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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    February 20, 2009
    Reality Bites: Olbermann's Special Comment Embarrassment (Friday Recappers Thread)
    Bathtub Boy

    This is the recappers' comment thread for tonight's Hour of Spin. First, listen in delight as John Gibson takes a classic Olbermann Special Education Komment and forces it to collide with a concept rarely encountered on OlbyPlanet: reality! Then get ready to recap the lies and spin spewed tonight by Krazy Keith. Be an Olbermann Watch blogger--without all the muss and fuss! Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (76) | | View blog reactions


    The fact that Keith and msnbc continue to push this cartoon as a story just proves what a lot of us have been saying-they are using "racism" only to attack and destroy opponents. We can add this to the long list of Olbs manufacturing outrage in a desparate attempt to boost ratings.

    and that would be "desperate".

    You know, I really do have to wonder, with all these... What’s the right word, with all these enemies Olbs has created for himself over the years, Levin, Gibson, Hannity, Murdoch, Grace, and especially O'Reilly, you really do have to wonder if they've ever hired a private detective to dig up crap or skeletons in his closet. (Not to mention the entire GOP, Blackwater, and other individuals and or organizations that could easily spend the money to look into his past or present)

    Now this question isn't solely focused on why Sean or Rush never hired someone to look into Olb's past, but why he never did the same himself. (And obviously my whole point is going by the token NEITHER party did in the past, as they may have for all we know) In the end, all these clips we ever hear are pot shots and the like, from both sides, but I can't imagine that these feelings don't go down very bitter and hard.

    Whether Olb's audience is small and far left, much like his, well never mind... The point, do any of you think anyone I mentioned, or in general, ever did such a thing? Or, because they are all human and guilty of one sin either major or minor, that there's just an unsaid rule that nothing is sacred EXCEPT specifically going out to find something extremely damaging to discredit your enemy once and for all???

    Keith Olbermann has fallen down on the job. Why is this thought criminal Fox News plant Rick Santelli allowed to run wild on CNBC? Why is he allowed to speak blasphemy on the sacred Obama network!! Why has he not been purged from all NBC channels!! Keith where are you!! Santelli should be speeding away on a box car with a warm coat and a shovel.

    Richard Woof: "There is no organized GOP....snicker...snicker"
    Keithee: "Teeheeheehee"

    Those 2 SOBs will be crying a year from now if the Stimulus Plan fails.

    Gee thanks a lot "Bathtub boy" for ruining Hannitys' contest on his show with letting everyone know what's behind the puzzle. I think BOR and Sean now should go after this "idiot" head on. He's went too far this time.

    Factor, it's not just Rick Santelli that speaks blasphemy. CNBC's Jim Kramer has been using his show "Mad Money" as a daily bitchslap to the Obama administration (esp. Tim Geitner). CNBC's Mark Haynes doesn't have any kind words for the Obama-conomy either.

    Keith, where are you? Isn't it time to pull a Tucker Carlson on those traitors?


    Recent quotes from the "front page" of the site:

    "If KO does correct the Murdoch quote tonight, then I think the Olbermann Watch COMMUNITY IS ENTITLED TO A VICTORY LAP! Of course the chances that he will acknowledge THAT WE FORCED HIM INTO IT are Slim and None...and Slim just left town."
    "Our pre-emptive strike did its job. ...WE SHAMED HIM INTO NOT ATTACKING Michelle Malkin on tonight's Hour of Spin. It's another victory for the power and influence of Olbermann Watch!"

    * * * * * * * *

    So OlbyWatch is actually making the claim that Keith Olbermann (and/or his people) read OlbermannWatch with the intent of... of... appeasing you? currying favor? avoiding your wrath? ...WHAT?

    OlbyWatch has diligently and unrelentingly worked for Olbermann's downfall, to get him off the air, possibly off the entire planet. (I haven't read all the Archives.) You called him every name in the book, vilified him, anyone who works with him, anyone who dates him. There is clearly nothing that he has done- or will ever do- that will "please" you.

    So, WHAT EXACTLY WOULD BE THE POINT for Olbermann to participate in these bizarre machinations? EXACTLY WHAT would Olbermann have to gain from this?

    * * * * * * * *

    OlbyWatch says it has a source that helped you accomplish the above: "OUR MOLE in the enemy camp..." "Mole" by definition: An undercover secret agent hired to obtain information about its enemies obtain secrets from competitors, a spy who operates from within an organization."

    OlbyWatch is really claiming to have secretly planted such a spy at MSNBC/wherever? Meaning you made up a cover story, got a person a job near/around/whatever Olbermann, who has been feeding you information? Really? I find that so hard to believe. A disgruntled employee informant? That could be. Every business has them.

    Skeptical? YOU BETCHA. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof."

    Rush's Rx drug problem would've been a career ending mistake for probably anyone else-Olbs used that.

    BillO's sexual harassment suit would've been the end of most.- Olbs goes after that.

    Hannity is probably clean.

