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    December 22, 2010
    Olbermann Again Tweets False Info, This Time About Bill O'Reilly!

    Bathtub Boy

    It was just last week when the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann got into all sorts of hot water by tweeting false information about the rape accusations leveled at Julian Assange. He has yet to retract any of that, but hey, he's Keith Olbermann. He don't need no stinkin' retractions.

    You'd think he might be humbled a bit by that experience, and maybe would think twice before cavalierly spreading something around the interwebs. But noooooo... especially if it concerns his all-consuming Olbsession, Mr Bill O'Reilly. Last night, Twittermann gleefully zapped this retweet out to his 168,000+ followers:

    • TWITTERMANN: Backstory? LOL RT @CityWineryNYC Bill O'Reilly just got bounced for stealing someone's seat at Aaron Neville.

    Now of course, when a story like this has the Oralmann imprimatur, it must be true. And in no time at all, Fox haters and blue blog tweeters took their cue from Keithy and spread the story even further. These accomplices include:

    • @StopBeck (self explanatory)
    • @aterkel (Amada Terkel of Think Progress)
    • @DanaHoule (Democratic political activist)
    • @existentialfish (John Whitehouse)
    • @LibertyInProg (far-left progressive Media Matters mouthpiece)
    • @StopBeck (said it was 'so good had to tweet twice')

    There are dozens more, but you get the idea. Without bothering to get the truth of the story, Edward R Olbermann wanted to believe it, so he assumed it was factual and retweeted it to his credulous followers. It's the Twitter equivalent of one of Olby's rip-'n'-read on-air smears. And yes, you guessed's not true.

    All it took was one email to get the actual story. Bill attended the event with Arthel Neville, and as she told us:

    No one's seat was stolen. Bill, my husband and I sat in seats that were reserved for us. Merry Christmas!

    The only thing that happened was that the party had been seated in the wrong place and moved to the correct reserved seats. That's it! Nobody was 'bounced' and nobody tried to 'steal' anyone's seat. So if you thought Olbermann learned his lesson about retweeting false information from his embarrassing Assange screw-up, think again. And if he didn't retract or correct those falsehoods, he's not likely to correct this one.

    But then we've exposed dozens of his attacks on Fox as fabrications and lies, and he's never retracted a one of them. When it comes to attacking Fox News, Olbermann doesn't do retractions. Just ask Major Garrett.

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (51) | | View blog reactions
    December 20, 2010
    As Outrage Grows Over Rape Falsehoods, Olbermann Heads for the Bathtub

    Bathtub Boy

    It's vacation time for the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. Just in time for him to run away from any responsibility for the falsehoods he spread about the Assange rape accusations. And no, that hasn't died down at all. As Olbermahn today ended his self-exile for Twitter (after, what, two whole days?), he spewed out a grand announcement. And what did it do? It just made matters worse:

    Given the time to compose a calm, reasoned response, Olbermann elected to use a single random tweet to tar the #MooreAndMe protest as violent, accuse its members of financial coercion, attack #MooreAndMe creator Sady Doyle for smoking cigarettes, and finally, to ignore the central issues in this brouhaha. Someone should gently suggest to Olbermann that when you're already in a hole, stop digging.

    Olby got way up on his high horse and chose, out of thousands of tweets, one that he pointed to with sham outrage. The tweeter had told him: 'Kill yourself'. Oh the horrors, and Keithy poured it on thick. Why, now people are sending him 'death threats'!! But wait. Haven't we heard that somewhere before. Now let's see, where was it? Oh yeah...

    Olbermann's antagonists, who asked not to be named, repeatedly claimed in their June 8 E-mails that dead Al Qaeda terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was Olbermann's "hero," prompting the television star to advise: "Hey, save the oxygen for somebody whose brain can use it. Kill yourself."

    They just don't make Olbypocrisy any thicker than that. Keep track of the twitter action here, and enjoy a blessed break from the horrors of Olbermann for, we hope, two full weeks. Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (13) | | View blog reactions
    December 16, 2010
    Olbermann Ridicule of Rape Charges Sparks All-Out Twitter War!

    Bathtub Boy

    The tweets reported by Olbermann Watch yesterday, coupled with the infamous, deplorable one's inability to admit his own mistakes, has set the twitterverse on fire. A special hashtag (used to search twitter for a particular topic) has been created: #mooreandme. One of the irate defenders of rape victims couldn't take it any more and lashed out at Oralmann and his portly puppet:

    The point is, Keith Olbermann and Michael Moore both work in what could loosely be construed as "news." Surely they understand that if they're caught spreading misinformation and not retracting it, and violating the journalistic standard of not reporting the names of accusers in an ongoing rape investigation, that makes them look irresponsible, unprofessional, willing to sacrifice known fact to opinion, and basically unqualified to hold the jobs they have. And that it also makes them look so deeply unethical and untrustworthy as to be useless, as authority figures who opine on ethics, morals, and who is or is not a "liar." So, you just have to point out the errors. They'll understand that they messed up. And they'll retract it. Right?

