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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

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    Welcome Back, Olby!

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    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

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    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

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    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    November 2, 2010
    Watch: Keith Olbermann Smears Brian Kilmeade with a Lie!

    While he was announcing his new-found quest for civility, and engaging in mutual onanism with Jonathan Alter about how you won't find MSNBC telling lies, smearing people, and misquoting them, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann does what? Reading from prepared text on his teleprompter, Edward R Olbermann smears Brian Kilmeade by lying about what Kilmeade said!


    Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (49) | | View blog reactions


    I normally watch Fox News, but I am tempted to tune into MSNBC tonight so I can see FatAss Komrade Keith, Tingles and the rest of the Peacock moonbats have a four-alarm meltdown. Tears will flow.

    The twitface is going off today, posting typo-ridden screeds about how bad the GOP is, how GOP supporters don't understand economics, and repeating the delusional rallying cries of the Democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi's absurd statement from her Countdown interview that Obama has created more jobs than Bush already (which conveniently takes only the portion of the Obama presidency when jobs started to rise the past few months, and compares it to the entire Bush administration. This ignores the 8.1 million jobs created between the Bush tax cuts in 2003 and the real estate collapse in 2008, which are not related to the tax cuts at all.)

    "@Scooter_NJ How? Corporations have record profits right now. Have they creates jobs? & Where are all the jobs from the Bush tax cuts?"

    "@lordbodak where are the Bush Tax Cut jobs then? Dud they go to invisible people?" ("Dud" they go? this hilariously followed four minutes after this classy remark: "@lsutigernfla1 and you are all about misspelling. Did you go to school as a child?")

    Where are the Bush Tax Cut jobs, Keith asks? A more compelling question might be why the country lost 5 million jobs after Pelosi became speaker of the house.

    Then there's this beauty about how to vote today:
    "Just a reminder: if you vote GOP today or sit it out, you are voting for a tax cut FOR ME and none FOR YOU."

    Jeez, he still thinks it's all about what government can do for you.

    Then there's this head-scratcher:

    "@ndgc12dx no one will be buying anything if government spending is shut off. The corporations are sitting on their record profits."


    Maddow will have that look on her face like someone shit in her cornflakes.

    I just tweeted him the spelling mistakes he has made in his last 30 tweets and called him a hypocrite for criticizing the spelling of others. My guess is that the miserable bastard either ignores my tweet and/or blocks me.

    "Just a reminder: if you vote GOP today or sit it out, you are voting for a tax cut FOR ME and none FOR YOU."

    What a fucking hypocrite. After the 2008 election this piece of shit went on The View and practically bragged about not voting.

    MKDAWUSS must be so proud.

    I want WUSS to tell us if the newly civil Olbermann will correct his misquote of Brian Kilmeade (an especially bad one since it was a precise opposite of what he said), and apologize to him on air. Without claiming it was a slip of the tongue, since it was part of his pre-written prepared text.

    Don't hold your breath J$. Much like MikeH before him he's a coward who doesn't show up when the shit hits the fan.

    I'm curious to see what excuse he'll use to get off the air if things go bad (from their point of view) tonight. Mom's dead. Dad's dead. Maybe Miss Precious Perfect will have an emergency.

    I'd also like to take this time and say if this WPITW suspension lasts more than two weeks I'll be surprised.

    Did Keith say he will be sitting in the anchor chair tonight? Putting Keith in the anchor chair is like giving a lunatic the keys to the asylum...wait...msnbc is an asylum...and Keith is a I guess it's not really an analogy.


    MSNBC showed improvement in the October ratings; most shows had some gain over last October.

    But there was one that actually lost viewers. Care to guess which one?


    Lachlan Markay has more on this latest OlbyLie at NewsBusters.

    I have watched 20 minutes of the lunatic asylum and Keith is bumbling and stumbling all over the place. I am about to wretch...lean forward.

    FatAss is talking with Moonpie-Faced Ed Schultz. Olby is stammering and fumbling his words. I've had enough of the loons already. Crazy Larry and FatAss. How nauseating.

