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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    March 5, 2009
    Countdown: Thursday Recappers Thread

    Bathtub Boy

    This is the recappers' comment thread for The Hour of Spin. It falls on you--the clear-thinking readers of Olbermann Watch--to document Keith Oralmann's diseased rantings for posterity. Will the infamous, deplorable one go four-for-four tonight in his continuing attempt to sabotage a charity fund-raiser being held to aid rape victims? When Krazy Keith is dealing with the greatest Olbsession of them all, anything is possible. Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (79) | | View blog reactions


    So with these headlines today:

    ABC RADIO owner CITADEL closes trading at ONE PENNY on NYSE...
    Fed Refuses to Release Bank Lending Data, Insists on Secrecy...
    12 pct. are behind on mortgage or in foreclosure...
    FDIC: Insurance Fund Could Be Insolvent This Year...

    What does bathtub boy make his top story? Again? "Boss" Limbaugh! AGAIN! Is it any wonder BOR has 2.1 million more viewers than olby?

    I know I've mentioned this before, but how anybody at MSNBC can schedule Democratic Strategist Chris Kofinis for an analysis segment about GOP Chairman Steele and not see a conflict is beyond me. I mean, it's not like Kofinis is a Left-leaning political analyst...his title is Democratic Strategist, it says it on the screen under his name, and Olberfairness INTRODUCES him as "Chris Kofinis, Democratic Strategist." They're either complete idiots at MSNBC to try and say they are not partisan, or....well, that has to be it, because who else would schedule a Democrat to be on a Democrat's show to politically analyze Republicans?

    Is it just me or does it speak volumes about Repub's that in this whole issue with Michael Steele, not one time has the issue of race been needlessly injected into the debate. The argument is actually based on facts. If this were a Dem, KO would have Al Sharpton everynight trying to find some race angle. I'm honestly surprised KO hasn't himself pulled the race card yet on Limbaugh.

    Ok, back to the show. Chris Hayes' black eyes look like he either gets socked in the face everyday or he's trying for the Chris Hovan eye-black look. Something is unhealthly with that guy. He can't be much over 30, his eyes shouldn't be doing that yet. (I just realized I'm unfairly attacking appearance, not issues- I'm kind of embarrassed but I had to throw it out there :-&)

    Whaaaaaaa! Whaaaaa!! The "Lie-on King" & guest Chris "Dark eyes" Hayes cry in their beer because Obama tacitly has to support executive privilege since he might need it too one day.

    Hmmmmm? I wonder why Obama might need it too. Anybody have a crystal ball?.......a Crazy Eight Ball?

    Wait, why did KO just name himself the 3rd Best Person in the World? Because he's a baseball fan? Or was it because he desperately need reassurance after Coulter called him out on, viz. for his inferiority complex?

    Wait, why did KO just name himself the 3rd Best Person in the World? Because he's a baseball fan? Or was it because he desperately need reassurance after Coulter called him out, viz. for his inferiority complex?

    Great Thanks- I was actually about to post the same. I think it's such coomon place now that everyone just kind of let's it soar over their heads. It's at widespread issue that is at the center of the whole leftist-media slant. The head of politics at ABCnews is a former top dem strategist for goodness sake

    People are losing their homes, the stock market is in the toilet, spending is out of control and America could possibly go bankrupt. So what does KO feel are the most important issues:
    1) Michael Steele
    2) Rush Limbaugh
    3) Cow urine soda
    4) Placing himself in the "Best Persons" category.
    5) Bush is a dictator

    Has this moron completely lost his mind? The top story around the world is the U.S. economy and this "journalist" has not mentioned Obama, the stimulus bill, spending, taxes, auto bailout, mortgage bailout, ect....

    And I'm sure BOR will be in the Worst Person catagory....AGAIN.

    God help me.

    Tonight's Number One Story:

    Obama is going gray!

    Maybe we'll hear about Michelle Obama's "toned arms" tomorrow night.

    As for the Cornell deal- I think Ann really got to Keith on this one. To me, this seems no different than say the University of California System. I am sure all of the degrees say "University of California" on the top, but lets get serious, a UC-Berkley degree is a lot better than one from UC-Santa Cruz.

    Pretty sad that KO actually pulled out his diploma. Notice that it didn't get too close cause the ink was still drying on it as it was enclosed in glass. Nice try KO. He's really gone off the deep end personally. Coulter had him dead to rights and he knows it

    Oh and the number one story of Obama going gray? Geez, then he puts on Margaret "I was in the incredibles" Carlson. Do we really care about the kids new playground? No, we don't, along with Obama himself.

