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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    March 2, 2009
    Countdown: Monday Recappers Thread

    Bathtub Boy

    This is tonight's recappers thread for The Hour of Spin. We need you to document the outrageous lies and vertiginous spin that emanate from The Face of the Democratic Party (aka Krazy Keith Olbermann). Watch Oralmann if you dare, and do your recapping right here. Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (69) | | View blog reactions


    Let's see if Olby can refrain from going after Limbaughs weight. Afterall, he did say he doesn't want to throw out that net , and then get caught in it himself. ( I forget which guest was being interviewed at the time).

    #5: Olbermann and Wolfe credit Obama with "Machiavellian genius" in his intentional sabotage of the Republican party by causing the rift between Rush and Steele. He's that good.

    #5- OK, I got the topic correct- Rush and CPAC and the first guest- Wolfffffffffman, but dammit, Olby pulled a fast one on us and put his younger, skinnier twin- Chris Hayes, in the 5.2 spot. Hayes usually bats in the 3 hole. Maybe Olby is trying to switch up the order in order to break his current ratings losing streak.

    Does anyone know what KO is actually doing when he rolls away from his desk, looks somewhere off camera and audibly rustles some paper as the show cuts to commercial? And is whatever that thing he does really so important that he must do it while he's on camera?

    #4- Olby has gone solo thus far and provided his sarcastic analysis of Obama spending bill. Maybe I'm reading to much into it, but he just tried to sound like Paul Harvey.


    We'll need to review the transcript, but I think Wolfe might have slipped and used the dailykos as an example of a fringe element of a political party that is not in the mainstream.

    Hello, fans of OW - Longtime visitor, first-time poster. First I must throw big kudos to those who watch enough of KO's schtik to post educated analysis on these pages. Honestly, after about three years of giving this guy a chance, I now cannot even stomach his nightly opening schpiel. I'm serious. So without watching tonight, I'm going to guess that Mr. Limbaugh's speech will be a topic - going out on a limb, eh? Correct me I'm wrong, but did not KO declare BOR and the Maha "irrelevant" back shortly after the election? Am I mistaken? If so, why does his network run so many pieces on Mr. Limbaugh?

    Ahh John Dean....enought said? Anyone want to guess what the topic was? that eveil dictartor Bush.

    2 hours of Family Guy beckons on TBS so I can only recap #5.

    Keith actually thinks Obama and crew have sucked Limbaugh in to cut his head off? It is more like they have stepped in the muck and won't be able to extricate themselves. Limbaugh will win the public debate. He always has. It is Limbaugh's job to talk about this stuff for 3 hours a day. No one else can give that kind of time and just mentioning Limbaugh's name attracts him listeners. There is no where for the left to go with this. The public debate will soon turn to what is important, the economy, and the Limbaugh issue will lie on the side of the road like a McDonald's hamburger wrapper. Limbaugh will excite the republican base and future elections will see more conservatives emerge victorious.

    Just based on what most economists are saying, by the time the mid term elections roll around the country will be fed up with Pelosi and Reid. I am already predicting at least 25 house seats to be picked up by republicans. If 40 are picked up the republicans return to majority control. There was less that was causing difficulty for the country in 1994 than today. In 1994 the republicans picked up 54 seats. When the economy worsens and does not get better by the summer of 2010, people will look for an alternative voice. Limbaugh and the like will be able to capture some of those people. The conservative message is attractive to many people if the hard right social issues are left out. The current state of affairs will put the social issues on the back burner and the conservative message for the economy will become viable.

    anyone news about his rating? LOL yes I left off th e "s" rofl..

    Well, my afternoon prediction was about 50/50. John Dean did make an appearance, Rush talk dominated the show, the evil Bush memos and the CIA tapes were discussed.

    As for the substance of the show- KO and the drive-by media continue to believe that Rush and CPAC represent a koo-koo fringe faction of the republican party- the right wing equivalent of the far-left/hate america dailykos crowd. Such a comparison is flat out absurd. Remember what happened the last time a Dem was elected POTUS and tried to take on Rush Limbaugh?


