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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    October 8, 2009
    New Keith Olbermann Ad!

    Enjoy, then use this thread to recap tonight's post-commental Hour of Spin. Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (90) | | View blog reactions


    Those continuing lousy ratings of Cankles the clown did not move with his imitation of a moralizing reverand.

    Surprise, surprise.

    We'll see what the result of his push to have "protest" clinics set-up in key districts.....

    We'll see if the "party of life" (what a lie) actually responds to the demagoguery.

    I'm betting he's taking a relaxing soak in the tub.... for the rest of the week!

    Bathtub boy's speshul comit had 100,000 FEWER viewers than BOR's 11pm repeat. Ha!

    Now bloated boy just boasted that he had over 2.5 million viewers last night. Uh...ok Lumburgh.

    oh...pelosi took her dad to work today. :)

    I repeat, GREAT comment by Keith last night! I expect many more than the original 2.5 million or so who saw it last night have seen it via the internet by now.

    I remain perplexed by all those so called conservatives who are so willing to cede control of their lives AND their government to unelected multi-national corporations, while parroting the talking point that their elected government is somehow the problem.

    Government only becomes the "problem" when we let them.....because they begin to care more about what their corporate constituents with deep pockets think than they care about what their human constituents think.

    WPITW!!!!! Honorary to Keith for lying about 2.5 million

    Bronze: CRITICS OF RUSH LIMBAUGH? Can Keithie defend Rush? No, wants Rush to 'flush the money down the rat hole'. And says most sports team owners are racists.

    Silver: McCain for being on FBN, criticizing Obama about terrorism.and how Obama is another terrorist attack. Truth hurts Keith!

    GOLD: for Michelle Bachman for her apperance on Bill-o last night. He's pissed about her calling Keithy her personal stalker. Keith can't take a joke. He must have a small penis.



    "Pistachios aren't the only nuts Levi is selling".


    More second grade humor!

    and to have the king of nuts, etc. Musto talking about Levi Johnson posing nude. I guess Musto and Olbermann can't take it that Levi gets more tail than either one but Musto loves the sausage.

    1rst showing @ 8:00 PM: 1,317,000 viewers.
    2nd showing @ 10:00 PM: 874,000 viewers.
    3rd showing at 1:00 AM: ?????
    4th showing at 4:00 AM: ?????

    With those TVNewser FACTS in mind, the ONLY way that you can make the case that Olbermann 'lied' is if you know for a fact that KO got less than 300,000 viewers combined in his 1:00 AM and 4:00 AM shows.

    And I'm pretty certain you can't do that!

    Mike, he lied...end of story.

    Speaking of something good. This is what Randi Rhodes, an apparently lefty, and fav of the KOS kids had to say about Bathtub Boy's hour long rant last night.

    Last night's Countdown on MSNBC was devoted to a one-hour "special comment" by Keith Olbermann. I always thought a comment was a brief observation. Evidently I was wrong about the "brief" part. I'm sorry, but that was the most self-indulgent hour I've heard since Emerson, Lake & Palmer broke up. Keith! Talking for an entire hour isn't a comment. It's a filibuster. Olbermann railed on for an hour about how we need healthcare reform. Keith, the best thing about stating the obvious is that you can state it pretty quickly. At least most people can. Watching that there were a lot of things I wanted to hear Keith Olbermann say. But mostly I wanted to hear him say "And in conclusion..."

    The KOS kids said more stuff about Rhodes outburst on their bloated leader.

    She railed on her radio show today that the one-hour commentary by Keith Olbermann last night as elitist and unintelligible. Now while I can understand she may have missed the point. Olbermann framed the health care issue as life and death and that many of us are fortunate to have our heath care while many thousands die each year simply because they do not. Ms. Rhodes an alleged progressive might as well have been working for WellPoint, Cigna, or any one of the other insurance giants for all the good she did today to advance reform.

    And "The O'Reilly Factor" had 5.14 million at 8:00 and 11:00 combined. This is in total viewers, by the way.
    I predicted in the Wednesday thread that Bachmann would be Worst and Keith would use the serious, sullen tone that he used last night. I didn't watch, so I can't vouch for the tone, but I know I was right on the Worst nod.
    What did the FBN/McCain Attack consist of?

    Meerkatpooh: "Mike, he lied...end of story."

    Pooh, you just made a statement of opinion that ignored my own posting of provable fact uing actual numbers, and then you chose to rush on to your next if your OPINION somehow trumped a FACT!

    Only in your mind!

    He didn't say "combined" he said that last night's show pulled in 2.5 mil viewers. He hasn't seen a number like that since the stone age.

    But thank you for playing

    The only fact, Mike, is that you are a douche.

    What facts do you have MikeH? Show us the link.

    Let's do this like a Lawrence O'Donnell interview:

    MikeH: "Well Keith said.." (cut off)

    cjflan32: "Show us the link."

    MikeH: "Keith said..." (cut off)

    cjflan32: "Show us the link!"

    Apologies if this is a double post.

    What facts do you have MikeH? Show us the link.

    Let's do this like a Lawrence O'Donnell interview:

    MikeH: "Well Keith said.." (cut off)

    cjflan32: "Show us the link."

    MikeH: "Keith said..." (cut off)

    cjflan32: "Show us the link!"

    MikeH: "Keith said..." (cut off)

    cjflan32: "Are you going to show us the link?"

    MikeH: "Well..."

    cjflan32: "Then how can you say something that you can't back up?"

    As it always does on OW, your claim that KO "lied" comes down to a technicality involving your interpretation in a personal opinion.....and then you and yours wonder why you command far less credibility than those who you are so anxious to criticize.

    syvyn you're not helping.

