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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

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    Welcome Back, Olby!

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    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    February 12, 2009
    Countdown: Thursday Recappers Thread

    Bathtub Boy

    This is the recappers' comment thread for The Hour of Spin. Will tonight bring us yet another Olbermann Special Apology? The truth will out! It falls on you--the clear-thinking readers of Olbermann Watch--to document Keith Oralmann's diseased rantings for posterity. Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (51) | | View blog reactions


    Yeah I called it, Bill-o will be on Worst for his Wicked Witch impression. I want some of that Countdown money.

    Also Laura Ingram broke KO's case on Bill before tubby could deliver. Laura told Bill the Wicked Witch of the East was the dead one, so now Bill's upset he offended the Wicked Witch of the West. ( '_')

    Likely O'Reilly Attack blue blog sources: HuffPo...
    ...or NewsSussexSpaniels.

    #4 was KO attempt to show he has journalistic standards by discrediting others. ( and after a rough week he needed that plus add Obama speaking in Springfeild he should have an easy night)

    I watched most of his "report" on Betsy McCaughey but KO didn't bring much to the table to smear Fox, Cnn, Rush, and Dredge. I was expecting more substance do discredit them, but all I saw was Betsy McCaughey on Fox news, clips of Rush's webcam. ( I didn't see any Rush clips talking about Betsy cause I had to take a leak )

    I'm guessing in the Oblyverse if you have a person who can be discredited (Betsy McCaughey ) you yourself are discredited.

    How that's worse than what KO did this week is beyond me. Cable News and Radio will bring up stories all the time that end up being nothing because they're backed up by looney's or crooney's. But KO flipfloped, misquoted, smeared, and made new friends this week.

    But that's all forgiven cause he found out Betsy McCaughey, too bad the viewers, listeners, and readers could have figured that out ourselves.

    btw I know Betsy is a croony, but the link from her to people who reporter her, I just don't get it. There are croony's on the news all the time.

    I don't even know who that is. Was that the mother of the septuplets? ... A Google search tells me "no." Her name is Bobbi. And those kids are 11 now. How about that? Oh, and the father is Kenny. Thankfully, this isn't a Nadya Suleman situation.

    What the heck was the Berney Goldberg "WPITW" point? KO links him to a deranged psycho who killed people years ago, and then states that is not right for anyone to do such a link?


    Losing it! He's losing it.

    The NH link I provided earlier might have been the source for the Bernard Goldberg attack. What exactly did Keith say? Was it over Bernie's jest that Bill should Media Matters "black dead roses"?
    By the way, just in to Media Matters is the source of what will likely be another Goldberg attack tomorrow night:
    I'd go ahead and watch the WPitW video, but I gave myself unnecessary stress and frustration. I'm not repeating that mistake tonight.a

    By the way, Worse was Sean Hannity, Worser was Another O'Reilly Attack, and Worst was Bernie.

    The Bernie attack was nuttier than squirrel turds... Some creep went on a shooting rampage and left a note that said he wanted to kill democrats or people in bernies 100 people screwing up America book. he then says considering bernies book set this man into a rampage bernie shouldn't make comments like "i'd take a baseball bat down to nytimes" and whatever the roses quote deal was about.

    To put the O'Reilly Attack in perspective, here is last night's Talking Points Memo...
    ...Top Story segment where BOR interviewed a woman that King Olbermahn must think of as Dame Courtney Martin of the Women's Media Center...
    ...the Miller Time segment featuring Dennis singing "You Are So Beautiful" to Helen Thomas...
    ...and tonight's Reality Check segment that featured a follow-up to the Martin interview:

    Now, *there's* perspective you won't get from the Hounds, from the Matters, from the Kos, from the HuffPo, and especially not on OlbyPlanet.

    "The black dead roses" thing was a joke. The point was why send fresh flowers as a gift to your enemies? That's Bernie facetious opinion and he's free to give it. The baseball bat thing was also a joke; a throwaway line. His main point that night, last Wednesday night, was the New York Times does not want to seriously discuss illegal immigration. It's all about ideological power and they'll unfairly attack, demonize, and marginalize people that stand in their way, like O'Reilly who was called a racist in Times editorial last Sunday.
    Here's the video of that segment:
    Man, I am a linking machine today. The discussion that led to the throwaway line begins with 1:30 left.

