbermann, with his own words, effectively made himself worst person in the world:

    The Best Smackdowns of the Infamous, Deplorable One
    And the Olbies go to:

    Mark Levin, John Gibson, Lionel, Howard Wolfson, the Red Eye gang, Old Grumpy Guy:

    Best Parody of a Deranged Sports Guy Playing a Newsman on TV Award
    And the Olby goes to:

    Who else? Ben Affleck!

    Happy New Year from the gang at Olbermann Watch!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (72) | | View blog reactions


    The gang at Olbermann Watch has outdone itself!

    What a terrific retrospective of the incompetent malevolent self-indulgent narcissism that is Bathtub Boy. And THAT for just ONE year!

    Olbermann doesn't seem to have friends or fans as much as fellow smug self-congratulating ILLIBERAL jerks.

    Bravo OW! Your montage of Olbermann idiocies '08 underscores the fact that Krazy Keith is a complete douche nozzle.

    Excellent job.

    For Mike C or anyone who keeps count - did he trash BOR more in 2008 than in 2007? Did he go for a personal best?

    Here's something that will send KO over the edge. The Washington Post's "What's in what's out" list. Guess who's on the list.

    Excellent list! Anyone defending Keith Olbermann after the year he had should consider themselves part of the fringe politically and with the inability to have an open mind.

    Good stuff for the 8pm time slot on a "news" channel.....narrow-mindedness, demogoguery, misinformation, hate......good luck this year, NBC NEWS!

    It amuses me that liberal Kool-Aid drinkers try to undercut Fox News for because the network "did not do their job and get McCain elected."

    Well, maybe it's because they weren't trying to get McCain elected. Anyone who watches Fox News regularly would know this.

    Liberals like to point to all the associations with Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers people like Sean Hannity kept bringing up. But how is such an examination of Obama any different than the crash course the media did on Sarah Palin.

    If one states that Fox News didn't do its job in electing McCain, does that person then mean to say that the mainstream media did its job in electing Obama. That is, an admission that the mainstream media is a tool for the left wing? So Olbermann's "job" is not to report the news, but to get liberals elected to office? Does then that make him, and others in the mainstream media, propaganda tools along the very same lines for which they smear Fox News?

    If anything, Fox News is the exception that proves the rule: that the media has been corrupted by ideology.

    Examining Obama's record, experience and associations with the same vigor as Palin's should have been the duty of any media organization. Instead they fawned over him. No critical analysis, just a nimbus of perfection, despite all evidence to the contrary. Thus, we get people like a coworker of mine who are otherwise smart, but are so blinded by his media-aided aura that they can proclaim Obama to be "great" despite him having no viable experience with which to legitimately base that statement.

    This site exists to help set the record straight. It is not here to "make fun of someone," but to keep track of all the lies, smears and distortions said someone uses to further his propaganda goal.

    "It shows that you are threatened by him ..."

    Well, when his actions aid the election of a candidate whose stated policy preferences will likely lead to higher taxes and less security, then I think we have every right to feel threatened.

    If a force in cable news is 3rd place??

    Welcome to the Olbyverse where even the laws of physics don't make any sense.

    By Johnny PennyAuthor Profile Page on January 2, 2009 9:01 AM

    It is really sad when you have to create a site to make fun of someone, it just shows that you are threatened by him and you realize he is a force in the cable market. Olbermann is no difference than the Anti-Semite Hannity is he.


    By Johnny PennyAuthor Profile Page on January 2, 2009 1:28 PM

    Then we all need to start a site about Hannity, Doocy, Carslon, Megyn Kelly and pretty much all of Fox News, Oh wait we do its called Newshounds which has thousands of people who call Fox News out,


    You mean "sad" and "threatened" Newshounds, don't you, Patrick.

    Remember our old pal Patrick? That's who has managed to get through as Johnny Penny...multiple times.

    Bravo! Bravo! More! (Standing Ovation)

    Poor Olby just isn't getting any respect...except from Patrick, Mike H, and the underwear around their ankles computer crowd at the various liberal(hate) sites around the internet. I am sort of glad to have them though because I enjoy laughing at the 'unfortunate'.

    Thanks for kicking off in such wonderful fashion what is going to be a great 2009. We'll all get to watch more of the KO implosion....sorta like our own little MSNBC production of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest".....

    Wow, smooth jazz is lame? I guess in the eyes of some, listening to talented musicians without all the screaming and loud noise would be considered lame. Hey, the best musicians in the world should be considered "lame" if one would rather listen to the loud and obnoxious noise that is being blasted on the airwaves today.

    Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and co. I'm sure would agree 100% with Patrick's evaluation of what is and isn't "lame" music. After all, in their music one had to use their own imagination and actually use their mind to take them places they've never been before, while in Patrick's music world it seems pretty obvious that if he isn't being told what to do or how to act he'd be lost.

    Then again, if Patrick wants to be taken places there are many hallucinegetic drugs out there that can serve the same purpose, so why would he even bother to listen to "lame jazz."

    Calling smooth jazz "lame," is equivalent to a little league player saying Babe Ruth was lame. Then again, being as Patrick lives in olbyworld, he might actually believe that too.

    Well, I have to go now as this discussion has me wanting to listen to some more lame smooth jazz by John Mcclauglin.

    You ARE beautiful Patrick, and I for one missed ya!

    Also, great job Johnny, and these video's say it all! If there ever was anybody who had any doubts about this anti-American phony this should clear it all up for them. Even a blind man could see what this phony is all about.

    It's like watching Captain Queeg slowly descending into madness, except with olbermann it's really a fast descent. The other big difference is that even with Queeg's descent he did have some who felt sorry for him, while with olbermann there are millions who still watch him and agree with him while the deteriation of his brain is shown daily right in front of their eyes.

    Instead of there being pity and asking that he be put in a mental institution, they are paying for him to stay on for more years!

    Watching these video's is like watching some comatose invalid being spoonfed while only half of the food makes it into his mouth. Seeing the dribble and saliva oozing down his face, along with some missed green pea soup, while his tongue reaches out trying to catch the rest of his lunch is a very sad thing to view, except in knowing all this there are actually people out there that think it's a genious at work.

    By Johnny PennyAuthor Profile Page on January 2, 2009 2:44 PM

    Sad and threatened is Johnny Dollars Place, Drudge and any pro Fox News site. We (Newshounds) call Fox News out for what they are a Republican leaning network.


    The terms "sad" and "threatened" were YOUR characterizations of sites built around critiquing or lampooning particular personalities. That you then in the next breath praised Newshounds for doing exactly that without a moment's insight that you had contradicted yourself means you are indeed an Olbyloon! :D

    You have to look at it from the Kool-Aid drinkers' perspective. If your organization is agenda based, and a fact-based organization pokes holes in your ideals, you are bound to feel threatened.