    Now MikeH, I just came back from math class and I don't think that ????? is a number. Now I should ask again for the link that shows the 1 and 4 AM numbers so you can prove we're all liars but I know you don't have it so I guess we can move on.

    "As it always does on OW, your claim that KO "lied" comes down to a technicality involving your interpretation in a personal opinion.....and then you and yours wonder why you command far less credibility than those who you are so anxious to criticize."

    This is called dodging the question. Next time just write "Yeah, but, still..." and save yourself some time.

    But as always, you are welcome to prove why we're a bunch of liars at any time.

    "But as always, you are welcome to prove why we're a bunch of liars at any time."

    Nothing can be 'proven' to anyone who refuses to see, as can be proven by pointing to some conservatives who believe that the earth is only 10,000 years old and other such nonsense, despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary.

    As for your other post, since neither you nor I know what the actual numbers were for the 1 Am and 4 AM shows, you have NO business whatsoever calling anyone a "liar" until you do.

    MikeH stop skirting the issue. Every time I ask you for a "why" you say any combination of things from "you're too ignorant" or ""if you can't see it then I can't explain it to you" or in this case "Nothing can be 'proven' to anyone who refuses to see...".

    All I did this time was ask you where the ratings number that Olbermann used on his show was from. It must have come from somewhere right? You say he's telling the truth, but how can you tell? You can't. You just said "since neither you nor I know what the actual numbers were for the 1 Am and 4 AM shows", which means I don't know he had 2.5 mill and you don't know he had 2.5 mill, yet you said he had 2.5 mill viewers.

    So, MikeH, how do you know Olbermann's telling the truth? Don't bring up the conservatives, don't bring up the planet Earth, just tell us how you know he had 2.5 million.

    Need I remind you, you did say he had 2.5 million. Or so. And then there's this one:

    1st showing @ 8:00 PM: 1,317,000 viewers.
    2nd showing @ 10:00 PM: 874,000 viewers.
    3rd showing at 1:00 AM: ?????
    4th showing at 4:00 AM: ?????

    With those TVNewser FACTS in mind, the ONLY way that you can make the case that Olbermann "TOLD THE TRUTH" is if you know for a fact that KO got MORE than 300,000 viewers combined in his 1:00 AM and 4:00 AM shows.

    And I'm pretty certain you can't do that!

    MikeH........This is not a difficult question. WHERE ARE THE FUCKING 1am and 4am NUMBERS? Facts please! Get your head out of Olbermosexual's ass. He needs room for his own head in there!

    WOW, you guys really do use backwards logic to the extreme!

    YOU'RE the one who called Olbermann a liar when you cannot prove he lied, and yet you think the burden of 'proof' falls on ME to 'prove' what you cannot deny?......In real life, do you go around calling people "liars" when you can't disprove that they lied. Is it up to THEM to provide you with 'proof' for every statement they make that you can't disprove?

    LOL.....This really IS La La land!

    strikesnouts it's obvious he doesn't have them. But I'm sure he'll come back with something witty like "You said he was a 'liar' and you can't prove he is a 'liar'".

    Well apparently you can't prove he told the truth either, so why don't you tell us why we should believe him. Oh, wait, I have MikeH right here. He's going to add his response right now:

    "If you don't believe him, there's nothing I can say that that will change your mind."

    Actually there is. It's called the ratings numbers. Come here and show us.

    He can't cjflan. He takes his cues from Olby. Fling enough poo and the stink will get you.

    Olby and Musto actually referenced a "glory hole" among the many disturbing twists in the stream of their conversation.
    That calls for another look at this Olby image from not-so-long-ago:

    "But I'm ure he'll come back with something witty like "you said he was a liar" and you can't prove he is a "liar".

    There's nothing "witty" about the truth! You can't prove he lied....and that make YOU the "liar".

    The point is that you have no busines calling someone a "liar" unless you can prove that they lied. If you don't believe me, just try doing that in real life sometime.

    No, really - Trolby H is right. Keith was able to call the psychic hotline to get the 1a and 4a numbers....

    You're deflecting again.

    MikeH, I was a journalist for a few years, just like Olbermann claims to be. If I printed a story without facts to back it up, I would have been fired.

    Now, why would I believe Olbermann when he's lied before about his ratings. And I'm not talking like this. I'm talking here's what he said and here are the facts. Now you can attack the fact that this comes from Newsbusters but everything they said can be backed up by the video and the links in the story:

    So I guess my question is this: If he lied before (and this isn't metaphorically speaking, this is bold faced back up with numbers not question marks lied) why should I believe him now?

    We await your response.

    "Keith was able to call the psychic hotline to get the 1a and 4a numbers...."

    I would call it a reasonable assumption that he has sources that we don't have that don't have anything to do with psychics.

    Meanwhile, all that WE have is the very reasonable and very plausable probablity that he got at least 300,000 additional viewers in the last two shpwings,

    But you say you STILL like calling people a "liar" when you can't even discount the probability that they told the truth?

    Now, now.....the troll, MikeHypocrite is showing signs of getting all wee weed up....

    All caps, defensive posts attacking others' sincere religious beliefs while commending the compassion and empathy of a millionaire metrosexual who is the ultimate in theatrical displays of narcissistic self pleasure....

    and of course his consistant but lovely retreat in hypocritically lecturing on what the debate is about....Olbermann is allowed to make a claim without proof, but the lowly OW poster dare not make a claim without ironclad proof!

    His lack of integrity makes him not worth the time....leave him to his fantasyland.

