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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

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    Welcome Back, Olby!

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    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

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    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    March 24, 2009
    Countdown: Tuesday Recappers Thread

    Lots of news tonight (an Obama press conference, a new power grab of dubious legality) but Edward R Olbermann has bigger fish to fry. Tonight he will devote an entire segment of The Hour of Spin to his ultimate Olbsession. Watch the video below (it's unedited, unlike the ones that have proliferated on the blue blogs) as your show prep. Pay special attention to the second half and ask yourself how much coverage "Man on Fan" Olbermann will give to that portion of the discussion. Remember, the infamous, deplorable one begins an hour later tonight, but he'll still be up against NCIS and Mr Bill. (Do the math!) Post your comments on tonight's propaganda fest right here. Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (83) | | View blog reactions


    Olbermann will have Ms. Terkel on his show, but not Ms. Branchini.

    Interesting....Olbermann will have a woman claiming she felt intimidated and ambushed by a producer of a news show who asked her about a post she had recently written.

    Olbermann will not have on a brave young woman who helps fellow victims of sex crimes....someone who actually was a victim and has fought back.....

    What a world Olbermann lives in, what a trite and self-absorbed world the left enjoys....The hatred for a cable news personality is more important than real issues like helping victims of crime.

    Great TV! Great journalism! NBC NEWS makes history once again tonight.


    and she'll come on making herself like this unsuspecting person who was ambushed, much like that whistleblower he had on shortly after the innaguration of Obama, then after that person was on KO's show, he was confronted by BOR's guys and he got all defensive.

    no doubt, KO will try to spin this "lady" into being someone who was a victim of the evil FOX NEWS. Nice try bathtub boy, go back to your tub.

    Sung to the music of "Edward R. Olberdouchenozzle lights a fire"

    Little Mandy, Bam Bam Laugh

    Barry's Bowling Leno gaffe

    Olby's ratings Factor half

    Daily Kos, Takes a Bath

    Beats the dog, kicks the staff

    KO's fury, Terkel's wrath

    Olbermann has a calf

    Hell, why not Édith Piaf!

    Olby's on a FOX warpath!

    "BOR has gone too far!"

    "Gets my tummy's churning"

    "And my hair is burning"

    "BOR has gone too far"

    "Watch my camera turning"

    "With my Kornel learning"

    "BOR has gone too far"

    "God I'm such a Superstar!"

    I once again ask: WHERE IS N.O.W. AND THE OTHER WOMAN'S ORGANIZATION? A woman's rape is practically being ridiculed by a baseball card collector and NOW remains silent.

    I think the Independant Woman's Forum (a conservative woman's group) should jump in and demand that Olbermann (who has a history of scorn & hatred towards woman. i.e. Hillary, Palin, Rita Crosby . . .) be fired. They'll bring attention to themselves and rid the airwaves of a Propaganda artist.

    Here's the link to IWF's website. Lets drop them a line to start the the chain of getting rid of this hater.

    Here's the note I sent to IWF:

    As you may know, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann uses his primetime show to critisize his competitor Bill O'Reilly for anything. Recently, he's going after O'Reilly because he supports a rape victim, Alexa Branchini. Olbermann's hatred for O'Reilly has put this strong woman- Branchini- in the crosshairs. Unfortunately, all the national woman's groups have remained silent on this matter. Olbermann has a history of bashing females (the democratic presidential campaign of `08 will show that.) It's time for him to be fired. PLEASE use your organization to rid the airwaves of this other "woman's rights" group will do it.

    Their email address is:

    I implore every Olbermannwatch contibuter to write them.

    Remember what Edmund Burke said:

    "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing."

    Best line so far on the show, was by Chris Matthews when he quoted Obama: "We can't wait". That's right Chris...we can' and Keith quit NOW. WE CAN'T WAIT!

    I thought I would never say this, but I enjoyed seeing David Axelrod basically dismiss Olbermann's first question....And Olbermann was totallly incomprehensable in the follow-up and transition to the rest of the interview.

    Wow. I can go to sleep now happy that once again, Olbermann showed the world what a pathetic journalist he really is.....The question was actually posed by Matthews in the lead up and Olbermann simply passed it along....And Axelrod basically said, "Stupid question, next."

    Where are the Olbermann defenders? He really needs your help now!

    Olby got his BS "degree"
    In TV irrelevancy
    From Kornell A&M
    Ivy League phlegm
    Where there's pee in the Ph.D.

    ...and where did KO get the idea that BOR offered death threats to him and MSNBC? Man, I want some of those "magic" burgers he's woofing down. :)

    Wasn't there something in that deal with the supposed Cheney death squads where someone said if he really had them he would have done in Hersch and most of MSNBC? Since Olby is MSNBC he personalized it I guess.

    Yeah that was from another website, but I don't remember BOR actually saying it, so I think KO's just looking for stuff now. He calls BOR's producer a "stalker" geez. Strap yourself in for the interview coming up

    Waiting with baited breath to hear how Murdock is loosing confidence in O'Reilly.

    Now there is the pot talking to the kettle. You are not man enough.

    I didn't know you could get away with the word, "Pimp" especially after the Chelsea Clinton scandal? He's rolling now belittling BOR. That lady wasn't ambushed, paparatzi do that all the time, and you don't hear them crying stalking all the damned time.

    It's obvious that Terkel, that she doesn't have a clue.

    Well duh Terkel, of course he didn't want to plan an interview cause he knew that she would have a chance to think. He wanted it to be spontanous and catch her off guard.

    She's back peddling her butt so much now it's not funny. Wonder how much MSNBC paid her for this "exclusive" interview.

    Talk about pimping, she then says "they're going to do another segment (BOR) yeah....pimp his show now."

    It is good thing I did not hold my breath. Bathtub boy never did get around to saying how Murdock was loosing confidence in O'Reilly. Of course, that will not matter to low IQ fans of Olby. They will not just repeat the the false notion.

    and all he could get out at the end to Terkel. "on behalf of television I apologize" hmmm didn't know you represented TV Keith. I'll just turn in my TV right now if that's the case.

    Here, seeing as I can understand arguments from both sides of the spectrum, I'll play devil's advocate for you guys.

    What???? Olbermann's a misogynist??? Seriously???? So because he disagreed with the campaign tactics of Hillary Clinton and criticized and made fun of Sarah Palin means he's a misogynist? You can't be serious. And I also happen to believe that Sarah Palin is one of the dumbest politicians I've ever seen in awhile. Does that mean I'm misogynistic? And I voted for Obama in the primaries as well. I guess that also makes me misogynistic in your eyes, but whatever. The point I am getting is is that you are quickly jumping to a rash conclusion. Does Olbermann think Hillary Clinton should resign as Secretary of State? Better yet, was he constantly preaching in Special Comments for Condoleeza Rice to resign?

