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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    March 19, 2009
    Countdown: Thursday Recappers Thread

    Bathtub Boy

    This is the recappers' comment thread for The Hour of Spin. It falls on you--the clear-thinking readers of Olbermann Watch--to document Keith Oralmann's diseased rantings for posterity. Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (47) | | View blog reactions


    I predict an O'Reilly Attack of some kind tonight. To that effect, Bill Moyers or a NYT person will be on as Vendettamann's revenge week continues.

    SPECIAL COMMENT!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    About what?

    evil corporations

    By Mike C. on March 19, 2009 8:21 PM

    "Neutering the corporations."

    It seems the left is progressing with their agenda to deflect any democrat being held responsible for the bonus mess.....The evil corporations MUST BE STOPPED!

    Oh, and I just finished watching Keith give a loose transcript about a bad joke Obama made on Leno about The Special Olympics. Keith looked physically pained at Obama's gaffe and asked, "What can he do to recover?" The good leftist soldier!

    What if Bush had done it, came to mind once again.....ugh.

    Olbermann is a shill. Olbermann is a fool.

    "Neutering the corporations"? Is he basically giving orders to his political brethren while covering their behinds?

    He's pretending to look out for the folks when he's really looking out for himself, his political party, his ideology, and the mainstreaming of himself. Right?

    This is the worst Special Comment ever. No mention of Northern Trust's role in the purchase of Obama's Chicago mansion. I mean it, this is awful. You will hear crickets during the 8 PM hour soon. Count on Olby's ratings to spiral further down the toilet.

    (I think his comments made Maddow cry, her eyes looked puffy. I have now changed the channel though, my 1 hour per day of MSNBC is up)

    Yep, MikeC....I had to turn it off, Olbermann is way out of control tonight and I could not take another second.

    The amount of money CITI has decided to spend on renovating their CEO suite seems to be too much for Olbermann so he is about to render his judgement. Never mind the TRILLIONS his ideological brethren throw around with no thought or concern....trillions paid by you and me.

    This is all populist clap trap by an elitist snob who would not be able to live 10 minutes outside his midtown Manhattan bubble.

    Distraction. Obama and the democrats screwed up royally and there must be distraction....I can't wait to see what Olbermann does when our country has double-digit inflation and record high interest rates in about 36 months......All thanks to Obama and the democrats stupid economic policy.


    He wants a return to trust busting. He wants legislation to break up Murdoch empire. He wants the fairness doctrine on cable news. Yada, Yada... Basically, Olbermann hates successful people and business. He is mad that he can't EARN an audience with his ideas so he wants the government to step in and silence those who are successful.

    ...and the constant, "enough". as if he was channeling his inner-most Obama. he had nerve tonight saying how he was second-fiddle to Obama on the tonight show.

    I didn't mind Ferguson tonight, he was at least honest and didn't choose sides. I think that aggrivated KO, he was hoping he'd be on the bandwagon but it wasn't going to happen.

    That special comment was just so weird, from a bloated whale that is. Saying things that one man shouldn't be in charge of several stations, etc. Well duh, that's called investing jackass. When you get money, you INVEST in other people's business in an attempt (hang on KO) to make MONEY!

    From what you're saying, if I want to buy stock, I should only buy stock in just ONE company and not branch out and put some in others.

    Then you were raising those cries of the right who are saying this is the beginnings of Socialism. You damned right it is. And your teleprompter President and his "minions" are leading us right off the cliff.

    It IS socialism SIR! You and your liberal friends are so content on how "great" things are going to get, but you know what? It's worse now. And HE'S to blame NOT Bush, he is no longer there. This stimulus and the others are on HIS watch, not Bush's. You can only raise the "He inherited" flag for just so long, and for that KO, I just want to say....ENOUGH!