    This Newshound character clearly thinks Fox News is agenda based, and his site is fact based, though it is obviously in truth the other way around. But to these Kool-Aid drinkers, Fox must be stopped because it dares not line up with their agenda. It's pretty pathological, if you think about it.

    Consider, the American media has been shifting to the left for years, especially after watergate. Ted Turner admitted that a news organization that could swing back and include the conservatives that were being left out would become a huge success.

    Well, Fox News did that simply by calling things down the middle, thus appearing to be "Far Right" from the bleacher seats of the mainstream press and Koolaiders such as Newshounds and Media Matters.

    But what did Rupert Murdoch do here? He surveyed the field, and he created his own brand to compete. And it was successful in carving out a niche, without the need to undercut other sources of news. This is called freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.

    But what do Liberals want to do? Shut down Fox News. And shut down talk radio. How is this in keeping with free speech?

    I ask, which is the more American value: innovation and competition, or censorship for political purposes?

    To think that Democrats are so gung-ho about the Constitution when it comes to privacy, or the protection of people who aren't even citizens. But when it comes to the most basic Freedom of the Bill of Rights, Freedom of Speech, they are so quick to turn a blind eye when such speech does not further their political agenda.

    You say Fox News didn't sway enough viewers? Well, how can they, in the face of the constant barrage of propaganda our youth are subjected to at our government schools, with the inundation of welfare they receive outside of school, all enabled by the willing media.

    Who knows how much Obama would have won by in the face of a complete media push, without the appropriate skepticism provided by Fox News? The messiah complex attributed to Obama has been scary.

    What we are seeing now with Blagojevich is the very type of problem that the media covered up during the campaign. Obama comes from a dirty machine, driven by corruption of the very sort he now is inviting into the White House. The media already has tried to downplay Blago's connection with Obama, even refusing to admit Blago is a Democrat. I swear to you, though, this will not the only such scandal to touch the messiah's administration.

    Did he just call himself WPITW? I think he did. GJ Cecelia. lol

    Also I forgot which Olby video it was, I think it was a montage, but it shows various clips of Olby doing Olby things. The funny part of it for me was the video had clips that went way back. So you get thin Olby, fat Olby, pale Obly, Orange Olby, thin Olby again, and the ever popular yet current fat AND orange Olby.

    I still get a kick they use old footage of him to "PIMP OUT" Countdown on NBC. Oh I'm truely and deeply sorry for the misuse of the term Pimp Out. I hope I didn't offend any underage women Olbermann is sheltering.

    In '08 Olby gained twenty pounds
    His "newscast" crossed ethical bounds
    He was Obama's whore
    He lied even more
    Than last year as hard as that sounds

    Superb job OW! Standing O!

    Cee the Prophet:

    By cee on January 2, 2009 8:58 AM
    Excellent list! Anyone defending Keith Olbermann after the year he had should consider themselves part of the fringe politically and with the inability to have an open mind.

    Right on cue:

    By Johnny Penny on January 2, 2009 9:04 AM
    Once again you guys prove especially Ashley that you guys have no class. Olbermann is a force in the cable news market and it just kills you. Cheers to another year of Olbermann and to the death of Fixed News.

    Now that is prescient!

    all of them were great, thank you all for sharing. hope everyone had a great holiday season and a wonderful 2009, granted of course it will suck after Jan 20th.

    I loved this awards ceremony! It was fabulous! The winners truly deserved their awards! They were awesome! I'm so happy for them! !!!

    Where's my goodie bag?

    This is off topic, but Al Franken has all but defeated Norm Coleman in Minnesota. If I were BOR, I'd be fearing for his TV, radio, and website life. Also, BOR repeatedly said Franken would *not* win. That will be used against him by everyone that hates him, like he, Senator Sir Al Franken. God help us...and Tim Pawlenty. His days, weeks, and months as Governor are numbered. I know it.

    Anyway, I'm satisfied with all Olby Award winners. Thanks, Johnny...Dollar, that is. :D

    Well, who could blame O'Reilly for saying Coleman would win. Coleman probably did win. Franken only pulled ahead when the Democrats in charge of the recount started cherry picking the ballots that would count. The state of Minnesota is a disgrace to American politics.

    "The state of Minnesota is a disgrace to American politics."

    Hoo boy!......The 'logic' some of you people use is hillarious!

    I guess by YOUR logic, the state of Florida wasn't a "disgrace to American politics" in 2000, and the state of Ohio wasn't a "disgrace to American politics" in 2004?

    :rolls eyes:

    Yes, Minnesota is and has been a disgrace for some time now. Going back in time when an idiotic stunt man wrestler won an office seat. Now you have a washed up so called comedian robbing an election. Yes MikeH, I said robbing an election. At the current time, how can you have more votes than the voting population?
    On the contrary mikeH, YOUR logic seems to be the one that is hillarious and a disgrace. I too rolled my eyes while reading YOUR responses and as always find your logic to be way off course. The majority of people who voted for Obama in Ohio don't have a clue as to who Obama is, was or what he has ever done. They will see for themselves shortly and looking for handouts by the droves.
    Back to Minn. Just what this country needs, is another washed up comedian that knows nothing about politics or everyday people. This Country is doomed.
    Thanks MikeH. Looking forward to you defending the crap that's coming our way now and in the near future.
    P.S. hows that Caroline Kennedy thing going? Uh, Um, Uh, Uh, etc.

    SoCal: "Yes, Minnesota is and has been a disgrace for some time now. Going back in time when an idiotic stunt man wrestler won an office seat. Now you have a washed up so called comedian robbing an election."

    I guess that 'washed up idiotic old grade B actor' who was first govornor of a state and then president of the United States made a "disgrace" out of everyone who voted for him too, eh partner?

    I think you're going to have to try another line other than trying to taint someone because of their former profession.
    SoCal: "Yes MikeH, I said robbing an election,"

    Yes I know SoCal, right is good and left is bad......Everything really is THAT simple for you, isn't it SoCal?

    Others on the blog can be a challenge sometimes.....but you are only good for the occasional laugh!

    At least Reagan took the country in the RIGHT direction mikeH. And I take great exception of you calling Reagan an idiotic old grade B actor. Reagan = RIGHT, smarts, country first, global peace keeper, where as The Terminator, Saturday Night Live Washed up Comedian with no brains, Jesse Ventura the phoney wrestler turned Governor = LEFT, bad decisions, wasted spending, know nothing of politics.
    If I make you laugh, I can't wait for you to start crying when your party affiliates wipe this country out with their horse manure tactics.
    Oh yeah, I just loved how you passed right over the fact that Franken is trying to steal this election. Again, how can you mikeH defend this idiot and sit there and tell us that Minnesota counted 3 million votes but only has 2 million people?
    You're such a challenge mikeH

    SoCal: "And I take great exception of you calling Reagan an idiotic old grade B actor."

