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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

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    Welcome Back, Olby!

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    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    July 27, 2010
    Will MSNBC Correct Howard Dean's Lie?

    Bathtub Boy

    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann may be on staycation, but there are others at A-Mess-NBC ready to pick up the slack. Case in point: Big Ed Schultz, who yesterday hosted Howard Dean. Dean was fresh off an embarrassing turn on Fox News Sunday, where he had stammered incoherently as Chris Wallace confronted him with a hard fact: Shirley Sherrod was fired long before Fox News Channel had aired the Breitbart video or even mentioned her name.

    But that didn't stop Dr Dean, who yesterday doubled down on dishonesty with a flat-out lie:

    HOWARD DEAN: I happen to like Chris Wallace, but he was really not being exactly accurate when he talked about 'we didn't say one word about this before the Secretary of Agriculture fired her'. The fact of the matter is they were pushing this story very very hard all day. It may be true that they didn't mention her name, but they sure did run the tape without mentioning her name, and they cranked up this story...

    No they didn't, Howard. That's not a matter of opinion; it's a hard, stubborn fact. Needless to say, bellowing doofus Ed Schultz didn't correct Dean, and let the lie stand.

    What now, MSNBC? They lurrrve to attack Fox News, but here it's their own prestige at stake. Will they insist that Big Ed correct the record today? Or will they let Howard Dean's falsehoods stand, and show again that A-Mess-NBC is little more than a sleazy cadre of flagrant liars?

    Comments are open!

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    UPDATE: Did MSNBC's Big Ed Schultz correct Howard Dean's lie? The answer And in other news, water is wet.

    Did MSNBC's Big Ed Schultz correct Howard Dean's lie on Wednesday? No. Thursday? No. 'Nuff said.

    Comments are still open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (38) | | View blog reactions
    July 26, 2010
    Olby Staycation Fun: Comparing Tea Party to KKK!

    Bathtub Boy

    As the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann enters week two of his vacation, matters still swirl all around him. It has been revealed that his buddies on the Jouno-List don't hold him in very high regard, tossing around such words as 'pompous' and 'misogynistic'. Of course Keith's antipathy and lack of respect for women is well known, and we're not just talking about using them for his "relief" and then dumping them with nothing more than a half-empty bottle of Merlot and an used necktie. For a quick recap of Oralmann's misogyny just check out these examples.

    Meanwhile, Krazy Keith has been busy mastering The Twitter. Which is always run to read, because there are often flashes of The Real Olbermann to be seen. Remember when Olby told an emailer:

    By the way, with my new contract I could buy and sell you. Then again, I could probably have done that when I made $8500 a year in 1979.

    Well, he does the same thing on Twitter:

    • I get paid a lotta money, Dude. We make a lotta money, Pal. We're covered on that front. How much YOU make?

    Very classy. And so deeply intellectual. Because the more money you make, the smarter you are, the better you are. Hmm. I wonder who makes more: Keith Olbermann or Rupert Murdoch? But never mind. How about reprising an old favorite with a new target. Edward R Olbermann once declared:

    Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda--worse for our society. It's as dangerous as the Ku Klux Klan ever was.

    Well now there's someone else Fat Ass is comparing to the KKK:

    • ah yes, the Klan. Formed by those who refused to accept the government or blacks in power. In other words, The Tea Party

    Why do any original thinking when you can just recycle and repurpose the manic smears of yesteryear? That's OlbyPlanet. The smears are tired, old, and tattered from excessive re-use. Only the targets vary to satisfy the diseased overcompensating psyche of Keith Olbermann.

    Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (9) | | View blog reactions
    July 21, 2010
    Olbermann Can't Resist, Interrupts 'Vacation' for Special Education Komment

    Bathtub BoyYep, here it comes:

    • Tonight on Countdown, my Special Comment on Shirley Sherrod, the Assassins of the Right, and the enablers of the Left.

    What's the over/under for how many times we'll hear "Fox" or "Fixed" tonight? Get ready for must-miss tv, but keep in mind Oralmann will probably not even appear until the last segment.

