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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

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    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    February 2, 2009
    Keith Olbermann Jeered by SuperBowl Fans! (Monday Recappers Thread)

    And what's more, when he caught sight of Fox's Brian Kilmeade, Herr Olbermann turned tail and ran off. Can you say sissy?

    Here's the complete video the above was taken from:

    Use this thread for tonight's recapping of The Hour of Spin. Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (60) | | View blog reactions


    Who's gonna be Worst Person in the World? Place yer bets!


    Olberwomann indeed

    Pansy. Olby will name F&F as worser and the fans who jeered him as the WPITW. What a sissypants.

    What he will do is this. Someone from probably KOS will blog over there about "hey KO, Fox n Friends were talking about you today saying you ran away when you saw Kilmeade is that true?"

    Then on countdown tonight, KO will spin it saying, well I tried and he walked away or some lame thing like that. But we'll see.

    nice video post, thanks :)

    Brian Kilmeade. Tonight's WORST ... PERSON ... IN THE WORLD!

    Goebbels-Olberwomann and that weasel Wolff are doing Obama's bidding and protecting fellow tax-cheat Dashle.

    Olberwomann even said that Obama "isn't strongly behind Dashle" since these revelations came out. Well, looks like the Minister of Propaganda is caught in a lie.

    Here's a link to a Reuters article that says:

    During a meeting with Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas, Obama was asked if he still supported Daschle.

    "Absolutely," Obama replied. (Reporting by Caren Bohan; Editing by Eric Walsh)

    This exchange should have it's own seperate thread on OW tomorrow.

    did anyone else catch Dan Patrick's BillO comment that he made to Olbs yesterday? It was during the Superbowl pregame show. Patrick was trying to joke about Keiths knowledge of politics and Keith tried to be "funny Olbs" and acres like he was clueless on the topic. Dan Patrick responded " and somewhere Bill O'Reilly is smiling". Olbs turned red.

    damn. Olbs mustve seen my post and added the segment to the end. Anyway, I'm off to vomitt now after having to watch that shakey home video olbs mad. I wonder why he was show shakey, maybe he really was scares of the crowd. And I never want to join Olbs inside a johnny ever again. Poor toilet.

    Was he really Worst, A47?

    By the way, tonight, "The Factor" debuted new graphics, new music cues, a new set (the old "Fox Report" wing of Studio E), and...a switch to HD! Guess who's still in SD? Yep, Keith SD Olbermann.

    Keith must be losing his hearing
    The Super Bowl fans were jeering
    It can't be debated
    Keith's widely hated
    And his viewers are disappearing

    The "Countdown" website shows that a guy that said a certain company would be "a good investment going forward" last summer was in the #5 segment tonight. This man has reason to hate our humble correspondent as much as Man on Fan. Who is this person? ... Rep. Barney Frank!
    For those that watched, did either of them bring up O'Reilly?

    I also saw on the page--without watching the videos, of course--that Glenn Beck was Worser in WPitW, and David Duke was Worst for trashing new RNC Chairman Michael Steele. Likely blue blog source: not Politico, but Krazy Keith's own blog.

    As for Beck, the likely blue blog source was Media Matters.
    If that was the source, Keith made a regurgitation reference of his own, along with the regular arsenal of smears.

    Worse looked like more than one person. Who were they?

    Watching the replay. I don't know why. In the lead-in he was showing people at the Super Bowl cheering him as he took a leak in one of the port-a-potties. Now that has to be an ego booster.

    Barney, Barney the Frankfurter man looked at his shoes during the whole interview. I was taught that is a sign of a dishonest person.

    The Wolfman says the Messiah is taking the position that the end justifies the means with respect to the Daschle nomination. He is saying it as if that is a morally defensible method of doing things. Now what very bad people in history had the same approach to things? Isn't it wonderful when you are on the side of true goodness and the usual rules of honesty and integrity are irrelevant because they just interfere with what needs to be done for the people.

