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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    March 11, 2009
    Countdown: Wednesday Recappers Thread
    Bathtub Boy

    [Image courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter who published this interesting article about O'Reilly, General Electric, and the stock market.]

    This is the recappers thread for tonight's Hour of Spin. Use this space to post your comments on the latest egregious insults to journalism from Edward R Olbermann. Be an Olbermann Watch blogger without all the muss and fuss. Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (54) | | View blog reactions


    Thanks Johnny, I saw that article earlier and found it interesting. I'm sure that if KO is on tonight he'll probably have some little "spin" on it, saying "well a year ago we were ahead of Fox News." Just as he was saying the increase in ratings from a year ago last week. When he clearly can see him, and his houseboy are getting whipped night in and night out by BOR and Hannity.

    I see Olbermonster is down in Florida during March, I guess a time for SPRING BREAK! I guess since Teddy is out of commission well someone old and perverted had to step in.......

    Yeah and of course you saw by the opening, he's planning on ripping Palin's daughter for now having broken up with her fiance. Now he's ripping Fleischers' appearance on Hardball. Obama should thank Bush for keeping America safe after 9/11 and from Hussien. KO has the nerve to only show the little clips but doesn't show the important stuff, only to satisify his own massively inflated ego.

    Then after running it, saying that "Wow - Fleischer was stoned." Much like Clinton was. And KO, it's not CRAP it's a fact, Bush kept us SAFE and Obama should be grateful. Oh and this idiot KO is talking said that Matthews didnt let him (Fleischer) get away with what he was saying in the interview. BS! Fleischer OWNED Matthews, period!

    This is really getting out of controll.. ok now Alter now saying Cheaney has assination squads? I have a question, are these turds STONED!

    They're trying everything and I mean EVERYTHING to tarnish GWB's legacy. Fleischer clearly said they made mistakes, he wasn't TRYING to hide or cover up anything, but these idiots over at MSNBC don't see it like that, not one bit.

    Do you see any of the old Clinton staff, coming on and talking abouty their faults, etc? Nope and you won't see that at ALL on MSNBC.

    I just wish some celebrity or some political figure come onto Countdown and just rip KO a new one, then he'll know what it feels like.

    Notice now he's getting his data for the McCain/Steele part on what he hears from Huffington post, via what was posted. Yeah, that's where I want to get MY information from. A crap liberal website, ran by a forienger who butchers the English language.

    The countdown until the end of "countdown" is now officially TICKING. This show has completely gone over the edge and has to GO!

    Now he has on Edwards campaigh manager, yes the same edwards that cheated on his cancer ridden wiife and fathered a chid which still he will not clamin the child as his own, yes that EDWARDS! I have seen so much passion about what is wrong wiith the the right from a bunch of conservative hating lefty people.

    Hey jerk go lecture your former scum bag boss...

    Is Keith ever happy? Other than when making his smart-ass remarks and segments, which are often angry anyway, does Keith ever just laugh? All we ever see is deep voiced -speed-talking -angry Keith. The constant scowling is going to give him permanent wrinkles.

    I love how he props up his butt-boy Scott McClellan as the only honest "Bushie" That career move didn't really pay off for Scottie. He will go down in the Countdown 15 minute HOF w/ Russell Tice, Joe Wilson and many others that I cannot think of at the moment.

    In the off chance Keith dabbles into a little stock market talk just to the touch the story of Bernie Madoff, does anyone want to bet Keith complains that the guilty plea essentially allows Bernie to take his story to the grave? I wonder if Keith would confer more rights on Madoff or terrorists?

    Again, another entire segmeant deicated to bashing Bill"O can he just get over it...its so old..and that voice he does, I just hit mute its wrose then having to listen a group of 4th greaders learn the fundamentals of playing a flute ( which I did today) LOL!
    I think he does more to promoate Bill'O then Bill's own people do!


    -and Keith blames Bernie Goldberg for the church shooting thing again.

    OK, you will need to watch all of this FACTOR FICTION when it goes up on the website, it cannot be properly summed up in a webpost.

    "The authority on hookers"....takes one to know one KO. How much do you pay for your prostitutes KO? Or do they run when they see Maddow when opening up the door?

    Nearly five minutes of KO in his horrible "Ted Baxter" impression. Where's my liberal barf bag that I can up-chuck into?

