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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    March 6, 2009
    Friday Night Recappers Open Thread
    Bathtub Boy

    This is the recappers' comment thread for tonight's Hour of Spin. What can we expect from "Chicken and Waffles" Olbermann tonight? Be an Olbermann Watch blogger--without all the muss and fuss! Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (50) | | View blog reactions


    Olbermann just boasted that he has more viewers/listeners that Rush Limbaugh by a factor of 10. Meanwhile, Chris Matthews reported today that Limbaugh is currently enjoying a listenership of 25 million per week.
    Olbermann is obviously on drugs. Or should be.

    Olbs kicks off the show by saying Limbaugh "cooks the books... on ratings" and goes on to say that Rush only has 1.4mil listeners, "the same amount as watch this tv show". Funny that Matthews Hardball just did a segment on the fact that Rush has gained 10 million MORE listeners just this week. Poor Olbs. He's getting attacks from all angles now, even the loyal kos bloggers have had enough. What a bozo.

    Dammit Dan. You beat me!

    Another thing- listen to how all of the Obama polls now measure "favorable/unfavorable" & not the standard "approve/disapprove" poll. It's just a little thing but it makes a world of difference.

    I have to check my ears. I just heard Olbermann, in his lame attempt to say that Limbaugh "cooks the books" in his ratings numbers, admit that OReilly has more viewers (if you do the math, more than twice) than he has. Oops.

    No worries though. Those 1.4 million or more morons can't do the math anyway. Olbermann is counting on that.

    Did he say there would be Another O'Reilly/Alexa Attack tonight?

    How does Secretary Clinton make Oddball and not Worsts for the button gaffe? I thought any and all solecisms and orthographic errors were grounds for a trademark Olbermann tongue lashing. I guess that rule only applies to those not associated with the Obama admin.

    U N W A T C H A B L E ! ! !

    How many points did the Stock Market drop this week??? And we get more Boss Limbaugh? and 1.4 million is something TO BRAG ABOUT! Its funny sometimes he is in such a hurry to make a point that he actually shows himself to be the lier and jsut plain nut we all know he is..when he uses Bill O'Riley ratings ( whiich show him traling by almost 2 million and he did nt use that 18-25 demo) to make his case against Rush..when oh never mind we all get it the guy is A NUT CASE!

    Mike C., I did not watch the show (yet, anyway), but I read an online blog recap and it appears as if Olbermann did not go back to the O'Reilly/It Happened To Alexa Foundation well, if you will. He started this when? On Monday? And he's just leaving it alone now (although I'm sure he'll bring it back up when the time comes around for O'Reilly's speech).

    And it's also about time he finally did a show where he did not spend 3 segments on Rush Limbaugh. I'll try to recap "worsts" when the video becomes available on the Countdown website in 15 or so minutes.

    While I'm waiting for the video, here are the recipients.

    Worse: Ann Coulter
    Worser: Glenn Beck and Brett Baier
    Worst: Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina

    Last night in Reality Check, Bill pointed out that GE stock closed at $6.66. Tonight in viewer e-mail, Ken Anderson of The Villages, Florida, wrote: "GE stock closing at $6.66, that's a hell of a mess." "Indeed," replied O'Reilly before going to the next letter.

    Olbermann on viewers cited his numbers as 1.5 million, compared to O'Reilly at 4.0 million.

    Interestingly, these are numbers for total viewers. Keith, when he wants to emphasize how close is to O'Reilly usually quotes the viewership among 25-54 year old viewers (the "demo").

    In the demo, Keith last night was 495,000 compared to O'Reilly at 852,000.

    But since the point tonight was to minimize Rush's numbers, Keith decided to dump the all-important demo and use his total viewer number.

    Thank goodness! No O'Reilly/Alexa Attacks tonight! Let's hope that trend continues next week. (No chance. Vendettamann will resume on Monday.)
    So, I'll guess the blue blog sources for the people that *were* attacked.
    Worse source: Newsliars.

    Worser source (Bret has one "t"): Media Matters.

    Worst source: Think Propaganda.
    If I'm right, Rev. Olbermahn played the race card here.

    Insecuritus Maximus even took a shot at the Maddow show. OK Keith, we hear you. Maddow gets less viewers than you.

    Here is where the Glenn half of the Worser attack came from:
    While searching for the video, I found out Danica McKeller was on today's "Glenn Beck Program." Also, the "War on Chins."

