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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    October 7, 2009
    Olbermann Watch Exclusive Video!

    Olbermann Watch has obtained this exclusive footage of Keith Olbermann and his team of analysts, writers, and sycophants doing last minute preparations for tonight's marathon one-hour Special Education Komment:

    Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

    Enjoy, then use this thread tonight to post your reactions to the real thing--if you can stand it. Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (66) | | View blog reactions


    Very amuzing Sendable...I hve never thought of using it to parody the Olbermann crew.

    I would rather thrust hot pokers in my eye sockets than watch 1 second of Cankle's SPECIAL COMMENT special tonight.....I really think there is going to be a very small amount of comments because no one will watch it.

    I'm already planning on not watching. Oh no, they postponed the vote in the finance committee, so what's Obly going to preach about? There's nothing to "pimp out" at the moment.

    Another JIB JAB sendable featuring Olby and Maddow (originally seen here, on our Banner about 18 months ago) :

    Both Johnny's new one and dan's from last year are prime.

    Great job!

    I hope some folks from here watch so I can read their remarks. As for me, I don't have that much time left to waste any of it on that freak.

    No surprise but Olby is pimping his special K over at dailykos with a real time chat during the hour long show. He posted a preview and (no surprise here either) he will be using his dad's illness to push healthcare reform. I don't know what shows less class, bragging about his own personal wealth or using his family members illnesses in stories?

    Keith mentions his dad 13 seconds in to his speshul komment.

    Keith mentions his dad 13 seconds in to his speshul komment.

    Yep it's going to be about his Dad and tying it into his Komment. Look you bloated cow, you have the money and can afford to give your Dad the best treatment you can. So I don't want to hear all of your "cry me a river" story.

    Health care only needs to be reformed, not Govt controlled or socialized, do you understand you liberal assed morons?

    I am not going to be forced into paying taxes and end up paying for others, nor should I be forced into having to get health care and if not I shall be sent to jail. If that be the case..."hey, take me jail boys." I'll get free health care in lock up.

    But back to the Komment so far "blow by blow." You knew he'd bring up Churchill, the idiot has it on his quote over at Kos.

    Has anyone noticed he's a heavy breather and or fights for breath? Or maybe it's just me.


    YOU LIE!


    Somebody should count the number of camera pivots. Tonight should be a new record.

    I seem to have two choices watch KO pimp his Father illness to help push Obamacare or hit myself in the head with a hammer...


    God that painful couldn't stand it for more than a minute...I should of just hit myself with the hammer.

    New Murrow indeed.

    Keith, I'm facing kidney disease myself. Hell, I might be on dialysis within a year! And on Medicade. So let me say this, Keith. CRY ME A RIVER, BITCH! Government control of health care will mean many more people like your dad will get denied care! Cause with less money avalible, people will get denied. And in what fairyland do you live in when you think that under a government run health care where those with 'pre-existing conditons' will be brought in with no increase in price? It just doesn't work that way!

    We do this, I might not get what I need to survive, cause I'm fighting with everyone else for dwindling resources.


    Give it your best shot, bitch! Other's tried and failed!

    BTW, Michelle Bachman is on Bill-o right now. Called Keith (not by name) her personal stalker!

    I'm sure that John Gibson, Red Eye Guys, Lou Dobbs, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck will all have their takes about the hour long "Special Ed Komment" on their shows in the next few days.

    If his own life is so precious to this asshole, why does he continually stuff his face with biscuits and gravy and chocolate covered doughnuts? Where's my evidence? Look at the rolls of fat spilling over his collar. Sickening!

    Holy Cow. You'd think the makeup people wouldve popped that uncle Charlie on the right aide of Olbys nose or at least covered it up. That's one hell of a zit.

    I tuned in 3 different times to the hour-long HealthCare Special Komment and here's my summary:


    If more people watched this nonsense, you could perhaps call this a "jump the shark" moment in the pro-Obama care rhetoric. After all, Krazy Keefe has called the insurance companies:

    at war with America

    But again, with virtually nobody watching, not sure my jump the shark theory holds any water.