    Finally, Olbermann is not significant enough for any of those guys to take the time to dig something up. Olbermanns show would have no material without those guys, seriously. Keith is a very insignificant figure. A lot of people would associate him as Dan Patricks tag-team partner, not with politics (this is not meant to be a token pot shot, it's reality).When it comes to the other 275 million Americans who don't watch cable news daily, Keith is a nobody, that's a fact.

    Keith's the geek that never got picked
    In his face the beach sand was kicked
    He's shaped like a pear
    His whore calls him "bear"
    And now Nancy Grace has him licked

    Duly noted, SA. Moving on. (Take the hint, everyone else.)

    Well, old Slobberman has finally been pegged. Olberwoman is infatuated with other people misspeaking and using the word PENIS. Tonight he did a story of a guy who was asleep and later woke up to a knitting needle shoved into his PENIS. Someone call the pecker police because Keith Olbermann is perverted to other guys PENIS's. Watch out for your goodies Hawkeye. As everyone can attest to KO's recent shows, he's running on empty, can't find anything of real newsworthness, hates coming to work everyday only to find out that Rush and Hannity have wiped olby's clock clean.

    Letter to Olbermann...... QUIT while you can.

    Wow, even Jim Cramer is critical of President Obama? Maybe I need to start watching him again. From May '05 to some time in '06, I was an avid "Mad Money" viewer.
    Keith's blue blog source for the Hannity Puzzle spoiler was his very own blog: Daily Kos. It was linked to at J$P on Wednesday with the title "Baffling Hannity puzzle spoiled":

    Also, here's the Santelli video:

    By SA on February 20, 2009 8:58 PM


    Well well, aren't we the uPPER CASe drama queen? Relax SA and get a lay of the land around here before going off half cocked.
    It just so happens that Olbermann and his staff DO monitor this site. They have admitted to it, and who can blame them? Why, just TODAY the caretaker of this site, johnny dollar, broke a story that exploded across the blogosphere, including a top-of-the-fold headline on Drudge. No small accomplishment. The story undoubtadly reverberated it's way to Olbermann and Countdown. It simply had to. Research it and draw your own conclusions.
    SA, I have a pant-load of fun participating on this site, and it really isn't driven by hate, as you assert.
    Maybe you can explain YOUR motivation. Thank you.

    A blurb of #5 is up in the OlbyFlood:
    *Post Racial Politics : The non-apology apology from the New York Post... has, appropriately, had a non-impact impact. Our fifth story on the Countdown: The protests continuing tonight both outside the headquarters of the right wing [Ding!] tabloid's parent company, News Corps... And inside the news room... where even the gossip page is distancing itself from the controversy. All this as right-wing [Ding!] wing-nut [Ding!] Alan Keyes is now warning that President Obama is a " radical communist " and a "…*
    The blurb stops there. Is this as big a story outside of the far-left and OlbyPlanet as it within them?

    Regarding the Santelli "worse" segment...I watch CNBC...a lot. Especially now with my net worth evaporating by the second. Anyway, Santelli has consistently taken the free-market, anti-bailout stance, including the money lent to the banks. It has put him at odds with many others on that Network. There's a semi-famous shot of him floating around the web holding a sign saying, "Trade the TARP."

    Anyway, all this to say that Keith, although he didn't come right out and say it, was being highly disingenuous when he asked why Santelli didn't have this outrage over bank bailouts. He did.

    Oh, and one other small point...the TARP money for the banks were equivalent to LOANS -- preferred shares with a very healthy dividend (6% or 8% I think) that the banks are already repaying...Bank of America recently ponied up and sent the treasury a $402 million dividend payment. Unlike the mortgage program which will involve rate knockdowns and actual payments ($1,000 annually?) that, as far as I understand it, don't need to be paid back. Not to say that one of these approaches is better worse than the other, but they are certainly not equivalent in that respect.

    Wow...All this as right-wing [Ding!] wing-nut [Ding!] Alan Keyes is now warning that President Obama is a " radical communist " and a "…*
    The blurb stops there. Is this as big a story outside of the far-left and OlbyPlanet as it within them?

    No, it's just one brother ratting out another brother. Actually, Alan Keyes is just telling it like it is. This sack of *hit president is ruining this country and has only been in office 30 days. RECALL his ass just like what we did in California to Gray Davis. I'm selling bumper stickers that say: CHANGE? POCKET CHANGE.
    Anything that comes out of Illinois, well, you know where i'm going with this. Shut him down, kick him out, get rid of Pelosi, Reid, Frank and the rest of the tax evading bums. This is the worst congress and senate I have ever seen in my 56 years of life. It's time to clean house folks. Stand up and be heard. Call your reps and senators out once and for all. Make that phone call, be heard. Enough is Enough.

    So, #5A was a tag team takedown of Alan Keyes by Rev. Olbermahn and Lefty Alter.
    #5B: Groundhog Day on OlbyPlanet. The protest against the eeevil News Corp. led by sudden OlbyHero Rev. Al Shapton. The Other Wolff Man dropped by...again.

