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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    June 11, 2009
    Countdown: Thursday/Friday Recappers Thread
    Bathtub Boy

    It's the recappers thread for tonight's installment of The Hour of Spin Hate. We need you to document the scurrilous lies and fruit-loop theories of the infamous, deplorable one. Be an Olbermann Watch blogger--without all the muss and fuss. Comments are open!

    UPDATE: Yeah I forgot to post a thread for tonight. So keep using this one. Soldier on, soldier onners!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (74) | | View blog reactions


    The past 2 night KO has put on the strangest looking "home grown terror experts". They look like Looney Toons characters, no joke. He will also have Musto on to discuss Prejean, oh boy. Finally, Olby teased that he will show the Palins have lost the moral high ground with Letterman and are nothing more than political opportunists.


    Of course, she's the #1 enemy of Keithy-poo! I guess Prejean is too old for Olby!

    And wrong Keith, it was freedom of speech!

    And what the hell does Musto know about god?

    So, Keith! When are you and Musto going to wed. Now I know why he pro-gay marriage!

    Musto called Prejean a "Bi-o-tch" again but he also broke Olby rules and mentioned BILLO!

    So, did Olby and Musto gloat and bask in the glory of the victory?

    ...of *their* victory?

    Yeah, Mike C., it was a victory lap for the two.

    But it would be like the janitor and garage attendant at the DNC taking credit for the Obama victory.

    Oh yeah, Keithy=poo. Whatever TV that Ms. Prejean does she will have TRIPLE the eyeballs on her than that will watch your stupid little show!

    Any book she writes (and she will) will garner a higher advance and sell more than your two books!

    So success is the best revenge, and Carrie Prejean will be very successful.

    Prejean was on "Hannity" tonight. If posts video, and I hope they do, I'll link to it here.

    I know this: "Red Eye" and "Countdown" have something in common: they mocked Prejean in some way. "Red Eye's" way was through Bill Schulz and left-leaning guests. Opposite! [Ding!]

    Yeah, but Schulzie's left wing rantings are far more reasonable than Olby's.

    That's true, Syvyn. Plus, and I need to remember this, it's "Red Eye." Also, I think Bill is a libertarian, but I could be wrong.
    The Prejean interview is up for our viewing pleasure...and Olby and Musto's displeasure.

    Olby's screwing his buddy's daughter
    He pulled her from the teeter-totter
    So he'll defend Dave
    Because they both deprave
    Women like they're cannon fodder

    UN effing WATCHABLE!

    Assholebermann dedicates a substantial portion of the hour to a 21 yr. old girl, an 18 yr. old girl, and a 14 year old girl.

    Bettes must be lightin' Tur's fire out there in tornado alley, causing ol' KO to go yet lower in his female age preferences.

    PARENTS!! BEWARE of Letterman, Musto, and, of course, BTB hangin' near your local middle schools, especially the all female variety.

    Andy Levy is the libertairian. Bill is the leftie, but still far more reasonable than anyone on MSNBC.

    Rape jokes directed at Palins' daughter are Palins fault because she dared bring her to the republican convention. Who knew?

    I didn't watch Olby (NBA Finals) but judging from your comments it sounds like he (or his guest sheep) are saying that Saran Palin's daughter (either one) deserved the remarks because Sarah put them in the spotlight FIRST by bringing them to the RNC. If that is the case then this "man" has no shame. Here is my rant if that is the case...Listen, you dope, all conventions are a chance for the President and the VP to show America their families. EVERYONE does it. If you didn't, the press would be asking you why so and so wasn't there.

    Just imagine Olby's reaction if ANY ENTERTAINER insulted one of Obama's children. I think his head would explode and it would be the #1 story for weeks. He would also call for that person's firing and/or resignation.

    But it's OK to do to a Republican VP candidate and current Governor for the simple fact that they do not like her.

    Typical left wing, liberal HYPOCRISY.

    Using that 'logic', we could trash the Obama children.

    But that would be WRONG!

    That's the difference between us and them.

    MSNBC wants you to know that is the RIGHT WING that is fomenting the hate and murder in this country.