    Number of Beloved Progressive Journalists Who Had Blocked Me On Twitter Yesterday: None, as far as I know!

    Number of Beloved Progressive Journalists Who Have Blocked Me On Twitter Now: One. And it's Keith Olbermann.

    Answer: Perhaps you would like to read the lengthy tantrum thrown by Keith Olbermann on Twitter last night, in which he demanded that one user "retract" (ha ha, Keith Olbermann! We love you when you're ironical! Oh no wait you're not -- oh God he's SERIOUS) a #MooreandMe tweet because it employed the term "rape apologism," demanded that another "show him the charges." Uum, Keith Olbermann, allow me to introduce you to... THE GUARDIAN???? They do a thing called "journalism" there, I think you'll find it kicky and fresh!

    There's much more at the link for your reading pleasure. While all this was going on, action at the #mooreandme hashtag has been non-stop. Olby's weak argumentation became embarrassing as one tweeter after another decimated his slippery equivocations. Here is one of our favorite exchanges:

    • TWITTERMANN: Are you aware of my track record? Merely about women journalists at Msnbc?
    • J$: Like this?

    Meanwhile the hits kept on coming, as Tommy Christopher sums up here, with Edward R Olbermann stubbornly refusing to even admit that he and Moore falsified accusations against Assange, not to mention dismissing them with chuckling ridicule. So what's an Olby to do? Why, quit twitter of course!

    This shouldn't surprise anyone. Just like he can't stand people who disagree with him on Countdown, he doesn't want to put up with them on Twitter either. So rather than read opposing views that challenge his biases, he shuts down his Twitter account! Waaah, I'm taking my toys and go home. That will punish you people. You won't be able to read my brilliant words!

    Needless to say, the Twitterverse wasn't exactly wailing in pain over Keithy's juvenile taking his ball and going home:

    • GRAYPETS: If @keitholbermann doesn't come back, Tucker Carlson will grab the Twitter account, too....
    • CRAIGCARROLL: Hey @CNN while you're investigating this "hoax", can you investigate who gives @KeithOlbermann his info? Prob same source.
    • WILDJOYRIDE: I get that you want to take rape seriously, but that means doing so even when politically inconvenient.
    • CUFFYP: "Have you no decency, Twitter? At long last, have you no decency? Good day, Twitter. Good. Day."
    • EXISTENTIALFISH: Ironically, these keitholbermann shenanigans read like something out of a thurber novel.
    • CHRISATYOURSIX: Radio silence from @KeithOlbermann. Maybe we should turn off his show like he turned us off?
    • JIMTREACHER: And to top off this very fine day, KeithOlbermann is having yet another Twitter meltdown. Life is good!
    • DOCFREERIDE: KeithOlbermann also, you know what kills people? you know what makes people AFRAID to report rape? LEAKING THEIR NAMES.
    • SHELBYKNOX: Wait for it: KeithOlbermann's mansplaining on his show tonight about how the dumb feminists forced him off the twitters.

    Oh man, KO is getting KO'd. One fun thing that has come out of this brouhaha: a lovely collection of Keith Olbermann Meme badges:

    Bathtub Boy Bathtub Boy Bathtub Boy Bathtub Boy Bathtub Boy Bathtub Boy

    Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (25) | | View blog reactions
    December 15, 2010
    Misogynist Olbermann and Misogynist Guest Ridicule Rape Charges!

    Bathtub Boy

    What do you know? Olbermann and his guest dismiss charges of rape as just so much nonsense, and feminists are up in arms. Why should this be a surprise? The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann repeatedly fantasizes about women as objects of male violence, whether it's talk about taking Hillary Clinton into a room and beating her senseless, or a reference to a wife-batterer's wish-fulfillment vision of a woman as a 'mashed up bag of meat with lipstick'.

    If you read Mr Christopher's article linked above you might think this was just a Countdown thing. No it's not. Twittermann has been pooh-poohing the Assange rape charges with the fervor of an aged perv scowling that 'she deserved it'. Rape? What rape? According to Olby, that just means 'sex without a condom'. Besides, as Oralmann will tell you, the accuser is probably lying because of her 'CIA ties'. And today's he's still spinning his conspiracy theories about questionable 'origin' of the accusations. Man, the real Olby reveals himself on Twitter, doesn't he?

