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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    March 13, 2009
    Friday Night Recappers Open Thread
    Bathtub Boy

    This is the recappers' comment thread for tonight's Hour of Spin. What blue blogs will Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann lift from tonight? Be an Olbermann Watch blogger--without all the muss and fuss! Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (53) | | View blog reactions


    BillO is the first WPitW of the Week. Shocker.

    BillO is the first WPitW of the Week. Shocker.

    I only caught Goebbels-Olbermann naming BillO Worst of the Week. BillO said "Bush defeated Al Qaeda and the terrorist organization is marginalized."

    Of course, simple minded KO goes on to talk about Afganistan and how dangerous a country it is. To him, this is proof that Al Qaeda still thrives.

    Hey stupid, youre right, there are small section of Afganistan that are dangerous, but THOSE AREAS ARE CONTROLLED BY THE TALIBAN. As far as I know, Taliban and Al Qaeda are different.

    Can there be any doubt that Al Qaeda is finished? HELL NO...Thanks to President Bush

    Kountdown's crossed the Mendoza line
    Less than one mil and on the decline
    Keith's loss is Bill's gain
    Olby's circling the drain
    And soon he'll be riding the pine

    WPitW - BillO

    WPitW of the Week - BillO

    WPitW of the Month - BillO

    WPitW of the Quarter - BillO

    Semi-annual WPitW, WPitW of the Year, Decade, Score, Whatever....

    The innaugural WPitW award for any time PERIOD will always be BOR because No-nads KO will receive his PERIODIC ass-kicking in the ratings from Mr. O'Reilly regardless of the time PERIOD being measured.

    UN-effing-WATCHABLE AGAIN !!

    There was a gold party at the house tonight. So, I've been away from the computer until now. I don't feel like recapping anything. The Worst Person of the Week source was Media Matters, as I noted on Monday when the smear was originally used.

    Katy, that was SWEEEEEEEEEET...

    Krazee Keefe once again whipped out his ultra kool "stim" moniker multiple times when describing the spending atrocity legislation.

    This got me to thinking...maybe a good nickname for Krazee Keefe would be "Uberstimm." After all, there isn't a more natural pairing of two things that are big, bloated, highly partisan, deceitful, costing many times more than they are worth, and ultimately highly ineffectual than KO and the "stim."

    Keefe Uberstimm

    BOR nearly got more face time on this lame, drivel-ridden hate- spewing slime machine than Olbermosexual did tonight.

    I wish that O'Reilly, Hannity, Goldberg, Coulter, etc. would stop acknowledging that this KO idiot, Matthews, Mr. Rachel, Ms. Shuster, and My Ass NBC in general even exist. They do not deserve any more exposure than absolutely necessary. Same for Kramer and Stewart.

    FOX NEWS affords these clowns more exposure than their OWN DAMN NETWORKS do. WTF?

    It's a ploy, trying to draw O'Reilly into the fray.

    Next to being irrelevant, Olby can't stand being ignored. LoBloKO is incapable of dialing it down and previous levels of slurs have failed to provoke a reaction. The daffy douchenozzle only has one direction to dial his despicable dribbling diatribes of dddddog dddddung.

    Ratchet up, go all in
    Countdown Clown, dead man walkin'

    Poor boy has a problem then. He is irrelevant, ignored and ignorant.

    IGNORANT should've been in caps.....hehehe

    Keefy's apology from kos:

    A) I'm not going to publicize a Fox-controlled blogger at a low-volume site on national television.

    >You know this, how? "Fox-controlled?"

    B) I'm not going to spend part of a show, for fear of having to spend part of every show, explaining why I gate-kept on a particular story.

    >No need top explain. Remember Monica? Habeus Corpus? Ratings down-spike. Ratings up-mention before, during and after show.

    C) If I am going to devote even that much time to the story, I'm going to show a clip of Stewart, or a clip of me taking down Santelli, or something on the issue, not the issue about the issue.

    >Yes. Always make story about you, keefy, no matter what.

    D) Back to one of my original points: we do in fact give weight to stories based on how much they are covered by the older newscasts and organizations. In other words, if it's going to be on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, etc., that brings it down a notch in our evaluation of its worthiness in our show. Our show is primarily about trying to give airtime to stories that are not on ABC, CBS, CNN, and Fox.

    >Didn't stop you from smearing Palin and her family every night, did it?

    E) There is more in "D" than just seeking novelty. I truly believe in the marketplace of ideas. If two network newscasts with a combined 10 times my audience are doing this story, the thing is being yelled about adequately in the marketplace.