    And the one about "Bill unzips and shows how big his ratings are compared to here." Did you learn that at McDonald err Cornell A&M, Keith?

    You know, Bill might pick up hookers...but at least he can get them.

    Any rating updates? I want to see if he is below the mendoza line
    (under 1,000,000) The Mendoza line is when a baseball player bates under 200, not a good thing.

    Olverpaid was back on tonight. Wonder if it was the meds or the electro-shock?
    What wasn't on Klowndown:
    9/11/2001 - Carville: "I hope Bush fails".

    Olberdelusion blaming Bush for the former Gitmo detainee being sent to Afghan Govt. in 2007, released by them, and now leading Taliban in Afghanistan. Either the US created a terrorist, or Bush was stupid and should have charged him with a crime or something. Best solution would have been to put him to death, but that isn't nice.

    Worse Glenn Beck
    Worser: Some local Fox news Weatherman for doubting global warming
    WPITW: Some Florida state senator (he emphasized the D, WOW!) who was confused about a law outlawing beastiality because of the term 'animal husbandry'. Olberivy went into details about the confusing term, which we can guess is because of his time at Cornell's ag school.

    Gee, are we NOT surprised that the number one story tonight was about Palin's daughter and on the side as to cover up his constant bashing adding a story about Sen Vitter

    and wow....another appearance by Christian Finnegan. I'm guessing KO just can't get anyone on the show with clout or comedic talent.

    I guess we now see the pattern of countdown 2009

    Bash on Bush, Limbaugh, GOP, etc
    quote unreliable sites such as KOS, Huffington Post, etc.
    bring out Krugman (who looks like a bum, with a tilted head) Wolffe, etc.

    Wow - newsflash, KO hasn't seen "Highlander" I guess his DVD player is permanently stuck on "Catch-22" and another Woody Allen movie.

    Factor Fiction, huh? Then I guess I don't need to recap anything tonight. I don't touch the full segment attacks. But I'd venture that Man on Fan's blue blog source for the attack was NewsStalkers.

    Mike C. nails it again w/ the Factor Fiction source

    I don't know that that FL congresswoman deserved WPitW, but I admit that I laughed at that one. But laughed harder at liontooth making a connection b/w bestiality and Old McDonald Cornell.

    Christian Finnegan? So Keith has sunk so low that he has to get people from VH1 to be guests on his show? what next Flav or Flav? Brett Michaelas? Ray J.. I wounder if Keith want to have his own reality tv show on VH1..we could call it.."Can anyone Love an Olbermann"

    #5A: Video title: "Obama battles Congress on earmarks"...while signing another earmark-laden bill. The Wolffe Man, a "Countdown" Iron Horse, helped Obamamann spin for the President. Speaking of spinning...
    #5B: Video title: "Bush supporters still spinning legacy." Well, that just cannot be. Lefty Alter, a semi-regular regular, spent a few minutes agreeing with that.

    #4: Video title: "GOP can't pull itself together." Good. Good. Chris Kofinis dropped by.

    #3: A full-segment O'Reilly Attack featuring veteran reporter Bernard Goldberg. Video title: "O'Reilly, stop your ranting [Ding!]!" You first, Vendettamann. But wait, there's more. The video description says "Keith Olbermann truth-squads [Ding!] Fox News' Bill O'Reilly's latest rants [Ding!] about the political left."
    Let's go back to last night in the Tuesday Recappers Thread:
    "I have two links to share from last night's "O'Reilly Factor."
    First is the Talking Points Memo titled "The far-left smear machine and Rush Limbaugh":
    Next, the Top Story segment with Bernie Goldberg:
    Bernie named his list of the five worst smear merchants in the mainstream media, or as Rush would say, "the drive-by media.""
    I had no idea that those videos would be used in an attack. Actually, I kind of knew, but Keith's day off fooled me into thinking it'd blow over. Wrong!
    I ended up watching this attack, but with the sound muted. So, I saw all the wild Olbermoronn mannerisms on display. When he got to the John Edwards/homeless vets part, of course Keith brought out a gotcha paper to make BOR look like an uncaring evil person...just like he did in July. I remember trying to recap that. It was painful to do. Back on this night, I could clearly see Keith slowly say "homeless!...veterans!" I think this "ranting" by Krazy Keith will turn into Special Education Komment. So, I'm through with this video.