    Well, the "Lie-on King" just claimed the Bill O has "DRAGGED" an innocent person into the Alexa Foundation function fiasco. Apparently another person will be sharing the podium that night.

    WTF? DRAGGED???? What's Keithee smnoking these days?

    --By dcmeyer on March 5, 2009 8:26 PM

    So with these headlines today:

    ABC RADIO owner CITADEL closes trading at ONE PENNY on NYSE...
    Fed Refuses to Release Bank Lending Data, Insists on Secrecy...
    12 pct. are behind on mortgage or in foreclosure...
    FDIC: Insurance Fund Could Be Insolvent This Year...--

    Nope, none of the above. But that's okay because Keith's got the scoop on Obama's graying (read: dignified) hair. That story and the heartwarming news about how Barry and Michelle surprised little Sasha and Melia with a playground set! I just love watching those two grow up!!

    For the past week now, and (yeah I know longer for some of us) but Countown has turned into one hour of KO's rage against the Republican Party, Rush, Bush, and BOR, then over to KD Lang at 8pm.

    Congrats to the all of the posters from last night who predicted that BOR and Ann Coulter would be named WPITW tonight. It is hilarious that olby is SO predictable!

    I wounder if Olbermann is realated to the Roman empoeror Nero you know the one that was playing the fiddle while Rome burned??? Just a total waste of time..I MEAN A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! And its just not him, the staff of MSNBC seems to be obsessed with this Rush story. After Morning Joe this morning, one of Info babes Contesea Brewer, went on this 3 minute long Anti Rush rant! Buchanan and some left wing nut were on with her, Pat had finally had to say CONTESSA! It was really amazing, just such professionalism from MSNBC! Maybe she want to get the blessing of the Heir Olbbermann???

    Oh and where is that wonderful GE stock today? Last I saw it was getting ready to close at $6.74. Saw a buy target at $3.00 Pretty soon even the great Welchman will have to go back to work. Funny. Not much new from Fatass about relative declines in value with Rupert since the issue was aired out here on a factual basis.

    I just heard on Sean that it closed, are you ready, at $6.66!

    What do you think that might portend?

    I just think the guy has lost it, its like a train wreck in slow motion..only its going to be great to see this train smash up into a million pieces in a couple mounths..

    I don't think anybody knows. GE is big in green stuff, wind power and nuke plants. Everybody is worried about GE Cap. Supposedly there is a big dog and poney sometime around the 14th of March and they are going to open up with "transparency" about GE Cap. All I know is the word is the current price is below the price it was at when Welch took over and managed the joint so they had $500bn of debt. Maybe Keefie will bail them out with top ratings and big ad revenues.


    Are you telling me that Olby literally pulled out his diploma in prime time television to boost his vacuous insecurities that he came from an Ivy League school?

    I don't have the stomach to watch him except in limited doses, so sometimes I can't figure out whether some posters here are serious or just joshing around....

    Has he at least ONCE had an economist or financial expert on since Obama's inaugural (even Krugman would be acceptable) to discuss the potential ramifications of Obama's approval of the most expensive spending bill in the history of mankind? Not even to cast doubt on the wisdom of such an agenda (that would be asking too much), but to at least spur debate among the "legions" of left-wing sycophants he garners in order to raise consciousness that the Leader of the Free World has double-downed on our future and our children's futures, and our children's children's futures.

    I swear, I think half of the country is made up of zombies (most of whom vote Dem out of Garafalo-mind-numbing reflex) who have no idea what is in store for America in the coming decades thanks to what Obama has done in his first 30 days - alone! (And wait....he's just started...)

    Heck! 57.4% of Obama voters (Rasmussen) still thought the Repubs were in power last election! (And they had a 50-50 chance!)

    Olby's a disgrace. Thanks, dude. Yer cool. Yer a Cornell alum. Now please put it to good use and get on with your much-needed O'Reilly fundraising attack (for the fourth time this week)? Loser.

    This hack must have some dirt on someone at MSNBC or NBC to still be on the air. C'mon, pulling out your diploma???

    What makes KO look like such a fool (1 out of 245,854,984) is when he uses those "voices" on the WPITW segments. Doesn't this hack realize it makes him look like such an idiot?? You'd figure someone over there would tell him to knock it off but I guess that's why they are a third rate "news" channel.


    Did I just hear Richard Wolffe compare Rush to Rev. Wright?????

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Ptoie!

    ABC RADIO owner CITADEL closes trading at ONE PENNY on NYSE...
    Fed Refuses to Release Bank Lending Data, Insists on Secrecy...
    12 pct. are behind on mortgage or in foreclosure...
    FDIC: Insurance Fund Could Be Insolvent This Year...