    ..."There is a very disturbing and disturbed element of political discourse. And I would throw in Rush Limbaugh, not blaming him, but when you say that our president is more dangerous than al Qaeda, you‘ve gone off into crazy nut job land. You are off the charts crazy. And you are whipping people up.

    If he‘s worse than our mortal enemy, al Qaeda, who killed thousands and thousands of Americans, I don‘t know. Where do you go after that? It‘s awful."
    -Joan Walson, Salon, on Wed's "Hardball with Chris Matthews".

    My question is this; Hasn't this woman heard Keith Olbermann's rants about Bush-Cheney? And those words were uttered on MESSNBC. Maybe David Shuster will do a "Hypocricy Watch" segment on it.

    More red meat for the radical leftist on COUNTDOWN tonight. I just caught Governor Palin on TODAY and I just heard Prejean is also going to be on.....Oy.

    Palin was very well spoken and concentrated on the content of the jokes in regards to what their acceptance and excusing says about how young women, like her daughters, are perceived by society. She brought the condemnation of Letterman's remarks by feminist groups.

    Olbermann will likely overlook that part the interview and concentrate on her discussing the obvious double standard in the treatment of office holder's/candidate's children...She even spoke of Obama and his demand family be off limits and how his word is obeyed, selectively....That comment will go is probably already on the net as I type this!

    Oh well, content for COUNTDOWN, and Rush has not even been on yet. Why do people watch Olbermann again?


    I seriously doubt that Letterman has the cojones to face Todd Palin following a "rape your daughter" joke.

    Via OW we come to the following transcript documenting Olbermann's reaction and questions to the Don Imus firing over racist AND SEXIST remarks he made back in 2007.....

    OLBERMANN: Let's turn now to the Reverend Jesse Jackson, who has been one of the many voices raised in this controversy.

    And we're going to talk about a couple of aspects about this in depth, but let‘s start, sir, with your overall reaction to MSNBC and NBC's decision today.

    REV. JESSE JACKSON, RAINBOW COALITION: Well, it is a victory for public decency. The airwaves should not be conduits for racism or racist bigotry or misogyny or religious bigotry, and sponsors should not underwrite it. That‘s one dimension of it.


    But this kind of lineage of pattern, this did not (INAUDIBLE). I'm glad MSNBC did step up. But we can't stop here. Because whether it is on NBC television, or whether it is and CBS Radio, or even music, we must raise a higher ethical standard for all the music, because we cannot allow these images of violence to continue, because IF YOU CAN CALL A WOMAN A HO AND SHE WILL SUBMIT TO IT, THAT'S THE FIRST STEP TOWARD DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. THAT MUST STOP.


    Wow. Compare this interview with this guest to last night's segment with Ms. Carlson....Compare and contrast. In a word, H Y P O C R I S Y

    More to come....

    OLBERMANN: Stipulating, sir, that I WAS ONE OF THOSE NBC EMPLOYEES WHO PUT IT OUT TO MY BOSSES BEHIND THE SCENES THAT THIS COULD NOT STAND, THAT THIS CHANGE INVOLVING DON IMUS HAD TO BE MADE, I can say that now, I respected my employers and did not say it until they reached this conclusion, which I applaud sincerely, let me ask you again about the other people.

    Wow, what a run-on sentence filled with CYA and narcissism! CLASSIC OLBERMANN PATHOLOGY....There was more though....

    ....OLBERMANN: Is someone like Rush Limbaugh—how someone like Rush Limbaugh—how have they kept their time slots? Will there be an increased effort to either get them to contain themselves within the rounds of decency, or will there be a new sensitivity to them? Are they on the ropes? Are they on probation because of this?

    JACKSON: Well, then there must be—there must be a renewed sensitivity and a broader public outcry. After all, this attack, you know, was not for blacks only. THIS WAS ABOUT WOMEN, AND THAT'S WHY I'M GLAD KIM GANDY AND NOW STOOD UP, BECAUSE IT'S ABOUT MISOGYNISM. It‘s about that. It‘s about race, and it‘s about, in the case of Keith Ellison, it‘s about religion.

    Oh the irony....oh the blatant lack of Olbermann classic indignation at the very IDENTICAL misogyny directed at Willow or Bristol Palin by David Letterman. Olbermann's muted response to Letterman's joke stands in the record these past two nights and is a blaring mark on this already known poor excuse for a human being.