    BTW I don't go around asking everyone to prove what they say, only the chronic liars and stupid comments. For example, I despise Sheldon Whitehouse, my junior senator, but when my mom said he was into dirty deeds I asked her to confirm it. She couldn't. However, she didn't come back with a comment like "well you can't prove he DIDN'T commit a crime either!" Feel free to insult the relationship between me and my mother if you want, I already know she doesn't give two shits what you think.

    So yeah, I do what you accused me of. As Randall Graves once said: "There's nothing better than pointing out the shortcomings of others." It's ok, I know you like to do it too.

    Just a reminder people, Mike H gets paid by number of responses he generates when he puts a flame to the thread.
    Another disturbing image of Olby/Musto:

    1AM and 4AM NUMBERS?? Where? Please help us understand by giving us your source.

    Tur's bitch and MikeH..........TWIN LIARS!!!

    Olberweenie sources = figment of own imagination.

    Plausable (sic) probability? So you're saying it's probably likely? Redundancy notwithstanding, even if I were to grant you plausible (which, given the time and his relatively low ratings in prime time, I wouldn't) I would lean more toward highly unlikely.

    "we await your response"

    I grow tired of responding to illogical assertions that can't be proven. It's getting a little boring.

    However, I can see why you are no longer a journalist if you would call someone a "liar" for making a very plausible statement that you admit that you cannot disprove.

    The truth is that EVERY time I have called someone on OW for claiming KO lied about something, it either turns out to be an arguable technicalility about something that isn't even particularly important, OR, they just claim that "he lied before and that makes him a liar now".

    Well ObserverDan if that's true (and I have no reason to doubt that's true) then he will be well paid tonight. The Sox and Angels are only in the fourth inning.

    I guess what I'm saying here is this: If Keith Olbermann has lied about his ratings before, is it plausible that he could do it again?

    Olbermann lost all credibility with me a long time ago. But according to him I'm just a tin-foil hat wearing racist teabagger and since you're a big fan of his you must think I'm a tin-foil hat wearing racist teabagger. But you don't even know me, so how could you think that?

    As this thread flames out, I'll take the opportunity to give another of the hundreds of examles of Obama hypocrisy.....enjoy.....

    Olbermann takes a page from Bill O'Reillys book:
    John McCain took 2nd place in WPITW for laughing at joke. McCain simply responded with a chuckle to a typical Don Imus laff line.
    Striking, however, was Olbermann not referring to Imus by name. Instead, Olby cited "one of the hosts".

    Actually I got laid off asshole, just like millions of other hard-working Americans who were good at their jobs. Part of change I can believe in I guess. I believe this is the part where you blame George Bush.

    Thanks for ignoring that link. I just proved an Olbermann lie to you. Not a technicality, a flat out lie. Cee just put one up. Why don't you ignore that one too.

    You personally insulted me instead of proving me wrong, so now we all know where you're coming from. Game. Set. Match.

    "Olbermann lost all credibility with me a long time ago"

    I suspect that has far more to do with ideology than whether or not he "lied".

    Dan, that last pic was priceless.

    Based on the fatuous expression on Keithy's face I think it might even be real!

    Or as real as 300,000 + for the the fraud in the wee hours of the morning. I ask you what insomniac in his right mind would pick old KO over infomercials for Sham Wow, Extenz and Spray On hair?

    "Cee just put one up, Why don't you ignore that one too."

    Well, because Cee is the one I caught putting up false income tax numbers for an individual making $30,000 a year before the election in a cynical attempt to convince low income voters that an insignificant tax change would be significant.

    How?....What hs did was post top rate MARGINAL tax rates that have NOTHING to do with individuals making $30,000. When I called him on his lie with the real numbers, he refused to own up to his 'mistake', and that's when I lost all respect for Cee.

    And then you ask me why I didn't foillow up on a link posted by a proven liar?

    You see how this works?

    "willing to cede control of their lives AND their government to unelected multi-national corporations"

    I'm getting sick of this portrayal of businesses that imply they are just evil entities with too much political power. The fact of the matter is, we as consumers CHOOSE WHICH BUSINESSES SUCCEED AND GROW. We buy the products we want, and the businesses that can't make it are supposed to fail. That's just how it works. The successful companies EARN THEIR POWER as if they were elected. And in a very real sense, they are elected. We elected to buy their products over someone else's.

    So government bailouts of corporations expose the fallacy of political thought. Take the Chevy/Chrysler bailout, for example. We consumers didn't like their cars so we didn't buy them, causing the company to fail. Then the government, representing the consumers, sent the company money. So we the people wanted Chevy to go away, only to save them.

    You tell me where the "will of the people" truly rests in this country. I say it rests with the businesses, big and small, that drive our daily lives.

    You don't know my ideology! What's my ideology? What's my view on abortion? What's my view on George Bush? What's my view on the wars? What's my view on healthcare? What are my beliefs? What's my view on the economy? You don't know shit about me or my ideology and you have no idea that I enjoyed Keith Olbermann right up until the time he called our soldiers "cold blooded killers".

    Tell me MikeH, what part of my ideology has to do with me not liking the fact that your favorite "news" commentator called our soldiers, who provide you the freedom and security to personally insult me, "cold blooded killers?" Is it conservatism? Because if it is then fetch me an elephant to ride.

    Got anymore insults you want to toss at me?

    In case you forgot, Cee ain't the only one with tax issues:

    And then you ask me why I don't believe what Olbermann says. You see how this works?

    "Got anymore insults you want to toss at me?"

    You called it an "insult", not me. Are you 'insulted' by the insinuation that your ideology might be somewhat opposite of Keith Olbermann's? If so, good! There might be some hope for you.

    As for that old "cold blooded killer" comment, it's been a while, but what I personally recall about it is that you are leaving out a LOT of context regarding that particular remark. So much context, in fact, that you are implying he said something he didn't really aay (again).