    What's below was written before recapping #3.

    Bushed Until I Die: A Gitmo detainee released in 2007 in now a Taliban leader in Afghanistan. Indignation and outrage, anyone?

    #2: With the O'Reilly Attack out of the way, on to the Media Matters Minute. Worse was Glenn Beck. Blue blog source: Think Propaganda.
    Worser was FOX 13 (WTVT in Tampa) meteorologist Paul Dellegatto. How dare he speak against global warming! Heathen! Thanks for watching FOX 13 while you're in Tampa, Keithy. You think Keith would bring this up if News Channel 8 (WFLA, NBC affiliate) meteorologist Steve Jerve said it?
    Worst was some Florida State Senator. No, thanks.

    #1: Family psychologist Christian Finnegan...I mean far-left Oralmann-approved comedian Christian Finnegan helps bash Bristol Palin after her engagement with Levi Johnston was broken off. Two people break off their engagement leaving the mother on her own, albeit with family there to help raise Tripp (her child), and Keithy and friend mock them. You a disgrace to the cable news race, fool.

    I guess I ended up recapping after all.

    Wolfeman - #5 "it could be that good government is one of those cans that we kick down the road"

    Change you can believe in?

    "Barack Obama criticized pork barrel spending in the form of "earmarks," urging changes in the way that Congress adopts the spending proposals. Then he signed a spending bill that contains nearly 9,000 of them, some that members of his own staff shoved in last year when they were still members of Congress."

    ""Let there be no doubt, this piece of legislation must mark an end to the old way of doing business, and the beginning of a new era of responsibility and accountability," Obama said." ("Seriously, guys, last time!")

    So then Keith does a segment about how since Obama never actually made a campaign promise to end all earmarks, and McCain did, that it's OK that he's signing a bill laden with them.

    Plus he repeated his put-down for Harris Faulkner (news model) and the reading of *gasp* racist comparisons to Obama....failing again to mention that the lovely Ms. Faulkner is black. Must be a self-loather, eh Keith?

    Krazy Keith's Kommunication degree from Kornell's Bovine Kollege is paying big dividends in tonight's WPITW segment. Two words: Animal Husbandry

    irush: >OK, you will need to watch all of this FACTOR FICTION when it goes up on the website, it cannot be properly summed up in a webpost.
    Here's the video:
    I skimmed to the end. The dreaded sexual harassment suit was dredged up...again! [Ding!]

    In the Top Story segment video I linked to earlier, Bill brought up a good term: "The Cacophony of Nonsense."

    Ann Coulter made Keith feel small
    So Keith took his "degree" off the wall
    That's really pathetic
    Ann's apologetic
    Does Cornell A&M play baseball?

    It appears that Keith has crossed the Mendoza Line:

    TUES., MARCH 10, 2009

    FOXNEWS O'REILLY 3,212,000
    FOXNEWS HANNITY 2,376,000
    FOXNEWS BECK 2,331,000
    FOXNEWS BAIER 2,274,000
    FOXNEWS SHEP 2,044,000
    FOXNEWS GRETA 1,965,000
    CNN COOPER 1,214,000
    CNN KING 1,185,000
    MSNBC MADDOW 1,041,000
    CNNHN GRACE 986,000

    To be fair, David Shuster was filling in. I shouldn't be fair to Monkeymann, but I am in this instance.

    Seriously, I was channel surfing and ran into Factor Fiction. And anyone who doesn't see a desperate man in that bit is freak'n nuts.

    KO's gone way off the deep end. And yet he doesn't even know it. With the economy on the fence, Obama pulling a tricky dick today, and shootings in Germany and Alabama. KO's top stories are the GOP, Bush ( isn't it 2009 ), the Palin clan, and Bill-O.

    Bravo Keith. You can't even keep up with current events. You remember Current Events don't you Keith? That was an actual class in grade school. Oh that's right, you were too busy getting "special" treatment so you could go to Cornell at 16.

    Again KO played right into Bill-O's hands. News flash, your losing viewers. And your not doing yourself any favors when you give #1 cable news show free air time on your soapbox and look like an idiot when you do it.