    Onto the It Happened To Alexa Foundation controversy. This has absolutely been blown out of proportion by BOTH sides of the political spectrum. I understand what both sides are saying. And yes, I have seen the unedited video posted here. Why did Bill O'Reilly wait til now to say something? This whole controversy was pretty much blowing over, Keith Olbermann had stopped bringing it up for the most part, the event happened, O'Reilly spoke, and supposedly it was a great success. Why did Bill O'Reilly wait until now to say something? Was there some contractual agreement that he could not mention it on his show, or was he waiting until after the speech to rub it into everyone's face? As if to say, "haha, I'm right, the left are a bunch of loons.", their protests did not work, I spoke. He seems to be drawing attention to an issue that is dead in the water.

    And what is with this whole "the left hates the It Happened To Alexa Foundation"? Where did that come from? Both sides support the group (yes, even the far left, hear me out on this), but they both have differences of opinion on what is good for it. The left interpreted Bill's comment as blaming the rape victims for what happened. And even listening to the full hour, I can still understand that viewpoint. Even though this is not in the oft-used citations by Olbermann and the left blogs, at the 5:48 mark after of the Radio Factor episode in question, he was talking about what he would do if he had a small daughter and what he would do to protect her, he says "The reason Jennifer Moore is dead is 'cause she got drunk. The reason Mel Gibson is in the trouble of his because he got drunk." There's the quote and there's the context. But, what the left fails to realize, is that this was from nearly 3-years ago. He's saying that because they were irresponsible and got drunk, Jennifer Moore is dead and Mel Gibson was in the trouble of his life (the .... was adding on trouble with his family et. al., he said it in too soft of a voice for me to accurately quote). For all we know, Bill O'Reilly may not feel that way anymore. It's not out of the realm of possibilities that his viewpoints have changed. There would be nothing wrong with that, no hypocrisy at all, it happens to the best of us all the time. We change how we feel about things. There is little doubt in my mind that Mr. O'Reilly wants all the best for the group. There is little doubt in my mind that the left wants what is best for the group. It's differing viewpoints about a sad subject. And I am not saying whether the left is right or wrong in believing so because I do not think you cannot make that distinction, but they feel as if Bill O'Reilly will bring them negative publicity and that someone whose statements from a few years ago can be interpreted as they can, that he will draw them negative publicity and that for the good sake of the group, he should not be there. Now the evil petitions and condemnations of the It Happened To Alexa Foundation are taking it a bit too far.

    I hope you guys understand the argument a little better now and I hope I did an accurate job of portraying it. If not, then that's my fault.

    And yes I did call the group and wish them my support. I'm just trying to give you what I feel are logical parts of the otherside of the argument. Now there are loonies I'm sure who feel that they are evil and that's flat out wrong. No reasonable person should hate this group, even the left, that tried to pull Mr. O'Reilly from the event because they did not want what they felt as negative publicity, but it's just the classical difference of opinions on what is best for it.

    Problem with that apology is 99.999% of the people watching TV never got to see it.

    EEK! I was the .1%? someone shoot me with Cheney's gun :P Someone send me to GTIMO and make me look at nude photos of Maddow....AHHHHHH :)

    That was me playing devil's advocate to this thing, because I felt it needed to be done. My actual views on the It Happened To Alexa Foundation were interspersed there, but I do that both sides have absolutely taken this whole thing out of proportion. The left probably should not have made a big deal out of it to begin with, and Bill O'Reilly's outrage and the sending of his producer to Ms. Terkel, and the subsequent emotional interview are only going to serve to get more people riled up about it and to drag poor Alexa into the crossfires into an argument that she does not deserve to be in. Before, you can blame it on Olbermann. Now, the re-hashing of this argument after the event, may very well be O'Reilly's fault. And there should be no argument. Period.

    Watching that interview took me back to the early days of SNL. What did Akroyd always say in the news segment? Something like, Jane you stupid slut.

    Get real, Steve.

    O'Reilly was sticking up for a rape victim and her organization that has only received unceasing and unjustified scorn.

    It's about time these victims have someone to defend them.

    If you now want to blame further attacks from the Left on O'Reilly, you're still out in left field (pun intended).

    By the way.....Beck's monologue last night was truly passionate, yet full of class - a quality with which Olby is entirely unfamiliar.

    Answer this for me, then. Why did Bill O'Reilly wait until now, after the furor had died down, to do an impassioned and touching segment that he knew would get the left and Keith Olbermann wound up again? He could have stuck up for them a month or so ago (whenever it was) and it would have seemed like he was legitimately defending them. Why bring up the argument, again? Why? The event was over. Why bring back the controversy? Just answer me this. Was there something in his agreement to speak that he could not mention anything about the foundation other than a promo that he's speaking there until after the event. Then, I can understand. If not, then what is the purpose of doing this now and why not defend yourself 3 weeks ago? His intentions may be good and pure, but it seems to me like he is doing this now to get the result he is getting from the left wing blogs and Keith Olbermann. Just because his intentions to the group are full of pride (and they are), does not mean he should re-hash an argument.

    I think if O'Reilly had bought up the attacks by the left wing hate machine up before he made his appearance for the charity, it would have caused even more hate and protest for the lunatic left. He was wise not to bring this up until after he made an appearance. While Keith and his storm troopers from the nutroots stirred up enough trouble for this charity, had O'Reilly attacked them before his appearance it would have emboldened them to go ever further than they did.

    Because O'Reilly has class. Unlike Olby, the subject is not about him. It's about Alexa and her Foundation.

    He didn't "bring back" anything. He just returned from the event last week, and obviously was sincerely affected by the distraught they all underwent at the expense of Leftist haters of their special guest. Every word O'Reilly and Wendy Murphy uttered during Monday's segment was in defense of those victims and appreciated by each one of them. Why would the Foundation stick to their guns with the invitation if they did not already feel protected and honored by him?


    It seems as though you have a pretty warped view of what is good and what is evil.

    Thanks to O'Reilly's segment yesterday, I made a donation to It Happened to Alexa today.

    There goes O'Reilly again....doing good in the world.

    ....Hmmmm.....can't say the same for your man, Olbermann.

