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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    March 3, 2009
    Countdown: Tuesday Recappers Thread

    Bathtub Boy

    This is the recappers' comment thread for tonight's Countdown. Post your analysis of The Hour of Spin. Be an Olbermann Watch blogger--without all the muss and fuss. Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (54) | | View blog reactions


    Seeing as this is today's thread I did not want to post it here, but seeing as everyone is no longer checking the Monday thread probably, I have issued an apology for what I said about O'Reilly. Olbermann was wrong in what he said and because I could tell from reading that this attack offended a lot of people, I felt the urge to apologize. I sincerely hope I did not offend anyone. I was just going by what I had and what I had were 2 condemning pieces from Olbermann and Media Matters (although I really should learn that they go hand-in-hand :-)).

    Wasn't Michael Moore an honored guest at the 2004 DNC? I think the Wolfeman needs a history lesson.

    So we are to beleive that Keith and his motley crue really have the best interest of the conservative movement? Ha! ya lets to listen to all the left wingers tell us to walk away from Rush? Hey I think the Left should run away from bathtub boy! and Hey Keith Rush is NO BILL'O..just a warning..

    Why so serious Keith?

    that was story #5

    So we are to beleive that Keith and his motley crue really have the best interest of the conservative movement? Ha! ya lets to listen to all the left wingers tell us to walk away from Rush? Hey I think the Left should run away from bathtub boy! and Hey Keith Rush is NO BILL'O..just a warning..

    Why so serious Keith?

    that was story #5

    I get the feeling that after Rush spoke at CPAC Olbermann was red with rage yet nigh physically aroused because he knew he was going to run this story into the ground until about June. Rush is getting more air on MSNBC than his radio show.

    Keith has abandoned any attempt to put forth the argument that the the Dems wanting the surge to fail but America to succeed was justified but Limbaugh wanting Obama plan to fail but USA to succeed is un-American. This might be a first for Keith in that he quickly recognized the absurdity of his argument and gives it up.

    #2: Hannity and Lou Holtz Worst in the World. Of course KO has to impersonate Holtz with a disparaging exaggeration of his speech impediment.

    I tuned in the Obama Propaganda Hour for a second to catch Goebbels-Olbermann critisizing Lou Holtz for discussing global warming. Apparently, Goebbels-Olbermann thinks that someone involved in sports shouldn't comment on politics.

    What a hypocrit. This fats ass started his career as a SPORTS BROADCASTER and is now a lap dog/propaganda artist for a political party. How can those lefty loon continue listening to this guy?

    By irushbaby on March 3, 2009 8:35 PM

    Maybe one of Dopey's left-wing nut stage hands are pasting talking points from Mike Malloy's radio show onto Olby's teleprompter?

    "They're worse than useless. These are terrorists. These are domestic terrorists. They want the country to fail, for God’s sake. They want exactly what anyone who attacked this country on September 11, 2001 wanted. The real internal terrorists are the Republicans, I mean, isn't that clear? Rush Limbaugh is a bigger threat to this country than Osama bin Laden. He's a bigger threat than anybody that the CIA can invent. He's a bigger threat than any terrorist that ever leveled its sights against the United States, Limbaugh is, so why isn't he arrested and sentenced for treason?"

    If it all starts going south for Obama, Olby and the rest of 'The Cheerleaders' at MSNBC. 'Hinterland' comments like that of Malloy's might just become common place around the NBC Newsroom.

    BTW: Rush Limbaugh? 600+ stations

    Mike Malloy? 12 stations.

    No wonder they want the fairness doctrine back.

    Yeah, who better to bring on to discuss the bachelor than the "flaming gay" Michael Musto from the Village Voice. please...just put Rachel on.

    Countown was just basically unwatchable. From KO's constant "boss limbaugh" remarks over and over to trying to set America straight on what is really "right" with the world.

    All night it appeared he had this "smerk" on his face. I only hope somebody knocks it off him.