    I'm tempted to sneak over to Kos to see how much of a froth the Krazies are lathering up...

    That was hilarious when Bachman called KO a stalker not mentioning his name ( really how many guys with their own show do stories on her on a regular basis )

    Bill was trying to get her to say she was being attack because she's both a Republican and a Woman, but when she said she has stalkers it was way more accurate.

    So bascially 45 minutes of bathtub boy talking about his Dad *sigh*. Pathetic. I keep waiting for the sign over head that reads, "Emmy Consideration."

    He only did two "horrible's" if you don't count the word, "horror." I hope that Beck, Gibson, and the others rip him a new one.

    Keith needs to "sell the farm."

    He of course rips Palin, (not naming her but you know it.)

    And winding up this bad boy he goes into his act. Why unite against death, it happens, it's a part of life. You can only prolong and extend it, but it will happen.

    No one will shell out more taxes for health care, sorry Keith. You have the money, if anyone who should be forced to pay should be you.

    At the end it looked like he's going to explode. Who wants to bet money he's not on tomorrow and this is the reason why he's getting it all out like a colon detox.

    We are united yes...but we can only help as far as possible. Health care needs only to be modified not altered and without goverment interference.

    Then at the end and how sad is it, putting a photo up of his Dad. What is he? Checkers the dog?

    I counted 21 camera pivots tonight.

    So what are the odds that he's in the tub for the rest of the week?

    Hey Keith, if your father lived in a country with socialized medicine would he be alive today. Keith did you notice that the top Doctors are in THIS COUNTRY. Keith are you aware that you have a better chance of surviving cancer in this country then in any other country. So what if the lab techs smoke, what are you the picture of good health and cleaning living you over weight buffoon. You leave the hospital and meet someone who asked for your help, do you help him NO you use his problem to further your own cause. You have no understanding as to how health insurance works. When that lady need her drugs again here was your chance to be a man, you can afford it pay for her prescription, help her out NO you jerk you just stood there. After watching what I could of your 44 minutes Bu@@sh*t I believe you know nothing about the healthcare system and have no clue on how to fix it.

    For your viewing pleasure, Michele Bachmann on "The Factor".

    Well, at least he wasn't blasting GWBush. Some of the comments above referred to 'obamacare' and 'gubment-run' healthcare. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the debate is about comprehensive health-care insurance reform, is it not? In my opinion, a reform long overdue, and having nothing to do with the government running health care.
    The Olby hour? I didn't watch.

    Me, either, Dan. I was watching a better and more balanced show. The guests on that show were Dick Morris, Medea Benjamin, the aforementioned Bachmann, Wayne Besen, Dennis Miller, and Jane Skinner.

    meerkatpooh said "Keith needs to sell the farm."

    No, actually he should have "bought the farm" of his friend that was also selling baseball cards.

    Did anyone notice in that story of his froend whose wife was in the ICU and he was selling his farm and card collection that KOKO the Clown assumed that the reason was because of expensive healthcare bills. Keithee never said it was for sure, just that was implied.

    That was funny, Dennis! If I had played I would have had to make a loan to aford that much Grey Goose.

    I flipped over and could only stomach it for 45 seconds or so.

    There was a Victorian scence lithograph (?) on the screen and he was talking about Dickens' A Christmas Carol that lead to the horrendous death rate at that time among the third tier and that by 2022 we would have the same Dicksenian death rate.

    At that point I decided maybe I had been playing the Drinking Game and was so blotto that I was hearing things and changed the channel.

    Yikes Grammie, it sounds like Olbermann went to DEF-CON 4 with the melodramatics.

    syvyn11. my husband and I found ourselves in a similar situation twice in our lives.

    I wish you the best in every way.

    Just don't forget that hospitals are obligated to provide care, even if it includes hospitalization, to anyone who is not stable.