    The WPitW video title is "Sen. DeMint embarrasses self, state". I'm sure Larry Elder would disagree.

    As for the rest of the show:
    #5A: Video title: "Economy on slippery slope". No, really? Howard Fineman, one of the Hour of Spin's Iron Horses, entered the OlbyBubble.
    #5B: Book-Cooker Olbermann says he's better than Boss Limbaugh [Ding!]. Variety's Michael Schneider piled on. It's funny I brought up Danica McKeller. She would school [Ding!] Olby and his Variety friend on math.

    #4: Video title: "Have your pork and scorn it too". Crazy Larry O'Donnell roared in.

    Oddball: Grandma Tae kwon do.

    BPitW: Rep. John Campbell (evil R-CA). Blue blog source: Musto's paper.

    #3: Some Washington Wizards fan that trash talked at President Obama was the guest.

    Now and Forever Bushed: War crimes! Blue blog source: HuffPo.

    #2 was already talked about in this thread.

    #1: Video title: "Return of the gay 90s?" Obscure and likely far-left comedian Allan Havey joined the unfunny Oralmann.

    Olby got his "degree" online
    The place where his dim light could shine
    No Ivy for Keith
    Nielsen ratings beneath
    Write Bill if you wish to opine

    Is it me or does it seem like we are getting more and more of these left wing comedians that no one has head of latley on this so called show? I do not know which is sadder, that these are the only guest he can "booK" or these so called comedians that can only get booked on a show that has 1.5 million people every night?

    I guess he wants to expose them to his choir audience.

    I'm starting to wonder if Keith is starting to tire of having to be Keith. Clearly, he has to go into character each night at 8pm and after 6 yrs he's probably worn out. He cannot even fill his show with 5 political segments anymore, ie the random fan who sat behind Obama at Wizards game-WTF. Now that he can't find a relevant elected political leader to criticize every night his character is finding it harder and harder to maintain its controversial reputation as the hard-hitting voice of the opposition. We can debate what relevance he actually had but I think that's an accurate depiction of the character. Anyway, the character now has to literally avoid most, if not all, relevant topics in the political world and as a result people can't even tune in, like I used to, just for the purpose of hearing what the looney left is thinking. It is now simply just an angry middle-aged man ranting for 1 hr, except we don't even now the purpose for his anger anymore.

    Katy, the "opine" is priceless.

    Superb as always.

    I just commented over at ICN. Here it tis:

    misspoupou Says: My user name is a long story
    March 6, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    I listened to the entire hour in question a few days ago and in my opinion the meaning given to the quote and then elaborated upon by those who have never heard the source material is completely wrong.

    First, the over riding theme of that hour broadcast were the dangers of drinking to excess and the harm it can do to individuals, their families and society as a whole. To illustrate this he used the example of Mel Gibson and the repulsive anti jewish tirade and the young woman who was brutally raped and murdered. The only common factor was that both were very drunk.

    The discussion about Jessica was how she was so young, accomplished and on the threshold of the rest of her life, He described her and related how she and a friend had driven into NY to go club hopping. They left at about 2 o’clock to go home. They both were very drunk. They found that their car was gone. Somehow they got separated, probably b/c they were so drunk they were not rational.

    At that point BOR described her: her age; her small stature; her inebriated condition; her location, a deserted street in NYC at 2 AM; her dress, which mini and halter.

    At that point he used the word “that”. He did NOT call hefr “that”. as I’ve seen over and over. I am going to reword itb/c I can’t remember an entire segment verbatim but this is the meaning and
    intent of what he said. This young girl was the most helpless prey that the human animals in cities feed on. She had been young and foolish and paid an absolutely horrendous scum. He talked about the scum, who had his prostitute girlfriend with him.

    He brought up the problems that parents have when their children are still naive but old enough to make it difficult to be controlled and protected from such horrors,

    Less time was spent on Mel Gibson but the theme of excessive alcohol leaving people so exposed was carried on.

    I was struck by one point he made. That he was young, stupid and foolish too, as we all are at some time. He related he thought his parents weren’t too bright. Perhaps if some figure of authority other than family had given advice he might have taken it and made fewer mistakes.

    If you don’t believe me listen to the show. Mike C put a link here last night.

    If you don’t you will be deliberately ignoring the truth so you can continue with the witch hunt.