    Just caught the end of it. You'd think a guy who makes millions would be able to afford a camera with a stability feature. Or if it did, you'd expect someone from Cornell to figure out how to use it.

    I lol'd that a golf cart was his choice of transportation, he couldn't keep a Segway balanced and walking is for poor people. Nice shot of him sweating like crazy after hammering one nail.

    It reminded me of the 8mm film Ed Murrow shot of himself at the 1958 NFL Championship Game.

    I should actually "This reminds me of..." since I wouldn't dare watch the video. Thankfully, I saw very little of Keith during the Super Bowl XLIII telecast. But then again, I hardly watched the pregame marathon...I mean show.

    To briefly go back to the new look of "The Factor," Spud gave his take at ICN:

    Mike C.,

    I miss the hell out of you over at JD's Place.

    I've very likely made a mishmash out of every luminary's name and quote and there's no one around with your brilliant eye for detail and near photographic memory to help me.

    No, Brian Kilmeade was not WPITW.

    But WPITW was especially ironic.

    Bronze goes to sports columnists Pete Doherty and Ted Cox for saying that NBC sideline reporter Alex Flanagan shouldn't have quoted F. Scott Fitzgerald during the Super Bowl by saying "There are no second acts in American lives," but here's Kurt Warner back in the big game.

    The ironic part came when Keith insulted them by saying another Fitzgerald quote: "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still maintain the ability to function." He tells them "In your case boys I wouldn't worry about that." Since when has Olby ever demonstrated that he even cares about an opposing viewpoint to his own, let alone demonstrated the ability to carry one in his head? Or function, for that matter. Gotta love that about Keith ... his unending ability to insult himself without even realizing it.

    Runner up to Glenn Beck. First for ripping clean coal technology in the stimulus bill after supporting it in the election. Then, in a pale imitation of Beck, KO reads a quote about Beck making light of the acronym BARF: Bad Asset Repository Fund, and then criticizes Democrats for not realizing how silly the name of the bill is. KO says Democrats didn't come up with the name, some other reporter did. This bit'o'propaganda comes straight from Media Matters:

    KO tries a cheap joke at the expense of Beck, "who research studies indicate devotes exactly 0.0007 seconds of thought to each of his ideas."

    As opposed to you, Keith, devoting even less time than that to an idea? Or skipping the thought altogether and just reading what Media Matters posted about this?

    And Worst to David Duke for his long racist diatribe about the Republicans installing Michael Steele as RNC Chairman. According to the quote KO posted, Duke rips Steele, calling him "Obama Junior," a racist and a false Republican, and said the Republicans who put him in were traitors to the party, and that if the Republican Party, which he called "the last major party of white redoubt" does not rid itself of this "abomination," then over the next four years there would be a revolt in the party, or Duke would take 90% of the party and form a new party to replace it.

    KO let's the quote stand on its own, then with that smug babyface smirk makes some cheap jokes at the expense of Republicans in general:

    "Gonna take 90% of the Republicans with you, huh? You gonna fit all 18 of them in your car or are you getting cabs or what?" As if McCain didn't still get 60 million votes in the last election

    Then KO says David Duke "could even make Republicans look good," thus once again exposing his huge unfettered bias for the umpteenth time.

    Leave the comedy to the Daily Show, douchebag.

    Then in the top story he shows home video he shot from the Super Bowl, which included some Blair Witch style footage of him trapped in a portapotty, and other shots exposing his Humpty Dumpty esque girth. And he shows this false humility about "why'd they let us on the field?"

    Why indeed

    No mention of O'Reilly in the Barney Frank segment. It was basically just a smear corporations segment, with Barney repeating a lot of the things he said on O'Reilly which Billo challenged and KO would not.

    A better (free-thinking) journalist might have challenged Barney Frank on his statement on ABC's "This Week" that he "Never saw a tax cut fix a bridge."