    I'm not bothering with recapping, but #4 was an O'Reilly Attack featuring a Fox attack, a Shepard Smith attack, and a Rush Limbaugh attack. It all led up to the president of Media Matters, Eric Burns (no relation to the former FNC personality), appearing as a guest. So, never mind the other three groups that Bernie Goldberg named last Monday. Now, Vendettamann is just getting revenge for the sake of revenge. I hope you lost in the ratings tonight to Laura Ingraham, sir.

    I take that back. It was revenge for last Monday's T-Points Memo, which was part of Man on Fan's attack last Wednesday.
    Here is the part of the Memo that led to tonight's measure of revenge:,2933,507967,00.html
    "Take a look at the cover of Newsweek, just out Monday. Another in a long line of Rush Limbaugh expositions, this one written by conservative David Frum, who basically ruminates about the future of the Republican Party.
    The Limbaugh-Obama controversy is about over, but the far-left smear machine that propelled it to our attention is just getting started.
    At the top of the smear chart is the MoveOn organization. George Soros is heavily invested in that. The propaganda arm of MoveOn and other far-left pressure groups is ***Media Matters, run by a guttersnipe named David Brock. Brock and his character assassins distribute out-of-context statements to a carefully selected group of corrupt media, headed by MSNBC, and to the Internet.*** Sometimes the entities even cooperate. The aforementioned Newsweek, for example, provides far-left commentators to MSNBC on a daily basis. The goal, of course, is to smear conservatives in the media, to convince ill-informed Americans that those on the right are racist, homophobic, extremist, whatever.
    Unfortunately, the smear machine works on some levels. The Obama administration apparently picked up on a poll done by Democrats that showed Mr. Limbaugh's popularity to be low among Americans under 40. Then the president's men tried to portray Limbaugh as actually running the Republican Party. Short term, it worked. A controversy exploded and the head of the RNC, Michael Steele, came off looking bad.
    But as I wrote in my newspaper column this week, a backlash is in the air. Americans want the economy fixed, not silly games."

    And so on.
    The part I surrounded with triple asterisks is why Sir Eric Burns of the royal order of Media Matters appeared in the Hour of Spin. Without watching, I'm certain the segment was the same as the Keith-Kos exchange on Tuesday. Ha-ha-ha, this is so funny, it's funny because it's not true, David Brock has no say, Bill O'Reilly sucks, Billo [Ding!], Billo [Ding!], Billo [Ding!], Billo's [Ding!] a liar [Ding!], Fox sucks, Boss [Ding!] sucks, Shepard Smith sucks, indeed, thank you for your time.
    Am I in the ballpark?

    K.O. & Countdown are going DOWN. Down the DRAIN and fast. Keith just can't stand it anymore, little alone bare the truth. Keith's covering up of current matters that HIS Democratic party has gotten themselves into only shows how far Keith will go to smear the opposition. The LIES from Chris Dodd, Barnies Frank, and so on only go to show everyone how Keith Slobbermann is a HACK. A real newsman would take up these issues and confront them, but not Keith. No folks, Keith is in the back pocket of the the WORST President in the history of the United States. Obama is showboating and does'nt have a clue as to what being the president really means. This is the WORST administration I have ever seen, we'd be better off with a group of junior college kids than this bunch of nitwits that the Dems of this country have voted in. Are Democrats really that stupid and blind that they don't see where their party is taking this country?
    Keith Olbermann, you are a disgrace to this country and I suggest you bow out while you can. Your extreme ideology has corrupted your kind and followers to the point that YOU are a mindless dweeb. Keith, you owe this country an apology and need to take yourself off the airwaves of tv. The sooner the better for this country. You sir, (Keith) are a bumbling idiot. Your infatuation with Bill O and Ruppert Murdoch is a sign of revenge that you have due you being fired and dumped by FOX and Co. Your jealosy of not even going to be as good as Rush and having the brains of Rush have you on the edge of your seat on a daily basis. Rush is just a big man so his weight is proportioned to his body, you sir are just a plain old fat ass with a belly that makes you look like your 11 months pregnant. What you going to name the baby Keith, Racheal, Janine, how bout Sarah (Palin)? Yes Keith, you and I have met, way back when you worked in L.A. at CBS channel 2. You were a jerk then just as you are now nad back then I even told you how much of a JackClown you were. Well now I've changed that heading to JackAss.