    >See above.

    F) If I had to quell all rumors about me or the show, that's all the show would be. The New York Post this week alone did a story on me supposedly being so egotistical that I had my own baseball card made and was handing them out to fans at a spring training game. In point of fact, I consult for the card company, I'm a prominent antique card collector, I had one card with me which I gave to a friend of mine (most of the rest go, autographed, to charities).

    >"Most" of the cards? That means you had more to pass out which you did.

    RK, I didn't see this comment.

    Can you spare a link for an old friend? :)

    I wonder if George Orwell based his 1984 vocabulary on KO.


    From J$P:Olbermann attacks TVNewser

    (scroll down)

    "Not couldn't, wouldn't...

    by Keith Olbermann on Fri Mar 13, 2009 at 09:21:58 PM PDT

    I don't read Kos so I don't have a clue what story Olby was talking about ...?

    I don't read Kos so I don't have a clue what story Olby was talking about ...?

    Thanks. I saw that at J$ but didn't recognize it laid out like that.

    ty ramjet for the link .

    From the link:
    Olbermann attacks TVNewser

    Mr. Wannabe Olberlusional:
    "Frankly, the guy who posted this, the site's Associate Editor, Steve Krakauer ("SteveK"), is well known around the industry as being entirely in Fox's pocket."

    'well known around the industry...", ie. around the MSNBC watercooler.

    Olverpaid and Matthews are in Obama's pocket, shirt, jacket, socks, briefs, jockstrap etc, and THE ENTIRE WORLD KNOWS IT. Priceless!!!

    Here is the article OlberInThePocket was referring to in his DailyKook post:

    at tvnewser.
    Surprise, Surprise, posted an hour or so after that is why Olverpaid was so pissy about Tvnewser.
    The ratings for Thursday March 12 show he was #3!

    25-54 demographic: (L +SD)
    #1 O'Reilly 832K
    #2 Grace 448K
    #3 Olbermann 361K
    #4 Brown 239K

    So, Olbermann states that the war on terror began in Afghanistan eh? More koolaid served to his willing million or more morons, ready to swallow it up. Well, he is partially correct. The other side, the islamic fascists, started waging this war way back in the '70s, during an all too familiar administration to that of todays: Carter's. Anyone remember the hostage crisis in Iran? Then, there was the Beruit bombings under Regan, which led directly to US troop withdrawl from Beruit, the constant kiddnappings of journalists and statesmen n the Middle East, the attacks in the '90s against our assets, one on our soil, etc. The islamic nuts have been waging this war for a long, long time, and it is easy to see the timeline of events, if one chooses to go look at it. Just don't look for any one country as the culprit. Look to an ideology as the root cause. Hence, the appropriate term "enemy combatants".

    We as a country, however, didn't officially figure it out (like Israel has long ago), and tried to fight it as a police action. Until those islamic fascists took out some buildings on our soil, resulting in the deaths of over 2000 civilians. We got just a taste of what Israel goes through on a yearly basis.

    Yet, still, to this day, some citicizens in this country haven't figured it out, either because they are too stupid (the million or more morons who drink koolaid from the likes of Olbermann), or, like Olbermann and his like minded stateists, just refuse to reckognize this is a war. They still think it can be solved as a police action, with Maranda rights, and trials in our domestic courts.

    Yeah, that worked out well in the '90s, didn't it?

    Olbermann wrote at Daily Kos on Fri March 13, 2009, at 09:21:58 PM PDT:

    "D) Back to one of my original points: we do in fact give weight to stories based on how much they are covered by the older newscasts and organizations. In other words, if it's going to be on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, etc., that brings it down a notch in our evaluation of its worthiness in our show. Our show is primarily about trying to give airtime to stories that are not on ABC, CBS, CNN, and Fox."

    Uhm, then that begs the question: Why do you Olbermann, give sooo much time to your nemesis Oreilly, and any of the subjects he discusses on his competitive show from one of those networks that you state "brings it down a notch in our evaluation of its worthiness in our show?

    Oh yeah. So you can create controversy, tick off some of Oreilly's viewers in an effort to "attract" some of his audience to gain some ratings for your pathetic show. A ratings ploy you brought from ESPN. Oh, and of course, to serve some of that nightly koolaid to your loyal million or more morons who hate your nemesis.

    For you to bring up Oreilly almost nightly, just flat out contradicts your "worthiness" statement. Those Kos Kiddies unquestionly accept that bullshizzle you type hook line and sinker. More evidence of the million or more morons that tune into your show and lap it up. Sadly, it is apparent how easy you have it Olbermann. And, on top of that, you make how much? Wow. Only in Amerika!