    Comments are open!

    Bathtub Boy

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (38) | | View blog reactions
    July 19, 2010
    As Keith Goes on 'Vacation', Enjoy His Sophisticated Rapier Wit

    Bathtub Boy

    Some people expressed surprise that the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann suddenly announced a vacation on Friday. Two weeks away from The Hour of Spin. Was it because Tucker Carlson had unnerved him? Baseball season heating up? We think the explanation is precisely what we predicted when A-Mess-NBC banned Olby's butt-boy Markos Malicious from their air:

    Keithy doesn't like Joe, Markos hearts Keithy (a true Love Connection), so Markos is happy to smear anyone on Olby's enemies list. Unfortunately, this was too much even for A-Mess-NBC's pusillanimous management, and Markos has been banned from their airwaves--including The Hour of Spin! Oh there is no joy on OlbyPlanet tonight. How long until Oralmann cooks up some excuse to take multiple days off in protest?

    How long? Ten days. Ten days during which Olby was not permitted to have his way with Countdown bookings. Ten days during which Edward R Olbermann chafed under the No-Kos Rule. Hardly a surprise, and certainly not unexpected, that he would revolt against the injustice of not having his favorite far-left extremist on the air, camouflaging it as a "vacation".

    But fear not. Even as The Great and Powerful Olb will not be on the air for two weeks, you can still enjoy his insights, intellectual prowess, and sophisticated wit by following his twitter feed. Oh wait, he's gone and made it "protected"; nobody gets to see it unless they are Olby-approved. But we have our ways. We thought you might like to see an example of how Keith fills his days and nights. Like a moth inexorably drawn to the flame, Oralmann can't resist responding to critical tweets (right before blocking the senders). Here you'll see what a great speller he is, and view some of that clever, urbane, cerebral repartee that has already made him a twitter legend:

    • Oh wait You're terrible, fake "ivy" education. Moron /that'd be "Your"
    • I meet all kinds of people playing Halo 3. Expand your mind, puppet boy /This is urs expanded? U must've started as a rock
    • @Assholbermann emailed people telling them to: "kill yourself"... /Those weren't people, they were humanoids like you
    • olbermann goes overboard over his ratings cause he has is concerned about something smaller than his ratings /Your brain?
    • Rand Paul needs to learn difference between Socialism & Communism... /Lets start with them learning to tie own shoes
    • There you go @KeithOlbermann - /Uh this appears to be a tweet from a rodent of some sort
    • nearly all-white group replies "I can't see" racism./More KO disdain for We The People //Actually, WE the People
    • Does anyone think @KeithOlbermann will spend his entire 2 weeks off hiding in a bathtub? //Only dipshits
    • teheehee, it's a gay joke, everybody! /No it's a "Beck is Psycho" Joke. Probably paints his privates too
    • Next time...bone up on your grammar and try writing in grown-up English /YOU go bone up
    • OK, sports fans, Batting Practice has now concluded for another night. Thank you, good night, and good luck.

    Reading that is like...well, it's like Edward R Murrow was alive again. Wow. That whole string of comments should be sent to the Pulitzer Committee.

    Enjoy two weeks without the infamous, deplorable one. And here's a little traveling music for your listening pleasure. Comments are open!

    UPDATE: Another good reason to take a "vacation": the Executive Producer of your show has left and taken another key staffer with her. Inside Cable News had the story over a month ago:

    Which cable news show may be showing signs of internal trouble? Rumors are flying that the show's EP has "had it" and another key staffer is leaving the program...

    That's exactly what happened today, with Izzy Povich and another staffer finally earning their freedom from OlbyPlanet. ICN confirms that his blind item was about The Hour of Spin (so Keith Olbermann alienates two more people who couldn't stand to work with him) and notes:

    Not that this was entirely unexpected but Povich leaving Countdown is huge. You don't usually see EPs leaving the network's flagship primetime show for a new show that is totally unproven. As a network exec you don't want to make the switch because you don't want to potentially upset the applecart for the flagship show, unless you have to. This suggests that there may be a story here to be written concerning what's been going on with Countdown that would force this move.