    I think Rand Paul looks like a child molester. But it's nice to see him win after the hit job the media (led by MSNBC) did on him after he won the primary.

    Is MSNBC serious, letting four of their political hack commentator hosts anchor their election news coverage? What happened to benching their opinion guys from anchoring news coverage? It's essentially just four dumbasses whining about not getting their way. Listening to Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell trying to trap Eric Cantor in some verbal wonkishness is just irritating. Ugh.

    A far contrast from the more even-handed calmness seen on Fox News and, from what I've sampled, CNN.

    Plus, Megyn Kelly's a bit easier on the eyes than Rachel Maddow.

    Glad to see Alan Grayson shown the door. Scratch one douchebag.

    Olbermann's treatment of the O'Donnell concession speech was especially disgusting. I'm certainly no fan of O'Donnell, I think she was an awful candidate who didn't have a chance of winning. However, having one of your primetime "anchors" open the transition to her speech with "Get your popcorn ready" and ending it by mocking her statements regarding widespread GOP victory, you really can't consider yourself a legitimate news organization. O'Donnell said something along the line of "The conservative message was the true victor in this race", and Olbermann and Maddow attacked her for a good five minutes about how she should shut up since she lost the race, and that she doesn't have control over the newly elected Senator elect.

    Of course, it doesn't surprise me that they spent a good 20 minutes gloating about O'Donnell's loss. It's not like they could mention what was going on in the House without their heads exploding on air.

    I just listened to Matthews interview Michelle Bachmann. In the interest of fairness she did look a little tipsy.

    On the other end you could hear Mr. Class Keith Olbermann laughing and giggling through his mic. MKDAWUSS must have loved that display of professionalism.

    Speaking of MKDAWUSS, remember when he said this?:

    "Are you sure Michele Bachmann wouldn't be the one running from Olby? Also, what about if it ends up being FORMER Rep. Bachmann? That would be rather awkward, wouldn't it?"

    She showed up. Where was Olbermann? Oh that's right. He was behaving like a child.

    I'm not digging Megyn Kelly's outfit tonight. But Martha Maccallum looks amazing.

    I too was surprised to see the hack-a-thon tonight, but who else was MSNBC going to put on to anchor it...Norah O'Donnell? Tamron Hall? Savannah Guthrie? Sure, easier on the eyes, but no doubt a snoozefest. At least this crew keeps it "interesting".

    So, my random thoughts.

    Keith is in full Sam the Eagle mode tonight, stumbling and bumbling through his words in an ever increasing lower tone of voice and forced gravitas. However, I will say this -- he isn't quite as bad as I thought he would be. Could Keith be viewing this as his ticket to "legitimate newsman"? Remember, he's putting WPITW on hold for a while. A new Keith??? Probably not.

    My gawd, Maddow is having a horrible night. Wherever she got her PhD should be embarrassed. She is throwing out theses and arguments without much fact, and is coming across as a big time sore loser.

    I actually think Crazy Larry brings some excitement to the mix...yes, he goes into full-on attack mode at the drop of a hat, especially on Republicans, but he hasn't been afraid tonight to take on Maddow and Schultz either, and in both cases he had the stronger more pragmatic argument. Oh, and he already gets way better guests and has more stimulating conversations on his show than Schultz, Olby or Maddow...despite some of his wooden shortcomings as host.

    Oh, one thing...Keithy got tripped up on some basic math tonight. Someone should Tweet him about it. Maddow was saying that in 1994, the Republicans gained 54 seats, and to put it in context, Keith looked at the GAP between Dems and Repubs in NBC's projection and said it was only 47, so not historic. He was confusing the GAP in the parties to the GAIN that Maddow was this point, the 2010 gain for Republicans appears to be in the 60+ definitely up there in terms of historical swings.

    I just watched a little more. It's possible it was O'Donnell laughing but then they cut to Olbermann and he was cracking laughs too.

    That panel was so disgraceful. Absolute gutter trash. This is where people like MKDAWUSS get their news from.

    MKDAWUSS, you must be so proud of MSNBC's behavior tonight.

