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    John Gibson Welcomes Back the Infamous, Deplorable Keith Olbermann

    tonyome wrote: Bwaaaaaaa - "Olbermann burned a lot of bridges at MSNBC". No shit? <a href=... [more](20)


    Welcome Back, Olby!

    syvyn11 wrote: <a href=" [more](9)


    Former Obama Support/Donor Releases Song Supporting Romney/Ryan: "We'll Take It Back Again" by Kyle Tucker

    syvyn11 wrote: @philly I don't see that happening. ESPN has turned hyper left in recent... [more](64)


    Blue-Blog-a-Palooza: Ann Romney Edition!

    djthereplay wrote: By mkdawuss on August 29, 2012 6:17 PM Will John Gibson be having a "Red-B... [more](4)


    No Joy in Kosville...Mighty Olby Has Struck Out

    djwolf76 wrote: "But the FOX-GOP relationship (which is far more distinguished and prevalen... [more](23)

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    Olbermann Watch, "persecuting" Keith since 2004

    August 18, 2011
    Olbermann Crosses New Frontiers in Journalism!

    The guiding hand of ex-CNNer David Borhman is already evident at Current, as Edward R Olbermann serves up another stunning example of journalistic brilliance. Word is that this has already been forwarded to the Pulitzer Committee for their urgent consideration:

    Comments are open!

    Posted by johnny dollar | Permalink | Comments (92) | | View blog reactions


    This is essentially the same rant from two years ago. You know, the one where Olbermann sat there saying "uh huh" while nodding in approval and MKDAWUSS pretends never happened?

    If Olbermann was a tenth of the journalist MKDAWUSS claims he is he would have asked Garofalo for proof that Cain was being paid to run. I guess that doesn't qualify as "asking the questions regardless of who's being asked."

    Then there's the "Nuts and Dolts" banner in the corner and making jokes about the way the Bachmann's eat corndogs. The mark of a true journalist right Carlos?

    Let's get the other MKDAWUSS bs out of the way:

    1. If Carlos were to respond I imagine he would completely ignore everything except the first paragraph and hone in on this sentence:

    "You know, the one where Olbermann sat there saying "uh huh" while nodding in approval and MKDAWUSS pretends never happened?"

    And say, "When did I ever pretend that didn't happen?" to which "you all" reply "Everytime it's brought up you magically disappear."

    2. Before Carlos goes into a "He allows different opinions" rant someone should remind him that accusing someone of being paid to be a candidate in an election is not an opinion. If Garofalo has proof she should show it otherwise she should shut her mouth.

    3. If Olbermann has any integrity he wouldn't give this racist tramp the time of day or at the very least bring her on to show how much of an embarrassment she is. He didn't. She said a lot of stupid things and not a single criticism from Olbermann. They're both racist liars and so is MKDAWUSS for buying into their crap.

    4. Oh yeah, there was some Palin/Bachmann stuff in there. I'm sure Carlos has a twist he didn't think of himself to throw in there.

    It seems to me that with liberals if you disagree with their solution to x problem you must therefore be in favor of x problem; that's where this Stockholm Syndrome business comes from.

    I heard Hannity today on this radio show rip Garofalo a new one for her "rant" last night. She's looney tunes along with Olbermann, who you could tell was about ready to climax in his pants as she kept going on and going.

    Is it me? Or is just flat out "ugly." I mean she started off long ago, not bad looking but geez, now it's like the Seinfeld episode where the girl looks good in the light and hideous without.

    Janeane, you and Keith were viable once but no more, please go away.

    "he would have asked Garofalo for proof that Cain was being paid to run."

    She provided her theories and reasons.

    "making jokes about the way the Bachmann's eat corndogs"

    That was as much a non-story as the Herman Cain and Pokémon story, but the latter was taken to better places. At least Keith didn't make those stories into big stories like others did. He knows when a story is a story and a non-story is a non-story.

    "It seems to me that with liberals if you disagree with their solution to x problem you must therefore be in favor of x problem;"

    If that's the case, the Daily Kos wouldn't have anywhere near the diverse and dissenting opinions that it does.

    ""he would have asked Garofalo for proof that Cain was being paid to run."

    She provided her theories and reasons."

    Well, where did she get her theories from so she could come up with her "well thought out and reasonable" conclusion???????? Who were her credible sources on this theory?

    I didn't know that Jeanine Garafolo, a WHITE liberal, speaks for ALL minorities and women.

    Remember what I said a month or so ago. I live 6 miles from Garafolo's home town of Newton, NJ. There are no triumphant signs that say "Welcome to Newton, NJ, Proudest to be the hometown of Jeanine Garafolo". When you ask people from this area who Garafolo is, they say: "Who? Never heard of her."

    "He knows when a story is a story and a non-story is a non-story."

    That is just about the most assinine excuse I have ever heard from you Wuss.

    According to Wuss, Bill Clinton's Oval office Oral Sex and Vaginal Cigar sodomy, lying about it and getting impeached for lying under oath (remember, Clinton WAS disbarred for that) with Monica Lewinsky was nothing more than a non-story. Really????? That NON-STORY pushed The False Murrow over the edge and sent him to the bathtub and cost him his job the first time????

    I see that Olbermann had Rep Raul Grijalva on, who knew "Chong" was in the Congress? I guess "Cheech" wasn't available to run. :)

    "If that's the case, the Daily Kos wouldn't have anywhere near the diverse and dissenting opinions that it does."

    kosmonaut1: obama isn't progressive enough
    kosmonaut2: obama is a progressive but he's stymied by congress
    kosmonaut3: here's a pie poll!

    That's about the only three things you can read on dailykos. How the hell is that "diverse" or "dissenting"?

    Whoa, When did keith bring Jabba The hu...THATS Janeane Garafalo??
    OMG ...well THAT just turned me off of sex for another 3 years

    "She provided her theories and reasons."

    Proof, noun: Evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement.

    What part of "proof" or "fact" isn't clear? Example: I have a theory and good reasoning to believe that you're giant forehead is the result of incest but I don't have any proof or facts to back it up. See where I'm going with this?

    "That was as much a non-story as the Herman Cain and Pokémon story, but the latter was taken to better places. At least Keith didn't make those stories into big stories like others did. He knows when a story is a story and a non-story is a non-story."

    Which is why he spent multiple nights going after a Miss America runner-up for sharing her opinion, the better part of three years attacking a failed Vice-Presidential candidate and accusing his, ahem, competition, of inciting violence.

    But GE not paying taxes and a muslim murdering an army private when he shot up a recruiting center are "non stories." I'm glad you cleared that up Carlos. Thanks.

    And if it was a "non-story" as you just said why was it even brought up? For comedy? A real journalist wouldn't do that.

    "If that's the case, the Daily Kos wouldn't have anywhere near the diverse and dissenting opinions that it does."

    You keep saying that yet you never provide any proof, though you've just demonstrated you have no idea what that word means.

    You honestly think because you're opposed to abortion that automatically makes Kos some haven for dissenters?

    These comments by MKDAWUSS are getting worse. I can't stand Olbermann and I know more about him then this alleged fan. What an embarrassment.

    Olbermann, I know you're reading this so listen up.

    You gotta talk to MKDAWUSS. He is not helping you at all. People like him are supposed to come here and defend you, not walk right into the argument and make it worse.

    I'll give you his e-mail address if you want so you can tell him to keep his mouth shut. I'm sure you'll find a way to get in touch with me.

    Filing in for syvyn11, who I hope is doing well. I hope that I do a decent job here.

    Like when Obama plans to make speech on how to save the economy in September (he can't now because he's busy being on vacation--again) and it will be a rerun of his previous speech, It's the WPITWA!

    This is from Wednesday, August 17's show.