    Resign and do it soon.
    formerly from Orange County California where it used to be a heavy Republican part of California.

    Look at some of this as far as a media empire and owning stations, etc.

    GE of course owns NBC

    NBC owns: Telemundo, Bravo, Oxygen, Global Networks, SciFi, Sleuth, USA, Universal HD, Universal Television, Universal Productions and, of course CNBC and MSNBC.

    Also Universal Pictures, Universal Studios and theme parks in Hollywood, Orlando and Japan.

    Universal also owns television stations in New York, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Jose/San Francisco, DFW, DC, Miami, San Diego and Hartford.

    Telemundo owns Spanish language stations in all of the above cities, plus: San Antonio, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Fresno, Denver, Boston, Tuscon and Puerto Rico.

    But just as you can pass a law after the fact to tax specific people in a specific company at a 90% rate, you can probably pass laws to outlaw one media conglomerate and let another spew its venom. Expressing appropriate personal outrage at the stupidity of those at AIG who negotiated the comp. deals, if Congress can do it to them they can do it to others, especially when the others are the true enemy.

    ....And a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. David Schuster for his STRANGLEHOLD on 4th!, fourth!, #4!, FOURTH!, (sorry for the creative punctuation) place in the ratings last night filling in for the "GREAT WHITE ONE" (whale, that is). Although the actual numbers weren't all that much lower that Olbermosexual's have been of late.

    Special Komment??? U N effin' W A T C H A B L E....nearly 2 hours later and I'm still kinda nauseated.

    10th Cavalry, I believe that would make for another Great Moment in Olbypocrisy. Johnny, would you agree?

    "Heck of Job Brownie err I mean Geithner" Obama

    I missed Leno, did Obama bring his fiddle?

    With Kountdown's ratings on life support
    Krazy Keith's Speshul Komment Kavort
    Should sew up last place
    Keith can leave in disgrace
    Like its viewers Kountdown should abort

    Let's see if I can recap the Special Comment:

    "Capitalism is Bad. Now, please give me another $4 million."

    I just caught the end of his rambling, incohernt, babble. there is just something missing when he goes on the endless rants. A man of no convictions, a man that has to get his stories from others, a man that is clearly loosing his mind. And I have a question for him, does he really think he is worth 4 million I mean with G.E stock being so LOW? Maybe someone needs to re negoatiate his contract? A man so jealous of others that he has to use his one hour to carry out his one-sided vendtates, that frankly with the exception of a couple left wing haters no one elese really cares.

    >"Capitalism is Bad. Now, please give me another $4 million."
    If only "Countdown" segments and Special Education Komments were that pithy.

    There Keith goes again, pretending that all MMFA does is quote people in the media back to themselves. Nevermind that they gin up phony controversies by taking things out of context and giving them an implied importance by blowing them up into headlines on their website. Nevermind that they destroy careers (Don Imus, anyone?). Which brings to mind the fact that they send out mass communications to entities that they know will be offended to action. This is why Bill O'Reilly occasionally gets into trouble-- if O'Reilly says something that *might be construed* as offensive to, say, blacks or women (think Sylvia's or Helen Thomas), MMFA will contact the appropriate professional-victim groups to do their dirty work for them.

    This is where it's clear that MMFA goes beyond just their mission statement to "correct conservative misinformation" and gets into trying to destroy or at the very least discredit media figures that oppose their agenda. Think about it. How were O'Reilly's comments about his experience at Sylvia's or about Helen Thomas "conservative misinformation"? What about his words were factually inaccurate? The fact is, they weren't. They were just colorful.

    But that's Olbermann as usual. Playing dumb and ignoring reality.

    I think he's intentionally Media Matters. And he's Media Matters. And the worst part is it works. The only place it doesn't work is in conservative circles and FNC (not that the two are one in the same, of course).