    He waited until yesterday because the event was Thursday and Bill was off until yesterday.
    By the way, I listed the source for Keith's other O'Reilly Attack in the Monday thread.
    This afternoon, I said I was taking a sabbatical from this site. But after watching "The Factor," I felt so much better about this situation. So, I'm back. But I'm still not recapping segments from Monkeymann's show. Speaking of Monkeymann, I could swear that the Wiggles and Kylie Minogue wrote a song about him (or Chris Matthews):
    That was tonight's Pinheads and Patriots segment. The Wiggles were patriots. The song was not about Olby or Matthews.

    And the Terkel ambush came up again toward the end of the Factor Investigation segment:
    Another ambush was featured. This time, the target was a Hillsborough County (FL) Circuit Court Judge that let a sex offender that molested a 23-year-old man go free. Jesse Watters conducted *this* ambush, too, and also interviewed the victim, and neighbors of the offender. Jesse was appeared with Bill after the tape ran. Last night's ambush came up at the very end, with :23 left. Here is my transcript:
    O'REILLY: "...And good job yesterday with the... (to the audience): If you didn't see 'The Factor' last night, we had these far-left loons hurting the rape victim, Alexa, and her family. And we should have a follow-up on that later this week. (to Jesse): That was a good job. You were very respectful to the woman [Terkel]. The woman, you know, is trying to paint herself as a victim now, you know, that you were yelling at her."
    WATTERS: "Right."
    O'REILLY: "And of course, the tape shows quite the opposite. But we will continue on that story, as well. Thanks, Jesse."

    Then, viewer e-mail:
    Greg Hale, Arlington, TX: "What Amanda Terkel did to Alexa Branchini was despicable. I nominate Jesse Watters as a patriot."
    BOR's response: "You should know that Ms. Terkel is painting herself as a victim on NBC News (MSNBC, 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann'), Greg. And the beat goes on."

    Suzette Hook, Woodland, CA: "I was so furious after watching the segment that I made a donation to the 'It Happened to Alexa' Foundation and vowed to boycott NBC."
    BOR's response: "Well, thank you for the donation, Suzette. Many 'Factor' viewers are doing that, and we have a link to the Alexa website on"

    Jeannie Bauder, Albuquerque, NM: "Bill, after hearing about yet another far-left atrocity being enabled by NBC, my husband and I decided to boycott. But there's nothing on NBC to boycott."

    Michael Dayton, Everett, WA: "Why did the far-left and NBC attack your support of the charity, Bill?"
    BOR's response: "Well, 'The Factor' has destroyed NBC's cable operations in primetime, Michael. That's their motive over there. As for the far-left..."

    Dave Sweeney, Dallas, TX: "Bill, the far-left haters have identified you as an enemy. By attacking your associations, they hope to keep people from aligning themselves with you. Unfortunately, this hurts many good people."
    BOR's response: "And they don't care. Excellent analysis, Dave."

    Rob Lewis, Honolulu, HI: "Why would a rape prosecution cost families money?"
    BOR's response: "Travel expenses, counseling expenses, legal expenses, just to name a few, Rob."

    So, Olbermoronn really said "on behalf of television, I apologize"? Thanks a lot, jerk!

    It's " Jane you ignorant slut" I believe,

    It seems as though you have a pretty warped view of what is good and what is evil.

    There is no good and evil and there is no right and wrong. That's a terrible way to look at life and a terrible means of analyzing situaitons. Like I said, I called the Foundation and I expressed my support for them in sticking with their guns. But, the left's argument is that he should not have been there for what he said 3-years ago. The loonies on the left should be condemned for wanting evil things to happen to the Foundation, but, those that have a reasonable view of this, such as myself, understands their argument. And besides, actions speak louder than words. He spoke, the event was successful and the furor was all but gone.

    And sending your producer, Jessie Waters to follow Ms. Terkel while going on vacation and asking her a set of impromptu questions which according to Ms. Terkel was taken out of context itself (talk about irony) is nothing but classLESS. Request a comment or a statement or something or physically invite her to The Factor. Many fair alternatives. The purpose of attacking a blogger, albeit she works for a big liberal blog, makes little sense to me other than to arrogantly make yourself look like your such a hero by asking her questions when she is unprepared and on vacation. And no, this does not better present the truth or prove a point. And all you sheep seem to buy it hook, line, and sinker.

    And I'm not doubting what he is trying to do for this organization is nothing but with the utmost sincerity and I do not doubt that he legitamately wants to stand up for these poor, people. No one wants to be or deserves to be raped. But the way he is going about is, is in my view all wrong.

    "There is no good and evil and there is no right and wrong."

    Okay.....Let's pass no judgments then. But wait!

    "The loonies on the left should be condemned for wanting evil things to happen to the Foundation"

    I thought we only "condemn" what is evil.

    Seems as though you're lost in your own moral relativism. It's okay....break free from your shackles of Olbypology. It can be liberating!

    Terkel only got a taste of her own medicine. I didn't see her asking for a comment from O'Reilly before her slanderous posting. It's only part-and-parcel to what is a much larger issue.

    There is no accountability in the blogosphere. And people like you - although I'm sure you're probably a nice person in your personal life - get left with a warped sense of what is good and evil in this world.

    No. Terkel is not a "victim". She's just a water carrier for the Leftist hate mongers. She deserved to be singled out.

    Why did Bill O'Reilly wait until now, after the furor had died down, to do an impassioned and touching segment that he knew would get the left and Keith Olbermann wound up again?...stevenrw

    The amazing thing with that question is that there is a forgone conclusion that because BO went after a women whose lie could have helped to sabotage a worthwhile foundation, that olbermann had every right to come after him.

    Maybe I was born too early, but I would believe that anybody who is speaking at an event that HELPS raped victims should also have the right to contest somebody who tried to impede the very good that this foundation does?

    What have I missed in the past 50 to 60 years to where now it is not only right to attack a volunteer of a grand cause, but it is EXPECTED as well?

    I've said this before, and maybe it bears repeating again: Yes, being a woman, drunk at 2am and in New York City is ASKING for trouble. This is not the comment made of somebody who was blaming the victim, but somebody who was using COMMON SENSE that every single New Yorker knows very well. As Bill also went on to explain about how Gibson got in trouble because he was also DRUNK backs up what he was saying. Now if anybody was to say this isn't true, then they are either lying through their teeth, never been to the Big Apple at 2am drunk, or are afraid to face the truth about the city. Whatever their reason it doesn't matter, because the truth does not lie.

