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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

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    Welcome Back, Olby!

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    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

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    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    June 8, 2010
    Hey Here's a New Idea for Olbermann: Why Not Attack Rand Paul?

    Bathtub Boy

    Oh the excitement of another Hour of Spin, where the topics, propaganda, and biases are about as unpredictable as the rising of the sun. Coming tonight from the infamous, deplorable one:

    • Doomsday courtesy of the evil BP
    • The Wolffe Man to spin oil spills in favor of Obama
    • Political analysis from an unbiased source: Ed Schultz
    • Requisite attacks on Orly Taitz and Rand Paul
    • Plus a threat from Oralmann to return again at 10:00 pm

    Ooooh, that's scaaaary. Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (58) | | View blog reactions


    Ed Schultz makes an appearance with the typical whiny liberal bitching. His overblown story of choice? People had to wait up to an hour to vote in Arkansas.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but getting in and out of a polling station in under 30 minutes is a luxury. And now Mr. Schultz is talking about how people waiting in the heat compromises American elections?

    Also, Olbermann has made another promise about doing a special edition of Countdown after Maddow. We all know that last time he was MIA, I believe they just re-aired highlights of the earlier broadcast and Maddow/Matthews filled in. If Olbermann's Democratic candidates of choice don't win, I fully expect him to pitch a fit and refuse to work.

    Tweet of the day also found a way to attack both integrity of American politics and Matt Drudge. The tweet was from Mr. Weigel, and was a comparison of Mr. Obama taking credit for the 400,000 new census jobs to the jobs that the White House tosses out to get Democrats to drop out of races. Olbermann somehow thinks its an attack on Drudge, even though he is openly advocating that the White House continue to break federal law by bribing primary opponents. It was complete with the four chin smug grin he gives after he thinks he just won himself a Pulitzer for insightful political commentary.


    BathTub Boy got his hilarious mocking voices ready during Tee Time, and literally started reading from the stage direction script of Life of Brian, complete with direction cues and a list of the actors speaking. Apparently Life of Brian was made as an attack against the tea party. Who knew? Why does Olbermann think parading his running log of comedy routines he finds funny makes them more valuable? If he continues, John Cleese will be getting a package from me with all of my Monty Python DVDs with an explanation that Olbermann destroyed the jokes.

    I might be stupid, but what happens after the census is completed? What happens to those 'gains'?

    I guess at this it's tee time. And Olby is showing glee over how republicans are attacking each other. I guess it's better than when someone in the democratic party goes off the radical liberal ranch, they are ostracized. Keep laughing Bath-Tub boy. We'll be laughing in November, Bitch!

    No mood for snappy jokes. It's the Worst Person in the World Abstract!

    Bronze- Rand Paul: For bashing Obama about oil spill.

    SILVER: Matt Kibby of freedomworks- Calls it a 'natural disaster'. In a way HE'S RIGHT! Shit, keith, try to grow up

    GOLD: RUPERT MURDOCH: for bashing ground zero mosque. Blames Murdoch for a mob attacking two Christian Egyptians at the Mosque site. Yeah, Keith. Murdoch wanted those damn Arabs to get killed. Keith, wise up. REAL AMERICANS DO NOT WANT A REMINDER OF THE RELIGION OF DEATH AND HATE NEAR WHERE 3000 HUMAN BEINGS LOST THEIR LIVES!!!!!

    You are a ass.

    Another award wining countdown to the end of the book series 'pretty little liars'. It's got more substance than a day's worth of MSNBC programing.

    WPITW abstract, in case nobody else does it tonight

    Worse: Rand Paul, for saying that the President hurts American business by demonizing BP beyond making them pay the cost of the cleanup. Olbermann botches the attack, stating that Rand Paul advocated for no accountability for BP, even though the quote he pulled and read on air clearly showed Rand Paul wanted them to pay every dime for the cleanup. Another classic Edward R. Olbermann misrepresentation.

    Worser: Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works, for calling gallons of carbon based matter stored within the Earth's crust for millions of years gushing to the surface of the gulf "a natural disaster". Appears that Keith is attempting a gotcha moment by pouncing on non-specific language of a conservative.

