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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    February 7, 2009
    Olbermann's Latest Lie: Doctoring Quotes Again!

    Bathtub Boy
    Notes on Last Night's "Worst Person in the World"...

    The bit on Rupert Murdoch served two purposes for Keith, since picking on one media organization's profits being down when all companies are losing money is blatantly unfair (with Keith admitted):

    1. Keith wanted to brag that his and Maddow's shows were the only news shows that exceeded revenue projections. Which makes one wonder either how little faith NBC actually has in Keith and Maddow, or that NBC is lying about the expectations.

    2. Keith wanted to read a quote from Murdoch, "Even on [finance] terms, we have never been a company that tolerates facts." Upon reading this quote, KO got as giddy as a college boy anxiously awaiting his first hand job, immediately declaring it to be the new Fox News slogan. So clearly Murdoch was probably taken out of context on this, but I haven't bothered looking up the original documents, nor do I really care at this point.

    [For the record, Murdoch's exact quote was reported by the UK Independent. Murdoch was discussing cutbacks at News Corp: There would be "rigorous" cost-cutting, including job cuts. "We have never been a company that tolerates fat," he said, but added that this wouldn't be at the cost of future growth, should the opportunity arise. UPDATE: You can listen to the actual audio of what Murdoch said (something Oralmann didn't bother to do) here. The relevant portion is about 18 minutes in. --J$]

    Bill O'Reilly was attacked for taking on Russell Tice. KO pretty much accurately described Tice's exchange with Jesse Watters, but Olby completely distorted the transcript of O'Reilly's comments.

    Olby brings up that Tice told Watters to camp outside Bush's ranch and ask him these questions, saying "I love Russ Tice" (well duh, Keith, you brought the wacko on your show twice to spout his BS). KO doesn't care that Watters and O'Reilly were asking Tice to present the evidence of his claims, which he apparently doesn't have. Nor does Olby seem to realize or care that Russell Tice saying it happened is not proof of anything. Thus, Tice is basically saying "Go stalk Bush because I said these things happened."

    KO reads this as O'Reilly's response to Tice after the video:

    The bottom line on this is that Tice made some very serious accusations. He went on NBC News and he cannot back them up. Now if we are wrong he can join us at any time. But he cannot back them up. He is disgraceful and so is NBC News.

    Here's what O'Reilly actually said:

    The bottom line on this is that Tice made some very serious accusations. He went on NBC news and he can't back them up. Now if we are wrong, he can join us at any time. But IF he can't back them up, he IS disgraceful, and so is NBC News.

    See how KO's leaving out the word "if" completely changes the meaning of O'Reilly's statement? Olby doctored the quote to make it seem as if O'Reilly was declaring NBC News to be disgraceful in general, when O'Reilly was simply stating that NBC News should have to present proof when airing such wild accusations. Otherwise they are just muckrakers in the worst tradition of journalism. But we all know Olbermann seems to think he is above such ethical standards.

    Olby also chided O'Reilly for saying Tice appeared on "NBC News" and not MSNBC. "Pay Attention." Yet O'Reilly first mentioned it as "NBC's cable news station," and later cited it as NBC news when talking about how they didn't challenge Tice on the accusations. O'Reilly skillfully never bothered to mention Olbermann's name, or show his picture in the clip, at all. Point to O'Reilly.

    I don't know where Keith gets this delusion that MSNBC is not NBC news. The URL re-routes to

    KO also puts forth that Bill O had the ulterior motive of stalking Tice because when asked about his interview on MSNBC, and given the chance to appear on The Factor, Tice insulted O'Reilly as a scumbag or something. KO ignores the obvious point, which O'Reilly made, that if Tice were so eager to publicize these wrongdoings about the NSA spying on Americans illegally, that he should be going on any news shows, especially the highest rated one on cable, to get the message out, instead of selectively choosing only the station and host that would be inclined to air his inane comments without a shred of proof or a hint of a challenge to his credibility.

    It just means that Keith is showing no signs of dropping his personal vendetta against O'Reilly. The ratings sure do reflect that paying off for him.

    Oh, and the Glenn Beck attack was about Beck saying the S-CHIP program was socialism. Olby repeated earlier attacks about Beck in promos for his new show deriding partisans who use the term socialism as an easy attack on Democrats. Olby then made several personal attacks, how there's no evidence Beck was using his brain, and that Olby believes Back may be crazy. Stay classy, Keith.