    You're so easy!....You can't even keep your mind from wandering. I was making a point about the folly judging politicians by their former professions, and it obviously flew right over your special ed head.
    Reagan = RIGHT:

    You know, for the most part, I actually liked Reagan. But was he right when:

    (1) - Was he RIGHT" when he 'cut and ran' from Lebanon right after the Marine Barracks bombing? In doing so, he taught folks like Bin Laden that we would not stand up to terrorism. Was he "RIGHT" when he did that SoCal?

    (2) - Was he "RIGHT" when he illegally helped to ARM radical Iran to secretly fund the Contras?

    (3) - Was he "RIGHT" when he began the deregulation process of just about everything, therebye creating the groundwork for today's economic crash that ironically, has now ended up necesitating a 'socialist' type response?

    SoCal: "Again, how can you mikeH defend this idot and sit there and tell us that Minnesota counted 3 million votes but only has 2miilion people."

    But I DIDN'T tell you that....YOU did!

    Minnesota has a population of over 5,220,000.

    Any more brilliant observations?

    yes MikeH I have more brilliant observations. I guess it flew right over your head too mikeH when I said 2 million people.
    OK, so there's 5,220,000 people verses 6,000,000 votes you dote head.
    I still don't see you defending that logic because you can't and know that you and Franken are wrong.
    The negatives you put forth on Reagan in the previous post is a mere nothing compared to the positives that the man did for this country, but only you mikeH would counter with whimpy garbage against one of the best Presidents of this country. I beg to differ with you on deregulation and todays economic crash, but that is only my opinion and YOU won't change that. I will never forget when Reagan shut down the shop and taught those unionized morons of air traffic controllers who's the boss. Yes mikeH, I pretty much blame the unions for overcharged, underworked, spoon fed, propagandizing teachers into democratic beliefs and passing those lessons onto students. Deregulation is what will save this country and the sooner the better. Without deregulation, look forward to more and more bailouts till this country goes broke. Lesson learned, the big 3 should have watched Toyota over the years and taken notes and switched over to their style and paygrades and such. Have you ever heard of any of the japanese automakers asking for bailouts? NO.

    SoCal; "OK, so there's 5,220,000 people verses 6,000,000 votes you dote head."

    Actually there are 5,220,000 people and about 2,900,000 votes, you lovable dote head!
    SOCal: "I still don't see you defending that logic because you can't and know that you and Franken are wrong."

    Defend WHAT???? You posted incorrect numbers and I posted the correct ones. Exactly what am I supposed to "defend" here?

    PS: Did you get those numbers from Billy Cunningham?
    SoCal: "Have you ever heard of any of the Japanese automakers asking for bailouts? NO."

    WRONG again Einstein! It's no secret that the Japanese government has been supporting their auto industry financially all along. Not only that, these same Japanese manufacturers were given huge tax breaks to build plants in the South.
    I love sparring with toss out every stupid right wing talking point know to man and I get to shoot them down one by one!

    Sparring with me, heck, you never answered the bell dummy.
    Let me type it for you one more time mikeH, how is it that let's say 2 million people vote in the state of minnesota and the state re-counts the votes and comes up with 3 million votes? The Dems are one corrupt machine these days mikeh and YOU have no defense.
    Seems to me you keep tossing out your left wing michael moore ideologies and moronic church of messiah think tactics.

    SoCal, allow the blind partisan to remain good summation of the fiasco that may result in seating the radical, intolerant leftist ideologue Al Franken as a US Senator is at:

    Real election fraud is overlooked by the usually conspiracy-loving church of SNOBamessiah when it benefits one of their own zealots. Political power trumps EVERYTHING to the fringe, including honesty and transparancy.

    It simply shows nothing has changed in regards to their tired ideology and tactics, so we can expect the same results we saw in previous periods the left held such power.....Prepare and remain steadfast to honorable values like liberty, justice and fidelity.


    sOcAL: "Let me type it for you one more time mikeH, how is it that let's say 2 million people vote in the state of minnesota and the state re-counts the votes and comes up with 3 million votes?"

    But thats not what you SAID......Either time! Now that you've modified your story three times, what do you mean by "let's say"? Either you have knowledge that 2 million votes magically turned into three million or you don't. Which is it smart guy, and do you really think that republican governor of Minnesote would allow something like that?

    You're problem is that you spend WAAYYY too much time listening to lying partison attack hacks like Cunningham, Hannity, and Limbaugh.

    And it's just too damned funny how people like you called people who complained about the Florida fiasco in 2000 (and I wasn't one of them) when the cerification process was cut short by the Republicans......and NOW our country's national debt has gone from 6 to 11 trillion in those 8 long years because of an unneeded war along with tax cuts for the wealthy that we couldn't afford.

    More to the point, you sound EXACTLY like the people who were whining about alledged Ohio voter fraud in 2004 that benefitted Bush....SO quit bellyaching about things you know nothing about, you whiner.

    Cee, didn't you just promise Mike C a few days ago that you would stop calling our new President SNOBmessiah?

    In that same post, didn't you just acknowledge to him that by doing that, it exposes YOU as the zealot you keep accusing others of being?

    I know, I know.....Honesty, honor, and integrity mean nothing to you. You've proven that over and over again.

    For you, the ends justifies the means every time!....And THAT in a nutshell, is exactly why our country has gone so wrong for the last eight years.

    I told MikeC I would TRY to tone it down for his sake, promises were made. But after seeing you go off the reservation last night with your tirades, it was all possible again....oh joy!

    Plus, I do not recall calling PEBO SNOBamessiah lately....I only recall mentioning the church of SNOBamessiah which is another thing totally. You see, being a member of the cult of personality, you simply overlook that I am only talking about people like you, the radical left-wing who wished for military defeat in Iraq, not Obama directly.....He is only responsibile for the celebrity silliness....what he does with it the next four years has yet to transpire.....but I am not optimistic.

    The church reference is one thing....your inacurrate characterization of me calling PEBO SNOBamessiah all the time is another......

    Would you rather I do as Ann Coulter does and call him, "B. Hussein Obama?"


    Cee, you just love splitting hairs to cover up lies don't? It explains a lot about some of your many other rationalizations. How very Clintonian of you!......I wonder if the Mike C's of the world can appreciate such 'differences'?

    Meanwhile, I'll keep ignoring your rather inane 'celebrity' references used as a way to make you feel superior in the face of a well deserved political thumping. After all, I guess it's all you really have.

    "I'll keep ignoring your rather inane 'celebrity' references used as a way to make you feel superior in the face of a well deserved political thumping."

    Time will tell, but even then, just like the course the war for freedom and democracy in Iraq took these past two years, you and the rest of the church of SNOBamessiah will simply change your tune and ignore the very words and predictions you, and those who lead you, make today.

    Presidents are often the victims of history, and George Bush could have allowed himself to become such a victim by leaving his convictions for political popularity and the pat on the back....he did not.