    "Olbermann states that the war on terror began in Afghanistan"

    What about the actions against Israel? Hamas, Hezbollah? Oh yeah, that's right, the anti-Semite left cannot stand up to the light of truth in regards to their murders and support from such people like SADDAM HUSSEIN and Al Queda.

    Poor Olbermann is not a journalist prepared to objectively address the problems we all face because his ideology demands lies and hatred.

    The hatred of the Jewish people by the left and radical islamists is the common thread that leads to them both to their rhetoric and actions. Freedom from death and violence is the ideal our country once sttod for, but under the leadership of the left it is now something different.


    Krazy Keith has his own baseball card?
    That's funny for a big tub of lard
    No athletic skill
    None, nada, nil
    He's very emotionally scarred

    I guess this is Monkeymann's last night in Tampa.
    #5A: Video title: "A pick and choose stimulus?" Victicrat Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) appeared for a blue dress interview. Time to update The List.
    #5B: Video title: "Stock market rises again." But the days where it went down never made the Hour of Spin. The Iron Horse Wolffe Man showed up again. He'll probably be on Monday, too. And Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, etc.

    #4: Video title: "Steele's behavior threatens to tear apart GOP." Personally, it's already done that. Conservatives hate him. Right? Chris Cillizza--who has been Facebook friends with me since Wednesday (I added, he confirmed)--made me feel uneasy by dropping by OlbyPlanet. Hopefully, I won't get deleted for saying this.

    Oddball: Felines.

    #3: Video title: "Keeping the Bush Library fact-free." Some author named Jim Moore was the guest.

    Bushed: Now held over (offer ends never): Bernie Madoff!...but only to take a shot at Bush and the SEC. And other crap I don't care about.

    #2: The Media Matters Minute without O'Reilly. He's saved for #1.
    Worse was Sean Hannity. Blue blog source: Story Tempura.

    Worser was eeevil Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. Blue blog source: Think Propaganda.
    Original source: "Bulls and Bears" on FBN.
    Rip 'n Read read TP's quote verbatim. Keithy will be happy to know that his buddies at Cablevision are keeping FBN from the microscopic sect of right-wing [Ding!] lunatic fringe [Ding!] customers that don't make up its core.

    Worst was Glenn Beck. The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann accused Glenn of siding with a murderer. Blue blog source: again, Think Propaganda.
    Original source:
    The segment features the eeevil O'Reilly.
    I'd say Merkle has forgotten the lessons of 9/12...that or he's a slovenly political hack and Fox hater. Either way, watch the intro to yesterday's Beck special:

    #1: The Worst Person of the Week. Bernie Madoff? No. On OlbyPlanet, villains are only those better off than, have better ratings than, or disagree with, Krazy Keith. The leader of that pack? Bill O'Reilly. So, *he's* the first Worst Person of the Week. Yes, this self-serving segment is recurring. Before BOR was given the nod, incriminating clips--on OlbyPlanet, at least--of Bill, FOX 13 meteorologist Paul Dellegatto, Victoria Jackson, that Florida State Senator, and Newt Gingrich were shown. Then, a double whammy: a clip of Bill's setup to a question to far-left prosecutor John Flannery last Friday, followed by a Ted Baxter voice reenactment. Then, the-war-is-still-going-on-and-we're-losing-it indignation. Then, back to mocking glee. And finally, that unflattering head shot of Bill cropped on to President Bush on that carrier with the Mission Accomplished [Ding!] banner over him. With that, I'm through with the video, which I mostly skimmed through, anyway.