    BUT THERE'S MORE!.....Olbermann continues to growel at the altar of leftist idols in stark hypocrisy to deferring to TRUTH....

    ....JACKSON: Imus is on MSNBC 1,040 hours a week. Where are the black show hosts on MSNBC? I mean, there—you look at yourself and others, from 3:00 at night to midnight, not a single black show host or Latino, all day, all night, all white.

    Let's desegregate the media, let's diversify the airwaves. Let the American people see the true breadth and depth of the American public. Right now, there‘s a kind of cultural isolation in the media itself.

    I think If you have a credible black person on that show, that conversation may never have taken place, taken place in the first place. So I'm saying now, we're going to meet with the NBC officials tomorrow, and CBS, about what about employment, (INAUDIBLE) horizontally, about show hosts, about writers ad producers, the whole range of let's desegregate the media, because the airwaves belong to the public. And let's be fair to that public.


    Ah, a low point for the "journalist" Olbermann who, as we know in the future, kicked the African-American to the curb for a white gal as his sub....what a progressive!

    So it goes....One Olbermann for 2007, another Olbermann for 2009....Sexual innuendo degrading women then, The Rutgers Women Basketball three women, one of whom is a conservative Republican, the other two her 18, one 14......In 2007, Don 2009, David Letterman.....

    You make the call....Intellectual honesty? Fairness? Compassion?

    You make the call....Hypocrisy? Political and personal opportunism? Hatred?


    Olbermann defends David Lettermann - hmmmmm. Two pedophiles? Well Letterman defended his joke by saying he was talking about Palin's older daughter, so that makes it OK. Well first of all, how about this for a Letterman joke on tonight's show:

    Chelsea Clinton has decided to follow her parents into politics, but she's willing to start at the bottom. She has been seen on her knees in the offices of several prominent congressmen....and congresswomen.

    As a Yankees fan I am angry with Letterman for dissing A Rod. Where's the outrage? If a Republican or conservative had called A Rod a rapist, all hell would have broken out in the media..... especially at MSNBC.

    Olbermann defends David Lettermann - hmmmmm. Two pedophiles? Well Letterman defended his joke by saying he was talking about Palin's older daughter, so that makes it OK. Well first of all, how about this for a Letterman joke on tonight's show:

    Chelsea Clinton has decided to follow her parents into politics, but she's willing to start at the bottom. She has been seen on her knees in the offices of several prominent congressmen....and congresswomen.

    As a Yankees fan I am angry with Letterman for dissing A Rod. Where's the outrage? If a Republican or conservative had called A Rod a rapist, all hell would have broken out in the media..... especially at MSNBC.

    Olbermann defends David Lettermann - hmmmmm. Two pedophiles? Well Letterman defended his joke by saying he was talking about Palin's older daughter, so that makes it OK. Well first of all, how about this for a Letterman joke on tonight's show:

    Chelsea Clinton has decided to follow her parents into politics, but she's willing to start at the bottom. She has been seen on her knees in the offices of several prominent congressmen....and congresswomen.

    As a Yankees fan I am angry with Letterman for dissing A Rod. Where's the outrage? If a Republican or conservative had called A Rod a rapist, all hell would have broken out in the media..... especially at MSNBC.

    The post above at 9:45 originated from an archive here at OW:

    And of course I meant to write: Olbermann continues to GROVEL at the altar of leftist idols in stark hypocrisy to deferring to TRUTH...

    For your viewing pleasure, and to compare to his serious handling Imus' comments in 2007, here is a link to last night's snarky exchange with fair-weather feminist and fellow hypocrite, Margaret Carlson:

    Olbermann asks, "Apology accepted?" First of all, when did Letterman apologize? Secondly, was Don Imus' apology accepted by NBC NEWS and the sensitive staff which Olbermann included himself? And lastly, why is Olbermann making the call that Lettermann EFFECTIVELY apologized when he made no such judgement regarding Imus?

    You make the call....Intellectual honesty? Fairness? Compassion?

    You make the call....Hypocrisy? Political and personal opportunism? Hatred?