    I am pretty sure that Obama is the flip-side of George Bush and if faced with a 9/11/01 and the subsequent challanges to life and limb following, he will not make the right choice to lead with greater ideals and values. His current silence regarding Israel's offensive against the terrorists in Gaza is another example that make me cringe.

    The surge was the ultimate test for me and documented on this site were the very grave accusations leveled against Bush and Cheney related to it and the wider war against terror. I know what you and other leftists said was happening and would happen....and I am confident that the worldview that lead to such error is the same ideology that lead to the embracing of a junior Senator from Illinois as a national leader based basically on the same criteria Hollywood casting agents choose George Clooney or Gwyneth Paltrow for the lead in movies....cults of personality are bad policy and bad leadership, especially those that involve race and subjugate the important role of our fourth estate.....celebrity blinds.

    MikeC stated that I hate Obama and his supporters. In the thread you reference (incorrectly saying I promised him I would not call the new Presdient SNOBamessiah), I explained that the rhetoric I use is simply my way of protesting the insanity of the left in making Obama a transcendant figure; the cult of personality. I hate no one. I hate wrong ideas and movements that threaten real liberty and freedom. And if that is what you have been mistaking for "neoconservatism" or "nationalism," then it is just yet more you misunderstand about my worldview.

    Cee: "I am pretty sure that Obama is the flip-side of George Bush" (I sure hope so!) "and if faced with a 9/11/01 and the subsequesnt chanllanges to life and limb followings, he will not make the right choice to lead with greater ideals and values."

    But what people like you just cannot get through your thick skulls is that BUSH made mostly WRONG choices, and THAT is precisely the problem. He made very few choices "to lead with greater ideals and values", but made many with lesser ideals and values (torture is one example, ignoring the truth is another), along with many other decisions that were just plain stupid.

    Another thing you seem to have trouble getting through your head is that so-called "surge" was NOT the defining moment.....That would be the much more consequential inane decision to go in in the first place.

    For those who thought invading Iraq was such a great idea and cannot understand the anger of the other side, here is a great analogy:

    Iraq is like that pesky new Civic Center my hometown insisted on building a few years ago. After much opposition from me and others, it's supporters finally won. Part of the way in which they achieved that 'victory' was by lowballing the cost and highballing the alledged benefit.

    Those of us who were against believed it would cost too much, it would never pay for itself, and the concept itself was not even the wave of the future.

    Well, less than halfway through building the damn thing, they had already exceeded the original cost projections, and of course, they wanted more money. Now that there was this huge ugly hole in the ground with stuff projecting out of it, what could they do but give them more money?

    Well, It was finally bulit at three times the cost that was projected and unlike the previous Civic Center, it now carries a heavy debt load and will never pay for itself, so it remains as a permanent drain on the taxpayers. The sad part of the whole thing is that it doesn't handle anything the old one couldn't handle. But a few still believe that we should be delighted about it.

    So what are we going to do NOW? Nothing I guess! We can't unspend all the money that was wasted, so I guess we'll go on forever suppporting this unnecessary thing with taxpayer's money.

    Iraq is kind of like that Civic Center: We're there!.....We can't give back all the lives that were lost....... We can't unspend the untold billions.......The history of the region tells us that it won't be permanent......But if we don't make the right decisions now and keep right on spending lives and money, we could STILL end up with nothing but a big ugly hole in the ground.

    And yet some seem to think we shouldn't be angry at those who put us in this box!....... Some seem to think we should rejoice because ONE decision finally got SOMETHING right ("The Surge")........And some seem to think we should just shrug and regard it the way we would any other stupid decision that didn't work out as was hoped.....Sorry but it just doesn't work that way!

    The bottom line is we forgot the very hard-earned lesson that when you do something as consequential as going to war, you damned well BETTER be right!

    For those who think abandoning the free Iraqi people after we successfully removed their terrorist supporting dictator was such a good idea should look upon the real legacy of the unified nation of Vietnam after the radical left won that battle and forced The United States to abandon millions to despotism.

    It could still happen in Iraq, and may if Obama listens to his base. So far however, he is retreating from his campaign promises and General Petraeus' success continues and his recommendations have earned the endorcement of Grandpa Biden. Who could have known?

    The left characterized the Iraq War as an example of US hegemony and they were wrong. It never was. The left characterized the surge as US hegemony and they were wrong. It never was. Now that Biden has suggested a longer, if not unending US presence in Iraq, where are the same voices claiming US hegemony?

    That's the intellectual dishonesty I have fought against on this board and in response to Keith Olbermann's biased spew.

    Fine, be against war.....but be consistent. I really respect pacifists. But selective critics who have NO responsibility in the decision or outcome (State Senators from Illinois, second rate cable TV hosts), who make wrong predictions and even accusations of impeachable offenses should not be respected.

    George Bush has shown that it was NEVER about a US puppet in was about our nation's security under threat from a dictator showing signs he was intending to resume WMD production and had ties to islamist terrorists. Once that threat was removed, Al Queda and Iran made fateful decisions to make post-Saddam Iraq a battlefield to try to defeat the US....they thought they could repeat Vietnam and win a battle of attrition with the US surrendering in shame. The surge was the response to that threat and it was right....morally and strategically...and the left was on the wrong side of that debate (as was their ruling class, including Obama). Now, with success, the subject is changed, the accusations of war crimes/impeachment forgotten, and unity requested by the very same voices....political gains were made so the past can simply be forgotten.

    It will not happen. Confidence in the character of leaders ready to abandon millions to despotism under Al Queda and Iran-backed radical shiites has been lost and if such challenges are faced in the future, I predict catastrophe.....

    Like Ann Coulter hoped today....."I'm grateful to [Bush] for keeping the nation safe for the last eight years. We'll see if that continues."

    Let's all hope Obama is a very lucky guy.....for all our sakes.

    1) - Vietnam has become a vibrant and productive nation, WITHOUT our help. (Stop twisting this one Cee).

    2) - Yes, it could still happen in Iraq, with or without our help. So far, your solution seems to be an endless occupation as the only pemenant solution. Thats not acceptable!

    3) - The only reason people like Biden are suggesting a longer stay is because people like you have put people like him in a box that he should not have been put in in the first place.

    4) - Fine, but you need to shop some 'intellectual honesty' yourself and at least admit when you are wrong about something (taxes - remember?)

    5_ No one had to be a "pacifist" to have been against this war. It never made sense and it still doesn't.

    6) - George Bush has shown no such thing. He ws determined to put in place a government that was a virtual clone of our own and subservient to us, The fact that he hasn't completely succeeded is irrelevant to that simple fact.

    7) - Here is another example of YOUR "Interllectual dishonesty" AL Qeada is NOT the issue in Iraq and they weren't even there when we invaded. There is also NO evidence that they would have even a ghost of a chance of taking over that country if we left, and there never was.

    8) - The may predict "catastrophy", but what you choose to ignor is that GWB has ALREADY created catastrophy.