    Before we conclude, here were my original remarks on the incriminating clips, starting with Monday.
    "Worse was Another O'Reilly Attack. Thankfully, Vendettamann did not go after him for speaking at the Alexa Foundation fundraiser next Thursday. Instead, blue blog source: Media Matters.
    Original source:
    Rip 'n Read did not mention that Mr. Bill was talking to far-left attorney John Flannery, who tried repeatedly to filibuster and interview hijack so he could talk about the firing of the U.S. Attorneys. Remember, Keith? Good times. By the way, Ann Coulter was the other guest. Back on OlbyPlanet, Jane Fonda Olbermann spun the opposite bringing up Afghanistan. Billy! [Ding!]"
    "I forgot to acknowledge that Gregg Berger Olbermann used the supposed Ted Baxter voice while quoting the MM video. Context is everything, but never on OlbyPlanet. has a transcript of the segment that Rip 'n Read 'n Also Smear cherry-picked. Here it is:,2933,507385,00.html
    "...You don't favor these witch hunts do you, counselor?
    JOHN FLANNERY, FORMER FEDERAL PROSECUTOR: I don't favor witch hunts, and I don't think this is a witch hunt. I think that what it is, it's more like the far right on defense, desperate defense than it is the march to socialism that you say. I applaud the Bush administration and Karl Rove for agreeing to finish up this old business of whether or not there was corruption in the Justice Department by allowing Karl Rove to talk…
    O'REILLY: All right, but that's a different issue. I'm not talking about that issue now. We'll deal with that down the road.
    FLANNERY: Well, OK.
    O'REILLY: Look, by all accounts, the Bush administration defeated Al Qaeda, all right? Al Qaeda was marginalized, been downgraded as a threat to the world. So we won the terror war. We won the war in Iraq, at great cost no doubt. No doubt. But we won.
    So now these idiots want to go back and they want to find something, fish, throw that line out there, reel in anything they can reel in to embarrass the administration that kept us safe, you safe, your family safe. And it's despicable. And you can't say it's the far right. Most Americans oppose. Only 40 percent of Americans want any kind of this criminal witch hunt business. Sixty percent do not. Come on."

    The segment continued from there, but you get the picture."

    "Worser was FOX 13 (WTVT in Tampa) meteorologist Paul Dellegatto. How dare he speak against global warming! Heathen! Thanks for watching FOX 13 while you're in Tampa, Keithy. You think Keith would bring this up if News Channel 8 (WFLA, NBC affiliate) meteorologist Steve Jerve said it?
    Worst was some Florida State Senator. No, thanks."

    "Worser was SNL alumna Victoria Jackson. Boss Limbaugh! [Ding!] Blue blog source: HuffPo.
    She was the wild card in the Great American Panel on last night's "Hannity." Also part of that panel, Fox News Contributor (and Democrat) Bob Beckel.
    Worst was Newt Gingrich. Blue blog source: Rotisserie Story.
    "Waaaait a minute," Komedian Keith says at one point."

    And on the subject of Paul Dellegatto:
    "WTVT-Ch. 13 chief meteorologist Paul Dellegatto is such a mild-mannered guy, it's hard to imagine him in a televised throw-down with one of cable TV's most outspoken anchors.
    But that's what happened Wednesday night, when MSNBC's Keith Olbermann named the Tampa weatherguy to second place in that evening's "Worst Person in the World" listing, citing a recent statement by Dellegatto during a newscast saying there are some signs that runaway global warming isn't happening.
    In the Tampa Bay area to take in some spring training games, Olbermann dinged Dellegatto for "putting in global warming denial propaganda into the local freaking weather forecast of the local freaking Fox station." He accused the weatherguy of downplaying "the whole global warming doomsayer theory," noting sarcastically that global warming can make some areas on the Earth unseasonably cooler as well.
    (UPDATE: After trading Facebook messages with Dellegatto earlier today, I had hoped to interview him about Olbermann's criticisms. But Fox declined to make him available -- instead, a spokesman released a two-line statement:
    "Nobody cares about Keith Olbermann. He's irrelevant.")"

    For clear-thinking Americans, he *is* irrelevant. But for all we know, as discussed last night on "The Factor," he's in on the far-left smear gang conference call, as first reported Tuesday at Politico.
    Here last night's Talking Points Memo:
    And Top Story segment with Karl Rove:
    Unfortunately, the At Your Beck & Call segment is not posted on, but this topic came up with Glenn, too, as did the big Beck special.

    So, if someone criticizes or reports objectively on Keith or his corporate masters, it means they work for Fox? Don't try to make sense of it. It's OlbyLogic.

    That didn't work either. So, try this:
    Click on FBN Shows. Then, Bulls and Bears. And finally, "Obama Signs Spend..."
    If you're reading this comment days or weeks from now, then in "Search for Videos," type "Obama signs spending bill with 8k earmarks".

    While watching highlights of the Kramer vs Stewart this week I was thinking Stewart should focus his attention to more important problems in journalism at NBC, primarily MSNBC.

    Even though though during the Kramer smackdown he claimed they are a comedy show, The reality Jon will have to deal with now is that The Daily Show is probably more creditable than Countdown is. Sure they make jokes, but they show "real" clips, and real "quotes". They don't reduce themselves to ripping and reading like Keith does. And unlike KO, Jon is willing to throw down with people he doesn't agree with.

    The fact is Stewart needs to evolve his show. And this week was proof of that. I'm sure the safety of claiming you're a comedy show is a blanket that's hard to get rid of. But he has a real chance to show those that a voice of the left can be taken seriously and not be reduced to cheap tricks and sniping from a bubble.