    Looks like Sestak should have taken the job as usher at the Smithsonian as Toomey has passed him with 99% of the vote in.

    Sgt. Schultz is ready to explode in his trousers over the Reid/Angle race.

    Back over to watch the Goddess (Megyn) in action...

    Things should be ok now at MSNBC HQ considering Harry Reid is projected to hang on.

    I can't imagine those voting machines that were already checked for Reid and manned by SEUI vendors swayed the election at all.

    *SEIU. Purple shirted thugs. Whatever.

    No doubt that the hour of spin will be completely devoted to attacking O'Donnel and gloating about Harry Reid. My guess is that he goes the entire hour without analyzing the earthquake in the House, minus the required attacks on Boehner regarding his tan.

    I'm sure phrases like "crocodile tears" and "Crybaby Boehner" will pop up every now and then.

    Jerry Brown and Barbie (Call me Senator) Boxer elected in Mexifornia. Holy Shit! Yeah, that's gonna make all the differance. Dumba$$e$!!!

    Olby on Twitter is doubling and tripling down on the notion that the Dems "did better than expected" and that the Tea Party should be blamed for Republicans not winning the senate.

    Personally, I look at it as more the Tea Party saddling Obama with Harry Reid as the continuing face of Democrat government incompetence for the next two years.

    Sorry dudes, Olbermann's gonna brag about the Tea Party screwing things up and while he'll make it as vile as possible it doesn't diminish the fact that it's probably true.

    Sharron Angle. Christine O'Donnell. The only reason Joe Miller might get away with it is because Murkowski will caucus with the GOP anyway.

    Right now the GOP could end up with 49 seats. If they do people are gonna Monday Morning QB this to death and losses in Delaware and Nevada are a good place to start.

    Even if the GOP won the senate they wouldn't have the 60 votes to get anything done anyway, so who cares? And with Obama's veto power, he still sets the agenda.

    What's sad and a bit frustrating is the total denial mode Keithy has gone into on Twitter, which we soon shall see translated on his show. His main meme now is all about John Boehner crying. Oy.

    Oh please. Don't start that "who cares" crap. We've been talking about this for months and now because some breaks didn't go the "right" way it's "who cares"? Give me a break.

    The fact of the matter is NV and DE are bad losses that should have been GOP wins and it should call into question the Tea Party candidates.

    The message of fiscal responsibility worked. The candidates didn't. And don't throw Rubio and Paul in my face because it was obvious they were gonna win regardless. And like I said before the only reason Alaska isn't a debacle is because the seat will be Republican regardless.

    The Tea Party and the GOP need to get on the same page otherwise it's more Democratic bullshit in two years.

    Sounds like we have a theme developing for tonight's show based on his twitter tirades this morning. He is actually trying to convince people that this was a "lose-lose" for the GOP, because they didn't win the Senate. Where the second loss comes in, I don't know. Apparently the victory in the House was actually a defeat in disguise.

    Also, 24 of his last 30 tweets have been mocking Boehner for crying last night. Good to see that although WPITW has been discontinued (yeah right), the level of immaturity still continues on Twitter.

    I'm with you, CJ. Sharron Angle, Christine O'Donnell, and Carl Paladino lost because they were too conservative and not ready enough for prime time. You have to say the right things, do they right things, sound a certain way, and have no skeletons in your closet. Otherwise, you're a loony thuggish hypocrite in the eyes of voters. It may not be true, but the perception is there. So, in gearing up for 2012, let's get candidates that are either more moderate or more polished and squeaky-clean. No more Angles, O'Donnells, or Paladinos, please.
    But I'm partially with you, A47. Maybe Reid's and Boxer's (and Murray's?) wins will help Republicans in '12. As a pessimist, I doubt that and think Obama is looking at a second term because the blue states will push him over the top. We are just as polarized today as we were yesterday, and maybe more so.

    I didn't realize Carl Paladino was Tea Party.

    But I think he lost because he looks (and more importantly acts) like a Michael Corleone capo. We don't need thugs like that in public office.

    "Also, 24 of his last 30 tweets have been mocking Boehner for crying last night."