    Worst: Rupert Murdoch, for a narrative story regarding Arab Christians being attacked by a mob supposedly sent by Murdoch to protest the new ground zero Mosque proposal. Story seems made up, I am sure Mike C. will be able to track down exactly which liberal blog he stole this crap from. The story is too perfect, and it seems unlikely that NYC police officers subduing a crowd of 500+ RACIST WHITE BIGOTS wouldn't have made the rounds on CNN/MSNBC/every other media outlet besides Fox.

    Sorry syvyn, I hadn't seen that you already did a write up. Looks like the audience here gets a dose of WPITW double trouble tonight.

    Olby's source appears to be Salon.

    Yeah I agree, enough with the Python references. Just cause you met them, and you think they like you doesn't give you carte blanche to just spew out their quotes when you feel like it.

    No biggie, Honey (dear god, I hope you're a woman. It would be weird to call a guy 'honey'). Yours was a more complete dissertation of Olber-bull-crap.

    And I think it wasn't that FNC or the NYP came up with the story of the attacked men. But I think Olby was blaming Murdoch for 'whipping up the masses'. He didn't need to whip me up. I was pissed the second I heard about the 9/11 mosque.

    Speaking of John Cleese and Monty Python, where is OlbyWatch's very own Black Knight: Sir MK-ignores-alot the wuss?

    Sorry, I'm just as bad as Olbermann now.....but it had to be said.

    Anyway, did anyone else catch the off air incident during Gold tonight?

    Looks like Olbs missed another special edition, which is surprising as even as late as mid way through the Doctor's show she had mentioned to stay tuned to a "special" edition of Olbs and what not. So you really have to wonder what it was this time that caused him to miss yet another chance to go live for a "special" show.

    I'm sure it wasn't how his coworker Contesa Brewer openly delighted in Sarah Palin's death?

    Unless you come out and claim BP is evil, and drilling for oil is evil then you are going to be attacked by Olbermann.

    Of course he blames the free market. As if oil companies aren't heavily regulated.

    Also. Olbermann thinks that referencing Python makes him cool by association.

    Brent Bozell has a column on Helen Thomas at NewsBusters: Helen's Hate-Filled Exit. Bozell's column a few days ago, though about "Glee," was critical of the Olbsession, Gretchen Carlson, and Juliet Huddy (in for Margaret Hoover) in a Culture Warriors segment from two weeks ago (and the NB commenters piled on). He redeemed himself here.

    Via NB, on the 10:00 "Countdown," Chris Matthews rooted for Orly Taitz (the real one, not a slur directed at Limbaugh or O'Reilly) to "bring down" the GOP in California and to "tie her up like a witch at the stake." I just want the GOP to ignore her. She does not represent you.

    Mission accomplished, Keith: your Nevada nemesis, Sue Lowden, lost in the primary. I guess you'll now be focusing your ammo on Sharron Angle?

    With the knocking off of Sue Louden, Fatman will be feeling his oats tonight.

    I expect Angle attacks, Palin attacks, 'oil spill is the fault of Bush/Cheney/Haliburton' attacks and Rush being married attacks.

    All in all, a normal episode of countdown.


    And is Olby rooting for the 'establishment' or the 'tea party'? Once more, Olby is so stupid to realize after the primary you muster your forces. Now the enemy is democrats, not other republicans. It's time to remember Reagan's 11th commandmant. And as Hugh Hewitt said, "it's better to have a 75% republican than a 100% democrat!".

    And I see the gotcha moments are coming fast and furious.

    Yeah, it's time for my usual BS. Yeah, I have no life.

    No, that's not my social life withering away on the vine, it's your daily update on the primary for numbnuts crowd..... TEE TIME!!!!

    Sue Louden, Susan Angle, Potato- POTAto! Same Crap, Different day. It seems that check Harry sent Keith finally cleared. Smear after smear, I can't wait. FIVE MORE MONTHS OF THIS SHIT!!!! (pardon my french). It seems that Kieth has a new Olby-session.

    Just like when Netflix sends you that chic flick instead of that horror film you wanted, IT'S THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD ABSTRACT!!!!

    Bronze: Virginal Fox- About illegal immingration. Makes fun of people from Virgina.

    Silver: The Rabbi that got rid of Helen Thomas. Doing a rapping rabbi weather forecast. I'm stunned, that Keith is that stupid that he can't understand humor.

    GOLD: BILL-O!!! And Newsmax for advertising E-mail. At least he gets sponsors, bitch.