    Bronze -- Michele Bachmann -- She was speaking at an Elvis Presley anniversary of Elvis's last concert that never happened because he died that day, when she wished Elvis a happy birthday--only it was his death day. An audience member shouted the correction but Bachmann either didn't hear him or ignored him.

    First, Olby didn't mention that she later issued a correction. Second -- why is this even an important issue? Third -- if this was an important issue, then what about Obama's 57 states comment from 2008--where was Olby on that? Oh wait--he ignored it. To quote Chicago the band, "Baby what a big surprise!" On Olby planet, Republican conservative candidiates have to be perfect at all times--liberal ones do not. Actually, scratch out the word candidates on both counts. Olbyocricy # ... I lost count.

    Silver -- Congressman Doug Lamborn -- basically for criticizing Obama on the debt deal. Something about using a bad term about blacks. Yes, Lamborn should have used a better term and he has apologized as Olby noted, but that isn't good enough for him. Gee, what would happen if someone were to use a similiar term to a black conservative like, say, Allan West? Most likely--crickets. Oh, one more thing, Keith--"Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles". Olbyocricy # ... one more than it was after bronze.

    Gold -- Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, for planning to invest $1.24 million to create floating micro-countries. Oh no! Captalism! Noooooooo! We can't have that. Oh, and if Thel goes through with it, horrible things might happen like tsunamis or Pirates, and..and...and ... .

    (Sarcasm on) Good points, Olby. Oh and by the way--no one should ever drive or ride a car or any other vehicle, again because otherwise we might get involved in traffic accidents and die. Does everyone know how many people have died in traffic accidents? Horrors! (Sarcasm off)

    Another Award Winning Countdown!

    P.S. Worsts from tonight's (Thursday, August 18) are now up on Current TV's website. Hopefully syvyn11 will be able to do that one.

    "If that's the case, the Daily Kos wouldn't have anywhere near the diverse and dissenting opinions that it does."

    Well, nice of you to admit that Daily Kos is a liberal outfit; apparently it is the only one you could think of that supposedly has diverse and dissenting opinions.

    What about Olbermann?

    I'm absolutely astonished that Carlos could actually write that Daily Kos has a diversity of opinions. You know what Carlos? Go on Daily Kos and post that you believe in tax cuts for everyone, not tax increases. See how many seconds it will be before you are banned.

    "I'm absolutely astonished that Carlos could actually write that Daily Kos has a diversity of opinions."

    Again, MKDAWUSS says that because the Kos "puts up" with pro-life liberals like him when they write crap like this:

    I'd love for Carlos to show "you all" his comments on the Kos when Olbermann implied that S.E. Cupp should have been aborted.

    Huh? What? Right, that's because those comments probably don't exist.

    Then he writes this:

    "You know, it's times like this when something like DFLA lets me know I'm not alone, especially after seeing something like this."

    When you say "alone," do you mean "pro life Democrats"?

    Funny thing to say from a guy who claims to be an "independent moderate."

    That Kos article illustrates my point exactly. Most liberals think that abortion is the defining women's rights issue; so if you have sincere concerns about abortion, in their mind, as Kos put it, you are "anti-women".

    MKDAWUSS, I have always had at least a smidgen of respect for you based on your "anti-women" stance.

    I guess that makes me "pro-women" because I'm pro-abortion.

    "MKDAWUSS, I have always had at least a smidgen of respect for you based on your "anti-women" stance."

    Oh yeah, let's give MKDAWUSS a round of applause. He's all for protecting babies but whenever his idol rips Palin, Clinton, Bachmann, etc. with nasty remarks he's conveniently watching Canadian football. Remember, MKDAWUSS has stated he calls out Olbermann whenever he feels he crossed the line.

    Make no mistake, MKDAWUSS hates women. Look Carlos, much like you and Olbermann they don't want to have sex with me either but that's no reason to join the He-Man Women Haters Club.

    Carrie Prejean was the Miss USA runner-up, not Miss America.

    What a regret that quite a few sights are talking about this clip. I believe Olbermann and Garafalo went over the top with their nonsense to get the exact response they are getting. Olby's new show has been on a little over a month now and everyone had been ignoring him and I was glad that sights like newsbusters, the blaze, malkin and others never gave him the time of day. Now we will see a more deranged (yes that's possible) and psychopathic Olby then we have the past month since he knows it will get hgim attention.

    Also I expect that Olby will go after Breitbart tonight for this story:
    If you listen to the tape the guy is saying "waste" not "rich" which makes this a red meat story for Olby. Breitbart has done a lot of good exposure pieces but he'll get burned on this one.

    P.S. watching the five (still a dumb name) and they played the garafalo clip. They edited out Olby but still if I were a producer at Fox I would push for a ban on all things Olby. It's obvious Olby only lives to see his crap on Fox so they should deny him that pleasure.

    Like when JeffE tries to muscle in on my racket... (no offence, but you are but a apprentice as compared by the MASTER! or is using 'master' racist?). IT'S THE BLEATED WPITWA. (really, I thought fat ass would take the whole week off).

    Bronze: Ray Sandoval- for violating.... well, it's like Reagan's 11th commandment only for the left. Seems that Old Ray (who is the boss for Obama's re-election campiagn in New Mexico) wrote off a letter. One that bashed other liberals Namely Paul Krugman (did you know he's a noble laureate?). I guess the only one who can put crap on other liberals is Olby (and tha's only when they go off the liberal reservation). Mr. Sandoval also alluded to a "economic 9/11" and something about a medicare 'trigger'. I don't think he was talking about Roy Roger's horse.

    Anywho, the 9/11 thing was over the top.

    Silver: Mitt Romney! First Olby pays a visit to "people are corporations" line, which was blown all out of proportion. But Olby attacks Mitt for a subject dear and near to his heart, VACATIONS! Seems like Mitt doesn't think Obama should be going on one while our economy is going into the crapper.

    But Keith 'nails' Mitt for having a fund raiser on Aug 27 in Mathara's Vinyard. Since Mitt critized Obama for being there, means tha Romney can't be there either. So it rings the Olby hypocrit alarm. DING DING!

    GOLD: DR. Tom Colburn: Well, time to knit anonother bowling shirt. Cause there's a new member in the COUNTDOWN RACIST CLUB! It's Dr. Colburn. The Olky Senator bashed Medicare as being deficient (totally agree, I'm now on medicare, due to my dialysis. And it only covers half of my drugs and my co-pay went through the roof!). But then Colburn says that King Barack benefited from programs like Medicare and such. Then dropped that --"just a good thing" he can't "pack a gun on the Senate floor."--

    Now this is a verbal "Countdown selective editing trick". Didn't Ed Schultz get into trouble for this same stunt this week with Perry? Without knowing the whole quote, we don't know what Colburn meant. But as one who knows everything, Olby does. RACISM! TERRORIST! And Olby's favorite card... RESIGN!

    Wish I could resign.

    New worsts before I go to bed. (hopefully)

    Sorry, svyvyn11. I'm glad that you're back.

    "Carrie Prejean was the Miss USA runner-up, not Miss America."

    1. What's the difference?

    2. What's your point?

    3. I didn't realize you were the hall monitor at J$P AND Olbermann Watch. Please don't send me to detention.

    I was just correcting you as I'm a stickler for perfection. I wasn't trying to be a smart-aleck or one-up you. Ask any former Miss America--Gretchen Carlson, for example--and they'll tell you there's a big difference between the Miss USA and Miss America pageants.
    Don't worry. There's no detention in my classroom.
    Now, back to Olby...

    She insinuates Cain is token
    Garafolo's pie hole has spoken
    Discurrent TV
    Same as NBC
    May the circle be unbroken

    Times short, so no intro.


    Bronze: Beck for calling out the link between Radical Islam and The Radical LEFT. As a leftist in the first degree and as defender of all things Islam, Keith must attack.

    Remember, Keith. When the Muslims take over, you'll be one of the first killed. HAVE FUN!