    Who is suffering from this egotistical ? The very small and unique IHTAF. I have seen people fuming b/c their Email wasn’t answered, they got the answering machine and no one has called back. They need lessons in manners and good pr. The staff is one full time and one part time person who are being deluged with all you concerned self righteous folk.

    Look what KO and his faithful followers have wrought. BOR hasn’t and won’t be hurt. KO is having a fine old time sticking pins in BOR. His followers are calling, blogging and Emailing the foundation.

    The foundation and the victims that they help are the losers in this even if BOR attends. Their ability to function has been stifled and if what I’ve read on blogs is true I hope they have cast iron ears to protect them from the charming and lovely public.

    Wonder how Shultz, Malloy, Stephannie Miller, Colmes and the like will react to Keefy-Weefy's new-fangled-radio-ratings math? More evidence of that high test "Aggie League" education, I guess. 1 udder teat + 1 udder teat = not even 1 mouth full for ol' KO.

    Surely Eddie, Steph, Alan, Mikey and their ilk will blast Olbemosexual for his blatantly false assertions re: ratings on their respective radio shows on Monday.

    missgrammiepoupou, :-)

    I read it at ICN, good stuff.

    I actually believe all the slimy, sanctimonious attacks on the Alexa Foundation will result in a backlash in the form of an increase of donations for the good folks.

    I never cease to be amazed at how the good Lord turns something meant for harm into something good.

    That was a great post, Grammie. I got pounded for what I said over there, mostly by guess-who.

    Also, the guy that posted above you copied and pasted from some guy that seemed to categorize Bill as "far right [Ding!]."

    For your viewing pleasure, friends:

    Well put, Grammie! :-)

    Where does he get this math?

    Rush has as many listeners as Dopey has viewers??????

    Well acording to 'Talkers Magazine' Rush is #1 in the Top 100.

    Okay then why is Jerry Doyle, who has 3 million listeners only #17 Keith?

    Now correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't 'Talkers Mag' one of the radio go to mags?

    I think somebody should check Olby's arm for needle marks at this point.

    BTW: 'Talkers' also has a piece on the site about how the Obama/Rush feud as they call it, is looking like a boost for all of talk radio.

    An excerpt from the article: "According to TALKERS magazine research of talk radio listening trends and habits, the current Rush Limbaugh versus President Obama news brouhaha is extremely beneficial not only to the talk show host’s listener level, but to the genre of talk radio in general. Taking into account the depressed rates of advertising in all media, the spike in Limbaugh’s audience figures is a bonanza for sponsors on his program and even on his affiliates’ competitors. According to TALKERS magazine publisher Michael Harrison....."

    I think I would believe them before I would believe a Washed-up, third rate, wonder what 'Salsa Club' you're girlfriend is at tonight, hack.

    But that's just me.

    I didn't see it but was told that on Red Eye, Friday night/Saturday morning, Ann Coulter was on and the Olberloon ivy league outing was (discussed) laughed about.

    Olverpaid claiming Limbaugh cooking the books? He's jumped the shark.

    2010 update to English Language Dictionaries:

    Olberlusion (noun) - An extreme delusion created by a highly insecure individual, who has lost complete contact with reality and is in need of immediate intensive psychiatric treatment.

    Yes Red Eye had Ann on and they talked about KO's obsession with his self image.

    There was some good gems out of this. Greg claimed it sent a message that everyone at MSNBC is scared of Keith cause no producer, writer, or intern would've have honestly said " Yes Keith, show your diploma on the air" and thought it was a good idea.

    The best however was the Blogger gal ( I forgot her name ) but she said KO had so many chances to stop before he humiliated himself. Like when he was writing "the story", when he decided Ann would be WPitW, when he was in his apartment taking his diploma off the wall to bring it into work that day. lol

    So yeah thanks to Red Eye I got to see a bit of KO's shtick. And yes Ann played him, and played him good. She owned him by just blogging on her site, no wonder KO never debates anyone with opposite views on his show.

    Lafinman -- that wopuld be the hilarious ALISON ROSEN... and her droll commentary was so spot on. aLL THOSE POINTS AT WHICH HE COULD HAVE DECIDED THIS IS A STUPID IDEA. He is, after all a "Cornell" grad!

    When Red Eye ran the clip of OLBERWOMANN reaching down to pull up his photoshopped Cornell "diploma" I almost choked laughing.

    Then he starts pointing at "Cornell" printed out in big friendly letters.