    This has gotten old a long time ago. What great crimes did these people commit to be labeled the Worst Person? The other day he defended the New York Times against O'Reilly, who declared the Times wanted an agenda in which illegal immigrants could become citizens who could register as Democrats and ensure Liberal policies are enacted. Maybe even pure socialism. O'Reilly is completely correct in this, as this kind of social engineering has been happening far beyond the issue of illegal immigration. It's as basic as what is taught in schools.

    But how does O'Reilly attacking the New York Times earn a status of WPitW? I can only think that Keith is in such agreement with the NY Times that he must defend them at all costs, and that O'Reilly's attempts to bring them down are an obstruction to his agenda, and thus in his mind are worst than an Al Qaida bombing.

    So, they are WPitW because they disagree with Keith. And that in my book actually makes them among the Best Persons in the World.

    Guest Blogged by America47000

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (52) | | View blog reactions


    America47000, thank you for again showing due diligence and exposing Countdown for the "newshour" it is.
    Among the many wise things said by the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan was that you are entitled to your own opinion, but not to your own facts. Incredibly, MSNBC, the filthy bordello of cable news, does not hold Olbermann to this simple standard.
    Television's Andrew Levy, ombudsman( now theres a concept!) on Fox New's "Red Eye" stated that he believes Olbermann is simply a performance artist. I agree. Olbermanns indulgences are fantastic and pathological. That being said, I reserve most of my outrage for MSNBC and the suits that sign Olbermann to huge contracts.

    Thanks to Johnny Dollar though for the Murdoch quote. I posted this late last night and the O'Reilly distortion really stood out to me simply because I didn't remember O'Reilly being so blatant about it, and since the Factor re-aired the segment yesterday it was easy enough to compare.

    Didn't have time to go digging around for the Rupert Murdoch info, but I'm not surprised at all that my assumption that KO distorted that too turns out to be correct.

    That makes two doctored quotes in one segment, against the same basic target (Fox News). That's a shameful violation of basic journalistic ethics.

    But in Olbermann's mind, Fox News is evil and must be stopped. So doctoring quotes to sway opinion against them in his mind is justified.

    In other words, it's OK for Olbermann and MSNBC to shuck their integrity out the door for the sake of survival.

    AND YET, Olbermann rants on a nearly nightly basis that Bush is evil because he was willing to sacrifice America's integrity (by torturing) for the sake of our survival (against terrorists).

    Which once again proves how much of an ideologue and a hypocrite the man truly is.

    P.S. I love the choice of picture to truly illustrate the doctored Murdoch quote.

    In thinking about this, I wonder if KO's doctoring the O'Reilly quote wasn't just a Freudian slip.

    Think about it. O'Reilly says that if NBC reported the story with no proof, they are disgraceful.

    And Olbermann would know better than anyone if MSNBC reported the story with no actual proof to substantiate Russell Tice's claim. So if O'Reilly says NBC News is disgraceful if they reported the story with no proof, and if Olbermann knows they have no proof, Olbermann knows NBC News is a disgrace under O'Reilly's standard. Thus, to him, O'Reilly is simply saying NBC News is disgraceful, so the word "if" becomes irrelevant.

    Also funny that instead of providing any additional evidence to further his claim in the face of O'Reilly's attack (OK Billo, how about A and B and C), he simply chooses to distort the quote and make fun of O'Reilly with the Ted Baxter voice, adding nothing new other to confirm that he's a political hack who just proved O'Reilly's point.

    lol that's what I thought 47k.

    KO basically shot himself in the foot with the BOR attack. So here's to hoping he invites Tice back.

    Also I caught the clip of KO talking about Palin Friday. Um, that came off very stalker like. As mentioned in the other thread, I really don't know where he was going with that. Did he want to work with her? Was he implying she had no real dream to work at ESPN since she never sent a tape? And why is he obessed with the childern of politicans?

    Plus I was shocked to learn he started at ESPN in 92, wow he didn't last long there either did he.

    It's seems the "facts" version of the quote came from a transcript that was posted online:

    Having not heard the original audio I don't want to say if the person taking notes misheard it.

    Interesting here is that the quote has [finance] in brackets, which indicates the author of the article substituted or added a word to the quote to better reflect the meaning of the speaker.