    And Wolfman is on a show that ignores the above and says why aren't the Repubs. talking about important stuff like the economy. Uneffffingbelievable.

    Proof of Olby's irrelevancy.

    It's only a matter of time.

    Russert must be proud.

    #5A: Video title: "Testing Steele's mettle." The Wolffe Man, another Hour of Spin Iron Horse (see Lou Gehrig and Cal Ripken Jr.), was the guest.
    #5B: More Steele slighting in a blue dress interview with Chris Kofinis. Time to update The List.
    #5C: A Joe the Plumber attack. Blue blog source: HuffPo.
    Sticking up for the disgraced Helen Jones-Kelley, are we, Keith? (I didn't watch the video of this, so I don't know what he said, but I know an attack occurred.)

    #4: Video title: "What will Rove reveal?" Chris Hayes of the far-left Nation dropped by...again.

    BPitW: Keith was third best. Whatever.

    #3: Video title: "War allowed Bush to trump personal rights." The sainted Scott Horton, a radical left Bush-hater/fishing expedition supporter, sat down with the supposed Non-Biased Olbermann.

    Never Not Bushed: Neil Cavuto. Blue blog source: Crooks and Liars.
    Talking Points! [Ding!] Glenn Beck did the same thing! Talking Points! [Ding!]
    Ari Fleischer. Blue blog source: Think Propaganda.
    Gee...where have I seen this before?
    Look familiar?

    #2: The Media Matters Minute. Worse was Ann Coulter. Blue blog source: TVNewser.
    Coultergeist! [Ding!] After sniping "Sorry again, Annie [Ding!]," Monkeymann pimped his framed diploma on the desk. Yeah, huh?! Take that!

    Worser was The Ideological Hatred-Fueled Campaign To Get Bill O'Reilly Removed From Speaking To It Happened To Alexa's Fundraiser in Manalapan. Blue blog source: same as last night.
    A repeat of the out-of-context smear by Think Progress through Media Matters...that I debunked by posting the second hour of the August 2, 2006, "Radio Factor." Now, he's dragging Wendy Murphy into this! With that trademark theatrical indignation and faux outrage, he pleaded: "Wendy, he called the dead rape victim moronic. He described on TV what she was wearing as if she'd asked for it. ... Radio, excuse me. He never apologized and you're gonna stand there with him in front of a group of rape victims and supporters?" YES, KEITH! YES! YES, YES, YES! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! YOU, TOO, NEWSHOUNDS! LEAVE THIS FOUNDATION ALONE!!! PLEASE! STOP!!! ENOUGH!!! Is there anything NBC Universal or GE can do to get this asshole (I had to curse, I couldn't hold it in) FIRED?! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!

    For the clear-thinkers, those of you that know the truth about the hour that was taken out of context, those of you that have a heart, that aren't blinded by ideological hatred, here is the contact information for the It Happened To Alexa Foundation:
    Here's the It Happened to Alexa contact info again:
    877-77-ALEXA (25392)
    Fax: (716) 754-4676

    Let me them know you support their cause. Don't let people blinded by ideological hatred get in their way. I BEG OF YOU!

    I don't care about Worst. Worser took a lot out of me. I wrote what's below before I recapped the O'Reilly Attack.

    #1: The President is going gray! Uh-oh, rejected. Clyde, that's gotta hurt. I recommend Just For Men: The Rejuvenator! (That's a partially paraphrased reference to a Just For Men commercial featuring Keith Hernandez, one of the good Keiths in this world, and Walt "Clyde" Frazier.) On OlbyPlanet, no Keith, no Clyde, just Carlson...and I don't mean Gretchen. Yes, I mean Margaret.

    In the "Michael Steele vs. Michael Steele segment, Chris Kofinis, the former communications director of the John Edwards campaign, in an attempt to assist the Republican Party unembrace itself from "this out of touch conservative talk show host, in Rush Limbaugh," by recommending "either an intervention or an exorcism."

    I liked the Morning Joe promo during the break, with Joe Biden saying, "You guys got the best show going."

    Mika, "I'm excited," followed immediately by Scarborough saying, "That's newsworthy."

    Gotta love those promo producers and their editors.

    Lucas, its far worse than his just doubling down.

    Obama just split sixes and then doubled down on both against the dealer's ten. And to make it worse he is playing with our money!


    (I would laugh if I wasn't crying.)