    Also, if you are looking at dialysis do investigate Social Security Disability Benefits b/c Medicare comes with it.

    Good luck!

    An hour long Spechul Ed Komment? I don't think the most insane member of his views could sit through that garbage for an hour.

    Thank you Grammie. And yes, I am not stable, at least mentally that is! Ha Ha.

    But I'm sure God will take care of things. Hopefully by me finding good doctors to take care of me.

    Great comment Keith!

    The healthcare debate is changing for the better, we just may fix this gaping hole in America's charaacter yet.

    Keith and the words "character" and "great" should never be used in the same post...unless you say, "Keith has no character and is a great big hypocrite".

    Re-watching his special comment. What a joke. Quoting a fictional book, a FICTIONAL book. Keith, your 45 min rant was in your own words..."horrrible". You're a disgrace to the journalists of the past, present and the future. How dare you sir for having the gall and yes I am saying it, the gall to use your folks as on-air pawns for your own advantage.

    Your ratings are in the toilet, you support a cause which yes I will say "needs" help but not universal. There is an old saying that I'm sure your Dad and late Mom would know, "Charity begins at home." That's right. Americans do help each other but we are NOT a charity to help everyone who doesn't want to be helped.

    I (knock on wood) haven't slept overnight in a hospital, I have had my Mom and late brother spend the night, while yes it was nerve wrecking, I knew they were trying to do the best they could. My Mom has insurance while my brother didn't. I wasn't worried about the money part, cause I knew that as long as they were alive, making payments wouldn't be as bad as NOT having them around.

    The old saying, "You can't take it with you" is true. They can't do anything to you once you're gone. dead. While yes it does go back to whoever is an accessory to your assets, but what do you care? You're dead! It's the ultimate sleep!

    Healthcare will eventually get tweaked and not to what everyone wants, it will NEVER be with other countries are like because we're BETTER and we do things DIFFERENT.

    So you can rant and try to impress us by using big words, quoting dead people like Churchil, Dickens, etc. You'll always be a hack and once a hack, always a hack.

    Good night and get out!

    I feel sorry for Keith's dad for raising a ungrateful evil person. He's just one more victim of the huge karma bill Olby has due. And when that bill comes in, many people will be hurt, but Keith won't care.

    Like Dennis Miller once said, some people have such a karmatic debt that when it happens, many people around them will be hurt. Keith is such a person.

    "This, ultimately, is about death.

    "About preventing it. About fighting it. About resisting it. About grabbing hold of anything and everything to forestall it and postpone it, even though we know that the force will overcome us all - always will, always has. Health care is, at its core, about improving the odds of life in its struggle against death. Of extending that game which we will all lose, each and every one of us unto eternity, extending it another year or month or second...


    "Death is the issue! How can we not be unified against death?"

    I recall certain pundits and politicians who chastised political opponents for their use of fear in debating this issue.....

    Hypocrisy, check.

    So, reading through the transcript I find my prediction of demagoguery was also included along with the hypocritical use of fear. The comment also contained "us versus them," arguments that, again, were thought to be primitive and nonproductive by some in our new era of hope and change.....more hypocrisy, check.

    Lastly, for anyone on the left to be speaking in terms of "death," while over the past several decades they have contributed to out society being a culture of death is quite ironic....Irony, check.

    I do not believe healthcare reform is about death....I believe it is about freedom and the constitutional function of our federal's limits, it's LIMITATIONS for success, it's history of failure in the realm of social and economic policy. Once that important part of the argument is ignored because some simply want to discuss "death," well then I believe the HONEST debate is over.

    Intrusion of the federal government in the lives of individuals, even for benevolent motives, have negative consequences. The other side of increased federal involvement also involves a "slippery slope" aspect which some on the left have been honest about (ie a public option will lead to a single-payer system in the future)....That concern also has well supported historical evidence.