    Oh, I do too. That's what I mean-- he's *playing* dumb. He knows better. He's not an idiot; he just plays his collective audience for one.

    Late checking in tonight, I see the video has been removed on the previous thread. ?

    Well, I've now lost all respect for Craig Ferguson. He was on "Countdown" tonight. If you remember, last year at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, he shared the lie that there's a feud between Bill and Keith and made a joke about how it's just sexual tension.
    How do I know Craig was on and therefore lost a viewer of his "A Wee Bit O' Revolution" comedy special on Comedy Central Sunday night? Here's how (via NewsBusters):
    "Speaking of blogs, USA Today's "The Oval" reported:
    The president also, according to MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and the Associated Press, made a joke that seemed to compare his own bowling ability to that of a Special Olympics athlete. [...]
    Olbermann guest ******Craig Ferguson******, of CBS-TV's Late Late Show, said the White House may want to beg NBC to cut that comment from the Tonight Show broadcast."

    I added asterisks in frustration and an ellipsis between paragraphs to skip ahead. Who's next to make me question my fandom by appearing on the Hour of Spin? Colin Mochrie? Brad Sherwood? Drew Carey? Greg Proops? Dan Castellaneta? God forbid in all cases.

    Ferguson , to his credit, also said of the 'bowling comment' to Olbermann: " and they shouldn't allow you to see the (paraphrase)clip in advance". It seemed to me he busted Douchenozzle for being the god awful tattle tail he is.

    Maybe so, but why give credence by appearing on the show at all?

    All is well between Keith and his fellow travelers on the radical left. His corporate Don Quixote act last night has made his own pay check protecting choices last week a distant memory......

    "KO, all by his lonesome self, moved the Overton Windows tonight. He just showed that an anchor can lambaste the malefactors of great wealth on a network owned by GE (and a sister network of Santelli's) and get away w/ it. He reached a new height in doing so.

    "Michael Moore at his most blistering had nothing on KO tonight. Unlike Michael, however, KO didn't have a Tigers cap and a 3 day growth. He had nicely trimmed hair and a tailored suit. He was the picture of respectability."

    I really would like to have that poster who argued with me about 1 1/2 years ago about Olbermann not being a "partisan," come back to OW today and let me know his/her thoughts now.

    The tables have turned, the power lies in the left, and yet our intrepid COUNTDOWN host chooses to ignore their complicity and incompetence because it would thwart the agenda of his personal ideology. The hypocrisy is infinite.

    And our humble anchor responds thusly.....

    "But William Jennings Bryan?

    "William Jennings Bryan was BALD.

    "Seriously, thanks. Sorry there was no time for a heads-up diary but I am on the road in Burbank and everything takes an hour longer here.

    "Gist of this was: Enough of this BS about how the CEO of Citi can save billions longterm if we let him spend ten million now to condense two floors of offices into one. The job cab be done with 50 bucks worth of boxes."

    A kos kid thinks Olbermann is today's William Jennings Bryan. Wow. Edward R. Murrow, Bryan AND Michael Moore all rolled into one chunky pear. NBC NEWS has got a gem there.

    Seriously, is there ANY straw and sticks left in the world? Now the CITI headquarters renovation is propped up as the latest strawman to distract from the important deficiencies our elected leaders have been displaying the several months now.

    I hate to inform Mr. Olbermann, but his judgement on how to spend other people's money misses many things. May I suggest that the likely hundreds of people employed by the renovation will not like to be replaced by "50 bucks worth of boxes." His fellow New Yorkers need to work as well and although a plush office for some bank executives may insult his elitist leftist sensibilities, the dry wall contractors, plumbing contractors, electrical contractors, construction workers, office furniture supply employees, etc. that will be employed by this job would probably ask for him to shut-up and mind his own business.

    Fifty dollars worth of boxes is a fine economic stimulus for a stagnant communist country where the government supplies the breadlines and heating oil....But in a FREE and VIBRANT society that has had more social, economic and health advances than any other society in history......well, that doesn't work too well. 10 million versus 50....Let's be logical, not emotional.