    #4: President Obama meets with 70 mayors to talk Stimulus. The Original Wolffe Man simpered, and was likely Great Thanksed.

    Oddball: Robots playing rock-paper-scissors.

    BPitW: More stuff that Dr. Olbermoronn finds stupid...or something.

    #3: An A-Bomb!...from A-Rod! (Sorry, I had to work that in.) More A-fill-in-the-blank-Rod news with Keith's pal Richard Justice.

    Still Bushed: Richard Perle! Blue blog source: ...What? No, it can't be! Dana Milbank at WaPo!
    But I thought Keithy didn't like Dana anymore.

    #2: The Media Matters Minute. Based on the preview image on the "Countdown" website, it was all Rush Limbaugh, all the time. Boy, it really *is* Groundhog Day on OlbyPlanet.

    #1: Far-left comedian [Ding!] Christian Finnegan continued to ruin his reputation by appearing on the Hour of Spin.

    Wow...All this as right-wing [Ding!] wing-nut [Ding!] Alan Keyes is now warning that President Obama is a " radical communist " and a "…*
    The blurb stops there. Is this as big a story outside of the far-left and OlbyPlanet as it within them?

    No, it's just one brother ratting out another brother. Actually, Alan Keyes is just telling it like it is. This sack of *hit president is ruining this country and has only been in office 30 days. RECALL his ass just like what we did in California to Gray Davis. I'm selling bumper stickers that say: CHANGE? POCKET CHANGE.
    Anything that comes out of Illinois, well, you know where i'm going with this. Shut him down, kick him out, get rid of Pelosi, Reid, Frank and the rest of the tax evading bums. This is the worst congress and senate I have ever seen in my 56 years of life. It's time to clean house folks. Stand up and be heard. Call your reps and senators out once and for all. Make that phone call, be heard. Enough is Enough.

    I was talking about the NY Post cartoon controversy, SoCal. I have nothing against Keyes, but I don't really care about him.

    For Mike C. I know what you were talking about so it's o.k. I just wanted to vent how one black guy to another black guy can show that he's not afraid to stand up to Obama and show Obama's true colors.

    (I hope this doesn't post THREE bloody times as it has been. My apologies...I am only pressing once.)

    Friggen' "Bathtub Boy"! He's as credible as "Weird" Al Sharpton. No wonder he has that race-pimp on his crappy show.

    I am more aggravated by his little nephew (Rachel Maddow). Man, I can't stand him. I've never seen someone laugh and smirk at crap that is NOT funny. Tonight he said that Obamarxist had the "Best Month Ever"! Well, perhaps I ought not be mad a him because if he
    thinks things are going swell then I know I am not as mentally disturbed as he is. He also can't showcase the tearing down ZerObama is doing so he goes back to "neo-con" bashing. The young lad is sooooo stuck in the eary 2000's!

    Okay. No problem, SoCal.

    OlbyTard Fails Again:

    The LA Times:
    "U.S. now sees Iran as pursuing nuclear bomb.
    In a reversal since a 2007 report, U.S. officials expect the Islamic Republic to reach development milestones this year.",0,3478184.story

    Obama's DNI Testifies Before Congress:

    A further viewing on C-Span of Obama's CIA Chief Confirmation Hearings reveals pretty much the same thing.

    I wonder if "Herr Olbermann"will even bother to mention any of this, or if it will just be heavy water under the bridge to the Iranian nuclear reactor?

    Gideon, John Gibson eviscerated Olby on that issue today, on his radio program. Did you check out the very top of this page?
    Reality Bites: Olbermann's Special Comment Embarrassment .

    From the Wall St. Journal on the 2007 NIE:

    Our own "confidence" is not heightened by the fact that the NIE's main authors include three former State Department officials with previous reputations as "hyper-partisan anti-Bush officials," according to an intelligence source. They are Tom Fingar, formerly of the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research; Vann Van Diepen, the National Intelligence Officer for WMD; and Kenneth Brill, the former U.S. Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

    For a flavor of their political outlook, former Bush Administration antiproliferation official John Bolton recalls in his recent memoir that then-Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage "described Brill's efforts in Vienna, or lack thereof, as 'bull--.'" Mr. Brill was "retired" from the State Department by Colin Powell before being rehired, over considerable internal and public protest, as head of the National Counter-Proliferation Center by then-National Intelligence Director John Negroponte.

    Sounds like those may be Herr Olbermann's drinking buddies ...

    Negroponte ended up getting demoted back to State as an under-secratary, from a cabinet level post, because he was so incompetent as DNI. Whoever told Bush having Negroponte as DNI would be a good idea should be barred from working for the US Govt. for life. Not one of Bush's finer moments, or Keef's.

    Observer Dan:

    I did, but in the clip above he only really talks about today's develkopment's. Not too much on the details from the 2007 NIE. Thought I might fill in some of the background on that subject.