    Another Countdown to when security throws Keith out of 30 Rock on his fat ass!

    Worser blue blog source: Black-Thought. Wow, I guess Keith really does agree with Helen.
    Worst blue blog source: Media Matters, of course. I don't know why it took Keith a week to use this source. It was posted last Thursday. Olbermoronn spent two minutes reading what MM posted, mocking Newsmax and Bill, and mock-begging Bill to stop "cutting yourself." Pyramid scheme! Pyramid scheme! Peabody award! Paris Business Review! Boycott! Degrees of seriously. Shamwow guy! Ted Baxter voice.

    #1: Lewis Black.

    He also said something about Bill "fading out." I wish YOU were fading out, Keithy. You are a disgrace to television and I hope that when Comcast takes over NBCU, you're one of the first to go.
    Sorry, but how else can I feel after hearing one of his lengthy hyperbolic, theatrical, hysterical diatribes?

    For the Rabbi, the point that the Victicrat (as Larry Elder would call it) blog and Rip 'n Read were trying to make was he's hypocrite [Ding!] for catching Helen Thomas as an anti-semite. Yet, here's a Rabbi making fun of Mexicans. Do any of you buy that angle? I don't.

    The Rabbi doesn't matter. Helen Thomas' comments were the issue. Olbermann teased that segment with the phrase "rabbi who ended Helen Thomas' career". Helen Thomas ended Helen Thomas' career for making absurd, offensive comments.

    Also. To Syvyn11. What is the "political class" reference? I didn't catch that.

    Ok I was watching MSNBC coverage with Chrissy and Keith..Chrisy was having a good time talking about this woman named Orly Taitz that was running for SOS here in cali..they way they were talking it was like she actually won. Surprise she lost and it was a blow out
    75% to 25 I tuned in to Chrissy show and see if the subjext was taken up...not a word so Im still puzzled at what the hell they were talking about..

    Also. Lewis Black made an interesting comment. He talked about splitting the country 50/50 between liberal and conservative and see what side wins.

    That has already happened. Texas vs. California. People, and businesses alike are fleeing California and heading to Texas.

    The most hilarious thing to me is that liberals continue to think they have the intellectual high ground on these matters. They don't. The conservative ideas have won the debate. But you get people like Lewis Black and Keith Olbermann (neither of which have expertise in any area) to declare their ideas have won. Ignoring all the evidence to the contrary.

    If you split the country by Conservative and Liberal will be an experiment that won't last long, mostly because most of the military will go to the conservative side, and Al Qaida will invade the hapless Liberals.

    Seriously, though, which side wins what and how, exactly?

    The problem Liberals and Conservatives have in tabulating results is that they each score different things. Conservatives look at things like GDP and Liberals look at how many people the government can help. It's like the health care debate, when Liberals were saying we were the only industrialized nation not to provide health care to everybody. Well, yeah, that's a rigged stat, since it's about the government providing health care. The Free Market is an abstract system that requires trust, while the government is strictly outcome based. So naturally a system that doesn't rely on the government to provide health care will score low on a metric about how many people the government provides health care for.

    So a conservative nation based on free-market principles would be wealthier and more technologically prosperous, while the Liberal counterparts would complain about certain people not having their needs met. Of course, the conservative nation would just ship these undesirables to the liberal country (which of course has open borders and no immigration policy) adds them to their financial burden, thus further helping the conservatives.

    What Black might be getting at is his perception that conservativism means religion. So if bible-thumpers get in the way of true libertarian values and screw up the free market, then I can forsee a problem. But in general the Liberals will have a huge problem since their population will consist mostly of low-income earners who won't be able to provide the government with enough of a revenue stream to sustain itself.

    According to Olby-loving Frances Martel at the Olby-loving Mediaite (they love you, Keith; why don't you love them?), Olby's Rabbi Nesenoff attack used typical Olby doctrinaire repetition: "If an opinion writer had to retire from opinion writing because she gave an opinion, shouldn't a man of God have to retire from being a man of God when he starts insulting some of God's children?" Opinion 3, God 3. I think he also repeatedly uttered "pyramid scheme" and "the Shamwow guy" for the zillionth O'Reilly Attack. Martel had fighting words for the Rabbi, too: racist [Ding!]! Racist! [Ding!] Racist! [Ding!] What's the matter, Frances? You like Helen, too? Mad that he took her down? Too bad!