    9) - You may be grateful to Bush for "keeping the US safe for the last eight years", but you have to ignor 911 in order to do that. That said, I think you mean't the last SEVEN years, didn't you?.....Even so, you still can't prove that Bush did it......and the idea that we are "safe" while Americans are being gunned down by enemy combatants is pretty absurd anyway.

    10) - Yes, he'll have to be "lucky" too, because the hole your heros have dug for him to dig us out of is pretty damned deep.

    Is it just me or is burris making a total fool of the leftist ruling elites like reid, pelosi and obama? Kudos to diane feinstein!

    "Meanwhile, I'll keep ignoring your rather inane 'celebrity' references......" MikeH, yesterday.

    Oh, ok, no celebrity phenom here.....

    Sometimes, I think MikeH lives in a cave.

    Not only is PEBO the messiah, but a superhero to boot.

    Why did we even have an election?


    Cee: "Sometimes, I think MikeH lives in a cave......No sorry, but there aren't caves in the woods behind Walmart!

    Cee: "not only is PEBO the messiah, but a superhero to boot."......But you're obviously missing the root cause of the phenomenom: You see 'Cee', after 8 long years of being so thoroughly underwhelmed by the competance of the current POTUS, the bar for superherohood has been lowered substantially.

    Cee: "Why did we even have an election?"......Well, One reason was so that holdouts like you would begin to understand that things really HAVE changed!

    Olby Sucks: "Is it just me, or is Burris making a total fool of leftist ruling elites like reid, pelosi, and Obama?"

    It's just you!

    Olby Sucks: "Is it just me, or is Burris making a total fool of leftist ruling elites like reid, pelosi, and Obama?"

    "It's just you!"

    That was MikeH's "great" response to OS.....Well, then there's this fine synopsis of the events.....

    "You've got a popular Democratic incoming president, a Democratic lieutenant governor and secretary of state, and overwhelming Democratic majorities both in Congress and in the Illinois legislature. Everyone involved was opposed to letting Blagojevich make the pick.
    And together they still couldn't figure out a way to stop him.

    "A refresher on the timeline. After Reid sends Blago a letter co-signed by every last Democrat in the Senate warning him not to appoint anyone, the state legislature huddles and decides it's going to pass a bill making the seat subject to a special election. No bill emerges. Blago then flips Reid the bird by appointing Burris, drawing new warnings plus a rebuke from The One himself, who declares that Congress 'cannot accept an appointment made by a governor who is accused of selling this very Senate seat.' Enter Bobby Rush, demagoging the hell out of anyone who so much as looks at Burris cross-eyed. Burris shows up to Congress and is turned away, supposedly because the secretary of state refused to sign his certificate of appointment. Then he meets with Reid, who, it turns out, has gotten a phone call from Obama urging him to make this go away. Suddenly the secretary of state has a change of heart, Reid and Durbin have a change of heart, and Burris is officially the senator-designate, insisting all the while that he's never played racial politics even as he’s paraphrasing Malcolm X about being seated by any means necessary. Did I miss anything?"

    "[The Senate] cannot accept an appointment made by a governor who is accused of selling this very Senate seat." PEBO just 12 days ago.

    Oh well....political embarassment seems the only thing needed to move our next chief executive to change his mind and start the arm twisting.....what the church of SNOBamessiah wants, it gets!

    And poor Harry Reid has to eat crow....those "never, never, nerer(s)" seem to have an expiration date!

    Democrats acting badly....and MikeH?.....Ah, remember that argument about intellectual honesty?


    OS said: "Is it just me, or is Burris making a total fool out of ruling leftist elites like reid, pelosi, and Obama?"

    And then I made a reply that was as much intended to convey a little humor as anything else "It's just you!"

    Then our resident neocon zealot comes trotting along and just can't resist giving us his typically biased version of a "synopsis" of events of which I am already very well aware of.

    While I certainly do believe this whole circus has indeed made Reid look like a fool, but I've never thought very much of him anyway. However, I DON'T believe it has tainted Obama in any way, since it was always strickly a Senate matter and Obama was pretty much obliged to give lip service support to Reid as much as possible.

    How Pelosi is involved is something only OS could explain in his wildest fantasies?

    That said, I also reject the premise of a "leftist ruling elites" as a mere figment of zealots like Cee's overactive imagination.....and therefore my answer remains; "It's just you!".

    Cee: "Everyone involved was opposed to letting Blegojevich make the pick. And together they still couldn't figure out a way to stop him."

    It's called following the law and adhering to established written protocol.

    Cee, I know that it's going to be difficult for you to adjust to a leadership that, unlike the previous one, actually believes in following and enforcing the law......but try to remember that America was actually built on the principle of adherence to the rule of law.

    "It's called following the law and adhering to established written protocol."

    Then why would PEBO say, "[The Senate] cannot accept an appointment made by a governor who is accused of selling this very Senate seat," dear church of SNOBamessiah fanatic? If our newly elected President was following the rule of law, he would not have made such a sweeping statement.

    He was POLITICALLY posturing, along with Reid, and then backed down in the face of Blago's appointment, dear MikeH.....there is no other INTELLECTUALLY HONEST interpretation. There is no noble "rule of law," is a democrat party that continues its corrupt ways.

    I would look on such an event with caution, dear church of SNOBamessiah is indicative of what is truly going on in Obama's mind and not what the PR themes, rhetoric and symbolism want us all to see.....the messianic deliverer who is preordained to succeed.

    What Obama should have done if he was "noble," was to IMMEDIATELY come out (when Blago was indicted) and say a the power to appoint a Senator should be stripped from such a potentially corrupt and tainted leader and that a special election should be arranged to choose the next junior Senator from Illinois. He should have used his vast polticial capital with the HUGE DEMOCRATIC PARTY MAJORITY in Illinois to arrange for legislation to change the process.....Then Blago would have been forced to either veto such changes (which could have been over-ridden) or capitulate and look the fool instead of Reid/Obama. That would have been both a politically savy move AND the right, moral thing to do.

    Don't you see, MikeH....Obama showed his true character. He was playing along with his buddies in the Senate leadership with empty rhetoric and was out maneuvered by Blago. I think we are going to see a lot of this character flaw and may prove destructive to our nation.

    That is partly why I did not vote for Obama. He promised bold change....but it will not be true. Bold changes takes character and his political resume is lacking in examples of being bold and independent from his party. This small political dust-up over Burris is a very clear example of how Obama thinks and works.

    So, we will see the same old solutions that have been tried and have contributed to the economic, social and spiritual problems of our nation and its citizens. Capitulation to reality after the chance to make a bold statement that could have avoided such weakness is not a good way for a leader to act.....Like in chess, one should be thinking 2-3 moves down the line in making the current move.

    "I DON'T believe it has tainted Obama in any way, since it was always strickly a Senate matter and Obama was pretty much obliged to give lip service support to Reid as much as possible."