    Silver: Col. Allen West. After a smear about his sanity by Rip and Read, Keith brings up the recent comments about Maxine Waters and the Congressional Black Caucus and '21st Century Plantation". So? Col. West is right. People like the CBC and Waters treat black voters like slaves. They can treat them as shitty as they want and they'll still fall in line and vote for democrats.

    GOLD: I'll just give you the link. But J$ moderates out the comment if I put in a link. It's about the woman who put the baby in the stroller in the back of the pick up truck.

    Is there a acceptable link or something to let me know what web sites will moderate me out?

    Off to bed with JOHN GIBSON! Have a great weekend and see you guys Monday (I hope).

    "I'll just give you the link. But J$ moderates out the comment if I put in a link."

    I do?!? Since when? Go ahead and include your links. And my thanks for doing your nightly worst persons recaps. It can't be a pleasant duty.

    As a fellow veteran of WPitW recaps, it's very unpleasant. During Keith's kampaign to sabotage his Olbsession's appearance at the '09 It Happened to Alexa Foundation fundraiser, I was driven to tears.
    I went to see Mr. Bill and Dennis Miller last night on Long Island at the debut of the Bolder & Fresher Tour. Here's my recap.
    As for Keith's silver nod, here's the Allen West interview that got the ball rolling. One night later, Charlie Rangel replied. It's balance you'll get on "The O'Reilly Factor," but not on the hour of spin.
    I haven't listened to John Gibson in a while, but I sometimes watch the show preview videos posted to the Fox News Radio YouTube channel.

    Herman Cain replied to Janeane tonight on "Hannity."

    Like when Maxine Waters tells the Tea Party to GO TO HELL!

    really, I'll see you when I get there, bitch!


    Bronze: Lamar Smith of Tx. For saying that he would have a jobs program with illegals. But when King Barack the First (did you know he was a king?) unilaterly changed deportation policy, Mr. Smith changed the hearing to about deportation policy.

    Thing that BTB and Obama doesn't seem to understand is that, only Congress can change immergtation policy, not the president. You'd think a constutional lowyer like Obama would know that, but Keith being a stupid moron just saw red meat for Countdown. ON THE LIST HE GOES!

    Silver: (I'm just going to quote keith on this one) "Our silver medalist tonight: Tony Perkins, the president of one of the biggest collections of frauds on the continent. The Family Research Council. " Remember disagreeing with Olby means you are a fraud.

    Olby rants for a few moment, but lets loose with this Olby Gem, a classic to be sure.

    "But hypocrisy eventually rises to the surface. Calling for the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for the super-rich, and for massive cuts to programs that support -- well, that support anybody except the well-off white Christians the Family Research Council exploits"

    You see what Olby did there. I'm sure the FRC called for the extension of tax cuts for tax payers (AKA THE SUPER RICH). But I don't recall them asking them cut government programs that help people. It's the classic false murrow technique of saying "A", but meaning "B". Cheap and about as useful as a hooker at a nun convention.

    Olby also called them out for taking money from the Obama administration. HYPOCRIT!

    GOLD: ERIC CANTOR for saying this ".the Obama administration's anti-business, hyper-regulatory, pro-tax agenda has fueled economic uncertainty and sent the message from the administration that "we want to make it harder to create jobs""

    Sounds like the truth to me. But not for Olby. Cause he knows everything dontchaknow.

    BTB comes up with bullshit about job creation stopping during the last two years of the Bush Administration. IT'S ALL BUSH'S FAULT!!!!!! It's never too late to blame Bush. But what happened in 2007? DEMOCRATS TOOK OVER IN CONGRESS! Keith didn't and that part. Shocker.

    The Rip and Read came up with this other gem from Cantor "...the politics of division have reared up, fueled by efforts to incite class warfare."

    Yeah, he's right. The dems have been fostering class warfare. See at the top of my post about Maxine Waters. The democrats only play at this point is class warfare.

    Then Keith goes on a mini-special-ed-comment, copied here "This is a society where one percent of the citizens control 42 of the wealth.

    This is a society where the 400 richest people made 17 billion dollars among them in 1992 and paid 29 percent tax. Three years ago, the top 400 made 90 billion dollars and paid 21-and-a-half percent tax.

    This is a society in which "class warfare" does not need to be incited -- it has been fully and viciously waged by the Republicans -- Mr. Cantor and his banker wife included -- for three decades.

    Class warfare -- the wealthy seeking to enrich themselves, endlessly, at the expense of everybody else -- has been the entire point of the Republican Party since long before the state of Virginia began to investigate if Mrs. Cantor is involved in what appears to have a scheme to trade a contract to manage a state pension system, for donations to Mr. Cantor's Political Action Committee.

    There is class warfare in this country and Eric Cantor, while hardly powerful enough to be the Gadhafi in the parallel, is at least the equivalent of one of his henchmen.

    Eric Cantor, of the Rich People's Class Warfare Against The Middle Class and the Poor."

    Same shit, differnt AWARD WINNING COUNTDOWN! Keith's web crew didn't add links today.

    Not sure if anyone caught it on Twitter. Keith misspelled Huntsman's name. A tweeter pointed it out.

    Keith's response was: "It's a typo for God's sake. Chill."

    Which is pretty funny, given Olbermann's past comments and past attacks on people who make typos.

    "Keith's response was: 'It's a typo for God's sake. Chill.'"

    Ridiculous. This isn't speaking. I mean for crying out loud you get to review all 140 characters before you hit send, what's the issue?

    Whoa, deja vu. Where have I heard that before?


    I guess that whole spelling error's being "representative of the level of intellect" thing has gone out the window. It's unbelievable how much of a hypocrite Olbermann is.

    MKDAWUSS called me. He pulled the "why does any of this matter" card and went back to watching soccer.

    Eric Cantor is the new Gadhafi, yeah that makes sense, lol.

    Good comments by Herman Cain.

    "She provided her theories and reasons."

    MKDAWUSS, what are Garofalo's "theories and reasons" for assuming every person of color with right-leaning values has a mental defect?

    Yep, you don't have the balls to answer that.

    Just like you don't have the balls to respond to anything else here without manipulation.

    Prediction - tonight's GOLD will be George W. Bush, because he caused the earthquake. By ignoring the global warming threat, Bush and all the Republicans also cause earthquakes. And they did it deliberately today to embarass King Obama, while he was golfing.

    Herman Cain made some good points in that clip.

    Chances for a worsts tonight are not so good. My mom just got admitted to the emergency room. She says it's nothing, but as far as I'm concerned, it's something.

    If she gets out tonight, I'll post later. If not, I'll let you guys know.

    See ya.

    And I had a lot of Sharpton lines ready to go.

    "Herman Cain made some good points in that clip."

    I guess that's MKDAWUSS's way of saying "Gee, maybe the liberal idiots I continually stick up for shouldn't be so rude."

    Anyway, it's easy to make good points when people accuse you of being paid to essentially be a token black guy in a GOP presidential nomination race and have no evidence to support such a claim.

    It's also easy to make good points when those who are accusing you of incivility are the ones who are actually uncivil.

    Someone want to buy this kid a clue? I'm broke.

    "Someone want to buy this kid a clue? I'm broke."

    Wuss should write a letter to President Downgrade and ask if he can redistribute all of our wealth in order to provide him with the funds to buy a clue himself.

    Quick update about Mom. She's resting in the hospital, EKG is good, but has 'tingling' or if you will... A THRILL in her left hand. They are going to do a stress test in the morning, and I'm already stress, but as a famous man once said... THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

    No intro, just worsts.

    Bronze: Roger Alies of FIXED NEWS! First says Fox has 'talking points' (and what, Keith? Msnbc didn't and Current doesn't? Let's face facts, you are a walking talking point for the left. more like wobbling).