    #2-Media Matters Minute:

    #3-John Zigler

    Blue Blog Source: Think Propaganda

    #2-Mary Matalin

    Blue Blog Source: Media Matters

    #1-Bill O'Reilly

    Blue Blog Source: Think Propaganda

    Appearing is felon John Dean
    On Kountdown is where he'll be seen
    The attorney disbarred
    And the tub of lard
    Has turned news into something obscene

    I'll bet Olbermoronn's theatrical indignation and faux outrage were on display in his latest O'Reilly Attack. I'll also bet that "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" was faded out for the attack. The combination of no music and indignation/outrage make for powerfully dramatic effects. It'd make a soap producer proud...if the producer fits Monkeymann's ideology.

    #1: The mocking of Rush Limbaugh with former comedian Paul F. Tompkins. Again? He was on Friday, too.

    By the way, I went ahead and bought John Ziegler's "Media Malpractice" documentary DVD. It had better be good for the money I paid.

    Olberdouche said that O'Reilly wouldn't be appearing at the "It Happened To Alexa Foundation" fundraiser in Florida on March 19 due to "scheduling conflicts". Is this ANOTHER Olby lie? According to the "It Happened To Alexa Foundation" website and Bill O'Reilly it is...

    I just clicked on the TP link. They cite Media Matters for their smear. And guess who ran with that smear and attacked our humble correspondent on August 7, 2006? Hey there, Keith Oralmann:
    "The 'worst' position was saved for you-know-who (here's a hint: it's attack #105). Bill's crime: citing the case of a recent rape/murder victim, he said that scantily-clad teenagers shouldn't be out drunk, walking the streets alone, at two in the morning. Sermonized Olby:
    'You sick, sorry excuse for a human being.'
    Preach on, Rev Olby. Drunken teenagers should be on the streets alone at 2:00 am. It's so much easier to find them that way, instead of having to find conquests in some hotel room with a cheap bottle of wine and a disposable tie." premium members can listen to the August 2, 2006 "Radio Factor" and hear what BOR was saying in context. And here's the fundraiser he'll be appearing at on March 19:

    The topic of the hour was personal responsibility.

    Almost simultaneous to the KO/DF (disbarred felon) drivel exchange was, on the regular FOX Network, Jack Bauer tasering the hell out of a terrorist who knew of an imminent attack on the White House AND the POTUS. Jack was made to cease this torturous conduct and, you guessed it, the terrorists captured the POTUS.

    But, don't worry wusses, this could NEVER happen IRL.

    HEY Chris Hayes!!! Your "Transition" lenses aren't transitioning. You look as if you went a coupla rounds with Chris Brown or you've been dippin' into Rachel's eye make-up.....tsk,tsk,tsk.........

    "...he's (Limbaugh) been attacked by the Obama White House."-WereWolffe of Birmingham

    So, what's the story?

    a. The President of the United States, his Chief of Staff, his Press Secretary and other members of the Executive Branch of the US government, in coordination with members of the Fourth Estate friendly the Administration are attacking a private citizen, conservative radio personality and program host in order to score cheap political points.

    b. President Obama displays a fascinating brilliance never before seen in American politics.

    c. Nihilism is snowballing and people who download from and listen to Rush "every second" do so obsessively, are trapped in an echo chamber and caught in a hall of mirrors and it's all extroidinary.

    d. Barney Frank loves underfunded children who are out of work and hates bombers.

    and not one mention of the death of Paul Harvey, one of his "alleged" idols. I guess Rush was more important, than talking about one of his mentors whom he ripped off.

    Okay, saw bits and pieces of the show from the Countdown website.

    1. Way too much time spent on Rush Limbaugh. The constant talk about him only makes it worse and the more he is discussed as the "de facto GOP leader", the more he emerges as the "de facto GOP leader". His power comes from in everyone talking about him, whether positvely or negatively. This goes for everyone, dems and GOP, if you don't want Rush seen as the "de facto GOP leader" then stop talking about him, positively and negatively. Only then will he go back to being what he truly is, a radio host, and not the head of a political party. Albeit he's a popular radio host, but not the head of a political party. Message to Keith and everyone who does not want Rush in this role: Shut up!

    2. I'm not trying to start anything here, but I really hope that the attack on O'Reilly that Media Matters and Olbermann orchestrated today makes it to the It Happened To Alexa Foundation. Forget the situation of teens being out at night at 2:00 AM (and most likely drunk), to in anyway insinuate that the victims are responsible for their being raped and killed is just, it's, well, it's why I am not a fan of O'Reilly, let's just put it like that. And then for O'Reilly to turn around and speak at a charity event like this, I mean his viewpoints are his viewpoints (however right or wrong I feel they may be), but Olbermann may be accused of hypocrisy a lot (some of it warranted, others not so much), but this, to me at least, is hypocrisy on O'Reilly's part.