    Jon already has one foot in the door. People from all pundit backgrounds respect what he does. I don't agree with his politics, but I acknowledge what he does. It's really just a matter of Jon wanting to go the next step. Picking your battles and hiding behind a comedy shield is one thing, but if Stewart wants to throw down with the best he's more qualified to do so than KO is.

    From the point of view of the left, I'd rather have a comedy clown turned political commentary be a voice, then a failed sportscaster turned political commentary that turned him into a comedy clown as one.

    In this case, it's Cramer.

    Wow. DailyKos banned comments critical of Olbermann. Somebody wasn't satisfied with his explaination re: Cramer story and called KO out and Kos immediately banned them. I read through that thread to understand the context of Olbys remarks and I think it's fair to say that he is on edge. He raised the issue of leaving news for sports (I'd not seen that posted anywhere until Keith himself brought it up). He also plugged that he'll be on Real Time w/ Maher next week.

    I think Keith is just getting tired of it all. He can't handle not having a current President as the public enemy number one. His ratings sucked until 2006-the time when Dems retook house & started the non-stop Bush bashing. This all peaked with Obama election in Nov 2008. The repubs are now the voice of opposition. Opposition provides more entertaining debate than the party in power, that's just the way it works. Olbs had a good run-7mill per year ain't bad, but the gig is up. I see Olbs gone by 2010 election season.

    lol I'm getting too lazy and just spelled it to whatever my spell check accepted. I miss my old spell checker that ignored names.

    >Sure they make jokes, but they show "real" clips, and real "quotes". They don't reduce themselves to ripping and reading like Keith does.
    I'm not so sure about that. Shows like "The Daily Show," "The Colbert Report," and E!'s "The Soup" are partially built on what blue blogs are reporting. They'll use their video and take it out of context, or they'll find video on their own and take it out of context. Cramer criticized President Obama, so BAM! Jon had to fight back. Otherwise, clips from FNC, FBN, and anything from Republicans or conservatives are all taken out of context.
    I've said "take out of context" so many times in this comment that the words are losing meaning, but I think you get the idea. I think you can also see what I think of these three shows. Remember, I used to watch these shows all the time. But I gave it all up in early 2007. The one time I went back to "The Daily Show" in November when BOR was on, it was hell and I didn't last. Jon said he didn't think Bill was an ideologue, but I'm sure he still hates him, which is why clips from "The Factor" are still used and smeared.

    ICN has an interesting take on Olby's covering for CNBC and Cramer and his lame-o excuses for it:

    Here's the text of Spud's take:
    "Wow. Just wow. Ok, first of all I know for a fact of at least one incident where FNC was seriously pissed off with something Krakauer wrote and stood by so that sort of undermines Olbermann’s argument that Krakauer is in FNC’s pocket. Second of all, Olbermann can’t seperate Ariens away from Krakauer on this. Krakauer may have wrote it but you can bet your ass Ariens approved it. If he’s going to attack Krakauer, he has to attack Ariens. That would put Olbermann in a bind though because whatever you may think of TVN, and I’ve had my issues with that blog on occasion for ducking taking a stand on things they probably should, Ariens has been more than fair and even handed for the most part in how TVN covers the industry. And that would include Ariens’ management of Krakauer. It would also include Maddow getting the cover of Newsweek.
    But Olbermann is showing with his attack that he doesn’t understand TVN’s purpose and position in the industry. It’s the Entertainment Tonight of cable news blogs. I choose those words deliberately because it’s known in the industry as the place to go to get your story out with serious blowback. And this doesn’t apply just to FBN or FNC, but MSNBC, CNN, and HLN as well. I reject a bunch of stuff that gets sent my way because it doesn’t fit with in what I want ICN 2.0 to be about. When I was doing ICN 1.0, things were of course different and you’d see a lot of stuff like what you see on TVN. But I realized I was posting fluff that basically amounted to free advertising so when I took that break and then came back I decided I was going to avoid that stuff this time around. But even going back to the days when Stelter ran the blog you would still see the types of articles that Olbermann complains about. So this is hardly anything new or anything that falls under the sole discretion of Krakauer.
    I do dissagree with Olbermann that viewership levels should dictate coverage. Information is information. If someone writes an article on Bloomberg TV, which in many circles is considered even less of a player than FBN, and it’s newsworthy it should be posted. Let the reader decide if it’s worth their time. There is a difference though between posting newsworthy articles and posting about some guest appearance on a network or posting that some personality was an exclusive guest, after some other network had the same guest the day before.
    I don’t know where Olbermann gets that 15,000 viewer number. The minimum subscriber level for Nielsen rating is 45 million, not 15,000. FBN may indeed be under 15,000 viewers, though there’s no way to know since that info isn’t publicly available, but it’s not the sole gating item to FBN getting rated.
    Do I think Krakauer is in FNC/FBN’s pocket? Of course not. But then I once heard years ago from a very reliable source that Olbermann believed that right wing entities were paying people to comment on ICN. So maybe I’m compromised too."

