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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

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    Welcome Back, Olby!

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    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    March 14, 2009
    Olbermann's Masculinity Quotient: Now in Negative Numbers

    You know there's trouble brewing on OlbyPlanet when his own blog calls him out. The subject matter: Jim Cramer and his ongoing flap with Jon Stewart. More to the point, Keith Olbermann's pointed avoidance of the story:

    If this story is ignored, or given a light touch in passing such a Best Person in the World, we will know that even our best and bravest news shows have been significantly censored. We will know that Keith and Rachel are not free to report on the compormised state of television journalism in America.

    Well, that's exactly what Keith did. He ignored it completely. (While on that other channel, Bill O'Reilly and a panel of financial reporters analyzed the debate, and what's more, came down on Stewart's side.) That shouldn't surprise anyone. Olby didn't mention Cramer on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday (he was off Tuesday). Why would you expect him to do it on Friday? Besides, TVNewser reported that the suits at MSNBC had told their producers to lay off discussing the Cramer/Stewart showdown. And of course they complied.

    The Kossacks were so upset with Olby that Mr Humility felt he had to explain himself. And in true Edward R Olbermann fashion, he does so by attacking the writer:

    • Steve Krakauer ("SteveK"), is well known around the industry as being entirely in Fox's pocket. His "MSNBC producers have been told" not to mention this, is, frankly, bullshit.... Rachel could get the cover of Newsweek and he wouldn't link to it.... So, did Stewart do a good job? Obviously. Did we get ordered not to run it? Nope. Was stirring up rumors about a ban in the interest of a Foxophilic blogger with the credibility of a bush league Drudge? You bet.

    Of course that doesn't make one minute of sense. And even the kommenters weren't buying it:

    • It may be bullshit, but the stats say otherwise. MSNBC was covering this "feud" during the day all week before last night, then suddenly went completely silent today. It's like hyping a big boxing match ahead of time and then not bothering to tell your viewers what happened in the actual fight.
    • To make such a big deal about it on Morning Joe for a week, then after last night crickets, something had to be up.
    • Boy was it illuminating that you didn't cover the Stewart-Cramer throwdown. Almost as illuminating as the many excuses you're here offering up as to why you didn't now.
    • The NBC families total blackout of discussion about it was the story of the day. KO should have done better. A word, a comment, a wink, anything would have been better than what he's given us so far...
    • I don't really care about a TVNewser post that said you guys were told to lay off. I didn't need to read that on their site because I could see with my own eyes as I watched MSNBC that you guys laid off the story all day long.
    • All you had to do was to rely on your own eyes to see that MSNBC had an almost total black-out of the story. And when you have almost a total black-out of one of the most popular stories of the day it doesn't take much to figure out that someone at NBC made sure to communicate that they didn't like the story.
    • But, Keith, my friend, you have so much time to zap Bill O'Reilly or talk about Rush Limbaugh billboards or allot another whole segment to your Worst Person in the World schtick -- a weekly recap to boot -- yet even 30 seconds to give a back pat to Jon Stewart for saying what needed to be said, especially when no one else on MSNBC (save a few seconds blip from Rachel) mentioned the story. This concerns us as your actions (1) creates some doubt in our minds about a possible NBC blackout on this story, and (2) causes us to wonder if Countdown just jumped the shark.

    Olby's defense was weak tea:

    • I'm not going to publicize a Fox-controlled blogger at a low-volume site on national television.

    Right. Because he never calls out "Fox-controlled" commentators, writers, or bloggers.

    • Our show is primarily about trying to give airtime to stories that are not on ABC, CBS, CNN, and Fox.

    Say what?!? Has KO tactfully refrained from citing Jon Stewart in the past--when he's going after people not on (MS)NBC? This might be Keith's most preposterous claim since he asserted "I am not politically biased". To tell the truth, Countdown is the very model of modern pack journalism. As Politico reports blue blogs and partisan left-wing groups coordinate their targets, and Olby seems to have been one of their most reliable marksmen. When their conference call targeted Betsy McCaughey, so did Olbermann. When it's decided to make Rush Limbaugh the "face" of the GOP, Oralmann dutifully starts calling him "Boss" Limbaugh and hammers it home for seven straight days: March 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 11th, and 12th (he was off on the 10th).

    The truth is, despite all of Keith's attempts to explain himself, we already know that he's in the corporate pocket of his bosses. Remember the Imus flap? Another case where Olbermann was strangely silent for night after night...until after Imus was fired? Here's KO in his own words explaining why he said nothing about Imus all those years:

    I'm constrained by a large degree to the fact that I work at the same place....We try to avoid shooting people on our side of the fence, whether we like them or don't.

    Funny Keith, you didn't say that to the Kos kommenters. It would have made more sense than the drivel you tried to foist on them. In fact, protecting (MS)NBC bosses and KO's on-air buddies is one of the most consistent "features" of Countdown. Can you think of one time when any (MS)NBC talent has been named "Worst Person in the World"?