    On tonight's Hour of Spin:

    • Oh no! The Senate folds on the tax deal. But wait, isn't the opposition growing, spreading, INCREASING?!? A lefty Congressman and the winner of the Maddow Look-Alike Contest will parrot OlbySpin.
    • Defend Assange? Any lefty can do that. Edward R Olbermann goes the extra mile and comes to the defense of BradAss the Leaker! No we are not making this up.
    • More attacks on Jan Brewer (R).
    • Attack on two Texas (Ds) who switched to (Rs). Heresy!!
    • Attack on the 'no labels' movement--purely a pretext to take an indirect shot at Joe Scarborough, another object of OlbyHatred.
    • Oh, and war hero Allen West (R) is a liar.

    Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (31) | | View blog reactions
    December 13, 2010
    Uh Oh...How's Olby Going to Spin This One?

    Bathtub Boy

    After a week of propagandizing about the tax compromise, how opposition is increasing, SPREADING, and GROWING!!, Oralmann's fevered fantasies collided with reality today, as the Senate voted by a landslide to approve the deal. Adding to the angst on OlbyPlanet, a Judge has just declared the key element in Monkeymann's must-beloved nationalized health care to be unconstitutional. A double whammy, meaning that a double dose of spin will be required. To explain away the Senate vote, who better to invite on than the purveyor of that phony fauxlibuster that had Olbermoronn enthralled last week?

    • What? You mean opposition is not growing, increasing, SPREADING?!? How can this be? It must have been...a sell-out. Yeah, that's the ticket. The Senator who mounted a sham filibuster when it didn't mean anything, and did nothing when the cloture vote was actually imminent--Socialist Sanders--will deliver the OlbySpin. Along with Rachel Maddow look-alike Chris Hayes.
    • How evil is Wall Street? Reeeeaaaaallllly evil.
    • Oh noes, a Federal Judge has made a ruling on constitutionality that even Stevie Wonder could see coming a mile away. There's no joy on OlbyPlanet, so defrocked doctor (he should be if he hasn't been by now) "Scream" Dean will join Olby to discuss the legal issues. Ha! Fooled ya! They don't have a clue about the legal issues. Instead they'll use the old ad hominem (an Oralmann standby) and attack the Judge as corrupt!
    • Attack on House of Rep member (R).
    • Attack on Glenn Beck.
    • Juvenile, unfunny supposed-to-be-yucks with Frank Conniff.

    On Tuesday's Hour of Spin:

    • Herr Olbermahn goes straight to the ultra-far-extreme left, out where the busses don't run. Yep, it's a return engagement from Michael Moore.
    • Oralmann wants to blame Moody's ratings on a tax deal that hasn't even passed yet, but that's OlbyLogic for ya. Robert Reiccccchhhhh (D) will serve as parrot.
    • Keithy and Geno are upset that a pork rail system in Ohio was 'killed by the tea party'. Call the waaaaambulance! Guess Fat Ass doesn't care about deficits.
    • Attack on Gov Brewer (R).
    • Attack on health care judge (again!).
    • Attack on Rupert Murdoch, by attacking his father!?! Wonder how Monkeymann would like it if someone smeared his father. Anyone got some dirt?

    Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (42) | | View blog reactions
    December 11, 2010
    Red Eye Rips Olbermann's Latest Nazi Comparison!

    Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (13) | | View blog reactions
    December 10, 2010
    Olbermann to Claim Publicity Stunt Is Big News!

    Bathtub Boy

    It's fun, fun, fun on a Friday Hour of Spin:

    • Wow, it's the huge, big, spectacular Socialist 'filibuster', proof that opposition to the tax compromise is increasing, SPREADING, GROWING!!!
    • Who to speak on the issue? How about (another) Dem Rep, who just coincidentally also opposes the deal?
    • Obama brings in Clinton (actually to counter-program against the Sanders stunt). What will Geno say about it?
    • Who better to defend Wikileaks and Julian Assange than...Daniel Ellsberg?!? Too bad Julius and Ethel Rosenberg aren't available.
    • From the grooveyard of golden oldies, another Cheney attack.
    • Another thrilling thpecial thegment of Thurber.

    Twittermann is just having an Olbergasm over Bernie Sanders little turn at the Senate podium. He's bragging that he'll have a 15-minute highlight reel (sort of a flashback to his short-lived, little-loved time at ESPN). He's calling out ABC and CBS for not showing clips. It's like Sanders' soliloquy was some sort of historic milestone.