    But in context, "fat" makes more sense with what Murdoch is talking about.

    If anyone knows of a link to audio of this portion of the call, could you post it?

    Is there a greater enemy to Olberwomann than America47000? I think not.

    You're awesome America 47000 and you're a credit to posters on OW.

    This makes my Wednesday night prediction in the Obama-New Rochelle thread correct:
    "Guess who 'The Factor' ambushed? Russell Tice, Keith Oralmann's new buddy. The ambush airs tomorrow, as viewers found out in a promo a few minutes ago. That's the good news. The bad news is if a blue blog reports on this (and one will), Man on Fan will launch Another O'Reilly Attack in WPitW or in a full segment on Friday night."

    Hey Folks, (sorry if this is a double-post)

    As my name suggests, I'm new to commenting although I've followed the blog for about a year now. Helps relieve some stress after watching the hour of spin.

    America4700, if you go to the news corp website and click on the investor page, you can listen to the earnings call. At the 8-minute mark, Murdoch (though the audio isn't great) clearly says "fat", not "facts." Anyway, why would anyone say "facts" in that context?? Murdoch was reading from a prepared statement, he wasn't even ambushed or confused by an analyst's question. "Fat" is the only interpretation that makes any sense.

    Is KO so bent on destroying Fox, Billo, etc. that he doesn't even recognize an obvious illogical or nonsensical (mis)quote?? I guess his staff is too busy writing comedy than researching. You can get more accurate news and information from The Daily Show than from KO.

    An apology forthcoming from KO on Monday's Kountdown, right?...

    What a straight up liar.

    I love these particular posts. It pretty much proves everything you guys say about him and why this site exists. That and "geniuses" like SA, Mike H. and the other Olbermann supporters have no argument here. The argument is cut and dry.

    No apology, newbie. Welcome aboard.

    cjflan32 ... guys like SA and Mike H are essential to boards such as this. A free exchange of ideas, including opposing voices such as theirs, forces those presenting a legitimate debate to hone their arguments to fit the facts, not ideology.

    Without opposing voices, the site would basically just be a one-sided ideological rant, much like the Daily Kos or, well, Countdown.

    And it's why The Factor is the superior show. And the real explanation for its ratings dominance.

    The Beck blue blog source was Crooks and Liars.
    Here's the original video via
    As you see, it's from Glenn's The One Thing commentary on his Wednesday show.

    By the way, here's an opposing point of view from a man that is purported on OlbyPlanet to be a flaming right-winger:
    Whereas Glenn thinks the $500K cap is part of the road to socialism, Mr. Bill saw it differently. Transcript:,2933,488568,00.html
    The following is said with 1:46 in the video:
    "And then there is the economic stimulus plan. Here I have some sympathy for President Obama. He has one chance, and one chance only. When Congress passes this trillion-dollar gamble, it had better work.
    Therefore, President Obama was smart to get on the side of the folks and demand that any company getting taxpayer dollars cap executive salaries at a half-million bucks:".

    There you have it: two opposing points of view within three hours. It's all part of the beauty of being fair and balanced.

    Newbie, this may interest you. I found an obviously well-informed blogger who carefully researches before he posts, claiming that Olbermann Watch "got it wrong". Because he has a transcript that shows "facts" rather than "fat". Oh he admits he hasn't bothered to listen to the audio, but that's not necessary, because his "transcript" proves "Keith got it right".

    Here's the link:

    I left him a little note of encouragement, and since you have listened to the audio yourself, you too may want to give him the benefit of your research--the research he didn't bother to do before smearing Olbermann Watch.

    The transcript the guy quotes is the same one I posted a link for above. For all we know, the guy got the link from Olbermann Watch!

    I have listened to the audio and can confirm that whoever wrote the transcript completely butchered it.

    The Murdoch quote comes at about the 18-minute mark of the full investor call (not the 8-minute mark)

    Here's what the transcript reported:
    Even on [finance] terms, we have never been a company that tolerates facts.

    Here's what Murdoch actually said:
    Even in PLUSH TIMES, we have never been a company that tolerates fat.

    I'm glad I finally listened to the audio because seeing the bracketed words in a transcript worried me. It meant the person writing the transcript substituted his or her own words for what was actually said, and that can be dangerous when people like Keith Olbermann get a hold on them.