    You betcha!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (21) | | View blog reactions
    July 16, 2010
    New Site Is Off and Running

    Bathtub Boy

    There's all sorts of fun at the new website, set up by Tucker Carlson and The Daily Caller. First you might check out the latest edition of their weekly Hour of Spin summary. Here's a shocker: Keith Olbermann shamelessly inserted himself (in a self-aggrandizing fashion) into the Steinbrenner story.

    Jim Treacher has breaking Olbermann Twitter news: Krazy Keith doesn't know how to tell time, and made a fool of himself again. Oh wait, maybe that's old news.

    Speaking of Twitter, here's how Oralmann replied to someone who dared to suggest that he is something less than perfection itself:

    • RT @Mamadoxie U gleefully tweet about mistakes but when u F Up we get crickets? /when I f up I'll let u know. Otherwise just assume U f'd up

    Right. The Great and Powerful Olb never Fs up, and never makes a mistake. Meanwhile he's responding to critics by being a human spell-check:

    • ...said the buffoon who misspells "biggest"

    Yup, Oralmann really believes that spelling errors are proof that you're a buffoon. Unless, that is, it's one of Olby's spelling errors. Then he blocks people who saw it, and stays up all hours of the night deleting his tweets so he can pretend he's infallible and still make fun of other people's spelling mistakes.

    Oh, has also presented a page of video highlights from Keith's career, drawn from the many Olbermann Watch videos. Watch and enjoy reliving some of Monkeymann's biggest embarrassments. And we'll add this one, just for old time's sake:

    Ladies and gentlemen, the new Edward R Murrow.

    Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (14) | | View blog reactions
    July 15, 2010
    Olbermann Not Master of His Domain! Now UPDATED with Tucker Q&A!

    Bathtub Boy

    Krazy Keith has never shown much understanding of the interwebs. You will recall how he lied, wailed, and smeared Fox over a twitter account in his name...only to have it come out that the account had been created for him by MSNBC. Still, Edward R Olbermann wasn't interested. Twitter was too hard for him to figure out:

    I tried to sign up last summer and abandoned the project.

    Yes, signing up for Twitter is a really intensive "project". People abandon the effort all the time because signing up is so hard that they have to try and try to do it.

    It would be months later when A-Mess-NBC finally got him to go on The Twitter, where as we know he now blocks anyone who criticizes him, and attacks 12-year-old fans over their grammar.

    Now Al Gore's invention has bitten Herr Olbermahn yet again. Despite being on the air for a decade, and bearing the name Keith Olbermann since birth, the infamous, deplorable one never showed one minute of interest in reserving the domain As a result of his sloth, that domain was first created in August of 2004, and not by Keith Olbermann. Now it has changed hands, and is being run by Tucker Carlson, of the Daily Caller. You can read about it here:

    The Daily Caller, one of the fastest-growing online media properties, announced today its acquisition of, expanding the company's global reach into a new segment of the online political market.... "We plan to make The Daily Caller the one-stop online shop for Keith Olbermann commentary," said Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson. "We will be THE Keith Olbermann superstore..."

    Olby's reaction was first to laugh it off, then just minutes later (as the paranoia kicked in) to sputter vague threats about legal proceedings. We at OlbyWatch throw our full support toward this new venture, and encourage all our loyal readers to contact the new and suggest topics to cover, perhaps bring their attention to some of our hundreds of OlbyWatch videos, and in general encourage them on this noble enterprise.

    Tucker Carlson may be reached at his personal email address:

    Comments are open!

    BONUS: Here, courtesy of Mediaite, is Tucker Carlson explaining his acquisition of the domain name, and detailing just how much Keith Olbermann is hated at MSNBC. And Tucker should know. He worked there:

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (25) | | View blog reactions
    July 14, 2010
    Sure Enough, Now It Comes Out: Steinbrenner Was a Secret Fan of Countdown!