    Ok now we know who should be the next "bachelor"! I could just hear the producers pitch to the gals, we have a well know calbe news reader, he makes millions, and he knows a lot a lot about sports to boot! All the women run aways screaming when they get out of the limo the first night! Keith is soo soo jealous that he cant have young hot women all over him..

    >Of course KO has to impersonate Holtz with a disparaging exaggeration of his speech impediment.
    I'm sure it made Scott Ferrall's disparaging exaggeration of Holtz look like a well-meaning impression by Frank Caliendo.

    I predicted in the Monday thread that it would be business as usual tonight on "The Factor" with only a promotional mention of the Alexa fundraiser appearance before viewer e-mail. I was right.

    I really was floored by the degree of nastiness KO dumped on Holtz. There's got to something else going on between them.

    If you guys don't hear from me by tomorrow send a St Bernard with a couple of kegs of Absolute and some olives.

    I'm going in. This may be the calm before the storm.

    I'm going to try to watch the KO rerun.

    Farewell sweet world, parting is such sorrow. :)

    A few interesting things in the WPitW segment. Of course O'Reilly made 'worse', which was odd. The only thing Olby had to report was that the alexa foundation issued a statement saying O'Reilly WILL speak at their function. That took some courage for them to come out in that way and they should be applauded. And because the Alexa foundation made that statement, of course O'REILLY got the 'worse' slot. Don't try to make sense out of it. It's OlbyLogic. Oh, and Oralmann also summed up O'Reilly's full hour discussion as: "He said she was asking for it."

    The 'worst" slot with Hannity and Lou Holtz (lifted from 'Media Matters') was also interesting. First he described the conversation as Hannity, Holtz, and a McCain campaign staffer. Oddly, that's the same description MM used. And yet, there was a third person involved: Doug Schoen, Democrat, advisor to the Bill Clinton administration, and a HuffPo blogger. What do you know, Schoen was the invisible man. According to Olby, he wasn't even there! Further "Man on Fan" Olbermann described by convo by saying 'the topic' was global warming. Probably because that's all Brock's boys fed him. There were actually four or five topics discussed, with far more time spent on other issues than global warming. But hey, to know that Olby would have to actually have seen the segment. Why do that when a good 'rip 'n' read' will suffice?

    Via the preview images on the "Countdown" website:

    #5A: Video title: "GOP caves to Limbaugh." The Wolffe Man was the guest.
    #5B: Video title: "Can the GOP recover?" Chris Cillizza dropped by.

    #4: A guest-less segment with the video title: "GOP: Stick it in your earmark." Nice.

    Oddball: Random events mocked by Merkle.

    BPitW: Whatever.

    #3: Olby and the Perfesser. Prosecute!

    Still Bushed: Hank Greenberg sues AIG. Blue blog source: HuffPo via Bloomberg.
    He also predicted the first 10 NFL Draft picks and who'd win the Kentucky Derby. Oh, I'm sorry, that's the sports Hank Greenberg.

    #2: The Media Matters Minute. For this, I played the video. Worse was Another O'Reilly Attack. Billo! [Ding!] It was a follow-up on KO's lowest O'Reilly Attack to date; the one that was debunked by my MP3 of Hour 2 of the August 2, 2006, "Radio Factor."
    Man on Fan reprised the theatrical indignation and faux outrage, along with an apology demand, that he used last night. He read (from a gotcha paper) a response from the It Happened To Alexa Foundation's executive director. She said (according to Keith): "Bill O'Reilly is still speaking at the fundraiser. We are aware of his comments. We don't have any comment about it. I don't feel as if it would be productive." In other words, "Bill O'Reilly is still speaking. We're aware of what he said and if you heard the full hour, you'd know what he was really saying. Don't bother us with this crap, sir."
    That wasn't good enough for the Olbsessed One who shot back with: "How productive is it to have a man who blames rape victims speak to a group supporting rape victims...from people who *blame* rape victims?"
    Why me?