    Bathtub Boy

    That's why we talk about Keith's Masculinity Quotient. The term springs from Olbermann complaining about the OJ Simpson book deal, and castigating O'Reilly for not opposing it. Of course that was Another Olbermann Lie; O'Reilly railed about it day after day, and even announced a boycott. But it's not that lie, but rather Keith's sanctimonious smear that makes the Olbypocrisy go to 11, as KO lectures the world about how important it is to take "your own network" to task:

    If you are going to take such an I'm right and the rest of the world approach is wrong to everything, and especially broadcasting, you really do find yourself in a position of it being incumbent on you to take your own network to the same degree of task.... Bill just chose not to do it, which doesn't say much about his manhood.

    Right now, Keith Olbermann's manhood quotient is looking pretty limp.

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (82) | | View blog reactions


    Vintage Johnny Dollar. !

    Thanks for this and all the work you've done for years!

    Keith's only defense is to attack the messenger at TVNewser since he can't defend his own network's actions. While Keith is a shill and useful idiot for the Democrat party, they do not sign his pay check. MSDNC does. I guess since Keith ratings have plummeted and he is now trying to catch Nancy Grace's tail, he must not have the power to have network talent fired a CNBC. While I think Jim Cramer could no more pick stocks than I could, I do give him credit for having the courage to admit he was wrong about Obamanation. I smell a rat though. I find it hard to believe he so incompetently defended himself against that partisan hack Stewart. Stewart only attacked Cramer because he spoke out against the Obamanation. If Stewart is such a "champion" of the little guy, then why has he said nothing about Barney Frank, Chirs Dodd, or Maxine Waters? Stewart is nothing more than an unfunny Olbermann.

    Keith wasted no time going after CNBC money guy Rick Santelli several times. " Our corporate cousin" is how he referred to him, and eventually called him "Sick Rantelli", in response to Santellis anti-bailout stance.
    My question is this; Why would Olby be able to criticize Santelli and not be able to acknowledge the Cramer/Stewart fracas?

    Johnny, where's the "Manhood Meter". ?

    The Dreaded Patrick just "treble" posted ! snicker!

    ...Send a bride into hysterical tears and home to mother "limp", Johnny...

    "Countdown is the very model of modern pack journalism"-- Right on!

    "I'm constrained by a large degree to the fact that I work at the same place....We try to avoid shooting people on our side of the fence, whether we like them or don't."

    Tell that to Tucker Carlson.

    Cudos to J$ for being so quick to sweep out the trash!

    That was great, Johnny.
    The Politico report was also discussed last night on "The Factor" in the Talking Points Memo, with Karl Rove, and with Glenn Beck. All three men have been targets of attack.
    Top Story with Rove:
    At Your Beck & Call:
    The fact that Keith is "one of [Podesta's, Palmieri's, and Schechner's, to name a few] most reliable marksmen" is frightening.

    Keith's a coward, there's no other word
    Explanation completely absurd
    He's a partisan hack
    The journalistic pack
    Needs flushing like a giant turd


    The Olbermann Defense for his ignoring the Cramer/Stewart Bloodbath exposes the very core of his dishonesty.

    J'Accuse! Olbermann and THE BIG LIE

    Olbermann makes his case:

    "The assumption that we would automatically do a story on a story Jon Stewart did is not a good one." -Keith Olbermann


    Olbermann Defense exhibit D:

    D) Back to one of my original points: we do in fact give weight to stories based on how much they are covered by the older newscasts and organizations. In other words, if it's going to be on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, etc., that brings it down a notch in our evaluation of its worthiness in our show. Our show is primarily about trying to give airtime to stories that are not on ABC, CBS, CNN, and Fox.

    The amount of coverage a story receives or which news organizations, newer or older, are covering a story has absolutely nothing, in any way, at any time, to do with Countdown's "evaluation of its worthiness."

    The Oddball and Best Persons segments cover the obscure and gives "airtime to stories that are not on ABC, CBS, CNN, and Fox."

    It only takes a short trip down memory lane to discover which stories that received significant coverage by all the other major news organizations were evidently deemed extremely worthy of Countdown coverage:
    STIM Debate/Dems vs GOP
    Obama/Address to Congress
    FOX News/O'Reilly
    Air Pelosi/ABC News

    It seems that what makes a story worthy of being aired on Countdown has everything to do with which political party, liberal, and media personalities the story helps, and which political party, former president, talk radio host, conservative, competitor network and show the story harms.

    Olbermann Defense exhibit E:

    E) There is more in "D" than just seeking novelty. I truly believe in the marketplace of ideas. If two network newscasts with a combined 10 times my audience are doing this story, the thing is being yelled about adequately in the marketplace.

    Now that the false "seeking novelty" argument has been disproved, the prosecution will show the utter lack of credibility of the defendant.

    a. When someone says "I truly believe in...," they know that the record of their own words and actions doesn't substantiate what follows, and if they simply say, "I believe in...," 85% of people that hear or read that, whether detractors or supporters, would suffer a spit double-take, pass a few ounces of Dr. Pepper through their nose whiplash injury, and the he would be liable to the tune of billions and billions of dollars.