    And let me remind you that I served honorably in the military myself, and yet I have detected nothing that makes me believe that KO does not respect our military.

    Cj, you are crediting Mike Hee with much too much a sense of fair play.

    Out of the possibly thousands of comments over what Cee, three or four years, Cee made an ERROR in a statement about tax rates or some such once.

    With our irrascible, but lovable, snarling bull dog Mike Hee on the job I'm worried that he might force Mrs Cee to put it on Cee's tombstone.

    In response to Michele Bachmann's comment regarding Olbermann that she has "personal stalkers, only they have TV shows," Olbermann stated he thinks "it would be a real good idea if the Congresswoman apologized to women and even those men whose lives have been blighted and ruined and in some cases ended by the terror and the threat that stalkers create."
    With that standard in mind, Olbermann owes all terror victims an apology for his 2006 quote: "the leading terrorist group in this country right now is the Republican Party." After all, thousands of men and women have had their lives blighted, ruined and ended by terror and the threat that terrorists create.
    This is just one example out of about a million that shines a light on this idiot's blatant hypocrisy.

    Oh and how about the time he suggested Hillary Clinton be taken in a room so someone could beat the shit out of her so she would stop her campaign. Start around 2:50:

    So MikeH, what part of my ideology is opposed to abusing women? How 'bout that crap Garofalo continues to spew (which I recall even you agreed was too much)? You know, the idea where all people of color should act the same way and if they don't there's something wrong with them and your boy just sat there and nodded? I'm against that also, is that conservatism? Is that what you suspect MikeH? Huh? What do you suspect my ideaology is, general decency? Or are points like racism and abuse towards women things that aren't "particularly important?"

    1am ??????

    4am ??????

    Since when is ???? numbers? But here's what I get out of this.

    'The Factor' is on 3x a night.

    Dopey is on 4x a night.

    Olby still can't beat anybody on FNC.

    This just strikes me odd, until about a month ago. Nobody, and I mean nobody knew Olby even had a dad in the picture. But isn't it conveinient that as this Healthcare takeover debate has progressed, up pops Mr. Olbermann just in time for his son to 'USE' to prop up his failing tv show.

    Isn't it funny how it always comes back to Keith?

    "MSNBC's Keith Olbermann responds to TVNewser, "Having had an actual stalker myself..."

    Really Keith? We never heard about this before, but isn't it funny how it always comes back to Keith.

    And clue to the clueless, debunk this before you come in here with you're stupid crap.

    So, is Keith not telling the truth? or is he just plain stupid? I'll go 50/50. And that post is 3 years old.

    And in parting, MikeH let me use the words of that wonderful, never hate filled, all caring Congressman Mr. Ike Skelton DEMOCRAT from MO.

    "How 'bout that crap Garofalo continue to spew (which I recall you agreed was too much)?"

    Yes, I did! And I have also noticed how often this insignificant ultar-liberal gets mentioned, which is WAY out of proportion to her not-so-much influence as a liberal.

    Yet we have many mainstream equivalents such as Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Michelle Backmann, just to name three, who have succeeded in infiltrating our government, or media, AND a major political party with repeated inflammatory rhetoric every bit as offensive as anything Garofalo said, and yet almost nobody on the right ever calls THEM down.

    Full transcript:

    Since George Bush was once the Commander-in-Chief he was in charge the United States military. And Olbermann said, from the transcript, that George Bush commanded a group of "cold blooded killers" to achieve his political objectives. Unless he was talking about people like Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, whom I'm pretty sure did not pick up a gun and fight in Iraq, then he must be talking about the troops.

    So I'm glad that you think that insults are in the eye of the beholder. Now I don't know what nationality you are but if I were to call you a mick or a wop or something with a little more sauce then it wouldn't be an insult because I don't think it is.

    MikeH logic everyone. Remember, c*** isn't an insult unless you think it is.

    I don't know why people still want to express phony skepticism when people mention Olbermann lying. Particularly lying about his ratings. After all, it's been documented:

    Sarah Palin embellishes stuff, she gets called out. Glenn Beck is off his rocker, but at least he admits it and still gets things done (how's Van Jones and ACORN doing)? And I never heard of Michelle Backmann, I think you created a person.

    But then we have Keith Olbermann who did not call out Garofalo for her comments, which I'll take as a sign that he agrees with them. Do you think black people who vote republican have some kind of mental disorder? Because Olbermann apparently does. He didn't challenge her, which means he most likely agrees with her.

    Oh and good job ignoring my comments about Hillary. Tell me, did I take things out of context when Olbermann said she needs to be taken into a room and not come out? What do you think he meant?

    "then he must be talkjing about the troops."

    Then are you admitting that Bush had no control over contractors such as Blackwater, whom I strongly object to anyone calling "our troops".

    "Yet we have many mainstream equivalents such as Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Michelle Backmann, just to name three, who have succeeded in infiltrating our government, or media, AND a major political party with repeated inflammatory rhetoric every bit as offensive as anything Garofalo said, and yet almost nobody on the right ever calls THEM down."

    Infiltrating our government? Look idiot, the last time I looked Palin & Bachmann were voted in by the people and they didn't need a trunkload of votes to show up in some county where their are more moose then humans. And mind telling me how Glenn Beck has infiltrated the government? He's a talk show host, he doesn't hold a government seat.

    And who was it that called somebody "neanderthal knuckle draggers" or should I post that up.

    Oh, and here's ten more Olby lies for you to work on.

    infiltrating our government, what's your choice of beverage tonght, 'Jack n' Crack'?