    The City is unforgiving and probably the most dangerous city in the US WITHOUT adding...miniskirt...drunk...alone...2am.. to its *hit list.* It needs no help to carry this infamous label, but it is what it is.

    The story never should, and never WAS about what Bill said, as it was ALL about what the people like Terkel and olbermann tried to make it out to be with the most careless disregard for the victims and the honorable foundation itself. It is a no brainer why Bill came after this girl, as I would have too, but being that I have experienced the after effects of a brutal attack like this to a loved one, I may have done something I'd be sorry for afterwards.

    As far as the timing, that TOO is a no brainer, because after all the negative attacks against Bill BEFORE the fundraiser, why in hell would he want to add more fuel to the fire which could have ultimately caused even more harm than olbermann vicious attacks had done?

    This whole debacle stunk from the very beginning, and it reminded me of OJ's lawyer's changing the fact that their client slaughtered two innocent people while making it seem as if Mark Furman was the real killer. Smoke and mirrors brother, that's all this whole thing was about, and no matter how you slice it this unfeeling lowlife piece of filth was and is all behind it.

    Ratings ploy for Bill? WHY in God's name would HE need to boost his ratings when he doubles olbermanns week after week, year after year? Think about that? Who TRULY benefits by having the SAME girl on that Bill had questioned the day before? There is only 1 answer for that and we both know it. Take no prisoners olbermann, and be damned who gets hurt in the process, but one of these days he will go too far.

    Matthews clearly tells KO when he's going to take to Axelrod, to ask him if Obama is going to either use recociliation route or "jam it down" on the budget. Then when KO talks to Axelrod no more than 5 min later and gets it wrong. Way to go Edward R. Olbermann...aren't you fired yet?

    Good stuff Wolverine.

    Hey stevenrw, Terkel is ridiculous, plain and simple. Right or wrong, good or bad, whatever, she is ridiculous. I'm not a fan of the "ambush" tactic but she got what she deserved and I wish we could see the whole unedited version of that encounter to see who was really "accosted". Damn these people passing themselves off as journalists. Do your research and get your facts right. I was a sports reporter, the lowest of the low in journalism, and even I know that.

    Half of these liberals are so stupid they don't even know when they're being used. I'm sure Terkel will find that out soon enough.

    And let's be real. This is all about one man: Bill O'Reilly. That's all the left cares about. People like Olbermann would smear Mother Theresa if it meant attacking O'Reilly.

    And for the record, the worst people involved in this are those so-called "women's rights" groups or whatever they call themselves and their complete silence. Why aren't they saying anything? Bill O calls Helen Thomas a witch and it's "Rahhh you're a sexist and an ageist" but Amanda Terkel and Bathtub Boy go after a rape victim and her foundation and nothing happens.

    Here's a site that has been pushing the attacks on O'Reilly and 'stalker' Jesse Watters:

    They've already made this little blogger into some sort of hero. Very lively comments thread there too, though it's a bit one-sided. If you get my drift.

    Her 15 seconds is quickly ticking...hopefully KO's is not far behind. KO's rant sounds nearly "special comment" like this evening....boring and unimportant.

    I like the "little blogger" touch Johnny, very good. When you look at the video clip of Terkel, look at her "expression" when the clip begins...she's got this "duh" moment,

    KO's actual quote. "On behalf of television - I apologize for him" :P Hyporocity watch anyone? :)

    Maybe it's just my life and the fact that I've never been drunk and I've never been on the streets of NYC at 2 AM. Life experiences shape who we are. I can never argue against what Wolverine said or how he feels about this because of his experience. I can't say I know anyone personally affected by rape.

    And for some odd reason, I know thought the charity event was last week sometime and he was doing this now out of nowhere. My ignorance and forgetfullness. But that does help to explain the timing more. I thought for some reason that it was the event was the end of last week.

    And I do not think Keith Olbermann ever attacked or said anything bad about Alexa. He criticized Bill O'Reilly's decision to speak at a charity event, but he never attacked Alexa.

    I will say this, though, this whole thing is a sad situation.

    Ugh, I should really just stop clicking on links and continuing to read about this because the more that I do the more I become angry and disaprrove of how Bill O'Reilly and Jesse Watters handled this situation. At least Keith Olbermann never sent someone out on the streets or sent a producer or someone else on the staff out to the streets, stalked them for a 2 hours, and did a surprise, impromtu interview that Ms. Trekel was not prepared for and was later used as the center-piece of incriminating evidence against her and the left in general. That's just wrong and it's classless! And you can't convince me otherwise. We can argue back and forth about the Foundation itself and should or shouldn't Bill O'Reilly have spoken there and never get anywhere, but let's focus on what he did to Ms. Trekel.

    She was on vacation! It's mind-boggling what they executed here and a damn shame that they did. This may be one of the lowest acts I have ever seen done by a political commentator. Keith Olbermann may not be a saint when it comes to this type of integrity, but this is low of a blow as I have ever seen from a man such as O'Reilly. I was never a fan of his, but I have a respect for him as being good and successful at his art. However, I have just lost that respect for him and I do not think I can ever look at him the same again. And don't drag Keith Olbermann into this. Keith Olbermann had absolutely nothing to do with Bill O'Reilly making a conscious decision to send Jesse Watters to stalk her and incriminate her with a harsh, impromtu interview.

    Even though I was never gung-ho on this situation as some of you were, I expressed my support to the It Happened To Alexa Foundation. But now, I stand with Amanda Terkel.

    There are a million other ways that Bill O'Reilly could have gone about this, but regardless of the It Happened To Alexa Foundation, the mere fact of what he did, is hideous. Sorry, but I don't buy the "she deserved it excuse". No one deserves to be publically humiliated for what one wrote on a blog 3-weeks ago. A million other ways he could have gotten a noble point across, and he went the route that made him look like a bully, a jerk, a hypocrite (defending women who are attacked and then ambushing a woman for an interview).

    Ugh, I'm done. I can't stand this anymore.

    I just read the remarks and it's sickening. They're missing the whole point. They are the ape followers of an ape ruler plain and simple.

    Listen, my brother was in homicide for over 25 years in Manhattan. He was a highly regarded officer who eventually rose to be a Deputy Inspector, and on his way up the ladder he gave seminars on how women can protect themselves from rapists and prowlers. What to look out for and how to prevent any attacks.

    He told me that almost every time when he finished the first question asked was could karate help. The answer is of course no, as in most cases it would agitate the rapist where it could lead to a murder instead of an assault. You see the rapist is armed, the women are not.