    2. marketplace- a sphere in which intangible values compete for acceptance an open marketplace offers a variety of different products which gives the consumer a choice from a variety of sources, displayed in a variety of packaging.

    C. Countdown is a closed marketplace that offers a single product from a identical sources in different packaging.

    IV. Olbermann will gladly add his voice to anyone who agrees with him, but to be fair, he will allow others to voice their opinions, as long as they concur with his.

    In summation, Olbermann reports whatever promotes himself, Obama, democrats, liberals and like-minded media personalities, and whatever denigrates O'Reilly, Bush, republicans, conservatives and media personalities that think differently than him. To his credit, Olbermann also reports some goofy stuff.

    Excellent work again from you guys. I wish I could get $7 million a year to lie like a rug and be a hypocrite.

    Bottom Line: The Kossacks and their ilk are hungering for the Olbermann teat on this issue, and Olby is holding back, not caring that his sucklings are in agony. Douchenozzle!

    He also reports whatever promotes progressives and the progressive mindset. Progressive is further left than liberal.

    Well done, Ramjet. Let me add my 2cents worth:

    "Our show is primarily about trying to give airtime to stories that are not on ABC, CBS, CNN, and Fox."

    Who is being dishonest here? MSBS or KO or both?

    MSN describes his show on the FIOS TV Guide :

    Episode title not available
    Interviews with top newsmakers; countdown of the day's top news stories.

    Whether big or small KO just can't seem to be honest.

    In summation, Olbermann reports whatever promotes himself, Obama, democrats, liberals and like-minded media personalities, and whatever denigrates O'Reilly, Bush, republicans, conservatives and media personalities that think differently than him. To his credit, Olbermann also reports some goofy stuff.

    By ramjet on March 14, 2009 4:17 PM

    This should be embroidered on linen and framed.

    The only thing I'd add, is that Keith doesn't report what he's been discouraged to report, because the brass think 'enough is enough' with the CNBC anti-stimulus package brouhaha.

    Dan you outdid yourself with this one:

    By ObserverDanAuthor Profile Page on March 14, 2009 4:25 PM

    Bottom Line: The Kossacks and their ilk are hungering for the Olbermann teat on this issue, and Olby is holding back, not caring that his sucklings are in agony. Douchenozzle!"


    It's funny. I started writing my Special Comment before J$ posted his excellent article.

    "Keith, you ad, you turncoat, you fair-weather friend! How could you fail me like this. How could you fail ALL of us like this? (...I DO in fact speak for the rest of DK and all leftys everywhere.. no, I wasn't elected. Quit causing trouble.) Your failure to highlight my cause of the week has left me in ANGUISH. You have ruined my life and through this omission, you have betrayed everything you have ever stood for or will hope to stand for. I will never watch your show again (unless you make amends for this lapse, then you're #1 again).
    Like Ramses banishing Moses, I will never utter your name again (unless you send me a handwritten apology - 10 pages, single spaced - and an autographed baseball card of YOU).

    "You have left me in ruins. I have dishes to do. I have to go to work Monday. I can't ... I just.. I can't live my life without you on my side, everywhere, all the time.

    "Keith... where were you when I needed you?
    You despicable traitor. You're no better than Bill O'Reilly. You're dead to me.

    "Does anyone know of a support group for former Kei... sob KO fans?
    I can't get through this alone. Some of you have got to be out there. He's passed on something important to you and you've been hurt. I know you're out there. I need your help to get through this. How did you put meaning back into your life? How did you find a reason to keep breathing, keep putting one foot in front of the other?
    Help me. Help me and I'll help you. Help me help you. Show me the money."

    I feel for fans like this.....I really do. Keith Olbermann must rectify this injustice MONDAY with a SPECIAL COMMENT about flim-flam artists like his NBC NEWS collegue, Jim Cramer.....HE MUST!

    There are many fans posting stuff like this at kos....I wonder if Olbermann is taking note.

    Ace of Spades has some very interesting remarks on the matter.

    I'll apologize in advance that he's often as foul-mouthed as a liberal.

    I also noted another post by Olbermann about John Stewart in response to a poster noting he/she thought Olbermann and Stewart were the best of friends (I was not sure if this was mentioned by anyone else).....

    "And I have no clue. I have no animosity toward [John Stewart].

    "He asked my bosses to have me come on the show, once, I believe in 2003. I was unable to do it because of a doctor's appointment (and the fact that my show was being done exclusively in Jersey again).

    "Never heard from him again. No more invitations. I assume he took offense. I know he has done so with others who declined invitations.

    "This would contrast him to Maher, who asked me back incessantly after I last guested - in 2000. It has never worked out logistically. Finally it is: I'm going to be on with him next week."

    Perhaps Olbermann will take the opportunity to make nice with his friends at kos.