    This is the part that I think mught make Herr Olbermann's head explode - More from the WSJ:

    No less odd is the NIE's conclusion that Iran abandoned its nuclear weapons program in 2003 in response to "international pressure." The only serious pressure we can recall from that year was the U.S. INVASION OF IRAQ [emphasis added]. At the time, an Iranian opposition group revealed the existence of a covert Iranian nuclear program to mill and enrich uranium and produce heavy water at sites previously unknown to U.S. intelligence. The Bush Administration's response was to punt the issue to the Europeans, who in 2003 were just beginning years of fruitless diplomacy before the matter was turned over to the U.N. Security Council.


    It looks like I mixed up the timing on your reply.

    I also wanted to give some background backing up Gibson's comments. It was even better to use an LA Times [MSM] article to start with.

    I think every American should watch the Blair testimony. Actually seems like a point in favor of Obama so far, it's still early on in the job, but the guy seems professional and proper for the position. A guy that seems to have a pretty good grip on understanding the vast majority of the conflicts going on in the world. I watched the confirmation hearings also...

    C-Span Rules!

    Al Sharpton is just making the cartoon a race issue to try to stay relevant. After all, with a black president, who needs Al Sharpton?

    Heads up: Big day for johnny dollar, capped off with a great audio interview on B Cast
    ( yeah, you hear his voice).

    here's a working link:

    Uh Oh, more trouble in river city for Olbermann's about the subject of his hero worship:

    Obama continues the Bush position that Guantanimo detainees shouldn't be afforded constitutional rights

    --"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof."--

    ROTFLOL. Someone needs to explain that to Olverpaid, the king of claims without proof.

    Olbbermonster is walking contradiction. Fore years we were told by this freak that its every American's duty to question the motives of the POTUS. Now its unamerican to question the POTUS and what he is doing? Did I miss something, oh ya I did that Obama has a "D" after his name and not an "R" stupid me! Where was the outradge Olbermonster when Sec.Rice was mocked by lib cartonnists or even the great an all powerfull Gen.Powel? Where was the call for boycots and marches then??? the one and ONLY good thing about Obozo getting elected is that Olbermonster and his ilk are being exposued for the hypocrites they were,are, and WILL ALWAYS BE!

    Just to drive home the point of how stupid Olbytard is on Iran, Gitmo, [from the NY Times No less]:

    Known to followers as "the Star," Mr. Qarawi is in charge of leading Al Qaeda's operations in the Persian Gulf and Iran, and of bringing new members into Afghanistan, the official said. He is believed to have more than 100 Saudis working for him IN IRAN, where they move about freely, the official added.

    Combine that report with the Treasury Dept. listing several AQ-Iran operatives, and it gets worse for OlbyTard, Ariana Huff-and-Puff, and Bill Maher, all of whom claim that Sunni al-Qaeda would never work with Shi'ite Iran.
    Treasury Dept:

    "Sa'ad bin Laden directing attacks from Iran" [after he was supposedly "arrested"]

    As I have said before, Olbermann is this generations Tokyo Rose. People like him are a true threat to this Country.

    The same cast of Idiots falsely claimed Al-Qaeda would never work with Saddam.
    Apparently they never really read the Iraqi Perspectives Project either.

    Extract 10 & 12 of the post war Iraqi Perspectives Project Report on the Saddam Archives show the Iraqi Intel Service describing Egyptian Islamic Jihad as a group with which it "cooperates and have relations with". It furthers describes Egyptian Islamic Jihad as "one of the most brutal Egyptian organizations".

    There are no less than four al Qaeda 'affiliates' mentioned in the latest US Government report on Saddam's Archives which Iraq was supporting, financing, cooperating with, or otherwise "using as an instrument of state power". The report makes clear that, contrary to what most media are reporting, there is a lot more work to be done. This is "not an exhaustive study". A quick list of four al Qaeda 'affiliates' listed in the latest report on Saddam's Archives are:

    1. Egyptian Islamic Jihad - Ayman al-Zawahiri
    2. Hizb-i-Islami - Gulbadin Hekmatyar
    3. Ansar-al-Islam - Abu Musab al-Zarqawi adopted group ["radical Kurdish-based Islamic movement"]
    4. Army of Muhammed - Bahrain [country of]

    OlbyTard 'Pwned' again... too bad so many other MSMers made the same mistake. So much for reading the 50 page report and adding it to the battle of Fallujah, or any of the many other examples of Baathist-AQ Cooperation.

    I would bet that if Obama was president during the invasion of Iraq people might actually still be talking about Saddam's ties to terrorists. Sad state of affairs we are in.

    Sorry to keep pleading for this, but could everyone please stop throwing the word "-tard" into everything? It plays right into our enemies' hands. Plus, I find it offensive.
    Hopefully, I won't be misconstrued as an Olby sympathizer or far-left person for saying this.

    This is what I get for being one of the moderate Olby dislikers.

    I 2nd the motion on the use of tard. I myself have been trying to cut it back because it is offensive to people.