    I worry that such populist clap trap like Olbermann's will spell the end to our liberty simply because some moving target of "fairness" is imposed by an elite few.

    Wake up people. Olbermann's ideology is becoming mainstream and a fellow traveler is the chief executive of our country for the next 4 years with an unchecked rubber-stamp leftist congress at his disposal. Imposition of broad, impersonal and militant central powers to a governing elite is not the American way, it is not what our fine constitution created.

    Last night's SPECIAL COMMENT is a recipe for disaster masked as fairness and goodness.


    So I take it that Mr. Speaking Truth To Power said not a word about Sen. Dodd's.

    No Cecelia, the #5 segment actually defended Chris Dodd and the rest of the democrats with regards to how the bonus issue was handled. Olbermann concluded that it was really Bush's fault that AIG gave the bonuses and glossed over Dodd's amendment.

    The SPECIAL COMMENT was totally against corporate America and the barons of industry. Populist pitch-fork and torches stuff.

    "ENOUGH!" was the loudest word.

    Well, in between the Special Comment's "ENOUGHs", it was refreshing to hear Keithee growling "SIR!" to someone other than Bush.

    So an old dog can learn a new trick.....hehe

    The problem is that what Keith and others like him say are distilled through liberal teachers to kids in the form of "education." It's a subtle form of brainwashing that actually discourages them from thinking for themselves and thus makes it easier to accept the BS the "progressives" want to do to this country. It has been happening for decades and now we are starting to see the payoff.

    I cannot get enough of the running Obama's teleprompter jokes.....

    Speaking truth to power?....Will Olbermann examine, with as much enthusiasm and glee as he does the minority republican's activity, the following important story tonight on COUNTDOWN?.....

    "The Administration's long-awaited plan to save America’s banks is being delayed again, government sources tell Time. Fears of an AIG-like backlash among potential private investors, and the difficulty of creating a model to price toxic assets on the banks' balance sheets, have both contributed to the delay, the sources say.

    "The slip is embarrassing for Treasury officials who have been assuring the media and the markets that the plan was coming, first in mid-February, and as recently as March 14 when Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner told Bloomberg TV he would release details soon. A senior Treasury department official says the plan isn’t slipping, but other government officials say it is and could be unveiled anywhere from next week to early April.

    "Facing this latest delay, Administration officials are urging patience and insist they are moving more programs on more fronts faster than anyone has tried to do before. 'People want a quick, clean, decisive resolution to this stuff, they want us to just fix it and have it be over with,' says a senior Administration official. 'We are moving in a relatively short period of time on a scale that I don’t think you’ve ever seen an Administration do.'".,8599,1886729,00.html

    Not up for the task at hand, that church of SNOBamessiah....I say Geitner should go.

    How about Olbermann? "RESIGN?"

    Doubtful....Afterall, there are much more important things to cover tonight on COUNTDOWN....

    #5 Republican's Special Olympic Hypocrisy

    #4 Citi's 10 Million Dollar Renovation

    #3 More snikering and winking at the "vast leftwing conspiracy"

    #2 Bush's Future Arrest as a War Criminal during his holdover at BTV(Burlington International Airport, Veromnt USA)

    #1 Recap of that TERRIFIC! Presidential visit to THE TONIGHT SHOW
    (with Obama's bad jokes excuses at the ready)

    Good night and good luck!

    If the "Lie-On King" had balls he'd make Obama the WPITW tonight for that special oylmics gaffe. But he doesn't so he won't.

    I've decided to take a break from recaps for a while. So, it's up to the rest of you to recap in my place. Best of luck.

    You have done good work MikeC. I tried to watch last night and could only get through 1 1/2 segments and I had to turn away. I watched the SPECIAL COMMENT and that left me with such a bad taste in my mouth that I will not recover for at least 2 weeks.