    Admits he rips this off of MMFA. Rips off six or seven quotes from various people at FNC/FBN, Greta (using a mumbling accent, classy), David Webb (of Fox Out of Business Network- still gets more eyeballs than Current), "Andrea Tantaros, moron, one of the hosts of the thing they put on after they canceled Glenn Beck" (so many things wrong with taht sentence, I need not explain further), Eric Bolling, racist (DING), Rove, Hayes and finally "the despicable Judith Miller" (what? did she turn down Olby for a date?).

    All of them said basically the same thing. That they didn't 'begrudge' President Obama his vacation. I would love to go on a vacation, but I can't. So I will 'begrudge' him over it.

    But since this is a popular opinion, Keith deduces that it was the EVIL ROGER ALIES who told them all to say it.

    Great journalism, asshat.

    Silver: Jan Brewer. And I'm just going to post the entire transcript on this one, cause it goes too many places all at once. Really incorhearnt, even for Keith.
    The runner-up: Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona.

    Her book is apparently late.

    No...she's writing one. But it's delayed -- as she explained to Capitol Media Services -- because, quote "something came up."

    "I'm working away, trying to get this all done on the weekends and late at night, trying to get it done, and all of a sudden, here we go: He starts it all up again."

    Who's the he?

    President Obama.

    This insane old lady who thinks the Arizona desert is littered with decapitated corpses because she saw it on some TV show and is no longer there enough to know the difference between that and reality is now blaming delays in writing her own warped view of the recent American history she helped to poison...on interference by the President of the United States.

    Madam Governor, you are a laughing stock.

    You have reduced the great and generous state of Arizona to a national punchline.

    You are giving the Wicked Witch of The West a bad name.

    Resign. Go away. Let another Republican run the place. Any other one. I'll take Steve Pearce at this point.

    I don't know where to start or what to say.

    GOLD: Shery Lanford Smith of Sumter, South Carolina for telling a joke. But it was about The Obama's being thrown out of a plane. Here it is

    It's the old one about character-1 saying "I could throw a thousand dollar bill out of this plane and make one person very happy," and then Character-2 saying "I could throw ten hundred dollar bills out of this plane and make ten people very happy" and then the pilot tops them.
    Character 1 is Obama, 2 is The First lady.

    This joke has been around since the days of Reagan! It's been told of every US President since then. It's been told about Bush and FAT ASS kept his pie hole shut. So why would Keith bring this up now?

    Cause Ms. Lansford is a Tea Party Chairwoman in Sumptner. Yeah, you guessed it.

    Maybe in poor taste, but Olby selective outrage is even more tasteless.

    I'm gone.

    It seems I cut out the last part of that joke.

    "The pilot said "I'll throw both of you out and make all of America very happy".


    Syvyn11, I hope and pray that your mother is okay.

    Also, thank you for doing the WPITW abstracts. As J$ said a few days ago, it can't be a pleasant duty.

    "So why would Keith bring this up now? Cause Ms. Lansford is a Tea Party Chairwoman in Sumptner. Yeah, you guessed it.
    Maybe in poor taste, but Olby selective outrage is even more tasteless."

    Great point syvyn11. Also, it proves Rush's point last week about how uber-liberals have absolutely NO sense of humor. People like The False Murrow say the meanest, most vile things about people with whom they disagree and claim it is humor, but they say it claiming to be truth.

    Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers. It does mean a lot to me and my mom.

    She's resting comfortably. A little drama however. She had a stress test (they no longer use a treadmill) and they told her that they want a cardiologist to look at her. Who the hell looked at her in the first place? A plumber? So she's staying in for one more night. Nervous level still high.

    Keith got somebody's name wrong on Countdown, BTW.

    "Keith got somebody's name wrong on Countdown, BTW."

    I think Johnny Dollar should come up with a new post tomorrow and crucify Olbermann.

    Someone makes an irrelevant mistake and Olbermann blows out of proportion. That's how it's done, right Carlos? So I guess it's only fair that this type of behavior be reciprocated.

    Or do you have some more hypocrisy left in you? Of course you do...

    How is that hypocrisy? He made a mistake and I pointed it out.

    "I think Johnny Dollar should come up with a new post tomorrow and crucify Olbermann."

    "Someone makes an irrelevant mistake and Olbermann blows out of proportion."

    Reading these two statements together, you're encouraging Johnny Dollar to do something Olbermann doesn't do: blow things out of proportion when someone happens to make a mistake.

    Now, if you wanted to talk about why Olbermann hasn't commented on Obama's golfing habits (which I think he did regarding Bush's golf habits), you might be on to something.

    First a mom update. She was let out of the hospital today. After a stress test, cardiac cathodore, various cat scans. Everything looks normal. Her kidney is failing, and that's all we need with both of us on dialysis. She needs to drop 50 lbs, and stop smoking. Good luck with that. But now, on to the stuff....

    Like when a complete illiterate gets a show on MSNBC at 6pm.... IT'S THE WPITWA!

    Bronze: Indiana State Representative Phillip Hinkle: There's a old political saying "Never be caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy!" Well, Mr. Hinkle (R of course) solicited a 'good time' from a 18 year old boy on craigslist. After the boy recognized him, Hinkle would not let him go (so, at this point we have kidnapping or at least the legal definition of it).

    But Keith's outrage is pointed at two things. 1) he will not resign (even though he's not running next year and that the republican speaking of the Indiana House wants him too). And 2) (the more egregious) He voted to defend marriage as "One Man, One Woman".

    So the olby falicy continues. If you are gay (and there's nothing wrong with that), you must follow a certain political though without deviation. Same with Democrats and Blacks.

    Silver: Congressman Steve Southerland For the sin of trashing the government. And we're going to play a little fill in the rest of the story here. I'll start it, Keith finishes it.

    Dude complains that he's not paid "That much" and the government health insurance isn't that good. Then brings up the point that "By the way, did I mention? They're shooting at us. There is law-enforcement security in this room right now, and why is that?"

    Now here is Keith's answer. Can you see the misteps in logic here?

    Because your crackpot, gun-yielding Tea Party supporters fostered a culture of violence around the government and the elections, like the day Jesse Kelly rallied people to vote against Gabby Giffords by letting them shoot a machine gun with him.

    Yeah, it's the tea party that's violent. Never mind Maxine Waters saying she wants to send up to hell. Never mind that another Florida congresswoman says were all racists and she was tring to fan the flames of racism. No, according to "No Research Needed" Keith, it's only the fault of the Tea Party.

    The Congressman continues with this.
    "If you think this job pays too much, with those kinds of risks and cutting me off from my family business, I'll just tell you: This job don't mean that much to me. I had a good life in Panama City."

    Keith goes 'poor baby' over him, but misses the point. He's not doing in for the money, he's doing it to save our country which your rotten president has taken to the brink of disaster.

    GOLD!:: Frank McCourt. And on this one, I'll have to somewhat agree with Keing on, but not for the reasons he thinks.

    Frank this time makes the list for sending out a survey of season ticket members asking them to judge a member of the broadcasting team on a scale of 1 to 5 on several criteria. That member's name is Hall of Famer, Vin Scully. Who has been broadcasting Dodgers games since 1950. Truly a America institution of the highest order.

    Keith sees this as trying to find a reason for firing, cutting his salary or forcing him into retirement and that if that were to happen, LA would erput into riots.

    Here's where Keith is wrong. Every team in every sport asks this of their season ticket holders. In the 90s, when me and my dad were season ticket holders for the Louisville Redbirds of the American Assoc., we were asked to fill out a survey about their lead play-by-play announcer. Both me and dad gave him poor marks thinking he would be fired. Nope, he went on to join his father at St. Louis Cards games and then to Fox Sports. Yes, that announcer I shitlisted was Joe Buck. And I still think he sucks.