    I miss Louis Rukeyser! Speaking of that, I never appreciated Conan O'Brien until I watched a couple of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"s. My God, what an awful replacement! Sorry for straying off topic.

    The fact that KO took time from his VACATION to post about this subject, even in defense, says a lot. He either is desperate or leads a very empty life. Just picture him sitting lonely in his shorts in an empty hotel room - pounding away on his keyboard to the Kos Kids and reading TVNewser.

    It's not just the Kos kids who are upset. His fan girls at DU are irritated.

    from Berry Cool (aka Berry Bush - KO's biggest fan)

    Two Comments:

    1. I don't believe him.

    2. His being at a baseball game, while entirely believable, is a lame excuse for ignoring the story. If there was a major earthquake on the West Coast, or someone (God forbid) took a shot at Obama, or a plane crashed in Texas and 300 people died, would he have ignored that? "I'm sorry, I was at a baseball game."

    No, this doesn't fly. Especially when you consider the times he's taken Billo and others to task for not calling out their own networks. And it's not as if he didn't have time last night to talk about it. He could have skipped that whole "Worst Person of the Week" crap for this. I can't believe he's going back to that well. It didn't work with Oddball and it won't work with this.

    I will be watching his Monday show with bated breath. Because by then, I expect there to be a lot more talk about this, and for Keith to look even more bizarre by remaining silent, if he chooses to do so.

    Btw, Jon Stewart's brother is a Wall St executive who may hold a grudge against CNBC or their personalities.

    It's worse than we thought. Apparently Rachel's "Masculinity Quotient" is much higher than Queef's according to this KOSsack:

    Olbermann is a hypocrite. (0+ / 0-)

    And last night he proved it. He didn't have the balls to do what Rachel did, namely bite the hand that feeds. Rachel proved (as if we didn't already know) that what is most important to her is the truth, no matter where it's coming from or who it's critical of. Meanwhile Keith folded like a cheap lawn chair then came running to Daily Kos to try and do damage control to his reputation. That ship sailed the second he chose not to report this. To paraphrase Jon Stewart: this song ain't about you Keith. Enough of the slams at Fox and the NY Post and Murdoch and all of his other little obsessions-how about report the %&*@ news and what really mattes instead? Oh, right. That would piss off the corporate bosses and he proved last night he's not man enough to stand up to them. Go Rachel!

    by redheadedwoman on Sat Mar 14, 2009 at 07:48:34 AM PDT

    [ Parent ]

    Keith had no problem with TVNewser when he was using their posts as sources for Fox attacks in WPitW. But now, suddenly, Steve Krakauer is "entirely in Fox's pocket."
    Boy, either his site is one of your go-to sources or he's "entirely in Fox's pocket. To quote you yourself last Wednesday, "Even in your funhouse mirror world, it cannot be both."

    Ktt, I noticed that at DU. How do they put up with all the waving, clapping and jumping things going on. That might be why they seem to be somewhat bat shit crazy.

    His gal pals at seem to be made of sturdier stock.

    "Speculation on other boards is that Keith won't mention the Stewart interview of Cramer, since Cramer works for CNBC.

    on edit, I found this:

    MSNBC Producers Asked Not To Highlight Cramer/Stewart

    A TVNewser tipster tells us MSNBC producers were asked not to incorporate the Jim Cramer/Jon Stewart interview into their shows today. In fact, the only time it came up on MSNBC was during the White House briefing, when a member of the press corps asked Press Secretary Robert Gibbs if Pres. Obama watched. Gibbs wasn't sure if the president had, but Gibbs did. "I enjoyed it thoroughly," the Press Secretary said.

    Aw heck. Keith would have had fun with this story."

    Keith is clearing this up on his own now. From the Daily Kos.

    The assumption that we would automatically do a story on a story Jon Stewart did is not a good one.

    There is no interaction between his show and mine, and while it's possible that we did some significant segments on any of his previous smackdowns or vivisections (as good as they might have been), I don't remember when that would've been. So it's either not happened, or it hasn't happened in a long time.

    Also the premise of corporate no-touch orders to keep what happened "quiet" is silly. That horse (in fact, an entire stable-full) left that barn as soon as the video hit the internet. My understanding is Rachel's doing a little something on this.

    There is also - and of course I know this from being on the other end - the element of competitive gamesmanship about this. If there had been anybody of Cramer's heft on Fox Business, subjected to Stewart's hammering, I don't know that ABC, CBS and Fox would've been quite so interested in covering it. Conversely, I recall Stewart doing a lot of hammering of Foxies and it's not like I've turned all of those into 10-minute segments on this show.
    "If you're going through hell - keep going!" -- Winston Churchill

    by Keith Olbermann on Fri Mar 13, 2009 at 05:38:04 PM PDT"

    Postby SusieQ on Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:41 pm
    In fact, he seems to be blogging there. ... 5/333#c333
    "No matter what your political orientation is, if you don't stick up for the freedom of all opinion, eventually the wheel will turn, you'll be the minority and you'll have written the rules by which you yourself are squashed." K

    Back to your regularly scheduled love fest:

    Re: COUNTDOWN 3/13/09

    Postby Marie on Sat Mar 14, 2009 2:01 am
    He always looks nice, but especially nice tonight. Got the hair just right! --


    A stunning picture of KO gazing seductively at Marie.