    An easy call, IMHO.

    Children are off limits, PERIOD. Trying to rationalize any attack on any politician's child is baseless, irresponsible and flat out wrong. Any journalist, commentator or reporter that attacks a child or defends the right to attack a child should be taken off the air immediately or removed from their position. There is something seriously wrong with someone's wiring to attack an innocent child for the simple fact they do not agree with their parent's politics or personal beliefs.

    Joan Walsh will be on "The O'Reilly Factor" tonight. That should be interesting.

    Thanks Mike C, I'll be tuning in for that. I hope O'Reilly pounds her with the facts of MSNBC being the "place for*HATE*politics.

    I misspelled her name in the *June 12, 2009 2:00 AM* post.
    Joan Walsh evidently doesn't watch her own beloved MESSNBC.
    Walsh, on Hardball, Wed: ..."There is a very disturbing and disturbed element of political discourse. And I would throw in Rush Limbaugh, not blaming him, but when you say that our president is more dangerous than al Qaeda, you‘ve gone off into crazy nut job land. You are off the charts crazy. And you are whipping people up.
    If he‘s worse than our mortal enemy, al Qaeda, who killed thousands and thousands of Americans, I don‘t know. Where do you go after that? It‘s awful."

    Awful? Tell that to the deplorable hack Olbermann. He's lived in "crazy nut job land" for years.

    I did not mean to send my comment multiple times. Sorry, it was supposed to go only once.

    By ObserverDan on June 12, 2009 2:38 PM
    Thanks Mike C, I'll be tuning in for that. I hope O'Reilly pounds her with the facts of MSNBC being the "place for*HATE*politics.

    I hope he throws in these words along with hate: intolerance, ignorance, vitriol, biased, and hypocritical.

    I cant even see how a moderate liberal (i know, i shake my head at the thought that there are any left) could listen to KO. Constant berating attacks, personal slander, defamation, libelous comments, and thats just one segment of his show. Attack political points all day long and i dont care. Attack decisions relevant to someone performing a job and i wont care. Attacking a 14 year old girl (yes it was the 14 year old you were attacking Letterman, not the 18 year old. Tell your people to vett these stories better, you hack) on the premise you disagree with her politics is just sickening. The left must be afraid of Palin, otherwise they wouldnt be trying to marginalize her every day.

    Im hoping one day more networks will let go of this hate and personal attacks and get back to real politics and news. God knows MSNBC's and CNN's ratings are dismal. GE is probably hemmoraging money paying for that fiasco of a show that is Countdown.

    Thursday's ratings: At 8:00, Bashermann was a distant second in total viewers and the 35-64 demo, and barely third in the 25-54 demo. At 10:00, Merkle was a further distant second in 35-64, third in total, and fourth in 25-54.

    Found this on the Lew Rockwell Blog today:

    June 12, 2009

    Question on Keith Olbermann

    Posted by Bill Anderson on June 12, 2009 09:16 AM |

    "Not long ago, some libertarians were hailing Keith Olbermann because he attacked George W. Bush (correctly) and his wars. Today, we do not see Olbermann complaining about these wars, now that his people are in the White House. Unfortunately, we libertarians are learning a hard lesson once again; the Left is not anti-war. Instead, the Left is against war when leftists believe that wars consume too many resources that could be used in the government’s war against peaceful, private exachange. However, we see that today, Obama’s government is engaged in war both at home and abroad. Olbermann is a big supporter (as is Michael Moore).

    I must admit that I am not surprised at all. Has Olbermann uttered one word against Obama’s war? I don’t think so."

    To My Libertarian friends that might have believed this fraud Olbermann.....PUT DOWN THE PIPE YOU KNUCKLEHEADS!!!!!!!!

    While 'slumming on the 'Slutty MSNBC Site found this:

    Letterman has the stuff to conquer late night

    By Courtney Hazlett

    excerpt: "And no discussion of Letterman’s week can take place without bringing up Sarah Palin. Without going into laborious detail, regardless of your stance on his original inflammatory remarks, Letterman’s response to Palin can be categorized as deft and well-executed. It won’t hurt him. If nothing else, the summit just came into clearer view. The race to the top is really on, and in the end, the competition will be good for all involved."