    Olby tweeted a few days ago that he wouldn't make Helen Thomas a worst person because she resigned, thus acknowledging her action that would be recognizable for a WPITW honor.

    "One of the rewuirements (sic) for WPITW is a refusal to recognize your worstness" KO tweeted on June 7.

    (overlooking the typo of the guy who slams others for their spelling errors)

    "refusal to recognize your worstness"?

    Keith Olbermann, everybody. Today's Worst Person IN THE WORLD ...

    Yeah...I'm pretty sure he's attacked right-leaning people even after they've gone on a parade of self-deprecation over something.

    With pleasure Bobby (a fine name, if I may say so myself. My father's name. God rest his soul). Olby's own words in #3. He took a CLASS about POLITICS, and I was suprised that they had those at Cornell Cow. Among the classes with animal husbandry, How to milk a Cow, and 'what to do on those cold lonely nights on the farm'. Keith might have been so stupid, he just could have been assigned to read "animal farm".

    ""Seriously, though, which side wins what and how, exactly?""

    The conservative side wins. This experiment is happening all over the globe. Why is the United States more prosperous than Mexico? Why is South Korea more prosperous than North Korea?

    Why did a more powerful earthquake in Chile cause less catastrophic damage than it did in Haiti?

    I don't get why liberals never make the connection between these things. The poorest places on Earth are the most socialistic. The richest places on Earth are the most capitalistic. And yeah. There may not be complete equality at the end of the day, but you'd rather be a poor man in the United States than a middle class person in Haiti.

    Liberals never ask themselves what policies lead to that difference. I think they just assume it is our fault for not helping poor countries enough. Which is absurd.

    Olbermann is America's Katrina...

    McCarthymann's O'Reilly Attack:
    "But our winner, Billo the clown [Ding!]. The panicky [Ding!] website Newsmax reports, quote [Ding!], 'on June 17th, an esteemed panel led by Fox News' Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris, along with global investor Jim Rogers and News Max CEO and editor in chief Christopher Ruddyyyy, will convene to discuss inflation, higher taxes, our fragile economy and real solutions that average Americans can take to ensure their wealth is safeguarded and positioned to prosper in an uncertain future.'
    You know what happened at the least three of these Newsmax panels? Newsmax tries to sell the huddled masses [Ding!] a product of theirs called the Money Matrix Insider, usually for just 1,495 bucks, 1,000 dollars off the list price. It guarantees you a potential reward of 137,000 dollars.
    Good lord, Billo's [Ding!] been reduced to hyping pyramid schemes [Ding!]! Bill, look, I know I haven‘t been paying that much attention to you lately. I'm sorry, you just seem to be fading out. (The ratings say otherwise, Oralmann.) But this desperate plea, this TV equivalent of cutting yourself [Ding!]. No, Bill O'Reilly, no! How can I say this? You're too good for the Newsmax Money Matrix insider pyramid scheme [Ding!]. All right. Who am I kidding. You're not bad enough for the Newsmax Money Matrix insider pyramid scheme [Ding!]. Bill, please, go back to bashing undocumented immigrants [Ding!] and announcing you won the Peabody Award [Ding!] from the Paris Business Review of Frenchmen [Ding!], your boycott [Ding!] that destroyed France and made it into a cinder. Please, leave this crap to Matthew Lesko and G. Gordon Liddy and the Shamwow guy. If you are a laughing stock, how can I possibly take you seriously? Semi seriously? Just barely seriously? I'm saying, you're still slightly more credible than the Shamwow guy. Don't blow that.
    (Ted Baxter voice): 'Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly and I‘m here to sell you a bamboo steamer,' today's Worst Person in the World."

    Again, I wish YOU were the one fading out.

    Does he actually think his targets are listening to/watching his one-sided diatribes?

    I saw the segment on Taitz too and was wondering what the heck they were talking about - looks like they screwed up again. I didn't see the show but I was sure he was going to make sex joke attacks against Nikki Haley, well maybe tomorrow. Olbermoron hates both women and Indians, so he won't let it go by.

    Two wild and crazy rumors out there today. Will Olbermann report them as facts? You Betcha! Since I won't be watching I am therefore an expert on what happens. Man I love living by Olby's rules.