    Keith got 2.5 million views last night counting all 4 shows. hannity get that in one show, and BO has 3.6 million in one show. So MSNBC advertised the shit out of KO special comment and he got 1.3 million views for his 8 pm show. The 8 pm show should have kicked ass it didn't. Now if KO was to get a surge of views it would proably be at 8 pm show. Now we are told to believe that KO gets 300,000 views btween his 1 am and 4 am show. Well at 3 am is a show called Redeye In total viewers (and demo), Red Eye beat the cable news competition three hours later. All three other morning shows, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, CNN’s American Morning and HLN’s Morning Express had less viewers in September, Do you really believe anyone at at 1 am and 4 am anyone is watching keith or for that matter MSNBC. They proably would draw more viewers with a test pattern. Keith is grasping at straws with his numbers. it like a baseball player counting his homeruns during spring training. Remember the only numbers that count are the prime time numbers.

    MikeH I'm not above admitting I was wrong, but you haven't shown me anything to say I was wrong. Tell me where Blackwater was mentioned in that transcript. And keep ignoring those comments I made about Hillary.

    Sox-Angels is going to shit. You from California? Angels fan? Dodgers fan? Either way it's a good night for you.

    "Do you think black people who vote republican have some sort of mental disorder? Because apparently Olbermann does."

    There you go on Garofalo again. The more you focus on that one guest many months ago, who said something Olbermann failed to object to, the more it becomes apparent how little your really have.

    Isn't it funny...

    Media Bistro isn't talking about how Olby sez he got 2.5 million viewers. Why? they have to go by facts.

    So, do they talk about Keith vs. Olby? No,No,No! they have to use real numbers. So who did Bill beat? Well I guess since Bill trashes everybody on CNN, MSNBC, HLN.

    So here's the bottom line. While Bill is starting to overtake 'Broadcast' TV shows. Olby gets beat by a model. That's bad! THAT'S REALLY BAD!


    "Tell me here Blackwater was mentioned in that transcript."

    Exactly!.....So tell me where "the troops" were mentioned in that transcript?

    There's a saying about the word "assume" that you;ve probably heard.

    I guess you got me. So I guess when you agree with a racist once after a certain time it goes away. MikeH logic everybody. You can only be a racist for a certain amount of time.

    Well let's see what I still have:

    -I still have the Olbermann thinks it's ok to abuse women argument

    -I still have the "cold blooded killers" argument. Now I don't think the Blackwater gang "laid waste to Iraq" by itself. OOO! i get it now! George Bush and Dick Cheney went to Iraq and single handily "laid waste" to the region! Their the "cold blooded killers"! Mystery solved!

    -I still have the where's the 2.5 million argument

    -I still have the Olbermann has lied about his ratings before argument

    -I still have the Olbermann is a tax cheat argument

    -Oh and I still have the Olbermann thinks it's ok to not discourage racist comments on his show argument

    Anyway, you've ignored my comments altogether or failed to prove why I'm wrong all night. Like you said I'm sure it has something to do with my ideology, you know, the one that pays taxes, dislikes racism and abuse, and can actually back up what I have to say. I must have some kind of mental disorder.

    Bill O'Reilly beats Keith by a ton
    Every night it's at least three to one
    Krazy Keith can't compete
    So he'll lie and cheat
    Stick a fork in Olby he's done

    Michele Bachman called Keith a stalker
    Miss Lobo says he's off his rocker
    She was obtaining
    An order restraining
    Because Keith gaped like a gawker

    Keith Olbermann, if he is to be held to his own standard, should be apologizing to the victims of the KKK and Al Qaeda.....remember this classic?......

    "Al Qaeda really hurt us, but not as much as Rupert Murdoch has hurt us, particularly in the case of Fox News. Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda — worse for our society. It’s as dangerous as the Ku Klux Klan ever was." Keith Olbermann 9/07

    MikeHypocrite returns, after months of hiatus, desperately trying to paint Cankles as a reliable, honest, sincere, empathetic, moderate voice of reason. He is leaving us with further evidence of his intellectual heft, honesty and sincerity.

    One last point....Grammie made a very funny point about things on tombstones....I would rather be smeared of such a minor issue, while my broader argument was right on target, (Obama will raise middle class taxes as President, he has already and intends to do some more through the healthcare legislation), than be an ignorant, intolerant elitist (Cankles clone).....As shown by this fitting quote that should be put on MikeHypocrite's tombstone....

    "Thinking such as your's is a cancer on our nation that needs to be cut out." MikeH 10/4/07

    You see the self-rightousness and haughtiness of the Olbermann defense spokesperson that simply reflects his childish mirroring of all the wrong traits projected from his hero. This week's SPECIAL COMMENT reeked of the very self-promoting hubris in condemning all of humanity of being less than what the leftist elitist expects from his ideal of compassionate human beings.....

    Sorry, I do not ascribe to such a judgement. I do not ascribe to the Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Keith Olbermann, Nancy Pelosi or MikeHypocrite paradigm of knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, the actions, intentions and hearts of my fellow citizens are below my own superior instincts and the standards of my own contrived "decency."

    I especially do not condone the quick and unsupported assignment of such atrocities like racism, ignorance or fear to every action taken by my ideological opposition.

    Again...this is all of the left's currency....and now the standard of practice in America's political discourse....Obama's America!

    VERO POSSUMUS, indeed. Wee weed?

    BTW...TV by the numbers has the total live and DVR numbers for COUNTDOWN combined for 10/8/09 3am as 3,377,000. I am not sure where he is basing the 2.5 million number on?

    I don't know what the truth is in Cankle's rationalization about his poor ratings showing these past several months, but, as a minimum, accuracy with support was lacking in his prideful announcement last evening....A combined number was rarely used by Cankle's in the past and he was actually always touting his demo number at 8PM in the past....Why the change?