    Deft and well-executed? It won’t hurt him?

    Soooooooo like Courtney??????? I guess don't mind being called a slut?? or slutty???

    I'm sure the boys in the newsroom will love to hear this!! But then again they probably know.

    Okay, Olby and Wolffe talk about how it's really Palin who is using this to exploit her own children.

    Why should we even bother to make sense of this.

    I'm gone! Have a good weekend all.

    And where did Olby get his talking points for the number 5 story?

    Hey! It's not like anybody watches ol' flatline ratings Deutch. (his show still on?)

    Ko, while doing his Palin Bashing, made this comment about her..he said that she is streaching this stroy way passed its experration date, this coming from a man that did "Still Bushed" thing 4 mounths after he left office? HMMMMM

    DW reminded me tonight that His Royalness the now Pres. told everyone during the campaign that family was off limits. Meaning his family of course. Letterpig and Fat Boy understood that meaning obviously.

    Were I the father I would certainly want to settle up with Letterpig in the old fashioned way.

    From, the Talking Points Memo, and the Top Story segment with Joan Walsh: Part 1 and Part 2. Also of interest, the Factor Follow Up segment centered around the latest happenings in the Palin-Letterman battle. Among the clips shown was Margaret Carlson in the #3 segment on last night's Hour of Spin-Hate.

    Todd Palin should kick Letterman's ass
    Dave's a pervert possessing no class
    Young girls he'll trash
    Statutorily bash
    Unlike Imus, Dave gets a free pass

    Donnie Deutch has a bastard child
    But on Bristol the coward piled
    Donnie Douchebag's no man
    No balls and fake tan
    Morning Joe's the show he defiled

    Can someone please explain to me how Andrew Breitbart doesn't have a valid point and why exactly he made "Worse" tonight? I don't follow Olby's rhetorical rebuttal. I have no idea what he was even going for with that one.

    Olby keeps pushing Wolfie's book but it doesn't seem to be helping....

    On Amazon it is 21 and going down....Mark Levin still #1 and Glenn Beck's new book Common Sense ...official release date #3 already....and going up!

    Of course the NYT would tell us that Wolfie's book is #4....ahuh.

    Either this or this is why he made Worse, John.

    Joan Walsh wrote a post-mortem on Salon. And two days early, it's time for the Fox Haters Week in Review!

    Wow. She had talking points [Ding!] ready to use. She had friends and family coach her. It's the No Spin Zone, Joan: No filibustering, no excessive bloviating, no interview hijacking, etc. There was plenty of that over two blocks of the segment. Any chance that she'll go cry, figurately speaking, to Keith on Monday or is he sticking to his "quarantine"? I consider Keith the therapist for anyone on the far-left that was a "Factor" guest or the subject of an ambush (i.e. Amanda Terkel). "Where exactly did he touch you?," is the vibe you get in those interviews Keith does. "It's okay, you're safe now."

    In the At Your Beck & Call segment, Glenn brought up the Joan Walsh interview. Since doesn't have any video up yet (they're slow in putting video up on the weekend), I'll transcribe. Sorry in advance, Dan.
    O'REILLY: "Thanks for staying with us. I'm Bill O'Reilly. In the At Your Beck & Call segment tonight, as we mentioned in the Talking Points Memo, far-left zealot Paul Krugman, one of the biggest Bush haters in the world, actually wrote a column today called 'The *Big* Hate.' (laughing): This guy really has gall. As part of the deceitful exposition, Krugman makes me and the ever-gentle Glenn Beck, who joins us now, look like monsters. (to Glenn): I guess I *am* a monster."
    BECK: "You are a blood-thirsty killer. I saw what you did to that woman."
    O'REILLY: "You know..."
    BECK: "You're not gonna hurt *me* like that, are ya?"
    O'REILLY: "...but there comes a point where, you know...she ...her rhetoric... Look, she came on the program and...she had enough courage to do that, but...babies are dying--late-term babies--because people have panic attacks. You know? And I want people to understand we're not talking about some theoretical... She wanted to take it into the gun control and all this. Talking know, you heard the young woman [Kelly, who had a late-term abortion at Tiller's clinic at 14; in her 20s, if I remember correctly, when Bill interviewed her], you know, 'my baby, they flushed her into a toilet.' There was no reason why that baby had to die; that girl's baby. There was nothing wrong with the girl or the baby. And then, she [Walsh] sits there and calls me...I'm responsible for Tiller's death. You know, there comes a point when you gotta say enough's enough, and I think I did."
    BECK: "Well, first of all, the only people responsible for anybody's death are the people..."
    O'REILLY: "Are the murderers."
    BECK: "Are the murderers."