    Called it. What a shock.

    Let me be clear: Yes, I'm bashing the Tea Party a bit today.

    But there is absolutely no scenario that shows the Democrats won anything last night. They gained no Senate seats and if they gained five house seats I'd be surprised.

    Olbermann needs to bash the Tea Party today and make jokes about "Crybaby Boehner" because that's the only way MSNBC can ignore the fact that the Democrats got their ass kicked last night.

    Been a while since i posted, but I still lurk here for the lulz the recaps create, ( apparently VOX shut down, lol )

    So anyways last night was a disaster, not just for the Dems, but MSNBC in general. It was so bad it was both hard and fun to watch at the same time. The total meltdown happened around 10pm when the house was called for the GOP.

    Then Ed Shultz ( why is he on TV? And why is the camera 2 inches from his face? ) Couldn't understand Feingolds huge lose. He said it was all about the money Ron Johnson spent. Which by the way during the late hours after the kids went home, Ed ( who was still celebrating Reid's win ) let a slip out that Reid had support from Obama, the VP, and "Corporations" across the nation. What?!! He had money from Big Corporations???

    Anyone over the age of 12 could see that Ed was being hypocritical. Ron Johnson had more money for his campaign = evil. Reid had more money for his campaign= good of the nation.

    And that was just one gaff from the DNC cable network. Mathews lost all control after 10pm which didn't end on his trance interview. He smirked and laughed before every Republican winner MSNBC interviewed ( it could have been KO, but as we all know, the two sound a like when they make snide comments when they think their mics are off ) He mentioned the Old White Boys club. And then continuously argued with Larry about the minority taking power away from the majority in the house. I didn't get it either. But the fact Larry looked like he was about to strangle Chris made me think Mathews went Bat Sh*t Crazy.

    I kept flipping back and forth, and Fox's election coverage was about as professional as you get compared to MSNBC's, which looked like a bad radio morning show ( all that was missing was goofy sound effects and 100th caller for concert tickets )

    Fox had Bears and Megyn being the anchors, along with a panel split down the middle. The only real conservative on that panel was Rove, as Hume as proven his moderation over the years. Williams was again the voice of reason on the left and brought up great counters, as expected. And I enjoyed the guy from the Howard Dean campaign ( forgot his name ) but even he a lot of bullets points.

    The best moment of the night for me was when Palin and Ferraro were on together. They pretty much laid down whats wrong with the media when it comes to women in politics. The didn't name names or act like children. And even though the two don't agree politically, the agree that way women are treated compared to men has got to be changed.

    Then on MSNBC, 5 liberals providing coverage, one point of view. 5 people laughing at each others jokes, smelling each other's farts, and making snide comment after snide comment about all the GOP wins last night. Then when Reid was declared the winner they treated it like the biggest victory in history.

    Their coverage was an embarrassment.

    In saying that the Tea Party should have won in Nevada and Delaware, there has to be some element of Reid and Coons DESERVING to lose. Is KO willing to admit that?

    The whole point of the Tea Party was to alter the structure of Republican/Conservative politics, not send the same old phonies as part of some ego-boost to the potential leaders of a Republican-controlled senate. Transforming government requires a change in the mindset of how the system operates, and that doesn't happen overnight, and it doesn't happen if the Tea Party just wants to play the same game the Republicans and Democrats always have. I for one think the elections in Nevada and Delaware say more about the voters in those states than they do about the candidates. Victories there would have been mostly symbolic and in some ways helped the president going into 2012. Now at least with a modicum of gridlock gives the Republicans a chance to make a case for a full takeover again.

    Perhaps "who cares" was a bit of a glib assessment but not controlling the senate isn't the worst outcome.

    The losses in Nevada and Delaware will probably do more to solidify a union between the Republicans and Tea Party than had they won. Also, let's not forget that party bosses didn't pick these candidates outright, they still had to be approved by the people through primaries.