    Earth to Olby: it was a stunt. A publicity stunt. It's not even a real filibuster, no matter how hard Monkeymann tries to make you think it was. There's no cloture vote coming up until next week. He could've stopped talking after five minutes and there still would've been no cloture vote coming up until next week.

    Fat Ass will cite this PR extravaganza as more proof of the increasing, SPREADING opposition to the tax deal, which he will continue to spew about right up until Barack Obama puts his John Hancock on the bill Edward R Olbermann wants you to believe will never pass.

    Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (3) | | View blog reactions
    December 9, 2010
    Failed Author Olbermann to Bash Palin Book Sales?!?

    Bathtub Boy

    Here's what's coming up on tonight's Hour of Spin:

    • The Dems are in FULL REVOLT. The outrage is GROWING, INCREASING!!! To prove the case, Olby will bring on Bawney Fwank (D) and HuffPo Hack Howard.
    • To continue the notion that opposition is SPREADING, a union thug will grace OlbyPlanet.
    • More attacks on Jan Brewer (R).
    • Exclusive details on 'stunningly low sales figures' for Palin's new book!

    What was that last one again? Palin's new book isn't selling, according to Edward R Olbermann? Last time we checked, Palin's latest tome is #31 on Amazon (and #4 in non-fiction), while the book that bears Olbermann's name has rocketed up the sales chart to...#3,213.

    And then there's the NY Times Best Sellers list, where Palin's America by Heart debuted at #2. In case you aren't familiar with that list, it's the one where Bill O'Reilly's latest book just enjoyed its 11th straight week in the top 15. It's also the list that the book that bears Olbermann's name never quite made it onto. So just what is 'stunningly low' about being the #2 hardcover nonfiction book in the USA?

    Oh that's right, Oralmann has 'exclusive details' about the sales figures. Because the publisher leaked them straight to OlbyPlanet. Secret numbers that nobody else knows, that prove both Amazon and the NY Times wrong. We hope Monkeymann isn't going to revive that old canard about bulk sales being used to put a book on the NYT list. Because, you know, the NY Times notes when bulk sales are involved with a book on its list by marking it with a 'dagger'. And there ain't no dagger for Palin's book (or O'Reilly's for that matter).

    So just how is Fat Ass going to prove Palin's book has 'stunningly low sales figures' when both Amazon and the NY Times say otherwise? Who cares? No matter how he does it, it's probably Another Olbermann Lie. And another reason why Countdown is must-miss television.

    Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (35) | | View blog reactions
    December 8, 2010
    Olbermann Tries to Manufacture Anti-Tax-Deal Steamroller

    Bathtub Boy

    Never mind that most sober-minded, clear-thinking analysts have concluded that the President's proposed deal, or something very close to it, will be enacted into law before the end of the year. The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann has chosen to make this issue his latest Malmedy.

    If you're new to OlbyWatch, this was a dishonest smear concoted by Oralmann about an O'Reilly mistake, ginned up to change the subject from his own embarrassing use of the Nazi Sieg Heil salute in public. Keith lied about the details, and then spent a week whipping up his viewers by telling them that "outrage" was "growing", "all over the nation", etc etc. Except that it wasn't. Other than Olby and his pet blue blogs, it was a big ho-hum. The story wasn't all but ignored by mainstream news sources like AP, Reuters, etc. After about a week that "growing outrage" vanished from OlbyPlanet--the steamroller never materialized, and Edward R Olbermahn turned his demagoguery in other directions.

    Well now, we have the making of another Olbermahn campaign to manufacture a groundswell of opposition, this time to the tax-deal. Herr Olbermahn would like nothing better than to be seen as the leader who galvanized opposition and sunk the deal. So you'll find that to be a theme on tonight's Hour of Spin:

    • Only 12 Dem Senators support the tax deal! (Um, only 12 so far, Einstein.) Vermont's socialist, Bernie Sanders, and Geno Robinson will report on the blowback the Building To A CRESCENDO!!!!
    • The opposition is so strong, it could affect other votes too, because the Outrage Is GROWING!!!!
    • Of course, attack on a Rep or two (R of course).
    • Defending Julian Assange, hopefully this time without Olby citing an anti-Semitic holocaust-denier as his 'evidence'.

    Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (29) | | View blog reactions
    December 7, 2010
    Olbermann Dressed Down by Bosses, Readies Another Special Comment!