    And the segment continued from there.

    Poor Joan, after years of being treated like the queen over at MSNBC, she found out what people in the real world feel about her views.

    Here is the ? I would have asked; "So since you beleive that abortion should be legal from the second of conception to I guess untill the cord is cut from the mother ( hell maybe even then she might think its ok for the baby to be killed I have no idea) So do you support the convinction of Scott Peterson or any other person that kills a woman that is w/ child that should also be convicted of murdering the unborn child??? That would have really put her in a box, and that is wny most people with views like her oppose such laws. I already know her answer. "what s the difference they are going to be convicted of the murder of the woman, so why do you have to charge them with the murder of the baby!"

    and who wants to bet KO guest for #5 story will be on Monday? Ko will want to cash in on thist stroy, and then claim at his own. Monday's show ill be exlosice, I predicte next to when "The Ugly Woman" Ms.Grafalo segmeant, this is going to a real low light in the histroy of COuntdwon, I expect a special komment from KO..a 20 minute one at that..anyone want to place a wadger on this..

    I just watched the tribute to Russet, and a slap in the face to that man to be even shown on Countdown. Countdown and everything MSNBC bhas become over the last years is direct insult to everything Russert was about, civil discussin about issues, a repsect for hard work, and the chance for those being accussed of something to come on his show and let them have their say! KO you are Joke!

    Everything is always about Keith, even a tribute to Russert. Olbermoron's conclusion to the tribute was a clip of Russert saying "Nice question Keith". Ironic since Keith does not know how to ask a question in 500 words or less.

    Nothing against Russert, but his death and the coverage at MSNBC ground my gears last year. The entire MSNBC weekend was spent in Russert tribute. Meanwhile this country's 4th largest natural disaster was ravaging Iowa. Cedar Rapids, where I have lived and worked for nearly 30 years, took the brunt of it with a flood 12 feet higher than the previous record. Cedar Rapids is coming back slowly, no thanks to the lack of coverage by MSNBC, which surely cost the community many dollars that would have come from generous folks had they been given the news.

    I agree twelve, and Im sure Russert would have like them cover that disater over his dealth, just a gut feeling there..

    BOR's Joan Walsh interview is summarized here by Elena at the My Domestic Church blog.

    Via the Olbermann Flood, from Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
    Olbermann: Palin's a "Delusional Lunatic", Letterman's "The Victim"

    The 'Palin should just let it go, it's just a joke " rant's of Keith Olbermann & Richard Wolffe will lead to how many 14 year-old girls getting raped by older men?

    The "hey the only reason I would be offended is because I'm a Red Sox fan" rant of failed comedian Sam Sedar will lead to how many boys getting raped at baseball games in the bathroom? (The boy's behind the CNN cameras yuked it up pretty good.)

    And let's not forget Letterman said it about a 14 year old, not the convenient a few days later, 18 year-old.

    Keith Olbermann's girlfriend was how old when he first started eyeing her up? No wonder he thinks Palins a lunatic and should just get over it. In Keith's mind there's nothing wrong with doing a 14 year old. Case in point, Katy Turic.

    Letterman, Sedar, Olbermann, Bernie Ward. I'm seeing a pattern here. Is N.A.M.B.L.A. expanding to include little girls? Are they getting any tarp money?

    Yeah, Olbermann is glittering jewel of misinformation & hatred!!!

    Getting Soldiers shot GUILTY!

    Getting 14 year-old girls raped GUILTY!

    But I guess in liberal's minds, that's okay.

    It's not hate. It's just a joke, get the vasoline & get over it.