    Then his bigest point -- he gets his degree in just "7 semesters" at at cost of ONLY $800 a semester -- unlike someone like Coulter who took way longer than HIM at $10,000 a semester. Mind you, she did go to the real deal.

    What's that oldf adage: you get what you pay for!

    The Fakey Leaguer has NO self-awareness of what a classless doofus he looks.

    Coulter OWNS him. She can keep this going for a long time. And as she says, the ONLY reason she's doing it is because Olberwomann constantly belittles the education of others whilst mentioning his almost daily.

    That clip of Olbermann pulling his framed diploma out from behind the desk will be a another milestone look at as part of a sad and pathetic career.

    "SEE, SEE, SEE, I graduated from CORNELL too! I AM AN ELITE says so right here....and I did it with only $800/semester and in only 3 1/2 years! I'M SO SMART!"

    Thanks to the communications major for clearing that up. His "smarts" are shown to us all every night on NBC NEWS.

    I really liked how he tried to place himself into the same league as Rush Limbaugh. Rush has consistently garnered 10 to 20 million listeners a week over SEVERAL years while Olbermann is lucky to get near 6 million viewers per week during a time of great interest in politics. RANKING is another issue, and Rush is SOLIDLY #1 while Olbermann?.....well not even close.

    Also, has any White House ever spoken about Olbermann? Has any news coverage spent HOURS on his views or appearences? How about book sales? Mmmm.....once again the insecure Olbermann strikes out.

    And remember, Rush Limbaugh did not even earn a bachelor's degree, let alone attend AN IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL.

    The church of SNOBamessiah, with their worries about these clingers to guns and God, are showing their true selves....insecure in their elite ivory towers looking down at the uneducated and undignified masses.....Worried they are charging with torches and pitchforks. AH EEEE!


    Cornell Agricultural School.

    Isn't that a BOVINEY LEAGUE college?

    Cornell Agricultural School.

    Isn't that a BOVINEY LEAGUE college?

    Ann Coulter graduated from (the Ivy League) Cornell (cum laude no less) and has a Law degree from the University of Michigan Law School.

    Bill O'Reilly has a Masters degree from Harvard.

    Keith Olbermann can communicate with bovine. He has 100 bubble gum wrappers to prove it.

    Farmer Olby can't do ciperhing, can he?

    Old McFatAss had a farm "degree", ee-i-ee-i-o.; that's not an Ivy League pedigree, ee-i-ee-i-o...

    With some BS here and some BS there; he're a loon, there a loon, everywhere an Olbyloon.

    The seemingly good news from the HAPPENED TO ALEXA FOUNDATION is that Olbermann's smear campaign is not stopping the fundraising. Their "meet and greet" with Bill has been sold out.

    I would encourage anyone who feels Olbermann was unfair to this great organization, consider making a small donation to help their good work. I am sure there have been some ideologues, who simply exist in hatred, who made a decision not to help the foundation because of O'Reilly's association.....That's a crying shame!

    Olbermann should realize who he has tried to hurt because of his personal, immature, vengeful and trite vendetta.

    Having graduated Cornell Ag. College Summa Some Lardy -- you'd think Olberewomann would have been able to self-medicate his own Foot in Mouth disease.

    For the Olbyloon grammar goons, I meant "ciphering" and "here". More caffeine, anyone?

    We will have the Red Eye video up shortly for your viewing pleasure. And I second cee's suggestion about a contribution to Alexa.

    Olbermann's breathless analysis of the post-9/11 memos is yet another sign of the radical anti-America left's hypocrisy when it comes to passing jugement on Bush, but remaining silent when Obama IS CONTINUING THE SAME EXACT POLICIES.

    Easy retort is found in yesterday's WALL STREET JOURNAL:

    "Obama Channels Cheney"

    "Obama adopts Bush view on the powers of the presidency."

    Demogoguery, fear tactics and intellectual dishonesty.....the fascist left's tools.....The church of SNOBamessiah continues their hypocritical ways.


    KO has been so into Rush this week that he never made Bill Maher a WPitW from last week's Real Time.

    Bill pointed out that when Bobby Jindal did the Repub rebuttal speech, Chris Matthews was heard saying "Oh, God." Bill added that Olbermann said "Oh, God" during Obama's speech, but that was because he was ejeculating. I looked for the RT video but couldn't find it. You're going to have enough trouble erasing the mental image without the video, however.

    That's twice BM has ripped KO for his man crush on Obama. Here's the video from last August:

    Another Cornell alum criticizing KO. lol

    First Michael Musto, now Maher's input (a guest on RED EYE had the same joke about Matthews)....ech.....