    I don't have any links, but he called rove a Turd Blossem, I know cause I was watching it again during an ad break on Burn Notice. What part of the learning process in journalism do you learn how to do that?

    You learn it from Professor (actor, radio host, and OlbyFriend) Harry Shearer on his "Songs of the Bushmen" dissertation (CD).

    I am not all that sure where Keith was going with this Betsy lady... That quote that he showed her making really didn't seem all that different. The point of the argument is the same- this health info provision does provide a "guide" for Drs to use. As with most goverment "guides", it's more like a gentle nudge that pushes a little more and more each time until it essentially becomes a mandate. If that's the route we want to go, fine, insurance cos already do it, but Ill never understand how someone looking at stats and inputs on a computer can make a better medical decision than the physcian in the room with you.

    #4 is just Olbermann fulfilling his contractual propaganda duties ... aka reading the Obama talking points.

    Funny how he's so great on pointing out when someone left out a word to change the meaning of a quote ... nothing that Olby has every done.

    Ya know, a journalist with balls who disagreed with someone's facts, a la Olby with Betsy McCaughey, might actually invite them on to challenge them and debate the topic. You know, like what Bill O'Reilly does on his much better show.

    So, I think Olby rearranged the O'Reilly quote he threw up there for WPITW.

    More interesting was his vigorous correction of O'Reilly of The Wizard of Oz. Is Olbermann outing himself as a huge Wizard of Oz fan? Is he a Friend of Dorothy?

    Burn Notice is an awesome show. I learn many more facts from that show than I have ever learned from Countdown. :-)

    did Oreilly sick his producer on LeakyLehey today?

    Also, BOR corrected himself tonight:
    The O'Reilly-Thomas-wicked witch voice controversy wasn't discussed until 1:21 left. The rest of the Week in Review from the Ingraham Angle segment was about Laura's interview with Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) Monday on her radio show. The term "young lady" was involved.

    The Burn Notice thing was about Lafinman.

    And I just don't get all the upset about O'Reilly using a "witch" voice for Helen Thomas. She is certainly old and certainly...well...not pretty. But when I think of witches, I think of the ladies from "Charmed." And those witches are HOTT!

    Yeah one of tonights tips on Burn Notice, block the blood to the brain and you can pass out in 4 seconds. I tired it out on myself, it works.

    I'm so lonely, lol

    Yes, Griff Jenkins ambushed Sen. Pat Leahy hypocritically trying to prosecute Pres. Bush for war crimes while giving Pres. Clinton a pass during the Lewinsky mess. Rep. John Conyers is in the same hypocritical position in the House, as was the subject of the January 27 T-Points Memo:
    Here's the Top Story segment with Karl Rove that followed:
    Let me just say I am sick of the Pajamagram ad I'm forced to sit through while waiting to see the videos I've linked to. The muted trumpet is infuriating.

    I had to DVR Burn Notice tonight since the wife isn't home yet and we'll watch it later, but I love that show.

    I noticed that KO called his show a "news hour" the other night. And the info screen and TV Guide call it a "newscast." Then they call The O'Reilly Factor and Maddow's show "talk." Honestly, I'm flabbergasted by this.

    Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter
    Baseball cards and his buddy's daughter
    His problems complex
    With the opposite sex
    Mister Bubble in bathtub water

    Katy, that was one of your best. Hey, great to see you again. I thought you had defected to tvnewser.

    Worst Person Bernie; WTF is KO talking about?????

    "But our winner is Bernard Goldberg; gradually devolving from shrill critic to formenter (sic) of violence."

    "And this hateful man (Atkinson) read what Goldberg wrote and decided to kill innocent people as proxies because he couldn't kill quote the 100 people in Bernard Goldberg's book."

    Followed immediately by, "None of us at any end of the political spectrum can be responsible for what the ultimately hateful or the deranged wrongly infer from our work. But the same week (THIS WEEK) it is revealed that this terrorist was partially inspired (How is one 'partially' inspired?) by Bernard Goldberg, maybe Mr. Goldberg could skip the lines about 'screw them' or the references to 'dead roses' (I might be out of touch, but to me, those two phrases do not incite violence.) or the one LAST WEEK where he said, 'I would probably have gotten a baseball bat and gone down to the NY Times with it and found the person that wrote the editorial, but that's me.' Wait till Monday until you give the next Jim Atkinson something to work with, Sir! Bernard Goldberg, today's worst person in the world."
    Holy convoluted horse hockey, Fatman! Are you channeling The Dissembler?