    So, Olbermann's superficial, hysterical, myopic, unsubstantiated and malevolent comments stand in history....Likely seen and read by few because of the radical nature of the politics, but in our current state of governance, it likely represents the "reasoning" (if one can stretch that definition) behind the leftist elites' choice to expand federal power to levels never seen before in US governance. I doubt death will be affected by the expansion, but freedom will and the potential happiness and liberty US citizens have currently will be dramatically reduced.....All for dubious promises of "less death."

    I watched snippets of the melodrama that is Keithy. I may be taking some of these snippets I heard out of context, but, considering Keithy's history, I highly doubt it.

    1. I heard him demagoguing how people are dying in the streets of this country because they don't have health care. Uh Keithy, can you produce evidence of this? Because if you can, then I agree with you about how bad America is in this regard. Unfortunately, this country is one of the richest countries in the world, where its people (including you , oh dorky one), have obtained one of the highest standards of living known throughout mankind's history. Highest, such that many people, including you Keithy, have become obese. I find it very hard to believe that so many are dying due to not having health care (or, insurance for that matter). The facts don't support you Keithy.

    2. Towards the end, where he was mercifully drawing the conclusion to his long winded bloated rant, I heard him mentioning the party of life. I assumed he meant his beloved Democrats, because by large they are the party that supports this health care reform mess that Keithy is championing. If so, then I have a few observations for you Keithy, because I know you read this blog. By party of life Keithy, do you mean the party that supports killing unborn babies? The same party in which a lot of its members support the gruesome method of partial birth abortion? The same party who wants to provide insurance coverage for abortion? Are you sir, referring to the party that supports assisted suicide? And finally, are you Keithy, referring to that party that supported Terry Shiavo's husband's effort to pull the plug on his comatose wife down in Florida? That party of life?

    In conclusion, the only people who could sit throught that melodrama and not question any of it, are those million (less now) or so morons who are faithful viewers of his. Pathetic.

    Gapping holes in America's character:

    45,000 dead Americans/year because of "no Universal healthcare" (dubious claim, BTW)

    3.5 million US residents homeless for some extended period of time in 2008

    1.2 million abortions in 2005

    1.3 million women physcially assualted by their intimate partners in 1995

    1 in 4 girls is sexually abused before the age of 18.
    1 in 6 boys is sexually abused before the age of 18.
    1 in 5 children are solicited sexually while on the internet.
    39 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse exist in America today

    Perspective is everything and when one chooses to be a demagogue there is always a loss of perspective. "Moralizing" issues seems to be rather selective to some on the left....Once again, hypocrisy seems to be the appropriate characterization here.

    One last observation. Even though he threw in some figures from time to time to bolster his case, Keithy's rant was mostly emotional. I have found that this is typical of leftist/progressives. Appealing to emotion is a powerful technique. However, it never addresses the unintended consequenses of the actions it is appealing to. Logic does. As most posters here understand, Keithy utilizes very little logic in his screeds. It's why he is afraid of opposing views on his show, IMO. His response to those who oppose him are always emotional, and mostly on an adolescent level, i.e. his worst persons segment, as but one example.

    I find it puzzling that Keithy is considered by many leftist/progressives to be their beacon of "truth". Surely, they can find a much better representative than this clown.

    But, then again, since so many on the leftist/progressive side identify with emotional appeals, maybe Keithy is the best they can find to represent them. He shows in crystal clear ways how bad their arguments, in logical terms, really are.

    Another "gapping hole" in America's character:

    2006 US pornography revenues: $13.33 BILLION

    Mmm, I wonder what the implications for such immoral behavior has had on individuals thorughout our good land?

    Again, should I be a demagogue about this gapping hole in America's character or logical about it?....How does the left handle this gapping hole in America's character?

    Under a government-run health care system, Keith's father would likely be denied medical treatment. Expensive procedures that would keep his father alive would not be cost effective considering his father's life expectancy. The government death panel would give him a pain pill and ship him off to "end of life counseling",

    Keith's death party wants to make it a law that I have to pay for the death and destruction of human life and if I refuse to pay for it I will be put in prison.