    I'm not a premium member (nor do I seek to be), but I cannot imagine the context of it substantially taking away from what he was quoted as saying. If anyone could give me some full quotes, though, I would appreciate it, and if I deem the context worthy enough, I'll take back what I said in my "2." point.

    If anyone wants to see Rush Limbaugh speech from Saturday, it's been posted on
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
    Part 5:
    Part 6:
    Part 7:

    "The Factor" also covered the speech and the Rahm Emanuel response:

    stevenrw, I enjoyed your well stated viewpoints. There are a few of us here who aren't O'Reilly fans. That said, I thought Olbermanns over-dramatic rhetoric tonight was typically fatuous and keenly personal. If you believed Olby, you'd think O'Reilly was the rapist. Or worse.

    "...if you don't want Rush seen as the "de facto GOP leader" then stop talking about him, positively and negatively.///snip///Message to Keith and everyone who does not want Rush in this role: Shut up!"-srw

    The problem with that argument is; the liberal media, KO, BO, Rahm and the rest of the far-left want Limbaugh PERCEIVED as the head of the GOP. It's a strategy designed to marginalize both the GOP from the vast center-right and Rush from the Republican leadership.

    If you doubt me, just see how long it takes for the orchestrated attacks to die down.
    (see my 11.18)

    E-mail me, Steven, and I'll respond with an MP3 of that full hour attached. My address is listed here:

    I'm serious. I have the MP3 ready to go.

    I have prosecuted child abusers, I liked to say: "Rape, robbery, murder...I've tried 'em all." And I also know very well what rape prevention centers and programs tell women. There isn't one that I know of that would recommend that a woman go walking by herself under the influence in provocative dress at 2:00 am in a remote sparsely populated area. That's just painting a target on yourself. For Oralmann and his sick buddies to try to make this into blaming the victim is typical of his diseased envy. If someone were to take "Man on Fan" Olbermann seriously and recommend to women that they do nothing to avoid putting themselves in risky situations, what exactly would that accomplish for rape prevention? Um, it would make things worse. Ya think?

    The reason why O'Reilly is a target is because he fought for, and in many cases succeeded, in getting tough child rape laws passed in most of the US. And there are people who don't like that. (One can only imagine why Olbermann would be invested in discrediting the fight for tougher laws against child rape.) That's why they've launched a drive to get O'Reilly disinvited to the Alexa event--an event he promoted again tonight on The Factor. This is one campaign the infamous, deplorable Olbermann should not be permitted to win.

    Alexa contact info:

    Phone: (716) 754-9105; 877-77-ALEXA (25392)
    Fax: (716) 754-4676

    I give up. The file is 12.2 MB anyway. It's pointless for me to try to reform a Bill O'Reilly hater.

    You saved me, Johnny. Thanks. Disregard my above "I give up"/"pointless to" comment.

    Why do I fear that the O'Reilly haters' campaign will be successful?

    Mike C, if I email you could you send me a copy too. I would really like to hear the full context too.

    My first thought when I read the transcript was that I hoped some dopey permissive parents out there got the message and perhaps it saved another young girl from such a fate. I have teenage granddaughters and I sure hope that we have instilled enough judgment in them to not ever put themselves in such a situation. And if we haven't that we exercise enough control that we don't have to depend totally on their less than mature good judgment and sense.

    My second thought was that it sounded, from the short quote as if BOR was blaming the young girl. There is nothing that she and/or her family has ever done to deserve such a horrible fate.

    In BOR' favor is that he donates every penny of profit from his factor gear to causes such as this. He has also put a lot of public pressure on the judicial system to treat such things for the horrendous crimes they are.

    That is why I too would like to hear the whole thing. KO et al don't have any track record of being fair and honest in their accusations and condemnations.

    Johnny, I had to redo my comment b/c all of a sudden I was no longer logged in. Besides trying to always remember to check could you all do something to draw our attention to it when we forget?

    Mike, you could put the file up on mediafire and just give out the URL. Then anyone who wanted to hear it could.