    Clearly in this case the person misheard not only "fat" as "facts," but couldn't make out that Rupert said "plush times," thought "times" was "terms," and then filled in his mistaken blank.

    Very, very sloppy transcript.

    Seriously, though. I wonder if Rupert Murdoch could sue Olbermann for defamation of character. The suit wouldn't go anywhere, as KO would nix it by apologizing on air for the mistake. But that apology would be pure gold.

    "I'm truly, dreadfully sorry."

    There's nothing to oppose in this case. Olbermann's a liar. You've shown the fat, err, facts.

    America4700 GOOD JOB at showing what a pathetic wretched dismal liar ko really is. How you can tolerate the hour of spin is beyond me, I can’t watch more than 1 minute of his bovine excrement the come from him before I to change the channel. I guess ko believes if he tells enough lies about people someone will take it as fact. Lately this is all he could do, his hero (Obama) does not seem to be doing as well as ko and company believed he would. So oberjerk needs to distract people from the truth and tell lies. MSNBC show run a notice prior to countdung stating “pay no attention to the jerk behind the woman’s glasses.” Again good job!!

    "There's nothing to oppose in this case. Olbermann's a liar. You've shown the fat, err, facts."

    I know. I was just saying in general how this illustrates the necessity of a free exchange of ideas. It keeps us on our toes, and encourages to get our facts right lest the other side pounce on the slightest gaffe.

    Without honoring such opposition, you get sloppy and start reporting inaccurate quotes without doing any actual research.

    "How you can tolerate the hour of spin is beyond me, I can’t watch more than 1 minute of his bovine excrement the come from him before I to change the channel."

    I rarely watch the show in its entirety anymore, but do catch select and relevant segments online, such as the Russell Tice interview, and Worst Persons in the World. I only comment on what I actually see.

    So the long diatribes I write are generated from just 1-2 minutes of Olby footage. Dissecting the entire show I imagine would be a full time job. Correcting just the WPITW takes about an hour to do the research and actually confirm the statements.

    As to the Fact vs Fat, Johnny Dollar posted the actual quote on that one. I guess I just got the ball rolling for posting the KO version of the quote and saying it seemed like it was out of context, since the quote made no sense. And I was right, in spades. But when I posted I didn't have the time to research the Murdoch angle of it. That's the value of a site like this. The free exchange of ideas revealed the truth.

    Now knowing what the actual quote was, it just makes Olby's giddy excitement over Murdoch's seeming new "Fox News slogan" all the more pathetic.

    He has absolutely ZERO journalistic integrity. Real reporters have been fired for less.

    I think this whole kerfuffle is a great example of the Olbermann Watch community working together to expose the truth about Oralmann. Congrats to all involved, especially A47K and Newbie!

    I think this whole kerfuffle is a great example of the Olbermann Watch community working together to expose the truth about Oralmann...By johnny dollar

    It's just a shame that the rest of America can't see what we've seen for so long now. In this case it took a little bit of research to decifer the "facts" vs "fat" quote, but like newbie said it just wouldn't make any sense if it was "facts".

    I think it's laughable that olbermann changed the word from fat to "facts" to make his point being that he has never used real "facts" in any of his reporting before, and yet the first time he does he couldn't even get THAT right!

    It is simply outrageous. Olberman ignored logic altogether to self satisfy. The bloated narcissist couldn't help himself. He is ill. He was as giddy as a schoolgirl and tickled himself to no end with the 'pirate' (arrrgh!) accent. He thought he was ridiculing Murdoch. Actually, he was just making a complete asshat wearing fool of himself.

    Kudos and great thanks to all who tracked this stuff down. These kinds of people are not uncommon. Almost lost my professional license to someone like him who was obviously jealous of another's success. The man quoted chapter and verse from professional literature to prove his case. Unfortunately for him, I tracked and traced every word and documented some 150 times where he changed things by a word here or there to suit his argument. It took days to track it all down but was worth it to expose someone so devious. How many times things like that are done where no one does the follow-up is kind of scary.

    Sorry about the 8-minute misstep on the Newscorp earnings conference call audio; as America47000 pointed out, it was actually around 18-minutes when Murdoch made his comment.