    The second most asked question, was why was it alright for a man to drink late at night in the bars and not a woman. He always gave the same answer, he NEVER said anything about it being ALRIGHT for a man to drink, but that since these were seminars for WOMEN it was wise for them not to and never alone.

    The strangest thing he said to me, and what he felt, was that after almost every seminar he had the feeling that a lot of the women there looked at him as if HE was to blame and not the rapist. As if all the preventions that they could take were somehow hampering them from having a good time, and if it wasn't for HIM, and not the rapist, that everything would be fine.

    And YES, he mentioned the dress of the women, to curtail it especially being that when drunk they were only enhancing their chances of being attacked. It's a fact, and he had the numbers to prove it. Police don't go by emotions or political correctness only by the facts.

    All those things BO said were almost to a point what his seminars were about, and if these idiots on that blog can't see that then they are only foooling themselves.

    The devastation caused in my own life because she never heeded his own words and mine still haunts me to this day, as I feel that I never should have allowed her out that night.

    This whole thing has just brought back some real bad vibes, and when I read that other blog I wanted to grab each and every one of them and shake some sense into them. Morons, each and everyone of them.

    By the way for any girl who finds themselves in this unfortunate situation, outside of the obvious things to prevent from being attacked...risque clothes, drunk, 2am, alone...the best thing my brother said to do is to get underneath a car as soon as somebody gets near enough for you to worry and SCREAM. A rapist hasn't the time or the no how to get a girl out from under the car without a lot of effort, and along with the screams he is sure to take off.

    I, myself have been to many of these seminars with him teaching or on my own without him, and there is no better people than the people who organize these functions and their guests. Which begs the question. If Bill was so horrible with what he said then why in hell would they invite him to speak for them?


    Oh, one other point I forgot to make. Why did O'Reilly go after a blogger for ThinkProgress? They did not even break the story! It was Newshounds who did! I don't think it's a ratings ploy, but the man is angry and has a personal vendetta against them.

    And this is why Bill O'Reilly is considered a conservative commentator. Get back to me when Bill O'Reilly decides to do this exact same thing to a right-wing commentator/blogger. I'll anxiously await the day. It can be in 5-years or so from now when the right is not as marginalized as he feels it is now, I'll still be right here waiting for Jesse Watters to do the same thing to a right-wing blogger.

    I tried, Mike C., honestly, I tried, I can and will never see Bill O'Reilly as unbiased. This whole situation proves what I've felt all along about Bill O'Reilly.

    Following a woman for 2-hours........incredible. And you people defend his actions. Even more incredible.

    No one deserves to be publically humiliated for what one wrote on a blog 3-weeks ago...stevenrw

    I'll end it to stevenrw, but not before I ask you this question. You don't have to reply, but think about it. If you think it so horrible about what was said by a blogger 3 weeks ago, than how about trying to reason why olbermann would bring up something that Bill said 3 YEARS AGO? And, that while Terkel may have been "inconvienced" olbermann was trying to sabotage the benefit for the Alexis Foundation with his own agenda to attack Bill for no God damn reason OTHER than to get viewers and to ingest his bitter hatred of BO.

    Attacking someone who said something not true 3 weeks ago, versus attacking someone who spoke the truth 3 years ago that would be beneficial to all women.

    Barry Olbermannalo

    Oh Mandy, well you came and you gave without taking
    But I sent you away, oh Mandy

    Oh Mandy. I'm standing on the edge of time
    I've walked away when love was mine
    Caught up in a world of up-hill climbing
    The tears are in my mind and nothing is rhyming.
    Oh Mandy

    Mandy Turikel, (paraphrased)-Mel Gibson GOT drunk and went on an anti-semitic rampage, the girl HAPPENS to be drunk and gets raped.

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I never just HAPPENED to get drunk, never, not once.

    I think that poster using the name stevenrw is bathtub boy himself.

    Like I said at the top of the comments, the narcissism is staggering.

    The core of the subject is irresponsible people using a rape charity's fund raiser as a tool to hurt the focus of their hatred. The ambush interview is yet another silly strawman that is so typical of how Olbermann works.

    Intelligent, fair-minded and sane people will see that and know that the base issue, that Olbermann and the left's machine sole intention was hurting Bill O'Reilly, ended up besmurching, thwarting and almost derailing an excellent rape victims support charity headed by a former rape victim. That rape victim was harrassed by Olbermann's followers. Period. The strawman is yet another example of the cynical and crass attitude Olbermann and his fellow travelers have and the blind eye to compassion and fairness they have developed because of their unchecked hatred.

    This is what hatred and cynicism does to the person. DON'T BECOME LIKE OLBERMANN....a bitter, narcissistic and hateful old man willing to make a former rape victim's life hell while crying over a small interuption in a supporter's day off. Nice priorities.

    You are correct Lafinman and it works better in this situation.

    Said by stevenrw:
    I'm done. I can't stand this anymore.


    You seem to show as much imbalance in this situation as those who you accuse of imbalance.

    Terkel is in over her head. Olbermoron is the one with personal vendettas and paper thin skin. While I don't find BOR without fault, he is by far the least slimy figure in this story.

    The Olbermoron "success model" was cast with the start of the Bush bash special comments. If he does not have someone to point the finger at as being the source of evil and follow that with a 10 minute mouth foaming diatribe, he fails. He has chosen his path. That path ends with anger, bitterness, pettiness, and self serving contrivances such as this. Olbermoron has no higher purpose than to keep his show and salary afloat with his version of the "truth". I can see that from a mile away. So can most of the 8:00 pm cable "news" viewers.

    In that case, Steven, I'm sorry your time here at Olbermann Watch couldn't be more enjoyable. All the best in the future. Take care. That is unless you're going to stay here and become a dissenting troll.

    >Olbermoron is the one with personal vendettas and paper thin skin.
    That's why I started calling him Vendettamann.

    cee said "This is what hatred and cynicism does to the person. DON'T BECOME LIKE OLBERMANN....a bitter, narcissistic and hateful old man willing to make a former rape victim's life hell while crying over a small interuption in a supporter's day off. Nice priorities."


    KO was willing prior to the fundraiser to ruin the organization's admirable goals and then finds O'Reilly's "ambush" horrible because some twit was asked some questions.

    Priorities, Steven. Priorities.

    Olbermann is genetically unable to deal with any issue in a straight forward and honest manner.

    Keith can't just chide O'Reilly for ambushing Turkel, he yet again must make an ugly slander of Bill O'Reilly's words.

    This time it's O'Reilly's statement saying in essence that if Seymour Hersh is right about Cheney having death squads (ostensibly to kill Cheney's enemies), the folks at MSNBC would have been pushing up daisies a long time ago.