    Move over Stalin and Hitler, you've got fast friends gaining on you,

    Yes, merkle, "savings" in Medicare that Obama claims will pay for most of the new costs (900 billion over 10 years) associated with providing universal coverage via a public option will have to come from denying care to someone.....but it will not be the realtives of the wealthy like Keith will be the middle class Medicare person....And if cuts are not made in Medicare, then where else can the federal government get money to pay for entitlements?.....

    increased taxes or deficit spending.

    So, again, the logical argument on how a gigantic federal benefit is paid for is lost in the hysterical and superficial discussions like that of Olbermann's last evening.

    "Capping," or "containing" costs is just another term for rationing....The wealthy, like Olbermann, do not fear such issues because they can simply pay for it.....the poor have the additional benefit of Medicaid and lots of other programs, perhaps even S.S. disability, if they have a good lawyer, to keep their lifestyle intact....ah but the shrinking middle class...they will be the ones with less freedom in a system that has an expensive federal bureaucracy determining who gets what, when and how.

    Did Olbermann cover that last night?....No, I didn't think so.

    Olby wants state-sponsored health care
    I wonder if he is aware
    His father would die
    Because they would deny
    Treatment and that's simply not fair

    I love how mostly everybody here said they didn't like the Special Comment and then proceeded to explain why they didn't like it, unlike MikeH who just took a generic comment that I see all the time at a place like Mediabistro, you know, the one that says how wonderful Olbermann is but doesn't say why. You see it all the time.

    BTW my father said if he was sick and I made $7 million/year and I used my television show to show how the Healthcare system failed him he'd disown me.

    Oh and the ratings probably won't be that bad. It's like the Oscars. Everyone said this years Oscars would be the lowest rated ever and plenty of people just tuned in to see how bad it was.

    Well, I could not stand the likely amateurish acting (puppy dog eyes, angle changes, dramatic pauses, etc) so I simply read the transcript....which was not easy either.....It ooozed with projection and narcissism.

    I do the same with Obama....his style is really getting old quickly and reading what he says is a lot easier than putting up with the same old stares, pauses, head nods and teleprompter induced position changes....It is also funny to count how many times he says, "Let me be clear...." or uses the pronouns I or me.

    Take a gander at the transcript of Michelle Obama's IOC was a ridiculous display of narcissism (and obviously hurt our chances of getting the games in 2016).

    Approximately 2.45 million Americans die every year.

    45,000 of these are claimed to have no health insurance.

    That's = 1.8% of total American deaths have no health insurance.

    That means 98.2% of Americans WITH INSURANCE die each year.

    Does this justify spending trillions of dollars to ruin the health care of the other 98.2%??

    True "Liberalism" would say no to the above question.

    Correction to above:

    True "Socialism" would say no to the above question.

    The 45,000 that die due to lack of health care / insurance. what did they die from? If they had insurance would they have still died? How many were terminal? He provides number with no breakdown.
    again, crankel just pushs the party line and does not explain were the money coming from to pay for this program. If you are sick a hospital can not turn you away, so there is free medical. When you walk into an ER they do not triage based on insurance, the most needed goes first. since this debate started the number of unisuried has droped from 47 millon to 30 million. These people can't even get there numbers right.

    Oh if Keith for your next special comment how about one telling the president to make a decision about Afghanistan or resign.

    Great great point, Serax, but you muddled it a bit.

    I think you meant to say that 98.2% of all who die each year have health insurance. vs "That's = 1.8% of total American deaths have no health insurance.".

    It sounds like Keith can't quite handle the truth of the 'Ultimate Statistic', that being, 'One out of every one person will die'.

    Let me try to use Olbermann tactics in discussing national healthcare reform....

    It took me 10 seconds to find a story rebutting Olbermann's conclusion that socialized medicine is a panacea....