    But than again, in KO's mind he's probably thinking all the Kos Kids thought he looked so cool doing the Ted Baxter voice during whole segment and calling Bill names.

    But why finish there. Man of the world KO enjoying some R&R in Florida, being a guest. Hey lets rip on some local folks for WPitW while we're at it. I'm sure the folks in Florida will appreciate the shout-out.

    What was KO doing Tuesday in the bathtub? Apparently watching the local Fox affiliate and reading the complimentary paper from the Hotel to come up with Worst and Worser.

    Did you notice that Keef conveiniently edited out the first part of Bernie Goldberg's slam on MSNBC? The very important first part where Goldberg states that they are number one on the list, not because of high ratings or high influence, of which MSNBC has neither.
    After dissecting Goldbergs words to suit himself, Olbermann asks:
    ( paraphrasing here )" So you must think we are very influential to be on the top of the list? "
    Um, no Keith. Had you left Goldbergs statement intact, you would clearly have the answer to your phony rhetorical question. Douchenozzel.

    Hello, new kid on the block. I have watched Olbyisaman? several times, and
    it seems that it is a rerun every night. He goes after BOR constantly and has the usual suspects on his dog and pony show every night. I was reading
    mediamatters the other day, and I thought I would share this one post that
    is there. I got a big LOL reading it, especially the last sentence.

    Posted by wolf kotenberg in reply to zamfir273114

    I am only left with Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow to trust and have the courage to expose the obfustation machine. I was totally turned off by Chris Mathews yesterday when he let Tom Delay walk away with outright lies that Obama caused the economic downturn stating everything was fine under Bush. Mathews just sat there licking DeLay like a cute dog. And he calls his show " Hardball " ??? If you choose to blindly follow what the media tells you without listening to opposing views it is your loss, and if you vote that way, we all lose.

    Posted Wednesday March 4, 2009 11:16:25 PM EST / Flag this comment

    Hypocrisy once again seen on the church of SNOBamessiah revival hour, otherwise called COUNTDOWN with KEITH OLBERMANN......

    "At the same time, after Democrats criticized former President George W. Bush's signing statements, Mr. Obama issued one of his own, declaring five provisions in the spending bill to be unconstitutional and nonbinding, including one aimed at preventing punishment of whistleblowers.

    "Presidents have employed signing statements to reject provisions of a bill without vetoing the entire legislation. Democrats and some Republicans have complained that Mr. Bush abused such statements by declaring that he would ignore congressional intent on more than 1,200 sections of bills, easily a record. Mr. Obama has ordered a review of his predecessor's signing statements and said he would rein in the practice.

    "'We're having a repeat of what Democrats bitterly complained about under President Bush,' said Sen. Arlen Specter (R., Pa.), who drafted legislation to nullify Mr. Bush's signing statements."

    Ah yes.....Obama breaks more promises.......Olbermann ignores.......

    "White House aides said they debated whether the president should sign an omnibus spending bill that includes more than 8,500 pet projects worth $7.7 billion.

    "White House counselor David Axelrod suggested a veto would send a strong signal that Mr. Obama's Washington really would represent change. But the president decided it wasn't worth adding a fight with his own party onto a plate that is already overly filled.

    "'We can't have Congress bogged down at this critical juncture in our economic recovery,' Mr. Obama said."

    And what is the view of the intellectually dishonest radical left?.....

    "it could be that good government is one of those cans that we kick down the road"

    Under the democrats....down the road is translated to never.


    Anymore comments on last night's O'Reilly/Goldberg Attack?

    Here's my observations from the O'Reilly/Goldberg distortion-fest from last night.

    At one point, Olby tries to dismiss O'Reilly's flow chart of smear that goes from to Media Matters, which feeds its lies to MSNBC.

    Olby then said he has never been fed anything by David Brock, though they once exchanged e-mails and Brock appeared once on Countdown. Olby said only in O'Reilly's mind does that count as feeding information.

    As if it isn't obvious what Olby is leaving unsaid:
    "He doesn't have to feed me anything. I know as does everyone else in the propaganda network that everything Media Matters wants us to say is posted at the Web site."

    Then, when making fun of the list, Olby totally misrepresented what was said. That he ignored Goldberg's line about MSNBC not being influential, and that it was on the list only as a matter of the degree of bias it showed, has been pointed out already.