    But my point is that even though McCourt has made the Dodgers a joke, he's still (for now anyway) is running a business. And you gotta do what you gotta do. Even though firing Vin would be a blunder of a severe magnitude.

    Off to bed. See you later.

    "How is that hypocrisy? He made a mistake and I pointed it out."

    Actually it's hypocrisy because you DON'T want Johnny Dollar to do it.

    "Reading these two statements together, you're encouraging Johnny Dollar to do something Olbermann doesn't do: blow things out of proportion when someone happens to make a mistake."

    Are you serious? Oh I forgot, if you don't see it then it doesn't happen.

    So in Carlos' world Olbermann doesn't jump on the likes of O'Reilly et al when they make a mistake.

    Here's an example. You ignored it a year ago so I wouldn't be surprised of you ignore it now:

    BillO gets one judge wrong, corrects himself, and Olbermann says this:

    "First off, he sounds drunk. Can you name the nine Supreme Court justices? Secondly, there are the four liberals on the court, Sonya Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Meinhoff, Bruce Souter, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Venezuela, Africa, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Switzerland. OK, here‘s my problem—Bill O‘Reilly, justice league—there I got one, justice league—today‘s worst person in the world."

    I guess in your brain accusing someone of public drunkenness and imitating that drunkenness on-air for a mistake they immediately corrected isn't "blowing things out of proportion."

    Shall I continue Carlos? Nah, I'll let others tack on. You're just gonna pretend it didn't happen anyway.

    You know for an Olbermann fan it's pretty amazing how little you know about him.

    Or, more than likely, you just know what you want to know so you can keep your "hero" on a pedestal.

    Either way, it's pathetic.

    "Reading these two statements together, you're encouraging Johnny Dollar to do something Olbermann doesn't do: blow things out of proportion when someone happens to make a mistake."

    Just to pile on, MKDAWUSS continues to ignore the condescending and degrading comments Olbermann makes to people on Twitter, most of them revolving around spelling and grammar errors. I could repost a few things but MKDAWUSS would just ignore them as he's done to multiple comments in this thread alone.

    Ignorance must truly be bliss. Is there a pill for that Carlos or does it just come to you naturally.

    "Now, if you wanted to talk about why Olbermann hasn't commented on Obama's golfing habits (which I think he did regarding Bush's golf habits), you might be on to something."

    Carlos, the fact that you ignore the majority of "you all's" criticism of Olbermann and you feel the need to respond to me with "WAAAAA! Keith doesn't do that!" comments when either you know he does do that or you pretend he didn't do it means I, and everyone else here for that matter, are on to something.

    Now, as for your golf comment, "you all" already know the answer to that.

    1. According to liberals like Olbermann, Bush is the spawn of Satan and Obama is the Second Coming.

    2. Olbermann's a massive hypocrite with zero integrity who only "asks the questions regardless of who's being asked" when those questions suit his agenda. That's not journalism, it's political hackery.

    Wake up man!

    "so, at this point we have kidnapping or at least the legal definition of it).

    But Keith's outrage is pointed at two things."

    Olbermann always has his priorities in order. I seem to recall him naming a group of terrorists the third Worst Person In The World while giving gold to Glenn Beck for some grammatical error (or something like that...can anyone help out there?)

    "And 2) (the more egregious) He voted to defend marriage as "One Man, One Woman".

    ...If you are must follow a certain political thought without deviation."

    Unless Hinkle proposed marriage to this boy I don't see Olbermann's hypocrisy.

    "Now, if you wanted to talk about why Olbermann hasn't commented on Obama's golfing habits (which I think he did regarding Bush's golf habits), you might be on to something."

    MIGHT be on to something! Keith "'The Worst Person In The World' Segment" Olbermann told the president of the United States to "Shut the.....HELL! UP!" for merely GIVING UP golf.

    But no, he never blows anything out of proportion.

    "But no, he never blows anything out of proportion."

    Well we're talking about stupid mistakes, not overreacting to get people like MKDAWUSS riled up.

    Anyway, MKDAWUSS brings up a good point. In this golf analogy Olbermann is a hypocrite for acting like an asshole with Bush and ignoring it with Obama.

    Thanks Carlos. You should be careful about what you say though. Olbermann might get mad at you. Remember, criticizing him only helps the right. Or something like that.

    I'm calling it now. Paul Azinger will get a worsts nod for his attack tweet on Obama. Keith doesn't like it when Olby's god looks bad.

    Like when ESPN threatens for fire a golf analyist for calling out Obama... IT'S THE WPITW ABSTRACT!

    Really, I wonder what Olby's reaction would be to the Azinger mess at ESPN.

    Well, on to the fun.

    Bronze to Pat Robertson for dare saying that the Earthquake was God's punishment. More so that the damage to the Washington Monument was a 'sign from God'. HOW DARE ROBERTSON (who I think is a flake to begin with, but that's neither here or there) SAY THERE IS GOD IN ANYTHING!!!

    It's called faith, Keith.

    Really, the cause of the earthquake was tracked to a recently discovered fault line near Washington. It's called 'Bush's Fault'.


    Of course, all this goes over Fatass's head. As with many things.

    Silver: Future President Rick Perry. For trying a insurence scam. This is from HuffPo, so take it with a grain of salt.

    GOLD:Frank Antenori For dare running for Gabby Gifford's and dare asking questions. Mr. Antenori questions Ms. Gifford's voting for the debt ceiling raise, but not allowing media to talk with her. All and all a legit question. If she isn't able to speak to the public, should she serve? Of course Olby sees this as Mrs. Gifford's right to hold power (Just like other democrats like Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd) while in dire medical straights. And to dare ask a question of a congresswoman's physical and mental fitness is, to BTB anyway, beyond the pale.

    Obly makes a point is it's only 8 months since Mrs. Giffords was shot (by a evil tea party member). Then makes a crude sexual remark to Mr. Antionri. Classy, Murrow.

    Well, that's the Weekend. And now..... The political joke of the week.

    Maxine Waters' husband was at their LA home one night when a LA county deputy came knocking at the door.

    Mr. Waters answerd the door.

    The Deputy siad "Sir, do you have a picture of your wife?"

    "Sure" The husband repiled. "Here you go, sir".

    The Law Enforcement Officer looked at the picutre and shrugged.

    "Sir, I'm afraid it looks like your wife got hit by a truck."

    The husband repiled, "Yeah, but she's a good cook and has a nice personality."

    See you monday.

    I must say this is the first time I've seen Olby since he got fired from MSNBC and I see nothing has changed with this misogynistic retard.

    I watched above clip and only one thought came to mind...2 ignorant monkeys fucking a football.

    Like when Dancing with the Stars have no stars (really? Chaz Bono and Rob Kardashian? REALLY?), it's the WPITWA.

    Bronze: To the Obama Administration (but shows Chairman O's picture) This is about the Keystone pipeline which will bring much needed oil from Canada to America, good right? WRONG! Olby first calls it 'heated sludge'. No Keith, oil makes the world go round, just because your boss hates it doesn't mean it's bad for the world. But second, and this is where Keith gets it totally wrong (just like everything else Keith does), He notes Hillary signed off on it and to BTB, it means "It's a green light for the envoirmental disaster waiting to happen".

    WRONG! First there are about 20 more agencies that have to now sign off on it. And that might take a year or more. This isn't going to happen tomorrow or the next fucking day!

    And Keith, one of the universal truths is that PIPES LEAK! Doesn't mean there's going to be a eviormnatl disaster. Just one in your depends.

    At least now we know who wears the pants at Current. ALGORE!

    Silver:Roberto Arango President of the Purto Rico Senate for taking gay picutres of himself. It must of been cause he's either a Republiclan or voted to defend marriage for one man and one woman. Both cardianal sins on Olby Planet.

    But the main reason, cause Arango was the director for the BUSH RE-ELECTION CAMPIAGN!
    (some one tell Keith, Bush isn't president anymore and he's not running, he's seemed to miss that memo).