    Again, compare Cankle's numbers to O'Reillys for the same period.....



    It's only a matter of time until the ape ruler starts counting up to 25 hours to lie about his numbers so that his 8pm time slot from the following day is included. "Countdown, now the number 1 cable news show with over 3 million viewers in a 25 hour time period."

    And, "cold blooded killers" is only an assumption that he meant our troops? It seems when it come to anything the ape ruler says we can only "assume" what he says and never take it as facts according to Mike H. Well ape follower, please tell me WHEN we can actually take what he says as facts instead of assuming what he says, because I always believed, not assumed, that what most "news commentators" stated were facts.

    According to your philosophy then, EVERYTHING that the ape ruler says must be taken as an assumption, and never as facts, and if that's the case then he never actually reports the news, but only assumes it.

    Now I get it: when other newscasters report the news then they are reporting facts, but when the ape ruler reports it he's only assuming the facts, as we are to do.

    Right. God, how stupid have I been?

    Off topic, but this might get Keith out of the tub tonight. Not to mention a day of parties at MSNBC. And this is not a joke.

    President Obama has won the nobel peace prize.

    Let's just take a second to let those words sink in.

    WHAT IN THE HELL DID THIS GUY DO TO FRAKING DESERVE THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE? What? He got elected? Iran is about to go nuclear. Afganastan is about to fall into Chaos. All he's done is trash and apologize for the USA?

    The NPP has offically "jumped the shark".

    Obama joins other US democratic Nobel Prize winners Jimmy Carter and Al Gore... nuf sed.

    Regarding the prize, remember nominations were taken only until 2/09, less than two months Obama was in office. I would love to know who nominated him!

    All I have to say is that expectations are huge, especially in Afghanistan and Iran, and Obama must deliver on his promises of resolution.

    Also, I really think politically, this is a nonstarter because of the lack of success in the economic realm and if unemployment remains high through 2010, Obama's prospects will be in decline from this highpoint. If one likes Obama it reinforces your belief....if you are opposed or not impressed so far with Obama....ditto.

    "LAUER: There are no major foreign policy achievements to date … In some ways he wins this for not being George W. Bush.

    "GREGORY: That’s an inescapable conclusion."

    I believe Presidents have to achieve more than, "not being ____ _____."

    I believe Saddam Hussein's ghost is chuckling somewhere right now, and his progeny around the world are also looking upon the "enlightend's" view of who does great work for peace and deserving of a prize, (and who is not), with great interest and wonder.

    I believe conventional wisdom about this prize is, as always, myopic.

    I believe we can count of Keith Olbermann to take the conventional wisdom as gospel.

    Whatever, the Nobel Prize is a joke. Ghandi used peace to "fight" violence and even he doesn't have a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Speaking of jokes, George Stephanopoulos collected some from Twitter....

    My top favorites are, "Obama also awarded Nobel prize in chemistry. 'He's just got great chemistry,' says Nobel Committee." and, "It was the Beer Summit that put Obama over the edge."

    We should take Obama's advice from a couple of months back and not get, "all wee weed up," about this issue.

    VERO POSSUMUS, indeed.

    Keith Olbermann wants Michele Bachmann to apologize for calling him and his MSNBC cohorts stalkers.
    Recently, Olbermann "apologized" for calling people who watch Fox News "tin foil hatters, conspiracy theorists, paranoids and racists" by stating he forgot to mention loons. Michele Bachmann should say, "I called Keith Olbermann and the other commentators at MSNBC stalkers and I apologize. I forgot to say lunatics - they are also insane lunatics."

    BTW just a few things I learned from MikeH last night:

    -He is a damn good deflector. I mean, every time he wrote something it was about me or it was about how we discuss lies by Olbermann that aren't "particularly important", you know, like lying to your audience, racism, patriotism, etc (we didn't discuss rape but I imagine if we did he'd say something like "you said that, not me. You must be sick in the head." But it was particularly important that he tell us Olbermann had 2.5 million viewers but not prove where the other numbers came from.

    -If Olbermann comes on tonight and says the sky is purple MikeH will defend him to the death. MikeH was so sure about those 2.5 million viewers he was calling us liars for doubting a guy who has constantly lied throughout his career.

    -His hypocrisy is riding high. This guy railed me once for "assuming" things about him and then he goes right ahead and makes tons of assumptions about me. Nothing new here, just pointing it out.

    -And lastly MikeH is a coward. He has nothing to back his arguments. When push came to shove he started throwing insults. He ignored the "tin foil hat wearing racist" argument, he ignored the tax cheat argument and he ignored the "take her in a room and don't let her out" argument. The other arguments he defended with hypocrisy about how I was assuming things and then preceded to use assumptions. Yes, you ASSUMED Olbermann told the truth about his ratings, you ASSUMED Olbermann was talking about Blackwater even though there's no way they could level Iraq by themselves and you ASSUMED that Olbermann doesn't agree with Garofalo even though he never brings on people that disagree with him (and I mean really disagree with him, like "hey, I don't think Bush was that bad").

    MikeH is a coward on this blog and if he's a coward here then I bet he was a coward when he was in the military also.

    [MikeH] ASSUMED that Olbermann doesn't agree with Garofalo....

    Well, then, MikeHypocrite has shown himself to be blind to the obvious.....

    Who was voicing a clearly affirmitive, "Uh mmm?"

    Who agreed in follow-up questions with her conclusions of racist motivation and then went on to predict lower ratings for the cable news network that "supported" the initial protests?

    Oh, that's was Keith Olbermann.