    Worser was Newt Gingrich. Blue blog source: Media Matters.
    Muting the sound now and skipping ahead.

    As Tod Andrews reported above, Worst was Sean Hannity and current ESPN college football analyst Lou Holtz. ESPN, Keith. ESPN.
    Anyway, blue blog source: Media Matters.
    Coach Holtz, Doug Schoen, and Nancy Pfotenhauer were part of the Great American Panel on last night's "Hannity," which likely clobbered Rachel Maddow in the ratings. (We'll know the answer when the snowstorm-delayed ratings are released tomorrow.) The video posted at Media Matters was distortedly transcribed for the Hour of Spin and read mockingly by Joe Alaskey Olbermann. (Joe Alaskey is a voiceover actor and impressionist.)
    Wow, in two-and-a-half minutes, Oralmann went from soft-spoken indignation and outrage to full-fledged bombast.

    Two things:
    1) You beat me to it, Johnny. I guess you wrote your recap as I was writing mine. Sorry about that.
    2) To avoid being taken out of context, when I said "Why me?", I meant "I don't know why I even bother with this guy (Keith)."

    I no longer have a desire to visit SeaWorld.

    When did that sponsorship start??

    Don't apologize MC. Your recap was more detailed than mine. I just had a few points that I wanted to emphasize.

    Un-f___ing-watchable P.O.S. show!! Oh, sorry. I forgot that this is "no cussin'" week. WEAK/LAME.

    Off topic observation, ONLY an observation, mind you: Could the paper thin/ non-existent upper lips of KO and Barney Frank be a physical indicator of some social proclivity shared by these two brutes?

    That's true, Johnny. And your recap filled in the blanks that I left, like not noticing that MM made Doug Schoen the invisible man and that they parsed a multi-topic Great American Panel. So, thank you. :)

    All I really have to add for tonight is that Olbermann must have some sort of grudge against Lou Holtz (possibly ESPN related?). I caught the highlights that I cared about via the Countdown website (WPitW, Oddball, and BPitW; I'm so sick of the Limbaugh talk and as much as I do not like Bush, I wish he would just go away; and I could utterly careless about The Bachelor). Anyway, back to my point, for the updates, I first went to here, and I did a double take when I saw Holtz as WPitW (for a second my mind computed Lou Dobbs) and after watching the segment, I'm left with the feeling that there is something there between the two. Or maybe not. Who knows. Because as nasty as Olbermann can be to Hannity on his show, it was reported, at least a couple years ago, that Olbermann and Hannity are cordial with each other.

    And one other thing that probably no one on this forum cares about, the dog video he showed on Oddball had me cracking up. Yeah, I'm a sucker for those types of vids. :-)

    How'd everything go, Grammie? You all right? :-)

    It never ceases to amaze me that Keef can ask a 300 word question, all in a run-on sentence, and Prof Turdley or( insert guest name here) is perfectly happy to answer "Well, that's right Keith".

    Quick! Quick! A double martini. If I get it in time I might make it. :)

    I watched it and that will be the last time for that.

    Steve, I saw that video on Red Eye last night. Poor pooch. He looked OK though.

    Just some general impressions. Turley and KO almost had me convinced that we had just escaped by the skin on our teeth from the dictatorship of GWB. The one date he mentioned (one memo or more?) was Oct 2991, one month after the attacks. Hearing about the preparation made for any contingency is comforting to me.

    The biggest shock for me was Musto. When he first appeared I thought it was a caracarture. It reminded me of the shot of BOR with the large head on a very small body. And he looked like he was wearing makeup and a Barbara Boxer Uptight Thong.

    Now when I read others recaps I'll have that to relate it to.

    Until this week, I think I never really gauged KO's cruelty or his recklessness.