    Olbermann responds:

    Poor Annie has completely lost it. Cornell diplomas don't make any reference to individual college or major. They're Cornell diplomas. Mine looks exactly like hers, only if she was an out-of-stater she probably paid 8-10 times what I did for mine. And the premise of the University is that anybody can take almost any course. Nearly half of mine were in "her" Arts College. And this is the first time since I went there in 1975 that I've ever seen a Cornellian rag on all the other colleges. It's a long way to go just to rationalize Limbaugh not knowing the Constitution from the Declaration of Independence.

    *chortle* Keith has hoisted himself by his own petard. Right there, black and white, he "paid" for his non Ivy League diploma.

    The Ann Coulter column is delish.

    Yes. He actually pulled his diploma out and held it up for the camera. He did not even refute what Ann said except to say that he thought all Cornell peoplestood together and he couldn't believe someone would say something so hurtful. It was a huge poor me sob story. He then bragged about paying less money for his Cornell degree. I'm not sure why he did this because that only bolsters Ann's arguement- he attended a state school, she attended the private school.

    In the end, I think Ann knows that this is a petty little difference that is only an inside joke on the Cornell campuses but she knew it would get an overreaction from Keith and thereby make him look defensive and foolish. I'd say she won.

    One thing I left out: Wendy Murphy was Alexa's attorney, Keith! She didn't just join out of the blue! Goddamn! Is this man *that* stupid?!

    Mike, that is exactly how I feel.

    What really ticks me off is how many people do absolutely no checking when original source records are so easily available.

    I used to think that KO was a foolish arrogant bully. I didn't like, admire or respect him but I had no emotional investment at all.

    Now it is painfully obvious how cruel, uncaring and vindictive he is. While we, and imagine the Foundation's staff and associates, are actually in pain he doesn't have a hint of a qualm.

    Curious ratings stats from "TVBYTHENUMBERS"

    Mon. Mar. 2

    The O’Reilly Factor—3,708,000 viewers (885,000) (1,584,000)?
    Countdown w/Keith Olbermann –1,537,000 viewers (516,000) (689,000)

    Tue. Mar. 3

    The O’Reilly Factor—3,444,000 viewers (681,000) (1,415,000)?
    Countdown w/Keith Olbermann –1,480,000 viewers (604,000) (750,000)

    Wed. Mar. 4

    The O’Reilly Factor—3,434,000 viewers (723,000) (1,394,000
    Countdown w/Keith Olbermann –1,349,000 viewers (432,000) (620,000)

    Both lost viewers from Mon to Tue but then KO drops by another K from Tue to Wed while Bill O holds steady.

    Anybody catch KO's lame attempt at impersonating Cronkite? Occurred about 45 minutes in. That high test Aggie League education has helped Olberweenie morph into RICH LITTLE ! !

    #1 Story "Gray Matter?" WTF?!? Playground equipment??? WTF?! "The Place for Politics," My Ass N B C ?!? WTF?!?

    Good thing Olbermosexual can sport some gray on the outside of that monstrous head cuz there isn't ANY on the inside.

    U N effin' W A T C H A B L E AGAIN!!

    What really upsets me is if KO succeeds in his crusade it won't affect BOR except maybe for a few less books sold.

    But the Foundation. He and his minions have been gradually skewing more of their venom toward the foundation. I've seen dozens of accusations and calls for them to be investigated, follow the money, what is their scam and on and on. I actually saw one comment where the prick said the foundation having BOR speak would be the same if a rapist dropped a few bucks when he was finished.

    Unlike that Turkish guy, when KO get's hit by the train truck combo he ain't walking away from it.

    And lol at the GE stock, remember when that use to mean something? I'm sure if KO crunches the number's Rupert's News Corp lost more % wise. He's probably crunching the numbers right now to give us the Friday exclusive.

    Still, pretty funny how a past Blue Chip stock is entering Value Meal territory.

    Grammie, I'd be VERY interested in those links you saw denigrating the foundation. Can you post them or email them to me? Thank you so much.

    Allow me to reintroduce myself: Hell-Of-A-Life Party Animal at your service.
    Anyway, because of this hate-fueled crusade, I resumed commenting at ICN. Sure enough, I'm getting attacked by the same people. It's a risk I'm willing to take. KEITH MUST NOT WIN.

    Off Topic: I dont know why I think its so funny everytime BillO sends Jesse Waters or another producer on an ambush. The bachelor better watch out.

    I think Jesse's married now.

    I'm just glad Megyn Kelly is human. I always thought she was created in a lab deep with in Fox News to be drop dead gorgeous and super intelligent. has a great freeze frame of KO holding his diploma to tonight.