    So, I Googled two searches just now: Murdoch tolerates facts, and Murdoch tolerates fat. The "fat" search turns up quite a few mainstream news organizations on the first page which report the quote correctly (Independent newspaper, couple of Australian newspapers, couple of other Australian aggregator news/investing sites...and Olbermannwatch!). The "facts" search turns up Huffpo and DailyKOS, among others, which ran with the "facts" qoute without questioning it.

    This is a case-study for how Olby and his comedy writers do their "research." They obviously stick to the blue blogs and their ilk, and simply don't bother to corroborate these often erroneous stories in more mainstream sources. A quick search (less than 5 minutes really) would have at least revealed that the quote was in dispute, and given the context, likely incorrect.

    In academia, this would be akin to writing a thesis or dissertation where your only sources were Wikipedia and the Urban Dictionary. And definitely no "peer review."

    You SIR, deserve an "F".

    The good news in all of this is that the post-election ratings confirm Olbermann is not attracting any new viewers and not influencing anything other than the conversation at DailyKos. No one who doesn't already hate Murdoch is going to hear Olbermanns misquote and suddenly hate FOX. Keith exposed himself during this campaign, clearly people tuned out and he's back to his regular audience. Olbermann can tell himself he got Obama elected all day, but when you back a clear favorite there's not much to brag about. If Olbs mattered his SpecK's would be the leads of all the morning shows the next day, not just blog chatter. As much as it pains Olbs and others to admit it, Rush Limbaugh is the ONLY figure in TV or radio who has the ability to influence the days news. The stimulus is just the latest example. Just look at how Things worked out-Rush changes tone on stimulus... Meanwhile, Olbermanns "torture" crap is flatout ignored by Obama.

    How a real journalist/news organization might apologize on Monday for this egregious error:

    "Last week we reported that Rupert Murdoch, Chairman of Fox News parent Newscorp, said that his organization didn't "tolerate facts." Subsequent to that report we learned that Mr. Murdoch actually said, during his company's earnings conference call, that his company didn't tolerate "fat" (when discussing cost cutting initiatives). The comment was transcribed incorrectly in the published transcript of the call, and the mistake became obvious to us when we listened to the actual recording of the call. in our effort to run the story quickly, we did not perform due diligence in sourcing and confirming the story, and for that we apologize. Had we known the correct quotation, we certainly would not have run the story in the manner we did, and likely would not have run it at all. In the future, we will redouble our efforts to ensure that stories reported on Countdown are, to the best of our ability, factually correct. My sincerest apologies."

    How KO would apologize, if forced to:

    "Last week we relayed the details of the Newscorp earnings conference call as they appeared in the official transcript of that call. Apparently, there is now some dispute over what as actually said by Mr. Murdoch at certain points in the call, and what was listed in the official transcript as "facts" may have actually been "fat." In relaying the official transcript to you, select words of which may now be in question, we apologize for any confusion this may have caused. And on a side note, I don't hold the poor transcriptionist at fault, if indeed there was some confusion; he or she probably isn't fluent in Pirate."

    When I watched that Murdock segment on Countdown, it just seemed completely weird to me. Was surprised that Olbermann reacted with such obvious glee about the Murdock statement, as it clearly was/would have been a slip-up of some kind, or not what Murdock meant to say, I wondered how on earth that would get turned into a full-fledged bit.

    So I was delighted by America47000 follow-up article and was impressed by Johnny Dollar's research and addition to Murdock's exact quote. Going to the extra effort to make the article completely accurate, impresses me more than anything else. If you can prove your point, I have NO QUARREL with you. (And it shows great seamless collaboration.)

    * * * * * * * *
    OLBERMAN AS A PERFORMANCE ARTIST: Levy's opinion would explain so much. Olbermann has an increasing number of show biz people on (George Carlin, John Clease, Sarah Silvermann) and clearly has more fun with them than any off the politicos who come on the show. He seems happiest when he's doing sports with his buddy Dan Patrick. And he truly enjoys theatrics and voice impressions. I think he would enjoy being a talk show host MORE that what he's doing now.

    I note that our friend at the "Olbermann Watch Got It Wrong" site (linked above) has yet to issue a correction or do any kind of follow-up even after we've given him clear directions straight to the audio of the Murdoch call. Neither has he even addressed Olby's doctoring of O'Reilly's words. However that site is pretty fair overall and I would not be surprised if they do the right thing eventually. It's a pretty straight-down-the-middle place. As for Olbermann doing a correction/retraction/apology for either the Murdoch misquote or the doctoring of O'Reilly's words? Well if you expect that to happen, I have some lovely oceanfront property in Kansas to sell you.