    O'Reilly's remark, meant to ironically imply that the cable channel is allied against the Vice President, is then characterized by Olbermann as O'Reilly's wish for mayhem and death upon MSNBC staff.

    Olbermann goes on to chide O'Reilly for sloppy journalism because Hersh had suggested that the Cheney death squad operated upon foreign enemies (terrorists and their allies) and not Cheney's domestic enemies, that BOR implied MSNBC as being.

    Olbermann levels this criticism at O'Reilly without a moment's awareness that in doing it, he has also exculpated Bill. If BOR does think that Hersh's charge is that Cheney has death squads running around the country killing Americans who are critical of him, then it's utterly plausible that BOR would respond to such an outrageous charge in a utterly SARCASTIC manner (rather than seriously fantasizing about or calling for death at MSNBC...), by mentioning that if that if Sy's charge was true, MSNBC employees would have already met their fate.

    In another moment of irony, Olbermann also says, (without an inkling of humor) that EVERYONE on MSNBC has tried like the dickens to get Seymour Hersh on their show!...

    That Olbermann could not address O'Reilly, even in the Turkle matter, without putting the most heinous and blatantly unfair spin on Bill's remarks by accusing him of wanting people murdered, says all you need to know about taking Olbermann seriously as a fair broker.


    He's dishonest and he's amoral. He sits on his perch at MSNBC, wholly secure in his knowledge that he can rely on the fact that journalists and journalism analysts won't stoop to attacking him as he does the people he hates and that they won't have an appetite to defend O'Reilly against the meanest of of slanders.

    Mr. Olbermann will never need to ambush a critic, because he will never have to deal with such a wounding, venomous (and nationally aired) personal attack.

    It's a great gig if you can get it. Bestowed upon him by MSNBC, and allowed by his peers, it's also an unprecedented one.

    He's a protected species, above other media members and certainly above politicians.

    There's never been anything like it in the media in my lifetime. O'Reilly doesn't stand a chance. Keith Olbermann is quite the formidable and terrible demagogue.

    In O'Reilly, the hinterland guys may have their populist hero, but in Olbermann the media elite has crowned for us all a fearsome and ruinous King.

    Well said, Cecelia. If you're still here, Steven, take note of all that.

    But I'd replace "the hinterland guys" with "the folks."

    Point by Cecelia is noted. And it's a good one. That was a random attack on him and was not at all about the It Happened To Alexa Foundation or Ms. Terkel.

    In the simplest way possible, here is my point. Was it right for Keith Olbermann to go on a rant about how O'Reilly agreed to speak at the It Happened To Alexa Foundation because of what Olbermann thought O'Reilly had meant on his radio show 3-years ago. No. I made that clear 3-weeks ago, if I recall correctly. But was it right for Bill O'Reilly to have his producer, Jesse Watters, follow and stalk a woman who merely writes for a blog that did not even break the story (the blog that broke it was Newshounds; she works for ThinkProgress) for 2-hours (how ironic) and then do an impromtu interview with her (with more emphasis being placed on the 2-hour stalking)? No.

    If dissenting upon Bill O'Reilly makes me a troll and unwanted, I will be more than happy to leave, but I wish some of you would better understand what I am saying about Mr. O'Reilly.

    This is a great blog and I have nothing but respect for all of you, but sometimes I disagree with what you say. And you have to understand that. I am not Olbermann nor do I work for MSNBC. I don't always agree with everything Olbermann does. This blog is about a free exchange of ideas and I feel that is what I am contributing is a reasonable criticism of the actions of Bill O'Reilly. And no, I am not following in his foot steps. I have read both sides of the story and this is my conclusion. If it makes me a troll, then so be it, but I'm sticking to my POV.

    Ah Cecelia, beautifully said and so spot on.
    Speaking as someone who has been around since Eisenhower was in office, I have never in my life seen "news" delivered up in such a violent manner.
    Certainly, O'Reilly holds a good measure of responsibility for engaging Olbermann, although never by name, in this battle of gigantic ego's.
    Bring a knife to a bare-knuckled fight and you have an advantage.
    Olbermann comes to his brawl with O'Reilly wielding a flame thrower and wearing Freddie Kruger finger nails. He rips his adversary apart from within and without. He see's to it O'Reilly has no heart. He tears the "soul" out of O'Reilly. He renders O'Reilly to a place where the Devil himself does not tread.
    Keith has earned his bottle of Merlot this evening. Tomorrow he will sharpen his blades and be ever vigilant and ready for anything....Good Night and Good Luck.

    stevenrw coughed up this fur ball...

    "If dissenting upon Bill O'Reilly makes me a troll and unwanted, I will be more than happy to leave,"

    You lie. You said you were done. You said you were done then you swished back in to troll some more. Keep you word this time, please.

    Bathtub boi, if you want to keep impersonating a real person you will need to get a new ID. We are onto your stevenrw moniker.

    stevenrw a troll? I don't think so. He just hasn't come to the realization yet that no matter how big a blowhard Bill O'Reilly is, Keith Olbermannn is in a league of his own. Olbermann's penchant to gut people personally disqualifies him from being a valid counterpoint, even when he might be right.

    Ifticar, Steven is real. Trust me. And I guess you're going to stay, Steven. So, I'll say this: ambush journalism is a controversial tactic, but it works. The only people that consider it stalking are the ambushee and those that agree with the ambushee. Last night, another ambush was shown. This time, it was a lenient circuit court judge. Did you have a problem with *that* ambush or any other public official ambushes?

    Dan, I noticed that Glenn Beck hasn't referred to Keith directly, either; nor Sean, nor Greta. In Glenn and Bill's cases, the only cases I've seen, he's just someone at "NBC News." That's a wise move. You refer to him directly, you're essentially feuding and that's bad.

    Getting back to Cece, I predicted exactly how the O'Reilly Attack re: Hersh/MSNBC would play out. I wish I could win money for my correct predictions.

    I said that I was done implying I was done for the night and I have had it up to here with this argument and your guys failing to get my point. After I hit submit, I realized I forgot a point I wanted to make and I added a post underneath for that.