    Now, I'm even more mad that I don't have FBN. My Cablevision Derangement Syndrome has been further inflamed. >:(

    I can agree with that Mike.

    I probably worded it wrong, but the point I was trying to make is The Daily Show has more of chance to grow up than Countdown does. It's just I wish Jon's motivation for going after Cramer was different. But we all know it wasn't.

    I was looking at the silver lining in that situation that if The Daily Show really got it's act together, it could become more than just a comedy show. Which in the end would make it more respectable than Countdown which at this point isn't that hard.

    I myself only watched sparingly since Kilbourne left, which was caused by his giant ego which makes me think it was contagious over at ESPN. ( heck I remember the episode that KO fired at ESPN ) But Jon has a chance to take the show to a whole new level. But giving up the comedy blanket is probably too hard to do.

    If he were to use the same focus he used on Cramer, who knows what could happen. But if this is just a one time thing because Cramer bashed Obama than it's his lose.

    I'm in no way a Cramer supporter, but IMHO the effort and work The Daily Show portrayed could have been focused on more important news issues as opposed to a running gag on CNBC.

    But if Jon wants to use his power to serve his purposes as opposed to more important things than he's no better than KO is. But he has a chance to take it somewhere and really become something where as KO is a lost cause.

    The balls in his court, but he'll probably do nothing about it and continue doing what he does. If so I see it as a waste.

    At least Craig Kilborn is out of TV. What does he even do these days?

    Mike, what delightful little gems lurk in your linked articles for us all to be dazzled by.

    From KO's rip and read at Thionk Progress about Beck: People ‘Pushed To The Wall’ By ‘Political Correctness’ May Turn Into Psycho Killers

    "Beck’s comments are reminiscent of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s claims after both the Columbine school shooting and the Virginia Tech school shooting that liberalism was to blame. “The liberal academic elite, the liberal political elite — I accuse you in Littleton,” said Gingrich in 1999. Asked in 2007 if he would apply those same views to Virginia Tech, Gingrich said, “yes.”

    And wasn't he slinging "worsers" all over Beck,BOR and Goldberg for a couple of weeks in a row b/c they were responsible for all the RW kook violence and suggest that "shut the hell up" before they had more blood on their hands.

    If there were an irony counter/gauge KO would melt them down if he came within a mile of one.

    Thanks, Grammie. Any thoughts on the other links?

    From the kind of horses mouth at KO KOZ:

    "In our political junkie world (7+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    smkngman, sgary, trashablanca, pmorlan, Dartagnan, Matt Z, kfd313
    that watches Keith, Rachel, Stewart and Colbert everyday. That reads a zillion political blogs a day, and often sees our blog world come to life on TV every night because it is obvious that Keith, Rachel, Stewart and Colbert are reading the same stuff we are- it was the biggest story of the day.
    The NBC families total blackout of discussion about it was the story of the day. KO should have done better. A word, a comment, a wink, anything would have been better than what he's given us so far...
    Run Sarah. Run!
    by nyseer on Fri Mar 13, 2009 at 07:48:33 PM PDT"

    As we say, KO isThe Rip'n Read World Heavyweight (have you seen his gut lately?) Champion IN the World.

    Do you think that KO is wandering his apartment this morning muttering Et tu, Kozo?

    > ) If I had to quell all rumors about me or the show, that's all the show would be. The New York Post this week alone did a story on me supposedly being so egotistical that I had my own baseball card made and was handing them out to fans at a spring training game. In point of fact, I consult for the card company, I'm a prominent antique card collector, I had one card with me which I gave to a friend of mine (most of the rest go, autographed, to charities).

    I remember KO telling Leno a story about handing one of his cards to George Steinbrenner and to Bill Clinton at a Yankees game. He said he carries them with him to the games. The entertainment value of the story was that he accidentally gave Clinton a metro card because he was so unnerved. So I call BS on the idea he had one card with him. Also, his friend must have shown that card around as a joke because otherwise how would the Page Sixers known about the "gift." And what adult gives a friend his own baseball card. Really? The recipient must have been overcome with laughter.