    Bathtub Boy

    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann has been a busy beaver today. Since he has people to write Countdown for him, he can afford to diddle away on his blog of choice, Daily Kos. (Of course it's not beyond belief that ghost writers provide the Kos material as well. But if so they must be pretty disreputable ghosts. With soiled sheets.)

    Today his contribution to Markos "Screw 'Em" Malicious is a lengthy diatribe about the evil Rush Limbaugh. It's bereft of even a modicum of logical thought (like when he talks about the estate tax rate--he's not countering Limbaugh at all, but actually reinforcing Limbaugh's point, but Oralmann is too dense to realize it). Plus there's this gem, which just about every who reads OlbyWatch knew would be coming:

    Steinbrenner made no secret that he was a viewer of mine, at ESPN, and MSNBC.

    Right on time: the retroactive "fan" whose adoration of Edward R Olbermann only gets mentioned after his death. Considering how insensitive this oft-used self-promotional Olby gambit is, it's that much more hypocritical to find him superciliously cluck-clucking at Limbaugh for making a political point on the day someone died. (Which, if you think about it, is, like, every day.) To wit:

    You turned a man's death into a race-baiting joke....the timing of this remark is just as callous, and just as sleazy...

    Right, It's not callous and sleazy to trade on his death to inflate your barrage-balloon-sized ego, is it Keith? But hey, you're a Daily Kos diarist. You love the place: it's a "nice site"! And while you're puffing up your own reputation by promoting unverified post-mortem claims from someone who is now conveniently unable to contradict, your "nice site" was avoiding being "sleazy" and "callous" as they discussed the heart surgery of Dick Cheney:

    • Slowly but surely, he is getting a bionic heart. Kind of like Locutis of Borg.
    • Somehow this must be part of his deal with the devil.
    • Too late anyway. He already spawned his evil offspring.
    • I don't believe we would get any truth from him if he were ever compelled to give testimony. We'll have to dig out the truth ourselves, via documents and colluders. So whatever happens to him healthwise, I am fairly indifferent to.
    • If you look at the device they put in it looks like the devils hand wrapped around and pumping.
    • who is this guy and why should we care?

    That's what you find on Keith Olbermann's blog. And he's calling someone else "callous" and "sleazy"? Hey Olby, before you want to toss dirt on others, you should quit wallowing in the sewer yourself.

    Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (17) | | View blog reactions
    July 13, 2010
    Day Four of Keith Olbermann's Ongoing Lie...UPDATE: Not!

    Bathtub Boy

    It was Friday when the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann broadcast falsehoods. (Actually it's every day, but we're dealing with one particular example here.) As usual, he lifted them from a blue blog, didn't bother to fact check, and then put them on the air as "news". Unfortunately, his habit of parroting sites like Think Propaganda came back to bite him again, as Politifact exposed his blatherings as wildly, utterly false.

    Herr Olbermahn was confronted about his laughable nonexistent fact-checking on Friday when, as we reported yesterday, he admitted he was utterly wrong and promised that the correction would come that night.

    Friday. Monday. Now it's Tuesday, four days later. Edward R Olbermann could have corrected the false information and shown the merest modicum of journalistic ethics. Instead he chose to let the untruths stand without acknowledging or correcting them. If we give him the benefit of the doubt that originally he was merely lazy and inept in not checking the facts, he now knows what he said was untrue. And he's allowing it to stand. In other words, he's turned what may have been just another instance of his pitiable "journalistic" skills into an ongoing lie.

    Perhaps Olbermann Watch will have sufficiently humiliated Keith Olbermann that he will slip a perfunctory correction into tonight's Hour of Spin. But we wouldn't suggest betting the house on that possibility. Keith Oralmann would rather be wrong, than do right.

    Comments are open!