    Little did I dream Olbermann could be so reckless and cruel as to do an injury to a fine organazation dedicated to helping victims of rape in an attempt to smear his competition. It is true that The Factor annihilates Countdown in the ratings. It is true that The Factor will continue to annihilate Countdown in the ratings. It is, I regret to say, equally true that I fear many shall always bear a scar needlessly inflicted by Olby. If it were in my power to forgive him for his reckless cruelty, I will do so. I like to think I am a gentleman, but Keith's forgiveness will have to come from someone other than me.

    You, Sir, have done enough. Have you no sense of decency Sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency? (H/T to Joseph N. Welch)

    The petition that is being pushed by blueblogs to have the It Happened to Alexa Foundation withdraw its invitation for Bill O'Reilly to speak at their upcoming fund raiser is "Sponsored by: Concerned Citizens Against Sexual Violence," an entity whose history, location, membership, organizational statement of purpose and any donations made to victims' groups have totally eluded my diligent search.

    Perhaps it has just recently been established. :-)

    "And he looked like he was wearing makeup and a Barbara Boxer Uptight Thong."-Grammie Whammy

    Oh crap! Now I need a drink, even though it's been 25 years since my last one.

    By ramjet on March 4, 2009 12:13 AM
    Until this week, I think I never really gauged KO's cruelty or his recklessness. ...
    ramjet, you have nailed it perfectly. Your forgiving nature is far stronger than mine however.

    Oh guys crack me up! Thanks to you, out of morbid curiousity, I actually went to the Countdown website and watched the Bachelor segment. And for the first time in my life, I heard the word "douchenozzle" mentioned on TV. Is it permissable to say that on TV? And even though I do like Countdown, Michael Musto has always scared the crap out of me.

    ramjet, I went slumming through the news hounds comments and sure enough, I found this petition against O'Reilly's appearance:

    It's permissable on "Countdown" and "The Rachel Maddow Show." I don't know about the other hours on MSNBC. On a tamer note, I've seen Neil Cavuto utter the word "ass" on occasion.

    Grammie, I hope that martini is capable of erasing the memory of the Musto image.....ech....

    Oops, sorry, I just reminded you of it again.....get the bottle of Tanqueray.

    -- All I really have to add for tonight is that Olbermann must have some sort of grudge against Lou Holtz --

    The only 'problem' Olverpaid has with Holtz is that Holtz is successful, whereas the fraud is simply a wannabe. And don't be surprised when (not if) more inexplicable random attacks occur. Olberhate's world is crashing down around him. Nobody in Obama's administration knows what they are doing and the economy just keeps further imploding. Olbermann's religion of "Bush is satan, Obama is the Messiah' is being shattered before his eyes. The truth will set you free and in Olberdelusions case, he's being 'freed' from his already tenuous grip on reality. His dressing room has clearly needed to be padded for years. How long until the entire set of KlownDown is similarly 'remodeled'?

    Ah, I watched the video for #4, "GOP: Stick it in your earmark."

    Poor, poor anti-America zealot Keith Olbermann....he takes 90% of the time attacking Republicans, including the clean Senator McCain, and excuses the broken promise of the leader, his greatness, the omnipotent, the messiah, President Barack Obama.

    Change? Honesty? Honor? Nope.

    The cynical and dishonest church of SNOBamessiah evangelist has the ready propaganda from the anti-America left ready for distribution.

    This is journalism....This is political debate...This is policy formation is the age of Obama....riddled with misleading, demogogic and hateful diatribes.


    Another day for the slovenly hack
    Another Fox/Bush/Bill/Rush attack
    Keith's out of his mind
    Insanity defined
    His psychiatrist must be a quack

    Michael Musto and his herpes sore
    The same canker that was there before
    Performing fellatios
    At two to one ratios
    Breeds STDs like a whore

    I also noticed a muted mongrel regarding the tax evading Treasury Secretary's and Obama Budget Director's testimony......