    Olby also misrepresented #5 on Goldberg's list. According to Olby it's Jeanine Garafalo. And only Garafalo. So Olby makes fun of Goldberg because she's insignificant.

    Goldberg actually named the entire left-wing Hollywood activist establishment. He only singled her out as the most visible representative of the group. Even O'Reilly chided Goldberg over her, saying she was insignificant. But Olbermann doesn't mention that part of it.

    It's one thing to debunk someone if you think they are actually wrong. But guys like Olbermann are pursuing their own ideological agendas, and thus have no credibility.

    Mike, I have one comment to make.

    I won't hold it against you too much that I followed your advice and watched as much as I could stand and went to bed with a sick headache for my trouble.:)

    What is it with these voices? I have trouble believing that a million US citizens, give or take a few thousands, chooses to listen to him five nights a week.

    Again, thanks Mike, for the yeoman work you do here.

    Welcome Old Phart from the Old Phartess, aka Grammie. :)

    "I believe the American people believe it’s a pro-life decision to use an embryo that’s frozen and never going to be fertilized for embryonic stem cell research...."


    Oh my. Will Keith Olbermann mock fellow leftist Bill Clinton for his blatent ignorance? Will Keith Olbermann hold Dr. Gupta (once thought to be the next AG under the church of SNOBamessiah), for not calling out Clinton on his error?

    I have my guess.


    Sorry....Dr. Gupta was to be the SG (Surgeon General).....The AG is the couragous Eric Holder who thinks his fellow Americans are cowards with regards to discussing race.....Just as bad.

    You're welcome, Grammie, and thanks to you and A47.

    By the way, what the biased beagles won't tell you in that the discussion on the far-left smear machine continued in the next segment with Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham. Unfortunately, does not have video.

    I meant "is that the."
    The transcript for last night is out. #3 teases:
    -"Billo the clown [Ding!] does a countdown on his show. The five worsts liberals in media. Janeane Garofalo places in the finals. And we lost. I mean, we won.
    Bernie Goldberg says this qualifies us, quote [Ding!], ... Billo [Ding!] adds, “And they have.” Well, you know about the hookers." Ye olde lawsuit reference.
    -At the end of Oddball: "A little Oddball TV jargon 101, this is what's called a slow tilt up. If only that camera person worked at Fixed News [Ding!].
    Speaking of which, back inside the brain of Bill-O [Ding!], if any, how we here at MSNBC are the leftiest, smeariest merchants out there. But in the same breath, we're insignificant and we have no influence. And Bill-O [Ding!] borrows our format to explain both of these things."