    And while we are watching this clip, let us reflect on what has happened to FNC's ratings since the brave predictions of frick & frack...

    including the ratings of one Glenn Beck?

    The "KKK demo," as it was called, is topping 2.5 million regular viewers!

    Look out!

    VERO POSSUMUS, indeed. Wee weed?

    By cee on October 9, 2009 10:44 AM

    The comments were really good too, Cee.

    My faves were:

    "The Cook County Democratic machine ain't what it used to be. They were supposed to bribe the Olympics Committee."

    "Miss America was robbed. She was for world peace way before Obama was for it."

    "Was he, like, the tenth caller or something?"

    "The Nobel Peace Prize - now available in select cereal and Cracker Jack boxes. While supplies last!"

    BTW, Grampie promised me that "I think it was the dip" is going to be on my tombstone. Suffice it to say that ever since an infamous Christmas Eve party and Christmas morning family and friends suffering from an acute hangover simply say that they have "dip poisoning".

    Jeff Poor of NewsBusters has another link for us: MSNBC's Bachmann Vendetta Prolongs: Olbermann Demands Apology, Schultz Rants

    **It probably wasn't totally unexpected, since the tally of time the on-air talent at MSNBC spends on Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., increases with every broadcast hour.
    Bachmann, not one to hold back on expressing her opinions, has criticized MSNBC on not one, but two occasions recently. And one of those appearances, on Fox News' Oct. 7 "The O'Reilly Factor," she called her critics on the left-leaning network "personal stalkers, only they have TV shows." And that earned her the top spot on Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World" segment.
    "But our winner, Michele Bachmann," Olbermann said, referring to the first place contestant, the "worst" person. "[Fox News host Bill O'Reilly] (Billo [Ding!]), dimly aware of the world around him, asks her, ‘Now you are a pretty interesting politician, Congresswoman. You are second to Sarah Palin in far-left angst. You know, Sarah Palin leads the league, no doubt. But they're after you now. We hear it all the time, Michele Bachmann, she's this, she's that. How did you get into that wheelhouse?'"
    O'Reilly raised a good question. Bachmann isn't exactly one of the most powerful members of the U.S. House of Representatives, having ranked 363rd out of 435 members in the most recent "power rankings" put out by a group called Knowlegis. Still Olbermann and others at MSNBC make her almost a daily part of their programming.
    Nonetheless, Olbermann gave his best shot at trying to explain why MSNBC makes it their mission to report on her every word.
    "Oh, I don't know maybe the ‘slash our wrists' quote or the ‘Pelosi will bludgeon them to death' quote, or the ‘carbon dioxide' quote, or the ‘armed and dangerous' quote, or the ‘gangster government' quote, or the ‘rise up' quote, or the ‘Obama may have anti-American views' quote or her warning that if you filled out the census, you might wind up in an internment camp quote," he ranted.
    But that wasn't the reasoning Bachmann gave, as Olbermann astutely observed.
    "Nah, she says that's not it," Olbermann said, and then read Bachmann's answer to O'Reilly. "‘You know, it's an interesting phenomenon. I think it happened with a competing cable network that took an interest in me and it's only grown. Now it's almost like I have personal stalkers, only they have TV shows.'"
    Despite Bachmann probably being right about there being at least a degree of a stalker mentality by MSNBC personalities (with the Minnesota congresswoman's name being mentioned once on 47 different shows on MSNBC over the past three months), Olbermann acted offended. He demanded an apology from Bachmann.
    "Seriously?" Olbermann said. "I had a stalker. I had to go to court. She was small fries on the all time list of stalkers. I think it would be a real good idea if the Congresswoman apologized to women and even those men whose lives have been blighted and ruined and, in some cases, ended by the terror and the threat that stalkers create. Not in even the mildest of senses of journalists whose aggressiveness might verge colloquially into stalking is she anywhere close to being such a victim."
    And for that, Olbermann deemed her "today's worst person in the world."
    "Michele ‘Stalkers, there's something else I don't know squat about' Bachmann, today's worst person in the world," he proclaimed.

    But it wouldn't be MSNBC if they didn't try to make it some sort of theme of the day. Earlier, one of the newer left-wing voices to the channel, Ed Schultz, had to make sure his thoughts on Bachmann were broadcast.
    "Frequent visitor and star, Michele Bachmann, congresswoman from Minnesota - the paranoia, folks, is really setting in," Schultz said. "Yesterday she went on Fox and they asked her why the liberal media was so obsessed with her."
    Schultz then played the clip from the Oct. 7 "The O'Reilly Factor."
    "Congresswoman, as a representative of that competing cable network, I have to tell you, and being a Minnesota resident, sometimes, this isn't stalking," Schultz said. "You're an elected official and the American people have a right to know when you say stuff that simply isn't true. It's practically a full-time job to stay on top of all the lies you tell."
    The liberal radio host-turned-MSNBC liberal on-air personality extraordinaire went on to list what he thought were the most egregious of Bachmann's remarks. However, he also explained probably why they give so much attention to Bachmann in his follow-up comments.
    "That's only a fraction of the library, I might add. Michele, the reason that we talk about you is because you're saying all this crazy stuff," Schultz continued. "And we're going to keep on covering you until you stop saying all this crazy stuff. But, don't get me wrong, because I don't want you to stop. This segment is a heck of a lot more fun for me to do and I think entertaining when you are in ‘Psycho Talk.'"
    Note he said his "Psycho Talk" segment was "a heck of a lot more fun." That fits the clear pattern of behavior of MSNBC personalities and their odious opinions of conservative women - including Bachmann, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and even recently, former Miss California Carrie Prejean.**

    The next Saturday Night Live skit about Obama has written itself with today's news from Scandinavia.