    Makes comment that if Arango was a democrat, you'd see the photos on FIXED NEWS every 10 minutes. New Murrow indeed.

    GOLD: ERIC CANTOR!!!!! For saying that emegency funds for the recent earthquake (on Bush's fault) and Hurricane Irene need to be offset by 'budget cuts elsewhere'. Sounds good to me. Not to MAN ON FAN!

    First place Eric wants to cut. The Fuel efficent vehicle development fund. Sounds good to me! But Keith has a problem with that. Then goes on a rant about how Cantor didn't have a problem with Bush's unfunded (DING) and Illegal (DING) wars. And that Cantor is just servering his 'corperate masters'. just like Keith servered his master with the bronze story. Hypocricy in Worsts. great isn't it. then says that Cantor stood by while the patriot act was destroying our country.

    Keith closes it by saying that cantor can go to hell. YOU FIRST KEITH!

    Another award winnig countdown.

    Did anyone catch the NatGeo special with Bush last night? I really liked it. I thought he was very cordial in talking about that dark day and what was going through his mind. I felt he was being completely honest and open. Too bad the idiot left can't be like that, oh well....and he even praised their "messiah" Obama when he got the word Bin Laden was dead?

    But the left will never, ever mention stuff like that. All they care about is re-hashing old news over and over again and giving their slant on things.

    I did tweet Olbermann about his go to hell comment to Eric Cantor, I mentioned him "women and children first, starting with Keith"

    On the website, BTB and Markos discuss that NatGeo special, along with their wedding plans. I'm kidding about one of them.

    Didn't watch it.

    What? Olberdork didn't mention the arrest of King Obama's illegal alien uncle? And he didn't talk about Michelle Bachmann's comment that the hurricane could be a sign from God?

    "And he didn't talk about Michelle Bachmann's comment that the hurricane could be a sign from God?"

    "Bronze: To the Obama Administration"

    More proof that Olby isn't an Obama stooge, and unafraid of criticizing Obama

    "And he didn't talk about Michelle Bachmann's comment that the hurricane could be a sign from God?"

    I think tonyome was wondering why it didn't make WPITW, but I doubt MKDAWUSS knew that.

    So I guess what's happening here is MKDAWUSS is accusing tonyome of being lazy, which, considering how much stuff MKDAWUSS misses/ignores, is just more hypocrisy.

    "'Bronze: To the Obama Administration'

    More proof that Olby isn't an Obama stooge, and unafraid of criticizing Obama"

    Actually, it's just you using four words out of context to make your own point.

    First off, in regard to Obama criticism, "you all" have made two things clear:

    1. Like everyone else, Olbermann only criticizes liberals like Obama when it suits his agenda.

    2. His "criticism" of Obama is nowhere near the level of vitriol laid on Bush.

    Secondly, since you brought this on yourself, syvyn11 was pointing out the blatant global warming propaganda that Olbermann's boss clearly wants out of his "news" division.

    Anything else you want to take out of context or can your brain only handle so much?

    Sooo, since MKDAWUSS decided to open his mouth I might as well shut it for him.

    Remember when MKDAWUSS said Olbermann "asks the questions regardless of who's being asked?"

    Well Carlos, when is Olbermann gonna ask his boss Al Gore about all that money he makes talking about global warming ERRR climate change?

    Yeah Carlos, I know. "You'll have to ask him that."

    I thought you and your fellow fans loved Olbermann because he didn't put up with corporate bullies?

    I also thought MKDAWUSS was a big opponent of lobbyists and the like controlling people through money?

    I guess the sad truth is MKDAWUSS is just a massive hypocrite who's level of knowledge about politics doesn't extend beyond what Olbermann tells him.

    Carlos, if you were opposed to this stuff like you say you are you'd have nothing to do with Olbermann. But it's obvious you're just an unintelligent cretin who gets suckered in by people who pretend they know what they're talking about by using big words bellowed out at the top of their lungs.


    You're right Wussy. Olbermann is a stooge for ALGORE! All that crap he put in bronze last night came straight from ALGORE'S mouth.

    "I thought you and your fellow fans loved Olbermann because he didn't put up with corporate bullies?"

    He doesn't. That was one of the benefits of going to CTV. He wouldn't be restricted by the corporate entities that control most of the established media.

    "I also thought MKDAWUSS was a big opponent of lobbyists and the like controlling people through money?"

    That hasn't changed. People should be genuine in their beliefs and opinions. Few people in the media and in politics actually are.

    "He doesn't. That was one of the benefits of going to CTV. He wouldn't be restricted by the corporate entities that control most of the established media."

    If he was as righteous as you claim he is he would have been fired from MSNBC years ago.

    Why you say? Because Olbermann would have torn Jeffrey Immelt a new hole for doing deals with our enemies, sending jobs overseas and not paying taxes.

    And he would have also criticized Obama for picking this assclown to be on his job creation team.

    "That hasn't changed. People should be genuine in their beliefs and opinions. Few people in the media and in politics actually are."

    Such a true statement. Too bad you just described your hero to a T.

    There's nothing genuine about Olbermann. If he was genuine he'd tear everyone apart, not just Republicans. I don't recall gutter trash like Barney Frank getting called names the way Scott Brown did.

    "He doesn't. That was one of the benefits of going to CTV. He wouldn't be restricted by the corporate entities that control most of the established media."

    Anyone notice how Carlos completely ignored the Al Gore portion of this argument? Let me refresh your memory Carlos:

    "Remember when MKDAWUSS said Olbermann 'asks the questions regardless of who's being asked?'

    Well Carlos, when is Olbermann gonna ask his boss Al Gore about all that money he makes talking about global warming ERRR climate change?"

    Why don't you want to talk about this Carlos? Afraid to admit The Flan is right?

    The truth is Al Gore is one of these corporate bullies and Olbermann doesn't have the stones to call him out. Why? Because he's not the person you think he is. He didn't have the balls to do it at MSNBC and he doesn't have the balls to do it now.

    If you think I'm wrong about this why don't you stop ignoring it, grow some balls and prove me wrong. With facts.

    Oh that's right, you can't. What a p****.

    Like when the NLRB enacts Card Check without congressional approval....

    Really? Is Obama just not disguising the fact that he's no longer President but a dictator?


    Bronze: Christine O'Donnell
    (and just a reminder, this Abstract is brought to you by Robert Davi does Sinatra and the first track... WITCHCRAFT!)

    I am going to make this short and sweet. Once again Keith (of the HE MAN WOMAN HATER'S CLUB) feels the need to boost his rep as a failed author by bashing the sales of Ms. O'Donnell's book. Then keith lists of the recent downfall of Christine by showing who has canceled her appearances for Tea Party events.

    It gives The False Murrow a smile. So that's all that matters.

    SILVER: former Wisconsin Rep. Mark Neumann for dare running for the Wisconsin senate seat, which is held by Tammy Baldwin,a gay woman (hey, nothing wrong with that, I personally love lesbians). Mr. neumann say he's going to bring up 'record'. In olby speak, he's of course going to attack her for being gay.

    Keith, why don't you wait till he actually makes a gay slur before you put him on the list? Is that too much to ask?

    Keith then reads several quotes through out the years about his not likeing the gay life style. Love the sinner but not the sin, Keith.

    GOLD: BILL-O!!!!!! (and folks, we've got over three minutes of this.... I don't get paid enough) First, Keith lies about Bill getting fired from his syndicated radio show. He ended the show, Fatass. What happened to you is that YOU WERE FIRED! just because you lost a job by getting FIRED, doesn't mean everyone was fired as well.

    Basically this was a greatest hits of the sin of Bill.

    But the meat of the beef is a article from Gawker about ALLEGEDLY O'Reilly having cops investage another cop who was alleged dating Bill's estranged wife. That and a supposed donation from O'Reilly.