    A bigger problems that Republicans have is that the Democrats have a growing structural advantage when it comes to voters who are dependent on entitlements, and especially when it comes to the choke-hold the unions have on our school system that has led to the slow establishment of liberal ideals as dogma in the minds of the young, which we are now manifesting in youth voting trends. 56% of under 30 voters went Democrat in 2010, but this bloc contributed only 11% of the votes, as opposed to their 18% share in 2008.

    These are systemic problems that have become third-rail issues, but they have to be broken up. The politicians who do this are going to get so hammered that it's political suicide. This is the real problem Republicans face, is making the case for these changes. Social Security really needs such radical reform, if not being abolished outright, but Democrats have succeeded in convincing people it's a necessary program, when it really isn't. These changes won't happen overnight, so the lack of control of the senate during a two-year period of gridlock isn't going to have much of an effect in the long run.

    Olberdork's nephew Maddow actually made a statement after the Bachmann interview that "she is trying to say we are in the tank for Obama", after Bachmann mocked Matthews. What? Are you actually trying to say you're not in the tank for Obama you stupid ignorant liar?

    If Paladino wasn't Tea Party, then he *was* an outsider.

    Bachmann tells off Matthews and the rest of MSNBC, Olberdork unhinged gleeful laughter, Maddow indignant, condescending:

    The MSNBC coverage basically turned into a big grief-counseling for Liberals session, starting with their "given the mood the Republicans should be doing much better" meme. (Frankly, I suspect that had the Republicans actually won every single election last night at all levels, even ballot initiatives, except for one, the MSNBC bunch still would have seen this as a silver lining.)

    It got so bad that their discussion basically turned into "it doesn't matter if the Democrats lost ground tonight because the Republicans still don't have anyone who can beat Obama in 2012."

    It had to be the worst political coverage I have ever seen. The losers at Media Matters want to go off on how Fox News is all right wing (and deflected their election coverage with "Fox Wins" and examples of Fox News personalities supporting Republicans, ignoring any Democrats who appear on Fox at all as either non-existent or puppets. meh). But the Fox equivalent of what MSNBC did would have been a desk consisting of Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Dick Morris and Laura Ingraham, anchored by Sean Hannity. Where any of these five anywhere near the actual Fox News coverage other than in a minor analyst role next to a left-leaning analyst? Heck no.

    CNN went the other direction. A lot of even-handed coverage but they had two desks filled with pundits to cover all the angles. A little overboard, but I liked some of their graphics.

    To my mind Fox News probably had the best coverage, if only for an excuse to watch Megyn Kelly in action for a few hours.

    Here's an interesting look ahead to 2012, which begins with moving 15 electoral votes from blue states to red as a result of the recent census.

    Angle and O'Donell lost and this is indeed an indication that the Tea Party movement is still in its infancy. But what about Sestak in PA? He primaried a "moderate" democrat and lost what should have been an easy pick-up for dems. Alan Greyson, a progressive, also lost what could have been a dem win if a more "moderate" canidate was nominated. Jon Raese, the party nominee in WV, lost, so even polished party canidates were not a shoe-in.

    The losses in DE and NV are not a death knell for the tea party and I don't agree that those races would have been won with more moderate canidates. You think that the people who were fired up to vote for a true conservative for the first time in most of their lives would have been fired up for a liberal republican?

    Also I want to point out that the media goes out of its way to attack republican minority canidates. Having minority republicans elected goes against the meme they try to advance that republicans are bigoted, racist and sexist. Notice how MSNBC was all in to attack Rand Paul until the larger target of Angle and O'Donell were nominated? It is job number 1 to make sure that the women and blacks in the republican party are not elected and they showed that this election.

    That said I would have liked to have seen O'Donell and Angle win, we need more conservatives in congress, not just more republicans. Also as mush as it sounds like rationalizing the losses, I do think it is better to have a larger minority in the Senate then a small majority. This way republicans (hopefully they move to the conservative philosophy) can continue to contrast their policies to those of the democrats who still control the Senate and White House.

    The same goes for Rubio in Florida, a conservative Tea Party hispanic that Olberdork couldn't stop vilifying for 6 months.

    Mike C., I didn't know he was Tea Party backed. I can't keep track of all this stuff.