    > I'm a prominent antique card collector

    On the radio show he once flaunted to Dan Patrick that he could sell a card and it would be more than Dan's yearly salary. I find it hard to believe Dan is a close friend after bragging like that on Dan's radio show, which he eventually called "our" radio show. I don't hear Dan sharing that show with him anymore.

    I found this nugget from one of the other comments in that Daily Kos Olbermann thread:

    "I'm waiting for the day someone puts together a news show where reporters actually confront these people in public rather than invite them into a cushy studio. No rehearsed answers, no talking points, just think on your feet which we know most politicians can't do." — Mysteron

    Um. That's what Bill O'Reilly does. You know, those ambush segments that guys like Olby and Stewart and dismiss as reasons to marginalize Billo?

    More ideological hypocrisy from the idiots at Daily Kos

    Video of last night's At Your Beck & Call segment is now up at

    Hey everybody, Johnny has a delicioulsy long segment right here in OW titled:

    Olbermann's Manhood Quotient: Now in Negative Numbers ||

    Hows about we go over to that thread and continue the party!

    Can't be! I didn't make the list! Well in the interest of fair play, the Top Ten Liberal Liars:

    10. Keith Olbermann
    9. Anti-American Olbermann
    8. Daily Kos Olbermann
    7. Olberwoman
    6. Bathtub boy Olbermann
    5. Daily Hack Olbermann
    4. Rip and Read Olbermann
    3. Insecure and Cowardly Olbermann
    2. Douchenozzle Olbermann
    1. The Ape Ruler Olbermann

    Olbermann's game plan to get better rating has always been and still is to be the mouse pulling the lions tail. He knows if he were to draw Bill,Geln,Sean or any other conservatvie personality into a war or words that could be his salvation. He wants so bad for them to respond to his attacks but with the exception of a Ann Coulter and Mark Levin ( anyone notcise Mark is never wrost anymore since Levin started to talk about the file he has on Olbermann) no one else bothers to even talk about this turd. I mean he goes crazy when people even mention something about him in a negative way ( the basseball card article this week in the NY Post, and Coulters calling him out on his fake diploma from Cornell) He takes up half of his show trying to debunk that they said about him. His show is nothing more then an hour of pure venom mixed with some horse shit. Even though I can stand MADcow Maddow, atleast she has the balls ( and yes I think she had a real pair) to have people on that may not agree with her position. Keith the coward he is, would never dare have a person on that dose not agree with him 100%. You know this because once in a while some of his guests pull a fast one on him and do not come to the same conclusion that he does, and then he freaks the interview almost ends upbrutley and he goes on to his next attack.

    Thanks everyone, especially Mike, for all the info. Even the dailyKooks are seeing thru Olverpaid. HAHAHA

    You're welcome, Liontooth. Some are seeing through, but not all. Those that *weren't* critical of Keith savaged those that *were*. I found that out in the few minutes I was at Kos.

    My original FBN link with Rep. Bachmann interview on Wednesday's "Bulls and Bears" is working now. (And now, I just reinflamed my Cablevision Derangement Syndrome.)

    The transcript is out. Here's WPitW, preceded by a #1 tease:
    "It's a new Friday feature. Call it “Son of worst persons.” Each Friday the “worstiness” will be supersized with the worse person in the world of the week. That's next.
    But first “Countdown's” number two story. Tonight's fresh baked-all right, half-baked, supply of worst persons in the world.
    The bronze to the manatee [Ding!] putting his sadism before his religion. ... No, no you are not. I'm not saying you don‘t think you're a Christian, but if you actually think Christ would endorse torture [Ding!], Sean, it has probably never dawned on you just what event that little crucifix thing is supposed to represent."

    Now, Worser. "The silver tonight, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann telling the Fox Out of Business Channel..." Wonderful, Keith. Your friends at Cablevision love that. Cablevision has an exclusive carriage agreement with MSNBC. (Or vice versa.) I think that, by extension, includes all things NBC Universal. It's been 17 months since Fox Business Network launched and Cablevision still has not added the channel to its iO (Interactive Optimum) TV lineup. Gee, I wonder why *that* is. I don't care about Worser now. It was some gotcha about supposed earmarks.

    But let's get to Worst, as Krazy Keith tries to rain on the Beck Friday parade. "But our winner, Glenn Beck of fixed news [Ding!] This week a man named ... killed ten people during a rampage in Alabama. Slowly, subtly, perniciously, Beck defended this mass murderer. ... Well, you could give them a show on FOX. That seemed to work for you, Glenn.
    Glenn Beck, rationalizer of the murder of ten people, today's worst person in the world."