    Keith also uses the term 'cuckold' many times. It might be his favorite safe word to use with Markos.

    To Keith (and wussy) this makes perfect sense. To everyone else it's a Gordian Knot of logic. No amount of unraveling will solve it.

    I'm outta here.

    Since MKDAWUSS doesn't have the balls ERRR interest to talk about why Keith Olbermann won't call his boss to the carpet maybe he'll want to talk about another one of his heroes mouthing off again:

    “This is the effort that we are seeing of Jim Crow. Some of these folks in Congress right now would love to see us as second class citizens. Some of them in Congress right now with this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me… hanging on a tree.”

    I remember when MKDAWUSS was peddling Olbermann as some agent of rhetoric change.

    If that's so then Olbermann has probably already addressed this comment as inappropriate.

    MKDAWUSS, "you all" would appreciate it if you could point out Olbermann's criticism of this vile and divisive comment.

    And since we all know you call out Olbermann when (you feel) he crosses the line I'm sure you'll do the same here.

    Just to update these are the people MKDAWUSS looks up too:

    Keith Olbermann

    Michael Savage

    Andre Carson

    Markos and the Kossacks

    Media Matters

    Anthony Weiner

    Talk about Scumbags R Us. No wonder Carlos comes off like an idiot.

    Michael Savage?! Really? I thought he was a right-winger...

    "Michael Savage?! Really? I thought he was a right-winger..."

    He's ultra right-wing. But he hates everyone and trashes the likes of FNC, Beck, Limbaugh, etc. on a regular basis. In fact it appears the only person he doesn't trash is Matt Drudge.

    Most importantly, he trashes George Bush, which is all nimrod's like MKDAWUSS care about.

    WOW! How much you want to bet Boehner makes it to the list of shame tonight, with his refusal to Obama to have his 'jobs/stimulis 3.0' speech next Wednesday during the Republican debate?

    I have to ask more and more does Obama knows anything about the Constitution (since he's supposed to be a CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER!). Then he would have known that one CO-EQUAL branch of government can't order another CO-EQUAL branch to order.

    Guess he didn't. I mean this is so transparent, it's shameful. What will be more shameful? How Olby attacks John and defends Barry.

    What about Allen West?

    I'm sure Olbermann has a few insults towards West left in him. Maybe Garofalo has been called back in.

    MKDAWUSS won't mind. "You all" will recall Carlos approved of Olbermann calling West a "jackass" and "bats*** crazy" on top of accusing him of potentially "shooting people."

    And yes Carlos, you approved of these comments. If you didn't you would have "pointed it out."

    Don't get mad at me. I'm only providing legitimate criticism and putting some substance behind it, starting with the individual's own words and actions.

    Like when the President forgets about "Seperation of Powers", "Co-Equal Branches of Government" and all that mis-mash... IT'S THE WPITWA!

    Bronze: J.C. Penney's. For having a back to school shirt that makes girls look dumb. THAT'S OLBY'S JOB! Really? Who the hell shops at Penney's? Except for my mom and all her other over 60 friends.

    Silver: Lonesome Rhodes Beck: Beck talks about how people get lost in using "aferican American" instead of "black". Of course Beck does use a term they use in europe, so Keith feels that's enough to get Glenn on the worsts list. That word..... COLORED! Countdown Racists Club accepting new memberships.

    Glenn also says that things for black aren't so bad now. Keith disagrees and called Glenn a racists (DING!). This is like the "good old days" comment about a year back. Someone said "Good old days" that meant... RACISM!

    GOLD: For the second time this week ERIC CANTOR!: Olby reminds us why Cantor made the list before with his wanting budget cuts to offset relief funds. Great sin on Olby World.

    This time Keith (stealing from Huff and Puff Post) tells of when Cantor rejected the same measure in 2005. 2005, we were less broke by now. But Olby thinks Cantor is serving his corporate masters. Same song, different pair of depends.

    Olby ends with calling Eric a "F-ing hypocrite". CLASS

    Good night and good night.

    Boy it sure got quiet around here. Where's MKDAWUSS?

    When syvyn and tonyome made some easily manipulated comments MKDAWUSS was all over them.

    I bring up some comments about Olbermann, Al Gore, Andre Carson and some other individuals and he's got nothing to say.

    I feel left out.

    First, housekeeping. Chances are there will be no abstract Friday. It's my birthday and I'm taking the night off. HAPPY 43rd to me! Besides, if Olby likes a three day weekend, he loves a FOUR DAY WEEKEND! Wish I could have a two day weekend.

    Well. Let's start.

    Like when Ed (SGT) Schultz calls Al Franken "inept" (yeah, it's on newsbusters now), IT'S THE WPITWA (Law and Order edition).

    Bronze: STEVEN SEAGAL and Sheriff Joe Arpaio: For their failed raid for Seagal's TV show which resulted in the deaths of many roosters and a dog. What were they doing? Stopping a cock fighting ring. Yeah, sort of defeats the purpose.

    But what is uncalled for is Olby denagrating the good men who are under Sheriff Apraio's command. They are not all clowns, Keith. That's our olby, friend of the cop.

    Silver: FUTURE PRESIDENT Sister Michelle: She wants to drill in the everglades. But a few geologists told her "no oil here". Nataully, Kieth (under command from ALGORE) takes it to mean all geologists said it. We need more oil Keith. What are we going to run America on? Fairy dust and Unicorn Farts?

    You know, there are the same assclowns who said ANWR is not able to serve oil. Why do we still listen to these assholes?

    GOLD:Mike Shaw, the acting chairman of the Republican Committee of Pima County, Arizona. And for Keith, this is a doozy. Mr. Shaw had a raffle. The prize, for $10 a chance was a glock pistol. I'd take a chance on that. Glocks are good guns.

    But Keith's problem lies with the fact that Pima County is Tuscon. And of course, THE REPUBLACNS WANT ANOTHER GABBY GIFFORDS SHOOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Olby calls him 'human feces'. I remember all the times Walter Croncrite and Chet Brinkley called people they didn't like 'human feces' on the air.

    My problem with this is simple. A GLOCK? It's a German gun. They make Sigsauer in Arizona. American made, man.

    Another award winning BIRTHDAY TO ME!

    And if you are looking for a gifl. A KIDNEY WOULD BE NICE!

    Any chance Olbermann will ask mr kos about this next time he is on?

    "Heck, if slapping my first-born in the face bumped his numbers up with independents, I'd tolerate it",-itsnotworking?via=blog_1

    What kind of sick animal would say he would let his young child (who is eight or nine) be slapped in the face to get Obama's poll numbers up? Is this the kind of bastard you support MKDAWUSS?

    "What kind of sick animal would say he would let his young child (who is eight or nine) be slapped in the face to get Obama's poll numbers up? Is this the kind of bastard you support MKDAWUSS?"

    I think we established already that as long as it promotes what he wants to hear MKDAWUSS is fine with this nasty rhetoric.

    Good catch pewp_head.

    I'll tell you what's gonna happen when Carlos reads this:

    Just like he has all week with all his other heroes, he's gonna ignore this ridiculous comment by Markos.

    He is, however, going to come in and say "Look at that headline. And you all say there aren't dissenting opinions at The Daily Kos."

    However, the article slams Obama for caving to Boehner and the GOP too much so it's really just another excuse to bash the right and bash Obama for not being "liberal" enough.

    So in reality Markos is just mad Obama isn't doing what he wants him to do. Sound familiar Carlos?

    Speaking of Hurricane Irene, I was without power for 5 1/2 days as a result of her. I toughed out Sunday, but stayed at a friend's house that had power from Monday afternoon through this afternoon when power was restored. Memo to Hurricane Katia: Stay away from the U.S.!
    I knew that Oralmann would pounce on Gawker's unsourced hit piece. I'm glad Cablevision has yet to add Current TV to its lineup.
    CTV is a broadcast network in Canada; Current TV is Current TV. Wuss should make a note of that.