    Men crushes...I guess it's a metrosexual thing.

    I gotta get a martini.

    cee, I don't think there's enough liquor in the world . . .

    Here's the Bill Maher video. The Olbermann shot is about 6 min into the clip. I thought Bill was his friend. Oops, I guess KO has no friends if that's an example.

    Warning: There's a brutally nasty picture of Garofolo on the page, too.

    >The seemingly good news from the HAPPENED TO ALEXA FOUNDATION is that Olbermann's smear campaign is not stopping the fundraising. Their "meet and greet" with Bill has been sold out.
    Sold out, eh? Take that, KO and NH!
    By the way, BOR doesn't just have a Master's from Harvard. He has one from Boston U., too, in addition to his Bachelor's from Marist College. I only have a B.F.A. from C.W. Post, but I haven't flaunted my diploma on a primetime cable news show.

    An interesting tidbit about "Real Time with Bill Maher." It airs live from Studio 33 at CBS Television City in L.A., the same studio as "The Price is Right." In fact, in 1998, the studio was renamed The Bob Barker Studio. Some other shows taped in that studio: "The Carol Burnett Show," "Match Game" (1973-1982), "Family Feud" (1989-1994), and "Hollywood Squares" (1998-2004).

    I just thought of another irony in Keith taking umbrage with BOR being so descriptive of Jennifer. On several occasions, Oralmann throws sexual or anatomical references into his attacks. Anyone named Richard knows what I mean. The worst was his attack on Rich Lowry on October 3.
    On National Review Online, Lowry wrote a glowing review of Sarah Palin's performance in the Vice Presidential Debate. He mentioned sitting up straighter on the couch and that when the Governor winked (three times), she was winking at him. Misogynist Olbermann read Rich's post in a lustful manner and implied that Rich was masturbating while watching the debate. Nice, huh? He reprised the attack on October 6.
    If this doesn't qualify as another Great Moment in Olbypocrisy, I don't know what does.

    Friday's ratings are in:
    At 8:00, Oralmann finished third in the 25-54 demo behind Nancy Grace. At 10:00, in that same demo, he finished in fourth.
    In total viewers, he barely took second at 8:00 and finished third at 10:00.

    In similar news, Friday's transcript is up on, so here's what happened in the Media Matters Minute:
    "... It is the revenge of the ‘90s. That's next, but first time for COUNTDOWN's number two story, tonight's worst persons in the world.
    The bronze to Coulter-geist [Ding!], speaking of so ‘90s, complaining to the Manatee [Ding!] about the president and Boss Limbaugh [Ding!]. ... Ann, the biggest outlets carrying your column are now Richard Mellon [Scaife's] “Vanity Newspaper” in Pittsburgh and the website MyFoxDallas. You're lucky that I still bother to call you out."
    I'll assume that's Another Olbermann Lie.

    "Our runners up, Bret Baier and Glenn Beck over there in the paranoia [Ding!] department at Fixed News [Ding!]. Bugs Beck [that's a new one. I'll give it a Ding!] reported that when Vice President Biden spoke to the executive council of the AFL-CIO he was, quote [Ding!], meeting in secret today with the unions, and compared it to Dick Cheney's meetings with oil executives. News actor Baier, meanwhile, said the Biden/AFL-CIO visit, quote [Ding!], was anything but transparent.
    The White House issued a full transcript of the speech and, for the first time in the history of its executive council meetings, the AFL-CIO allowed a pool of print reporters to cover Biden's speech. Other than that, no transparency whatsoever. The transparency is in the space between Beck's ears."

    Then came Worst. "But our winner, Republican Senator Jim Demint, arguing to continue a program of school vouchers, private school vouchers, in Washington, D.C. He said of the D.C. high school system, quote [Ding!], “parents tell us if they are sending their kids off to public schools, the chances are very good they‘re going to end up in a gang, rather than graduating high school.”
    Nearly 70 percent of the public high school students in the District of Columbia graduated last year, as compared to just 56 percent who graduated in Demint's state of South Carolina. His statement reported by the conservative “Washington Times” has now prompted a clarification from his office, suggesting he disagreed with that statement. Senator Jim Demint of South Carolina, today‘s worst person in the world."
    So, how exactly did he "[embarrass] self, state" as I wrote Friday night that the video title said?

    He played some kind of race card there.

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