    Re: COUNTDOWN 3/13/09

    Postby SusieQ on Sat Mar 14, 2009 8:11 am

    I hope he remembers to wear green on Tuesday. :wink:

    "No matter what your political orientation is, if you don't stick up for the freedom of all opinion, eventually the wheel will turn, you'll be the minority and you'll have written the rules by which you yourself are squashed." KO"

    And that was that.

    I know I originally said "of sturdier stuff" but let me rephrase that.

    His gal pals don't seem to have an ounce of good sense between them. Oh well, they say love is blind. :)

    To quote John Mellencamp: "When the walls...come tumblin down." You've GOT to love it. They're going nuts over at KOS and KO can't do anything about it, 'cept the right then and make an "on air" statement but his handlers at MSNBC will not let him do it.


    That names rings a bell that she had some brouhaha maybe with J$ or R Cox here.

    Anybody remember anything?

    You have an excellent memory, Grammie. It starts to get good around here:

    And on and on it goes.

    By Grammie on March 14, 2009 7:37 PM


    That names rings a bell that she had some brouhaha maybe with J$ or R Cox here.

    Anybody remember anything?

    It's hard to say, Grammie.

    When Bob was having his bouts with the fangirls, we had a whole slew of them over here with names like that.

    Seems like there was an AmericanWoman, a Liberal Woman, a SouthernWoman, and a PMS Woman (okay, I made the last one up), who were all giving Bob down the road about the awful things the he said about their dream-boat Keith...

    By johnny dollarAuthor Profile Page on March 14, 2009 7:47 PM

    You have an excellent memory, Grammie. It starts to get good around here:

    And on and on it goes.

    hahahaha, Johnny! That was a link to more drama than a year's worth of tv reality shows!

    Those fangirls were a hoot!

    Johnny's link goes right to it. A year or so ago R Cox brought it up over something and I read about it.

    Thanks, Johnny.

    Grammie, thanks for the link to Marie et al. They never disappoint. lol

    "He got the hair just right." That is one sick person.

    The OReilly Factor —3,614,000 viewers (832,000) (1,557,000)
    Countdown w/K. Olbermann —1,274,000 viewers (361,000) (615,000)

    A metaphor for becoming entangled in one's obsessions?

    Becoming so hard in thought one is devoured by the madness?

    One day, 'The Death of Olby'?

    And when the day comes that he is (career) dead, the only question shall be asked. "Who from his brood shall still follow?"

    "**By puck30 on March 14, 2009 11:01 PM

    A metaphor for becoming entangled in one's obsessions?

    Becoming so hard in thought one is devoured by the madness?

    One day, 'The Death of Olby'?

    And when the day comes that he is (career) dead, the only question shall be asked. "Who from his brood shall still follow?""**

    Very good my friend. Moby Dick Cheney perhaps?

    Thanks and kudos to everyone for the illuminating commentaries. Great incite. I am in awe of each and everyone of you.

    As for KO, he alibis, whines, wheedles, and cavils and his ratings go down along with his stature and reputation. A fortune cookie I recently opened had the perfect message for Herr Olbermann....

    "If you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always gotten."

    Read it or not:

    Olby has finally gone and done it. Once your rationale is questioned by your most loyal supporters it's time to admit that you have a problem. What's more, going to dailykos to defend your actions is sooooo 2007. In fact, it's flat out embarrassing. Recently, Time Mag. named dailykos as one of it's "most overrated blogs." Over the past year, media, politicians and all civilized people have been distancing themselves from a website that is properly categorized as a flash in the pan political smear machine. Everyone that is, except for good ol' Olby.

    A while back Keith saw dailykos' emergence onto the political scene as his chance to grab a new audience for his show. Accordingly, he targeted his show to whatever stories played well with the kos audience and thus, Countdown went far far left. Olby got the little ratings bump that he was looking for from a loyal group that held him out as a king. What's more, he picked up a $7,000,000 per year contract and was creating a buzz cable news circles. The elections in 2006 & 2008, however, provided a false sense amongst the dailykos'ers and Olby that their view of the world was now "mainstream." They seemed to ignore that although the Dems did win elections in 2008, they weren't out there calling themselves dailykos-democrats. The drop in the Countdown ratings and the fact that so few, if any, news media or politicians will associate themselves with dailykos bears this out. (HuffPo, while still a little koo-koo, is far and away the blog of the future for Dems- they will call it their drudgereport- I know there's obvious differences b/w the two but both have more journalistic type elements)

    With $7 mil per year coming in and rock-star type status among fans it's easy to see how a self-centered person could fall into this trap. However, when you purposely limit your appeal to one group who makes a living off tearing others down, it's just a matter of time before they come after you too. Everyone else seemed to see this train coming for a long time with the dailykos. I wonder if the big contract and the 18 month ratings run was worth it for Olby. Is temporary internet admiration and $7,000,000 per year worth losing your dignity?