    Grammie, you have to know that context means nothing to haters. I hope Mike puts the file up so anyone can download it and hear it. If people like Oralmann get their way and O'Reilly gets cancelled from the event, what will happen then? Event cancelled? Some other speaker replaces him? Either way, the proceeds (which all go to the alexa foundation) are reduced. Either way, Olby can crow over it for several days at a time.

    I think this latest smear campaign by Olbermoronn has pissed me off more than anything he's done in years.

    That's no problem, Mike C.

    Johnny has already answered it. My skepticism of KO et al was justified.

    Johnny, what do you recommend with the association? A donation in BOR's name b/c he was the one who brought them front and center?

    I don't know. I'm worried that would have a problem with me reposting the hour without their permission.

    Mike C, perhaps you could try to contact him and explain the situation. He may give you permission or do it himself.

    Just a thought.

    Okay, here's the Mediafire link:

    "I think this latest smear campaign by Olbermoronn has pissed me off more than anything he's done in years."

    But it shows, so clearly, the mind set of and the motivation behind LoBloKO and his 'journalistic ethic.'

    If he can hurt his competition, it matters not how much harm he causes others.

    It is also emblematic of his desparation over the comparative ratings and a foreshadower of his demise. To paraphrase Col. Jessep, "Olby can't handle being irrelevant."

    -- and not one mention of the death of Paul Harvey, one of his "alleged" idols. I guess Rush was more important, than talking about one of his mentors whom he ripped off. --

    I'm not that surprised. After that video link (where Paul Harvey was WPITW) was posted in the other thread, someone probably tipped Olverpaid that it would be another embarrassing phony Tony Snow tribute all over again.

    -- Sermonized Olby: 'You sick, sorry excuse for a human being.' --
    -- I don't know. I'm worried that would have a problem with me reposting the hour without their permission.. --

    Mike, I think that O'Reilly will be pissed of enough with this insinuation by Olberfraud that O'Reilly will respond on his own show about it and play the parts your talking about. The truth will eventually get out. Looks like it will be another case of Olberphony to get exposed as being just another propagandist hack.

    Johnny, thank you for posting contact info. I've just sent an e-mail. I'm sure that the haters have flooded their inbox already, so I hope mine doesn't get lost in the noise.

    And this has pissed me off too. Olbermann can't let his diseased hatred go even for the sake of charity.

    My simple retort to people like Keith Olbermann who feel O'Reilly's conclusions are off regarding keeping our children safe from preditors.....use simple logic for the argument....have a real debate in context of the events that took place and bring it to the logical O'Reilly's world the crime would have a much less chance of happening.

    There is nothing about blame in his stand. It is about practical responses to an environment. I saw the movie CHANGLING. In it, the mother did something very common in the 1920's. She left her 9 yo son home alone while she worked. Nothing unusal about that She would be brought up on child endangerment charges because now it is not acceptable because such behavior in our world today, unlike the 1920's, is believed to leave the child vulnerable to crime (like what actually happened to the poor child in the movie).

    Is it "blaming." I guess it is up to the individual, everyone has a right to their opinion regarding what someone has said. In my opinion, Olbermann's reaction is way off and rooted in hatred for Bill O'Reilly. Period.

    I will gladly let the It Happened to Alexa Foundation know they have my support for what they do and gladly stand with Mr. O'Reilly in actively bringing their mission to protect rape victims to the fore.

    It is ironic that Olbermann tries to portray O'Reilly as blaming the victim because at the website, I read,

    "Although the perpetrator was caught that same night, Alexa’s nightmare was hardly over. She endured 18 long months of court delays, tactics by the defense and an invasive investigation into her character and reputation. But she persisted.

    "Alexa was questioned by the defense attorney for hours, with accusations of consensual sex. The consent defense has become common in rape trials since DNA can definitively tie the perpetrator to the scene of the crime.

    "Because Alexa persevered, her attacker will not have the chance to traumatize other young women for a long, long time. The jury sentenced him to 40-45 years without possible parole. He will be a very old man if and when he is released."

    Olbermann is a sad and pathetic hater.

    I hope the fact that Alexa Branchini's attorney, Wendy Murphy, speaks well of O'Reilly at the website is enough to keep Olbermann's hatred from smearing this fine organization.