    LIP SERVICE? You are talking about the peoples' representatives being caught-up in "pay to play." Obama is will be the highest ranked public servant in our land and THAT requires him to do more than give "lip service."

    Also, you speak about "tainting," I speak to what it shows about the character and judgement of Obama. He has claimed to be fresh, new and an agent of bold action and change. Does "giving lip service" to incompetant (you even admited as such) leaders like Harry Reid illustrate a good LEADER?

    Mmmm....same old pols doing the same old thing. I have never bought into the hype that started in the campaign and continues today leading to the most expensive inauguration celebration in our history....during a time when millions of our fellow citizens are losing their jobs and facing economic hardship....that hype is wrong and leading to leadership that is ill prepared to handle our economic and security challenges these next few years. Those facts should not be lost on people who claim to be smart and logical.


    Cee: "Obama is will be the highest ranked public servant in out land and THAT requires him to do more than give "lip servise"

    What does "is will be" mean? Is he or will he be?
    Cee: "Does "giving lip service" to incompetant (you even admitted as such) leaders like Harry Reif illustrate a good leader."

    Harry Reid obviously did not know what he was talking about when he proclaimed that the Senate had the power to block a legally appointed member....Since he is the leader, it behooved HIM to have understood the law and the applicable precedents before opening his mouth. This mistake rests entirely on the shoulders of Reid.

    Finally, the "hype" surrounding this particular inauguration was not created by Obama.....Would you deny the millions of citizens who want to be part of it their day?

    It's called a typo.......

    Obama himself claimed the Senate should not seat the lawfully picked replacement. He did not quote Reid. Obama should have called a supported a special election.......

    We are going from around 50 million inauguration and a lot on the left complaining about having such a celebration during a war in 2004 to close to a possible 150 million inauguration during a time of economic hardship and war now.....the excesses of celebration and the continuing hype is indicative of the celebrity superficiality of the new president. Nevermind the hypocrisy of the once frugal left.


    ".....was not created by Obama" Oh and that's another inane conclusion that PEBO does not have any say in what is being planned and how policy is being shaped. The hype is being fed by his own website, even selling inaugural posters for $20.00 a pop!

    President Roosevelt CANCELLED extravagant balls during the depression and held much more sedate affairs respecting his fellow Americans who were struggling. PEBO? Well the church of SNOBamessiah must conduct itself like any other celebrity mission!

    And what about the carbon footprint?.....

    Oh my....the hypocrisy just continues....I wonder when all of it will crash and result in pain for us all? 2009? 2010?

    But we will always have "hope."


    ".....was not created by Obama" Oh and that's another inane conclusion that PEBO does not have any say in what is being planned and how policy is being shaped. The hype is being fed by his own website, even selling inaugural posters for $20.00 a pop!

    President Roosevelt CANCELLED extravagant balls during the depression and held much more sedate affairs respecting his fellow Americans who were struggling. PEBO? Well the church of SNOBamessiah must conduct itself like any other celebrity mission!

    And what about the carbon footprint?.....

    Oh my....the hypocrisy just continues....I wonder when all of it will crash and result in pain for us all? 2009? 2010?

    But we will always have "hope."


    Cee: "I wonder when all of it will crash and result in pain for us all? 2009? 2010?"

    Why weren't you 'wondering' about all of that during the last eight years when we were busy prosecuting an unnecessary that cost billions per month financed by debt.

    Why weren't you 'wondering' about such things when you were busy crying about how much you were paying in taxes at the same time you were rabidly supporting a war that isn't even being paid for?

    You will never have credibility with me Cee. You wanted a war, but you didn't want to pay for it. You wanted tax cuts that benifitted YOU, even if it mean't our grandchildren would have to pay for them.

    And no, you can't take any of that back now that the unregulated runaway free market economy has crashed the way it will EVERY time it is allowed to overheat and be financed by debt.

    "Unecessary war"

    The war against terror (including Iraq), like any responsible federal government expendature can be paid for with deficit spending....I have no problem with such policy and have been consistent in that opinion.

    Federal spending on pork, inaugural celebrations, wasteful social engineering, etc....yep.....cut 'em.

    And the symbolism of celebration while millions of Americans are jobless....fore shame!

    And the crash I am referring to is not just is the basic decline of our standing, our lifestyle, even our security.

    I predict the Obama administration will be incompetant. Unlike the Bush administration that saw success in keeping islamist radicals from attacking our homeland again, saw through victory in Iraq and brought us back from the Clinton recession in 2001 while handling 9/11 with tax cuts that benefited me and my family....the Obama era will be an era of malaise, increased taxes, and other trends downward, and heaven help us, possibly even increased terrorist activity.

    That is the crash I speak of, MikeH. Prepare for it.

    Cee: "The war against terror (including Iraq), like any responsible federal government expenditure can be paid for with deficit spending.....I have no problem with such policy and have been consistent in that opinion."

    But what you call "responsible", I call irresponsible ((iraq).....Is it such a shock to your system that Americans do not agree on what constitutes "responsible" tax expendatures? And what do not? Is it also beyond your capacity to understand that you just MIGHT not by correct about everything you believe to be true?
    Cee" "I predict the Obama administration will be incompetant. Unlike the Bush administration"

    Likewise, your definition of 'incompetance' is very different than mine......but YOU are clearly outgunned in today's America, just as you would have been in the early 1970s if you had clung to the ridiculous and discredited notion that there was something to 'win' in Vietnam.
    Cee: "Unlike the Bush administration that saw success in keeping Islamic radicals from attacking our homeland again."

    How absurd! - that is like arguing the fact that you made it home safely tonight is a tribute to your great driving skills.
    Cee: "and brought us back from the Clinton recession in 2001 while handling 9/11 with tax cuts that benefitted me and my family...."

    Your personal selfishness is showing again. Excessive focus on self is precisely what has brought us to this critical juncture.

    Imagine an America where everyone is thinking beyond themselves and just their own personal ambitions. That is the America that I aspire to......The one both JFK and BHO aspire to as well.
    Cee: "That is the crash I speak of, MikeH, Prepare for it."

    Your man has already caused a major "crash", and yet you don't even seem to understand how utterly ridiculous you sound in 'predictiong' that Obama will cause another one. My suspicion is that you are already blaming Bush's crash on Obama!

    Your excessive partisanship shines like a glaring spotlight when you are so comfortable referring to a "Clinton recession" while smack in the middle of a "Bush recession" that you won't even acknowledge.

    The difference between "Clinton's recession" and Bush's recession is:

    (1) - Bush's is far worse than Clinton's was.

    (2) - Bush's 'boom' was fueled by debt while Clintons much bigger boom was actually fueled by something real (Dotcom).

    (3) - Clinton left Bush with a budget surplus.

    (4) - Bush has left Obama with record debt and deficits AND a possible depression.