    The blog above was from iBlog at TVNewser

    Count, I just read iBlog over at TVN and left a comment about how much I enjoyed his comment, that it was very well thought out.

    Thanks and kudos to everyone for the illuminating commentaries. Great incite. I am in awe of each and everyone of you...By Scrappy The Best

    ...and, by chancing a commotion by sharing my devotion to Smokey, "I second that emotion."

    Is temporary internet admiration and $7,000,000 per year worth losing your dignity?...CountDung

    That's like asking somebody who lives in Hawaii where their igloo is.

    Here are two little gems that I just came across. These two Koz Kidz make so much sense that I'm surprised they are Koz Kidz.

    " I just cannot buy that line, Keith. (13+ / 0-)

    You're claiming that while it was covered in big headlines by multiple other news outlets, including some that you use nearly daily as sources and even on-air talent for your show's stories (e.g., Huffington Post), that you chose to "pass" on this all by your journalist sensibilities lonesome? I call "bullshit".

    The coverage and build-up on the NBC networks (including MS-NBC) to Cramer's appearance on The Daily Show was real and out there. But after Cramer gets his ASS HANDED TO HIM by Jon Stewart, what came out of "NBC Nation"? Crickets...

    You have railed against the "journalists" and others who have cast a blind-eye to what was going on in the lead-up to war in Iraq; in the dumbfounded incredulity of the media in accepting Bush talking points over and over again. Some of these rants have been whole topics for your "Special Comment" section.

    And yet today, SIR, today you and all the other members of your family of networks chose to IGNORE this news story. Perhaps the "newser" source is bogus, but I still smell a rat, SIR, and I call "bullshit" to your your cover-story.

    [Oh yes - and I am aware that Rachel Maddow touched on the story, every so briefly and gently in her show. Nice ass-coverage for MS-NBC but not real news coverage.]

    Memo to Republicans - "Nope" is not a strategy...

    by frisco on Fri Mar 13, 2009 at 08:49:06 PM PDT

    Give frisco a cigar for that work of art.

    "Spot On ... (0+ / 0-)

    Keith sold out and he knows it. You can read it in his response - he is guilty of the same things he rails against often. To be honest this places him in the same category of O'Reily, Hannity and Limbaugh - just yell and scream like the corporate monkey's they are. He has just picked the Progressive Side because the Conservative side of the network was full. Oh well you can't blame him for being smart enough to see a market.

    Demographics do not equal destiny.

    by dr fatman on Fri Mar 13, 2009 at 09:13:19 PM PDT

    Well, it only took this Koz Kid five years to figure out what is emblazoned on his forehead in flashing lights for all the world to see.

    If they weren't so predictably vicious towards those who disagree with them I could almost work up a little compassion for them. Well, that fleeting thought passed away, thank God.

    By Grammie on March 15, 2009 12:28 PM

    Well, it only took this Koz Kid five years to figure out what is emblazoned on his forehead in flashing lights for all the world to see.

    If they weren't so predictably vicious towards those who disagree with them I could almost work up a little compassion for them. Well, that fleeting thought passed away, thank God."

    Whoopsie, I forgot the comment:

    " Well, it makes it a whole lot harder for

    KO to criticize FOX Noise every night, if he can let his own get away with it. Yes, I understand why it is hard to go against the corporate bosses, but he makes a living out of criticizing other media for being corporate propoganda machines. The optics are hypocritical at best.

    by kanuk on Fri Mar 13, 2009 at 07:39:31 PM PDT"

    Ahaahaahaa, Olbyisaman? is dead meat. Stick a fork in him.

    Maybe, just maybe, MSNBC will buy out his contract and get this
    vile person off the airwaves and send him to fool's paradise.

    All he is is a coward and a despicable human being. There is
    nothing journalistic about him. All he is is a baseball card collector
    with a nasty attitude.

    If that happens, good riddance!!!!!

    What is going to happen Monday?

    - Will Olberwomann run and hide in the bathtub? or

    - Will he try to appease his puppet masters at Kos and jump on a story that has already been beaten into the ground?

    I was listening to the Big Ten Championship game on Westwood One and heard a fluffy ad for MSNBC. Names dropped in the ad: Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, and Joe Scarborough.

    Dick Cheney said something today. That should give him some fuel.

    I saw Cheney's interview with CNN's John King, on "State of the Union."

    I would say enough material for a week's worth of Kountdown.

    Especially the "Obama is making us less safe" material.

    Cue the Darth Vader music!

    I've been wondering also what tack will KO take tomorrow.

    The idea I keep coming back to is a histrionic groveling mea maxima culpa just like the creeps who abuse women use to convince their battered and mauled wives or girlfriends to stay with them.

    If he ignores then I think he will be in trouble. Just imagine that every time he does worst or best person they will be reminded of this story and how badly he behaved.