    But to comment on what gideon said, this is totally the twilight zone and displays KO as being just as politically educated as a 12 year-old. So far in Obama's administration he has done things Bush as done, but unlike Bush, he gets praise and not rage.

    The Stimulus, Bush did it and got noting but negative press. Obama does it he get's his pole shined. A surge, Bush does it and people Bush him. Obama does it and it's considered intelligent.

    As what nomorekeith said, it all depends on if the person has a R or a D after their name. That's how politically educated KO is, and sadly how most people in this country are.

    If CD lasts as long as Obama's term we'll see even more hypocrisy from Bathtub Boy. So far this week alone KO as been praising Obama for decisions, if made by Bush, would've warranted a Schpecial Komment to keep the Kos-kids happy.

    One thing I'm keeping an eye out for this coming year is the GITMO situation. What Obama signed was more or less an exploratory committee and left him a lot of wiggle room, so in the end if a solution isn't found for the detainees he can leave them there, which is one of the possible solutions.

    If this does happen, watch KO back Obama 100%. In fact screw that, no matter what Obama does KO will back 100%, and if he doesn't he just won't report it. Cause after all they keep shoving Bush and Palin down his throat, he has a duty to perform.

    Olbys favorite picture. It says it all. :

    "Tard" has officially been eliminated from the vocabulary.

    Sorry, I am a newbie...

    You bad, ObserverDan! :)

    I've tried the top link several times and it is not working.

    What top link do you mean?

    Black America just won't let it go:

    the NAACP now apparently stands for New Attempt At Censoring the Post

    Though in attempting to stay relevant it may as well be Neverending Agenda Aimed at Creating Publicity

    or how about Neglecting Actual Attempts to Create Progress

    At least we know what Olby will talk about Monday.

    God I hate getting old. Kind of thought I understood the meaning of the word you don't like Mike, but had to look it up in the Urban Dictionary. I agree. It is a bit much. Whoa Dan the picture on that link was too much. Great effort.

    I'm glad I could help you and gideon out. And a belated welcome, gideon.
    As for A47's comment, the last thing I want is for Nation-of-Kowardly Keith to be the platform for discussions on race or to be a sympathetic ear to what Larry Elder calls the Victricrats. Does Keith really want to be there for rappers that hate the eeevil Fox commentator triumvirate of O'Reilly, Hannity, and Gibson? I didn't bring up Glenn Beck because I haven't heard of Glenn being bashed by 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Russell Simmons, etc. Now, *I'm* probably a racist for bringing this up. ***I'M NOT.***

    Just got back Johnny.

    I think I misspoke. The video titled Olbermann Special Komment and it still doesn't play.


    Pile-driving the point through Keith's head. I hope you are reading this one Herr Olbermann [From WSJ]:

    Yes, We Should Worry About Iran's Satellite.
    The mullahs have shown mastery of ballistic missile technologies.

    A cleverly designed clam shell nose fairing (a protective cover), evidently made of composite materials, shields the Omid satellite during the Safir's liftoff. Such fairings are key elements not only in space launchers but also in multiple-warhead ballistic missiles.

    Two magic words I would love to hear Barry and his water boy say: "Missile Defense". NOW PLEASE!! But for waterboy to say it that might mean admitting Iran has been a threat all along... I won't hold my breath.

    Grammie, I'm at a loss. It plays fine for me. Does it not respond at all, or does it try to play and fail?

    The visuals look fine, although I only watched a minute or so. Just no sound.

    My email is not working. Could that be it?


    I thought we were past the age of racism now that a black man is the POTUS?

    Racism is still thriving thanks to the liberals, and the irony is that without them and their kind (Sharpton and Olbermann in particular) it would take a big hit.

    I remember when the word "suck" was considered an obscene word. Right up there with dick and fuck. Now two of those words are used in nearly every conversation from NY to LA in middle schools without anybody blinking an eye.

    My friends and I (both white and black) have been calling each other crackers and niggers for decades, and nobody was offended. Now why is that?

    Simple. Because the more you use any slang to describe anybody the less the impact. It just fades away over time like a ho on Park ave. Ever hear any rap song where the word nigger isn't used? Where is the outrage over that?

    Now, if some liberal feels it's okay to use the term nigger when with friends, but not with an artists view of the stimulus you may think "he's not saying it in a friendly way," and he'd be right, but does that not also diminish the liberals case in neglecting to be outraged at the thousands of put downs of president Bush?

    Was the ex-president not also abused and put threw the ringer with comparisons to body parts (Whoopie Goldberg with Bush being compared to her bush, on national TV no less) nazi leaders, thousands of pictures of him being shown as a jackass, etc?

    Where was the outrage then?

    The most ironic part of all this is that whether or not the artist meant it as a racist statement if it weren't for the true racists of our times, Sharpton, et al, racism would be all but eliminated from our culture.

    The fact is, and I think will be for a very very long time, that if the so called "civil rights advocates" kept their mouth shut just ONCE when these type of things happen, you would see an extreme change in peoples attitudes about race.