    UPDATE: Our mistake, but we have an excuse. We checked the MSNBC transcripts for both Friday and yesterday, and there was no correction from Olbermann in either case. However, we didn't reckon with the incompetence of MSNBC's web team. Just go to the transcripts page and read the transcript for Friday, July 9. No correction, no mention of the gas/oil subsidies at all. Why is that? Because while claims it is the transcript for Friday July 9, it is in fact the transcript for Thursday July 8. The actual Friday transcript isn't posted at all!

    KO did make a correction on Friday night, as politifact notes in their article. Our fault for assuming msnbc's website to be reliable. Our apologies to Keith. We correct our mistakes, and it's good to know that in this case, he did too. Now if he could just admit he was wrong about Lincoln's elections...

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (19) | | View blog reactions
    July 12, 2010
    Keith 'We Correct Our Mistakes' Olbermann Doesn't

    Bathtub Boy

    Remember when the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann absurdly claimed: "I have never knowingly reported anything false and we correct our mistakes."

    Yeah, right. We reported how Rip 'n' Read Olbermann lifted bogus stats from his blue blog source, Think Propaganda. And how Politifact nailed him on his falsehoods. On Friday we rashly predicted Oralmann would make the correction, but hey--it's Olbermann. What were we thinking? Of course he boasted that he would do the right thing:

    • Politifact is absolutely right & we will correct tonight.

    But Friday night's Hour of Spin came and went and...well, we didn't notice any correction. So we checked the MSNBC transcript and...well, we didn't notice any correction.

    Is this so? Is Keith Olbermann really such an insecure wuss that he can't even admit when he's wrong? When he lifts talking points from an internet website and doesn't bother to check them before broadcasting them as "news"? C'mon Keith, man up. Grow a pair. Keep your word.

    Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (21) | | View blog reactions
    In New Rochelle, Even the Lemonade Stands Showing Signs of "Double-Dip" Recession
    LemondeStandClosed-TalkoftheSound.jpg Photo by Sandra Woodruff for Talk of the Sound.

    Posted by Robert Cox | Permalink | Comments (7) | | View blog reactions
    July 9, 2010
    Rip 'n' Read Olbermann Steps In It Again!

    Bathtub Boy

    As readers of Olbermann Watch have known for years, the infamous, deplorable one has a habit of basing his "reporting" on items lifted from webpages, blue blogs, and the like. And of course, the little matter of fact-checking is something his writers don't bother with. He's embarrassed himself yet again, and not just once, but twice. First we find him melodramatically sneering at Sharron Angle for the crime of saying Abraham Lincoln had lost "a few" elections before becoming President. NOOOO, boomed Oralmann, he only lost one.

    Unfortunately, Edward R Olbermann got it wrong. According to Lincoln biographer Carl Sandburg, Honest Abe lost more than once. How about five times? These would include:

    • 1832 -- Lost his first race for the state assembly
    • 1842 -- Lost a race for Congress to John Hardin.
    • 1854 -- Elected again to the Illinois legislature, but loses a race for the United States Senate to Lyman Trumbull.
    • 1856 -- Loses the vice-presidential nomination of the new Republican Party to William L. Dayton, a former U.S. Senator from New Jersey.
    • 1858 -- Lincoln loses a race for the United States Senate to legendary rival Senator Stephen A. Douglas.

    But if you think that's bad, consider how eagerly Fat Ass thoughtlessly parroted another gem of misinformation from Think Propaganda. Olby lifted some bogus stats from that discredited site, and naturally was unconcerned with such small matters as, um, ascertaining the truth. As a result, he was nailed by Politifact:

    Olbermann clearly muffed it twice when he repeated [Think Progress statistics] incorrectly to viewers -- and by a substantial margin -- giving viewers the impression that oil and gas subsidies are 10 times more expensive than they actually are. Because of this, we considered rating his comment Pants on Fire, but his errors seemed to us to be sloppy rather than devious. So we'll give him a rating of False.