    Keep up you partisan rhetoric if you choose Cee, but it sounds pretty dumb to anyone smarter than your typical Sean Hannity fan!

    "But never forget that the true character of our nation is revealed not during times of comfort and ease, but by the right we do when the moment is hard." Soon to be President Barack Obama, 1/18/09

    Ok, sure....I agree 100% with the sentiment. But what about action and risk?

    What was "right" for our nation to do after removing Saddam Hussein in Iraq?.....

    "I am not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in Iraq is going to solve the sectarian violence there. In fact, I think it will do the reverse," Senator Obama 1/2007

    And Obama wanted our troops out of Iraq by the middle of 2008, almost a year ago now before the fledgling democracy could defend itself againt the enemies of freedom. Obama, along with the rest of the radical left, spewed such propaganda as part of their failed attempt to surrender Iraq to radical islamist terrorists.

    What was the right thing to do for freedom and democracy then?.....and now?

    Words during a campaign and now, brought out in a 150 million dollar extravaganza during the worst financial situation since the 1930's, are even more hollow without action and risk.....

    The imagery and themes of celebrity, pomp and "feel-good" theatre will fade away in a matter of weeks. The cult of personality that is evolving may encourage even more hubris and excess.

    Words without action and risk are the tools of politicians. Politicians make good Senators.


    "Like all who have held this office before me, I have experienced setbacks. There are things I would do differently if given the chance. Yet I have always acted with the best interests of our country in mind. I have followed my conscience and done what I thought was right. You may not agree with some tough decisions I have made. But I hope you can agree that I was willing to make the tough decisions."
    Presdident George Bush - Farewell Address 1/2009

    Yes.....I agree 100%. Action in defense of American values against the forces of despotism despite the fear and retreat of political enemies on the left desperate for power....The risk?.....Personal political popularity and Bush never showed he cared for such a superficial thing. The were much more important things at stake for him.

    Obama?......No evidence that has ever occurred, and the one big test, supporting Iraqi democracy or leaving the country to despotism, showed the exact opposite......

    Politicians versus leaders......

    Prepare for the failing of some big tests, my fellow citizens.


    Amen, President Peres.......

    "If the world had acted against Hitler the way you acted against Saddam Hussein, the lives of millions would have been saved. You made a historic contribution to the entire world and to the Jewish people in particular. We will treasure this forever and will never forget it.",7340,L-3658858,00.html

    As the fool known as Keith Olbermann once again takes unsupported and hateful pot-shots at the outgoing executive...cooler, smarter and much more braver people (who matter) have better opinions.....

    Thank you for your service, Mr. Bush.

    I too would like to take this moment in time to thank our outgoing President George W. Bush for his service and keeping America safe these past 8 years.
    Unlike to RETARDS over at A Mess NBC, they will never understand what it takes to run this country and not give it away.
    Keith Olbermann should be tried and hung for treasonist acts and basically being anti American. I personnally look forward to the day that Olby walks off the curb and gets plowed over by a bus.

    Keith Olbermann should be tried and hung for treasonist acts and basically being anti American....

    What I've been saying since the first time I ever saw this bitch's show.

    But unfortunately, because he has been protected from the same man he condemned for all those years, it will never happen.

    And I too, would like to thank the great president Bush for putting his ego behind him and for putting the country first. If not for his overwhelming loyalty and love for his country I shutter to think what may have happened if not for him.

    He truly was a man who stuck to his guns for the betterment of his country under the worst anti-American press and people this country has ever seen.

    Thankfully the new president will never have to worry about what Bush went through, as the far left media would never allow it, but it is such a shame to know that the hatred towards this great president was only because he never was a photo op guy.

    That he didn't pander to the left and their angry anti-American rhetoric, was more the reason why I will always respect him.

    I also feel that when obama gets in he too will realize that almost all of Bush's policies were ones that can't be ignored, and that he will find himself doing about the same things as Bush did, except that the media will slant them to say they are different, as not to admit that Bush was right all along.

    Here! Here! President Bush, and may you finally enjoy the rest you so deserve! Thank you for all you've done for my country...

    "Keith Olbermann should be tried and hung for treasonist acts and basically being anti American...."

    Any author of a blatantly anti-American statement like that doesn't understand what America stands for. nor do they understand what Americans fought for!

    You two think Bush was a "great" president because he followed his beliefs, and I think Keith Olbermann is a great American because he exercised his Constitutional DUTY to speak out against what he believes is wrong........and there is NOTHING written in stone anywhere that proves either one of us absolutely right or wrong.

    However, the bigger difference between us is that I would NEVER suggest that anyone be "tried and hung for treason" for speaking their beliefs about what is best for this country......and that alone makes ME the better American by far!

    The sad part is that you both claim to represent American ideals......and yet you speak exactly the opposite!

    and I think Keith Olbermann is a great American because he exercised his Constitutional DUTY to speak out against what he believes is wrong...MikeH

    Where do I start? Hmmm, let's see?...To you a great American is someone who lies with every breath he takes. Bashes the president with made up lies. Calls a true American hero (McCain) equal to the terrorists. Who lies about American troops shooting innocent cilvilians...Who worries more about an ENEMY terrorist getting rights than his own countrymen...Who totally disrespected the president simply because he was a republican...Who did ALL he could to make this country look bad no matter how many times he was proven wrong...Who sympathized EVERY TIME with the terrorists prisoners for "fear" they would be tortured, but never, not once, gave any support to our troops....Now THAT is what I call a GREAT AMERICAN!

    MikeH, you are one sick delusional anti-American asshole if you believe that the bigger asshole olbermann is a great American, and count your blessings that YOU'RE not fighting for the US while having to hear this traitors rants every night.

    And no MikeH, I don't think Bush was a great American because he followed his beliefs, I think he was a great American president because he cared FIRST about the country, and lastly about the anti-American rants from people like you and olbermann.

    He put his countries saftey first, and to hell with the anti-left's personal agenda. I only hope obama can be half as loyal.

    And, as far as anyone being "tried and hung for treason for speaking their beliefs" if you take out the "hung" you'll notice that your disgusting sick anti-American motherfucker coward hero olbermann has been saying that for years now, and not for another "newsman," but for the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! So I guess in your same sentence you went from olbershit is a great American to agreeing with me.

    The only thing sadder than your defense of this useless bitch, is how low you will go to defend him...Whitey Wipe

    Sorry Wolverine, I am NOT "agreeing" with you, because you seem to have a sickness that I cannot cure.

    You are as blind as a bat with your eyes wide open, but unfortunately your sonar is broken as well. I can't fix that....I can only stand back and stare at your words with disbelief as I read your rants, which are themselves FAR more anti American in tone than those of any of the people you say you hate.

    Your entire second paragraph was a collection of malicious lies. EVERY sentence of that paragraph was a lie even as you misused used that word to describe things you misunderstand. EVERY point you made missed the mark entirely....and THAT my friend, is exactly the point!