    I think he definitely needs a catharsis to put thi behind him.


    I don't think he's tough enough to stand up to the Kos Kids. He'll have to do something to appease them, like

    1) not show up (he'll be in LA for Bill Maher next Fri so he could claim travel time) and hope it dies out, or

    2) pray for a big news story or natural disaster to be a distraction.

    I love that a certain percentage of them believe he's been pandering to them for ratings.

    Perhaps Keith could do his usual thing of apologizing on behalf of someone he did for the blogsite where he lifted the Murdoch misquote, for David Shuster's pimping-out comment, and for the entirety of MSNBC for airing Rudy Giuliani's speech at the Republican Convention.

    Maybe Keith could be "literally dreadfully sorry" for every misstep Jim Cramer has ever made.

    Goodness knows, he'll never be sorry for his own.

    This story is as good as dead. Olbs cannot let himself so blatantly come off as Kos' puppet. Both parties know that Olbs provides the loudest forum for most of Kos messages and they won't want to lose that over Jon Stewart v. Cramer. Kos will lay off and Olbs will lay into Cheney. It'll be like old times @ Kos during the 8 PM hour tomorrow. Olbs will keep a little chip on his shoulder over this and might spend a little less time at Kos. He had to be looking for an out anyway.

    By irushbabyAuthor Profile Page on March 15, 2009 7:32 PM

    My problem is that I can see him doing several different things.

    Whatever he does it will be based on his assessment of the most gain for the least pain. I wonder if his ratings will go up tomorrow with the people who know this story will tune in for How the Olb twists?

    ***O'Reilly Attack Alert***: "The Simpsons" just parodied the O'Reilly "Inside Edition" outtake. Playing Bill was Kent Brockman. The outtake was parodied right down to the crane camera shot where the suit was taken off and shoved away. This clip will be shown tomorrow night in either Oddball, BPitW, WPitW (#2), or #1.

    I just don't see him trying to jump in late just for Kos. Everyone will see right through it. I see it could be lose, lose for Olbs, but it would take a long time for Kos to get another mouthpiece like Olbs on cable. Shuster wouldn't cut it and Maddow would never "anchor" msnbc coverage. It's for both to just move on.

    The more I think about it, I do think Olbs sat on the story for no other reason than the NBC-fam just came out looking like clowns. They let a comedian destroy one of their own, it reflects bad on everyone in journalism, let alone NBC. Personally, I think the whole thing was the most overblown story of the year but when the cable news folk dug their own grave with the story, they deserve what they get.

    Finally, Stewart is a genuine threat to Olbermann, hence the cheap shots he took in his kos blog comments. He won't join in the promotion of Stewart b/c it'll only hurt his own relevance.

    ha! we know whenever the simpsons do anything olby related it's because they admire him so much. Something tells me Olby will see a BillO related simpsons as something else...

    We now have at least 2 of KOs Monday segments picked, only 3 to go.

    Probably he will make Cheney the news of the night. Perhaps more than one countdown story there for him. Unless something else blows up before then. Either way he handles the Cramer/Stewart thing he is dead meat. If he deals with it, then even his bosses have to know that he is basically Kos on TV. If he doesn't deal with it the Kos kids will be all over him again for the pussy he is, unless the other comments about letting him off because he is all they have, hold true. Madcow is probably dead meat with him gone. I don't think she can carry the evening.

    Mike. Have heard that MSNBC commercial on other stations. Notice where they put Joe. Has the best show of all of them but gets put in the Uecker seats by Griffin.

    Maybe these guys could be toast. Wonder how their 401-Ks are doing. They are heading south fast. Next thing you might see them hanging around Gin Mills getting free booze and a little cash if they will talk to the patrons and do a few autographs. That is one of the stops on the way down the ladder.

    lol Uecker seats, you a fellow Wisconsinite 10th Calvary? I don't hear that phrase a lot from out of staters.

    "Uecker seats"

    Is that from those wonderful adds with a retired baseball player saying "bingo, two seats in the front row"! He was so high uo he needed an oxygen mask and ragging the umps about bad calls.

    I loved those ads.

    They be the ones Grammie. He was also an announcer (or maybe still is) for the Brewers, and quite the cutup when he played catcher in his day. My favorite story I heard him talk about, was when he was at the plate facing Nolan Ryan, and the guy who batted in front of him had just hit a homer and Uecker knew the first pitch would be high and tight, so as soon as Ryan let it go Uecker jumped behind both the catcher and the ump. The ball went about 100mph where he was standing, and all 3 of them (catcher, ump and Uecker) just turned their heads to watch it whiz to the backstop.

    I loved the guy.

    He still does Brewer games on the radio. He's a legend around here.

    No doubt Lafinman, and has some of the best quotes ever. "How do you catch a knuckleball? Simple, just wait until it stops rolling and then pick it up". Hilarious stuff, and the pitcher wasn't Ryan but Gibson who threw at him.