    Megyn has stepped her game up the past 6 months. Too bad she got married in that same time frame

    I wonder how many hundreds of thousand viewers Keith has turned off with his petty, self-absorbed squabbles? It's as if he's decided he'd rather hang out around 1,700K (750K) than to do any heavy lifting - you know like delving into complicated issues like the economy, Obama's budget, healthcare, etc. Instead he simply prints out the juicy, red meat from the liberal blogs, google "Keith Olbermann" ten times a day, and think up dumbass nicknames for people he doesn't like.

    It's apparent Olbermann isn't emotionally stable or quick on his feet to actually talk to (not even debate!) someone with a differing opinion. No, he's built this safe, little bubble where he can take pot shots at opponents from afar, bring in a little over half O'Reilly's numbers, while cashing his ginormous GE paycheck.

    I looked at my recap again and noticed that in my haste to copy and paste the Alexa contact info from the Wednesday thread to this thread, I left in the original "Here is" line and the same "let me them know" typo. Sorry.
    Also, another Just For Men ad line: "No play for Mr. Gray." I loved that commercial.

    Seeing as Mike was too angry over the "It Happened To Alexa" attack to recap "worst", I'll do it (not that it was really anything special (i.e. Fox News attack, etc.)).

    It was some guy named Larry Ford in Florida who put up a sign that said"

    "Jan. 20, 2009
    A Day of Darkness
    Hussen ???"

    That was Ford's misspelling of our president's middle name, not a typo from me. Then in a newspaper article about this, Mr. Ford was asked about the typo and he said that "Americans were the stupidest people in America".

    You can see where this one ended up. Keith got all giddy, made some snide remarks about Mr. Ford's stupidness and announced him the "WORST.....PERSON.....IN THE WORLD!"

    And Keith, no one doubted that you got your diploma from Cornell, it's the "ivyness" if you will of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and you did not address it. I'm too lazy and tired to look up if he was right about the admissions criteria.

    Oh, those dumb Obama haters.

    irushbaby: That picture on of KO's hair styles from 2003-2009 reminds of a line from The Incredibles: "My God, you've gotten fat."

    Also, my father-in-law went to Tulane University - City College which is on par tution-wise and prestige-wise as LSU, but his diploma looks exactly like the ones they give out at Tulane University, so I don't put a lot of stock in that little stunt. Also Cornell Ag School is associated with SUNY. Note the little asterisk on the Cornell University academics page: It clearly states "*New York State contract unit."

    This reminds me: I never framed my diploma. My sister got hers framed right away. It's been five years and I still haven't done it.

    It's expensive, way too expensive to frame. On another note, Olbs is back blogging on his blog trying g to save face from harsh criticism re: same guests same topics, etc. Checkout dailykos

    Okay, I now know what you mean, irush. I went out to dinner tonight, didn't get back until 8:30, watched the first half hour of "The Factor" on DVR and then got caught up recapping here. So, I didn't see the rest of The Kelly File wherein...Megyn shared her beef with "The Bachelor" finale. (Unfortunately, does not have video of that part of the segment; only the first half.) I hate to agree with Michael Musto, but he's right. That guy's a [word he used].

    Which blog is KO's blog.

    I thought he didn't have one open to the public.

    "By The Way, On Guests (22+ / 0-)
    I won't argue that we have a regular rotation, but I think the five-night week ending tonight was pretty typical.

    We've had 17 different guests: Richard Wolffe (4 times), Chris Hayes and Paul F. Tompkins (twice each), and Margaret Carlson, Chris Cilizza, Matt Cooper, Craig Crawford, John Dean, Howard Fineman, Janeane Garafolo, Dan Gross, Paul Krugman, Robert Reich, Thomas Ricks, Gene Robinson, Jon Turley, and Aisha Tyler (all once each).

    "If you're going through hell - keep going!" -- Winston Churchill

    by Keith Olbermann on Tue Mar 03, 2009 at 03:31:13 PM PST
    [ Parent ]"

    Grammie, Olby's blog is Daily Kos. It's the only blog he writes for as far as I know.

    "It's been 754 days since a young presidential hopeful stood before a crowd in Springfield, Illinois. Two years later...the candidate has become the President...But the title's not the only thing that's changed... Our number one story...this just in, the President is going gray."

    This just in?

    As in breaking news?


    OH NO!

    He doesn't have his head up Obama's Butt Bubble!

    Does he.

    Oops, that should say he said, "Americans are the stupidest people in the world".

    He was not that stupid.