    Now, #3. Fasten your seatbelts. "Ah, back to the trenches. We have not done this in a while, taken one of Bill-O the Clown's [Ding!] rants and translated back into human to show you the fresh piece of steaming hogwash that it is. But in our third story on the COUNTDOWN, pull up a chair and spend part of your evening with us as Bill-O [Ding!] tries to tackle the cover of fricking “Newsweek,” but manages only to fall down a very long, painful flight of stairs.
    The far left smear machine propelled it to your attention? You didn't hear Limbaugh start it by saying he wanted Obama to fail? Bill, you don't listen to Limbaugh? You know what they will do when they find that out?
    David Brock has never distributed anything to MSNBC. I take that back. We traded e-mails once and he came on the show once. Which to O'Reilly constitutes a corrupt conspiracy. Also snowstorms. Snowstorms that make it difficult for him to get to worse. They're also corrupt conspiracies.
    Yes. We have a contract with them like you have a contract with Karl Rove [Ding!]. Only the “Newsweek” guys are not full of canal water. It is the same contract with “Newsweek” that was, in fact, back in 2003, Billy [Ding!], when you told the original executive producer of COUNTDOWN, Dennis Murray (ph), that you thought COUNTDOWN was a terrific show.
    Bill means Bill, smearing Bill, and racist homophobic extremists, that's our Bill. Also, you left out factually mistaken usually.
    Right, Fox News pollsters asked people from NBC and the “New York Times” to participate in one of their polls. By the way, funny this question about Democrats wanted Bush to fail poll by Fox News from Fox News shows up out of nowhere on Fox News this week. No direct link on the web. It turns out that when Fox wrote up the poll results in 2006, they never even bothered to include anything about the question about wanting Bush to fail until this week.
    You proved what? Firstly, Edwards said, quote [Ding!], “200,000 men and women who wore uniforms and served this country patriotically as veterans will go to sleep under bridges and on grates.” Not millions, you idiot. Not just under bridges, homeless vets, Bill, they exist.
    In fact, the only thing that was proved was that Edwards was being conservative with that number. The Veterans Administration not only confirmed Edwards' number of 200,000 permanently homeless vets, but it also revealed there are 340,000 transiently homeless vets. Our service men spending part or all of the year on the streets.
    You proved it? You gigantic flaming fraud you.
    Now, you'd think after that psycho terrorist ... Bernie would avoid any future list of liberals. He has, by proxy, enough blood on his hands already.
    But shame and responsibility are two fellas Goldberg and Bill-O [Ding!] have never met. So now they rip off the COUNTDOWN format that Bill so admired in 2003, and they read off their list of offenders, in descending order. They picked Janeane Garofalo fifth. Seriously, you know what even Janeane Garofalo would say about this? You idiots lost an election to a far left smear machine partially led by Janeane Garofalo? What, is she a wizard? Can she fly or something, something she never told me about?
    The Bernard Goldberg paranoia festival continues with Bill Moyers fourth, Daily Kos third, to which Bill-O [Ding!] said, “it's about hateful as you can possibly get. You can't get a more hateful website than them."
    You want to bet? Did you read the Fox News website on Monday, Bill, in which the president was compared to a monkey and to Hitler. Right, you didn‘t need to read it because some news model [Ding!] read those quotes on Fox News on TV.
    Goldberg continues with the “New York Times” at number two. And then the big finish, MSNBC is first. Goldberg, ...
    Now let's consider this in context for a moment. Since the day I began to criticize him, Bill-O's ultimate response, his fallback, has been to pull down his zipper and show everybody how much bigger his ratings are than mine. And Goldberg has routinely dismissed MSNBC and COUNTDOWN as irrelevant and trivial for the same reason. But we're also at the top of their list for worst, best, most influential liberals in the media. Worst, better than the New York times? Worst, better than Janeane the human torch Garofalo.
    Boys, either we have no ratings and don't count or we're the worst liberals in the world. Even in your fun-house mirror world, it cannot be both.
    So Goldberg continues, ...
    And Bill-O [Ding!] wraps it up with, “and they have.”
    Well, here it's finally happened. I'm going to have to agree with Bill O'Reilly. He is, after all, the authority .... From the Andrea Mackris [Ding!] lawsuit, when O'Reilly told her about, quote [Ding!], ... And there you have it. MSNBC is a company full of journalistic prostitutes because Bill-O the clown [Ding!] once went into the .... Case closed!"

    Even reading the transcript is painful.

    I'm in no mood to copy and paste the WPitW text.

    I knew it was a mistake for me to recap this segment.

    This won't be a muted mongrel. It will be a still born one.

    "Obama Admin Wants to Make Wounded Vets Use Private Insurance

    Politics | Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 10:10:54 am PDT"

    From an article at LGF:

    Olbermouth bellows that Bernie Goldberg, by proxy, has "Blood on his hands". Will he next accuse Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr of having "Blood on their hands", as well? Manson was influenced by the Beatles song " Helter Skelter" to initiate his murder spree.
    Will he demonize J.D. Salinger for penning " A Catcher in the Rye", Mark David Chapman's influence in the John Lennon murder?
    This is a path that critical thinkers have avoided for obvious reasons.
    Leave it to Olbermann to use any means possible, whether ethical or not, to attack his perceived enemies. Douchenozzel!

    Thanks, Dan. Krazy Keith Oralmann is one to talk. If anybody's ranting, it's him.

    It's time for another "ultimate response" and "fallback":
    BOR in 25-54: 712,000 + 582,000 = 1,294,000
    KO in 25-54: 468,000 + 248,000 = 716,000
    Olby came in third behind Nancy Grace at 8:00 and dead last at 10:00.

    BOR in total: 3,586,000 + 1,630,000 = 5,216,000
    KO in total: 1,390,000 + 741,000 = 2,131,000
    Merkle came in second at 8:00 and third at 10:00.

    Gammie, I saw that trial balloon as well and commented on the Tues night thread....Imagine if Bush had recommended such a thing?