    "I won the Minor League MVP award two years in a row. Unfortunately, I was playing in the majors at the time."

    Great guy, and I haven't heard much about him lately, but it's good to hear he's still announcing.

    Thanks for the stories. I didn't know anything about him except I just felt like I liked him when I saw him in the ads. Some nice fun people project even to those who don't know them.

    Uecker is a character, in the best possible sense.

    In movies, commercials, his sitcom Mr. Belvedere, or guest shots on other TV sitcoms, he played himself.

    Just for you;-)

    It appears, according to the ads they're running that Garafalo is coming on for Monday's show with KO. So he's not taking the night off.

    Yep. He is the man. One of the world's really good guys. Have had the good fortune to golf with him a couple of times. Very hard to concentrate when you are rolling on the ground half the time. My aged memory isn't what it was but I think he has been doing the games since they started here in 1970. What a rush it would be if he did a Countdown show. Would be like Will Rogers reincarnated.

    Former Vice President Cheney's interview this weekend provide more than enough soundbites for the zombie COUNTDOWN staff to piece together a whole show and totally ignore Olbermann's cowing to the higher-ups at NBC NEWS in protecting their own Jim Cramer.

    There will be at least 2/5 just on Cheney tonight. The gauntlet he threw down might also give Olbermann motivation to write a SPECIAL COMMENT this week. Oh goodie!

    With the amateur psychoanalyist, Dr. Garagalo on as well, Keith will be in full "frothed saliva in the corners of his mouth" mode. I am glad there is other, better things to old Bob Ross JOY OF PAINTING episodes.

    Thanks again to both of you. That was very sweet of you.

    Perhaps he brings someone on who will try and defend his posture on Cramer/Stewart for him and take him off the hook with the Kos babies.

    Wow, I actually found another very good analysis (still not as on target as the one that leads up top, and many others after) of Keith Olbermann's ridiculous excuses regarding his deciding not to spend COUNTDOWN time on the Cramer/Stewart conflict.....ON KOS!......

    "The FIVE stages of Keith Olbermann"

    Priest Valon

    It is worth the read if not to simply understand the simple, and very honest, conclusions the author states at the end of the entry....

    "Firstly, Countdown usually picks the lowest hanging liberal fruit available that news cycle.. regardless of coverage elsewhere. If Countdown did not cover most of the 'Joe the Plumber' stories, Countdown would not keep its audience very long.

    "Secondly, Countdown sometimes has weak or repetitive news days. Friday wasn't the strongest news day. Its (sp) often the practice of newsmakers to release news that they don't want to get the most attention on fridays to 'bury' the story.

    "The Cramer/Stewart interview and the issues surrounding it are highly pertinent and timely. I just do not understand why the liberal news show 'of record' would not cover this, even if it was in an oblique manner."

    I am in agreement. I suppose this the age of change and hope if I can actually agree with a member of the nutroots.


    Great link. Even in that post one can see that he is their boy. They would be lost without him. Even at the modest ratings they would lose their link to the broadcast media. They must be going nuts. They have to protect him and try and be at least somewhat intellectually honest at the same time. Oh these moments of situational ethics are a problem for those types. As the economists would say, the "elasticity" of their integrity is endless.

    By 10th Cavalry on March 16, 2009 10:34 AM


    The Olby defense on Kos was a trial baloon. He's had all weekend to analyze the responding comments and read all the media reports discussing his silence on the Stewart/Cramer bloodbath.

    He will do what he always does; i.e., shift the focus away from his screw up and criticize others, with Stewart heading the list. He might even pull out his patented 'mea culpa' where he admits to ignoring the story but frames it in a manner that makes him look noble and compassionate, with pure motives.

    With all weekend to work on this, I fully expect to see a Kountdown Klassic worthy of the Dean of Discombobulation.

    Whatever he does or doesn't do we can be sure that more calculation went into it than it took to launch Space Shuttle last night and get it to the Space Station.

    I wonder if there are enough people aware of and interested in this story to affect his ratings.

    Jon Stewart did something that Keith Olbermann has failed to do, but has tried to accomplish -- over and over and over again.

    Jon Stewart had the "Edward R. Murrow Moment" against Kramer. He buried Kramer and spoke for the average American.

    Stewart resonated at a level that Keith can only dream of.

    THEN, MSLSD ignores the whole thing....The whole damn thing.

    Great job Jon Stewart.



    You should consider bake Jon Stewert into the "Great Moments in Journbalism" clips going forward..

    Irushbaby, I think you hit on something important I hadn't thought of until now...

    Finally, Stewart is a genuine threat to Olbermann, hence the cheap shots he took in his kos blog comments. He won't join in the promotion of Stewart b/c it'll only hurt his own relevance.

    Stewart did Olbermann far better than Olbermann could ever hope to do himself. That equals big time threat. Especially in the eyes of the Krazy Kos Krowd.

    Is it my imagination or are Richard Wolffe and Rachell Madow the same person?

    Identical twins separated at birth, perhaps?

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