    Answer me this, ifticar. How does me going on to Olbermann blog, present my views on an issue regarding Keith Olbermann and his "rival", if you will, Bill O'Reilly, make me a troll? Please tell me how having an occasional dissenting view of the author of a blog makes me a troll. I have not called anyone names and I have not made fun or directly insulted anyone, typical characteristics of a troll. Like I said, I am a liberal. I used to follow Olbermann all the time, but yesterday was the first time I watched him in over a week and it was for the express reason of the Terkel interview. What ever happened to OlbermannWatch being for a free-exchange of ideas? Oh wait, I forgot, when those ideas defend Olbermann and subsequently attack Bill O'Reilly at the same time, they are considered trolling. 'Tis a pity, indeed. I thought this blog was better than that. No one is perfect. Not Olbermann. Not O'Reilly. Not me (although I really wish I was :)) I think highly of you guys, really, I do. You get stuff on Olbermann that continues to wow and amaze me everyday. And I mean that sincerely. The arguments you guys come up with and the dirt that you get on the man is beyond recognition. The commenters have some very valuable insights that teach me things all the time. Wolverine is still reading this, your story nearly brought me to tears. Seriously. I love what you guys do and I enjoy and am touched by some of your stories. Truly, I am.

    As far as the notion that I am Keith Olbermann (or that I even work for MSNBC, NBC Universal, or GE), all I will say is, I EFFING WISH! If you guys believe I'm Olbermann, go ahead, that just gives more power in the world to a lowly guy such as myself. Makes me feel like I have more pull in what I say, if you know what I mean :)

    Here are some examples, where I support you guys. Olbermann should have apologized much sooner for the "fat/facts" gaffe. I honestly believe he said "Oh God" instead of Matthews. I wish he would talk more about the news and spend less time bashing Rush Limbaugh. It's only giving him more power in his mind and distracting from the real issues. Lots of areas where I think Olbermann is wrong. However, I think that when I come out and say that Bill O'Reilly did something wrong, I think you have to try and understand what I am saying in pointing out the irony and hypocrisy of what he did. 2 wrongs don't make a right. If he wanted Terkel (why he singled her out I will never know), there are tons of other options he could have gone to such as inviting her onto The Factor. I would personally really like to see that. But instead, he had her stalked and "ambushed" for an impromtu interview. I am glad that I have read that not everyone approves of how he went about it. That's my point, what he did was low.

    I'll re-word the question I had in the beginning and I want it answered. What about what I said made me a troll?

    And yes, Mike, I do plan on staying on the blog. I was just fuming from last night as I had mentioned.

    Interesting point you make Mike about not mentioning him on the air. And even though I have not seen him on Fox, I believe it. Here's a clip from a year and a half ago (or at least that is when the YouTube video was posted) of Glenn Beck on his CNN show where he does mention Olbermann, who I'll admit, made a completely egregious statement and Beck tore him apart. Here's the video link.

    But that brings me to my point and that is if there is something in your contract at Fox that says you can't mention his name on the air past a certain hour (I say certain hour because Red Eye and Fox and Friends mentions his name occasionally). Of course, the clip is at least a year and a half old and it may have been an independent decision on his part since, but it it an interesting thought seeing as Hannity and Greta Von Sustern don't do it either.

    I never thought of that, Steven, but maybe there is such a thing. By the way, I'm sorry I'm implied you were becoming a troll. We've had other actual trolls come here putting up a level-headed front before going back to their zealotry and getting banned. Plus we have two other trolls that drop by occasionally. They defend Keith and laugh at our right-leaning points of view (mine being center right). In the process, they drag threads way off topic as some users here take the bait.
    Bill singled out Terkel because she wrote (on March 2) the original Think Progress post that Keith used to launch his attacks on Bill for speaking at the Alexa event. She cited a Media Matters link from three years ago. Newshounds wrote a similar post a day before her, but Terkel's post got the ball rolling. Newshounds drove the crusade after that, and Keith was their TV spokesman. The hounds brought Wendy Murphy into the attacks, so did Keith. And so on.

    That certainly does explain a lot. I came on hard on this and O'Reilly because I felt strongly that he went about it the wrong way. And I mean strongly.

    Yeah, I've read some of those meaningless troll-laden conversations and while at times funny to read the back-and-forth and the crazy things they say, it does take away the point of the thread.

    I still believe there is no excuse for having someone followed around for 2-hours, but I can sort of understand now why she was singled out. She got the ball rolling for NBC (and more specifically, our good friend Keith Olbermann) who made it a whole public deal, but she was not the one who broke the story.

    And believe me, having read on several sites about it, I am not the worst attacker of Bill O'Reilly on this. I have seen Jesse Watters email and his phone number posted urging people to call and ridicule him. If you guys want it to express your support for him (or call him out if you're an O'Reilly hater lurking on this blog), I can post it here or you can shoot me an email. If there's interest, I'll post my address, if not, I'm a little paranoid about the whole "you never know who is lurking" deal and I do not want to give out my email address if it's not going to be used, but only picked up by strangers and used to stalk me or what not.

    Note: I have not nor do I plan on contacting and calling Mr. Watters about this matter.

    I do not comment too often but I read everyday.I truly DISLIKE Mr. Olbermann and diagree with almost 100% of the things on his show.He is really a disgrace to his profession as are most of his collegues at MSNBC.I also disagree with stevenrw's views but I want him to be able to comment and would like more dissenting opinions on this blog it makes it much more interesting.I don't want this site to be like the Daily Kos where you can't even post a dissenting view.Thanks and these are just my thoughts.

    I don't think it's necessary to find out his e-mail address or phone number.

    Amazing. Not even a Pres. Obama Press Conference could stop FNC's ratings dominance:

    Yes, stevenrw nobody is perfect. Certainly not Bill, but olbermann IS, as he's been perfectly wrong on everything he talks about. Cecelia's point was spot on, and your point about feeling so strong about what BO did misses the whole point.

    It drove you nuts that this liar was stalked (stalked as in being asked a few questions that she wasn't prepared for), but it doesn't bother you at least a wee bit more that olbermann tried to hurt a foundation who supports girls who have been raped and savaged?

    Can you really and truly equate the two?

    Some crimes are worse than others, as I'm sure you're aware. You cannot lump them all into the same bag and feel good about it afterwards. Speeding cannot be equated to a dwi. Stalking for the sake of asking a few questions CANNOT be equated to somebody trying to bring down an organization whose soul purpose is to help girls who've been brutally attacked and raped.

    The bottom line stevenrw is that there is NO equating the two as they are not in the same ballpark, and with all your posts on this subject it is clear that not only have you equated the two, but have gone one step further by saying that the few questions asked of this liar was even WORSE than what olbermann did.