    Olbermann has now started a smear against the It Happened To Alexa Foundation....shame on him if they loose ONE PENNY of support for the wonderful people they and in the future.

    Hatred.....plain and simple, with personal, ideological and immature motives....THIS IS KEITH OLBERMANN!

    All at NBC NEWS can once again hang their heads in shame as they give the moron any time to spout his hatred.

    Sorry, Mike, I had logged off by the time you posted. It looks like J$ took care of things and you posted a link but in case you want to send it to me.

    Thanks guys, and sorry about the miscommunication. I posting on here followed by going to bed is a way to get me even more on the outs on this blog. :-)

    It looks like I might be wrong about what I said about Bill O'Reilly. So on behalf of myself, Media Matters, and Keith Olbermann, I apologize.

    I'd check out the audio link, but I have to go now and do not have time to go sifting through an hour long show. I'll be back tonight.

    In relation to Rush Limbaugh....the hypocrisy continues......

    "I can only imagine what might have been said a few years ago if somebody might have said that on the other side relating to what was going on in this country or our endeavors overseas," Gibbs said.

    So. There were no national leaders who had views of Bush's stated intentions with regard to Iraq, hoping those plans would fail?......

    "Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam." Senator Kennedy.

    The argument by the left, including Senator Obama, was that Bush was leading us to a path of failure in Iraq with the surge. Vietnam was failure, no argument about that I am assuming. The left presented a very strong case to be an alternative to Bush, which was not chosen and we see today President Obama declaring victory of our forces in Iraq.

    Desiring a policy to not succeed (fail) is a defendable position. Kennedy and Obama made eloquent arguments however wrong back in 2006.....I disagreed then.....Rush believes Obama will hurt our country, his failure will be our nation's success.....I agree now and we will see in 2-3 years if we are right or wrong.

    The democrats and Olbermann are being disingenuous and once again trying to personalize this debate as a distraction.

    Like I have said before, as the democrats' policies take effect, the consequences will occur and then the political process will correct the leadership. Preparation for the bad consequences of Obama's policies is the only thing we can all do, so just sit back after preparing and watch the fun!


    I just finished listening to the ENITRE audio (thank you MikeC), and O'Reilly is clear that the behavior, the CHOICE, puts the person at risk. Judgement is the issue, and if someone is making a poor choice, it is the responsiblity of those that care to assess those choices and LEARN how to avoid the consequences of poor judgement.

    O'Reilly never diminished the criminal's behavior at the expense of the victim.

    I'll ask the potential Olbermann defenders.....Is getting drunk in NYC a good judgement call?

    So the notion that it isn't smart for a woman to be outside walking around drunk at 2am, is now the equivalent of "blaming the victim".

    For issuing THAT admonishment, Olbermann launches into a vicious personal attack on O'Reilly?

    That's just brilliant. There is no low road that's too low for this idiot.

    Perhaps, rape prevention literature should rethink the "Don't Hitchhike" tip, lest some victim, raped in such a circumstance, be offended...

    Another reason Paul Harvey's death didn't make it onto KountDown last night; Olby's hair-on-fire discovery of the release of some Bush era Justice Dept memos. Of course, this news hasn't exploded across the media. Hell, it didn't even make it onto "The View"'s Hot Topics . Poor Olby could have better spent his time paying homage to the late Mr. Harvey, rather than hauling out Old John Dean.
    Olby was excited that Rachel Maddow was all over this story too. Yawn.

    "Olby's hair-on-fire discovery of the release of some Bush era Justice Dept memos"

    Does this mean we all get the benefit of a SPECIAL COMMENT this week?

    Again, now that it seems there is evidence of Bush et al. prepared to destroy our constitutional rights, I really think there should be calls for arrests and trials!

    I'll call the left's bluff again as I did in 2005 regarding their claim of an illegal war in Iraq and their need to defund the war and force withdrawl.....prosecute those neocons!


    Mike C, thank you so much. As usual the audio just wouldn't work for me but I'm listening now. My suspicions were well founded.

    Steve, you should at least listen to the first two segments.

    Surprise, surprise surprise KO's whole schitck was built on a quote so isolated it almost rises to the level of a lie.

    BOR was highlighting what happened to that poor girl and Mel Gibson's drunken rant as a morality tale, if you will, about the dangers of anyone, but especially young people, drinking to the point that they are no longer rational people in charge of their own fate.