    I don’t think an Olby apology is completely out of the question. Remember what happened last year when he did a similar hatchet job on a quote by Rudolph Guiliani.

    His bosses at NBC apparently told him that he had to apologize and correct the record. He did so with a smirk on his face, then immediately gave Guiliani all three Worst Person in the World awards.

    Olberdouche has become journalism's boy who cried wolf. He's told so many on-air lies that he (and MSNBC) has lost all credibility. From Keith's "BREAKING NEWS" on John McCain's "affair" to his latest Murdoch gaffe, Keith is a compulsive liar. Why would anyone believe anything Keith says based on his track record of proven lies and his hostile agenda toward conservatives?

    Edward R. Murrow rolls in his grave.

    A logical fallacy is an element of an argument that is flawed, essentially rendering the line of reasoning, if not the entire argument, invalid.

    Does MSNBC still call Keith their Breaking News guy? I remember they tried to tag him with this label for the week of the RNC but I think his attempt at covering the hurricane was so pathetic that MSNBC had to drop that pitch.

    His greatest "breaking news" bit of 2008 had to be the Obama passport issue-the state dept employee was caught going through ALL the candidates passports but Olbs only reported it was a breach of Obamas info and it was clearly worse than Watergate. I forgot who was on with him that night, Russert or Tom Brokaw maybe, but anyway the look Olbs got when he brought up the Watergate comparison was priceless.

    Hello all:

    I just want you folks to know I've posted an update of the quote on my blog at

    In it I say that you guys got it right and Olbermann got it wrong. I had only access to the transcript at the time of the first post. I did note in the first post that it had to be either Murdoch misspeaking or a bad transcript because it made no sense in its context.

    As to the comments about my research, I made a number of attempts at finding the audio but was not able to do so yesterday. I did locate the transcript on my own, but failed in finding the audio. All I was saying in the first post was that Olbermann was indeed reading the transcrpit correctly. But that I would have liked to have heard the audio before making a final judgment. I do thank you for unearthing the quote via audio. It clearly answers everyone's questions.

    Best Wishes,


    You the man, Jeff!

    Jeff, I said above that your site was fair and down the middle, and you have shown it again. Thanks for letting us know about the update.

    So, I got the blue blog source wrong for the Rupert smear. It was Oralmann's own blog, Daily Kos.

    I am glad to see that MSDNC strategy of being the Obama network is not paying off in the ratings while Fox News rating continue to rise under a different administration.

    The newscycle guy still got the quote wrong. Murdoch said "plush times," not "flushed times."

    as in
    Plush (adj): luxurious, expensive or lavish

    Also, one doesn't put "How Olbermann Watch Got It Wrong" in a headline if all one is going to do is say one really doesn't know.

    So, apology accepted

    Let's consider this Murdoch mis-quote in context of KO's 2006 book, which contains the following proclamation by KO when describing how he "got" John Gibson by "going to the tape"...

    "The audio clip was the definitive answer (we sometimes spend hours looking for verification of “Worst” tips, and postpone nominations for days, because unlike other newscasters and commentators, I have this silly idea in my head that the whole point of any criticism is that it has to be based on discernible facts)."

    In fact this quotation is online at


    By America47000 on February 8, 2009 2:53 PM
    The newscycle guy still got the quote wrong. Murdoch said "plush times," not "flushed times."

    Well, darn it, I guess I didn't have my best weekend on this one. It's fixed on my site at

    I would have to say I'm flushed with embarrassment!

    Best Wishes



    " be based on discernible fact."

    Are you sure you quoted KO accurately?

    It's quite possible he wrote, " be based on discernible fat."

    "...debased on dishonorable tact" ?

    "...doobie based on burnable hash."

    Shhhhh! ABC News: Obama keeps same rendintion policy as Bush. Shhhhhhh!!

    Isn't this one of the things Bush was suppose to get a war crimes trail for? When will Obama's war crimes trial be? I am sure Keith is writing a blistering Spechul Komment as we speak.

    In mere minutes, MSNBC's vociferous whore will be issuing an apology. Or will he?

    never mind, the puffy liar is pretending to be a news anchor.....developing....