    Bring attention to anything negative in life, and it sticks out like a soar thumb. Down play it, and it goes away. Does Sharpton really think by bringing attention to it it will help race relations? I mean what world does he live in? It manifests the true racist's hate even more, and frankly makes those of us who could care less about the color of ones skin take notice of the color of ones skin!

    Race relations in this country will NEVER go away when you have the Sharptons of the world calling for the firing of any white who says or does something that they would deem racist, but at the same time keep mum whenever a black says or does anything the same in regards to a white man.

    Olbermann and his kind are all the same. They bring it up and "act" outraged at it all, and at the same time turn a blind eye whenever a black says the same thing towards a white.

    Racism is one horrible thing man, whether it's intentional or not, but it will NEVER go away with the true racists of our country who latch onto it like cancer does to a cigarette smoker. You can't have one race saying it's okay to say racist things as long as it's not about them.

    Call a white guy (POTUS or not) a cracker, redneck, hick, jackass, bitch, retard, moron, tobacco chewing no teeth confederate shithead and draw thousands of pictures that represent the same, and not a word is said. BUT! Call a black man a nigger or a monkey, and you'll get fired. No bout a doubt it.

    Twilight Zone, as 47000 has said many times, is just too tame a word for it. Either we are ALL racists, or there are just too many phonies out there that without that word who would be hard pressed to bring any significance to their insignificant lives.

    I'm sorry I went on so long, but this "racist" chant has really gotten old for me, and really pisses me off!

    Miss Tur is from UCSB
    She performs incompetently
    She's dumb as a rock
    Prostitute ad hoc
    Can one take her seriously?

    Good read wolv, that's the biggest problem's I have with racism is that people like Sharpton try to make racism a one way street. When in reality it's a 6 lane highway everyone travels.

    He's the kind of person who portrays racism as something that only happens to blacks. When in reality it happens to everyone. Whether it's because of race, religion, politics, geographical location, history, income, age, appearance, or occupation.

    We're all victims of it. It's how we handle it that defy's us. And being a finger pointer doesn't solve anything. If anything being a defender of racism to one particular group is in itself racist.

    Thanks Johnny!

    I just opened my baby blues and it works now. John Gibson, as always, rocks!

    Was that Angry Rich at the very end saying "What a Quisling" or did you pull a Huffy and add that in? :)

    Angry Rich.

    And being a finger pointer doesn't solve anything. If anything being a defender of racism to one particular group is in itself racist...Lafinman

    How true, and the real irony of this whole debacle is that Obama is clearly the one caught in the middle without having anything to do with it other than the fact that he has black skin. And, let's face it, he also got "caught" in a good way by having black skin because no matter what the nay sayers want to believe, it is the same reason why he got elected.

    To me though, as some posters have already stated here, he HAS done most things that our former president had done in regards to his decisions which has made it difficult for me to make any definitive decision as to whether or not he is the right man for the job.

    So I'm at square one, not sure if everything he has said and done complies with everything I would like to see in our president, (too early to tell for sure) but because of the racism brought on by his "defenders" it has made me more aware of the color of his skin.

    If not for the Sharpton's and the olbermann's of the world, I would have looked at the cartoon as nothing more than one man's opinion of Obama's stimulus plan, but now because of them I'm back at looking at the president as a black president (through definitely NO FAULT of Obama's) and question whether or not if he ever should have been elected to begin with because it brought back the memory that he was elected because of the color of his skin.

    An ironic vicious cycle to be sure, but one which will never go away because of the racious thoughts of his "defenders".

    It reminds me of why I don't go to any Yankee games anymore. I love them more than any other sports team, but the last few times I went I had a fight every time with some assholes who continued to be abusive to my wife and daughter simply because they had the nerve to sit in the same sections with these drunken fools. I still love the Yankee's, but now at a distance, because my only memories of them are of the horrible times I had there in their "house."

    The Yankee's were the ones "caught in the middle," because of their "defender's", but in reality defending the Yankee's were the last thing these idiots could care about.

    Obama is now in the same boat, and only when his hypocritical and phony defenders stop preaching their racial hatred will I then get back to judging the man purely on his performance.

    Another indication that the Obama Administration is willing to piss off (or 'on') the far left and the likes of Olbermann and Proffessor Turdley:
    WASHINGTON (AP) - The Obama administration, siding with former President George W. Bush, is trying to kill a lawsuit that seeks to recover what could be millions of missing White House e-mails.....

    Keith, is this a "tipping point" ? Is it "Orwellian"? Is it worthy of a "Speshul Komment"? Sir?