    In other words, KO was being his own AH self.

    I always spend at least as much time on the blue blogs as the red ones and there are calls to action to bombard the Alexa Foundation to hurt BOR.

    These people are sick and more sick.

    KO always always proves me wrong. Just when I think he has hit rock bottom he outdoes even himself.

    Is getting drunk in NYC a good judgement call?...Cee

    Again this is a no-brainer on behalf of our favorite a-hole in condemning Bill for calling a spade a spade. I lived in the city for over 12 years 20 years ago, and unfortunately found myself drunk (I like to call it "having a little bit too much to drink" but drunk is what it was) too many times to count, while at the same time putting myself in many precarious situations because of my own ego and stupidity.

    I got mugged, knifed, robbed at gunpoint, and because I was a fearless nut, somehow escaped with only one time going to the hospital because of a knife wound to my head. Two guys I also sent to the hospital with broken jaws on seperate occasions.

    It wasn't only that I was fearless, but also that I felt that any person had the right to walk anywhere in America at any time without the fear of being attacked. Whether it a white man in east New York or a black man down south. I just didn't get it.

    As I grew up however it became obvious to me that not only should I be careful (I still go places my wife would rather not hear that I go) but that the population as a whole has to take great care to avoid risky situations.

    This poor girl in that situation unfortunately was walking a tightrope, but no matter how stupid or naive she may have been, we must NEVER downplay the attacker nor blame society for this vicious attack. It was plain and simple the act of a monster, but unfortunately some of the first words out of people's mouths will be "she should have known better" instead of "this guy should hang."

    Yes, I agree with Bill that it was a dangerous and stupid thing she did, but if it wasn't for these monsters out there we would never be having these discussions.

    I'm sorry I'm going on so long about this, but I lost my fiance a long time ago from a similar attack from these animals, and the circumstances were almost the same (she went out with her friends, they got seperated, I warned her beforehand, etc.) so when I hear about these type crimes it brings back some very bad memories. She "survived" by the way, but she was never the same. They left her for dead on a rock in Central Park naked, where a cab driver found her and took her to the hospital. She didn't recognize me for two months after the attack and after that she wouldn't leave the house for another 2 years.

    As with that case, and thousands more in the city the police never found who did it and never even had a clue. My brother (deputy insepctor in Manhattan) and I continued for over 10 years looking for any clues at all, but because there were no witnesses and she a vegetable, nothing concrete has ever materialized. I moved on after many years of heartache (blame, guilt, you name it), but she NEVER has and probably never will.

    Bill made a good point, as he is preaching to the millions who watch his show and may be able to wake some of these girls up to help prevent them from making the same mistake, and for olbermann to make an issue out of what he said is just another reason to hate this phony.

    As Cecelia said above, since when is emphasizing caution a bad thing?

    The sad truth is that despite the high-minded intentions of Olby and the "progressives," most of humanity simply has not evolved enough to have any use for terms such as "right" or "responsibility."

    Dysgenics is real, and we are watching it unfold before our very eyes.

    Wolverine, you have some hard earned insights and quite a story! Keith Olbermanns worst day was when his mommy got beaned in the head with an errant baseball.
    For Olbermann to call to arms his assemblage of toadies, to go after Bill O'Reilly on this issue, say's far more about him than it does BO.
    Keith is no moral avenger, looking out for the people. Keith is simply, pathologically, obsessed with all things O'Reilly.

    Thank you, everyone, for listening to the hour.

    It's business as usual tonight on "The Factor." The closest Bill will get to mentioning the fundraiser is that he'll be appearing at it on March 19, tickets are still available, go to for more info, etc. That will come right before viewer e-mail.

    I occaisionally tune in David Shuster and his show "1600". I see he has a regular segment "Hypocrisy Watch". Not surprisingly, I have only seen Republicans and Conservatives held up as hypocrites to watch.
    And hey, did anyone ever notice that Slippery Shuster can actually talk out of both sides of his mouth at once? Really. He can physically do it.

    I, like you, Wolverine, have said many times, "But by the grace of God go I."

    The use of a morality tale that looks at the entire circumstance of the tragedy, not just the villian, is not the way our friends on the left look at the world. Learning from the practical lessons from our youth is natural as is heeding the advice of our experienced elders. This is no way diminishes the evil of those who pray upon the naive, disabled, unexperienced or unfortunate.