    What an a-hole. This guy needs to be thrown out of congress and the members of his district who keep voting him in should be stripped of their voting rights. Ridiculous.

    As for the Ends justifying the means. Funny thing is the Democrats would slam Republicans about anti-terror policy such as wiretaps and such by saying the ends don't justify the means, ie keeping us safe is not worth what they perceive to be an intrusion into personal liberties (though it isn't).

    This economic stimulus package is basically an analogue to the Iraq War resolution, with the parties switched. Dems accused Bush of using the war on terror as an excuse to pursue a long-time wish to invade Iraq.

    Now the Democrats are using the economic crisis to pursue long-standing dreams of socialist experimentation. And they are telling Democrats what Republicans were saying about Iraq. That if you aren't on board, you are rooting for the country to fail.

    The difference being that when Democrats denounced Iraq, the media supported them, but when the Republicans denounce the socialist-stimulus bill, the media labels them obstructionist.

    The cycle continues ...

    "All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again."

    Good news! We get a two-day vacation from the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. Slippery Shuster (aka Robin) will be filling in for Bathman today and tomorrow.

    I didn't even know David Duke was still around or relivent these days. Good thing the media was on top of that. Too bad even the Republicans know David Duke, once a Democrate, is a looney.

    Cece, I miss commenting over there, too, as I miss commenting at other media blogs. But I just can't go back. If I do, Patrick and the rest of the trolls will come back, too.

    Via the transcript, there was a minor O'Reilly Attack in #1.
    "OLBERMANN: Of course, not all the moments required pocket cams. We take you back to the pregame show and my tag team partner, Mr. Patrick.
    PATRICK: Politics.
    OLBERMANN: Polamalu.
    PATRICK: Somewhere, Bill O'Reilly is smiling. You are watching our Super Bowl pregame coverage on NBC.
    OLBERMANN: The great line always occurs too late. What I should have told him then was, and I don't know who that is either."

    The same line he told Joy Behar on "The View" a few months ago, which garnered wild cheers and applause from the partisan audience.

    Mike C, what you didn't see by not watching the video was that Dan Patrick was actually taking a dig at Olbermann, and Olbermann's face kind of contorted and he got a little flustered, and then held his microphone up in jest as if he were about to club Dan Patrick for saying that.

    Patrick was trying to get Olby to talk about the parallels between the Steelers and Cardinals and Obama (rooting for the Steelers) and McCain (from Arizona).

    Olby was being all coy about it, as if he were some expert on the subject pretending not to know what Patrick was talking about.

    But Olbermann an expert on politics? Well, Olby's a bit like E.B. on "Deadwood." You can call yourself the mayor and wear a fancy suit and a badge and strut around, but you really don't know jack shit.

    By johnny dollar on February 3, 2009 3:08 PM
    "Good news! We get a two-day vacation from the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. Slippery Shuster (aka Robin) will be filling in for Bathman today and tomorrow."

    What??? Is Keithee stuck in the port-o-potty?

    It's the same vacation Brian Kilmeade got, as referred to at the end of yesterday's After the Show Show. Sadly, SD Olbermann will be back on Thursday to resume trashing his enemies via blue blog sources.
    With regard to Dan Rooney, Bus, and Franco Harris endorsing/campaigning for Obama, I take solace in one thing: Lynn Swann was a McCain supporter. Hooray for Swanny! :D

    Wow! You all have discovered that Keith Olbermann has put on weight:
    --"is heavy"
    --"attempts to cover his blubber"
    --"Humpty Dumpty esque girth"
    --"the Great Bloated One"
    --"fat ass"

    What insight! How relevant!

    You guys are almost as good at insults as second graders!

    A two day "vacation" with Shuster? I sure hope America47000 stays on the job. Shuster is almost as unwatchable as KO.

    A two day "vacation" with Shuster? I sure hope America47000 stays on the job. Shuster is almost as unwatchable as KO.