    Plumber with shattered arm left horrifically bent out of shape has operation 'cancelled four times'

    "A plumber whose arm was left twisted grotesquely out of shape in an accident ten months ago has had an operation to correct it 'cancelled four times'.

    "Torron Eeles, 50, has been left unable to work since falling down the stairs and now fears he may lose his home after being denied incapacity benefit."

    I can assure you that this man would have had the surgery within weeks of his injury and he would be back already as a productive citizen if he was a citizen of The United States!

    (serious stare)

    Cee and others have commented on the ' dramatic pauses, puppy-dog eyes, camera changes' etc. I would also include teary eyes, lower lip jutted out, and feigned emotional pain. That crap drives me nuts. It's contrived and pre-planned. It makes these 'Speshul Komment's' unwatchable. It's also a big reason why I can't take Glenn Beck seriously. Could you imagine Bill O'Reilly trying to sell his point by using a quivering crying voice? Or John Gibson?

    cjflan32 posted on October 8, 2009 10:25 AM

    "I love how mostly everybody here said they didn't like the Special Comment and then proceeded to explain why they didn't like it, unlike MikeH who just took a generic comment that I see all the time at a place like Mediabistro, you know, the one that says how wonderful Olbermann is but doesn't say why."

    That's because MikeHee, like those other libtard posters over at Mediabistro, have nothing further to add over the emotional appeals that their hero Olby overused in his Special Spittle Komment. They never consider cost. They never consider corruption that will ultimately result from government intervention and control. They never consider how it takes away personal freedom from Americans now, and from future generations to come, because once this type of legislation takes hold, it never gets repealed, like say SS, Medicare, etc. For them, it's all about feeling good about fixing that "gaping hole in America's charaacter (SIC)" It's why MikeHee is one of those dwindling million or so morons who watch their hero every night. And, why he got bullied when he was an adolescent.

    I will give him credit for not trolling as he usually does, and for finally being honest and showing support for his hero like the good little olbyloon we all know he is.

    The first link is from TVNewser. And Keith will certainly expand on what he told them and make Bachmann Worst. He'll use the same tone he used in last night's hour-long Komment.

    Guess what? The aforementioned Komment had no effect on the ratings last night. Take that, Deathermann.

    One thing Olbermann said last night that probably went right by all those who hate him when he discussed his encounter with his old friend. He articulated the FACT that his own personal success is as much an accident as it is anything else, and that he understood how easily the situation could have been reversed ..... "There but by the grace of God go I" is a concept too many conservatives just don't seem to understand.

    Someone stated above that I keep on defending KO without explaining why, but I HAVE explained "why" at least a hundred times. The fact that some are simply unable to understand the positive human quality of empathy for others isn't MY problem!

    Someone also said above that we never consider "cost" in such idealistic endeavors, but I find that incredibly hypocritical following 8 years of a costly unneccessary war in which costs were never considered.

    Just for you MikeH, I want you to know that the current president (uncapitalized for good reason) is going down in history as the 2nd worst president in the history of the U.S. He will be known as the worst and Jimmy Carter will be moved to 2nd place. It will be known that the Kenyan socialist was run out of town in early 2010 and come November of 2010 and 2012 the Republicans and Independants will resume control of Washington and clean the slate of all that was ruined by the Kenyan Moron.

    MikeH using the word hypocritical is a very funny statement considering that the dems have been nothing but hypocritical in all of their endeavors so far this year. Get your facts straight their mikey.
    Oh, by the way mikeH, we have not missed you here as we know where you have been lurking.
    You can't fix stupid there mikeH.

    "You can't fix stupid there mikeH."

    A fitting comment from the one who stated a liberal beef when I asked him what his main complaint was that made him call himself a conservative. When I pointed out to him that his beef was with the conservatives and not the liberals, he tried to cover his mistake by saying that there are MANY reasons he calls himself a conservative.

    LOL.....I'll never forget it!

    I don't believe SoCAL really knows what either a conservative OR a liberal actually believes, but he can certainly recite the talking points.