    Bernie>extolling violence
    Read a book>decide to kill
    Not responsible for what others wrongly infer>but Bernie inspired a terrorist
    Screw them>inspiring violence
    Dead roses>urge murder

    Bernie maybe could skip the "I would probably pick up a baseball bat..." line in he gave in an answer to O'Reilly's hypothetical scenario, "What if you were me and..." made LAST WEEK because it was revealed THIS WEEK a madman read his book "and decided to kill innocent people."

    But, if Bernie had waited for a Monday to inspire deranged killers, it would have been OK with KO.

    I must admit, there are times when I watch CD, I feel the urge to commit mayhem.

    ....By Lafinman on February 12, 2009 10:26 PM
    I don't have any links, but he called rove a Turd Blossem, I know cause I was watching it again during an ad break on Burn Notice. What part of the learning process in journalism do you learn how to do that?

    It's generally known that the nickname "turd blossom" was given to Rove by our illustrious 43rd President, GW Bush.

    Ramjet, somehow I'm reminded of Edward R Olbermann's solution on how to get Hillary Clinton out of the Presidential race: she goes into a room with a man and only he comes out.

    Gee, do you think that might be 'formenting' violence?

    Countdown is starting to bug me

    By Michael

    "I am really seeing a need for a format change at Countdown.

    He just can't keep doing "Bushed" all the way through the Obama administration, and the only way he can keep talking about politics that don't matter for an hour a day is making up these bogeymen--giving tons of free airtime to Republicans and Rush Limbaugh, who really should be ignored--at least on Countdown.

    The stimulus package was going to pass--an analysis of what was going in and out would have been useful, but the covereage we got wasn't... just stomach turning video of frothy mouthed Republicans. I am so sick of Bill O'Reilly gossip--I really don't care!

    Just give me some information that is useful, or tell me about the fires in Australia, or some new solar plant, or a new hybrid car--give me something but sleezebucket politicians! Give me something I CAN talk about tomorrow, not just the same show over and over!!!

    i am just sensing the show is in a giant, formulaic, rut.

    I have to watch them a day or more delayed from O.O. so I am writing this after Feb 10's -- and it seemed like he was mentioning Bill O'Reilly thoughout the whole show.

    The Rut:

    5. What did Obama Do Today.

    4. What did the GOP or Rush Limbaugh do Today?

    3. Bushed

    2. What did Bill O'Reilly do today?

    1. Fluff--mainly "octomom", but if someone makes fun of O'Reilly, and there is video, there it is.

    Keith is still my man, but that is phoning it in."

    Before reading any comments I was pretty sure that Michael would be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail. However, Michael's point seemed to find quite a receptive audience.

    Will wonders never cease!

    Grammie, I agree. I would add his tired ending of each show. " ..on this, the XXXXX day since the previous Administration declared 'Mission Accomplished'...blah blah blah".


    I'd totally forgotten that.

    I suppose if some hateful man heard LoBloKO say that and decided to beat up an innocent woman by proxy because he couldn't beat up Hillary Clinton, that would make Fatman a worst person in the world, unless, of course, he said it on a Monday.

    It's possible I misheard the Mound of Sound. He might have said "But our winner is Bernard Goldberg; grad usally devolving from shrill cricket to Faux mentor of violence." I'll have to check the official transcript to check the fats.

    There's the Hillary reference but does anyone remember when KO beat the daylights out of an Ann Coulter doll. Guess that wouldn't serve as inspiration for one of his loony viewers.

    lol great now I got an image of Will Ferrel doing a Bush impression using the phrase turd blossem over and over again in my head lol ( I love his impression )

    But yeah good point J$. But for me when BOR was getting railed by that womans group this week, all I could think of is all the non-sexist things KO's has done to Hilary, Anne, and his dream girl Palin.

    And Grammie I loved the link. I thought Micheal would get destroyed as well when I was reading the replies. My faith in the internet grew 3 sizes today.

    Could there ever be a base opportunistic low-blow and heartless line of attack against an Olbermann critic, that Keith would consider beneath himself to take?

    I've never seen one. The man is utterly shameless.