    And, by the way, the criminal term for *stalking* is REPEATED harrassment, and as far as we both know there was only this one time she was approached. I would call it more of a "pop quiz" than stalking.
    Then again, since the idea of stalking causes you such pain, then please answer me this: why in the hell haven't you gone after the ape ruler himself for his endless harrassment of BO? Talk about stalking! Olbermann has a monopoly on it, and he does it on every show towards Bill.

    You're not a troll stevenrw, but your cluelessness does leave a lot to be desired. I think you should read Cecelia's brilliant statement above over and over again until it sinks in.

    I meant *sole* purpose. I've been hangin' with the bro's too much!

    In the process, they drag threads way off topic as some users here take the bait....MikeC

    Just defending my turf bro. That is, my American turf. Something we all could stand to do a little bit more of.

    I'm sorry, Wolverine. I won't stop you from defending. And I mean that sincerely.

    My apologies, I'll re-phrase my point. Following someone around for 2-hours and then stopping her for an impromptu interview is classless. She was not stopped by Mr. Watters outside of her office. Ms. Terkel was on "a vacation". It's not necessarily the impromptu questions that get me, it's the 2-hours of following someone around.

    At least as far as I know, Keith Olbermann does not follow O'Reilly around for 2-hours and surprise him with a hardball interview.
    He criticizes Bill O'Reilly and makes fun of him, but he does not follow him around.

    I have no problem if people don't approve the 'ambush interview' technique. It's unusual, not everybody does it, and I can see why some people don't like it.

    I DO however have a problem when the outrage only materializes, suddenly, out of the blue, when it's O'Reilly's producer doing the ambushing. I have a problem when the people making the biggest stink about it fawned over Michael Moore pulling the same trick over and over in one 'documentary' after another. I have a problem when Mike Wallace and other '60 Minutes' correspondents have used the 'ambush interview' for decades, without a peep about how terrible, awful, atrocious the practice is.

    In short, I have a problem when the outrage is ginned up to suit the ulterior purposes of the critics, who never uttered a peep at all the reporters and journalists who have used the same tactics since newscasts were invented.

    You're not a troll Stevenrw and I would never imply it.

    Even on a day when a waiter spilled coffee into my new handbag. :D

    Dead-on, JD.

    Other reporters that the use ambush technique include Geraldo (and/or Craig) Rivera, Arnold Diaz, and Brian Ross. In fact, plenty of local investigative reporters use that techinque. Nobody complains when so-and-so from WPIX does it, but when Bill O'Reilly does it, it's evil and a sin. I want to say that Sacha Baron Cohen's various characters ambush people, but he isn't a reporter.

    Said by Stevenrw:
    "I wish he would talk more about the news and spend less time bashing Rush Limbaugh."

    He already tried that and could not draw 200,000 viewers. Half of Keith's viewers today are like half of Howard Stern's listeners...they don't want to miss his next outrageous outburst. The Keith model of launching bombast at anything to the right of Mario Cuomo prompted by blue blogs is set. This model will not change, it can't change. The $7,000,000 contract depends on it.

    Oh my, sorry about the new handbag Cecelia. I hope it all turns out well!

    You definitley did make a good point, as did Johnny Dollar, although I am not a fan of Michael Moore, myself. His comment on Countdown that he wished a hurricane would interrupt the Republican National Convention during the campaign forever turned me off of him (not that I was ever a fan of him, but that was the proverbial nail in the coffin).

    I'm sorry, Wolverine. I won't stop you from defending. And I mean that sincerely...Mike C.

    Never have to worry about that Mike, as nobody has stopped me before. You, on the other hand, have this innate ability to shake off trolls like Gotti shook off convictions, while I enjoy hearing the stupidity that comes with their rhetoric. I see it as the more I defend, the more they show their true colors, and for me that makes it all worthwhile.

    Like listening to the sound of Johnny Guitar Watson while savoring the first taste of a nice cold Colt 45, as I'm watching the NCAA tournament in HD....SWEET!


    There are some great comments to read and you can leave our own! It's FUN!

    If you really believe that MSNBC should fire Keith Olbermann, then you must also believe that Fox should fire Hnnitty, O'Reiily, & Beck!

    You say you don't believe that?

    Then you've just idenitfied yourself as someone who doesn't believe in the Irst Amendment.

    Can you say U N - A M E R I C A N ?

    If you really believe that FOX should fire Hnnitty, O'Reiily, & Beck!
    then you must also believe that MSNBC should fire Keith Olbermann, Mandow, BIG ED, 'The Tingler', 'T-BAG' Schuster and! Rick Sanchez & Jack Cafferty over at CNN.

    And let's not forget Mike Malloy & Randi Rhoades at that network you can only pick-up on 'Short-Wave'.

    You say you don't believe that?

    Then you've just idenitfied yourself as someone who doesn't believe in the Irst Amendment.

    Can you say U N - A M E R I C A N ?

    SURE! We know what kind of flag you have tacked up in you're garage.

    But wait.

    The 1st Amendment isn't about surpressing speech, so why is Mike H. using it to fire people?

    It is Mike H. and (how did he say it on another post????) people like you. Which is just the same as YOU PEOPLE.

    Right Mikey?


    If you really believe that FOX should fire Hnnitty, O'Reiily, & Beck!
    then you must also believe that MSNBC should fire Keith Olbermann, Mandow, BIG ED, 'The Tingler', 'T-BAG' Schuster and! Rick Sanchez & Jack Cafferty over at CNN.

    And let's not forget Mike Malloy & Randi Rhoades at that network you can only pick-up on 'Short-Wave'.

    You say you don't believe that?

    Then you've just idenitfied yourself as someone who doesn't believe in the Irst Amendment.

    Can you say U N - A M E R I C A N ?

    SURE! We know what kind of flag you have tacked up in you're garage.

    But wait.

    The 1st Amendment isn't about surpressing speech, so why is Mike H. using it to fire people?

    It is Mike H. and (how did he say it on another post????) people like you. Which is just the same as YOU PEOPLE.

    Right Mikey?


    Whoops! double-post!

    It happens!

    If you really believe that MSNBC should fire Keith Olbermann, then you must also believe that Fox should fire Hnnitty, O'Reiily, & Beck!

    You say you don't believe that?

    Then you've just idenitfied yourself as someone who doesn't believe in the Irst Amendment.

    Can you say U N - A M E R I C A N ?




    I have signed the petition to FIRE KEITH OLBERMANN.

    I realize that he won't be fired by the fact that this petition is signed by so many people, it's just a place to put into print our feelings about this moron and his anti-American daily rantings.

    I believe in free speech and it's my right to say what I think about this jerk.



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