    Great news on last night's ratings, MikeC....Olbermann is losing his ratings race.

    A tear comes to my eye!

    By Bill on March 12, 2009 5:29 PM

    KO is grinning like a jackass eating cactus about this one. He gets to rehash his Mrs Vitter pole dancer smear with a bonus.

    I noticed your link, Cee, right after I submitted. Great minds think alike proven once again. :)

    A47K said "It's one thing to debunk someone if you think they are actually wrong. But guys like Olbermann are pursuing their own ideological agendas, and thus have no credibility."

    I totally agree with all of your post except KO's ideological pursuit. I would substitute "ideological" with "personal". KO is pursuing BOR and Goldberg personally. KO makes personal attacks. KO places his smugness in the forefront when answering his critics.

    The hallmark of KO is that it is all personal to him. “News hour”…ha! “My hour” is what it is to KO. I have seen nothing more unprofessional.

    Will he next accuse Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr of having "Blood on their hands", as well? Manson was influenced by the Beatles song " Helter Skelter" to initiate his murder spree.
    Will he demonize J.D. Salinger for penning " A Catcher in the Rye", Mark David Chapman's influence in the John Lennon murder?...ObserverDan

    Great anologies Observer, and both were only for the most obvious that I can think of, but if one was to really dig down I'm sure there are thousands more, so what was his point exactly?

    The irony is that there are ways to blame any song, movie, video game, etc. for a some of the ailments that may arise from these forms of entertainment after some sicko cashes in because of his destorted view of the world, but his OWN show does this daily reaching millions while TRYING to cause harm to as many innocent people as he can.

    He's hammering it home daily in plain sight, and his influence on the weak and lost for sure is helping to lower the standards set by previous Americans, and ultimately has caused America much more harm than any subliminal message could ever do.

    Christ! When he did his special komment about McCain being as bad as the terrorists simply because McCain said that the terrorists were real and dangerous, some people at my job thought it was a great point!

    His hypocrisy and mean spirited ways have no bounds, so for Goldberg to list msnbc as the worst cancer in all of the media was a no brainer.

    "No direct link on the web. It turns out that when Fox wrote up the poll results in 2006, they never even bothered to include anything about the question about wanting Bush to fail until this week.",2933,207829,00.html

    Another Olbermann Lie.

    Thanks, Johnny.

    The hallmark of KO is that it is all personal to him. “News hour”…ha! “My hour” is what it is to KO. I have seen nothing more unprofessional...twelvepack

    Good point also, although it's probably a combination of both. Does he only care about his liberal agenda when he doesn't call out Obama when Obama goes along with some of Bush's policies? Or is he not smashing Obama simply because it would prove he was wrong about Bush?

    No matter what it is to him, his agenda is always about him and his ideals and in both cases it means demeaning America first, and the rest that follows is just gravy. Idealistic? No doubt, and in every way that hurts America. Insecure? No doubt, and in every way that hurts him, but unfortunately america too.

    got one more hour to see what kind of "stuff" KO throws up against the wall tonight and see what sticks and what doesn't...natural thought says none of it will stick, much like always.

    "I totally agree with all of your post except KO's ideological pursuit. I would substitute "ideological" with "personal". KO is pursuing BOR and Goldberg personally. KO makes personal attacks. KO places his smugness in the forefront when answering his critics."

    True enough. I just meant Olby's ideology is preventing him from seeing the bigger picture and what he's actually doing by taking everything so personally.

    For example, in his mind, he thinks that Factor Fiction segment exposed a great many viewers to the outrageous lies he thinks Bill O'Reilly tells.

    In reality, he wasted a whole segment of his show giving airtime to the broadcaster who directly competes with him in his time slot. For most of KO's audience, he was probably preaching to the choir, as they are also ideological and wouldn't care about the truth if it offered them $100. So it's a red meat segment to them. To others, however, KO reminded them that Bill O'Reilly is on at the same time, that he has an entertaining and controversial show, and that The Factor kills Countdown in the ratings. Oh, and he begins the segment with a Stewie Griffin bit, which promotes Family Guy, which is owned by Fox. So KO is doing a heck of a job promoting Fox products.

    Why his bosses don't rein him in is the real mystery. No wonder O'Reilly kills him in the ratings, and did so again last night.

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