    Anyway, the two rumors are that Sarah Palin has gotten breast implants and the other that Alvin Greene is a republican plant. I smell a Dean diatribe on Greene and then Musto in for #1 with plenty of juvenile jokes to make Olby all giggley.

    Here is a story and video you will never see on Meltdown, let alone MSNBC:,0,3507781.story

    Nathan Tabor, a business owner and head of the Forsyth County Republican Party and a former candidate for public office, says he and 25 other people were protesting government bailouts in front of Rep. Mel Watt's (D-N.C.) Greensboro office on Tuesday.

    "We were just there to do our constitutional right to have a peaceful protest." Tabor said.

    "About that time a gentleman walks around the corner and walks into the middle of the crowd saying it's all George W. Bush's fault. It's all Dick Cheney's fault." Tabor said.


    But according to Keith the Tea Party is violent and racist. Hey Keith, why is it that the only people being assaulted are the Tea Party members and the one's throwing punches and biting fingers (SEIU) are pro-Obama supporters?....(crickets)

    "The conservative side wins. This experiment is happening all over the globe."

    Clearly the conservative side would win. I meant to ask what criteria Lewis Black thinks should be used to determine the winner. Often Liberal and Conservative criteria for success are mutually exclusive.

    I found it funny that Keith tried to dismiss the conservative side by saying they would lose right away because they would need a bailout from the Liberal side. Typical state-ist answer. Because if they were to split the sides, most of the people with the money would go to the conservative side, and the Liberal government would have no revenue stream. Unless you think like Olbermann, in which case all the wealth in America belongs to the government. He must think the people going to the conservative side would be leaving all government behind and starting with nothing.

    Which brings us back to the mutually exclusive observation. The little experiment wouldn't even get off the ground because the two sides wouldn't be able to agree on who owns the resources.

    Which is, of course, the heart of the problem anyway.

    For some reason a had MSNBC tuned in yesterday. Saw part of the Countdown segment in which Keith and Ezra Klein were bitching about the White House not supporting unions enough (and lamenting that Blanche Lincoln won), and they were going on about the only way to achieve the progressive utopia they want is through aggressive unionization. Good historical value I guess in that it gives a sense of what TV must have been like in the heyday of the Soviet Union.

    But anyway, that segment ends and the show goes to commercial, and one of the ads was Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly and other Fox News stars touting Fox Business Channel. A Fox News ad during Countdown!

    I can only assume this was an ad-spot controlled by the local cable company, rather than MSNBC. Right? There's no way MSNBC would be that desperate as to allow Fox News to advertise during Countdown, right. Wouldn't that make Keith angry?

    (on a similar note, when O'Reilly had a radio show I used to hear MSNBC ads all the time during his show)

    I think the criteria is the same. Liberals just think that by punishing business owners, and business, that they make the lives of the average person better. They take the presence of business as a given. For some reason they don't see that their policies would drive out businesses and workers alike.

    The point about the bailout. They think that absent regulation, the markets wouldn't work. Oil spills and financial meltdowns would be the order of the day, thus necessitating aid from their government created utopia.

    I was thinking today, I really wish we did have a true 100% conservative channel like the Libs have in MSNBC. what I mean is that even though I really enjoy FNC, it is hardley what I would call it a 100% conservative channel. YEs we all know they tilt right, we do have to hear from libs also never have conservative on MSNBC primetime.

    The Conservatives would look at the number of successful businesses and the GDP, the Libs would look at something like how many people have jobs, regardless of if the economy can sustain them. So off the bat you have two different criteria.

    They don't get that the free market is the default state. You may get the occasional oil spill but under a market system if people don't like oil spills they will not buy from that company. Competitors will hammer that company as polluters to get their customers to leave them. Etc. Obviously the act of the pollution is harmful as it happens, and it would better if it didn't happen, so some rules to try to limit potential damage might be OK. I call it preemptive capitalism, in that instead of waiting for a disaster to lead to a boycott, it's a prearranged condition for doing business with a certain group of customers.

    I think when Keith looks at the scenario he thinks it would be the Tea Party in charge with no government at all. But I think there would be a few sensible regulations to prevent catastrophes. I think the liberals want to take it too far by micromanaging everything through over-aggressive regulation, then higher taxes on the backend.

    Of course, since the conservative side would have most of the military, the lefty economy would probably collapse after a few well-placed terror attacks, followed by either a dictatorship or general chaos.