    So, no Jimmy Legs to try and explain how Dachle's withdrawing is Bush's fault? or Fox's fault? or O'Reilly's fault?

    Or how x number of Republicans didn't pay taxes?

    Two weeks in and Olbermann already can start doing the replacement segment for "Buuuushed"......."Obamaaaaaaad."

    Robert. Got your e-mail on the New Rochelle thing. Sent the following e-mail to Richard the "Lion Hearted" the Principal/Superintendent.

    Richard. Congratulations. You are clearly a master at the education process. The ends do justify the means don't they. Why would an educator encourage kids to think for themselves about an election when you as the master of all you see can lead them to electoral nirvana? The motto of my college alma mater was "And the Truth Shall Set you Free". I assume that is not a creed that is in your personal lexicon. You who have the fragile minds of young children to deal with are a clear disgrace to the honorable profession of teaching.

    SA, "Fat Ass" was an insult Keith used for Roger Ailes two years ago.

    Just so you know 99% of all psychopharmaceuticals have one common side effect, "Weight Gain"!

    Heavier the dosage - heavier the person!

    /I'm just sayin look at the facts
    //proofs in the puddin

    Cece, I miss commenting over there, too, as I miss commenting at other media blogs. But I just can't go back. If I do, Patrick and the rest of the trolls will come back, too.

    By Mike C.Author Profile Page on February 3, 2009 5:11 PM

    Oh, hell, Mike, who cares. No one minds! We miss you!

    Please come on back. I'll handle trolls.

    Mike C!

    No, I don't think personal attacks are any more entertaining even if spoken by Keith Olberman!

    SA, you're new here? Olberwomann is the King of Name-calling: "Slut" (Paris Hilton), "Man" (Ann Coulter), "suitcase full of rocks" (co-worker Rita Cosby), "Ann Coulter's cunt" (emailer), the countless Bill-O, Bush, Cheney, and Palin insults... you get the idea.

    So when the Great Bloated One shows his fat-ass on TV, his blubbery Humpty-Dumpty-esque girth will be appropriately jeered in kind.

    Sarcasm... look it up.


    Other common side effects of weight gain are HEREDITY and ILLNESS.

    Well when he comes back he'll have new Palin material. This time Ashley Judd is going after the Republican that scares them all. So KO will probably join in with Judd, maybe even have her on. Because nothing strokes his ego more than Palin bashing and celebraty's who agree with him.

    And yes we bash KO's weight gain only because he's never held back making fun of other people's weight in the past. The Karma Police got him on that one.

    Finally to add to Dan Patrick taking a jab at KO. Who better than one of his few friends who isn't dead yet ( remember KO seems to be friends with a lot of people who've passed on and carry's emails with him ) If anything it should've been a wake up call for KO on how full of it he is when even one of his best friends doesn't take his expertise seriously.


    So, you dislike Olbermann calling people names. So you call HIM names. That's not sarcasm, just stupid. Does nothing to promote any argument you have against him.

    BTW, on the Dan Patrick supposed "jab" at Olbermann, I saw it as a loosely pre-rehearsed bit. Patrick was not needling him and Olbermann clearly was not surprized or offended. They were both just haaving fun.

    Hey SA, are you for real? Dan Patrick and FAT ASS did not rehearse that particular bit that we all saw as everyone watched FatAss's jaw drop with nothing to come back to Patrick with other than Fat Ass getting ready to club Patrick with the microphone.

    Yes OLBY FANS, old Fat Ass's days are numbered, his ratings are dwindling faster than you can say Hurricane Katrina. I'll bet cha that these past few days that Fat Ass has been off, he's been over at Jenny Craig or Curves working on that pregnant belly of his.


    That's ridiculous. Olbermann was joking around and CLEARLY NOT upset by Patrick. At all.

    You anti-Os are so invested in hating him, I would expect that you'd WANT his ratings to stay up. Without Olbermann, there is not OlbermannWatch. Lot of work down the drain.

    You already have your replacement liberal media person to go after?