    The Wolffe Man came up on "Fox News Watch" today. On the topic of reporters writing books about the 2008 Presidential Campaign, host Jon Scott asked Jane Hall, one of the panelists: "All right, Jane, I mean, what do you tell your students [at American University]? Here we have a newspaper...or, uh, Newsweek columnist who is supposedly, um, *neutral* and now comes the book ['Renegade'] and we find out that...he *loves* President Obama." Hello?! We all knew that here at OlbyWatch! We've been saying that for three years! Wolffie is a regular on "Countdown"! He's on more than once a week every week!

    So, the New York Post prints an editorial cartoon, which blacks found offensive, but the Post said wasn't intended to be racist. The media jumps on the Post, saying those who took offense must be right.

    David Letterman makes jokes about Palin's daughter, which Palin and conservatives find offensive, but Letterman says was not about the 14 year old daughter. The media jumps on Palin, telling her to lighten up because Letterman intended something else.

    Yep, there's no double standard in the media based on ideology ...

    To elaborate on my previous comment, doesn't have video of that one segment up on their website. They have what came before it, but stop short. Johnny, the Wolffe-dropping (see name-dropping) worthy of posting to here or J$P?

    Next to Fineman, wolf-man is the creepiest of KO motley crue. The way he says "thanks keith" is freakey ..and slight touch of sexual lust in voice..LOL!

    KO: "And by now you have probably heard on this network yesterday, my colleague David Shuster--discussing Chelsea Clinton's role, a first for her in her mother's campaign asked a guest, quote: "Doesn't it seem like Chelsea's sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?"

    I have the greatest possible respect for David Shuster's work; his reporting for this show and others is assiduous, excellent and his political insight is keen. All that being noted, it was still an utterly inappropriate and indefensible thing to say. The Clintons have every right to be furious, hurt and appalled. Many of us here have similar reactions, ones that transcend political parties and politics itself.

    David has been suspended--it remains only for me to apologize without limit to President Clinton, to Senator Clinton, and to Ms. Clinton on behalf of MSNBC. We are literally, dreadfully sorry."

    But it's okay to make a joke about a 14 year old being raped. Again, look at his girlfriend. When did he first start eyeing her up?

    I guess Olby thinks it's okay to do 14 year olds.

    Keith Olbermann, pedophile.

    Hey Puck, did you catch my comment earlier?

    Chelsea Clinton has decided to follow her parents into politics, but she's willing to start at the bottom. She has been seen on her knees in the offices of several prominent congressmen....and congresswomen.

    As a Yankees fan I am angry with Letterman for dissing A Rod. Where's the outrage? If a Republican or conservative had called A Rod a rapist, all hell would have broken out in the media..... especially at MSNBC.

    AFotia, Friday and today must have be great for you. For me, as a Mets fan, they hurt like hell.

    Pretty good piece from Kyle Smith of The New York Post, It's long but a good read.

    He pretty much sat on his coach and flipped back and forth between MSNBC & FNC last week.

    Here's a tease:

    "Fox News mentioned the murder of the abortionist Dr. George Tiller and vigorously brought up the Arkansas recruiting center shooting of a soldier. The latter incident virtually escaped notice at MSNBC, where Keith Olbermann said, "For the second time in 11 days, the kind of right-wing, religious-based domestic terrorism . . . has resulted in the death of an American." So "religious-based" must be synonymous with "right-wing"? Left wing religious-based killings -- like the one carried out by a Muslim jihadist -- don't even figure?"

    Whoops! Tossed up the page four link:

    It about six pages long. Here's another excerpt:

    "As the news cycle wound down, whose reality carried the day? MSNBC, with its dire rumblings of the sinister? Or Fox News, as it carefully placed a fence around the freak and turned away?

    As of 12:44 a.m. on Thursday, even on, the story was fading. "Guard Dies After Holocaust Museum Shooting" was the third-most-read piece, less than 12 hours after the shooting.

    Number one? "Molson Cutting Off Free Beer Supply for Retirees."


    And The Number 5 Story tonight on 'Countdown' will be!!!!!

    Bet The Farm On It!!!!!!!!