    Knowing the facts of the day, watching the spin Olbermann and his guests perform is very frustrating. The AIG bonus controversy is particularly galling because the democrats have obviously dropped the ball here and are trying to distract the public with flase cries of populist anger. The democrats, and sadly some Republicans I once respected, were willing to pass known unconstiutional law to "make a statement of anger." The political cynicism is now at an all time high in Washington only 2 months after we were all promised a new day.

    So now I wait for things to worsen and the task of spinning will become harder and harder....I look forward to even more absurdity from the left as economic conditions worsen under their policies. Inflation and high interest rates are never a good thing yet I know the Fed and Obama are preparing our country for such an era.

    The strawmen are everywhere and those silly distractions are all Olbermann has now. Good luck to him, they will have to be pretty powerful distractions to take the attention away from the misery that is yet to come.

    Thanks, Cee. And even the transcripts are painful. The only upside is you can't see or hear body movements, facial expressions, or inflection.
    Yesterday's ratings are out:
    Keith came in second in the 25-54 demo at both 8:00 and 10:00. At 8:00, he was only 108,000 behind a Laura Ingraham-hosted "O'Reilly Factor." At 10:00, there was a wide gap between Olby and Greta in that demo, and he was only 10,000 viewers ahead of Coop and 40,000 ahead of Grace.

    In total viewers, it wasn't close at 8:00 (2nd) or 10:00 (3rd). I don't know why Keith is getting a demo bump, though. I would hope that Craig Ferguson and Media Matters' Eric Burns (no relation) weren't the reason.

    By cee on March 20, 2009 11:10 AM

    No Cecelia, the #5 segment actually defended Chris Dodd and the rest of the democrats with regards to how the bonus issue was handled. Olbermann concluded that it was really Bush's fault that AIG gave the bonuses and glossed over Dodd's amendment.

    The SPECIAL COMMENT was totally against corporate America and the barons of industry. Populist pitch-fork and torches stuff.

    "ENOUGH!" was the loudest word.

    No word either on Hardball about Sen. Dodd changing his story from one day to the next.


    America4700: "It's a subtle form of brainwashing that actually discourages them from thinking for themselves and thus makes it easier to accept the BS the "progressives" want to do to this country."

    Well, that's your take on it, but your logic is laughable o me. I like to think of it as an awakening. Awakenings are always painful to some, so I actually feel your pain even as I marvel at the folly of your logic.

    One of the more bizarre components of your belief system is your stated conviction that conservatives think for themselves while "progressives" don't. I see exactly the opposite reality and have for years. Thinking for yourself is exactly what liberalism is, and always has been about.....and thinking outside of the box is something I have rarely observed from conservatives. The very word conservatism implies resistance to change.

    As an example, every time I see another politician cowering back to King Limbaugh because they made a statement that did not fit his mold, this conviction is reinforced. Likewise, every time I hear another sickening "ditto" from one of his listeners, it reinforces my conviction that conservatives are discouraged from thinking for themselves.

    You might be tempted to argue that people like Limbaugh are irrelevant, but recent events prove otherwise.

    I just came across this at News Busters.:

    "Olbermann: Bush's $7 Million '5-Page Book'"

    Just a little tidbit but oh so typical of KO.

    The Socialist comes out from hiding just like the groundhog.

    MikeH writes "Well, that's your take on it, but your logic is laughable o me. I like to think of it as an awakening. Awakenings are always painful to some, so I actually feel your pain even as I marvel at the folly of your logic.