    Obermann was caught flat footed by the comments.

    The bit didn't seem rehearsed. Olby seemed caught offguard by the jab. He practically admitted as much with the "had a thought of it, here's what I would have said" remark once he was back on his show.


    Referring to Krazy Keith as "bloated" or "fat-ass" isn't name-calling,,, it's a statement of fact, And calling him "Krazy Keith"? Keith admits to seeing a psychiatrist regularly. Go figure.


    Seeing a psychiatrist regularly DOES NOT MEAN someone is crazy. But of course, you do know that. It just gives you another opportunity to call Olbermann a new name.

    And dennis and America"

    Whatever Olbermann does or says, you will ALWAYS be predisposed to find something negative about his behavior. That is why you are posting on this site. Olbermann could rescue a kitten from a burning building and at least 12 people here would have 12 different theories as to what actually happened and his Olbermann's ulterior motive.

    I prefer to stay on the sidelines of this site, but people like SA really get to me. All they do is bash the people who run and post on this site and can never tell us why we shouldn't insult Keith Olbermann.

    SA you clearly don't get the point of this site. The day Olbermann stops lying and comforting the enemies of America is the day this site goes down and when that day comes we'll all be happy we don't have to post on this site anymore.

    If you knew anything about Olbermann you'd know he's not the type of person to save a kitten for selfless reasons. He is a coward who lies for ratings he doesn't get. Maybe the name calling is out of control, but since you think Olbermann is so great it shouldn't bother you considering your boy does it all the time.

    Instead of telling everyone how childish we are for insulting Olbermann give us one reason why we should praise him. Until then go somewhere else.

    Perhaps SA should check out the Olbersaurus. After all, SA is really, strongly opposed to name calling...

    SA, what's to stop us from just saying you are predisposed to find something positive about his behavior?

    I am not predisposed to find something negative about him (I believe you are referring to political bias). I actually remember Olby from his days as a sports reporter here in L.A. at KCBS, before he went to ESPN. I was actually a FAN of the guy. So when I stumbled across Countdown a few years ago, I thought the format was clever, and I knew Olbermann, so I gave the show a whirl. Of course, when I stumbled on it he was showing stuff like Oddball and WPITW, which wasn't all about politics back then. I didn't watch regularly, but over time the bile and hatred and anger the man festered for the Bush administration shone through more and more, the show, and Keith, were no longer "fun." He was trashing my America, and I can't let that go by without a challenge.

    When during the Democrat convention he tried to say something about Stephen Douglas, saying he was not a Democrat but a Republican, though Douglas was a Democrat, I laughed at the blatant historical error and took to the net to see if anyone else called him on it. And I found this place.

    And since this line of conversation started with differing analysis of the Dan Patrick jab, let me just say that if that Dan Patrick bit was rehearsed then there are a lot of people at NBC with way too much time on their hands.

    I used to be a Keith fan, too. His current persona put an end to my fandom. Thank goodness for OlbyWatch.

    "All they do is bash the people who run and post on this site and can never tell us why we shouldn't insult Keith Olbermann."
    1) I DO GET the point of this site. (Really! "Persecuting Keith Olbermann since...")
    2) There is absolutely NO REASON to "praise him," and I'm not asking you to!
    3) "...people like SA really get to me." On other sites I've posted, this would not be considered "bashing" anyone. I haven't seen anyone on this site that isn't capable of holding their own against me... or anyone else.
    4) "Until then go somewhere else." So sorry, I can't do that. See, Mr. Cox has this "open posting" policy: "Olbermann Watch... that keeps KO fans and critics alike coming back for more. With a... wide-open commenting policy everyone gets a say!"

    "What's to stop us from just saying you are predisposed to find something positive about his behavior?" Other than stating the obvious, nothing! Good grief, of course I am pro-KO! And, believe it or not, I don't agree with everything KO and I have found points of agreement with some of the posts on this site. But I do respect your personal reasons for not liking the guy, you write well and to the point.