    Very generous, but any Olbermann report is likely to be either sloppy or devious, so it had to be one or another. You can expect Edward R Olbermann to make a great show of correcting his oil and gas falsehoods (and maybe blame it on someone else), but he'll double down on his Lincoln gaffe. Probably claim that elections to Senate don't count because the voters are actually the state legislators. But then, wouldn't that mean there's no such thing as a Presidential election because the voters are actually the electoral college? Don't try to make sense out of it. It's OlbyLogic.

    Comments are open!

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    July 7, 2010
    MSNBC Bans Markos...Amy Robach Bans Herself from OlbyPlanet!

    Bathtub Boy

    All sorts of developments today regarding the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. There's his attack last night on the "racist" Limbaugh, which turns out to have been concocted from a quote so heavily cherry-picked and cropped that it's not beyond reason to call it a doctored quote. This sort of lie by omission is coin of the realm on OlbyPlanet.

    Meanwhile things aren't looking so good for Olby regular and blog boss Markos Malicious. It seems that he thought it would make sense to smear Joe Scarborough by suggesting he murdered an intern. Never mind that the death wasn't even a homicide. Never mind that there's not one scintilla of evidence that Scarborough was even present when it happened. Keithy doesn't like Joe, Markos hearts Keithy (a true Love Connection), so Markos is happy to smear anyone on Olby's enemies list. Unfortunately, this was too much even for A-Mess-NBC's pusillanimous management, and Markos has been banned from their airwaves--including The Hour of Spin! Oh there is no joy on OlbyPlanet tonight. How long until Oralmann cooks up some excuse to take multiple days off in protest?

    At least there's one NBCer who knows what associating with the infamous, deplorable one can do to her credibility. Mediaite also reported that Herr Olbermahn admitted in one of his many, many tweets that NBC's Amy Robach refuses (wisely) to appear on Countdown. Refuses to bow before the altar of Edward R Olbermann?!? Maybe Markos should start spreading some rumor about her too. Hey, as long as he's banned anyhow, why not redouble the smears?

    Don't expect to hear too much about any of this on tonight's Hour of Spin, where the topics will be the usual dog's breakfast of talking points, accentuated by the usual gang of parrots: The Wolffe Man, discredited partisan hack Dave Weigel, and Olby's favorite low-rent leftist Dennis Miller wannabe, Harry Shearer. It's a Countdown for the ages. It's must-miss tv! Comments are open!

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    July 6, 2010
    Tuesday Hour of Spin Heads Up

    Bathtub Boy

    Just what you might expect from the infamous, deplorable one:

    • BP, BP, and more BP
    • Stopping the evil Arizona law
    • Sharron Angle attack w/he-man Chris Hayes
    • Blue-dress interview w/he-man Bawney Fwank
    • Tea Time, Worsts, and an attack on racist Rush!

    Comments are open!

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    July 2, 2010
    June Chart: Countdown Still a DNC Talking Points Factory

    Our monthly scan of the MSNBC transcripts turned out just like all the previous ones. It's what you might expect from the most unbalanced, one-sided "news" program this side of Radio North Korea. Behold, the chart:

    Bathtub Boy

    Some additional fun facts about the month's statistics:

    • The most popular Democrat was Robert Reich (three visits to OlbyPlanet).
    • Favorite left-wing guests included HuffPo blogger Bob Cavnar (seven appearances) and Eugene "Geno" Robinson (four).
    • Of those guests categorized as independent, the front-runner, with six visits, was Dave Weigel.
    • Of those guests categorized as conservative or Republican, most were blocked from entering the studio by Nation of Islam poll watchers. Two who made it as far as Olbermann's office were summarily executed. Of course, none was permitted to appear on The Hour of Spin.

    Yeah, we know that Weigel is no more "independent" than Crazy Larry O'Donnell (who himself appeared three times). But we bend over backwards in an abundance of caution to ensure that our counts are unimpeachable, so even conservative-haters like Weigel get the benefit of the doubt, and are classed as "independent".

    So get set for another month of propaganda from the least diversified hour on all of cable news. Discuss, resolve, and recap. Comments are open!

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