    With this Nobel Prize award, I can't help but think of Charles Dickens and "Great Expectations". Obama is Pip. The Left is Miss Havisham. The unknown benefactor? You will probably find him within the list on Glenn Beck's blackboard.

    "The president beat out an Afghan woman's rights activist for the prize, points out Meredith Jessup of TownHall, which she contends gives credence to Bush policies.

    "'I would just like to point out this bit of irony,' she writes, 'if it hadn't been for 'the evil one,' President George W. Bush, and the U.S. military's efforts in ridding Afghanistan of the Taliban's tyrannic rule, I'd imagine there would be no 'Afghan woman's rights activist' around today to even be considered for this award.'"

    Yes, irony has been very abundant since January and I fear it will only be increasing in the near term.

    The anti-Bush win for President Obama will be an irony with great easy prediction.....a shame for liberty.

    "Regarding COLI, Mr. Olbermann’s assertions on COLI are beyond factually incorrect; they are distorted characterizations. Unless 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' is intentionally produced as fiction, and not intended to be a credible source of opinion, news and information, your viewers deserve clarification."

    Thanks to J$ for providing the excellent truth rebutting Olbermann's smear.

    The bolded portion is quite funny....The writer of the letter is obvious not familiar with the show because it was NEVER a credible source of anything except misinformation. A fine product of NBC NEWS!

    The peace prize???? Where is there peace? Did he fix the problems with Israel? Did he fix Afghanistan? Did he stop the hate on the Right or Left? Last time I checked there is more partisan politics than anytime in history. Hell, if we don't have peace in our own country, how does he get a peae prize? Oh yeah, for bashing America for the past 9 months.

    I also saw the peace prize was voted on after he was in office for 2 weeks! What the hell did he do? I know Bush (whom I think was horrible for our country) did so much for Africa. Hell Obama still has relatives living in a hut in Africa. Will he donate the money to build them a house? I am sure he will because as most liberals, they are generous with other peoples money but donate so little of their own money.

    So I guess Ahmadinejad will be the next peace prize winner? He has done as much and maybe more than obama. Yet another sad display of sucking off the president, like Keithy does each and every night. I heard Keithy needs better knee pads, anyone want to donate for them?


    What do Billy Graham and BHO have in common...

    They can both get a million people to stand up and scream "JESUS CHRIST!"

    Like I said, the jokes write themselves over the O Peace Prize.....

    VERO POSSUMUS, indeed. Wee weed?

    Wow, it looks as if I missed a hilarious night of trolling from this site's lone olbyloon, in a vain attempt defending his hero. My absence can be explained by the fact that most nights, I find more informative, and entertaining programs to tune into besides Countdung.

    In reference to cjflan32's post on October 9, 2009 11:01 AM, I am surprised cj, that you are learning about these tactics from this site's lone olbyloon, MikeHee, for the first time. If you have read any of his past posts, all of those tactics have been readily exposed. Compare MikeHee's tactics here with his hero Olbermann when he attacks and lies on his show. Pretty similar, eh cj? MikeHee has learned well from his master.

    I will again give credit to MikeHee as he is the only one who still comes here to defend his failing hero, no matter how useless it is. Must have been that crack military training he received so long ago. Or, that sparkling logic he "acquired" from his scientific education he once boasted about here. Like his hero, he is long on boasting, but short on proving. I believe that is a typical disorder of narcissits.

    Olbermann's counterfeit pity for the down-trodden that oozed from the screen got MikeH all tingly inside and he could not resist waxing impressed here at OW.

    When will Olbermann's self-rightousness and role as judge be compared to the very people he villifies on the right (who do the EXACT SAME THING) by twits like MikeH?.....

    Likely, never.

    Olbermann fans will have another chance to watch with open eyes and rational thought this Friday night....The Special Comment is being replayed in its complete and distasteful orgy-like entirety of self-gratifying narcissism.

    There but for the grace of God, go I.

    Posted by MikeH on October 8, 2009 8:45 PM

    "I remain perplexed by all those so called conservatives who are so willing to cede control of their lives AND their government to unelected multi-national corporations, while parroting the talking point that their elected government is somehow the problem.

    Government only becomes the "problem" when we let them.....because they begin to care more about what their corporate constituents with deep pockets think than they care about what their human constituents think."

    Of course you are "perplexed". It is why you are one of those million or so morons who tune into Countdown every night. With a true free market system, like the one the founders set up, we as consumers, have the power to take our consumption to another competitor, provided it is available. Unfortunately, for most states, that competition in the Health Care industry is severly lacking. When government controls the industry, competition is lacking (Medicare, SS), and influence and corruption reign.

    Despite that "logical" background that you boasted you received from your scientific educational background a while back, you don't understand the simple concept of how government intrusion and control leads to corruption. I give you Charlie Rangel, and Chris Dood as but two individual examples. There are others on the GOP side that I am sure you are all too familiar with via your Countdown experience, so no need to list them. However, the same concept applies to corporations who try and get government favors, via lobbying. The reason they lobby the government MikeHee, is because the government controls the industry that the corporations are involved with. They would like nothing better than for the government to favor them, and help them kill off their competition. The founders understood this well before you acquired that so-called logical background of yours, and they tried to limit that influence and corruption by giving us a LIMITED federal governement. That limited goverment has been under attack by progressives/leftists/statists, as a way of increasing their influence, and hence, power. Power to choose which companies succeed, and which don't, via their lobbying or campaign contributions. The fact that you believe government officials, including progressives/leftists/statists like Olbermann, will care more for their "human constituents"; puny, bullied people like you MikeHee, when they are working hard to divide and conquer, speaks loudly about either your naivetivity, or stupidity. I am betting on the latter.

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