    Speaking of Keef's Speshul Education Komments, here is an OlbyFraud trifecta rejecta: Cheney Komment, Iran, and the happenings in NY State:

    Warith Denn Umar, former NY State Corrections Muslim Chaplain caught on tape radicalizing muslims, "brother be prepared to fight, be prepared to die, be prepared to kill"..."you think there is no terror in Koran, it is called 'irhab', read it in the 56th sura of the Koran"..."there is no mistranslation"..."Its very clear"..."when you fight you strike terror in the heart of the disbeliever"

    See this footage along with other 'Moderate" muslims from Muslim Brotherhood front groups caught on tape supporting terrorists:

    A statement from NY Senator Charles Schumer on Warith Denn Umar:


    Only militant clerics have been allowed in prison system; Moderates have been barred for years by the Administrative Chaplain of the NY State Dept of Correctional Services

    Wahhabi chaplains are spreading militant Islam to NY's 13,000 Muslim inmates, including those at correctional facilities in Wyoming, Auburn, Elmira, Great Meadow, Sing Sing, Arthur Kill, Fishkill, Schawangunk

    I wonder if any of this makes OlbyFraud sleep better at night. After all, Cheney invented all of our problems with Islamic Fascists, right OlbyFraud? I guess someone forgot to tell Schumer that!

    Oh yeah, OlbyFraud specifically mentions the Fort Dix Case as an example of Cheney hyping the terror threat. Besides the fact that I thought after 9/11 the goal was to capture these people early on, apparently OblyFraud never bothered to hear what any of the jurors had to say:

    Fort Dix juror: 'They were going to do it'

    Perhaps OblyFraud thinks its OK to lose a few good men, I do not.

    "Well well, aren't we the uPPER CASe drama queen?" That is so hurtful, I may cry.
    I would dearly prefer to use styles. The line above the Comments box says: "You may use HTML tags for style." Won't work on my computer, but then nobody here seems to be using them, either. Because the site is orderly and maintained, I wonder WHY if it doesn't work, why not remove the line, or if HTML is SUPPOSED to work, why not they fix it? This seems incongruous.

    "It just so happens that Olbermann and his staff DO monitor this site." Um... that's not news. Nor the fact that Mr. Cox (and others of similar sentiments) has posted on the DailyKos. Anyone who has ever googled Olbmermann also gets Olbermann watch. As a matter of fact, the reason I first came to this site was because it is the most complete log of which side of Olbermann anyone was on (metaphorically speaking) And neatly organized too!

    "The story undoubtadly reverberated it's way to Olbermann and Countdown. It simply had to." It simply had to? O-K. Even if true, so what? It doesn't mean that KO was influenced by it one way or the other.

    "It (Olbywatch) really isn't driven by hate, as you assert." OK, how about insults and snark? That sound better to you? On a serious not when I started frequenting here I immediately ran into serveral folks who were most cordial, erudite, very well spoken. Strong points of view, but nothing that could be construed as "haters." So the site AS A WHOLE is still a conundrum for me.

    "Maybe you can explain YOUR motivation." No, can't at the moment. But when I figure it out, I'll be sure to let you know.

    "I have a pant-load of fun participating on this site."

    How nice for you.

    PS to MikeC- I had no idea you could be such a... spoilsport!

    In response to the response above: ***yawn***.

    World-class MSNBC moron Courtney Hazlett is at it again, this time making idiotic observations about the Oscars.

    Take this nugget:

    ‘Button’s’ only Oscar
    From the sound of it, the only category in which “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is expected to be the winner is art direction. Voters here in L.A. are saying that “It’s the only category that has “Button” and no “Slumdog.’” Actually, the costume design category fits that criteria as well, but it’s got period drama “The Duchess” among the nominees, which will most likely win.

    Yes, just those two categories. And makeup, and visual effects, for which it won two more Oscars, for a total of three. More top notch analysis from Courtney Hazlett, a typical MSNBC "journalist."

    ObserverDan, great pic. The question now is, "Does Olverpaid spit or swallow?"

    Hearing Sean Penn tonight speaking after getting his Oscar was like listening to an Olbermann special comment. BORING! I'm sure KO will hype it tomorrow night.

    Hearing Sean Penn tonight speaking after getting his Oscar was like listening to an Olbermann special comment...meerkatpooh

    Easiest $1000 I ever won. The bet was (even though I never saw "Milk," but in knowing the academy and Sean Penn) that he would win for best actor and that he would say something politically stupid in regards to being conservative.

    The easy part was in him winning, as I had no doubt that in him playing a gay he would win, but the second part when he stated that he wanted to thank "his commie loving friends" was debated because the guy I bet with said he wasn't necessarily saying anything about conservatives.

    We were watching and talking on the phone while this went on, and then when he went into his BS about anybody who voted against the gay marriage bill would have a problem sleeping at night, and it was a done deal. 2 to 1 odds I took, and for the first time in my life I actually smiled after hearing Penn talk.

    By meerkatpoohAuthor Profile Page on February 23, 2009 12:02 AM

    Hearing Sean Penn tonight speaking after getting his Oscar was like listening to an Olbermann special comment. BORING! I'm sure KO will hype it tomorrow night.

    I bet $1,000,000 olby won't mention penn riding around in his little boat after katrina with a shotgun and a body guard.

    I wonder if this Politico article will make OlbyFraud's head spin in circles, possibly explode:

    President Obama’s administration is moving aggressively to protect what the government insists are “state secrets” from a Bush-era wiretapping program.