    To give just ONE example; for you to claim KO doesn't care about his country because he says things you don't understand only illuminates how shallow YOU are! I know this because I understand Olbermann's worldview quite well....and NOBODY loves their country more than I do.

    It all makes so much sense to you even as so many others can see right through your zealotry disquised as patriotism. You're so caught up in the religion you mistake for patriotism that you can't fathom the possibility that someone else just might be right.

    In short, you miss the forest for the trees, and you probably always will....Like I said, I can't fix that.....I can only stare with fascination at your words as I would at any other misguided fanatical sideshow.

    Hey mikeyH, is your last post which basically said blah blah blahblahblah, duh,duh,duh,duhduh, doodle doodle sniffle sniffle mean to say anything cause if if did, it sure came across as a bunch of hooey. Your "NOBODY loves their country more than I do" sure could of fooled us especially coming from someone who adores Olbermann as much as you do.

    I would never suggest that anyone be "tried and hung for treason" for speaking their beliefs about what is best for this country...MikeH

    Then WHY is olbermann, your hero, doing and saying the same thing that you condemn so much in regards to Bush, as Bush was only speaking his belief about what is best for the country?

    Like I said if you take out the "hung" is that not the EXACT philosophy that olbermann has had towards OUR president for years now? That what olbermann has been saying because of his beliefs towards the president is exactly what I am doing towards my beliefs of olberman, except that I do it on a one to one format where he does it preaching to millions?

    In other words, HE thinks the president should be tried and put away based ONLY on his beliefs, while I am doing the exact same thing based on my beliefs, and yet it's okay to you to have our president put in jail because your hero says so, but if I want the same thing done to olbermann then I'm un-American and he's not?

    So in your world ANY American who believes he's right about ANY president he disagrees with consequently then has the right to preach to millions saying that the president should go to jail, BUT if any American challenges those beliefs then he's anti-American.

    Oh Boy! I can't WAIT to see the hypocrisy jump off this page the first time someone says that obama should go on trial! Obviously to you it doesn't matter if the person who disagrees is wrong, because as you said...there is NOTHING written in stone anywhere that proves either one of us absolutely right or wrong...which simply means to be a good American, no I'm sorry a GREAT American, all one has to do is disagree with any president and then demand that they be put on trial.

    Beautiful! Just Beautiful! MikeH the ALL AMERICAN PATRIOT!!!

    You are one sorry ass excuse for a human. I can't even say American anymore, because the more you rant the more you sound like you snuck into this country.

    Wolverine: "Then WHY is Olbermann, you hero, doing and saying the same thing that you condemn so much in regards to Bush, as Bush was only speaking his belief about what is best for the country."

    To start with, Olbermann isn't my "hero", but I will ALWAYS appreciate the way he spoke out for me and many others several years ago when Rumsfeld, Bush, and others were implying that anyone who didn't support them were somehow unpatriotic. Yes.....he spoke out when other commentators were too cowardly to say what needed to be said, and I will ALWAYS admire and respect him for having done it!

    Second off, NOBODY, including Olbermann has suggested that Bush be "hung". While your follow-up sentence tried to remove that VERY critical word in which you had already wholehardily agreed on earlier, you are STILL wrong about the comparison you are trying to make.

    KO is NOT suggesting that Bush be tried for either his beliefs OR his words. He is suggesting he be tried for his unlawful ACTIONS.....If you don't understand the difference, then I can't help you! Torture is against the law!....torture is against the Constitution!.....torture is against the Geneva Convention!.....and torture is against everything America stands for!

    While I am personally ambivalent about whether or not Bush should be put on trial for breaking laws that have clearly been broken, I certainly don't blame other Americans for suggesting it either.

    Yes Wolf, I AM a patriot....whether you like the idea or not.....I am a patriot who served his country honorably in the military when asked.....and the fact that I actually understand the Constitution and American ideals better than you make me more of a patriot than you could ever be as long as your mind remains this closed.

    Since you obviously do not have the capacity to understand why so many of us are so ashamed that our country has resorted to torture as a matter of policy, just try to imagine how you would feel if you suddenly found out a member of your own family was a serial rapist, and then you might begin to understand?

    The ends do NOT justify the means!

    And if a false patriot like yourself calls me a "sorry ass excuse for a human" because I believe in asking my country to live up to it's values, then I will simply consider the source and say 'thank you'!

    I understand MikeH. I truly do. It is much MORE important to a patriot to try and punish the president of the US for advocating torture against an enemy who would kill thousands of innocent American lives to save lives, then it is to punish those who killed thousands of innocent American lives.

    I also understand that it is much better, if one is to be a true patriot, for the country to forget about 9/11 and the thousands of innocents killed, and to do all we can do to prosecute the few who were determined to prevent that from ever happening again. If they used torture to justify the means, then they are more guilty and should be the main focus of every true American on every nightime news program.

    Being that the man who prevented any other attacks against America, who just happens to be the President of the US should have no consequence, as it is good for the country to attack this same man who may have saved thousands, if one is to be a true patriot.

    I also understand, and have first hand knowledge of this as told to me by my father, that there were many WWII American soldiers who also used torture to "justify the means" and that they too should be prosecuted to the fullest. Unfortunately though, for some reason our country back then was full of anti-Americans, as I can't recall reading anywhere about them being prosecuted. I don't even have any knowledge of any great patriots calling for them to be prosecuted, and that is a shame. I guess they were too consumed with their petty anti-American rants about going after this guy Hitler to really see what a true patriot acts like. Damn!

    Well, now that the great patriot known as olbermann is so intent on going after the president, maybe we can hold out hope that his next venture into patriotism will have him going after these American vets.

    I read where Audie Murphy, the most decorated American soldier we've ever had, also dabbled in using torture to "justify the means" so maybe the great patriot olbermann can come up with slandering his name as well. That would be great!

    Oh, I guess that means (in regards to your great analogy about serial rapists) that Hitler was kinda bad, but Audie Murphy made me feel like my brother was a serial rapist. That rat! Just think how much BETTER we would be if not for the Murphy's of WWII!

    Well I'll try harder from now on MikeH, to really be a better and truer patriot the next time I see or hear about some Islamic terrorist cutting off an Americans head or hear about them killing hundreds in some suicidal attack. Instead of being outraged and sick to my stomach I will do ALL I can to seach as hard as I can to find that one American who may have used torture to justify the means, and I'll go after him with a vengeance!

    Yes, I think I finally have it! Attack verbally any American who may have saved lives if they used that hated "water torture" while making sure not to even mention all the terrorists that slaughtered innocent American lives.

    God! That was so easy to be a true patriot! Damn! If my mom was still alive I could have had her put in jail for keeping me locked up after school for a week because I beat up the kid next door, and then I could have called myself a great son. Ahh, opportunities missed. Rats!

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