    It reminds me of that idiot screaming at a US senator at a town hall meeting about policy, but then when he was interviewed about it later, he responded simply by saying Obama was born in Kenya.....Obama wants death panels.....and Obama is creating secret detention camps.

    MikeH, you obviously have me confused with someone else. Show me where you and I ever talked about your last post. If anyone is an idiot, it is you mikeH. I never said obama was born in Kenya, I just call him a Kenyan. Get your facts straight jackclown.
    This business you print "Obama wants death panels.....and Obama is creating secret detention camps. " is what you typed and is what you must think others are thinking. The farthest that I have gone with obama is saying that he is from Chicago and the thug machine.
    MikeH, you need to get your facts right before you start spewing your crap.

    In his 1895 will, Alfred Nobel stipulated that the peace prize should go "to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations AND THE ABOLITION OR REDUCTION OF STANDING ARMIES and the formation and spreading of peace congresses." (emphasis mine)

    I guess General McChrystal, our brave troops and the currently free Afghan people now have a hint of whether there will be more soldiers sent in to defend against The Taliban.

    In a word, ironic.

    MikeH wrote on October 8, 2009 8:28 PM

    "One thing Olbermann said last night that probably went right by all those who hate him when he discussed his encounter with his old friend. He articulated the FACT that his own personal success is as much an accident as it is anything else, and that he understood how easily the situation could have been reversed ..... "There but by the grace of God go I" is a concept too many conservatives just don't seem to understand."

    Well, I aren't no conservative, but I am sure that they, like me MikeHee, understand very well the concept of "There but by the grace of God go I". Especially when it originates from someone who is sincere. The trouble with you MikeHee, is your too stupid to understand that Keithy isn't a very sincere guy when he does his Countdung shtick. But then again, you never could see the forest for the trees. I know. It's hard for one who is an admitted olbyloon.

    MikeH wrote on October 8, 2009 8:28 PM

    "Someone also said above that we never consider "cost" in such idealistic endeavors, but I find that incredibly hypocritical following 8 years of a costly unneccessary war in which costs were never considered."

    Seeing as this was directed at my post on October 8, 2009 1:31 PM, I will answer. First, how the flux do you know I was okay with the cost of the "unneccessary war"? Second, what the flux does that issue have to do with Obama now? Here's a flash for you MikeHee, Obama has now reigned over the highest deficits EVER! That includes your hated Bush. On top of that, he wants to add more to that deficit with his ill advised intrusion on 20% of the economy, while not addressing the upcomming SS fiscal crisis. History has already shown that these social engineering programs never come in at or under cost. This one won't either. I am sure that disturbs your fiscal conscience, right MikeHee? You know, since you were so upset at the deficits caused by that "unccessary war". I take it, you stand by those of us who don't want this billion dollar government social engineering that will be open to so much inefficiency and corruption, like welfare, or Medicare. No?

    And, if this health care crap passes, it will eventually take away choices when everyone is pushed over to the public option. Government usually has a penchant to make things worse than they were before government got involved in the first place. You know, like that "uneccessary war" you complain so much about, right MikeHee? Fact MikeHee, it was the government that helped to created this employer mandated health insurance system we have now, a system that you libtards, lead by your fearless leader Keithy, complain so much about. I understand why you complain; you are, well, just a stupid libtard. Keithy, in his "sincerity", complains because he uses this issue as a tool to bash those with whom he disagrees with.

    But, the real humor here, is that the Democrats, you know MikeHee, yours and your hero's party, who control both the House and the Senate, with sufficient majorities, such that they could pass this health care crap without the involvement of any GOPer. They could shove this pile of progressive crap down we the people's throats, so that "gaping hole in America's charaacter (SIC)" can finally be plugged, that you libtards so desire. Yet, they haven't been able to, so far. Why MikeHee? Can you answer for your party? And while you are at it, why doesn't your hero stop his deflection attacks against the GOP for one segment, to address that important FACT? Defend that MikeHee.

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