    Anyways, I went to TVNewser to express my opinion on the midterm coverage and member QuietObs jumped on me for calling Fox News "professional". He also said FNC is pathetic because shows like NCIS beat them on a regular basis.

    This is how sad the argument has become. I've grown to dislike FNC but man, credit where its due. I didn't even say I agreed with them. All I said was they were acting professional compared to the romper room MSNBC put on last night.

    While some may find it easy to point fingers at the Tea Party, I feel this is unfounded. Would we be looking at the results we have today if the vast energy the Tea Party movement unleashed was absent? I really doubt it. As for these two races, you can't fault them for trying. It still is a partially free country, isn't it?

    As for Delaware in particular, if the "establishment" GOP had made a stronger case for Castle that mollified the Tea Party types, L'affaire O'Donnell could have been avoided. The signs were already quite evident that the Tea Party was a force to be reckoned with. I guess they didn't learn their lesson from Bob Bennett up in Utah.

    Regarding Nevada, sure, a stronger candidate COULD have done better, but said candidate, Sue Lowrey, was done in by ONE remark taken out of context. Sharron Angle, on the other hand, made DOZENS of remarks that were used against her, but still hung in there, and was slightly AHEAD in the polls come election day. Despite some very strong ads of her own, and a good debate performance, she was unable to overcome the overwhelming barrage of negative ads by the Reid campaign. What REALLY did her in was the Union GOTV machine. You've seen the story about how Harrahs Casino pressured their workers to vote for Reid. I'm sure this was a widespread practice. And then there are those reports of electronic ballots "pre-marked" for Reid. Whether voter fraud had any big effect is open to conjecture. (And we'll probably NEVER know.) Given the circumstances, Angle did the best she could, but this effort was probably doomed from that point in time when Lowrey was unable to quash that "bartering for chickens" story.

    "As for these two races, you can't fault them for trying."

    No, you can't.

    But I will fault them if they put up some batsh*t crazy candidate for President in two years and that person loses.

    The Tea Party and the GOP need to get on the same page if they're gonna can these far left bums. The stuff that's happening in Alaska and what happened in Delaware and NY-23 last year needs to stop.

    "She is trying to say we are in the tank for Obama". I can't believe Maddow actually said that with a straight face. Are you kidding me?

    As for Olby, his new talking points about the election will be that the Tea Party cost the Republicans the Senate. This is totally absurd and nothing more than Monday morning quarterbacking. Who knows if different candidates would have won. It's pure speculation and has no factual evidence whatsoever...something Olby bases his entire show upon. This is just Olby deflecting the fact that the Democrats took a huge ass whippin' last night.

    And don't look for Olby to talk about the HUGE wins in the Governorships and State Houses last night. Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida and Tennessee all flipped to the Republicans. Not to mention New Jersey and Virginia. This will be huge and make Obama's re-election a lot tougher in 2012.

    "The Tea Party and the GOP need to get on the same page..."

    Aye, that's the rub, isn't it. In Alaska, the GOP wasn't able to make the case that a pork barrel enabling candidate was the best choice. In Delaware they weren't able to make the case that a RINO was the best choice. And in NY-23 a liberal Republican might have seemed to be the best choice to the local committee. Apparently opinions differ on the definition of a "batsh*t crazy candidate". We'll see if it all works out. I'm a conservative at heart and while all conservatives are Republicans, not all Republicans are conservatives.

    Whenever Olby says that the GOP should have won Nevada and Delaware's senate seats, I wish someone would respond to him, "So, you think that Reid and Coons deserved to lose?"

    Sarah Palin would be a "batsh*t crazy" candidate with no chance of winning.

    cjflan32: "Sarah Palin would be a "batsh*t crazy" candidate with no chance of winning."

    I don't agree with that. I think she would have a better chance of winning then say Mitt Romeny, Mike Huckabee or Newt Gingrich. But then Haley Barbour and Jim Demint in my opinion are better canidates then Palin. Palin being electable all depends on the next two years and if she can shake the press. Like I said earlier, the press does everything in its power to destroy minority republicans and this is going to be Palin's largest roadblock.

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