    Justice was served in Alexa's case and O'Reilly is a very boistrous advocate for harsh punishment for all criminals. For Olbermann to try to degrade O'Reilly's SINCERE commitment to that justice is hateful.

    Also, if you go to the charity's website, you will see that the organization is concerned about the emotional impact the defense of those accused rapists have on the victim......I wonder if Olbermann's friends on the left, especially those with the ACLU, are particularly concerned about restricting what the defense lawyers try to pull in swaying jurors against the victim?

    Olbermann is a putz.

    To everyone in the OlbermannWatch Forum,

    My apologies for what I said last night. I just got around to listening to the audio of The Radio Factor episode in question (sorry for the delay, busy day), and you guys are indeed right, the context was in that of responsibility. If Mr. O'Reilly reads this blog, then I would like to personally apologize on behalf of myself and on behalf of Keith Olbermann and Media Matters to him for taking him out of context. I do not watch Bill O'Reilly and I do not listen to the Radio Factor (and even if I did, the chances of me remembering the exact context of a quote from 2 years ago are slim and none). I was wrong in what I said in that Bill O'Reilly was a hypocrite.

    And to those that would "bombard the Alexa Foundation" are just wrong. They are doing a good thing by having a big name such as O'Reilly speak at their event. It will generate money for what is indeed a good cause.

    Again, my apologies.

    P.S. Having been following this blog months before I started commenting, I would just like to say that everyone here does a fantastic job at finding some of these things and calling Keith out where he does someone wrong. It is something that I would not have the patience or the ability to do. Kudos to you all!

    No apology necessary, Steve.

    You voiced your opinion based on the evidence in front of you and without the advantage that those of us who deep down know that Rip 'n Read KO et al have a strong track record of exactly what happened last night.

    Very well said Cee, as usual. And, after meeting Bill at a relatives wedding where I work, he was kind enough to talk to me for a bit covering a wide range of subjects and the interest he took in what I had to say struct me that I was talking to a man that really believed in his causes as well as his fellow man. His wife looked annoyed, as he was running late to the ceremony, but he gently assured her that they would miss nothing, and that what I had to say was important.

    I meet a lot of celebrities in my business, and he was the most gracious. Most of them (most not all) walk into my job like the world owes them something, and he was one of the few that stopped to chat.

    Comparing the two of them is like comparing, Eastwood to Van Cleef with olbermann having a lot of Wallach thrown in for good measure too. Night and day bro, and yet there are people out there that still believe in this fraud. I only wish that his fans lived in my hood back in the days, because my winnings from 3 card monty would have put me on the yellow brick road.

    Where do you work, Wolverine?

    At the fear of losing my job if the crazies catch wind of the location I'll just say in Suffolk. If you have some kind of email address I'd give it to you there

    Hi everyone:

    I join everyone's outrage at Keith Olbermann on making Bill O'Reilly the worst person on yesterday's show over O'Reilly's scheduled appearance at the Alexis Foundation.

    I want to add these points:

    1) I watched the video segment and here's how The way Keith presented this: He began by calling Bill O'Reilly "Billo the clown" and then as he was explaining about how Bill was scheduled to appear at the Alexis Foundation on March 19, etc., he turned off the "Worst Persons" music, read Bill's 2005 and 2006 quotes, etc. and he did so, not in his usual Ted Baxter impersionation voice, but instead in a normal tone and sober voice and expressed outrage at this and then called Bill O'Reilly by his proper name. He concluded by saying "Bill O'Reilly, today's worst person in the world."

    2) Thank you, Mike C. for presenting the link to the full hour of the Bill O'Reilly broadcast in question (Aug. 2, 2006). I just got done listening to the broadcast, but before I give my summary, I want to first state my general knowledge of Bill O'Reilly. I watch his TV show every night either at 8pm or at 11pm and I know that Bill O'Reilly strongly condemns those who rape and commit other violent crimes and advocates very tough penalties against these criminals, including wanting Jessica's law passed. He also has exposed and strongly condemned those judges who have gone easy on those violent criminals. He also advocates that people be responsible and to have parents be responsible to protect them from being in these situations by raising them properly, give them guidance and discipline them as necessary so that they don't put themselves in a situation where they culd be a victim of a violent crime. In fact, even in Bill's 2006 broadcast quoted by Keith and Media Matters, had--at least in my opinion--succinctly made the point that she shouldn't be out on the street drunk and be by herself at 2:00 am and dressed in a sexy way, which means that there is enough evidence to show that this is no ordinary smear against Bill by Keith.