    Progressives obviously can't think for themselves as this current administration has got to be the worst in history. At least Conservatives think about the country as a whole big picture whereas liberals only think about themselves. The socialistic mentality from the left is killing this country. People like mikeH definitely have been brainwashed to the degree that they can't see straight or the light at the end of the tunnel.
    You see mikeH, most of us on the Right will listen to Rush but he is not OUR answer. We are looking for that one person within our party that can do it for this country. We are looking for a person that has, never done drugs, not been an alcoholic, a person that has strong convictions for his country, not hung around anti americans, strong family values, one that will keep us from turning socialist, the list goes on but we're searching. Unlike you mikeH, your choice of the current president can only make one wonder what you and your brainwashed flock are and have been thinking. Change, Change, yeah we're getting change alright, pocket change. I guess those pictures that went around of the front lawn of the white house having a watermellon patch are coming true. Word is that the new 1st lady is putting in a vegi garden, next her husband will want a chicken coop right next to the garden. There's your change folks.
    No mikeH, we conservatives DO think for ourselves whereas YOUR liberal president and his cabinet don't have a clue as the 1st 2 months of this presidency is becoming a total joke to the American public.
    Thanks mikeH for being so stupid.

    MikeH makes one comment in about a month and totally shows his silliness once again.

    The irony of his comment is that he believes conservatives do not think for themsevles yet what is his subject?....The talking points from the messiah derived from the cynical, leftist chief propagandist and strategist, James Carville. MikeH just displayed the robotic, repetative and inaccurate drivel we have all been seeing these past few weeks that was hatched in the West Wing of the people's house.

    Yep....Hope and change was promised....MikeH dutifully repeated that unthoughtful talking point, and yet the Obama administration is cynically using the mindless dotes to spread their "message." Is that the activity of "free thinkers?" The irony will be lost on our dear church of SNOBamessiah zealot.

    Rush Limbaugh presents an ideology that many people agree with......So does our dear leader, President Obama....The difference?....One is the elected leader responsible to protect our country AND has much specific Constitutionally granted powers at his disposal.....His plans and actions as of late have shown severe incompetence, hypocrisy, radicalism and cynicism. But the dutiful follower, MikeH, sees what he is told to see....."Hope and change." What a free thinker!

    So the false juxtaposition of Limbaugh v. Obama created by the manipulators like Carville is what MikeH uses to cast aside millions of principled and respectful people....marginalizing them, basically "cutting out their thinking like a cancer!" A very good church of SNOBamessiah disciple.

    The religion that ignores the incompetancy of Tim Geitner, the lies of Chris Dodd, the gaffes and misplaced priorities of Barack Obama, the demogoguery and hypocrisy of Barney Frank, the cynicism of James Carville, the blatent unconstituional legislation of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the corruption of democractic party chief tax policy maker Charles Rangel, and the manipulations of Harry Reid is the very definition of not "thinking outside the box."

    Rush Limbaugh is not irrelevant. He believes in a free America that does not pass unconstitutional, retroactive punitive taxes on individual citizens. He believes in an America that does not pit one class against the other for the benefit of politicians. He believes in an America that allows people to pursue their potential as they choose and in the timing and place they want. He believes in an America founded on a Constitution that limits the central authority and thus spurs great variety and innovation in local communities where people know eachother by their first names, help eachother, and do not rely on some faceless bureaucracy. He holds the values and beliefs common of millions of our fellow citizens yet the chief executive of our country has decided to make those beliefs the central target while our economy and security is threatened. This is the priority? An ideological battle with millions that basically says you have no place in our country now?

    Hope and change? Bipartisanship? President Obama has broken those promises just as I predicted he would for his true love....his radical ideology and for the power of his party. His behavior this past week with the AIG bonuses that his administration knew about on March 3, but claims knowledge only last week (a lie), shows he is a cynical, hypocritical and poor ideologue. MikeH is blinded to that truth and only thinks the "conservative" is such a creature. Well, let's see if he even tries to present facts that rebut my conclusions.....Very doubtful!


    Have fun with him.

    Have fun with [MikeH]."

    I won't because even he will realize how foolish he looked mentioning the "Boss Limbaugh" talking points from his thoughtless echo chamber while trying to say others cannot think for themselves. Perhaps I am giving MikeH too much credit for getting the irony, but I am posting at 3AM after being woken up by my son and am in rare good humor.

    MikeH will not respond because he can't defend yet another one of his undefendable positions.

    Good night & good luck.

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