    Via the transcript:
    Last Thursday, a speech by President Obama was covered by Fox News and CNN, but not MSNBC. Oralmann's Special Education Komment superceded that. This week, last night, "Countdown" *did* partially alter their plans to cover a live speech by the President.
    But in the Media Matters Minute, which got bumped to #1, here's what happened:
    Worse was Sean Hannity. Likely blue blog source: Media Matters.
    "The bronze to the Manatee [Ding!]. On Tuesday, the Senate Republican Communications Center issued a press release incorrectly tracking the growth of the stimulus plan. A Fox Noise [Ding!] meat puppet..." Real nice, Oralmann. Real nice. The unfortunate victim of that attack was Jon Scott. " it almost verbatim on the air, complete with a typo, from the press release." That is also courtesy of Media Matters. "Now Hannity has done the same thing on the radio, claimed he discovered it. Discovered it in the pile of propaganda [Ding!] they pass through him everyday like Fois Gras through a goose."

    Worser was Another O'Reilly Attack! We gave you the blue blog source earlier in the thread.
    "The runner up is Bill-O the Clown [Ding!], Bill-O the scared Clown [Ding!], apparently, rattled enough by the backlash from his having compared correspondent Helen Thomas to a witch to open his show last night with an elaborate self-defense of his snotty remarks about her, and then do two more segments on it later. The Bill O'Reilly show about Bill O'Reilly." Another (partial) Olbermann Lie! The segment with Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and Larry Elder was mostly about (via "Protecting ourselves from the bailout?"

    Miller Time also covered A-Rod's admission that he took performance enhancing drugs from 2001 to 2003, after saying in a "60 Minutes" interview in December 2007 that he never took them, and President Obama stopping the trial of the man responsible for the USS Cole bombing.

    But anyway, "Tuesday, he said of Thomas‘ question at the presidential news conference, “it is like the Wicked Witch of the East. If I were Obama, I would have poured water on her and she would have dissolved. What is her name, the old lady? Helen Thomas.”" First of all, Man on Fan is parsing. Second, Another Olbermann Lie! The joke came on Monday in a segment with Alan Colmes. Herr Olbermann repeated the lie in the next sentence. "Wednesday he said of what he had said about her Tuesday, “I didn‘t call her a witch. I said her voice sounded like—and I did the voice. That was clear.” Three segments of him saying this again and again." And one of them was an interview with Courtney Martin of the Women's Media Center. So, King Olbermahn didn't even promote Ms. Martin to Damehood. He just made her the invisible woman! That's right. On OlbyPlanet, the eeevil O'Reilly was made to look like a paranoid delusional man talking to himself for 42 minutes (without commercials). Then, Monkeymann patronized his Olbsession. "Bill, you are saying you were only comparing Helen Thomas' voice to the voice of the Wicked Witch of the East in the movie the “Wizard of Oz?” You do realize that in the movie, we never hear the voice of the Wicked Witch of the East, right? She is the one who got squashed when Dorothy‘s house landed on her. Nice try, Billy."
    Well, Keithy, 40 minutes before your patronization, Laura Ingraham corrected Bill herself. Nice try there, Sparky.

    Finally, for Worst, Fat Ass--a man that wished death on the current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton--nominated legendary reporter and author Bernard Goldberg, a Fox News Contributor and correspondent for HBO's "Real Sports." And he likely did it with theatrical indignation and faux outrage minus bombast.
    "But our winner is Bernard Goldberg, gradually devolving from shrill critic to fomenter of violence. Responding to the critics of Bill-O's [Ding!] jokes at Helen Thomas, he lost it. “Screw them. Screw them,” he said. “They are unimportant people. They are throwing spitballs at battleships.” O'Reilly then said he wanted to send a cake to his critics. Bernard Goldberg then said “you should send them flowers, black, dead roses.”
    It would seem as if Mr. Goldberg would be well taken to tamp down the references to violence and battles and death right now. Just this week, a the letter left by murderer Jim David Atkinson (ph), intended as a suicide note, was released by the authorities." Yada yada yada. "The book came out four years ago and was called “The 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America.” Goldberg included Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Anna Nicole Smith, Ken Lay, Michael Savage and Phil Donahue. This hateful man read what Goldberg wrote and decided to kill innocent people as proxies, because he couldn‘t kill, quote [Ding!], “the 100 people in Bernard Goldberg‘s book.”
    None of us at any end of the political spectrum can be responsible for what the ultimately hateful or the deranged wrongly infer from our work. But the same week it is revealed that this terrorist was partially inspired by Bernard Goldberg, maybe Mr. Goldberg could skip the lines about screw them or the reference to dead roses, or the one last week where he said, “I would probably have gotten a baseball bat and gone down to the ‘New York Times‘ with it and found the person that wrote the editorial, but that's me.”
    Wait until Monday until you give the next Jim David Atkinson something to work with, sir. Bernard Goldberg, today‘s worst person in the world."