    Two viewer e-mails related to the Tice ambush were read on "The Factor" tonight:

    1) Andre Roman, Tampa, FL: "Thank you, Bill, for sending Jesse Watters to confront Russell Tice concerning his baseless allegations of domestic wiretapping."
    BOR's response: "You know, we take those allegations seriously, Andre. Domestic wiretapping without a warrant's a *very* serious crime, but Mr. Tice couldn't back up those assertions with evidence, and if that changes, he's always welcome on 'The Factor.'"

    NOTE: For the right-side graphic, the NBC News logo above Tice's head was replaced with the MSNBC logo.

    2) Ali Kuszmez, Chapel Hill, NC: "Perhaps Mr. Tice's evidence is classified.
    BOR's response (after a pause and leftward glance): "Give me a break, Ali. The guy had nothin', okay?"

    Oh, and he had a minor smirk. He also laughed and shook his head incredulously.

    "back up *his* assertions with evidence." Sorry about that.

    Via the transcript, here was WPitW, with progressional ellipses added by me:
    "The bronze to Glenn Beck of Fixed News [Ding!]. Responds to the president signing SCHIP, the kids' insurance program, by using his mind if any, ..." Lousy impression trotted out here. "Beck did this on a show whose debut was advertised in a series of commercials in which he insisted it was time for people to stop calling politicians they did not like communists. The betting line is not yet out from Vegas, but I am going to wager large cash that he is actually crazy."

    Now, the O'Reilly Attack:
    "The runner-up, Bill-O the Clown, sent his stalker producer [Ding!], little Jesse [Ding!], out to abuse Russell Tice, the NSA whistle blower, who joined us two weeks ago to reveal what he knows of the agency's panoramic illegal spying on American reporters and other citizens. Mr. Tice said I have no comment for you guys. I have already spoken. That is enough. And suggested if they wanted more details, they should go and stalk [Ding!] George Bush and ask him.
    I love Russ Tice. Bill-O [Ding!], of course, followed the ambush video and said, ... —actually, he went on MSNBC. Pay attention. ...
    Sounds very morally upright. But in fact, Bill-O [Ding!] sent little Jesse [Ding!] out to try to sand bag [Ding!] Russ Tice because Tice insulted O'Reilly. Apparently that's illegal. An O'Reilly producer named Ron Mitchell had e-mailed Tice and asked him to come on the show and Tice replied that Mitchell's boss was slime and added, “as a true conservative Republican, I can say Bill O'Reilly is a disgrace to all conservatives.”"

    Except that HE ISN'T ONE! What part of BOR being a traditional independent don't you get? And if Tice is a "conservative Republican," then I'm living in the Twilight Zone, to use an O'Reilly expression.

    Then, finally, the Murdoch murdoctoring. "But our winner, in a fixed news [Ding!] trifecta, Rupert. His company, Newscorp, ... If I were O'Reilly, I'd tell you that Newscorp hemorrhaged cash because of Fox and O'Reilly's fascism [Ding!] and stuff like that. But I live in the real world." Really? Do I have to bring up the Twilight Zone again? "All media is being crushed, especially TV, although apparently only two newscasts in America exceeded financial projections in 2008. (likley with an evil smirk): Golly, happened to be mine and Rachel's.
    Nevertheless, Rupert is hemorrhaging money and his response to this was bizarre even for him. He may have coined a new slogan for Fox Noise [Ding!]. In fact, he may have coined the most honest new slogan for Fox Noise [Ding!] ever. ..." The old pirate voice was used. Shocker. So, let's skip to the end. ""Even on finance terms, we have never been a company that tolerates facts.”"
    The following was likely said with hyperbolic bombast that was straight out of the Howard Beale playbook: "Oh, my god. The new slogan. Fox News, we have never been a company that tolerates facts! Rupert, beware Tim Hawkins, Sean Hannity be below decks, Murdock, today's worst person in the world!"
    Who is Tim Hawkins? Are you trying to be culturally relevant again, Monkeymann?

    Furthermore, regarding the reason for the ambush, to my fellow OlbyWatch readers, who are you going to believe here, Oralmann or the guy he's Olbsessed with? Come on. Of course we believe Mr. Bill. That's a no-brainer. You're more inclined to believe an honest outfit like "The Factor" than a serial liar in Olbermoronn.

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