    Then, #1. "Using a combination of sarcasm and humor as a public sanction against inflexible behavior, we have been trying to clean up the word wince we started handing out the “worst person” awards all the way back in the summer of 2005. Somehow it just keeps getting worster. With our number one story, with that said, it is my pleasure to announce that beginning tonight we will begin a new weekly segment in which we take all of the worst person winners and nominees from the past week and declare the supreme champion, someone whose remarkable idiocy [Ding!] dwarves the landscape of numb-skullery we have identified over the preceding five days.
    In a few minutes we will mint our inaugural worst person in the world of the week. Here are your nominees."

    Let's skip past the "nominees" and get to the latest O'Reilly Attack. "Rupert loses $50 or $60 million a year on that vanity newspaper of his just so he can try to bludgeon his critics and those who will tell the truth about him, and the news terrorists [Ding!] he calls employees, most of whom would eat him alive if there was an extra 40 bucks in it for them.
    Add to the pile the pile of tonight's honoree-the Mannity [Ding!], Congresswoman Bachmann and Glenn Beck leading the first ever field for our first ever worst person in the world of the week is set.
    And after digesting all the nominees in one place, I think you have to go back to the beginning of that piece of tape we just showed you. Let me play the sound bite once again."
    It was the setup to that question that Bill asked far-left prosecutor John Flannery, who was wearing a bow-tie, last Friday on "The Factor." Here's what Media Matters, Keith's blue blog source for the clip, left out: "So now these idiots want to go back and they want to find something, fish, throw that line out there, reel in anything they can reel in to embarrass the administration that kept us safe, you safe, your family safe. And it's despicable. And you can't say it's the far right. Most Americans oppose. Only 40 percent of Americans want any kind of this criminal witch hunt business. Sixty percent do not. Come on."
    But on OlbyPlanet, John Flannery is just some random guy that just happened to be in the clip. "I know you are looking at the guy over at the side there in the bow tie doing this." If the word is "doing" and not "during," then Keith likely mocked Flannery's grin. "But let me read the O'Reilly quote again and let it sink in. ... I don't think he understands that the war on terror, as misleading as that term is, began in a place called Afghanistan. Say what you want about Iraq, whether we are winning, have won, or will win. Afghanistan, the place where the war on terror began, is nowhere near decided.
    You can ask the 17,000 additional U.S. troops about to deploy there, or the U.S. and Nato commander who said this week that there are large parts of Afghanistan that our allied forces are not winning in.
    It takes a willful suspension of logic [Ding!] to think it's all over, let alone to state that by all accounts the Bush administration defeated Al Qaeda when its leader, the man who ordered the hit on the 3,000 people in New York and the Pentagon, remained untouched by the Bush administration for the seven years, four months, and eight days after the attacks.
    Forget (Ted Baxter voice): “By all accounts, the Bush administration defeated Al Qaeda.”
    You mean, by one account. And it's only yours.
    Thus is it now my honor to name Bill O'Reilly, who has singularly declared mission accomplished in the war on terror, as the inaugural worst person in the world of the week!
    It's going to be tough to say every Friday." Sure it is. What Oralmann really means is "I'm going to love saying this every Friday."

    Then, Edward R. Olbermoronn wrapped up the show and tosssed to his ingenue. "That is “Countdown” for this, the 2,134th day since the previous president declared mission accomplished in Iraq.
    Our apologies for the technical difficulties at the beginning of the show. I'm Keith Olbermann. Good night, and good luck.
    I broke the camera, that's what happened. And now to discuss the detainees in the war on terror and why the Obama administration will no longer call those suspects enemy combatants, ladies and gentlemen, here is Rachel Maddow. Good evening, Rachel."


    Friday's "ultimate response":
    Glenn Beck in 25-54: 993,000!
    Glenn Beck in total: 3,074,000!

    BOR in 25-54 at 8:00: 740,000
    KO in 25-54 at 8:00: 351,000 (3rd; 51,000 behind Nancy Grace)

    BOR in 25-54 at 11:00: 409,000
    KO in 25-54 at 10:00: 193,000 (3rd; Grace, 2nd; Greta, 1st)

    BOR in total at 8:00: 3,185,000
    KO it total at 8:00: 1,223,000 (2nd)

    BOR in total at 11:00: 1,258,000
    KO in total at 10:00: 581,000 (3rd; Coop, 2nd; Greta, 1st)

    And there you go.

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