    Oh, God, why me? At least I didn't have to hear Krazy Keith say this or see him recite all that.

    I hope NewsBusters does a story on the latest Goldberg attack at some point today or this weekend.
    As I said last night, the blue blog source is in place for another attack tonight re: throwing Oreos.

    Nobody "lost it" on Wednesday night. If anybody's "lost it," it is Krazy Keith Oralmann.

    I forgot to mention that the segment with Bernie was mostly about the rave reviews critics are giving Will Ferrell's one-man show as President Bush. So, that makes it completely Another Olbermann Lie!

    From Dupper, one of the Dummies at DU:


    "You'd hear that people are dreaming of having sex with Pres. Obama?

    Yeah, and Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann said, 'What? You too?'"

    I've thought even further: why should every right-leaning (or supposedly right-leaning independent) person be held responsible for one lone random nut?

    The connection between Bernie Goldberg and the nut that went on the murderous rampage is the exact same connection Charles Manson had with the Beatles. In other words, there is zero connection. Get real, mouth breathing liberal wussies.
    Now, if you want to have fun criticizing a percieved conservative, go after the Fox News editor who was fired after being caught with kiddy porn. You have my permission. (linked from Johnny Dollars Place).

    If KO wants to blame Goldberg for what some nut did then maybe we should blame Al Gore fro the actions of the Unibomber since Gore's book "Earth in The Balance" was found in his home. New Murrow indeed.

    can we bring back the mister-meter or whatever the deal was that measures olbys manhood at uber pantywaste limp?

    Today Chuck Todd blogged on msnbc about the lack of press access to Obama. This now makes 2 of the Big-Three news outlets as having problems with the Obama transparency (ABC & Trapper too). What are the chances Olbs discusses this? I'll say ZERO chance. I've been thinking about this for a few days now, but have any nbc reporters appeared on countdown lately? I really think Keith is creating the Olby alone on an island senario all over again. We know this has plagued him his entire career, why would now be any different?

    Andrea Mitchell and Brian Williams certainly aren't beating a path to Countdown's door. Chuck Todd made an appearance recently, but looked uncomfortable, frankly. Keith didn't know how good he had it when Dana Millbank brought his journo cred to the program.

    That's what I'm getting at Dan. If KO were "the guy" for anchoring all breaking news as he claims it would seem like reporters would want to break their stories there. Instead we get 1-Richard Wolfe. 2-Jon Alter. 3- Howard Fineman. 4-Jon Turley. 5. Random comedian. 6. Russell Tice/Joe Wilson/John Dean/Richard Clarke/Scott McClellan or any other guy pushing an anti-republican book.

    And Courtney Martin could have easily complained to Keith. But she went to "the #1 cable news show for eight years and counting, 'The O'Reilly Factor.'"

    As soon as the words, "Good evening Keith," come out of a mouth of a guest on Countdown, that person takes a severe chance of losing all their credibility. Just look at that runt, Wolff. Zero percent credibility. Then there is Fineman. I used to like him on CNN's Capital Gang in the 90's. He was informative, fair and made thoughful comments. However, once he started working in the Ministry of Propaganda, Goebbels-Olberwomann turned Fineman into his bitch. You can actually see it in his eyes that he never felt his career would get to this point. I'm sure his early childhood journalistic dreams were of a reporter covering big stories and uncovering scandals (on both the left and right.) Now he's just a sock puppet for an EXTREME left wing loon.

    Its kind of sad

    Tonight Olbermann will cite to a USAToday/Gallop poll for support of his investigate bush for torture campaign. He'll say something like "a majority want investigations into torture". Howver, if you go to Gallops website the headline CLEARLY says there is NO mandate for torture investigations. Personally, I think there is something fishy about the poll, but either way the spin MSNBC (Matthews has done it 2 days in a row) puts out is just flat out misleading.

    Don't get me started on how Chris Matthews has become bitter. It's getting harder to watch him as he nearly screams for a Bush hangin'

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