    Like when your own family forgot your birthday. (just like it happened on my sixteenth!).

    It's the WPITWA!

    3rd Lucien Chenier of Ottawa, Ontario. For trying to spray paint his name at the Grand Canyon park. Olby wishes death on him (guided by ALGORE, of course).

    2nd Westchester Rep. Nan Hayworth for going with Eric Cantor in making emergecy FEMA funding tied in to 'non-defense budget cuts'. Olby calls her a 'embarrassment', I call it sound planning. LET'S START CUTTING!! Olby and NY selectmen (they are called selectmen in NY?) are pissed taht she's putting fiscal responsibility above helping people.

    1st Mike Shaw, the acting chairman of the Republican Committee of Pima County, Ariz (AGAIN!) FOR THE SAME FUCKING STORY THAT GOT HIM ON THE LIST! To Olby, the gun is evil. Not Jarrod Laughtner. Olby misquotes the second amendment and that 'living breathing document' crap liberals sprout. Then says tea party wants to overturn the 14th amendment (funny, at our last Louisville Tea Party event, we didn't discuss overturning the 14th amendment). Olby contiues his anti-gun screed for another minute. On Olby planet, GUNS ARE EVIL. The people that use them are innocent.

    Then Keith comes up with this gem... "The reason we have gun violnce is because WE HAVE GUNS!" Really? how about we have people who think they can just take what belongs to other people by force. Let's look at Britian a few weeks ago. The citizens weren't armed against mobs of criminals. What happened? A LOT OF CITIZENS (many innocent) were hurt, in the hospital and DEAD!

    What causes gun violence... LIBERALISM, KEITH! NOW SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    Remember, guns don't kill people..... BUT THEY SURE HELP!!!!! (Paul Giamatti from 'SHOOT EM UP!)

    I'll just let you all have fun with this article regarding my elected representative:|topnews|text|

    What's surprised me is that Olbermann hasn't commented on the issue. Seeing the headlines it's made and all...

    Now, what Carson said was hyperbolic, but he was making a point that others have made before, including on Countdown.

    Carlos, do you ever think before typing this bullshit?

    "I'll just let you all have fun with this article regarding my elected representative"

    Translation: "I (MKDAWUSS) don't have the balls to talk trash about my heroes unless it's in direct opposition to my religious beliefs."

    Jesus must be so proud of you.

    "What's surprised me is that Olbermann hasn't commented on the issue. Seeing the headlines it's made and all..."

    Again, it's a wonder if this kid actually watches Countdown.

    You know why it wasn't covered Carlos? Because it's about a black Dem being a racist. Lat time I checked in Olbermann's world only the GOP can be racist.

    "Now, what Carson said was hyperbolic..."

    So was Sarah Palin saying the GOP needs to "target" Democratic districts. Olbermann and co. used that to try and make her an accessory to murder.

    And what if it was "hyperbole?" It's still racist to say a bunch of white people (or at least what Carson thinks are a bunch of white people) want all blacks murdered because their, wait for it, black.

    Besides, I thought you were all for a new era in civility? MKDAHYPOCRITE strikes again.

    "...but he was making a point that others have made before, including on Countdown."

    So what Carlos is saying is Olbermann allows a bunch of racists on his show go unchecked. Good to know Carlos, just another reason not to watch.

    As for that link, well, I'd hate to cite Newsbusters but in this case they bring up some good points:

    That op-ed was atrocious. Erika Smith basically admitted that she doesn't give a shit if Carson's comments are true or not.

    On top of that if there is a racist element in Washington those people should be called out. Funny how no names were mentioned.

    Jesus Christ Carlos, do you actually read this stuff before linking it? What an imbecile.

    It was nice of MKDAWUSS to finally comment on Andre Carson's latest garbage. There's like a dozen things in this thread alone he doesn't want to talk about. I guess in Carlos' world 1 out of 12 isn't bad.

    Of course MKDAWUSS waited nearly a week after the controversy erupted to comment on it.

    Then, when he did comment, he tacked on an op-ed from someone that works at a newspaper that admitted shoe doesn't give a shit about the truth. Oh yeah, then he threw in the typical hypocrisy. Just another day at the Lejjena residence.

    Give him credit though. Olbermann didn't cover the story so Carlos had to drag himself away from the Countdown Facebook page to find someone else that could tell him what to think.

    It must be a pathetic existence not to be able to come to conclusions yourself and have to rely on others to tell you what to believe.

    Wussy, I'll tell you why Olby didn't comment on it. BECAUSE HE AGREES WITH IT 100%.

    Hope that helps, assclown.

    I'm ghost!

    "Wussy, I'll tell you why Olby didn't comment on it. BECAUSE HE AGREES WITH IT 100%."

    Good point.

    Before Carlos goes into another "you all" crybaby rant it's worth noting that you can't condone this without making an ass of yourself. If you don't believe me then re-read that Erika Smith column you're so fond of.

    And you sure as hell can't condemn it without pissing off the "loyal fanbase" as well as the CBC.

    So yeah, best option for Olbermann is to ignore it.

    Like when a dumb blond splits 9s against the dealers 7 (it happened Sunday at the casino, this blond gets 2 9s, with the dealer up card seven. Basic strategy tells you to stand. YOU HAVE 18, if the dealer has a 10 in the hole, you win. Even if he has a ace, it's a push. What does she do? SHE SPLITS THEM! Each 9 gets another 9... AND SHE SPLITS THEM AGAIN! So she gets 9-2, doubles down on that and gets a ace for 12, 15, 16,19. Dealer had 17, she ended up losing $60 instead of winning $15)... It's the WPITWA! (really, I hate people who can't play proper blackjack).

    Bronze: Mike Shaw (again!): It seems that Mike is taking a page out of the Oblermann playbook and doing a double down. not only is he raffeling off a Glock, but now a deer rifle. Olby finds a useful idiot republican to denounce Mr. Shaw.

    Remember guns are evil. People aren't as long as they are democrat, if republican, then they are evil.

    Silver: Sister Sarah- for her appeance at a Tea Party event where a comic appluaded her taking care of her special needs son (Olby denagrates her by saying 'like she's the only mother with a special needs child'. Guess Fat Ass is still pissed that Sarah didn't abort Trig). Then said comic called the Democratic party 'a party of special needs children'. Olby is pissed that Sarah didn't call for his firing (there goes Keith firing people again). I don't see the big deal. This is totally different from the Wonkette fiasco a few months back. But don't tell Keith that.

    Which leads me to this. Of all the times Olby called people who didn't parrot his political views worse names. What do you think WPITW is? Now he's calling out Palin for the same shit he does every fucking night (sans vacations)? Keith then declares that Mrs. Palin doesn't give a damn about special needs children. What a pantload.

    Gold: Roger Alies: And I just want to say.... I CALLED IT! The reason Mr. Alies is on the list tonight is cause FIXED NEWS LIED ABOUT OBAMA AND HOFFA CALLING FOR VIOLNCE AGAINST THOSE TEA PARTY SONS OF BITCHES! Yeah, FNC doctored what came out of hoffa's mouth as he was saying it.

    The New Murrow then shows a 'edited' clip of two statements, but to hear BTB report it, FNC tried to make the clips look like one. I guess FNC's editing crew needs to take lessons from The Countdown Selective Editing Crew.

    Olby plays the full clip (which was played on FNC many times in full). So since we are offended, we are at fault. Olby then tells Brietbart, Gretchen Carlson, Dana Loche and the rest of the right wing blogosphere to RESIGN!

    Too much today. I knew Keith was going to justify Hoffa's statement, I just knew it. If Jimmy ain't careful, he might find himself sleeping with his daddy in the Gaint's end zone.

    Another Award winning countdown.

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