    "Although Ryan, the top Republican on the House Budget Committee, praised some aspects of the budget, he also ripped into accounting methods - like budgeting for high initial war costs that demonstrate a savings later.

    "'So you assume in your budget that we're going to have a surge in 10 years [in Iraq], even though a surge, by definition, is up, then back down,' Ryan said, pressing Orszag.

    "'To go back, $1.6 trillion of these savings is because you are saying we are not going to have a surge for 10 years, we are going to ramp it down,' he continued.

    "Orszag replied: 'About a trillion-and-a-half dollars is because the war ends more quickly under this budget then we think the alternative would have been.'

    "Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) accused Obama of putting up a 'trifecta of trillions' - with the stimulus package, appropriations spending and budget deficits.

    "He said the deficit - which is projected to fall from $1.75 trillion to $533 billion over a decade - showed 'red ink as far as the eye can see.'"

    Keith Olbermann adheres to the orders from on honest discussion of the budget proposals from the messiah!

    Dishonesty in The One's very first budget....assuming a costly surge in Iraq for the next decade!.

    I am not surprised....the anti-America left was willing to lie all throughout the Iraq war surge debate for personal political advantage, why would they not lie now?


    The ratings have been released and, sure enough, "Hannity" did clobber Maddow Monday night:
    And, of course, KO got clobbered by his Olbsession.

    So, I'm thinking the writers at Politico will be reintroduced to the WPitW club tonight. Olbs has to be counting his blessings over "Boss Limbaugh", it's nets him an additional 150,000 views per night in the "key demo".

    Last Thursday, Rip 'n Read Olbermann attacked Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller for stating that President Obama would have been for Proposition 8 in California when he was really against it
    The source for this attack was Media Matters.
    Coincidentally, Bill received a viewer e-mail pointing out the same thing that KO through MM pointed out in his courteous way.

    Today on "The Dennis Miller Show" on Westwood One, Dennis spoke to Eric Boehlert of Media Matters, who called in. As Bill apologized last Thursday, Dennis did today. With that out of the way, he asked Boehlert about whether or not George Soros funds Media Matters. Boehlert flatly denied the funding and said it was played up by the eeevil O'Reilly and the right (which Bill is not part of). Dennis seemed to buy into that. When he pointed out that Bill "gets lost in the minutia, that's his deal," Boehlert said, "Well, politics is politics, I mean, again, we don't really do politics." Yeah, sure. At the end of the impromptu interview, Dennis told Boehlert that he would point out Boehlert's lie that he apparently bought into tonight on "The Factor." Thanks a lot, Eric.

    -- Last Thursday, Rip 'n Read Olbermann attacked Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller for stating that President Obama would have been for Proposition 8 in California when he was really against it --

    How could anyone be confused about Obama's position on any controversial issue? (/sarcasm off)

    it will be interesting to see what KO does tonight after Rush has thrown the gauntlet down to Obama to debate him in Flordia. Matthews was comparing this to Snoopy and the Red Baron.

    I'd doubt Obama has the stones to debate Rush, but if it came today, Rush would wipe him off the floor for sure.

    get a chance, read what Coulter said about bathtub boy today:

    Last night's ratings are out:
    It total viewers, BOR blew out KO. In the 25-54 demo, the only demo Keith kares about, Bill had 681,000 viewers, Olby had 604,000. At 10:00, only 247,000. Like I said previously, after 10:00, (penny whistle sliding down).

    Meerkat,you were too modest. That is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ for all OW fans.

    Ann has a razor sharp tongue and uses it like a surgeon. I think she just flayed KO butt naked one tiny slice at a time.

    Whose your favorite meerkat? I loved little Shakespeare and cried when that snake got him.

    Didn't really have a favorite, but I thought Flower was cool along with Zaphod. I really think Coulter raked KO over the coals big time. I know that KO will NOT bring that subject up tonight for sure.