    By the Way, On guests: O'Reilly Factor Edition:
    Monday: Stuart Varney, Liz McDonald; Bernie Goldberg; Mary Katharine Ham, Juan Williams; Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg; Margaret Hoover, Monica Crowley
    Tuesday: Brit Hume; Bill Sammon; Frank Luntz; Pauline Frommer; Megyn Kelly, Lis Wiehl; Steve Doocy, Martha MacCallum
    Wednesday: Dick Morris (two segments); Alan Colmes; Amanda Carpenter; Dennis Miller; Bo Derek
    Thursday: Neil Cavuto; Dr. Marc Lamont Hill; Laura Ingraham; Megyn Kelly (two segments)

    Going back to last Friday: Newt Gingrich; Neil Cavuto; Geraldo Rivera; Kim Serafin; Glenn Beck; Doreen Tracey, Lonnie Burr

    God love Ann Coulter! She got Olby to whip it out tonight. PWNED!

    Last Thursday: Dick Morris; Alicia Menendez; Rep. Eric Bishop; Dawn Perlmutter; Megyn Kelly

    lol Keith says he has a good rotation of guests, and the Kos Kids eat it up.

    btw the Obama Gray is break'n news to Keith. I mean we all knew he had to look up at some point, he ain't no marathon man like Bill Schultz.

    Yes, Keithee did a "Walter Cronkite" voice as he sequed into a commercial. Edward Walter C.

    Thanks for all the recaps. I wonder what Ann Coulter will get him to do next, stand on his desk and bark like a seal.
    I'm no Katy, but what the hell.

    Ode to a poison ivy Douchebag

    Ann said his claim wasn't right,
    Just a bird brain, not very bright,
    "Look at my degree!" he did bellow,
    "I'm an ivy league fellow!",
    Then why the parrot act, night after night?

    I should have posted it here instead of J$'s, but I predicted the fool would pull out his diploma.....That was a very telling thing!

    Coulter's entire point was the name dropping aspect of Olbermann's ways, showing his deep insecurities about himself. HE TOTALLY TOOK THE BAIT AND ONCE AGAIN SHOWED WHAT A SUPERFICIAL AND INSECURE MAN HE HAS BECOME!

    What a shame. It is obvious that Olbermann was ADMITTED to the lesser college (and had a much easier major than most....communications!) and although receiving the same diploma, he was not part of the "Ivy League" group that had to have much higher SAT's and GPA's to get admitted. I couldn't care less, but obviously Olbermann has a deep need to buck up his resume.

    He showed how silly he is and in responding to Coulter's bomb, he once again legitimizes her as a source of humor and analysis. I like it. Just like the Limbaugh kerfluffle, this only emboldens the poles and galvinizes opposition and support.

    This continued hatred pointed towards the IT HAPPENED TO ALEXA FOUNDATION should really give Olbermann's clear thinking fans pause (if there are any left). As their reputation is hit, I wonder what will be the ultimate result?.....I suppose less funds for this worthwhile organization just to feed the ego of an immature and insecure Keith Olbermann.

    What a shame. Olbermann's choices have consequences.

    Keith got his degree through the mail
    At an Ivy League school he'd fail
    His "college" degree
    He'd be on the short bus to Yale

    I just finished watching Olbermann's show and tell with his diploma......

    In a word, pathetic.

    Once again, he fails to mention his major.....communications.

    Once again, he failes to mention, at the time and now, the SAT score differences between the two schools.

    Poor insecure, so small, so worried about what other people think of him.....One would think that by the time an individual reaches his advanced age, his maturity and experience would teach him that such childish ways should be part of the past.


    Brad wrote on March 5, 2009 10:19 PM

    "What makes KO look like such a fool (1 out of 245,854,984) is when he uses those "voices" on the WPITW segments. Doesn't this hack realize it makes him look like such an idiot?? You'd figure someone over there would tell him to knock it off but I guess that's why they are a third rate "news" channel."

    Uh, you have to understand who Olbermann is appealing to. Those million or so morons love that insulting, condescending, snarky delivery (the same which gained Olbermann fame on ESPN). Why we just had a stunning example of it yesterday. Here, I will repost it. Note the fine literary skills displayed also:

    newshoundsrule wrote on March 5, 2009 6:31 AM:

    "Dollar, Mikec and Grammie
    O'Reilly is a pig and a liar, spin all you want, he said the girl asked for it.
    You three need to realize that your crush on Olbermann is becoming sad.
    If he has such low ratings as you all three and Ass Kissing Assley are always talking about, why should you care about him? Why? Because you know he speaks the truth and you three cannot handle it.
    Did you see that a poster from the pounds online petition was actually talked about by The Great Olbermann and ban to get that liar, and yes mikec I just said liar, Billo off the tv.
    Mikec what would you do without your daily O'reilly hour a lies? Probably spend your whole day paying wii bowling and hoping for that 300 game. Good luck with that.
    And yes Mikec, Robert Gibbs is great, if you read the polls, we have an approval rating of 68%, so if Gibbs thinks that Republican leaning, Rush Limbaugh. loofa loving Fox News is irrelevant, then so be it. Get over it
    As for you Grammie and Dollar you two are the saddest of all, standing up for what O'Reilly said, hopefully someday you two will be out in the middle of the night minding your own business and get what that poor innocent girl had done to her, so we can all say you were asking for it. Shame on you all. That you love for O'Reilly and your obsession with Olbermann has coulded what little judgement any of you have."

    I apologize to some of you OW readers for subjecting you to that drivel again. But, I had to make my point. Case closed on those million or more morons.

    Grammie wrote: on March 5, 2009 11:09 PM

    "I used to think that KO was a foolish arrogant bully. I didn't like, admire or respect him but I had no emotional investment at all.

    Now it is painfully obvious how cruel, uncaring and vindictive he is. While we, and imagine the Foundation's staff and associates, are actually in pain he doesn't have a hint of a qualm."

    Does anyone see any difference between the motivations of Olbermann and Bernie Madoff?

    Here, I will answer my own question. The both appeal to people who accept them at their word, and they both make/made a lot of money.

    Follow the money. You will find the motivation.

    My two cents: we could go back and forth all day as to whether or not BillOs constant shots at GE & Immelt serves any persons well being other than BillOs. GE failing would hurt many many people, if not everyone with a 401k but it also would give BillO a lot of persnal satisfaction. I think there are clearly two legitimate sides to this debate.

    On the other hand, what benefit, other than Keiths own self-interest in seeing BillO receive criticism, is there in attacking a victims rights group? Preventing BillO from appearing in no way makes victims more or less safe. I am trying to see it another way, but I just can't.

    KO's diploma stunt was just a fantastic example of how much he misses the point. He concludes with the thought that he's never seen a Cornell alumnus rip another branch of the school as much as Coulter did.

    Coulter was joking, Keith. She was pointing out that you are a hypocrite because you like to rip on other people's colleges while at the same time not being up front about yours. She's giving you a taste of your own medicine to see how you like it, and judging by your overblown response, your ego couldn't take it.

    And what was that bit about taking the same classes but for a fraction of the cost? I know you wanted to imply that Ann Coulter was wasting her money or was stupid for not taking the cheap route, but aren't you knocking every student or graduate of the real Cornell for paying more? And you got your degree in only seven semesters. Well, other than the obvious fact that you got short changed and it shows, are you trying to imply that anyone who doesn't have a degree by age 20 is a complete idiot? I'm sure the "experts" you bring onto your show to butcher the issues of the day all graduated as quickly as you did, but what about all your supposedly high-minded viewers?

    Oh, and maybe you aren't familiar with people from Cornell ripping other factions of Cornell because you really didn't go to Cornell.

    I've been busy writing a lengthy e-mail for my private e-mail discussion list. So, let's get the WPitW transcript out of the way.

    "The bronze to Coulter-geist [Ding!]. While attempting to embarrass others, she has, as usual, managed only to humiliate herself. The new column appears to be somehow meant to rationalize Boss Limbaugh [Ding!] not knowing the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. She tries to achieve this by explaining that since I did not attend the same college at Cornell University that she did, I don‘t really have a Cornell education." Keith trotted out the far-left's stock valley girl impression of Ann as he read a quote. "Yes, close Ann. Our alma mater supplied these interesting statistics this afternoon. The arts college acceptance rate is now one in five applicants. The Ag college acceptance rate is now one in five applicants. Anne also missed the fact that Ag students could, as I did, and as my successors can still, take just as many classes as she did in that arts college. I took nearly half of mine there. Except, in our time, I paid about 800 bucks a semester for that privilege, while she would have paid closer to 10,000." Back to the voice...or lack thereof. Then, time to pimp: "Sorry again, Annie. (grunting): Here is my receipt. See, it is a diploma and it says, Cornell University. There is a logo in the middle with the guy with the beard. Down here is the name of the college, in the lower left, just like yours. It is the same degree as yours, only I got mine in seven semesters for about a tenth of what you paid for yours. And they gave it to me when I was 20 years old.
    Seriously, in four years as a student in Cornell, and nearly 30 years as an alumnus, I have never before heard one graduate of one of the university's colleges belittling all its other colleges as not counting. We have always considered each other worthy, hard working and equal, and having benefited from an incredible educational opportunity. Sorry you missed yours, Ann."