    Justice Department lawyers filed an emergency motion Friday with a federal appeals court in an effort to block a lower court’s order that the government must show lawyers for the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation a copy of a document indicating that the group’s communications were being intercepted...

    It [the Justice Dept.] said information about the surveillance program is considered “Top Secret — Sensitive Compartmented Information.”

    Retraction? Iran does have enough material to make bomb?

    Olbermann accussed Bush of lying about Iran.

    A new Special Comment taking Obama to task? The Bush policy saying enemy combatants do not have the right to US civilian courts is wrong. The Bush administration's attempt to keep many of the important activities of our nation secret.

    Obama is making the same cases now.

    How many times does Keith Olbermann have to be wrong for some people to finally realize he is a lying tool for the radical anti-America left?

    Oh, that's right, those are the only people now defending Olbermann AND comprise 99.99% of his puny audience. People who enjoy and endorse the actions of people like Al Sharpton and Michael Moore.

    Those same people who are religious fanatics in the church of SNOBamessiah....who are prepared to be severe hypocrites and dishonest partisans....who yelled, "RESIGN!" or "FASCIST!" over the same policies and practices only 6 months ago. What tools!

    I just am not looking forward to when Obama gets around to breaking campaign promises the left wants beoken and I would rather he raising my taxes or reinvigorating the failed welfare state. At least now his broken promises over the tactics of fighting terrorism, withdrawing from Iraq, and renegotiating NAFTA were the right choices....but also dishonest ploys the saintly pol pulled over on his silly zealous supporters.....What CHANGE! What a new kind of leader! NOT!


    At least now his broken promises over the tactics of fighting terrorism, withdrawing from Iraq, and renegotiating NAFTA were the right choices....but also dishonest ploys the saintly pol pulled over on his silly zealous supporters.....What CHANGE! What a new kind of leader! NOT!...Cee

    I agree 100% Cee, but at the same time did anybody truly believe (at least anybody with half a brain) he was going to be much different than Bush? The hatred for Bush from the left stemmed almost all on Bush's demeanor and had nothing to do with his policies. Even the shoe thrower admitted as much, when he stated that he couldn't stand the way Bush looked while standing at that podium. Like he was too pompous for his taste.

    The only shame of it all is that the man who was completely honest while campaigning for the presidency lost because of his honesty. The debate will continue however from the left, that if it weren't for Bush's policies (especially on Iraq) Obama wouldn't be in the situation he's in now, as he will be doing all he can to clean the mistakes made by Bush even if those decisions are the exact same as Bush's.

    Regardless, if the decisions Bush made were the right ones the thinking on the left will always be because of the way he handled himself in front of the camera that this equated to a bad president.

    Hell, with their rationale George Clooney would have been elected if he ran, as he speaks elequently too.

    Bottom line for me though, is that Obama is the president, no matter how much he lied to get the title, but if he continues along the same lines as the previous president nothing's going to change and we'll be in good hands although with a democratic congress and senate it does make things more difficult for Obama.

    Olbermann for sure is his biggest fan, but I know that you know that we should NEVER expect any kind of apology from this anti-American Bush hater simply because that would be akin to admitting he's been a fraud for all these years.

    Hey, Obama knew what he was doing to get elected, and I feel he believed he would change things if he could, but I think when he walked into that oval office he was like a deer caught in the headlights, and he knew right then and there that all he planned on doing was going to be tossed out and that Bush's policies were the right way to go.

    The only thing we can say for certain is that Obama's plan for the stimulus may not have been what Bush wanted to do, but since this was all made up after Bush was gone who's to say what he would have done? Outside of that the only difference I've seen between Bush and Obama is that Obama's girls are younger. True, not any change at all, but we all knew that now didn't we?

    Keep up the good work though, as I always look forward to your posts never letting the left forget to how un-American they were in their (non) support of a president who did all he could to protect and keep America strong and to how "their" president is not much different than "our" president. Plus, unfortunately to how sad it is, but true, that you have to keep reminding them that 9/11 was a lot more than some "knuckleheads" out for a joy ride.

    Lower, lower, lower.....the DOW is now at 1997 levels under President Obama.

    When will things change for the better, instead of for the worse?

    I'm just gonna keep ignoring the "I hate Obama" posts, and stick with watching Olbermann and his wretched spin on things.


    "Considering these various alternatives — all of which would have mandated American intervention regardless — the decision to topple Saddam in 2003 was the right one. To intervene at a time and in a way of our choosing was prudent and necessary, despite the tragic cost in blood and treasure."

    An excellent conclusion of a piece that is logical, historically honest AND cogent.

    The rantings of Keith Olbermann over the Iraq war have ceased....I wonder why?

    And now that we see, with the surge in Afghanistan, the radical left has only been tepid in their criticism of US hegemony.....I wonder why?

    Oh, that's right....the church of SNOBamessiah is intellectually dishonest and hypocritical! I keep forgetting.


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