    Obama vs. Limbaugh. That would be an awesome debate! No offense to McCain, but I did not think he was that effective in the debates. I would definitley like to see Obama go up against someone who would fight back aggressively like Limbaugh would. I like Obama (although I'm a little less than giddy about the stimulus), but at the same time, I want to see him challenged.

    Is Coulter splitting hairs about the Cornell agriculture school somehow not being part of the Ivy League? Wikipedia, not always the most reliable source, says that it is.

    Boehlert's lie was never brought up in Miller Time tonight and therefore will never be brought up period. Good.

    Olbermann sure used a lot of math in Tuesday's episode to try to refute the republicans' anger about the ear mark laden budget.....I wonder if he is going to hold The President to the same standards with this whopper of a lie he told today in introducing more fear into our nation so he can impose his version of healthcare reform?

    "The cost of health care now causes a bankruptcy in America every thirty seconds." President Obama, 3/5/09

    Obama lied. At least ABC NEWS has some journalistic ethics to point this out while NBC NEWS has decided facts are no longer their stock/trade...

    Here is WPitW via Tuesday's transcript on
    "The bronze Bill-O [Ding!]. He is still planning to address a fund raiser this month for the It Happened to Alexa Foundation. This is a group doing the best possible work, supporting rape victims, especially during trials. Nearly three years ago, O'Reilly called a murdered rape victim moronic and suggested that the way she was dressed, she was asking for it. He, of course, never apologized. Today comes word from the group's executive director, Ellen Ogello (ph), who told us, quote [Ding!], “Bill O'Reilly is still speaking at the fund-raiser. We are aware of his comments. We don‘t have any comment about it. I don't feel as if it would be productive.” How productive is it to have a man who blames rape victims speak to a group supporting rape victims for people who blame rape victims?"
    Keith's attack is just as sick coming from the transcript as it was watching and transcribing it Tuesday night.

    "Runner up, Newt Gingrich, on Twitter. It may be new technology, but he's the same old liar. His Tweet, that as they flew into Santa Barbara, California, ... Ironically, they have had no spill since ..." Yada yada yada.

    "But our winners, the Manatee [Ding!] and former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz. Hannity's topic with Holtz and with one of John McCain's campaign spokespeople [with Doug Schoen as the invisible man], global warming. Global warming? You're talking global warming with Lou Holtz. Low Holtz barely makes sense talking Notre Dame football. ... Hannity said, ... Or maybe the big guy up there is trying to send a message to these people.”
    You mean Limbaugh? Hannity also repeated the only point he's been able to conjure up from that slow-moving brain of his, that there couldn't be global warming because it still gets cold here in the winter. ... Don‘t you get this, even after it's been explained slowly to you using small words? The snowstorm Sunday is not proof there isn't global warming. Just like when it hit 68 degrees here three days after Christmas, ..." I don't remember that. "... that was not proof that there is global warming. If global warming already had enough immediate impact to reverse the normal weather, to prevent all snowstorms in the winter, we'd all be preparing to die within five years anyway! Sean Hannity and Lou Holtz, today's worst persons in the world!"

    Does it ever get lonely on that mountaintop, Monkeymann?

    Keith Olbermann: "How productive is it to have a man who blames rape victims speak to a group supporting rape victims for people who blame rape victims?"

    What a smart man! Again, from where did he graduate?

    Perhaps Olbermann will be able to answer that question when he leaves his narcissistic world of baseball cards and blue blogs to be half the advocate for such victims.

    It seems the foundation likes their guest speaker, Bill O'Reilly, and the hateful motivation from which Olbermann's objection comes from is not shared by normal compassionate people.

    And on the subject of the Sean/Coach attack, since when is Oralmann a climatologist or meteorologist? I guess I can start calling him Heidi Cullen Olbermann.

    The Obama economy is getting worse, highest unemployment rate since 1983 and what does Keith Olbermann and the left concentrate on......Rush Limbaugh.

    So true....

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