    Now, the attack that got me mad last night: "Our runner up, Bill-O [Ding!]. It is the fund raiser for the rape victim support group again, the It Happened to Alexa Foundation. Now it is more than O'Reilly, who once blamed a dead New Jersey rape victim for her own brutal end, speaking at the fund raiser two weeks from now. It is more than the foundation's contention yesterday that he is not going to talk about rape, he's just going to talk about his book. He has now dragged a veteran and tireless victims rights advocate into this. “Also appearing with Mr. O'Reilly,” reads the foundation website, “will be Wendy Murphy,” advisory board member of It Happened to Alexa Foundation.
    Wendy, he called the dead rape victim moronic. He described on TV what she was wearing as if she asked for it—radio, excuse me. He never apologized. And you are going to stand there with him in front of group of rape victims and supporters?"

    Worst doesn't matter to me.

    The next time John Dean is on, I think the communications major Olbermann should ask about the value of his bachelor's degree he received from The College of Wooster!

    Or how about Jonathan Turley who did his undergraduate work at the University of Chicago?

    Or how about the brainiac, Eugene Robinson who attended the University of Michigan?

    These non-Ivy Leaguers are put in high esteem from the elite 7 semester, "I took half my classes at the hard-to-get-into Cornell, for $800/semester! LOOK AT MY DIPLOMA!" communications major.....for shame!


    From Olbermann's transcripts, as posted by Mike C. on March 6, 2009 3:57 PM:

    "Wendy, he called the dead rape victim moronic. He described on TV what she was wearing as if she asked for it—radio, excuse me. He never apologized. And you are going to stand there with him in front of group of rape victims and supporters?"

    Does anyone else find it odd that Olbermann corrects his mistake of "quoting" what OReilly said on TV to radio? And, he even adds "excuse me" to boot! I mean with all of his other careless lies, distortions, and smears, so what if he stated OReilly said it on TV versus radio? Why at that point does he suddenly believe in the truth of something so trivial, while he is delivering yet another smear?

    Too funny.

    It's not surprising the Olbermann graduated college at age 20. Intellectually and emotionally, he was several years ahead of his peers. Typically, this occurs when a child has an unhealthy relationship with a mother figure. Of course the sad result is that once an intellectual/emotional peak has been reached, it tends to stay right there. Olbermann was obviously a bright kid. Too bad he's still just that. He proves it every day. Grow up, douchenozzell!

    The ratings for yesterday are out:
    BOR in 25-54 at 8:00: 852,000
    KO in 25-54 at 8:00: 495,000 (4,000 ahead of Nancy Grace)

    BOR in total at 8:00: 3,953,000
    KO in total at 8:00: 1,486,000

    No Factor, Countdown or any other news channel for me tonight...I need a break. Finally got some nice springtime weather here in Ohio so it's off to cookout and drink some beers. Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!

    Chuck Todd was on Mike Francesa's WFAN radio show today:
    Click on the link and choose to either play or download the interview.

    I always spend a lot of time on blue blogs just for info and anytime a comment or post is linked to one just to check the source doc to compare against the post. I think that is the most wonderful thing about computers. You have a world of info at your fingertips 24/7.

    I rarely spent much time in the comments. But for the last week or so I've been reading all or a lot of the comments from the blue blogs and something has struck me.

    His fans behave just as he does.

    I would say that on some blogs at least 20%-25% constantly brag about how smart they are or how stupid and dumb their opposition is. A high percentage of them do both in almost every comment.

    The only difference between them and KO is that KO gets to try to impress more people with his brillance and their stupidity.

    Hand in hand with condescending arrogance is a conviction that they soar with the angels (outshine them actually) while we poor rubes are evil.

    I had never noticed it before. Now that I am paying attention the ones who do that are usually the nastiest least informed of them. Go figure.

    By Grammie on March 6, 2009 7:17 PM

    I would say that on some blogs at least 20%-25% constantly brag about how smart they are or how stupid and dumb their opposition is. A high percentage of them do both in almost every comment.

    The blue room forum (counter part to red room forum where I post) has many that tout their education. I find this quite predominate with northeastern elites too. The red room forum hardly mentions educational credentials, and if someone does it is not to denigrate or insult. I have observed this behavior for many years. It is my conclusion that the people who boast of their own educational pedigree or denigrate someone else’s believes that they are a better person. That is conceit. As Ann correctly put it, they have status anxiety or are status conscious idiots.

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