    I agree 100%. Olby has such a hard on for Cheney. He will most likely spin it this way..."Dick Cheney is a war monger hoping for a terrorist attack against the US so he can prove his demented, illogical assumptions that Obama is weak on terrorism and national security. Mr. Cheney is a radical right wing extremist far more dangerous than the murderers of Dr. Tiller or the security guard at the Holocaust museum. You, sir, are more dangerous than any terrorist. For the good of the country, sir, just shut the hell up."

    Why did CIA Director Leon Panetta engage Dick Cheney in the first place? He says the former VP is rooting for a terrorist attack….All in all, this has the makings of a made-for-cable fight, and probably something the White House wishes the CIA director didn’t ignite.

    And Cheney has responded:

    “I hope my old friend Leon was misquoted,” Cheney said, in a written statement to FOX News. “The important thing is whether the Obama administration will continue the policies that have kept us safe for the past eight years.

    Panetta's statement is pure speculation and not supported by any previous statements or facts. Obly, of course, will take it as FACT and use it to bash the former VP for several days while ignoring the continued threat of Iran and North Korea. He will not offer solutions, constructive criticism or add anything substantial to the debate. He will name-call, belittle and attack. Something he does on a regular basis because he is a journalistic HACK that does nothing more than rip and read from the far left hate sites.

    Good luck to all who watch his would be funny if not so sad.

    Friday's ratings: Keith came in second it total viewers and the 25-54 demo at both 8:00 and 10:00.

    I think the real kicker is Panetta is right. But that's ok, considering on one side we have an unstable former vice president who wants our president to been seen for the charade he is (at the cost of more American lives) and on the other side we have an entire party who shit on our soldiers and propped up their dead bodies for 8 years just to win elections. There was this one far left guy who called them cold blooded killers but I can't remember his name...

    Anyway, as usual, the hypocrisy continues.

    *be seen. My bad.

    "Sanctimonious, holier than thou, exploitative, undignified, pedantic, childish, self-inflicting, insipid, backwards, embarrassing, over-reactive, overreaching, or as Peggy Noonan summed it up, with the succinctness I have obviously long since abandoned—yammering."

    If Olbermann had not said he was speaking of Governor Sarah Palin just after that introduction, I would have thought he was taking a personal inventory.

    What a putz....Too bad he is incapable for self-reflection so he could avoid such tragic errors in judgement.....

    People in midtown Manhattan glass houses should not throw stones.


    A last word on the O'Reilly-Walsh interview, tonight's viewer e-mail:
    John Alquist, Silverthorne, CO: "O'Reilly, you were right about Tiller and late term abortions. Joan Walsh was wrong. But you lost the debate because you lost your cool."

    Bill Nesting, Redding, CA: "O'Reilly, perfect! You riled her enough so that she lost it and cut loose with her true feelings."
    BOR's response: "Kinda like Perry Mason. Right, Bill?"

    Dr. Peter Romano, Fort Lauderdale, FL: "You blew it, Bill. You had Walsh on the ropes but failed to challenge her when she said Tiller was within the law. Why concede the point?"
    BOR's response: "Because Tiller *was* within the law, Doctor, unfortunately. He was acquitted by a Kansas jury. We don't deny reality here."

    Stephanie Vieira, Sequim, WA: "Bill, I saw your righteous anger when you spoke to Ms. Walsh. Most of us are sick over this evil. Please keep speaking out for us and the innocent ones."

    Shaune Scott, Miami, FL: "Bill, shouting does not help hearts and minds. It simply fuels the contention that the 'right' is irrational."
    BOR's response: "I disagree, Shaune. We're talking dead babies here. My position was stated with intensity because that's what it took to get the *truth* out of Ms. Walsh. And I got it. For those of you who did not see the debate, once again, it's posted on"

    Karen Kirby, Cameron, NC: "As an NICU nurse, I say you did a great job with Walsh, Bill. We either value life or we don't."

    Walter Oakley, Ontario, Canada: "Although I applaud Ms. Walsh for having the courage to debate you, O'Reilly, why was she so unwilling to give a straight answer?"
    BOR's response: "Because you either value life or you don't, Walter, as Karen Kirby just pointed out."

    Andre Roman, Tampa, FL: "Bill, I was angry after the segment with Joan Walsh, who was despicable, but your segment with Glenn Beck brought a smile to my face and ended the Factor on a positive note."

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