    This the first time i posted, I gave an opinion as to what i observed YOU seem to think that no one should attack the person. Well i watched him for several months HE IS A JERK (now i attacked him). He twist the turth to fit his realm of reality, He has his wpitw segement which allows him to attack people he does not like. what he said at the republic convention was pathic. He gives liberal a bad name.

    johnny dollar!

    OK, I'll bite. But what is an "Olbersaurus" and where can I FIND IT?

    "Other than stating the obvious, nothing! Good grief, of course I am pro-KO!"

    I just meant that all too often people post a blatant opinion that couldn't be countered factually but just stating the obvious claim. This creates a back and forth that doesn't usually go anywhere and gets people pissed off for no good reason. I prefer a heathier exchange of ideas, with the occassional good-natured jab of course.

    Full disclosure ... I often refer to KO as "Douchebag," which is kind of an in-joke to me though many who post here agree with it. It's a reference in my own mind to a so-called Liberal friend (Obama supporter who isn't too sure about all the details of politics) who, during a discussion of TV news, referred to Olbermann as a Douchebag. Since he agrees with things Olby says (Bush should be tried for war crimes), I took the comment as a reference to Olby's process and personality, not his statements.

    The link was to the Olbersaurus page here on OlbyWatch, SA.

    So SA, the point of you being here is to bash us for bashing Olbermann even though he deserves to be bashed. Whatever, it's your time. Though I did notice you couldn't give me one good point about the man.

    Mike C!

    Ha! Found it! Thank you, I didn't even NOTICE the link. Has something to do with working on the computer all day and doing the same at night! Read it.

    OLBERSAURUS is a clever name and people put alot of work into it.

    By cjflan32
    "...the point of you being here is to bash us for bashing Olbermann even though he deserves to be bashed." Um, not. A futile proposition- outnumbered and outposted. (Besides, the guy makes $7 million, he can afford to pay to have someone defend him.)
    "I did notice you couldn't give me one good point about the man." OK. His mom still likes him.
    Seriously though, I would not post here what it is I like about KO, in the unlikely event that I might come up with yet another reason to hate KO that you hadn't though of.
    BTW, since you have mentioned "bash/bashing" several times. Looked up the old definition (the way I meant it) but wiki has a current, much harsher version: "Bashing is a harsh, gratuitous, predjudicial attack on a person, group or subject." In the event you are much younger than me (a good bet) and this is how you took my comments, then, I APOLOGIZE TO YOU.

    And, in the future I will strive to live up to the gentlemanly rule of discourse as voiced so nicely by...

    "I just meant that all too often people post a blatant opinion that couldn't be countered factually but just stating the obvious claim. This creates a back and forth that doesn't usually go anywhere and gets people pissed off for no good reason. I prefer a heathier exchange of ideas, with the occassional good-natured jab of course."
    Douchebag comment: "...I took the comment as a reference to Olby's process and personality, not his statements." Sounds fair enough to me.

    EVERYONE: I would have though this worthy enough to be on this site, but... Follow the link, look for No. 37.

    SA, that's a humorous bit. I just think most people around here would disagree with its basic premise that Olby is "a person who adopts mostly correct positions"



    1) Which is considered to be more proper? Continuing to post in the same "day" slot as I have been continuing to do or always commenting in the MOST current day slot? Does it make a difference?

    2) About the Comments posting box there is a notation that "You may use HTML tags for style." Yet I haven't seen anyone here use any of them and I have tried and failed. On such a well-maintained site, I can't imagine the line being there if this WASN'T a feature, but, technology is not always my friend. Do you know the answer to this.

    MY LINK: OK, I knew the line about KO being "a person who adopts mostly correct positions" was IN there, but I took it as a thinly veiled slam at KO, implying that he is not an original thinker, but someone who "adopts" whichever position that he figures will do him the most good. (Or, I could be wrong!)

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