    I would sneak back and be the dictator!!!! I would call it Syvyn11-instan.

    Alvin Greene? Holy crap, if this jackhole wins, I say we kick South Carolina out of the union! This shmuck goes "uh" and "um" more than Obama. Really, Democrats, that is the best you could do?

    So Olby defends by saying SC's primary is a OPEN primary. Well, now you libs know how it feels to get a candidate you didn't want (yes, I'm talking about McCain).

    Doesn't look like a Tee Time tonight. Because of that riveting interview with the Rhodes scholar.

    Just like Kobe Bryant who just got his ASS whipped on Jimmy Kimmle Live in 'pop-a-shot', IT'S THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD ABSTRACT!!!!!

    BRONZE: Victoria Jackson- in a article in Big Hollywood. Keith didn't get it. In 2000, Gore was running on Clinton's record. People were calliing a Gore presidency a third Clinton term (sound familiarize)?

    Really, Ms. Jackson's articles in Big Hollywood are pretty good.

    Silver: LA Dodgers owners for doing stupid things. Some new age crap.

    GOLD: Paul Brown- For TARP, calls Paulson a democrat and Olby takes exception.

    Greene and Huffington on the same show? Dear god, make it stop. Make it stop!!! Really Keith, spend Friday in the tub.

    As I posted on twitter. "remember when Rober Klein was funny? geez, talk about retreads from the mid-70's. first the pythons now klein. I thought HBO had fired him and Robin Williams.

    Yes, Klein was the guest for #1. Too bad. I was willing to watch his HBO comedy special Saturday night and had my DVR set to record it. But no longer. Oh, by the way, the title: "Robert Klein: Unfair and Unbalanced." That says it all.

    Also. From Keith's Twitter. Just spotted this:

    ""Anne's just jealous because she stupidly paid 10x for her Cornell degree as I did for mine. All degrees are identical, sorry""

    All degrees are identical? It was in response to someone else saying this:

    ""Nothing! Reno & Coulter have real Cornell diplomas. ""

    But the 'all degrees are identical' phrase is really dumb. He got a communications degree. That's a pretty soft major, no matter what school you go to. No offense to any communications majors currently here.

    I have a communications degree.

    Caught the Robert Klein interview at Olby actually said he would vote for Alvin Greene over Jim DeMint. That's OlbyLogic for for a guy that is facing a felony obscenity charge just because he is a Democrat.

    Here is a link from Newbusters about the interview:

    Just imagine if Greene was a Republican...I'm sure the interview would have been very different. Strike that...Olby doesn't have Republicans on his show.

    Well then......Mike C, this is awkward.

    Excuse me while I look down my nose at you!

    Shout-out to the site, as Politico has just linked to the OlbyWatch website. :)

    Congrats on the mention!

    Keith Olbermahn meet Alvin Greene
    Dumberst nominee I've ever seen
    The cringe meter red lined
    Where did they find
    Someone dumber than Charlie Sheen?

    I was thrown out of my college's (Louisville) communication program.

    It's okay, Bobby. I have yet to get a paying job out of it.

    La Semaine d'Olby dans la Revue (thanks, Yahoo Babel Fish).

    Ariana Huffington makes me want to vomit each time I hear her. She is such an oppurtunistic phoney. To those of you who dont know, Ms Huffington used to be a republican commentator, but when she realized that there was money to be made by switching parties (and starting a extreme left wing blog) she easily disavowed her "convictions" and jumped sides.

    Expect her to sense the country's disapproval w/ liberals where she'll once again jump sides.

    How can anyone believe her thoughts/ideas when she doesn't believe them herself (unless there's money to be made for "believing" something)?

    I remember Huffington being one of the biggest proponents of impeaching Bill Clinton back in those days. I always thought she switched just to be able to make some cash, and hand it to her, she took the brain dead moonbats to the bank.

    Take a look at this link - Keith Olbermoron's interview with Alvin Greene. You know what? It's actually one of the better interviews I've EVER seen him do. He is actually balanced, not hateful, non sneering, all the things we expect on Olby planet.

    Check this out from Big Journalism. The headline: "Birth of a Racist Meme: From Bill Press to Keith Olbermann To Your Brain: Weak Dem Candidate In S.C. Is a Republican Plant!"

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