    Bathtub Boy

    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann just can't help himself. Never mind that he famously stated that he doesn't go after people's children, he did just that with a petty WPitW segment on Palin daughter Bristol. And It apparently didn't sit well with the bosses at A-Mess-NBC:

    Speaking of Olbermann, an MSNBC insider reports the talk-show host was "called on the carpet" by his bosses for declaring Bristol Palin "the worst person in the world" on his show last week -- calling it "tacky" and "a cheap shot that was uncalled for." Olbermann had criticized Palin for making an abstinence public service announcement -- given she has had a child out of wedlock.

    Olbermann tacky? Cheap shot? That's like saying water's wet. But even after that dressing down, he still couldn't resist sniping at the eeevil Bristol, even from his 'sick' bed:

    • TWITTERMANN: Out sick, will spare you details. Instead: Reuters asks Who is writing BPalin's stuff?
    • MIKE SCHWANDT: Wow even when you are ill you show your obsession with the Palins. Perhaps you should see someone for this? Not healthy.
    • TWITTERMANN: I made one comment about BPalin. She has turned it into an obsession, not me.

    Yeah, he's not obsessed. He just made one little twitter comment. That is, if you don't count all the others. Here's just a sample:

    • TWITTERMANN: Bristol Palin is contributing to teen pregnancies by this idiotic, never-works strategy of "abstinence."
    • TWITTERMANN: A Bristol Palin Abstinence PSA? Seriously? Because the first pregnancy doesn't count?
    • TWITTERMANN: "Bristol & Levi want full-season deal for reality show" /via @peoplemag / they will quit halfway thru
    • TWITTERMANN: I criticized her for pushing a policy that doesn't work, and doing it hypocritically.
    • TWITTERMANN: she didn't write it; whoever did misused at least 1 word; she's still selling abstinence that doesn't WORK
    • TWITTERMANN: She went on "Dancing With The Stars" - she's now just another reality tv show contestant.
    • TWITTERMANN: And her continuing holier-than-thou abstinence nonsense will lead to unnecessary and unwanted pregnancies
    • TWITTERMANN: I criticized her hypocrisy. She keeps talking about it, presumably to lift herself out of Reality Show triviality.

    Wow. And that's not even getting into all the Bristol bashing he's done on the air. But remember:

    • TWITTERMANN: I made one comment about BPalin. She has turned it into an obsession, not me.

    Nope, he's not obsessed.

    On tonight's Hour of Spin, an extra-special Special Education Comment. How dare that spineless Obama compromise with the eeevil Republicans? Keith Olbermann's going to throw the pamphlet at him! It's must-miss tv.

    Comments are open!

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    December 6, 2010
    November Chart: A Perfect Predominance of Parrots

    The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann runs Countdown like Radio North Korea. In other words, the full spectrum of opinion: everything from A to B. As for the month of November, submitted for your approval, The Chart:

    Bathtub Boy

    November Fun Facts:

    • The Democratic pol with the most visits: Anthony Weiner.
    • The most appearances by a lefty/progressive Olbermann parrot: a three way tie between David 'Children of the' Corn, Ezra 'The K' Klein, and winner of the Rachel Maddow Look-Alike Contest, Chris Hayes.
    • The most-used pundit categorized as 'independent' turns out to be HuffPo Hack Howard Not-So-Fineman, with Richard The Wolffe Man coming in second.
    • Don't even bother looking for Republican or conservative guests; as usual, they are barred from OlbyAir.

    Comments are open!

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    December 2, 2010
    Back from the Tub!

    Bathtub Boy

    After a day of soaking, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann has put away his rubber ducky, dried off, and has returned to the throne on OlbyPlanet.

    Here are some of the delights he has in store for you tonight:

    • Nasty Republicans vote to raise taxes on the middle class because they only want the rich to get richer. Or something. Impartial experts: Anthony Weiner (D), HuffPo's Howard Not-So-Fineman.
    • Don't stop START. Lawrence Eagleburger turns to the dark side, which is the only reason sniveling Oralmann will let him in the studio.
    • Wikileaks and then leaks some more. Hey, let's talk indicting Bush and Cheney again! What a great topic for another episode of Olby and The Perfessor.
    • The NASA announcement that MSNBC skipped covering today.
    • And just for something completely new and different: attack on the Tea Party!

    Friday's Hour of Spin:

    • GOP obstructionism! Horrors! Turncoat David Stockman will parrot Olby talking points.
    • Shot over Obama's bow not to compromise, w/ Geno Robinson.
    • Attack on John McCain (R).
    • Attack on Jan Brewer (R).
    • Attack on common sense, ratings, and overall maturity (it'th Thurber Fridayths).

    Comments are open!

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