    3) I then listened to the broadcast. The part of the broadcast that Keith and Media Matters quoted was within the first five minutes of the broadcast. The rest was as I figured--Bill went on to discuss the issue of parental responsibility and said that if the victim had lived under Bill's roof, he would have placed a curfew on her for safety reasons. He also discussed the Mel Gibson situation that happened at about the same time and said that being drunk is not a wise thing to do. The rest of the hour discussed these themes.

    And so the Alexis Foundation --whose founder was a rape victim/survivor--invites Bill O'Reilly--who is for people being responsible and is for tough penalties against the rapists-- to speak at the rally and you, Keith Olbermann, thinks that there is something wrong with it to the point of being outraged by it?! On which planet does this make sense? Finally, --to quote your hero--have you (Keith) no decency, have you no shame?

    (Sober voice) Keith Olbermann, today's worst person in the world!

    The O'Reilly-Alexis Foundation brouhaha is interesting because it's an example of the strictures that are put upon public speech, that none of the loudest voices of outrage attend to in private life.

    That rape victims have been treated as having abetted their own assault is a fact. In the past the mere state of having been raped made a woman suspect. Had she done anything to send improper signals to the perp? And the worst-- is she battered enough that it's evident that she resisted?...

    This mentality was part and parcel of a culture that instilled the notion that male sexuality was rather like a double boiler. If it got to a certain temperature, it was going to blow-up regardless of whether you turned off the heat source. That such moronic message was so accepted is probably evidence of the disapproval felt toward sexuality in woman. We had to hold THAT at bay via fear.

    Fortunately, we moved beyond that idiocy into an awareness that aroused men are not tantamount to uncontrollable animals (unless the couple is pretending the guy is that, just for fun :D ) and that they are accountable for their actions. Even more importantly, we've gone beyond thinking that rape is an act of sexuality into understanding it's one of violence.

    Because we were a long time getting there, there have been certain strictures concerning what is and is not an acceptable observation to publicly make in the case of rape. I've no doubt, that in private MOST of the O'Reilly critics (including Keith Olbermann) say, "see why you and your girl friend shouldn't go out and get drunk by yourselves, my daughter...niece...friend...coworker....etc. That leads to making bad decisions that put you at risk. " However, in public they curtail such obvious conclusions.

    This stricture is usually gender based (DEPENDING on the age of the victim) too. Few people would have a bit of trouble publicly shaking their heads in sorrow and frustration over the fact that some murdered intoxicated guy decided it was safe to get out of his stalled car and go through Central Park looking for help at 2am.

    So with this scenario, we've got what is a quasi-stigma in asking obvious questions, and we've got an anti-O'Reilly constituency who isn't going to "stoop" to being the slightest bit rational when it comes to admitting that O'Reilly did not say anything that they would not have asked (and tsk-tsked over) in private. And that BOR didn't say anything that should exclude him from doing what he can to help a very worthwhile organization.

    This is a twofer of irrationality here, folks. We have a stricture that started out as a correction against a heinous mindset, that has now become an out-of-proportion unreasonable quasi-stigma, and we've got people who hate Bill O'Reilly beyond cockroaches, crime, and cancer.

    All I can say to the Alexis Foundation is-- good luck...

    It's Alexa.

    By Mike C.Author Profile Page on March 4, 2009 12:43 PM

    It's Alexa.

    Thank you, sweety.

    (See why I need you at JDP's!)

    All I can say to the Alexa Foundation is-- GOOD LUCK!

    Cecelia, again you just distilled pages and pages of wrangling into the underlying premises that gird the subject.

    You just laid out in clear prose the tiny hook that KO et al have used to justify what is nothing more than a character assassination. It is unfortunate that The Alexa Foundation happened to be the catalyst and is also being attacked.

    Thank you, Grammie!

    Re: my 12:14 am post.

    Correction: it's not Alexis Foundation, but Alexa Foundation. Thank you, Mike C for pointing this out and my apologies.

    You're welcome and don't worry about it. :)

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